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macrolit · a day ago
A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.
Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) English modernist writer
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thecharmedquill · 2 days ago
Hermione *hiding under the invisibility cloak*: You have to start completing all your incomplete work and spend more time in the library studying with your friend Hermione.
Harry: .... who's speaking?
Hermione: It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days.
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epiclamer · a day ago
A third part for a couple peasants.
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
Cw: still a conditioned whumpee, injuries, broken ribs
Part 1 Part 2
Consequences Pt.3
Villains world was spinning as they slowly pried open their eyes, light was hitting them harshly and they lifted a hand to shade their face. Their muscles felt heavy and their entire body felt drained. They were so tired.
“Good morning, sleepyhead.” A voice chuckled next to them, tousling Villains hair gently. Villains eyes burst open and adjusted to their unrecognizable surroundings, a soft bed, warm pillows, semi open shades, a smiling Hero. A smiling Hero? Was that right? Oh god. Villain hoped they were hallucinating and Hero was just an altered form of Supervillain.
“Hey, hey… don’t stress yourself, get some rest. Somebody really beat you up, huh? That’s alright, you’re safe now.” Hero soothed, rubbing the pad of their thumb in small circles on Villains forehead.
Hero was a hero, and the heroes were the bad guys, they were the guys who were going to hurt Villain. But in that moment, Villain couldn’t care less. They loved the feeling, the softness of the touch, the way Hero was so delicate with Villains broken body. They loved it; they craved it.
Villain whined and leaned further into Hero’s touch, hoping they wouldn’t regret this later. Thankfully, they were answered with a soft chuckled instead of a smack and soon they felt Hero’s hand travel down to their jaw—still rubbing circles—as they gently massaged Villains face.
Soon Villain was drifting off to sleep again, hardly any care of what would happen to them later, they just wanted to live in the moment for now. The gentle hands tracing their face, the soft coos of their once arch nemesis, the warm bed and pillows beneath them. It was all so perfect. When they awoke again, Villain promised to give themselves up to Hero, no matter what. They had to repay them.
Villains eyes fluttered open and their situation dawned on them once more. Although, it wasn’t a bad situation… yet. Slowly but surely, Villain clambered out of bed, hands immediately wrapping around their freshly bandaged torso as they ribs screamed their disapproval. But they trudged forwards and out of the room, practically bowling into Hero who was standing there with a food platter that smelled delicious.
“Villain? What are you doing up? You need rest and you aren’t getting that by trying to walk around like you aren’t hurt.” Hero stated, but they definitely weren’t ready for Villain when they dropped to their knees in front of Hero and began to sob.
Hero quickly tossed their food platter aside and bent down next to the sobbing criminal. It was a look they’d never seen before, they normally got an unstoppable and almighty powerful Villain, not a crying one. “Hey, hey, what’s the matter, Villain?” Hero calmed, holding the small bundle of their nemesis in their arms, cradling them.
Villains sobbing died down after a moment as a rush of questions flooded their brain, only one making it to through their lips.
“What are you going to do to me?”
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tlatollotl · 16 hours ago
For his next feat, Laurent Binet should write a children’s book in Python code, or recreate the Bible as a cellphone contract, or translate Socratic dialogues into two dogs sniffing each other at the off-leash park. His debut, “HHhH,” was a meta-historiographical telling of the 1942 assassination of the alpha Nazi Reinhard Heydrich; its successor, “The Seventh Function of Language,” was a detective story about the sudden death of Roland Barthes that treated 1970s French literary theorists like louche rock gods and badass gangsters. His latest, which attests to his status as one of the most intellectually game writers of our time, is a totalized counterfiction of post-1492 world history.
“Civilizations” opens as a heroic Norse legend about the exploits of Freydis Eriksdottir. In Binet’s telling, she leaves behind her father, Erik the Red, to lead a 10th-century crew of loyal Greenlanders to Lambayeque, in northern Peru, where they settle peaceably with the locals. Moving ahead 500 years, Binet works up entries from Christopher Columbus’s God-besotted and misery-filled diary after he and his men cross the Atlantic and begin exploring the Caribbean, only to be fatally outmaneuvered by Taíno royals and warriors.
Then come the life and exploits of the early-16th-century Incan emperor Atahualpa. According to the established historical account, he was executed in Cajamarca, present-day Peru, by the Spanish not long after defeating his own brother, Huáscar, in a continent-spanning civil war. In Binet’s version, young Atahualpa faces only his brother in this conflict and manages to escape Huáscar’s forces by boat. His companions: a pet puma, a small group of fellow Quitonians and the multilingual Cuban princess Higuénamota, his most beloved and politically astute wife. Inspired by distant memories of the otherwise forgotten Columbus, they sail east, eventually arriving in a strange new place: “All of them — men, women, horses, llamas — had survived the great sea. They had reached the land of the rising Sun,” otherwise known as Portugal.
Counterhistorical fiction can provide dopamine-like delights when a writer successfully reverse-engineers the established hierarchies and terms of conventional history, geography and intercultural encounter. The highborn newcomers from the west, a land known as the Four Quarters, first meet in the east lowly “men in brown and white robes, the tops of their heads shaved,” who “knelt on the floor with their hands joined and their eyes closed, muttering inaudible sounds.” A very different kind of believer himself, Atahualpa calls for a ritual burning of meat to honor his sun god. The dirty, sickly, starving locals, who, like the monks, worship a “nailed god,” are drawn by the smell, and to the pitying disgust of the Quitonians, devour the sacred offerings and anything else they can find. Sensing weakness and opportunity all around him, Atahualpa begins making moves.
The Incan’s success owes a great deal to Europe’s fundamental divisiveness, Atahualpa’s own temperamental pragmatism and a reconciliation with his brother, who agrees to support Atahualpa’s campaign to rule the new “Fifth Quarter” to their mutual wealth and protection. After a quick and merciless massacre in Toledo, with tolerance shown for minorities otherwise facing the terms of Inquisition-era Catholicism, Atahualpa takes over Portugal, moves on to Spain and then begins dealing as an equal or better with Italy, France, England and Germany, all variously caught up in the fractures of the Reformation and anxieties about encroaching Islam.
Deploying the dutifully admiring voice and stilted, decorous style of an unnamed historical chronicler, Binet recounts court intrigues, diplomatic negotiations, religio-political conflicts, military expeditions, major battles, alliances made and broken through money and marriage and regencies, and also the expenses and problems of governing ever more land and people. All the while, Atahualpa’s looking out for better deals, possible betrayals and new challengers. Countless ordinary people die along the way.
If Binet played around with literary forms, genres and voices in his earlier fiction, here he and his translator, Sam Taylor, adopt them more straightforwardly, to balance out his imaginative incursion against history itself, even if this means the book can often be boring. This is a defiant, purposeful, unapologetic kind of boring. The very nature of a comprehensive chronicle of large-scale geographic, political, financial, religious and lineal conniving and convolution is necessarily complicated and dry, whether as history or counterhistory.
Fortunately, Binet’s historical feints afford imaginative frissons and relief from paragraph after paragraph of dutiful play-by-play about an empire in the making. Thomas More and Erasmus of Rotterdam exchange spirited letters about the possible harmony between Atahualpa’s sun deity religion and Christianity, while fretting about Henry VIII’s temptation to leave the church for a faith that doesn’t worry much about divorce and remarriage. Needing money from the German über-banker Jakob Fugger, Atahualpa agrees to get rid of Martin Luther for him, which in turn leads to theatrical public disputations and to someone nailing the “Ninety-Five Theses of the Sun” to the wooden doors of a German Incan temple. Machiavelli’s writings prove crucial to Atahualpa’s strategies and success; Copernicus’s heliocentric treatise is very well received by a sun-worshiping royal patron; Titian makes a series of paintings of the emperor at important moments; Michelangelo carves a statue of Atahualpa’s beloved Higuénamota “that can be found today in the great temple in Seville.”
Eventually, Binet torques his own fabulist arrangement: Mexican colonizers arrive in northern Europe. They are already overwhelming Huáscar back in the Four Quarters and are keen to take over the Fifth, too. A whole new set of geopolitical reimaginings and gyrations begins, which, amid much else, eventually sends a downtrodden Cervantes to this novel’s Old World to become an indentured writer. Binet ends by slyly inviting us to imagine Don Quixote, tilting at Aztec pyramids. Bravo and all, but after 300 pages, the counterhistorical starts to lose its charge, more predictable than provocative.
Binet proves, however, more than only a Borgesian magician. As much is evident, for instance, in the letters Atahualpa exchanges with Higuénamota while the Mexicans are advancing across France and the emperor is losing battles and allies fast. They write with the high tone and reserved style befitting both their stations and Binet’s unstinting devotion to form and genre, but greater feeling nevertheless emerges. It’s the feeling two people have when they have gone through much together, only to discover that they are suddenly, decisively living through history — on the losing side.
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Wrong Number - Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part 10)
a/n: AHH! we've made it to part 10! so crazy! this story has been so much fun to write so far and i cannot wait to post more! i may even do a double update today since this one is coming out as early as it is. you know the drill!
let me know what you think! :)
also, a follower made a really good point. i was asked if i had a name for Reader, as some people don't like to insert (Y/N) or follow along with it. in the Wattpad version, Reader is named Acacia Thomas. just thought i'd let you know in case anyone else was wondering, that way if you wanted to pin a name, you could. <3 Acacia's face claim is also Zoey Deutch if you were wondering, too! :)
Tom Hiddleston Masterlist Main Masterlist Wattpad Version of Wrong Number Link to Spotify Playlist Face Claims: Megan Grimes; portrayed by Leighton Meester, Savanna Williams; protrayed by Anne Hathaway, Liam Hayes; portrayed by Matthew Daddario
tagging: @pitifulbaby, @l0st-in-reality, @lividloki, @lokistoriesblog, @addicted-to-loki, @kingtwhiddleston, @coffee-cupps, @mariwild, @itsybitchylittlewitchy, @1-2-3-4-5metalfingers, @nurisiliel, @damalseer, @flyingstar360, @imagine-inc, @just-ladyme, @valupa, @rogersevans, @sherala007, @high-functioning-lokipath, @9osloki, @emerald-alone, @jhawk608, @thelastemzy, @dreadwolfxoxo, @fredsandlokiswhore, @censingm, @artist-bby, @browneyedgirl365, @happygalaxymilkshake, @my-little-castiel, @fire-in-her-veinz, @spooky1980, @noerinspace, @amlocked, @oasiswithmyg, @a-laufeyson, @itsilvermorny, @thebookisbtr, @mintyminho, @bqnners, @thewaithfuckingannoyme, @imkindalikeaprettierjesus, @help-i-need-a-social-life, @ellobruv-blog, @avenger-nerd-mom, @breezy2and2freezy, @supernatural-fan151, @oceanmermaidwitch, @tamakiwithcrab, @crying-river, @every-when, @stephanie-joy-19, @creationsbyme, @viviandarkbloom06, @lokiprompts, @lysawayne, @i-would-kneel-for-loki, @marvelwhore27, @saltandapepper, @crazzygurll, @lougy, @weirdfangirl2416, @13eyond13elief, @1marvelnerd3000, @knopewyattworld, @traceyaudette, @queenofallhobos, @every-when, @redwineandmanhattans, @melissad1974, @emilianamason, @augusta-imperatrix, @peachsteven, @zarrytimelord, @finnismyoriginalsin, @loukisbuck, @havorclavor, @ca-loki, @ohworm-writes, @deanaddicted2, @smolvenger, @annoyingsweetsstranger, @s-280526, @deepestdreampatrolpurse, @lokisdisneyprincess,
Tumblr media
The news story broke the very next morning, gaining the mass attention of millions across the world. It had made headlines on almost every celebrity source outlet and you read them all, your head pounding with a relentless headache.
Megan Grimes, Tom Hiddleston’s Secret Girlfriend
Tom Hiddleston Secret Girlfriend Revealed
Mystery Woman Breaks Up Tom Hiddleston and Megan Grimes’ Blooming Romance
You chewed at your fingernails, pushing a breathy sigh from between your lips. You and Tom had come face to face officially at Savanna’s house yesterday. You two sat and talked for hours until nightfall and it was as if you had known him your entire life. You discovered he had a gentle soul about him, he was easygoing, and the sparks that flew in those oceanic eyes of his relayed directly to you.
However, along with the crashing news stories, you were introduced to the idea that possibly your ex-boyfriend, Liam Hayes, knows what’s going on with Megan or quite possibly had a part to play in the whole scheme. You still hadn’t made the effort to call him back, for you were afraid of what would happen next. But you desperately needed answers.
Why is Megan doing this to you?
As you sipped your coffee Savanna had made for you, you two were getting ready for work. You were almost scared to leave the house and go out into the crazy public. You lived in Hollywood for crying out loud, of course, someone would recognize you.
Savanna made her way into the kitchen, heels clicking against her hardwood floors as she threw her solid black blazer over her shoulders.
“Are you ready?” She suggested, grabbing her own thermos that contained the warmed beverage inside. You sighed and nodded your head as you slipped into a pair of ruby red heels. You were back to ensuring you looked the part of a businesswoman. Yesterday’s outcast wasn’t such a good look. But you knew Megan was most certainly craving the attention she was receiving. She always adored people paying close attention to her. It was as if it fueled her fire.
Tom had left late last night, promising that you two would be back together soon. Once Savanna had slipped into her room for the night, Tom held you against his body, his warmth radiating onto you. His fingers were casually combing through your hair, the slight massage to your scalp nearly putting you to sleep. You knew full well in your heart that Tom was who you wanted, no need to be with. You were for certain you would withstand any obstacle that tried to interfere and push you two away.
You dreamt of what his lips felt like, how did he taste? You obviously knew he tasted as good as he looked. Had to. He was freaking Tom Hiddleston. You two came awfully close to brushing your lips against the others, but you held yourself back and you could tell he did the same.
Savanna and you made your way out of the door and into her car. As she made the twenty-minute drive to Madison Enterprises, your phone rang, Tom’s name showing up which made your heart engulf with adoration.
“Hi, Tom,” You smiled, bringing the phone up to your ear.
“Good morning, darling. How are you feeling?”
You sighed, gazing out of the passenger side window.
“I woke up to my phone being blasted with Twitter notifications and I read just about every article heading that involved our names… I’m doing better than I expected.” You answered him. “How are you?”
Tom sounded as though he were in his car based on the noisy environment in the background.
“It’s bad to say, but I’m used to this. Maybe not to this degree, but it’s happened before…” He trailed. “Have you had the chance to speak to Liam yet?”
You shook your head although Tom couldn’t see.
“I’m going to send him a text message and tell him I’m ready to talk. I just really hope he isn’t out to get me, too.” You stared down at your lap.
“I can assure you, no matter what happens, you’re the girl for me. We’re going to get through this together, darling. I promise you.”
You smiled widely at his comment, wishing he was in front of you at this very moment so you could attach your lips to his for a passionate kiss that you’d only see in the movies.
“Let’s get ‘em,” You laughed. You two hung up and you hesitantly texted Liam’s number.
What is it we need to talk about?
You pressed send and patiently waited.
“Megan’s going down for this. You know that, right?” Savanna stole a glance at you. You turned your eyes over to her and nodded. Savanna reached out and clasped your hand in hers. “I see you as my sister. And you don’t cross sisters. I will fight to the death for you in this.”
You giggled to yourself.
“Didn’t you say Megan’s tits were fake?” She laughed.
“Yup,” You said, popping the p on the end. “I remember she was seventeen with a bird chest. As soon as she turned eighteen, she went out and purchased herself a set of C cups.” You smirked, thinking back to those semi-familiar days.
“Perfect, so the plan is for me to catch her off guard, and just stab a pin through them, right? Who wants a woman with fake and busted titties?” She winked, making you toss your head back in laughter. Savanna had truly become closer to you since this whole incident started, from the moment you two shared lunch together that day and you explained to her about your Tom situation.
You heard your phone go off and it was none other than Liam.
It’s Megan… but I think you already knew that. I know I’m certainly not the guy you want to speak with, but I tried to warn you before you blocked my number.
You read it out loud to Savanna who seemingly rolled her eyes.
“This is the same guy that cheated on you because of Megan, right?”
You nodded your head.
Meet me at our old spot? 7 PM.
Sending the message, you could not believe you were about to see him. The last time you laid eyes on Liam was that dreaded night he cheated on you with Anastasia.
See you then.
He responded.
You sighed, tossing your head back against the seat.
“What the hell?” Savanna suddenly asked. You lifted your eyes up to see…
Madison Enterprises swarmed with people.
You and Savanna glanced at each other and your heart began to race. “I think I’m going to be sick.” You announced, feeling lightheaded. Savanna stifled a groan and pulled into her usual parking space, trying to weave in between the numerous cars that were filled inside the parking lot.
Attention suddenly turned to you as you both emerged, both throwing on your sunglasses.
“There she is!” A woman screamed. The flood of people suddenly gathered around you and Savanna gripped your shoulder, holding you to her as you both made your way through.
“Is it true you’re dating Tom Hiddleston now?!”
“Are you the reason Tom and Megan broke up?!”
“Have you spoken to Tom?!”
“Are you and Megan really about to go to war over Tom?!”
“Are you and Megan still friends?!”
There were screams and shouts all the way down the line. You two finally made your way inside of Madison Enterprises, Savanna quickly telling security to make sure the doors remain locked at all times.
“Savanna, (Y/N)?” Grant, the human resources director of Madison announced, motioning for you two to follow him. As you made your way down the hallways and settled into his office, he shut the door and locked it.
“Pardon my French, but,” He said, taking a seat. “What in the actual hell is going on?” He looked at you for the longest. “I pulled into the parking lot an hour ago and paparazzi, reporters, fans, everywhere. They demanded you.” He continued to hold his gaze with you.
Grant was always an easy-going guy. He never wanted to hurt anyone. For him to have even cursed with the both of you, signaled that he was already aggravated and worried.
“Did you actually break up Megan and Tom Hiddleston?” He then asked.
You groaned.
“No!” You practically screamed. “Megan doesn’t even know Tom like that. She’s never dated him, was never his girlfriend. I’m the one dating Tom.” You chose not to go into the full details of how it came to be, all you wanted him to know was you also thought the situation was awful.
Grant’s eyes widened.
“One of our very own, kindled with a high-up celeb…” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Okay, not gonna lie, it’s cool you’re with him. But,”
“Grant,” Savanna sternly said. “Get to the point.” She snapped her fingers. He jumped at Savanna’s outbreak. He always knew to never cross her, especially when her boss attitude emerged, just as it did now.
Grant sighed. “I received a text this morning to check Megan’s Instagram, which I did. Apparently, she’s posted a video, threatening war on you? I don’t know.” He said as he turned his computer screen around. Your eyebrows furrowed together.
On Instagram sat none other than Megan with tear-stained eyes. Fake.
“Hello, everyone. My wonderful fans. To those who have chosen to stick by me during these trying times, I thank you… Tom and I have not spoken yet since the events that occurred a few days ago.” Megan’s eyes were falling with fake tears and your eyes widened. “I thought she was my best friend. But instead, she was so jealous over my relationship with Tom, that she had to cause a scene!”
Savanna’s hands were gripping the leather-wrapped armrests in Grant’s office, her teeth bared.
“(Y/N), if you’re watching this, and I know you will… there will be consequences for your actions. You’ll get what’s coming to you. All sluts do.”
Grant closed out of Instagram and looked at you. You were gnawing at the inside of your cheek, anger rushing throughout your body.
“Megan’s going to use this to her advantage. It’ll make the perfect publicity stunt for her.” Grant pinched the bridge of his nose. “And now that she’s tied to you, and you’re tied to Madison Enterprises… I hate to say it, but I don’t know if remaining here is a good idea.”
Your head jerked up in his direction.
“Are you trying to say I should quit?” You glared. “Grant, I’m the reason Madison got the partnership with Stone Tech all those weeks ago!” You screamed.
Savanna chimed in. “And as CEO of Madison, I need her here with me, Grant. She’ll only show weakness if she steps down. This partnership is everything for us and what we’ve worked for the last three years!”
Grant looked at Savanna momentarily.
“No offense to (Y/N),” He looked in the direction of you, “But Savanna, do you really want to fall through the cracks with her? Whatever is going on, she’s involved in one of Hollywood’s hottest scandals right now. And she’ll have ties to you.”
Savanna scoffed.
“Grant, what are you saying we need to do other than have her quit?” She demanded.
Grant sat back in his chair, his emerald eyes searching the room, trying to find something.
“(Y/N) has to fight back. Hard. Why can’t Tom just come out and say Megan’s lying?”
Savanna rolled her eyes, to which you stared at him as if he were an idiot.
“I’ll tell you why. Megan has the public believing she was in this heartfelt relationship with Tom Hiddleston and even said they slept together. Tom can’t simply come out and deny it, or else he’s going to become the bad guy if he hasn’t already. She has them believing already he’s cheated on her with me,” You inhaled, thoughts whirring. “And that’s all I need for Megan to come out and say that Tom raped her! Because at this point, I wouldn’t put it past her! She’s after me, not him.”
Grant nodded his head, clasping his hands together.
“They’ll choose to believe a heartbroken woman over Tom. He could probably pull himself out of it, but I can’t afford to see him go through that. Not to mention what they would do to me!” You exclaimed, pointing to yourself. You settled back in your chair and pushed the breath you had been holding from between your lips. Your chest was tight and the panic had started to strike.
Grant moved in his seat and leaned forward on his arms.
“Then you better fight back.” You furrowed your brows at his words.
Grant inhaled deeply.
“I’m sure with Tom Hiddleston’s amassed fame? He knows a PR guy.”
Savanna gasped.
“You’re saying a publicity stunt needs to be formed?”
Grant nodded.
“Her name,” He pointed at you. “Needs to become bigger than Megan Grimes’.”
You gulped, turning to look at Savanna.
“And what about her job?” Savanna questioned.
Grant eyed you closely.
“I don’t want her to leave either, but we need to think about her safety as the top priority. She can’t have the paparazzi storming the outside of the building every time she’s here. She needs to separate herself. Plus, Madison Enterprises cannot afford to lose this partnership with Stone Tech, just like you said.”
You gulped, tears plucking. You didn’t want to leave your job. You had helped to build such an amazing foundation here.
“Then you damn well better find another CEO, because this is my official resignation.”
Your eyes widened and so did Grant’s as he stood up.
“Savanna!-” - “Don’t.” She eyed him.
She looked back at you.
“I told you. We’re in this together.”
And that was it. You two gathered your things from both of your offices and hurried them out of the back of the building where Savanna tucked her car. The paparazzi were still outside, all hoping to hear a word from you. As you both got into her car and headed back to her place, Savanna gripped the steering wheel.
“I can’t believe you just quit because of me.” You looked at her, gazing down at your lap. You felt horrible.
Savanna shrugged.
“It’s a job. I’ve made a name for myself. I’m not letting you and Tom go through this alone. Plus, I hate Megan’s guts. I want to bring her down, too. And I want it to hurt.”
You nodded. “I wonder what Liam has to say?” You bit at your nails.
Savanna looked over at you.
“If he isn’t on our side, I’ll kill him.”
Your eyes widened. Savanna was an entirely new being in your eyes.
You reached for your phone and dialed Tom’s number, needing to speak with him. As quickly as you pressed his name, he answered.
“Hi, love. I didn’t think you got off until around five?” His voice said over the line, making your heart race. You remembered what Grant said about Tom knowing someone in PR. He advised you to make your name bigger than Megan’s, but how could you when she was developing more fame than she had ever hoped to have? Sure, she was already well known for her work for the Marvel movies and other massive productions, but this was the icing on the cake.
“Well,” You inhaled.
“We quit, baby!” Savanna yelled, making you close your eyes, stifling a laugh.
“You girls did what?!” Tom exclaimed, making you chuckle gently.
“Yeah… I’ll explain later, but our, well, ex-human resources guy saw the video Megan posted on Instagram. She practically declared war on me, Tom.” You expressed with a heaving sigh. “Said I will face the consequences for my actions. She’s making this way worse than me than she is you.”
You heard a low growl erupt from Tom’s mouth on the other end.
“She’s crazy. Darling, if I knew this would happen, I would’ve never brought her back to my hotel that night.” He sighed. Yeah? And you wouldn’t have met me, you thought.
“Grant suggested talking to someone in PR… really, he said you talk to someone in PR.” You chuckled lightheartedly on the other end.
“As in a publicity stunt? Making your name bigger than Megan’s is the ultimate goal, then.”
Wow, you thought. He also thought the same exact way.
“I assumed so,” You softly spoke. “Do you think that’s what needs to happen?”
Tom remained quiet for a moment before he cleared his throat.
“Anything’s better than her getting what she wants. I have someone in mind. I’ll call you later, okay? But also, I’m going with you to Liam.”
Your eyes widened.
“Tom, no, you don’t need to.”
“Aren’t we in this together now, darling?”
You closed your eyes.
“Then I’ll see you later tonight.”
He hung up the phone and you glanced at Savanna who was smiling.
“Have I told you how much I’m obsessed with you two?” She winked, nudging you playfully.
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clairefrasersfic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 27 ‘Ultimatum’
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cosmic-waves7 · 2 days ago
Helloo! It's me again! I have another Howl request if you don't mind, do you think you could do some hc with howl were him and his s/o have a daughter who is really shy and he's teaching her how to walk on air like with sophie?
Notes: omg this is so cute, here u go bun (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Tumblr media
He's going to be so excited to teach her. (✯ᴗ✯)
In fact, he'd be more than happy to give his daughter anything.
Only reason she isn't spoiled rotten was you keeping him in check. ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)
Howl is a drama queen so he'll make it a point to twirl his little one around before lifting her off into the air with him.
"Up we go!"
He'll always make a big show of it just to see his daughter break into a large smile.
It's so adorable watching both of them, your daughter holding on tightly to his much larger frame and squealing with joy as they rose up into the air. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
No matter how many times Howl tried to get her to hold onto his hands only and teach her to do it by herself, she'd promptly refuse always saying something along the lines of "But I feel safer with you holding me Papa."
He's soft for her so can't say no to that. (◠‿◕)
She likes to hide into his body a lot especially when meeting new people so it was no surprise she clung to him when flying.
Your child will always come running from outside into the castle with her cheeks flushed and rosy pink as she pulls at your sleeves to lead you outside with her where Howl waits.
"Papa said he'd fly with me today if you came too mommy!"
He loves to show off even when it comes to you whenever he's flying the young girl.
Crow boy is whipped for you.
(◡ ω ◡)
Eventually he'll properly teach her to let go of him and skip through the air independently while he stays close behind.
"You'll be fine, I promise. You know I'd never let you fall."
It takes a lot of nudging and calming words but she'll start slow with her little hands completely engulfed in his large one while he gushes endless compliments on how proud he is of her.
"Look at you, you're doing it perfectly, see?
It's a comforting sight really, Howl isn't a perfect parent (kind of a cool laid-back dad honeslty) but he still tries his best to be there when he can.
He's super protective over you and his little baby.
Especially the baby since she's a little more on the quiet side.
So cute.
ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
His sky trips with your daughter were a daily habit, usually they happened at sunrise or sunset so you'd always come out to sit in the grass and watch them dance about in the air with her finally able to let go of her father's grip to giggle and spin around.
Howl always makes sure you join in on their flying session and floats down to pull you into his arms.
"It's not fun without you."
He'll hold you tight to his chest even if it's not necessary and whisper to you little jokes or forgotten honeyed words.
Doesn't matter how long you've been with him, he never fails at flattery. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
You'll end the day by all three of you drifting back down to the flower-speckled greenery while your daughter chatters about the newest tidbit of magic that Howl taught her all the while the wizard fondly stares at her, nodding along to her cheery talking and accepting any pre-prepared food or drink you pass along to him.
The flying lesson will end with a small picnic or you herding them back into the familiar warmth of the castle.
But Howl will always make sure the day ends sweet with love for his little family.
Both of you are very precious to him and he the truly cherishes every moment he gets by your side.
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killerkissed · 2 days ago
Play with your Food
Tumblr media
⚠️ Dead By Daylight - The Shape: Rated R: Not Safe For Work
Masterlist — Patreon — KoFi
The fog is thick tonight.
It has been a normal run so far. The screaming doesn’t even bother you anymore. The well of fear that runs deep within your stomach isn’t even bothering you tonight.
You just minded your business honestly. You did what you could for your fellow survivors but only if you happened to be with a minimum of one other person. If it was just you saving the day, no way! You could never do that.
You looked over your shoulder as a chill shot up the back of your spine. “Hello?” You called out instinctively, still bad at remembering the rules of this different world. You put a hand over your mouth and cursed yourself before turning away from the generator you were working on. You scanned the area before focusing on a shape within the darkness.
You squint your eyes to try to see clearer but the fog just rolled through heavier. You stood up now, completely on edge before walking off. You felt like that area was just bad luck now. You probably saw a shadow or another survivor sneaking through. It wasn’t the killer, it wasn’t whoever that sick fuck was today.
You rubbed the back of your neck as it felt like somebody was just breathing on you. You shuddered at the thought and picked up your step before stupidly bursting into a run. There was absolutely no reason you should be moving so fast but something just felt wrong.
You screamed, the air in your throat burning as you were lifted off the ground and carried off. “No! No! Not me!” You banged on the back of his jumpsuit, slamming down as hard as you could. There was nothing you could do. He had the tightest hold on you. You yanked on the back of his head and pulled a mask off, a gasp forcing itself right out of your body as you see what’s in your hand.
“The shape!” You yell as loudly as possible, hopefully spreading the news for any others that you were close.
Michael Myers drops you on your ass. You fall to the ground with your back to the dirt, all the air leaving your lungs immediately. You squeeze your eyes shut and wrap your arms around yourself to protect your body. The pain is making every nerve ending light up like the Fourth of July. When you come back to your senses, Michael stands before you with his mask on his head again. You stared up at him as he took a huge step over you before grabbing the back of your shirt, dragging you backwards. You scream and cry out for help, for anyone to find you as he drags you through the dirt and into a snack. The ground changes beneath you and soon you are being moved down stairs, body being abused every step of the way.
You are thrown in the middle of the basement. You go scrambling backwards, going past the hooks in the middle of the room to the back, clawing at the wall as if there's a way out. You bounce from locker to locker, throwing them open as Michael watches you. He tilts his head as he witnesses the hope leaving you. You press your back against the wall and stare back at him. You have heard rumors of survivors being able to make it out alive through some unconventional methods. You’re shaking like a leaf but you try to gain some sort of confidence. Your hands press together in front of you as you begin to beg. “Please let me go. I’ll do whatever you want, Mr. Myers.”
He continues to stand there, a looming presence as always. You shakily move forward to stand in front of him. “Please! Just let me go back to the campfire. I will not touch any generators. I won’t get in your way.”
Michael just continues to stare down at you, silently watching you embarrass yourself. Your hands go to his jumpsuit and pick at it, not even knowing what to do. “Show me the ropes, please. I’ve never done this before. Isn’t there anything you want?” You grip into the blue fabric and tug on it, delirium setting in. You were desperate for a way home. You dug deep, searching for anything to work. “I love you, Michael.” You reached up and cupped his mask face, humming softly as you stared up to meet his gaze. “It’s okay, it really is. I’m here. It’s just me and you. No one else. I promise.”
Michael moved quickly, grabbing you by the throat and forcing you into the air. You grabbed his hand and struggled in his grasp until he forced you against the wall to the left of the room. He let you hang in his grip and you felt heavier and heavier as time went ticking forward. He suddenly dropped you and you collapsed like a sheet of paper, folding underneath yourself. You looked back up to find Michael removing his jumpsuit, skin slowly exposed as he moved. The man was more built than you ever realized. He pulled it down his waist before grabbing you and hauled you back up on your feet. He cupped your face and turned it side to side as you were once again shaking like a leaf. He pressed his face towards yours to press your foreheads together. He kept you still, close to him before he went for your clothes, ripping the front of your shirt. Michael pulled you close, allowing him to feel skin on skin contact. You almost felt like he was cherishing this moment.
Michael flipped you around after making the initial first contact before you were tugged on some more, fabric getting torn from your legs. He forced everything off of your body, leaving you in the nude until he pressed back against you. You could tell there was nothing separating the two of you when he moved against you, something hard pressing into your back as his hands roamed over your body. There was an explorative feeling to his hands as they traced your curves, just getting used to being around another soul without causing death in his wake.
His hands stroked the sides of your breasts, heart ramming against your rib cage as he felt them in his palms. You could feel the calluses against your skin as his fingers moved. The shame was heating your face up which shot sparks out to other parts of your body. Your eyes flickered to the sides, looking towards the lockers before glancing towards the stairs. You see nothing before Michael’s fingers find your nipples, hard from the attention and the air. Noises escape your lips as Michael is anything but gentle. He pulls on them, forcing your hips against his erection as you press your hands against the wall in front of you. You moan out as he pulls again, the sound echoing off the walls. Michael is greatly interested in these sounds as he pulls over and over again. He is unused to hearing these noises as well as the feeling of something hot and wet grinding against him.
Michael is feeling too good to release you from his attention. His hands leave your breasts and you're left lonely only for a little while until he flips you back around to face you. His hands go between your legs as his forehead pressed against yours again. He spreads your legs and moves between them again, feeling everywhere and getting coated in your natural lubricants. His fingers investigate until you gasp, pupils completely blown as you make eye contact with him. He’s stimulating your clit, watching as you squirm under his touch and react to the way that he makes you feel.
Your body says what your mouth refuses to. He stops playing with you only to lean down, grabbing your legs as he pulls you up to press you against your wall. He lines you up with his erection while your legs dangle over his strong arms. He slowly drops you down until his cock is between your legs, pressing into your entrance. Michael gives you a last long look before completely sheathing himself inside your warm, inviting cunt. Your mouth forms an o but no sound comes out. It’s just the breath in your lungs is gone. He watches your reaction as you start to wrap your mind around what is exactly happening here. He moves so the two of you are closer to the wall before just hammering into your body. Your mouth goes slack as it fills your guts, ramming in over and over. He’s large, ruthless, and makes you see stars. He’s touching your deepest parts of yourself, deeper than anyone has been before. You are being shaped just for his own pleasure.
Your arms are clutching his shoulders, nails digging into the flesh beneath them as he does not slow or falter. He starts to move his arms as he wants to get a better angle at things. You move your legs instantly, wrapping around his waist and bringing yourself closer to him to hide your face in his neck. His hands grips your ass and continues to work himself into a faster frenzy. You are just along for the ride, making happy noises against your better judgement as his girth is rubbing some amazing spots inside of you. You sneak a hand off his shoulder and push it between your bodies to run your clit. It feels good, he’s so forceful and no one else has been able to rearrange your insides quite like this. You’re getting louder and right in his ear as you're twitching around his member. You could easily see the end of the finish line for yourself here. You had never imagined being taken by Michael Meyers but it was something that you definitely wouldn’t regret.
“I’m coming, Michael.” You cried loudly and wrapped the other arm tighter around his neck, shoving his head into your shoulder and clawing your fingers into the back of his mask. “Oh my fucking god.”
Your eyes were rolling back into your head as you tensed up through your orgasm. Michael just doubled down in his efforts, prolonging your finish until you were begging him for something, not that you knew exactly what for but you just couldn’t stop talking. The man has endurance like no one could even imagine. He was destroying you slowly, starting with your no longer sane mind before moving to your pussy that will now be demanding him. He used the wall for leverage as heat filled your stomach. You thought it was over as the two of you were panting for air, neither moving for what felt like forever. Within the hazy mist of your mind, you realized that he was not softening. You stiffened within his arms, putting him on edge as he clutched you further. His hips began to move again as you are aware that he was not done with you.
Michael Myers was not done with you at all.
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daily-prompts · 2 days ago
prompt 1674
Something happens today that changes the course of your character’s life. Write the story of this day.
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artsyyy-jpg-on-insta · 2 days ago
POV: You're in the rain with Xiao
You and Xiao stood under a tree as rain began pouring down. The smell of rain and dampened Earth flooded your lungs like a new breath of fresh air, and Xiao didn't seem to be concerned about the rain, but more about you. When you turned your head to look at him, he was staring intently at you with a slight frown in his face.
"You're only human, yes?", He asked with genuine confusion.
You were slightly taken back, but answered 'yes' with a similar confusion anyway.
"Then we must get to dry ground quickly", he said. "If you are only human, I don't want to risk you getting a cold".
You laugh a little and Xiao blushes. "That's incredibly thoughtful of you, but I like it here, don't you?" You turn your attention to the sky where only clouds reside. "It may not be the most beautiful looking thing in the world, but it's definitely one of the most beautiful moments.... Serene, solemn, calm.... It's nice, don't you think?"
When you turned your head to look at him, he now looked at you with curious eyes, nearly cat-like eyes. His mouth lay slightly open and his cheeks and nose were tinted pink, much like yours.
"I... ", he paused, letting the gears in his brain turn. " I used to think of the rain as irritating, but now... ", He stepped closer to you and without warning, you were in his arms.
"I find I don't mind it too much".
The yt playlist that inspired this (there's a similar POV comment under it, but it isn't mine!)
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diorforever · a day ago
California — Vinnie Hacker
Pairings: Vinnie Hacker x fem!reader
Summary: She finally made it to Los Angeles after months of planning! Looking forward to a hot girl summer with her friends, she catches the eye of a famous social media influencer.
Warning/s: Too long for my liking, mentions of eating disorder and body dysmorphia, alcohol consumption
Word count: ~2.4k words
Song Suggestion/s:
June 8, 2:30 pm
Finally in Los Angeles, you thought. Your supposed excitement is currently clouded by exhaustion from the long haul flight you just took, you literally crossed oceans for this, you owe yourself at least a smile. Nobody was available to pick you up since they’re preparing for the birthday dinner you planned for your best friend, Nadine. She’s turning 21 in a few weeks and you wanted to have an excuse to dress fancy and eat expensive food everywhere, from here to New York City. Yes, the Big Apple is part of your month-long trip. That you definitely are excited for despite spending your fall and spring days in Columbia University, your dream school in your dream city.
Sighing, you claimed the black car you rented and drove yourself to the hotel and being the micromanager you truly are, you specifically wanted to land at the right time for check-in. You were greeted by the bellhop as he took your luggages, yup 2 big ones and a carry-on full of shoes, bags, and outfits, it is LA after all. Drip or drown! After thanking the scrawny bellboy, you immediately plop down the plush sofa, taking a deep breath as you promise to just close your eyes for an hour.
5:00 pm
You have a reservation by 6:30 at, you guessed it, Boa Steakhouse! You hurriedly took a shower and wore your outfit, a baby pink bustier top, ordinary white jeans, your favorite J’Adior plumetis heels, matching jewelry, and a Dior bag. A few minutes for hair and makeup and viola, you’ve respawned from the dead. You picked up the Hansen’s cake you pre-ordered and you were finally on your way. To some, being late might be the end of the world but they’re your friends, they know you always are, it might be an ego thing or just being plain irresponsible, they’ll never know, you’ll never know either. Given that you were 15 minutes late, they were already seated and you respectfully greeted Celine’s parents first, they’re Los Angeles locals and part of why you’re here is because you miss their daughter dearly.
“Look at you, Y/n! So beautiful. Do you have a boyfriend?” Celine’s mom playfully complimented, you chuckled.
“Oh no, I don’t have one.” You just smiled. You honestly don’t mind not having one, being busy with college and all that. It never really crossed your mind because you were always preoccupied with academics, organizational work, internships, and life in general. It’s peaceful to say the least but of course, it gets lonely. You pushed it to the back of your mind, not ready for another responsibility, your mind is already divided enough as it is.
“Get one here, there’s a lot of good looking guys. Maybe I’ll help you find one!” That made you smile but you quickly got distracted as someone caught your eye. It’s Celine’s baby sister, Annie! You almost cried from happiness as you slightly kneeled down to be eye level with her.
“Hi, my love. I’m Y/n, nice to meet you.” You said in the most endearing voice trying to win her over. She grinned and asked you to pick her up which of course, you did. Who wouldn’t?
“Will you guys drink tonight? Y/n, how old are you?” Celine’s dad spoke for the first time catching your attention.
You shrugged but the group nodded. “I’m 20, turning 21 in a few months!” You cheered.
“But you’re 21 tonight?” Celine’s mom gave you a mischievous look, smirking. You just laughed. You’re no stranger to alcohol, nothing you can’t handle.
You gushed and pointed at the moon and Annie hugged you tightly, she’s very loving. But it’s time for her to go because Celine’s and Red’s parents have a reservation of their own at another restaurant.
“Bye, see you soon!” You grinned widely and you finally had the time to acknowledge your friends. You walked around the table kissing them all on the cheek; from Nathan, to Kade, finally Celine and her boyfriend Eli, on the other side were Eloise, Red, Gabe, and finally Nadine. You took your seat beside the birthday girl, turning slightly to your left because there was no one beside you anyways apart from the table a meter away from you. If you told Nadine in high school that this group would eventually have dinner together, so much so in a place like LA, then she would’ve laughed at you. The boys, except for Red were all basketball players, both Eloise and Red were your typical straight and queer duo, and the rest of the girls were the famous ones that everybody seemed to like. But that was 2 years ago, everybody evolved and left the labels in the past. Plus, they’re all of your and Celine’s friends so they better treat each other nicely.
Celine and Eli were the inseparable couple ever since she migrated to the States. You always joked how she should do a face reveal but she wouldn’t unless he gave her a ring. You’re one to remember because she recently posted him on her Close Friends story on Instagram. She isn’t slick. They came up to you and you grabbed her hand and joked, “Where’s the ring?” to Eli and he froze.
Celine said, “Who told you?” Shock written on her face.
“Ya’ll fold too easily.” You laughed because your intuition is never wrong. You hugged her and congratulated them. Marriage! Is she happy? Yes. Does she think it’s too soon? Also yes.
“There’s one more surprise though…” Celine dragged. Oh no, is she pregnant? Damn, the whole 9 yards.
“I want you to be my bridesmaid!” She jumped up and down hugging her. Both of you felt like crying. Not so long ago, you just met because believe it or not, you had the same bully as hers and now you guys are all grown up, thriving. Adult life’s finally starting for her.
“Of course, what the hell!” You had tears in your eyes from the happiness. Guess this is a night for multiple celebrations.
“I have a gift for you though!” The future bride said as she gave you a box. It looks like a book.
“Oh, Waterstones! They sell The Song of Achileas Anniversary Edition.” You nonchalantly mentioned that you’ve always wanted to read that specific version. And when you opened it, you got teary eyed as you skimmed the first few pages of the blue and gold hardbound book. You bid your thanks and joked how you didn’t need bribing because you would’ve forced her to make you a bridesmaid anyway.
The food was taking so long and you were shaking, you haven’t eaten anything since lunch from the plane, you didn’t mind though because you wanted to be skinny. Nathan and Nadine took notice and asked you what’s up. You just shrugged it off but they know about your body image issues but they can’t do anything about it. They know how you struggled with body dysmorphia and how you wish you were skinnier, like those magazine girls from the early 2000s. As Kate Moss said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Luckily, the food finally arrived and the conversations poured like running water ranging from your hometown to frat parties. Laughter and the sounds of dinnerware clinking were the few noises to be heard from your table.
“Y/n and Nadine, do you wanna go to a frat party at Chapman University? I matched with this guy on Tinder and he invited me to his Phi Delt frat house. I would normally ask Red but I believe it’s no guys allowed.” Eloise hopefully asked the both of you. You were wary but agreed nonetheless, knowing that fraternities don’t let guys in unless it’s Pre-Rush. Eloise would be in grave danger if she went alone and Y/n would never let that happen.
The chatter died down and meals were finished and now they were preparing to order champagne and Don Julio 1942 to rowdily commence the night of drinking. The girls already had a few cocktails, a mojito being your personal favorite. No birthday is a birthday if it doesn’t have shots, of course. So you poured for everybody and drank until you could see the bottom of both bottles. You were never a lightweight so you downed some more, feeling tipsy.
It was finally time to blow out Nadine’s cake! You asked a server to get it for you from their freezer and you added some sparklers to the beautiful almond, vanilla bean, and berries cake, and of course a candle. You sang Happy Birthday and let her blow it, 21’s gonna be the best one yet. Your face illuminated by the light coming from the sparklers, your smile was truly a sight to see. You gave her a special greeting card that’s one of your inside jokes — it’s Emma Stone’s Easy A birthday card that plays Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocketful of Sunshine and she couldn’t contain her laughter. She can’t believe you remembered something from high school.
8:45 pm
You never noticed the group of guys sitting at the table right beside yours so when a curly blond boy, whom you recognized as Aaron Hull the Twitch streamer, tapped your shoulder and pointed to the guy in front of him, you were dumbfounded to see none other than Vinnie Hacker himself looking quite like he’s gonna shit his pants from nervousness. His friends took notice of his sudden change of demeanor when you walked in the room hours ago, he fell almost literally, I mean does feeling like fainting count?
His group was an odd mix too, from his best friends Jett, DJ, and Jack, to Aaron, Troy, Hub, and even Sunny, plus Eamon and Liza. They were having an advance birthday dinner for Vinnie as well. His friends kept on forcing him to tap your shoulder or do something because they know the guy, scared of girls but not moms. How is that even possible? Any who, they’re afraid he might lose the chance to know you so Aaron did it for him. You know him as the thirst trap guy from Tiktok and you followed him both there and on IG but other than that, he was a blur. You always found him pretty but paid no more attention, you can’t in all ways possible date him anyways, you thought before. You know of the people dining with him from Vinnie’s Instagram, they’re a cool bunch.
Vinnie felt as if time froze, the world around him in slow motion, and the faint piano recording in the background was suddenly muted. His eyes wide because Aaron didn’t give him any warning. Your smile snapped him out of his trance, just in time as you said your first words to him. “Hello, I’m Y/n.” You stretched your hand out and smiled, thankfully the table is near enough. He shook your hand and both of you felt a spark, his cold hand from the nerves shocking your warm ones. Both of your friend groups were now engrossed in your surreal interaction. Celine knew you found him attractive, she just didn’t think too much about it because how many lucky stars do you need to have for you to meet your social media happy crush? Much so, the Vinnie Hacker himself?
“I’m Vinnie, nice to meet you. Sorry ‘bout my friend Aaron he set me up.” The blond boy in a red bandana sheepishly said blushing, chuckling and scratching the back of his head out of embarrassment and frustration. He kicked his fellow curly blond boy under the table when you looked away.
Vinnie felt like someone lit up a wildfire inside him when you touched. What is this damn feeling? He thought to himself. His mind was racing with all the possibilities and his stomach was doing backflips, erupting butterflies, everything! Meanwhile, you tried to not give the interaction much thought on the outside, not wanting to embarrass him further. But on the inside, your heart was pounding, you can hear it even.
The night went on, your group was pretty tipsy and bold. So you did what a normal “table-mate” would do, you offered Vinnie’s friend group shots. Some denied but Vinnie, Aaron, and Troy agreed and you took the shot with them. They were quite amazed by how well you took yours because they never tasted Don Julio and they were shocked at how distinct it was. They grimaced and reached anything liquid to chase it down but they were unsuccessful. Maybe they aren’t used to hard drinks?
Nadine played with your slightly drunk ass and asked you to put your number and IG username on a napkin, as per Celine and Eloise’s instructions. They pretended that it was for Celine’s contact since you mainly communicated through IG and that she needs it while you’re in town. You paid no mind and agreed to it and then pulled Nadine to the bathroom. Celine saw this as a perfect opportunity to give it to Vinnie.
She hurried across the table to Vinnie’s and gave it to him. She said, “Here’s her number and Instagram. Knowing her, she won’t ever make a move on you, you’re lucky she even looked twice.” Vinnie just replied with a shocked “Okay.” and kept the napkin in his wallet. He better keep it well because all of this: a pretty girl and some uncomfortable feelings, don’t come often.
She’s right, you weren’t much of a people person. Just like Vinnie, you were shy and reserved, never letting anyone in to ruin the peace.
As if reading his mind, Celine continued. “But if you lose it, just ask your Purgatory team if Jasmine knows Celine. We’re friends.” She sat back at her table at the right time as you and Nadine entered the room.
You have this ethereal aura around you that’s equally charming and enticing and it’s driving Vinnie insane. Your breathtaking smile, the grace you carry yourself with, your intelligence as you talk about the most random things whenever he eavesdropped, your kindness from parents to waiters, and your humor and contagious laugh that makes everybody burst into fits. You’re an enigma that Vinnie’s too scared to solve but courageous enough to open.
Author’s note: Slay mama gurl purrrr let me know if you guys want another part or I don’t know make it a series LMAO I want to tho. I wrote this in 4 hours I hope it doesn’t suck! Down for suggestions :’) enjoy!
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joansiefics · 2 days ago
Hey!! I just saw your prompt post and I was wondering if I could request prompts 2 and 4 from the angst section with Steve Rogers? Fluffy ending? I'm just really in the Steve mood rn. Thanks❤️😘
No Bed Of Roses
Prompt 2: "don't you hurt a single hair on her head"
Prompt 4: "I don't know where I am... please help"
SUMMARY: You get kidnapped on your way home from running errands and Steve comes to save you.
WARNINGS: Explicit  Descriptions of Torturing (Cutting, Dislocations...), Kidnapping, Chloroform, Blood, Mentions of Death, Guns
A/N: The expression "no bed of roses" means not pleasant at all. And seeing that this fic is about an anniversary I accentuated and incorporated flowers in the fic. I'm sorry it took so long to write your request, but I hope you like the final product.
Add yourself to my TAGLIST
~Flower #1: Peony - means Marriage~
You just finished decorating - roses strewn over the tablecloth accompanied by lit candles and fairy lights hanging by the entrance. It was your first marriage anniversary and you wanted it to be special. There were still three hours left before Steve would be home and you were almost done, you just needed to make your famous pumpkin pie. "Dang it!" you spoke aloud when you noticed your flour wasn't enough for the recipe. You rushed to the door and grabbed your keys on the way out.
You payed for the flour, thanked the cashier and rushed back to your car. A few meters away from your car, you searched your purse for your keys and unfortunately didn't notice the two men creeping up on you.
~Flower #2: Aconite - means Be Cautious~
A calloused hand enclosed around your mouth, muffling your cries for help, as the other arm snaked around your waist, preventing you from escaping. Another man's hand came into your peripheral vision, a torn rag in his hand. You struggled against the arm around your waist, screaming against his filthy, sour tasting hand and kicking your legs wildly. The rag was forced into your face, even though you twisted your head from left to right, holding your breath and doing everything in your power to escape the drowsiness. After about five minutes of useless struggling, black spots started to cloud your vision, the fight fully escaped from your body and you fell numb into your attacker's arms.
~Flower #3: White Rose - means Silence~
When you opened your eyes, the dark was exchanged for more darkness. You relied on your hearing to inform you of your surroundings - a dripping faucet, the roof's thermal expansion and contraction and silence. The sudden presence of a fluorescent light directed directly into your eyes had you squinting. "Sleeping Beauty finally awakes" a loud voice booms from somewhere in front of you. You try opening your eyes against the bright light to find the source of the goosebump-eliciting voice. "Who are you and what do you what from me?" you strenuously ask. A dry cough threatens to escape your parched throat and makes you gag, before you collect the most possible saliva to swallow. "We'll leave our identity a riddle for you to figure out while we wait for your Captain to show up"
'No, no, no, no...HYDRA...Steve fought so hard against them, he'll be devastated' you think "Well, then I'll have all the time in the world, he's not coming to save me" you say, hoping that it came across more convincing than it felt "We both know you're lying princess" "Don't call me princess" you seethe. "We need to do something about your snarky remarks, princess." he tuts as he walks to the corner of the room and for the first time you see the trolley decorated with tools. "With what do you want to start?" he asks fake politely. "You choose" you say with fake bravery masking your utter terror. "Let's see if we can shut your pretty mouth up first." He picks up a knife and slowly stalks towards you.
~Flower #4: Marigold - means Pain~
When he gets to you, he forces your mouth open - his long fingernails digging into your soft, rosy cheeks. He musters up all his saliva, stores it at the tip of his tongue and spits the ball of slime into the back of your throat. You choke on the warm liquid, traveling down your throat as he shakes your head to ensure that you swallowed all the given saliva. Once you swallowed everything you look your kidnapper in the eyes "thank you so much, I was so thirsty" "Let's see if you'll be so outspoken when I cut your tongue" he digs his nails deeper, drawing blood as you try to close your mouth. He forces the knife's blade into your mouth.
The cut is made at the tip of your tongue - not deep enough to cut the tip off, but just deep enough to let it bleed profusely. A scream escapes your lungs and the tears sting behind your eyes. "Not so brave now sweetheart, huh?" he mocks. He takes a phone out of his pocket and clicks on a number. The phone rings once and then the other person picks up "Hello?" the person, you recognize as Steve, unsurely greets. "Captain, we have your pretty little wife over here" "Don't you hurt a single hair on her head!!" Steve yells fumingly. "Oops, too late" "let me talk to her" Steve urgently orders, hands clenched into fists. "No, no, no captain...why don't I show you" your kidnapper switches the call over to video call and focuses the camera on you. He grabs your cheeks again, forcing your mouth open. Then he grabs a pair of pliers and pull at the tip of your tongue, to show Steve the damage that has been done.
You don't know when your tears started falling - maybe when you saw Steve or maybe when your tongue was cut into, but they were now flowing down your cheeks, stinging in the crescent shaped cuts of your kidnapper's nails. "Just hold on sweetheart, I'm going to get you out of there okay?" 'He is probably still at work... how long have I been here? Less than three hours?' You attempted to speak but you rather hissed at the pain when your tongue touched your upper palate. Steve's heart clenched at the sight of your fear stricken face, contorting in pain. "Here's the deal, we let your pretty princess go free when you hand yourself in" the kidnapper speaks up. "Deal, but I swear if you hurt her even more I won't hesitate to kill you" and with that Steve hangs up.
~Flower #5: Balsamine - means Impatient~
"I think he forgot about you princess" the kidnapper says, impatiently looking at his watch and walking the room up and down. When nearly twenty minutes have passed since the phone call, your kidnapper lost patience. He harshly yanked you up, by your hair, from the chair and pulled you after him - your feet sweeping the floor clean. At the other side of the room he let go of your hair and kicked you over onto your stomach. He gripped your tied up wrists and cut the rope loose, only to secure your wrists with a much stronger and longer rope. You could feel the sisal rubbing over your already lacerated wrists and feel the blood trickling down your fingers.
When your kidnapper was sure that you could not escape the bonds, he hauled you up by holding the other side of the rope. He lead you to a contraption where he made you climb the three stairs upwards. He positioned you that your back was to the pole-like-contraption and then tied the longer end of the rope (behind your back) to it. He quickly got off and pulled the handle which made the platform disappear from your under your feet and you fell with a big force to the ground, being pulled back by the rope just before your feet could touch the ground. You screamed as you felt your shoulder pop out of its socket - the pain electrifying every cell in your body.
~Flower #6: Iris - means Faith & Hope~
You have no idea how long you've been hanging from a rope - a shoulder dislocated, probably a broken rib, lacerated wrists and a slit tongue. The distant sound of gunshots alert your kidnapper, but you hang numbly and exhausted. 'Where's Steve? I know he'll come for me, it's just a matter of time' you try to talk some sense into yourself, before you completely think that Steve has abandoned you. "Don't let them get the girl, she's our only leverage!!" your kidnapper yells through his comms to the soldiers, but he is met with static. "Your captain has come to rescue you... and now we have him right where we want him. He'll pay for all the destruction he caused." he has a disgusting smirk on his face, eyes glowing with evilness. "Sir, we need you on the field, all our backup is dead!" a panicked voice makes its way through the static and over the comms. "Stay right here you filthy female and don't make a sound or I won't hesitate to cut out your entire tongue out when I get back" he snarls before running out to the battlefield.
'If I yell someone might hear me and save me, or that freak will come back and cut out my tongue. Maybe I'll die when he does that, then I won't have to suffer anymore... it's worth a try' and then you start yelling with every ounce of energy and air left in your lungs. "Heeeeelp!!!" you cry out. The sound of your cries echoes through the room and into the hallway just outside the room. "Y/N?!" it takes a moment before you realize that it's not your echo boomeranging but someone calling out to you. "I don't know where I am...please help me!!!" you yell.
Steve follows your voice as the other Avengers fight of more HYDRA agents. When he enters the room and sees your hanging figure his heart breaks into pieces, shattering on the floor. "Y/N?" he carefully asks, to make his presence known. He slowly walks closer to you, purposely making his steps louder for you to hear and not to startle you. You lift your head up a bit, seeing Steve, before your head falls back down, your chin touching your collar bone. Steve assesses the entire contraption as he takes a few more steps closer to you.
~Flower #7: Gladiolus - means Heroism~
When Steve is standing in front of you, he carefully lifts your chin to make you look him in the eyes. "Steve" you whisper, throat dry, lips sticking together and tongue aching. "I'm here sweetheart" he comforts you, because he knows you'll need it to pull the next part off. "Sweetheart, I need you to listen to me" "hmn" you acknowledge him. "I'm going to cut the rope from this contraption and I'm going to hold you so you don't fall, I just need you to trust me and work with me" "okay" your small voice, make tears burn at the back of Steve's eyes and he has to fight hard to suppress them. He snakes an arm around your waist and cuts the rope, making you fall over his broad shoulders (fireman style carrying). A disgruntled sound leaves your throat when your shoulder flops around limply. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Steve apologizes.
He carries you to the middle of the room and lays you down. He takes of his jacket, folds it and put it under your head as a pillow. "Sweetheart?" he lightly shakes your uninjured shoulder to get your attention. "Can you tell me where it hurts?" you nod your head 'no' before closing your eyes again. "I know you're tired, but you gotta stay awake just a little while longer okay?" You open your eyes again and Steve asks the same question "can you tell me where it hurts, sweetheart?" "my tongue" Steve knows about your tongue, but he lets you finish. "my shoulder" he saw your shoulder was out out of place when he cut the rope loose. "my ribs and my wrists" "Is that all?" Steve asks, and you just give him a simple nod, too tired and sore to talk.
"I'm going to first take a look at your shoulder" Steve says. He quickly informs the team of your whereabouts and then focuses all his attention back to you. He lifts your arm up, supports your shoulder with his one hand and pulls as hard as he can towards him. A high pitched scream leaves you, once again. "It's done, it's done" Steve cooes as he rubs his hands over your arms.
Just them Bucky and Natasha arrives at the scene. "It's all clear" Bucky relays to Steve. "Thanks guys" Steve thanks, gently picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the Quinjet.
At the compound you were professionally taken care of. And later that night, you woke up to the soft 40's music playing in the background, Steve holding your hand and flowers next to your bed, with a note attached to it - "I love you so much Y/N, and nothing will ever take you away from me" You lightly tugged at Steve's hands and he waked up, but before he could speak you put your finger over his lips. "Just lie with me, please"
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queerdo-mcjewface · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am about a third of the way through The Last Girl Scout by @natalieironside. Reading about a Jewish protagonist fighting fascists with her comrades is amazing. The political and the supernatural is combined seamlessly!
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running-withkn1ves · a day ago
Hiiiii, I have a request for you, what the reader could do or say to make the Yanderes! Lord Dimitrescu, Belsire and Blackheart to get blushed and maybe shy, I think we need some cuteness.
Ur so right-- honestly I need that fluff. I genuinely think my brain is gonna fry if I don't get a daily dose of wholesomeness.
TW: Possessive/obsessive mentions, threatening, general fluff
Tumblr media
Lord Dimitrescu
Lord Dimitrescu as we all know does not get flustered easily; this man does most of the flustering. But it isn’t impossible to get his pale face to turn a shade of pink.
In order to surprise or embarrass him, you’ll have to catch him off guard. This vampiric bastard is a KING at sex appeal and using his seduction to the max, so most kinds of sexual implications won’t get him all hot and bothered.
Generally, it only takes a sincere act of affection or kindness to get him embarrassed. If you do something he didn’t expect, it might just be enough to rile him up. He expects kindness and respect from others though, so don’t think a mere small favor will be enough.
Lord Dimitrescu can be more vain than you’d think; he cares greatly for his appearance, so buying something beautiful or expensive for him is an easy way to his heart. BUT, this is a very tricky game to play. The line is a very thin one between a cheap and thoughtful present; a gorgeous gold watch could be the hay that broke the camel’s back with him. He switches quickly from grateful and doting, to angry and stern in a split second.
This is why home-made gifts are the best option for Lord Dimitrescu, he’s less likely to assume you to be materialistic or poor. Just small items, like maybe a little slip of poetry or even a crown of woven flowers that you pulled from the cold ground. He’ll write it off as ridiculous and shallow, but the Lord’s tone will be much softer, and less demanding.
“What is this foolishness? Tell me, pet, do you dare insult me with such peasantries…”
Simply the idea of these innocent acts gets the vampriric lord up in a hurry. He’ll leave the room, not-so-subtly taking the item with him. It’ll be praised and worshipped in his room; when missing you, he’ll use the gift as a reminder, memorizing every place your hands must have touched to make it specially for him. The lord hardly shows facial signs of flusteredness, but it’s clearly visible in the way he walks: almost a lovesick, preoccupied daze.
Now, similar to Lord Dimitrescu, It’s hard to get The Belsire to blush. He is not easily fooled nor tricked into simple schemes which make him lose his cool. In order to get a reaction out of him, you must use cleverness to your advantage. He can predict your moves constantly, especially because he has eyes everywhere.
The Belsire
The Belsire will get flustered quickly if you say any kind of affectionate words out of nowhere, even a simple mumble of an “I love you” will make him unable to look into your eyes. He tends to avoid you once you manage to get him to blush; it’s not becoming of the creature who’s in charge, right?
“You best not be lying to me. I promise I won’t hesitate to take you now if you’re deceiving me.”
Not only will genuine affections work, but clever jokes will get to him as well. The Belsire isn’t completely ignorant of the outside world, just a bit… out of touch. He does all he needs to survive, taking souls when necessary to keep himself living and young. So to tell him a dirty joke or the promiscuous acts of folks on the internet, will get him a bit flustered and uncomfortable. It’s easily visible on his face, even if he tries to hide it. In most cases, he’ll allow his red face to show bare, trying to convince you it isn’t because he’s flustered and only because of the temperature.
Now, Blackheart is snarky as hell. Out of the three, he’s probably the easiest to fluster, because despite being a demon, he’s the most human-like. His constant and neverending rage, mixed with a bittersweet taste of obsession, leads him to be quick-witted but forgetful. The quickest way to get him shocked is through physical affection. But specifically chaste affection. As a being from hell, he’s not ignorant of the physical pleasures from the human world, and will use that to his advantage with you.
But if you give him a mere kiss on the cheek, or hold his hand lightly, it’ll send the man spiraling. It’s so pure, so untouchable. Did love like that really exist? He always thought it to be fake, just another thing made for the human race to breed. But now that he experienced it, Blackheart will begin to crave it more and more. At first he’ll get flustered quickly, growing stiff and almost awkward; until he pulls back on his persona.
He’ll make it seem as if you were trying something, either a ploy to sleep with him or to run away. It’s mere denial for himself. The best way to combat this is to avoid his snarky and manipulative questions, instead turning yourself to give him chaste affections, without strings attached. Blackheart will grow annoyed, both at his flustered self and your lack of submission.
“I can’t believe you’re enjoying this. You? Fluster me? What a joke-- don’t get ahead of yourself; I’ll make sure we’re even.”
He won’t allow anyone else to see himself flustered; if you try to take a picture or record him, he’ll grow serious and won’t hesitate to threaten. Blackheart can’t have his reputation ruined, especially when he’s so close to taking his father’s position. But, he’ll only allow you to see him flustered; it’s embarrassing, and he’ll definitely get you back, but Blackheart finds it to be one of the pure moments in your relationship.
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danny-darkness · a day ago
Remember Me?
Hello again! 
I know I’ve been AWOL for ages, and if anyone noticed, thank you!  : ) 
If anyone missed me, I’m sorry!  : (
But? I do have a very valid reason. 
So the last few months have been crazy!
Despite technical issues (my net unexpectedly went down for three months for repairs)...  Despite the usual crazy summer workload with my job being even crazier than usual because they released us from lockdown, so it felt like EVERYONE in the UK descended on Cornwall for their holidays because leaving the country isn’t an option for most... And despite health issues (mine, my sister’s, my friends and neighbours)... 
of that? 
I finally got my 2 part novel ‘Shade of Dean - Everyone has Demons’ published! 
It’s on sale RIGHT NOW in both e-book and paperback format, and it’s free with Kindle Unlimited. 
So? If reading about LGBT characters, gay vampires, modern day and historical England, paranormal mysteries, a side of London that not many get to hear of... if any of that is your thing? You should totally buy it! 
You can find info about the series and anything else I’m doing
 at my website. 
And you can find the books
at Amazon   
Go check them out! 
I poured my heart and soul into them, and I think it paid off. If I hadn’t written them, I’d read them. In fact, I did write them and I just re-read them! 
I think they’re really good, and I’d love to share them with you!  
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microsff · 2 days ago
"There's nothing as versatile as a knife," the hunter said. "It can shape and divide. It can attack and defend, cut and clean." "It is a great tool," the witch said, "but I know one that can do all that, and more besides." "What would that be?" "A word."
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epiclamer · 23 hours ago
Team up part three I beg
Beg on your knees and witness as I destroy thous kingdom right before your puny mortal eyes.
But yea sure :)
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated)
Part 1 Part 2
Team Up Pt.3
The night had been nothing but a blast so far, Hero laughed at Villains jokes—even going as far as to add onto them—they talked for hours as waiters came and went, they shared drinks and lost their wits. God, Hero was the best.
Hours had passed and finally the pair were kicked out, not to Villains demise honestly, they were quite happy at the thought of bringing Hero to their apartment for the night.
“-And then, me and Emma-“
“Emma and I.” Villain corrected, one arm slung around Hero’s waist to keep them steady.
Hero snorted and punched Villain playfully in the shoulder. “Just shut that adorable little mouth of yours and let me tell my story.” Hero whined, leaning further into Villains embrace.
Villains face broke out into a smile as they wrapped their arm tighter around Hero’s waist. “Alright, alright. Tell your stupid story.” They laughed, hoping Hero would get the sarcasm in their tone.
Hero faked a small pout before continuing on with their ramble. Villain enjoyed the company of Hero, even if their rambling made no sense and their grammar was terrible, Villain loved having them by their side. Villain loved them.
The sound pierced through the air at top speed, burning into Villains ears so suddenly they dropped their grasp on their lover. Villain stood trembling for a moment, hands pressed against their ears when they noticed another pair was on top of their hands. Hero’s.
Villain looked over at their lover who had a tired smile painted on their face, they were hunched over, hands on Villains on their ears to block them from the sound that seemed so distant now.
Hero gave them one last soft look through their eyes before they collapsed onto the ground in a heap. Panic rushed through Villain and pierced their soul as they dropped just as fast to help Hero.
Searching and clawing at the fabric that swallowed the bleeding bullet wound. Hero gently pressed a hand over top of Villains to slow their attempts, giving a small shake of their head as if to say ‘this is the end’.
Tears burned through Villains eyes and flooded their line of sight, the only thing keeping them from the brink had been Hero and now they were going to lose them.
The shadow from the back alley approached Villain swiftly, planting a hand on their shoulder and pulled them away. Supervillains smug face taking the place of Hero’s dying one.
“Let’s go. We are done here.” They said, tone low and menacing, but Villain didn’t care. They moved swiftly, their only thought being that Supervillain was now the enemy.
Grabbing the gun from their hands they swung it around and cracked it against Supervillains skull. A trail of blood immediately following suite, along with the crunch of Supervillains face crashing into the concrete.
Hero needed saving, and Villain would do whatever it takes to save them.
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prompt 1675
Write a paragraph that includes this sentence:
You have to look for a long time before you can see the tiniest ones.
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