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#osamu miya
zenaiide2 days ago
atsumu asks for osamu whenever he's sick. he's 26 and much more responsible now, but right now, when he's high on his fever, and not quite in his right mind, it's 'samu's name that slips out. a sniffle and a tear slides across his temple and you're dialing his brother up at 2 in the morning with an apology ready on your lips.
and as concerned as the gray haired twin was to get a call at such an ungodly hour, he only chuckles, the affection in it clear even through the phone, when you tell him atsumu's not feeling well. he asks you to put 'tsumu on and you end up having to put the call on speaker because atsumu doesn't even have enough strength to hold up the phone (or maybe he's just being a brat).
and then the blonde is whining as soon as osamu's voice comes through the other side, soft and comforting. and with his nose clogged and throat closing up, there's only so much atsumu can do, resorting to just listening to his twin brother babble away, finally appeased.
and atsumu is 9 and still a kid, with his forehead burning and throat sore, crying a little as his mother tucks him in after giving him his medicine, unable to tell her that it hurts. that he doesn't want her to leave. and it only takes for the door to click shut, before he hears osamu shuffling in bed and then see him sliding down from the top bunk into his, squeezing in beside him despite it all.
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willowfolksonga day ago
your name would sound even cuter with Miya behind
- Atsumu Miya x Reader
Tumblr media
"We should get married"
You pause sipping on your strawberry milkshake to look at your boyfriend, casually asking you to marry him from the opposite seat.
"I'm sorry" you say, clearing your throat "Did you just asked me to marry you?"
"Yeah, I did"
He has one arm on the table, his head leaning on his fist, and is looking at you like that time when he convinced you to ditch classes to go to the movies, just to end up confessing in the middle of the film neither of you was paying attention to. His hair is shorter now, and he's not the same boy that used to copy your homework anymore. He plays for the MSBY Jackal now. He's a volleyball star.
And he's still the same Atsumu, somehow.
You know it when you look into his eyes.
"You do know what getting married means, right?" you whisper, leaning towards him "It's like... when two people get together. Forever"
"I know that" Atsumu laughs, rolling his eyes at you "That's why I am askin' ya"
"Because I want to be with ya forever, isn't that like, obvious?"
You choke, heat rising to your cheeks. Even after all this time, he still manages to make you blush as easily as the first day.
"How can you say stuff like that?"
"Look" Atsumu sits straight to look at you seriously, even tho a smile is still dancing in his lips. His fingers drum on the table as he starts speaking again "I'm askin' ya to marry me, and you're kind of avoidin' the question here. Should I be worried or somethin'?"
"I'm just..." you try to look for any other word that's not 'wow' "What brought this on?"
Atsumu shrugs "I just think that you're really cute when ya drink your milkshake like that"
"Ahm... like that?"
'Yeah, like that" he explains "With the straw"
"And then I just thought that I wouldn't mind doing this with ya for my whole life, ya know?" he keeps going, eyes scanning your face "I'm happy just right here with ya"
"You're more happy here than on the court?"
He snorts, fingers stopping "Yeah, don't push it babe"
The waitress comes in that moment, to clear the plates and to ask if she can also take your almost empty cup. You nod distractedly at her, eyes on your boyfriend.
"So what do ya say? Do we get married?"
The girl picking everything up gasps, tray shaking in her arms, and her wide eyes snap back to you, waiting for whatever you have to say. You nervously smile, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear.
"Ahm... do you mind?" you ask her, and it actually takes her a couple of seconds to snap out of it.
"Oh my god, yes! I'm sorry" she quickly apologizes, running back behind the counter to whisper something in her coworker's ear.
You have a hunch of what it is.
"So?" Atsumu asks again "I probably have the record for the boyfriend that asked his girlfriend to marry him the most by now"
"I mean" you look around the cafeteria, trying to contain the bubbling excitement inside you because yes, of course a million times yes "I never imagined you would ask me in a place like this but..."
Atsumu nods, standing up, and excitement is quickly replaced with sudden panick in your chest.
Oh no.
"I get ya. Somethin' more epic would be better, right?"
"I don't know what..."
"Hey, everybody!" Atsumu claps, raising his voice to get the attention of the other people around. Every single head in the cafeteria turns towards your table, and you can only wish to be swallowed by your seat "Can ya all pay attention here for a moment?"
You can hear one of the waitresses gasping loudly again, and you're pretty sure someone from the table on the corner says something along the lines of 'Oh, I think that guy plays for the MSBY Jackal!'
"Atsumu, what are you doing?" you ask, eyes almost bulging out of your head when he snickers, and proceeds to kneel in front of you.
In front of you.
"I'm proposing to ya" he whispers, winking "Epic style"
"Atsumu! Get up!" you half whisper, nervous laugh breaking through. Everyone keeps paying close attention to what's happening with the two of you, and Atsumu shakes his head and asks for one of your hands.
You're trembling when he takes a hold on your fingers.
"Babe, I knew this moment would come since ta let me copy your Math homework one day, so I didn't had to miss practice to do it. Granted, I didn't think it would be in a place like this either, but this people don't really mind don't they?" when he turns around to ask, a voice that sounds suspiciously like it belongs to one of the waitresses screams 'No, we don't!', but you're too busy to check because your boyfriend is actually asking you to marry him. When he looks back at you, his smile is softer "But I just couldn't resist ya know? Why wait, when I'm just lookin' at ya now and already see my future wife?"
Your eyes fill with involuntary tears in that moment, and you sniffle and laugh at the same time, squeezing his hand "Atsumu..."
"So yeah, what do ya say? In front of all this people here, would ya marry me? I know your name would sound even cuter with Miya behind"
"Yes! Of course I would marry you, you dork!"
You stand up to hug him, and he lifts you up to spin you around because of course, everything has to be epic now until the end.
Cheers erupt around you when you finally kiss, and he's tearing up a bit too when you lean back to smile at him.
"Ya really said yes, huh?" he asks, and you have to laugh at the thinly veiled disbelief in his voice.
"Of course I did!" you say, kissing him again "You still need to buy me a ring, tho"
He blinks at you, and then slowly moves to look for his wallet in one of his pockets. To your absolute disbelief, he pulls a small ring from inside, with a pear shaped diamond that catches the fluorescent lights above you.
Your mouth opens and closes multiple times at the sigh.
"Yeah, I should've probably give ya this when I was kneelin' down, huh?"
"How on earth did you had a ring like that in your wallet!?" you scream, and once again, your boyfriend shrugs as if it's actually not much of a big deal.
"I've had it for a long time. 'Samu helped me pick it" he says, and then pulls your hand towards him "I'm goin' to put it on now, alright?"
You laugh and hug him again, and a couple of people actually take the time to come closer and congratulate you, before you exit the cafeteria, hand in hand.
"So yeah" Atsumu says, putting his sunglasses on "Let's get to it"
He smirks down at you, lifting the hand where the ring fit perfectly "Ya don't really think I'm goin' to wait to make ya officially mine now that we have a ring and all, right?"
"But like..."
"Come on" he says, getting closer to give you a quick peck on the lips "Let's run, babe"
Tumblr media
Kita is there to bring Osamu his usual rice delivery for the week, when the youngest Miya gets a sudden text message. He picks up the phone from the counter, scans the contents, and then goes back to counting bags.
Kita frowns "If it's someone important, I can wait"
"Nah" Osamu shrugs "It was just my brother"
"Oh. How is him?"
"He's well. Gettin' married"
Kita opens his mouth in disbelief "What?"
Osamu nods, same face expresion "Yeah. Today"
"Wait... what?"
Tumblr media
馃В RED Love Story Collection
Part IX - Next is Begin Again
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seyooni2 days ago
鉁 鈥 you really don't know?
feat. osamu miya cw. fluff, just a pinch of language.
Tumblr media
"osamu, you asshole!"
the man in question holds his phone away from his ear, your shouting loud enough without speaker on.
"did you tell him we were dating?!"
"who is this 'he' yer talkin' about?"
"the guy i was going to ask out, don't act like you dont know!" you yell in frustration, and even though he tries not to grin, he can't help himself. "atsumu told me that you had a chat with him and now he's not interested in me at all because of you! he's been avoiding me all damn day."
"not seein' how that's a problem. he aint that great."
"i expected this out of atsumu, but you? why would you do that?"
he's quiet, coming to a full stop at the edge of the quad. holding his phone to his ear, he stares through the puffs of air appearing in the cold winter air and sees you standing at the fountain with your back turned to him. your legs are shifting restlessly as you hold your phone out in front of you.
"osamu?" he can hear your voice through his phone and in front of him, subtly.
"ya really don't know?" your head tilts, confused. "turn to the right." you turn left. "the right." he repeats, watching you spin the other way and spot him. you hang up, tucking your phone into your pocket and approaching him in a hustle. when you get close, you cross your arms with a pout.
"what does turning to the right have to do with鈥"
"shut yer mouth for a minute and listen to me." you open your mouth to fight back, but close it just as quickly. "i shoulda known i'd halfta be more direct. yer kinda dense, ya know that?" he can tell you want to say something, but you refrain. "yeah, i told him we were dating. i dont want to see you get yer heart broken again. i'm tired of seeing ya upset over idiots who don't care ta get to know ya." he swallows thickly, trying his best not to let his nerves get the better of him.
"i'm glad you care so much, osamu鈥"
"i want to treat ya right. i like you. have for years." he waits for you to speak again, proud of himself for at least getting it out into the air.
the air between the two of you is cold and silent. you're not looking at him which admittedly makes him nervous, but he knows you're just thinking it over鈥攖hinking over the possibility of we.
gently like falling snow, you punch the tail of his scarf. you stare at him through your lashes. "you have horrible timing... but if you'll give me some time, i dont think i'd mind."
he smiles. "hope ya wont have me waiting too long."
Tumblr media
note. thanks @sexyandcringe for the prompt! cant tell if i'm feeling like this cause its samu or if im just tender hearted for fluff... probs both lol taglist. @charlie-jay @wishterya @spookyy-babiee ... -> click here to join!
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bokubear2 days ago
comfort p.2
Tumblr media
feat. atsumu miya, osamu miya, suna rintarou, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotaro, oikawa tor奴
warnings ; none, prob just a little angst
a/n ; in case you needed this. you can do it ! keep on pushing ! i believe in you ! you aren鈥檛 alone !!
Tumblr media
鈮⑩棪 鉂 鈼︹⑩壂 atsumu he realized come these days that you鈥檝e been kind of sad. lonely feeling. he doesn鈥檛 want to necessarily confront you in case it鈥檚 something personal or extremely fragile, so instead he drops little things off at your doorstep, whether that be flowers or one of your favorite things. every single day. he wants to be there for you. he is there for you.
Tumblr media
鈮⑩棪 鉂 鈼︹⑩壂 osamu immediately takes note of this downcast behavior and trust me. he does something about it. he asks what鈥檚 wrong and if you don鈥檛 want to share he assure you that that鈥檚 fine as well. he cooks for you these delicious home cooked meals every night and reminds you to take care of yourself and do not ignore your own feelings.
Tumblr media
鈮⑩棪 鉂 鈼︹⑩壂 suna has begun to acknowledge this change of behavior. you鈥檙e not as cheerful as usual, that pretty smile not so clear. you were on his bed, scrolling on your phones carelessly. he took this as an opportunity to talk to you about it. if he did get an answer, he comforts you to the best of his abilities with gentle caresses and hugs even if you don鈥檛 tell him as well. he鈥檚 your boyfriend for goodness sakes, don鈥檛 expect anything else.
Tumblr media
鈮⑩棪 鉂 鈼︹⑩壂 sakusa frowns upon the fact you seem more distant. like something is hurting you inside. 鈥測/n.鈥 he confronts you one night, eyes gentle and heart aching for you. 鈥減lease, i know something鈥檚 on your mind.. i鈥檓 just saying, if you have anything you want it talk about, i鈥檓 here.鈥 he reassures you while squeezing your hands. if you need to cry, cry. he鈥檚 there. and he鈥檒l be there til you feel better.
Tumblr media
鈮⑩棪 鉂 鈼︹⑩壂 bokuto was easily concerned, i mean, his beautiful y/n looked sad? preposterous! he couldn鈥檛 allow that. he slowly opens up to you about his concern, reminding you that he鈥檚 here to talk. actually really mature about it. he tries new things, like 鈥榓ttempting鈥 to cook. painting his nails with you, and other things in hopes of spending more time with you. lots and lots of cuddles and kisses throughout.
Tumblr media
鈮⑩棪 鉂 鈼︹⑩壂 oikawa pouted first of all. but he took more attention away from his needs and more towards yours. you just seemed lonely. to be honest, he probably cried about it while asking you about your situation. he finds it so heartbreaking to see you so sad like this. he will give you whatever you want. literally anything. pressing chaste kisses to the edges of your lips and his cute smile telling you everything will alright.
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited
Tumblr media
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ohmiyaa19 hours ago
Tumblr media
fleeting moments
synopsis! moments where you know they鈥檙e yours
featuring! t. kageyama, o. miya, and k. tsukishima!
notes! another fun one! hope you enjoy!
warnings!聽mention of arguing in osamu鈥檚!
Tumblr media
鈬 鉁 t. kageyama
when he still comes over despite a long day, tired and exhausted
there was a knock at your window when the sun was way below the horizon. you鈥檇 already prepared for bed, convinced that your boyfriend wasn鈥檛 coming due to the lack of texts you received.聽
shuffling over to the window, you opened it cautiously, only to reveal tobio at the window, leaning against the side of the house watching a car pass on the nearby street. he was clearly tired, yet somehow beautiful in the budding moonlight.聽
鈥渨hat are you doing at my window?鈥 you whispered harshly to your boyfriend, who casually looked over as you tugged the screen that separated you two up.聽鈥渄o you know what time it is?!鈥澛
鈥渋鈥檓 aware. it鈥檚 better than me knocking at your front door to wake up everyone in your house,鈥 he shrugged, looking unbothered as he swung his feet inside and slid into the widened window.聽鈥渦nless you鈥檇 like me to do that next time?鈥澛
鈥渘o!鈥 the answer was quick and almost alarmed. you didn鈥檛 raise anymore questions, returning to your bed and turning the lamp on the nightstand on.聽
鈥渋 didn鈥檛 know you were going to come... you kinda stopped answering,鈥 your voice was a whisper like you were afraid. of what?聽you asked internally as you watched your boyfriend remove his shoes, drop his school bag at his feet, and wander over to join you on the bed.聽
鈥減ractice and then i went home to shower,鈥 he informed, plopping onto the duvet and stretching his arms.聽鈥渒new you wanted to see me. so i still came.鈥澛
your heart fluttered in your chest and your stomach swirled with butterflies and fireflies alike. you turned to face him, though he was already watching your face with admiration in his eyes and a small smile. you could see the reflection in the moonlight. it was kind of hard to get much out of tobio, affection-wise, but right now it was nothing but pure admiration flowing from him. it made you feel so secure, to be in his presence after he specifically made time聽for you.聽
鈥渢hanks for coming,鈥 you whisper to him, leaning forward and allowing a hand gently on his jaw. your lips pressed softly to his, earning his attention and thus a kiss. his hands found your waist, pulling you up closer to him.聽
鈥渨hy wouldn鈥檛 i have come?鈥 he asked softly, voice a whisper as he looked down at your face in the close proximity.聽鈥渋 couldn鈥檛 go a day without you, even if i tried.鈥澛
鈬 鉁 o. miya
preparing food for you, even when you鈥檝e been fighting
the fight was pointless, and a simple disagreement at that.
your fight was the fault of pent up frustrations and jealousy, from both parties. so here you sat, in the living room of the miya household with miya atsumu, who chatted along with you. this practice was normal for the two of you, as you often waited with atsumu while osamu was cooking or showering at home. atsumu just took this as an opportunity to better spend more time with his brother鈥檚 partner. this, however, was the pinnicle of your argument.聽
鈥測ou鈥檙e always with聽鈥榯sumu! even when i am here!鈥 he鈥檇 told you before scoffing and stepping into the kitchen to calm himself down.聽
atsumu took this liberty to stop talking, looking between where osamu just disappeared from and where you sat on the sectional couch. you were quiet, watching your hands and thinking over your actions in silence.聽
atsumu was quick to stand and follow osamu into the kitchen. in the distance, you could tell atsumu was trying to solve the miscommunication, so you sat there, giving the both of them time. you were sure that it was not wrong what you were doing, but you gave osamu the benefit of the doubt after a long and busy week and after almost not seeing each other for days.聽
atsumu entered the room after what seemed like forever, taking his seat where he originally sat and stretching out his arms.聽鈥渉e鈥檚 all better, i fixed him for ya,鈥 atsumu joked with a light-hearted smile.聽
you gave a small, nervous chuckle and looked over to meet his brown eyes, which were curiously watching you.聽鈥渢hanks,聽鈥榯sumu,鈥 you tried to act like the whirlwind of your mind wasn鈥檛 preoccupied with the fact that osamu was still not in the living room, but he appeared shortly after with a plate of finger foods and snacks.聽
he came around the corner, setting the platter on the table before you and taking a seat beside you, his arm resting on the back of the couch where you were.聽
鈥渉ere ya go, darlin鈥.聽鈥榤 sorry for acting that way,鈥 he apologized softly, looking at you with the sincerest of apologies.聽
the whirlwind ceased, leaving butterflies instead of the debris of your mind. you knew for a fact how much osamu loved food, and bringing you some as an apology truly showed how much he cared, so you couldn鈥檛 have reeived the food without a smile.聽
鈥渢hank you, miya. i鈥檓 sorry too.鈥澛
the look you two shared was nothing but warmth.聽鈥榮amu leaned in for a kiss, pressing one gently to your cheeks and jaw. while distracted, atsumu leaned in, took a handful of foods, and took off, osamu yelling after him that the action was unnecessary.聽
鈬 鉁 k. tsukishima
when he curates playlists specifically for you
you were waiting after practice for kei and tadashi. you were preoccupied with the club that you decided to take part in, which ran late. you鈥檇 already talked to kei about it, so he was aware that you鈥檇 stay to walk with him and tadashi, no matter how often he told you that you didn鈥檛 have to wait for them.聽
kei and tadashi strolled out of the volleyball gym, quietly chatting. there he was in all his glory, kei tsukishima, with the same old broken SOMY headphones he鈥檚 had since forever. tadashi was chiming along about a new technique he鈥檇 thought of, but he paused to greet you.聽
鈥測ou waited,鈥 was all kei had to offer, masking his small smile he hid behind his scarf for the cold weather.聽
鈥渋 did. it is almost like my job to walk with my boyfriend and his best friend,鈥 you replied with ease, very easy at deflecting the tall boy鈥檚 remarks and cold exterior.聽
鈥測eah, you could at least be nicer to them, tsukki,鈥 tadashi shouldered the blond boy, who just kind of laughed it off sounded more like a scoff though.
the three of you walked until you reached tadashi鈥檚 house, talking pleasantly among yourselves. once yamaguchi was safely inside of his home, kei turned to you with an outstretched palm.聽
鈥測our phone, let me see it please. i made something for you.鈥澛
your heart immediately could鈥檝e soared out of it鈥檚 chest, obliging quickly. he took your phone, pulling up a playlist and then handing it back to you. it was labeled with your name and even a heart, followed by at least 45+ songs tsukishima hand-picked for you.聽
鈥渢his is- amazing, tsukishima! thank you!鈥 your excitement was evident, and it warmed tsukishima鈥檚 heart to see you so happy over the simplest of things. this, of course, meant a lot to him as well because music was his escape, something the two of you bonded over a lot.聽
鈥渋t鈥檚 really no problem, shorty pie,鈥 he took the liberty of slipping his hand into yours, only to find your hand colder than you looked.聽
鈥渓et鈥檚 hurry home so i can have a listen, yeah?鈥 you asked, smiling up at the boy, who nodded in simple agreement.聽
鈥渨ouldn鈥檛 want you freezing your little fingers off, shorty pie,鈥 tsukki teased, which earned a soft jab from you as you two walked home.聽
Tumblr media
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velvett-tearss2 days ago
Tumblr media
Not To Make Ya Cry 鈥 Osamu Miya
summary: You suck at science. Osamu doesn鈥檛. But that never meant you wanted his help.
warnings: gn!reader, cursing, friends-to-strangers-to-friends-to-idk at this point
genre: fluff
word count: 1.3k
a/n: hey鈥 how y鈥檃ll doing? 馃榾 lowkey feel bad for disappearing and then dropping this on ya lmfao but I have decided that I simply do not have it in me to do anything at all anymore, hope you enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
Most people who've met The Miya brothers could argue that Osamu is quiet and uninteresting, simply because he isn't as loud or as bold as Atsumu.
But, most people don't know Osamu like you do.
Most people haven't seen him the way you have. In fact, most people haven't see him at all.
"Don't be stupid. Why鈥檙e ya acting stupid?鈥
聽 聽聽 "Don't call me stupid!" you hiss back, brows furrowed at the boy in front of you. He's standing in front of your desk, towering over where you erase another part your science homework. "I'm trying my best here, alright?"
聽 聽聽 "Well, yer best is pretty shit to me." Osamu tells you with a scoff, crossing his arms over his chest. You're too frustrated to think about his response, so you save your reaction for later.
"No one asked you to help me." you admit, scowling as you rewrite the problem. You glance up at him to gauge his reaction. You find it most surprising that once you meet his silvery eyes, he doesn't hold your gaze.
He looks away.
聽 聽聽 You swallow down your frustration.
聽 聽 聽 You don't even know why he's here right now. Osamu's barely spoken to you since middle school, since after he grew up and started gaining attention from playing volleyball. It kind of pisses you off, how he's acting like the two of you are friends.
聽 聽聽 "Nobody asked," he admits, shrugging. "But ya looked like ya needed it." His voice is soft, as if to not to rattle you again. You repress the urge to scowl at his words. "'s not a bad thing to ask for help, ya know."
聽 聽聽 "I didn't need your help." you tell him, lying through your teeth. The truth is that if it weren't for him, you'd be nowhere near being finished with your assignment. But, you would never admit it out loud.
聽 聽 聽 Not to him at least.
聽 聽聽 "Look, if my lack of interest and skill in science really bothers that much, maybe you should be at practice." you say, running a hand through your hair.
聽 聽聽 He sighs and sits on the seat across you.
聽 聽聽 "Or take a seat, I guess." you mumble.
聽 聽聽 "Why do you act like that?" Osamu snaps suddenly.
聽 聽聽 "Like what?" you ask, trying to focus on the problem in front of you. It's hard to do focus on anything other than him when he's gazing at you so intensely you think there's a hole forming on the side of your head.
聽 聽聽 "Like ya don't like me."
聽 聽 聽 Your eyes jump to his. "What?"
聽 聽聽 "Ya heard me." Osamu says, leaning against the table. "Ya've treated me like I'm some annoyin' piece of gum on the bottom of yer shoe ever since I decided to stay and help yer smartass."
聽 聽聽 You gape at him, visibly shocked at the question. You toss your pencil on the desk and push aside your homework. There's no use in doing it 鈥 you're definitely failing anyway.
"Osamu," you say finally, disbelief wearing off rather quickly. You narrow your eyes at him. "I don't even know you. Why would I hate someone I don't even know?"
聽 聽 聽 You stare at each other for a moment.
聽 聽聽 He's quite ballsy, you decide, to confront you like this after ignoring your existence for so long. It's not that him forgetting about you all together bothers you so much anymore, it's just hard for you to find the reason why he's suddenly decided to speak to you.
聽 聽聽 Osamu is a key component in Inarizaki's success. And, if being part of a powerhouse school's amazing volleyball team means nothing to social status, then his vanity is sure to save him.
聽 聽聽 You may not be the best at science, but you know a pretty face when you see one. You're certain he's got a list of people who are dying to get a chance with him. It makes you wonder why he's here with you.
And not out there with them.
聽 聽聽 "Don't lie." Osamu says coolly.
聽 聽聽 You snap your book shut. "'Samu, we haven't talked in years. We haven't been friends since we were in junior high. And the last time you spoke to me was when you asked me for a pencil last year and never gave it back.
聽 聽聽 "Why do you care if I like you or not?" you ask, keeping your voice void of any emotion. "I don't even know why you're here. And, it's not the I'm upset, alright? I'm just confused."
聽 聽聽 "Look, I'm sorry about all that. I really am." Osamu says, shifting in his chair. "I didn't think it had been this long since I last spoke to ya. I mean, a part of me thought ya'd still be there, with me. And one day I realized ya weren't there anymore."
聽 聽聽 Your eyes flicker down in hopes it'll stop the heat spreading across your face.
"And I think I'm a dumbass for it." Osamu adds. "For not noticing ya were gone in the first place. For not runnin' after ya when I did."
He watches as you keep your eyes trained on your lap. It makes him nervous. You make him nervous. After all, it's big leap of faith 鈥 him doing this. Even Atsumu, who's a bit more impulsive than his brother, said that talking to you would be a bad idea.
聽 聽聽 "She'd want nothin' to do with a scrub like ya." Atsumu had said, bending down to grab a volleyball off the gym's floor. "Ya neglected her for too long. There's no point in pickin' with the past, someone鈥檚 bound to鈥 get hurt."
But, Osamu knew it wasn't true because he remembers the way his brother couldn't seem to meet his eye.
聽 聽聽 Even if you do think he's a scrub, a jerk, a clown, Osamu doesn't care. He thinks you're worth it. You've always been worth it.
聽 聽 聽 Your gaze finally meets his. "I... I could've called, too. Checked up on you and stuff." you admit, shrugging. "But I didn't. All the popularity and fans and cameras intimidated me. So I guess... it's not entirely your fault."
"Yeah. I guess that makes two dumbasses." Osamu mumbles almost sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.
You weren't expecting this from him. At all. "So 鈥 just to be clear 鈥 you saw me struggling with this stupid shit and decided to speak to me again?" you question.
Osamu scoffs, yet there's no heat to it. "I saw ya sitting there like a dumbass, an it made me wonder if that's what I look like. Made me wonder if my stupid pride is more important than never speaking to ya again."
"And?" you ask, twiddling your thumbs. "What did you decide?"
"I know yer crappy at science, but, shit, I did it know ya were this dumb.鈥 Osamu laughs softly. It's a sound you hadn't realized you missed so dearly until you hear it again.
You can't stop yourself from laughing along with him. "Alright, alright. A normal response would've sufficed, but when have you ever been normal, right?"
He gasps, a grin on his face. "I think I'm startin' to remember why we stopped talking."
聽 聽聽 A hand finds its way to where your heart is as you scoff dramatically. And Osamu laughs at you, and then you laugh with him, and suddenly you've forgotten about your awful grade in science and why the two of you ever stopped speaking in the first place.
聽 聽聽 Suddenly, it's just how it used to be. You and Osamu laughing at something that won't even be funny tomorrow... only this time it's different.
聽 聽 Because this time his heart is racing and his palms are clammy. And it scares the fuck out of him, but the way you鈥檙e smiling at him and laughing at his jokes makes him forget all about his fears.
Tumblr media
note: surprise im back from the dead鈥 how r yall? :-)
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ridiculouslly-ridiculous6 hours ago
Tumblr media
HQ Boys - Why or Why Not I Would Invite Them to the Carne Asada ( Pt. 3)
Tumblr media
Ft: Ushiwaka, Tendou, Semi, Osamu, Atsumu, Sakusa, Keishin Ukai
TW/CW: mentions of alcohol. Lmk if I missed anything.
Part 2
Tumblr media
The perfect guest
Shakes all of the hands
Thanks the host(s) & cook(s)
Makes conversation with anyone who wants to talk to him
锟糔o embarrassing nickname鈥 yet.. so for now
Nickname: muchacho
But reluctantly
He has crackhead energy
But I think he can tame it for a night
Will absolutely kill it at karaoke
I can see him belting Como la Flor
Like, aye-aye-ayyyye, c贸mo me duele
锟糱ut I didn鈥檛 say it鈥檒l be good
Nickname: jitomate
This dude will definitely be joining the banda y鈥檃ll hire
Or the drunk t铆os that decide to break out the guitars
He would definitely attempt a grito 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
I鈥檒l let you decide if it was good or not
Nickname: el m煤sico
Homeboy would pull up with all of the the onigiri
Best believe all the tias will be asking for the recipe
Nickname: el cocinero
I mean鈥 sure
Just keep an eye on this mans
Because it鈥檚 either gonna go really bad
And your family will never want to see him again
Really good
If your family is a f煤tbol playing family
That鈥檚 when you gotta be most careful
鈥楾sumu will think it鈥檚 similar to volleyball and think it鈥檚 easy 馃槶
Best to keep this mans on goalie duty
Nickname: el rubio
Honestly鈥 idk
I want to say yes鈥
But will he want to?
Let鈥檚 say he does show up鈥
He鈥檚 showing up early 馃槼
Wiping down anything and everything he can
Definitely taking charge of the clean up after
Big oooof
That鈥檚 probably not gonna go over well
Nickname: el criado
Keishin Ukai
Keeps up with the jokes
And can hold his liquor
You should鈥檝e warned him tho鈥
Nickname: el borracho
Tumblr media
A/N: that鈥檚 part three! Probably the last installment, unless there are other characters I didn鈥檛 write for you would like to see! It makes me so happy to see that so many of you have enjoyed this idea I had at like 4 a.m on a random Wednesday 馃槶 I got more writings in the works and requests are always welcome!
Likes, reblogs, and comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you <3
Tumblr media
漏 ridiculouslly-ridiculous 2021; 岽呩磸 not 隃贬礇岽囜磤薀, 岽勧磸岽樖, 岽徥 repost 岽嵤 岽♂磸蕗岽. All work posted is original.
Tumblr media
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jupitersmoon23a day ago
One of the Miya twins鈥 most common insults is just a good ol鈥 鈥測ou鈥檙e adopted鈥 and NOT ONCE have they ever thought it through. They will be 25 years old saying 鈥測ou鈥檙e adopted鈥 like it鈥檚 a real possibility that one could be while the other wasn鈥檛.
They also use 鈥榶our mom鈥 jokes like they don鈥檛 share a mother.
Suna finds it atrocious, and has recorded it one too many times.
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honeystwiggypeach2 days ago
Never gonna believe it!
Tumblr media
Osamu x reader.
Osamu probably knows, you look at him like you鈥檙e star struck every time you walk into Onigiri Miya, frankly Atsumu thinks it鈥檚 hilarious and so does you best friend when you tell them about your issue.
Slight cursing I think?
Tumblr media
鈥淚t鈥檚 really not funny (bsf/n)!鈥 You mumble setting down your glass.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, but I find it really funny鈥 they say laught at your humiliation.
鈥淲ell I mean, you鈥檝e eaten there and talk to him every day and suddenly you can鈥檛 look at him anymore?鈥 She says giggling.
鈥淚t鈥檚 only been like this for a week.鈥 You whine softly.
鈥淲ell your in luck! I鈥檓 hungry.鈥 She says dragging you out the cafe pausing to pay for your drinks.
鈥淲ait wait wait.鈥 You plead as she drags you through the doors of Onigiri Miya.
She drags you to your seat before going to the counter and ordering your dinners.
She skips back with Osamu dragging behind her and shoving him into the booth across from yours after setting the food down.
She reaches into her pocket before suddenly pulling an excuse out of the air.
鈥淥h my good look at the time, I鈥檝e actually got to go, right now my uhm grandmas calling me to walk her cat again!鈥 She says jetting to the door before letting out a playful 鈥淚鈥檓 coming Grandma!鈥 As she winks at you.
You look up to see Osamu looking back at you and oh my god is it hot in here or what, suddenly your face feels like it鈥檚 burning.
You mumble out a quiet thanks grabbing the Onigiri and unwrapping it taking small bites to distract yourself.
You probably eat the whole meal in silence and as your piling锟 the wrappers up Osamu clears his throat causing you to look up panicked.
鈥(Bsf/n) told me that you liked me鈥︹ he mumbles with soft pink cheeks. You let out a groan trying to hide yourself in your arms.
鈥淚s it true?鈥 He asks kind of dejected by your reaction.
Your head shoots up bit as his concerned look you let out a disappointed yeah.
Before you can even say anything else he鈥檚 out of the booth and jumping to sit right next to you while hugging you.
鈥淥h my god! I鈥檝e liked you since the first time I saw you鈥 he giggles a bit hugging you tight, before pausing. 鈥淥h my god Tsumu鈥檚 never going to believe it!鈥 He shouts before getting out of the booth and running to the door.
鈥淏elieve what?鈥 You ask causing him to look over his shoulder with his hand on the door leading to the kitchen.
鈥淲hat鈥檇 you mean? I thought we were dating now?鈥 He mumbles.
鈥淥h!鈥 You mumble giving him a thumbs up before hiding your blushing face in your palms as he runs off to call Atsumu.
Tumblr media
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cloudsvnaa day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
12. or something..
a/n: okay so like i鈥檓 on ANOTHER waitlist for a counselor now but this waitlist is a lot shorter than the other one of 10 months
@stargazingwin @halcyondaisy @oopskashish @its-the-aerieljeane @pagkaiin @sanelly @alexialuvsya @bakugouswh0r3 @rintarovibes @lovely-maryj @rietvellld @kuroohoeee @jojowantstocry @tagakalat @encrytpta @inarizsunarin @stormcastello @uselesssapphickitten @cuteissei @iamapotat @icedberrytea @stffychn @diestheticu @makis-lover @hazzaloveschopsuey @ttunafish @mikeyswaifuu @mitskitadori @sugaslilsugabby @minimalisticstyle @stars-in-line @sunasarchive
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luvboku21 days ago
feat. atsumu miya, hajime iwaizumi, keiji akaashi, k艒tar艒 bokuto, osamu miya, suna rintaro, t艒ru oikawa, tobio kageyama
mdni or else i'll cast a spell on you
Tumblr media
pussydrunk!atsumu, who鈥檚 addicted to your essence. he laps it up like a starved man, his strong hands pinning your waist down against the bed as you tremble and sob from overstimulation after he鈥檚 made you cum for the nth time of the night.
pussydrunk!hajime, who wakes up every morning with soiled boxers. every night, his dreams are filled with fantasies of you, your body, and fucking into your pretty pussy in every which way. the images of your frame beneath his and the sounds; god, the sounds he knows you would make while two of his fingers are knuckles deep inside you 鈥 they drive him to the brink of insanity.
pussydrunk!keiji, who can鈥檛 do anything but stay still as he bottoms out inside you. he feels your plush walls grip and squeeze every ridge, every vein, and lets out labored breaths when your cervix brushes over the slit on his head; his most sensitive part. he's afraid to move, even in the slightest, because he knows if he does, he'll blow his load inside you right away.
pussydrunk!k艒tar艒, who shows up at your house in the middle of the night without warning and begs you to let him have a taste, having gone the whole day salivating at the thought of your sweet essence spreading over his tongue and coating his cock. how could you refuse when he asks so sweetly?
pussydrunk!osamu, who licks slowly and deliberately at your folds while his index and middle fingers quirk against the one spot inside of you that has you seeing stars as you spill all over his face. he doesn鈥檛 mind at all, though, and takes it down his throat like the smoothest of fine wines.
pussydrunk!suna, who grunts sweet praises against your ear as he kisses your cervix with every agonizingly slow thrust into your velvety walls. grunts of "such a perfect pussy," and "taking my cock so well, this pussy's made for me" has your legs tightening around his waist and fingers clawing at his back as your vision goes white.
pussydrunk!tobio, who ruts into you like he鈥檚 never been in pussy before. his face is buried in your neck, soft whines and breathy babbles of how he's gonna cum escape his lips as he shakily rolls his hips against yours, chasing his high. he drowns in the feeling of your walls clamping down on him and your own voice calling out his name as you writhe beneath his frame.
pussydrunk!t艒ru, who excuses himself to the restroom every half an hour while at practice, just to fuck into his fist imagining that it's your cunt. his pants and moans of your name bounce off the walls as he cums over, and over, and over again. of course, it doesn't feel as good as your pussy; nothing does, but it'll have to do until the evening when he comes home to the real deal.
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are sooo appreciated (鈼曖触鈼)
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ilkaillust6 months ago
Tumblr media
osamu packing atsumu鈥檚 lunch after an argument
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sukunababy4 months ago
we are horny everyday馃様
and for part 2 I wanted to request Kita,Ushijima,Semi,Daichi,Kuroo,Osamu, Bokuto and Suna.
Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
Haiky奴!! NSFT Visual
part 1 / Part 3
Tumblr media
KITA SHINSUKE: link link link link link
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link link link
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link
TETSUR艑 KUROO: link link link link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link link link
K艑TAR艑 BOKUTO: link link link link link link
RINTAR艑 SUNA: link link link link link link
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Tumblr media
#includes: Suna, Kuroo, Osamu, Ushijima
#genre: Smut聽
#Warnings: praise, F!oral, car sex, creampie, daddy kink, slight exhibitionism, M!oral, blowjob,聽AFAB reader, deepthroating, tears, office sex, shower sex, kitchen sex, soft sex
#Note: When I say 鈥渇ucking鈥 I don鈥檛 necessarily mean penetration, only Suna鈥檚 and Ushijima鈥檚 contain penetrative sex the other two are just oral. Just a quick fyi :)
Minors for the love of all that鈥檚 holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
SUNA - Car聽
聽It didn鈥檛 take long for the car windows to fog up, not with all the heavy breathing and pants. You don鈥檛 know why you expected today鈥檚 late-night drive to end up any different, you and Suna had a routine: he鈥檇 come and pick you up, you guys would get food and then you鈥檇 find yourself in an empty parking lot with your back against the steering wheel and in his lap. However, you couldn鈥檛 complain, it was your favourite part of the week and without fail you鈥檇 find yourself looking forward to it and even when Suna would suggest that you guys could take it back to either of your places, you insisted that he don鈥檛 break tradition. You loved the thought that you could get caught any moment and the urgency of it every time you fuck.
So, as you sit there, legs straddling his waist and pussy encircling his cock, you couldn鈥檛 help but throw your head back and let out an obscene moan. Suna let out a breathy groan as he dipped his head and enveloped one of your nipples (that he nearly ripped your top to get to) while massaging the other one with his thumb and pointer finger. You slowly lowered yourself onto his cock until you reached the base where you grinded your clit against his pubic bone and gripped his hair, pushing him further into your tit. 鈥淢mh, fuck baby, feels so good鈥 you sighed. Suna lifted his head from your chest and gripped your waist, encouraging you to start bouncing, 鈥淚 know baby, your pussy鈥檚 so fucking tight and wet, you like this don鈥檛 you, that we could get caught any moment鈥, after every word the pace of his thrusts increased, until all you could do was grip his shoulders and let him take control, 鈥測es yes yess鈥 you chanted. 鈥淭hen make as much sound as you want baby, yeah just like that, let everyone know how well I鈥檓 fucking you鈥 鈥淥h shit, you fuck me so good Rin, so good鈥 you managed to moan out. He let out a deep groan at your words and pulled you tighter to him, slowing his pace down to deliver hard deep thrusts instead, the change in pace drove you to the edge of your orgasm. He pulled your head down to his and silenced you with a kiss, pushing his tongue into your mouth and toying with it. You pant into his mouth as you breath out 鈥淚鈥檓 cumming, I鈥檓 cumming Rin鈥 鈥淪hh shh I know, I know, I can feel you baby, creaming all over my dick鈥 with a few more thrusts he joins you in your bliss and pumps his cum deep inside you, biting your shoulder to keep himself silent. You both stay in that position for a while, his softening dick keeping his cum inside you. Yeah, this was definitely your favourite part of the week.
Tumblr media
KUROO - Office
It wasn鈥檛 rare for you to visit your husband at work and bring him his lunch he would 鈥榓ccidentally鈥 forget, plus you also didn鈥檛 mind, you loved seeing him in his work environment and you definitely weren鈥檛 partial to him in his suit. You lightly knock on his office door and wait for his approval to come in and once you get it you open the door and dangle his lunch in front of you with a teasing smile, 鈥淩eally Testu, again? It鈥檚 like the second time this week鈥, 鈥淲hat can I say kitten, I鈥檓 getting forgetful these days鈥 he replies with a cheeky smirk, 鈥淢hm, sure鈥. You walk up to his desk and place his lunch on the table, while you lean down and peck his lips. He encircles his arms around you and looks up at you with a slight pout, 鈥淣ow that you鈥檙e here, why don鈥檛 you stay for a few minutes鈥, you lightly laugh while stroking his hair 鈥渁nd what would you have me do in the few minutes I鈥檓 here?鈥 You slyly asked.
He slowly lowers you onto his lap so your straddling one leg. With delicate, deliberate movements he runs his hands up and down your thighs, the wedding band sitting snugly on his ring finger catching the sun as he does so. 鈥淚鈥檒l do whatever you want me to pretty baby鈥. You bite your lip while looking at him and move your lips to his neck, placing delicate kisses all the way up, across his jaw and finally to his lips 鈥淚 wanna make you feel good testu鈥 you whisper against them, with a quiet groan he shakily nods his head, 鈥測ou always make me feel good kitten鈥. With one last kiss on his lips, you slip off his lap onto your knees, you mimic his movements from earlier and run your hands up the expanse of his thick thighs till you get to the buckle of his trousers. 鈥淔uckk鈥 he sighs from above you as you unbuckle his pants and free his thick cock from his boxers. He places his palm onto your cheek, smoothing circles into it while you occupy yourself with placing delicate kisses onto his dick 鈥渟o good to me baby鈥 鈥測ou deserve it, want you to relax鈥 you continue worshipping his cock and kitten licking his head, letting the sounds Kuroo鈥檚 making send you into a daze. After enough teasing you place the red leaking tip into your mouth and lightly suck. He moved his hands from your face to lay gently against the top of your head, not forcing , just encouraging you to go deeper, 鈥渟hit, just like that kitten, just like that鈥
A knock on the door snaps him out of his haze and in alarm he calls out 鈥渨ho is it?鈥 鈥淚t鈥檚 Haru from next door, i was wondering if I could run some numbers over with you if you鈥檙e free?鈥 鈥淯uh鈥︹ he quickly looks down at you and acknowledges that you haven鈥檛 stopped sucking his dick the whole time, you innocently look up at him as you slowly take more of him and start fondling his heavy balls, 鈥渇uck鈥 he sighs out, he can鈥檛 stop now, not when it feels so good. He gently ushers you under his desk and pushes his chair in so no one would be none the wiser. After clearing his throat so he sounds semi normal he calls out 鈥測eah come on in, I have a bit of spare time鈥.
As they talk boring work and numbers you continue to hollow your cheeks and work your way down, your hands working on anything you can鈥檛 fit into your mouth鈥et. You can hear him try to keep his voice even as the tip of his cock lightly hits the back of your throat and he covers your gag with a cough, 鈥渆verything okay Mr Kuroo?鈥 鈥渄on鈥檛 worry everything鈥檚 fine, just a little tickle in the throat鈥. You can feel your panties get even more wet as he places his hand back on your head and pushes you down further. He bites back a low moan as you increase your speed and pressure, 鈥渢he ohh..nly thing that needs to be changed is this table here鈥 he catches himself. It takes a lot for you to hold back your own moans as the thought of his co worker only being a couple feet away from you and being completely oblivious about what鈥檚 going on under the desk increases the heat pooling in your belly.
You flatten your palms against his thighs as he carefully thrusts up into your mouth, straining for your touch. He wants nothing more than to hammer into you and spill his seed down your throat but he鈥檒l have to wait till his co worker leaves and prays he doesn鈥檛 come before then. He makes the mistake of glancing down and he鈥檚 met with your glossy eyes peeing up at him, he lets out a breathy sigh, 鈥渋f that鈥檚 all then I鈥檇 really love to get back to what I was doing before鈥 鈥淥h uh yeah of course, thanks for all your help鈥 and with that Haru makes his way way to the door and lets him self out with a final wave.
鈥淥h shit鈥 he pushes his chair back to give you more room and opens his legs further, 鈥渇uck baby you鈥檙e driving me crazy鈥 you lowly hum while speeding up and the vibrations almost send him over the edge. He pushes your head further till he can feel your throat constrict around him and the tears that decorate your lash line have him cumming within a few seconds, 鈥渙h fuck oh fuck鈥 he repeats as he shoots his cum deep into your mouth and slowly pulls out. You swallow everything in your mouth, opening it to show him that it鈥檚 now empty, 鈥渟uch a good fucking girl, you took all of it鈥 he gently swipes his thumb against the edge of your lip, catching a bit that spilled out and shoves it back in your awaiting mouth. You slowly suck on his thumb while looking up at him and he swears he can feel himself get hard again 鈥測ou鈥檙e going to be the death of me Y/N鈥 鈥淚鈥檇 say the opposite, I helped you relax, didn鈥檛 I?鈥. Yeah, he鈥檚 definitely going to forget his lunch more often.
Tumblr media
OSAMU - Kitchen
You feel two strong arms circle around your waist and pull you flush against a chest. 鈥淪amu, I鈥檓 making breakfast鈥 you whine. He nuzzles against your neck and starts sucking your neck, 鈥淢hm my breakfast is right here鈥 and dessert鈥 you lightly laugh while titling your neck to give him more room 鈥測ou鈥檙e a fire hazard鈥 鈥渢hen let鈥檚 off the fire鈥 he whispers into your neck, and he does just that, reaching in front of him he offs the gas to the stove and turns you so you鈥檙e facing him. 鈥淐an we continue now?鈥 He asks with a raised eyebrow, with a roll of your eyes you smile back 鈥渘ow you can continue鈥
With quick movements, he lifts you up and places you onto the island in the middle of the kitchen 鈥渉ere?!鈥 You squeal out. He deeply chuckles 鈥測es here, where else would I enjoy my meal?鈥 Without giving you time to answer he places his lips onto yours and smooths his hand down your body, slipping it beneath your (his) shirt and inching it higher and higher. The pads of his fingers make contact with your bare cunt and he lets out a deep groan, 鈥渇uck, no underwear baby? Dirty girl鈥 you let out a moan at his words and spread your legs further 鈥渏ust for you daddy鈥 鈥渇uck look at you, all this for daddy, you鈥檙e so wet for me baby鈥. He lifts your shirt higher and orders you to hold it so it doesn鈥檛 get in his way. He lowers his head and trails kisses starting from your stomach down to your thighs and onto your pussy. You let out a sigh as he spreads your lips and blows cool air onto your pussy to watch your cute little hole clench around nothing. Licking his lips he gives a tentative lick to your clit and watches you throw your head back and place your hand into his hair to try to push him down, however he doesn鈥檛 budge. 鈥淭ell me what you want baby鈥 鈥淢mh want your mouth daddy鈥 鈥渨here do you want it?鈥 You let out a whine at his teasing and try to push his head down again, he slaps away your hand while giving you a disapproving look, 鈥渕y clit, want your mouth on my clit鈥 you huff out. 鈥淢uch better, wasn鈥檛 that easy鈥 he smirks out and before you can whine more he leans down and takes your clit into his mouth.
鈥淢mh oh fuck, just like that鈥. He continues sucking on your clit, sometimes taking his time to prod your leaking hole or suck on your folds but he finds himself back on your clit and groaning at the taste of you, 鈥渢aste so fucking good baby, could eat you all day鈥 you eyes roll back into your head at the harsh lashes he delivers to your clit with his tongue, alternating between sucking and flicking. You grind up into his face as you feel yourself nearing your orgasm and Osamu doesn鈥檛 relent. 鈥淚鈥檓 so close Samu, fuck don鈥檛 stop!鈥 鈥淢mh don鈥檛 worry pretty baby I鈥檓 not stopping anytime soon鈥 he grips your thighs and drags you closer to his mouth, appreciating the way your thighs tighten around his head. The feeling of his teeth lightly grazing your sensitive clit drives you over the edge and you cum all over his face, 鈥渏ust like that baby, cum all over my face, taste so fucking good鈥 he laps at your leaking hole and doesn鈥檛 stop till you physically push him away 鈥渁ah Samu too much baby, I鈥檓 sensitive鈥 鈥渏ust a little bit more鈥 he drunkly replies and tries to dive back in, you quickly tug him up to you and kiss him, cleaning the mess you made on his face 鈥測ou can have more later baby鈥 you speak against his mouth. Yeah, he鈥檚 definitely going to get more later.
Tumblr media
The sensation of the cold wet glass against your burning skin had you moaning out, the sound echoing throughout the bathroom. Ushijima had you in his strong arms, back pressed against the shower wall and legs crossed behind his back. He continued his assault on your hard nipples, alternating between the two as his thick cock bumped against your clit every so often. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gripped the hairs at the base out of it while whining out 鈥減lease toshi , put it in鈥 he lifted his head from your chest and placing sweet kisses across your face ending with your lips 鈥測ou think you can take me now sweetheart?鈥 You hurriedly nodded 鈥淢mh yes, promise鈥
He took ahold of his thick pulsing cock and pumped it a few times before prodding your hole, that feeling alone had you throwing your head back against the glass but he took your chin between his fingers and angled your head down 鈥淚 want you to watch me stretch this tight cunt, can you do that for me?鈥 鈥渇uckk鈥 you groaned out while keeping your eyes glued to the way your pussy was stretching to accommodate him. You both let out deep groans once he reached the hilt, he dropped his forehead onto your neck while he tried to control his breathing. You don鈥檛 know if it was the steam from the shower or the way toshi was splitting you apart that made you feel dizzy but you wanted more. 鈥淢ove toshi鈥 you whispered out. He slowly pulled back out till it was only the tip inside and then slowly pushed back in 鈥渟hit鈥 you sighed out. The slow rhythm continued for a while, both of you just enjoying the feeling of being connected and feeling him so deep inside of you, delivering deep slow thrusts that had you clenching around him and creating a thick creamy ring around him. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so tight love, god it feels so good鈥 鈥渇aster toshi baby, want to feel more鈥 and how could he deny you when you asked so sweetly.
He hoisted you up further and tightened his hold on you before speeding up the pace of his thrusts, the sudden change had you clawing against his back and screaming out, he groaned at the pain from your nails which didn鈥檛 take long to morph into pleasure. He took one of your erratically bouncing tits into his mouth and harshly sucked, gripped his head you moaned out 鈥渇uck toshi, just like that baby, I鈥檓 so close鈥 with that he quickened his thrusts until he was hammering in and out of you. You moved one of your hands down to your clit and started rubbing harsh circles into it, trying to match the rhythm of his thrusts, you鈥檙e undoing was his deep gruff command 鈥渃um for me鈥 and with that the tight rope in your belly snapped and you were creaming around his cock, the feeling of your tightening cunt and moans was enough to have him shooting his load deep inside of you 鈥淢mh fuck baby鈥. As both of you caught your breath and waited for your heart rate to slow down, he let you gently down, still keeping a tight grip around your waist and placed his forehead against yours 鈥渄one so good sweetheart鈥. Yeah, you鈥檒l definitely be showered together more often.
NOTE: Got carried away with Kuroo鈥檚 because it鈥檚 like one of my top fantasies lmao.
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[2:01 a.m.]
what you鈥檙e doing is wrong. definitely wrong.
when you鈥檇 walked into the bar with some coworkers for a nice night out, taking a break after the long week you鈥檝e faced, you didn鈥檛 think very much would happen, with exception to the work romance you鈥檝e been trying to set up.
you had practically shoved your dearest coworker, millie, in the arms of the man and coworker she鈥檚 been ogling for ages, leaving you off to the side to enjoy the awkward show of them chatting up a storm with their cheeks mirrored dark shades of red.
what you didn鈥檛 expect to happen was a familiar voice call out to you with a loud cheer. 鈥測/l/n! is that really 鈥榶a?鈥
you turn your head quickly to watch the large, boisterous man walk up to you with that signature toothy grin, lifting a beer glass in your direction. miya atsumu.
your breath hitches in your throat when you realize he鈥檚 got his twin brother under his free arm, dragging him along everywhere he went.
miya osamu.
鈥渄amn, y/n, it鈥檚 been a while, huh?鈥 atsumu muses, ignoring the timid stare you鈥檙e giving his brother. 鈥渨hat鈥檚 it? three, four years?鈥
with a pressed smile, you turn to atsumu. 鈥測ep, three years.鈥
you鈥檇 met atsumu through your best friend of 鈥 forever, honestly. she鈥檇 set you up on a date with him and upon first meeting him, under that somewhat awkward situation, both of you knew you weren鈥檛 exactly going to click in that way. nonetheless, you remained friends, leaving no room for any awkward tension at a failed relationship.
that鈥檚 something you liked about atsumu. he treated things as they were and moved on.
鈥測ou r鈥檓ember 鈥榮amu, don鈥檛鈥檆ha?鈥 he shakes his brother in his grasp only to wince in memory. 鈥渋 know it鈥檚 kinda awkward and all-鈥
鈥渁tsumu don鈥檛 you have rounds to get from the bar,鈥 osamu grits, flicking his eyes up toward the bartender, nudging his head forward so atsumu gets the hint.
atsumu lets go of his twin, shrugging him off and rolling his stiff shoulder. 鈥測eah, yeah, i鈥檒l be off then.鈥 and then he leaves.
there鈥檚 an awkward silence with you and osamu standing in front of each other.
鈥渉ey,鈥 you greet him with a small wave and smile to match.
鈥渉i,鈥 he greets back, managing a half smile.
there really shouldn鈥檛 be any reason you feel awkward in front of him. you鈥檙e not the one who dated him.
it was your best friend.
鈥ence the setup with atsumu.
she鈥檇 been seeing osamu for a few weeks at that point and brought up the idea of how cute it鈥檇 be being best friends and dating twins. while the thought weirded you out at first, you agreed to her pleas for a double date; it was also the day you鈥檇 meet the man she鈥檇 been dating so you weren鈥檛 about to pass that opportunity.
鈥測ou look good,鈥 osamu nods at you. 鈥渋 mean, well. not like good, like you look good but-鈥
鈥渢hanks,鈥 you cut him off with a chuckle. 鈥測ou look good, er-well, too.鈥 and then you grin, making osamu鈥檚 smile a little wider, too.
you meant it both ways. the man looks like he was doing well, eyes warm with light and not like some of your coworker鈥檚 who鈥檚 eyes are dim in fatigue and exhaustion.
and he looks good. you were aware the man was an athlete, making sense for the large, built physique he has but even years later after quitting the sport, he remained as buff as ever. his tight dress shirt hugged the muscles of his arms, straining against them as he has his arms crossed in a casual manner as he faced you. his shirt only did get looser - slightly - at his waist which was cinched to the point of being enviable at this point.
you merely glaze over his legs, well ware if you looked for too long, it鈥檇 be a dead give away you were checking the man out. from what you could tell from a glance, his thighs were thick in his jeans, probably strained if he sat down.
鈥渄o you wanna sit?鈥 you ask the taller man, motioning to the empty bar stool beside you.
he nods silently under the blue lights, casually slipping into the seat beside yours. yep, his thighs are strained in those jeans. 鈥渟o what鈥檚 got you here on a friday night?鈥 he breaks the ice, lightly drumming his fingers along the edge of the bar counter.
鈥渨ork friends wanted a break,鈥 you reply simply, gesturing over to the few you could see on the dance floor. 鈥渁nd who am i to pass up an opportunity of seeing some drama unfold maybe?鈥
you didn鈥檛 realize how late it鈥檚 gotten into the evening, becoming aware that only a few of your coworkers were still at the bar.
you don鈥檛 want to leave yet though.
鈥渁h,鈥 osamu鈥檚 eyes twinkle in amusement as he muses. 鈥渨ish i could say the same for me.鈥
鈥渁tsumu got you here i鈥檓 assuming?鈥
he nods, rolling his eyes to the side. 鈥溾榳anted me out of the store.鈥
your eyes light at that. you recall osamu talking about opening his own restaurant while he dates your best friend but he wasn鈥檛 around for you to see the end product.
鈥渉ow鈥檚 that going?鈥 you ask, blinking up at him in curiosity.
osamu stares at you for a moment before shaking his head to himself as he begins to open up.
you fall into an easy conversation with osamu, catching up with him since you hadn鈥檛 spoken in around three years.
he recounts all the trials and tribulations of opening a restaurant - some you weren鈥檛 even aware of until he told you - and you expressed your own mundane feelings about your own job, though you both reached exactly where you wanted to be.
it鈥檚 comforting, sharing the negative past events leading up to where you are now, both being successful (even if it wasn鈥檛 your peak yet).
you鈥檙e both waving your hands around, talking animatedly to one other, eyes gleaming in delight at each other鈥檚 stories. from far away, it probably looks like two friends catching up after just a week apart.
osamu orders drinks for the both of you and you鈥檝e yet to look back at those coworkers you鈥檝e been trying to set up - if they鈥檙e still even at the bar, that is - since you鈥檙e far too focused on osamu鈥檚 grey eyes and the way the shine under the bar鈥檚 dim lights.
he has you doubling over in a laugh when he speaks of his brother as if he鈥檚 not only some feet away from him. osamu grins at your laughter, relaxing in his stool as he takes a swig of his beer.
before you realize, your stool has moved to be even closer to his. your shoulders are touching at this point, forearm draped over his as you absentmindedly trace the wood markings of the bar counter.
but neither of you say a word about it, as if you don鈥檛 need to.
when your conversation dies down, leaving the two of you lightly chuckling at each other, osamu turns to fully face you.
he鈥檚 about to say something but catches sight of something on your face first.
鈥渉ey, you鈥檝e got some-鈥 he pauses to lift his hand and wipe a spot just under your bottom lip. 鈥-sugar.鈥 he smiles easily, hooded eyes boring into you in amusement.
the action has you frozen in place, lips parted open. you can鈥檛 even make a comment about the sugar on your lip from whatever sugar rimmed drink you decided to order. all you can think of is having his fingers caress your jaw one more time.
wait, what?
you don鈥檛 have a chance to say anything because atsumu鈥檚 stumbling toward the two of you, another man holding him up.
鈥溾榮amu, we鈥檙e going home, y鈥檆oming?鈥 he slurs, blinking slowly as he looks between the two of you. if he suspects something, he says nothing about it.
鈥渋 uh, yeah,鈥 he detaches from you, patting his jeans. he pauses to look at you, 鈥渄o you have a ride home?鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 fine on my own, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 you give him a pressed smile, missing his body warmth already.
nope, y/n, you shouldn鈥檛 be missing his warmth.
鈥測/n,鈥 osamu deadpans, looking at you flatly. 鈥渋 just watched you have like four of those cocktails. i鈥檓 taking you home.鈥 and then he turns back to his brother and the other man. 鈥渟una, can you take him?鈥
the man beside atsumu - suna, you鈥檙e assuming - nods with a dry expression. 鈥測eah, yeah. get back safe.鈥
osamu bids suna and his brother goodbye and then he turns to you. 鈥測ou want another?鈥
you blink up at him. 鈥渄on鈥檛 you want to go home?鈥
he shrugs. 鈥渋鈥檓 not opening early tomorrow so you don鈥檛 have to worry about me. this is your relax night, no?鈥
you gnaw at your lip. 鈥渙ne more and then we can go.鈥
osamu gives you a close-lipped smile. 鈥渁lright.鈥 he raises a hand, gesturing to the bartender for one more for you. you notice his beer bottle has been empty for an hour now.
鈥渋鈥檓 usually the designated driver,鈥 osamu says when he notices your gaze. 鈥渋t was lucky that suna鈥檇 shown up to bring 鈥榚m home.鈥
鈥渓ucky,鈥 you muse, smiling. truly lucky.
one drink later, you鈥檙e standing up from your stool, holding onto osamu鈥檚 muscular shoulder for support as you get used to wearing your heels. your feet are practically numb at this point after the long work week.
osamu leads you to his car, opening the door for you before he jogs over to the driver鈥檚 seat. you sit comfortably, playing with the hem of your dress absentmindedly.
鈥渃omfortable?鈥 he asks, looking over at you briefly.
鈥渕hm,鈥 you hum, 鈥渧ery.鈥
he swallows and then puts the car into drive, asking you for your address.
the drive is quiet at first and you spend it glancing at osamu every few minutes, admiring how handsome he looks in the yellow and red lights reflected from the cars in front of his.
at a stop light, he arches an eyebrow as he turns to look at you, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 got鈥檆ha looking at me? don鈥檛 tell me I got sugar on my lip, too.鈥
you laugh at his joke, instinctively bringing your fingers up to your face to lightly trail along the spot he鈥檇 grazed earlier. 鈥渟orry, you鈥檙e just-鈥 you cut yourself off, shaking your head firmly.
you鈥檙e intoxicated. you wouldn鈥檛 be thinking these things had there been no alcohol in your system.
鈥渋鈥檓 just?鈥 he asks, fluttering his lashes at you, eyes shining even prettier against the red lights of the brake lights in front of the car.
then again, drunken words are sober thoughts.
you let out a breath.
damn it, osamu.
鈥測ou鈥檙e just really handsome.鈥
you expect him to recoil back in his seat, awkwardly clearing his throat in discomfort. the ride鈥檒l continue in a painful silence until he drops you off and vows to never see you again.
but his hooded eyes, lidded even further down, bore into yours as a smirk pulls up on one side of his lips. 鈥測eah?鈥 he asks, leaning forward.
your eyes widen slightly, but you nod nonetheless. you thinks he鈥檒l say something else but he turns away when you see the red light reflecting off his face turn to green.
he resumes driving, but this time, he鈥檚 looking at you every few minutes, small smile never leaving his face.
鈥測鈥檒ook good,鈥 he says, breaking the silence as you stare out the window.
鈥測ou already said that-鈥
鈥渋 mean good, like pretty.鈥 he catches your eyes, grinning at your flushed expression. 鈥済orgeous, really. didn鈥檛 know if should鈥檝e said that before but 鈥榤 tellin鈥 ya now.鈥
by the time he pulls up in front of your apartment building, you鈥檙e still feeling rather flustered, but bolder.
osamu looks out the window, glancing at your apartment complex. then he looks over at you, eyes trailing across your features as if committing them to memory; as if this鈥檒l be the last time he鈥檒l see you.
鈥渋s it wrong,鈥 you begin in a whisper, unclicking your seatbelt. 鈥渋f i ask you to come up with me?鈥
osamu leans back in his seat, sighing.
the attraction is there, the both of you know it.
but there鈥檚 the piece wedged between the two of you, making you hesitate.
his ex.
your best friend.
鈥渋t is,鈥 he firmly nods at you, making an ache form in your chest.
you expect him to bid you a goodnight, and then go on his way. he鈥檒l go home, sleep away the night, and forget your obvious chemistry. he鈥檒l open his restaurant as normal tomorrow, and this night will be nothing but a dimmed memory in a week.
you have to forget your expectations for osamu.
because he always does the opposite.
鈥渋t is,鈥 he repeats after a beat, 鈥渂ut isn鈥檛 it more wrong if i say yes?鈥
and then you鈥檙e in the elevator of your apartment building, gripping and tugging at osamu鈥檚 button up shirt as he cups your cheeks with his large hands, kissing you with so much passion, you鈥檇 think he鈥檇 missed you for years.
the elevator dings and you鈥檙e stumbling in the hallway in direction of your apartment, clumsily twisting the key into your door as he trails messy kisses along your jaw.
what you鈥檙e doing is wrong. definitely wrong.
but you can鈥檛 find yourself to care, really. especially not when you鈥檙e waking up with both your bodies tangled together in a mess of limbs, and osamu鈥檚 head is buried in your neck as he inhales your sweet scent with each sleeping breath.
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