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#haikyuu headcanons

Request: So like… they go and have a swim at the beach… and then they like have a picnic and… sit there?? And idk maybe read or just stargaze or talk?? And like, he brings his sweatshirts, one for him and one for her? And while they talk/read/stargaze, they lowkey flirt but it’s like fluffy flirting “I like seeing you blush” “that’s so cute when you *habit*” “you look nice in my hoodie” and then he drops you home just a couple minutes late… because you walked home.

This is a request from my friend Rumi. She wanted me to write about her ideal date, so I hope you guys enjoy this too!

  • Akaashi probably wouldn’t show it much, but the truth is that he ADORES the beach. The sand, the waves, the air; You can see it in the way his eyes smile a little more than usual when you guys arrive at your destination
  • The first thing you guys do is set up at one of the tables and eat something
  • He brings onigiri of course, not that you minded. He always makes some just the way you like it
  • If you don’t like onigiri, let him know and he’ll make whatever else you like to eat but he definitely makes some onigiri for himself
  • You bring some food too, but it’s mostly snacks and drinks you guys plan to eat after you go swimming
  • While you two eat, Akaashi notices that you have a crumb/piece of rice stuck at the corner of your lips. You’re telling him a childhood story and pause suddenly as he gently wiped at the food
  • Your eyes go a little wide at the contact and you BLUSH so hard
  • He lightly chuckles at your reaction and explains, “You had a little food there, silly.” “Oh. T-thanks.” “Of course.”
  • He’s feeling a little cheeky in that moment, so he pecks the corner of your mouth and smirks at you. You whine his name and drag out the last syllable and he just laughs at your flustered state
  • “You’re so cute when you blush.” “You’re blushing too-” “That’s irrelevant.”
  • Despite Akaashi’s impressive maturity level, he most definitely doesn’t listen when someone tells him to wait an hour after eating before getting in the water 
  • He drags you with him whether you like it or not, and you just HAVE to give in because this is obviously his happy place
  • Most teenage boys would probably compliment their date’s swimsuit, but Akaashi doesn’t really notice that stuff (yet)
  • oh man, just wait till you guys are a little older… wink wink
  • ANYWAY he loves to float on the water with or without a floatie. He could be there for what felt like hours and you would sink into the water a little bit, admiring how serene the beautiful boy in front of you was
  • That is, until you got so bored that you decided to try and flip him over
  • he did not take it well
  • He chased you into the deeper part of the ocean and you continued to erupt in laughter. when he finally caught you in his grasp, he lifted you up and tossed you about. You both were in such a bliss and hearing him laugh was like hearing an angel sing just for you
  • After you two had gotten tired of the water you went out to clean yourselves up and change. The sun was nearly finished setting and the sky grew into a beautiful dark blue. As if he was reading your mind, Akaashi asked you something
  • “Do you wanna stay a little longer?” “Yeah, I’d love that.”
  • He puts on the playlist you two made a while back and you two set a blanket on the sand and laid there
  • You two started to talk about everything, beginning from how the date has been to quantum physics (he totally researches it in his free time, change my mind)
  • A particularly interesting topic came up and you started to go on a full ramble. Akaashi loves when you do this no matter if you talk a lot or not at all. Hearing your voice speak so passionately is his ear candy
  • He interrupts you for a little bit and says, “I love when you get like this. Hearing you talk like this helps me relax. I love it.”
  • so cute. boyfriend material. 10/10
  • You don’t really know what to do other than laugh and blush, so you propped yourself up on one of elbows and kiss his forehead, earning a rosy-cheek Akaashi. You repeat his earlier words to him, “You’re so cute when you blush.” “Shut up.”
  • The two of you continue to talk and cuddle until it’s late and you realized you needed to get home soon. And lucky for you, you guys decided to walk to the beach. yayyyy
  • The walk wasn’t bad at all. Actually, it was amazing and romantic being under the street lights and holding hands, occasionally smooching every now and then
  • However, you were FREEZING. Why did you decide to wear shorts and a thin shirt and forget your jacket?
  • Akaashi’s stupidly attentive eyes notice you rubbing your arm in an attempt to be warm, he stops and takes off his hoodie and offers it to you
  • “Akaashi it’s okay-” “Just take it, darling. Please?”
  • How could you not?
  • When you finally arrived to your house you turned to him and gave him a sweet smile. He returned it
  • “Thank you for today. It was great.” “I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the day with anyone else.”
  • Your hand cups his face and brings him close and his hand gently brings you closer as well
  • The kiss only lasted a moment though, and your door opened up to one of your family members who happened to be EXTREMELY protective of you.
  • your relative separates you too and threatens Akaashi, but you know they don’t mean any harm
  • You tell them to go back inside and to let your parent/guardian know that you were home
  • They huff but do as they’re told, still glaring at Akaashi as they closed the door
  • “Sorry about that. Now, where were we?”
  • You two sharing another cuteass kiss without any interruptions
  • “Goodnight, y/n. I’ll text you tomorrow, okay?”
  • You nod and smile at him and then say, “Goodnight, Akaashi.”
  • He waves at you and watches you enter your house and close the door, only making his way home once he knew you were safe inside
  • “…So how was the date?” “Shut up.”
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Jealous akaashi and oikawa headcannons please??

↬ of course bby <3 here is 11 points for each boi (i think it’s 11). lowkey feels like i’m doing a character analysis of them but my pea brain can never so please take this all with a pinch of salt. it’s just my 0.1 cents (because i’m broke HAHA i think i’m funny adsad).


  • i feel the fandom is segregated to 1) oikawa dated tons before and 2) oikawa hardly dates and for the sake of length (because akaashi’s one is quite long [my bias is showing]) i shall look at both scenarios (also because that’ll be interesting)
  • if oikawa had many partners before you, he’ll probably be “numb” to jealousy. not that he doesn’t like you or anything but… like having so many breakups, if you do the math, it’s a pretty high chance that you will break up with him. so if a competitor were to come up to you and try to gain your affection, he will step in, but he won’t be all angry and possessive or anything. just say “i’m sorry, but this is my lover you’re talking to.”.
  • but that isn’t to say he doesn’t get jealous? like if you were a volleyball player too and loved volleyball more than him (a taste of his own medicine keke), he’ll definitely be jealous of volleyball and will try his best to just be so involved everywhere with the word “volleyball” will have him somewhere or something.
  • but back to competitors, if there are competitors, oikawa’s jealousy will accumulate. even though he may be “numb” to it at first after so many experiences (someone will take you away, he is always never enough), the longer you stay together with him, assuming you guys are steadily getting closer, the more protective of you he will become. (he’s growing fonder of you, basically).
  • the competitor’s occurrence to hit on you might be never changing (basically a constant if you graph it), but as oikawa grows closer to you, he will start to assume it’s exponential.
  • oh boy. if it reaches that state, the cunning oikawa will show up. he will definitely be more passive-aggressive and will find his competitor’s weakness to humiliate him in front of you. the competitor does something disgusting at home? (tipped straight from the competitor’s sibling) he will remind it to him in front of you to show dominance that he’s better.
  • so yea. at the start of the relationship, it may not seem like he’s jealous, but he can be. it’s just below his threshold to act or show it. but as you guys grow closer, it accumulates and eventually, the signs will show.
  • so what if oikawa hardly dated at all?? he will definitely be more expressive with his jealousy. he will play around with jealousy as well just to tease you. that means he isn’t jealous about how you stare at your phone every day, he’s just whining about it to poke fun at you.
  • i feel oikawa is a pretty insecure person so definitely when a competitor comes into play, unexpectedly, he’ll probably not know what to do and goes to iwazumi for help. he’ll also immerse you into volleyball much more. like, you have to come to all his matches, come for his training so he can walk you home. 
  • it’s because volleyball is his familiarity, so he wants an unfamiliar situation (because he doesn’t know what to do??) in something familiar. also because he likes volleyball so he wants you to see him when he’s at his coolest (so he’ll tell you to ignore them when they do pt pfft. what a baby).
  • he can just talk to you though, and he will, but these are like additional things he will do after talking to you. because anyone can talk, but actions are what matters more to him.


  • i feel the fandom coming for my kneecaps but akaashi gets jealous very very easily. he’s tooooo humble for his own good and that will result in jealousy.
  • but as someone who is mature and has logic, he will be so conflicted because he knows it’s wrong?? but he still feels that way??? are his feeling even valid anymore??????
  • he likes routines and rules because it’s grounding, so, being the perceptive person he is, the smallest change will make him jealous. you talking to bokuto more than him? Jealous. you have one more guy friend in your circle of friends? jealous. he has his own outlets though so he handles it very well and you’ll probably not notice he’s jealous. not to mention, in one of my requests, i did headcanon him to be proactive when it comes to guy friends, meaning he’ll try to befriend them the instant you introduce them to him. he will try to find the good you see in them.
  • very very dependent on trust. his actions, that is. if he trusts you enough, no matter how jealous, he will let you do what you do. if he doesn’t, he may put some restrictions when he talks it out to you to compromise. but it’s not always “restrictions = lack trust” because it is true some lines must be drawn.
  • he tries not to restrict your actions but to boost your other actions instead aka boost signs of sincere affection. to him, there is a difference between a partner and a friend (beyond sex), so when he’s dating he’s definitely hoping you can meet him at that spot.
  • just because someone is his friend doesn’t mean they can hit on you or ogle at you. he does give some leeway, however, but would like if they asked akaashi how he’d feel about it. may come off as “asking for permission” but it’s really just “making sure akaashi will not freak out about it” and “ proper communication”.
  • a few ways he gets jealous out of his system is through sports, through more conversations with you, and reminders. it may be reminders from you in real-time (like him talking to you about it or something) or it could be to reminiscence back to the old days. if you guys show affection through things like gifts, he’ll look at them to calm himself down. through words? he’ll read your text messages and letters you sent him.
  • yes, he’s sappy and keeps everything you give him. details matter to him! so, if you do something that is meant to be in you and his intimacy routine to someone else, you best be ready because he’ll be jealous. (he thought you only did it for him!! like putting wax seals on letters… and scenting the letter!!)
  • (he doesn’t ask much, just something small and sincere to differentiate him from others is enough).
  • what is it he cannot stand though? when after talking to you about his feelings and jealousy and making compromises, you fail to hold the end of the deal multiple times. don’t know if that will break his love (really depends i guess), but it will break his trust and he’ll stop being jealous (that’s bad in his case!) because he’ll probably stop caring about you in general.
  • (ugh i’m so soft doing these headcanons for akaashi. my baby, my love, my almost-everything, i want to k*ss you)
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Can I request a Kageyama scenario in where he feels like he dosen't deserve his girlfriend. He feels like she deserves better because she's really sweet and kind (he dosen't want to break up with her, he just feels like he's a horrible boyfriend). But then his girlfriend cheers him up and tells him that she loves him for being himself (slight angst with extra fluff) Thank you!

Kageyama feels like he does not deserve his s/o

oo this is such a cool idea, thank you! enjoyy, sorry it turned out so bad ;;;

warnings: fluff, slight angst 

Your beautiful, dazzling smile that lights up the whole world. The way your big, (e/c) eyes sparkle at the sight of him. And to match with it your sweet, caring personality that stood out from within. 

You were absolutely perfect

He deemed you to be. Kageyama Tobio has been dating the girl of his dreams, you for about a few months now. 

So, why? Why does he feel unhappier than usual? Why does he feel insignificant upon your presence? Why would you end up with him of all people? He would ask himself these questions endlessly when he thought about you.

He realized that awhile ago he felt that he could never live up to your amazing self no matter how hard he told himself it did not matter. Kageyama believed you deserved someone who could make you smile genuinely, always feel happy, and care for you as much as you did him. 

For the life of him he can barely smile towards others without scaring them. His intimidating, dark aura he accidentally gives off is polar opposite to the warm, sunshiney presence you emit. And for that he can’t help the guilt that crawls his mind and aches away at his insides when he imagines you, better off with someone else. 

On dates, you know he’s trying his hardest but there are times where he’s too stubborn or flustered to show his true emotions and affection towards you. And he wishes you could have someone who could actually express with ease what he normally can’t towards you. 

His convincing has proven successful as of lately he tended to cancel dates on days where he’s usually free stating he has more practice. He would avoid you in the halls and even during lunch sometimes. When you would catch some time with him, he was even more passive and was adamant about wanting to be left alone, which you respected. However, after a week of this you’ve had enough and went to Hinata to rant to him.

“I just don’t get it Hinata! He won’t even look me in the eye anymore..” You puffed out, taking a sip out of your juice box. 

“Ehh, yeah that is weird for Kageyama..” Hinata ponders.

“I know right! I guess with all the extra practice he’s been more tired lately? I dunno..” You said mostly to yourself. Hinata’s ears perk up.

“Extra practice? What do you mean (l/n)-san?” You eyed Hinata oddly.

“Haven’t you guys had more practice lately? Like on days where you normally don’t?” Your face went pale after what came out of the bright-haired colored boy’s mouth.

“Nope! In fact whenever I do pass by the gym we practice in on free days no one’s typically there.” You gasped. Kageyama lied to you? You feel your eyes water feeling a strange mixture of betrayal yet confusion. 

“What did I do wrong? I don’t understand.” You sighed, wiping the corner of your eyes.

“Hmm.. I don’t think it’s you (l/n)-san” You perk up at his words, “I just think that Kageyama’s mind is playing tricks on him again. Yah know, sometimes I wonder what’s going on in that scary head of his” Hinata concludes this by taking a huge chomp of his onigiri. 

“Yeah..” You say almost dreamily,

“.. me too” 


“KAGEYAMA TOBIO!” You yelped on the way home, catching blueberry off guard as you practically tackled him. 

“O-oi what are you doin-” You cut him off

“I caught you Tobio!!” Giggles escaped your mouth as he shrugged you off and looked to the side while facing his body towards you. A sad smile dances on your face

“You’re not looking at me again Tobio, what’s wrong?” His slanted eyes grew a bit bigger as he makes eye contact with you for the first time in what feels like forever and you let out a breath of relief knowing the boy still knows you exist. 

“It’s.. it’s nothing don’t worry.” He bluntly forces out. You frown.

“Stop lying to me, about practice and definitely not this.” 

Kageyama didn’t visibly react, but on the inside he was panicking and trying to rack his brain of an excuse to spit out. Nothing came out, just him staring into your eyes. Yours stared back, swirling around within his dark, raven ones begging to seek an answer, curious for what was hidden behind. 

“I just don’t understand why you’re here.” The light breeze passes through, lightly ruffling your skirt and hair, same with his uniform. The glare from the peeking sun as it sets gives off a gorgeous orange shade that decorated your features and heightened them. He couldn’t help but admire you as you breathlessly say

“Because I miss you” 

No words exchanged, the scene unfolds as much as his arms around you tightly. You smile, feeling content with him and his warmth. Burying his face into your shoulder, silence envelops the two of you.

This happened two days ago, Kageyama packs his belongings and sending a quick text message. 

Us human beings, we often seek validation from others too often. We are so used to depending our own self esteem and our values on other people to deem whether we’re worthy or not. At the end of the day, one must realize you live as you and you are the only one who can hear your thoughts, know your feelings, and change who you are. 

Kageyama has realized this. He should’ve way before he found himself in front of your doorstep, engulfing you into welcome arms. Lips meeting yours  immediately after. As he revels in the moment of your soft lips garnering only love and affection for him, he feels happy with not only himself but being with you. 

And he plans to have it that way for awhile. 


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Hi! May I request Oikawa, Kuroo, Suga with a s/o who always packs snacks for the boys with some water( or energy drink ) because they need to stay energized

stay hydrated and well-fed folks, food and drink are always the answer

oikawa tooru:


Originally posted by haikyuus

-it started out with you packing snacks and energy drinks for him and dropping them off for him at practice

-until one day you thought about how the entire volleyball club needed nourishment, they were all working hard after all

-you pack multiple paper bags of granola bars, fruits and energy drinks and bring them to practice 

-and it just happens to be at a time when the boys are close to a water break and are of course starving along with that so their eyes light up when you hand them the bags

-your boyfriend watches all of his teammates expressing their gratitude towards you and his heart feels so warm

-he’s glad that you care about and get along with them as much as you do with him

-“(y/n)-chan, you should just become manager at this point! it would boost the boys’ morale and of course give you the opportunity to spend more time with me~”

-you laugh at his suggestion, knowing that you’d love to become their manager but are already busy with your own club activities and can’t afford to take on the position

-but you do continue to bring the team more snacks, cause you don’t need an official title to do nice things for your boyfriend and the others

-and they all appreciate you greatly as is c:

kuroo tetsurou:


Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou

-you were already super close to the team, having been introduced by kuroo a while ago

-even though they had a chaotic dynamic, they worked really hard, truly functioning as one whole team and your admiration for them grew into a soft spot that made you want to do nice things for them

-so you surprised them at practice with some homemade onigiri and extra water bottles 

-they see you open the bag containing their snacks and they’re like “FOOOOOD”

-there’s still a little bit of time before practice starts so you sit with them

-kuroo takes note of how they really like the food and enjoy your company

-you’re so kind and giving to all of them, like a sweet parental figure

-and he notices that they’re more energetic after eating your snacks, not like they weren’t prepared before but they know that you worked hard to cook for them so that they’d play their very best and don’t want to let you down

-and of course he himself feels the adrenaline of having been powered up by food cooked by his lovely s/o

-asks you to do this more often to make the boys happy and also because he wants an excuse to eat more of your cooking  to which you gladly oblige, lightening up their practices on multiple occasions

sugawara koushi:


Originally posted by volleygifs

-subtly brought up the idea when you guys were walking home together, saying that the boys should have something to eat during breaks or before practice so that they’re not starving and raiding the convenience store for meat buns every night

-cause he’s tried your cooking before and it’s so healthy yet delicious at the same time??

-perfect for energization 

-the first time, you brought the boys some spring rolls and water bottles and they were over the moon upon trying your food

-if you don’t have time to cook on some days, you bring them store bought snacks, which the boys appreciate just as much cause it’s monchable goods !! brought by you !!

-you earn mad respect from them, and suga loves how much the team grows fond over you

-except sometimes, he does have to keep tanaka and noya from surrounding you too much

-but at the same time he can’t blame them cause you’re literally an angel

-the boys tease both of you for being parents and tell y’all to just get married already

-sugawara.exe. has stopped working fjdsk HE TURNS SO RED HE ALMOST COMBUSTS

-loves the idea though and definitely wants to be with someone as precious as you for the rest of his life uwu

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Hi! I saw that requests were open, if you will could you write about a 5' fem! reader who is extremely affectionate with her friends (example(s): Calling them darling, sweetie, baby boy, or just straight up hugging them and kissing their foreheads and cheeks? Like she also jumps on their backs and clings onto them like a koala?) Hc's for Aone, Asahi, and Lev?

I wasn’t sure if you meant for the reader to be affectionate with them or with her own friends so I just did what I thought would make sense when I was reading this ^^;; Hopefully this is what you’re looking for!  also fun fact, I couldn’t find any blushing Aone photos so I made one myself. hehe


Aone Takanobu

  • Aone isn’t one to complain, but he’s definitely not used to constant physical affection in any form. But that was before he befriended you! (っ˘ω˘ς )
  • He’s taken back by how someone half his size could behold such love and bubbliness? 
  • breaks a cold sweat when you give him a back hug and kind of holds his breath
  • But over time you both become more familiar with each other and Date tech is used to seeing Aone waltz in the gym with you clinging on his back to watch him practice /unphased 
  • “Hey Aone! Oh hey y/n!” 
  • “Ossu~” 
  • He’ll never admit it, but he LOVES it when you pat his head (especially after a great block) and call him sweetie because he damn sure hell knows he is one
  • (づ◡﹏◡)づ mood when you go in for hugs. (he’s a hugger)
  • Purely platonic friendship between the two of you, but aone also doesn’t mind it when you kiss his foreheads every so often. It’s like validating that it’s okay to show affection in life
  • Precisely why he’s able to be comfortable enough to eventually high five, chest bump, and hip bump all his teammates. He credits it all to you for teaching him the ways of skinship :’( 
  • It’s not that he’s deprived from affection or anything, he’s just never… had friends that were as open as you or was able to show him how to be touchy 
  • That’s why it’s only you that he allows to share this dynamic with 

Asahi Azumane

  • Oh boy, is this boy a flustered cluck 
  • He’s very easy to blush and get riled up over a PDA
  • The first time you kissed his cheek he was cupping his cheek throughout practice and it finally took Suga to slap his back to snap him out of it 
  • When you study together, you like to weave your legs over his. Nonchalantly, he gets comfortable enough to not do anything back. 
  • He’s at a point now where he’s 100% comfortable with any form of affection you give him. He loves it when you play with his hair, like stroke it or brush it.
  • (´。• ω •。`) ♡ mood 
  • I know it’s not affection related but uh- you and Asahi do hair masks together. That’s why his hair is always holy and shiny like jesus
  • Especially since he tends to worry and stress a lot, your subtle touches, hugs, and presence is what calms and soothes him down. It’s very reassuring for him
  • One time he was sitting at the benches of school with his head down, clearly he was stressed out. You came up and squeezed his shoulders, nearly knocking him over but for some reason that really snapped him out of his worries and calmed him down. 
  • I feel like over time he gets really accustomed to your personality so he’s confident enough to reciprocate those bear hugs and affection back to ya
  • That of course throws YOU off at first but in a genuine and delighted way! 
  • Forehead kisses are a staple of your friend with Asahi :) 

Lev Haiba

  • I’d imagine you already being super close with his sister Alisa, so it’s not surprising you pick up on her bubbliness and PDA! That easily translates to the type of relationship you share with Lev
  • You and Alisa both tag team with Akane and become the ultimate cheer squad for Nekoma. 
  • Like whenever Nekoma wins a match, you’d run up to jump and hug him. He twirls you around, equally showing his comfortability and excitement too. 
  • Despite the height difference, you and Lev are always seen linking arms, giving each other piggyback rides, and just overall really giddy with each other. 
  • Being the fun and affectionate person you are, you always manage to heighten the playfulness of Lev. So it’s natural for the two of you to have laugh attacks, tickle sessions, and subtle pranks that involve messing with each other. 
  • The whole team wonders if you two are dating, to which he’s always like “We’re just friends!” as he scruffs your hair up 
  • ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ mood 
  • I could see you and Alisa teaming up on Lev. By that, I mean like babying him. 
  • Nothing too weird though. Like you just always happen to have snacks around you and it just so happens that Lev always wants a bite too. Y’all would just hand feed each other food and take naps on each other’s laps. 
  • When walking home together, you’d be on his back casually chewing on a steam bun while feeding him bites, things like that
  • Everything between the two of you is nbd, and he loves it. He loves how he could easily be himself around you and express himself freely. 
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Getting together headcanon stories from match-up requests


Y/n doesn’t like physical contact. So whenever Lev tries to hug her, she runs. They somehow make it work.

Request from Anonymous:

Can i plz get a matchup? Im about 5 foot and have long green and brown(dyed) hair and a lot of ear piercings. I love tatts and piercings. I wear darker clothed with a lot of greens and golds. I play flute and picc in marching band and im vegetarian, and love animals, particularly reptiles. My personality is really shy and depressed until you get to know me. Then i can be violent when im bored (but im short so.. its cute) and i cant really handle loud sudden sounds. Im an introvert and dont like physical contact. I run away when people try to show affection. When i have to, i step ip and become a leader in situations where anyone else is incompetent… that should be it… thanks you!!!🦎💛

So… I wouldn’t actually match you two up purely based on personality, but hopefully you’ll like this by the end. (I’m a little nervous you won’t like it.) I also exaggerated some things because this is kind of how I imagine you as an anime character. I also may have checked out your blog for ideas 👀 At least, I think I know who you are. lol.

  • You decided to come and watch their volleyball match that their school was hosting. That’s when Lev saw you.
  • “Y/n!!!!” Lev yelled out your name. You flinched. You couldn’t handle sudden loud sounds and Lev’s voice was no exception.
  • He ran towards you and looked like he was about to pick you up or hug you. Fortunately, you had your flute in its case and held it out. The case jabbed Lev in the stomach and he crouched in pain.
  • His long limbs almost reached you, so you were thankful you had your flute case.
  • And then you fled.

Keep reading

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I would like to request a kageyama x Reader movie night I think that could be interesting :> thank you

i apologize if your intention was for one-shots, but i just did this in a headcanons format because that was easier for me!

  • Kags seems like the type to watch a documentary, but I feel like he also might be into action movies as well!
  • He enjoys having sustenance, but probably a full meal. So while you have popcorn and soda, he might have a large bowl of noodles with water on the side. Weekends are not an excuse to get off of his food plan.
  • He gets really into whatever he’s watching. I mean, is it a surprise at this point? He’s into everything he does, but 200%.
  • You’ll begin on opposite sides of the couch, but somehow, by the middle of the movie, you end up next to each other.
  • He’ll have his arm around your shoulder after finishing his noodles and you’re grasping onto the bowl of popcorn.
  • Kageyama has a feeling you might throw the popcorn all over the place so he makes sure before it gets to the nitty gritty parts of the movie, he sets the popcorn to the side. Without his intention, he opened you up so you can snuggle in next to him.
  • It’s easier to cuddle with your hands free so they usually end up draped along his waist.
  • Kageyama definitely indulges in the protectiveness he can provide during movies. If you’re scared, he’ll be right there to nuzzle in. If you’re tired, he has a shoulder for you to rest on. If you ever sleep during a movie, he’ll carry you to bed.
  • He’s a pretty ideal movie partner when he’s not watching documentaries, because otherwise, he’ll either be a know-it-all during the movie or a know-it-all up until a week after the movie.
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okay i am sure there are like other people out there who have done this but it’s been on my mind so i wanna show off my own haikyuu house ideas. 

first years:
kageyama: slytherin
hinata: slytherin (although he was dead sure he was going to be gryffindor) 
yamaguchi: hufflepuff
tsukishima: ravenclaw 
yachi: ravenclaw

second years:
tanaka: gryffindor 
nishinoya: gryffindor
ennoshita: ravenclaw 

third years:
daichi: gryffindor
sugawara: hufflepuff
asahi: hufflepuff 
kiyoko: gryffindor 

ukai: dad teacher 
takeda: muggle studies teacher 

others i am sure of
oikawa: slytherin
iwaizumi: slytherin
ushijima: gryffindor 
kenma: ravenclaw
kuuro: gryffindor

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noya hc where his gf is shy ,5’3 n chubby? 🥺


Originally posted by danielleslauter

  • Since he’s bad with talking to girls and you’re shy, no one thought you’d ever get together
  • But one day he saw you freaking out about a presentation before class and didn’t really process that you were a girl but that you needed help
  • “Woah [Y/N] you’re so smart and your writing is so neat! Just pretend you’re reading your notes to the class!”
  • From that day on he’s your personal hype man and guardian angel
  • And one say someone asks him if he likes you, and he’s never really taken the time to think about it before but now that he does…
  • “Hmm. Yeah, I do.”
  • Never one to waste time, he asks you out immediately and while you’re shocked, you agree with a nervous head nod
  • From that day on he’s with you constantly, making sure everyone knows
  • He wants to hold you 25/8
  • Loves to pick you up unexpectedly and see you get flustered (bc you KNOW he’s strong af)
  • You’re still taller than him by just a tiny bit but he pretends not to notice (besides his hair makes up for it)
  • You’re chubby?? Perfect! You make am even better pillow
  • And he will use your breasts as a pillow (as long as your comfortable with it) and your thighs and your belly and basically any part of you
  • Will kiss his “pillow” when he’s done as a thank you
  • Loves to call you “my [Y/N]” to really emphasize the fact that you’re his girlfriend, no one else’s
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Could I get some hc for Bokuto and Tendou with a Reader who's always cold? Like I naturally have a low body temperature and i get cold super easily 😔 thank you !

Hey anon! I’m not too secure with Tendou, but I hope you like it! 

Requests are open! 


(I don’t own this gif but creds to whoever does!)

Bokuto Kōtarō

  • He. Is. A. GENTLEMAN
  • Is so soft for you and ONLY to you
  • If you’re cold he’ll give you his team jacket for sure
  • If he doesn’t have it by any chance, he’ll just wrap his arms around you
  • He says it’s for body heat but he just really wants to be close to you too
  • When he catches on to how habitually cold you are, he’ll always make sure to carry a jacket around
  • If it’s winter he’ll probably even go as far as buying you those nice hand warmers

Originally posted by manganimae

Tendou Satori

  • I believe he’s super observant as a boyfriend
  • Will always give you his jacket no matter what type it is
  • Occasionally teases you
  • But all in all always makes sure you’re warm
  • It’s winter and you forgot your scarf at home?
  • No need to worry, Tendou will 10/10 lend you his
  • Will even wrap it around your neck (and make a mess of your hair and tease you)
  • Peppers your red cheeks with kisses
  • Wraps his arms around you for warmth
  • If it’s just a normal day and you’re shivering, will definitely give you his jacket
  • Still teases you about it though

For more follow @lordeofthunder

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taking care of sick yamaguchi 🥺🥺🥺


Originally posted by volleygifs

Taking Care of a Sick Yamaguchi

  • He won’t stop apologizing
  • “[Y/N] I’m sorry I got sick” “I’m sorry you have to take care of me” “I can ask someone else it’s fine”
  • “Tadashi I’m your partner, I’m doing this because I want to!” You explain, aggressively feeding him chicken soup
  • That shuts him up
  • Probably got sick because he insisted walking you home in the rain so you feel guilty anyways
  • But lowkey, he lets you pamper him. Cover him in blankets, feed him your cooking, he won’t complain
  • Is generally pretty quiet, very comfortable just sitting with you but probably asks you to put on some ambient music to help him relax
  • Asks you to face time Hinata so he can see what he’s missing during practice and ends up getting a lecture from Ukai about taking care of himself
  • Definitely starts to do his homework until you pry it out of his hands
  • “You can be responsible later,” you tell him. “Now it’s you-time”
  • You massage his scalp and play with his hair to get him to relax, and he ends up falling asleep like that
  • Thanks you for it for a week straight
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hi! could I request a hc where Kageyama has a s/o who secretly steals their jackets or hoodies and wears them but usually gets away with it but one day they get caught? Thank you!

aww i love stealing jackets 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

  • its not that you didn’t have any jackets
  • his are just better 🥺
  • plus he’s always at practice so wearing his jacket is comforting when you miss him
  • you tend to not wear them outside
  • but on day you were running late for school and grabbed the nearest jacket to shield you from the rain and it was his
  • you didn’t really register you were wearing his jacket
  • kageyama also didn’t originally notice
  • hinata was the one who called you out on it.
  • asked you why your jacket was so big
  • people could see the lightbulb going off in kageyama’s head as he turned RED
  • because you looked so cute and small in his jacket
  • you were at school wearing his jacket
  • he didn’t understand why you took it but once you explained that it’s because they smell like him and you wear them when you miss him
  • kageyama.exe stopped working
  • he’s all blushy
  • he gives you his jackets now
  • won’t say anything just kinda drops it on your desk
  • it still makes him super blushy to see you in his clothes
  • especially when his team teases him
  • but it warms his heart to see you in his clothes
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Hi! Can I request headcanons where Atsumu and Oikawa are in love with the same girl and compete for her love?
  • Individually these guys are very flirty, so be prepared for a lot of cheesy pickup lines and romantic gestures
  • They both have tons of fans, but they both chose you and that frustrates the other to no end
  • You’re oblivious to their crushes on you, but they know that the other likes you
  • When all three of you hand out together, it’s a competition (one that you’re not aware of) for your attention
  • “(Y/N), look! I got you some sweets!”
  • “That’s nothing because I got her flowers!”
  • You’re confused as to why they constantly give you gifts, but appreciate it none the less
  • “Thanks guys! You two are such good friends. I don’t know what I’d do without you two!”
  • They become instantly bummed out
  • You try to attend their games, but it’s hard considering their from different schools in different prefectures
  • But when you do go one of their games, they preform extra well that day
  • You finally realize their crushes on you because your friend revealed it to you
  • “You’re so lucky (Y/N). A lot of girls are so jealous that you get the attention of both Oikawa and Atsumu. Even I’m a bit jealous and I don’t like volleyball boys.”
  • “Yeah, they’re really nice to me. They’re really good friends.”
  • “No, I mean you’re lucky because they both like you, romantically I mean.”
  • You suddenly realize why they always went out of their way for you, why they always bought you gifts, and why they always competed for your attention
  • You feel bad for not realizing sooner, but you feel happy that he likes you back

Oikawa Tooru:

  • You asked to talk with him alone, without Atsumu there
  • He was excited because this was another chance to win you over without having Atsumu there to interrupt
  • He thought your obliviousness was cute but at the same time frustrating because he really loved you and wanted you to see him more than just a friend
  • Oikawa meets you where you asked him
  • He noticed a small blush on your face and wondered what that was about because he had never seen you blush before, even when both he and Atsumu flirted with you
  • “Are you ok, (Y/N)?”
  • “Yeah. It’s just that…I really like you, a lot. I was never really sure if you liked me the way I liked you, so I never said or did anything. But now I need to know.”
  • It takes him a while to process your words
  • First of all, he thinks you’re being too cute right now because of the way you fiddled your fingers and looked down
  • But at the same time, he’s super excited that you like him over Atsumu
  • He takes forever to respond back, so you took that as rejection
  • “Ah, I’m sorry. I hope this won’t effect our friendship. Who am I kidding, it will.”
  • He pulls you into a tight hug, leaving you shocked
  • “Sorry, I’m just so happy right now. You have no idea what you can do to me. I love you so much.”

Miya Atsumu:

  • He was getting tired of having to fight for your attention with Oikawa
  • With the pushing of Osamu, he finally decided to tell you and asked to meet up with you
  • You told him you would invite Oikawa, but Atsumu stops you
  • You meet up with him after school, wondering why he wanted alone time with you
  • You hoped he was there to confess, but you didn’t want to get your hopes too high
  • He usually had this confident aura around him, but today he looked different
  • “Atsumu! What did you want to do today?”
  • “Actually (Y/N), I have something to tell you. I like you. And not just as friends, I want to be more than that, but Shittykawa always gets in my way. But that’s not the point. I want you to be my girlfriend.”
  • You’re taken aback by how soft and sincere he sounds
  • But at the same time, you’re so happy that he feels the same way about you
  • You tackle him into a hug, and if it weren’t for his athletic build, he would’ve fallen
  • “I’m so happy! Of course I like you too Atsumu!” 
  • At this point, Atsumu feels like he’s won the lottery
  • This feeling of being with you is better than any game won or any argument won against Osamu
  • “I love you (Y/N). More than anything in the world.”
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scenario about making out with Atsumu?👀👀

:。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ :。・:*:・゚’★,。


Atsumu x Reader ; making out.


↳ 《 here

Genre: fluff/lime.

Type: scenario.


Originally posted by akaashi-tooru

Dating Atsumu… if you weren’t into skinship that would be a hard time, since he is very handy and flirty, sometimes he ask to make out behind the gym, and that was a totally no from you.

So the only time that Atsumu has his desired hot sessions with (y/n) were when they were alone.

Like this afternoon, (y/n) was in his house, they didn’t have practices, his parents were out and Osamu was hanging out with his friends.

The house was all by themselves.

(Y/n) was sitting on Atsumu legs, and he was kissing their pink colored cheeks, he gave them soft kisses from (y/n) cheeks to their ears, playing with their lobe and going down to their neck sucking the soft skin of (y/n)’s to give them a hickey, (y/n) was occasionally gasping, for the feeling of their wet boyfriend lips, after marking them, he kissed (y/n)’s neck again, playing with his tongue over the exposed skin, ending up on (y/n) chin, Atsumu saw his lover expressions, pink cheeks, panting and teary eyes, their lips were dark pink because all the smooching and looked wet for the saliva that they shared.

“Look at you, so cute♡”

Atsumu went up again to kiss (y/n) lips, his arms were hugging them keeping (y/n) close to his body, the kiss, Atsumu really know how to kiss them, his lips gently sucking theirs, and their tongues playing together, and at times Atsumu sucked their tongue making them moan, he was the dominant in that dance full of desire.

(Y/n) break agitated from the kiss, they needed to breath.

A sting of saliva still connecting them, when Atsumu start to give (y/n) some wet pecks.


“Shh…” he kissed them “let’s kiss more, okay?”


(Y/n) took Atsumu’s face with their hands to bring him closer again to kiss, another deep kiss, lips moving together, he started to caress (y/n) body, running his hands on their things squeezing them, moving to (y/n)’s hips, going up to their waist and then touching the sides of their chest to finally hug again.

They were blushed, hot and agitated, (y/n) could felt their lips throbbing, but what could they do? Atsumu kisses were the best kisses ever, (y/n) lost in time while they make out.

But how you kill a mood.

With anI’m homefrom Osamu.

(Y/n) jumped and broke the kiss, they fixed their clothes and tried to do the same to their hair.



“But Osamu is not going to come into this room”

“Still no”



:。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ :。・:*:・゚’★,。

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Maybe I’m little 👀😣 obvious but can I request a hc with daichi, kuroo, and asahi (and oikawa ONLY if you have the time! ONLY if you have the time) kissing you in the pool and who would pull you in for an underwater kiss 🥺

hehe this was kinda fun to write also my writing style is so inconsistent holp

HCs of Underwater Kisses With Daichi, Kuroo, Asahi, and Oikawa

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hello! could you maybe write headcannons for tendou and kuroo with a sensitive s/o? like i overthink a lot (especially friendships) and end up making myself cry somehow?

Tumblr deleted my answer to this ask yesterday and I’m still pissed about it but here you go anon!!!!!! Stay safe <3

—the boys with a sensitive s/o

→ tendou

  • He probably set the ball rolling himself on accident by making some sort of snide remark he definitely didn’t mean
  • It was just a joke but it got you thinking
  • He’ll notice the changes slowly in the way you act and your expressions
  • Which is when he really starts worrying
  • Starts calling to you, but if you’re too deep in your head to hear him, he’ll put both his hands on your cheeks and gently but firmly make you look at him
  • “Hey, hey, [Name]-chan,” he’ll say as he tries to make you meet his gaze. “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” It’s his usual lilting tone, but you can’t deny the hint of concern and worry.
  • Will try to gently coax it out of you but will stop if he really sees that you don’t want to talk about it
  • Will quickly prioritise calming you down
  • Tries to make a bunch of stupid jokes or comments
  • “If it’s something I did, I’m sorry!” Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.
  • Tries to get you to smile or distract you
  • Awkwardly pulls you into his arms when you start crying because he doesn’t know what to do or say at that point
  • He just lets you sob
  • When you’re done he’ll use his thumbs to wipe your cheek.
  • “Are you better now, [Name]?”
  • Then he starts peppering you with kisses when you confirm that you’re OK
  • Tries again to get you to talk but if you don’t want to then he won’t push it and instead makes a bunch of jokes to get you to smile instead
  • Won’t keep pushing unless he thinks he has to
  • That’s my girl!!!”
  • Will comfort you on your insecurities regarding the friendship if it wasn’t him that set the ball rolling to begin with
  • Silently fumes at them for doing this to you though
  • Will silently fume at himself if it was something he said

→ kuroo

  • “Oh shit, what’s wrong?”
  • Catches on immediately from your mannerisms and expressions
  • Will gently ask you if you want to talk about it but if you don’t, that’s fine
  • Will be concerned if you can’t hear him
  • Tries to get your attention by hooking a finger under your chin to make you meet his concerned gaze
  • “Hey babe, eyes on me.”
  • Does his utmost best to help you feel better
  • Distracts you, jokes with you, snide comments to hide his spite
  • If that doesn’t work? Well then—hugs it is
  • Wraps you in his arms so you can feel safe and grounded, and also to remind you that he’s still there you
  • Rubs soothing patterns onto your back
  • “I’m right here, kitten.”
  • Lets you cry to your heart’s content and tells you not to hold back
  • When you’re done, he’ll press a kiss to your forehead
  • “You good?”
  • “Yeah…”
  • Ruffles your hair. “That’s my girl.”
  • Kisses you silly when he finally gets you to smile
  • Eventually will ask if you want to talk about it again, like Tendou, but doesn’t press further unless he thinks he has to
  • Reassures you and tells you you’re fine and it’s going to be okay
  • “I’m only ever a phone call away, kitten.”


rules | masterlist

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fem SO touching the boy's muscles. u pick which muscles *wink wink* and she's all woah and the boy's don't quite know how to deal with this cuteness. with kuroo and ushiwaka!! idk what u will come up with but i know u will do great!

Aight so you didn’t specify so this is gonna be in answered in headcanon form!!!

—marveling at their muscles

→ ushijima

  • Probably cuddling when the bright idea strikes you and you turn around
  • well. He’s packing. So.
  • OK u know what? I’m saying it. You’re gonna poke his pecs and then start poking at his abs.
  • Boy’s so confused. Like. What are you doing?
  • But you look so inquisitive and in awe. So he just sits there and stares at you in silent bewilderment.
  • He doesn’t really mind; it was just out of nowhere.
  • Can’t find it in himself to interrupt you
  • You’re sitting there and starting to go from poking to straight up running your hands and palms over them and you’re so,,,,,, absorbed
  • And really youre just thinking “how did he get himself this way?”
  • Like damn. You’re dating a hunk of a man.
  • After like ten minutes he’ll gently grab your wrist and tilt his head to the side, like, “are you done?” though he secretly hates that he had to interrupt that moment
  • You’ll probably flush
  • “… I can take my shirt off for you if you’d like.”
  • now you get to touch them and see them in detail ;)))))))

→ kuroo

  • Ya boi got abs
  • But let’s have some variety, shall we? So let’s go with….
  • ThIGHS
  • T h i g h s
  • Mmmmmmhoooooooo boy
  • Just like, you’ll grab onto them and go “!!!!!” bc they’re so…. Firm….
  • He’ll look at you and the first thing he’ll say is “[Name], wh—”
  • Freezes at the sight of your awed expression
  • You keep groping his thighs
  • Because they’re,,,, how is he so in shape? Damn his thighs are 11/10
  • You really should have paid more attention
  • “Tetsu… You have really nice thighs.”
  • Bewildered, embarrassed and smug expression all at once
  • “I know—uh, thanks?”
  • You’re seriously so cute tho
  • You’re just so,,,, absorbed
  • “Is there a reason why—”
  • “No. Just like your thighs.”
  • “Ah, okay.”
  • Loves that you’re loving his thighs but eventually wants your attention on his presence rather than his muscles
  • Flicks your forehead, regrettably making you lose your cute expression
  • “Eyes are up here, [Name].”
  • You can try to ignore him but he won’t let you
  • He’ll just kiss you until you have no choice



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Hello!! 👉🏻👈🏻🤭 can i have some HCs of kuroo falling for a loud girl that does taekwondo? thank you heh

Hi anon!!! I don’t know anything about taekwondo, so like… I won’t go into too much detail to avoid making too many mistakes!!!

—kuroo falling for a loud s/o who does taekwondo

  • Came as a surprise to nobody let’s be real
  • He used to be shy when he was young, so he probably thought outgoing people to be amazing?? Like not in an “omg i wanna hang out with this person” but more like a “how can one be so extroverted?” way.
  • So even though he’s all grown up and basically like that now, he’s still pulled in by your energy
  • It’s a slow, creeping realisation
  • Snaps when he realizes like, “oh shit”
  • Nervous sweating
  • Starts reaching out to you more
  • But no one thinks it’s odd because, hey, it’s Kuroo
  • Definitely earns you some jealous glances though
  • When he finds out you do taekwondo
  • He will ask you to teach him some moves
  • Omg and he’ll go “so that’s why your voice is so strong!!!”
  • “And why you’re so flexible ;)”
  • Little things like jokes and snarky comments that have you smiling anyway
  • Eventually it evolves into a crackhead friendship
  • His whole team knows
  • They’ve all met you too
  • Kenma’s like, “…no wonder.”
  • And you’re like “…?”
  • But no one tells you anything
  • A bunch of pranks on each other or done together
  • + lots and lots and LOTS of inside jokes
  • Will always be there for you when you’re down
  • “I’m only ever a phone call away, [Name].”
  • If he knows where your house is and your parents are chill with him coming over, he WILL barge in to make sure you’re alright
  • Walks you home
  • Goes to every one of your matches to cheer you on
  • “Remind me to stay on your good side”
  • Definitely makes you practice the moves with him
  • “Hey man, gotta learn how to defend the ladies, you know? And myself.”
  • Fast learner
  • Not the most flexible but he finds ways around it and boy,,, ya boi STRONG oumff
  • Maybe you’ll ask him to stop leeching off of your unprofessional ass and actually try at an institute
  • Then he’ll go “I’ve barely any time!!” The smug bitch
  • Confesses on White Day!!!!!!!!!!
  • And that’s the start to a very fun ride :)


rules | masterlist


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