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saksukei · a day ago
hot things they do pt.2 (iwaizumi, oikawa, daichi, kageyama)
masterlist | part 1 | was thinking about daichi and tada!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he rests his head on the headboard with his hand behind his head while he's scrolling on his phone, his muscles so clearly evident while his shirt is too tight and you’re clearly drooling.
whenever he looks at you like that. you know the look where a guy is looking at you so intently you can't even look into their eyes. yeah, iwaizumi does that.
his sweats hang low enough for you to see his v line. all you have to do is ask him to pick up something from the top of the cabinet, as his shirt rides up. “eyes up here, darling.”
the tongue poking in cheek thing that he does whenever he doesn't have a reply to your teasing.
he whistles whenever he wants to get your attention. he can also whistle the tune of songs. he's mostly whistling jayz’s ‘big pimpin’ when he enters home, with his duffle bag hung on his shoulder.
he wears a silver chain that he plays with whenever he’s thinking. and it dangles when he's hovering above you. absolutely the type of guy to wear a black tank top with a silver chain and sweats at home. “baby i know I look good, no need to drool.”
whenever he's doing some work or something, he folds up his sleeves without realizing the effect this has on you. you can see his veiny hands and that's a sight for sore eyes.
his thighs are so broad especially when his shorts ride up ahaha dies. “you wanna sit on my lap, baby?”
you know how when reversing the car, some guys keep their hand on the back of your seat while one is on the staring wheel? yeah. it's him alright. I don't know about you lot but if you've ever seen a guy driving a manual car, you would know why i’m down bad.
insanely quick reflexes. once you flicked a card at him and he caught it and grinned. the type to pull you back from your shirt whenever you are about to bump into something. he manages to catch anything you throw at him. “better watch what you throw, love. it’ll only come back.”
raises his eyebrow whenever he's focusing on something too much and his muscles flex unintentionally. he also grunts randomly, running his hands trough his hair.
the way he wears his shirt. he puts his hands in first and then his head. he takes off his shirt with one hand a little too effortlessly.
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akaakeijii · a day ago
— passing by
Tumblr media
notes: angst, oikawa x gn!reader x iwaizumi (wc. 889)
a/n: i woke up and chose pain. no but like srsly, i had no angst on here so i thought that i had to write some lol. enjoy and cry. <3
Tumblr media
“they’re beautiful, aren’t they?” hajime once asked tooru, his gaze fixed upon a beautiful flower, vivid in color and just the dantiest in a field full of withering roses. you.
tooru, who’d been blinded by your smile, could only nod in response, as hajime slowly told him about it all - about how the two of you met, how he asked you on a date and how you were nervous to be in the presence of one of the school volleyball players.
tooru was there, listening to every single word he uttered, surprising himself to want to know more.
as days passed, he felt engrossed in everything you did, attracted to you like a moth to a flame or a bee to the core of a flower; he wanted to know more about you, know what you liked and disliked, what you did in your free time and what your favorite color was. he wished he had met you in different circumstances because…you were the s/o of his best friend, and he definitely had no right to interfere in your relationship.
tooru pitied himself, really. he had dozens of admirers, but his attention was caught by someone who didn’t care about appearances, someone who was the exception to a rule that’d been there for longer than he could remember.
you and tooru spoke everyday, sometimes just small talk, sometimes he’d tell you about a game they’d won and you’d widen your eyes in surprise and happiness, complimenting him and…everyone.
he used to ask you about your relationship with hajime and jokingly confide that he’d steal you away if he ever did so much as to treat you badly.
your answer to that would be a light punch onto his arm and a wide and loud laugh, that’d attract everyone’s gazes upon you. you didn’t care, you loved spending time with your friend.
each and every day, tooru had to display a bitter smile in front of his most trusted friends, wondering if the feeling that tugged at his heart would ever go away, wishing he wouldn’t be so moved by your expressing eyes or laughter.
he sat in the gym changing room and looked into the mirror, at his sorry form. he surely didn’t lack attractiveness, so why? why did you choose hajime? was it because you met him first? was it really that?
i guess not everything is conquerable though beauty, huh.
the fists at his sides were tightly clenched, yet he pretended nothing was wrong. he did his best to show off a fooling smile, a smile that not even the most grandiose actor in the world would be able to show in such a situation.
you slipped under his bones, into his heart and mind. tooru almost hated himself, for loving someone who would never be his, someone whose heart was miles and miles away, unreachable.
you regarded tooru as a friend, not knowing that he wished for more, wounding his thumping heart.
you were the most beautiful flower in the field, but someone else had already picked you.
“tooru! iwa and i are going to see a movie!” how i wish i were able to take his place, he thought to himself while admiring your alluring and smiling face.
he pitied himself, how could he fall for someone whom he’d met only by chance? and someone who was already taken, too.
one year passed; after graduating, you hadn’t seen tooru for months. you felt really bad, having lost contact altogether with your friend. you’d asked hajime for news, but he had only seen him occasionally.
and then, fate being so unkind to tooru, the two of you crossed paths again.
as soon as your eyes met, he widened his eyes and almost dropped his phone and earphones to the ground. you could notice he was out for a jog.
“[name]...what are you doing here? this place is very far from where you live…”
you shook your head to regain your composure, “oh, i’m just passing by to visit a friend,” he nodded in agreement and, after that, no more words were exchanged.
you eyed him from top to bottom, taking in every single detail, no matter how small or insignificant it might’ve been.
he hadn’t changed much in that year; his hair was slightly shorter, but that’s it.
“why haven’t you contacted neither me nor hajime? we miss you, you know?” you whispered after a few seconds of awkwardness.
he seemed to flinch for a second, but was quick enough to turn around for you to notice, and simply plugged in his earphones.
“it’s better this way, [name]. i’m just saving the three of us from a vain chain of painful emotions, believe me,” his tone seemed desperate and, although you wanted your friend back, you’d decided not to pry any further.
tooru’s heart had yet to heal, but you weren’t aware of his well-hidden emotions.
he loved you so much, but tried to shake off every greedy thought he had about you, all for the sake of your happiness. he tried to convince himself that you were just a random person who was passing by into his life.
“[name], i wish you all the happiness in this world. if only i could’ve met you sooner and made you fall in love with me…”
Tumblr media
© akaakeijii / do not plagiarize, reblogs are very appreciated <3
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sunbeamx · a day ago
Like that?
Tumblr media
oikawa x gn!reader
genre: fluff
wc: 652
a/n: it’s cliche but i’m trying to make up for the lack of fluff on this blog
Tumblr media
Mutual pinning was the only way to describe Oikawa and your relationship. You both in the back of your heads knew you both liked each other but never did anything about it. Why? Well, that’s one of the many unprecedented and unresolved questions that lurk the surface of the Earth. Well, at least that’s what it seemed like. Frankly Oikawa was just ‘waiting for the right time’ or so he’d tell Iwaizumi who had the dishonour of third wheeling the both of you, getting more impatient by the second. “Just ask, it’s not that hard” he’d say, ‘Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds either iwa-chan, I really like y/n just don’t wanna mess things up” Oikawa would say, every single time. ‘You won’t you idiot, y/n clearly likes you too how are you this blind.’ “Mean Iwa!’ he’d reply in his high pitched tone, only to get a smack on his head.
On the other hand, you were one of the old fashioned people, so you waited for him to ask you out, patiently until you ran out of it. That was the only reason you’d held back for so long  
But not anymore, this was simply getting out of hand. So, you took the opportunity when you saw it. Oikawa was kind enough to walk you home after practise that day and you asked him if you could take a detour to the playground. You ran and made your way to the swings ‘Last one’s a flatass’ you simply announced, knowing you were at an advantage. “No fair!!!” he ran behind you, too bad he lost by a second. ‘Great so we don’t need to argue anymore, you’re officially a flatass,’ Kawa just huffed in response. ‘Cute’ you thought.
Conversations were always easy with Oikawa, one thing always led to another and they never had any proper direction. That’s how you both preferred it, no matter how whimsical it would get. However you had other things in mind that day. You had it all planned. You moved your gaze from Tooru, who was sitting on the swing beside you, going on about something. It’d been so long that even you forgot what he was talking about. So you averted your gaze to the trees beside him. His sharp eyes notices after a while and naturally, he questioned you about what was going on in your mind.
‘What do you think is the best way to kiss someone?’
“Huh??? Why?”
‘Just curious. You gotta answer.’
“Shouldn’t have asked” he whispered, a quizzed look apparent on his face. He tried not to think too much of it and attempted to keep overthinking at bay. 
‘Tooru are you okay?’
“Huh?” He jumped a bit as he drifted back to reality. “Yeah fine, sorry”
‘I’m still waiting on an answer you know’
“Well, I’d say start by making eye contact and then looking at their lips. After which, well I’d personally caress their lip with my thumb after I lift their chin up to get the perfect angle. And then–” Oikawa was clearly too lost in thought to notice you were leaning over him, until he felt you lift his chin up, “What are you–” you kissed him before he could continue.
He respond immediately, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you closer between his legs. Oikawa wrapped you tight, it was his way of reassuring himself that this were real, that what he longed for a long time was now actually happening. The kiss was passionate, intense, gave your mind butterflies while your stomach burst with fireworks, everything at once. By the time you both parted, you were absolutely breathless. 
‘Like that?’ you asked, clearly struggling to breathe
“Just like that” he replied as he panted.
Tumblr media
Alternate ending:
‘Like that?’ you asked, clearly struggling to breathe
“You forgot to caress my lips” he held a cheeky smile as he panted.
Tumblr media
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duckymcdoorknob · 2 days ago
hi, im not sure if this is a emergency request or not, but feel free to deny this if you want. I've been very burnt out after exams ended two days ago, i tried doing different activities that might help me brighten up again, but nothing is helping. i just want to either stay in bed or study all day. can you do oikawa with reader who's currently experiencing this?
This is exactly an emergency request! Thanks for coming :)
Sorry about how long this took!
I’m defaulting to platonic and High School since it wasn’t specific.
BUT if you would like romantic, or uni, please feel free to send in another request!
Never be afraid to light up my DMs if you need help!!
CW UNDER THE CUT: burnout reader! Food mention! Platonic nicknames that are both cute and insulting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝑇𝑜𝑜𝑟𝑢 𝑂𝑖𝑘𝑎𝑤𝑎
Finally! Exams were over and you can relax!
Wouldn’t that be perfect?
But as luck would fuck you, that was the exact 180 of what actually happened.
When you woke up the next morning, you found yourself unable to enjoy any activity you took part in.
The hobbies you had once adored were just… dull.
Every single morning was the exact same. You’d wake up, have some sort of bland breakfast, and try to entertain yourself.
Whether it was aimless scrolling on your phone, watching some sort of boring movie, trying to cook some kind of new recipe. Etc. 
But nothing would suffice.
It felt like you were underwater.
You couldn’t hear any music or tv you tried to put on.
You couldn’t feel the materials of the crafts you tried to do.
You couldn’t taste the food you made
Nor smell the candles you had lit.
You just felt… null.
What to do when you feel null? There’s nothing you can do.
So you do what you do every day, lay on the couch and pray for a miracle.
A sudden twinkling “interrupted” your tv show.
It was your phone ringing!
“Hello…?” You strained, having just pressed the button to pick it up.
“Hey bitch! Me n’ Makki are gonna go celebrate the end of exams, you coming?”
“…Maybe another time Tooru.”
On the other end of the line, Both Makki and Oikawa stopped dead in their tracks.
You never call him by his first name… and that tone?? What’s going on?
The brunette took the call off speaker and went off to a different area.
“(Y/N)? What’s going on, babydoll?”
“I just… can’t feel anything.”
“Like physically? Is your body numb? Do you need me to call an amb-“
“Tooru I just feel like static.” You whisper as you start to sniffle.
Oikawa’s eyebrows knit together as he takes in your words. He covered the receiver with his hand and placedhis phone by his hip.
“Makki we-“
“Don’t even worry.” Hanamaki said with a smile, holding both hands up, “Go see them”
“You’re the best, Makki.” He mouthed, “Okay darling, you stay right there.”
And with that, Tooru was rushing to a few stores, and then your family home.
Within fifteen minutes, your best friend was knocking hastily on your home’s front door.
“S’open.” You mumbled weakly.
The door flung open, and Oikawa dropped the bags of your favorite things, rushing to the couch you were laying on.
“(Y/N)? Hey. It’s me.” He sits next to you and places a hand on your shoulder.
You shot a gentle mumble back at him, ears falling deaf once again.
“Okay sweetheart you are scaring the shit out of me. Come here.”
Much to your displeasure, Tooru lifted your uncooperative form into his embrace and laid you against his chest.
“What in god’s name is going on?” he whispers, placing a gentle kiss to the crown of your head.
That little gesture had been something you two started ages ago. You can’t remember where it originated, but it makes you both feel loved.
“Tooru I just… I’ve spent the past month of my life doing nothing but studying and working. I can’t feel anything.”
“Mhm.” He replied, rubbing your arm.
“I wake up, try to “entertain” myself and go to bed. Nothing works.”
“What if I make it work?”
“You heard me!” He cooed, “I’ll make life fun again.”
“Only if you’d like…” you replied gently.
“I would love!” He chimed, “It’s hot bitch summer! Tooru Oikawa’s bestie has to participate. Now up on your toes, lovebug!”
“Mmm. I’m gonna regret this aren’t I?” You said as you slowly struggled to an upright position.
“Tooru I don’t want to get up.” You whined softly, “I don’t think I can do this.”
“(Y/N) if you don’t get up right now, I will tickle you.” He stated with a deadly seriosity.
“Go ahead” you replied with a tinge of malice in your tone, flopping backwards against him and pushing him further down into the couch.
“Waaaah! (Y/N)-Chan! You’re squishing me in!! I’m trapped in the couch! What a world, what a world!”
You whipped around and raised your arms high, forming your hands into dinosaur claws, “I’m gonna getcha! Raaaawr!!”
“PFFFFT!” Oikawa threw his hand over his face as you both erupted into laughter at your childish antics.
You flopped backwards off of him and onto the other end of the couch, the both of you still laughing hard.
As the chuckled died down, you wiped a single tear of delight from your eye.
“I told you I’d help you.” He chimed, finally sitting up.
“One event isn’t going to magically change my mood, Oikawa.” You replied, sitting up yourself.
“Well, you called me Oikawa. That’s a start, no?” He beamed in reply.
“I suppose…”
The setter had one more trick up his sleeve…
“Stand up, for real this time.” He demanded, grabbing the remote for your TV.
You obliged with a sigh, jumping to your feet with an awkward smile.
Tooru dramatically sticks his hand out, “Dance with me!”
“Oh my god-“
“(Y/N)-Chan I’m prosed to share the most secret-iest secret that I have. You should say yes.”
“Well shit, yes then.” You took his hand and he clicked play on his Spotify playlist.
Your living room filled with the lively music of the 1960s.
“HAHA!” You screeched in delight, “No freakin way you like sixties music!”
“TAKE IT TO YOUR GRAVE!” He replied, spinning you through a terribly executed dance.
And within minutes, the setter had you both giggling as he shared his favorite songs with you.
And you? You don’t remember a time you had ever had this much fun…
Tumblr media
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yourimaginationrealm · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Longer than I first intended to do. xD  Let’s say you are the manager but actually you coach them because you know a lot about volleyball and played in a team too. So you are kind of popular: Wherever you coach a team, it improves a lot.
It’s more like a scenario then a imagine ;D Oh well...
Oikawa: „Huh?… What are they talking about?“
*gets closer*
Ushijima: „Without you, they never came this far.“
You: „You really think this is a compliment? Talking my team bad?“
Ushijima: „ I just implying that after the high school, you should leave them and join a better team.“
You: „Oh, like Oikawa should better join Shiratorizawa to get a better potential? Are you not getting tired recruiting people to your power school?“
Oikawa: *grins* 
You: „Are you actually afraid of us?“
Ushijima: „What are you meaning?“
You: „I don‘t know…. All this talking with Oikawa and bad talking at our team. We seem to catch your interest. Are you getting nervous as we won the last match?“ *crossing your arms*
Ushijima: *smiles* „No, just telling a fact.“
You: *steps closer* „Now, I am telling you a fact: I disliked Oikawa at the beginning for being a selfish player yet I changed my mind over time and his development in this team made him one hell of a captain. Just focus on him because the other members like Iwaizumi gonna score points for us as long you underestimate them. And together, your team is gonna lose since no one is better then us. Aoba Seijoh wins this tournament !“
Oikawa:  “Nickname-chan- !“ (TTATT)
Ushijima: „I wouldn‘t be so sure.“
You: *turns around* „Ohhh I am making it sure. Believe me.“
Ushijima: „So would you throw your pride away for this team?“
*turning around pissed*
You: „Did you-!“
Oikawa: „Didn‘t you listen? This worthless team is gonna beat you later. So you better walk back and be ready.“
You: „Oikawa!“ *he comes closer and puts an arm around your shoulder*
Oikawa: „Get ready Ushijima… I am already ready like never before!“
Ushijima: “Me too. Yet, you don’t have to get so jealous. We were just talking.”
Oikawa: “Ahh?!” *rises one eyebrow* “I am not-!”
You feel his grip tighten around your shoulders. Ushijima smiles at his reaction. 
Ushijima: “ Don’t take it seriously. I leave.” *waves*
You look towards Oikawa who is about to kill the leaving man with his eyes.
You: “Calm down. You need this energy on the field later.”
Oikawa: “Sure. But he just pisses me of!”
You: “Yeah, me too. We show him soon.” *smiles to Oikawa*
Oikawa: *nods* “Thank you.”
You blink at him.
Oikawa: “Your words towards him mean a lot to me. The others would cry in happiness if they heard you.”
You: “Oh god, your heard all that.” *embarrassed a bit*
Oikawa ruffles your hair as you complain.
Oikawa: “ I didn’t know you had so many kind words for me to say! You are definitely a sweet girl not a demon, hahaha!” *runs away*
Iwaizumi: “ Hey! We need to assemble in the ha-!”
Oikawa: “Iwa-chan~!”
You: “ Iwaizumi, kick him!” *points to the said brunette*
Iwaizumi kicks Oikawa.
Oikawa: “Ahhhh!!!!!! Why did you kick me for no reason?!”
Iwaizumi: “If our manager says I should kick you, you'd definitely deserve it.”
Oikawa: “Mean...” *fake tears*
Iwaizumi: „What did happen?“
Oikawa pouts and looks away.
You smile at him and shake your head: „Nothing, Iwaizumi…“
You walk towards them and slap your hands on their backs.
You: “Come on, guys, there is a tournament we need to win.”
Oikawa & Iwaizumi : “Yeah!” *smiling*
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veenxys · 3 months ago
haikyuu: the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up ﹠ the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up;
kuroo, osamu, oikawa, sakusa,
KUROO — he does it just because. he loves the way your voice falters and the way your words trail off against his lips and he especially loves it when you recover from the initial surprise and a smile settles on your lips as you deepen the kiss, not letting go even when he tries to pull away. by the time it’s over you’re gazing at each other, breathless laughter escaping your lips
OSAMU — he does it to assure you — because he isn’t sure how else to stop your overthinking and rambling. it’s a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead and he holds your hand and lets you know everything’s going to be alright.
OIKAWA — he does it all the time. when you're talking, he is just in awe of how beautiful you are; he puts his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you into a breathtaking kiss or a light kiss on your lips (there's no between) and then he pretends nothing happened and asks you to continue with whatever you're saying and that he's really going to pay attention now - but you know he'll do it again.
SAKUSA — does this to reassure you or calm you down; sometimes, you may ramble and speak so fast because you’re stressed and/or panicking. or sometimes, he just had a bad day and you think he’s mad at you or something, but he puts your mind at rest by kissing you and letting you know that it’s not because of you.
the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
bokuto, atsumu, suna, kenma.
BOKUTO — you do so because clearly, that’s what he wants. “y/n. y/n. y/n - ” and with a smile, he welcomes your lips on his, melting into the kiss as he cups your cheek, and when you abruptly pull away and say, “now shut up, i’m trying to watch a movie,” he can only pout before leaving little pecks on your temple and cheek and jaw.
ATSUMU — you do so because he’s singing a little too loudly in the middle of the night and when you playfully tell him to shut up, he gets in your face challengingly, saying something about you having to make him, only to have his sentence cut short as your lips meet his, and he forgets to close his eyes for a moment before deepening the kiss by pulling you even closer.
SUNA — you do so because he’s an idiot for not realizing that you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for the past half-hour. and when you suddenly lean in, barely touching, he’s unfazed, pressing a finger on your lips and a playful smile settling on his face, “you weren’t even listening, were you?” he has barely finished his sentence when your lips find his.
KENMA — he can be so clueless sometimes and he gets so lost in his own thoughts and is just speaking so much that he fails to realize you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for hours now. you usually have to take the matter in your own hands and kiss him first.
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aikk00 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wonder if you know how they live in Tokyo
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c0rncheez · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Aged up!Kageyama, Oikawa, and TimeSkip!Atsumu [PART 2]
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil crack, Lil fluff, Lil Angst? & hurt+comfort, BossBitch!Y/n, Fem!Y/n, they say something kinda rude to you, Strong language, Simp!Boys, Slight Manga Spoilers With Atsumu, Alcohol Consumption, They love you very much, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ as much as I love a stuttering shy y/n I also love a y/n who’ll beat a nigga up if she had too 💁🏽‍♀️👑
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You sat patiently in the gym as you waited for Kageyama to finish up his practicing. He had come a long way from being the accursed “king” but even in his 3rd year he still had his moments.
You glanced up at the top of your phone to check the time before giving an exaggerated yawn.
“Kags, Baby, It’s getting pretty late,” you informed as you stood up from the bleachers and collected your belongings.
“I’m still gonna stay behind and practice some more,” He quickly muttered while retrieving another volleyball to set.
You slightly rolled your eyes as you walked closer to him, “You’ve practiced all day, I promise you’ll have time tomorrow so come on let’s head-“
“Just get out, Y/n,” He coolly snapped, not even glancing at you, “This is my future, there is no time for tomorrow so just walk yourself home.”
It was eerily quiet as a couple of the first years that overheard your conversation stared at you both wide-eyed.
But you weren’t perturbed. You didn’t cry. You weren’t embarrassed. You also didn’t take your eyes off the back of Kageyama’s big head before sternly saying-
“Can everyone please leave, I need to speak to Kageyama alone.”
There were murmurs of whispers and shuffling of feet until the final slam of the gym door left you and Kageyama unattended.
He gave a frustrated grunt before finally turning around to look at you.
“What, Y/n. What-“
“Be quiet.” You said smoothly.
Your words and tone caught him off guard. His furrowed brows loosened a little before he finally offered you his undivided attention.
Several seconds passed as you stared him down before you decided to speak up.
“I understand that volleyball is very important to you, but I also understand how much you over work yourself”
He looked at the ground instead of holding your eye contact at the second half of your sentence. But you held his jaw firmly as you made him return your gaze.
“Look at me. I just want you to rest and take care of yourself but,” your grasp grew tighter, “ you will never, in your LIFE, talk at me like that ever again”
Kageyama desperately sputtered for a way to respond but you cut him off while walking to the exit of the gym.
“Am I clear?” You asked over your shoulder.
You heard the sound of him putting the volleyballs away.
“Y-yes,...Y/n I’m sorry, l-let me walk you home.”
You humphed before promptly striding out the gym.
The few first years that dawdled behind to clean up got a very rare view of their Senpai chasing after you like a lost puppy.
“What could she have possibly done to get through to him?” they thought.
That night he shared his favorite snacks with you as peace treaty for projecting his stress on you. Also gave you many kisses and cuddles.
Tumblr media
Oikawa was a very eccentric lover but somehow you found your place by his side regardless.
You were casually talking with Iwaizumi outside of their gym while Oikawa finished putting everything away for the night.
When you finally heard the slam of the gym door shutting you happily spun around to greet your boyfriend. But instead of coming straight to you he zipped to the swarm of fangirls already surrounding him.
“Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi muttered before rolling up his sleeve to go and punch him.
You held his arm and sweetly said, “It’s okay, let me handle this.”
You glided over to Oikawa and placed a gentle hand on his lower back which caused him to jump lightly.
“Ah Y/n-Chan…,” he realized sounding oddly… dissatisfied?
You ignored the red glares coming from his fangirls in favor of tugging Oikawa’s bag.
“Come on, we had plans tonight and I even bought-“
“Ugh were you always this clingy?” He rolled his eyes.
You immediately froze at his sentence but he already turned around and went back to appeasing the snickering girls.
Iwaizumi lifted his arm back up ready to fight but you promptly held out a hand to pause his movement.
You tapped Oikawa’s shoulder before he whipped around with a groan.
“Y/nnnn what-“
You swiftly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled down to your level.
“I know you get all cocky when people are around but don’t make me embarrass you infront of all your damn fans” you whispered icily
You saw his lips move trying to speak but you quickly sliced in before you heard a peep.
“I’m the clingy one? Huh, yet you can’t fall asleep without hearing my voice? When I’m out of town you cry every night because you miss me, and yet I’m the clingy one?”
He softly grasped your wrist immediately regretting ever letting those words fall out of his mouth.
“Baby, I’m sorr-“
“Oh I know you’re sorry, because you’ll never speak down to me like that ever again,” you finished off before letting him go and pushing past him.
“Iwaizumi, can you please walk me home? Oikawa seems busy” you asked as you walked off confidently.
Oikawa couldn’t keep the astounded expression off his face as he watched you go. Iwaizumi even gave him a mocking smirk and he caught up with you.
He nervously murmured , “I have to go, now” to his fangirls before scampering off after you.
He showered you in apologies and foot rubs that afternoon. Everytime you got up to do anything he pouted and begged you not to go. I think it’s safe to say you got your little pretty boy locked down!
Tumblr media
The MSBY Black Jackals were having a team dinner in which the players spouses were also invited. You of course took your seat next to Atsumu. You watched him talk animatedly with Hinata and Bokuto with a warm smile on your face.
It was just a normal team dinner for everyone to relax, spend time together, and eat food. You’ve been to plenty of these so you already have friends amongst their significant others.
You occupied yourself with talking to a good friend of yours who just so happened to be in a relationship with Sakusa.
You vaguely noticed Atsumu getting kind of heavy with the alcohol but you just let him relax and have a good time. But now looking at it, he definitely had one drink too many.
Him and Hinata’s bantering were becoming quite obnoxious to the point that Meian urged them to quiet it down. Seeing his failed attempts you decided to try to help him out by speaking with Atsumu yourself.
“‘Tsumu, Baby, “ You whispered affectionately into his ear as you caressed his shoulder, “You’re getting a bit loud, remember other people are in this restaurant as well-“
“Oi, will ya stop buzzin’ in my damn ear!” He loudly complained.
His tipsiness made his exclamation come out much louder than intended and now everyone at your table quieted down as they looked at you both.
You felt a dark shadow hover over your eyes as you felt anger bubble inside of you. But regardless of the situation you took a deep breath and placed a convincingly fake smile upon your lips.
“Atsumu,” you cut your eyes towards him as he hesitantly looked back.
You could see he was already sobering up from not only his actions but your tone as well. But the damage was done and now it was your turn to speak. And loudly as well! Since it was only fair to make sure everyone could hear just like he did.
“I’m going to continue enjoying my dinner, as should everyone else because I know for a fact that you were not talking to me like that.”
“B-babe-“ he uttered as he sheepishly tried to hold your hand.
But you curtly evaded him, “Don’t. Because we all know if you were talking to me like that I would’ve been long gone since yesterday!” You sarcastically chuckled.
You took a long sip of your wine as Atsumu desperately babbled apologies to the side of your face.
“Oh, you’ll show me your sorry when we get home, but right now you need to apologize for disrupting everyone’s dinner” you chided while absentmindedly looking at your nails.
Atsumu quickly nodded and turned to give his deepest apologies to everyone at the table. They were all amused at how obedient Atsumu was being but eventually the pleasant murmur of conversation returned to the group.
You continued speaking to your friends, half-ignoring Atsumu’s incessant staring and soft touches.
He knows that you only get this detached when you’ve been sincerely hurt. He could see the slight tremble of your jaw and clenching of your fists as you pretended to not be bothered by the situation. His eyes started to burn as it finally hit him how much he had disrespected you.
You felt his heavy head nestle into your neck as he shakily whispered, “Y/n… I’m suh s-sorry”
You felt your heart squeeze at his earnest apology so you gave him a kiss on the forehead to reassure him. You were still mad but you both were okay.
The next day trending photos of Miya Atsumu prancing around half naked in a maid constime hit the internet.
Apology accepted!
Tumblr media
A/n ~ HAHA I love a sharp tongued woman, anywayssss which was ur fav bbs ;] Tagging ~ @sunfloweroranges @sunatooru @bunny-xoxo
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beann-e · 10 months ago
Haikyu Characters Reacting To Their S/O Screaming Back At Them
Aoba Johsai
Read Part Two Here
kyotani Kentaro
-everyone knows kyotani for his anger and how he doesn’t suck up to people so when they found out he was dating someone they had to assume this someone had the ability to put him in his place and right now that’s just what they needed
“ mad dog-chan you can’t do this not right now“ oikawas voice rang through in annoyance
“ yeah we need you to go in “ iwazumis voice sounded tired as if he was exhausted by trying to convince the boy for the past 5 minutes during their halftime (long timeout)
kyotani grunted as he turned from both of his teammates looking to the wall as he sat on the bench
“ coach seriously — we need him and he’s just on the bench doing nothing “
“ he said he’s tired of you guys only calling him in for 5 minutes and then sitting him back out like an animal— that you use to show off and then send outside when company’s gone “
“ well he’s our secret weapon “ oikawa screamed “ that’s literally what you do “
kyotani grumbled as he rolled his eyes at oikawa who huffed as he moved to turn to the bleachers “ oh forget this he’s not even listening to iwa-chan “
“ well you know what to do flatty-kawa “
“ duh you see i’m doing it iwa-chan”
oikawas hand came up in a wave as he moved to the referee whispering to them as they spoke on the speaker their voices crisp sending a chill through kyotani’s spine
“ we need a y/n l/n to come down to Aoba Johsais Bench — A y/n L/n to come down to Aoba Johsais bench “
you stood up smiling widely as you jumped your way through the crowd voice heaven sent as you screamed “ that’s me “
moving through people talking sweetly “ oops — sorry — sorry have to go take care of a loose hothead—whoops—you should really watch where you place that drink “
you hopped down the stairs waving at the team and the referee as you came to a stop in front of kyotani who was even more mad than he was initially
“ babe whats up why are they calling me down here again “ you sighed “ it’s only happened five other times and I thought we got past it “
“ they say that like it’s nothing “ kindaichis voice came out small as he rubbed the back of his head
“ kyotani “ you called confused usually he would answer you by now and comply and go play for a little while just to make you happy so you could go sit down on the bench to watch his game closely
“ uh somethings wrong iwa-chan “
“ yeah somethings off he’s not responding to her this time “
“ kyo what— “
“ if anything he looks like he’s gonna snap “
oikawa laughed at his comment “ yeah right y/n ‘ s too nice he’d feel horrible if he snapped at ‘em —they’d probably cry he wouldn’t do it “
oikawas face dropped as he heard the loud voice ring out inside the gym “ GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME“
you shuddered at his voice “ your even more fucking annoying than that dumbass over there “
your mouth dropped “ all you do is come down here and bother me everytime and I only go in for you — i’m not doing it this time i’m gonna stand my ground”
he screamed “ they use me for those 5 minutes and then toss me out i’m not doing it — like I said i’m sitting right here on this bench and standing my fucking ground “
your face went up in shock as you felt your body flinch at his voice kyotani and the rest of his team immediately feeling bad at what the whole gym just witnessed everyone listening closely feeling sorry for you
Oikawa moved to glare at kyotani as he walked over to wrap his arms around you “ aw y/n-chan it’s ok to cr— “
“ YOU SCREAM AT ME ONE MORE TIME LIKE THAT AND IM GONNA KNOCK YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF WITH THE BAT MY DAD WACKS INTRUDERS AT HIS STORE WITH “ your screams came out louder than his as you stared down at the boy in front of you
“ I don’t care if you go out there and wipe the floor down with fucking towels or scrape it clean with a toothbrush but your going out on that court kentaro“
your voice was stern “ you better be glad they even give you 2 seconds on that court you love so much with your shitty attitude —if it was me i’d make you a bench rider the whole season while you watch shittykawa smirk at you everytime he goes up for a set that you won’t get “ your screams catching the whole gym off gaurd
“ so your gonna go out there and stand your fucking ground on that court “ you mocked him hand pointing from him to the court
Kyotani’s body shaking at your tone “ kentaro “ you spoke his name like a curse as he jolted and race to stand in his position on the court head never turning back to look at you again as you continued
“ You will score everytime you go up for that ball — everytime you hit something or come in contact with it— I want a point on that board do you hear me“
“ yes “
“ kentaro “
“ yes ma’am “
you moved to fix your clothes as you stared at everyone in the crowd “ everytime my boyfriends feet leave that ground you better clap your asses off do you hear me “
everyone shook their heads in a yes motion afraid of you and how such a big yell could come from such a small person
You smiled at the team before you took your seat on the bench near the coach who read off all his plans for kyotani that hed never listened to
“ oh trust me we’ll do that plan “ you said as you shook your head ignoring all the whispers from the males around you
“ do they know the game doesn’t start back up again until 5 minutes from now “ mattsukawas voice came out in concern
“ I —uh I don’t think they care “
“ oikawa what’s wrong with you “ iwazumi turned to see oikawas face made up in a frown as he sulked
“ pretty y/n-chan called me your stupid nickname “
-oikawa never liked losing especially when it was to someone younger than him someone he didn’t like so you can imagine his anger when he lost to Karasuno
-no one expected the hallway to erupt in his screams so soon
“ tooru what’s wrong “
“ i’m just a little tired y/n i’m ok “
“ no but you — you look angry “
he took a deep breath as he shook his head in annoyance moving to walk off you standing in front of him stopping his exit
“ ok then if I look angry why the fuck would you stand in front of me “
“ because I “
“ because your fucking annoying that’s what it is “
“ tooru”
“ no don’t baby me y/n I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me I played good and I was amazing obviously I wasn’t if your standing here talking to me in a hallway and not in front of me while I celebrate on the court “
“ it’s ok baby — you can still win a volleyball nat— “
he lost his cool as he screamed looking down on you “ WHEN Y/N WHEN HUH “
he screamed harshly “ it’s over — are you fucking stupid there is no next time shitty kageyama took it there’s no next time for me — fuck we’re— we’re third years “
his voice sounded bloody by his screams that sounded throughout the hallway his team coming in to check and see if everything was ok receiving their answer when they turned the corner to you taking over
“ if I knew you were so fucking stupid I wouldn’t have dated you you were probably the bad luck charm that made me lose my shitty gam—“
“ the only thing that made you lose this game was you asshole “
your voice was laced with venom as you shot at him screaming constantly “ you and your shitty need to keep working endlessly maybe if you didn’t have a hurt knee — oh wait howd you get that “
you pretended to think “ oh I know FROM OVERWORKING YOURSELF “
you pushed a finger to his chest “ when I say your gonna make it to a nationals someday your gonna make it to a nationals someday you don’t doubt me is that clear “
his face was in fear as his mouth opened wide in a o form unable to process an answer
“ is that clear tooru oikawa “ you screamed
the team letting out yes’s for him as he moved to look back at them before he turned to you shaking his head like a puppy whod accidentally peed in the house
“ I need words “
“ y-fuck y—yes y/n — baby I mean ma’am — shit I mean yes baby “
you moved to stand straight as you cracked your neck and let a smile play on your face as you turned away from him walking to the entrance of the gym “ ok — babe I meant to tell you i’m gonna go say good game to kageyama- kun you go to the busses and make them wait for me ok “ you waved at him as you opened the door “ love you “
“ they wouldn’t dare leave ‘em “ kyotani’s voice came out in a laugh
“ fuck leaving them — theyd let ‘em drive“ hanamaki joked with mattsukawa who was screaming in laughter
your body entering the gym and walking over to kageyama who straightened up turning to speak to hinata who stood in fear
“ you speak nothing of what we heard to y/n-senpai“
“ y-yes ka-kageyama “
“ kageyama-kun youve grown up so much I love it“ you said holding your arms out to him speaking like he was a baby
“ h-hi y/n-senpai “
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solaxena · a month ago
Tumblr media
“you liar!” the sound of your hands slamming the table resonated in the room, “you dirty, cheating, liar!”
oikawa was shocked. no, “shocked” was an understatement. he was dumbfounded. all the tricks, the games - he’d never meant for you to find out, to see through his facade. he’d been doing so well, too. to think that it would all come crashing down because of a slip of a tongue. how reckless. heaven knows how long he’ll ponder over this. “i could’ve done better!”, is all he’ll tell himself. you’ll never let him live this down, either.
“guys!” you were both snapped out of a trance as iwaizumi shouted. “i think it’s time to stop playing monopoly.”
Tumblr media
© solaxena : all rights reserved. do not edit, modify, repost, or claim my works as your own.
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m-mutsuji · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✞pairing- oikawa x m!reader
✞synopsis- your boyfriend can't help himself when you get that dumb look on your face when he fucks you, he's just gotta ruin his dumb little bunny.
✞cw- dumbification, light degradation,, daddy kink, rough sex, bondage, dacryphilia, creampie, use of the pet name bunny, hair pulling, breath play, spanking
✞wc- 700+
✞a/n- little something for @seijohnyph 💞 (it’s unedited pls forgive me😭)
Tumblr media
Your face was being forced in the pillows, a prominent arch in your back with your wrists tied to your ankles. You were fully immobilized by your lover and it couldn't help but make your cock strain against your stomach.
“Ngh— Daddy please!”
“Awe, is my dumb bunny having trouble down there? You're taking me so deep I bet you can't help yourself but to whine into the pillows.” your pretty brunette boyfriend sneered at you.
His hands having a vice grip on your waist as he fucked you into the matress. He couldn't help it, he loved the way you looked and sounded when he fucked you dumb. The way your voice rose to a high pitch. The way your tongue lolled out of your mouth and your eyes glazed over. You were his perfect little cocksleeve to use as he pleased.
He'd been at it for over an hour. Pulling more orgasms from you than you can count, your milky fluids staining the sheet below you, your cock constantly bobbing and dripping precum.
Whines ripped from your chest, the white of your eyes the only thing visible as you shook in ecstasy. Oikawa’s pace sped up as he pressed a rough hand to the back of your neck, forcing your face into the pillows as he pushed his hips flush with your ass and grinding into that gummy spot inside you that drove you insane.
Tooru kept your face buried until your hands flexed in their restraints, yanking you up with a sadistic grin plastered on his face.
“You know what to do when you want to cum. Go on baby. Beg. For. It.''
His sharp thrusts accentuated every word, the force rocking you forward and making your toes curl, a broken sob erupting from your chest. His body pressed flush against yours, the weight making you shake under him even more.
“Wanna hear those pretty moans nice and loud you hear me?”
You were completely dazed, the overstimulation making your mind foggy and hypersensitive. You couldn't think, it was all too much.
“ I wanna touch you...wanna touch you Toru—please!”
Deft fingers made quick work of unfastening the restraints. Flipping you onto your back and positioning himself between your legs again he brought your lips into a searing kiss.
He gave himself a couple quick pumps before raising one of your legs over his shoulder, working his length back inside you. Guttural groans left his lips as he fought to hold himself back from his oncoming orgasm, wanting to climax with you.
A fresh wave of tears were streaming down your face when Toru’s teeth latched onto the sensitive spot on your neck that makes your body shake. Your screams made him shudder, his cock twitching inside you when his fingers pinched at your sensitive nipples, your back arching into his touch.
“Mmph- Daddy! M’gonna cum.”
“Cum with me baby, you can do it. Give it to me baby, be a good boy for me.” He cooed, his hips slowing into deep, erotic thrusts that sent your mind reeling.
Your nails created dented crescents in his back, crimson red marks that Toru would make sure to model in the locker room at the next game.
It was all too much too fast, your voice slurring as you chanted his name, telling him how full you wanted to be, how badly you needed to be filled.
“Yeah? Wan’ me to cum deep inside you, bunny? Oh don’t worry, when I’m done you’re gonna feel me inside you for days baby.”
Your fucked out face was all he needed, pushing inside as deep as he could as he came inside you, swallowing your screams in a feverish kiss. Cum spurting from your cock and covering your stomach, the milky fluid making a mess of yourself.
With one last kiss, Oikawa pulled out of you slowly, chuckling at your hole, still spasming and clenching around him.
“You gotta let me go sweetheart”, a cocky smirk plastered on his face as you covered your blushing face with your arms.
“Uh uh, don’t hide that pretty face from me baby, was jus’ teasing you. You did so well for me bunny. Such a good boy.”
𝗱𝗼 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗼𝘀𝘁/𝗰𝗼𝗽𝘆 𝗺𝘆 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸. 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸 𝗯𝗲𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗺-𝗺𝘂𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗷𝗶
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katsukidotcom · a month ago
[𝟖:𝟒𝟗 𝐏𝐌] - 𝐨𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚 𝐭𝐨𝐨𝐫𝐮
Tumblr media
ever since you picked him up from the airport, oikawa had been attached to your hip. 
he requested that you help him unpack, insisted on taking you out to lunch alone, and helped you make dinner and wash the dishes despite his lack of experience in the kitchen. wherever you went, so did he. you could only count a couple of times where he had strayed from you, but he was never gone for long.
“i don’t remember you being this clingy,” you commented, glancing over to the brunette setter.
“i am not clingy,” he countered with a scoff. a pout found its way to his lips.
you begged to differ. even now as you were sitting in the bath, he was situated on the lid of the toilet no more than a few feet away from you. you were surprised he wasn’t trying to squeeze his way in the tub with you. but there was no point in arguing with him, he wasn’t going to back down—no matter how wrong he was.
“okay, not clingy.” that was a lie, but you had better things to do than bicker with the man. “but you have to admit that you’ve barely left my side since getting here.”
“yeah...i just missed you." he uncrossed his legs and stood up from his spot, opting to take a seat on the floor beside the bathtub. his eyes met yours and a sweet smile tugged at his lips. “a lot.”
you both knew that a long-distance relationship would be a challenge, but neither of you were willing to consider other options. so you persevered. it was difficult to find times where both of your schedules allowed for you to talk, but whenever an opportunity presented itself, the two of you were jumping at it. you’d wake up early so you could hear about his day and stay up late so you could tell him about yours. texting, phone calls, and facetime had become your new normal. and of course it was better than not hearing his voice or seeing his face at all, but your chats over the phone could never measure up to physically having him near you.
“i missed you, too,” you whispered as if he were the only one allowed to hear. you brought your hand up from the bath to reach out for him, interlocking your fingers with his.
he didn’t mind how the water dripped down his hand and left wet marks on his sweatpants. even though he had been doing it all day, all oikawa wanted was to touch you—to hold you, kiss you, hug you. it was the only thing he could think about whenever you called him while he was away. his legs were bouncing with anticipation on the plane at the thought of finally being able to touch you after so long. a little water wouldn’t kill him.
“and i know how excited you are to spend some time together, but the guys are going to kill me if i don’t share you.”
“like i wanna see them.” he jokingly rolled his eyes, but you knew he’d be thrilled to be in the company of his friends again. yours wasn’t the only relationship affected by his moving away.
“seriously, they might have missed you more than i did,” you giggled.
“they’ll get their turn.” he brought your joined hands to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand. “right now i just want to enjoy the time we have alone.”
you could be selfish and keep him to yourself one night, right?
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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toorusplant · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
note: i’m a little late but happy new year everyone! thank you for everything last year <33
Tumblr media
you knew it was gonna be him, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way. he smiles at you as he grabs your cheek and kisses you softly, “cheers to another year of us,” you murmur when you pull away.
MATTSUN. kuroo. atsumu.
Tumblr media
“what do you say?” you ask, beaming at him, “will you be my new years kiss?” he tries to hide how flustered you’ve made him as he turns his head towards you and accepts.
IWAIZUMI. BOKUTO. yamaguchi.
Tumblr media
you really were stupid for thinking you were over him, because it’s been a while since you’ve last seen him and the glances he keeps giving you are making your heart pound faster. “i missed you,” he admits, after bringing his lips to yours at the countdown.
kuroo. OIKAWA. suna.
Tumblr media
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yaomomvs · 5 months ago
# enemies to lovers
have you ever wonder how would it be to have an enemies to lovers with the haikyuu boys?
→ miya atusumu, oikawa tooru, sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
— miya atsumu
the ‘i was born to annoy the shit out of you’
yeah that basically summarizes it lol
atsumu enjoys messing w people, pls he grew up hassling his twin brother, it’s in his blood
so you would probably happen to sit next to him in class and since this blonde asshole has no sense of personal space or self control he’d just started it as something casual, like he usually does with every poor soul he has the chance
however, he thought that your reactions were particularly funny so he managed to unconsciously get delight with
and also without noticing he grew fond of you and the memories
even if the next term you weren’t sitting together he searched for you everywhere until he had what he wanted
they were pretty childish antics nothing too much or actually disrespectful, from the drawing on your perfectly written notes to the shout out in pubic knowing it embarrasses you
everyone except this boy and you know at this point atsumu does it because he wants your attention
osamu one time tried to suggest he was catching feelings and that day during practice atsumu couldn’t stop laughing
yeah he is stubborn as hell
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
the moment he saw how a another guy was trying to flirt with you
cliché but the thing is, one random day before he enters his homeroom and was about to scream your usual ‘good morning y/n!’ which he know you hate and then he stops on his tracks just to find you flustered about how this another guy in your class complimented your beauty
i swear to good he just 🧍🏻‍♀️ like it was the first time he had a sudden stomachache (more like jealousy building up inside him)
and as stubborn as he is he remind himself that it was just because ‘i didn’t expect it, that’s all’
yeah sure mf
the team notices during the first day, he keeps putting it aside, but days pass by and he just witnesses everything this guy does to conquer your heart and then the bomb hits him
he wants to be the one capturing your heart, he pouts bc he wants to say sweet thing to you too, to compliment that beautiful smile that he likes to see, to have the cheesiest and corniest jokes to make your day, he no longer wanted to annoy, but to love you
immediately after he just runs looking out for you, and when he does find you i swear it was the fastest and sweet confession.
you blush and smile “finally atsumu”
and then he cries
Tumblr media
— oikawa tooru
the ‘anything you can do i can do better’
lord please have mercy
it all started back in second year when the king oikawa tooru was stripped of his throne getting a second place on the grade ranking class list by no one else than you
people usually don’t know that in fact oikawa is always competitive, it was not limited to volleyball only, so ofc he is indeed in the highest class on the highest rank
or well, was
so the first thing this boy does is immediately put you on his rival list, you honestly were unbothered by your class position until this mf started competing with you
one day he just pointed you and challenged you, so at first you tried to ignore him until he was doing thing that actually tested your nerves, so you surrendered to patience and took this personally
oikawa made sure to have something everyday in which he could beat you in, suddenly he just tried your hobby so that he can prove he is better
and so did you, there was this aura in oikawa that you couldn’t stand, pretty boy, tons of friends, victories, you were sure this guy had to humbled so it was your new job, you even tried volleyball to gave him a taste of his own medicine
without realizing tooru suddenly knew every detail about you, he had been so focused on winning you in every conceivable way that he just randomly could say what your favorite food, store, class, etc was. to the point that everyone noticed that maybe oikawa had another passion which was you.
in fact, one time a guy wanted to ask you out and he overheard and without intending to he corrected him ‘actually, y/no’s favorite candy are panda gummies, they don’t tolerate chocolate’ and then left like nothing happened lol
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when one time after you won the competition of the day, he smiled
and like you don’t get it, it was the most lovesick freaking smile ever
he suddenly forgot why he wanted to prove that he was better he just cared about how you accomplished something and he was like so proud that he didn’t mind the insults he just wanted to be around every time you achieved anything important too you
he realizes he is smiling and the surprised and teasing look from makki, iwa and mattsun and oikawa panics
he obviously catches feelings first but he refuses to admit it, he constantly is scolding himself like “no no no no NOOOO” every time he thought about you, or your smile or how cute you looked in the morning.
and he was so weird about it like you wondered why suddenly he just can’t talk or runs away from you
and i believe he confessed accidentally, his brain couldn’t process between ‘pls look at me’ and ‘no i have to get out of here’ when he was talking to you and then he just said out loud “OH MY GOD IVE HAD ENOUGH, WHY CAN’T JUST TELL THEM WE LIKE THEM STUPID BRAIN” and after he covered his mouth really ashamed and blushing so hard
maybe this was the first time oikawa was glad he lost
you spilled your drink
dw this pretty boy bought you one on your first date <3
Tumblr media
—sakusa kiyoomi
the ‘you are an asshole’ ‘so are you’
honestly sakusa couldn’t care about anyone
he limited himself to have classmates and komori so he really didn’t mind
until well you appeared having the exact same apathetic look
when you got paired up for a project he thought that it was honestly going to be simple, oh boy, not even thirty minutes passed and you two were already pissing each other with passive aggressive remarks
and so your routine began bc somehow, you always or almost always ended up being paired so you spent a lot of time together
poor komori he was always in between your bickering and honestly sakusa and you were getting tired
you had to tolerate each other for a while, and so it became natural to be by his side, even sometimes very much to your regret you had to accompany him to his volleyball practices
sakusa was not having it, he thought it was honestly some kind of curse/karma to all those times he was an asshole to others
what he doesn’t knows is that little by little your company meant something for him, to always have someone by his side
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when he no longer has you there
school years end of course you move to the next grade and so you two weren’t the exception to the rule
but he really did not thought that was gonna happen
he honestly convinced himself he had to “put up with you” for another year
his eyes widen when they land on your name placing you in another class
this weird jumble in his chest appears and he is way to oblivious on why
and honestly you felt the same way
weeks pass and sakusa still doesn’t get used to turning around and not finding you there, like, some tiny part of him always wish you appear two chairs beside him, biting your pencil while staring at the board confused.
without noticing he can recognize your voice every time you are talking and walking through the hall with your new classmates and he always feels like it’s not right
like you were supposed to walk beside him not others
eventually after a heated up discussion w komori his cousin enlightened him and he is so mad about having feelings 4 you and so his confession is really blunt
“i want to walk beside you again” he suddenly approaches you after school so ashamed, he has to physically look away.
“huh?” you didn’t get it
“don’t make me say it, you know what it means”
you open your eyes and when you realize it you blush so hard
now you get it
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solarchuu · 7 months ago
porn that reminds me of hq characters <3
(a/n: i’m sorry 😞)
warnings: nsfw twt vids
Tumblr media
subby tsumu
making him fuck himself onto the strap after he kept teasing you in public.
waking bokuto up with a blowjob
knowing he’s been stressed lately and wanting to help him relieve some of it by sucking on his balls to warm his cum up for your throat.
jacking off makki
letting him be a pillow prince for a day, milking his cock and forcing out as much cum as you can.
getting fingered by issei
letting him blow some steam off by using your cunt however he wanted.
overstim with iwa
begging to cum only to have him finger you till you can’t take it anymore.
getting fucked by ukai
having him take you the second he sees you after a long trip.
oikawa making you squirt
feeling his fingers hit the deepest spots, the parts of you you’re never able to reach on your own.
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k0shii · 28 days ago
HQ boys with a very affectionate s/o
featuring: r. suna, t. oikawa
genre: fluff
warnings: none
next dish
he'll never tell you but rintarou loves when your clingy, its honestly one of the things he looks forward to when he finishes practice.
spending nights over at your house, legs entwined under the covers and his head under your shirt enjoying the warmth of your boobs.
"Are you comfy under there rinny?" You asked giggling, he hummed in response. Tightening his hold on your waist.
There are days that suna wonders how lucky he is to have you, somehow you'd always know what to do when he was stressed from school.
Somehow feeling your small figure in his hold pressing soft kisses to his face, just makes his day.
tooru ofc teases you for being so lovey and affectionate with him, but we all know that he loves you dearly for it
all it takes is some soft affirmations and sweet genuine kisses for oiks's heart to be completely melted.
Oikawa loves when your not hesitant to show your affection in public, its adorable to him when you cling to his arm. oikawa ima
Although there are some days when tooru is just out of energy and can't be as loving as he should be, and he kind of hates himself for that. But there you are, still content with being able to cuddle him in his bed.
Tooru loves that he can be himself around you, and not the fake playboy everyone wants to see.
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veenxys · 4 months ago
「Attractive things haikyuu boys do」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bokuto
he offers to carry heavy things for you then rolls his sleeves up to his elbows before effortlessly lifting whatever you had trouble carrying. or when he’s on his way home after tiring formal events or dinners, he not only pulls the sleeves up but also loosens the top buttons of his shirt with one hand while keeping the other one on the steering wheel as he drives.
⤷ Kuroo
he has a habit of putting his hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to him, it’s instinctual at this point. he places one hand on your thigh while the other lazily scrolls on his phone, or when he’s driving and you’re in the passenger seat, he drums his fingers on your skin to the beat of the song playing on the radio while one hand is on the steering wheel.
⤷ Atsumu
he says things like "oh yeah?" "what are you going to do about it?" "make me." even if it's a really small thing, something about the way he says those words affects your heart. the words escape his lips so softly but at the same time so inviting; his eyes filled with a mischievous glint, a small smile tugging at his lips as he looks at you defiantly, waiting for you to take the first step so he can finish what he started.
⤷ Osamu
he ever-so-slightly brushes his lips against your fingers when you hand-feed him some candy or fruit, and the way he catches you off-guard by keeping eye contact as he bites into the food before pulling away with a smug glint in his eyes at the way you hurriedly clear your throat, and he just tilts his head while ‘innocently’ asking you, “you alright?”
⤷ Kenma
you can’t help but gush a little inside when he fixes your clothes or jewelry. perhaps you’re talking to him or you’re distracted with something else and he reaches over to place the clasp of your necklace back to its proper place or to pull up the cardigan that has slipped past your shoulders. it’s such a small gesture but heart-fluttering, nonetheless.
⤷ Oikawa
when he kisses you, he likes to play with the belt hoop or waistband of your jeans. it’s an innocent enough gesture, he doesn’t have much intentions behind doing this and most of the times, it’s habitual. he hooks his finger around it, tugging you closer to him and then his hand moving up to your waist, leaving lingering touches.
⤷ Sakusa
even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
⤷ Suna
the way he immediately grabs your hand and sucks the tip of your finger to soothe the burn that you’ve just accidentally given yourself. you find it both heart-warming and attractive and it especially does a thing or two to your heart when he meets your gaze with slightly concerned eyes, your fingertip still lingering over his lips.
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aikk00 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I swear I didn't mean for this to look like some sort of otome game. My sister pointed it out, and I went with it 😰
Here's one without bg though
Tumblr media
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ohbabydollie · 8 days ago
hii i love u 🥺. could you give us a babytrapping with oikawa, please? 💗
Absolutely loved this idea and I could not stop writing it (please send thirsts, request, etc. i love them)
Tws- baby trapping, jealous oikawa, oikawa refers to himself as daddy and you call him daddy
Tumblr media
Oikawa always seemed to be jealous of the men near you, from your classmates to your best boy friend, even the ex’s you wanted nothing to do with. Oikawa always looked at them with anger. Occasionally if they dared to try and talk to you he would pull you closer while death staring them.
You would keep talking and it would go unnoticed before the guy leaves and you turn to your boyfriend, this time he has a smile and you kiss him on the cheek. He loves that about you, he loves that you don’t seem to notice a thing, that’s especially helpful for him.
You don’t seem to notice when he started poking holes in the condoms or when he purposely destroyed them. You didn’t seem to notice when he would slip off the condom or throw them away so he could go in raw
You didn’t seem to notice a thing when he would turn off the alarm that reminded you to take your birth control. You didn’t seem to notice a thing when he would throw out and replace your birth control with sugar pills.
It made him all the happier, especially when everything started aligning for him. First he got a spot on the Argentinian volleyball team of his dreams and then he convinced you to live with him in Argentina, and then the two of you got engaged!
Oh how happy he was, so that night he asked to do it raw and then you agreed, after all you wouldn’t have to worry if he got you pregnant, you were already engaged.
“haah, loosen up a little princess” Oikawa said as he tried to gently pull out from being fully bottomed out inside of your cunt as you tried to relax. You were a little bit nervous- after all this was the first time you knew you he was going in raw.
Oikawa started at a general pace hoping he could take his time to drag this out as much as possible, but his plan failed immediately when he heard you say a few words.
“ ‘ooruuuu, please, harder” you moaned trying to find a way to make the movement between you and Oikawa go faster. Soon your body started to jiggle as Tooru started to pound into you at a faster pace.
“Tooru, Tooru, Tooru, sooo gooddd” your eyes were rolling to the back of your head as Oikawa’s cock started reaching all the right places inside of you, it had you practically seeing stars as a wicked grin found it’s way onto your boyfriend’s face.
“You love it so much don’t you my little princess” he said squeezing your cheeks as you tried to nodding yes to him. He couldn’t see any thoughts in your head, you already looked fucked dumb, and he’s barely even started.
“You would do anything for daddy wouldn’t you” he said while smiling down at you “you’d even let him cum in you if he wanted to huh?” You nodded once again, barely even being able to make out what he was saying.
“You’re such a good girl for your daddy huh? You just love him sooo much” he asked you in a teasing voice as you nodded and pulled him down in an attempt to give him a kiss. You could barely even look at him with tears in your eyes, it made you fall in love deeper with him.
Oikawa started to go at an almost brutal pace and soon you started feeling the familiar knot in your tummy, his thrusting only helped to make it larger and larger until the two of you felt it snapping.
“haaa, daddy pleasepleasepleaseplease- ah” he was about to pull out before you wrapped your legs around his waist and slammed him back inside you as the both of you came.
“Please just stay inside for a little bit” you hugged him gently and he kissed you softly. You started giggling “I forgot to tell you” you gave him a quick peck as he rolled beside you trying to remain inside you “by your request, I’m finally off birth control”
A smile melted onto Oikawa’s face as he felt himself start to slightly harden inside you. He really couldn’t wait until the two pink lines appeared on your pregnancy test.
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rinesei · 2 months ago
[ 10:26 a.m. ] - OIKAWA TOORU
Tumblr media
+ for @lovemeian 's collab. this is may be cringey as hell so read at your own risk. don't come @ me, k?
Tumblr media
he didn’t even come to see you off. that’s what you’re thinking, making your way to the airport gates, unaware of the brunet who got there just in time— and is standing among the cars behind you, his eyes locked on you, feet stuck to the ground.
and as you walk away, sad smile on your lips, dragging your brown suitcase behind your trailing scarf, there's only one thought running through his head.
"crap-," it hits him as you look away, entering the airport's gates with your back turned,"-i fucked up," he mutters, slapping a hand to his mouth, eyes wide as he realises it again.
"i fucked up!," he’s louder this time, and his body moves on his own, legs carrying him to the doors against his will, flying past the guards, barely making it through the closing doors. "i really, royally, fucked up," he repeats, jumping to grab your arm, turning you around- shock written all over your face.
your name falls off his lips in a way it never has before, gentle but firm- his hands on his knees as he pants. is it an apology? no, it's a request, a plea to be heard. because as much as he's messed up before, he can't let you go- he can't free you from himself, and it's so stupidly selfish of him, but oikawa tooru’s realised he can't live without you, that he doesn't want to- and he needs to let you know before you decide to let go of him.
"what are you doing here?," you ask, hand hanging limp, the feeling of his touch lingering. you suppress the feeling growing in your chest- you've let it grow before, and it's only hurt you. you refrain from touching his head, asking if he's okay- it's not your place to, not anymore, is what you tell yourself. has he come to stop you? no, that would be foolish to believe. if you're honest, you don't want to leave, but no one's ever asked you to stay, have they?
"don't," oikawa chokes out, eyes looking up at you hopefully, "please don't leave here, fuck, don't leave me ,y/n," he stands up straight, repeating the words again as if he's not sure he's said them before, "don't go."
shit. your heart skips a beat, happiness (or something similar) surging through you. you want to grab his face, perhaps hold his hands, tell him that's all you wanted, all you needed- that you'd never dream of leaving if he asked you not to—but you merely take a step back, heart cracking at how his face drops, because you can't do this again.
you can't let oikawa tooru break your heart for the second time.
"just....just hear me out," he begs, his voice on the verge of breaking, taking cautious steps towards you, "if you want me to go after you hear me out, i promise i will," he raises his hands, "no questions asked."
he knows he doesn't deserve a second of your time, and you're sure that if you had even a bit of sanity left in you- you'd turn and walk away, just like he did to you, you'd go, no matter what he says, and never look back. unluckily for you, or luckily for him- you don't.
"okay," you let go of your suitcase, taking one step in his direction, "you have one minute."
one minute, huh? how could he ever tell you how much he misses you, how much he regrets doing the things he did, how much he hates himself for letting you slip through his fingers- in a minute? yet he starts speaking, because he's certain he has to use every second you spare.
"i'm sorry," he begins, gulping at your expression which screams really? are you? but continues anyway, "and i know this can't make up for it, not that easy, but please, give me a chance again. let me try to make you mine again. let me love you again, y/n, the way you taught me how to love myself."
you know he's pouring himself out to you, and you shouldn't let it get to you. you've done the same before, haven't you? and where did it get you?
but you don't have it in you to be so cold-hearted. not when the person you love, and have always loved, is stripping himself bare in front of you.
you inhale sharply, and your hands move on their own too. you've comforted him before. you know just how to, stroking his hair softly as you let him wrap his arms around you, not commenting on his soft sobs.
"stop crying," you tell him, perhaps not as gently as you mostly would've, but you're already doing more than you should. pulling him off you, you clear your throat, adjusting your scarf. "i don't know if i can survive another heartbreak, tooru."
"i won't let it break," he promises, "never again."
and you don't know if you should trust him, if you should dare to take the leap- to risk it again, but as you glance at your boarding gate and then his face- you know you're incapable of getting on that plane.
“one more,” you tell oikawa, walking out the gates as he follows, “one more chance.“
and with his heart bursting, grateful that you’ve stayed, a smile forms on his face. he runs up behind you, dragging your suitcase, and only one thought runs through oikawa tooru’s mind.
he won’t fuck up this time.
Tumblr media
+ wrote it when i was drunk, sleepy & emotional. thought it’s a masterpiece. i was crying. then later came back and went “😐” deadass. @shoyotime im sorry I was thinking of you while writing this 😭 enjoy ig <3
Tumblr media
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