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#haikyuu headcanons
luvbub · a day ago
falling for a fan
Tumblr media
feat. MSBY boys (Sakusa, Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu)
♡ a/n: wow my first post in such a long time sjdfsjkfdfsdhkj forgive me
Tumblr media
“Oh, look who’s here” Atsumu chuckles, nudging Sakusa shortly before the game started.
Sakusa followed Atsumu’s gaze to the audience. He couldn’t tell who exactly Atsumu was looking at.
“What are you talking abo-” his words fell short when he saw exactly who the setter was referring to.
There you sat amongst the other spectators, chatting with your friend seated next to you.
Earlier this morning you unfortunately bumped into the volleyball player at a cafe. Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata were also there- which was cool- but Sakusa was your favorite of the players. Normally as a fan, this would be a momentous occasion for you- meeting your favorite athlete in the outside world doesn’t just happen to anyone. But you literally had bumped into him.
And may have spilled your hot drink onto him. You panicked, immediately finding the closest source of napkins to pat some of the drink off his chest.
“Oh I- I’m so sorry!” you cry out, frantically dabbing his shirt. And when you came to realize you were touching the chest of essentially a stranger, you freaked out even more.
Sakusa wasn’t sure if the warm feeling inside of him was from how cute you were or the fact that your drink was spilled on him. He went with the former. Unfortunately, as soon as he reassured you that he was alright, you took off.
The other three cackled at the situation, but they found more amusement in the blush that was sprawled across their friend’s face.
So when they recognized a familiar face in the audience- one that was wearing a Sakusa jersey- of course they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him.
“Aw it looks like the cutie that Omi has a crush on is also a fan of is~ what are the odds~” Atsumu says, inciting laughter from Bokuto and Hinata.
“Atsumu whenever you set me the ball I promise you that I will spike it directly onto your face” Sakusa replies almost immediately.
Atsumu wasn’t fazed at all, instead his lips curled up into a smirk.
“That’s if you can even keep your eyes on the ball and not on your crush”
Sakusa snaps out of his daze, coming to the realization that he had been staring at you this entire time. To his surprise, you were looking right back at him. He tentatively raises his hand up to wave at you before turning back around and rejoining his team.
“Don’t worry Sakusa, after the game we’ll help you find them!” Bokuto pats his friend on the back. And that was a promise.
Back in the audience, you’re surrounded by screams of excitement. Nearly each person around you thought that Sakusa was waving at them specifically. You could have sworn that perhaps Sakusa’s attention was towards you, but what were the odds that was the case?
Unbeknownst to you, the odds were ever so in your favor.
 You often attended volleyball games- as you were a large fan of the sport. Specifically you tried to show up to as many games as possible for your favorite team, the MSBY Black Jackals. And today was no exception. You sat in your usual spot, donned your Bokuto jersey, and anticipated for the team’s win.
Except something made you uneasy this time.
From the corner of your eye, you sensed that someone was staring at you. No- the guy next to you definitely was staring.
“Can I help you?” you suddenly ask, turning to face the stranger.
The man, who admittedly had a pretty face, seemed surprised you suddenly talked to him.
“I- sorry. It’s just.. okay I’m not sure if you’ll believe me if I tell you.”
“Well might as well tell me, don’t you think?” you gesture at him to tell his story.
The man sighs, “So one of my best friend’s is a player for the Black Jackals and uhhh okay he’s been talking about having seen a really cute fan lately. He’s pointed them out to me a few times and just my luck they happen to be sitting next to me today”
Your eyes narrow at the boy. You would’ve thought in a situation a strange man would’ve hit on you. Never would you have expected him to be advocating for his best friend.
“I don’t believe you” you tell him- it seemed too outlandish that any professional athlete would take notice of a fan.
The stranger chuckles and looks over to the court. The game was entering a new set, and the teams were in the process of switching sides.
You watch as the guy cups his mouth with his hands, shouting out Bokuto’s name. The two of you were seated fairly close to the front, so it wouldn’t be hard for Bokuto to hear.
“HI AKAASHI” Bokuto yells back, waving at his friend. Akaashi gestures to you, and Bokuto’s eyes widen at the sight of you, a rosy blush forming on his cheeks. He quickly turns his back on the audience to rush to where the rest of his team were. But every so often he would peak back at you, only to turn his head back quickly.
“I told you so” Akaashi nudges you, giving you one of those ‘I-told-you-so’ smirks.
You gripped the bottom of the jersey you were wearing, feeling quite flustered yourself. No, because wasn’t this too good to be true?
“And you’re absolutely sure he likes me?”
“Did you- did you not see his reaction to you? He’s probably worried right now that I’m saying bad things about him you know.” Akaashi chuckles.
You swing your legs a bit, processing the information given. Either this was all the truth, or this was the most elaborate prank ever set up. You’d like to believe that Bokuto and this stranger were above pranking strangers, so you took the leap of faith.
“Alright Akaashi, if that’s the case then do you mind introducing us after the game?” you ask, smiling at him.
Akaashi smiles back, nodding at your request, “Honestly, even if I didn’t, he would probably try to find you”
He turns his head back to the court, and surely enough, Bokuto was staring at the both of you. Akaashi gives his friends a thumbs up and nudges you to do something too. You wave at Bokuto with both hands and watch as his already flushed cheeks become even more red.
One thing’s for sure, neither you nor Bokuto were able to focus on the game.
Out of all times to run into your athlete crush, you were hoping it wouldn’t be while you were buying his merch. Of course the universe seemed to be against your side today. Because when you turned around right after purchasing the cutest little Hinata plush, who else would be standing in front of you than the volleyball player himself?
“Oh, you have excellent taste if I do say so myself” he teases, smiling at you.
“If I’m being honest... I had to settle because they ran out of Atsumu plushes” you sigh, watching as the smile on his face drop.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I swear there are still Atsumu plushes at the vendor I promise” you begin laughing- the sight go Hinata’s unamused expression made it all the more funny.
“Bullied by my own fan... betrayal never comes from the enemy huh” Hinata dramatically sighs, causing you to playfully hit him with the plush.
“Had I know you were this dramatic, I would’ve chosen Atsumu as my favorite” you say.
Hinata scoffs back, shaking his head, “Please, Atsumu is ten times more dramatic than I am. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why I act like this sometimes”
You laugh even more. Was it supposed to be this fun seeing your favorite athlete? The atmosphere was so nonchalant- you would’ve thought that things would’ve felt super intimidating or nerve-wracking. The only thing that was making you nervous was the fact that Hinata was way cuter than you could have ever imagined. Other than that, you felt comfortable around Hinata- it was nice.
However, as the small talk progressed, Hinata was anything but calm. Admittedly, Hinata had first approached you because he saw someone buy his merch and got excited at that. First, he didn’t expect you to be so cute. Second, he definitely didn’t expect this short conversation with you to be so wildly entertaining.
He found you charming and endearing- your laughter was something he could listen to for hours on end. And Hinata felt his heart beat just a bit faster.
As the two of you were winding down on the conversation, a bit of panicked settled in Hinata’s mind. Would this just be a one time interaction with you? If Hinata left to get ready for the game, would this be the last time he would run into you?
“Would you like to grab something to eat after the match?” he suddenly blurts out. Hinata didn’t mean to be so forward, but he knew he didn’t want to pass up any opportunity to get to know you better.
You were taken aback, and you felt the heat rising to your cheeks as you agreed, scribbling your number on the back of your receipt for him.
Hinata pocketed the paper, saying goodbye to you before rushing off to the locker rooms. Surely his cheeks were red by now. But he didn’t care at all.
His teammates could tease all they want, but the only thing on the forefront of Hinata’s mind was you.
No one told you.
You kept repeating that in your head throughout the game. It was your first time even watching volleyball- your friend had invited you because they had an extra ticket. All you knew is that you were supposed to cheer for the MSBY Black Jackals.
No one told you that you were supposed to stay dead silent when Atsumu was serving.
When hundreds of eyes glanced over to you, Atsumu’s included, you absolutely wanted to fold up into a ball and disappear. It wasn’t until after Atsumu’s serve that the silence was dispelled and the gym began to slowly get noisier again.
That was when your friend told you about Atsumu’s need for absolute silence.
On the court however, the team was in hysterics over your little blunder.
“Do you think they’re a fan of the other team trying to screw you over?” Hinata asks as the teams switched sides for the next set.
“I doubt it- did you see the look on their face? Absolute embarrassment. Probably a new fan” even Sakusa chuckles at the incident.
Atsumu on the other hand, stayed silent. He couldn’t get the image of your flustered, panicked face out of his head. It was endearing to him. Sure you had messed up his routine but you were so earnest in your cheers and so apologetic face was just too cute for him.
Once the game was over, Atsumu immediately made it to the doors where the audience would exit the stadium. He made sure to stay obscured from the crowd so they wouldn’t attract any attention from him. His eyes scoured the many people walking past him, and when he saw a familiar figure, his eyes widened.
He hurried up behind you, tapping your shoulder quickly. As you turned around, your smiling expression soon turned into surprise when you saw Atsumu’s grinning face.
“I- oh uh hello!” you stammered, absolutely flustered that Atsumu was standing right in front of you.
“Oh hey, you’re making the same face you made when you-”
“Shhhhhhh! Don’t say it out loud, there are people around,” you quickly interrupt his teasing, “it’s my first game, how was I supposed to know any of the etiquette”
Atsumu felt his heart flutter at the sight of your little pout. You were just too cute.
“Well- wait sorry I don’t know your name” Atsumu says, looking expectantly for you to answer. You were honestly surprised that he even wanted to know your name. You had just assumed it was a one time conversation where he would tease you and then leave.
“I’m Y/n” you introduce, your cheeks getting warmer when you see Atsumu smiles after hearing your name.
“Well Y/n, would you like to grab some coffee or a small bite to eat? I’d be glad to teach you all of the rules and etiquette to volleyball. Just so you don’t embarrass yourself during our next game.” you weren’t sure if Atsumu’s smug grin made you flustered or made you want to hit him. Maybe both.
“Please, now I’m just tempted to scream each time erode you serve” you roll your eyes at Atsumu, letting him lead you outside.
He hopes you keep your word. He would absolutely love it if you showed up to every game just to scream for him.
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neoheros · a day ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is planning something, and you know, — unfortunately so — because he’s watching you sleep.
every night for the past three days, when you’re sleeping, you can feel him turn and prop himself up on his palm, breathe in and out, and just lay there next to you … watching you sleep.
and whilst others could argue how it’s horribly romantic for him to do that — you know atsumu long and well enough to know that he is planning something.
“hey!” atsumu’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts, his hands bouncing on your shoulders as he hops around your space, a wide wide smile on his face as he sees you for the first time today.
“i thought i was gonna pick ya up.” he tells you, his smile slightly feigning into a frown as he does so.
“i wanted to save you the trouble.” your eyes crinkle, “and also, samu promised me free onigiri if i got here early.”
today is onigiri miya’s grand opening — for the second time.
( the first time was a year ago but osamu got the restaurant moved to a much more convenient place a little bit last month and now he’s holding a rather small party with friends and family to celebrate. )
“you have to stop letting my brother lure you into betraying me.” atsumu groans, and the hands he had on your shoulders fall lower onto your waist.
you shake your head, smiling, “but he is such a good cook.”
with atsumu’s new contract with the MSBY BLACK JACKALS, it meant a whole bunch of new changes in your relationship.
he was gone more and more and sometimes, the only few moments the two of you would see each other was when he’d go home to your apartment or when he’d visit you at your college campus.
it was a hard change, but between his promotion and your final year in university, it was a change that was well-welcomed anyway.
“hi.” atsumu smiles, holding you close by the waist, appreciating that he met you by the doors of the restaurant, clearly abandoned by the other guests of the party.
you laugh, your arms looping around his neck, as you repeat, “hi.”
his eyes crinkle, a laugh on the verge of his lips, but with a smile, he leans closer to you instead, and closing the gap between the two of you until his smile touches your lips.
he could be away from you for two seconds or two years and he would still miss you the same.
the sun is starting to set, and with it, the party’ll probably begin too.
as close family, it’s only natural for you and atsumu to be early, but now, as the excitement of the night starts to arise, you feel pretty damn proud to be so close to this event right now.
atsumu pulls away, his smile the same as you first saw him today, and he leans in one last time to give you another peck on the lips.
your shoulders rise, and you smile, “come on, let’s go find samu.”
with the miya name, and the popularity of the original onigiri miya restaurant, it’s safe to say that the turnout of osamu’s party is alarmingly successful.
he’s got cousins from the other side of japan visiting him for tonight, and he’s unsure if that adds to his ego or his blood pressure more.
but aside from all that, not that his restaurant should be his first and only priority right now, atsumu stands next to him, his third glass of champagne almost completely empty.
there’s a groan in the back of osamu’s throat.
“i’m gonna do it.” atsumu nods, looking at you mingling with the crowd, watching with keen eyes as you laugh and talk with a few mutual friends.
he stands in the small buffet corner with his brother — the only person who knows what he’s planning — and with another sip of champagne, he nods faster.
osamu looks at him, “you’ve had three drinks.”
and atsumu shakes his head, “that’s why i’m gonna do it.”
see, atsumu has something he wants to do.
he’s been thinking about it for a while now, especially since he’s been part of his new contract, but every time he tries to actually do that thing he wants to do — he chickens out.
( atsumu would argue that his “chickening out” is only because he wants to make sure that what he wants to do would be something you’d want to do as well … and osamu would say that he’s chickening out because “yer a chicken and yer adopted.” )
“i’m going to do it.” atsumu takes the last sip from his glass, “right now.”
and osamu sighs, “please don’t ruin my party.”
“samu, more of your guests are arriving and i’m happy for you but i’m begging you to turn them away, they are going to finish all of your food.”
there’s a particular way your voice bounces as you say this, your hand pointing to the entrance door as you look at osamu who gives you a winning grin.
after a few minutes of that wretched mingling, you finally fall back to the corner where osamu and atsumu are at, but the air with them feels just as stiff as from before.
“i have something to say.” atsumu cuts in, looking you dead in the eye as he speaks.
your shoulders fall, “oh no.”
you know for a fact that atsumu miya is planning something. he’s been watching you sleep, staring at you when he thinks you aren’t looking, and romantically (sure) but creepily whispering something on repeat under his voice whenever you pass him by.
so you know — for a fact — that he is planning something.
and you’re unsure if it’s a good thing or not.
what if he proposes? that’s insane, it’s only been barely a year since you two started dating.
what if he wants to break up? you’re going to kill him for choosing to do it now.
your expression is wary.
“i think — no — i know — i should — we — we should —” atsumu blinks, trying to get the words out.
if it isn’t obvious already, he is very ( if not completely ) nervous about this.
“wow.” osamu nods, watching from the side as his brother tries his best, “you are so good at this.”
atsumu shoots him a dirty look, and the next second, he’s back to looking at you.
there’s a second stuck in the air.
he really is nervous about this.
and he just sighs, his shoulders fall as does his chest, and he lets a deep breath out as he looks at you.
“i want you to move in with me.”
that is not what you were expecting him to say.
“i love you, and you have a drawer of things in my dresser and i have way too many shirts at your apartment floor, and you have a toothbrush at my sink and i’m pretty sure you have my MSBY team jacket that you’re purposely hiding from me.”
his face is pink, and you’re unsure if that’s from the alcohol or from the fact that he just said all of that in one breath.
atsumu looks stiff, “i want more than that.”
“i want you to have your own whole dresser and your own whole … hairbrush ….” he continues talking and he kinda wishes he doesn’t.
( from the side, osamu nods, listening in, “you’re so romantic.”
and atsumu replies, in a hush tone as if you’re not literally in front of them, “go away. shut up. stop listening.” )
he lets a deep breath out, “i want you to move in with me.”
and he smiles, because he doesn’t know what else to do.
“unless, ya don’t want to …” atsumu laughs nervously, taking a sip from his champagne glass only to be reminded that its already empty, “then that’s also fine… definitely.”
the last time he’s been this nervous for a response was when he told his mother he wouldn’t be going to college, and even then, he was less nervous than this.
you look at him, “that’s it?”
“uhm,” and his expression falls, his hand back on his nape, “yea — that’s it. sorry.”
relief spreads across your chest. so, he isn’t proposing and he isn’t breaking up with you.
“no,” you shake your head, eyes softening at how atsumu is visibly defeated by what you just said.
you step closer towards him, “i mean, of course i’ll move in with you, i practically live with you already.”
“yeah?” his expression picks up, “you would?”
“yeah.” you smile, and your arms are back looping around his neck, “i’d love to have my own whole dresser and my own whole hairbrush.”
he groans when you remind him of that, but he laughs anyway, and with it, he reciprocates your embrace.
the whole moving in together won’t fix the rough schedule the two of you have been fighting, but it would definitely make seeing each other a lot more easier.
atsumu leans in to kiss you, his hand holding you by your jaw and your cheek as he pulls you in close, and he smiles against your lips.
you pull away for a second, laughing, “does this mean you’ll finally stop watching me sleep?”
and with his nose still touching yours he asks, “are you finally gonna return my MSBY team jacket?”
“no.” you scoff, and atsumu ignores that as he pulls you back in to kiss you again.
he’s laughing, but he pulls away just to come back to your lips again just to pull away and do it all over again.
you are the love of his life. he’s so sure of that.
he laughs, “then no.”
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 2 days ago
setters + their top kinks !
✸ ft. miya atsumu, oikawa tooru, akaashi keiji, sugawara koushi, & semi eita
✸ info & warnings: nsfw (18+ mdni), fem!bodied reader, degradation, impact play, daddy kink, dumbification, edging, body worship, praise, dacryphilia, virgin kink, & corruption
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✸ ATUSMU + degradation, impact play
he’d never call you such lewd, dirty names outside the bedroom, but he can’t ignore how each one goes straight to your pussy. his personal favorites are “whore” and “toy”. he’d never think he’d find so much pleasure in bullying, humiliating, you. and he’ll never get over the way you tighten and flutter around his cock when his hand makes contact with your clit or ass. your surprised squeals are like music to his ears and the marks he leaves behind are always a pretty reminder the next day.
“listen to you, whimpering like a whore when i slap your ass. i’m starting to think you like getting spanked. mm, maybe i should give you another one.”
✸ OIKAWA + daddy kink, dumbification
he gets some sort of rush from hearing you call him daddy. maybe it’s the way you peer up at him through your lashes as you do so. or maybe it’s the blatant embarrassment that you try and fail to hide by biting your lip. can you blame him for wanting to see you completely fucked out? you’re just so pretty when your eyes are staring off at nothing, tongue lolling from between those soft lips. he can’t help the sense of pride that swells in his chest when you’re reduced to such a mess, and all because of him.
“you stopped talking, princess. did daddy really fuck you that hard? can’t even think straight while you’re taking this cock, huh?”
✸ AKAASHI + body worship, edging
his hands wander about your figure as his mouth travels down every inch of your skin, only ever stopping to tell you how gorgeous you are. you deserve the world and he’s set on giving it to you, even if his method seems slightly cruel. by now, he’s an expert at continuously getting you nearly to your climax and pulling you back just before you can reach it. he’s a patient man and is more than willing to spend all night in the bedroom if that means giving you the most earth shattering orgasm you could imagine.
“god, you look so beautiful like this. you want to come? don’t worry, you only have to wait a little longer, angel. i promise it’ll feel good.”
✸ SUGAWARA + praise, dacryphilia
you’re such a sweet thing for suga, always doing what you’re told and making the prettiest noises for him. why shouldn’t he let you know how much he adores you—how proud he is of you? the smile that graces your face and the sparkles in your irises at his approval are really all he could ask for. but a little part of him can’t help but get excited whenever he sees tears of pleasure pooling in your eyes, threatening to spill over your lashline. maybe he’s greedy; or maybe he just wants a reward of his own.
“you did so well for me, my good girl. and you look so pretty with tears steaming down your cheeks. should i clean them up for you?”
✸ SEMI + virgin kink, corruption
he has this unexplainable desire to take you—someone that was once pure and untouched—and make you his own, to ruin you as he pleases. of course, he’d never tell you so; where’s the fun in that? he’s fixed on watching the authentic experience of your first time. he wants to see how your face scrunches up in pain before it turns to pleasure. he wants to hear your breath catch in your throat before you’re moaning in ecstasy as your orgasm hits. he needs to be the one who gives you a taste of what you’ve been missing out on.
“is it everything you thought it would be? yeah? i never pegged you as the type who liked being used. guess i got lucky with you.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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kiyelle · 2 days ago
you didn’t even realise that as you stared at him longingly he was looking right back, only breaking your trance to lean forward and tell you, “keep staring at me like that, i’ll kiss you till you see stars”
— atsumu, kuroo, sakusa, matsukawa, suna
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shoyotime · a day ago
when they're jealous !
Tumblr media
about. akaashi, atsumu, oikawa, suna, osamu
note. added more characters bcz i didn't have a drabble idea <3 queued w self rbs !
Tumblr media
— akaashi
isn't vocal about it but there's a fair change of behavior which is rather obvious, if noticed carefully. you may think he isn't the type of get jealous but his gaze grows sharper as if he's planning someone's demise. again, he might not say anything about it, but expect his arms around your waist, or hands around your wrist a little more than usual. a little more inclination towards public affection, which is more of a sign to tell the person that you're off the markets. however, if you ever bring it up, he will end up getting flustered and switch topics multiple times.
— atsumu
is jealous but tries so hard not to make it obvious ( catch : he fails ) while his hands may or may be around your waist / wrist, his gaze and the exaggerated smile perfectly translates to ' you're talking to my s/o ' and it's funny, really. if things get serious, he would tell the person that you're his s/o and doesn't care if it makes everything a little awkward. would definitely whine because you were being hit on and you didn't even do anything. i mean, you could've told them that you already have a super hot and loving boyfriend — his words, of course.
— oikawa
gets so jealous, it embarrasses you. it's fine initially, he doesn't mind you talking to anyone, but that person has the audacity to hit on you while he's standing right next to you and it ticks him off. another second and his hands are around your shoulders, probably kissing your forehead. " i know, my s/o is so pretty " or if he wants to leave then probably makes excuses like, " i think we should go, my y/n needs to rest " even though you both arrived five minutes ago. over all, he adds 'my' after every salutation he uses for you and makes sure to stare into the depths of that person's eye to let him know that you're taken.
— suna
this man i swear, he doesn't even care. i mean he does, but he's best at hiding it. will probably listen to everything you and that 'sorry excuse of a human' — as he told you afterwards — are talking about. pretends to be busy on phone but he's probably typing phrases like, ' i'll kill you ' and ' you son of a bitch, get away from my s/o ' on his notepad. also scoffs dramatically every once a while and it pauses the conversation for a solid second. one of the guys you were talking to the other day ordered maple pancakes for you and suna legit went, " they like vanilla pancakes more, " in short, his point is to make every comment that proves that he knows you better than anyone else and that gives it away that you belong to him <3
— osamu
he's a patient guy, he doesn't pay much attention. osamu would simply observe you both talking while he's busy serving the customers but things take a turn when that other person tries to hold your hands, or anything physical. it blows him off, suddenly he's no longer the patient guy you know ( i mean he's atsumu's twin after all ) and then he'll walk to you with the most forced smile you've ever seen, saying : " having fun, darling? " while placing a peck on your nose. this loser gets so indulged into pda, you wonder if it's still osamu you're talking to. either way, he doesn't mind showing you off and stating it very clearly that you are his s/o until it gets imprinted in that stranger's mind.
Tumblr media
taglist in rbs !
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icantspeakspanish · 2 days ago
How the pretty setter squad would react if you’d sent them cursed reaction pics of themselves
gender: neutral
a/n: don’t mind the different layouts please, i‘m experimenting again😔
Requests: open
Warnings: swearing, mentions of the word abuse in kenmas part,
Characters: Tooru Oikawa / Koushi Sugawara / Tobio Kageyama / Kozume Kenma / Keji Akaashi / Atsumu Miya / Semi Eita /
Tooru Oikawa
Tumblr media
Koushi Sugawara
Tumblr media
Tobio Kageyama
Tumblr media
Kozume Kenma
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keji Akaashi
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Semi Eita
Tumblr media
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melsun · a day ago
Tumblr media
+ a/n : i can't get myself to write a fucking proper fic :| but ig y'all like these lmao so here you go <3 + this is sfw !
Tumblr media
⸗ your hands
he loves how they fit perfectly in his; soft against his calloused skin, your fingers intertwining with his effortlessly—it's as if they were meant for him to hold (and no, he gives no shits about clammy hands- if he wants to hold them, he will).
—osamu, hinata, oikawa, inouka, sugawara, kindaichi, aone, reon, makki
⸗ your cheeks
he can't help but squish them—hands automatically going to your face every two seconds to place themselves on your cheeks, giving them a light squeeze—maybe sometimes it's just to annoy you. (look, the pout on your face is so worth it).
—mattsun, kuroo, kageyama, konoha, tendou, suna, meian, sugawara
⸗ your waist
this one's a bit obvious- you're his; and he demonstrates it by pulling you close to him. his arm's often secured firmly around your waist as he pushes your face into his warm body, fingers tightening to give you a little pinch (especially when he's feeling a bit possessive).
—iwaizumi, kyōtani, daichi, sakusa, atsumu, ukai jr., mattsun, kageyama
⸗ your thighs/chest
of course they're his favorite part of your body, he could sleep on them all day. but he wouldn't blame himself, no, he blames the inviting warmth of your skin, how you make for the perfect pillow. who needs memory foam when he has you?
—suna, bokuto, akaashi, kenma, nishinoya, kunimi, osamu, iwaizumi
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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owlbbu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— sticky; I was bored and did this in while in the office kcnsbsz.
bakugou k. (grabs your inner thigh and pulls you closer to him), dabi (palming your back) keigo t. (locking fingers and holding them in his pocket.) shigaraki t. (pinching on to your shirt.) midoriya i. (follows you everywhere, and waits outside the bathroom for you.) kirishima e. (holds your arm, and caresses it.) denki k. (you’re the one that has to look for him.) shoto t. (keeps a arm around your waist.) aizawa s. (putting his hand on the side of your chest, holding you close to his.)
gojo s. (wrapping his arms around your waist, leaning over you.) tojo f. (hand on your ass all the way.) yuji i. (arm around your shoulder.) megumi f. (hand hiding between your waist and arm.) sukuna r. (hands in between your thighs, rubbing them harshly.) kento n. (holding your arm, caressing it with his thumb.)
kuroo t. (hand on the back of your neck guiding you.) kenma k. (hand softly nudging your back.) ushijima w. (doesn’t need to do anything, cause he can see above crowds, but when he spots you, he’ll stare at you till you notice.) akaashi k. (a bit handsy grabbing your finger.) bokuto k. (full arms strangling your waist.) tsukishima k. (hand on your wrist.) kageyama t. (poking your cheek when he sees you.) hinata s. (jumping on your back.)
sano m. (ruffling your hair.) ken r. (pulling your waist beside him.) baji k. (slipping his hand in your pants tightening his grip on your undies.) chifuyu m. (kissing the back of your head with a smile.) takemichi ?. (big hugs from behind.) mitsuya t. (wrapping his arm around your neck, guiding you to lean on his shoulder.) sanzu h. (flicking your neck.) ran h. (pinching your ear.) rindou h. (pinching your shirt and letting it go, hitting your back.) kokonoi h. (slithers his hand to your neck, and gently chokes you from behind, with a smirk.)
kakashi h. (scares you from behind, for leaving him.) naruto ?. (tickles you with shadow clone jujutsu.) sasuke u. (accidentally scares you, from walking behind you quietly.) gaara ?. (puts little sand in your shirt.)
Tumblr media
don’ copy. you can rebolg, mention.
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keijism · a day ago
written with semi, toru, suga, kuroo, akaashi, and omi in mind, but obvs you can apply this to whoever you want :]
your fav, who fucks you like this to loosen you up after a particularly long and stressful day... has you squirting all over his tongue and cock over, and over, and over. he knows he's pushing you past your limits with the way your body's trembling underneath him, with the way you're clawing at his biceps, with the way tears don't stop gushing over your lash line. your body's had enough, but you can't seem to stop begging him for more, more, more; to which he gladly obliges, coaxing your juices out of you with the slightest of movements.
"c'mon, i know you can give me another one... yeah, that's it- just like that,"
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missvieve · a day ago
athletic trainer, iwaizumi hajime (27)
iwaizumi hajime x g/n reader
warnings: none, just a quick drabble
a/n: i literally stopped doing my hair to write this. and yeah, i know iwa isn’t that kind of trainer. let me have my fun. wrote this in like 20 mins so i’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. (there shouldn’t be but just in case!!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
athletic trainer iwazuimi hajime (27) who takes a liking to watching you as you attempt to work out at the gym. he sees you struggling with one of the workout equipments and swoops in to help you (with your permission, of course).
athletic trainer iwazuimi hajime (27) who decides to helps you, free of charge, every time you come to the gym. he challenges you and praises you whenever you do well. “you can do it. come on, i believe in you. just a little longer, alright?” you would be lying if you said his “innocent” coaching didn’t cause the butterflies in your stomach to flutter wildly.
athletic trainer iwazuimi hajime (27) who lets his hands linger when he’s adjusting your form. his large hands holding your waist just right as he adjusts you during a squat. his muscular frame presses against you and you swear you could almost feel the outline of his cock pressing against your thigh.
athletic trainer iwazuimi hajime (27) who fucks you on one of the exercise machine long after the gym was supposed to be closed. his hot breaths against your face and neck made you melt against him. his thrusts are hard and sturdy, making you cry out with each movement. he grunts praises and affirmations into your ear, “you can take it, yeah? doin’ so good for me. just like that. i want you to cum for me, alright? you can do that, right?”
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Currently thinking about... 
Tumblr media
Oikawa who is so head over heels for you, that when his fangirls come around he doesn’t even notice them anymore. Everytime Oikawa brushes by them without even sparing a glance, Iwaizumi has to laugh. He knows his friend isn’t meaning to be rude, it’s just that you’re the only person Oikawa pays any attention to now.
Tumblr media
Akaashi who loves you quietly. Subtle brushes of his hand on yours, silent proclamations of love that he shares through smiles. He isn’t one to scream about his love for you from the rooftops. He’s one that will whisper promises and sweet nothings in your ear no matter where you are.
Tumblr media
Kenma who didn’t think he wanted to love before he met you. He was never the type to swoon over a simple text, but now finds himself blushing in your mere presence. He wants you by his side till the end of time. He can’t get over it, he’s so completely wrapped up in you that even Kuroo’s constant teasing doesn’t bother him anymore.
Tumblr media
Kageyama who doesn’t really know how to love. Nothing else mattered to him except for volleyball until you came along. He might not know how to love yet, but god you make him want to learn. You make him want all of the cute dates, and the cuddling. All of the silly arguements and inside you jokes. It’s you that makes him want you to teach him to love, and hopefully when he learns how, you can love him back.
Tumblr media
COPYRIGHT OF cookies-and-milk-tea 2021
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bokutobabes · 23 hours ago
Haikyuu Suna, Bokuto x gn!reader
Randomly posting your pictures online
Istg- he would be like "Hey Y/N" and as you turn to face him he would just "CLICK"
📸 CAUGHT YA IN 4K and ran off with your pictures
You will see your blurry/ filtered/ candid self on his instagram story
E M B A R A S S I N G ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
He would insist that it's 💞CUTE💞 ┐( ˘_˘)┌
you are tho
He once recorded your drunk ass trying to pin a donkey tail on Atsumu bcos he's being an ass donkey
And you never lived that down lol
Suna said it's essential to keep all the happy memoriess pftt
But you love him and you don't mind all the embarassment as long as it makes him happy (灬º‿º灬)♡ simp
It will eventually grow on you and you'll also find it cute that he's posting your pictures on his account hhshshhshshs
Random midnight walk :D
One of my favourite activities with my boyf <33 can y'all tell that I'm biased lol
You were scrolling through your phone when you receive a notifications from him "Baby 🥰 Let's go out!!"
Sneaking in and out of your house always gives both of you the adrenaline of the night
Lots of whispered yells and not-to-quiet hushed when you're trying escape without your parents noticing 👀
Grabbing a snack at McDonalds ends up getting a meal set lol
strolling down the park enjoying the night breeze CRIES
Lots of giggles and nonsense talks
Rushing to your house before the sunrise (╯°□°)╯so that you won't get grounded by your dad
Sloppy kisses planted by Bo all across your face ( ˘ ³˘)♥ before he's saying goodbye
Your mom knows but she kept it quiet because she finds the both of you adorable :D
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ichigoromi · 2 days ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 𝐡𝐢𝐦 | 𝐁𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐊𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Oh, no, I can't bear to break his heart....even though it's not intentional.
This was a request! Check out Osamu's version here!
Pairing: Bokuto Koutarou (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning: none!
Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
Bokuto could not help but be suspicious of you recently.
Recently, you have been coming home a lot later than usual and way more fatigued than usual.
You were even late on date night.
He can't help but suspect that you might be cheating on him.
Why else would you come home late and even forget about dates?
But did this man just forget you're a prosecutor for the country and is working on one of the most important cases ever assigned to you?
You feel bad that you were going home late and neglecting your fiance, but this is a critical case that needs your attention and care.
When he needs relationship advice, he turns to his team for help.
"Did you forget that your fiancee is a prosecutor? She is probably handling an important case and has to stay overtime to prepare for trial." Meian suggested to him.
Bokuto listens to him and nods his head.
"Perhaps you could bring her dinner today? She's working late again, right?" Inunaki advises the younger one.
Sakusa was browsing the news on his phone, and he found the article.
"Here, maybe she took on this case."
A serial killer case?! His face paled when he realised that you might be just taking on a serial killer case and not cheating on him.
"Okay! I'm going to go now! Thanks!"
Bokuto waits nervously in the lobby as the receptionist informs you about the arrival of your fiance.
He brought dinner from your favourite restaurant, and it has been some time since he had dinner with you. Also, he wants to clear the misunderstanding with you.
"Kou-chan! What are you doing here?" You jog towards him and greet him with a hug.
"I brought you dinner to eat with you. It's been some time that we've eaten dinner together..." Seeing his crestfallen expression, you immediately softened.
"Okay, let's go up to my office to have dinner then." You offered your hand to him. He holds your hand, and you two heads up to her office.
You could feel him getting nervous, and you let out a laugh.
"What's up? Why are you getting nervous? My colleagues have gone home; it's just me left in the office." You poked his cheeks, and he lets out a nervous laugh.
"I'm sorry that I misunderstood you! I thought you were cheating on me, but it turns out you were working on an important case..."
Instead of laughing at him, you wrapped your arms around him and patted his back.
"It's me who has to apologise. I'm sorry for not spending time with you and making you worry about me. Were you that worried that I would leave you for another man?" He nods his head.
Awww, your big owl baby.
"I won't. Plus, we have already booked the wedding venue, done the fitting for the dresses and suits. Baby, I'm going to be your person for life." You comfort him, and you hear sniffling.
"Why are you so good with words?! Don't look at me!" He hides his face with his hands, but you know he is crying.
"It's okay to cry. Plus, you cry in front of me all the time; why is it embarrassing today?" You teased him, and he finally removed his hand and pouts at you.
"I won't say any more; let's eat our dinner." You wiped his tears away, and he followed behind you to the break room to have your dinner.
Tumblr media
Honestly, I wanted it to be more dramatic but I think this is enough. I hope y'all enjoyed this version too as well as the Osamu version! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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hannamakki · a day ago
how they react when you tease them !
✸ ft. miya atsumu, matsukawa issei, akaashi keiji, & suna rintaro
✸ info & warnings: suggestive
Tumblr media
✸ ATSUMU tries and fails to ignore you. it’s not that he’s annoyed by it or doesn’t like it, but it’s so hard for him to hide how his body reacts to your less than innocent touches. it only takes so long before his façade is fading and he’s having trouble hiding how much you affect him. your naughtiness always leaves him quietly clearing his throat and subtly adjusting his pants. though, he doesn’t mind the teasing so long as you promise to help him take care of his... problem when you both get home.
✸ MATSUKAWA will match your energy—tenfold. he can only huff out a laugh once he realizes what you’re trying to do. good thing he has a couple tricks of his own up his sleeve. he’ll let you have your fun, but it’s never too long before he’s leaning over to whisper dirty little fantasies in your ear as his hand slowly makes its way up your thigh. he won’t let up until you’re speechless and in no position to counter with more teasing of your own. don’t start a fight you can’t finish, darling.
✸ AKAASHI always gets incredibly embarrassed, especially when you’re out in public. it doesn’t matter how small and hidden the gesture is, even the most minuscule touches and low innuendos murmured under your breath are enough to have him coughing awkwardly and his cheeks flushing red. he’ll stammer out a weak protest to your actions, eyes scanning the room to make sure no one is picking up on what’s going on. his reactions are too cute for you not to mess with him.
✸ SUNA just smirks and lets it happen. he finds it endearing that you’re so hellbent on getting a rise out of him. and you do, but he’s really good at playing it off and being nonchalant. maybe it’s a little difficult to pick up on, but the little peaks of skin you flash him do leave his cheeks hot and blood rushing down south. it takes a lot of willpower to keep his hands to himself, but the payoff will be worth it. because as soon as you return to the comfort and privacy of your own home, he’ll make sure to get you back.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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kiyelle · a day ago
imagining your fav stopping you from speaking with a kiss to your lips, his hands are light on your waist as he speaks “this sixty-forty isn’t working” he says, leaning down again until his lips only just brush against yours “i want one hundred of your time, you’re mine”
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renaissansse · 13 hours ago
spare us some spicy Sakusa hc please 🤲
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi is low-key a heavy swearer in the bedroom. Every little thing you do, you hear a small “Fuck,” leaving his lips, him not even realising that he’s said it. And it’s strange, because Kiyoomi is not big on swearing, but whenever you are in steamy situations and you do something he just likes, yanking his hair, licking his earlobe, tracing your hands down his pecks and abs, cupping his cock and squeezing his ass - he cannot control himself and he releases a set of sounds, “Fucking Jesus”; “Goddamn”; “Holy Christ,” that make you go into a crazied frenzy, which in turn fuels Kiyoomi’s habits of dragging the sky down, on his knees in front of him, building him to be hard, big and leaking pre-cum, giving a twitch when you lick the roof of his mouth. He is also a very impatient man, and when he feels that he is entirely done with foreplay, he does not wait any second before making you full and on edge, while he huffs another “Damn princess, you’re so warm,” before sending you to walk a path of hell, your tits bouncing while he drills into your pussy and tries to forget that it is still a bit to early to go to paradise.
Tumblr media
send a character for a thirst / smut headcanon
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smolchildlevy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu boys being jealous
(pt 3.)
Characters: Bokuto, Hinata, Yamaguchi
Warnings: fluff :)
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro:
Tumblr media
-Ok, so you were at a training camp because you’re Fukurōdani’s third manager.
-(Bokuto BEGGED them to let you be on the team-)
-You had strayed away from your team to lean on the wall.
-Kuroo spotted you during one of the breaks and went over to talk flirt with you.
-So here’s what happened: he walks up to you, says a few dumb pickup lines and jokes, they make you laugh a bit and he continues on talking to you.
-Now Bokuto is also on break so he’s walking around chatting.
-He scans the room to find you. Akaashi helps him by pointing in yours and Kuroo’s direction.
-He sees you talking with one of his close friends and he starts to go into his emo mode, where he just sulks in a corner.
-So, Akaashi has to go up to you and tell you that he refuses to play now.
-“Y/N, I need your help. Do you have a moment?”
-“Oh! Yeah sure, I’ll talk to you later Kuroo-san.”
-You go with Akaashi to see what’s going on.
-“So what do you need me for?”
-“Bokuto’s in his emo mode again..” he sighed.
-“Alright, I’ll go see what’s up.”
-You see Bokuto in the corner, looking dejected.
-“Baby? What’s wrong?” You say.
-“I thought you like Kuroo now..”
-“You seemed to be having sooo much fun with him.”
-“Bokuto, you know I only love you. He was just telling me cheesy jokes, nothing more.”
-His hair spikes back up.
-“Really?” He looks up to you.
-“Of course. Now, I wanna see my strong owl playing out there!” You kiss his cheek.
-He stands up tall.
-“Hey hey hey! Anything for my baby owl!”
Hinata Shoyo:
Tumblr media
-Def a very jealous boy indeed.
-Okay so one time Kageyama was asking you about something in class.
-And that caught Hinata’s attention.
-I mean, Kageyama was his best friend and rival, and you’re his gf
-He is immediately upset and stomps over like a little kid to you.
-“Y/NNN come with me to lunch!” He says, dragging you with him.
-You chuckle. “Bye Kageyama, I guess”
-Once you guys get to your destination, he turns back to you.
-“Why were you with Bakayama and not me??” He pouts.
-“He was asking about an assignment silly! I was going to go straight to you after I explained it-“
-“I wouldn’t want my sunshine to go to lunch alone, now would I?”
-“You’re right! Let’s go eat now then!” He gives his winning smile as he leads you to go order.
Yamaguchi Tadashi:
Tumblr media
-Probably sulks tbh.
-You were at the park.
-When he went off to go to the nearest restroom, someone familiar came up to you.
-“Y/N? Is that you?” He says.
-“Oh my god, C/N!” (C/N means cousin’s name)
-“It’s been too long. How have you been?”
-“Amazing, and you?”
-“I’m doing well myself!”
-Yamaguchi comes out the bathroom and immediately looks for you only to see you with an unknown guy.
-He has an internal argument with himself about whether or not to go over there or stay back.
-He ultimately decides to stay where he’s at because he doesn’t want to interrupt you.
-So when you get done talking with your cousin, you see Yamaguchi and run to him.
-“Hey..” He has a visible frown on his face.
-“Hm? What’s wrong?”
-“That person you were talking with.. who was that?” He asks, not looking you in the eye.
-“Oh, him? That’s my cousin. I haven’t seen in in years.”
-He goes silent, finally looking at your e/c eyes.
-“Baby, were you.. jealous?” You smirk.
-“I- uhh.. well yeah I guess I was.”
-“You’re so cute!” You giggle.
-You pepper small kisses on his freckled face. “I love you and only you, don’t forget that.”
-“I won’t.” He laughs with you blushing a lot in the process.
Tumblr media
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melsun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
miya atsumu has never done anything half-heartedly— he’ll either give it his best, or simply not care. but when you enter his life, what with your beautiful smile and pretty voice— atsumu finds himself pushing himself to limits he hasn’t before. he wants to be soft enough to be held by you. he wants to be solid enough for you to fall into. he wants to be responsible enough to take care of you. he wants to be what you deserve, and he puts his all into becoming it. because miya atsumu, has never done anything half-heartedly, and he loves you with everything he has—because maybe he can’t give you the entire world, but you can be sure he’ll give you fucking all of his heart.
Tumblr media
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tons-of-vball-huns · a day ago
[a/n: this is slowly becoming a kenma-themed blog huh?
requests are open! please lemme know what you want. you can dm me as well!]
Tumblr media
kenma’s favorite hobby other than playing video games is creating a clothing scarcity in your wardrobe by stealing “borrowing” them. your clothes? oh, no no, sweetie. they’re his clothes now. if you make a mention of the clothes being yours, he’d be all like “yours??? no, these are mine.” you can’t stop him, you can only through him off kilter by wearing his clothes. he should’ve expected it but he honestly didn’t because… well, he was too caught up in taking in your scent from “his” clothes that he forgot you could just pull out an uno-reverse card out of “nowhere”. he wouldn’t really mind though — this just means that when he finally gets them back, they’ll all be infused with your scent.
Tumblr media
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h3yarnold · 2 days ago
me: i’m okay
me inside: what if iwaizumi and oikawa broke up before going their separate ways because they heard so much about how long distance relationships never work and neither wanted to hold back the other from their new lives. what if they meet again by chance, both back in their hometown to visit their families. what if all it takes is one look for them to realize that it was all bullshit, that oikawa could be in mars and iwaizumi would still love him, that oikawa would endure those terrible 12 hour flights that make his hair terrible just for one night with iwaizumi. what if they realize regular rules have never applied to them, why would it now? and what’s a little more wait when they have been in love their whole lives up until now and will stay that way for the rest of it. what if they say fuck it and decide it’s only them, there was never anyone else that stood a chance. what then, HUH?
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