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A/N: I’ve already mentioned previously, but I’m sorry you feel that way about yourself! You can like feminine things, hun, that doesn’t invalidate you or make you any less manly. Just keep on being you - things will get better with time and I know this is probably something people have told you, but it really does! Please, try not to cry about it and know that my inbox is always open! <3

  • What’s wrong, little one? Goodness, you’re a mess. Herman might be a sadist at heart with a morbid curiosity for the human mind, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t sensitive to your change of behavior. He knows what this is about; your insecurities aren’t a mystery to him, he had been observing you long before you two became an item. The way you’d look at your own reflection in disappointment, tracing your frame with your fingertips. He also noticed when you’d hide your interests from others. Sometimes, you’d leave the survivors’ campsite to drown yourself in your own tears, not because of the situation you’d found yourself with - but because of your looks. It was truly fascinating - and one of the reasons Herman had taken interest in you.

  • Most surprising is the fact of how gentle the Doctor can be when you’re feeling down; lifting your chin up to face him, he’d gently ask you why you’re crying wanting to hear those words from you. He wants you to have the courage to confide to him your darkest secrets and insecurities - it’s a sign you laid your utmost trust onto him, which is something he deeply desires, although he’d never say it out loud. 

  • Will take the time to rub your shoulders, towering over you as he’d reassure you’re perfect just the way you are. Herman will be extremely inquisitive about what had set you off; was this the doing of a fellow killer or one of your so-called colleagues? Or have you been mulling over it too much again? A side of him really wishes to offer to remother you, to erase all your insecurities, yet at the same time he refrains from suggesting it to you, knowing that you just couldn’t be the same person again - and he cannot have that.

  • Will have you follow him around and sit in his lap for the entirety of the day, occasionally petting your hair, as he goes over his research. Forgive him, little one, no matter how much he’d love to indulge you and focus solely on you, he has important research to review…! He promises he’ll make quick work of it, though, so you don’t have to worry - you’ll have him all to yourself for the day!

  • Whenever your insecurity is fueled by another person’s disgusting, insignificant opinion, though, he will make sure to “educate” them. After all, people must learn from their mistakes and Herman has no patience for the ignorant and empty-headed. He will make sure to put all things into order again!
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The survivor was sitting at his lover’s side, eating slowly whilst his gaze was focused on the hole in the roof. Even in the real world, with all the tools and the necessary items, he reckoned that he would still not be able to repair it by himself. He simply had no knowledge when it came to building. Currently, the only viable option he saw, was to leave the house for a while and hope that the Entity would do its charm. After all, it was what it had done to all the trees from which the survivors took some branches.

The sudden shift to his side made him look back to the killer and down towards the little maroon box in their possession. Seeing it made his stomach turn and the eaten food threatened to return the way it came. It was not that he was unhappy, but the anxiety of it all did not allow him to remain perfectly calm.

„S-Seán…” he stopped mid-sentence suddenly conscious that it might not be what he was thinking about. It felt like if he were to be wrong about the contents of the box, he would make a fool of himself and place the other in a difficult spot.

Prolonging the inevitable, he wiped his hands in a napkin and slowly reached for the box. It could not have been what he thought it was, right? Where would the killer even take such an item from? Oh God… Did he find it on one of the keys dropped in a trial and thought of me? Not wanting to wait any longer, he opened the little box with slightly shaky palms.

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The fog thickened whilst the journalist was returning from one of his little walks. He enjoyed spending time alone as much, as he enjoyed spending it with others. No matter how happy he was with those close to him, there always came a moment when he needed to be alone just to collect his thoughts and recharge his energy. This particular walk was long, he knew it even though he could not tell how long it lasted and he was aware that it increased his chances of meeting one of the killers. Whilst he was not afraid of them all, at least not outside of the trials, he was also careful to not bring the attention of those who he thought to be dangerous. The survivor was close to thanking his luck for the lack of confrontation with any other occupants of the realm when suddenly he caught the glint of a blade close to his side. A weapon had been pointed at him after all. The blonde turned towards the owner of the blade in hopes to see someone other than Myers.

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sure can do, enjoy!!!

The Trapper | Evan Macmillan - Artistic S/O

  • Evan is always completely mesmerised by the artwork you produce. When you show it to him, he sits there for a good few minutes just admiring what you have produced. He could stare at it for hours on end, and you literally have to pry whatever it is out of his hands.
  • When he notices you creating your art, he likes to watch you. Evan adores the interested and concentrated looks on your face when you’re painting/sketching/moulding, whatever your type of art is.
  • Evan shows off your work to everyone he possibly can. Some of the other killers are really interested and others just stare and completely ignore him. Once he has shown off your work, he will find a place to showcase it around the killers camp and if he does have a place to himself in the fog, he stacks them up everywhere so he’s reminded of you whenever you’re not with him.
  • You make something specifically for him, whether it’s a painting or sketch of him, or origami, or a clay mould - whatever it is. He treasures it forever. He can’t believe you made something for him and he is amazed that you would even want to do that for him. Keeps whatever you made in his pocket during trials (if it’s small enough) so that he can remember and think of you if you’re not in the trial with him. If it’s not small enough to fit in his pockets, he’ll kiss the item before going into trials for good luck. He calls the objects his lucky charms.
  • He will give you a spare trap to decorate outside of trials if you ask for it. Doesn’t really care what you do to it because he has loads more and he’ll go with one less just to allow you the space to do your artwork.
  • If you start decorating one of his traps during a trial, he’ll let you do it. But, if he comes back to find it all pretty and not menacing like he wants it to be, he may just hunt you down and torture you. Of course, he won’t hurt you but he just wants to let you know you can only touch his traps during trials if you’re going to make them more beneficial for him and not the survivors. Probably the last time you ever touch a trap.
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