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#haikyuu headcanons
nekoglasses · 15 minutes ago
Hi, how are you? Can i have a request with nishinoya, tsukishima and osamu x male reader where they are cuddling and the reader sings to them so they can sleep?
》 Fandom: Haikyuu
》 Request(?): Yep!
》 Pairing: Miya O., Tsukishima K., Nishinoya Y. x M!Reader (Seperate)
》 Genre: Fluff
》 Type: Half Headcanons, Half Drabble
》 Galaxy Research: I’m doing good Anon! Thank you for asking, and requesting this :3 (my reqs are open everyone!)
Tumblr media
☾ Nishinoya Y. ☽
He’s smitten with you
And just being able to be with you is his blessing (for what he thinks lol)
But getting to cuddle up privately out of judgmental people’s views is one of his favorite things
And once you add in playing with his hair and humming lightly, he feels like he’s in heaven
The light rumbling of your chest and the slight scratches on his scalp helps him fall asleep so much faster and he’s so in love with how he managed to have you
But when you fully sing to him, whatever it might be, he always sleeps the best with you by his side
“Sunshine, my only sunshine~ you make me happy, when sky’s are grey~ you never know dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take my sunshine away~”
The softness of (M/N)’s voice soothed Nishinoya from his loud rambunctious state, leaving him leaned against his lovers chest. His facial features relaxed as he felt drowsier and drowsier, the soft petting and playing of his hair didn’t help his want to stay awake with his World.
“Sleep, Yuu. I’ll still be here when you wake up.”
“But I want to stay with you. I love you so much...”
“And I’ll always be here. Sleep well Yuu.”
(M/N) coaxed him to fall asleep, knowing he needed the rest.
☾ Tsukishima K. ☽
He’s a cheeky bastard that wouldn’t dare ask head on for cuddles, especially if he wanted to be the small spoon
But it happened, when he was half asleep and almost dead tired from juggling school and a internship at the same time
He’ll plop down onto your stomach, grumbling with a pout on his face
But once you start to stroke through his locks of hair, the tiredness from his day takes over him, and your voice brings him over to the peaceful sleep
“...and then this bastard of a co-intern started spewing out fake facts *yawn* and just, why didn’t the damn managers stop him?”
The fingers of his boyfriend ran through his blonde hair as he ranted sleepily about his day. His voice became softer and less rough as the motion relaxed him. Tsukishima soon fell silent, too tired to continue on, and (M/N) took it as a sign to start humming. He was always fond of his singing or humming, saying it helped him fall asleep faster (though not directly like that).
Keeping his voice soft, the motion and gentleness of his lover’s voice and hands brought him closer and closer to sleep, before he completed went over the barrier to the dream world. The slight snoring of Tsukishima made (M/N) smile, glad that he would be getting some rest finally.
☾ Miya O. ☽
After running a business all day, all he wants to do is be held in your arms
It’s expected that he’d be tired, but he always wants to spend at least time with you after being away in the store for so long everyday
With how much he knows you love playing with his hair, he’s been growing it out a bit, but not too much.
But once you sing to him, he’s out like a light.
“But when he loves me I feel like I'm floating, When he calls me pretty I feel like somebody, Even when we fade eventually to nothing, You will always be my favorite form of loving~”
Playing with the now longer strands of hair, Osamu was already drowsy to being with and the domestic like atmosphere wasn’t helping his want to stay awake with (M/N) longer.
“Mmmmm don’ wanna sleep yet...”
“But aren’t you tired?”
“Yes but I wanna spend time with ya.”
(M/N) sighed, smiling at his stubbornness. “You can always spend time with me in the morning, and I can go visit the shop too. Now sleep, darling.”
The calming strokes along his scalp and the humming of (M/N)’s voice brought him to the calm darkness, sleep overtaking his senses as he clung around his waist.
Tumblr media
》 General Taglist: @celestialarchiveshq (ask to be added!)
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lonelysoggyfry · 43 minutes ago
HQ Ship Headcanons (pt.6/?)
Iwaizumi gives really good massages and Oikawa picked up on the essential oils fad while traveling the world. The combination of their passions results in the two of them glistening (and lavender-scented) almost every weekend they spend together. Also yay, no tense muscles!
Tumblr media
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ichigoromi · 50 minutes ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚 | 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐀𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐩 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Timeskip Atsumu is conscious of his public image and what if his private life accidentally gets exposed to the mass media? I wonder how will he handle this...
As always, please do enjoy reading this headcanon! I do accept requests! If you have any specific requests, I'll try my best to write it!
Tumblr media
Miya Atsumu
Tumblr media
Atsumu is very conscious of his public image, but he is known for changing his girlfriends quite often.
You and Atsumu were childhood best friends, along with Osamu.
He always had feelings for you, but you unintentionally friend-zoned him to the point that he gave up any hopes that you would reciprocate his feelings.
However, it all changes when you shared a kiss with him on new year day and confessing your feelings to him.
And, from then on, you two have been official for a year now.
You have started working and furthering your studies as well.
Although Atsumu doesn't like you tiring yourself out, he wanted to pay for your tuition fee so that you can focus on studying. But you are an independent lady that wants to achieve your dreams by yourself, so the final answer was still a no.
Your relationship was so secretive that even his teammates do not know; only Osamu and your younger sister knows about it.
During his break from all the games and practices, he decided to visit you in Kyoto.
You two had fun; even though you were busy with work and school, he enjoyed it a lot since it has been a while since you two have met.
When he left for Osaka to go back for training, you were obviously upset that you two couldn't spend more time together, but you were going to surprise him next month by showing up at his game.
While preparing for all these, lots of mass media gathered information on Atsumu's girlfriend and prepared to release it soon.
The taxi driver wished you luck as you hopped off the vehicle and rushed to the arena entrance. Your flight from Kyoto got delayed, and there was a traffic jam on the way to the game.
You missed more than half the game, but there are still two more sets to go.
"Oh my gosh, I need a break." You sat down next to Osamu, catching your breath.
"Where were ya? I was busily textin' ya, and yer phone was dead." He flicked your forehead, and you rolled your eyes at him.
It was dead because you accidentally dropped in the swimming pool, and now it would not work.
"I dropped it in water. It's dead." You sighed, showing him your dead phone.
"Hmm, Tsumu does not know yer here. But he's annoyin' me bout ya." Osamu showed you Atsumu texting him about how you were not replying to him or answering his calls.
You focus on watching your boyfriend play. It has been a while since you have watched him play.
"I'm so tired~! The flight was alright, but I was panicking so much that I almost puke mid-flight." Osamu frowned at you, and you gulped the bottle of water that you have.
While you minded your own business, people were staring at you and murmuring among themselves.
"Why are they starin' at me? I'm part of the audience too." You pout and watch the players play.
It was an intense match for sure; most of them have played against each other in high school and are friends from high school.
You watch intensely, focusing on the plays made by the players, ignoring the increasing stares you were getting. Osamu noticed that more people were staring at you but just ignored it too.
Soon, the game ended with MSBY Black Jackals winning.
You and Osamu waited for Atsumu to finish interacting with his fans, and when the press talk to him, his face fell, and he pushed through them, looking around.
Then he spotted you.
He pushed his way through the crowd and pulls you to the team's private lounge.
It seems like the press has caught wind of you two.
"Tsumu! Slow down, would ya? What's goin' on?" He did not say anything and pulls you into his chest.
"I'm sorry. It's all my fault." He mumbled, and you frowned and shook your head.
"Did someone discover that we're datin'? Tsumu, don't worry. We can figure this out together." You pat his back, and he nods his head.
"You can take the bus with my teammates and me. My manager has already informed the guys." He pulls you along with him.
Tumblr media
Atsumu was by your side, with his arm wrapped around your waist securely and the other trying to feed you. Hinata and Bokuto was the most interested in how you and Atsumu became a couple.
The other guys were melting over your Kansai accent, which made Atsumu scowl at them. Osamu raised a brow at his brother's clingy side.
"Now everyone knows that ya datin' the popular and hot volleyball player, how does it feel?" Atsumu asked you with a teasing smirk on his face.
"Meh. Tsumu, get off yer high horse. Be more humble." You pinched his cheek and he pouts in response.
Osamu was glad that you were the one that his twin ended up with. The girls that he used to date, he disapproved before he even met them.
"Where's ya luggage? Do ya have any clothes on ya?" You nodded your head at his question.
"What about yer phone?" You looked away from him and he sighed.
"We have a few days off before we leave for the next game. We are goin' on a shoppin' trip." He declared and you know he is serious about it.
No matter how long you guys have known each other, you are still uncomfortable with his spoiling you.
"Don't worry, it's my duty as yer boyfriend." He reassured you.
"The hearts I've broken because I'm dating~." Ah, still ever the same Atsumu.
Tumblr media
Was it a long one? If you noticed there were some changes in the line divider, that is because I've written this in two different parts and got rid of my old line divider. Hence I'm using the new one in later parts.
This was quite fun to write about! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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iwas-baby · an hour ago
kitty suna would breed you every round after he sees his friends seriously flirt with you,, he wants to make sure you're entirely his!
hello why am i just seeing this now
kitty suna is so possessive, he wants to scream when he sees the other pets boys flirting with you 😩 but he knew better than to make a scene in public. so he takes a bit of initiative, pushing you onto the bed and making sure to mark his territory.
you’re on the brink of passing out but your kitty still needs that reassurance that his owner isn’t gonna leave him for another pet. which is also why watching your abused hole gushing with his cum makes him more eager to show you his devotion. his dick hits all your best spots, stretching you to the point your eyes roll behind your head.
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velvett-tearss · an hour ago
Tumblr media
❝ As long as I’m around, you’re invincible. ❞
♚ Multiplayer
➩ asking the haikyu boys what their star sign is
➩ how the haikyu boys sleep + morning routine
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justanotherfluffreader · an hour ago
Haikyuu!! team captains with an artist S/O
A/N -> Hi again! Sorry if this is too similar to the other artist S/O prompts I've done,,, not having many ideas <-
Characters -> Miyagi team captains (daichi, oikawa, ushijima, terushima, futakuchi, let me know if I missed some) <-
Daichi Sawamura
-thinks you being an artist is super cool!
-encourages you to keep practicing and that your art is pretty
-totally supports you if you want to pursue art as a career
Oikawa Tooru
-not so secretly wants you to draw him
-admires how you can put a pencil/brush/stylus onto a surface, digital or not, and create something beautiful
-would probably brag about your art skills to the rest of seijoh
Ushijima Wakatoshi
-doesn't really voice his thoughts like the others, but will sometimes ask if he can ask you draw
-finds it soothing to watch you draw (especially if you set up your surroundings to be calm so you can focus on the drawing)
-sometimes tries to follow along, and you see his art slowly improve
Terushima Yuuji
-loves your art and is LOUD about it
-hypes you up alllll the time- pep talks, compliments on your art (and the artist :)), the whole package
-can and will look gawk at your sketchbooks/drafts if you say its ok
Futakuchi Kenji
-he makes sure you k n o w how good your art is
-usually he'll be more critical with the works of others but when it comes to you? all commentary is nothing but positivity
-also sorry for not having a bunch for futakuchi, i haven't really got his character figured out yet (but i'll work on it!)
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etherrreal · an hour ago
Requests: OPEN!!
✶ Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re open to requests for fics, drabbles, and headcanons now! So, send in all of your ideas! ✶
Make sure to check out our rules first and recent fics to get a taste of our writing style. We’re looking forward to filling your requests~
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neoheros · an hour ago
Tumblr media
atsumu’s not going to college.
it’s not what he wants, and it’s not a requirement for his plans for the future. he has a one track road set for going pro in the volleyball industry, and he has no plans for detours slowing him down.
that was always “the plan”, and you were not part of it — you were always going to college, and you were going to spend the full time there making sure your future’s on the right track.
that’s why he broke up with you.
the two years he spent with you throughout high school gone down the drain the second he decided this would be better for him — and he feels like he’s wrong, because he still checks on you when you’re not looking — but atsumu’s dead set on the fact that he’ll only slow you down if he kept you with him.
or so, until now.
“atsumu, it’s two in the morning.” you tell him, your yawns coming in a drip drop motion as you try to understand what he’s doing in front of you right now.
it’s been two weeks since you last saw him — two weeks since the breakup — two weeks of no calls, texts or even acknowledgements from in between classes or study halls.
but now he’s here, standing on your doorstep, and you’re not really sure if you want him to be.
atsumu tells you, “i have a solution.”
“it’s two in the morning.” you remind him again.
and he only repeats, “i have a solution.”
your eyebrows furrow, “do you want to come inside?”
“no,” he shakes his head, his nose red from the cold, and he tells you, “you have to listen to me.”
you bring your arms up to your chest, not feeling so warm yourself, and you hate that he chose to do on the coldest night of the month.
you tell him, “i can listen to you inside.”
and he only replies, “i have a solution.
and you frown, “so we’re not going inside.”
you have no idea what he’s talking about, all you know is that you’re still upset with him for ghosting you right after breaking up with you, and you’re not sure if you’re ready to forgive him for that yet.
you sigh, “why are you here?”
and he nods, “because i can get a job — i’ll work on the volleyball thing most hours of the day — but whenever i’m free, i can take shifts in the local café near your campus.”
you cut him off, “wait — my campus?”
“yeah,” atsumu nods, “i checked, and they have an opening and i can totally get a job there.”
atsumu? with a job? at a cafe? you can’t even put it to words, but you’re unsure when he visited your campus, unsure why he’s even doing all this in the first place.
“a job?” you raise a brow, “why do you need a job?”
atsumu ignores your question, shivering as the cold hits him, his breath turning white as it leaves his mouth, and he continues, in a frantic fit, “i have a car, it’s for my 20th birthday but my dad agreed he can give it to me early — and i have a lot saved up so there’s that for an apartment too.”
you’ve never seen atsumu be so nervous, you’ve seen him before his games and after his losses, but he’s never looked like this — never looked so worried.
“slow down.” you break through his endless string of sentences, your eyebrows furrowing as you’re still so confused and lost of what’s going on, and you say, “it’s two am.”
atsumu doesn’t respond.
you touch his arm, “have you slept?”
he feels silly — this is the first time you’ve seen him in two weeks and he must look insane to you already. he doesn’t care, he’s tired, he misses you, he’s been missing you for two weeks, and he hasn’t stopped.
atsumu looks at you, “i don’t want to break up with you.”
you stare back at him, blinking profusely as if trying to make of the situation, and your heart softens as easily as it leaps — because you didn’t want to break up with him either.
he still looks frantic, like he’s a second away to pull his hair out, and you’d offer to let him inside the house one more time, but you’ve got a strong feeling that he’d just say no again.
“i have the place, the car, the job — you have college and i’ll have my volleyball — and i know this isn’t what we planned, but i have the solution and i really think we can make this work.” atsumu tells you all of this, a straight (frantic) tone coming through his words, he catches his breath, and he’s ready to talk to you again.
but your eyes are gentle, “what are you talking about?”
he looks at you, like he’s nervous to be looking at you, a huge lump in his throat the he needs to be swallowing down soon since he’s gone too long without speaking — and he’s nervous, because this situation earns him every right to be nervous.
he’s only 20, unsure of every decision he’s making towards his future, but he’s just spent the last two weeks without you, and the first real thing he’s realized is that there’d be nothing worse than that.
the night is cold.
atsumu stares, “will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
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chaosandspace · 2 hours ago
i saw this post that was like kenma is hinatas other half because their jersey numbers are 5 and 10 respectively and I was like dang, that's so cool
then my braincells that all collectively adapt everything to kagehina realized this
hinatas and kageyamas jersey numbers are 9 and 10 right, so let's say because of that there's no need for hinata to have another half, that's why kageyama being number 9 is way better than kageyama having been given number 5
because by being 9 he's adding onto hinatas already existing prowess and talent as a number 10. he's making him better, he's letting him be great by giving him all his own talent and being there for him in a way no one else has been there for hinata before
hence the line, "as long as I'm here, you're invincible," they're already great wholes on their own, then they come together and become something so much better.
they come together and become invincible.
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chibi-devil10 · 2 hours ago
Haikyuu as K-pop idols:
- Oikawa is everyone’s bias. He’s the “perfect” idol, he can dance well, sing well, rap well, he’s charismatic, he works hard, and he’s very attractive so many fans of Seijoh and other groups adore him
- Since Kenma tends to be kinda quiet during interviews and in real life, when he starts rapping (because he’s the rapper for Nekoma) fans often fanchant his name as a way to hype him up since he’s usually quiet
- Kuroo and Suna fan cams are very popular
- Kageyama is the golden maknae (the youngest but also the most talented) of Karasuno and his fandom argues he’s the golden maknae of the whole k-pop world
- Oikawa, Kenma, and Suga do V live’s a lot. Oikawa normally talks to the camera and sings/dances a bit, Kenma usually plays video games and talks to his fans, and Suga tends to cook/bake and then hand out what he makes to his fans at meet and greets
- Everyone loves Akaashi’s signature because it’s very pretty, like calligraphy and he always uses a gold sharpie so it’s unique in that sense as well
- Kuroo wants to be called hyung by his members so they purposefully don’t call him that
- Oikawa, Lev, Suga, Terushima, Ushijima, Akaashi, Suna, and Sakusa are the visuals (best looking) of their group
- Seijoh tends to wear a lot of white concert outfits with harnesses. In contrast, Nekoma wears red outfits with black accents and their fan bases are always arguing over who has the better group fashion sense
- Suga is quite the cuddlebug so whenever the Karasuno group is together you can always find him latched onto someone. Goshiki is the same way and both fan bases are in agreement that it’s absolutely adorable (They’re like Felix from Stray Kids)
- Despite how it might seem, Hinata is an amazing little dancer and probably the best in the Karasuno group
- Positions:
Main rappers: Kenma, Tsukishima/Tanaka, Kyoutani/Iwaizumi, Tendou, Suna, Bokuto
Main dancers: Hinata/Noya, Yaku, Watari/Kunimi, Goshiki, Osamu, Konoha
Main singers: Oikawa, Kuroo, Suga/Kageyama, Ushijima/Semi, Atsumu/Aran, Akaashi
Leaders: Oikawa, Ushijima, Kuroo, Daichi, Kita, Bokuto, Terushima, Sakusa
Normal rappers: Mattsun, Yamamoto, Washio
Normal singers: Daichi/Asahi/Yamaguchi, Kindaichi/Yahaba, Shirabu/Kawanishi, Fukunaga/Kai, Ginjima, Sarukui/Onaga
Normal dancers: Reon/Yamagata, Makki, Ennoshita/Kinoshita/Narita, Inuoka
- Seijoh does a lot of softer, in sync sounding music, Nekoma tends to lean towards hard hitting songs, Karasuno does a bit of everything, Fukurodoni does soft singing but strong rapping songs, Inarizaki does hard hitting, heavy rap songs, and Shiratorizawa does hard hitting electronic music
- Suga and Kenma dye their hair a lot. About every few months they have a new color
- Fans tend to riot when Yamaguchi’s freckles are covered up with foundation so makeup artists stopped putting it on him all together
- Karasuno, Nekoma, and Fukurodoni are all quite close and their fan bases get along well too
- Since they’re not allowed to have girlfriends/boyfriends, everyone is very cuddly with their members because it’s the only form of physical intimacy they can have
- Seijoh has weekly cooking lives where they all try to cook as a group and then it becomes a disaster because none of them can cook. The lives are very popular and new cooking fail hashtags trend every Monday
- Oikawa will occasionally lift his shirt to show off his abs at concerts and Iwaizumi smacks him upside the head once the song is over
- Kenma and Fukunaga take naps together so there are hundreds of photos of them curled up like cats and napping all over the internet
- Kuroo and Kenma, Iwaizumi and Oikawa, and Bokuto and Akaashi all purposely flirt with each other so that their names get popular and draw attention to their group
- Fukurodoni smack each other’s butts when they do well at something
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animebae100 · 2 hours ago
hey there! this is my first time requesting something so i hope this is okay. can i request maybe cute pick up lines the guys (Kuroo, Iwaizumi, and Bokuto) would use on you? thank you!
hello! this is a really cute request, and thank you for requesting it!!
Pick Up Lines Haikyuu Characters Would Use on You
Tumblr media
"do you have 11 protons? because you are sodium fine."
“i hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away”
“you’ve got a lot of beautiful curves, but your smile is my favorite”
“if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged”
Tumblr media
"i think the gap between my fingers were meant for yours."
“you know what you’d look really beautiful in? my arms”
“i would never play hide and seek with you because someone like you is impossible to find.”
“you know, i always thought that Disneyland was the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ but that was before i got a chance to stand here next to you.”
Tumblr media
"if kisses were snowflakes, i'd send you a blizzard."
“do you ever get tired from running through my mind all the time?”
“your hand looks heavy—can i hold it for you?”
“do you know what my shirt is made of? boyfriend material.”
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httpxyeager · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—requests: open.
Running a writing blog is hard asf when you’re not creative tbh🧍‍♀️so I’ve decided to open requests to keep my blog as consistent as possible. So here is some info you need to know if you wanna request!
Also take notice that my blog will contain dark content. So if you aren’t comfortable with this then block me or blacklist tags.
more info under the cut
What you can request
—angst // fluff // smut
Can be up to four characters and they have to be from they same show
Hcs will have a mini scenario attached
—angst // fluff // smut
You can be as specific as you want
This is completely optional but if you want, you can add a song or two based off what you requested.
send a character + kink and I’ll write a mini Drabble based off it.
Tumblr media
Attack On Titan
—EREN, Zeke, Reiner, Levi, Armin, Jean, Connie
—BOKUTO, Mattsun, Atsumu, Osamu, Sakusa, Hinata, Suna, Meian, Kyoutani, Iwaizumi, Kenma
My Hero Academia
—DABI, Shigaraki, Endeavor, Hawks, Overhaul, Shoto(todoroki), Shinso
Jujutsu Kaisen
—GETO, Nanami, Toji, Choso, Sukuna, Naoya,
Tumblr media
Things I don’t write
Virginity loss // scat // yandere // noncon // pedophilia(lolicon & Shotacon) // race play // snuff // beastiality // cheating // age play//ddlg // cosplay // body shaming // self harm // self-esteem issues
Thing I do write
Dark content
Pseudo Incest // watersports // heavy dubcon // CNC feminization // misogyny // mind break // podophilia // blasphemy // painal // dark pet play // drug consumption // emetophilia // coercion // waterboarding // gangbang/orgy // public use //
knife play // gun play // degradation // humiliation // spit play // cunnilingus // fellatio // ass eating/anal // pegging // slapping // breeding // vanilla // sadomasochism // cockwarming // cucking // cum play // pussy slapping // exhibitionism // nipple play
Lmao and any other kink that you can think of
anything that doesn’t include what I mentioned🧍‍♀️
I only write for female reader but later on, I will write for male and NB readers.
please don’t ask for any specific features for the reader. I want my writing to be as inclusive as possible.
Tumblr media
Tags to blacklist
All dark content will be tagged with “—💒”
tw: dubcon // tw: piss // tw: incest // tw: cnc // tw: blasphemy // tw: mindbreak // tw: vomite // tw: feet // tw: gangbang // tw: dark pet play // tw: misogyny // tw: incel // tw: waterboarding // tw: feminization
also keep in mind that my blog won’t consist of only dark content. It’s just a topic I’d like to write for in the future here and then.
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uwu-oikawa · 2 hours ago
Headcanons for Bokuto with Dyspraxia
-his handwriting is often hard to read and coloring can be really difficult for him
-volleyball is something he loves but he has to practice so much due to his body coordination and poor hand eye coordination
-he does it really good at volleyball and becomes the Ace for his team
-his dyspraxia also is less intense when he is focusing
-though when he dips down into his bad moods it causes him to completely miss spikes and fairly “easy” receives
-Bokuto plans like forty play dates on the same day so now Akaashi is in charge of play dates
-even when Bokuto isn’t little having his hand held helps him from bumping into objects and walking in straight lines
-His room is often cluttered and misplaced Swoop all the time
-his dyspraxia makes him feel really childish because he struggles with riding bikes, tying his shoes, tying a tie, and on worst days buttoning his shirt
-because of his struggles with “simple” task it causes him to get really frustrated emo mode
-when he’s big his speech is pretty clear, but when he’s little it’s harder to understand
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itsthe-grim-reaper · 2 hours ago
Could I get some comfort from my bestest boys. (Tsukishima, yams and bokuto)
I feel hella insecure again cause of my legs and I just feel like crying :(
Love u lots hun 🤍
YES JUP!! !!!here!! Hope you feel better, soul of mine :(
TSUKISHIMA would be teasing at first. “Why are you crying?” Hes not very not emotionally understanding. Though, when you start crying harder, he sits next to you quietly. Once you’ve stopped, he asks you: “Do you need anything? I can make you tea.”
YAMAGUCHI would have his nerves wracked! He would be so worried, racing to get you tissues and to hold your hand. “Don’t cry! Jeez—here. No, don’t sob, blow, snotty nose. There you go, munchkin. See?” He tries to help you talk out your feelings.
BOKUTO would sympathy cry. “Hey! Hey, baby, don’t cry!” He would hold you, trying to distract you with the gentle pressure. “Ko is here for you. You’re alright! When you feel a little better we can cuddle! Oh..maybe we should just do it now.”
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shotomyheart · 2 hours ago
Bf!Bokuto headcanons
warnings: none
bokuto x reader
-buys you stuff animals!! You have a collection? He fuels it with more. Don’t have one? you’re going to now.
-once he grabbed a clearly well loved bear that was abandoned on the side of the street and you had to tell him to put it back just in case it was a kid’s. He was v sad about it the rest of the day
-he also remembers every stuffed animal’s names and addresses them accordingly
-once he knows you like something, he’ll always buy you cheap things related to it
-you like photography? Hes buying you one of those cheap add-on camera lenses for your phone (you don’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t do anything)
-if you can’t tell, his love languages are gift giving and physical touch
-wants hugs ALL the time
-snuggles his face into the crook of your neck while he waits for you to finish talking with a friend
-after a bad day he brings home ice cream or your favorite candy and won’t let go of you the whole night
-he 10000% snores
-sometimes you have to hit him awake just so you can sleep bc hes sO LOUD
-you can’t tease him v much bc he takes everything to heart
-you have to reassure him a lot too
-loves when you paint his nails
-loves old 90s shows, thinks its the peak of humor
-makes you watch them with him and you better say you find it funny as well or else he’ll be heckin sad
-steals your clothes as much as you steal his
-he looks great in yoga pants
-leaves you tiny notes around your room occasionally
-probably says i love you first but may wait bc hes nervous its too soon (it’s been a week)
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tommybaholland · 2 hours ago
when their s/o wants to be big spoon
Tumblr media
featuring: kenma, akaashi, nishinoya, kita, and atsumu
here’s the runner up writing idea from the special writing event! enjoy :) 
he’s not really the affectionate type 
he likes to hold your hand and hug you and kiss you, of course
but cuddling isn’t usually initiated by him
therefore, he’s almost always the little spoon 
he never has any objections to you holding him or letting him lay on you 
in fact, he encourages it 
he might not look like it, but he wants and craves your attention 
especially when he’s playing more relaxing games 
anytime you take to play with his hair is like absolute heaven for him 
he really likes when you’re laying in bed together and he’s up late, playing on his switch 
and you’ll turn over in your sleep and spoon him from behind
your arms holding tight around his midsection as you snuggle your head into his back never fails to make him smile 
he thinks it’s so cute when you want to be as close as possible to him 
nuzzles and nudging are his love language so if you’re snuggling into him, he cannot ignore it 
sometimes it’s enough to make him put down the games for the night and turn over so he can pull you in closer to his body
he doesn’t mind holding you but he prefers to have his head in your neck or on your stomach or chest while you pet his hair 
he loves holding you and feeling your warmth against him 
so most of the time, he likes being the big spoon 
but he’ll never say no to your affection so he’ll let you hold him from time to time
especially when he’s had a particularly bad and stressful day which has completely ruined his mood and holding you or being held by you is the only cure 
you’ll find him sitting at home looking solemn and he’ll invite you to lay down with him 
he’ll start out by holding you but it’ll transition to him shifting on top of you as he tells you what’s wrong
“i don’t know, babe. today was like, bleh. i just wanted to come home.” 
he feels way more relaxed as you rub his back and give him soothing head scratches 
and the more relaxed he is, the more he talks about it
“i’ve been feeling off for a while. like, i feel like i’ve been a jerk to you, or maybe i’m just mean to other people but you.” 
and he can be a little irritable but it’s usually displaced and he’s generally a sweet and calm person
nevertheless, he’s so happy that he has you and that you give him the attention he needs
he suggests if you can do something fun together that night like making a couples’ bucket list filled with things and dates you want to do together
but you have some work to get done and his only reaction is to hold you closer and beg you to stay with him 
he knows you can’t resist his neediness so he takes full advantage 
(his secret is many kisses to your neck and face)
once you finally agree, he thanks you with many more kisses
he’s naturally a pretty affectionate person 
he thinks you deserve the utmost attention and praise because you’re such a wonderful (and beautiful and sweet and smart) s/o
he’s like kenma and doesn’t protest when you’re wanting to hold him 
also encourages it but is way more forward about it 
“you want me to lay on you? i thought you’d never ask!” 
sometimes if you’re just laying in bed or elsewhere, he’ll just flop or roll on top of you 
play fighting usually ends with him laying or sitting on top of you
(don’t underestimate his size because boy is strong) 
he lives for your snuggly moods and will make note of it too
“i am so glad you asked because you are so so so so so comfy. mwah.”
many little cute kisses before he gets too comfortable 
however, sometimes he’ll get too used to it and will want to be held at times that are inconvenient for you 
then he’ll get very whiny and dramatic so he’s basically got you conditioned to give him cuddles on command 
also will usually end up falling asleep on you and then you’re trapped there 
you swear that he does this as a secret ploy to get you to nap with him in the middle of the day
he’s usually the one to wake you up as well, being just as enthusiastic as he was when he fell asleep on you
he’s very gentle and loving and therefore he usually likes to hold you 
he got kinda nervous when you asked if he could lay on you 
he was afraid that it wouldn’t be comfortable for you 
you point out that you lay on him all the time and he can’t argue with that so he tries it 
he tells you about ten times to let him know if he’s too heavy and every time you shift under him, he asks if you’re okay
you tell him he’s like the perfect weighted blanket
he grows accustomed to it and finds that you’re also very comfortable to lay on 
he also thinks it’s adorable when you spoon him from behind in bed or on the couch and remind him of a little koala 
he eventually graduates to hiding his face under your shirt and laying his head on your stomach, occasionally leaving little kisses to your skin 
the first time he did that, you were a bit shocked but you find it amusing and ask why he’s hiding under there
“you have such a cute tummy and you’re so warm. i love-- oh, are you hungry? your stomach’s making noises. let’s get you something to eat, lovey.” 
sometimes when he lays on top of you, he’ll prop himself up on his elbows and trace the contours and little lines of your face as you talk to him about your day or something
he really enjoys and cherishes those casual, quieter moments with you 
but he doesn’t forget to give you a few loving kisses before he settles down on your shoulder/chest/stomach 
at the end of the day, you are his perfect pillow
he likes to be the big spoon and that’s strictly it 
it’s not that he doesn’t like to be held by you 
he just gets more enjoyment from holding you because you’re simply fun to hold
you ask him why he likes being big spoon all the time and he gets all smug and smirky about it
“i can’t give away all my secrets now, can i?” 
eventually, he will let you be the big spoon because you’re just too cute to resist 
but it usually only lasts about ten minutes before he’s shifting over and saying, “turn over. it’s my turn to cuddle you.” 
one time you got him to sit in front of you on the couch while you wrapped your arms around him from the back
and when he got bored, he pressed his back into you, pretending to squish you
“i don’t know how you do this. it’s kinda boring just sitting here. like, i feel awkward. what do i even do.” 
he’s so used to being the more ‘dominant’ one in the relationship that it’s amusing to see how he reacts when the roles are reversed
but if he ever finds you hiding under a blanket from him, there is no doubt that he’ll threaten to sit or lay on top of you
he compromises with laying his head in your lap while hugging your hips
he’s also one who will hide under your shirt, mostly to tease you or to relieve any embarrassment he feels 
but nine times out of ten, you always end up back in his arms
Tumblr media
how’s it hanging, haikyuu night? the hq boys are yearning for some requests..
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lofikags · 3 hours ago
. . . how they react when you play with their hair
featuring ; timeskip! iwaizumi, hinata, kenma, yamaguchi
authors note ; this is for @kodzurin cause they gave me the idea for this. i yearn for soft timeskip boys <3
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI ; you have been playing with this man‘s hair since you went to high school together. back then, you’d scold him for how much hair gel he used. you complained how it made his hair feel oily and sticky, and you couldn’t play with it— in which he would retort with you needing to stop touching it. now however, he comes home after a long day, and practically begs for you to run your fingers through his hair. the feel of you rubbing at his scalp just makes all his stress disappear, and makes it easy to fall asleep in your lap. iwa is physically very clingy when he’s alone with you, so anytime he gets to relax and have you play with his hair is an absolute win for him. after about five minutes hes softly snoring, but you can’t stop or he’ll stir and put your hand right back where it was.
HINATA ; literal golden retriever boy, okay. the first time that you ever had your fingers anywhere near his hair, was the day he realized he was in love with you. he went in for a kiss, and your instinct was to brush your fingers through his hair. the moment he pulled away, he was done for. he now randomly picks up your hand and sits it on top of his head, expecting you to work your magic. everytime you come to an MSBY game, hinata gets lectured at least once for wandering over to you when he isn’t on the court, and quite literally demanding you play with his hair for goodluck. you have to shoo him away, and promise that you’ll play with his hair after the game if he wins. it always fires him up even more, and he gets so cheeky about it.
KENMA ; the ceo of loving his hair being played with. literally fucking melts the second your fingers are anywhere near his hair. during streaming days he’ll sometimes let you make appearances, depending on the game he’s playing, and you’ll sit behind him with your legs over his and just run your fingers through his hair. his chat goes crazy over you and how you just sit silently braiding his hair, and putting it in little ponytails. sometimes you take the clips out of your hair, and use them to pin back some pieces of his. other times when he wants more private time with you while he streams, he’ll shut his camera off and give you hair ties and clips and ask you to do it again. you made the mistake of asking to use a hair brush once and he got upset because “it isn’t the same as your hands” he's so cute.
YAMAGUCHI ; he actually asked you to do it for him. you were both laying on the floor, exhausted and studying for an upcoming exam. being a college senior was peak stress for yams. he gave you the cutest pout and asked if you’d play with his hair, and you were way too eager to do it. ever since his hair got longer, you wanted to mess with it so bad. you weren’t at all surprised when you found out how incredibly soft it was. you couldn’t help but to brush your fingers through it, and even mess it up a little which resulted in a mess of giggles and the first time your best friend ever kissed you. now you’ll find any excuse to sit in his lap and play with his hair, but he’ll never say no if it means having you close and the warmth of your hands in his hair.
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved by LOFIKAGS. Do not modify, repost on any platforms, plagiarize, or claim as your own.
Tumblr media
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flaregruntimagines · 3 hours ago
Please do not send in requests for pokemon anymore at this time. As I have stated, I am not writing for the fandom currently due to no motivation to write in it. Please only send me requests for other fandoms especially marvel. Just hold off on sending in requests for pokemon, it isn't too hard and I apologize if this comes off as harsh. But read through my posts before requesting. I have stated I wasn't doing pokemon right now and I mean it. I just don't want to write for Pokemon which is why I haven't been posting because all of my requests are well. Pokemon. Please understand this. that being said, send in requests!
Oh! And I'm writing for lego ninjago now as well as beyblade (only the metal saga sorry)
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ellewords · 3 hours ago
a question: how would the hq boys (specifically timeskip) act on a variety show like we got married*?
*we got married is essentially a variety show wherein celebrities pretend to be married and complete various little challenges together. basically fake dating but marriage and there are cameras always around to capture your every move.
send me your hcs and feed the brainrot (๑>◡<๑) like who didn’t want to participate in a show like this and who was a little too excited? how extra would they be with their “proposal”? how do they treat their new “spouse”? like a best friend? do they flat out not acknowledge their existence? do they take everything too seriously or are they going with the flow? who’s keeping in touch with their spouse even after they finish filming? are they friends? does it develop into something more?
as usual, i’ll try to add on to your hcs or maybe write a short scenario to accompany them. also, even if i post new questions every now and then, you are still free to answer the past ones i’ve sent in :)
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