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Adults May Be “Young,” But They Are Never “New”

Adults May Be “Young,” But They Are Never “New”

We know that the “boundaries” of “adulthood” have shifted somewhat over the centuries. I was writing yesterday in my manuscript of an 18 year old woman in 1814. Yet now, in 2021, most adults from their mid-20s and up are likely to consider an “18 year old” barely more than a child.
Having finished that bit, I did some of that “scrolling” thing again on social media. This time it was Instagram,…


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One day, death came calling,

Midnight upon them, a tired and weary girl answered.

“What do you want ?” asked the girl.

The shadowy man, with billowing sleeves and seemingly without a face merely pointed at the girl’s chest, which was now glowing right above her heart.

A weary sigh followed by a question on weary lips, “What will happen if I give this to you ?”

The hooded figure seemed to gasp, and what seemed like a thousand voices followed, “Peace, I will give you peace.”

At that, the girl was seemingly elated, the glowing orb floating from her to the outstretched skeletal hand.

A smile on her face, “Finally,” she breathes what is her last breath.

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The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #Advice

The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #Advice

Okay, so it looks like I’m still getting a lot of publishing questions. These are recurrent questions I get on a regular basis, and while I want to try to respond to everyone who reaches out to me, I don’t want my blog becoming redundant. So I think I’m going to repost this on a weekly basis from now on to help people navigate the publishing world. I don’t really see another way around it.
So if…


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                        ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊

                        ┊         ┊       ┊   ┊   ˚✩ ⋆。˚  ✩

                        ┊         ┊       ┊   ✫

                        ┊         ┊       ☪︎⋆      

                        ┊ ⊹    

                        ✯ ⋆      ┊ .  ˚



Love spell

Open your heart and you can see, you don’t need a love spell for thee.


My love,

I would usually tell you this in person and plan with you but things just got so busy I don’t think we are able to plan things like normal. Nevertheless, I am still taking you on a date to make up for the lost time.

We’ll be going to a spring festival that will happen this week. I remember seeing how you said you’ve always wanted to see what happens, so I was able to see that there was one this week. And, I’ll be taking you there. I love you and I’ll always be there, okay? No matter how things are, I’m always with you. You can drop by in my dorm or text me to come to yours, okay?


Iida Tenya

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

Once Iida saw you, he smiled and walked towards you. “Hello there, my love,” He said as he kissed your cheek. “Ready for tomorrow?” He then asked. Once you told him your response, he patted your head. “Then, let’s get ready once school’s done, alright?” He said as he led you to your classroom.


Amorette’s song:

Thank you so much for requesting! And thank you as well for the compliments! This theme gives me serotonin as well~ It merges my love for fantasy, blue, and my interest in the unknown. AND YES PUNS ARE THE BEST- Enough of my shinanigans, I hope you enjoyed!

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My three most recent reads 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 they were all good but I’m really itching for something great

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Let’s not all forget Fifty Shades served soulful music 🧘🏼‍♀️

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Sorry for the lack of quotes recently, have been busy with school but I’m graduating very soon so hopefully I’ll be able to read much more after that happens. My current read is one I’ve been waiting for since last year when I came across the cover on Twitter, which is A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth! I’ve only just started it and most likely won’t be able to finish it that quickly but it’s been pretty good so far! The prose is good and the characters are likeable too. Can’t wait to see how it goes from here!

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Authentic queer representation in literature

Authentic queer representation in literature

This post comes about from a thing I’ve noticed about LGBTQIA+ people and relationships, and how it is reflected in literature…

Being isolated, introverted, and disconnected with society is in most cases a learnt behaviour. Having a frank conversation with a plethora of members of this community from all genders, races, and ages have brought to life something that I find alarming. It’s like a…


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[Una santa del Texas][Edmund White]

Edmund White dà vita a un romanzo capace di mettere in scena lo scontro tra il Nuovo Mondo e la Vecchia Europa, ma anche di approfondire una riflessione sulle possibilità e i limiti che incontriamo quando decidiamo di abbandonare le nostre radici per ripl

Yvette and Yvonne Crawford sono sorelle gemelle, nate in un minuscolo e povero villaggio del Texas orientale negli anni Quaranta del secolo scorso. Sembrano destinate a una vita ordinaria in un ambiente semplice e ottuso, e invece, animate dal desiderio, sempre nutrito, di allontanarsi ed emanciparsi dal Texas e dagli Stati Uniti, si dedicano con risolutezza a costruirsi vite straordinarie in…


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Almost finished with ‘Return To The Black Farm’… these are now two of my favorite books I have ever read, wow.

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Millet milyonlarca insanin girdiği sınavdan ilk 10a giriyor ben daha onun kalbine giremiyorum .

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Dialogue Prompts: “Improvements…”

1. “Your aroma is better than a rose garden’s, and you shine brighter than all the stars.”

“That’s so cliché.”

“Fine. You smell like Jupiter. Is that better?”

2. “No, don’t call it that. I prefer to think of it as… redecorating.”

“And that chair stuck in the wall—is that part of your redecorating?”

3. “Hm. We’ll have to do better than that.”

You’ll have to do better! Everything was going fine until you abandoned the plan to steal a guy’s watch!

“It was a good watch! And he’d clearly stolen it himself, so you could say I’m enacting justice.”

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Saved him

It was a usual Friday afternoon for Ernest Park. With a stethoscope hanging around his neck, wearing a green colored hospital gown that was meant only for the staff, he stepped out of the Operation Theatre; a deep sigh heaved out of his lips seeing the patient’s mother shedding tears of happiness as the nurses told her that the surgery was successful and her daughter will be able to live her life like other normal people who don’t have an Atrio-ventricular blockage.

“Dr Park!” He heard a ward boy yell from across the long hallway that was quite peaceful until now.

He came running and took a moment to breathe before he released his voice hinting for the upcoming emergency, “You’re needed in Level I.”

“What?” Ernest couldn’t believe his ears. But instead of cross questioning anything right now, his feet sprinted towards the elevator. The ward boy followed right after, pressing the button to ground floor. The elevator door slid apart, making way for the doctor to pass. They stepped out and he started removing his mask and gown from the previous surgery.

“What’s the case?” Ernest asked instantly while his eyes scanned through the endless hallway looking at the staff rushing along side the stretchers with patients lying on them some dead, some alive. Some had broken bones and bleeding dangerously, others had severe burns and deep wounds. Wailing and groaning sounds were common to hear in the this part of the hospital. The Trauma Center, which is occupied and buzzing with activity 24/7.

He saw a little girl on a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse, her one leg was bleeding pretty bad. According what Ernest’s experience as a doctor said, it would probably require five to six stitches. He shook his head subtly and headed straight near the other doctor a few feet away.

“Dr Park, there’s a patient who got into an accident. He’s got a few ribs broken which includes the fourth one as well. We’re afraid his heart maybe affected. The situation is critical and we can’t afford to take risks.”

Ernest nodded and entered another OT behind his friend and colleague, Dr Will Watson, without hesitation. He knew it was actually complicated and as a Cardio-thoracic surgeon he was definitely needed there. The doctors were already working on the patient’s body. His chest was cut open with two surgeons already trying to fix the problem. One of them nodded at Ernest and stepped aside letting him have a look.

“Wait there’s something in there.” Ernest said, frowning at the bloody mess created by the open chest. “Forceps” He ordered, folding his sleeves up while having his eyes fixed on the body. One of the nurses handed him what he asked for, letting the doctors do their work.

“Its a stent” Ernest said, fear faintly hinting in his voice, “I’ll try to fix it, keep the Defibrillator ready we might need to use it if the heart crashes.” He ordered in an authorized manner and quickly sprung into action.

He inserted an endoscope to ease the already traumatic case and found the stent real close to the coronary artery where it was almost digging in. It could’ve been a life threatening dilemma if the stent went in further into the walls of the heart breaking the coronary. And the risks of the surgery were that the patient might fall into a Cardiac Arrest.

It was quiet for a moment before it turned into complete horror for the doctors when they saw the ECG line stumbling and falling into a straighter one, “Get the Paddles!” Ernest shouted, “120 now; Clear!”

“Charge to 220; Clear!”

No response.

Sweat trickled down Ernest’s forehead. He had successfully replaced the stent, which was already very risky and now losing the patient at this point will be a big loss. He breathed in deeply and rubbed the electrode paddles against each other; glancing at the ECG monitor, he pressed them down on the patient’s chest hoping for the Sinus to gain stimulation.

“C'mon” Ernest muttered to himself but mostly to the patient.

“Dr Park, its time.” Will Watson said placing his hand on the former’s shoulder, giving him a light squeeze. Although Ernest Park seemed to have a different kind of understanding, he ordered to increase the charge, earning confused looks from the fellow doctors.

“Dr Park its been almost fifteen minutes, that’s not gon’ work.”

“Charge to 300; Clear!” He shouted ognoring what the other person had said. After rubbing the paddles again, he pressed them down against the lifeless body.

A small hope flickered within the eyes of the doctors as the line on the monitor came into movement. They smiled and nodded at each other getting back to work. That’s when something struck one of the four doctor brains.

“The heart was stopped for almost twenty minutes, there’s chances of Brain damage!”

Ernest realized that this was more dangerous than death, a proper post-resuscitation care is essential. He sighed and handed the Paddles to the nurse while he attended the patient attaching him to a Chest Compression System along with a Ventilator. Ernest injected an antiarrhythmic drug and an anticoagulant into the blood before finally stepping back in satisfaction.

The doctors took off their bloody gloves and shook hands in an aftermath of a critically crucial surgery being successful;


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I’ve been so excited to put up the next bit of Chapter 1. Actually, I do believe it is the last bit of the chapter, so thats fun and exciting!


*Insert general and exasperated gesturing*

My brain got hung up on a creature I put together and I couldn’t seem to let the bug bite of a notion out of my head. So in I went with a friggin magnifying glass and a few revisions in mind.

I just, I need it to make sense. I need to be able to look at it and say okay yes, this all works. Maybe I’ll post both the origional concept and then the revised edits. Mayhaps!


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context: i have a first draft written, and i want to keep working on it

so i was sorting through my wip and seeing what i could do better (spoiler: i need to do everything better). anyway, i was waiting until i finished to post about it here, but i’m reaching the end, and it Does Not make any sense, folks.

it’s not only WILDLY unrealistic, it’s based off a science-y topic that’s relatively undiscovered, and honestly i don’t really know what to do :)

tl;dr it’s a mess

writers more experienced than myself, please let me know any advice!

here’s what i’ve thought about:

  • abandoning it and moving on (but i’m too emotionally attached to do that, at least for right now)
  • putting it in a different setting (something more futuristic and make up the science as i go)
  • making it less science and more just science fiction (i don’t know how i would do that ahhhhhh)
  • changing it into a more contemporary piece and relating less to the science part (this is my least favorite option)

also let me know if you need more specifics :)

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Check out the series masterlist here!


You replayed the days events over and over, like a broken record. You returned to your apartment with your mood low, the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement falling in time with your heartbeat. The lonely ambiance of the night took over your home (if you could even call it that) just like any other evening. You were out on the balcony, sat under the onning while staring at the city lights paired with the faint twinkle of the raindrops like falling stars.

You felt hopless, knowing that your two friends liked each other and you could do nothing about it. No man has ever turned down Irene, she was the standard, and everyone wanted her. So just like everything else in your life you stepped to the side and watched everything pass by you. You watched your chance with Felix drain into the gutter together with the precipitation.

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He picked the skull out of the sink and held it in one hand, mournfully. “Alas, poor Yorick!” he said. “She heard mermaids, so it follows there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. I have caught an everlasting cold, but luckily I am terribly dishonest. I cling to that.”

- Diana Wynne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle

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