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#haikyuu headcanons
inarizahki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: atsumu, bokuto, daichi, kuroo, tendou, terushima, oikawa, iwaizumi, sakusa, kita, f!reader warnings: alcohol, lots of temporary amnesia lmao a/n: drink responsibly kids
Tumblr media
absolute mess. like everything he does, he goes all out, so by the end of the night, he’s swaying all over the place and grinning madly, cheeks flushed red. when he sees you, he lights up and pushes off of his exasperated teammates so he can stumble towards you, arms outstretched for you to step into.
“this,” atsumu’s chest puffs up proudly, “is my wife.”
“tsumu...” you sigh.
“isn’t she amazin’? bet you’ve never seen someone so gorgeous before in your lives.”
meian, hinata, sakusa, and bokuto just snigger as you grimace when your husband continues, “you guys are just so jealous, aren’t you? princess, introduce yourself. tell ‘em how great you are.”
“tsumu, they were at our wedding.”
“that’s right, she married me, can you believe?”
“tsumu, they were your groomsmen.”
keeps glancing at you the closer you come, his eyebrows furrowing a little in confusion. he’s leaning so heavily on akaashi that the poor man is bent sideways trying to support him. when you come up to him, you laugh a little at the sight of this big man drooping over his friend. you lift your hand to push some hair out of his eyes, but he shies away from your touch, the visceral reaction nearly taking both men down with the force of it.
“kou? what’s wrong?”
he frowns and avoids your gaze, staring off into the distance resolutely. “i can’t go home with you.”
“and why can’t you go home with me?”
“look, i’m sure you really sweet but,” he holds up both hands, squinting to try and discern both before jiggling the left one and pointing to his ring finger. “i’m married.”
“you’re married to me, dummy.”
looks all stiff because he’s trying to convince himself he’s not drunk; he’s a model citizen and good cop, of course. but his eyes are a little glazed and it’s clear that his words are slurred when he starts flirting with you incessantly.
“looks like i’m a lucky man tonight.” your husband gives you a slow once-over, sliding his arm around your waist, “do you have a name? or can i call you mine?”
“we’re married, daichi.” you fail to suppress an amused grin, “i’m already yours. you don’t need to flirt like that.”
daichi shakes his head slowly, struggling to find the words. “that’s where you’re wrong. i still- still gotta make sure you feel wooed.”
“awww, baby...”
“gotta keep you around somehow.”
pda to the max, he becomes so clingy and touchy. sticks to you like a barnacle, long limbs draped all over you as you try to drag him away, his lips in your hair. tries to cop a feel every once in a while, thinks he’s being discreet about it but iwaizumi’s disgusted face says otherwise.
“i’m so glad you like me.” he looks at you with stars in his eyes, like he’s seeing you for the first time.
“i’m your wife, tooru.”
“you’re the best girlfriend i’ve ever had.”
“tooru, i’m your wife.”
such a sulky drunk, will sit in a corner, mask pulled up and arms folded, waiting for you to arrive. glares at anyone who looks at you when you walk into the bar. for some reason, thinks you’re always mad at him when you have to come pick him up and drive him home even though you really don’t mind. gets grumpy thinking about your hypothetical anger.
“omi...what’s wrong?”
sakusa glances at you out of the corner of his eye, tugging his mask down, “’re upset. i don’t like it when you’re upset.”
“i’m no- okay...what am i upset about?”
a disgruntled frown. “i don’t know, you’re the one who’s upset, you tell me.”
ushijima calls you because tendou is all but incoherent apart from his drunken complaints of missing you so much his heart hurts. and what does he get for his trouble? tendou shoving him aside so hard upon spotting you that the big man actually stumbles. your husband jogs toward you to give you a flailing hug.
“i didn’t think you’d actually come.”
“of course i would, when i hear my husband misses me.”
tendou sticks out his lip in a pleased pout. “wanna get out of here? i can be your next big mistake~”
“...satori, you’d never be a mistake for me.”
“’re gonna make me cry, sweet cheeks.”
“from what toshi said, looks like you already were.”
tries to be coherent but everyone can tell he’s lost it. swaggers toward you but ends up tripping and falling all over you when your blurry figure comes closer to support his unsteady body. squints at you to try and make out who you are, grinning toothily when your features become clearer to him.
“why’re you on top of me?” he slurs, “d’you like me or smthng?”
“don’t be stupid. also you’re literally the one on top of me.”
“ooh, so dooo.” his voice and face are both irritatingly smug. “you do like me. you wanna kiss me so bad.”
“we’re married, tetsu.”
checks you out when you appear in front of him, giving you a loud whistle. tries to look sexy by leaning against a wall or something but ends up missing the mark and nearly ends up braining himself on the sidewalk. catches himself and straightens, trying to look like the smoothest man alive by slicking back his disheveled hair.
“hey lil mama.”
“yuuji.” you purse your lips in disapproval.
“wow, you know, you look exactly like my girl. it’s a little creepy.”
“that’s probably because i am your girl.”
“oh shit,” your husband lights up and pats down his rumpled clothes in a ridiculous attempt to make himself look more presentable, “really?”
“wanna go on a date?? right now, let’s go. i’ll drive.”
“yuu, you’ve had eight beers.”
angry lil drunk, thinks everyone is trying to steal you from him. snaps at all his friends—cough oikawa cough—to keep their grubby hands off of you. takes off his coat to cover you with even if you’re all bundled up. he’s been drinking alcohol but he’s also been drinking his respect women you juice. gets angry thinking about all the distasteful behavior from other men he’s witnessed throughout the night.
tells you in an impassioned tone, words slurred, “listen to me. don’t ever take any shit from any man, not even me. beat the shit out of them if they treat you bad ok?”
“show me how you make a fist.” he grabs your hand. “you gotta- you gotta make sure to keep your thumb on the outside when you punch ok? here try it, throw one at me.”
“i’m not going to punch you, hajime.”
“but if i’m ever a dick to you-”
normally very good at controlling his drinking but not if the twins have anything to say about it. by the time they’re done with him, sometimes he ends up barely even knowing his name anymore. sleepy drunk, is half dead on his feet when you arrive. tries to look sober by blinking slowly, but his movements are a little uncoordinated. becomes ridiculously affectionate when he registers that it’s you in front of him, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder.
“i should...i should bring you home with me...” he murmurs.
“shin, we live together.”
“my grandmother would love you.”
“shin, she knows who i am, we visit her every week.”
“she wants me to get should marry me.”
“shinsuke. we’ve been married for three years.”
Tumblr media
m.list // tip jar 
Tumblr media
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mattsukai · a month ago
Tumblr media
featuring: atsumu, suna, bokuto, kuroo, terushima, oikawa, tendou
warning(s): suggestive content
author’s note: this came outta nowhere and i don’t apologize for a single thing, pt. 2 maybe??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: send in an ask if you want to be added or removed
@tsukiijiima @dvlskn
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hvnlydmn · 2 months ago
hi ainsss can i req hq boys (atsumu, suna, bokuto, and oikawa) doing a little q&a live then someone asks “is y/n single?” or “is your girlfriend single?” sksjsjjw thank uuuu
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, suna rintarō, bokuto kōtarō, oikawa tōru, sakusa kiyoomi
a/n — warning ⚠️ maybe a little suggestive? hope you enjoy bby !!!! <33
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU was doing a q&a with his breakfast as you busied yourself in the background. the viewers only really noticed you when you’d came into frame to set down his breakfast, causing atsumu’s attention to focus on you when he leaned up to give you a little kiss as a thank you, rubbing his hand over your own. “is your s/o single?” he really lifts his ass up out of his chair so he can read it again before he scoffs “HUH? angel! cmeer a sec?” literally pulls you down to straddle his thigh so fast, has no shame in tilting your head towards his to pull you in for another more passionate kiss, you end up having to push him off before scurrying away, noticing the smirk on his now slightly swollen lips when he leans back into the camera with a teasing grin “what d’ya think? ya lost yer chance buddy, theyre mine. i ain’t lettin’ em go anytime soon either.”
☾ SUNA got roped into doing a live with hinata and atsumu, but he was maybe half out of frame because hinata and atsumu were doing most of the talking. people seen him soften a little when you appeared in the background though, his hand reaching for yours over the back of the couch. “ay, suna! look one of yer viewers are askin’ if y/n is single?” you notice a little hint of teasing in atsumu’s eyes when he smirks back at your boyfriend, his own face remaining stoic until he’s guiding you around the couch and pulling you into his lap. he pushes your face into his chest to make sure your privacy is still respected though, before leaning closer to the camera to mutter a blunt “no.” tsking and running his hands soothingly over your body. may have uploaded one or two sexy selfies with you onto his story after captioned “mine.”
☾ BOKUTO was on live with hinata, answering a few fan questions as they both giggled at the comments. hinata leaning in to repeat one when he sees it at the bottom of the screen “bokuto, is your s/o single?” he gushed about you constantly on social media so his fans knew a lot about you, which is why he was more confused than anything else because why would you even ask that? “huh? what do you mean? they’re my s/o they can’t be single if they’re going out with me! plus i plan on marrying them one day you know, they’re the best!” he’s puffing out his chest and nodding with the proudest smile on his face, even hinata is telling him how cool he seems right now. is all cuddly when he’s home and tells you about it, suggesting maybe he should gush MORE.
☾ OIKAWA loved doing some morning q&a’s when he drank his coffee, his hair still a little messy and he looks really good in the morning sun. he sat on the balcony, propping up his phone as he read out and answered a few questions, giggling at a few thirsty comments before mentioning you. “is your s/o single?” he literally snatches his phone into his hand so quick, like the camera can only see his eyes and the top of his head he’s so close, making sure he read that correctly. “excuse me? ofcourse my y/n-chan isnt single they have their amazing pretty boyfriend! if you’re planning to steal them from me, i’m telling you it won’t. work.” he even crosses his arms and pouts away from the camera for a bit. is so quick to crawl back into bed with you after, whisper ranting about how “people have some nerve, don’t they know you love me so much.” you get loads of cuddles and kisses tho.
☾ SAKUSA had been roped into doing a q&a with atsumu for the fans, both of them answering a few questions on the couch as atsumu picked them out. “omiomi this ones for ya heh, is yer s/o single?” his eyes widen a little before they turn into a frown, scoffing before he takes the phone from atsumu’s hand to make sure he wasn’t just making stuff up, mumbling about “what’s that supposed to mean.” under his breath. once he sees the question he shoves the phone back to atsumu before leaning back, still pouty as he continues to speak “no. obviously they’re not single. they’re mine.” he’s a little blushy cos he always is when talking about you (the chat + atsumu unfortunately notice) he even feels a little bad that maybe it’s because he doesn’t post you as much as he should or something wah, he’s a little clingy when he gets home.
Tumblr media
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fushiguroll · 2 months ago
Idk if you have got one like this but....I just want to lay underneath iwazumi while he does push-ups and him kissing me every time he goes down, then he gives up on the push-ups and we just start making out.
Is that to much to ask for🥺
#Haikyuu boys when you lie underneath him as he’s doing push-ups 
Tumblr media
featuring:: IWAIZUMI Hajime, BOKUTO Kotaro, OIKAWA Toru, KUROO Tetsuro 
genre:: fluff / slice of life 
warning:: suggestive 
⤷ Part 2
a/n: what a very very cute scenario because I would very much like to be under Iwa as he’s doing push ups too. I hope you enjoy this 
Tumblr media
❥ IWAIZUMI Hajime 
⤷ To Iwaizumi, there’s no better view than the one where you’re lying underneath him, giggling every time his lips touch yours. It was his idea to trap you in between his muscular arms because “your kisses motivate me”, he says with a small smile. So this is how you find yourself lying underneath your husband as he performs his second set of push-ups. “you good there, babe? you looking a little tired.” you tease. He smiles and tries to utter a response before collapsing on top of you. “ouch Haj!” He stays lying on top of you and lifts up his head to look you in the eyes, “sorry princess. You’re more of a distraction than a motivation.” He presses a soft kiss onto your lips, “maybe instead of push-ups, we just make out. I heard making out burns more calories.” You giggle, “really?” He nods before kissing you harder, “yup, learned it from Google this morning.” 
❥ BOKUTO Kotaro 
⤷ Just as Bokuto was about to go down for his tenth push-up, you quickly use the opportunity to slide under him. He smiles down at you and presses a quick kiss before lifting himself up back up, remaining in a plank position. “hi baby, how can I help you?” “nothing, I just want to join you in your workout. I thought I might motivate you.” He laughs before slowly pushing his body back down, brows knit in concentration before lifting himself up back. “hey,” you pout, “you didn’t kiss me.” “oh, that’s the game we’re playing here?” He goes back down, this time kissing you for a bit before pushing himself back up. “wow, bo, you’re really strong to be able to kiss me while you’re going down.” He suddenly falls on top of you, “and there goes all my strength. You make my arms jello with that request for a kiss.” He peeks up at you, “how are you going to make it up to me for disrupting my workout?” “we could make out?” He grins, “sounds like a plan.” 
❥ OIKAWA Toru 
⤷ “100!” He grins as you pouts. “stop lying Toru. I was counting for you. I’m pretty sure you’ve only done 60 push-ups.” He slowly pushes himself back down, face inches from yours and smirks when he notices the red blush across your cheeks, “what can I say, darling? you lying underneath me is so distracting I couldn’t count.” “that’s why you asked me to lie here right? so I can count for you and you wouldn’t have to use your brain.” He kisses you, “yup. you’re so smart.” You huff as he lifts himself back up. He looks down at you, “are you bored, baby?” “if I am, what will you do?” Oikawa lowers himself and stops just a few centimeters from your face, so close to you, you could see the slightest dilation of his pupils. “if you’re bored, we could just kiss for fun.” he whispers. “what about your workout?” “kissing a workout too, you know?” “well, what are you waiting for then?” Oikawa doesn’t even hesitate before melting into your embrace, kissing you. 
❥ KUROO Tetsuro 
⤷ Kuroo’s eyes widen in surprise at the sight of you wiggling to get comfortable. You grin up at him, “hey, don't let me stop you.” He lets out a shaky laugh before lowering himself back down and pressing a kiss into you. “am I doing this right?” You nod, “yup, good job, babe. Me being here is motivating isn’t it? A kiss for you each time you complete a push-up.” Kuroo smiles at your adorable-ness and finds his push-ups becoming sloppier and sloppier as he rushes to receive his reward. You, noticing his bad form, turns your head to the side so that he misses your mouth. “hey, no cheating. Kisses are only for those who complete proper push ups.” “that's fine.” Kuroo replies and you gasp as he presses a kiss to your neck, before sucking lightly. “Tetsu!” you protest and you feel him laugh as he continues to nip at your skin. “I thought you were working out.” He glances at you briefly before turning his attention back to your neck, “I finished a few minutes before you came, I just wanted to kiss you.” 
Tumblr media
stay fetch, xoxo 
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kybabi · a month ago
Tumblr media
[8:23 PM]
“daddy, why do people break up?”
kiyoomi pauses, crouched over the bed awkwardly, large frame too bulky to fit on his daughter’s small mattress.
he sits anyway, a hand reaching over to brush her curls out of her face.
“why do you want to know, sweet pea?”
she shrugs, dark eyes wide with eager curiosity.
“aiko says her mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore. she said that they don’t like to talk to each other now,” she tells him, and kiyoomi sighs, trying to find the words to explain.
“it’s hard to say.”
he sighs again.
“well, it’s different for everyone. some people break up because things just don’t feel the same as they used to. some people break up because they’re too different. some people break up with their partner because they don’t feel loved,” he tells her, pulling the blanket up to her chin and fluffing up her pillow. she looks up at him silently, eagerly, and he looks away.
“you know, your mommy and i went through something like that once.”
her little eyebrows furrow, and she looks confused. kiyoomi pats her head reassuringly.
he swallows, looking down.
“well...” he starts, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly. “mommy did everything for daddy. mommy went to his games, she ironed his shirts, she stayed up and waited for him every night when he would come home late, and she would make him soup when he had a cold.”
“the one with the mochi?” she perks up, grinning, and he chuckles, gently flicking her forehead.
“yes, the one with the mochi. mommy did lots of things to show daddy that she loved him,” he smiles at her softly. it dims slightly. “but sometimes daddy was too busy to notice those things. he would stay at work until late in the night and forget to have dinner with mommy. he even stopped kissing mommy goodnight.”
she gasps softly at that, personally offended at the thought.
kiyoomi looks down, brows furrowed.
“sometimes he would say mean things to her. he would get upset at her for forgetting to clean the dishes, or other small things. he would snap at her and say things that he didn’t mean, and he hurt her feelings.”
her eyes sadden at that, and kiyoomi holds her hand to remind her that he’s there.
“mommy felt like daddy didn’t love her anymore. she always worked hard to show him that she loved him, but he never did the same.”
she starts to cry, and his eyes widen, hand coming up to wipe her tears away.
“hey, hey. what’s wrong?” he whispers gently, and she sniffles sadly.
“i don’t want mommy and daddy to break up!” she sobs, and kiyoomi sighs, climbing into bed behind her and scooping her into his lap.
“oh, sweetheart. mommy and daddy aren’t going to break up, okay? i haven’t even finished the story yet, baby.”
she turns and buries her face in his chest, silently waiting for him to continue. he smiles.
“see, there’s a happy ending. once daddy realized that mommy didn’t like the way he was treating her, he changed his ways. he made sure to kiss mommy goodnight every day and started helping her make dinner every evening. he even tried to make soup for her when she was sick.”
she laughs, the sound watery, and looks up at him. “i bet it wasn’t as good as mommy’s.” he laughs heartily, kissing her on the forehead and pulling her in.
“definitely not. but then you came along, and i got to test my soup-making skills on you,” he narrows his eyes, and she cringes.
“eugh,” she mumbles, and he chuckles. he slips out of bed and tucks her right back in, all the way up to her chin.
“goodnight,” he whispers, kissing her temple softly, and she blinks at him sleepily.
he’s about to leave when she calls for him again.
he sighs patiently. “yes, baby?”
“i’m really glad you and mommy didn’t break up.”
he smiles at her gently. “me too.”
he’s surprised to see you standing just outside the door when he leaves, eyes wide and glossy, lip wobbling. his own eyes widen, and before he can say anything, you’re dashing into his arms, clinging to him like you’re scared to let go.
his eyes start to fill up with tears as he buries his face in your hair, breathing you in and exhaling. how on earth did he get so lucky?
“i love you, and our little family,” he whispers, just in case you need to hear it again. you nod against his chest, sniffling.
“and i love you.”
the two of you stay like that for a while, breathing each other in and just being for a second.
“she was right. your soup sucks,” you mumble, breaking the comfortable silence, and he smacks your ass lightly, laughing.
“shut up.”
Tumblr media
(a/n: this was totally not my style at all but i had an idea and it kind of just wrote itself idk😭anyways
i just left little sakusa unnamed :)) open to the imaginations of my dear readers !! hopefully this was okay hehe)
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dilfhub · a month ago
MSBY and breeding I beg sweetpea 🧎🏻‍♀️🧎🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ CONTAINS. meian shūgo, bokuto kōtarō, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi + hinata shōyō
➵ WARNINGS. hmm sex, breeding kink, pregnancy kink??, lactation, daddy kink, mommy kink
➵ A/N. not proofread or edited <3 FLOP !! Ignore any mistakes pls
Tumblr media
one child on your hip and the other sleeping in the stroller as you visit him at practice one day. motherhood looks so good on you.
that still isn’t enough to satiate your husband’s desire. he can’t get enough of the sight of you swollen with his baby. tits heavy and stomach stretched. “enough, shu—“ he shuts you up with a slap to your clit, pleasure shoots through you, body trembling. “ah- fuck!” his pace is merciless, cock battering your cervix with each sharp thrust.
shūgo grips your chin, forces open your mouth and spits on your pink tongue. “good girl—“ he pants, “daddy’s gonna make you a mommy again, hm? do you want that? want daddy to fill this little cunt up?”
Tumblr media
“kou— oh my god,” you can’t breathe, air knocked out of your chest as kōtarō slams his cock in and out of you. he’s brutal, balls slapping against your ass and thumb on your throbbing clit.
there’s only a low grunt and strangled groan to warn you of his orgasm, his hands shift to grip your thighs; nails digging into the plush flesh as he presses them to your chest. “gonna— gonna give you my baby,” kōtarō promises, tongue lolling out and cock twitching twice before he empties his load into your raw cunt. you’re full to the brim, it leaks out but he only fingers it back deep into your hole. ensuring he’ll get his little wife pregnant.
Tumblr media
sibling rivalry. atsumu can’t stand the fact his younger brother knocked up his girlfriend so soon and you, two years into marriage, still haven’t even talked about a baby.
maybe that’s why he feels exceptionally mean today. a hand over your mouth and the other splayed over your lower back to hold you down. “does mommy like that?” atsumu drawls, a whimper falling from your chapped lips as he punctuates the word with a thrust that has you gushing. “mommy likes when i fuck her like this? like a slut?” he snickers and it only takes him another minute, ribbons of cum painting your walls white as he cums deep in your cunt.
there’s no fucking way in hell you won’t get pregnant. and if you‘re not? well, atsumu will just have to try again. trial and error until he meets his goal.
Tumblr media
“yoomi, ‘s embarrassing,” you whine as kiyoomi gropes your tits hard enough for a little milk to trickle out and drip down the swell of your breast. pure hunger flashes in his eyes and his pout latches to your perky nipple. mewling softly, you thread your fingers through his dark curls; the rhythm of his hips dragging in and out of your tight cunt makes you arch your back.
“pretty girl, my pretty wife, hm?” he coos, pulling away from your nub with a pop. “look so pretty like this,” stomach round and plump with his child, tits leaking milk all because of him. kiyoomi thinks your prettiest like this. stuffed full of his cum, his baby growing in your belly.
Tumblr media
“i missed you,” your boyfriend is eager like always, “jus’— i just wanna— inside-“ shōyō can’t get the right words out, not when he’s balls deep in your cunt. not when your pussy is so tight- so perfect and so we— “‘m gonna cum inside, baby,” he gasps.
“shōyō, please, wan’ your cum. wanna feel you,” you let out a sob, nails dragging down his broad back as he fucks into you with abandon, so deep and fast and fuck— you creaming all over his cock is the last push.
seed overflows your tiny hole, trickles out and back down his tightening balls. “more—“ you beg, “again, sho, please— fill me up again, please-“ and who is shōyō to deny his pretty girlfriend of anything she wants?
Tumblr media
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riintarro · a month ago
Tumblr media
⤷    pairings : suna rintaro, atsumu miya, osamu miya, iwaizumi hajime, koutarou bokuto, sugawara koushi
⤷    warnings : nsfw 18+, characters are post time skip, suggestive themes but nothing too explicit, somnophillia for suga
⤷    author’s note : waHooo i did it! also all terms are gender neutral :9
⤷    part 2?
Tumblr media
𝐇.𝐈𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐈 — iwaizumi sharply exhaled and you could feel his arm relax around your body. he’s had a long day and stress was written all over his face. when you opened your arms and invited him for cuddles, he was more than happy to oblige. he pressed his chest against your back as you glanced over your shoulder. with his lips slightly ajar, his once furrowed brows were relaxed. perhaps you could alleviate more of that stress? shuffling to get closer to him, your ass “accidentally” brushed against his dick. 20 times. by the 21st time, his arms were gripping your sides and pulling your ass flushed against his cock. slightly digging his fingers into your waist, he placed his face into the back of your head, feeling his hot breath against your nape. “keep doing that sweetheart and you’ll see what happens”.
𝐊.𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 — watching the tv was the least of your concerns. you were all too aware of your boyfriend’s hand resting, playing with your thighs. there wasn’t any intention but you had other thoughts. adjusting yourself on bokuto’s lap, claiming that his rock hard thighs were uncomfortable, your lower back happened to rub against his dick. he cleared his throat and you could hear him inhale sharply. even though you made the same lame excuse of trying to make yourself comfortable, he hadn’t noticed what you were doing, until he wrapped his arms around your abdomen. hugging you close, he placed his forehead against the base of your neck. his cock twitched and his breathing became uneven. “b-baby… you think you could help me here?” maybe you went a bit too far.
𝐌.𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 — it’s friday night and what better way to spend it by snuggling up against your boyfriend. just to have a bit of fun, you started shifting and backing up further into him, ass making contact with dick. he could feel you down there and smirked. “you tryna tell me something, pretty girl?” he snaked his arms around your chest and pulled you closer. you didn’t have to continue rubbing yourself against him because his dirty mind did the work for you. shoving two fingers into your mouth, he slung a leg around yours. “if you’re that eager, you could have just told me.”
𝐌.𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 — you wanted to see how much you could affect your boyfriend. while pressing your chest up against his, you pretended to play a game on your phone, while your legs encased his. you shuffled your hips closer to his and it took you all your strength from moaning out his name when your clit rubbed a little too hard. taking a quick glance at the side of your head, he knew exactly what you were doing. he grabbed you by the waist and held you in place. it took you by surprise and you gasped when his fingers tightened. he was amused even though he was half hard. taking this as a challenge, you started to rock your hips against his thighs. with a sultry face and a bite to the lip, you felt yourself up trying to rile him up. and it worked. say goodbye to your pussy.
𝐑.𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 — oh how you waited for a moment like this. after all of those times of him sending you lewd images, touching you and never giving more, saying suggestive words in public, it was time to pay him back for all of those frustrating moments. rubbing your knee against his cock, you buried your face into his chest. he looked unbothered, sleeping soundly but his body said otherwise. no reaction, no change in breathing, even when his dick throbbed painfully. lazily opening one eye, he noticed what you were doing and grabs your knee, stopping your actions. swallowing, you looked up at him and before you knew it, he had you pinned and spreading your legs.
𝐊.𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐀 — you kinda felt bad for him. assuming you were already asleep and were just moving around in your sleep, he cussed when your ass repeatedly grazed his cock. you could feel him tense against your back, and just by the way he cursed, you knew he didn’t know what to do with his pent up frustration. he doesn’t want to wake you up, so with a bite to the lip, he thrusted into your thighs. stifling a moan, he rammed and rocked himself, using you to reach his high. his breath felt warm against your nape and he softly chanted your name into your ear. he instinctively reached for your clit when he came. his sinful moan was able to mask your quiet whine.
Tumblr media
© riintarro 2021. do not repost/copy, alter, or share any of my works onto any other platforms.
Tumblr media
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mattsukai · 20 days ago
𝗡𝗢𝗪 𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗚: how they react to you saying ‘it’s too big’
Tumblr media
ft. akaashi keiji, tendō satori, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsūrō
warning(s): dacryphilia + daddy kink + tummy bulge + slight sadism + size kink + unedited work!
author’s note: my own brainrot cause haikyuu doms make my heart go <333
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “fuckk-”
his chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “you can take it, princess. i know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- i wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
you think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
he basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “look at you, bunny. taking my cock so well, hm. cumming jus’ from that? didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “too much? ‘s too much for ya already, doll?”
it doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
and there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? so why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. he watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“you begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” his rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
you know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat. “good girl.” he grunts out.
“now, shut up and fucking take it. i don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · a month ago
oooh do you think you can do a headcanon where we put a pillow inbetween us before we go to sleep. just as a prank, i wanna know how they'd react- it's okay if you cant tho and you can ignore this whenever😅
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō
a/n — pls i love this request sm aaaaaaaa, hope you enjoy my looove <3
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU the bed dipped slightly under his weight as he leaned over you, peppering your face with a few kisses before you playfully slapped him away, a lazy smirk on his face as he flops down on his side, opening his arms for you to crawl into “cmeer angel.” his grin drops when you pull the pillow out from under your head, putting it inbetween you both “wha? what’re ya doin? how ma meant ta sleep if ya ain’t pressed against me, baby come onnnnn” you stifle a giggle as you turn away from him, hearing him whine before dramatically falling back on the bed with a sigh, mumbling a “fine, guess ya don’t want cuddles then.” followed by a few minutes of silence before you feel his warm hand against your waist, turning to see him laying ontop of the pillow with a pout and a sleepy gaze, cheek smooshed against the fabric as his fingers trace the skin on your waist gently “let me hold ya, please. don’t like sleepin’ without ya in ma arms.” you give in.
☾ BOKUTO basically jumped into the bed beside you, arms immediately wrapping around you as he gave you a few goodnight kisses with a sleepy grin, hair flat against his head. his eyebrows raise when you push him away gently, slotting a pillow inbetween you both while the pout on his lips grows when you turn away from him. “baby? are you okay? are you too warm? i swear i’ll try and be colder tonight, can we cuddle please~” his voice is whinier, spoken through pouted lips but you smile when you hear him shuffle behind you when you don’t reply. his arms loop around your waist as he inches closer, smooshing the pillow against your back with his chest, still determined to hold you in his arms even if you can’t be against him as he whispers again “baby, is this okay?” you end up feeling bad and removing the pillow, he holds you even closer than normal and passes out instantly with you against him.
☾ IWAIZUMI shot you a lazy smirk as he took off his shirt, climbing into bed beside you before leaning over and placing a soft kiss against your forehead, fingers finding their place around your waist as he goes to pull you close to him. his eyebrows pull into a frown when you nudge his hands off, slotting a pillow in the space between you both before turning around with a huff. “doll? everything okay?” you hear him groan and mumble something under his breath before he moves behind you, turning to see him leaning over your figure as he tucks the blanket in around your body “just making sure you don’t get cold, dumbass.” the pout still visible on his lips because it was always his job to keep you warm against him. calls you a brat when you throw the pillow away with a giggle but he’s still quick to gather you into his arms with a tsk and a roll of his eyes “now go to sleep, doll. i’ve got you.”
☾ SAKUSA sat up in bed waiting for you before you climbed in, sending you a soft smile as he places the blanket over top of you, followed by a gentle kiss against your cheek then your lips. “goodnight, sweetheart.” his thumb grazes your cheek slightly as he leans back, expecting you to curl into his side but his lips part and brows furrow when you slot a pillow in the space instead. “what’re you doing?” you turn away from him, hearing him shuffle slightly before he clears his throat again. “are you upset? w-with me, i mean?” his voice is soft, causing you to turn around as he gazes at you, eyes a little cloudy with how tired he is but he looks worried. his hand reaching across the pillow to graze your own “i had a shower after practice. uh, i used that body wash you like too, love.” he gets a little grumpy if you laugh at him though, he’s just embarrassed “i just didn’t want you getting cold and sick, brat.” he’s blushing though.
☾ SUNA lazily blinked up at you as you climbed into bed, smoothing a hand through his hair before he immediately grabbed your waist, pulling you back against him. mumbling out a raspy “pretty baby.” before placing a kiss onto the back of your shoulder. he leans back when you shake out of his grip, face deadpan as you shove a pillow between you both, the silence seems so loud when you turn away, apart from a quiet tsk from his side. a few minutes pass and you’re pretty sure he’s fell asleep until you feel the pillow being yanked from behind you with a mumbled curse under his breath, hearing it land on the floor before you’re pulled back against his chest immediately. his arms circling your waist while he sighs above you when you giggle in his hold, nuzzling against his chest “shutup, just let me be clingy.”
Tumblr media
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teesumu · 25 days ago
i just wanna grab atsumu n suna’s ass like this SOBS is that too much to ask for???? i would sell my SOUL to do it just once 😭
Tumblr media
characters: miya atsumu, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, oikawa tooru, bokuto koutaro
a/n: i know this wasn’t a request but i’m making it one because i can >:) so here you go
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 smiles as you come up to him as he exits the gym, his captain in the distance behind him. With a wide grin, he reaches over and loops his arms around your waist, tugging you into a hug. “Ma baby’s here ta pick me up, huh? ‘M a lucky guy,” he babbles happily, kissing your forehead. You smile, returning the kiss to his jaw before burying your face into his neck. With a mischievous grin that he won’t see, you slowly guide your hands down his back, him humming happily, unsuspecting. In an instant, he yelps loudly when your hands squeeze his ass, making him jump slightly and shove you off. His face burns when he hears the snicker of his captain behind him. “Baby,” he whines, “not in fronta ma captain, how could ya?” You giggle loudly, moving to wrap your arms around his neck, but he pulls away, face in a pout. “Sorry, Tsum,” you laugh. “No, yer not, liar. ‘M walkin’ home now, don’t wanna be near ya and yer grabby hands,” he huffs. He follows you to the car two seconds after.
✯ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 pulls you into him as you both wait for the train, hugging you against his chest as he digs his nose into your head. You rub his back soothingly, making him smile to himself. “Have a good day, baby?” You hum, nodding as you play with the hair at the nape of his neck. “Yeah, it was the best, Rin.” He smiles at you, but not for long when he feels your hand quickly drop and squeeze his ass, making him narrow his eyes at you, trying to shove you off. But you latch on tighter, squeezing once more, making him growl as you giggle. “When the hell did you get so strong, get off you annoying brat, I’m serious,” he grunts. He instantly pauses when he hears a chuckle behind him, turning over to see a passerby laugh at your antics, making his ears turn bright red. “If you think I’m ever taking you out again, you’re sadly mistaken,” he scowls at you. You laugh loudly, reaching for his arm but he shoves you off. “Rin, I’m sorry! I just had to,” you giggle. He gets on the train before you instead of letting you go first like usual, and purposely picks a seat that doesn’t have one empty beside it.
✯ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 hums quietly to himself as he stands by the stove, making dinner for the night as you walk up behind him. He smiles to himself, giddily awaiting the back hug you usually give him while he cooks, excited to feel your arms wrap around him. He’s more than shocked when he feels your hands on his ass, squeezing tightly, making him jump up slightly and gasp. “W-what the hell, y/n,” he croaks, turning to you in disbelief. You snort, covering your mouth with your hand as you laugh, making him turn beet red. With a glare, he turns around with a huff, bringing his attention back to dinner, only to do a double take when you smack his ass this time. “Cut it out, y/n! What is wrong with you?” You can’t help but giggle loudly. “I can’t, you have a cute ass,” you say with a grin. “Shut up, you’re so weird,” he groans, swatting your hand away as you go to poke his cheek. “You grab my ass all the time,” you insist, but he just ignores you. “I’m not giving you dinner,” he mutters under his breath, but he still reaches for two plates right after.
✯ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 rolls over in his sleep, burying his head into your chest, smiling softly as he feels your fingers comb through his locks, mumbling something incoherently as he drifts off again. But his smile quickly drops when you shake his shoulders. “Wake up, Tooru, it’s time to get up,” you tell him, and he whines before pulling the blanket closer around himself. “No, five more minutes,” he huffs. Rolling your eyes, you think for a moment before grinning as you think of a different way to wake him. Reaching over, you grab his ass, squeezing it with both hands, making him shriek as he sits up, looking at you incredulously. “What was that for?” You snicker, settling deeper under the covers, hand waving at him in a shoo motion. “You have to get up, I was just waking you.” He scrunches his face up. “So you grabbed my ass?” You shrug, making his scowl deepen. “Why not?” Glaring at you, he grabs his pillow, smacking it onto your face before getting up and stomping to the bathroom, mumbling about how rude you were.
✯ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 walks in front of you, heading to the front door of your shared home, rambling happily about whatever was on his mind. Just as he pulls out his keys to unlock the door, you grab onto his ass and squeeze lightly, making him pause and turn to you with wide eyes. His face breaks into a soft blush when he hears your neighbor chuckle from the distance as they unlock and enter their own home, making him whine slightly. “Y/n, why couldn’t you have waited till we got inside to do that,” he pouts at you, making you stifle a giggle as you pinch his cheek. “I couldn’t help it, Kou, you just have a nice ass,” you grin. His blush creeps down his neck, making him hastily turn to the door as he opens it and pulls you inside. “Y/n, stop saying stuff like that, the neighbors might hear again,” he insists, making you giggle loudly, reaching over and stroking his hair. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll do it inside from now on,” you promise. “Thank you,” he mumbles into your neck. You most probably wouldn’t be keeping that promise in the end.
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sunasbabie · 2 months ago
-ˋˏ things they do in the relationship ˎˊ-
warnings: a little suggestive
Tumblr media
goes inside the bathroom when you’re showering
⤷ suga, kageyama, kuroo, yamamoto, OIKAWA, makki, yahaba, kyotani, bokuto, akaashi, ushiwaka, goshiki, shirabu, sakusa, kita, ATSUMU, SUNA, osamu, korai & sachiro
Tumblr media
makes dirty jokes all the time
⤷ suga, noya, tanaka, KUROO, yaku, fukunaga, mattsun, FUTAKUCHI, KONOHA, TERUSHIMA, komori, ATSUMU, SUNA & korai
Tumblr media
gropes you out of nowhere
⤷ kuroo, mattsun, makki, IWA, yahaba, kunimi, tendo, hayato, sakusa & SUNA
Tumblr media
doesn’t hide his dick from when he has a boner
⤷ kuroo, KENMA, oikawa, mattsun, makki, kyotani, futakuchi, bokuto, SAKUSA, komori, aran, ATSUMU, SUNA & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
proclaims his love to you 24/7
⤷ noya, tanaka, kai, yamamoto, OIKAWA, kindaichi, bokuto, kita, atsumu & korai
Tumblr media
plays with your ass when you’re on your stomach
⤷ yaku, kenma, oikawa, mattsun, iwa, aone, bokuto, konoha, semi, shirabu, KOMORI, aran, gin, SUNA, osamu & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
asks for cuddles all the time
⤷ asahi, noya, tsuki, hisashi, yams, kai, kenma, inuoka, OIKAWA, iwa, kunimi, akaashi, goshiki, SAKUSA, ATSUMU, SUNA & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
drools on you when he falls asleep
⤷ yams, makki, kindaichi, aone, koganegawa, akaashi, semi, reon, terushima, kita, osamu, akagi, korai & sachiro
Tumblr media
picks their noses in front of you
⤷ hinata, noya, fukunaga, lev, makki, futakuchi, atsumu, osamu & korai
Tumblr media
pees with the door opened
⤷ suga, kuroo, fukunaga, MATTSUN, MAKKI, iwa, konoha, ushiwaka, terushima, aran, suna & sachiro
Tumblr media
farts in front of you
⤷ daichi, kageyama, narita, KUROO, kenma, fukunaga, OIKAWA (then he blames you for it), yahaba, futakuchi, BOKUTO, konoha, goshiki, taichi, komori, aran, gin, ATSUMU, suna, osamu & sachiro
Tumblr media
sings off key
⤷ tanaka, hinata, yaku, oikawa, makki & gin
Tumblr media
sleeps practically naked
⤷ kuroo, mattsun, makki, kyotani, koganegawa, atsumu & osamu
Tumblr media
makes you breakfast all the time
⤷ daichi, asahi, ennoshita, yams, kai, oikawa, IWA, aone, AKAASHI, sakusa, KITA, omimi, OSAMU & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
bites you out of nowhere
⤷ noya, kuroo, makki, konoha, komi, tendo, OSAMU, gin, akagi, SUNA, korai & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
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elysianslove · a month ago
haikyuu boys as unintentionally flustering things
this has been in my drafts for a bit n i intended to add more boys but i also wanted to put something out for you guys!! so i hope you enjoy :)
includes; suna rintarō, oikawa tōru, iwaizumi hajime, matsukawa issei, miya osamu, miya atsumu, semi eita, akaashi keiji, bokuto kōtarō, kageyama tobio, sakusa kiyoomi, sugawara kōshi, hanamaki takahiro, tanaka ryūnosuke, ushijima wakatoshi, konoha akinori, tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
suna rintarō — sitting really close next to someone and having your shoulders and thighs pressed together.
the way your skin feels ablaze and your body’s so tense and you feel a little lightheaded is so intoxicating. you crave more, so much more, but you’ll take what you can get. neither of you make any move to get away, enjoying this minimal physical contact with one another. like you’re both just sitting there and making excuses to stay sitting stuck to each other like this, even if there’s space. for a moment, he does move forward to grab at something in front of him and you deflate a little, but he comes back right away, pressing himself to you and even leaning close to show you something on his phone.
oikawa tōru — leaning down to hear someone clearer or to allow them to whisper in his ear.
oikawa’s incredibly tall, has always been and will always be. he was tall in high school and he‘s tall now, and of course he prides himself in that. half his ego comes from his height. so, given that, more often that not whenever you urgently rush up to him to tell him something, he has to lean down to hear you better, even if you’re only slightly shorter than him. just the way he leans in and tilts his head to the side slightly, eyes unfocused as he listens in before he smiles and twists his head to answer you and his face is so close to yours shbsdjxj
matsukawa issei — manspreading, but not the dickhead type.
the way he sits is always like he’s so effortlessly attractive. he’s kinda slumped in his chair or on the couch like he’s not sitting straight but rather lazily sliding down you know? when he sits, he’s got his legs spread wide and either his hands interlocked and resting on his stomach/crotch, or an arm behind the couch and a hand on his thigh or chest. he always looks??? so inviting??? like you want to go sit on his lap?? and sometimes he leans forward and rests his elbows on his thighs and god. God.
iwaizumi hajime — when guys park in reverse and do The Thing with the steering wheel and The Other Thing with their arm.
iwaizumi’s driving the two of you the majority of the time, not because he doesn’t believe in your driving skills (he doesn’t, rude) but because he kinda just wants to serve you always? like do all he can for you? acts of service ykyk,,, anyways whenever he’s parallel parking or parking in reverse, he starts to do the thing with the steering wheel where he uses only the lower palm of his hand to quickly twist it, and then he puts his arm out onto your seat to glance back and god,,, God.
miya osamu — when guys put their hand just barely on the small of your back when guiding you somewhere.
it’s kind of instinctive with osamu, where he just does it in the moment and you’re left with your nerves on edge and your body on fire for the rest of the night. like you’re trying to get past him to go to your seat or he’s leading you to the window seat on a bus or he’s opening the door for you and gently guiding you. it’s so subtle, his fingertips grazing your back and heat of his palm barely obvious and somehow it’s both the quickest and slowest moment of your life. your back tingles and burns alive for the entire night and the day after too.
miya atsumu — naturally good with kids it’s kind of ??? surprising ???
he’s weirdly like just so good with kids. he’s not awkward and is so smooth when it comes to communicating with them. they always listen to him because he’s just that fun that it feels right to abide by his rules. he’s also always going with the flow too so if the girls dress him up and make him their prince he’ll act accordingly, and if the boys wanna pretend to wrestle him he’ll lose on purpose and he’ll play dead if he gets shot with a nerf gun seriously give this man an oscar. it’s just so endearing watching him there’s no way you wouldn’t wanna marry him.
semi eita — just playing the electric guitar. every instrument too but electric guitar specifically.
the way he casually picks up the guitar and tunes it. the way his fingers move over the strings, the way he glances down barely but then looks up with a small, confident smile because it’s muscle memory for him. the way he shakes his head a little in time with the music. the way he grips the guitar to return it to its place. musician!semi with a lot of rings and chains on and chipped black nail polish. it just <3333
akaashi keiji — saying your name in a conversation
cannot explain what’s so hbwjdnejdd about someone saying your name in the middle of a conversation you’re having. like the need to grab your attention, the way it sounds, the implied and unintended intimacy. like names aren’t generally said a lot during conversations (your name & the person you’re talking to) so when they or you say it, it’s a very lightbulb moment kinda like your attention is completely fixated now.
kuroo tetsurō — that cheeky smile with the tongue to the upper corner of their mouth that guys do.
it’s like a smirk but not really a smirk, where he’s barely smiling down at you, and it’s so teasing. his tongue pokes at the upper corner of his mouth just slightly, and he raises a brow or something. it’s just the type of look that makes your heart tighten in your chest, or makes your stomach flutter and tickle. and the thing is he’s aware he looks good doing it, but he’s so subtly confident that it’s a thousand times more attractive.
bokuto kōtarō — that little celebratory thing guys do after a win/score. let me explain.
so he’s fist pumping the air, leaning back a little and bending his knees. he’s got this feral grin on his face and he’s so sweaty that his uniform’s clinging onto every ridge and muscle and best of all— the way his thighs bulge against the long knee pads he’s wearing. he just looks so good being that happy, high off so much adrenaline. and that surge of confidence it brings him after too!!
kageyama tobio — when they’re super sweaty during a game and guys just grab the hem of their shirt to wipe their sweat
it’s usually during practice matches, and at first it’s always like grabs the neck and wipes. but then it just ends up being frustrating that he has to grab the hem of his shirt. he lifts it up with both hands and just wipes his face, and you’re gifted with the sight of his glistening abs and that trail of hair that leads down into his shorts. he’s so casual about it too like he won’t really realize the consequences of his actions even if some girls are straight up fainting at the sight. i think it’s his nonchalance that makes it even more attractive.
hinata shōyō — those hugs that guys give where you’re swallowed up in their embrace.
it’s a very casual kind of hug, the one where he can continue having a conversation but continue hugging you. it’s that type where he had both arms wrapped tight around you, basically caging you in against his chest. and he starts to do that thing where he’ll rub soothingly or squeeze endearingly, maybe rock you two from side to side while sighing casually. it’s the kind of hug where you’d really needed it and he’s indulging you. you’re silent and just reveling in his touch.
sakusa kiyoomi — that smile where they’re like trying to humor you.
when guys do that thing when you make like a joke or try to one up them somehow and they kinda huff out a laugh or dry chuckle and smile in amusement like yeah ok. it’s kind of a belittling yet challenging smile? sometimes he raises a brow too and he’s so chill and completely unaffected otherwise, with his hands in his pockets and a mask obscuring half his face and then it’s just a raised brow and the hint of a smile seen through his eyes. and he’s staring you down too?? good god
sugawara kōshi — when you nearly trip or fall and they reach out for you.
it’s like that heart stopping near fall and then he gets all wide eyed and reaches out for you, saying “woah, careful” in that really soft, gentle voice. even better if he grabs at your arm or presses his hand on the small of your back to steady you even if you are steady. does he make fun of you after? yes. but it’s still really attractive the way he gets all worried and grows really soft for you in the moment.
hanamaki takahiro — when they can keep up with your energy.
the banter is endless with the two of you. every thing you say he’s got a comeback, a witter, funnier, probably more sexual comeback. it’s so like? exciting? the way he’s always challenging you. he’s always got something to make fun of you of, even if it’s not real and made up. and he says it so smooth and it’s always, always, right in the moment. like he thinks of it in the spot. the fact that it just naturally comes to him how he can keep up with you and match your energy is so, so attractive.
tanaka ryūnosuke — when funny, light hearted guys get super serious about something
he’s always chill and always cracking jokes. he’s everyone’s comfort person, and no matter the situation he can be relied on to cheer and lighten up the mood. but sometimes shit gets serious, like if you’re hurt or something, and he does not crack a single joke. nothing. he won’t attempt to lighten up the mood because he cannot bring himself to. especially if he’s like protective and angry, he gets super quiet and won’t take shit from anyone it’s both heart warming and kinda scary.
ushijima wakatoshi — when serious, solemn, no jokes guys let loose
the complete opposite! ushijima’s super serious and he honestly doesn’t get jokes to even consider making them. he’s a very strong and reliable presence, like a literal pillar. but then maybe you do something stupid or you buy him a snack he’s been wanting and he smiles so softly, so sweetly, and his face just relaxes and softens and his eyes are so kind that you instantly melt. because it’s a sight that‘s as rare as it is makes it all the more endearing.
kozume kenma — when guys have a softer smell rather than a strong, cologne.
when i say softer i don’t mean girlier. i just mean softer. like maybe it’s a fresher smell (like minty) or maybe it’s a more floral smell like jasmine or lavender, or maybe it’s like warm tones (like cinnamon). either way, no matter what he smells like, it’s subtle but there. especially if you sit directly next to him or pass by him. you get a whiff of him and it’s so? calming? alluring? intoxicating in the most subtle way? idk. just. attractive.
konoha akinori — when guys stretch while they’re sitting and their shirts ride up.
he‘s just sitting there minding his own business, relaxing, chatting. he’s had a long day and his muscles are all tight and tense, so he just lifts up his arms and stretches, groaning a little and sighing, in relief and satisfaction, as the tension is relieved. his shirt rides up a bit and he even leans back too, exposing more of his lean abdomen. and when he sags in his chair after he’s got this delirious, satisfied smile or smirk on his face.
tsukishima kei — when a guy is explaining something to you and is demonstrating
like the way he’s trying to explain something on a computer and you’ve got the screen before you so he reaches across you to point something out and then suddenly the two of you are really close?? or if he’s writing down something on paper and he keeps looking up as he’s explaining to see if you’re getting it and to keep you engaged. or when he’s just explaining something and he just. sounds smart. you don’t get a thing but it’s fascinating.
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kybabi · a month ago
can you please do a scenario where the boys have been distant and closed off which makes their s/o sad :(( they've tried talking to them but they dismisses the reader. and one day when the boys were coming home from practice, they accidentally hear their s/o talking to their friends and their friends convincing them to break up with the boys because of how distant they've been acting. could you please do this with sakusa, ushijima and bokuto? lots of angst and to fluff please! thank you so much ily <3
hearing their s/o talk about breaking up with them
w/ ushijima and sakusa!
(a/n: ahhh i love this prompt sm :’) i’m not sure if you’re the same anon who sent this a couple months ago but i did get the same request a while back and planned to write for it ! i tweaked it just a bit; i hope you don’t mind! i’ll put bo in another part, dw :))
anyways, thank you for requesting :) these scenarios are written in the timeskip. ily all!
p.s. if any of y’all read my recent sakusa drabble (the one with mini sakusa) this is what i imagine the little bedtime story to be like :’))
Tumblr media
he hadn’t meant to get so defensive
and in retrospect, it’s clear that you were completely right
after coming home hours after he promised to, you were upset
“i barely even see you anymore! it’s like you don’t even wanna be with me.”
and he was tired, and irritated, and didn’t want to deal with you
so he snapped at you
“yeah? maybe i don’t.”
he didn’t miss the way your eyes filled up with tears as he walked out, going for a walk to clear his head
he knew he was being unreasonable and you didn’t deserve to be treated so terribly
and frankly, he missed you too
he missed your warmth and affection greatly, and he wanted to be with you more than anything
so he went back to your shared place to apologize
but what he heard made his blood turn to ice
ushijima opens the front door softly, the sound quiet in case you might be asleep.
he pads over to the bedroom softly, peeking in. he sighs in relief. you’re still here.
he’s about to say something when you sniffle, attempting to stifle a sob. his heart breaks.
“i don’t know what to do, fumi,” you mumble helplessly, words shaky. it’s then that he sees your phone on the bed next to you, the speaker on. quickly, he hides against the wall.
your friend, fumiko, sighs from the other end. “oh, babe.”
“it’s just... i feel like i’m putting so much energy and time and love into this relationship and he doesn’t even care,” you sniffle, burying your face in your hands. “i love him so much, you know? but i don’t even know how he feels anymore.”
don’t... know how i feel? he thinks, confused.
yet another sigh comes from her end, and there’s a pause. wakatoshi moves a little closer to hear better.
“y/n, i know you probably don’t wanna hear this, and whatever you decide to do is your choice, which i will wholeheartedly support. but,” she takes a second, “don’t you think... if he’s not putting any effort into this relationship, is it even something he wants?”
you break into another sob at that, hands helplessly wiping at your cheeks.
ushijima frowns. of course your relationship is something that he wants. how could you ever even think differently?
“i know, i know,” you mutter shakily. “i just— i love him,” you whisper dejectedly.
i love you too, he wants so badly to say, but he stays quiet against the wall.
“i know you do. but if he doesn’t even care enough to just show up, i don’t think you should either,” fumi says gently. “i don’t know much about your relationship, but i care about you and i want you to do the best thing for yourself. and if that means removing yourself from situations like this, it might be best to move on.”
move on?
wakatoshi feels like he can’t breathe, throat tight with panic.
he doesn’t want you to move on. he wants to wake up every morning to see your sleepy smile. he wants to cuddle with you when the winter comes and it’s too cold to go out. he wants to spend the rest of his life by your side.
his hands are uncharacteristically shaky, and he balls them up into fists and waits for your answer nervously.
you sigh, defeated. “i know. you... you’re right,” you mumble, and wakatoshi’s chest aches painfully at your reply. “i just need time to think about it.”
“i get it. and i’ll support you in whatever decision you make, okay?” she says on the line. “just— just try not to get hurt, alright?”
a watery laugh escapes your throat and you sigh. “yeah. okay. thanks, fumi. i’ll call you later.”
you’ve hung up, but wakatoshi feels like he’s stuck to the floor, feet glued to the hardwood.
and then suddenly you’re in front of him, eyes widening at his presence, and he can’t find his voice. all he can do is take in the hurt in your red-rimmed eyes; watch as you swipe at them awkwardly in an attempt to make them look like you haven’t been crying for the past hour.
“toshi?” you whisper, and he’s swallowing nervously.
“you,” he mumbles lowly, “you don’t want to be with me anymore?” you look away sadly, stepping back a little.
“i, um. i don’t really know...” you trail off, uncomfortable.
the entire exchange is awkward, and wakatoshi realizes that it’s entirely his fault for that. if he had just been better to you, none of this would have ever happened...
“what do you mean you don’t know?” he asks, brows furrowed. you sigh, frustrated, and look away.
“it’s not like i want to break things off, i just— i don’t really see a point to continuing if you’re just going to keep pushing me away like this,” you explain, and he swallows nervously. “i just need time to think about—”
but then he’s reaching for you, hand wrapped around your wrist, and you pause.
“i’m sorry. i never meant to hurt you,” he mutters guiltily. “and i know i did, but i don’t want to be without you. i love you.”
the confession makes your heart stop. you’d forgotten how it’d felt to hear those words. you turn away, eyes filling up all over again.
“i can’t keep doing this if you’re just going to keep tossing me to the side like this,” you murmur shakily, and he shakes his head, desperate.
“i-i’ll do better, okay? i’ll be better for us, just— just let me prove it,” he pleads, and you’re surprised to see that his own eyes have gone glossy. you don’t think you’ve ever seen him look so desperate in your life. “please.”
fumiko may have been right, but with the way he’s trying to fix your relationship, you think that it might be worth fighting for.
you sigh. “alright. but you can’t walk out on me like that again, okay? it really hurt my feelings,” you mumble, pushing your head into his chest, and he sighs, relieved.
“okay. i’m sorry,” he mumbles, cradling you softly. you offer him a gentle smile and a nod to let him know you accept his apology, and he kisses your forehead.
you know there’s still much to discuss, and many difficult conversations to have. but for the first time, it feels like things will be okay.
Tumblr media
sakusa wasn’t planning on having an argument with you, but it ended up happening anyway
you were fed up with the way he’d been treating you and it all just came out
you pleaded for him to just listen to you, but all you got was stubbornness and harsh words
after a while, he simply refused to talk to you, too angry and exhausted
“what, you’re just gonna go to bed now? is this conversation not important to you?”
he’d scoffed, not even bothering to look back at you
“maybe it’s not. maybe i’m fucking tired of always having to hear you talk.”
it’s not like he actually meant it, but he was tired, and so he snapped at you
so you locked yourself in the bathroom and cried while he drifted off to sleep
kiyoomi groans, rubbing at his eyes tiredly. he checks the clock on his bedside table. 1:28 am.
he looks over to see light peeking out from under the bathroom door. shit, he thinks. you’re still up?
he sighs guiltily, face falling into his hands. he really hadn’t meant to snap at you like that. in fact, having a conversation with you about your relationship really was a good idea anyway.
kiyoomi knows he’s been treating you terribly. he’s been coming home ridiculously late and forgetting to answer your texts. and frankly, he’s just been a terrible boyfriend.
but today was exhausting, and he’d just been so tired, and everything just got to him. so he said things he didn’t mean and shut you out.
he sighs again, looking towards that light from the bathroom. he doesn’t want to go back to sleep feeling like this, so he gets up and tiptoes toward the door. he’s about to knock on it gently when he hears you let out a sob.
he can feel his heart breaking at the sound, and the guilt from earlier increases tenfold.
“i just wish things could go back to the way they were,” you cry, sniffling loudly, and he presses his ear to the door.
“i know, i know,” a voice soothes quietly, and kiyoomi vaguely recognizes it. it’s your friend, emi.
“and i don’t know what i did wrong to make it this way,” you sob sadly, and he swallows regretfully. he wants so badly to tell you that it’s not your fault, that he knows he’s been neglecting you, that he wants to be better for you. but he longs to hear more, so he stays put.
“hey. this isn’t your fault, okay? you can’t put all of this on you,” emi says, and you sniffle.
“i know, but,” you mumble. “if i was a better partner, maybe he’d still want me.” kiyoomi gasps softly at that, confused. it takes everything in him not to open the door and wrap you up in his arms, to reassure you that he wants you more than anything in the world.
“i get it, y/n, and i know you’re hurting. but nothing you could’ve done would make him treat you better. you always strived to be the best partner for him. i know you did,” she reassures you. “but he hasn’t been putting in the same effort, and i think you deserve better.”
he grits his teeth in frustration. he knows she’s right. he wishes she wasn’t.
“maybe you’re right. i-i don’t know,” you mutter softly, and there’s a pause. “i think it might be time to move on.”
kiyoomi’s blood turns cold at that and he blinks erratically, trying desperately to dispel the thought of losing you.
“i don’t think he’s willing to try anymore. i’m just...” you sniffle quietly. “i wish it didn’t have to end this way.”
he steps back, hands shaking, and quickly threads them into his hair as he attempt to find a way to make everything okay. he paces frantically, head spinning, and everything comes to a stop when he hears the door open.
“kiyoomi?” you whisper tearfully, turning the light on. “i—i thought you went to sleep...”
he swallows, suddenly not knowing how to act. he fumbles with his hands, shoving them into the pockets of his sweatpants. “i, uh. i did. i just woke up.”
there’s an awkward, tense silence. kiyoomi understands what you meant when you said you wished everything could go back to the way it was.
“i want—”
“i’m just gonna head to bed for the night,” you mumble, refusing to look at him, and walk into the bedroom. he starts to panic, grabbing your wrist before you can go.
“wait! let’s just,” he says frantically. “could we talk for a minute?”
you turn around, bitter. “now you wanna talk? i thought i wasn’t important enough for that.”
he winces, trying to find the words to respond and coming up blank. you scoff, turning and walking away.
“i love you!” he blurts, and you freeze. your eyes widen, filling up with tears and overflowing.
you miss him terribly.
“i’m sorry. fuck, i’m so sorry. i never meant to make you feel like you weren’t important to me. and i didn’t mean to push you away, but i did, and i hate myself for doing that to you,” he says, praying that you won’t go. “i love you. more than anything in the world. and i should’ve shown you that.”
it’s quiet for a while. and then he can hear you sniffling, and he yearns to comfort you, but he knows he can’t.
you turn around, and he holds his breath.
“i never asked for much. i just wanted you,” you whisper, and he looks down shamefully.
“i know,” he mutters. “i’m so sorry, baby.”
you nod, and he takes a few cautious steps until he’s standing right in front of you. you look up, and he swallows nervously.
“just— just give me a chance to show you that i can be better. i know it’s selfish, and i know i don’t deserve it, but i want to try. please.”
the past few weeks have been rough. but now that he’s looking into your eyes for the first time in what feels like forever, you feel like things might just be okay soon.
you know there’s a lot to say and more hurt to come, but now you know that he’s willing to go through it with you. and you don’t feel so alone anymore.
you take his hand and gently place it on your chest, resting your head on his.
for the first time in a long time, you sleep snuggled into his chest, his arms safely wrapped around you.
the feeling is familiar, and you can finally remember just what it is.
yeah, you smile softly.
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · 16 days ago
HEY!!! can i get haikyuu boys when their kid comes to cuddle with them and their s/o in the morning? (pls include kuroo—)
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō, kuroo tetsurō
a/n — hope you enjoy my love <333 also i got this request before my character changes,, altho i did mention i don’t mind writing for kuroo anyways !
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU groans a little when he feels a tap on his shoulder, his arms around you tightening as he pulls your figure closer to his chest, placing a soft kiss against your temple. he only opens his eyes when he feels a nudge against his bicep, his daughter pouting down at him as she tries to crawl under him. the imagine has his chest rumbling with a deep laugh, lifting his arm for her to crawl in between you both. “ya alright, princess? make sure ya don’t steal all the cuddles, daddy needs em too” your daughter giggles softly, nuzzling against your chest and he finds himself smiling at your still sleeping figure, his arm returning to its place around your waist as he pulls you both closer and he smiles, a little wobblier this time because he’d stay here forever if he could. “how d’ya expect me ta get up now, angel? don’t need anythin’ else when av got ya both here with me already.”
☾ IWAIZUMI felt himself blinking awake when he felt a weight at his feet, opening his eyes to notice his daughter curled up at the bottom of the bed, nuzzling into his leg. he’s quick but gentle as he sits up, trying not to wake you as he reaches for his daughter, his smile a little sleepy and eyes a little dark, voice deep when he speaks “come on, princess. you’re gonna get cold down there, cmeer.” his features are softer than normal despite the sleep lacing them, guiding his daughter onto his chest before he’s reaching to pull you close against his side, placing a chaste kiss against your forehead as his lips linger on the skin, and even though he’s the only one awake right now, he can’t help but smile when he breathes out an i love you because he knows even if you can’t hear him, it’s felt and maybe love was best felt just like this.
☾ SAKUSA had always been a light sleeper, so he was quick to wake when he felt a tug at his shirt, opening his eyes to see a familiar head of messy black curls blinking up at him from the side of the bed, a pout on his daughter lips. “what’s wrong sweetheart? did you have a nightmare?” his voice is raspy when he speaks, but it’s gentle - his hand moving to brush the hair from his daughters face as he smiles softly, leaning over to help her onto the bed but careful enough to make sure you’re not nudged awake as you lay against his side. he shifts you slightly, allowing your child to lay under his other arm before he’s pulling you closer, his cheek resting against the crown of your head as he breathes a content type of sigh, a ghost of a smile on his lips when his eyes close, because he knows this kind of love is true, always.
☾ SUNA mumbled under his breath when he felt a tug at his hair, batting at the sudden pain before he was met with a childish groan in return, the sound causing his eyes to peek open as he pulls you closer against his chest. “what’re you pouting for, pretty girl?” his daughter pouts up at him from where she’s trying to crawl under his arm, letting out a small whine when he mimics that same pout, smirking slightly when she huffs and folds her arms, but it turns a little lovesick because she’s just like you. “cmeer then, pretty.” his arm eventually outstretches as she crawls under it, nuzzling herself between you both as his arm circles your waist again, squeezing lightly as the corners of his lips upturn slightly, sleepily drawling out his words under his breath “my clingy babies.”
☾ KUROO his head shot up from its place between the pillows when he felt a weight on his back, his hand reaching immediately for your figure, pulling you close to make sure you were okay. his brows furrow when he feels a poke inbetween his shoulders, turning to see two pools of amber that although look like his, they glimmer like yours as his daughter crawls towards you both, cuddling into your sleeping figure. “what’re you doing awake, huh kitten? cmeer, get under but no kicking or you’re out!” his lips stretch into a lazy smirk as she giggles and he finds himself turning onto his back, pulling you both against his chest just so he can start his morning like this, feeling like he owns the world just because he was holding his.
Tumblr media
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teesumu · 2 days ago
a day in the life of sakusa kiyoomi—(featuring you, his wonderful lover)
Tumblr media
6:30 AM:
“Omi, nooo.”
“Let go, y/n. I gotta.”
“Come on, don’t be a brat,” he groans.
“If you love me, you’ll stay.” Sakusa sighs, pecking your forehead softly, hand gliding over your back as he feels you against him. It’s warm and it’s home, and he’s almost tempted to stay glued to you.
“I have to go jog, I’ll be back,” he mumbles, unlatching himself despite your hands attempting to claw their way back to him. “Stop that, you’re—hey! Don’t smack my ass, weirdo.”
And even though his cheeks are tainted red and he’s thoroughly embarrassed, he grins to himself when he walks to the bathroom and hears your giggles.
7:20 AM:
“Omi, quit picking at the calluses on your hands.”
“‘M not,” he denies through a quiet mumble, hiding his hands under the table with a pout.
“You’re hopeless.”
The plate of breakfast placed before makes his heart flutter. Sakusa can’t stop the little chuckle he lets out when he sees the strawberries assembled into a little heart on the plate.
“And you’re a cliche sap,” he teases. And when he catches the spoon you throw at him, smirking when you groan at his athleticism, he almost considers skipping practice.
“Hurry and eat, you’ll be late.”
“I’m never late.”
“I don’t care, shut up and eat,” you huff. His chair scoots closer to yours when you settle next to him with your own plate.
7:34 AM:
“Y/n, y/n—oh my goodness—okay, that’s enough. I’ll be late—oh my god,” he groans through the onslaught of kisses you place on his face. He pretends he’s annoyed, but the blush and the wobble of his lips as he fights back a smile says otherwise.
Sakusa loves goodbye kisses, you’re no fool.
“Okay,” you peck his lips one last time. “There, I’m done. Now you may go.” He shuffles a little and stares at the ground, pout on his face.
“Ahem,” he clears his throat.
“You’ll be late, what are you—”
“You’re forgetting two things.”
“What?” He glares at you, and you glare back.
“First of all, you’re supposed to say I love you? What happened to that?” Rolling your eyes, you purse your lips at him with a raised brow.
“Kay, I love you. What else do you need?”
“Thank you, I love you too.” His eyes meet the floor again. “You missed a spot,” he murmurs quietly. And even though you laugh at him, and he scowls and shoves you away for a bit, you place two big kisses to his moles, sending him off.
7:57 AM:
“Omi, why’re ya smilin’ at yer phone like that?” Sakusa’s grin instantly drops, and his usual scowl graces his features. Atsumu tends to have that effect on him.
“Ooh! Are you talking to y/n? I love y/n! Tell y/n I said hi!” Bokuto’s voice is booming loud as ever—too loud for eight am on a Monday morning for him.
“No, you don’t need to say hi—”
“Tell y/n I said hi too!” He glares at a certain ginger instantly. He’s a bit annoyed that his last minute conversation with you before weight training is interrupted, but he doesn’t deny that deep down, he’s at home here too, surrounded by three loud mouths he can’t escape.
He shoots a quick message with a scowl on his face.
Bokuto and Hinata said hi
And Atsumu too he adds after the setter insists through whines.
And when he gets a tell them I said hi too! he can’t help but smile softly again—although it drops two seconds after when Atsumu opens his mouth once more.
12:36 PM:
“My shoulder hurts.”
“You slacked off on your stretches again, didn’t you?” He doesn’t meet your eyes as he unpacks his bento.
“No.” He did. And he knows you know, but Sakusa doesn’t like being scolded. Especially not on his lunch break.
“Yes you did, Kiyoomi,” you say sternly. And he pouts, unhappy with your tone.
“Don’t yell at me, I’m hungry, I don’t deserve this right now.” He pulls out the note you left him, scanning over the sweet message, noticing the little bunch of hearts on the bottom next to your signed name. He cracks a smile, turning the note to face you through the screen. “You’re a cliche sap part two.”
“And you’re an idiot who can’t take care of himself part two. Quit picking at your calluses and quit slacking on your stretches. Make sure you stretch longer before practice.” Sakusa glares at you through his phone, but his heart does a little squeeze at how you take care of him.
“Kay, whatever, you’re rude. Now tell me about your day so far.” He’s kept very entertained throughout his lunch break as he hears your rambles about trivial things.
8:17 PM:
“I’m home,” Sakusa calls out. Silence. With a frown, he calls out “I said I’m home,” louder this time.
“Oh my god, I’m coming, you’ll live if you’re not greeted in two seconds,” you huff as you emerge from the bathroom. But still, your hands cup his cheeks gently, pulling him into a searing kiss with a soft smile on your face.
“I could very well die,” he mumbles in between kisses, burying his head into your neck and pecking the skin there as your hands smooth through his curls. “Missed you.”
“Me too. Dinner’s gonna be ready in a bit, go shower,” you whisper.
“No, not yet.”
“Omi, we’ll cuddle after—”
“Yeah, but I wanna cuddle now.” Smiling to yourself, you rub over his shoulder, the one you know is sore, and he slacks more weight into you.
“Hey,” you whisper.
“I love you.”
“Yeah, I love you too,” Sakusa grins before tugging you along to your shared room, plopping himself on top of you in bed.
8:33 PM:
“And then I was spiking the ball, and I saw him just trip in the corner,” he snorts along with you, shaking his head as he recounts details from practice. “He thought no one noticed but I’m pretty sure everyone did.”
“I saw a kid trip at the grocery store today,” you chuckle. “I’m going to hell for laughing.” Sakusa cracks a large grin, poking your cheek with his index finger.
“You’re going to hell anyway.”
“So are you.”
“That’s why we’re a match made in heaven. Or hell. You know what? Both.” His hand finds yours under the table, squeezing it gently as your thumb rubs over his knuckles. “Oh yeah, I need a hair cut, remind me to make an appointment later this week.”
“No, Omi! It’s not even that long,” you whine.
“Yes it is, it gets in eyes when I go to serve.”
“Then wear clips. You look hot with longer hair,” you insist, making him scowl.
“No, that’s weird.” But he can’t help but sigh when your pout deepens, weak to his knees at the look. “Fine, I’ll do it like next week or something instead,” he mutters. The smug grin on your face makes him roll his eyes, but the brightness in your eyes fills him up to the brim with warmth.
11:31 PM:
“Can we go to bed now, love?” Sakusa yawns, nudging you from his spot on your chest. You hum as you scroll through your phone.
“What are you? An old man? Only grandpas head in for the night at eleven thirty.” He raises an eyebrow.
“You nap all day, you lazy brat. That’s why you’re never tired at night.”
“Excuse me, I did a lot of work today, don’t even start. A few smacks of a ball shouldn’t get you this tired.” He pulls the blanket over his body, huffing as he gets comfortable on top of your body.
“Fine, you stay up, I’ll sleep.”
“Omi, don’t sleep on me, you’re heavy.”
“Oh well,” he mumbles, already dozing off. You want to be mad, but he looks utterly beautiful in his sleep, cheek smooshed against your chest, face calm and at peace. He looks a few years younger, and you can’t help but smile to yourself, pushing back the hair from his face and kissing his moles.
“I guess your hair has gotten a bit longer,” you whisper. “Goodnight, Omi. I love you.” And Sakusa, as if he knows, smiles a bit in his sleep, humming contentedly.
He considers today a pretty good day.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
idk what this is sdjsjjsnd but it’s the most self indulgent thing i’ve written. this is me and omi, literally our dynamic. might even do an atsumu one now jsnsnsnsj
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mattsukai · a month ago
Tumblr media
featuring: ushijima, yamaguchi, atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, iwaizumi, suna, sakusa, nishinoya
genre: fluff | sfw
author’s note: this was extremely self-indulgent, take my offering loves <3
Tumblr media
he likes to keep a picture of you in his wallet, it’s probably old and worn out but he treats it like a good luck charm.
before every game he’ll just give himself a pep talk and smile down at your photo for a moment, reminding himself that someone was watching him so absolutely he had to do his best.
but it was also a gentle reminder that no matter what the results of the game were, he’d always have someone to come home to.
this man has a picture of you as his wallpaper, part of it because he just takes every opportunity to brag about you and make his teammates jealous.
and it also just brightens up his mood, he could be a nervous wreck right before a big game.
but seeing your smiling face along with that notification that reads ‘good luck, tsumu. i know you’ll do amazing, i love you.’ he feels like there isn’t anything he can’t do.
his entire gallery is filled with you, what’s the catch, you ask? they’re all terrible photos.
literally has the worst camera quality and are so blurry not to mention you look like a mess in every single one.
but he always tells you about how they’re his favourites, and no matter how many times you beg him to delete them that’s never happening.
he has a whole corner of his room dedicated to pictures of you.
yamaguchi likes to hang up little printed out photos of the both of you and make them look nice and pretty.
he’ll even go the extra mile and add some fairy lights or little doodles to make them more unique and special for him.
nishinoya keeps a photo of you on the back on his phone, through a clear case like a basic bitch.
he likes it because he’ll purposely put his phone face down just so people will ask about you which gets them stuck in a 4-hour ramble about his amazing girlfriend.
also, he definitely kisses that photo and he does not care how many people tell him it’s dirty, he’s still going to do it.
your pictures are plastered all over this mans social media; instagram, twitter, snapchat, everything.
there is literally not one fan of his that doesn’t know who you are because he will take every chance he gets to show you off.
bokuto just feels so proud to have someone like you in his life which is why he’s not ashamed to let everyone see how much he loves you.
he doesn’t want to admit it because he’s ‘not a simp’ but on his phone, there’s an entire album dedicated to just pictures of you.
they’re a mix of different things, mostly ones he took of you when he thought you weren’t looking to pictures of you guys on all the dates you’ve been on.
sometimes he just likes to look through them and reminisce, especially when he’s on a trip and missing you.
sakusa isn’t the type to take photos of you, but what usually happens is he gets his phone stolen by you and atsumu.
and you both fill and spam his gallery with terrible photos of the two of you, every time sakusa gets his phone back he’ll give you an annoyed sigh knowing exactly what you did
yet he can’t find himself getting mad when you look so cute in them, he also only deletes the ones with atsumu’s face on them and keeps yours.
most of your photos are on his snapchat memories but what suna really likes taking are videos of the two of you.
it literally eats up all of his phone’s storage but he just can’t delete any of them because he’s horribly attached to them
they’re full of fun memories with you, so, how could he possibly just get rid of them?
Tumblr media
taglist; send an ask to be added or removed
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luvbub · 2 months ago
Hi lovely! Could you please write something where the reader took ages to be physically comfortable with the character like holding hands and hugging and then in a fight, they say something like “you’re too clingy” or something? Maybe with Iwaizumi, Atsumu and Oikawa? Thank you xx
calling you clingy
Tumblr media
feat.  Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa
♡ warning: hurt/comfort
♡ a/n: ??? sorry I dont know how to feel about my writing lol enjoy pls
Tumblr media
What you and Atsumu were arguing about was beyond your knowledge at this point. But the two of you were just throwing harsh words at one another, frustrated and tired that this fight was even going on.
“And you know what, you’re too damn clingy all of the time!” Atsumu spat at you. He was just listing a bunch of flaws you had, but that one stuck out to you the most.
Clingy? You took a step back from him, still trying to reel in his words. When the two of you first started dating, you let Atsumu know that it would take some time for you to get comfortable with physical touch. And he understood completely. It took you a long time to initiate intimate acts with your boyfriend, and you always felt guilty for taking too long. But Atsumu was always so patient with you.
So what went wrong now?
“You think I’m too clingy?” you ask, and Atsumu nods, still tense from the argument.
“Yeah, it’s nearly suffocating Y/n” he says, and you do your best to hold back your tears. Because it sure as hell hurts to hear your boyfriend to tell you that you’re too much- especially since you had to work really hard at getting used to being affectionate with him.
“I understand...” you murmur, apologizing for your actions. When the argument had eased up a bit, you went to bed, reflecting on yourself. Maybe Atsumu had a point- you did have always rush up to him for hugs and kisses. In your defense, you found them enjoyable- but if your boyfriend wasn’t comfortable with it.. maybe it was best to stop.
So that’s what you did. You kept your physical distance with him for the next few days. You didn’t kiss him good morning anymore, didn’t hug him was soon as he got home from practice. It was highly reminiscent of how you were at the beginning of the relationship.
And it took Atsumu a few nights to even realize this.
Obviously the first night after the fight, he didn’t try and initiate and intimacy with you since there was still some tension between the two of you. But as the days went on and things seemingly returned to normal, there was no denying that something was different about you.
He couldn’t place it at first. It was odd since you talked to him like you usually did. So what changed?
On your end, it was pretty easy to fall back into the habit of physically distancing yourself from your boyfriend- especially now that you knew how much it bothered him. But even if it was easy to revert back, you still couldn’t help but feel resentful towards yourself for even putting Atsumu in an uncomfortable situation. From all viewpoints it was your fault- had you toned down your actions maybe the two of you wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.
When he came home from practice one day, exhausted from overworking himself, all Atsumu wanted was to cuddle with you.
“Y/n!!! I’m so tirrreeeed” he jokingly whines, holding out his arms and expecting you to come up to him and wrap your arms around him like you always did.
“Oh, rough day at practice today?” you ask, not looking up from your phone.
Atsumu slowly drops his arms and pouts at you, making his way over to the couch and plopping right next to you.
He takes in your reaction, how you glance quickly over before adjusting yourself to be further away from him. You tried to make it seem natural- but Atsumu was sharp enough to notice how your actions were all intentional. Before you could distance yourself even more, Atsumu quickly rests his head on your lap- effectively leaving you trapped.
“I- ‘Tsumu what are you-” you start to ask before you hear your boyfriend mumbling.
“You’ve been avoiding me. Not hugging me like always, not cuddling me like you usually do... are you still upset with me?” he asks, a small pout forming on his face.
You blink a couple times, confused at his words.
“You said th-that... You said that I was too clingy... So I wanted to give you your space” you answer back, looking anywhere but your boyfriend’s face. Atsumu quickly sat up, grasping at your hands to hold them firmly in his own. When you finally look at him, panic is strewn across his face.
“Wait, no.. I didn’t mean that at all Y/n! No, I love it when you’re affectionate with me, all the time” he says, trying to reassure you and retract his own words.
Finally, the tears you didn’t get to cry that first night he berated you finally came out. You were sobbing- a lot, crying how unfair it was for your boyfriend to say something like that, how you missed having him so close to you these past few days. Atsumu pulls you closer to him and cradles you, letting you cry your feelings out.
“I’m so sorry Y/n, I really didn’t mean it though. ” he whispers softly as your sobs begin to die down. You don’t say anything back to him- only replying with a small nod. You understood him completely- but that didn’t necessarily mean you were over this issue. And Atsumu knew that. He knew that he had set things back a few step, something he would forever be kicking himself for.
But for now, he would be the one initiating all contact with you, hoping that he could undo his own mistakes and bring you to be more comfortable with him again. And for you, Atsumu was willing todo that.
It wasn’t even a serious fight. So why were you and your boyfriend just butting heads and screaming at one another? At this point the argument went from trying to rationally explain your side to just seeing who was able to piss off the other the most.
And it looked like Iwaizumi was winning.
“Whatever Hajime, why don’t you just fuck off” you yell, turning away from him and ready to just walk away from this whole dispute.
“Real funny hearing that from the clingiest fucking person on this planet” he yells back- and you stop dead in your tracks.
You turn back to face him, the anger from your face completely gone. Now you had a look of confusion and slight hurt.
“..You.. you think I’m clingy?” you ask, your voice a whole lot softer- a stark contrast to how you were just a few seconds ago.
And you had every right to this abrupt change in attitude, as your boyfriend’s words had struck a nerve with you. You were never the most comfortable when it comes to any sort displays of affection. Early in the relationship, every time Iwaizumi would try to hold your hand or wrap his arm around your shoulder you would flinch and scoot away from him. Of course this misunderstanding led to a rocky start, but after having an honest conversation with your boyfriend, he came to understand where you were at.
It’s not like you wanted to always shy away from hand holding and hugs- you yearned for them too. It was just that it would take a while for you to ease into these actions. And Iwaizumi never made it feel like a rush- like you had to quickly get over this little roadblock and be able to be affectionate with him. No, he waited for you- and even if you weren’t able to become fully comfortable, Iwaizumi was okay with that too.
So all of this seemed like a slap in the face to you.
Your sudden change in tone caught Iwaizumi’s attention and he looked at your face, noticing the ever so slight distraught on it. And in that same second, he came to realize his own words and the situation around it. You saw the instant regret he had.
“Wait no Y/n, I didn’t mean-”
“No, it’s okay Hajime..” you reply, trying hard not to think about it so you wouldn’t cry in front of him. But Iwaizumi read you easily. He nudged his head to the sofa.
He sat down first, patting right next to him for you to sit. But when you decidedly sit a bit further from him, Iwaizumi knew he already did some damage to you.
Of course you just wanted to jump into his arms and cuddle him right then and there as he tried to reassure you- but if he didn’t mean what he said, why would he even say it? Surely those words came from some truth, right?
Iwaizumi reached out his hand to grab yours and was relieved when you didn’t pull away.
“You know, I don’t know why I said that. To be honest, I was just frustrated. I mean I still am- since we never really resolved anything and since I hurt your feelings too. And before you could say you’re fine, just know that your face says otherwise.” he starts, watching as you close your mouth and pout a bit. He knew you too well.
“But, l don’t know if you believe me but do know I’m incredibly sorry for even saying that. None of it is true, you’re not clingy at all and I absolutely love it when you’re the one who starts all the affection”
You tentatively scooted closer to your boyfriend, gauging his reaction. Even after he had just went on about how he didn’t see you that way- you had your doubts.
Your boyfriend sighs, and in one swift motion pulls you into his arms, instantly cuddling you. 
Before he could even say anything again, you speak first.
“I know I know Hajime... You don’t mean it at all... but I’m still a bit cautious you know. Because I don’t want to be too much and I certainly don’t want you to lie to make me feel better...”
"I see... well I can’t argue against that- those feelings are completely valid. But if it helps at all, I’d like you to know that if I ever feel the slightest bit overwhelmed, I would just ask for some space and not insult you with things that aren’t even true, alright?”
You nod back at him, “I know Hajime” and you did. It would be hard to regain that bit of confidence you had lost, but hearing your boyfriend say these things made it all the easier for you.
“I’m glad” he murmurs, kissing your forehead. He honestly lucked out that things didn’t get any worse for the two of you. As careless as he was with his words, he was extremely grateful you were extremely understanding of him and his mistake. Oh how lucky he was to be with someone like you.
On days where the two of you were feeling especially stubborn, your arguments would last just as long. It was stressful for the both of you- obviously the two of you wanted for it to all be over, but you both were being absolutely stubborn this time around.
And as a way to ease up on his frustrations, Oikawa would often talk to Iwaizumi on the phone. Oftentimes you had walked past the bedroom, hearing snippets of the conversation. You would roll your eyes when you heard your boyfriend complain about how stubborn you were being- he was being childish after all. But one particular comment made you stop dead in your tracks.
“God- yeah Y/n is just... so clingy, you know? I feel like they’re just always attached to my hip no matter what.” Oikawa groans into the phone.
You quickly flee the scene, heading to the restroom in order to rethink what you had just heard. You sat on the floor of the restroom, and before you knew it, tears were rolling down your cheeks. Because out of all the possible insults Oikawa could have thrown at you- clingy was the one that shocked you the most.
It was honestly so hard to be affectionate with your boyfriend when you first started dating, for a multitude of reasons. First off, you just felt uneasy initiating touch with him just because you felt overly cautious with your actions. Second, his fans only made you feel less confident about your role as Oikawa’s s/o. His fangirls always tried to get close to your boyfriend, and seeing them get all touchy with him when you couldn’t only reinforced your reluctance.
But Oikawa was understanding, and for most of your relationship, he would be the one to start the cutesy actions, being very patient with you. The first time you even hugged him was the biggest deal to him.
So the fact that he called you clingy... made you feel conflicted. This entire time you felt insecure about not being enough for your boyfriend, and now you were too much. The best solution, in your eyes, was to take a step back. Keep a distance from your boyfriend and hope that giving him space would solve everything.
A week into your self-distancing from your boyfriend went by, and you were hating every single day of it. You wanted to curl up into him before going to bed, or hold hands with him in public like you used to. The other day you saw his fans clamor around him, and you felt that same stinging sensation in your heart that you experienced early in your relationship. How come he didn’t see them as clingy?
Whatever the case may be, you tried to carry on with your days. Even though technically your little spat from earlier had resolved itself, you still felt some tension being around Oikawa. And soon you found yourself back in the same place you were a week ago- outside the bedroom listening in on your boyfriend’s conversation with Iwaizumi.
“Iwa-chan, do you think Y/n is mad at me? They’re avoiding me and I’m actually really worried-” Oikawa stopped talking when he caught sight of you at the doorway. He hung up the phone, directing all of his attention onto you now. But before he could get a word in, you explain yourself.
“I’m not mad Tooru... I just didn’t want to bother you. I know I’ve been pretty clingy lately and I wanted to give you your space...” you mumble.
Oikawa gets up immediately, his brows furrow as he processes your words. Because not once did he give you the idea that you could possibly be clingy. In fact the only time he’s ever said that was-
Oh. Oh no.
“Wait Y/n I didn’t...” Oikawa stops himself. He can’t outright deny what he said, because he did say it and you did hear it.
“Look, I said that yes, but I honestly was just frustrated from out argument and I just started complaining about you to Iwaizumi. I don’t actually think that of you.” Oikawa. says, opening his arms up for you.
You hesitate for a second before walking up to him and hugging him back. Oikawa saw this hesitation and just wanted to turn back time to that day. Because even if you did know that Oikawa didn’t mean it- and surely he didn’t, his phone call with Iwaizumi just now proved that- that didn’t change how you felt. He still said it that first time, and that shook your confidence.
Oikawa hugs you tighter, “I messed up, didn’t I?” he sighs.
You lift your head to look at your boyfriend.
“It’s okay Tooru. I’m just a little shaken up but uh.. but I’d like to think that I’ll get over this” you reply with a small smile.
“Y/n, I don’t know why you’re reassuring me when I’m the one who should be doing that” he chuckles, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
When all was said and done, Oikawa carried you to bed for cuddles. And as he holds you close to him, he can’t help but beat himself over something that could have been so easily avoided. All he knew that for the rest of his life, he would try and show you how much he enjoyed your presence and be the one to start any form of physical affection with you.
Even if you got over this incident completely, Oikawa wanted to make it clear how much he loves and adores you.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (bolded ones i’m unable to tag 🥺): @kaidashie @clumsydaisy @honicup @simplyarayofsunshine @elianetsantana @aoirohi @sunaluvs @excitedlysuffering @kaito-thedumbass @tadashi-simp @mattsunbeam @keijis--onigiri @heyheyitsne @chagi-nana @megumeee @lilytheprincesse3 @gabixiio  @neavil @p3rcylov3 @sashaadams18 @jarcinda @yeinscreation @i-need-entertainment @shonin-mai @shinsos-hoe @crescentbitch @xedspirits @cindyttnx @empreads @elidepenes @aukkape @the-astrumnauta @ssuna @krystalmoonuniverse @lilolpotato @akaahshii @sciencekidkuroo @kou-levisworld @bokubonk @chaelysian @keijitimes @jooppp @airybnb @rintarouv @tsumtsumya @mosssi @sakusasmaskkk @iloveu-xoxo @queerjaguar @tabipleats​
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amalthea-000 · 2 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex  i ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! atsumu, osamu x f!reader
wc: 1111 words 
note: please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) have a good one !! 
| masterlist | pt. 2 iwa & suna | pt 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° miya atsumu: 
- the moment both of you got in your shared apartment, you were at each others’ throats. words were flying out of your mouths, some were meant, some were not, can’t even tell which is which due to the heated predicament you were in.
you weren’t even sure how long you’ve been arguing but now you just wanted to sleep and talk about it tomorrow, when both of you have had a rest. “’tsumu, let’s just call it a night, okay? I’m tired” you huff. atsumu looked at you incredulously. “no, we’re finishing this now.” he stood his ground and kept berating you, your mind was exhausted and can’t even comprehend the words properly. 
“–are you even listening? god hayami never gave me a hard time, but ya’? yer a piece of work, y/n” your eyes widen at his words, even at your state, suddenly his words were loud and clear, and your heart clenched at the mention of his ex’s name. you shrunk at his words but shook your head, you look up at him hurt evident in your eyes, “ok then, go back to her, miya. i don’t care anymore“
 atsumu was speechless and was cursing himself internally. he never meant to go that far, it was the heat of the moment, the fatigue and your stubbornness. he was frozen as he watched you grab a blanket and slam the sliding door to the balcony. your sobs were muffled but hearing it broke his heart.
 guilt flooded his system, it was suffocating but with a heavy heart he peeked at your figure on the balcony, he was never good at apologizing, but he knows this was entirely his fault. you hear the door slide, refusing to look at the blonde setter, “what are you still doing here, miya?” ouch. he kneeled in front of you, regret reflects in his eyes but you were taken aback by his tears. the silence meant he could touch you, “that was really hurtful,” you said “i try so hard to be enough for you, to be the best for you but to compare me to her? not cool miya” he holds you close to his chest “i know, i’m a jerk. i’m really sorry, but can ya’ not call me that, i’m yer ‘tsumu.” he grumbled.
 “am i really that difficult?“ you whisper vulnerably, atsumu lets go of you and cups your face delicately “no ‘yer not, princess“ he loved that you gave him a challege, he admired how you stood up to him, how you matched his energy, how you remind him to humble himself— 
“it was an honest mistake, that will haunt me the rest of my life” he kissed your forehead, then your nose “i love ya’, i really do, ya’ made me a better man, princess” he looks down at you and suddenly the tension lifts and his heart wasn’t as heavy as before “are ya’ still mad at me?“ a soft smile grazed your lips, you pinch his side, “depends, are you going to kiss me?” ah there she is, he thought, atsumu lifts your chin and gaves you the most honest and loving kiss that sealed your forever with him. 
° miya osamu:
- you and osamu weren’t on good terms, you were arguing all week and it all started when you scolded him for overworking himself. so you were walking on egg shells with each other. fights with osamu would usually end immediately, so you can’t fathom how this particular fight lasted this long. 
“yer giving me a headache, y/n“ you turn to look at him “this argument has gone too far, osamu“ you say “i just want to get this over with“ you hear him huff, his grip on the steering wheel tightening “look we’ll talk about this when we get home, right now don’t make this all about you“ you scoffed at his comment. he parks the car near the restaurant, both of you were invited to celebrate MSBY’s win. as he was getting out of the car he mumbled something that made your heart drop.
“yuri wasn’t this selfish and stubborn, tsk. so difficult.“
 your face hardened as soon as you heard it, osamu didn’t notice your change in demeanor. your heart was breaking but you have to put on a brave front for your friends. from a distance you see a tall blonde waving at you, “congratulations,’tsumu” you hug him. “ya’ alright, y/n?” he looks at you with concern, “of course, you oaf ” you dismiss. he gives his twin a hug and three of you entered the restaurant.
 the car ride home was silent, osamu was quite worried, you’ve been silent since dinner, only answering questions in short sentences. even atsumu and bokuto noticed your odd behaviour. he knows that things haven’t been okay between the two of you, the altercation was taking a toll on your relationship. deep down he understands that you only wanted him healthy, it’s just that pride got in his way and let it do the talking. 
 as soon as you got home, you went straight to your bedroom, leaving osamu behind. you layed on your side of the bed, gripping your pillow, finally letting your tears down. your mind was full of doubts. yuri was great this, yuri was amazing that. how about you? were you even enough? did osamu really love you? are you really that selfish? 
“osamu?“ a small whispher broke the ravenettes’ thoughts, he hummed in response, “do you want me to be more like her?“ the question confused him but it dawned on him, she heard, shit. “angel, look at me“ you weren’t budging but when you finally do, his heart twisted in pain at your gloomy expression. “oh my god, angel no, no, i don’t want that” he held you tightly while you were sobbing against his chest, “i just want to take care of you, ‘samu” your words were muffled, “i- does that make me selfish? i’m sorry if-” he cut you off “don’t you dare say sorry, angel” he wiped your tears “it’s my fault ok? i’m the one who should be sorry” he leaned his forhead to yours “and I am, you’re so good to me, angel.” 
 you fell asleep on osamu’s chest, he looks down at your peaceful expression that matched the state of his heart. it hurt to think how his words and actions made you feel that way and so he made a mental note to be better. he promised himself that he’ll take care of you, himself and this relationship. he embraced you tighter, and you nuzzle into his warmth, “we’re gonna be ok, angel.”
Tumblr media
hello again! here’s a subpar series i wrote lol, i get compared a lot so i present to you my coping mechanism, writing lol! but yeah uhm i hope you like this!! wah writer’s block sucks but i’m trying haha i know this is not so good but i will be better <3 please take care everyone, drink water, eat right and sanitize - khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​
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hvnlydmn · 2 months ago
Heeeey, I have a request. So whatcha think about the hq boys telling their wife they want a baby (pls, put osamu, this man owns me)
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, bokuto kōtarō, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu
a/n — warning ⚠️ a bit suggestive ig? but pls this is so cute omg !!!
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you were sitting on his lap, his hands smoothing up your thighs as you scrolled through your phone, his face hidden in the crook of your neck after a long practice. you nudged him slightly, turning your phone to show him a tiktok of a cute baby as he peaked through his eyes slightly, grinning before placing a few kisses up your jawline “ours would be prettier baby, ya know that right?” “yeah, because of me.” his sleepy eyes widen slightly at words before one of his more handsome smirks stretch his lips, his hands patting at your thighs “yer kiddin’? ya really wanna test that theory? if yer ready that is, angel.” his hands are back to rubbing soothingly up your thighs as he gazes at you, his touch letting you know that he’ll be love no matter what your answer, but you nod and grin, causing him to grab you into his arms with a giggle before sprinting to the bedroom “fuck, yer really serious? then a hope yer ready baby, god a love ya so much, ya know that?”
☾ IWAIZUMI youd noticed how he softened at the grocery store when the baby infront reached for him from over their parents shoulder, a chuckle rumbling from his throat as he smiled back at the infant who only giggled in response. but you were still surprised when he approached you in the kitchen, an arm wrapping around your waist as he fiddled with the hem of your shirt, eyes focusing on his fingers as he did so, just so he didn’t have to look at you, feeling his cheeks already flush. “you alright, haji?” “i’m fine, doll. but uh—“ he runs a hand through his hair before clearing his throat “have you ever thought about kids? s-shit, i mean, with me uh—like us, having them.” he rambles only to relax when your palm rests against his cheek, eyes finally meeting yours just as your lips press against his own, causing him to grunt before he deepens the kiss, it already saying enough as he grabs you into his arms “fuck, doll. i can’t wait to give you a family.”
☾ BOKUTO you were picking up a few groceries when you noticed him waving and smiling at one of the babies in the trolley across from you both. the giddy child’s giggles sounding so natural mixed with his own, a bright grin on his face before the child is pushed away, his arm returning to its place around you. “baby?” “yes kou?” “can we have one? like only if you want to, it’s just i love you so much and i’d love our baby too, i promise i’d be a good dad.” you turn when you feel his fingers tracing up your waist, his features soft as he looks at you, lips slightly parted although he looks uncharacteristically nervous while he waits for your answer, but the look in his eyes tells you that he’d wait if he had to. “i know you’d be a good dad kou.” “is that a yes?” your grin telling him enough as he silently pumps a fist into the air, grabbing your hand to quickly grab the last of the things so he can rush you home and tend to some urgent matters asap.
☾ SAKUSA you’d returned from your friends house after visiting their newborn, currently cleaning the kitchen before you felt kiyoomi’s arms wrap around your waist from behind. “everything okay, omi?” “everything’s perfect, sweetheart.” you wait a few moments, knowing him well enough to know that something was bothering him. “u-uhm, the baby was cute today.” you smile when you realise where it’s going, feeling kiyoomi’s hands fiddling with themselves as they rest on your stomach “yeah it was cute.” “would you u-uh ever, have you ever thought about it?” you turn in his hold at his words, finally being able to see the blush on his cheeks and ears as he gazes at you, clearing his throat before he speaks again “have you ever thought about our family, love?” “i have.” his eyebrows raise slightly “if you’re not ready i’ll wai—“ “just kiss me omi.” his lips press against yours gently, his words muffled by the kiss “i promise, ill be everything you need, ill take care of you.”
☾ OSAMU you set the table for dinner, your eyes meeting his when he stopped, clearing his throat before looking around and setting down his plate on one side of the table. “ya know, a was thinkin’ about maybe gettin’ a bigger table..” “okay?” “like a table for three or somethin’ have ya ever thought about it?” there’s a beat of silence after except for the creak of the floorboard when he walks towards you, wrapping you in his arms “a mean, the table a two is perfect, but a was just thinkin’ about it ya know, so ya can say what ya think and we can eat dinner like we always do and al still love ya.” “a new table would look nice i think.” he smiles at you, one that shows the soft dimple on his cheek before he places a kiss against your hairline, bringing you in for a tight hug. “yer ma everythin’ sweetheart, we can start lookin’ at tables after dinner, ya’ll need the energy.”
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Tumblr media
Sakusa was always a difficult child. At least, that’s what his mother had told him growing up. He was the fussiest of his siblings, and quite frankly, the brattiest. It came with being the youngest, he supposed, especially being much younger than his siblings. There was always one issue with him.
Sakusa Kiyoomi did not share beds.
Time and time again, his mother had begged him to share a bed with his brother on family vacations, argued that setting up an air mattress for Komori in every sleep over was too tedious, that he couldn’t expect his aunt to always set one up for him when he went over, yet Sakusa remained stubborn.
Sakusa Kiyoomi would not share a bed with anyone.
But then, much to everyone’s surprise, came along you, and all of his self imposed rules flew out the window. It was okay for you to touch his hair, you were only trying to fix it, he’d argue. It was okay for you to steal part of his snack, you’d washed your hands, he’d reason. And, the real shocker, it was okay for you to share his bed. This one had even him confused, even he had no explanation why.
Maybe it was because you were warm, or maybe it was because you rubbed his chest— it was soothing, he slept better— or maybe, just maybe, it was because he simply had a soft spot for you.
Whatever it may be, Sakusa Kiyoomi wanted you to spend the night in his arms— this night and the next, and then all the other nights after that.
“Omi, I have to go,” you chuckled, fingers carding through his curls as his face buried itself deeper into your chest. Those were the cursed words he’d been dreading to hear all night.
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, baby, I do.” A low groan slipped past his lips— if you’d listened closely, it was more of a whine— before he looked up at you. He was clearly unhappy.
“Why?” Smiling gently, you cupped his cheeks.
“Because, Mr. Sakusa Kiyoomi, I have to go to work tomorrow.”
“But it’s your day off tomorrow, l/n y/n.” Rolling your eyes, you poked the tip of his nose, laughing softly at the way he crinkled it when you did.
“I already told you, I have to fill in for—”
“You don’t have to,” he argued. Sighing, you smoothed back his hair.
“Omi, she always fills in for me. I gotta do her this one favor, babe,” you tried to reason. His head collapsed back onto your chest.
“Well, why can’t you just spend the night? I don’t see what the issue is if we fall asleep early.”
“Because you live too far, I’ll have to wake up early to beat the traffic, and my clothes are at my place, and then— Omi, we have this conversation like once a week.” He pouted into the fabric of your shirt— not that you’d see— pitying himself for the distasteful circumstances.
“Well, maybe you should work closer.”
“Omi, I practically live with you at this point,” you chuckled. “You can handle one night without me.” Slowly, Sakusa’s head rose from your chest once again, eyes focused intensely on your collarbone, not daring to look at you as he spoke his next words.
“You could, you know,” he said softly.
“Huh?” Pouting— this time for you to see— his cheeks dusted with a reddish hue.
“You could... you know? Live with me. My lease is ending soon, anyway. I could move closer.” You stared at him, eyes wide, making him shift nervously under your gaze. Just before he could retract his statement and claim he was joking, you kissed his forehead.
“I hate the idea of going apartment hunting with you, you’re like the pickiest person I’ve ever met, but I love the idea of living with you more, so I’ll gladly suffer.” Instantly, his mood brightened, a soft grin erupting across his features.
Sakusa Kiyoomi did not share beds, but with you, he’d share a whole apartment if it meant he’d get to spend that much more time with you.
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