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vespakinniefuck · 2 days ago
Hearing buddy’s voice after so long actually saved me even if it was only in the background of a bunch of people shouting gods I missed her my mom is gonna escape
Btw yes she will escape and be fine psychological torture for months by her father won’t have broken her at all there is no war in ba sing sae
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thisisnothowwewalk · a day ago
I need this for...for reasons 👀
Transcript under cut
So don't just break the ice because it's wrong they ever put ice on you in the first place. Shatter it because if they freeze your outsides long enough they'll freeze your insides, too.
So with all the heat I had left, I looked Buddy in her slowly-awakening eye and I shouted:
Hey, you! Yeah, you with the red hair! You staring at me? You wanna say something to me?
Wh... what?
Well come and get me, buddy -- cuz, mark my words, I'm taking you out!
Boooo! Boooo!
There could've been a million cons out there threatening me a million times each, and not one of 'em could've scared me -- cuz I'd just made Buddy laugh. I'd just seen the Buddy I remembered in her eyes, and I knew this crummy prison didn't have a chance against the Aurinko Crime Family.
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blue-mood-blue · 2 days ago
We laugh at Mick Mercury’s “Max Action” which is short for “Maximum Action”
Lest we forget
There is a real author named James Patterson who wrote a real book about a character named “Max Ride” which is short for “Maximum Ride”
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transboy-headcanons · 15 hours ago
Headcanon of the day: Juno and Peter are t4t. Juno is transfem and Peter is transmasc. No I will not be taking criticism
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katmaniac21 · 2 days ago
blah blah blah, something about Palomine Aurinko being a psychologist and the fact that Buddy won’t let Juno call her his therapist
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podcastsaregay · 2 days ago
how the fuck is juno steel gonna say “what do you do when the thing you’re homesick for isn’t a place, it’s a time?” and expect me to be okay
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prydon · a day ago
Tumblr media
my second art piece for the @penumbrabang! this time for @alexandenight’s fic beware of vacations. definitely give it a read if you’re a fan of angst/whump! this one was a challenge to draw (ew, cars) and i took some liberties from the canon scene to more just capture the Vibe instead but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out <3 they’re in love your honor.
(ID: a digital drawing of juno and nureyev. nureyev is lying on the ground, semi-conscious, next to an upside-down crashed car. juno is kneeling beside him, wearing a concerned expression. one of his hands is holding nureyev up, and the other is interlaced with nureyev’s fingers. they both look a little scuffed/beaten up, and there is a cut on nureyev’s forehead. the backdrop is an orange sky with smoke and sparks flying through it. there are three neon-colored bio-luminescent creatures floating around them, which resemble small puffballs with eyes. END ID)
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waters-and-the-wilde · 3 days ago
okay but Sasha's going to Know, right? the moment Max Action's file gets back to her for causing trouble and trying to get to Buddy she's going to take one look at it and know exactly who made that shit up
pls. a short 'cut-to-antagonist' scene end of next ep where someone passes on a memo and she opens a dossier. and then just. the most. exasperated sigh
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justsalpals · 2 days ago
Juno Steel and Gerard Keay:
So much sarcasm
Ready to scrap at a moments notice
Rocks that Depression Chic look
Distrusts people like it's breathing, but will give life and limb for those he DOES trust
Long coat
A cynic trying so hard to do good in an unbelievably cruel world
sir, your gender
Eye iconography (though that's pretty much a gimme with podcasts it seems)
Mother Issues™
I might have a type when it comes to the funky little podcast men I become enamoured with. (Can you tell the list was even longer, but I was having trouble remembering which Gerry bits were canon and which were headcanons? -sobs in side character-)
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holywoter · 6 hours ago
Juno steel made buddy aurinko laugh which naturally made ME cry
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Another random Juno piece. No shading on this one, mostly focused on details like jewlery and such
Tumblr media
Also the thing on his wrist is his comms. Idk I've always seen them as wrist bracers of sorts
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sky-fire-forever · 2 days ago
Each time I read the production scripts, I misread "Puck" as in Puck Falco, as "fuck". I have to wonder if Harley and Kevin named them this because it's the closest they can get to allowing Juno Steel to say fuck
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petertransom · 2 days ago
peter nureyev is a gnc trans gay man and he somehow managed to create THE nonbinary butch lesbian of all time despite being none of those three things . the lesbian gods bestowed duke rose upon him and he simply had to bring him into the world and we all should thank him for that he truly did us a service . hes like atlas holding up the earth but for butches
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blue-mood-blue · a day ago
The plan is that Arcana Lately is going to pick Juno up from super prison in the near future and it’s all going to go very well and exactly to plan because I refuse to consider any alternative - my question is, does Arcana Lately know who she’s picking up? Did Juno warn her? Did anyone warn her?
Is Arcana Lately about to pull up to the Aurinko Permanent Corrections Facility for an Aurinko to climb onboard? While she sits there and absorbs what she’s gotten herself in middle of? Followed by Vespa Ilkay and Jet Siquliak because yeah, okay, that’s just the kind of day she’s having?
Has anyone prepared Arcana Lately to be the getaway vehicle for criminal celebrities, because I feel like the answer to that is probably no. But she might have a good idea why the first thing Juno Steel told her upon their introduction was that he’d never heard of her, now.
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alexthechaotic · a day ago
I think if Juno Steel heard Getaway Car by Taylor swift he would throw up
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Gay people will be like “run away with me” and that’s when the clown music starts
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the-antichrists-plus-one · 10 months ago
It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free: letting a really good piece of storytelling absolutely destroy you
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halogen2 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
our flag means death
the magnus archives
what we do in the shadows
the penumbra podcast
good omens
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ars0nism · a month ago
unstoppable force (gay people) vs immovable object ("run away with me" but it never actually happens trope)
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afrogsmoraldilemma · 5 months ago
Enough shipping podcast characters, I'm going to start shipping the mattress brands that advertise before the show.
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