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#haikyuu fanfiction
kissmeomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
he couldn’t get enough, so omi would just keep buying you pieces for your lingerie collection. he loved the way lace hugged your curves, so he’d sit there and admire you in it. he pulls you closer, lips settling between your breasts. he trailed soft kisses up to your neck, before pulling on the very thin black to release your tit. omi kisses and sucks as his other hand moves down to rub at your clit through your panties. he loves every noise you make for him and praises you constantly.
“always sound so pretty for me,” he mutters against your flushed skin. “always so good.”
and omi would play with you until you were soaked through, rutting against his hand, and whining til your voice cracks. so he’d sit back, watching you with a somewhat dazed expression as he watches you take all of him. he has to restrain himself from thrusting up into you, as you roll your hips into his. you just feel so good and he’s insatiable.
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zenaiide · 2 days ago
things they do as your boyfriend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: can you tell i suck at headcanons? but i kinda want to do some more stuff like this because i can write for more than one character at a time. also, i feel like i was unconsciously implying masculine and feminine roles, so please let me know if you have an opinion on that
warning: just tooth rotting fluff, usage of terms of endearment like sweetheart, love, babe etc
Tumblr media
kita! draws you a bath whenever you come home tired from work. it takes just one look at you as you shuffle through the front door, and he's planting a soft kiss on your temple, telling you to set aside your things and just relax because "i'll take care of everything, sweetheart." he makes sure the water is just the right temperature, and drops in a bath bomb, the lavender one, because apparently it has a 'calming effect'.
he sits beside you the whole time, one hand holding yours and occasionally kissing your knuckles if he feels like it. he'll ask you about your day to help you unwind and get everything off your chest, only giving his own advice when you ask for it. he'll tell you about his own activities on the farm and anything fun that happened with the ducklings in an attempt to make you feel better. you'll have his undivided attention for however long you need it.
Tumblr media
daichi! warms up your cold feet and hands in the winter. whenever you two are outside in the cold and you complain about not being able to feel your hands, he's immediately taking them in his own, cupping them before his mouth to blow warm air over them, before rubbing them together. he proceeds to intertwine your hand with his and put it in his coats pocket so he can hold your hand while also warming it up.
you'll be laying down on the couch, waiting for him so the two of you can watch a movie together, and he'll put your feet on his lap and massage them with his warm hands because he knows socks don't help you. sometimes you'll squeeze your cold feet under his thighs, expecting him to get annoyed, but he only lifts his legs and covers your feet entirely, not even batting an eye.
Tumblr media
oikawa! does your skincare routine with you. he's always up for it whenever you ask him if he wants to put on a mask, rushing to the dresser to pull out his own reindeer antler headband to push the hair away from his face. he goes to lay down on the bed because he likes it when you place the sheet mask on his face and smooth it out. likes it even better when it's one of those cream face masks you have to apply with a brush because he gets to stare at you while you do it for him.
if you're in the bathroom applying all those different serums, he'll stand beside you, or sit on the toilet seat, so he can keep talking to you as you do your routine. sometimes he'll even ask you if you can apply certain stuff to his face too, beaming up at you as you gently run your hands over his skin and plant a kiss on his lips before stepping away. he loves how his skin looks so shiny after.
Tumblr media
bokuto! keeps you company whenever you're in the kitchen. you have to physically restrain him from helping you cook, because you end up having to order out whenever he's involved in making the food, always giving the recipes a 'personal touch'. he'll sit on a stool behind the counter and tell you stories from his matches (the rare few you don't attend). he'll plan dates, that never bear fruit, because "babe~! we never go out anymore." sometimes he'll even ask you to teach him to cook as you go along.
but then there are also days when he doesn't talk, just sits and watches you move about, loving how all your movements are so calm and calculated. he especially loves it when you knead dough to make some bread every now and then, watching in awe as the mix of flour and water firms up as you twist and turn. he helps you wash the dishes whenever he can, the both of you working in tandem as you wash and he dries. he doesn't care what he does as long as you're beside him.
Tumblr media
kuroo! likes to open doors for you. it doesn't matter if he's walking ahead of you or behind you, one way or another he'll reach the door's handle before you and then smile as he holds it open for you, leading you in with a hand on your lower back and a "go ahead, babe." even if he ends up going in before you, he'll turn around and wait with a hand on the door to keep it open for you before letting go once you're safely inside.
if you're some distance away from him, he'll pretend and act annoyed at you for making him keep the door open so long, letting out a soft chuckle when you glare at him for making you hurry. makes up for it by taking your hand in his and squeezing tight. the same goes for car doors. he waits by the passenger seat to your door for you, placing a hand on the edge so you don't hit your head while sliding in. always makes sure you're seated properly before shutting it softly.
Tumblr media
ushijima! always makes sure to eat with you. he doesn't like that he can't spend as much time with you as he wants, so he's made it his goal to never make you eat alone. no matter how much of a hurry he's in in the morning, he'll take his time and have breakfast with you, those few precious minutes with you the only thing he has to last him the whole day till he can get back home to you in the evening. always makes sure to kiss the crown of your head before he leaves the table with a "i'll see you soon, love."
video calls are a must during your lunch breaks, which thankfully coincide. with his phone propped up, ushijima has a clear view of you as he dives in to the bento you packed for him. if he ends up finishing before you, he'll wait till you're done eating to say goodbye and end the call, telling you about random stuff that happened since the morning to pass the time. he tries his best to make it back home in time for dinner, apologising profusely on the few times he can't, heart hurting as he thinks about you having to sit at the table alone.
Tumblr media
feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated!!
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willowfolksong · a day ago
hi, so lately i’ve been more comfortable with my body, like when i go to the beach i wear a two piece bathing suit and i myself am chubby like rolls and thick thighs but i don’t hate it, so i was wondering if it’s possible to make a head cannon of the readers crushes finally seeing her in a two piece, like she wears loose clothing and one day she’s just like *BOOM* in a cute 2 piece bathing suit. preferably suna or tsukki
When they see you wearing a bikini for the first time
- Tsukishima Kei x Reader/Suna Rintaro x Reader
- SFW; slightly suggestive
a/n: hi @annitalahuefana !!!!! first of all, thank you for sharing how you feel with me. ❤ I'm genuinely glad that you feel more comfortable now, and I bet you look as beautiful as our dear Reader here, leaving this poor boys speechless! 😌 So here's your request! I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it! Let me know what you think and if you need me to change anything 😁❤
Willow ❄
Requests are open! ❄
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
🏖 He never wanted to come in the first place. It's hot and and the sun gets in his eyes, and he never even liked the beach that much either. But you were coming, and he just wasn't going to let you go alone, especially when Tanaka and Nishinoya were also going to be there.
🏖 He's not the jealous type. He really isn't. He just likes to make sure there's no dumb head drooling over you. He likes that people know that you're pretty, but he prefers them at a safe distance from you. And to be honest, from him too.
🏖 And so there he is, sitting under the umbrella as he watches Hinata and Tobio arguing about something he can't hear — but it's probably stupid— with Asahi trying to calm them down. They haven't even started playing and they're already fighting. Tsukki eyes the makeshift sand court wearily.
🏖 Yamagushi comes running towards him in that moment, his hair sticking to his face and a huge smile on his lips. Of course he would like the beach. He's the type to enjoy this kind of things.
"Tsukki, are you not going to play?" he asks, out of breath, and Tsukishima feels your eyes on him from beside him.
"No" he deadpans, fixing his glasses.
"But we need another player! And even the girls are going to play!"
You pipe up in that moment, excitement evident on your voice "Yachi and Shimizu are going to play?"
You glance at him again, and this time, his eyes meet yours "I'm gonna go play too then"
"Really?" asks Yamaguchi, excited.
"Yeah! If Kei's not going to play... I will" you place your hand on his arm, squeezing lightly "You don't mind, don't you?"
Tsukishima scoffs "You can do whatever you want"
"Okay then!" Yamaguchi claps, sending him one last worried glance and running back to the others "Come on, hurry up!"
🏖 You stand then, stretching your arms over your head and letting your hair lose and— oh... you're taking your shirt off. Tsukishima actually shokes beside you.
🏖 He's never seen you without a shirt on. You're a big fan of loose clothes and baggy sweatshirts, and he actually think they look good on you... but this... this is something else. Nothing can compare to the way your bikini hugs your curves in the best way possible. Those thighs...
He can't stop himself from talking, his face burning hot "Where do you think you're going?"
You glance down at him with a frown "Ahm... to play? Remember? Yamaguchi just asked me?"
"Yeah... yeah, right"
You snicker, grabbing your phone to take a look at your reflection on the screen "Do you like my bikini, Kei?"
He clears his throat, feeling like his face could explode at any moment "It's... fine"
"Just fine?" you ask, twirling around and Oh...
Tsukishima wasn't expecting your butt to look so... incredibly delicious. And again, your tights look so plump that he would just...
He looks down at the sand, ready to bury himself in it "It's cute"
"Oh, well... that wasnt the kind of answer I was expecting. Guess I'll go and ask Yū what he thinks about it"
He stands up as quickly as he can to grab your arm before you can stalk away. You look back at him, fighting a smile, and your face immediately heats up too as he bends down to whisper in your ear.
"You look beautiful. I... really wish it was just the two of us now" he says, and you cover your mouth with one hand and look up to find his eyes staring intently at you from behind his glasses.
"And what would you do then? If there was just the two of us...?"
"Hey, guys!" Hinata screams then, waving at you both "Hurry up, we're starting!"
"Tsukki's not going to play!" Yamaguchi warns, but Tsukishima pushes his glasses up and firmly grabs your hand, dragging you forward with him.
"I changed my mind. I'm playing now"
🏖 There's no way he's going to let you play alone with the rest now that he saw you like this.... and he also wants to be there for when you run around and jump... just to take a good look.
🏖 On the ride back, when you finally fall asleep with your head on his shoulder, he keeps himself busy looking for bikinis on his phone. Maybe he can find a cute store and take you there while pretending he didn't knew anything about it.
Suna Rintaro
Tumblr media
📱 Practice is over, finally. He whines to himself, glaring at the twins still arguing about something he really doesn't care. They could have been done much earlier, if it wasn't for Atsumu and his insistence in 'Just trying it one more time'
📱 Suna is tired, and kind of hungry, but most of all, he really misses you. With the weekend right around the corner, he can't barely wait to be with you already. Maybe you'll stay home and watch some movies; maybe you'll drag him around the mall, going from store to store while he pretends he's not interested but secretly takes pictures of you everytime you do something cute. He doesn't care. He just wants to be with you.
📱 He eyes his phone on the bench next to him, and finally decides to send you a text saying he's done for the day. Sometimes you stay until late, your club activities keeping you busy, and the two of you can go home together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
📱 He stops dead on his track when he sees the picture. It's you. In a bikini. Winking at him in front of a mirror.
"Is everything alright?" Kita asks him, and he puts down his phone so fast that his hand actually hurts.
"Why are you red like that?" Atsumu asks, his hands behind his head "You look weird"
"I said it's nothing"
📱 His heart beating fast, he waits for his friends to stop paying attention to him to look at the picture you sent him once more. He's never seen you wearing a bikini before. Actually, he's never seen you in nothing but sweatshirts and t-shirts. They look cute on you —specially when they belong to him— but this...
📱 He wants to be standing in front of the mirror with you, his hands roaming down your curves and leaving imprints on your waist. And your thighs, so plump and round... he wants them wrapped around his face. He wants to drown in them. He stops himself from texting you to turn around to instead ask for something else.
📱 You can't blame him, really. It's not beach season. He can't just take you to the beach in the middle of winter to see you wearing that. It has to be this way.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ri-days · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kuroo, nishinoya, aran, and tsukishima !
warnings: usage of 'babe'. unedited. a/n: adklajdljlkadsjlkajdlkfj
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
saturday nights with kuroo consisted of stargazing. you two barely had any free time throughout the week, filled with work and other activities, so saturday nights were a way for you two to destress and relax.
you lied on the ground, staring up at the dark sky littered with stars, filling you with a sense of wonder. "pretty," kuroo whispered, pulling you closer to him. you hummed, "they are."
Tumblr media
saturday nights with nishinoya were spontaneous you two set off in the car, windows wide open, with music blasting in the car. you two g grinned as you both screamed to sang along to the song, looking out at the blur of the street.
you stopped at at pizzeria, picking up a large pizza, sand sat in the car, devouring t it to. you two started talking about your day, abt yout week, about anything you two couldn't talk about during your busy week. "no way!" you exclaimed, tearing a piece of the pizza. "i know, can you believe it, babe?"
Tumblr media
saturday nights with aran were cozy and comfortable. you two snuggled in front of the tv, blankets draped on top of you. a ghibli movie was playing, taking you back to your younger days.
you wrapped your arms around aran, resting your head against his chest. as the movie started, you couldn't contain our excitement, adding comments to the scenes. he added his own as you spoke, giving you a small peck each time.
Tumblr media
saturday nights with tsukishima were peaceful and comforting. you two walked around the streets, hand in hand. music played from your earphones, setting the tone for the night. you swung your arms, smiling as he did it too.
"idiot," he smiled.
Tumblr media
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educatedsimps · 6 hours ago
+ coming home to you
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ft. dad!Miya Atsumu x fem!reader
includes: fluff, reader and atsumu have kids (like, four of them), reader called mommy, kind of suggestive because it’s atsumu (duh)
a/n: heyyy it’s lyssa. this is my first (short) fic ever and i apologise for any errors or mistakes :”) this was purely self-indulgent ‘cause i was having dad!atsumu brainrot at 2am one night and thought it would be cute to write it out. hope you like it and please do leave a comment on what you thought, feedback is appreciated <3
PS: reader has four kids with atsumu, twin boys (6), a girl (3) and another little boy (2). also recommended that you read the character intro (coming soon!) in the AU1 masterlist before reading but it’s not compulsory :)
Tumblr media
sighing, you unlocked the door to your home and stepped inside, noting that all the toys were kept neatly and the dishes were done and dried. the dining table was clear of the usual clutter and only a standing lamp next to the sofa was left turned on. it gave a warm glow to the cozy apartment you shared with your husband and four kids.
after setting your bags atop the dining table, you went upstairs to the twins' bedroom, hoping to see your rambunctious twin boys knocked out cold for the night.
you opened the door as quietly as you could and peeked inside. the twin beds were perfectly made, without a sign of anyone having been there earlier. confused, you went further down the hall to your daughter's bedroom. it was also empty, her blankets and pillows untouched.
you stepped back into the hallway. it was eerily quiet. having a set of twin boys who were exactly like their father and uncle meant that it was never quiet in the house, and neither did having two toddlers.
slightly worried, you padded over to yours and Atsumu's shared bedroom and opened the door. you peeked inside.
there, you found your beloved husband, Miya Atsumu, curled up on the king-sized bed with three of your kids. the twins, Ryūjin and Ryōta, and their little sister Atsukō settled around their father among their nest of pillows and blankets.
Atsumu was reading them a story, using an animated voice and wild hand gestures. the children giggled whenever he slipped on a word or read something wrongly. little Akira was already fast asleep in his crib next to the bed.
a warm feeling blossomed in your chest as you watched your family from the doorway.
"...and the tiger went ROaRrR-" Atsumu stopped and looked up from the book when he noticed you leaning against the doorframe. his eyes softened when he saw you, suddenly filled with so much love and admiration. it made your heart skip a beat even after so many years of having seen the same look in his eyes.
Ryūjin, Ryōta and Atsukō looked at their father with curious eyes, wondering why he stopped. then they followed his gaze to your figure standing at the entrance of the bedroom.
"MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Atsukō squealed, jumping out of bed and barreling her tiny three-year-old body in your direction. her older brothers weren't far behind.
you stumbled back as you were nearly knocked over by three of your children hugging your torso and legs. Atsumu desperately shushed them in fear of waking up your youngest son.
"MOM, Ryō borrowed my extra shoes for volleyball practice today and got them dirty!" Ryūjin, the older six-year-old twin, practically exclaimed in your face.
"DID NOT! it was already dirty because you can never keep anything of yours clean!" Ryūjin's identical twin brother, Ryōta, retorted.
"SHUT UP!" came a higher pitched voice from behind the boys.
"can you two just stop screaming for two seconds? do you wanna wake Aki-chan up?" Atsukō whisper-yelled. she crossed her arms in front of her chest as she spoke firmly to her two older brothers. her cheeks were slightly puffed as she pursed her lips. she took her job as Akira's older sister very seriously. you had to resist the overwhelming urge to coo at her adorable expression.
her big brothers sheepishly scratched the backs of their necks upon hearing her words, blushing an adorable pink.
Atsukō really was like her friend, Bokuto Yua. they both understood the pains of growing up with obnoxious older brothers, and having to do damage or violence control more often than not. but compared to Yua, Atsukō was slightly more outspoken.
it was a common occurrence for Atsukō to have to yell at her brothers to stop their petty fights, or, on rare occasions, join their squabble. Yua, on the other hand, often had an authoritative and slightly intimidating aura when dealing with her three brothers. instead of shouting at them to stop, she'd simply pull them apart with the help of an adult (since she's tiny) and speak to each of them sternly.
Yua’s basically a mini Akaashi dealing with multiple mini Bokutos on a daily basis.
it was honestly quite adorable watching a stubborn but sweet little girl like Atsukō play and interact with a more composed child like Yua.
Atsukō sighed, shaking her tiny head before waddling over to you.
"mommy, how was your day?" she asked you in a much sweeter tone. her golden brown eyes looked up at you along with a pearly white smile that made you want to smOosh her cheeks together.
you kneeled in front of her her, chuckling lightly. "thanks for asking, ‘tsukō. my day went great, sweetie." you pecked her forehead before turning to your sons to give them each a kiss on their cheeks.
"c'mon kids, give your mom some space. she's tired, aight?" Atsumu came over from his seat on the bed, ushering the kids back towards the bed as you stood back up. he approached and swiftly caught your lips in a sweet kiss, the words “welcome home, my love" conveyed to you through the tender kiss.
it was a short kiss but it was just as meaningful as every other one you’ve shared with him. you sighed softly into the kiss as his rough palm caressed the side of your face.
"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW," came a chorus of kids' voices from behind him. fake gagging sounds could be heard too. Atsumu pulled away, huffing.
"please, it’s not like you’ve never seen yer folks kiss before. it’s gettin' late, back to yer rooms, you little nincompoops," Atsumu chided. the trio grumbled and shuffled past you into their respective bedrooms after saying goodnight.
"i'll give you your goodnight kisses later, okay? let me take a shower first," you called out to them, laughing at your family's antics.
"i’ll get those monkeys to bed first. you go ahead, darlin'. i'll join ya later," your husband winked, giving you an all-too-familiar smirk. you slapped his arm gently.
"can't a woman take one shower without it getting steamy?" you scoffed. truth be told, you've never minded taking showers with Atsumu. but you weren't gonna let him know that.
"nope," Atsumu popped the "p" sound, shaking his head before whispering in my ear, "also, that pencil skirt looks great, love. but I'm sure you'll look even better without it."
he smirked again.
you blushed at his words.
damn that stupid smirk.
he practically sauntered over to the twins' room after that, leaving you a hot blushing mess outside the bedroom.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
you towel-dried your hair and stepped out of the bathroom just as Atsumu walked into your shared bedroom.
"dammit y/n, must you take such quick showers all the time? i just got those three to bed! we never take showers together anymore," he whined.
"must you take so long to get them to fall asleep?" you countered, shooting him a smirk of your own.
before he could react, you went over to your youngest son's crib next to the bed.
“hi, baby," you cooed softly, bending down to gently caress Akira's small face. his skin was soft and smooth to the touch, and he looked so angelic, sleeping peacefully in his small crib. he was ethereal.
Atsumu came up behind you and rubbed his hands up and down the sides of your arms, breathing in the scent of your damp hair. your back was flush against his built chest as his lips brushed over your temple.
you never realised how much you missed these quiet moments together.
"he looks like you," Atsumu mumbled into your ear, his muscular arms slowly making their way around your torso.
"yeah... Atsukō looks like you, though," you mused. he hummed in acknowledgement.
"but the twins are perfect mix of both of us," Atsumu grinned, finally engulfing me in a huge hug. you laughed.
you turned around and lazily draped your arms over his shoulders, fingers tickling the dark roots at the base of his neck. you looked into his eyes and saw that same mix of admiration, mischief, happiness and so, so much love.
if Osamu were here he'd probably be puking his guts out, seeing his brother give you googly heart-eyes. you chuckled at the thought.
"thank you, for giving me everythin’ i could've ever asked for," Atsumu whispered. his warm breath fanned your cheek and he touched your foreheads together, his nose lightly bumping into yours. he closed his eyes, basking in the moment between you two.
your heart fluttered uncontrollably.
"you know, even after all these years, you still manage to give me crazy butterflies," you whispered, giggling. his eyes jolted open as he leaned back to look at me.
"oh yeah? i give ya kids too, y’know," he playfully added.
"trust me, i know," you chortled.
before you could say anything else, though, he pushed you backwards and flopped your bodies in the middle of your huge bed. you yelped just as your back hit the airy mattress.
he braced himself with his forearm as he hovered over you, slowly trailing kisses from your ear to your jaw.
"then, how 'bout we have another one?" he asks, not once stopping his actions. you snorted, lightly pushing him off, only to see him giving you a huge pout.
"tsumu, we just had Akira less than two years ago. i don't think we'll be able to handle another one. or two," you shook your head.
before he could protest, you leaned up to give him a kiss. he kissed back, as always, but his lips still formed an adorable pout.
now you see why you’re soft for Atsukō's pout. she looks just like her father.
atsumu sighed and rolled off of you, but only to pull you closer not two seconds after pulling the duvet over yourselves.
he wrapped his arms around you tightly. his face snuggled into the crook between your neck and shoulder.
"i know you want a big family, Tsumu, but how about we grow this one first, before we think of having a whole volleyball team of kids, hm?" you giggled. he grumbled under his breath. "besides, my body can only take so much. and I don't think Samu would appreciate having to babysit so many Miyas almost every week."
"i guess you’re right..."
"i love you, y/n," he mumbled. "i love you so, so much." he gave your shoulder another kiss before entangling your legs together under the sheets.
"i love you too, Tsumu," you yawned, before slowly drifting off into a comfortable and restful sleep in the arms of the man you love. the man you built a home and a family with.
work could be draining and being an adult could be frustrating at times. it’s not fun, sure, but with a husband and family like that? you really couldn't have asked for more.
Tumblr media
a/n again: hehe sorry, my writing really isn’t that good, i wrote this a while back but i hope you got the gist of this one-shot <3 go check out the rest of our tumblr if you haven’t already! it’s pretty interesting ;)
written and edited by lyssa, 04.12.2021 <3
Tumblr media
© educatedsimps 2021. do not repost, copy, translate or plagiarize any work from this blog on tumblr or any other platforms. if you do, the simps will hunt you down >:( likes and reblogs are appreciated <3
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hinatawa · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
flora x akaashi week 2021 🍾 day six — touches.
Tumblr media
an unexpected perk of your fledgling relationship with akaashi is his apartment's balcony.
his apartment is nice. it's also in a nice area—not by a busy street, but close enough to a commercial spot. a good few stories up, too, with a spacious open layout, two bedrooms and a bath.
(he'd explained that he was renting from a friend, so the rate wasn't so difficult, as the place needed someone to take care of it, because yeah, an editor isn't the most lucrative career in the world.)
you'd been here once, when he forgot something and had to go back for it. you'd lingered by the door, so you weren't able to see the view from the balcony—which looks over the expanse of tokyo—but when he'd given you a full tour when you transferred over to his place for dinner, you'd asked him if you could eat out there instead of inside. he'd set up a table and two chairs and a candle with a smile.
(you nearly passed out from the sheer surge of affection you'd felt for him in that moment, and you'd kissed him hard when he bought some furniture for the balcony a few weeks later.)
so it became more or less the tradition of hanging out at his place. dinner, some drinks, a fair amount of kissing, and talking. lots and lots of talking.
"tokyo's so beautiful," you sigh one night, leaning on one armrest of the rattan couch and pulling your knees up to your chest. the city glitters in the distance. "you've lived here forever, right?"
"not the city," akaashi answers, "but yeah. general tokyo area."
you sigh and turn your eyes to him, pressing your cheek against your knee. "was it nice?"
"saitama's pretty quiet," he says, stretching one arm over the back of the couch. his fingers brush against your shoulder as they settle behind you. "but yeah. it was nice. felt balanced, because i could hop on the train and just head into shibuya or shinjuku with friends on the weekend."
"that sounds fun," you say honestly, squirming in your seat so your lower back is pressed against the arm rest, and you're facing him. you take his hand in yours. "i'm so jealous."
"i lived in a small town," you say. "i would've liked to know what it was like to grow up around the city instead of in the middle of nowhere."
"i'm sure it wasn't that bad," he says, but you shake your head, stopping the words you wanted to tell him from spilling out of your mouth.
"what was your childhood like?" he asks then, threading your fingers together.
the question catches you off-guard, and something bitter rises to the back of your throat. "it was okay," you answer, lying through your teeth.
he must've felt something was wrong, because he gently pulls your hand closer to press a kiss to the back of your palm. he says nothing, waiting for you to continue.
you take a deep breath through your nose. "i..." you continue, more somber. you want to tell him the truth. "i was a very unhappy kid."
akaashi watches your face as you speak.
you squeeze before you let go of his hand to wrap your arm around your knees, training your eyes on the side of his thigh. "i was a very different person back then," you continue. "don't get me wrong; i had no grand tragedy, no inspiring ambition. it was just... normal. but i was just sad all the time.
"i didn't... i didn't have a lot of friends, because people didn't really like me, and the ones i were friends with... we weren't very close. i wasn't ridiculously smart in school, either. i got by a little better than most, but that's it."
you curl further into yourself. "looking back now, i think i could've done much better, or at least studied harder. but... i don't know. i didn't know any better, then."
you smile sadly, eyes heating up at the memory of misery. "sorry. i know this is completely at a tangent and was so long ago, and compared to my problems today, those things were definitely bearable. but i was so desperate to get away from that and i—i can't help but feel so jealous of you, and the childhood you had, and i'm so mad at myself for feeling this way." you laugh, wet and thick and sticky. "i'm being dumb."
you feel his fingers drift over your ear, and you look up to meet keiji's understanding eyes.
"you're not being dumb," he tells you gently. "it hurt, and painful memories linger. it's okay to be sad."
he leans forward to open his arms, and your bottom lip trembles as you crawl into his embrace, wrapping your arms around his middle.
"sorry," you mumble against his chest.
"please don't be sorry," he tells you, kissing your hair. "i'm sorry i brought up bad memories."
you shake your head, wrinkling his shirt. "don't be. you didn't know."
"then we're even," he murmurs, and that makes you breathe out a laugh.
he tips your face up to meet his gaze, the crook of his finger resting beneath your chin. "despite all that," he murmurs, staring into your eyes, "i hope you know that i think that you're the most wonderful person to ever exist."
"your opinion doesn't count," you joke with a small smile, and you can feel your breathing get easier. "you have an agenda."
he smiles, eyes filled with an impossible fondness. "maybe." the finger on your chin traces a path to your ear, and his palm uncurls to rest on your jaw.
his face turns serious. "i really am sorry for reminding you of the past, and while i don't know how to take away painful memories, i... i want to make you happy," akaashi says earnestly. "if i could make newer ones, happier ones with you, maybe... maybe the bad ones won't hurt as much." he smiles down at you. "i hope you'll let me."
you can't find the words, so instead, you push up to kiss him.
Tumblr media
day five — #🍾: flokaashi week — day seven
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missmorosis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🎵 now playing- poppin' star by txt with bokuto koutarou
send me #1-100 and ill write a blurb based on the corresponding song in my spotify wrapped!
Tumblr media
the two of you wanted to do the trend where one person would put on chapstick and their significant other would guess the flavor via a kiss, but unfortunately, you only carried around the standard, non-flavored kind.
how disappointing.
however, you did have pop rocks sitting around, and bokuto decided that was a worthy enough replacement.
any excuse to kiss you was good enough for him.
“lemon-lime. it has to be lemon-lime.” the smug smile on your face told him the answer was no. he kissed you again. “wait, wait, wait. i take that back. orange- wait, the pop rocks feel so funny-” you laughed in between the kiss you were in, smiling against his lips.
“let me get a better taste. i’ll figure it out for sure.” his determination amused you, and it wasn't like kissing him did you any harm.
“you can try,” you said, smiling as you, too, tried to find out what flavor your lover’s lips were.
Tumblr media
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aliensknowmyillusions · 12 hours ago
akaashi keiji x reader
word count: 1.4k
lightning happens when ice and water particles bump around inside thunder clouds, creating an electric charge. when that charge connects with charges on the ground, lightning strikes. when lightning strikes it makes a hole in the air called a channel. after the lightning is gone, the hole collapses. the sound you hear when the hole collapses is thunder. (negative charge is from channel to cloud, positive charge is the flash -- which goes from the ground up to the sky)
♡ happy birthday, akaashi keiji ♡
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ You like to think that you can categorize rain into three kinds.
The first kind would be the light drizzle much like the first rains of spring. It’s the kind where soft sprinkles of water flutter like glitter to the earth, herding spring into the world. It signals life and brings greenery to the world. It smells fresh and clean, mixed with the scents of grass and flowers, like it rid the world of the dull, dreary winter and it’s proud of its achievement. It’s the kind of rain that dusts off each green leaf and gifts them life and joy. 
The second category would be much like a monotonous cold shower. There’s only rain. No violent downpours where you can dance, veiled by sheets of rain, nor is it the gentle sprinkling that kisses nature. But it’s the precise amount where the rain is so boring and dull, and the only option you’re left with is to stay inside and wait out the clouds. It’s the kind that everyone complains about, the kind where people walk out and sigh at the sky before pushing open their umbrellas with annoyed thrusts. It’s the kind that slowly drowns out the smiles and giggles you’ve had saved up for that day, and all you can do is stare longing outdoors. It smells mouldy and repetitive, like the tick of a clock when you’re waiting for the minutes to pass so you can finally take that long-awaited trip as a child.
Finally there’s the thunderous downpours that are so often accompanied by flickering lightning and booming thunder. It’s the rain where, if there is no lightning, you’re allowed to let loose of your soul and prance and twirl in the rain, just being, and all your worries wash away with the rain. But sometimes, the drops fall harsh like shards of glass and diamonds, and it makes you feel so safe and cozy in your home, extraordinarily grateful for the warmth and comfort and love it can provide you. It’s the kind of rain that washes everything clean and when the sun comes out, it’s more brilliant than you’ve ever seen. And if you’re lucky, you might encounter a rainbow arching across the sky.
That’s the kind of rain pounding outside your window right now. Loud and deadly and the worst thunderstorm of the year, and you’re certain that anytime soon, you’ll see the magnificent strike of lightning slice through the dark sky and an explosion of thunder will boom through the expansion, echoing off everything around it. But you aren’t afraid of it. Instead, looking up from the textbooks sprawled across the table, you meet Akaashi’s eyes and warmth blooms in your chest, thankful that you’re with him in the protection of the house. 
Yet something’s not right. Akaashi doesn’t meet your gaze with his usual calm and loving mien. Quite the opposite, those peacock blue eyes flit away to avoid your discerning stare, anxious, and you notice how his hands start fiddling with each other. “Hey. What’s wrong?” you ask gently.
By now, you know that something is always on Keiji’s mind, and oh, how you ache to reach into his head and untangle his thoughts like you comb out his hair, but this doesn’t look like an overthinking episode. He doesn’t glare into nothing, nor does he rake his hands through his hair or dig nails into his flesh. Instead, his complexion is ghostly pale and drained of all color, his breaths come in small, quick pants, and he swallows thickly. You see Akaashi trembling slightly as he flashes you a nervous smile, eyes darting to the closest window. 
You set down the pen in your hand, and scoot to sit next to him. You slide your hand into his, replacing his fingers with yours. You brush your thumb up and down the side of his and furrow your brow as you ask him again, “Keiji? What’s wrong?”
On cue, a blue whip of lightning cracks through the horizon, illuminating the sky and casts shadows across Keiji’s spooked face. He stiffens instantly, gulping as his grip on your hand tightens tentatively. You don’t get to voice your question before a resonance of thunder shakes through the sky, so loudly that you feel your heart vibrating with it. Your eyes widen in reverence at such a grand demonstration of nature, but Akaashi whimpers and his whole frame flinches at the bellow. 
You look at him, expression soft. “Are you…?”
His voice is shaky as he whispers, “Astraphobia.” Your heart twinges at the distress in Keiji’s voice. “The irrational fear of thunder and lightning.”
You hum empathetically, continuing to rub your thumb against his hand tenderly. “Why didn’t you tell me?” you ask quietly.
“I thought you’d find it silly and stupid,” Keiji admits. “That you’d lau –”
Another glare of lightning divides the black sky outside your window, casting it’s blue, eerie glow into your room. The setter’s muscles go taut as an immediate response to the electrical discharge. The thunder follows, and you know then and there that the thunder bothers Keiji so much more. The moment the roar of thunder blasts past your closed windows like every single star hidden behind the dark, brooding clouds exploded in unison, Akaashi’s quivering body presses against your arm, latching onto you, breathing heavily. He lets out a whine and you feel the erratic beating of his racing heart as he buries his face into your neck. It’s almost instinct when your free hand reaches to his hair and you soothe down his raven hair in the direction of the back of his head, untangling his hair with your fingers as you do so. Gently fondling him and mumbling softly into his ear to try to block out the harsh flares of lightning and the reverberant blares of thunder. “You’re okay. I love you. You’re going to be okay.”
“I think… I think you doing that helps,” Keiji says, his voice still shaky and timid, muffled by your skin. His lips tickle your neck, and you lean your head against his. “It sort of makes things more tolerable.”
You hum in reply. You keep your fingers in his hair in regular strokes, whispering soothing words and humming tenderly in his ear. You don’t force Akaashi to talk because not everyone is comfortable with sharing their fears, but Akaashi can feel your desire to know. Not because you’re nosy, but because you want to help. 
“Ever since I was kid,” he begins, and your fingers stop in mid-stroke. He nudges your hand with his head, and you smile fondly as you continue. It feels like you’re weaving out each tangle in his fear-riddled mind, and for the first time in all his experiences with thunderstorms, he relaxes, like you have magic, into your embrace. Keiji looks into your eyes warily, your caring and warm eyes, and he sees nothing but intent love. No mock or pity like his old friends, just undivided love. His voice is fragile, and he still flinches with each clap of thunder, but you’re there and it makes everything slightly better. “I’ve always been terrified of the loud noises and of how little control I have over what can happen. The whole storm is so chaotic and loud and flashy and out of control. It makes me anxious. I know it’s stupid; irrational, but it always feels like the world is ending, you know? If I were to imagine an apocalypse, it would look and sound exactly like this. It feels like the sky is going to come crashing down and –”
You silence him by softly pressing your lips to his in a chaste kiss. And in that moment, all the cries of thunder melt away like snow in the spring and Akaashi can’t hear anything aside from your hearts beating together in a harmonized song, drowning out the deafening, angry screams of the universe. He sees how the flashes of lightning illuminates your face and sets sparks in your eyes, and for the first time ever, Keiji sees how beautiful lightning can be. 
When you pull away, you lean your forehead on his, looking into his eyes. “I know,” is all you whisper. Then you press a soft kiss to his forehead before cupping his cheek. “I’ll always be with you when there’s a thunderstorm, okay? I promise.”
“Really?” he asks, and for the first time, staring into your eyes, he doesn’t jump at the shattering, plangent roars of thunder.
You smile and nod, hugging him again as a flash of lightning splits the sky. “Besides, I think I want to be with you when the world ends, wouldn’t you say?”
And as Akaashi lets himself stay in the warmth of your arms and the smell of your shampoo and body wash, a solemn sense of happiness settles in his chest and he’s never felt more at home.
Tumblr media
happy birthday to my top kin!! akaashi keiji was love at first sight, my goodness. i just love his character, i mean, how can one not??? anyways, this is bad and not proof read :>
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated ♡
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jubilee40 · a day ago
Domestic Life Prompts
I have playing around with the idea of a Domestic Life Prompt Mini Series. This would be married life, honeymoon, and character(s) x reader with children. Maybe a little angst with cheating or divorce.
What characters would you like to see? Any ideas you want to see?
Tumblr media
Don't forget to join to my Taglist💗
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akaashisimp08 · a day ago
I'm definitely going to be hated after posting this but I can't suffer alone.
+"Date her and love again"
+"I love you" "Please don't leave me"
+ "Kenma, it hurts"
+"I found you" "You found me"
+ Bokuto no longer smelled like hospital
+ With love, forever and always, Suga
+ "Do you ever want to escape reality?"
Yes, my library is currently filled with angst that I read about 2 per day, crying myself to sleep :)
I still have more like Plastic rings,... but this is probably enough for me to crawl in a hole and die.
This is from Oikawa's last wishes, the galaxy is endless, in another life, four out of six and under the LED lights. It's all available on AO3. Hope you "enjoy" the fics
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kurooblossom · a day ago
Flowers for Her + Yamaguchi Tadashi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ Warnings: Fluff, three sentence fic
♡ A/N: And I whoop-
Tumblr media
A light dusting of pink covered the tips of his ears and his cheeks as he watched the girl across from him light up much like a Christmas tree.
The bouquet of flowers he had bought earlier that day slightly shook, with his hands extended out towards her, his nervousness from before still lingering.
“They’re beautiful, Tadashi,” Y/N gushed, the smile on her face only continuing to grow as she took the bouquet and was engulfed by the smell of roses, “thank you!”
Tumblr media
@ladyideal​​ / @pizza-eater-i-ate-the-pizza​​ / @fizzyxcustard​​ / @groovygirlie​​ / @all-things-fandomstuck​​ / @lathalea​​ / @bloodblossom73
My taglist is open!
Tumblr media
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kissmeomi · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
head empty, just atsumu and his freshly washed blonde hair in your face as he fucks you into your bed. one hand gripping the sheets till is knuckles turn white, while the other is on your ribs, right below your tit. he’s grunting, hips snapping against yours, getting lost in the feeling of you and the sound of your whimpers. and god, it just drives him mad.
your eyes are rolling into the back of your head, stuttering your way through a moan of his name. he grabs your neck, thumb pressing down on your lower lip. “baby, you know better. gotta look at me when you cum.” he chuckles against your lips, before kissing across your jawline.
and my oh my, you look and sound breathtaking when you cum. he fucks you through your orgasm, thrusting hard enough to bruise your hips and his. he cums seconds after, stilling his hips as he does. you feel too good, so he let’s your gummy walls milk him. “fuck, princess.”
when he finally pulls out, he looks at you, cheeks flushed. “fucking addicted to you.”
Tumblr media
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melsun · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
+ a/n : sorry I’m in bit of a slump :// can feel my writing get progressively worse so take wtv this is ig.
Tumblr media
⸗ kisses your forehead subconsciously.
it's more of a built-in reflex than a habit at this point, pulling you towards him by your arm, a quick peck landing on your head. it's the smallest of moments, yet so intimate— every time his lips touch your skin, you feel your heart skip a beat.
—iwaizumi, mattsun, daichi, ushijima, osamu, semi, akaashi, meian, aone, konoha, hirugami
⸗ keeps a hand firmly on your thigh.
whether you're sitting in his car, at the dining table for lunch, or in class, eyes fixated on your books— his palm rests on your lower thigh, occasionally squeezing it softly. it's a subtle gesture, but is how you communicate that you're always there by the other's side.
—sakusa, kita, daichi, kageyama, atsumu, kuroo, yaku, ukai jr., kyōtani, washio
⸗ links your pinkies together tightly.
his little finger is quick to find yours, wrapping around it securely— even if you aren't holding hands, they're always brushing against each-other. it's hardly noticeable, but c'mon, he can't keep his hands off—and neither can you.
—oikawa, kenma, nishinoya, yamaguchi, tendou, sugawara, lev, inouka, koganegawa, goshiki
⸗ rubs his cheeks against yours.
well, no, he’s not a cat, but nothing compares to the warmth of your face against his. he relishes the feeling of your soft skin touching his rougher face— so much so that it’s become a greeting of sorts whenever he sees you.
—kunimi, suna, asahi, bokuto, hinata, makki, komori, aran, akiteru, kindaichi, koganegawa, goshiki
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
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willowfolksong · 2 days ago
hi hi i'm the one who requested for sakusa reverse comfort. honestly? i reaaally like it, so thank you for your time writing that :') glad to know we're on the same page where we also like when the reader comfort our baes :')
sweet adorable omi, i didn't have any idea or getting a hint that he's actually sick, at all. i feel really bad, he's so quiet while we're lashing out on him :((( and you definitely captured the reader's emotion on point because personally i am, in fact, a very petty person and explodes when i'm already too stressed by letting it out on someone else, then regretting it later on. i think many can also relate to this. once again, thank you thank you!
and psstt- if you have the time for it, can i ask for another reverse comfort with atsumu? got the feeling he's a more sensitive person inside, judging by how he reacts when he knows that kita actually cares for him by giving him foods and drinks when he's sick, and how he almost teared up after hearing kita's small talk on the stairs. ofc you can ignore this aha but once again thank you, i really enjoy your writings, and i'm gonna reread this all over again for today :'D
wishing you a wonderful night/day, and please take care!! <3
promise you'll stay
- Atsumu Miya x Reader
a/n: hi again anon!!!! First of all, I'm soooooo glad you enjoy my writings!!! that makes me feel so soft inside 🥺❤ And ugh, I also feel you so much. I'm exactly like you. And like Reader. Stress takes its toll on me and I sometimes end up lashing out on others and acting really petty. I totally relate! Here's also your other request!!! and you're 100% right. Atsumu DOES looks like a softie deep down. for sure would love some comfort. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it 🥺❤ always let me know what you think and I hope you take care as well!!! ❤❤❤✨
Willow ❄
Requests are open! ❄
Tumblr media
You pull your head from under the covers to glance at your window. Nothing happens for a couple of seconds, and then something smacks against it once more.
It looks like something small.
Like a pebble.
It happens again while you're getting up and grabbing your phone as some sort of makeshift weapon, in case you have to fight for your life, because someone's clearly throwing rocks at your window.
You draw the curtains back enough to be able to peek down.
Atsumu waves the flashlight of his phone at you.
"What are you doing?" you ask him, when you leave your room and run down the stairs to open the front door for him "It's 2 a.m"
Your boyfriend shrugs, turning his flashlight off and taking a look at your pajamas "Cute shorts"
"Are you even listening to me?"
"Can I come in?"
You gape at him "It's the middle of the night! And I still don't know what you're doing here!"
"I came to see ya, babe" he tells you, smiling "Can ya blame a guy for wantin' to see his girlfriend?"
"At 2 a.m?"
He shrugs again "You're my midnight cravin'"
You realize something is wrong when he follows you to your room, and doesn't immediately plops down on the bed when you close and lock the door behind you. Instead he stands in the middle of the room, awkwardly changing his weight from one foot to another, hands on his pocket.
"What is it?" you ask, sitting down against the head board of your bed "Please don't tell me you made me open the door and bring you to my room at 2 a.m, at risk of being caught by my parents, just so you could stand there"
His gaze snaps back to you, a slow teasing smirk appearing on his lips. But his eyes. His eyes are empty "If ya want me to do somethin' to ya babe, ya only need to ask"
"Atsumu" at the sound of his name, he pauses, smirk frozen in place "What's wrong?"
"Please don't lie to me"
That sets him into motion, and he goes to sit beside you, grabbing the stuffed fox he won for you in a fair once from your bedside table. You watch him play with the little plushie's ears, his fingers pulling on the fake fur.
"I just wanted to hang out" he says, without looking at you "Missed ya and all"
You sigh, and ignore him peeking at you from the corner of his eyes as you stand up and stretch your arms above your head.
"Do you want some warm milk and cookies?"
He looks up at you in surprise "What?"
"Some warm milk and some cookies" you repeat "I have those you really like"
"The ones with the white chocolate sprinkles?" he asks, hopeful.
You nod "Those ones"
"Yeah, that sounds great"
The fact that he doesn't follows you down the stairs to loom over you as you prepare everything in the kitchen, only serves to convince you even more that something's definitely wrong with him. When you return to your bedroom, tray in hand, you find him laying down, both hands behind his head on the pillow, eyes on the ceiling.
He sits up as soon as you leave the tray beside him and take a seat too. "Yeah, this are the cookies that I like"
"And I also added some chocolate to your milk, since you think that is 'yucky' without anything in it"
Atsumu looks up to you, eyes wide, before taking his cup in both of his hands "Thanks babe"
"I mean, you did came to my house in the middle of the night. I had to do something"
"Yeah, you're right"
You grab one of the cookies and take a small bite. The chocolate melts in your tongue as you chew, all the time watching your boyfriend stare intently at his chocolate milk, unmoving.
"Hey" he finally says, voice only a whisper "Wanna hear somethin' funny?"
"I guess?"
And then he sniffs, his shaking hands creating little waves on the milk "'Samu doesn't wants to keep playin' volleybal after high school"
You frown, setting your half bitten cookie back on the tray. You knew, somehow, that this would affect Atsumu even more than what he initially let on. "Atsumu..."
"No it's fine! Really. Fuckin' fantastic and all that" he cuts you off "It's not like we've been doin' this together forever or somethin'"
When the first tear falls and dissolves in the milk, you place both of your hands on top of his. "Atsumu, I'm sorry"
He nods, sniffing again, and lets you take the cup away from him. Once you're sure nothing's going to spill, you turn back towards him and open your arms. The speed with which he falls into your embrace warms your heart.
You fill his head with kisses, as your hands sooth his back. He just lets himself be hold, his head buryed in the crook of your neck. "Do ya think I'm bein' pathetic?"
"No, of course not"
"Don't lie to me"
"There's nothing wrong with you being sad about this"
He nods weakly, his arms hugging you even close "Yeah, I guess. Stupid 'Samu"
"But I know you also understand that your brother has his own dream, and that you have to support him in his chase"
"Yeah, I don't know if I want to do that"
You tickle his left side, and watch him try to squirm away from you without letting you go "You don't mean that"
"I just thought... ya know" he says, voice muffled against your skin "That I was always goin' to be able to look at my side and find him there, in the court"
"You'll still see him on the stands"
Your boyfriend snorts, but you don't feel new tears join the wet spot on your neck anymore "Yeah, right. As if that could do somethin'"
He manages to convince you to let him stay the night, using his still red eyes and his pout as a weapon. You comply, after much begging, and make sure the door is locked and your alarm is set by 9 a.m before crawling into bed with him; this time, Atsumu doing the holding. He places his chin on top of your head and plays with the hem of your shirt for a while, his feet interlocking with yours under the sheets.
When you're already dozing off, he speaks again "Hey, babe?"
He pauses, and you feel his chest rise and fall against your back "I know ya said 'Samu would always be on the stands..."
"Of course he will"
"But you'll be there too, right?" he asks, and you turn your head to find him staring at you with his most serious expresion.
"Yeah, I will"
"So ya promise I'll always look to the side and find ya cheerin' me on?"
You smile and kiss his nose "Unless you're actively shushing everyone with that thing you do with your arm because you think it makes you look cool, then yeah, sure"
He gasps, bumping his forehead against yours "It does makes me look cool!"
Years later, on his first game with the MSBY Jackals, you sit beside Osamu and proudly watch him serve.
And when his eyes find yours, you both smile.
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educatedsimps · a day ago
+ Educated Simps - Fic Recs Masterlist :)
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Tumblr media
notes: hey, and welcome to our fic recs page! here are some all of our favourite works by amazing hq writers from all across tumblr! do check out their works and give them a follow :) we hope you like them <333
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for those tumblrs that we have tagged, please let us know if it is okay with you! if it’s not, please also let us know and we’ll remove you from the list :) we just don’t wanna make anyone uncomfy hehe
Tumblr media
enjoy <33
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tarozaki · a month ago
Tumblr media
genre: fluff + crack/humor
warnings: cursing
characters: time skip! ushijima wakatoshi, kenma kozume, tanaka ryūnosuke, miya osamu
a/n: i got carried away on tanaka’s help
Tumblr media
part two
“y/n? i said, i’m going now” he repeats, purposely reiterating the last part a little louder. he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to give him his usual goodbye kiss. you don’t budge though, only looking at him like he had grown two heads “yes i heard you perfectly toshi, Did something happe—?“ “are you mad at me? I don’t know what i did but i sincerely apologize y/n, it was not my intention to hurt you” he says, determination evident on his tone “toshi i really don’t get it” you explain, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion “you did not give me my kiss y/n, the only reason i can make out is that i did something wrong so please forgive m—“ you cut him off with a long laugh before snaking your arms around his waist “aw toshi if you want me to kiss you, just ask directly, okay? you’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?” he bites his bottom lip before hesitantly voicing out his thoughts ” …then, can i have a kiss please..” he whispers, the last part barely even audible to you, but you don’t reply, rather, you tiptoe to his height, giving him his long awaited kiss “i love you so much baby” his heart flutters once again at the nickname, this time, you don’t miss the way he cocks his head to the side to hide the blush crawling up on his face despite the tips of his ears growing hot on your gaze “i love you too y/n.”
“y/n” he calls out, the sound of controller clicking continues and his gaze never leaving the huge television in front of him, you look up from your phone before making your way onto his lap, you turn around with a soft smile, only to see a frown plastered on his face, your eyes slightly widen in surprise “what’s wrong ken? did you lose the game baby?” your fingers comb through his hair enough to soothe him, he lets himself lean his weight on you and buries his face deep onto your chest “you’re not mad at me are you? please tell me if there’s something wrong so i can fix it” he tightens his hold on you when you try wriggle out of his embrace “ken baby look at me c’mon” he shakes his head in denial but you’re not gonna let him do that, will you? you grip his chin up to your direction before pecking his forehead “what’s got you thinking that ken? did i something wrong to make you feel that way ba—?” “youdidntgivemeanykissestoday” he says quickly, you look at him incredulously and gave yourself a few seconds to process his complaints, you looked down on him with a smug grin in realization “aw is my baby sad because i didn’t give him a kiss today?” “how about you shut up and give me my kiss then” 
“ryu baby what are you pouting about?” he shot you a look before continuous whines left his lips for the nth time, unbeknownst to you, you hadn’t initiated kisses nor hugs today and he felt neglected! “y/n am i that unimportant to you that you can’t even remember? wow okay then” he huffs dramatically, scooting away from you and switching his gaze back to his phone, you nervously checked your phone’s reminders, calendars and notes where you had written important dates though you memorized almost all of them already and when you do check... there was none to your expectation! a confused “huh” escaped your mouth, and he scoffed at that, like he can’t believe you actually forgot something so important “our anniversary is done and your birthday’s not till the next 3 months, there’s nothing more important than those ryu so what are you talking about?” you ask, frustration laced on your voice. his heart throbs on the mention of your anniversary and his birthday, he crawls almost immediately and drops his whole weight on top of you “ryuu!! you’re heavy!!” you attempt to shove him off but he doesn’t even move an inch “baby baby i love you so much baby” he tugs your body closer to him, tightly squeezing your waist “don’t change the subject and tell me what the hell happened earlier” you gave him a weird look while he had the biggest smile on his face “you didn’t kiss me this morning” he droops once again at the thought “ryu what the fuck?” he then felt a slap land on the back his head “OUCH Y/N- whaaatttt?! don’t blame me!!”
“ya know that’s rude y/n” you look back at him, one of your eyebrows tugged upward, what the fuck? you think “tch ya doing this proves ya don’t even care enough to notice” he shakes his head dramatically, and you do too “what is it now samu?” you say and he gasps at that, exaggerating the hand that’s covering his mouth, you shake your head tiredly “m’ tired” he pouts at you but he stops nonetheless, maybe next time he thinks before hoisting you onto his lap, his calloused hands carding through your hair and your head resting on top of his chest, the pounding of his heart lulling you to sleep. you do wake up later, your figure still on top of his body “yer’ awake? do ya wanna sleep some more darking?” “mmh fine but can you kiss me first pleas—” a sudden squeal jolts you up to your ass “what?! what happened?!” he pauses before falling into a fit of laughter “fuck! yer’ so cute y/n!” “...never mind, get out samu’ m’gonna sleep by myself” you lay back down, placing a pillow between your bodies, enough to not get his arms near you “ya know that’s not happening any time soon, sweetheart” he throws off the pillow somewhere in the bed and pulls you closer onto his chest, if that’s even humanly possible. 
Tumblr media
© tarozaki — all rights reserved | don’t translate, repost my content on any platform, modify, or copy my work.
Tumblr media
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coffeeaddictwithproblems · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
love interests :: k. tsukishima x gn!reader
extra :: established relationship, fluff, short and sweet, 690~ words
Tumblr media
“Please, Kei.”
“No, Y/N.”
You’re currently splayed over top of your boyfriend on the couch, arms crossed over his chest and chin propped up on your wrist. Tsukishima lays beneath you, annoyed expression etched onto his features and bored eyes staring back at you. The two of you had previously been sleeping when you had disrupted him to ask a supposedly important question.
For the past five minutes, you’ve attempted and failed time and time again to convince him to let you try his glasses on. Every plead and promise is quickly shut down as he does his equal best to ignore your insistent pestering.
“I’ll be really careful! Just for a minute, then I promise to give them back.” You flash him your best set of puppy eyes as an extra attempt of convincing.
He pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “How many times do I have to say it for you to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’?”
Lips pushing out in a pout, your once soft gaze turns sour. Tsukishima is hardly deterred, shooting back his own glare.
“Why won’t you let me try them on?”
“Because you’ll break them and I can’t see out of cracked lenses.”
“I’ve already promised I won’t!”
“I have no way of proving whether or not that’s true, and before you say it, no you trying them is not an option.”
Mouth dropping open, you scramble through your thoughts for a retort only to come up empty handed. Stumped, you click your mouth shut and bury your face in his shirt in defeat. His eyes bore into the top of your head like he’s waiting for something to happen. The longer he waits, the worse he feels for denying you something so trivial.
“Hey.” When you don’t pick your head up immediately, he nudges at your shoulder, grabbing your attention after a few pokes. Avoiding your sad gaze, he looks off to the side and mumbles almost too softly to hear, “You can wear my glasses.”
You instantly perk up, eyes wide and corners of your mouth stretching into a grin. “Really?” He doesn’t miss the cheery tone to your voice; it almost brings a smile to his face - almost.
“Only for a few seconds, and if you promise to never ask again?”
After getting a confirming nod, he reaches up to take his glasses off then hands them towards you for you to take. You gently pinch the temples between your fingers and flip the pair of glasses around. The earpieces slip behind your ears as you carefully push the glasses onto your face.
A delighted smile breaks across your cheeks. “How do I look?”
They don’t fit perfectly, as expected for not being yours. The bridge slides a small bit past the top of your nose, and the lens make your eyes look odd. And yet, with how mildly goofy you look with his glasses, he also can’t help but find you absolutely adorable.
Tsukishima lays speechless beneath, mouth slightly agape. How could something as simple as you wearing his glasses leave him this tongue tied? And even better question, why hadn’t he let you sooner?
“Tsukki?” A minute passes and no response. Sitting up slightly, you raise a hand and wave your palm in front of his face.
His eyes blink shut a few times like he’s snapping out of a daze. Clicking his tongue, he swats your hand away with a grumbled, “Stop it.”
“You blanked out on me. Are you not able to see without these?” Before he can say anything or stop you, you’re already sliding his glasses back into their place against his nose. You smile softly to yourself like you completed some big task. “There.”
Content, you place a quick peck to his lips, then drop your head onto his chest to resume your nap. He waits for your breathing to even out before whispering softly for only himself to hear, “You look perfect.”
Tumblr media
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nadiejuicy · 3 months ago
lily desire
Tumblr media
pairings: wolf! alpha! daichi x rabbit! omega! f! reader
genre: smut
word count: 3,3k
synopsis: in a society where hybrids are influenced to meet their similar partners, you and daichi instinctively react to each other. but rabbits and wolves are incompatible, right?
warnings: abo universe; omegaverse; hybrids; daichi x f! reader; feminine body; finger; unprotected sex; oral (f! receiving), squirt; heat; rut; reader described as small for being omega; reader with reddish body parts from the omega heat; knot; dub-con ending?
a/n: this was written for @daichidaichidaichi's in heat collab. i really really hope y'all can like it 🥺
Tumblr media
Working as a police officer was quite common for wolf hybrids, they were strong, resilient, had an accurate flair and good hearing, in addition to hunting instinct, so they used to adapt well and Daichi was excellent. So his instinct should focus on finding a good omega, to form his own pack, to have puppies, in the traditional way.
In a big family like the one he grew up with, with four siblings, Daichi was the first born. Dark fur that turned ebony black, yellowish eyes that grew darker, he was an alpha, unique and special. Despite the wolves' negative reputation, he was kind and protective.
“You are an alpha, you must find a good wolf, it will be easy for you” his parents said.
His keen sense of smell should focus on who would be his wife, his omega, his wolf.
But he realized there was something wrong when his inner wolf began to focus on a specific scent in the police station, it was omega, he knew, but definitely not a wolf hybrid, let alone any other canid.
Such was the surprise when he bumped into you, the administrative rabbit.
Daichi has always been responsible and controlled, but the moment he saw you and heavily inhaled your omega scent that had plagued him for days, he was so screwed. In the midst of the chaos of work, phones ringing, police officers talking back and forth, he felt like he was in a field of lilies. Its restless wolf, its long, furry tail, normally quiet, threatened to wobble no matter how hard he tried to control it.
You were small and sweet, your ears long and rounded, erect and alert, arms around you, clutching your briefcase greedily, eyes large, with pupils dilated to the point where he couldn't make out the color, your fluffy nose wiggled slightly towards him, responding to the scent. He awoke from his trance when he noticed your racing heartbeat and another scent invading his nostrils, mingling with your sweet, mellow scent.
You smelled like a lost and frightened rabbit.
"I'm sorry" your voice sounded low, your body bowed and you left his direction so fast that he didn't even have time to apologize, after all, he was the one who bumped into you.
"Uh, rabbits are really fast, aren't they?" one of his colleagues spoke.
Daichi just nodded, too stunned by the mixture of feelings that invaded his chest, watching your body disappear down the hallway.
He wondered why an omega like you was in a place like that.
And from that moment on he knew he didn't want you to feel that way anymore. Afraid. Afraid of him.
Of course, fear was part of your instincts.
Working in a police station wasn't what you wanted, but the pay was good, close to home and in the end you were just an intern. You figured you'd be safer, even if most cops were alphas and there weren't any other bunnies but you. But their relationship with hybrids of other species was pleasant.
Until you met him, police officer Sawamura Daichi. Alpha and wolf hybrid.
You've known wolf hybrids before, but he was different.
His hair and tail were black, his eyes were dark brown and he was so big and tall, you've never met a wolf hybrid like him. And his scent… It was strong and woody, making you feel dizzy. Your instincts screamed in alarm, adrenaline coursing through your body, exhaling the scent of fear.
Wolves are often seen as aggressive and dangerous animals. Even though you knew this wasn't true, unfortunately many used to look at wolf hybrids that way. And as much as many things have changed over the years, everyone was still encouraged to socialize and meet their similar partners.
However, even though Daichi tried to focus on anything else, he couldn't. He remembered your smell, your eyes and ears, how sweet you were. Honestly, every thought he had about you made him dizzy and agitated, he wanted more and he couldn't, he could smell you from floors away.
The meetings became more and more frequent, coincidentally, you had some files to pass on to him, but unlike the first time, you were calmer, the heartbeat rhythmic, the smell of lily growing sweeter and the first time he heard your voice… It wasn't right for him to feel that way about you, was it?
Any physical contact, even the slightest, made your ears and nose red at the tips, and he found it just adorable.
And you could see his ears down and its long black tail wagging frantically as you approached.
He was a good alpha for sure. Daichi was the most honest cop you'd ever met at the police station. And so, so handsome, you couldn't stop admiring him. Could you see yourself with him? Sure. It was ridiculous how your body reacted to his, but understandable since they were alpha and omega. But rabbits and wolves are incompatible, right? Well, at least that's what you two insisted on believing, even with all the flush and desire that ran through both of your bodies, silently pleading for each other.
Until january.
The month of january marked the beginning of a very important season for Daichi. It was a month of mating.
Alpha hybrids like Daichi usually took vacations during this period, so they wouldn't leave omegas dizzy, bewildered and excited by his scent, he didn't have a partner, and inhibitors didn't work on them, as they were stronger than the others. So he should take a vacation soon.
To Daichi's surprise, for the past few days the scent of lily had hit him long before he could make it to the police station. Perhaps his sense of smell was sharper due to rut.
“For the love of God, the station is impregnated with your scent, omega” your alpha female colleague said, and you noticed how strong your scent was this morning.
Unlike most other hybrids, rabbits were in heat more often, one to three times a month, but it took a partner to incite heat, otherwise it would be three to five a year. And you definitely shouldn't be in heat, not now.
Maybe I'm sick. You thought. The aroma tends to increase when the omegas are sick, so they can get alphas' attention and be cared for. Yeah, maybe that's it.
“Sorry” you said lamely. “I think I'm sick. I will try to camouflage”.
It was the first time you had been in a situation like this out of heat, it was not common, but it could still happen.
“Yeah, you look like a fever,” the alpha said, bringing her hand to your forehead, making you shiver at the touch, the smell affecting you.
"Excuse me" you request right away, running to the storeroom in search of a camouflage.
Your legs gave out as you entered the room, dropping to your knees in front of the shelves, your body trembling, your breathing quickened, your ears and extremities red and hot. And mostly, your pussy was starting to throb.
“No, no, no” you said, wrapping your arms around your body “It can't be”.
It shouldn't be like this, it wasn't time yet, you didn't have a partner.
Your panties were sticky, your womb ached, the smell of the police station alphas made you dizzy, and you tried at all costs not to rub your crotch. You started drool as the woody scent invaded your nostrils and finally understood why your heat started out of season.
It didn't take long for Daichi to understand why he was so affected, as soon as he arrived at the police station, he could smell your scent much stronger, his alpha colleagues bristling, controlling himself not to react to the pheromones that affected all those without partners, nauseous omegas with the scent of lily.
Daichi didn't notice his own mouth salivate, his eyes change from yellow to gray, his blood boiling and his cock hardening between his pants. God, he could smell your wet pussy.
He knew, it was his omega that was in heat.
He chased you, the locked storeroom door he didn't mind breaking in order to get in, finding you shaking and sweating, lying in a fetal position on the floor.
"Don't worry, bunny. I got you” was all you heard before you passed out.
You felt like you were in a forest.
Your sense of smell woke up before the rest of body. Your nose began chasing the scent of pillowcases that weren't yours, on a bed that wasn't yours. Startled, your eyes fluttered open trying to recognize the spot, entire body trembling with the scent of the one you recognized as your alpha.
"An omega in heat couldn't stay at the police station" Daichi's voice made you focus on him, sitting in a chair in the corner of the room "I don't know where you live either".
He smiled with his eyes closed, but you noticed how his nails made claws that marked the wood, scratching the chair. Those few minutes in a closed room with you were being excruciating for him, especially since your scent would make him slip into his rut early.
You squeaked and whimpered "It hurts" hands squeezing your pelvis.
"I can take you home before it gets worse."
Your breathing was deep and fast, you could feel heart so strong against your rib cage. Your pussy throbbed so much, clit so painful. Unconsciously you started to rub yourself against the mattress, your skirt riding up your hips, making your soaked panties brush against the quilt, leaving your scent on his bed.
Daichi could hear your pussy rubbing against the bed and worse than that, he could smell your scent, so strong and heady, longing for him. It was torture, his cock hurt so much in pants, nails were pulling wood chips off the chair, trying to keep sane for you.
"I-" your sweet voice came out as a moan "My body... Wants you, Daichi" you whimpered, biting your lip.
His scent permeated the entire bed, but it wasn't enough.
“It's your heat speaking for you,” he said, approaching the end of the bed.
Which he certainly shouldn't do.
"No it's not" you cried harder, the heat bothering you "Touch me please."
He caressed your ears and you leaned into the touch, whimpering and licking his pulse, getting drunk on the taste of him, your saliva making him throb.
"I went into heat because of you, because my body wants you as Alpha, Daichi" you took off your clothes in a hurry, was suffocating.
It was too much, your scent intensifying through the room, your breasts exposed to him, the reddened nipples, so beautiful and bristly, just the panties and socks that went up to your thigh covering you. Your small hands sent shivers through his big body when you touched him, awkwardly trying to unbutton his shirt.
Daichi had been through the rut before and he certainly knew that the way your body called him, it wasn't just heat. His wolf had recognized you as his, hours ago.
"Do you understand it's mine from now on?" he growled, but you didn't flinch, nodding in acknowledgment.
"Please alpha" you pleaded, your little tongue licking his toned belly as you tried to unbuckle the belt, the taste of him on your tongue making your pussy drip and your clit throbbing "It hurts, it hurts so bad."
Daichi's pants fell off, the obvious bulk in his underwear, which you quickly lowered, making him gasp for release, throwing his head back. You admired him for a moment, you've never been with a wolf hybrid before, the balls big and heavy, the dick so much bigger than you were used to rabbits, red and thick, heavy, leaking a massive amount of pre-cum. Daichi grabbed your hair when he felt the little licks you gave his glans head, making his balls twitch. He stared at you, your eyes dilated and teary, your ears drooping to the side of face, your hips rocking back and forth, dammit, your scent was going to linger there for weeks.
“You are so beautiful, little bunny” he said and you cried as he pulled you away from his cock. With his big hands, he pulled you onto his lap, sitting down on the bed, your pussy bumping into his dick.
His tongue licked your bunny ears, making you gasp. He ran all over your neck, nipping lightly, tightening your body against his. His kisses and licks moved up your jaw to mouth, where he left little kisses until you opened it, swallowing your moans as your tongue slid into his. He pulled away, hearing your lamentations, eyes meeting yours, his pupils dilated into gray irises, wishing he had you as an omega.
"Get down on all fours for me, let me see you".
Your legs trembled, threatening to give in, but you did, getting off his lap and burying your face in the pillows, your ass in the air. You screamed when you felt Daichi's tongue touch your covered clit, wetness seeping through your panties, his nose sniffing at your entrance.
"Fuck, you're so delicious" he said before tearing your panties with his teeth, without difficulty, your pussy was so swollen and red "It's painful, isn't it?" he asked sliding the thumb through your slit, opening your lips, noticing how small she was but still so receptive, your juices falling and leaving everything glistening and messy, your holes opening and closing, crying to be stretched "I'll take care of you ”.
“Ahn-Alpha” you moaned, biting your lip hard, he was sucking you, sucking your arousal into his mouth and you were rubbing yourself more and more against his face.
You smelled so good, but he needed to bury, his cock hurt more and more. He smoothed your back, his hand gripping your plump, fuzzy tail, which made your body jump forward and ass wobble. So sensitive.
“I want you to feel good,” he said, sliding the tip of his cock into your tiny cunt. “Your pussy is so small, bunny. Let's go slowly, let me know if it hurts”.
You moaned, you couldn't think straight anymore, he was too much and you were dizzy, no pain was greater than what you were feeling in your womb.
"I want you inside me, alpha."
Daichi let out a moan of lamentation, fuck, you made his wolf so agitated, he wanted to fuck you, dominate you, mark you. It was hard to control, but he needed it. He started to push, stretching your pussy as much as possible to get his size, he wasn't even all in and you were already drooling, your sticky walls squeezing him.
“Just a little longer, omega,” he said, thrusting in at once, making them both moan.
"Daichi-Ah!" you whimpered babbling "Your cock- it's so big, filling me inside" it throbbed inside you, the long tail waving, initiating the movements, eliciting more and more of your moans "So deep-" .
“So tight, bunny. So soft” His voice came out as a growl, stunning you.
He picked up the pace and it didn't take long for you to cream his cock, oh would it be that easy to make you cum? And it really would be, your moans filling the room, your scent getting stronger, your walls so tight he couldn't move right, the heat at the bottom of belly and pussy tingling. Bunnies are fast, but he was taking you to another level, making your pussy squirt all over his dick when you came. Daichi bent over your body, panting and biting your big fuzzy ear, big sweaty body sliding in yours, whimpering like a puppy, suffering from your scent, cock kissing your womb and balls so heavy hitting your clit.
"I...I-" you gasped, biting the pillow, it was too much, his calloused hands entwined with yours, your pussy milking his cock, dripping more and more around him "I want more" you purred against his hand and he found it so adorable.
He smiled, of course you wanted more, you would beg for him all week. His cock throbbed thinking about how you two were going to fuck nonstop in that bedroom.
“I'll give you more, my little” he spoke into your ear, falling sideways with you, lifting one of your legs and sliding his skillful fingers across your aching clit.
It felt good, you squeezing around him, yours sticky hips, the obscene sounds of his cock hitting you, the creaking of the bed, the moans and whimpers. One of your hands held his, while the other squeezed his hips, trying miserably to pull him closer to you. He was buried to the balls and you still wanted more, it was insane.
"Mnfh- Alpha I'm cumming ha-!" you yelled, squeezing your eyes shut as you felt him widen you even more, the pain in your belly building to the point of exploding.
"Yes you are, bunny".
He increased the speed of his hips and his fingers, making you arch your back and your pussy squirt again, milking him hard, leaving you sensitive and red, sore from being too much and wanting even more. Only one thing would make you calm down, at least for a moment, and both you and Daichi knew what it was.
"Alpha" you called, voice sweet and low, trying to roll on his cock but without strength "Hnnf- your knot, I need", your cheeks caressing his, the tears in the corners of eyes, whimpering because only your alpha could make the pain go away.
Oh fuck. Could Daichi hear a request like that and deny it? All he wanted was to fucking knot in you and fill your womb, he could feel like you were ready to receive him, your uterus wanting to accommodate his glans with every hit.
"My knot?" he took a deep breath against your neck, the lily scent that made him feel so good, his cock throbbed more than you thought was possible. "Okay, little bunny, I'll fill you full and knot"
The thrusts increased, so deep and fast, you were coming so much, moaning so loud from overstimulation, your furry little tail swinging in his belly. Daichi placed one of his hands on the lower part of your stomach, squeezing, you two could feel the pressure his cock was making on your insides, so fucking good.
You guys fucked like animals, that's what heat did to you two.
"Fuck," his voice was deeper than usual, his wolf wanting to dominate you at all costs "I'm gonna cum, get it all okay?"
And that's how Daichi slowed his movements, his hands squeezing your thighs, destroying your socks completely, spilling his seed into you, invading your womb as you both moaned at how good it felt, the cock swelling inside you, the pressure preventing them from moving. You squeaked when you moved unintentionally, the knot was painful and would have to spend a time like that, until it returned to normal.
“I'm here… I'm not going anywhere” he said trying to calm you down.
Your body was throbbing, Daichi's hot, thick cum oozed out of you, an absurd amount, impossible to fully stay in your cunt, you two weren't completely compatible after all. He was rubbing your clit slowly so your pussy could dilate to take the knot, smelling your nape and leaving loving licks on your neck, you purred and moaned because it felt good.
He thought he could get through all the heat with you, but the first knot was enough for him to do the last thing he was supposed to do.
You jumped when felt his fangs go through the skin of your shoulder deep, the pain of the knot hitting you both hard, whines and yelps ripping from yours throats.
Daichi was marking you.
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kuroosweakness · 7 months ago
when you don’t say ‘i love you’ back | kuroo, suna 
Tumblr media
━ kuroo tetsurou 
╰ as usual, he was preparing to leave for work. with his keys stuffed in his pocket, a quick tie-adjustment, and a hurriedly shoe slip-on, kuroo unlocked the front door and called out, “bye babe! i love you!” and waited until he heard your response back. 
╰ “bye!” you called back. 
╰ ... “i love you!” 
╰ “i know! bye!” 
╰ “i said i love you >:(” he peered back into the house, searching for you to hear those words back. 
╰ “i know, i heard you.” 
╰ kuroo huffed and marched back into the house with his hands on his hips, stopping right in front of you and asked, “why’re you not saying it back?? i know we’re getting old but not old enough to not tell each other we love each other anymore...we’ll never be old enough” 
╰ after finally hearing you love him back, he melted into the same sap he always is and walked out the front door while saying, “and i’ll hear it again when i get back home~” 
━ suna rintarou 
╰ “i love you,” suna mumbles against the soft skin of your cheek. “i love you, i love you, i love you.” another day, another late-night cuddle session.
╰ you nod against his lips and reply back with a “okay” 
╰ suna blinks for a moment, refusing to believe that you completely ignored the important words he said that aren’t heard by anyone else. “i love you,” he tries again. “say it back if you love me.” 
“love you.” 
“ least say it like you mean it,” he groans and gently shakes your shoulders. “what happened to the ‘i’??” 
with a giggle, you give him a quick peck on the lips. “i love you.” 
“that’s more like it.” 
Tumblr media
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zenaiide · 16 days ago
tenderly, until all sound disappears
Tumblr media
ushijima isn't one to be gentle. you know that better than anyone.
you see it in the loud smack of his hand hitting the volleyball full force, making it crash into the other side of the court, the sound resounding through the whole gymnasium. you see it in the steely gaze directed towards the opposing team as they lose point after point to the miracle boy, daring them to try harder. you see it in the way he raises his voice at you, the echo of it blaring in your ear, as the two of you argue yet again about how he's barely home now.
it makes you take a step back, heart beat raising as a tremor runs through you. the silence that ensues is deafening and you see the panic set in ushijima's eyes as they meet your now timid ones, the reality of his actions setting in. he takes a step towards you, but thinks better of it, head hanging low in shame.
"i'm sorry. i'm so sorry," he whispers, "i didn't-" he looks up at you as his voice breaks, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, as if he can't understand why he did what he did either. "i didn't mean to shout at you." a shake of the head and now he does reach out for you. "i didn't mean to scare you."
you don't meet his eyes, choosing instead to fiddle with his fingers in your hold, begging yourself not to tear up. he didn't mean it. he didn't mean it. but it's hard to ignore the way your heart had dropped down to your stomach all the same. because now you're wondering what would've happened if he had meant it.
"baby?" ushijima squeezes your hand lightly, willing you to look at him. willing you to trust him. he would never mean it. and you do.
"toshi," you murmur, unable to keep the slight quiver out of your voice, "please don't do that ever again."
"i won't," he blurts out, eyes wide and glossed over."i promise i won't ever."
and so then what was ushijima if not gentle?
what were his soft caresses and warm hugs, stolen glances and easy smiles? his hand in yours, his lips on yours, his body on yours, what was it if not gentle? what was his love, if not gentle?
you let him bring a hand up to hold your face, unconsciously leaning into it like you do every other time. his eyes flit between yours, searching, hoping, for something. you can see the regret swimming in his pupils, the downturn to his lips evidence of his sincerity. you raise your own hand to cover his, softly running your thumb over his knuckles. you realise then that he's shaking, and your eyes soften in an attempt to comfort him, lips raising in a soft smile.
and he must've found, then, what he was looking for, because ushijima brings his forehead to rest against yours, and as he breathes you in, you realise that his gentleness is the only thing you've ever known.
and so you're eager to forgive when he breathes out another apology. gentle, and replacing the sound of your heart beating in your ear with the soft lilt of his voice. eager to forgive when the rough, calloused pad of his thumb runs over your skin. gentle, and wiping away the tears that seemed to fall. eager to forgive when he kisses you on your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, and then finally your mouth. gentle, and sucking away any fear residing within your heart.
because when it's you, ushijima can be nothing but gentle.
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