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tsukina · 2 days ago
“this is the part where you apologize” — haikyuu boys
prompt: “where he did something extremely terrible in your eyes that harmed you in some way and you fight about it, and he says something out of pocket that stabs you right in the heart.”
requested by: @crescentkaze
HQ MASTERLIST — might… might make part 2 ):
Tumblr media
KUROO was absolutely blinded by his own love for you, and he thought he was the luckiest man in the world to be granted such a blessing. but being blind isn’t something to cherish, because you were standing before him with stained cheeks, and he was branded guilty. his hands reached to grabs yours only for there to be a painful flinch, something he never would have imagined you to do when it came to him.
your insecurities weren’t a hidden secret, and he knew that. so why did he say what he did? any normal man would have simply dismissed the conversation, yet he continued it and made it beyond repair.
“shes your soulmate?”
“no,” he stood up quickly to make his way towards you, “you know i didn’t mean it like that.”
“you said you were surprised you’re not still with her, because she’s your soulmate.”
“thought,” he corrected his previous statement, “i thought she was my soulmate.”
his love for you did blind him in ways he cherished and despised, because even though it’s so painfully obvious to him that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, home your children and treat you well, his reassurance in his complete devotion for you seemed to only reside in himself.
“this is the part where you apologize.”
“baby, you know you’re the only one for me-“
“a simple sorry would have worked,” he felt breakage within his eyes as you walked away, mumbling one last thing before retreating behind the comfort of your locked door.
“but I guess you don’t owe that to someone who is just temporarily.”
TSUKISHIMA loved to provoke you. it was moments like these that gave him his best memories, like how your confession went or the first time you made love with each other. many may think it’s an unnatural thing, but that’s just how tsukishima was. most don’t succeed in teasing or bullying their way into a committed relationship, but it always worked out for him.
and although you still agreed with it all, sometimes he went too far. boundaries were made yet that line continuously was crossed. being someone who was able to deal with the impertinent man himself, you weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself.
“this is the part you apologize.”
“for what?” he mocked you, aiming to hit any deep spot he could, “did i hurt your feelings?”
“it took me so long to open up to you and tell you about that,” standing up, you quickly placed your shoes on,“and you’re making fun of it?”
“i,” panic washed his body as you prepared to leave, his worried state easily being read through his words, “you know i didn’t mean it, right?”
“if that’s so,” turning to look at him, you scoffed at his confused expression, “why haven’t you apologized?”
“i didn’t think it was that deep-“
“that’s the issues, tsukishima,” he winced at the used of his surname, catching a final glimpse of your glossy eyes as you walked out, “you never do.”
IWAIZUMI shouldn’t have mentioned his trip. there were nights he cried without the comfort of you in his arms, where his thoughts were overruled by nothing but you. he missed his friends too, but in no way was it more than the way he craved you. but he had fucked up again and placed them first in his mind, and in a desperate attempt to defend himself, he only made the situation worse. there was no excuse for the heated words that rolled off his tongue a little too smooth, and now he was listening to your shaky voice on the other end. it was a sign of future tears that were to be blamed on no one other than him, and as much as he wished to be there to wipe them away, it was already too late.
“listen, yn-“
your stern voice rang through the phone, “apologize.”
“this is the part where you apologize,” shivers were sent down his spine at the unfamiliar tone in your voice, “and promise it won’t happen again even though i know it will.”
“i didn’t mean to forget,” admitting his wrongs, his hand carded through his air out of pure stress, “i’ll make it up to you.”
the call went silent. pulling back, he checked to see if the called was still connected, “yn, are you there?”
his patience ran thin, “please say something.”
after a few moments, a loud sigh came through, “hajime,” tension filled the call as your voice felt as if it was on edge, as if any hope was drained completely, “is it that hard to just say you’re in the wrong?”
“i said i’d make it up to you.”
a bitter laugh left your lips at his choice of repetitive words, “i guess your ego is too big to let you do that.”
call ended.
Tumblr media
a/n: pls twas so hard to write even tho i ASKED for it??? anyways… this is unedited!!! will i reread and edit it? probably not. enjoy.
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iwaizumis-bitch · a day ago
clingy boyfriend texts w/ suna rintarō
content warnings: pet names (baby, princess, doll), atsumu and hinata are menaces, last 2 are suggestive, suna is an ass man
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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katsoon · a day ago
[𝟏𝟏:𝟎𝟑 𝐀𝐌] - 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
Tumblr media
“hello brother,” atsumu sang as he welcomed himself into osamu’s apartment. the slippers he left at the door quickly made it onto his feet and the scent of breakfast cooking on the stove was wafting throughout the unit. it was business as usual in what might as well have been his second home. something was off though; despite osamu being busy in the kitchen, he could hear the shower running.
“god, don’t tell me i walked in on you wrapping up sexy time.” atsumu theatrically shivered before making himself comfortable on the couch.
“no, you perv.” it was times like these that made osamu wonder if giving his brother an emergency key was really necessary. the blonde only ever used it when he was too lazy to cook for himself and would beg osamu to act as his personal chef. as much as the dark-haired twin hated it, he’d grown used to atsumu’s impromptu visits. “and even if you did, whose fault would that be?”
atsumu rolled his eyes at osamu’s implication. it was rare, but he chose to ignore the goading words. “why’s the shower on then?”
“that friend i was telling you about last week moved in.”
atsumu vaguely recalled his brother mentioning that he was letting a friend stay with him for a while. at the time, he didn’t think much of it. he figured it would be a short term thing until you found a place of your own and that he wouldn’t have to worry about running into you if you wouldn’t be renting out the guest room for long. the duration of your stay didn’t seem to matter now that he had caught you at the beginning of it. and he supposed most people weren’t incredibly busy before noon on saturdays.
“just behave yourself,” osamu spoke up from the next room. “there’s a reason i asked you to start texting me before you decide to make an appearance.”
“you don’t have to worry about me. i’m just here for the food.” he truly had no intention of bothering his brother’s roommate.
as if the end of the conversation summoned you, the bathroom door creaked open and footsteps sounded down the hallway. atsumu said he wouldn’t cause any trouble, but that didn’t make him any less curious about you. at the very least, he wanted to see what you looked like.
so, he twisted his head to look over his shoulder. people often viewed him as conceited for saying so, but atsumu knew he was a desirable man. though, of all the people he encountered in high school and his professional career, he could confidently say that you were one of the few that caught his attention without speaking a word. you were beautiful. damp hair from the shower framed your face and even in a simple cardigan and pair of sweatpants, atsumu’s lips parted in interest. the blonde’s eyes followed you as you joined osamu in the kitchen. you playfully nudged his shoulder with your own before slipping behind him to reach up and grab a box of cereal from the cabinet.
“good morning, osamu.”
damn, atsumu thought, even your voice was pretty.
“hey. sorry i didn’t give you a heads up but my brother stopped by.” osamu tossed his thumb over his shoulder. you followed the path his finger created, eyes finally falling on the unfamiliar figure lounging on your couch.
“oh!” you abandoned the bowl of cereal you were preparing mind-pour, a couple of the colorful loops missing the bowl and landing on the counter. “you must be atsumu.”
you gave him your name as you met him at the couch. “nice to meet you!”
“yeah, nice to meet you, too.” atsumu nodded, blinking a couple times to get a hold of himself.
you smiled, leaning down so that you were at eye level with him. your close proximity was unexpected yet welcome—it gave him a better look at you. one of your eyelashes had strayed from the rest and fallen to your cheek. to resist the urge to wipe or blow it away, atsumu dragged his eyes back up to yours. you were still silently staring at him with that same sweet smile pulling at your lips. he was just beginning to grow slightly uncomfortable under your piercing gaze when you finally spoke up.
“wow, you two really do look alike.”
ever since childhood, atsumu hated any variation of those words because, of course they looked similar, they were twins after all. he loved his brother, he really did, but constantly being compared to him all the time was tiresome. despite this, he didn’t feel the need to roll his eyes or scoff in annoyance—he didn’t want to, not at you anyway. and if anyone asked him, he wouldn’t be able to say why.
he didn’t have time to think about it himself before you were bending down even closer to him. atsumu swore his heart skipped a beat but made no move to pull away or question your actions. your mouth hovered beside his head, lips just almost brushing against the shell of his ear. your voice was nothing more than a breathy whisper, “but—and don’t tell osamu this—i think your eyes are prettier.”
what the hell was happening? he was supposed to be the smooth one, he was supposed to be the one who left people speechless. instead, atsumu could feel his cheeks burning. he couldn’t fathom coming up with a fitting response—a compliment of his own, or even muttering a simple thank you. what were you doing to him?
the ringtone of your cellphone broke through the tense atmosphere. atsumu cleared his throat as you drew back and reached into your pocket to see who was calling.
“sorry, i gotta take this. it was nice officially meeting you. hopefully we can see each other again.” you sent him a polite wave before answering your phone and wandering back to your room.
atsumu sat silently on the couch, quietly regaining his composure. before, he was perfectly content with the thought of only exchanging pleasantries this one time. now that you’d given him a little taste, atsumu couldn’t let you slip away so easily. he’d made up his mind. standing with more confidence than he had earlier, he marched over to the island his brother was working on the other side of. “samu, you gotta give me their number.”
“what? no.”
“come on man, don’t you want to see me happy?”
“no, i’m not giving you another reason to be over here all the time.” osamu slid the plate of food in front of his brother. “if you really want it, go back there and get it yourself.”
“samu, i swear to—”
if you weren’t actively speaking on the phone, you wouldn’t even have to strain to be able to hear what the conversation down the hall was about. but, unbeknownst to the boys bickering, you were also talking about your recent interaction—telling your friend about how cute your new roommate’s brother was and hoping he’d stick around long enough so that you could give him your number.
Tumblr media
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bbysamu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢  bokuto kotaro, miya osamu, suna rintaro
Tumblr media
ʚɞ BOKUTO Koutaro
you’re one of the managers for Fukurodani
and bokuto’s one and only honey booboo (doesn’t this seem like smth he’d call you? no?okay)
because both you have physical touch and words of affirmation as your  love languages, the team was used to seeing and hearing about just how in love you are with each other
while the you two of you are quite a pair of open books, there are some things you two keep to yourselves, namely your very creative (and embarrassing) pet names for each other
right now the two of you are standing outside the clubroom with you trying to adjust his tie for him
“babe, can you please hurry it up? It’s so hot out here”
you hit him lightly on the chest, “stop squirmin! you’re making it harder for me fix it”
your fingers gently tugged at the knot, trying to loosen it
“goodness ko, what’d you do to your tie?”
“I don’t know” he pouts, and proceeds to go into emo mode
you, sensing his change of mood quickly comforts him, “awww don’t worry my precious roo roo, I'll take care of it.”
he smiles, “thank you baby”
after five more minutes of trying, you finally open the knot, “all done, come on, let’s go in.”
you open the door to find a very amused konoha and slightly disgusted akaashi
“roo roo?” konoha roars with laughter
you hid your face in your boyfriend’s broad shoulder
roo roo was originally used ironically because Bokuto was just so much bigger than the cute little baby kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh, but somehow the name stuck
Roo Roo was supposed to something you called in him private
It doesn’t help that bokuto was confused but nevertheless responded with a proud, “yeah I’m her Roo Roo.”
konoha launches into another fit of laughter, unable to comprehend why his beefy captain would be likened to a baby kangaroo
akaashi shakes his head slightly, “come on, time for practice.”
bokuto continues to stand there confused, not really sure why you’re embarrassed and why Konoha is now on the floor laughing, struggling to get up
ʚɞ MIYA Osamu
The two of you are not afraid to flaunt your relationship, so despite atsumu’s protest, you’re always touching each other in some way and calling each other pet names
the usual “babe, darling, sweetheart, honey” and the team has heard it all, or so they thought
It was another regular day at practice
Coach was working them extra hard after their loss to Karasuno
beeppppp! the whistle signaled a break
you walked toward your boyfriend resting on the bench
“hi babe” he calls out to you
you hand him a towel, “coach working you guys extra hard today, huh?”
“yeah, we gotta get back at Karasuno next year.”
you smiled at him proudly
“ew, can y’all stop oogling at each other for like two seconds?” atsumu says, coming up from behind
“hey! where’s my towel, y/n?” atsumu pouts
“No towels for you. I only have one today and it’s for my sweet onigiri buns.”
you slap your hand over your mouth
osamu whips his head around and looks up at you
atsumu looks at the both of you like 👁👄👁 before yelling to the rest of the team
you quickly run over and covers his mouth with your hand
this mf did not hesitate to lick your hand, you pull away in disgust
“GUESS WHAT SHE CALLS HIM?” he yells and aggressively points to his twin brother
“SHE CALLS HIM SWEET ONIGIRI BUNS” he declares, before breaking out into fits of laughter
suddenly stands up confused because no one else is laughing
“that's kind of cute” aran comments
atsumu’s eyes widens, “cute?! that’s cute?!”
beeeeppp! the whistle signals the end of the break 
osamu kisses you on the cheeks before patting his brother on the shoulder, “don’t be jealous just because ya don’t got someone to give ya cute nicknames”
ʚɞ SUNA Rintarou
relationship with suna is more low-key,
don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you guys are not physically affectionate, the two of you are just very chill and don’t really draw attention to yourselves
class was felt excruciatingly slow today
finally, at the ring of the bell, your teacher dismisses you and you see your boyfriend walking over to your desk
his hooded eyes lazily searches your face before breaking out into a small smile, “tough class today?”
you groaned, “you know math isn’t my strong suit.”
he picks up your bag and carries it for you, the other hand holding out to you
“come on, I know something that can make you feel better.”
“lunch?” you ask, looking up at him with child-like excitement
“yes lunch and I heard your favorite is on the menu today.”
The two of you walked hand-in-hand happily to the cafeteria, quickly finding your seats among the rest of the Inarizaki volleyball team
suna kisses you on the cheeks, “I’m going to go pick up our food okay?”
you chatted with the rest of the team as you wait for your boyfriend to return
catching him coming back with food in his trays, you excitedly turn to him
“thank you taro taro baby.”
his eyes widens in surprise at your words
You were so excited to see food you didn’t even realize your secret pet name for him slipped out
there was a moment of silence before chaos ensued
“TARO TARO BABY?” asumu roars with laughter
“TARO LIKE THE FOOD TARO?” osamu echos
you meet Suna’s eyes in a panic
“oops” you mouthed to him, a slight blush appearing across his usual stoic face
“shut up you annoying twins and eat your food.”
“I can’t believe Y/N calls ya taro taro baby, that’s way too cute, not fitting for you at all, suna.”
“shut up fake blonde…” suna trails off, tapping on his phone ever so slightly
the twin gulps and returns to their food quietly
“its quite cute” Aran remarks matter-of-factly
“by the way, practice is moved ten minutes earlier today,” kita announces and looks at suna before cracking a small smile, “don’t be late taro taro baby.”
suna groans, rolling his eyes at you playfully as you giggled
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vvviled · 2 days ago
Next door neighbor Sakusa who moved in at the same time as you, but also had twice as many boxes despite your apartments being nearly identical. Who seems to have never really finished moving; always redecorating, moving new furniture in and old out.
Who’s first thing that caught your eye was his head of soft curls, giving contrast to his face in a way that was an exclamation point to his handsomeness. Who had you spellbound from the get-go, like a first impression captured in high definition and etched into your soul.
Who’s voice is as sweet and soothing as honey, entirely catching you off guard the first time you hear it and making your body flush warm, painting the world in hues of amber.
Who greets you in the hallways by wordlessly nodding, eyes slightly narrowing, indicative of the smile hidden underneath his black face mask. Every time, it leaves you selfishly wishing he would take it off just once, wondering just how his smile looks like without it.
Who’s cologne is subtle but noticeable, immediately catching in your nose and transporting you to a field of daydreams. It had you deepening your breath to take in more and holding it for a bit longer, not wanting to let go.
Who always orders stuff and is never home, packages piling up in your corridor and you’re not sure if he’s either really busy or just forgot about them because he never comes to pick them up.
Who is perceived as “odd” by most people in your apartment complex for his rather closed-off nature and who you find yourself defending almost naturally because there’s nothing wrong with preferring solitude.
Who has a fixed schedule and dislikes breaking with it because he is fond of everything organized. You immediately notice when he is running late in the morning, his usually perfectly neat curls slightly disheveled from getting up in a rush, traces of sleep still clinging onto him, apparent in the way he is zipping his jacket only after he’s out of the door and turning the key in the wrong direction trying to lock his door.
Who takes long showers at the exact same time you are. You can hear the water running through the pipes in your own bathroom because it is just opposite of his, smiling to yourself every time, wondering if he notices you too and if he finds just as much comfort in your little “ritual” as you do. (He does.)
Who initially didn’t want to go to the street festival down the block but changed his mind to help you decorate the place, not leaving your side even when you assured him that it was fine and that he had helped enough already. Who, when you were looking for a more tranquil place away from the bustle in an attempt to bring him a sense of comfort because you knew this wasn’t where he preferred to be, ended up talking to you until the night swallowed the colors of the day and the world started quietening around you.
Next door neighbor Sakusa who is easier to approach than one would think if only you give him space to make the choice to approach you too. Who is easily categorized as invariably indrawn and cold, although the truth is that he just shows fondness in a way that is unconventional to many.
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shoyotime · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
precis. a tale of you and akaashi intertwined in strings of marriage and yet experiencing love for the very first time. or maybe, it's second.
genre. arranged marriage, friends to lovers, fluff, minor like very minor angst, humour ( wc. ≃ 5.37k )
warnings. fem ! reader ( sry bffies ) characters are aged up, some smooching at the end so slightly suggestive, mentions of food, lmk if you find anything else !
note. very impulsive, very self indulgent, very much word vomit, i dont know what this is please i was half asleep when i wrote eighty percent of this so bear with me. i'd still tell you to read this, though. missed my sleep for this so you better reblog :‹ also this whole thing would make a tad bit more sense if you know the meaning behind all the flowers mentioned here :›
Tumblr media
it’s been a while since you last saw akaashi.
well, that is if you ignore the fact that he’s sitting right in front of you, next to his parents while your parents are sitting next to you, the fragrance of strawberries and vanilla spinning in the air along with soft giggles and fluttering gazes.
there’s a bouquet of irises, daffodils and certain other flowers you couldn’t seem to identify resting in one corner of the table. the clinking of glasses and spoons is distinguishable above the faint melodies of tchaikovsky’s playing in the background. but above all raises a question, one that pulls both you and akaashi out of your trail of thoughts.
“do you want to talk among yourselves?”
oh yes, please.
and with one nod at his mother, you both excuse yourselves to a table resting in the last corner of the restaurant, away from everyone’s eye. well, away from your parents’, at least.
“so how have you been?” is the first thing akaashi says, after thirty minutes of marriage discussion between both the families.
you smile. “good, i suppose.”
you can swear you and akaashi were better than this in high school. well, to sum it up, your conversations never ended with an awkward silence back then; and that would’ve been the case if you were sitting in front of him right now, meeting him like, five years later, thanks to an arranged marriage proposal brought up by your parents.
“are you—”
you both speak in unison, a series of laughter following soon after as you feel the atmosphere lighten.
“you can go first.” he offers, and you gladly take the proposition.
“are you okay with this?” the question catches him by surprise. honestly, you too think it’s a little awkward to bring it up abruptly. however, your parents are sitting a few tables across, probably guessing the names of their grandchildren, and you were never the type to beat around the bush. “i mean marriage, keiji. i know you didn’t expect to see me years later just to get married, none of us did.”
another set of silence follows, but this time it’s not awkward. probably because you’re expecting the rejection. and honestly, who wouldn’t? even if it were you in his place, you would refute the proposal, despite the fact that you two have known each other for years or whatever. however, his next words leave you wondering if your ears are working perfectly or not.
“i am perfectly fine with it,” he says shooting you a sweet smile, one that stirs a familiarly unfamiliar feeling in your stomach.
“you don’t have a girlfriend?” now, this is when you lose your composure, coming out as an idiot to him but being your friend for years at least made him realize that ages ago.
he chuckles. “what makes you think i do?”
“only fools reject that face,” where’s the lie? anyone who has seen akaashi ends up with two conclusions. one, he already is in a relationship and second, he’s not interested in one. anything apart from those two seems out of character and overall, just doesn’t make sense.
your brows furrow as he lets out a playful laugh, averting his eyes to the window next to your table. and you notice the way his eyes crinkle up into a crescent shape, his blue irises peeping through the gaps.
“it’s not funny, keiji.” you deadpan. “as much as i’d like to marry someone i know, i also want you to be comfortable with this relationship. i know this can be hard for you so please, be honest.”
he nods at your words and it seems so sarcastic, as if he finds humor in your concerns about a relationship that isn’t even official yet.
“what about you?” you look at him with a curious gaze. “is it not hard for you to marry someone you don’t love?” and oh boy, where do you even start from?
“i had a crush on you back in highschool.” that is everything that takes him to look at you with eyes wide open, his heart accelerating a little for an unknown reason.
and talk about timing. before he could utter a single word, you see both of your parents approaching the two of you. you feel your cheeks heating up a little because of the recent confession and if you’re not wrong, if your eyes aren’t deceiving you, then there’s a faint tint of rose dancing on akaashi’s cheeks too.
“did you talk?” your mom asks
“we did,” you reply with a smile, taking a look at akaashi before setting your eyes upon your parents again. “however, we need a little time to decide.” you could hear the dads whispering, an unnoticeable frown resting upon your mom’s face which you manage to notice easily.
“that’s fine! we’re not running out of time, are we?” and that’s a blatant lie. time might not be a problem, but akaashi is. and knowing him, he has several contradicting thoughts about marriage. you’re not trying to be a ‘know it all’ about him, but as someone who has witnessed him paying no attention to romantic aspects of life, you can at least guess that the major reason behind this proposal is not your mother, but his mother who probably complained about her son’s lack of interest in love.
you shoot her a thankful smile, finally bidding your goodbyes before akaashi interjects the departures.
“wait,” he interrupts a little too loudly, having a few stray gazes floating at him. “i’d like to marry y/n.”
and there’s only one way to describe your amusement — the woman was too stunned to speak.
“oh god, this sounds like one mov—”
“kaori.” you cut in through his rambles about how much of a love ridden movie your life sounds like. “this is not a movie, it’s my life. i’m having a crisis over here!”
“what’s the issue, yn?” the atmosphere gets heavier for a second. “didn’t you want to date akaashi?”
“i wanted to date him, not marry him, especially after years of no contact!” you whine in a hushed manner, afraid that your mother will hear you. “besides, i have a feeling this won’t work.”
“you can start by dating, though.” she suggests. “look, it’s not like you both are complete strangers. plus, akaashi seems to like you— platonically i mean— and that’s better than marrying someone you’ve never heard of in your entire life.”
well, that’s true.
“yeah, i know—” and then you hear your mom calling you downstairs, an exhausted sigh escaping your lips. “mom’s calling, let’s talk later.”
you rush downstairs, only to see akaashi sitting in the living room with a bouquet of pink camellias and a saccharine smile dancing on his lips. and you remember asking ‘didn’t we meet just two days ago’ to yourself before greeting him with an soft ‘hello’ and taking a seat next to your mother.
“i was wondering if we could catch up a bit,” you look at him with pure amusement. a part of you is panicking because your parents are right here, hovering their gazes over you and akaashi as if he’s asking you out on a date.
unless, it actually is one.
“of course, she can!” and you hate it when your mother answers the questions meant for you. “she has nothing better to do except reading that weird manga the whole day.” too much information, mom, too much.
however, you’re glad she doesn’t remember the name of the manga. because imagine calling a manga weird when the writer is sitting right in front of you, and is about to marry your daughter in a few weeks.
anyway, you excuse yourself to your room, shuffling through the closet for a decent dress, applying light makeup for the sake of looking presentable. you almost call kaori again before realizing that you certainly have better fashion sense than her.
you rush downstairs once again, this time with a slightly flustered face because what if you don’t look good? however, the look on akaashi’s face says otherwise.
“you look gorgeous.” filter, keiji, where’s the filter. your mom giggles under her breath, eyes your dad about something you fail to figure out. your parents are more excited about your marriage than you, and it makes you wonder if marriage is just a plan and they just want akaashi in their household. ( let’s be honest, they always liked akaashi a tad bit more, only because he doesn’t read manga all day, but who’s gonna tell them? )
not a word is shared after that. both you and akaashi walk out as he offers you the flowers he bought, you assumed they were for your parents.
“so, how have you been?” this time, you break the ice, striking up a conversation which doesn’t feel as awkward as the one held two days ago.
“i’ve been working on a new manga so things are a little hectic,” he replies, leading you inside the bakery down street, pulling a chair for you to sit on. “but besides that, everything is good.”
and it’s the manga once again. you chuckle, scanning through the menu. “i wonder how my mom would react if she knew that her favorite boy writes manga.”
“let’s not tell her that,”
and then what follows are the beads of laughter and tales about all the years you’ve lost. you learn that bokuto plans to ask his partner out, which is some kind of ‘big boy decision’ if phrased in bokuto’s words. akaashi tells you about a certain yellow haired setter— and he’s not the point of the conversation anymore. it’s his brother, all because akaashi loves the onigiris at his restaurant. and that’s the only lovesick expression you’ve ever seen on his face.
akaashi being a love sick fool for miya onigiri. yeah, sounds about right.
“we should go there someday,” he offers, more like he’s saying you must go because he loves that place and you would too. “you know, after getting married.” now that, you didn’t expect that.
“i still don’t get why you want to marry me.” and it’s an honest question. people may call you a fool for trying to sabotage your seemingly perfect future married life, but you aren’t taking risks. well, that’s what we learnt from all the mangas we’ve read, right?
he sends you a blank expression, trying to hide his smile. “because you like me?”
“don’t bring that up!”
“are you embarrassed?”
“stop!” you cover your face with your hands, trying to calm your heart down. you’re regretting confessing to him that day. and thinking about it now, it was another one of your impulsive decisions that you regret. “besides, i liked you.”
a dramatic gasp escapes his lips. “so you don’t like me anymore? what’s the point of getting married then?”
oh, and you’re sure he’s teasing you, so you decide to give into his little games. “let’s say it’s because of the mangas.”
another trail of laughter follows, another series of both of your hearts skipping a few beats, another piece of memory floats into your mind. you recall how you and akaashi met in a comic store, wanting to buy the recent edition of a manga that had only one copy left. so just like any other smart person, you both divide the price, proceeding to read it together at the nearby park.
that day, you arrived home late— very late. so late that you received an earful from your mother. but you could care less. that was the best manga reading session you’ve ever had, and even better than best meet cute or whatever they call it in the stories.
and just like that, the morning passes by in usual conversations. suddenly, akaashi doesn’t feel like a stranger anymore. well, he never was, but meeting him two days ago made you feel like you aren’t meeting the keiji you once knew. there was an unfamiliar haze in his eyes, and even though you knew the person sitting in front of you, you didn’t feel like knowing him at all.
however now, there’s a familiar smile on his lips, one that made you fall for him, a knowing glint in his eyes, one that made you drown in his eyes every time you looked into them. the fuzzy feeling in your stomach returns, and you thought it was easy to bury someone’s feelings.
“do you really not have a girlfriend?” you tease the question again as you both walk out of the bakery.
“i don’t, yn!” he whines. “how many times should i repeat that for you?”
“oh c’mon, a crush, maybe? there’s no way you don’t have someone you like.”
“you’re right, i do have a crush.” a pause. you didn’t expect that. or maybe you did, that’s what you’ve been wanting to hear, because there’s no way the akaashi keiji doesn’t have a crush. so why is your heart aching so much? “but i’m marrying you, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”
and there it is again, the butterflies and all, and an eye roll initiated by you. you don’t know what to do, but one thing is for sure— akaashi has a crush, he’s marrying you, so in short : your relationship won’t work out.
that’s how you muster up the courage to speak your next words. “let’s call off the engagement.” you look at him with dull eyes, still managing to pull a pleasant smile. “don’t give up on the one you love for me.”
it hurts so much, you’re sure saying that took ten years from your life span.
“hm, is that so?” and then you see him inching closer, one hand resting on your shoulder while the other reaches out for your hair, making your heart pick up a higher pace. on the cue, he pulls out a leaf stuck from your hair, taking a look at it before setting his eyes on your again. “i don’t think i’m giving up on the one i love by marrying you.”
and then you zone out for a good ten minutes.
“i hate him, kaori! i hate him so much!” you yell into your pillow— her pillow, actually, while she’s sitting on the other side of the bed, watching you exhibit animal behavior ( her words, literally )
she sighs for the tenth time. “do you, though?”
“gosh, i’m in love with him!” you exclaim into the pillow again, squealing and giggling like a five year old kid who got her favorite figurine in her happy meal. you’re sure you hear her saying ‘pick a struggle’ but honestly, you’re busy thinking about akaashi to even respond to her.
you were such a fool to think it was impossible for old feelings to return. well, it’s just a family gathering. what could go wrong? you remember concluding this the day you were getting ready to meet his family. and much to your surprise ( or maybe not ) everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.
it took you everything to not call akaashi hot. wait, actually, akaashi has always been hot. the girls in high school didn’t fawn over him for nothing. but akaashi keiji, 22, shonen manga editor who has been publishing mangas under a pen name is hot.
in those five years, akaashi had the glow up ( again, not like he ever needed. more like glow ups need akaashi, really ) and that’s when you knew that ‘it’s impossible for your feelings to return’ was bullshit, because the moment he stepped in, your heart started having a field day with those damned butterflies.
“i don’t know what he means by that, though.” you sit up, looking at your friend who’s painting her nails, tired of the mess that your life is. “he says he loves someone, but he’s also not giving up on them by marrying me. what do you think that means?”
kaori sighs. “you’re so dumb, it baffles me.”
“hey!” you slap her arm, pouting at her response as you slide under the covers. “whatever, i’m going to sleep.” another lie, because bold of you to assume you could sleep when you have akaashi keiji hovering all over your mind.
kaori’s right, maybe you’re stupid. it’s really stupid of you to marry someone who clearly has a crush, someone who clearly harbours feelings for someone and oh god, you feel so selfish. but maybe that’s what love does to you. for once, you think, being selfish isn’t as bad as people make it to be. after all, with love comes several other challenges, and one of them was making him fall in love with you too.
oh, well, everything side, you need to sleep. that’s the most difficult challenge right now, considering your brain won't stop playing the previous events with akaashi.
nothing helps, you need to be brainwashed.
how does one even fall so deep in love that it’s hard to sleep?
anyway, you make your way to the balcony, careful to not wake your friend up as you slip into your cardigan. you wonder if it’s actually colder than usual, or if it’s just your mind. maybe it’s just your mind. because you look at the sky, the moon looks prettier, the sound of wind hustling through dry leaves feels like music to your ears. you pull the cardigan closer to your body, a smile dancing on your lips. however, a notification from your phone interrupts your sweet moment.
akaashi :
you should sleep — 3 : 37 am
you :
how do you know i’m not sleeping? — 3 : 37 am
akaashi :
look to your right :) — 3 : 38 am
and then you see him waving from a distance, standing next to a lamp post as a faint gasp escapes your lips. you run downstairs, cursing as you almost drop one of the antiques resting on a table in the living room.
“what are you—” you’re cut off by akaashi wrapping his scarf around you, a wisp of air emerging from his lips.
“you should stay warm.” he whispers, cheeks adorned by dust of red tints because of the cold winds engulfing the two of you. “and you should sleep, too.”
you chuckle at his words. “you’re one to talk.” chortles back, offering you to put your hand in his as you both begin on your little stroll.
it’s cold, it really is. you feel the cold breeze penetrating through your silk trousers, and you curse yourself for thinking it would protect you from the temperature outside. march has never been this cold, but no one can predict weather, can they? all you can say is that you’re glad akaashi’s holding your hand inside the pocket of his jacket, a faint blush waltzing on your cheeks as you smile against the soft scarf.
it smells of calendulas, a fragrance almost similar to how you’d describe home. akaashi always had a sublime taste when it comes to fragrances.
“what are you doing here, though?” you ask when you finally recall the reason why you hurried downstairs anxiously.
“is it wrong for me to see my fiancée?” he responds with a smirk, eye you through his peripheral gaze.
you take it back when you said akaashi feels familiar. he does not. seventeen year old akaashi didn’t have the confidence to tease you about everything you do. to be honest, it was the other way around. and you can imagine him saying, ‘oh how the tables have changed’ with a smug grimace. you wonder if he has been spending time with kuroo or one of the miyas.
“is your mom aware that her son is out here with his fiancée instead of sleeping?”
“she wouldn’t mind,” well, he’s right. “she really wanted us to get together ever since high school.” and you feel your cheeks heat up at his words again. actually, scratch that, it’s not the words. it’s the cold.
yeah, it’s definitely the cold. because nothing else seems plausible.
“you’re flustered,” his words pull you out of your thoughts, your eyes wide open at his statement. “do i fluster you, yn?”
such a tease, you curse in your head. “you? fluster me? the delusion is high.” and you’re such a liar for speaking those words as if they’re nothing but the truth.
you both stop in front of your house— again, it’s kaori’s house. he looks at you, you look at him, and the time freezes. there’s a comforting sensation in between you two. while everything around is shivering in cold, the calloused moon watches your heart melt at his sight. you wonder if it’s obvious that you’re still in love with him, even after all these years.
“and when i do this?” he steps towards you, inching closer as his head dips down towards your lips, halting a few centimeters away. your heart is pacing infinitely, as if it’ll jump out of your chest. if that wasn’t enough, his hands find refuge on your waist, pulling you closer than you already are.
and you’re only thinking about kissing him when he chuckles, stepping back, leaving you perplexed with a flushed face. “i think you should go back.” and that’s all he says before bidding you a good night as you watch him walk away through the dimly illuminated streets.
you smile.
maybe sleeping isn’t on tonight’s list.
the next week almost feels monochromatic.
you haven’t even heard from akaashi. no calls, no texts, let alone hanging out together. while he has quite a tight schedule considering the busy person he is, but you couldn’t help but wonder if he’s spending time with the so-called person he has a crush on.
the calls from his parents don’t stop, though. his mother hits you up every one to two days, asking if her son is treating you well, and you couldn’t help but just smile and say that yes, he is. well, you certainly can’t tell that you haven’t heard from her son in three days now, and everything makes you feel a little anxious about the marriage proposal.
so, even when reading manga doesn’t seem to calm you down, you decide to seek comfort in an old friend.
“just so you know, yn,” he says after much consideration, taking a sip from his hot chocolate. “akaashi isn’t the type to play anyone, especially you.”
“i know,” you sigh, resting your arms on the table in front of you. “but i’m scared.” he puts his hand above you, rubbing soft circles on the back of your palm in an attempt to provide you solace.
tanaka would know something about love, considering he spent a major part of his life pinning over kiyoko. and if there’s something you learnt from his story, it’s persistence. a major part of why you are still willing to have your shots at akaashi is tanaka and his forever inspiring story regarding his love life. ( honestly, it’s something he’s very proud of )
“hey now c’mon, this isn’t the yn i knew in university. cheer up!” you smile at his words, receiving one back in response too. the universe may have deprived you of a potential love interest but it definitely gave you the best friends you could ever ask for. “shit— i have to go. but call me if you need anything, okay?”
and with that, you both walk out of the little shop, him bidding you a soft goodbye with a kiss on your temple before hugging you, something that you appreciate a lot.
they say that if things are set to go wrong, they will go wrong. there’s no stopping. just like now, when you turn around, your eyes rest upon akaashi as he stares at you from across the street. only ten seconds are left before the signal turns green again, and it makes you feel like you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff; only ten seconds to pull up, ten seconds to save yourself, and after that is just an empty void.
but you’re smarter than the girl running across the road in front of you. you’ve always been the smarter one. so you pull out your phone, dialing the number on top of your contact list.
a few rings pass, the signal turns green. akaashi picks up.
“keiji i can ex—”
he cuts you off. “let’s talk later.”
a bus passes by, and akaashi is no longer in front of you.
day five without akaashi.
both the families are busy with the preparations and now that the engagement date has been finalized, tons of responsibilities have been bestowed upon you.
however, everything feels like it has been built upon a pillar of lies. you’ve been tiptoeing around your friends and family, making sure you don’t make it obvious that there’s a huge misunderstanding between you and akaashi. something that can ruin everything.
so, you keep feeding everyone with lies, a little too afraid that you'll make one mistake and you’d shatter everything into pieces.
you’re not sure when the later comes for him. but every second ever since that incident feels suffocating. the thought about calling off the engagement slides into your mind. a part of you agrees. you can maybe postpone the engagement, at least. while another part of you keeps telling you to text akaashi.
maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.
what if he’s busy with work? what if he’s busy with someone? well, what happened that day gives him a perfect reason to not marry you and instead, spend his life with the person he truly loves.
and you keep staring at the ceiling, sighing occasionally before your mother comes in.
“yn, are you busy?” you roll your eyes. if staring at the ceiling is considered working then sure, you’re busy; very busy. “keiji’s here.”
suddenly, you aren’t busy anymore. hundreds of questions flood into your mind as you send your mom out of your room, proceeding to fix your look before following her ghosted steps.
“um, my mom sent some takoyaki for you,” you’ve never had a more awkward conversation with akaashi before. you smile, the takoyakis are appreciated, but the flowers in the bouquet are not. you wonder if he actually picked a bunch of yellow carnations with a few daffodils because of their meaning or if he randomly chose them because they’re pretty.
you wish it’s the latter one.
there’s nothing left to say. so you mutter a soft thankyou before leading him out of the door, the atmosphere beckoning that there’s something that has to be addressed before it’s too late. and so, you take the initiative.
“he’s just a friend,” you break the ice, making him look up at you. “tanaka, i mean. we’re close friends. he’s married.”
akaashi doesn’t say a word. all he does is nod before taking his leave and driving away from your place. you wonder if you said something wrong. but there’s something you don’t know, and it’s the smile on his face that accompanies him through his drive back home.
time feels slower when he’s not around.
it’s hard to not panic about the situation when you told him everything, and all he did was nod and leave as if nothing really matters anymore. you can hear kaori calling you dumb for thinking this, but what if he’s in fact disappointed that you weren’t in a relationship, all because he couldn’t be with his crush?
maybe you are dumb, especially for making akaashi sound like worst of the antagonists in those romance mangas.
i need to see him. you whine again and your eyes settle on the scarf he left you almost a week ago. a pause in your inner monologue. yeah, you need to see him.
“it’s 10 pm.” is the first thing he says after opening the door, offering to come inside. you raise your brows looking at his apartment, which is a little too spacious for someone who has been living alone.
“i just wanted to return this scarf,” he takes the bag from your hand, mumbling something along the lines of ‘you could’ve returned this tomorrow.’ but honestly, a scarf is just an excuse. “by the way, thank your mom for the takoyakis,”
“for sure,” he doesn’t even look at you because his eyes are too busy typing something on his phone. you wonder if it’s the love of his life.
“so how are things between you and your crush?” he looks at you with eyes wide open as if he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. and you feel so stupid for asking that.
“we didn’t talk for a few days but i met her today so we’re good,” he responds with a sweet smile and you can swear, it sounds a little too familiar for some reason.
a trail of silence fills in the room along with the fragrance of hot chocolate that’s emerging from the kitchen. you’re left wondering if you should still agree to this whole proposal. he seems happy with her, you think. and despite all the years you’ve spent pining over him, you have no right to ruin their relationship.
your heart aches, but it’s fine as long as he’s happy.
“you know,” you speak, taking the cup from his hand. “i’d love to meet her some day.” you notice him trying to hide his smile as he takes a sip. and you wonder if there’s something funny about this situation.
“she’s here, as we speak.”
your brows raise in astonishment. “really? where?”
a chuckle escapes his lips— one that you fail to notice— as you whip your head around, looking for her. akaashi thinks you’re cute, especially for being impossibly clueless.
he places his cup aside as he leans against the counter, pulling you closer by your wrist before resting his hands on the corner of your waist. “right in front of me.”
“oh,” and then you look at him with a stunned expression. “wait, what?”
and then cue him laughing at your face as you look at him in disbelief. you step away from him, still processing the situation, because akaashi did not just watch you make a fool of yourself for over a week straight, not only in front of him but also two of your friends. ( your friends don’t even count, honestly. they’ve seen worse )
“i hate you, keiji!” you exclaim, smiling uncontrollably at the relief that sets upon your heart, because no matter how much of a prank it was, the ‘crush’ really did have you on your toes.
he laughs. “do you, though?”
“shut up!” yes, and you still regret telling him about your crush on him that day. to be honest, you regret it even more. “and what if i tell you i cried myself to sleep everyday because of your silly prank?”
he shrugs. “i’ll make it up to you,”
and all he does is pull you closer once again, capturing your lips with his as his hands rest on your hips, smirking as you kiss back right away. you’re mad, you really are, but you can never be mad enough to not kiss him back, and snake your arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss.
it feels euphoric the way his lips move in synchrony with yours, fitting like puzzle pieces. akaashi tugs you closer by your waist, a faint gasp escaping your mouth that dissolves immediately into your breaths mingling together.
he pulls back, much to your disappointment, looking at you with love sick eyes and dust of pink sprinkled on his cheeks. “is that enough?”
you press your lips into a thin line, pretending to think before planting a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. “hm, not sure. let’s do it again and then i’ll see if i can forgive you.”
akaashi smiles, kissing you again, this time with a much slower pace as the moonlight graces you both with it’s magic. he tickles your neck, a series of giggles spinning around as you pull back, playfully slapping his arm. he stares at you for a brief second before reaching for your lips once again, mumbling a gentle ‘i love you’ against them as you give dwell into the kiss once again.
and you remember thinking, maybe you shouldn’t forgive him at all.
Tumblr media
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mae-gi-writes · 2 days ago
Kenma's photo gallery would include 🌸:
Kuroo's face (wasn't that obvious)
Kuroo's face in every angle possible
Blurry photos of Kuroo trying to take selfies with Kenma (and failing)
Cats cats cats CATS
Also paw pics because deep down Kenma's a simp for cute thingz
The Nekoma team spam photo selfies during volleyball practice
Screenshotd of Kenma's wins on his PC games because he's secretly so proud of it
The first photo of you he has is actually blurry because you were busy arguing with Yaku about who was shorter. At the time, Kenma had taken this shot to send to Kuroo.
Photos of his possible merch designs when his youtube starts getting recognition
Slowly, screenshots of his game wins turn into screenshots of a comparison of your scores (he obv wins)
Photos of you angry whenever he wins a game (you're a sore loser)
Photos of your face squished up into the camera just to piss him off (Kenma doesn't like your germs over his stuff)
Photos of you drooling in your sleep
Screenshots of your conversations bc he secretly re-reads them at night
Screenshots of you asking him if there's something betw you bcoz he sends them to Kuroo POOR KID DOESNT KNOW HOW TO REACT AHKDDJDKDKD❤
Kenma's gallery slowly filling up with pictures of you gaming in his seat, all day everyday
A LOT of secret photos of you when you're not looking; waiting for the bus, at the Amusement Park, when you're on coffee dates, you with multiple bags of popcorns during movies etc...
The kid just loves remembering the things you do
Selfies of you and him when he's busy gaming and doesn't "want" to look at the camera
Spam selfies of you and him, cheeks squished together and you taking this opportunity to pepper kisses across his face
Selfie of his one eye, with you in the background wearing your wedding dress
A pic of Kenma (taken by Kuroo) practically losing his composure as he waits in suit and tie.
And the pinned photo at the top of Kenma's gallery so that he can open it everyday; the photo of the two of you smiling at each other, totally candid as you cut into the wedding cake.
And Kenma loves playing with his ring as a small smile graces his face in affection.
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justnnyx · 2 days ago
"i've always, always liked you," he says - and suddenly you're in a flower field, like those cliche anime. i mean, it's tsukishima, and he's being SAPPY in front of you! you can't deny, you're a bit flustered. maybe more than flustered. embarrassed? okay, maybe more than that. maybe...
"well?" he asks you. you clam up, oh shit oh shit oh shit no. do you like tsukishima? you gulp. "do you think she'll say yes?" he asks you again.
the flowers withered. "oh, definitely!" you reply. shit. you did. you did like him.
why only now? why only realize now that he's fallen in love with someone else? you've been friend for 5 years!
tsukishima stares at you. "um," he hesitates. "thanks for helping me, y'know, with this."
"no problem, lover boy," you laugh and he grimaces. the air is comfortable between you two, but you feel disconcerted. is this okay? just letting your newfound crush on him be buried under a mound?
"don't call me that."
you guess it's okay. as long as he's here and you're here beside him.
yeah. it's okay.
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mailfull · a day ago
Runaway Bride
Yandere! Bokuto Kotaro x Fem! Reader
Word Count: 4.6k
Synopsis: Years can go by, but he'll never forget
TW: Abuse, Toxic Relationship, Forced Marriage, Stalking, Yandere, Implied Non Con
Tumblr media
    You remembered what his face looked like the night you left, it was hard not to remember. He was knocked out cold, drool sliding down his lips and loud snores escaping from his mouth. The room was black, pitch black even, the only light coming in from the moon that was shining down on his face and a thin strip of unnatural light coming from the door that was cracked. It was silent other than his snores, so quiet that you were sure he would hear you, but you knew that wouldn’t happen.
    The pills you snuck into his drink had long since taken effect. He was so drowsy after a couple sips, holding his head and blaming it on the new liquor that he was trying.
    “This stuff might be stronger than I thought,” He slurred, a hand on his forehead trying to stop the spinning in his head. 
   “Yeah, maybe,” You said, trying not to have the excitement show in your voice. You took the glass from his hand, sitting it down on the table in front of him, all the while, your heart was beating out of your chest. You hoped he wouldn’t feel the way your heart was thumping as you wrapped his arm around your shoulder and guided him to the bed. After all he’d done, after everything that happened, you were still so surprised by the fact that you cared enough to put him to bed. Leaving him there was a better option, letting him fall asleep with his head back against the couch. It would’ve saved you time, but you still put him to bed.
    Mentally you cursed, fighting with yourself about whether or not you could go through with this. Why couldn’t you go through with this? You knew who he was and what he’d done, and yet this guilty feeling was still forming over your heart, beckoning you to just climb back into the bed with him and pretend the escape attempt never happened. You’d wake up in the morning and cook him breakfast, probably even get him some pain killers, a headache was a side effect of the pills. Then you’d be his loving housewife.
    Smile when he wanted. Kiss him when he wants. Cheer for him when he needed it. Clean for him. Cook for him. Service him with your body whenever he requires it. You were to be Bokuto’s loving housewife, but you hated it. You thought you hated it. You remembered hating it. 
Shaking the thought from your head before you had the chance to let it simmer, you stood from the bed. Every creak of the floorboard towards the bedroom door sounded like an explosion in your ears. The light from the hall felt like your saving grace, something in you told you, that when you got to the light, you'd be away, you'd be free.
You took one final glance at his sleeping face. The way his chest rose and fell, the way he snored. Your heart was beating so hard you could feel it in your fingertips, but you still flipped the light switch, finally basking the apartment into darkness.
Two years. That's how long you and Bokuto had been "together". You say together with quotation marks because you didn't have much of a choice in the matter.
It started sweet, as most things do. He matched with you on a dating site and the two of you flirted on the phone for hours. That first night was magical, the way you texted while kicking your feet, holding your phone as you waited for his next flirty message. It was almost two in the morning before the both of you finally decided that it was time for bed. You were adults after all, not highschoolers with their first crush.
You were sure you were being catfished. The guy in the picture was far too attractive to be on a dating app. His pictures, they were out of this world. Especially the ones he took shirtless, fresh out of the shower or right after an intense workout. His body was so large and firm, thick arms and a big chest. His toned stomach drew your eyes lower and lower until you reached the v that was just before the bulge you were seeing beneath the fabric.
But his face. You smiled when you saw it. He had the face of an angel. A gentle, childish smile with big wide eyes that seemed obsessed with the world around him. The way they sparkled with such whimsicality, you felt them peering into your soul, beckoning you closer. He looked so sweet and gentle, even if his body looked as if it was built to kill.
The first date he took you one was hell, but in the best way. In the way that you’d tell someone about it jokingly and they wouldn’t understand why it made you so happy. It rained so hard that the rooftop restaurant he wanted to take you to was forced to close, throwing his intial plans down the drain. One of the fancy heels you'd bought just for that date had broken. Pain shot through your ankle as the rain drenched your clothes. You dropped to the ground, not prepared for your foot to feel like it was pulled beneath you, embarrassment and rain on your face.
You looked up at him. He was getting equally as soaked. His hair that he usually kept gelled up, had fallen and was sticking to his forehead. You thought that this would be the end of it. The super hot guy you'd met was going to be nothing more than a story to tell your friends, a story where you'd tell them how it didn't work. But Bokuto was full of surprises, the way he laughed at you on the ground told you that much.
"Here you go, babe," he chuckled, taking his jacket off and placing it over your head, protecting you from the rain. He crouched down in front of you, his back towards you and his arms behind himself to hold you, "Hop on, I'm sure there's something we can do. A little rain never killed anyone.”
Hesitant didn't even begin to describe how you felt as you crawled into his back, your legs wrapping around his waist. He didn't rush you though. Even though the rain was soaking through his button down shirt and making it transparent, he didn't care. He waited for you and when you were secure, he hopped up bouncing you slightly on him.
The world felt different from that high up. The sky felt closer. Rain was pattering against your cheeks and your ankle was throbbing, but all you could see was how beautiful the world was. How beautiful he was. His eyes still had that sparkle in them. It wasn't fake. It wasn’t something just for the pictures. You kissed his cheek and watched him look at you in surprise, then flush with a childish embarrassment.
It was the worst date of your life. And you loved every second of it. 
Two years. Two whole years you spent with him. Two years, that from the outside, looked like heaven. He was a provider, a kind, sweet, and honest boyfriend who bought you whatever you wanted and loved you just as much as he did since the beginning. People dreamed of a relationship like the one you had. But no one saw you slowly losing more and more freedom over those years, until you eventually lost yourself.
It started with him scrolling through your phone. It was cute at first. Bokuto's large hands holding your phone, you'd see him when you were coming out of the shower and you assumed he was just taking pictures, he had a tendency to do that. You’d scroll through your gallery and suddenly come upon a myriad of pictures of a certain gray haired boy, one’s you were sure you didn’t take. Until numbers started going missing. And people were becoming upset with you, saying that you'd said something rude to them. Something rude you couldn't even imagine yourself saying. But then you saw the screenshots from their end.
"It's just a joke! Stop overthinking it!" He'd say, pulling you onto the bed with him in a tight bear hug. And then the conversation would be forgotten as the two of you wrestled and the wrestling became something more intimate. With his large hands roaming your body, you’d forget what the problem even was.
But then the way you dressed was a problem. The short skirts that he told you he adored, that he'd kiss your thighs in, suddenly, they were too short. The friends that he said he loved, he got upset when you saw them. The job that he was excited that you got, it was taking too much of your time and attention away from him. Why don't you quit? With the volleyball team, he made enough for the both of you, after all. Your working wasn’t doing anything, but making you even more tired.
It suddenly hit you one day. Just what this relationship was. The word toxic always rested in the back of your mind, but you never understood it until you felt it seething off of him one day. He came back home all smiles. The two of you got into an argument that morning something that was happening more and more often as of late, and while you were forced to stay at home, he went out with his friends. Friends. You don't have any anymore. The world can easily move on without you, especially when all you ever did was make excuses. They didn't have to waste the energy to keep asking when all you did was say no. He came home full smiles and all you felt was hate. 
The first time you tried to break up with him was a nightmare. Not the good kind, like your first date, but the kind that made you genuinely question yourself. Your bags were already packed. The taxi was on the way. You didn't know where you'd go or what you'd do, but in the moment, you wanted to be gone. It would all make sense in the future.
But he stepped through the door, that same whimsical smile forming when he saw you. Until he saw what was in your hand. A suitcase and there was another back on your back. He knew you were trying to leave, even though there were no words spoken.
"Wh-what's all this?" He questioned. His eyes were going from your face, to the bags, back and forth in disbelief. 
"Kotaro…" you began. You didn't even have enough time to finish your thought before the waterworks were falling. Tears, they were staining his cheeks. Much like the rain droplets that dripped down his face on the night of your first date. You hated that that was what you were thinking about how, how tears looked like rain as he sobbed his way over to you.
"Don't leave!" He was holding your shoulders firmly, placing sloppy kisses on your face as you attempted to look away. Everything was telling you to look away. Every bone in your body, every hair on your head, every drop of sweat that was on your forehead. But you did anyway. You glanced into his eyes once and you felt yourself crumble. And he knew it too.
He saw you falter and he pounced. His hands were holding your face before you even knew what was happening, "I love you. I know we’re not doing good right now, but I love you. I’ll do better," he spoke those words quickly while looking into your eyes. Another kiss was pressed against your lips and the bag just slipped from your hands. It was like your body was solidifying it. You were stuck here.
Everytime you tried to leave after that was similar. He had so many new tactics, so many new tools to use against you on the off chance that the last one didn't work. When the tears didn't work, it was the affection. He picked you up, took you to the bedroom and slowly undressed you. His lips found any part of your body they could kiss, finding new ways and places he could touch you all through the night.
Violence was another. He never once hurt you. But that didn't keep him from implying that he would. Breaking glasses and slamming doors. He would stand over today, huffing in anger and all you could look at was his arms. Those big, strong arms that you'd fallen in love with on his profile, they were horrifying when they looked like they could snap your neck at any moment.
    The last one and probably the one that worked best, was the offer of marriage, something the two of you had never even spoken of before. You were sure of it this time, sure you would leave and that nothing that he would say or do would convince you otherwise. This time you’d planned ahead, arrangements had been made. All that was left was for you to walk out that door. Past his crying, past his anger, past his affection. None of it was working on you and you felt a sense of pride in your chest as your hand gripped the door knob, one turn of the wrist and it would all be over.
    “Marry me!” he shouted from across the room. Even you, the you who was so proud of yourself, froze at those words.
    You spared him a glance just once, and sure enough, he was on one knee. Sweat was coating his forehead and he was panting from the argument, but he was still holding a little black velvet box in front of him. Even from a distance, you could see the way the diamond on the ring sparkled. It glimmered against the harsh fluorescent lights and as he held it out, destined for you to not turn away, you saw him again. Not the Bokuto that was angry, or jealous, or toxic, but the one who shyly asked you to be his girlfriend two years ago. Your heart sank at the sight of him. The way you still felt love for the him that was presenting himself in front of you right now, it was a weakness.
    “I was planning on asking you in a different way,” he shook his head before repeating it differently, “I will ask you in a better way. It’ll be perfect, just like you. Just say yes now, and don’t leave me.”
    You weren’t even sure you said anything in response to that question that night. You were far too dumbfounded to speak, but he must’ve taken your silence as a yes, standing from his knee, walking across the room and pulling you into a tight embrace. The ring was slipped onto your finger while he was hugging you and you didn’t even look at it. You felt it though. It felt cold. Wrong.
    You twisted that ring on your digit just a few more times before slipping it off your finger and sitting it on the kitchen counter. He was still snoring, he was still sleeping, you could still leave, and there would be nothing to stop you. Even you felt that drugging him was a bit much, but you questioned whether or not you actually had a choice. Finally opening the door to the apartment, feeling how light the air outside was, it gave you an answer. Without the ring, your hand felt free, without him to stop you, you felt free.
    This time, there wasn’t a plan. You didn’t have anything ready, you’d only left with the clothes on your back and the little bit of money that you had saved. It was the best you could do on such short notice, but it felt better than when he was showering you with gifts, when you were being suffocated in a place that you were trying to call home.
    Two years. That’s how long you’d been away from Kotaro. Two whole years. The morning after you left, your phone was bombarded with texts, missed calls, and voicemails. Not just from him, but from his friends and teammates too. Their numbers were all quickly blocked and you attempted to forget about him. 
    The job you got wasn’t lavish, it wasn’t extravagant, it wasn’t even all that nice, but it was yours, and you claimed it. It was a pretty fancy hotel that ended up letting you work there, they were short staffed and even though your resume showed a gap in your work history, they trusted you to do your job well. And you did. You worked your ass off the whole two years.
    You’d moved practically as far across the country as you could, getting new friends in the process and even finding a new apartment. You’d done everything short of changing your name at this point. You felt free.
    “Excuse me!” you turned towards a voice that had called you, your head being full of thoughts that you didn’t even notice a customer. He was peeking his head out of his room door, his orange hair dripping down his face and you could tell that he was shirtless, probably naked on the other side. You didn’t know this man. You didn’t think you did, but something about him just felt so familiar.
    “I’m sorry, sir! What can I do for you?”
    “Just some more towels please,” He said with a bit of a chuckle, his face obviously flushed. A simple request and one you did fairly quickly, but for some reason, the boy never left your mind. 
    The whole day at work you thought about him, how did you know him, but not know him at the same time? Was he a friend from school, a celebrity? None of those things felt right, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.
    Not until he walked through the main entrance of the hotel. That same gray hair, those big yellow eyes. In the two years since you’d seen him, very little about him had changed. You felt vomit rising up your throat as you looked at him. He was wearing his jersey, standing with a group of other men, his teammates. And one of them was the boy with the orange hair. That’s how you knew him. You cursed yourself for not realizing it sooner.
    There was a girl at his side, one that was practically throwing herself onto him. His arm, which was wrapped around her waist, slid down and grabbed her ass, squeezing it tightly in his hand. He did this and she let out a laugh, playfully hitting his chest and leaning up to whisper something in his ear. He seemed to not even care about what she was saying though, all while she rubbed across his chest and twirled her finger in her hair, he was looking at you.
    There was nothing you could do, no where you could go. He was staring dead at you. There was a smile on his face, but it wasn’t reaching his eyes. Recognition was flying through the team’s as they all realized who you were. Your hands were trembling and you looked down at them, praying that some god would take you and make you disappear before they could speak to you. Before he could speak to you.
    But to you delight, he walked straight past you, the girl he was with still on his arm. Even though he didn’t speak, you could feel him looking at you the entire time, until the elevator doors closed and you were left alone in the lobby once more.
    You released a shaky breath. There was absolutely no way in hell this wasn’t coming back to bite you in the ass. You looked at the clock, hoping that maybe your shift would be over soon, but of course the time showed that you had at least another three hours. Three hours and rooms to clean. All by yourself. When he could be around any corner.
    A part of you wondered why you were even scared of him. Even though you did what you did, two years had already passed, and he’d obviously moved on, the girl at his side told you as much. He’d probably taken multiple girls up to his hotel room in the years, probably even dated some for a while. You tried to make yourself believe that he’d moved on, but there was something telling you that that wasn’t the case. The way he stared at you, the way his eyes seemed locked on and focused on just you, nothing else, it said enough. 
    The Bokuto you knew was persistent, he was loyal. He was the type of guy to hang off of your leg when you tried to leave. Two years was a long time, but was it long enough to make him forget?
    Thoughts were racing through your mind as you smoothed out the sheets of the bed. This was your last room to clean of the night and as you smoothed out the sheets, all you could do was breathe a sigh of relief. The clock on the nightstand told you that you had twenty minutes left before your shift was over, but you knew you’d finish the room before then and be able to leave early.
    You noticed how dark the sky looked as you drew the curtains. It was already late, but there was also a possibility for rain, you could smell it in the air. The last thing you did was turn off the television, it was the only thing that could keep you company as you cleaned the rooms alone.
    As you tossed the remote on the bed, you heard it. It was so faint, that you wouldn’t have noticed it, had you not already been on edge. It was a quiet sound, there and gone just as quickly as it was there. The sound of rustling, ever so slightly. 
    The logical part of your brain was telling you that it’d come from the next room over, it was a hotel after all, other guests were bound to make noise, but the paranoid side was telling you that something, or someone was there. From the closet, the one in the far corner of the room, the one that you’d neglected to clean, the one that was right in front of the room door, the only exit. A lump was caught in your throat and you tried to push the thought away. But for some reason, you couldn’t get yourself to walk past the closet door.
    It was open, just a tiny bit. The light in the closet wasn’t on so all you could see was darkness, but for just a moment, you thought you could see movement, hear breathing, feel something staring at you, waiting for you to try and leave. 
    You felt stupid, dumb, you felt like an actual idiot, but you still did it regardless, because despite what you wanted to believe, you knew who was there, “Kotaro?” your voice was quivering as you spoke to what you hoped was nothing, and for a moment, you were sure it was going to be.
    EVerything was still, quiet, nothing was moving, not even you. You were sure that you’d gone crazy, even happy at the probability. Anything was better than him actually being in there.
    But then the door creaked open. Slowly. And when light flooded into the closest, you saw him. A chill ran down your spine as you thought everything over. You’d been cleaning this room for almost thirty minutes. No one was in this room before you came into it. How long had he been there, watching you?
    Words were caught in your throat and your mouth went completely dry. He stepped out and made sure that he was positioned right in front of the room door. No escape. Not unless you wanted to take your chances with the window. You gave it a backwards glance. Sixth floor and no fire escape, jumping would be the end of you, but staying here would be too.
    “Didn’t think you’d catch me in there,” he was smiling. Despite everything that was happening, despite the fact that he was obviously keeping you here against your will, he was smiling. A friendly smile like the two of you were meeting on your own terms as acquaintances.
    “What the fuck is wrong with you?” That was the first thought that came to your head and you spoke it. Truth be told, you didn’t really want an answer, you didn’t even want to speak to him any longer.
    He shrugged nonchalantly, “Just missed you is all,” he began digging around in his pocket as he spoke, “Don’t get the wrong idea or anything, I promise I didn’t know you worked here. We’ve got a game with the local team is all.”
    “That doesn’t answer my question!”
    Bokuto finally pulled out what he was looking for in his pocket, holding it up to the light and letting you see the familiar glimmer. Your wedding band. The one you’d left on the counter two years ago. He couldn’t be serious, but his face read nothing but it. He’d finally gotten you back.
    “The girl I came in with is nobody,” he was taking slow, deliberate steps towards you as he spoke, forcing you to step backwards to keep the distance, “After I saw you, I didn’t even have the urge to fuck her anymore. She was just a placeholder till I got you back, they all were.”
    “You have to leave,” you tried to speak aggressively, but your voice was shaking. Even you weren’t intimated by yourself.
    “Not without you,” He was directly in front of you at this point, so close you could feel the warmth coming off his body. Your legs were shaking so much, you couldn’t take another step. You couldn’t even rush past him, there was no way you were faster than him, the trained athlete.
    He took your left hand into his, pulling it up to his lips and kissing it. His lips were cold. All you could think about while he kissed a trail up your forearm, his eyes boring holes into your skull, was that his lips were cold. All you could feel was the cold. The cold of his lips, of his stare, of the ring being slid back onto your finger.
    “I forgive you for what you did,” he spoke with a smile, pressing a kiss against your lips, “But we’ve gotta make up for lost time. Two years without you, doll,” his hand was cupping your cheek, “Two years is a really long time.”
    You were tossed back onto the bed. You sank into the soft mattress and the pillows, eyes already filling with tears as you watched him step towards you. One of his hands was already rubbing the bulge that was forming in his pants, the other spread your knees that had locked up tight, forcing his body between them before you could shut them again.
    “Pl-please-” you could barely even beg as you struggled to form words. It felt like all the air had left your chest and you were suffocating. But that was just the fear. Not just fear of what he’d do to you in this moment, but fear for the rest of your life. He had you now. That escape plan of yours, only would work once, now you were truly stuck with him forever.
    He reached down and wiped a tear from your eye with his thumb, “Don’t look at me like that,” he reassured, “Look at me like you used to. Like you love me.”
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strawberryfrooggoo · 2 days ago
Kiss & Make-up♡ (series)
—Kōtarō Bokuto [9:15pm]
genre : fluff!
warning : none!
(oikawa, ushijima, daichi)
Tumblr media
"LET ME PUT MAKE UP ON YOU!" You barge in your shared bedroom with your lover making them startle and gripping onto their shirt "Oh my- baby please don't barge in like that again..." only smiling closing the door behind you making your way to Bokuto then sitting on their lap "Ehehe~ Love you too, so shall we?" The volleyball player could only smile and agree on your little adventure, you eyes litting up and jumping out his lap then throwing a bunny headband to him
"Oww you're patting to hard" he pouted only for you to flick forehead "Oh hush~" Kōtarō honestly saw this happen after seeing you watch multiple videos of a person doing their lover's makeup whenever passing by, being cut off his thought by the sudden water being sprayed on them, there you saw your lover smirking "Pervert~" shaking his head then looking where he's been staring off and it was your thighs "Shit- No no no! I was spacing off!"
Finally next on the eye makeup which he was nervous about, not they didn't trust him but he know you might be planning something "Is the baby overthinking again?" "Hmmn?" Kōtarō then look up only for both of your faces to be close to one another "Don't worry about it! I'm just thinking about 'Tsumu's tardy schedule!" laughing it off but you weren't having it, you dislike him lying and only thinking of work "Babe, relax let everything go for awhile and we'll cuddle after okay?" As much are you're as energetic as he is, never did you let him tire themselves and would take care of him
"And finished! So what do you think?" turning the chair and looking at the mirror he had to see you had turned him into a colorful of a canvas like her personality; it was a rainbow eyeshadow that reached up to his cheek bone, eyelashes were curled and lastly being compilmented with pink lipstick "I know, I know, I'm such a makeup artist" you said for him to laugh and pulling you by the waist and kissing you "And you really made it as colorful like your personality, I love it~"
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allm1ghtslovech1ld · 9 hours ago
WITH AN S/O WHO HAS A VOICE KINK (multiple characters)
based on my thirsty thought
warnings : MDNI, filth from the darkest corners of my brain, degradation? yeah a bit, mentions and implication of phone sex and mutual masturbation, all characters aged up
Tumblr media
the ones who have no idea about how hot their voice is
ushijima, daichi, kageyama, iwaizumi, akaashi, bokuto, sakusa, nanami, megumi, choso, kirishima, bakugou, todoroki
They'll be saying the most innocent things but they have no idea about the heat that is growing every second in your core
Will be concerned about the blush taking over your face
Would stop in the middle of what they were saying and ask "hey, are you okay?" while keeping a hand on your thigh, thumb forming patterns over your soft skin.
Nodding, you urge him to continue but his eyes land over your clenched thighs and he finally puts it all together
Leaning in he whispers in your ear, while the hand on your thigh travels higher, making goosebumps form all over your body, "baby if you were feeling needy you should've told me before"
the bullies
suna, kuroo, oikawa, mattsun, osamu, tsukishima, terushima, konoha, gojo, geto, toji, sero, dabi, hawks,
This man knows about this kink if yours.
Ever since the day you told him about it, he's been nothing but a tease and an absolute menace.
Would say the filthiest things in your ear IN PUBLIC that you'd be a mess in just seconds.
"aww, look at you all flustered, I bet you're dripping wet right now, hm? What a slut", he'd say stuff like this with a shit eating grin on his face
And when he's away from you? He'll call you in the night before going to bed. He talks to you casually but intentionally makes his voice an octave lower, knowing what effect it'll have on you.
And just like that when he hears your stumbling over your own words he knows his mission is accomplished and the night ends with both of you moaning each other's name.
"I'd like to see you do that in person when I come back"
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natashaiwaizumi · a day ago
Tumblr media
At the end of your final year in high school, you realize that falling in love with Asahi Azumane will be just about the easiest thing you will ever do.
He’s the sweetest boy you have ever met. Rushes to open doors, always offers to pay, and listens so intently when you speak, as if the words that left your lips were the most important thing he’d ever hear. 
He scares you because of this. You’re not used to genuine nice boys, surely not used to them being interested in you; you’ve had your fair share of players and heartbreak which made you think this was the price of falling in love.
“Why are you so nice to me?” you ask him.
He’s driving you home, it’s late at night and he’s so startled by the question he makes his turn a little wider than usual. He almost laughs and you don’t remember exactly what he answers. But it was something, along the lines of why would I be anything else?
Asahi scares you. More than spiders, more than heights, more death, more than anything, this boy scares you. Because you realize you like his laugh more than you do your own. That you'll say just about anything to get him to smile. That no matter if it’s ten minutes or five hours you’ve spent with him you’ll always want more. Asahi scares you. Because falling in love with Asahi is the easiest thing you will ever do. And by the time you realize, it already happened, you don't even mind
Tumblr media
Karasuno Masterlist
Main Masterlist
based on my irl crush...feelings are gross
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stuff-and-fluffs · a day ago
hi! i hope you're doing well <3 i just read your sakusa piece of him being a total tease TT !!! / heart intensely fluttering / i really liked it, made me all giggly~ could i request anything of your preference with hinata or sakusa (whoever you feel more comfortable with) being flustered by sweet gestures? (like, reader fixing their hair, making them something to eat, offering them water or helping them with something) thank you in advance <3 (ps: good luck w ur exams ^^)
hihiii! i’m really happy you liked that post hehe <3 it was a personal headcanon for a while so i’m super stoked that other people like it too. (ps: thanks for the wish! they went pretty well! [except for physics, but eh, nothing i can do about it now, huh?])
i’d already written something slightly adjacent to this (this hinata shoyo one). it’s not the same prompt, but it seemed similar enough that i felt like writing sakusa would make more sense! also, my requests are open, feel free to drop your ideas <3
Tumblr media
one lesson that’s been drilled into you since you got involved with him was this: don’t judge a book by its cover. sure, he appears stoic and distant, but that’s the farthest you can get from sakusa. he’s really quite childish and has a cute side to him — but he’s not really comfortable with showing that side with most people —, it’s super evident in the way he gets a rise from teasing you and the way he shows his need for some physical affection. another way you see this cuteness he harbors is how he reacts to your gestures. even after this long with you, he still gets frazzled and flustered because of the things you do. it doesn’t even have to be that consequential or a huge thing, but he still feels his composure visibly breaking when you readjust his mask. it’s the way he can see you caring for him in that sense that causes him immense joy that leads to rosy cheeks after dwelling on it for even more than a couple of seconds. but nothing compares to how hot his cheeks turn and how bright he flushes and how much he stammers after you bring him his dinner and a drink of water on late nights of endless working.
Tumblr media
please do not plagiarize!
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makotowife · a day ago
characters: kenma x afab!reader 
warnings: cum eating, cunnilingus, don't really have dom x sub dynamics, reader have a vagina, the characters are +18.
note: english is not my first language, so they may have grammatical errors.
Taking your legs over his shoulders, kenma press his tongue over your clit, the softness make you shudder and he lets a low groan escape between your thighs.
His tongue takes a long lick in your cunt before back to put pression on your clit, the feeling of his tongue spinning around and sucking sometimes was so intoxicating that you hardly notice his hand slowly approaching your hole.
The fingers are cold, what make you squeeze around them when he puts in. At first moment, kenma don't do any movement, just his tongue licking your clit, but slowly and gently he begins to move his fingers. Doing it in such slow way, that make you feels the exactly shape of his thin fingers when they go back inside you again.
Small moans and murmurs escape his mouth and kenma lets out a soft laugh.
"Is good?"
"Yes" You muttered, no unable to say more than that as he moves his fingers inside you, his thumb pressing over your sensitive clit.
His voice still with the deep flirty tom, a little smile in his face and his eyes shine with a charming, playful glimpse.
"Good. Say something if you want I stop"
"No" You take a deep brethe and inspected him before order "Just continue. Now."
"As you wish, sweetheart."
Tumblr media
makotowife, 05/27/2022.
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kageyamatobiyogurt · 20 hours ago
1:52 a.m [tendou satori]
a/n: writing this at 1 am too lolllll
thinking about how tendou holds onto you somehow even on summer nights that are warm. you’ve both kicked off the blanket and it barely helps.
somehow all you have is a fan and it’s too warm to cuddle but he wants to make sure you’re still there. it gives him comfort knowing that you are.
maybe it’s one arm draped around your waist or your back. maybe it’s a hand lightly gripping the hem of your shirt. he just sleeps better knowing you’re next to him </3
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kouomi · a day ago
Since Christmas is right around the corner (and I know this probably won't get out until after Christmas), could you write something that isn't for any specific ship but instead just like a holiday party for any and all Haikyuu characters?
Haikyuu Boys at a House Party
Warnings: mentions of drinking
Word count: 685
A/N: this shows how embarrassingly long I let my requests go (sorry). Another one from straberrypocky who is a saint for putting up with me. y’all should go check out his blog :)
Blog Directory
Posted: May 27th 2022, 10:41 PM EST
Tumblr media
By themselves:
He is the energetic center of the party. The moment anyone else enters the room, their eyes are immediately drawn to him. Wether he be dancing on top of a table that is definitely not built to hold his weight, taking one too many shots at the kitchen counter, or having a too-loud conversation off to the side, he is the heart of the party from set-up to clean-up.
Bokuto, Atsumu, Hinata, Terushima, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Sugawara (after a shot or two)
Tumblr media
He is the one always hovering by the aforementioned life of the party. Though he isn’t as energetic as him and most likely shying away from the loud volume and attention, he is still there, possibly to chaperone or perhaps he is using him as a social battery.
Akaashi, Asahi, Daichi, Kageyama
Tumblr media
He may be off to the side of the main commotion, however, he is not distancing himself from the party. Instead of shouting over everyone, he is playing drinking games and making bets with the others around him. Their section of the party may be quieter, but it is certainly filled with tension and frequent shouting as someone loses a bet or a turn.
Osamu, Suna, Kuroo, Tsukishima (he would be pretending not to be interested but eventually get pulled in when he gets caught hovering), Tendou
Tumblr media
He is hard to spot. Away from the chaos of the main party and absent from the small groups littered throughout whoever’s apartment they were at, he is most likely sitting alone in a corner somewhere. He is acting as if he despises being there and distances himself, holding the same drink the whole time, though if you look close enough you can see him watching the others with a faint smile.
Sakusa, Kenma, Tsukishima, Kageyama, Kunimi
Tumblr media
He is there and hovering just on the outskirts of the center, standing slightly off to the side while shifting his weight from foot to foot or sitting in one of the strewn stairs slightly off to the side. He is enjoying the party, though there is a slight uneasy twist on his shaky smile as he laughs at something someone else had said. He is nervous, shy from the crowd and unsure if he could survive in such a large group, but he is managing.
Yamaguchi, Ennoshita, Ushijima, Asahi, Fukunagawa, Aone, Kita
Tumblr media
With each other:
This couple is the one you will find making out in the corner by the end of the party. They will be totally engrossed with each other, attached at the hip the entire time and hands never once leaving each other’s bodies. Smirks and mixed breaths laced with alcohol.
Atsumu and Sakusa (after Sakusa started drinking), Bokuto and Akaashi, Sugawara and Daichi
Tumblr media
As far as they know, they are the only ones at the party. They stay to themselves, having their own conversations with their heads close together and voices low. There is faint smiles on both of their faces that grow wider the more they drink, enveloped in their own bubble together.
Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, Osamu and Suna, Kenma and Kuroo (once Kuroo finds Kenma sitting by himself)
Tumblr media
They are shouting at each other the entire time. It’s not that they’re fighting, it’s more so that one is constantly scolding or ridiculing the other. Annoyance conceals the concern for the other as they stumble and nearly hit their head on a table as well as the glimmer of love in their eyes when they watch the other.
Oikawa and Iwaizumi, Kuroo and Kenma, Daichi and Sugawara
Tumblr media
They are two opposites attracting: a calm pacifist paired with boundless energy. The other’s eyes widen as they’re shook by their lover who speaks to them with such slurred speed it seems like a different language only the two could understand. Despite their differences in party personalities, they somehow compliment each other. Loud laughter heard over the rest of the commotion of the party meets a light chuckle; an energetic and booming voice conversing with a softer one filled with adoration.
Bokuto and Akaashi, Tendou and Ushijima, Hinata and Kageyama, Asahi and Nishinoya
Tumblr media
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omiyagiri · 5 hours ago
Recharging | Osamu x Reader
pairing: osamu miya x reader
cw: none
word count: 443
Osamu’s tired body collapses onto the couch, pounding head hitting the armrest, making his hat drop to the ground. The big, dramatic sigh that follows is your cue to waddle over and sit down on the floor in front of him. “Rough day?”
Eyes closed, his hand seeks yours, intertwining your fingers and resting them on his chest. His low grumbling vibrates against your hand when he lifts it to his lips and places a small kiss against your knuckles. You chuckle and gently pull on his hand, trying to get him to get up. “Come on, let’s take a shower and go to sleep.”
He mumbles a “Too tired” and pulls you back down. “Come lay with me.”
You sit back down, resting your head against the edge of the couch. “No, you’re smelly.”
Osamu makes a sound, something between a snort and a whine before his lips shoot out into a pout. Eyebrows scrunched low, cheeks puffed out, he glares at you. You laugh and lean forward to kiss his nose. His expression hardens. “You missed.” Osamu points at his nose and then at his lips.
You roll your eyes but lean in again, pressing your lips against his pouting ones. The second you move to pull away, his hand releases yours. Two strong arms wrap themselves around your upper body and he pulls you right on top of him. You yelp, lower body awkwardly hanging off the couch. Osamu wraps one arm around your waist to hoist you all the way on top.
Before you get a chance to complain, he turns you both to the side. Your back is flush against the couch, head pressed into the crook of his neck, legs entangled with his—there is no way you could escape. Osamu lets out a noise of content and you wiggle your arms, trying to free them. He tightens his embrace. “Shh, I’m recharging.”
“You smell!” You repeat but he ignores you. Knowing there is no use in trying to push him off, you sigh and wrap your arms around his torso instead. His lips find the top of your head, pressing a kiss against it. You remain in this position, listening to the beat of his heart as you feel the tension leave his body. Slowly, his grip loosens and you wiggle your way up until you are face to face with him. He smiles at you—crooked and childlike and full of love. You can’t fight your own smile, so you kiss him instead. Raising one hand to his hair to gently massage his scalp, pressing your nose against his. “And you’re supposed to be the mature Miya?”
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gudetamastan · 2 days ago
First Date HC’s With Daichi ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
(Gender Neutral Reader)
Tumblr media
Sawamura Daichi ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
You and Daichi had just gotten together and your first date is soon
So he decides one of those classic movie dates would works out nicely
So two days prior, he tells you the idea to see if your on board
But you don’t know what movie is gonna be playing
He does and he wants to make that part a suprise
One day prior, he was able to play off his nervousness as being tired instead
The date was on a Friday night
And you both are EXCITED AS HELL
So you dress all nice and stuff for the date
And he dresses all nice and stuff
THEN HE LITERALLY ARRIVES WITH FLOWERS (+ popcorn and your favorite snack)
You get into his car and he does something similar to the thigh holding but instead it’s with your hand
Plus he bought blankets since the night can be quite cold
It’s short and nice ride there
He parks and opens up the trunk of the car where it’s nice and spacious
He sets up the snacks, blankets, and pillows
Then one of those dumb knockoff horror movies starts to play
During the thing you guys would laugh at the dumb cheesy parts while cuddled up together
There where some times where you did get a bit scared with the sudden jumpscares
But he was there to protect you from those things
At the end you guys make a stop at Ukai’s shop for some meat buns
He drops you off at your house and walks you to the front door and kisses you goodnight
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writingbymoonlight · 9 hours ago
kuroo feels like one of those people who would say "the book was better" whenever he finishes watching a movie adaptation, then proceeds to give a powerpoint presentation that is full of passages from the book and screenshots from the movie, in order to prove his point.
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samluvskneesocks · a day ago
Hi! This is my first official post, kind of nervous. I don't have anything planned yet but I thought it would be fun to do my own personal headcanons. This is only the Karasuno players, I can do other teams/members if you'd like! Anyway, I hope you enjoy :) And thank you for reading!
Karasuno Headcanons
(my personal headcanons edition)
Sawamura Daichi
favorite color is green
is surprisingly good at dancing, especially latin dances
enjoys camping and other related activities
is oddly good at drawing too, even though he has no experience with it
has a sweet tooth
really good with children
is average at math but excels in science
cannot drive
likes R&B and Hip-Hop
Sugawara Koushi
is lactose intolerant
also cannot drive
has a poster of shawn mendes in his room (don't ask how I came to this conclusion, I just feel it)
is bold but gets flustered easily
wanted to be a Pediatrician when he was younger
hates the colors blue and orange
likes to watch reality TV shows
texts most to the Karasuno group chat
is always out of storage on his phone no matter what
Azumane Asahi
can braid hair really well
fashion icon
has a few plants in his room
garden enthusiast
is afraid of spiders
thinks tomatoes are disgusting
can play guitar
listens to a lot of western artists like Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, and Mitski
favorite holiday is Christmas
Nishinoya Yuu
listens to Eminem on repeat, 24/7
can and will rap the whole verse to Rap God
has decent English speaking skills
has a lot of female friends surprisingly, still has no game (all the love though, Noya)
went viral on TikTok for doing pranks with Tanaka
never brings money even if he has it
hasn't read a novel since grade 7
has called Yamaguchi pretty a few times with no shame
has definitely kissed Tanaka before
Tanaka Ryuunosuke
his first crush was a girl who lent him a post-it note in Kindergarten
didn't hit his first growth spurt until he was 14
has curly hair but keeps it cropped because its easier to deal with
practiced kissing on literally anything (walls, mirrors, his hand, etc.) as a kid
watches musicals in private when he has alone time
has a really good reading score
is also really good at cooking
ownes 3 dogs, all the same breed and named Ona, Cash and Yuki
smells good all the time, even after practice
Tsukishima Kei
doesn't even listen to music, he just doesn't want people to talk to him
struggles with chemistry
is also surprisingly good at drawing
has a bee allergy (but don't tell him I told you)
sleeps like a board, on his back with hands together
sleeps with like 7 different pillows
has a photo album of all of his fondest memories but its hidden somewhere in his room
is a mama's boy
enjoys eating raw broccoli
Yamaguchi Tadashi
had a girlfriend in middle school, still good friends with her
gossips with Tsukishima in English since the main subjects  of said gossip [Hinata and Kageyama] aren't good at it
likes to do ceramics
keeps everything anyone has ever given to him
has the prettiest eyelashes to ever exist
hangs out with Hinata almost as often as Tsukishima
secretly partakes in the setup of Nishinoya and Tanaka's pranks
is more extroverted than people give him credit for
reads like 3 or 4 chapters and then watches the movie instead
Kageyama Tobio
is also lactose intolerant
also has a mango allergy
can't stand the feeling of sequins, and crushed velvet
never wears jeans, always wears shorts or sweatpants
had a bowl cut from ages 4 to 11
really good driver
is really good at basketball
is super close with his sister
permed his hair once…and only once
Hinata Shouyou
doesn't eat apples with the skin
loves seafood
has bad seasonal allergies
has very soft hair
has nice handwriting
besides volleyball, he loves swimming and hiking
is afraid of clowns and snakes
has watched Finding Nemo over 100 times
thinks of Daichi and Sugawara as older brothers
Narita Kazuhito
is an avid kpop stan, loves TWICE and AESPA (biases Nayeon and NingNing)
listens to podcasts often
plant killer
makes bento boxes for the team before a big game
prefers frozen yogurt to ice cream
always has a can of pringles in his backpack
had braces in middle school
lost a bet and shaved his head, kept it short because he ended up liking it
has a cat named Jin
Ennoshita Chikara
listens to classical and lo-fi music
has 1k followers on Spotify
sings really well
took piano lessons as a kid and can still play decently
is really into history and literature
cannot ride a bike
has a photography account on Instagram that has like 3k followers
either smells like vanilla or smoky wood, no in between
literally does not sweat
Kinoshita Hisashi
is not a good swimmer
has a gluten sensitivity
has pencils all the time (need a pencil? go to him, seriously)
is really active with the team and likes to do team activities
plays Minecraft with Ennoshita and Narita every weekend
can do hair really well
knows a lot about the kids in school, never tells how he got the information
is well liked by his teachers
really into conspiracy theories and will talk about it all day if you let him (he's actually such a cutie, i love him TT)
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