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What you will see in this album: women of color, plus size women, white women, slender women.

I included a little bit more burgundy.

I did not include shoes or bags since they had better be universal.

I also didn’t include mood pictures like the first album.

I said I didn’t believe pale and slender were necessary and I meant it. I tried to keep this album within the same classy theme, but it may not be as cohesive. Consider it an expansion of the first not a replacement by any means. I hope that all people can reference both albums.


Now, this aesthetic will not work for anyone, regardless of size or color, without makeup. Makeup is essential to the mood. Otherwise the outfits, in both albums, will pass as fairly normal. That said, I tried to include a decent amount of makeup pictures. I noticed that women of color look fabulous in black lipstick. Probably better than pale white women, IMO.

I am sorry there are not as many runway and heavily stylized pictures, but I am trying here and I have only just spent this morning on this. I hope there is enough here to make a point. I am way out of my territory here. So if you want to give me some search terms to try I can maybe add some more to the album.

full album

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Upper body 💪🤸
Loved it
#inspiration #mangerpourperformer #endorphins #bestshapeever 
#makepositivitylouder #nevergoinback  #nonrestrictive #eatrealfood #holistic #muscles #yes2meat #fitness #girlsgonestrong #ageisnotanexcuse #yes2eggs #boxing #womenwholift #joelfreeman #strongwoman #fitcouple #fitafter50 #TeamBeachbody


(à Lyne coach virtuel bien-être vitalité / TéléTravail)

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