rutherbwk2 · a day ago
The League was introduced to Dick indirectly. For sure, they knew Batman had a kid — but they thought it was more of a “mentor- protege” type situation than a “father-son” thing like what they had witnessed in the conference room.
No one knew that Batman could be so…sweet and attentive. They knew he was caring and protective, but not sweet. Not attentive.
Flash didn’t even know Batman’s voice could go higher than the monotonous, raspy voice he always had.
It was cute. Odd, but cute.
They had been discussing budgets for the upcoming year and Batman was about to speak his piece when his phone rang. It was a loud buzzing sound that made him pause and stand up from the table.
Batman: Excuse me.
Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern watched Batman as he walked to the corner and turned away from them.
Batman: Hello? Why aren’t you sleeping?
Was that Batman’s voice? Barry thought. Could he sound so…gentle?
Batman: You have to go to bed or you’re gonna be grumpy in the morning.
Flash looked at Wonder Woman, who was smiling to herself as she watched.
Batman: You’re waiting for me? I won’t be home till late, though. I know I have to tuck you in, baby.
Baby? Baby?
Batman put his hand on his hip and if Flash craned his neck far enough he could see a smile on Batman’s face.
Batman: Can you at least put on your pajamas and brush your teeth? You know how to brush your teeth.
Flash heard a high, childish voice whine through the phone.
Dick: I want you to do it! Please!
Batman: If I brush your teeth you’re going straight to bed, you know that right?
Dick: No!
Batman: Yes! No stories, no nothing. Straight to bed!
Dick: Okay I’ll do it myself but you have to tuck me in!
The kid had to be about six — definitely no older than eight.
Batman: Okay, I promise. I’ll be home in thirty minutes.
Dick: Kay! I love you!
Batman: I love you more.
The kid’s voice got quieter and Flash couldn’t hear anymore.
Batman: Yes, I miss you too. Okay. Bye. Yes, I promise. The longer you keep me on the phone the longer it’s gonna take for me to get home. Okay, fine. So many hugs, I promise. Okay. Okay. Bye.
Batman slipped the phone back in his pocket and turned around.
Batman: What?
Flash looked around the table and couldn’t help but smile as everyone else smiled at Batman.
Wonder Woman: That was cute.
Batman: Let’s move on.
Green Lantern: No seriously. That was so cute.
Batman: Alright.
Superman: I didn’t know you could be so mushy.
Batman: Not you, too.
Flash: I just didn’t know your voice could go that high.
Batman: Guys, enough.
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writing-prompts-re · 2 days ago
You can trigger chain reactions to make anything you want happen. You want your annoying neighbors to leave their house? Just think about it while launching a paper plane out the window, and fate will work things out.
Your last "wish" was a week ago and the chain reaction is still going on.
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thewritingbabe · 2 days ago
eager [f.castle]
summary: you come home to your boyfriend hammered and clingy. secrets are revealed.
pairing: frank castle x fem!reader
fandom: mcu
word count: 1347
warnings: reader throws up, literally all fluff n loving, frank being the bestest<33, touch starved reader, a little talk about reader punishing herself, frank uses all the good pet names😋 and he cooks!!
note: i’m back from being banned😭🤭 i had so much fun n i’m so proud of this so if anyone is mean I WILL CRY. and i’m sorry there’s no readmore line again but tumblr is all buggy and deleting bits every time i put one in:((
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Fr-Frankie!” Your voice slurs as you worm your way into Frank’s lap, your head lolling with the effects of the alcohol. Your mini dress rides up as you climb and he presses his fingers into the soft curve of your hip, drawing you in. You settle into him with a smile.
“Hi, pretty girl,” he chuckles. He didn’t know what exactly to expect when you came home hammered at 2am, but it wasn’t this. You’re not overly fond of affection at the best of times, pretty much avoiding contact altogether, so for you to be initiating this at all, zero coaxing involved, is strange.
“I missed you,” you giggle, craning into him as he pushes the hair from your sweaty face. A hum rips from your throat and you hook your arms underneath his on the sofa. He brushes his nose across your jaw.
“I missed you too, baby. You feelin’ alright?” he asks, pressing the back of his hand to your forehead; you’re hot to the touch. You nod, pressing your nose to the juncture of his neck and inhaling; you’re met with the scent of slight sweat and the last tinge of cologne from the previous day.
“So pretty…” you say, your hand reaching out to stroke Frank’s face in bewilderment.
“I’m pretty?” he laughs.
“The pr-pre-prettiest.” Your words start to merge into one and he shushes you, soft lips grazing your temple.
“My girl is prettier,” he answers, voice dripping with sincerity. You frown, head shooting up to meet his eyes.
“Who’s your girl?” you ask, the beginnings of tears getting stuck in your throat. In your inebriated state, you have honestly forgotten that Frank is your boyfriend. “I’m- I’m gonna f-fight her.”
“What’re you gonna cry for, baby? I’m talkin’ ‘bout you.” He keeps his tone light, cupping the back of your head with his calloused hand.
“Silly thing. Why would I want anyone but you?”
“‘Cause I never wanna cuddle,” you pout. He shakes his head.
“I don’t care about that. Sure, it’s nice to cuddle, but I want you to be happy most of all.”
“Can I tell you a sec-secret?” you whisper, although it’s comically loud - almost louder than your normal speaking voice. You hiccup, pestering your way further into his lap.
“I always wanna cuddle.”
“That so?”
“Y-yeah. Scared you’ll get annoyed so I don’t say anythin’. Wait for you to ask.” His expression softens and he kisses your head. He never realised that you might be depriving yourself of touch to punish yourself, or worse, because you thought you’d be irritating him. He can’t get enough of you.
“Oh, baby. My baby.” Drawing you closer, his body engulfs yours completely; you mumble something halfheartedly, curling into him. Everything seems to shake ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly and you’re sure Frank doesn’t notice. He catches your expression, brow furrowing. His closeness has you breaking into a full body flush. “You’re shaking, darlin’.”
“Jus’ don’t let go of me,” you whisper, pressing your face to his chest.
“Alright, ‘ve got you.”
You stay like that for a while, cradled in his arms, eyes closed, until your stomach lurches uneasily. You blanch, dry heaving.
“Gonna be sick.” You retch, trying to scramble free of Frank’s grasp and run to the bathroom. Instead, he lifts you with virtually no effort, sitting you in front of the toilet and gathering your hair at the nape of your neck just in time for you to start emptying your stomach contents. He soothes you with the softest voice, kissing the back of your neck and whispering encouraging words despite how disgusting you must look right now.
“Attagirl,” he murmurs, “What a good girl.” Your eyes flutter closed and you slump against the toilet seat, breathing heavily. He immediately lifts you, flushing the vomit away and closing the seat; just that helps the nausea ebb away as the seconds pass. He perches you on the seat, wiping your sweaty face with a cold cloth and grabbing the toothbrush you keep at his apartment at all times. He spreads a little toothpaste over the bristles, parting your lips with his thumb and brushing them gently.
“Good girl, let’s rinse your mouth,” he coos; you oblige without thinking, letting him hold you up by the waist and wipe your face with a towel. Your body goes completely lax and he cushions your head with his shoulder, handling you as though you’ll break at any second.
“Love you,” you mumble, hooking your legs around his waist as he hoists you into his arms. He makes for the kitchen with you securely in his hold.
“I love you too. You feel a bit better now?”
“Let’s get you some water and something to eat, pretty.”
“‘m not hungry!” you squeak, hiccuping drunkenly, although you’re considerably less plastered than when you got home.
“You don’t have to eat it, but it might help soak up some of the alcohol, alright?”
“‘kay…” you trail off, worrying your lip between your teeth.
“What you thinkin’ about, hm?”
“I can hear the gears turning. C’mon, out with it.” He kneads your side with sympathetic fingers, squeezing and releasing, squeeze, release.
“‘s it okay if I wanna touch more? Like cuddle ‘nd hold your hand?” Your voice is a fragment of its usual volume and you wince, preparing yourself for the rejection before he even has time to react.
“How could I say no to that, hm?” The relief at his statement is palpable. “If you wanna hang onto me forever like a little koala bear, I wouldn’t say no to you. You know that, baby. I want you to have everythin’ you’ve ever wanted.”
“Jus’ want you,” you murmur, peppering a trail of kisses over his face and neck. “Love you so much.”
“C’mon, my pretty. Whatcha fancy to eat?” He smiles, setting you down on a stool, hands out to catch you should you wobble tipsily. Once he’s sure you’re steady, he moves to the fridge. “How about some eggs?” You shake your head, nose scrunched.
“They make me feel sicky.”
“Alright, darlin’. How about pasta?”
“Pasta sounds good, Frankie.”
“Pasta it is, baby.”
You admire him shamelessly as he busies himself with your meal, ogling his thick biceps and his sharp jawline. The black t-shirt he wears hugs him just right, exposing his muscular physique to you.
“You enjoying the show, darlin’?” he drawls amusedly, sending you a cheeky wink. You flush, averting your eyes.
“C’mere, pretty girl.” His arms open and you wobble off of the stool and into his embrace. The affection, still so abnormal to you, makes you tremble.
“I’ve gotcha, baby. Not lettin’ you go anytime soon.”
Finally, when he’s finished making the pasta, something you never thought someone would do for you, let alone at half past two in the morning, he sets it onto the table and sits down, inviting you into his lap. You clamber onto him, hands roaming his chest. You’re eager to feel his skin on yours, fingers splayed over his throat and under his t-shirt. This new found appreciation for his touch has made you greedy and Frank is in heaven.
“Should’a gotten you drunk sooner if I knew you’d be this needy, baby.” He beams at you, dotting kisses over the entire expanse of your face. With his free hand, he spears a piece of pasta with a fork and lifts it to your lips. “Here, darlin’.” You take it gratefully, humming.
“‘s good!”
You eat in silence until you’re full, pushing the bowl away and curling your body into Frank’s.
“Sorry I kept you up.”
“I couldn’t sleep without my girl anyway.”
You giggle; the lilting sound compels Frank to kiss you, his lips melding against yours like a puzzle piece.
Before he can find it in himself to move you, you’re fast asleep against his shoulder, snoring softly with your arms underneath his t-shirt, cool against his warm skin. You cling to him even as you sleep soundly.
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simplysnips · 2 days ago
pairings: vinnie hacker x fem!reader
summary: after your friends invite the person you hate the most and ditch you on your 18th birthday.
warnings: angst to fluff.
based off this tiktok —> https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdtM21Lh/?k=1
A/N: this is my first ever vinnie hacker fic and requests are open :)) also im officially in summer! also sorry this is sorta kinda super rushed.
Tumblr media
it was your birthday and your friends had forced you to come to a restaurant but they hadn’t shown up yet, they even invited vinnie, but you and him never gotten along- both of you being in the hype house.
it was currently 7:35 and they said they would be there at 7:15, you just assumed they were running late and you sat at the large table by yourself.
“ would you like to order yet? " the waitress questioned, making you shake your head. they were going to show up. you thought to yourself.
“ they should be here any minute. “ you chuckled awkwardly, hoping they would actually show up for your 18th birthday.
moments later you received a call from one of your friends, you immediately answered it, hoping she would say she was just a couple minutes away from the restaurant you sat at, alone.
“ hey girl, something came up and we can’t make it, sorry. " she spoke, you heard the loud giggles of your other friends in the backround, you didn’t even get to say anything before she hanged up, making you frown. wow.
you weren’t even suprised.. they always did this, they always stood you up- but on your birthday? that’s low of them.
you felt your vision go blurred and tears formed in your eyes, you tried to hold them back, it would be so embarrassing crying in the middle of a restaurant.
just as you stood up and wiped a tear that was about to fall, vinnie was right there.
“sorry that i’m- where is everyone? " he questioned, noticing that you were about to start crying.
you got up and tried to leave but he grabbed your face, “ what happened?
“ isn’t it obvious, vinnie? they stood me up. " you spoke, he looked at you, for some reason he didn’t like to see you cry.
he immediately pulled you into a hug as response, “ come on, let’s go get some ice cream or frozen yogurt, you don’t need them. "
you were stunned, why was he being so nice? “ what? why are you being so nice to me? we always fight. "
he just sighed, “ listen, i really like you but im just- okay this is really embarrassing but.. i can’t really talk to girls, i just get so awkward but it’s your birthday and those girls are assholes. "
“ can we maybe just.. put this all behind us? because i really, really, like you and im sorry i didn’t say anything sooner. " he spoke, making you smile and nod your head.
“ i like you too. " you ended up spending the last few hours of your birthday with vinnie and you couldn’t of been happier.
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microsff · 2 days ago
"So you're an enchanted sword." "Yes. I can converse, give you tactical advice, I can guide your hand to help you cut-" "Can you absolve guilt?" "No. You are doing the cutting." "Thought so. Do you like it?" "No. But I'm used to it." "I'm not. Is it okay if we just hang?" "Yes!"
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tama-tora · 23 hours ago
Yuu: if i push someone off a cliff-
Trey: What have you done?
Yuu: Mm...
Trey: Yuu where is Ace?
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emopache · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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daily-prompts · 2 days ago
Prompt 1854
Magic, but it’s like the water cycle! It flows from one area to another. it can dissipate from where it’s put. It can be pulled from the atmosphere. There are large reservoirs of it, and areas with none of it. It can condense. There’s no new magic, it’s all recycled.
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elitelisa · a day ago
I’m sorry but how tf am i gonna farm for him
Tumblr media
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thepenultimateword · a day ago
okayokayokay, if you have some time:
We all know and hate those people who leave their shopping carts in the way, right? Well... Supervillain is that kind of person. And Villain hates it, because they know how awkward it is to not know if you should push the cart to the side or just wait for the owner of the cart to come back. And they always tell their partner to push the cart to the side, but of course, Supervillain being an asshole, still leaves it in the way.
Just thought that it could be kinda cute, cuz you know, almost everyone has been there before-
I adore this! Even more so because it’s a Supervillain x Villain request: my weakness 😅 And a domestic, cozy Supervillain x Villain at that? *chef’s kiss*
“Pleeease, Supervillain,” Villain begged, tugging on the bigger criminal’s arm in an attempt to drag their foot off the edge of their grocery cart. “You’ve already made one person turn around and two barely squeeze by! It’s embarrassing!”
Supervillain continued pretending to browse the boxed dinner section, hovering their finger way longer than anyone should over 50 cent mac and cheese. They glanced down in exaggerated surprise. "I’m sorry, were you saying something?”
Villain held back a childish whine. They never should have told Supervillain they were going grocery shopping in the first place. Inconveniencing people was like catnip to them. Parking a little into the next space, blocking the aisle with their cart, leaving items randomly strewn in the wrong sections of the store, etc. Sometimes these little actions showed their evil colors more than their taking-over-the-city routine.
"Someone's going to get mad," Villain said. Seemed like they couldn't cut the whine completely.
Supervillain pinched their cheek and stared down at them like a cute baby, though their voice was dead serious when they said, "You're a villain, shouldn't you be used to that by now?"
"The mild contempt makes me so uncomfortable! it's not even real loathing!"
"Excuse me," a civilian said as if on cue, rolling their cart up just behind theirs.
Villain snapped out of Supervillain's grip. "Of course, sorry."
They tugged on the cart's handle, but Supervillain didn't budge, raising their eyebrows at Villain tauntingly before turning back to eeny meeny miny moeing Riceroni flavors.
"Heh," Villain smiled awkwardly at the customer whose face was beginning to twist into annoyance. "Um, darling, do you think you could let me move the cart?"
"Mmmm, not really, kinda busy right now."
The civilian glared, but Villain's pushing and pulling did no good. They shrugged helplessly and ducked behind Supervillain's arm, eyes squeezed shut and forehead bowed against their elbow so they wouldn't have to face the annoyed shopper a moment longer.
A loud clang of metal on metal and a thin vibration through Supervillain's muscles made Villain's eyes shoot back open.
The civilian rammed their cart into the narrow space several times until Supervillain's cart was pushed enough centimeters to the side for them to barely squeeze through. As they passed by, they shot Villain one last look and muttered. "Little wuss."
Supervillain's foot suddenly dropped to the tile with a soft clap, hawkish eyes flicking after the shopper dangerously. Their fist tightened on the newly freed cart’s handle, and they gave it a few small test rolls back and forth before shoving it viciously at the retreating civilian's back. The nose of the cart slammed into their rear, sending them careening into their own cart which promptly slipped from their hands. A loud thunk echoed up the aisle as they landed flat on their face.
The civilian rose up on the heels of their hands and blew their hair aggressively out of their face as they whipped back around.
"What's wrong with you!" Blood stained their teeth. "You wanna die?"
Bad choice of wording for this particular person. Supervillain looked at them from under their lashes, a dangerous curl to their lip already revealing their revolted opinion of this civilian. Like they were nothing more than a maggot in their oatmeal.
"I could skin you," they hissed through their teeth. It was the tone they used in costume with hostages or heroes, and the proud civilian immediately shrank into a puddle beneath it.
"I could slice you raw and then leave you somewhere small and dark where no one would ever find you. Deep in the seaside cavern where the salt cuts and the crabs slowly rip away at you. And soon enough, they'd just stop looking. I could create problems so much bigger than you that they forget about you completely. A little meaningless blip that fades into dust."
The civilian trembled all over, pressing their forehead to the ground in instinctual groveling. Villain drooled a little. Supervillain was so cool!
The civilian barely dared to look Supervillain in the face now, and they struggled to find the words required of them in their barren mouth.
"I-I'm sorry," they finally managed.
"Not to me, to them." Supervillain grabbed Villain by the shoulders and steered them out in front of them. Villain's face went hot.
"I'm r-really sorry," the civilian tried again. "Please forgive me."
Supervillain looked to Villain now, expression egging them to refuse the apology and let Supervillain really torture them.
"It's ok," Villain said instead. "Just, um, be nicer next time."
Supervillain huffed disappointedly but turned away to pluck a few macaroni packets off the shelf, allowing the terrified civilian to slip away quietly. The poor thing didn't even bother to take their lost cart.
Supervillain strode over to both discarded carts and began sifting through the abandoned items.
"You know this is why you need to learn to face problems on your own," Supervillain said, transferring over a cake mix and a few oranges. "Someday a hero is going to come after you, and I won't be there. Who's going to protect you if you hide?"
"I don't hide from heroes," Villain pouted. Maybe they were a little rusty since Supervillain took such good care of them, but they could take on a cape right now if they needed to. "I just don't like awkward situations. You know that. So why were you being so mean earlier?"
"You didn't seem opposed to putting other people in an awkward situation yesterday."
"Huh?" Villain racked their brain for what Supervillain could be talking about. Yesterday was just a normal raid. They stole some stuff, fought the heroes... They jolted. "Is that what this is all about? You could've just talked to me!"
"Not nearly as fun," Supervillain smirked.
"You say I have to defend myself more, but you have to communicate better."
"Well...I was mad at you."
Villain grabbed onto Supervillain's arm. "And you still defended me?"
"Of course I did. I wouldn't abandon you over a little humiliation."
Villan grinned and gave Supervillain a light peck on the wrist. "I'm sorry, I won't call you 'angel' in front of the heroes again."
Supervillain broke away fast and cleared their throat. “Good.”
With that, they spun the cart around and speedily pushed out into the meat section, but Villain caught the blush coloring the tips of their ears.
Villain darted to catch up. "But I can still call you ‘angel’ at home, right?"
Supervillain shot an adoring smile over their shoulder. "Oh, you're obligated to call me ‘angel’ at home."
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tomework · a day ago
Tumblr media
**pocket edition**
“Tales Psychological and Gruesome” by Edgar Allan Poe
I have no idea where I found this little bad boy, I forgot I had it. I looked into these and really wanted to start collecting them. Now that I’m an adult and I can do those things on my own with my own hard earned money, I might just start.
Little Blue Book No. 941
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heavybrainrot · 2 days ago
- in the beginning of the relationship it is definitely very hard
- he obviously doesn’t have a clue what a relationship is supposed to look like
- he only knows from what movies and shows tell him but of course he’d be too awkward to try anything
- no one really officially calls it a relationship but you both know it’s something more
- don’t expect him to verbally ask you to be his because it’s not going to happen
- plus you kinda are already his when he decided to spare you sorry i don’t make the rules y/n 🤷🏻‍♀️
- he really doesn’t react when you actually call him your partner he just kinda 🧍🏻‍♂️
- don’t expect any sort of loving gesture or affection
- BUT he would start leaving small finds around the house though just don’t bring it up to him because he will stop just appreciate it and move on
Getting comfortable 🫶🏻
- It’s going to take michael a loooong time to get physically and emotionally comfortable
- physically sooner than emotionally
- if you start being touchy too soon he would definitely get defensive
- nothing bad but he will swat your hand anyway or scoot over if you sit too close
- you definitely have to be slow with it and make sure he knows you mean no harm
- the more he gets used to your touch the more he craves it
- we all know this man is touched starved
- the longer in the relationship the more clingy he will become
- invades your personal space every chance he gets but hey i won’t complain 🫡
- i definitely believe mikey would be more verbal when he is 100% comfortable with you
- not like talking 24/7 but i definitely think you’d get a sentence or two out of him one day
- or maybe a small response to a question you had
- definitely hums in response most of the time
Michael is definitely a possessive person it’s for sure toxic at first but as time goes by he loosens up just a tad bit but he still going to be the same.
overall michael isn’t going to be some god sent partner but he is showing you the best love in his own strange way ❤️‍🩹
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intotheweird · a day ago
Tumblr media
Alan Davis draws the Fantastic Four.
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simplysnips · 9 hours ago
promise ring
Tumblr media
summary: when you loose your ring at school, panic ensues.
pairings: vinnie hacker x fem!reader
warnings: cursing & fluff.
authors note: heyy! vinnie hacker requests are open! i hope y’all like this <3
You walked out of Spanish class, your last class of the day, your Spanish book in your hand as you went to your locker, you put in your combination but noticed your ring wasn’t there.
Your eyes slightly widened, “ Where the fuck did my ring go? ” You mumbled to yourself as you patted down your clothes.
“ What the fuck? I just had it.. " You spoke, pausing, before looking around where you were standing.
You looked around the halls, some students in there giving you puzzled looks, you checked for any bright sparkles pointing out.
You began cursing at yourself, you knew how special that ring was and you just lost it like that.
You debated on going to look in the lost and found, maybe someone found it and returned it? the ring was beautiful, they probably wouldn’t of returned it.
You felt a tap on your shoulder making you quickly leave the thought you were in and you saw none other than your ex, Vinnie Hacker.
“ Hey, Vin. " You spoke, an evident frown on your face, you and Vinnie stayed on good terms after the breakup, it wasn’t a huge argument and you both just didn’t have time for a relationship.
“ I’m guessing your looking for this? " He questioned, he smirked down at you as he twirled the ring around his fingers, knowing he was right.
You nodded your head, sheepishly, a smile on your face, “ I thought I lost it forever. ” You sighed, the worry that was in your face was washed away.
You reached up for the ring but he held it up higher, you rolled you eyes at his behavior.
He chuckled, “ Still wearing the promise ring I gave you? "
“ I- yeah, we ended things on good terms and I really liked the ring.. " You spoke, pausing before an awkward silence took over, making you look at the ground.
“ Mhm, " He spoke, putting his finger under your chin and slowly lifting it up, he showed you his hand, which had the promise ring that you had given him.
“ Hm, and you still have the ring I gave you. " I smirked, he brushed a strand of hair behind my hair, making me gulp, which he didn’t notice.
“ Would you wanna go on a date with me soon?" He asked, making my eyes go wide. I don’t know what I was expecting but I know it definitely wasn’t that.
“ I thought we agreed we didn’t have time for a relationship? " I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows, wanting to say yes to his offer.
“ Yeah, but I changed my mind. I think it’s fate you lost your ring and I somehow found it because you’ve been on my mind this past month. "
“ I’ve been thinking of you as well, and I wanna try this again. I think it will work out. " I spoke, he smiled and I stood on my tippy toes and took the ring back, putting it back on my finger.
He suddenly leaned down and kissed me, cupped bc my cheeks and luckily no one was in the halls or that would’ve been very embarrassing.
“ Let’s get out of here. " He spoke, making me nod my head.
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microsff · 11 hours ago
"This party is full of fascinating people!" "Mm-hm." "So who might you be?" "I'm an International Being of Mystery." "Don't you mean 'International Man of Mystery'?" "Giving away both gender and species? Then what mystery would remain?" "Ah, saying that tells so much!"
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alex-lemons · a day ago
Head engineer Mark x reader
(It is kinda long ngl)
Tumblr media
Mark first met you in Space school. It was a place for people to learn how to run a space ship and all those kind of things.
You and Mark because friends as soon as he bucked up the courage to talk to you. (Besides the occasional small talk when you ran into each other)
Mark told you about his idea with the invincible 2 and how he wanted to go to space again. (he didn't quiet tell you about the first invincible until quite later)
You were thrilled at the idea and Mark asked if you wanted to go. You instantly agreed.
You originally weren't going to be the captain. It was gonna be either some other unknown person or there would be no 'official' captain. But Mark saw your skills in class and watched as you were able to be super helpful and showed many good leadership skills. He knew his crew and ship needed a good captain. And he thought you were the best he could find.
After figuring out how you were getting there and other many details, you made your way to space.
All throughout the time between you agreeing to be captain though right before your arrival, Mark told everyone all about you.
How you met, your skills, your looks, and how amazing you would be and how everyone would love you.
Many were just as hyped as Mark when it came to getting to meet you. Others (Guther and Celci) were just ready for you to get here so Mark would shut up about it.
When it showed that your shuddle has arrived, Mark ran across the ship to get to the doors to greet you and shouting "the captain is here!!!"
You were excited to finally be here and when everyone was acting like you were some super hot famous person, you were confused.
"Mark? Why are they acting like this? We've never even met before." You ask after some guy tries to throw himself into your arms.
"Uhhhhhh, no idea Captain. They must have been shocked that you are finally here." He says, acting as if he didn't tell them almost everything about you.
After that, you and Mark were never very far about. You would often be giving around orders and Mark would be there like "you better be listening to the captain or else!"
If someone ever was disrespectful towards you, Mark would threaten to lock them in the air lock and shoot them out to space. Which you would put your hand on his shoulder and tell him everythings fine and you can handle it. But as soon as you look away he is sending death glares.
After awhile Mark had come to realize that he had a crush on you. But when he told Burt just so he could tell someone Burt said "It was as obvious as light against the dark" (don't ask😭)
Mark was worried that you might have figured it out and he felt embarrassed. So he talked to you one morning.
"Morning, Captain."
"Good morning Mark. Is there anything I can do for you?" You asked.
"Umm, no but I would like to tell you something."
"Is everything alright?" You asked, your voice filled with concern.
"No, no, well, kinda, it's just, I think you're really handsome and/or beautiful and I just wanted you to know that I care for you."
You smiled and moved till you were next to him and put your arm on his shoulder.
"Aww, thanks Mark. I really appreciate that. I care for you and the crew so very much and I can't thank you more for inviting me here." He chuckled. It seems that you didn't get his message. But he went along with it. Maybe you didn't like him that way. Maybe he was just crazy for loving someone like you. Someone so perfect that he knew he couldn't have.
He avoided it for awhile, pushing down his feelings and covering them with work. He started to busy himself with work instead of taking his break.
You started to worry when you only saw him working.
"When was the last time this man took a break?" You thought you yourself as you approached him one day.
"Mark?" He jumped and turned in your direction.
"Yes, Captain?" He asked, placing down what he was doing and looking at you.
"What are you up to?" You asked.
"Well, there was a report of something not working in here so I decided to check it out and see if I could fix it."
You nodded. "Yeah, I do remember. But when's the last time you rested?" You asked.
"Umm, I rested last night while in bed." He recalled.
"Well no shit. I mean, when's the last time you took a break? During the day. I've only seen you working for the past week or so. And as much as I love seeing you taking care of the ship so well, I want to see you taking care of yourself just as much." He sighed and looked away.
"You're right captain. I'm sorry." You smiled and shook your head.
"I'm always right, aren't I?" You will admit, being around people who think of you so highly all the time did boost your ego a bit.
Mark busted into laughter and you did too. When you both calmed down, you remembered something you needed to ask him.
"Mark, would... do you think you could come to my room tonight? I need to show you something." His face froze.
"Not anything inappropriate! You fool!" He laughed again. "Okay captain."
(Later that night)
"Captain?" There were knocks on your door.
"Come in." You sat at your desk and watched Mark walk into your room.
"So what was it you needed, Captain?"
"So, I have heard, from some other people around the ship, that there is someone aboard that has been going on and on about me, the captain, for the longest time. And seems to really like the captain. But won't say anything. Don't you find that strange?"
His face was bright pink, he could feel it. He knew what you were talking about.
The other day he had overheard people taking about him and the captain. He didn't know that you were right there.
"Yeah, that's crazy. Whoever they are should really just tell you. Who knows? Maybe you feel that way towards them!" He says trying not to make anything obvious.
"Yeah, maybe I do. But I wouldn't know unless they tell me." At this point you are right next to him and he can feel your eyes on him. He is trying so hard not to break.
"Mark, is there anyone what you feel about like that? Doesn't even have to be on this ship. Maybe back on Earth."
"I suppose there is someone." He admits. You are trying to hard to keep a straight face. But the way he's trying to hide it, almost makes you laugh.
"Tell me about them."
"Well umm," he keeps his eyes on the floor because he doesn't want to know what your face looks like right now.
"They're on this ship. They are really handsome and/or beautiful and I care for them very much."
"Are they in this room?" He swallows and slowly nods his head.
You move so you are standing right in front of him. You put your hands gently on his face and lift his head so he looks at you.
"Say it."
"Captain, you-"
"I know, I want to hear you say it." His eyes dart around the room until looking back at yours.
"Captain, I think I might love you." He whispers. You smile.
"I was right." You cheer quietly.
"You always are, aren't you?" You give him a quiet kiss on the lips before pulling away to look at him.
His eyes are shut and a smile is bright on his face.
"I love you too, you fool."
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daily-prompts · a day ago
Prompt 1855
Cognitive dissonance is the tension that comes from believing two conflicting things. Everyone has something like this. What dose your character believe that directly contradicts another belief? How do they directly contradict themselves through this tension? Would they rather change their belief, or their actions? Do they even realize the contradiction at all?
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irishironclad · a day ago
Dearest Natasha, 
Thank you for your letters, they are the bright spot of every week for me. I hope the contents of this letter are not censored, because it’s important to me that I speak to you one last time. 
Ever since the battle, it’s felt like you and the rest of the battalion have healed so beautifully from those terrible days. But I have not, it seems strange yet fitting that they can replace your arm, Natasha, but not my eye. I thought it might not be such a problem, but it is. I bump into things, or don’t notice what I should, and worst still is that it was my dominant eye. When I requested a demonstration of my marksmanship to contest my removal from the regiment, I discovered very quickly that my skill as a sniper was reliant upon the use of my right eye. Without it, I am of barely average skill. 
When I was a young girl, like all children in this Commonwealth of ours, I was chosen to do a job that it was decided I was suited for. For me, that was service in the military for fifteen years, it’s all I’ve ever known. Marching, people telling me what to do, when to eat, and when to sleep, a rhythm and rhyme to my life that I have perfected the tune of. All those years, I perfected everything I thought they would want of me, I won medals, I was the best shot this side of the Tarcadian Sea and everyone from the Front to the Iron Tower knew that. None of that meant anything, the second I couldn’t do the job anymore, they tossed me in the gutter like so much trash. 
Now they had me doing what you did Nat, browncoat work. Such a strange world you grew up in, no one wakes me up in the morning, no formations, I never thought of it, but you have to make your own meals every single day. The only thinking I know how to do is heat up tinned rations, which they do not have here. Fortunately, the people here are very kind, and will cook for me, and that has also been a great comfort in this time. And I will never forget it. I can see where the kindness and gentleness that I know and love you, Nat, for comes from. Cienma District is a gutter populated by angels of heaven. 
And yet, I don’t really belong here. Though they assigned me to work here, I can’t perform any of the actual work because of my loss of sight, and the rest of the work is too technical for someone like me. I can disassemble and reassemble my rifle in one minute or shorter, this is of no use here. Most days, I sit alone, in the home they assigned me. It’s far too large and spacious, with too many chairs and things that aren’t in a barracks or a bunker. 
I am glad you taught me to read, it is a gift that I will always cherish. I have used my remaining good eye to read what books I could find here, though there are precious few. I am glad I did, and I would never regret that I was given the blessing to read the stories that so many in this country never will. My only regret, is that is has come this late, I can only image how these stories of knights and their adventures would have excited me before the war. Now I can only think on the terror that those brave men would have truly known, had any of it been real, and I am reminded that those colourful places that exist in ink are only ink in the end. Paper marked with nothing. 
I have trouble sleeping, with no one to tell me light out or light on. I tend to stay awake into the long hours of the night, doing little else but drinking and staring off. When I do sleep, it is short and not restful, my mind cannot quiet. I can’t remove the sound of those distant cannons, that still roar across the sky at Rana, the fire on my skin, the tearing of my flesh as shrapnel tears me eye out. I see you, Alexander, my friends, torn apart. We have all be torn apart, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t manage to pull my pieces back together. 
I don’t know how to go on, without a place to go, and without anyone giving me orders. I miss your voice, yes even raised in anger, because it gave me security, I knew that I had a place and a purpose. I told myself, if I could just manage to see you and the battalion again, I’d be alright. I put in a request for a visit, they denied me. Civilians cannot visit military locations. 
I have lived to serve, and now I can no longer do that. If they see fit to grant me so much freedom, that I lose myself within it, what am I left to do. How do I pick up those pieces of a life, shattered across the battlefield at Rana, how do I speak to those around me who have never heard the thunderous ruin upon those forlorn fields, or seen the rovers of blood as we have? Where do I go that I do not have to march to or dodge shells? What do I do if not patrols, or scouting, or sentry duty? I’m afraid, I keep looking over my shoulder, I wake up in a sweat, and I feel hands gripping my throat, and I scream without air in my lungs. 
I’m far too tired to go on like this, my bones hurt. So I have decided, I will not. I’ve made sure it won’t be of any trouble for anyone, it’ll even free up space and resources for someone who can better serve. I’ve done my duty, and I have discharged it honourably, and I am proud of that. I’d had hoped it might end on the battlefields, with you and the rest. But now, I’d only be a burden to you, a strain on your resources. 
You are my captain, my mentor, but most of all you are my friend. It has been an honour to fight by your side, and I wish you fair favours in the battles to come. You can tell Alexander where my stash of coffee is, hew liked the tins I had, but you brewed it the best. Take care of Zhukov, that boy never learned how to stay out of trouble, and I won’t be around to get him out of it anymore. 
You all deserve long and happy lives in peace, 
Glory to the Commonwealth,
Your comrade,
Roza Pavlichska
-This Tower of Iron, Chapter X “The Last Letters”
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wh0re4-jjmaybank · a day ago
sidelines rafe x reader
summary: rafe plays hockey at your college. you’re a soccer player but when he’s failing his buisness class he asks you for help.
notes: my tumblr is being dumb at the moment so the parts might take longer than normal. also this is my first rafe fic for some reason 💀. also the chapters will alternate between pov’s bc everyone knows that dual pov’s are better.
warnings: nothing really, just like cursing, mentions of injuries.
Tumblr media
i felt the ball dribble between my feet as i ran down the field. my left foot stops and my right foot swings back and boots it into the goal. the final buzzer sounded as the ball hit the back of the net. i felt ecstatic. victory felt great, even if it wasn’t an important game, 10-3 felt great. but every game was important when you were a the captain of your soccer team.
i had gotten captain at the end of last year, this might sound condescending but i damn well deserved it. i had injured my knee during a slide tackle in an attempt to get the ball. i was off for months. i came back at the end of the year and every game i played i put every ounce of strength and effort into. i didn’t miss a single goal. not one foul. not a single mistake. while my knee was recovering i sat in my room watching my old games over and over again. i would pick apart every single thing that i slipped up on in hopes that when i got back out there it would help. i have a diary entirely dedicated to those tapes. each page is full with notes. i put my heart and soul into every match and plan on going professional by the time i graduate. i’m a junior at the moment but there are still scouts in the crowds on occasion so i just pretend that they are there for every one of them.
the crowd still roars with cheers and stomping comes from the grandstands and supporters start chanting the war cry. it ends with everyone stomping their feet really rapidly and screaming the team name. it’s not a very good team name, bears, but we are the best out of all our rivalry colleges. our college is very passionate about sports, we don’t miss anything in the sports community, if you play a sport you are expected to attend every other sports games too. hockey, football and soccer are out main sports, well the only ones that are actually good. it’s not like there’s really anything else going on here other than our sports games.
after i finish shaking hands with everyone on the field i make my way to the locker rooms. the sweat sticking to my skin is insane. but nothing beats knowing that i was the one who scored that last goal. my main positions are striker and centre forward, but when i was younger i made myself learn every position and how to play it. well, my mum did. she wasn’t nice about it either. i love soccer, it’s really all i have. i’m here on a scholarship. but my mom forced soccer on me all my life. she wants me to be her. but i’m not her. and i never will be. i’ll be better. i already am but she’s scared to admit it, she was half the soccer player i am when she was in college.
after i finish rinsing off in the showers i have to get changed. i walk out to my locker with my towel wrapped around me and quickly slip on my normal, comfortable clothes.
i want to get home and have some rest before classes tomorrow. juggling everything with soccer was hard, you need to pass to even stay in the team. it’s the same with every other sport here, the dean was an ass. what’s the point of an athletic scholarship if you have to be more than athletic. i didn’t mind doing the classes and passing was easy, but i felt bad for the amount of people who have been benched because if their grade point average’s. it’s so shit.
just as i’m walking out the door my couch stops me. ”y/n you were amazing out there. you’ve come a long way, you know that as well, but you need to take it easy on that knee of yours ok? don’t push yourself further than you need to. we can’t lose you off the team.” she pats me on the shoulder before i nod in agreement and head out of the stadium.
i get to my car and my phone buzzes, my mom is calling me. i answer with and eye roll and a sarcastic “oh hi mom!”
“hi sweetie! how’d the game go. you better have won. i’m kidding!” i knew she wasn’t “how’d it go anyway?”
“we won… i scored the winning goal. right on the buzzer.” i knew it would please her to know that you were doing good at what you live, but she loved it more. she can’t play anymore so she lives vicariously through me.
“that’s so good! i have to go but i will call you later if i’m not too busy!” i hang up without saying goodbye, all she cares about is that i win. and when i lose, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. once or twice she’s hung up without even saying anything. one time she ridiculed me for not being good enough. she couldn’t do it in person which is exactly why i left to north carolina.
i turn the key to my car and take off back to the dorm rooms. it’s not a long drive but my legs are always sore after games so walking is a big no.
once i get into my dorm suite, i open my bedroom door and lay down on my bed. my eyes flutter shut. i make sure to set an alarm for the next day just incase i don’t wake up. that has actually happened once or twice. i also have an early business class in the morning so i need to wake up early. my eyes shut and sleep comes so quickly.
i wake up to the most annoying sound of my alarm. it’s kinda relieving that they make them so annoying or else i wouldn’t wake up. its half an hour before i have to go ti class so that gives me enough time to brush my hair and put on clothes other than what i slept in.
i throw on sweats and a crop. it’s not like class is a fancy even so why should it matter what i wear right? i throw my hair up into a messy bun and grab my laptop, phone and earphones. on the way to the lecture hall i listen to music in my headphones.
when i get there i take my normal seat up the back of the classroom. my teacher is setting up her stuff at the front preparing for the lesson. business was one of my favourite classes, it was easy and so were the exams. we just had one the other day and we get our results back today.
soon enough the class has started. then rafe cameron struts in, he has a cocky smirk on his lips but it vanishes when miss lane goes “and why are you late mr cameron?”
he turns to looks at her, “the girl in my bed wouldn’t leave…” the smirk returns and miss lane rolls her eyes.
“hurry up and sit down.” she demands and he struts towards the back of the classroom. rafe cameron was a known ’celebrity’ at this college. just because he was the hockey captain. i was the soccer captain. where’s my appreciation? when he takes a seat two rows in front of me miss lane continues “alright class! we are getting our results back at the end if the lesson. only so you aren’t distracted by yours or other’s grades.”
listening to miss lane drone on for a lesson was my least favourite thing about business class. she did know business for sure, but the way she taught it made me want to violently dig toothpicks into my eardrums.
finally it was the end if the lesson and miss lane was digging through her bag for our test results. when i’m handed mine my face lights up. an A+. that was insane. i droned on in that exam for so long about jack shit.
i hear rafe cameron groan in front of me and punch the arm of his chair slightly. i peer over his shoulder and see a D sitting on his paper. i smile to myself smugly before slouching back down in my chair. the bell rings and miss lane dismisses us. i pack up my laptop and start walking down the stairs. everyone is already out of the classroom when i hear a voice call out to me “hey wait!”
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The Big Four- Part 2
TW: Polyamorous, male reader, powers (?)
Tumblr media
While searching for a team cabin, (M/n) can sense that Mui was uneasy. He looked back and saw both Mylo and Yuitō glaring daggers at Mui.
"Guys! How many times do I have to you?! Mui is not a fangirl! She's my best friend! We've known eachother even before I became a student in section C."
As soon as a students is moved into section C, they're immediately popular. They are mostly seen as higher-ups for having multiple or versatile abilities. Most students in section C compete for more popularity, but (M/n) made to high rankings of popularity by just....existing.
"If you guys make her uncomfortable again, I'm not talking to you for a week."
"Wha- You can't-"
"Yes I can, Mylo."
The male grunted as a a blue aura surrounded his boyfriend. This aura alway made the pressure of the air unbearable and even made his cute boyfriend intimidating.
The aura let both Yuitō and Mylo know that the male was serious.
"Fine. We won't do it again." Yuitō rolled his eyes as he gives one last glance to Mui.
Both Yuito and Mylo don't like (M/n)'s fangirls or boys. They get in the way of their relationship whenever they get the chance. Whether in or out of school, they always find a way to interfere.
"Mui, walk infront of me, okay?"
"S-sure." She agreed.
Yuitō's dog ears slightly deflated as he growled which gave away the emotion he was feeling.
Mylo was pissed too. He understands that his lover wanted to protect his friend, but it was really bothering his possessive side.
"What cabin should we choose, Mui?"
"How about this one? It looks comfortable."
The cabin Mui pointed at was no different from the others. It had the same colors, the same material, and the same amount of rooms. The only thing different was the name plate on the top of the door at the entrance of the house.
"I guess that's where we put our names."
Yuitō pulled out a permanent marker and gave it to (M/n).
"Why do you have a marker in your pocket?"
Yuitō just shrugged his shoulders.
(M/n) wrote everyone's names on the name plate.
"I hope this stays up."
"Hey! We had our eyes on that cabin! Move!" A boy yelled.
Mylo turned to the ground and shrugged, "You guys were too slow and I didn't see your names on it. Besides, my boyfriend already claimed it as ours."
"I don't see the reason you're wanting to cause a scene like this anyway. All the cabins look the same so what's the problem?" Yuitō glared.
"The problem is that, that cabin is ours."
"Sorry, but we're not budging." Mui frowned.
"Fine. There's only one way to settle this. I challenge your team to a Power Duel!"
Light gasp can be heard from different people listening in on the commotion.
A Power Duel is a duel that can't be refused no matter what. When both sides accept the duel, a barrier is place around them so no one can intervene.
"I guess we have no choice but to accept." (M/n) sighed as the others groan.
A yellow barrier appeared around Mylo's team and the random male's team.
"(M/n) from section C? I will finally get the chance to show many that section A classes are superior."
Hearing this, both Mylo and Yuitō wanted to kill him.
Mui just lightly smiled in excitement. She enjoys battles and fight which lightly scared (M/n).
There was a light stare off before Yuito dashed off.
His first instinct was to attack the person that set the duel in the first place. His nails became thick and sharp as he clawed the air.
"Damn. I missed." He growled. The male he attacked turn invisible.
"Invisibility, huh? That won't get you far with me." He smirked.
"Animal Enhancements: Dog, Wolf, and Gorilla!" Yuitō's dog ears and arms flared a red colored aura.
His ears twitched left so he turned left and used his fist in that direction. His fist collided with the invisible body, causing the male to cough blood.
Yuitō Mills
Ability: Animal Traits
Ability Explanation: He's able to conjure the traits of three animals at one time. Once he select the traits, he can't change them until a certain amount of time passes.
Strength Enhancement Animal: Gorilla
Durability Enhancement Animal: Grizzly Bear
Speed Enhancement Animal: Cheetah
Flexibility Enhancement Animal: Octopus
Jumping height Enhancement Animal: Kangaroo
Hearing Enhancement Animal: Wolf
Scent Enhancement Animal: Dog
Priority Enhancement Animals: Scorpion(paralysis), snake(poison)
Sight Enhancement Animal: Owl
Flight Enhancement Animal: Eagle
"I....can't believe it." The male stuttered.
"Me neither. How can a male like you with an ability like that be a student in section A? Your performance is pitiful." He glared.
"Well, just a second ago, I thought I was finna be stared to death today. But this is way more exciting." Mui pulled out a small metal box. Once she clicked a small button, it turned into a handheld grenade launcher.
She fired bombs that emitted pink mist at the male with a mohawk. The male she shot at dodged multiple of her projectiles as he advanced to her. Once he was too close for her liking, she clicked the small button again and the grenade launcher turned into a huge pink hammer.
Mui Hanako
Ability: Smarts
Ability Explanation: Despite her actions and personality, Mui is extremely smart. Normally, students like this would be sent to section B, but her inventions carry such versatility and power.
Blades grew from the mohawk male's arms and clashed with Mui's hammer material.
"Get off me!" Mui pushed the male back with the hammer.
"Hold this." She pulled something out her pocket and threw at the male.
Out of instinct he caught the orb that blinked red. He quickly threw it away, thinking it was a bomb.
"Gotcha!" Mui hit the male with the hammer in the direction he threw the 'bomb.'
The bomb detonation created a see-through blue wall that the male's body collided with. Before he could process everything, Mui had already hit him again with the hammer. The powerful force even broke the wall.
"Come on. Get up and show me how your ability works more, okay? It looks very fun."
Sensing something, (M/n) ducked dodging a arm that was completely covered in steel.
"A Steel Arm?" It was another male with gray hair and silver eyes.
"I think I'll be able to take you on. Class C or not, I will prove you're useless on your own."
The male seemed ticked off by the answer and charged.
(M/n) ducked under his attack, "I can see your weak points clearly, which means I can end this battle easily. But that wouldn't be fun. Our team have to teach yours a lesson."
A blue aura appeared around (M/n) as he punched the attacker.
He used his steel arm to block the attack, but it shattered upon impact.
"AHhhA!" He yelled.
"Is your arm really made out of steel or is it plastic?" (M/n) taunted.
"Hmph. Pathetic." He kicked the steel male so far he collided with the barrier.
(M/n) (L/n)
Ability: Over Seven Billion
Ability Explanation: With being a student in section C, (M/n) either has multiple abilities or one versatile ability. In (M/n) case, he has multiple abilities.
The main ability that he likes to use is called, Over Seven Billion.
The ability gives him the strength, durability, smarts, speed, flexibility, and healing of over seven billion people.
"Stop dodging!" The cat girl yelled at the black haired male.
"Sorry...but I don't fight people that don't look strong." Mylo sighed, looking off to see if the others were okay.
He dodged.
She growled, growing irritated with Mylo's constant dodges.
"It seems it's time. The others are almost finished with their enemies."
Mylo looked to see, (M/n) stomping on his opponent multiple times, Yuitō holding a male by the neck, and Mui's opponent being trapped in a net.
"Alright, time to finish this." Black lighting with purple outlines formed out of Mylo's hand.
The cat-like woman jumped at Mylo, but he shot the lighting at her first. The lighting pained and shocked her body.
"We're done here." Mylo whispered, before dropping the female.
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