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kitty in your mouth got your tongue
Tumblr media Tumblr media
with : a. miya, h. iwaizumi, k. akaashi, o.miya, r. suna, t. kageyama, t. oikawa
contains : f!reader, pussydrunk hq men, oral (f!rec), m!masturbation, cervix fucking, squirting, overstim, praise, creampie
bisous, twig : lil repost from an old blog w/ tweaks :] as always: if you liked this, you can also reblog it <3
mdni ♱ masterlist
Tumblr media
pussydrunk!atsumu,who’s nothing short of addicted to your essence. he laps it up like man who’s gone days without water, strong hands pinning you down by the waist against the bed to stop the uncontrollable jerk of your hips. the overstimulated, hiccupped sobs and shaky whines that spill from your lips and fall onto his ears only edge him on further as the noises you make get drowned out by the lewd indulgence of his tongue flicking against your walls, a wanton hum pushing past him as you cream in his mouth for the umpteenth time of the night.
pussydrunk!hajime, who wakes up every morning to soiled, sticky boxers. his dreams are filled with fantasies of you— of your body, of fucking into your pretty cunny in every which way. he engraves the images of your frame beneath his and the sounds he know you’d make while two of fingers are knuckles deep inside you— your soft, needy pleas and whines of his name— into his brain; they’re enough to drive him to the brink of insanity.
pussydrunk!keiji, who can’t do anything but stay still as he bottoms out inside you. he feels the warm plush of your walls grip and squeeze every ridge, every vein lining his cock, and he can only let out labored breaths when the soft sponge of your cervix brushes over the slit on his head; his most sensitive spot. he’s afraid to move, even in the slightest, because he knows if he does, he’ll blow his load inside you right away.
pussydrunk!osamu, who, unlike his brother, likes to take his time with you. he licks languidly at your folds; but his ministrations are calculated— two thick fingers quirking against the one sensitive spot lining your walls that has your vision going white, but pulls back just as you’re about to cum, drawing you out to your limits. he gives in to your heady chants of his name soon enough, though, suckling harshly at your puffy nub until you spill all over his lips and chin, his tongue taking down your nectar as if it were the smoothest of fine wines.
pussydrunk!rintaro, who grunts sweet praise into your ear as the head of his cock weighs down heavily on your cervix with every agonizingly slow thrust into your needy walls. grunts of “such a perfect pussy,” and “taking my cock so well, this pussy’s made for me” and “’s all mine, yeah?” sound out in time with the squelch of your mixed arousals coating his crotch every time your skin meets his— it has your legs tightening around his waist and fingers clawing red wings onto his back as one final push is all it takes for him to shoot white, hot ropes into your womb.
pussydrunk!tobio, who ruts into you like he’s never been in pussy before. his face finds a home in the nook of your neck, soft whines and breathy babbles of, “gonna cum, ‘m gonna cum,” rolling off of his tongue as his hips meet your ass with every sloppy thrust into you. he drowns in the feeling of your walls clamping down on him and your own voice calling out his name as you writhe beneath him, the gush of your arousal spraying over his groin being enough to tip him over the edge.
pussydrunk!toru, who excuses himself to the restroom far too frequently while at practice— one hand pressed flat against the door for leverage while he wraps the other around his leaking cock, broken moans of your name bouncing off the empty walls as he does his best to imagine that it’s your cunt he’s fucking into. of course, his fist doesn’t feel as good as you do— nothing can ever compare— but it’ll have to do until the evening when he get to come home to the real deal.
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ಌ including: k bokuto, k. kenma x fem!reader
ಌ genre : fluff
summary : what relationship dynamics the hq boys would mostly be in!
part one . part three
say it right: nelly furtado
Tumblr media
-`ღ´- lovey dovey golden retriever bf x cuddly introvert gf
there's no surprise that Kou lives for psychical touch, and would definitely make that known in a relationship. I can see ko ordering for his gf at restaurants and holding her hand at all times to keep close and also bc psychical touch <33 Also imagining Kou with his s/o and feeling her tug on his sleeve would just make his heart melt, focusing all his attention on her.
-`ღ´- man child bf x responsible gf
also a common relationship I see alot with kou (in works), because its true. Kou would definitely need someone to bring him back to earth and out of the clouds, he's legit like a golden retriever omg. Especially in his emo moments, he would need a reassuring voice to kiss his face and love on him just enough to get him back into the game
-`ღ´- hyper bf x hyper gf
however, while kou does need someone to bring him back to earth, he also needs someone who can stay on his level of energy. I can see kou and his s/o going batshit crazy on a chuck-e cheese. Someone who can stay up to 2-3am with ease before clocking out together at 3:30 from exhaustion.
ع˖⁺. KENMA
-`ღ´- calm monster chugging gaming bf x sleepy gamer gf
we all know kenma isn't going to sleep at 10pm or 11:30 he's gaming until he hears birds chirping, that is if you didn't pull him away from his screens to go to bed at 3am. One of his favorite things is when he wants to spend time with his gf but wants to game is to have his s/o sit on his lap teddybear style while playing animal crossing.
-`ღ´- sweet energetic gf x 5'6 i'll fuck you up if you make her cry bf
as much as kenma keeps to himself much like a cat he can be protective, so don't be surprised when the guy that once was asking for your number made up some excuse to get away. It was simply kenma giving that guy a heavy stare. And when you ask him about it he'll blush lightly saying, "I didn't like how he was looking at you."
-`ღ´- sarcastic to everyone but sweet to her bf x has no idea he acts different with his friends gf
we also know how much kenma hates his friends teasing him, so thats why he is less affectionate in public especially at practice. But he knows that your a very affectionate person, so he'll be in mid conversation with kuroo before giving you his nintendo while giving you a kiss as you pass by. "Don't even." "Look at youu, wait a second how come I don't get to use your nintendo-" "Because you can't."
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Test Run
This is a super old wip that I completely redid for @134340am’s Sundress Szn collab :))) | cw: smut, fem!reader, explicit photography, female masturbation, vaginal penetration, creampie | wc: 3.2k
Tumblr media
When the package arrives, Suna cuts the box open carefully. He handles it with so much care as he slices at the tape and pulls the flaps back to reveal a slightly smaller box inside. Afer all, one wrong move and a fuck load of money goes down the drain.
He can’t deny the quiet hum of excitement under his skin as he finally opens the second box and pulls out the body of his brand new camera. After a few moments of faffing and reading instructions, he finally manages to slot the lens in and switches it on, squinting as he tries to figure out what all the different symbols mean.
“Who was at the door?” you ask, and he barely even flinches, hyper focused on twisting the dial at the top to see what each mode does.
“Delivery guy,” he murmurs, raising the camera up to point it at you. Through the display, he can see you dressed comfortably in a summer dress, light and airy around the skirt but gently cinched around your torso. The sun pouring through the window bathes you in the most beautiful light, warm and brightening, casting a gorgeous shine on your hair and skin. He pushes down on the capture button and hears the familiar sound of the shutter.
This will be the first of many.
“How much did that thing cost?” you ask, and his lips quirk in a grimace as he inspects the photo he took. There’s a curious furrow in your brow and your lips are parted, immortalised in that moment before you began to speak.
“You don’t wanna know.”
“Show me,” you say, wiggling your fingers in front of him as you plop down next to him on the floor.
“Careful,” he tells you, gently placing the expensive piece of kit in your awaiting hands.
“It’s heavier than it looks,” you remark, turning it over in your hands, before holding the viewfinder up to your eyes. “Smile babe!”
“Wait!” Before he can hide his face, you snap a picture, capturing his slightly widened eyes and the tips of his fingers creeping into the frame. “I wasn’t ready.”
“Neither was I,” you counter, sticking your tongue out at him. He rolls his eyes, and sticks his own tongue out at you, making you giggle.
“You wanna help me test it out?” Your head tilts in confusion.
“By being my muse,” he says, smiling crookedly. “You’re dressed all cute today too, I can’t let that go to waste.”
You look down and chew at your lip, suddenly shy.
“I was hoping you’d notice.”
“I always notice,” he scoffs. A hand reaches out to caress your cheek lightly, before he tilts your head up by your chin. “My pretty girl.”
Heat creeps up your cheeks at the compliment, even more so when you realise that he can probably feel how warm your face is getting. You shake yourself free of his touch and stand, holding a hand out to him.
“Let’s go find a good spot then.”
A good spot turns out to be an emptying park about five minutes away from your home. You walk hand in hand, the camera hanging around Suna’s neck by the strap that came with it. Families are leaving as you walk through the gates, the sun beginning its descent towards the horizon as the day slowly begins to draw to a close. There’s a little area in the park where a stream slices through the land, a pretty bridge arching over it. Sunlight floods the area perfectly as Suna tugs you to a stop once you stand at its centre.
“Here. This is perfect.”
“How can you tell?” you ask challengingly.
“I have an eye for these things,” he says, winking. “Now go stand over there.”
He spends the next half an hour or so directing you into candid poses. He tells you to look out over the bridge, down at the ground you stand on, at him, at the sky, all while making you laugh in between and capturing those moments too. Those shots are his favourite, where you’re carefree and happy. Golden hour suits you so well too, casting a halo of sorts around you, and Suna can’t help but think you look more angelic with each click of the shutter.
Initially, he’d bought the camera with the intention of fuelling an old hobby, after several people had discovered and commended his photo dump account on Instagram. He’s always had an eye for photography, has always enjoyed freezing life in motion with the click of a button, storing away memories and treasured moments for him to look back on when he’s old and withered. You would expect Suna to fall in love with his casual hobby this time, and he probably will.
However, right now, he’s falling in love with you all over again, struck once more by how beautiful you are in the light of the slowly sinking sun.
“Wow,” he murmurs, clicking through the shots he’s already taken. This way you look in each photo has absolutely nothing to do with his skill, he thinks, glancing up at you and smiling to himself as you swat at a bee buzzing too close to you.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” you ask, pouting as you close the distance between you. His narrow eyes follow you, a soft smile making them crinkle at the corners.
“Because that bee is sitting on your head.”
“Where?!” you yelp, shaking and batting at your head to rid yourself of the long gone bee. He snorts, biting back his laughter as he watches you squirm. His gaze is drawn to your dress and the way it flutters around your thighs, not enough to expose you but just enough to tease him. You stop when you hear him snickering, turning slowly to glare at him.
”You’re such a fucking liar,” you huff. He winks at you, allowing a sly grin to spread across his cheeks. “Have you had enough of your new toy yet?”
Suna hums thoughtfully, flicking through the last few pictures he took, lingering on your silhouette in each one before zeroing in on the real thing.
“For now,” he says, licking his lips thoughtfully. “Let’s head back.”
The sun begins to kiss the horizon once more when you get home, bleeding golden oranges and blushing pinks into the clear sky. Burnt light floods through the windows of your bedroom as you step inside and start to dig out your pyjamas so that you can settle in comfortably for the evening.
“Don’t get dressed just yet,” says Suna, eyeing the curve of your ass as you bend over to root around your drawers. The lifted hem of your dress almost gives him a glimpse of what lies underneath until you, unfortunately, straighten up to look at him.
“Why not?”
“I wanna see one more thing.” He presses the on button, grinning at your raised eyebrow through the viewfinder.
“Can you make it quick? I wanna shower.”
“There’s no point in that, you’ll just get sweaty again,” he says dismissively, fascinated by how the dipping sun sets fire to your complexion. He ignores your noise of confusion.
“Get on the bed for me.” You move slowly, confused by the soft demand but humour him anyway. You settle for the centre of the mattress, perched on your knees with your hands sat neatly on your thighs. “You look so sexy in this light, holy shit.”
Warmth crawls up your cheeks as he looks up at you, the burnished light reflecting like flames in his olive green eyes. His heated gaze darkens as he approaches the foot of the bed and places a knee on the edge before he beckons you forth with a crook of his index finger.
“Come closer.”
The look in his eyes is hypnotic, drawing you in until you have to peer up to hold his stare. He uses that same finger to draw a line from your clavicle, up your throat until the tip of it rests under your chin. He tilts your head up and grins almost maliciously.
Snap. He captures the look of careful anticipation on your face, complete with rounded doe-eyes. You just look so cute. So cute that he can’t help but lean in to press his lips to yours, chaste and sweet.
For now at least.
“Babe?” he says when he pulls back.
“Do you wanna try something new with me?” Your head tilts to the side as you squint at him, noting the hunger in his eyes.
“Like… sex-wise? I told you, I draw the line at-“
“No, no, no!” he laughs. “Don’t worry, it’s not that.”
“Oh. Then what it is it?” Suna brushes your hair back, smiling down at you fondly.
“Well, you’re right about the sex part,” he starts. “I was thinking we could use this,” he says, patting the camera.
“That’ll never fit,” you say bluntly, looking completely serious. “The shape’s too weird.”
“No!” he says, mortified. “God, no! I meant I wanna take pictures of you during!”
You snort at the exasperation on his face.
“I know what you meant, I was just fucking with you,” you giggle, yelping when he pinches and pulls at your cheek.
“Yes or no, comedian.”
“Ow! Yes if you let go of my face!” you whine and he relinquishes his grasp on you.
“Nice. Pull your straps down.” You gape at him, scandalised as you throw your arms over your tits to hide them from his view.
“Perv! At least buy me dinner first!”
“I can buy you dinner afterwards, I promise. Look, I’m running out of light here, I just want you to let them fall off your shoulders first.”
All of a sudden you feel a little shy, reaching up to slowly slide the straps of your dress down to rest loosely against your biceps.
“Like this?” He nods, clicking the shutter.
“You won’t… share these, will you?” Suna pauses and softens, cupping your cheek gently. He snaps another picture, before he moves his hand down to nestle around your throat and captures that too. Finally, he lowers the camera.
“Of course not, baby.” he says, soft and sincere. “I could never do that to you. These are only for our eyes. Okay?” You nod shyly.
“And if you want me to stop, just say the word and I’ll put it away.”
“I know, Rin.” To coax him into continuing, you pull him down into another kiss. This time, it’s more sensual, your tongue slinking into his mouth with a soft sigh. Your skin his hot from more than just the summer heat, body temperature rising as he draws his mouth over the expanse of your neck and collarbone.
“Move back,” he tells you, and you shuffle back to rest against the pillows.
“I want you to pull down the top half of your dress.” This time, you don’t complain, slipping your arms out of the straps and letting the material pool around your waist a little hesitantly. Your nipples pebble from the change in temperature, hardening to little buds that Suna aches to taste.
“Spread your legs a little,” he instructs, and you do so, letting them fall open just enough to tease him. The shutter clicks again as Suna crawls onto the bed too, cursing under his breath and taking a couple more shots.
“Sorry I just need to-“
He drags wet kisses over the flesh of your breasts before sucking your nipple between his lips and nibbling gently, doing the same to the other and then drawing away. Your tits shine with his spit, and he clicks the shutter before he can stop himself.
“Lift your skirt,” he says, sounding a little breathless, his own cheeks flushed at the mere thought of how you’ll look sprawled out so lewdly for him. The fabric of your dress now sits above your hips, uselessly covering your belly.
Suna’s breath hitches.
“No panties?”
Biting back a cheeky smile, you shrug nonchalantly.
“It’s hot,” you say simply.
“It is. It’s very hot,” he agrees, still caught off guard by what he sees.
“But you know,” he murmurs, as the sound of the shutter echoes off the walls of your room. “I wonder what people would say if they knew someone who looks so pretty and sweet is actually just aching for her boyfriend's cock.”
Your cunt twitches at the implication, thighs parting further for him even through the embarrassment.
“Hold this for me,” he says abruptly, handing you the camera. As he tugs off his t-shirt, you take the opportunity to try your hand at photography too. He looks beautiful, warm oranges making his lean body and pale skin glow, dying his hair auburn too. One, two, three, you take the pictures in quick succession, following the lift of his shirt, the ruffle of his hair, the flex of his muscles. Right up until his hand is stretched before you in a ‘gimme’ gesture.
“Had your fun?” he teases, quirking a brow at you.
“No,” you pout. “It’s your turn next time.”
“Fair enough, but you’re a much better subject than I would be,” he muses. “Touch yourself.” You almost balk at the way he quickly slips back into sexy photographer mode. “Don’t get shy on me now, just do what you always do.” he adds.
“I am not shy,” you lie, shifting to get comfortable against the pillows. You release a shaky breath before your hands brush over your thighs and find your cunt, dragging a finger through your wet slit and circling the tip around your clit. You sigh at the familiar sensation, and you quickly forget that there’s a camera pointed right at you.
As you tease yourself, Suna can’t seem to stop himself from rapidly clicking the shutter, absorbed in the pleasure spilling over your features when you penetrate yourself with two fingers. Your panting and the soft sighs falling from your lips go straight to his cock, already so stiff in his shorts and quickly draining patience.
“Fuck, you look so good like that.”
There’s one moment that he manages to capture that is his favourite. As your fingers work at your nub, and your orgasm crests and crashes, your back arches off the bed and your head falls back. The setting sun shines on your figure, creating an ethereal image of you, glistening in flames and passion.
“Rin,” you murmur, panting as you come down from your climax. “Rin, I want you.”
Suna has never pulled his cock out faster.
He’s on you immediately, kissing all over your damp skin before flipping you over and pulling you towards him by the hips. The slope of your back and the way you look back at him pleadingly is too much to ignore. The length of his cock rests between your asscheeks, the tip flushed and weeping precum. He fumbles with the camera, angling it just right so that he can capture exactly what he sees. Apparently, you’re raring to go despite making yourself cum already, wiggling your hips back against him with a needy whine.
“You are aching for my cock, aren’t you?” he hums, more to himself than to you. Giddiness bubbles in his chest from how this whole evening has played out, along with sheer love for you and how you’re almost always willing to try something new, just for him.
Pulling his hips back, he rubs himself against your still-slick pussy, before easing himself inside with a pleased little sigh. He takes one more shot, this time of him sheathed inside you before he finally puts the contraption down and gives you his full attention. Cool palms smooth over your hips and squeeze appreciatively before he draws himself out and slams back in with a swift roll of his hips.
Suna has always enjoyed taking you from behind but there’s something special about fucking you in the orange light staining your room. Sweat makes the arch of your spine shine, your littany of gasps and moans muffled by the mattress you collapsed into after your arms gave in. It only fuels him to thrust into you with more vigour, angling his hips down to hit that one spot and make you squeal.
“Maybe we should make a video next time,” he grunts, pressing the length of his torso to your back so that his lips are right by your ear. He licks the shell of it and sucks at your lobe when you flutter around him. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? My very own little pornstar- mm fuck- All for me.”
The snap of his hips grows more disjointed when he reaches around to rub at your sensitive clit, chuckling around a groan when your hips buck backwards and you squeeze tighter still.
“Rin, ‘m gonna cum, gonna cum- fuck!“ you whine. Just before you can let go, Suna flips you onto your back and makes a grab for the forgotten camera. He uses it one handed, focusing it on your bouncing tits and your flushed face, whilst the other hand returns to your clit.
“A-are you fucking serious?” you gasp, still writhing under his insistent touch and unrelenting cock.
“Ignore the camera, just cum for me again.”
He watches the little resistance in you crumble to dust as you twist and arch under the throes of pleasure, toes curling from the intensity of it.
He’s caught that moment again, and the sight and sensation of your heavenly body makes him cum too with a groan, buried to the hilt in your warm cunt. He spills into you, hot and thick before he collapses onto you with a grunt.
“Have I ever told you how much I love you,” he slurs absently, as the pleasure ebbs and satisfaction starts to fill his bones instead. “Don’ think I say it enough, you know I’m not good with words.” He grumbles as shifts his weight off you, still tucked into your pussy. “Cos I love you. A lot.”
“I love you too, Rin,” you giggle. “When did you turn into such a sap?”
“Dunno,” he says. “Maybe since I’ve been looking at you all evening and I still can’t believe you’re so beautiful.”
“Rin!” you gasp, hiding your face in his chest.
“Wow, maybe I am turning into a sap.”
He notices the camera lying on its side and leans over you to grab it.
“One more?”
“Not right now, I’m getting hungry.”
“I meant picture,” he snickers.
“Ah. Go ahead, I guess.”
Carefully, he pulls out of you, the two of you gasping at the loss of warmth before he situates himself between your thighs again. One hand holds you open, cunt fully displayed to the lens of the camera. You twitch and a glob of white dribbles forth, sliding slowly down the curve of your ass.
“Money well spent,” he commends himself, taking one final picture of your messy cunt.
“I take it back, you’re so not a sap.”
He grins and the camera bleeps, displaying a message on the screen.
“Memory full? Already?”
“Just how many pictures did you take?”
Tumblr media
Rbs and feedback are appreciated 🖤
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mm good afternoon i am so down bad for tooru,, thinking about his hands and the way they manage to open up his partner with ease,, he knows how to apply just enough pressure to get their legs open and the curl of his fingers that reach just far enough to have them throwing their head back,,, that damn setter has me on my knees -L
Oh L I totally agree!! Tooru is my first anime crush and I’ll always be down bad for him so here’s a little thirst <3 mwah!
cw: service top oikawa, fingering, titties, 
notes: oikawa makes me crazy bye,,, sorry for taking long 😭
Tumblr media
You told your boyfriend how shitty was your day as he washed your hair. Oikawa helped you dry your body out as he peppered kisses on every inch of your skin.
Finally, he places you on your shared bed and when you thought you were about to sleep you feel warm palms parting your legs gently.
"Tooru, what are you doing?" You say, lifting your head to find a blissful image.
Oikawa's brown curls rest against your right thigh as his eyes look at you with a mix of lust and adoration. "I just wanna make my princess feel good."
He slides your panties to the side at the same time he lifts your shirt to expose your breasts, letting out a satisfied sigh at the  way they bounced after his movements. 
Two long fingers run up and down your slit making you shudder instantly. You know what’s gonna happen next. Oikawa is gonna send you to paradise in less than 10 minutes with his perfect digits.
“Mmh, you like that baby?” He asks as if your juices weren’t coating the entirety of  his fingers already. “You are making a mess already, pretty girl now relax for me.”
Oikawa pushed the first finger in with ease. You body has grown accustomed to them and like he says it you take them like a good girl.
“That’s it, just like that,” He whispers, rubbing the inside of your walls as as his other hand rub slow circle on your clit, stimulating the sensitive nerve. You gasped and open your legs further, inviting a grinning Oikawa to push another finger in. “Good girl.”
He praises you making your chest rise up and down faster than before at the time he starts moving both fingers inside you.
They rub against your walls searching for that sweet place that had you curling your toes. 
And as a stubborn treasure hunter Oikawa thrusts his finger deeper and deeper looking for that gummy spot. “Open up a little bit more for me, princess, yeah?” He groans, groping one of your tits to rub you nipple.
 A lewd moan comes out of your mouth while your boyfriend forces the third digit into your cunt. And with three fingers inside Oikawa’s thrusts become merciless.
“Tooru-ahg!” You screamed. A grin creeps on the setter’s face as he keeps his pace hitting your g-spot at a deadly pace. 
You try to reach for his shoulder but you feel yourself convulsing on the bed, toes curling and thigh shaking as five letters roll out of your tongue in a blissful cry.
“Good girl.” Oikawa says before licking his fingers covered in your arousal. As you recover your breath, he leans closer to you to plant a kiss on your lips, whispering a sweet I love you before you drift to sleep.
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kentoangel · 7 hours ago
˖  ݁ . ࿓ love, watermelon and the sun cw. kids, she / her prns, you’re called mommy
Tumblr media
kita shinsuke is filled with love and kindness.
you’re pretty sure that if you poured his heart into a pitcher, it’d overflow — drip down onto the table and the creaky wooden floors of your home.
but your husband’s love and kindness doesn’t spill from a lemonade pitcher, it leaks from his fingertips.
especially as the sun is hung high in the sky, blazing hot as your four year old son laughs because his dad is smothering sunscreen — gently, with a certain tenderness that would make a god cry — on his tiny, chubby cheeks with his big, calloused thumbs.
and as his little boy (the carbon copy of him) continues to giggle, kita shisnuke’s heart melts through his rib cage and he smiles, eyes forming into crescent moons with little wrinkles.
“can we eat watermelon, daddy? ‘m kinda tired.”
he chuckles, smudges a glob of sunscreen on his kid’s tiny nose. “yeah. wanna ask mommy if she wants to eat some with us?”
“mhm!” he nods excitedly, about to run off — but he turns to look at his dad with glimmering, hopeful eyes. “and you’ll take out the seeds, right?! ‘cause me and mommy don’t like ‘em. they’re yucky.”
and kita shinsuke’s smile widens, puts the sun to shame. “of course,” he picks the little boy up, throws him in the air, makes him laugh. “anything for my babies.”
“but i’m not a baby!”
kita starts walking to your home. “really?”
“yeah! mommy isn’t a baby, either, daddy!”
he opens the back door, steps into the kitchen to find you — glowing under the golden sunlight that streams through the sheer curtains, a deity cutting a watermelon.
“hello, my love.”
you fall in love with kita shinsuke every single day. and you smile. and the sun doesn’t seem like all that to kita shinsuke. “hello, my two favorite boys.” you move your son’s hair to the side, peck his cheek to make him giggle and turn towards your husband, kiss his lips.
“yer already cutting the watermelon?”
“hmm, yeah. i thought i’d take it out to you two, but you’re already here.”
shinsuke places your child on the countertop, starts picking out the yucky seeds of the fruit as you ask your husband’s mini me about the caterpillar beds he had been making.
“heya, daddy?”
“do you love mommy? a lot a lot?”
“lots and lots.” his eyes never leave the watermelon, but he’s smiling. “more than i love the sun.” he looks up at you and your little boy and his heart melts through his rib cage again. “i’d trade a million and one suns just to see her smile.”
“of course!”
“i love you, too, shinsuke. lots and lots.” you smile, lean up to kiss him.
“that’s gross mommy and daddy.”
kita laughs. “don’t ya want another sibling?”
Tumblr media
hope you liked it ⋆ ˚。⋆˚⸜(♡ ॑ᗜ ॑♡)⸝ ˚⋆。˚ ⋆ reblogs are appreciated
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yuutakittie · 2 days ago
10:41 pm
a/n: another timestamp this time with kuroo because i CANNOT stop thinking about him
paring: timeskip!kuroo x fem!reader
warnings: swearing, angst, fighting, pet names, suggestive ending
tonight could have been perfect. could have. you agreed to accompany kuroo to a benefit dinner, but you wish you hadn't.
"something on your mind, hmm?" kuroo hums behind you as you walk to the front door. you are fuming.
"lots, actually," you spit back at him, stepping aside to let kuroo unlock the door. kuroo raises an eyebrow, but unlocks the door anyway. he chuckles to himself at your appearance. your black mini dress almost covered completely by the suit jacket he let you wear to warm up, your poor toes probably freezing in the heels you decided to wear.
"well," kuroo sighs, opening the door and motioning you to walk in first. shooting him a glare and stomping inside, you throw off his jacket and begin to take off your heels. "out with it then."
tonight was going great. everything was perfect. free drinks and amazing food was really a plus, but the real highlight of the night was watching kuroo interact with his colleagues. he seemed so professional, so confident. making everyone laugh with ease, kuroo knew how to hold a crowd.
that was great, until it wasn't.
you had been behind him the entire night, laughing at his jokes, listening to him and his coworkers go back and forth. kuroo wasn't paying you any mind. it was like you weren't even there.
"so, do you know him?" a voice from behind you stole your attention away from your husband, who was currently in the middle of a wonderful story. you had heard it before, of course, but you weren't really in the mood to talk.
"tetsuro? yeah, that is my husband," you laugh lightly, feeling a little confused as to why someone in his company wasn't aware of who you are.
"no way! wow, yeah look at that. you can't quite miss that ring," he gestures his drinking glass to your left hand, making you raise it in response. the light of the room flashes off of the diamond, causing it to sparkle a bit. looking up at him, feeling a little lost, the man senses your confusion. "he's just never mentioned a wife, that's all."
your stomach drops. are you fucking kidding me?
the man turns to chat with someone else, and you turn back around to kuroo and his group, now laughing together as he concluded his story.
"hey sweetheart," kuroo turns to you, grabbing your hand. you pull away. his brow furrows.
"sweetheart, didn't know you saw me that way." you mumble.
getting your heels off in a huff, you look up at kuroo. his calm posture and the relaxed, almost smug look he has on his face pisses you off even more.
"why ask? not like you give a fuck about me anyway." your voice stays even. crossing your arms over your chest, you look across the kitchen island.
kuroo faces you, his hands grabbing the edge of the counter across from you. leaning forward across the island, he looks you right in the eye.
"what the hell are you talking about?"
"where should i start? should i start with how you ignored me all night long," you tap your chin in fake thought. "or, should i start with the fact that none of your coworkers know were fucking married?"
rolling his eyes, kuroo leans his head back.
"oh, is this boring for you?" you begin to raise your voice. your heart is thumping in your chest.
"no, it isn't," kuroo hangs his head and sighs, looking at the floor.
"whatever, not like you fucking care." you spit, beginning to walk away.
"yeah, i do care actually," kuroo says, turning his head to look at you.
you laugh. "mhm. i bet," walking towards your bedroom, kuroo begins to follow you.
you stand at your bathroom counter, facing the mirror as you take off your jewelry.
"i'll have you know, my coworkers are very much aware that i'm happily married." kuroo leans back against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest just like you did before.
"happily, huh?"
"happily, yes." kuroo says through gritted teeth. you can tell he is starting to get angry.
"if it was so happy, why didn't you pay me any mind the entire night? why didn't your coworker know who i was, hmm?"
kuroo throws his head back and groans.
"it's not my fucking problem if someone doesn't recognize you, is it? is that my fault too?"
"i didn't say it was your fault, asshole!" you shout at kuroo, looking at him in the mirror. "if you talk about me so much, and everyone knows who i am, why did you need to ignore me? pushing me to the fucking side like some pest while you talk with those men, are you that embarrassed to be with me?" you turn around and are now faced with a very furious kuroo.
slamming his palms against the wall, kuroo pushes himself and now cages you in between himself and the bathroom sink.
"if i was you," kuroo whispers into your ear, "i would think carefully before opening that pretty mouth of yours, hmm?"
you feel dizzy. the anger you felt towards kuroo and his stupid antics tonight are replaced with fear, and something else that you can't place.
"don't ignore the subject, tetsuro. i'm upset because you ignored me, and-"
kuroo laughs. he fucking laughs at you. you scoff, and kuroo's thumb and forefinger tilt your chin up. you glare up at him.
"does someone need attention? is that what this is about?" smiling at you, you feel like his prey.
"n-no, i just-"
"just what, pretty? just wanted me to show you off a little bit, wanted me to tell everyone about my pretty wife?" he pulls you closer, lips almost touching.
"how about i give you some attention," kuroo breaths onto your lips, emphasizing his last word by reaching his hand behind you to pull the zipper of your dress down, ever so slowly.
"sit on the bed, and i'll make it up to you, yeah?"
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lilytrii · a day ago
suggestive/smut, fem reader, inspired by oikawa on this post
this was a fun game. at least, to you. for him, he'd describe it as torture.
your pent up sexual frustration was thriving by using his cock as much as you'd like, but the rules were still on the table. you couldn't lose yourself just yet, and not give him the pleasure of seeing you writhe above him, letting him watch you cum on his dick. but it felt just too good, when you looked him in the eyes as you ride him. the lewd expression on your face, your soft pants filling his ears, your back arching whenever he went too deep inside of you.
he was competitive. because as much as he loved seeing you like this, he wasn't a loser, and if that meant holding in his load for as long as he could, he'd do it. he wanted to pin you down on the bed, ram into you until you see clouds above, going dumb as he fucks you into tomorrow. but he couldn't, not if he wanted to at least. as much as he loved you, you could really test his limits sometimes. he stares as your hips meet his thighs, pussy swallowing his aching cock, and the glare in his eyes is almost carnal. lust is prominent in his eyes, and when he thinks he had won this, with his head turned back and eyes flicker close, he's confident-
until a loud moan of his name and a particularly tight clench (just like one would fake an orgasm) and he's spilling his load into you with a whine.
"that wasn't fucking fair." he spits, rubbing his eyes. you smirked at him, almost evil.
"no rule said i couldn't fake it for you, baby. now, what to do with you now... i do have some stuff in mind, payback for you being on that stupid trip for weeks."
tetsuya kuroko, yuu nishinoya, tadashi yamaguchi, tobio kageyama, tooru oikawa, kenma kozume, eita semi, tsutomu goshiki, keiji akaashi, akinori kohona, shinsuke kita, yuuji itadori, naoya zenin, shoto todoroki, neito monoma, hitoshi shinsou, yo shindo, atsuhiro sako, etc.
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crownprincegojo · 2 days ago
Atsumu x f!/gn!reader
Warnings: its just a silly piece tbh. Petnames.
Atsumu felt tense.
Why did he feel tense, well the reason was simple. Just as he was about to practice a set, he got a call. His jaw ticked in irritation as he went to see the caller ID, but upon seeing your contact he softened. Normally he wouldn’t answer, however you of course were an acception.
Perhaps you were calling him to surprise him with a romantic romdevouz. Or maybe it was to bring lunch over? Whatever the reason, he was just glad you called.
So you can imagine Atsumu’s surprise when he answered the call and his beloved was crying, wailing incoherent sentences in panic.
“Baby, please… t-the…and…oh my! It’s…closer! Help!” You wailed, crying into the phone, as he tried to calm you down.
Before he could even ask what was up, another cry came from the other side of the line and the call abruptly ended.
Panicked, he sent countless messages to your phone, but despite his perseverance they remained unanswered.
Conflicted, he thought upon what to do. Of course if he left practice, he’d lose many valuable hours of practice. However those hours were incomparable compared to his love for you.
His internal debate was even throwing him off game, just a second ago he’d set a ball up which plummeted straight down onto his head.
Suna snickered, having been watching the setter for the past couple of minutes, causing his other team mates to pick up on his jitteriness.
“Tsumu what’s yer problem.” Osamu commented, each week without fail his twin somehow managed to bring drama into practise.
“ ‘m fine, it’s just my- I got a call ‘n now ‘m worried.”
“Look,” Aran interrupted, “if it wasn’t bothering you, you wouldn’t even be thinking about leaving right now so just sort out whatever it is.”
“Yeah it’s fine,” Kita reassured, “you can make up the time next session.”
Atsumu pursed his lips, a sense of relief overcoming him as his friends correlated what he too was thinking. “Yer right boys! ‘M needed elsewhere, boyfriend duty calls. Don’t miss me too much!” He yelled running out of the gym.
“Don’t worry, we won’t.” Osamu assured.
The sound of foot steps backtracking towards the gym was evident, “no one asked ya!” Tsumu retorted, childishly sticking his tongue out, blowing a raspberry before sprinting off.
The faux blonde had ran as fast as he could, managing to get to your dormitory in little under 5 minutes.
“I ran as fast as I could ta get here baby, what’s the matter, where are yer, is-”
He paused mid-sentence, hearing you calling out to him.
“Tsumu? Are you home?”
“Yeah babe, everythin’ alright?”
“No! I’m in the bathroom and-” you let out a shriek, “please come!”
Even before you’d ask he’d ran straight to your voice. He braced himself for what he’d find once he reached you.
He looked around the bathroom hurriedly, “what! Who is it? Are ya okay?” His eyes laid on your form, pressed up in the corner wall of the bathtub.
“It’s there!” You pointed near the doorway.
His eyes followed your finger, landing on the biggest spider he’d ever seen in his life.
Atsumu shrieked, jumping on top of the bathtub with you.
You looked at him, distressed, “Babe! You promised you’d get rid of them, you’re the lesser scared of us.”
He shook his head vehemently in denail, “there’s no way ‘m dealin’ with that monstrosity. The small ones, fine, I can tell that one wants ta eat me.”
“Nuh uh!”
“Why no- oh my gosh it’s coming closer!” You said hugging yourself closer to Atsumu.
If this were any other situation, for example a beach date, he’d be enjoying himself. But it wasn’t, and he was scared out of his mind.
“How are you six foot and scared of spiders!” You whisper shouted, fearing the beast would detect your fear.
“Oh c’mon! Ain’t yer afraid of the other mother and she’s not even real!” He reasoned.
“Hey!” You pouted, “ I told you that in confidence.”
“Sorry baby, yer right.” He pecked you on the lips.
Unfortunately, that heart warming moment came to an end as the spider decided to move again. Contrary to last time, Atsumu shriek even louder than you -and higher too, as you jumped into his arms; using him as a human body shield.
“Oi. I know yer trick, yer not usin’ me as bait.”
“Oh I can see how highly you think of me.” You turned to him being serious, “C’mon we need to get out of here! I’m starving i’ve been here for an hour and I’m tired, do you have your phone on you?” You asked, rambling slightly due to your tiredness.
He patted his legs down, feeling for his phone. “Let’s call ‘samu.”
You nodded in agreement.
“What is it now.” Osamu asked, half of his face popping up on the screen.
“We’re in imminent danger.”
“Are yer now?” In the background you see Sunarin peaking over his shoulder, curious to see what was going on.
You took the phone out of ‘tsumu’s hands. “Samu help us, it’s becoming exasperating just being in here. Any longer and who knows what will happen.” You side-eyed Atsumu.
“Alright, only since I pity ya for having to be trapped with him.”
“Yer really in for it when ya get here!”
“Which will be never since ‘m not comin’ anymore.”
Atsumu chuckled awkwardly, “heh, ‘samu c’mon don’t be so petty.”
He stuck his tongue out just like Atsumu had earlier, then cut the call.
He shrugged his shoulders, “it slipped out.”
Before you had the chance to rebuttal, you both noticed the spider had moved dangerously close to you. You’d estimate it was only 30 centimetres away.
In a means to protect himself, Atsumu jumped onto you like his natural instinct had told him to.
He’s seem to have forgotten that the two of you were balancing on a bathtub, consequently causing the two of you to topple over; you fell in first whilst he fell after.
“ ‘m sorry!” He told you, pushing himself up.
That’s when he felt it, the sensation of numerous icky legs on his back. All Sunarin and Osamu could hear as they walked in to the dormitory was a mutuals scream of horror.
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arhvste · a day ago
Tumblr media
DIRECTORY <- 004 -> 006
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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TAGLIST: @whorefornoodles @lilith412426 @marshmellow12435 @ohsto @feverish-dove @youta @jaysfav @bimboing @bnhababyyyy
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wakatshi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wakatoshi who’s so pussy drunk and unable to control himself anymore…… a man like him using all that raw strength to fuck your precious little pussy because you got him hypnotized. he gets a better view when your legs are pinned back and you look gorgeous under the weight of his muscular body. he’s obsessed. embarrassingly enough. bewitched— to previously unknown, yet curious extents. whatever spell you put on him, it’s working. he doesn’t say a word but is he vocal.. wakatoshi doesn’t shy away anymore, several grunts escape his mouth. he’s been trying. and trying. and trying too hard, poor baby. keeping his mouth shut, lips sealed tightly, breathing heavily—god knows why he’s been hiding his voice and muffled moans, they echoed inside of him for too long.
his very own reactions shock wakatoshi. something’s happening. it’s you. your pussy taking his dick so well, the warmth, it’s melting him. you look at your boyfriend and see a disorientated man. frenzied, balls deep inside your cunt, too immersed to be aware of how messy his thrusts are and how terribly chaotic he’s behaving. holding onto your legs for dear life, they’re both on his shoulders now, he’s kissed them a few times. you smell so sweet when he’s about to make you climax, the scent of sex and the perfume you always wear. you’re not better at containing yourself either. it’s evidently what gets him turned on even more. your moans, the slow arch of your back, your fingers rubbing against your clit when your hand is shaking. your eyes roll awaiting orgasm, sex with a man as strong as wakatoshi is overwhelmingly good. you’re gone too, you got lost as much as wakatoshi while he’s fucking your cunt.
“mine.. this. i want you to be mine.”
you are at fault for this.
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omi-boshi · 4 months ago
kiyoomi strikes me as someone who is oblivious to his own attractiveness and consequently, does unintentional thirst traps. like, he's called over one day by the team's pr manager and told that he has to be more connected to his fans to maintain popularity and that he could do this by posting on instagram more. he just nods, barely listening. he's more focused on trying to get home to you quicker but on his way there, he actually mulls over what he can post. when he comes up short, he asks you for your help and because you have a professional athlete for a boyfriend, you tell him 'why not post some workout photos? you can talk about your regimen too for the people who are curious.'
he does exactly that.
he starts uploading post-workout mirror photos where he's usually wearing a muscle tee and his arms are still glistening from the sweat. sometimes he wears a cap and a mask, sometimes a beanie, other times, his hair is just clipped back.
he posts clips of himself in the middle of doing reps (his most viewed clip is of his shirtless back flexing as he does pull ups, and the second being of him doing pushups as you sit on his back at your behest). all of these are innocently captioned with a detailed explanation of what he's doing, what muscle he's focusing on, and how many sets of reps he did that day among other things.
on his stories, he starts posting the photos you take of him on his phone when he's cooking and photos of the meals he made. and as usual, the caption gives thorough information on his diet and why he made this specific food.
of course, he doesn't only post gym and health stuff. interspersed in his feed are photos of him that he asked you to send to him. all of which very much screams boyfriend. he also starts posting you more on his stories just because he can and he knows that you secretly preen in delight when you see the notification (he's seen you smile at your phone when you think he's not looking.)
and because he has content catered for both the gym and health junkies and the hopeless romantics, all of this results into him gaining over 200k more followers, making his account the most popular amongst the team in just a little over 3 weeks.
he doesn't get it. he doesn't get how he gained so much popularity in such little time and when he asks you about it ('is my workout and diet regimen that good?'), his eyebrows scrunched up and his tone just genuinely lost and confused, all you can do is giggle and reach up to poke the slight dimple that shows up on his cheek when he pouts.
you don't have the heart to tell him that a good chunk of his followers are here primarily because he's hot and so, shrugging, you tell him, 'just keep doing what you're doing.'
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hanmas · 3 months ago
Dilf kuroo who fucks you in front of a mirror so you have to watch as his cock thrusts in and out of you, slapping your cunt if you look away
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tags: fem! reader, dilf! kuroo, nsfw 18+, mirror sex, fingering, clit slapping, edging, degradation, ruined orgasms, unprotected sex, breeding kink, mentions of pregnancy, overstimulation
notes: sobsobsob i miss hq :,) writing this made me want to rewatch it low key
Tumblr media
“now sweetheart,” kuroo says wickedly, propping his chin on your shoulder, “do you think you should cum?” you pant, whimpering as his thumb plays with your clit, rubbing slow circles on the bud. he’s been toying with it for so long, your mind is in near ruins—you don’t even remember how long you've been in this position, all you know is that you crave release.
“yes,” you almost scream, “yes yes yes, please.”
it’s a sob, a pathetic one at that, and your eyes glitter with fresh, unshed tears that are waiting to paint your already damp cheeks from earlier. his free hand reaches to pinch your nipple, rolling his palms over the hardened nub with an agonizingly slow pace. you whine, legs shaking as the pressure between them builds intensely, but never quite reaches the point of being enough.
kuroo tetsuro has been single for a very long while, but he knows how to show a girl a good time—he’s proved that over and over again each time you fall against his mattress with weightless limbs and a blank mind. he’s got two daughters you watch when he works, cute little twins that have the same dark locks as him, same mischievous eyes, and same tendencies to steal your heart.
and it was never his plan to fuck the babysitter of his kids—but kuroo has stressful office hours, he gives up most of his free time for his little girls, he’s lonely and misses intimacy. he thinks it’s just sex for a while, thinks it’s because the feeling of your sweet cunt is too good to forget, but then there’s also the sight of you giggling as you braid the dark strands of hair of one twin while the other sits on your shoulders, there’s the sight of you kissing foreheads as you tuck them in after reading a story, there’s the sight of you saying i love you back to the two most important people in his life when they sleepily murmur it as you leave the room.
he can’t fight back the flutter in his heart if he wants to—and there’s certainly no fighting the twitch of his cock either.
“are you sure, pretty girl? don’t think you should cum if you can’t even keep your eyes on the mirror like i asked,” he smirks, slapping your cunt harshly, snickering when you wail with a jerk at the painful throb of your clit. but still, it feels good. your tits bounce as your body jolts, and he grabs your face, squeezing your cheeks together as he forces you to look forward. you meet your own reflection, eyes raking over your naked form before lingering on the wet, dripping mess that is your pussy.
his fingers sink into your folds, thrusting in and out mercilessly, and you cry out, legs spreading impossibly wider as his palm rolls over your swollen clit. you want to cum so bad, it hurts. it hurts every time his fingers leave your warm walls when he knows you’re close, and it hurts when he works slow figure eights on your clit as your walls flutter around nothing. it hurts, but it feels good too.
“please,” you beg, tears running down your cheeks once more. he feels the familiar ache build between his own legs at the sight, feeling as his cock strains against his pants. “please, i need to cum. please let me cum, wanna cum so bad, it hurts.”
“oh, sweetheart,” he pouts, watching as your eyes are trained on your cunt. his fingers slip out of your pussy once more, and you whimper helplessly at the loss as his palm slides over your clit in slow circles. it’s been so long since he’s started this cruel game, and your body’s shaking against his, hips humping upwards to chase the friction of his palm. “you’re such a dirty little whore, watching yourself like that. you get off from fucking a lonely, single dad like me? you can’t even meet my eyes,” he sneers, “you like staring at your own pussy, don’t you? would love to watch yourself get split open by my cock.”
you whine, closing your eyes and panting as he quickens his pace, rubbing over your clit faster, and faster, and faster, and right as he knows you’re about to cum—
“no!” you shriek helplessly, “no, please! oh god no,” you sob, body quivering harshly as you cum around nothing, your walls fluttering in a way that’s less than satisfying without kuroo’s fingers to work you through your high. he’s mean, leaves your clit left untouched, laughs as you’re practically hyperventilating now, panting frantically as your hips buck into the air pathetically and chase friction that isn’t waiting for you.
harsh sobs rip from your throat, and he plants a sweet kiss on your sweaty head, rubbing the soft skin of your shaky thigh soothingly.
“it’s okay, baby,” he coos, traveling his hand to hover over his own erection. he palms his bulge and groans before letting his slacks fall to his knees, freeing his aching cock. slowly, his length inches into your wet folds, before he’s thrusting in and out, angling to hit your sensitive spot. you mewl, loud and whiny, back arching as your hips meet his thrusts through sloppy, desperate movements.
“fuck, angel,” he chokes, hissing as you clamp down tightly onto his cock. both your eyes train on the way his length disappears and reappears into your dripping core, and you both watch as you take him so well, watch as his cock fits you so perfectly—almost like you were made for him.
kuroo’s made a lot of mistakes in the past. he’s got his heart broken and landed himself raising two little girls without a mother—but he thinks the worst mistake of all is not meeting you sooner. he wonders how pretty you’d look, tummy round and swollen with his baby, unable to even see your toes. he wonders if you’d waddle around with a smile on your face as you count down the days before you get to meet the bundle of joy.
the thought makes his pace turn almost animalistic, skin slapping against yours as his cock hits your sweet spot with precision at every rut of his hips.
“fuck—gonna put a baby in you, gonna fuck you full of my cum until you have my babies. you’d like that wouldn’t you, sweetheart?” he growls, hand reaching over your bodies to find your clit and rub circles harshly.
“please, please, please,” you’re chanting, and kuroo doesn’t think you even know what you’re saying anymore, words slipping from your tongue before you can process their meaning, but then you speak again. “wanna have your babies,” you whine, “please tetsu, need it so bad. need you so bad.”
his cock twitches at your words, and there’s no turning back, no stopping him now that he’s determined to complete his broken little family with you—and maybe even get a few new additions too.
“don’t worry, baby. i’ve got you,” he murmurs against your ear, “go ahead and cum. ‘m gonna fill you up.”
the words are all you need, you cum almost instantly, walls fluttering against his thick cock tightly as you squeal loud cries of his name. they roll off your tongue and bounce off the walls with loud echoes. you both watch in fascination as your messy cunt gushes over his length, and the way your face slacks with overwhelming pleasure. your mouth hangs open, choked moans spilling freely.
“fuck, ‘m cumming. thank you,” you sob, and even as you feel your orgasm die out, his cock doesn’t stop slipping in and out of your wet cunt, bullying into you as he feels his own orgasm approach. you’re slumped against him by now, body shaking from the overstimulation, eyes closing as you whine.
there’s another harsh slap over your cunt, making you let out a loud sob as your eyes fly open. “don’t look away, angel. want you to watch as i fuck a baby into you,” he says slyly, staring into your glossy eyes through the mirror.
Tumblr media
anon who sent in all those dilf thirsts last night bless u and i hope u see this
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rinslova · 10 hours ago
ಌ including: o. miya, t. oikawa, k. tsukishima
ಌ genre: fluff
a/n: I literally had a burst idea about this, also haven't wrote for osamu or toru in a whilee
Tumblr media
love like you by: Rebecca sugar
Tumblr media
ع˖⁺. OSAMU
୨୧- raspberry
samu loves giving you surprise kisses so while you were reading a new book he had bought you, as you read the novel in the living room about to flip to the next page when you almost jumped feeling a chin on your shoulder. "Hey pretty girl, ya like the book so far?" You sighed smiling softly, humming in response before feeling him lean down a little more to press a kiss to your lips. He flashed you a smile before joining you on the couch, "You used the raspberry one I bought you?"
"Yeah, I know how much you like it, plus it smells pretty good." You admitted, snuggling into his side as his arm wrapped around you. "And it taste good too." He stated, pulling you into a another kiss. This time swiping his tongue against your bottom lip, "S-samu! Your gonna take all my lipgloss off!" You whined, "Oh well, guess you'll have to put more on won't cha?"
ع˖⁺. TORU
୨୧- peach
kawa thinks that sweet smelling scents suites you, perfume, body wash anything like that. So when you came home to see two bags full of bath and body works items, you looked to toru. "What? Can't I spoil my princess?" He asked with a pout, "Baby I don't mind you spoiling me but I already have 3 unused perfume bottles, and body wash AND lotion. I'm not even gonna start on lipgloss. I have 3 sets of peach baby, three"
He grinned walking over to your side, "Well how about this, we can try all of the lipgloss and chapstick flavors together. And I'll have to guess each one how about that?"
"I'd say thats an excuse to kiss me more." "You wouldn't be wrong~"
ع˖⁺. KEI
୨୧- strawberry
as expected, kei loves his strawberries. So when he was waiting for you in bed, and smelt the scent of strawberries off your skin he tried to calmly ask if thats a new body wash. "Oh yeah, I just got it. Apparently it has some vitamins in it and it smells really good, I think its strawberry, do you like it?" Like it? He loved it. Thats why when you had also told him you had got a new scented/flavored lipgloss he was slightly excited to kiss you and see it was strawberry.
And to his dismay, it wasn't. Pulling back from the kiss he frowned slightly. "What the hell kinda lipgloss is that." You held back a giggle, reading the label of the tube. "Apparently blackberry." He sucked his teeth, reaching into his pocket before handing you a soft pink tube. "Use this one, and get rid of that nasty ass blackberry." Even if it looked like he was doing you a favor, you saw the blush on his cheeks. "Thanks baby, oh its strawberry!" You said, faking your surprise. "Wanna test it out?"
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tetsual · a month ago
Bokuto’s been on the brain lately that’s all I’m saying | cw: smut, fem!reader, shower sex, size kink, little bit of manhandling | wc: 1.5k
Tumblr media
Bokuto Koutarou is a large man.
He’s always been pretty big, even as a baby, all chubby cheeks and chunky thighs and wide, golden eyes. As a teen, he was taller than most, and starting to fill out his volleyball uniform quickly from training so much. And now, as an adult, he’s the star of his fans' wildest fantasies.
Bokuto is beautifully sculpted, the result of so much hard work, and he’s all yours.
Strong, broad shoulders and biceps that you can’t even fit two hands around, flex and bulge under his shirts when he lifts you excitedly in greeting. Pecs that double as the perfect pillows when you’ve had a long day, along with meaty thighs, and an ass that’s annoyingly perkier than your own. He can easily toss you around as though you weigh nothing more than a bag of flour.
But sometimes, he doesn’t know his own strength.
Under the hot spray of the shower, you rinse out your shampoo, distantly hearing the sound of the front door swinging shut. The bathroom door is unlocked since you’re home alone, and Bokuto takes advantage of that knowledge, barging in and quickly shedding his workout gear.
“At least knock first, Kou.”
“Relax, baby.” He slides the shower door open and steps into the steam, crowding your space and moving under the running showerhead. “You’re my wife, remember?” he says cheekily, leaning down to kiss your cheek.
“Your wife still likes a little privacy from time to time.” He grins, grey strands of hair beginning to sag and flop down against his skull from the weight of water beating down on his head.
“But I missed you, baby!” And there it is, the whine paired with earnest eyes that douses any brewing irritation. You roll your eyes, looping your arms around his neck and pulling him down for a sweet kiss. He responds eagerly, humming against your mouth and letting his hands travel down your body. Warmth of a different kind trails over your sides and waist, down to your thighs where he taps lightly.
“Up,” he mumbles, easily hefting you into his arms. Your legs tangle around his waist, and any thoughts of actually showering pour out of your mind and down the drain when his tongue slips inside your open mouth. You suck on the wet muscle, grinning when he groans and kisses you more desperately.
Bokuto resituates his hands so that they’re resting on your ass, slapping your right cheek playfully and swallowing your yelp of surprise. His cock is already hard, you realise, poking at your inner thigh, pulsating and hot. It’s not at all surprising when arousal swoops and pools deep in your belly from the sheer want emanating from him.
“Missed me, did you?” you say with a snicker, pulling away to press slow, open-mouthed kisses against his wet jaw and throat.
“I did!” he insists. “But I couldn’t stop thinking about you when you texted saying you were gonna shower. My mind wanders, y’know. ”
“You little perv,” you gasp teasingly, nipping at the skin of his collarbone. He huffs but doesn’t say anything, instead squeezing the fat of your ass between his fingers. “What were you thinking about?”
“You,” he gasps when you lick a stripe up his neck to under his ear, before sucking the lobe between your lips.
“What about me?” Your whisper tickles his ear and you can feel the way his cock jumps excitedly against your thigh. You run a hand down over his chest, grazing your fingers gently over his nipples, and squeezing his pecs teasingly. Continuing down, your hands slide towards his cock, brushing the head gently with the pads of your fingers.
“Fuck, baby- was thinking about your- fuck,” he whimpers when you wrap your fingers around his weeping length, rubbing it slowly over your clit.
“Mm, thinking about my…”
“Don’t tease,” he says, breathing growing heavy. “Touch me properly.”
“I am touching you properly, Kou,” you say, lazily enclosing your fist over his shaft before resuming grinding against him. “You were saying?” He swallows hard, the heady mix of steam and your warm cunt quickly making him dizzy.
“Was thinkin’ ‘bout- oh, fuck- about your pussy. Wanted to fuck you so bad, wanna fuck you- shit- you’re driving me crazy here, baby-“
“But I’ve barely even touched you, sweetie,” you coo softly.
“I know but-“ he stutters over a whiny groan when you slowly pump him, precum mixing with your own where you’ve rested his cockhead. He can feel the heat emanating from your entrance, drooling in anticipation of his dick.
“Enough,” he says exasperatedly.
Bokuto takes your hand away from his cock and tosses it back over his shoulder, stroking himself along your gooey slit himself, before slowly pressing inside with a gasp.
Another thing that’s big about Bokuto-
“Kou, wait-“
-his cock.
“I know, baby, I’ll go slow, I’ll go slow, please, just need to be inside you- fuck, I can’t wait. Been thinkin’ bout this- ooh wow, you feel amazing. ” He thinks he’s going slowly, but he’s staring down intently at the way your pussy struggles to swallow his thick length so soon, and his brain goes completely fuzzy. You’ve gone from teasing him to whining about how big he is, how much he’s stretching you out, in the space of a few moments.
“It’s okay, baby, oh fuck- you’re so tight- so fuckin’ tight,” he grunts, overwhelmed by how you’re squeezing down on him so perfectly. His skin buzzes, electric with pleasure as he clumsily rubs soft circles into your sensitive nub to help you relax around him a little.
“Koutarou.” You sigh as the slight burn from being split open on his cock eventually begins to ebb a little.
“Mm, yeah, there we go, there we go.” His grip readjusts to your hips, and he lifts you off his length before bringing you back down again, and again, still mumbling to himself. “That’s it, that’s my girl, fuck-“
Bokuto moves to lean you against the tiled wall, condensation cool under your back, a sharp contrast to the steam curling from the still-running water. He fucks you deep, carving his way through your cunt, lighting your body on fire with every delicious drag.
“So big-“ you whimper again, clinging onto him for dear life. Your nails are digging into his shoulders, leaving crescent shaped indentations behind, but your husband barely registers any pain. He’s too busy being enthralled by your hot insides, slick and squelching with every thrust. He’s been inside you countless times before, but he’ll never get used to how heavenly it feels.
So much so that he begins to hammer into you, gripping your hips even tighter as he pulls you on and off his cock - there’ll be bruises in the shape of his fingers come morning. You’re moaning unabashedly, tears gathering at the corners of your eyes, even as your back begins to slip against the damp tile. It’d be uncomfortable if you were cognisant of any sensation other than the throbbing heat between your legs.
“Slow down Kou- what if I, mm- f-fall-“
“You won’t fall, I’ve got you, I’ve got you see?” He squeezes your hip to prove his point, pressing closer to you so that he can kiss your parted lips singing so sinfully for him. It’s more a mess of tongue than anything, saliva dripping down your chin and immediately being washed away by the stream of water pattering into your skin.
Hot pleasure drips and pools in your belly, bubbling fiercely until you feel as if you may burst when his cock repeatedly strokes against the spongy spot inside you.
“Right there, Kou- fuck! I’m gonna-“ The grip you have on him tightens, legs and arms alike, until you feel your orgasm crash into you intensely.
“Fuck! Kou!” You cum with a keening wail, pussy strangling his cock and forcing his own orgasm to wash over him.
“Baby, oh- god- hah- ‘m cumming, gonna cum-“ Bokuto doesn’t stop moving, still erratically pumping into you as he climaxes. His legs are shaky as he does so and in the midst of voicing his pleasure, his foot slips in the water pooling in the shower tray, and you slide down the tile with a screech.
“Shit!” He manages to catch both of you before he actually falls and does any damage, panting harshly from adrenaline when he stills. You’re still in his arms, eyes squeezed shut with a cunt full of cock, trembling both from fear and the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“That was close,” he huffs, slowly straightening up.
“I told you to slow down,” you say lightly, flicking his nose in annoyance and watching it wrinkle.
“‘M sorry baby, you just felt so good!” It’s hard not to smile when he flatters you casually. “If anything it’s your fault.”
“How is it my fault?” you asked incredulously.
“It’s your pussy.” he says, running a thumb over your puffy clit and feeling you twitch around him. He looks at you with a smouldering golden gaze, lip caught between his teeth to hide his smirk. “It’s dangerous.”
“I’m serious, sweetie. No more manhandling in the shower,” you tell him gently, kissing his nose where you just flicked him. “You can throw me around in the bedroom, but not in here. ‘Kay?” Reluctantly, he nods in agreement. You kiss his lips softly, gasping into his mouth when he slowly pulls out, before gently setting you back on your feet.
“Let’s go then, we can shower after.”
Tumblr media
Rbs and comments are appreciated 🖤
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tatakaebomb · 3 months ago
Shut up
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Kuroo x Reader
ꕥ Synopsis : Your tutor finally gets tired of you acting dumb so he decides to fuck you dumb instead.
ꕥ Word count : 1.7k
ꕥ A/N : Guess who’s back :)
ꕥ TW : 18+, smut, rough sex, mean!dom kuroo, brat reader, dumbification, fingering, teasing, whole lotta size kink, cervix fucking, use of sir like twice, unprotected, creampie, hair pulling, choking, degrading, a lil praise, kuroo’s big dick - i think thats all?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
" I don't get it "
Here you stood in front of poor Kuroo, pouting as he tried to refrain from facepalming for the 7th time.
Were you really as dumb as you made out to be?
He tried explaining the simple concept for the past hour while you sat and looked at him completely clueless, one hand playing with your necklace while you sat next to him silently nodding just to say after that you, in fact, did not understand a single word he just said.
When you asked him to tutor you for the upcoming exams he couldn't find a reason not to, you were the classic hot girl any guy would want to fuck.
That is until you open your mouth, and the things that come out of it sometimes has him questioning how could you even come up with that shit.
You should be thankful you look good, because other than that you didn't seem to have much going on up there.
" What do you mean - what don't you get ? " Kuroo raised his eyebrow and sighed, the tone in his voice telling you he's losing all patience with you.
That intimidated you, he was the most patient man you knew, so for him to finally show that he's breaking was both hot and scary.
" The question Kuroo, you're saying the answer is A but it's very obviously C "
You crossed your arms, a small smirk forming on your lips as you watched the man in front of you gaze down at your exposed cleavage and immediately shaking his head no and looking back up.
You’ve been teasing him through out the whole night, lowering your hand to brush against his thigh, bending down in front of him using the excuse that something dropped just to hear him stutter while he tried to speak.
You could see the bulge form against the material of his jeans and you knew soon enough he’d break and finally give you what you actually wanted.
You almost felt bad, watching him grow more and more distressed as he pointed at the paper laid out on the desk.
" Y/N, I literally spent the last fucking hour -probably more , explaining to you why it's A " 
He paused at the sound of you letting out a giggle, a fucking giggle.
" What ?" He snaps, messy black hair falling on his face in the process as you slowly tried to stop laughing.
" I'm sorry - you just- "
You couldn't help bursting out in laughter again at his serious expression. He looked so done with you.
" You know what-"
Kuroo stands up, his body towering over yours as he turns around to face your bedroom door.
You tug on his shirt, making his attention turn back to you as you stop laughing.
" Look, i'm sorry " You mutter under your breath, the way your eyes are staring up at him makes his expression soften, a small smirk curling out the corner of his lips.
" Stand up, i'll explain it once more "
Following his order, you stand up, your eyes still fixated on the paper in front of you as you tried to avoid his cat like dark eyes.
He moves behind you, forcing you to bend down slightly as his finger runs over the words the words again, his other hand placed on your hip.
" Same values on either side - right here "
You gulp slightly as you feel his bulge come into contact with the skin of your barely covered ass, your skirt rising up slightly. Placing his head on your shoulder from behind, he chuckles at your shaky body underneath him.
" So what's the answer ? " He exhales, pushing further into you making your lower stomach touch the table.
" It's C " You whisper, smiling to yourself knowing its gonna be the last straw for him.
A gasp escapes your lips as Kuroo tangles a hand in your hair from behind, bending you down over the desk in an instant.
" You're doing this on purpose, huh ? " Gritting his teeth, he lowers a hand to your skirt, lifting it up. You bite your lower lip, twisting your head to look back at him as he pushes you down harder.
" J-Just admit you're wrong, Kuroo "
Shakily, you try moving up, stopping when a harsh slap lands on your bare ass. You watch his eyes darken, the usual calm composure completely breaking.
" Shut the fuck up "
His hand moves up to lower your panties and you subconsciously part your legs further, a soft moan slipping from your lips when his long fingers trails along your lower lips.
" Fuck - you're getting wet from this shit ? "
Letting out a breathy moan, you push your hips back onto his hand, clearly giving him the hint you needed more.
" Don't look at me like that " You smiled, your face reddening as you part your lips slightly, your hips moving from side to side against his hand.
Licking his lips silently, he pushes two fingers into you, a soft surprised groan leaving his lips watching you fuck yourself against his hand.
" That desperate, huh? You fucking brat "
" S-shut up- Kuroo "
Another harsh slap lands on your ass, his fingers curling inside you every time you push yourself back on them. He watches you squirm underneath him, struggling to keep eye contact with that same dumb look on your face.
He grabs your hair roughly pulling you back, your back arching as he finally takes full control and begins drilling his digits inside you, rubbing against the spot with every thrust.
" If you wanna act like a dumb slut, might as well make you one mm? "
Your fake persona dropped, your hands propping your body weight against the table.
" Y-yes sir - god FUCK "
The lewd moan caught him off guard, feeling his pants tighten even more at the sound of you cursing under your breath, your body trembling underneath his touch. He couldn't take it, he had to see your face - it wasn't enough for him just to hear you.
A loud gasp leaving your lips, he takes his fingers out and forces you to turn around, his large hands gripping on your ass and lifting you up on the desk as he crashes his lips against yours.
Your tongues tangle as you wrap your legs behind his back, desperately pulling him closer and chasing some friction.
Kuroo parts his lips from yours, his hands lowering to unzip his jeans before pulling them down along with his boxers.
Your eyes widen as you watch his cock spring up, veins running down the long length of it. Easily 8 to 9 inches you knew would hurt, but you had no time to think. Before you knew it, he grabbed your neck, pulling you closer to watch your expression as he pushes the tip inside you.
Your lips part silently in shock as he smirks, keeping eye contact while continuing to push further and further into you until he s fully inside. You could feel his dick twitch inside you, the tip pushing into your cervix while he begins slowly moving.
" S-too big- Kuroo"
" Too much for you, princess ? "
He pauses slightly while you give him a shaky nod, giving you the hope he'd let you adjust before taking his cock fully out, thrusting it in again but rougher.
" Too bad, i'm just getting started "
Grunting, he grabs your chin forcing you to look up at him, tears forming in the corner of your eyes as you whine against him.
He continues his rough pace, your expression slowly softening as you begin to adjust, your eyes rolling back once you feel him hit the spot.
" Kuroo- S' good- t-there-" You whine against his lips as he nears his face to yours, making a low chuckle escape his lips before giving you a small peck.
" Mm, here ?" He grunts, angling his cock to hit continuously against your spot, his fingers running circles against your clit.
Your mind goes blank as your vision starts to blur, only letting out sinful moans and curses while you couldn't find a way to form sentences.
" Have i fucked you dumb already ? Shit-"
Soft curses leaves his lips as he notices the small bulge in your lower stomach every time he pushes in, your tongue lolling out while you scream his name.
" M-gonna - please- please- sir "
Your mascara runs down your cheeks as you feel your stomach curl, your nails clawing at his back as you pull him closer.
" Shh- Let go baby "
Throwing your head back, you curse his name as you cum all over his cock as he continues to fuck into you sloppily slowing down his pace, helping you ride out your high.
"Good girl- fuck "
Kuroo pushes deep inside you a few more time, his lips locking with yours before he lets out a groan into the kiss, shooting streams of cum deep inside you. You pant as he parts his lips from yours, your eyes meeting again as you lay back on the table tired.
He pulls out, sitting back down on the chair watching the cum slowly seeping out of you.
You squirm as he takes a finger and pushes the cum back inside you, chucking at the way your legs shake from overstimulation.
" Want any water? " He sits up and lifts his pants back up, still catching his breath. He gives you a quick peck and smiles like nothing happened.
You nod, standing up from the table and finding your way onto the chair as he leaves to go into the kitchen. Thats when you realise. Shit.
Kuroo pours water into the glass and takes a big sip before an exam paper sitting on your kitchen table catches his eye, along with a report card or so it seems.
His eyebrows furrow as he picks up the pieces of paper, almost spitting out his drink as he reads through them.
95% score and your grades proudly displaying straight A's across all subjects.
He storms in with the pieces of paper, fluttering them in front of you.
" How the fuck do you-"
And then it clicks, the embarrassed blush on your face as your hands cover your face, not a single word coming from your mouth.
He laughs, pulling your hands away from your face making you look at him.
" You really acted stupid all this time because you wanted me to f-"
" S-Shut up. "
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blueparadis · 22 days ago
❝ CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR DADDY ❞ ft.Sakusa Kiyoomi,Atsumu Miya,Kōtarō Bokuto,Oikawa Tooru,Tetsurō Kuroo,Rintarō Suna.
Tumblr media
꒰ content + warnings ꒱ — afab-reader, explicit smut & sexual themes, sub-dom dynamics {sub! bokuto}, s & m dynamics, blow!job,breeding kink, cunnilingus , spanking (once), degradation, praise, f-overstimulation, implied voyeurism, implied exhibitionism, cum play, aftercare;꒰precis꒱ : rough,raw aftercare moments after they cum on their favorite spots. Wait? is that enough? Just to cum only where he prefers?
thanks to @maitaro ;) for detailed review. Like, I would re-read them later for sure & @mrskenmakozume @tetsukentona @beware-of-the-rogue for β’ reading <3
Sakusa isn't taking any more risks. He needs to cum inside your pussy, and fill you up more than you can keep count in a single session. Hanking up your legs around his torso, moving onto your waist,he groans into your mouth. “Baby, stay with me...stay with me baby,” he mumbles, peppering kisses on your puffy lips as you're about to whine that you just can't take it anymore. He swiftly shifts your hands above your head, pressing them just a little as he thrusts a few more deep, broad strokes. “Ah! There we go!” he coos, watching his cum oozing through your slick wet cunt. He pulls out his dick, jerking above your belly button barely grazing your upper crescent of the vagina, making you flinch. He pulls you close to his sweaty chest as he shifts beside you. “Hey…,” he rasps softly, watching you catch your breath as you nuzzle over his naked chest that's glistening with sweat.
Atsumu cums inside you, always. He just can't get enough of your naked beauty when you're underneath him, shuddering due to his nearing orgasm. Your hands fly back to grip the bed sheets while he grabs your waist firmly to release his cum inside you. And as the mix of white sticky fluid starts to drip along your inner thighs, he rests his head over your cleavage. He is immensely fond of your drumming heartbeats syncing with his. And, he likes it raw; the feeling of your walls around his cock ready to pound again. But not until he's pushing his cum inside you again, white rings forming around his thick cock. Your throbbing clit makes you scream in pain, yet his sweet kisses followed by groans are enough to drive you insane.
Bokuto doesn't have any preference, but he gets pouty if you don't let him cum inside you, or at least you should let him cum on your hands while jerking him off. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck,” he groans as you slow down your pace. He doesn't want to interrupt you; he likes it when you jerk him off, stopping at every nearing orgasm, making him throw back his head. Hell, he would kiss you just not to use his muscular buffy arms on you so as to push your face into his dick. There is a reason why his hands are being clamped on the edge of the desk. But as soon as he's at the limit, he can't hold it anymore, he needs to release his fluid, but watching you tap onto his pink mushroom tip leaking with precum makes him snap. “Gonna cum...mmgh... gonna cummmmmm!” he warns before spilling his white sticky seed onto the floor, soaking your hand. Nah! He doesn't waste any further before having you pinned against the wall to aid your aching clit.
Oikawa is moody, but mostly he prefers to let his cum spread over your cunt and your inner thighs. He'll let his face sink in between your legs while he rubs his cock. Yes, that's what he likes the most, especially when he's in urgent need of a quickie. “Darlin’ just a little more,” he warns, hovering over you, watching your swollen clit leaking your orgasm already. He lets out a throaty chuckle, noticing your delirious high. “I want you to touch yourself, now !” he whispers in a stern voice as he pumps his cock. And as you finger yourself, moaning and groaning his name, cursing every now and then, a grin smothers his face. Quickly adjusting his throbbing member along your cunt, he lets his seed drip onto your inner thighs, cunt, and a little bit over your belly. Seeing your hands rubbing his cum over your belly is a great turn-on for him. Do that and you're stuck for at least two more quickies.
Kuroo likes it on your back, especially the wing bones, at first. He just can't get enough of your whimpers when your boobs are pressed against the mattress, your hands gripping the bed sheets as he ruts deep inside you. He loves to watch your face as he takes you from behind. “You gonna cum, aren't you?” he asks, feeling your warm walls clenching, watching you buck your hips to get close to your high. “Oh fuckkk!” you gasp as he lands a sharp slap on your ass cheeks before pulling his cock out to spill his seed over your back. It's a drill for him. Warm white fluid sprinkles over your back as you ease your breath. That's the starting point for him. He can't let you go; you're precious to him, his cute little cocksleeve.
Suna mostly prefers it on your boobs, especially when you're half-clad. Something about your hard nipples peeking through the white shirt just makes him push his cock deeper into your throat. Just before releasing his fluid, he pulls out, letting you breathe fresh air. Your hands are resting on the ground as you pant heavily. Unable to steady your breathing, he starts to stroke himself faster, lips getting exploited in between his teeth as he tries to keep his moans down. “C’mon girl! Up here,” he instructs, chinning your face and getting broader access to your chest as he coats your top with his fluid. But he can't leave his girl like that, so it doesn't take him much longer to pick you up so as to put you on your office desk ready to fuck your pussy this time.
Tumblr media
tagging— @dancingintherainwithchifuyu @bokuroskitten @0415-11 + networks— @downtown-roponggi @tokyometronetwork
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kairakeiji · a month ago
Tumblr media
“you know maybe if you cooperated a bit this would be a lot easier.”
a childish giggle leaves your lips as you poke at iwaizumi’s bicep, “you’re strong, you can do it,” you encourage, a slur to your words that only makes iwaizumi rolls his eyes. so he caves because lord knows he doesn’t trust you to walk by yourself up to your apartment, especially not in your incredibly drunken state.
you never really drank back in japan, nor partied. so when university started and you got invitations to parties, iwaizumi encouraged you to go, encouraged you to let loose because he would be there to keep an eye on you as he always did. you always thought it was sweet. although you did wish he would get drunk with you, you’re in a city you barely know, in a place where the language is different from your native tongue. so you followed his words, coughing as you down your first shots, dragging your sober boyfriend to dance with a grin on your face, one he could never say no to because you knew that when the rush ended he’d be there ready to pick you up.
“alright,” he huffs, unbuckling your seatbelt as he picks you up into his arms, his sturdy grip remaining gentle on your figure as he does his best to close and lock his car. another laugh leaves your lips when he takes hold of your legs, an arm wrapping around your back as he carries you up to your apartment. you laugh and smile like a five year old as he continues up to your apartment. you pepper kisses to his face in the elevator, and iwaizumi couldn’t hide the grin on his face even if he tried.
“you’re so pretty haj,” your voice is an octave higher than it normally is, head resting on his shoulder.
“can’t even remember my full name?” he quips, a blush forming on his cheeks.
“sure i can,” you pout as he opens the door to your apartment.
“okay then,” he sighs, meeting your gaze. “what is it?”
“hajime,” you tell him. “hajime my baby, my darling, my love, my life, the love of my life iwaizumi.”
he sighs, “that’s my full name?”
“of course it is!” you cheerfully tell him, another giggle leaving your lips as he carries you to your bathroom. your eyes narrow as he turns the light on, setting you on the bathroom counter.
“alright,” he mumbles, beginning to shuffle through the bathroom drawers. “let’s see if i can do this.”
see, iwaizumi’s been living with you for a couple months now. you both moved out to california months ago, saying goodbye to your old lives in japan for a new one together. every day and every night he’d watch you do the same routine in the morning and right before bed. he’s begun to map out your cleansers and serums and what order the products go in. he knows your routine like the back of his hand, he knows he can do it, but that’s not what he’s so worried about.
he’s worried about if you’ll let him do it in the first place.
it’s almost as if you’re stuck to him, your arms haven’t moved from their place around his neck, your head droops slightly, and every so often you’re pressing kisses to his jawline.
so, he concludes you’re an affectionate drunk.
iwaizumi lets out a sigh as he peels your arms off of him, placing them gently in your lap. you pout as he grabs a makeup wipe. “i love you,” you tell him.
“i love you too,” he tells you, wiping off the semi smudged makeup. he’ll never get tired of telling you that, even if it’s almost two in the morning and you’re a drunken mess, he’ll always tell you he loves you.
iwaizumi reaches for the cleanser, gentle hands rubbing it into your face as you let out a giggle. “it tickles,” you smile letting out a laugh as you move your hands to iwaizumi’s face. “i love you,” you say again.
it seems as if you’re a happy drunk as well.
“i love you too,” he answers before you press a quick kiss to his lips. you laugh like a giddy child when you pull away, catching sight of the soap bubbles on iwaizumi’s cheeks. he sighs as he rubs it off, and goes back to your face instead. it’s a cycle of i love yous and kisses as he continues, not bothering to fight off the smile on his face as you continue to shower him in affection. his touch is feather-light as he uses your toner, it’s gentle when he puts on your moisturizer. you can’t stop laughing whenever he rubs products into your skin.
the sheer sound is music to his ears.
“here’s your toothbrush,” he mumbles, handing it to you as he starts to brush his own teeth. you only stare at it before looking up to him. he sighs, “don’t tell me you need help.”
“i don’t,” you smile before beginning to brush your teeth. “i’m sober already don’t worry, i told you i’m a heavyweight,” you smile proudly, “i can take care of myself.”
he scoffs at that because if he picked up anything from tonight it’s that you can’t handle your alcohol.
he lets his hand linger on your cheek for a little longer when you’re both finished. you’re about to open your mouth to speak before he beats you to it.
“i love you.”
your eyes widen before you laugh once more, “i love you too.” you tell him as your hands cup his cheek squeezing them together gently as you giddily giggle again. iwaizumi gently peels your hands off.
“i’ll be back,” he tells you softly, leaving you alone in the bathroom.
you pout as he walks off, “wait baby don’t go,” you whine but the second he returns (now in pajamas) the smile’s back on your face. “hi,” you grin as he returns.
“hi,” iwaizumi mumbles back. he’s holding a fresh set of clothes for you, including a shirt of his for you to sleep in and he helps you change into it with a little lovesick smile on his face. and as he stares at you, all changed and ready for bed he can’t help but give himself a mental high five.
“what a good boyfriend you are,” you sigh. “helping me get ready for bed, you even did my skincare stuff in order!” you pause. “i think.”
he laughs, “i did,” (he hopes). “let's go to bed okay?”
and you nod as you reach towards him another pout on your face. iwaizumi sighs, picking you up once more. you laugh as he sets you down on the bed and you feel a dip on his side as he lies down next to you.
“thank you hajime,” you sigh as you shuffle closer to him.
“of course,” he answers. “did you have fun tonight?”
you nod, “i did, thanks to you.”
“good,” he hums, pressing a kiss to your temple. “i’m glad.
“hey haj.”
“yes baby?”
“i love you.”
and he smiles because even though he’s heard it at least a thousand times tonight, it still makes his heart race.
“i love you too.”
Tumblr media
i missed established relationship fluff sob sob here’s some sappy iwa :DD
thanks for reading! reblogs/interaction are always appreciated
Tumblr media
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sunaerin · a month ago
⌕ m.osamu x f!reader
≡ tw/cw: suggestive. unedited. just fluff !!
⊹ notes: this was in my drafts for sooo long, but I finally finished it off ! i hope you all enjoy (( : soft!osamu means the world because I know he’ll treat you so well )) :
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu, 26, is a man in love. 
When a man is in love, he’ll place a small kiss to your temple as he lets you go off on your way, his sight lingering on you just to make sure you don’t trip or get hurt, or maybe sometimes he’ll just cup your face to see you melt into his touch. His hands are calloused and fingers are stiff, but nonetheless still holds every ounce of love he carries for you. 
He’ll gently grasp hold of your waist when he needs to squeeze by, where the faint smell of his cologne whiffs up your nose as he lowly chuckles, “excuse me, princess.”
And when you go grocery shopping with him, he’ll push the cart so that you could grab hold of his strong arms while browsing around. He thinks you’re the most beautiful when you furrow your brows as you compare the prices for the best deal, and ask him for his opinion if you can’t decide. And he especially enjoys the times when you grasp tightly at his arms, snuggling closer to his body at the frozen food section. He’ll immediately pull you in while he jokingly nags, “told you to bring a warmer jacket, dummy,” as he takes his sweater off to place it over you with no hesitation — the warmth of his clothes mirroring the warmth he carries in his heart. 
He’ll reach up for the items on the top self as he stands right behind you with his hand placed on your shoulder or at your waist, his strong chest grazing behind your back. And when he’s done you a favor, he’ll bend low to meet your gaze, softly tapping at his cheek, “give me a kiss, I did a good job, yea?” 
And he’ll cup your face, as he goes in to give you an innocent kiss, only to take a second or two to admire your beauty — your eyes closed and trusting, with him grazing his thumb against the apple of your cheeks and the softness of your lips just seconds before going in for a kiss with a smile that he couldn’t manage to contain — nor did he ever try to contain. 
He’ll sneak in small glances while you’re doing your own thing, and unknowingly smile when he sees you make a funny expression while you study or watch your favorite t.v. series — animated and truly angry when you shout, “Samu, did you see that? That fucking jerk!” as you punch his arm, and immediately apologize with eyes sparkling in worry when you realize you might’ve hurt him. He thinks: you can hurt me all you want, just don’t break my heart. But he trusts that you’ll never hurt him.
A man is in love when every single thing about his world reminds him of you, and every moment spent without you seems as if an eternity has passed and it absolutely pangs his heart whenever you’re angry at him or he can’t seem to do better. Osamu sits at his couch despite his shoulders aching and his body tired from being on his feet the whole day. He’ll count down the time until you’ll get home, looking forward to hearing your jubilant voice as you throw yourself into his arms for a needed hug. He longs for the day to end so that he could cook you a meal, listen to you go on about your day as you hold him tight with your arms around his waist as he pads you to sleep. 
They say a man is in love when he catches himself doing things he would normally never do when single. That’s what he thought when he’s sitting on the floor getting his nails painted by you, while he carries your purse during dates, when he starts to realize surely dinner wasn’t complete without dessert — your mantra, “there’s always room for dessert, Samu!” you’ll tell him with a smile so bright he could never say no.
A man is in love when he does all the above with a smile on his face, and if you tell him the sky is red, surely… the sky is red and he’ll believe.
It’s said that it doesn’t take long for a man to realize he’s in love — it took only but a week to know that you were the one, but never did he rush into his feelings for you. He waited, he confessed, and he waited some more till he finally won your heart a year after with some homemade onigiri during a late night at his shop, just the two of you — tired and weary from the day’s work, yet hearts thumping and alive being in each other’s presence. 
He holds you in times of weakness, carries you when you have no strength, supports you when you feel lost, and loves you all the same — through every season and every flaw, a man in love sees no challenge beyond his capacity.
Miya Osamu is a man in love for his hands still tremble when he glides his fingers across the expanse of your naked, vulnerable body laid out underneath him as he softly kisses your lips, holding back his urge to devour you whole. He’s a man in love as his lips tread down from yours, down your neck, to your breasts, down your stomach while he gently bites at your mounds and blow at your sensitive skin to see you shiver as he makes his way down to your womanhood — breath hitching as the fire in his stomach grows, holding your hand as he whispers, “so pretty.” And when he finally enters in, joining you and him as one, he’ll hold still for a couple of seconds to lock eyes with you, to tell you, “I love you, I love you,” his heart bursting in flames as you respond back, “love you too, Samu.”
Surely, Miya Osamu is a man in love when he wakes up sore from the night prior, yet his heart feels more alive as he watches you sleep peacefully in his arms, tucked just right in his frame, with a little bit of drool and eyes mildly swollen— so beautiful is what he thinks. He’ll bring you closer in, when he suddenly feels his throat tighten and his eyes starting to water, with a smile on his face as he allows one small tear to fall from his ducts...
Miya Osamu is a man in love, because all he could manage to let out despite wanting to say more and give you the world, hoping somehow you’ll hear him in your dreams and it’ll be just enough to get through to you,
“I love you... thank you for being mine.”
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arhvste · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“lift up your shirt for me.” atsumu whispered, the dim from the hallway lights casting a soft golden light over his face, highlighting his boyish grin and playful eyes staring at you. “tsumu.. i’m not in the mood tonight, m’ tired.” you groaned, head turning back sideways onto the pillow.
scoffing, atsumu crawled over closer to your side. giving you a gentle poke, your boyfriend forced your gaze onto his humoured expression. “idiot i don’t wanna do that. just lift your shirt up, not even all the way if you don’t wanna.” atsumu’s eyes lit up as you rolled your eyes but obliged. pulling the thin fabric of one of his old long sleeve school shirts up, you shivered at the feeling of the cool air hitting your skin.
you raised an eyebrow as the setter inspected your skin, warm hands holding your side as his thumbs dragged small circles across your skin. “what are you doing?” you finally asked, atsumu’s inspection far from over. he said nothing and you were ready to pull the shirt back down and sleep until you felt a gentle kiss on your back.
the contact threw you off guard as your body jolted in his hold. “not tonight!” you groaned, body attempting to break free from his grip which obviously failed. “i know.” he hummed back while placing yet another quick kiss but this time to your side. “then what are you doing?” you sighed, eyes focused on the mop of blond hair beneath you.
“they say that moles are the places you were kissed the most in your past life,” he explained, attention not once tearing away from your body. “just wanna go over them and make sure you get the same mole placements in your next life too.”
you laughed. how ridiculous. you never knew what was going to come out of atsumu’s mouth but he never surprised you. though you couldn’t deny he was cute. mole placements were the least of your worries, yet the fact your boyfriend had been thinking about this made your heart flutter.
“you probably think it’s stupid.” atsumu laughed airily, sitting himself up to meet you face to face. “but i happen to love your mole placements.” heat rose to your face at his blunt words. “every.” kiss “single.” kiss “one.” kiss. atsumu pressed kisses to various areas of your face, some of which you weren’t even sure you had moles. “okay that was kinda cute.” you admitted, eyes refusing to meet his.
tilting your chin up with his index fingers hooked under your chin, atsumu forced your eyes to look into his as he smiled. “you’re cute.” leaning in, he pressed a soft kiss to your lips, hand moving from under your chin to cup the side of your face, he was in bliss.
you’d later discover you were right about atsumu kissing places where there where you had no moles, but what sort of lover would he be if he didn’t leave his own mark on you? he didn’t care even if it was a silly myth, the thought of leaving a pretty mark on you to indicate affection was important to him and he’d continue to leave more and more throughout the rest of your lifetime to make sure the people in your next life knew you were well loved.
Tumblr media
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kissyomi · 3 months ago
Vamp!Oikawa who pisses you off and then suffers you torturing him by stereotypical ways to piss off vampires, even though they might not be actual working methods. Him whining at a distance when you are suddenly interested in silver jewellery or suddenly your favourite food is garlic bread (not that it affects him, he’s just a baby).
Vamp!Iwaizumi who insists you have a healthy diet in the pretence of wanting your blood to taste better, but the first time he accidentally nicked your shoulder while kissing you, he was so drunk off of your scent and taste, he forgot how to function. So when you actually allowed him to get a taste, he didn't know how to act and accidentally told you to eat healthy. And when you start eating more healthy food, he finds it hard to control his senses with your scent wafting in the air, when you snuggle him, it’s almost like he’s stuffed in a pizzeria and only allowed to smell.
Vamp!Suna who trolls the fuck out of you with the stereotypes. Suna could go into theatrics with the effort he puts in acting offended when you don’t order garlic bread for him. “I can’t believe you’d do that to me.” “You said you can’t eat garlic!” “Oh, are we resorting to stereotypes now?? Then what about when you-” smack him.
Vamp!Tsukishima who doesn’t tell the whole truth about himself because he’s lowkey ashamed of it. Him having that Edward Cullen moment with you with him scrunching up his nose the moment you come near him causing you to think you smell bad but you can’t blame him, mans face looked like he was disgusted or having a ‘big O’ moment so you just went with the former. And when he does tell you about himself later on, which he claims he was stupid for because he keeps getting hit with bad vampire puns and twilight references. “I really can’t believe you like edward.” “.....” “don’t give me that look.” “Talk to me when you can sparkle.”. Tsukishima, who ends up loving himself and what he is because of you and he’ll go through a hundred more bad vampire puns if it meant you being in his life.
Vamp!Sakusa, who is so cautious around you. He can’t help but treat you like some fragile thing. He’s constantly worried that if he holds your wrist a little too tight, it’ll snap in half. A literal gentlevamp from the 1800s vibes. Gets so shy and flushes up (my vampires can flush shush.) when you compliment him like he’s not a strong fucking man who can snap you in half (he’ll say no but keep convincing him, one day you’ll get the full fire of the vampire di-). CONSENT KING.
Vamp!Atsumu who has sensitive fangs (it’s a common thing in vampires but he’s extra sensitive) that when you first time kissed him and ran your tongue along his teeth, you both literally froze because of the sweetest whine he let out. It’s not like he didn’t like making out but since then, he’s just grabbing you in the middle of literally anything and dragging you away for a makeout session.. “Can ya- like- suckonmafangsagain-” “yeah sure” “y’have no idea how much ya drive me crazy, do ya?.”
Vamp!Osamu who can pinpoint what you are eating/have eaten just by the taste of your blood, which means you can never lie to him and he ensures that you’re eating enough. No one knows how he can do it but you both have developed a little game where you try different foods and osamu sucks on your bleeding finger, making intense eye contact while doing so, and tries to nail the exact food, which he does somehow. 98% of the time, atleast. His palette is refined and he can taste the literal components. “ ‘s lackin iron..? Have ya not been eatin’ green vegetables?” “samu, I don't wanna-” “c’mere, ya big baby, ‘m feedin’ ya some damn veggies.” He cooks for you and also makes sure to give you a light scolding if you are not eating right.
Vamp!Kita who can never imagine not being by your side and yet he doesn’t want to turn you so he decides to live every moment you both share to its maximum which helps him in exploring so much more of the world than he previously did. In your books, he’s there in every chapter, filled with utmost want and joy, and he wishes it could’ve been the same for him.
Tumblr media
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