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#dead by daylight

So, I have to say that I’m really getting tired of seeing the killers in Dead by Daylight follow the ‘physical disability=bad’ trope. I don’t say these things often, because I do not believe in letting a design/condition solely be good or evil.

But all survivors look fine, those who have invisible disabilities have them. But for example, the twins could have been a survivor. Or the spirit.

It is important, in my mind, to avoid rosters like the current Dead by Daylight one, because they still do send a message of ‘normalcy’ vs ‘abnormalcy.’

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I’ve never really mentioned who I main on dbd so you’re all good! :)

For survivors, I main Felix, Zarina, and Nea (Not for their perks, just for their aesthetics, I got all the perks I need). As for killers, I main Legion (I’m prestiging them as we speak😣) and I’ll sometimes play Michael :D 

Thank you for the ask 😊💕

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Crazy long text ahead i warn you, just explaining some process I went through while drawing this Frank and Julie low light dying thingie, probably gonna drop some wips along the way, you may want to see… idk, dealer’s choice

!TRIGGER WARNING! Violence, death, suicide. Proceed with caution.

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Steve blushes as he adjusts his goggles “No… I mean… I have thought about it, as I have said some of the guys around the campfire. I wouldn’t say no to. But I am not sure any of them would be interested anyways.”

He shrugs “ After all we are all so busy with… you know trying not to die. They probably wouldn’t want to get all involved with a guy who has never even been with another guy anyways.” -Goggle Steve

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Imagine if killers could get in lockers and jump out and scare the shit out of us instantly putting us into the dying state, iconic

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Omega is like his own son so very much indeed loves him a lot and would kill anyone who does anything to him..


Leafy he absolutely adores. The two are beside friends for sure and sometimes Executioner considers her a daughter


He knows Kenny is a huge fanboy of him but is sometimes confused why he’s scared of him.. Well sometimes. He thinks he’s alright.

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