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Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
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Tumblr media
“Needed a drink that bad?”
turning towards the voice snickering in your ear, the smell of faint cologne you grew way too familiar with snuck up in your scent once again. the bubbly laugher spilt from your lips at the smirk that teased you, yet was simultaneously gifting you with that warm feeling of care.
holding your signature drink, with a turn of a shoulder you ordered his favorite. one he always seemed to get when out to places like this, an old fashioned. upon first glance you would have taken the man to be more of a tequila or beer type, yet the bourbon sliding across his lips seemed so much more suiting once you were in the comfort of knowing him. the mixture of his smell and such a sophisticated drink laying in his hands, no wonder he was such a womanizer.
“Maybe,” your vision avoided his for a split second, running to observe his ironed-looking slacks and fashionable button down, yeah he definitely was the type to drink an old fashioned, “I think I was here a bit too early though.“
“Well, the party just arrived,” he couldn’t help but notice the unfamiliar glint within your eyes, “was I late?”
“No, no. I was just closer.”
“Right,” the drink that was served met his mouth in a flash, no reaction within his features hinting at his habits, “I should be the one buying ya drinks, not the other way around.”
a moment of silence was shared between the both of you as you sipped on the strong beverages, vision staying connected throughout the act. atsumu wasn’t an idiot, and he definitely knew something was up. at this point you would have normally have argued a bit, and as much as he liked the absence of it, it seemed off.
not to mention that daring look in your eyes. maybe it was the alcohol, he thought. having one too many as he was arriving, and that he’d soon need to cut you off for your own good. though, it wasn’t that. as the bartender was across the island and adding his drink to your tab, the digital receipt only had two listed purchases. one in which you were halfway through right now. he came to the conclusion that you couldn’t be nothing farther than tipsy.
on other nights you consumed any sort of firewater you didn’t seem to be this, what was the word he was looking for? bold? fearless. being a strong, independent person he admired much more than he wish he had, he wouldn’t have thought this type of projection as a characteristic of you.
the flick of your wrist meshed the liquids in your cup as his eyes toggled between your features to understand what exactly was going on. he hated to admit there was this fire burning inside of him, and it wasn’t because of his drink.
“Why’d you invite only me out?” his voice was barely above a whisper, anyone could see the wind was being sucked out of him for a reason he could not describe.
it reminded him of the night he first met his ex-fiancé, the deep look and feeling of love rushing over her features as she begged for him to reciprocate, and who was he to say no to a beautiful woman? except, you weren’t his ex, and you were more than just a beautiful woman to him.
although you were one to catch many eyes, over the past few months he grew to know you as a friend over someone he’d look at with the same type of lust he shared with his previous partner. as much as he wished to shared that sort of intimate moment with you, he wouldn’t allow himself to. you were far too great to even be in the presence of him, and he knew you were out of his league.
so why did your eyes feel as if you yearned for him? he could never mistake a look of desire and perhaps that’s why he was so confused in the first place; because it was coming from you.
“I,” you paused as your thoughts aligned, “I really wanted to celebrate today.”
“So,” a rare blush crept up on his cheeks, “with just me?”
“Is there something wrong with wanting to hang out with you alone?”
his legs finally found home on the stool next to you, resting his arm against the bar table, “We normally hang out with the others though.”
the once hopeful color in your irises dimmed, not going unnoticed by your company. as if the doubt you were used to was briefly resurfacing. the small amount of alcohol worked hand in hand with your adrenaline from the conversation earlier in the day, but were you a fool to think this would work out? that fearless aura he felt intimidated by second earlier vanished, and now he felt as if he finally understood what was going on.
avoiding contact, you closed your eyes with a smile, “Right, should I message the-“
“Don’t,” he answered rather quickly, grabbing the chance he figured was before him, “have I told you that you look beautiful today?”
a soft snort left you, “Are you flirting with me?“
“Shouldn’t I be?” his voice was quiet yet again, features begging for your attention and explanation to all of it. the doubt that once laid within you was now bouncing between the both of you.
you guys were two idiots who felt particularly fond of each other, trying not to ruin their friendship in the process.
“Did I misunderst-“
“No,” the noises around you felt deafening with the awkwardness arising between the two of you, “it’s a little stuffy in here isn’t it?”
his hand quickly grabbed your drink and set it aside, “Shoulda expected that from the flighty drunk,” his eyes tried to catch yours in the attempt of comic relief, “Let’s go for a walk, yeah?”
“I’m not drunk,” you argued as your fingers held in the air towards the bartender as a signal for a closed tab, “but yeah, let’s do that.”
downing the rest of his beverage he neglected as he was on a mission to understand your mixed signals, the glasses were left amongst the counter as you made your way outside. accompanying each other down the walkway, silence once again took over the air, but this time in a less uncomfortable way.
“You’re an idiot,” sighing, your sight was now laid upon his godlike features, “you know that right?”
“Ouch, sweetheart,” his hand dramatically clutched his shirt, “we were doing so good up until now.”
his heartbeat picked up at the sound of your giggle, “Sweetheart?”
“What?” his reply was quick, smooth, “Do ya prefer princess more?”
“Shut up.” you nudged his side with your elbow jokingly, but the heel of your shoe unbalanced rapidly and had you buckling under the sudden movement.
his arm quickly wrapped around your waist with support as you fell into him, “Woah there, soldier. Still want to try to convince me that yer not drunk?”
laughs filled the air as you both held each other, your heart felt hot as your actions were blamed on your consumptions and not the nervous state his existance held you in. searching for a reason to change the subject, off in the distance a sightseeing park was approaching. it was facing off at the distance close to sea, “Looks like I found our next destination.”
“That so?” his infamous smirk was worn, the tug of his hand now being grasped by yours as you pulled him towards the attraction.
your body gravitated towards the empty hammock swing, pulling his along with you. small jabs and belly laughs were exchanged as you found that relaxation in the seat you were wiggling for, legs pressed up against his at the angle.
“As much as I love this,” his smile was tender as the laughs died down, “you’re killing me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I know ya think I’m dumb,” he faced the ocean, watching as the waves never failed to reach father as the tide inched more against the sand, “but I can feel the tension.”
watching the same scenery, you felt a small bit of coldness in his words, “Oh, I didn’t know it was that obvious.”
“So, why?”
“Why what?”
his somber glare switched back to you swiftly, “Why pretend as if I have a chance?”
“You think i’m pretending?”
“I know what it’s like to be chasing a high after you’re out of a relationship,” his words held some sort of sympathy, one you didn’t quite understand, “especially an engagement.”
atsumu always talked without thinking, yet it seemed as if he thought really hard about what should be left unspoken. word games were not his forté, yet his blunt and straightforward expressions had your mind trying to figure out the riddle. did he believe you were with him for a high you once had with sako, that was recently lost? did he fail to realize that high had been long gone? as much as he thought before speaking this time, he still didn’t seem to check every corner to see if his meaningful words held any truth.
he quickly continued at your puzzled expression, “You have no idea how many people I slept with in hopes to find that feeling of love she once gave me.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“I may be a sleezy guy to most people,” his insecurities finally began to emerge, “but I don’t want to be your-“
“I don’t mean it as harsh as it sounds.”
“Its okay,” you shook your head, “I just didn’t think of it that way.”
it was his turn to question your words, “That way?”
“Truth be told,” the embarrassment you planned to expose caused a curvature in your lips, “I’ve been falling more and more for you each day you’ve been here.”
his fingers gripped on the hems of his shirt that he had been playing with out of anxiety, as if all the oxygen in the world had been sucked up, leaving his body dry of any.
“You’ve been falling for me?”
“No, for that man,” you pointed at the pedestrian crossing the street, “of course you, idiot.”
his widened state cracked with a small chuckle, “But this entire time I felt like you’ve been rejecting me.”
“Your small advances?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
his genuine expressions struck you deeply. it reminded you of your first relationship, ripe at the age of sixteen. the rush of hidden makeout sessions during lunch, or gentle touches on the small of your back as he passed; but this time it was something more, and the foreign butterflies were rattling in your stomach. something you once envied others for experiencing more than once, had quickly infection your body again.
your hand slowly laid atop his, wrapping your fingers around with reassurance, “Maybe because I was in denial and engaged,” he admired your colored eyes, his gaze slowly lowering to your plump lips as you continued, “but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to kiss you every time you called me princess.”
he inhaled deeply, but his reply was clean, “I knew you liked it the entire time.”
squeezing his hand, your tone was playful, “Watch it.”
“Sorry, sorry,” dipping his head slightly, his expression mimicked yours, “if that’s true, then what now?”
“I just told you I wanted to kiss you and you’re asking me what now?”
the childish roll of his eyes caused you to tilt your head cutely, “Well you said it in a past tense-“
you copied his motion of fake annoyance, cutting him off with a close embrace. the smell of bourbon lingered against his lips, desperate to mix with yours. his hands stuck to your sides to bring you closer, and with the close of the gap, it was nothing you had imagined it to be. it was instantaneous and urgent, as if time had been wasted. seemingly aggressive, yet soft and caring. his tongue invited itself mischievously, the force causing you to giggle at his neediness.
after moments of holding your breath, you finally caught a glimpse of his face with shared air. words were hot against his skin, “You really are a dumbass.”
“You love it, though.”
“I do,” you smiled within another sudden kiss, “I really do.”
Tumblr media
fun facts:
— atsumu only drinks old fashions when he’s trying to impress someone / seem cool
— but he plans on always drinking them from this day onward to remind him of this day
a/n: i spent a long time on this — i hope you guys like it!! and hopefully it gives ya a lil taste of what’s to come (:<
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fablesofkitkat · 2 days ago
can u continue the pov where u like tsukishima but he likes someone else
pov: your unrequited love feat. Tsukishima Kei
Alt title: <fablesofkitkat has no title yet for this series>
Genre: fluff
AN: My 2nd haikyuu pov. Hq readers or Y/N’s, start running. Towards me or away from me is your choice.
DISCLAIMER: this series does not strictly follow canon. In this story, Yachi joined the volleyball club the very first week so when Shizimu (the 3rd yr manager) asked Hinata for lists for freshmen who didn’t join a club yet, reader is listed, and got canvassed by Yachi and Shizimu.
Saying, “Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Tell me, is it worth it?”
- Rick Montgomery
Tags: @ti-mame @nikanikabitch @serotapeboi @darthferbert @xingqiuwaterdrop @mcauliffe-rosebuds @amecchii
Tumblr media
You bounced the ball in frustration after Karasuno lost to Seijou. The third years thought they were going to be at the Spring Tournament but Karasuno lost so they haven’t dropped by the 2nd gymnasium. You, along with your fellow first years and second years, are anxious whether they’d stay in the club. Truth is, you have this fear of getting hit by a ball ever since a dodgeball game back in elementary. You ended up going home with tissues shoved in your nostrils because of a nose bleed.
Ever since joining the club though, you got a bit braver. Maybe it’s the thing cloying at your chest, your pitiful unrequited crush on Tsukishima, or the fact Karasuno failed to participate in the Spring tournament, you thought maybe getting hit by the ball in the face isn’t so bad anymore.
You bounce the ball harder.
Speak of the devil, you catch the ball and cradled it with one arm on your hip as you turn around. “What?”
“School’s over.”
“I know.”
“Why’re you still here?”
“I’m joining the girl’s volleyball club, haven’t you heard?”
“As a mascot?”
You roll your eyes. “As the club advisor.” Your voice dripped in sarcasm.
He gestures for you to toss the ball at him and before you knew it, you and Tsukishima volley the ball to each other back and forth.
“You’re leaving too?”
“I’m not leaving. And don’t say that, our senpais could change their minds. There’s no way they could just leave the club without giving their all. It’s not fair. Nishinoya-senpai has a whole lot more to offer. Kageyama could learn a lot from Suga-senpai’s leadership skills. I won’t let them quit the club, I’ll camp Suga-senpai’s class room and convince them to stay.”
“Why Suga-senpai?”
You make a noise of frustration when your receive made the ball too high up. Tsukishima jumps a little and makes a passable toss at you. “I never realized how much Suga-senpai has influence on the whole club until the match against Seijou. Not to mention, he was cool, I kept looking over him and he was so impressive. I also want to wipe Seijou’s ball captain to the floor. He was so smug, but I guess with his skill, he should be smug about it. Still, Suga-senpai is the best.”
Tsukishima makes a wolf whistle, “The mascot and our captain: a shoujo manga, huh?”
His teasing pissed you off, so you attempted to perform a spike which he easily caught. “I don’t have a crush on Suga-senpai.”
He pushed his glasses up. “So you say.”
“So you say.” You mocked. “You’re so annoying. Why am I even talking to you? I like the moon, alright?”
“The moon?”
You give him a firm nod. “I like the moon.” Kami-sama, was Tsuki dense.
“You’re so weird.”
You shrugged and walk away. “So you say. Kageyama and Hinata’ll be here soon. You should practice with them. They’re frustrated too.”
“Why did you turn down Hinata and Kageyama’s request?”
Tsukishima pointedly ignored your question as he sipped on his orange juice.
“You know because you turned them down, Yachi offered to tutor them?”
He gives you a stoic stare, sipping still. “And your point is?”
“Because instead of annoying me during class breaks, you could be with Yachi tutoring them.” You push his head away from your desk. “Go away, I need to write some mock quizzes.”
“What, you need help with your grades too?”
“I’m not smart.” You chewed your bottom lip nervously. “So I need to study. I retain memory better when I do it this way. Plus, maybe Kageyama and Hinata are the same. I can give this to them when I’m done.”
His eyes soften at that and then he pats your head. “You’re a good kid, aren’t you?”
Your cheeks turned hot in a second. “Yeah, yeah.”
‘I like the moon.’
You screamed into your pillow.
Really? Did you really say that? You like the moon? You could do better than that!
You kicked your feet in rapid motions like you do when you swam as a kid. The embarrassment was unbearable.
Could you really be more obvious than that?
‘I like the moon.’
Suki. Like. Suki. Moon. Tsuki. Tsukishima.
‘I like the moon.’
‘I like Tsuki.’
‘I like you, damn four-eyes.’
You wish you could shut your brain off.
You stare at the poster Yachi did for the club and a wave of envy washed over you, the next you felt guilt and ashamed for feeling that way. Yachi’s cute. Yachi’s talented. Yachi’s nice. A second “Small Giant.” It was a picture of Hinata doing his jump spike. The crows soar toward the nationals once more. Donations received will be used for: away games, training camp, travel expenses, food expenses, and lodging expenses. For information, contact Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball club faculty advisor Takeda.  It was a poster asking for donations. This was a whole lot more useful and impressive than you being a mascot. You suddenly feel like an idiot. This is amazing for the club, right? So how come you feel so much worse?
Tears pooled at the corner of your eyes and your lips trembled. You let out a small hiss to reprimand yourself. No wonder Tsukishima likes her. You don’t think you have it in you to attend club that day.
Tumblr media
This is ridiculous, you’re being weird. Be happy for the club.
AN: Legit winging this. Don’t  have any plans for this but let the writing gods and idea gods to take the wheel and possess me for more parts I guess
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rrintaro · 13 days ago
shying away after an argument
Tumblr media Tumblr media
.. genre + featuring: angst to fluff ; hurt comfort with sakusa kiyoomi & ushijima wakatoshi
.. content warnings: reader obviously gets emotionally hurt (resolved) but other than that there’s none! + kinda ooc sakusa.
.. author’s note: this was so rushed and idk what i feel about this since i haven’t written in SOOO LONG lmfao so enjoy ig even tho im rusty now :) also this request was months ago sorry it took so long haha.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi.
sakusa came home extra exhausted, everyone in the team was getting on his nerves
and he wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and finally take some rest after hours of practice
so when he came home to see you waiting for him eagerly, it only made him more irritated
however, it seems that you didn't notice how tense he was considering you made your way towards him with a smile
and while you kept snuggling him and asking questions if he wanted to watch a movie after dinner
he was just too exhausted to entertain anything and anyone at the moment
“jesus can you stop clinging to me all the time? it makes me fucking uncomfortable.”
he slid into the bedroom before shutting the door close
you shifted a little in your feet, not expecting the sudden outburst.
looking back a few days, you havent realized how it was annoying for him and guilt creeps up to you for making him uncomfortable through your affection
taking a deep breath, you made your way to settle on the couch, deciding to give him some wanted space
it’s the next day and sakusa woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday. he reaches an arm over to your side of the bed almost as if it’s an instinct, hoping he could cuddle you for a while before heading to practice again, a frown across his face when he felt no trace of warmth
he drags his feet out of the bedroom, a subtle smile flashing across his lips when he finds you curled up on the couch with a blanket draped over your figure
his heart tugs lightly as he remembers how he took out his frustration on you, he knows his words stung and he feels bad, but he hopes you know he doesn’t mean any of it
when he comes home from practice, you're cooking something up, maybe dinner for the two of you— but you seemed too busy to notice him so he decides to walk over himself
"y/n, hi.”
a sudden voice breaks you out of your trance as you look up to the man with his usual stoic face.
you smile at him softly, "hi kiyoomi, how was practice?"
"t' was fine" he replies and scratches his nape as he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to give him his usual greeting hug but you immediately avert your gaze away from him and back to the pot in front of you
he tilts his head awkwardly, he thinks it’s a little strange but shrugs it off anyway, maybe you just forgot?
when you’re both eating dinner, he makes sure to send discreet glances in your way, hoping you would initiate some kind of conversation— you don’t though and his shoulders droops in defeat
after dinner, he invites you for a movie and he thinks luck was on his side when you agreed
however, he expected you to join him and settle on his lap like usual but instead, you situate yourself on the other side of the couch, leaving enough space between the two of you
now he's getting annoyed, fingers itching to just hold you and cradle you in his arms but you don’t seem to be in the mood to, did something happen?
he thinks he's being too dramatic and tries his best not to dwell on the silence too much, but he can't help but think of what he possibly might've done to make you act this way, and then his mind went back to yesterday.
he completely forgot about that as his mind was going miles away and he almost mentally beat himself up for not realizing how much his words had affected you.
trying to be subtle, he scoots over to your side, scooping you in one fluid motion onto his lap and trapping you between his arms
you jolt in surprise before trying to wriggle out of his hold, only to fail miserably, "kiy—"
"are you upset with me? i’m sorry i didn't mean it"
you stare at him in worry, suddenly feeling bad that he’s been blaming himself all along, “hey, i’m not upset with you, okay? i promise that but i do apologize for crossing the boundaries, i promise i’ll loosen myself up!” you continue with a smile, not wanting him to worry about you first.
but it appears he knows you too well for that.
"no, my love, don’t do that, please? i want you here with me and i shouldn’t have talked to you like that so let me make it up to you.. yeah?”
and finally— finally, you nestle yourself on his lap, taking in the warmth you’ve been craving as you speak up about your own feelings
“of course omi”
ushijima wakatoshi.
you knew volleyball will always be ushijima’s top priority and that he spends all of his time practicing for upcoming matches
you've supported him through and attended all of his games whenever you had a chance to and of course you were more than proud of him
but today, you wanted to spend time with him especially since you hadn't spend some time alone together for almost a month due to his schedule
the rest of the shiratorizawa team had said that their coach gave them a free day to make up for all their hard work
and you were looking forward to have a movie date which he suprisingly agreed into (he was half asleep when you asked him to)
getting ready, you dressed in comfy pjs and prepared the snacks, and warm blankets.
you waited patiently on the couch for a few minutes
but those minutes turned into hours and he still wasn't home so you texted him with worriedly, asking him if he was almost home
after an hour, he finally called you, “i can’t come. i’ve already told you that i have to spend my time on practice and not on useless things, y/n.”
your eyes pricked as his words registered in your brain
you wanted to spend some time with him, and yet he only thinks it’s a waste.
you were used to this, basing from your past relationships so you weren't that surprised although you won’t deny that you were disappointed
because maybe you thought it was going to be different this time
why did you even expect?
understanding where this was coming from, you quickly gathered yourself and replied as you tried to keep your voice steady: “ah i’m sorry toshi. i’ll see you at home. love you.”
you ended the called not long before he can even answer, not trusting yourself enough to even hear his voice after what he just said without breaking down
you shut off your phone, dragged yourself in the bedroom and drifted off to sleep
it's been a week since and today was sunday, another one of his free days and though you wanted to ask him once again if he could stay in, you knew that he was still going to the gym despite that, so you opted to keeping it to yourself, saving yourself from further heartbreak.
your prediction was soon confirmed when you checked the time, it was already 8 PM. usually at this time, ushijima had already arrived home but ever since he’s been charged as a captain, he'd always arrive around quarter to eleven or even later.
you were completely understanding and didn't bother him as much since you didn't want him to feel like you're holding him back from doing what he likes to do
shaking your head off the thought, you scrolled through the list of movies, trying to find something to entertain you for the rest of the night as you slowly munched on the chips you bought from the grocery store earlier
but what you didn’t know is that a certain male kept all his attention on his phone, taking glances from time to time as he waited for you to spam his notifications like you usually do
but you don’t and he takes this as the aftermath of the harsh words he threw at you last week and his heart sinks to his stomach at the thought of you not being your usual self
so before heading back, he quickly stopped by a small bakery shop near the apartment to buy some of your favorite pastries and cookies, hoping you would appreciate his small gift
when he got home, the lights were off and you weren't anywhere in sight. worried, he quickly strode through the living room, only to see you sitting in the couch with a bag of chip on your hand
you stare at the sudden intrusion, not expecting the certain man to be home so early “ toshi? are you okay? did something happen at pra—“
“i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it”
you blinked as you tried to keep your tears at bay, not wanting to lower your guard down so easily, knowing what exactly he was apologizing for
“i apologize for my words last week, y/n. i promise you i do not mean it and i love spending my time with you, in fact i found myself enjoying it more than practice, which is quite unbelievable.”
you laugh a little at his words, suddenly feeling a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders “you know i’m only worried about you, right?”
“i know, i’m sorry.”
“and that i love you?”
“yes, i know that. i love you too.”
smiling, you usher him to sit beside you and he stumbles as he buries his face on your chest, finally having the rest he’s been missing the whole time.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
© all works belong to @rrintaro— do not plagiarize, copy, modify, or claim my works as your own.
Tumblr media
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naturallykenma · 2 months ago
holding hands (various haikyuu)
a/n: hello to whoever sees this...it’s my first time posting anime writing and my first original post on this blog!! im v excited but v nervous hehe. i used prompts from this list !! pls rb/leave feedback/hmu okok <3
warnings: fluff, mentions of anxiety/nerves/crowds in sakusa’s, brief mention of crashing a car but nothing too bad 
featuring: timeskip kenma, akaashi, iwaizumi, sakusa <3 
Tumblr media
kenma: holding hands under the table
when kuroo invited you and kenma out to dinner as a way to catch up with the both of you, you agreed, but you weren’t expecting the majority of the nekoma team to be there as well. you and kenma were known to be quiet and not social, especially when it came to big groups of people. nevertheless, you couldn’t exactly walk out of the restaurant so you just took your seats, kenma next to kuroo and you next to kenma. 
“hope it’s alright I invited the team, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to catch up!” kuroo stated once the two of you sat down and quietly greeted everyone. 
“this wasn’t part of the deal.” kenma mumbled quietly, only loud enough for you and kuroo to hear and grabbing your hand softly under the table. 
kuroo’s response was interrupted by lev asking kenma how the streaming was going and if he had seen hinata lately, while kenma’s thumb rubbed over your knuckles softly as you caught up with yaku. 
“you alright?” he nearly whispered, breath fanning over your ear. 
“yeah bub, ‘m fine.” you smiled, causing kenma to smile softly in return. 
the team smiled at the interaction, though they couldn’t hear the conversation, they could tell kenma was madly in love with you. 
akaashi: holding hands in a museum to pull them to the next exhibition 
the two of you had found your way to the art museum when it started raining during your picnic date. although you have only been dating for three months, akaashi knew he loved you. he didn’t dare say it yet, scared you didn’t feel the same. 
you were concentrating on the piece in front of you, but akaashi could only focus on you. you looked so cute when you were focused, your eyes scanning over every detail of the painting. 
“did you read this?” you asked, pointing to the plaque next to the painting. 
“yeah. ‘s interesting.” he replied, knowing he didn’t pay attention to it at all. 
“it is! oooh keiji-” you gasped, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the next room. “look!” 
your hand stayed laced with his as you pointed at the biggest painting in the room. “‘s my favorite!” 
akaashi didn’t mean to zone out, he really did try to listen to you, but he was too focused on the way your eyes lit up, how your grip on his hand got tighter with each new wave of excitement as you talked about the art. 
“I love you.” he blurted out, cutting you off. “sorry, i didn’t mean to cut you off. i just- i love you.” 
you paused, keeping your hands laced together as you looked up at him with a small smile. “I love you too.” 
“really?” he breathed. 
iwaizumi: holding hands while driving 
the first time hajime asked to hold your hand while he was driving, you didn’t let him. 
“i won’t let you drive with one hand. you need both hands, haji!” you told him, crossing your arms and hiding your hands from him. 
“come on baby, you don’t think i’m a good enough driver?” he teased, pulling out of the parking lot. 
“‘s not that. i just don’t wanna be the reason you’re distracted and crash.” you pouted. 
“you’re always distracting me, baby. you’re too pretty.” he smiled. 
“shut up.” you mumbled, despite the smile tugging on your lips. 
a few minutes later and your arms were uncrossed, one of your hands sitting in your lap while you scrolled on your phone. hajime took his opportunity, grabbing your free hand and lacing your fingers together. 
“haji! i told you to use two hands while driving!” you exclaimed, trying to take your hand away. 
“just lemme hold your hand.” he whined, keeping his tight grip on your hand. “we’re almost there anyway.” 
“fine.” you huffed. “but this is the last time.” 
hajime chuckled, but knew it wasn’t going to be the last time. it became a habit now for him to reach for your hand in the car and even if you insist he use two hands, he still notices the way your hand reaches for his. 
sakusa: linking pinkies 
sakusa hates crowds and pda. he hated how many germs were transferred in a crowd and he hated displaying affection in front of people, particularly random strangers who could take pictures and put them on social media. 
dating a pro volleyball player was no joke and sakusa knew that. he also knew you got overwhelmed in the crowds that tend to form around him after a game or when he’s out in public. 
you knew he wasn’t big on pda, which is why you compromised. 
whenever he notices you getting overwhelmed in a crowd or starting to feel anxious, he simply links your pinkies together, a silent sign that he’s there for you. 
lately, however, he does it whenever the two of you are out. he knows you find the gesture comforting, but so does he. to him, it’s a subtle way of showing everyone that you’re with him. it doesn’t matter if the two of you are shopping, walking around a park, or waiting to enter a restaurant. he links your pinkies together as soon as you leave your shared apartment. 
sometimes when you’re in a more secluded area, he’ll press a kiss to your pinky and mumble a “love you” while smiling under his mask at the sight of you smiling softly and returning the statement. 
sakusa hates pda and he hates crowds, but he loves you. 
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antihajime · a month ago
Tumblr media
feat. iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, miya atsumu, miya osamu, suna rintarō, yaku morisuke
note. hi. obvious warnings (alcohol). but i love them all. that’s it. they are all very sweet and funny to me.
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI becomes sweet in a way that’s rare. though the scent of scotch swirls in the air and along his lips, his fingers glide across your skin—crooked smiles catching on his cheeks as a thumb drags over your back. he mumbles words that drip with nothing but ardor, speaking them so close to you that they settle in your skin, breaths of life sneaking their way along your shoulders, laughter dipping beneath you and slipping into your soul. he holds you like he knows you as well as any memory, as deeply as any song, no matter how blurred the world may seem.
KUROO becomes the life that floods your veins. he’s bright and proud and reckless in a way that makes you wish to take him home, but he never dares cross that line. he spills drinks and holds you close and god does he make you want to scream, but then he kisses you. he kisses you like you’re all he’s ever known, like he could be consumed by you—hands at the back of your neck, pulling you closer until he can’t anymore. and when he pulls away, it’s that moment of laughter, of whispered affection, that makes his antics seem a little more worth it.
ATSUMU becomes little downturned lips and furrowed brows. don’t you dare make fun of him, because he’s holding onto you like he’s never felt warmth before—chasing after the flames beneath your skin like they could light his own. he whines and moans and kisses your shoulders as they lay beneath him. when you laugh at him, a gentle suggestion to go home and hold back on the drinks, he mumbles something about shutting up, but kisses you afterwards again. he apologizes in the way he holds you, but that doesn’t stop him from whining again when you move.
OSAMU becomes an extension of yourself. he wraps around you, whispering sarcastic comments in your ear as your friends continue to drink. he laughs sweet, breathy, barely there laughter, the kind that brushes against the skin of your neck and travels down your skin—sending goosebumps along your spine. and then, before you know it, the movement of his hands along your skin still and his breaths begin to even out. when you look, he’s asleep, hair falling in his eyes and mouth a little open. but he lays there like he’s found comfort in you and only you, so you wouldn’t dare disturb him. not until you have to, anyway.
SUNA becomes a little more sly, leaning down to whisper in your ear just to hear the scurry of laughter that slips out of you. you wouldn’t know he was drunk if it weren’t for the smirk that worked its way onto his face, if it weren’t for the trail his hand was making along your lower back and waist. he raises and brow and tilts his head at people and he feels like the whispers of wind through autumn trees—cold but sweet and curling around you in a way that feels comforting. so you let him crawl his too-cold fingers up your back, and you let him laugh when you jump at the feeling. because though it’s breathy and low, it’s adoring in a way that you’ve learned to just know.
YAKU becomes the whispers in your ears and the pull towards him. he furrows his brows and pulls his lip between his teeth and he hates whenever anyone looks at you, but he bites at your ear and pulls laughter from your lungs and traces the planes of your throat until you can’t take it anymore, until you roll your eyes and lean into him and assure him that you have no plans of going anywhere. so, yaku, so terribly sweet and terribly infuriated at the idea of anyone else, holds you close and whispers promises. you’re sure he’s thought them before, but it’s the beginning of spoken words that seals them in both of your fates.
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knivesenvy · 2 months ago
friends helping friends
atsumu miya x reader
warnings: smut, nsfw
summary: “I mean if you’re really curious, I could do it for you.”
word count - 1615
second chapter to worst roommate ever, can be read as a oneshot.
“Are you really bein serious right now?”
“Atsumu, why would I lie about something like this?”
“I just can’t wrap my head around why? Have you even had sex before?” He asked with his eyebrows raised up nearly into his hairline.
“Of course, I’ve had sex! He was just very straight to the point. Didn’t see a reason to do extra stuff.”
“Eating out your girlfriend isn’t “extra stuff”, he should want to do it. Being able to taste the girl you like is enough to make a man cum in his pants.”
“No need to get so graphic, jeez, Tsumu.” you sighed. “He said it was a want, not a need.”
“How is that any more graphic than the conversation we’re already having? And he should want to do it so badly that it becomes a need. He should want to taste you. Taste is a whole different thing than just feeling.”
Speaking of this conversation, you had no recollection of how it even started. Maybe because of an offhand comment one of you made while watching this movie together? Honestly, who knows?
Atsumu was quiet then until he muttered “I mean, do you wanna know what it feels like?”
You just looked at him and blinked. What was the point of asking this?
“Well of course I do, but it’s not really like I have a line of people knocking down the door just to eat me out.”
That comment seemed to fluster the both of you.
“I mean if you’re really curious, I could do it for you.” he’s avoiding eye contact.
No way. No fucking way. It was silly enough to yearn for your pro-athlete roommate, but now he’s literally offering to eat you out.
You’re too stuck in your own head to notice he started to squirm around.
“Sorry, I went too far. I should-”
“Okay.” Who do you think you are to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this? “This is just a friend helping out a friend in need, right?”
You glance to your side and see Atsumu gawking at you, eyes wider than you’ve ever seen them. Did he not think you’d actually say yes? I mean, who wouldn’t say yes?
“Right.” He licks his lips while looking like he’s gonna devour you with those honey eyes of his.
He leans in closer. You feel so hot all of a sudden, almost like you could melt at this point.
“Can I kiss you? Or are we skipping straight to business?”
You answer by leaning forward more and brushing your lips gently against his. He completes the kiss by fully connecting your lips together.
God, you’ve dreamed of this. A steamy make-out session with Atsumu on the couch was enough to suffice you for months. But you knew, knew this was leading to more than just making out.
He leans back and just looks into your eyes. You look back, puzzled as to what he’s looking at.
He opens his mouth, but before he actually says anything he jumps down towards your neck. Leaving sloppy wet kisses and nibbles alongside it. You slowly lean back onto the couch cushions as he slots himself on his knees between your legs. Following your body down to kiss you more.
You glide a hand into his hair and tug a little as you both let out a small moan at the action. You’re so unbearably horny at this point. That moan was fuel to the fire.
He started to kiss and suck on your exposed collar bone. Then he looked up from where he was, lips still in the center of your exposed upper chest, asking for permission to further his travels down. You swear you could've came on the spot just seeing him look up at you like that. Filled with want, or need he would call it.
You nod your head slightly and he leans back on his knees, reaching towards the edge of your shirt to push it up. He throws it to the side the moment it’s off you.
The way he rushes down to your chest and pulls the cup of your bra down to latch onto your nipple makes him almost look more desperate than you right now.
Can’t get over the way he constantly keeps looking up at you, whether to check to make sure everything is fine or to get validation that he’s doing things right by the look of pleasure on your face. Your guess is both.
A tongue is swirled around your nipple as you let out a whine and further your hand buried in his hair.
What is he getting out of this? Out of giving pleasure to his roommate that she’s never received before when he gets nothing in return. Are you thinking about this too much? Or is there something you’re missing? You can’t focus on it too much when you hear the slick pop of his mouth coming off your nipple and lips trailing farther, farther down.
“You good?” Hands placed on the button of your jeans. Asking for one final grant of permission. “You sure about me doin’ this?”
“Of course.” Little does he know you’re so close to begging him for this. You’re sure he’d like that though.
He unbuttons your pants and you help him pull them off you. Now you’re actually nervous. What if he doesn’t like what he sees? Does this feel like a chore more than a favor for him?
A delicate kiss is placed over your clothed clit. A small gasp leaves your mouth and you can see the sly smirk it brings to his face from here. There is the cocky son of a bitch you know.
“As I’ll ever be.”
He pulls your panties to the side and licks up one full stripe from hole to clit. God, you’ve been missing out on something this good for how long? Missing out on this pleasure. On him.
The strangled moan you let out is enough encouragement for him to continue. Now pulling your underwear completely off you.
Frantically, he pushes your legs apart. Spreading you on full display. You’re so embarrassed at his gawking look.
“Oh, baby…” lets out a low whistle. You're radiating from the pet name. He dives right in lapping up all of your wetness that he could. Like a man starved.
An obscene moan is let out, probably from you and him. Your clit being abused and rubbed raw by his tongue. You’ve never felt pleasure this good before. It makes you wonder how good he is with other parts of his body.
The biggest mistake is looking down. You make direct eye contact with him. He’s been watching you this whole time.
Taking in the fact you can see him grinding his hard-on into the couch. Ears filled with obscene wet sounds and groans from both parties.
The hottest thing is how turned on he is. Just from eating you out. From watching you let go.
Sitting up a little bit, he hooks his arms under your thighs and wraps them around to spread your folds apart. He let a long string of spit slide down out of his mouth and onto your pussy. Never breaking eye contact the whole time. He is so fucking hot. So fucking good at this. You try not to wonder how many girls he’s had to have done this with to be so good at it.
“Holy fuck,” you whine.
A deep chuckle is heard from between your legs and he resumes eating his meal, even more enthusiastically.
Fingers start inching towards your hole. One slides in and you moan even more.
Slowly, another slides in and he hooks them, hitting the spot in you just right.
He rests his head on one thigh, pausing his licking and sucking as he looks up at you, still knuckle deep inside you.
“Feel’s good doesn’t it?” Cocky lil shit.
You don’t miss the way he’s humping the couch even more. He’s getting off on this just as much as you are. Filled with confidence on the effect you’re having on him, you reply.
“Why don’t you focus on finishing what you started.”
Another deep chuckle, “Yes ma’am.” and he’s back to work. Faster, like on a mission. You were so close. Pit in your stomach growing warmer and warmer.
You let out a string of curses. Men have been ruined for you the moment Astumu walked into your life. And now sex, in general, was ruined for you.
Atsumu angled his fingers just right, sucked on your clit, then looked up at you once more, “come on baby, let go” and so you did. You came. Hard. Moaning loudly. Hand threaded through his blonde locks pulling roughly, lost in the pleasure.
He rides out your orgasm with his tongue. Groaning while trying to lick up everything you have to offer.
“You taste so fucking good.”
Fucked out. You’re completely fucked out. Laying limp on the couch as you finally have to hiss and push his head away.
Atsumu crawls back up your body, wetness drenching his lower mouth. Smile covering the rest. He caresses your check. Looks at you with a gaze filled with a little too much admiration.
“Good, right?”
“So fuckin good. Never had better.”
You see the swell of pride in the way he pushes his chest forward.
He leans down and gives you a kiss. You taste yourself and moan. You’re absolutely worn. Have no energy after literally getting the life ate out of you. However, you peer down at his tight pants and are brave enough to ask.
“Want me to return the favor?”
notes - im so sorry i had no idea where to take this story but i wanted to put my favorite tropes into some smut so here it is. hope u enjoyed!
cross-posted to my ao3
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO POST ABOUT THIS WORK please let me know first! if it’s on tiktok my username is koukaku pls tag me
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angelplummie · 2 months ago
warnings: swearing, cheating, break ups, long awaited sequel hehe, big thanks to @floweyy for being my beta reader 💕💕 love forever girl. i hope u guys enjoy!!!
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
Your heart fell to the deep recesses of your gut when you heard his voice. The noise of his jacket being placed on the banister and the plod of his smart business man shoes let you track him along the hallway.
Closer and closer he got, and you still sat there, frozen stock still to the cushions. The embers of hysterics yanked at your insides as you fought the urge to start balling again. Instead, you managed to find resolve, managed to calm down just enough, steal yourself into a cold, miserable sight for him to come home to. Your face was still wet and messy, but it didn’t matter. You always looked pretty when you cried, you hoped he would remember you like this when he was gone. No, when you got rid of him.
“Y/N? I’m home.”
He finally found you, standing in the doorframe of the front room. Your gaze dragged across the carpet, to his shoes to his trouser to his shirt to his face. And you stared at him, making no effort to hide anything, anything at all. He blinked down at you with wide eyes, he almost looked innocent, like a little baby lamb. He batt his big beautiful eyelashes again and opened his mouth like he had something to say.
“Hi,” you said and you sniffed, nerves pulsing in your stomach. Whatever. You have nothing to be nervous about.
You could see him panic, see the cogs in his head churn, even if he did his best to hide it from you. It was only a flash, but you know a lot about someone when you love them for years of your life. Years of your life you will never get back.
“Are you ok, Y/N?” he breathed.
An eery silence followed, punctuated only by the beating of Kuroo’s disgusting pig heart. You close your eyes, draw in a deep breath.
“Can we just be honest with each other? For once? Can you just admit it?”
A shorter silence, this time interrupted a deep sigh.
“You heard then.”
So it was true. It was absolute. It was fact. While you feel like you might throw up, a strange relief washes through you. He was honest. He was being honest. It was new, it was refreshing, and if nothing else it was time saving.
“Of course I fucking heard.”
He sighed, shaky hands covering his face. He looked distressed, which pleased you, but did nothing to quell the burning agony, the misery eating away at you.
“I thought,” you inhaled through your nose, “that after years and years of being together, i would mean something to you. I would’ve hoped that the years of my life I spent on you, making you happy, doing everything I could for you, would mean more to you than this bullshit.”
He still covers his face, and your anger flares up once again.
“Fucking look at me when I’m speaking to you.”
Your voice is broken, it’s obvious and glaring, and he doesn’t dare disobey you. He brings his hand away, and you see his adam’s apple bob, his eyes are vacant as they look at you. His brows are furrowed, he looks like he’s in some kind of pain.
“But you go, and you-you,” you grimace and turn away, tears pouring from your eyes again, dropping from your lashes. Why can’t you do this properly? Why does he have to know how much you’re hurting?
“You do it right in front of me! And you swore! You swore on-on everything that you would never, that you were just like that, you’re just friendly. Fucking bullshit.”
You had lost the plot now. You remember you had intentions, but what were you even going to say to him in the first place? It didn’t matter. None of it mattered.
“Y/N,” he said, voice hardly over a breathless mumble,”I am so sorry. I never, never wanted to hurt you, I-I love you.” You wonder what he was thinking, what his evil reptilian little brain was thinking right now. Did he pity you? Did he think he still loved you? Did he just want it over? Whatever it was, it made you sick.
“Nothing you say matters to me anymore. I can’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth Kuroo.”
“Don’t,” he damn near whimpered, lurching towards you, crouching down to the sofa to be eye level with you,”Y/N, please, I’m so so sorry. It was a mistake, it was all a stupid mistake, I didn’t even- I- I- I wasn’t even-“
“Shut the fuck up,” you cut in, sobs catching in your raw throat, “don’t even fucking try to bullshit me. You’re not fucking sorry. I bet you and her had a little giggle about it didn’t you? Bet it was fucking hilarious.”
“No! It was just, one time before this, and then she came onto me again, and-and, I don’t know what I was thinking, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This was the last time, I swear. I’m so so sorry. Please, Y/N, please, I am so sorry.”
“How can I ever believe that Kuroo?”
He exhaled desperately,
“You were never supposed to know!”
You laugh incredulously, a hysteria taking over. You felt like you were going insane, like you wanted to rip your hair out and scream and cry forever.
“And that’s supposed to make me feel better? You were going to lie to me, talk to me, live with me, fuck me like everything was fucking normal?”
The image of him being with someone else then coming home and putting his hands on you, it was too much for you to bear.
“You fucked me last night. After you fucked her.”
“Don’t say it like that, I didn’t ever think it would happen again!”
“What- am I suppose to be grateful? Oh, you only fucked her twice, and you only meant to fuck her once, you’re such a good fucking boyfriend.”
“I was never going to tell you! You never would’ve known, and we could’ve gone on and it would’ve been fine!”
“oh, fuck off,” you cover your eyes with your palm, whimpering slightly.
“Kuroo... I wanted to marry you.”
Your words hang in the air like the smell of the Chinese food containers in the kitchen.
Quiet followed for a little while again, until Kuroo made the brave choice to speak again instead of just leaving you alone.
“You still can,” he pleaded, and you scoffed.
“Y/N please,” it was tentative, but still audacious enough to irritate you, “This doesn’t have to be the end. It was just a mistake, a terrible terrible mistake. You know what I’m like, I was stupid and she-she was throwing herself at me and-“
“Oh please, give me every little detail, please tell me how much she wanted you, that makes me forget all about how you fucked your coworker this afternoon.”
His eyes are wide and gawking and his hair is mussed when you look at him.
“If you honestly think I could ever, ever fucking forgive you, you are delusional.”
He blinks and licks his lips and his big eyes dart to the ground.
“I know you’re mad, but...” he says shakily, and fury boils up inside you.
“Mad? I’m not mad. I’m fucking furious. I’ve never been more angry in my life. How fucking dare you come back here. How fucking stupid do you think I am?” the misery left your voice, your demeanour. You were getting louder, shouting. He flinched back as you spoke, but it only fuelled your anger.“Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Did you enjoy lying to me? Was it thrilling for you? Did it turn you on? Disrespecting me to my face, humiliating me, throwing away everything we talked about, everything I stayed up at night crying about, everything we worked through, did that help you get you get off?”
He stared defeatedly at you, lip quivering. But you weren’t done.
“Well? Did it? Did it feel better than with me? Was it worth it?”
Your question, however rhetorical, hung in the air, hitting both of you. You didn’t intend to get an answer, but now you wanted to know, and he knew that.
He opens his mouth and makes the starting noises of a sentence, but cuts himself off, starting again carefully.
“No,” he said slowly, calculated,” It wasn’t worth it.”
“But it was better?”
His tear rimmed eyes widened.
“No! I didn’t say that!”
Exhaustedly you close your eyes. You place your palm on your forehead and you feel the pain inside of your body gather up, clarify itself. He had sex with her. It finalised itself in your head, and all you wanted to do was cry, you didn’t want him here.
“I can’t do this anymore, Kuroo. You fucking repulse me. Get out of my house.”
You heard him gasp quietly, before sobbing like a panting dog.
“Let’s talk about this, please, I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry.”
He grabbed your hand, in a manner you supposed could be considered tender, but you snatched it away.
You wrench yourself up off the sofa and knock past him, sending him stumbling back in his crouch.
“Y/N?” He says from the ground, looking up at you pathetically. But you just walk by him, head aching rhythmically with your steps. You felt creaky, worn down as you walk into your hall and up your stairs. Of course you hear thuds behind you, footsteps that would’ve made your heart soar before, now filling you with remorse and annoyance.
Can’t it just be over? Can’t you be left to grieve the life you had wanted? Worked towards? Depended on? Can he just fuck off to whatever hole he came from? Please?
But that would be too kind, as you hear a sniff a few meters behind you.
He advances in strides and you come to a stop outside the bathroom door when he wraps his arms around your chest from behind. You were on your way to sit and be alone, to recollect your thoughts and cry. But he couldn’t let that happen.
He held you right to him, and buried his face in your shoulder. Your skin crawled at the touch of him, how he was so close to you, how close he had been to her, how he hadn’t showered so her touch would be on him still. He held you now, trapped you in the same arms that held her, pressed the same lips to your shoulder in desperate gasps. Disgust was all you felt for him in this moment.
“Please, I-I can’t do it without you.”
“Get off of me.”
A millisecond past and he didn’t move, and you were affronted with panic and horror and yet more tears.
“I said get off! Get off me!”
You threw his arms off and turned around to face him again, a wild look on your face like an injured animal. You had been avoiding his eyes, but now you bore into him with an intensity he had never felt before. It made him nauseous.
“I need to be alone, ok? Either I leave or you leave. We’re done Kuroo, It’s over. You’re not the same person to me anymore.”
He looked beautiful now. Eyes red and puffy and glassy, he was like a painting. He looked unlike you’d ever seen him. And from the bottom of your soul you hated him.
“No, give me one more chance. I’ll do anything. Please.”
A sob of exasperation left you and your fingers found your temples.
“What don’t you get, there’s nothing you can do!Your last chance was a year ago, there’s nothing left.”
He sniffed sulkily, and exhaustion finally fully hit you.
“Just, please. Leave. I want to be alone. I can’t-I can’t look at you right now.”
Because whenever you do, all you see is everything he could’ve been doing. And it terrifies you because some of the things you’re imagining didn’t happen, but you know for a fact some did, and you can’t work out which and it’s hurting your head.
“I’m still the same guy,” he pleads,”I still love you, you have to know that I love you.”
“I don’t know anything anymore,” you say dejectedly. You look at the carpet, and lean against the bathroom door, “I don’t know what’s a true and what’s a lie. You acted like you love me and you changed, and you’ve done so much for me. But I don’t know anymore.”
Another second of him being near you. Another agonising second.
“You have to leave Kuroo. I’m- I just- I can’t. Please fucking leave.”
He sniffs again, and takes a good long look at you. You’re gorgeous and miserable, so empty. He wants to beg more, but he knows he has no wiggle room this time. He’s been caught. It’s done.
You don’t glance up and check when you hear footsteps leading away from you. You don’t move when the door creaks open and closed. You don’t do anything. You just stand in the landing. Arms over your chest, over your pounding heart, fingers gripping your shirt. So unbearably tense.
This is so hard. What are you meant to do now? Where do you go from here? He’s gone. He left you, and even though you told him to, it feels like another betrayal. You miss him. Why isn’t he here? Why isn’t he making it better? Why is no one making it better? Does no one love you in this whole world? Are you really all alone?
Even after he promised?
Tumblr media
heyyy i hope u enjoyed! reblogs appreciated!!
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araragomennnn · 3 months ago
kiwi flavoured kisses丨sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
You’re overworked, typing away meticulously at your laptop, only stopping to rub the tiredness out of your eyes and apparently too absorbed to realise a very worried sakusa linger around you or pass you to the kitchen where he with furrowed brows sliced kiwi in perfectly identical shapes, just the way you like them.
He brings you the bowl of fruit, wordlessly pulling out a chair beside you. He pokes at a piece and brings the fork of kiwi to hover in front of your lips. You take the bite, eyes still on your laptop screen and immediately grimace, swivelling your head to him.
Okay- he’ll admit it, kiwis may not be your favourite fruit but at least they took your eyes off that screen for a damn minute.
“Yhu traythor,” you exclaim through a mouthful.
He finds a smile threatening to overtake his features, “quit complaining, you need to eat all your fruits,”
“Okay, mom,” you huff, filter and rationality dissipating from your speech due to exhaustion.
He doesn’t miss the twitch of your lips as you turn towards the screen once again. He brings another piece, looming over your mouth. Your lips draw into a thin line as you rear your head back, looking at the piece of green fruit with dread.
You turn to glance at him, “do I have to?”
“Yes,” he says in a tone that leaves no room for discussion.
You sigh, leaning into your chair, finally taking your hands off the keyboard of your laptop and sakusa mentally throws a hand up in victory.
You chew the fruit, face contorted in displeasure and sakusa snorts.
“Well, then how about you have a bite?” you offer a ghost of a smirk at your lips, he stills.
Did he mention that he isn’t too fond of the fruit either?
“No,” he says a touch too fast, you cock a brow.
You hold his gaze, eyes narrowed in an attempt to force him into submission and he needs to bite the inside of his cheek to prevent his lips from breaking out into a smile, a lovesick smile that is.
He rolls his eyes, sighing. “fine,” he grumbles before reaching for a bite.
He holds it in front of his mouth for a few moments, grimacing with furrowed brows before popping it in and the expression he made next was so rich that it ripped out a string of hearty giggles from your throat and despite the disgusting mix of sour and sweet on his tongue, he couldn’t help but think that it was worth it.
He reaches over to ruffle your hair, “that’s enough,”
You swat his hand away, smiling and he reaches to fix the strands he ruffled out of place.
You bat your eyelashes, “so does that mean I don’t have to eat them anymore?”
You scoff, frowning as he continues, “you need the vitamin c,” he states.
“Excuse you but I have a very high vitamin c intake actually,”
“Oh yeah?” he cocks a brow, “name one thing you ate in the last 2 weeks that had vitamin c,”
Your lips snap shut before opening again, “and before you say anything no, strawberry ice cream does not count,”
Your lips snap shut again.
“Okay, fine” you sigh in defeat, laptop, long forgotten as you contemplate all the life decisions that got you to this point, that got you to the point where you had to eat kiwi.
You eye him as he digs through the bowl of kiwi, “stop searching for the largest piece!” you exclaim through a wide grin, playfully slapping the side of his arm.
He chuckles, shoulders shaking as he leans into the chair.
He’s more childish than he likes to think and frankly you knew what you were getting into when you married him.
You roll your eyes playfully before your lips curve in an easy grin accompanying the soft look in your eyes as you gaze at him fondly.
He forces another piece into your mouth, lips curved in an amused smile as your features contort in disgust. He’s clearly enjoying this.
You huff, mock hurt across your face as you fold your arms against your chest. “Sakusa kiyoomi, good husbands don’t find amusement in their partner’s pain,”
He shrugs before crossing one leg over the other, “I don’t know, guess I’m an amazing husband then,”
You grin, it’s wide and warm and blinds sakusa for a second.
“For fucks sake kiyoomi,” you giggle and it does inexplicable things to his chest, just as it did the first time.
“Come here,” he hums, reaching out to you. You graciously accept, nuzzling into his embrace.
He smiles into your hair, inhaling the soft scent of your shampoo. Your hands rest at his chest before you angle your face to his and with a grin exactly mirroring his, you lean in to capture his lips in a kiwi flavoured kiss.
And he remembers thinking to himself that maybe he never disliked the fruit after all.
Tumblr media
general taglist:@planetpieck , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings, @chaotic-fangirl-blog,@friedpoliceruins,@kenmaslov3r,@devilgirlcrybabiey, @cigarettest, @neithwrites, @amarinthe, @fluffieveggie, @stffychn,@foshycoicx, @lordbugs, @iwafilms, @sexyandcringe.
join the taglist here.
Tumblr media
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ashthemadwriter · 9 days ago
sexy time with Inarizaki boys!
Tumblr media
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairings:Osamu Miya,Atsumu Miya,Rintarou Suna X Fem!reader Genre:Smut,duh! Format:Scenario Warnings:Nsfw content,Smut (accidentally wrote "none" because of habits lol),degradation kink,oral (fem! receiving),cursing,fluff for Sunas part,Sub!Reader,Dom!Characters,cum swallowing Word Count:345 A/n:well damn im losing my mind over these boys
↬Osamu miya Feeling of the gentle touch of his sexy hands,while one of them is holding your thigh and the other one is making its way to your G spot;smirks when he hears the sound of your pretty moans and sees the effort youre making to catch your breath which leads to a dead end,cause that's when he sucks on your clit.tasting every drop of you until theres nothing left other than his saliva,comes atop of you and plants a small kiss on your forehead.the next thing youre feeling is the tip of his cock on your enterance,ready to make you go wild again;and the shivers hes giving you by whispering to your right ear "that's it princess,now cum for me again"
↬Atsumu miya bites your neck harshly while thrusting into your soaked cunt,pinches your nipples when your eyes aren't focused on him and looks at you with a small pout on his lips that reflects his unhappiness "don't look away,ya naughty slut".has a bit of degradation kink but will make it up to you afterwards by needy cuddles and soft kisses.silences your loud screams by shoving his tongue in your mouth and kisses you intensely cause your moans distracts him from "the business", pulls his cock out of you right before reaching his orgasm and makes you swallow his cum till hes done,holds you in his arms so tightly hoping it would satisfy his urge to make you his.you sigh in relief glad that youre finally have a chance to rest,till you feel his long middle finger poking your clit again "babe…I don't think I can take it anymore" "no worries baby doll,i gotcha"
↬Rintarou Suna if duration of sex is about twenty minutes,why not spend that time for "sleeping"? :) yeah…so basically while others have their makeout sessions and bootycalls on Friday nights,you and Rin spend the whole Evening+Night sleeping in each others arms,barely getting out of bed unless its an emergency :D
reblogs are WILDLY appreciated <3
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tsukina · 17 days ago
giving suna rintarou head — mdni
a/n: this is my first smut and was suppose to be only suggestive due to me not having experience writing smut,,, but i just couldn’t with this man. he has a choke hold on me. pls be kind if it isn’t the best <333
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’ve been waiting 4 days, 27 minutes and 6 seconds for this moment. hours of thinking of an unbeatable plan. a plan that will land you in no good, but nonetheless a plan that will make you emerge victorious in the unspoken war between you and your boyfriend of three years, suna.
and in all of that time, you’ve came up with several ideas. whether it was you pantsing him in the middle of a supermarket, or replacing his lotion with lubricant, nothing seemed to top the embarrassment stunt he pulled on you the other day when he claimed you were his sister in front of your coworkers. after he had kissed you on the lips.
yes, nothing you thought of could give him that level of embarrassment, until today. it was an impulsive thought really, and immediately you knew it was something that had to be done. it all started when he got a call from his friend, osamu, while you two were watching a movie. they tend to call frequently because the male doubts his finalized decisions when it comes to his stores specials or menu.
these phone calls happen so often that you’re aware of how long they normally take. nothing shy of thirty minutes when it’s him alone, and even longer if his twin was there to accompany him. to your benefit, they both clicked onto sunas phone screen as he answered the facetime.
you laid your head snuggly on his shoulder, greeting the twins normally. they talked about normal things like tuna onigiri, or an msby advertisement that has been in the works for a while, all thanks to atsumu. of course, it continued with the bickering between brothers on what the newest menu item should be; a mini cauliflower okonomiyaki or an avocado tuna poke.
it’s nothing that interested to you really, because this wasn’t what was on your mind despite having an open conversation with them about it. no, you didn’t care at all— because as your sweet, sweet boyfriend was tending to his friends needs, your hand caressed down his chest and found it’s way into his boxers.
he asked for it, really. laying there half naked as if he knew it was coming. the shift in his eyes as he started to stutter on his words, trying to keep up with the conversation. there’s no hint of any hesitation in your voice as you pitch in, softly gliding your finger across his tip.
the twins know nothing as they smile at your jokes, keeping a calm demeanor. suna stayed quiet, concentrating on hiding the flush in his cheeks. you felt his cock slightly twitch in the palm of your hand, silently begging you to go faster.
“you okay there, rin?” osamu asks his camera, wondering on why the man had suddenly went quiet.
he gave his friend a dry smile, “just feeling under the weather.”
an idiot, really. there were multiple way to answer it, yet he played right in your hand. you glanced over from the phone innocently, “oh? baby, why didn’t you say so? is it your stomach again?”
he gave you a weak nod as your hand picks up it’s pace, “i’ll go get you some medicine.”
you moved out of frame with a sly smirk, the desperation in sunas eyes as he tried to understand your next move. he wasn’t sure if he wanted you to stop, or to continue. if he could hang up on his friends, he would, but that would make the situation much worse. this is what you wanted, right? to embarrass him for the other day? he wasn’t too sure, but all he knew was his dick was hard while he stared at the faces of osamu and atsumu. gross.
there was no need to get medicine, as he wasn’t feeling unwell. a sick and twisted lie to cover up the fact that he wanted to fuck you mercilessly, but it only got him into more trouble. he continued to talk to the boys as you crawled over him, slowly pulling his boxers off completely. suna didn’t have time to prepare himself as you placed your cute, puffy lips onto him. your tongue wetting his shaft with your spit.
he placed his phone on his chest, watching above his camera to give the illusion of looking at his friends. their words going in ear and out the other as you twirl your tongue on his erection, ending with a small pop as you sucked his top. the spit leaking out of the corners of your mouth, not caring for the suction noises as the job for concealment was on him. he spoke louder with his words, laughing obnoxiously at atsumus dumb jokes to hide your vibrating moans.
you looks so irresistible as your head bobbed up and down, your hands working with his other assets as you focused on fucking him with your tongue. he thanked the gods as the miyas began to argue once again, giving him a moment to grip your hair and force you lower onto him. you wondered why he didn’t hang up with an excuse yet. maybe he wanted to show you up, or maybe he didn’t really care? it was more the reason to keep going.
he felt his eye twitch as osamu offered to bring him food for his sickness, something he normally would take the offer on if he wasn’t too busy getting head. you giggled softly at his reaction, knowing more than anything that he was frustrated that he had to entertain his friends rather than pounding into your mouth at the intensity he wanted to.
he grew inpatient as his free hand continued to control your speed, picking up the pace and forcing you to go deeper each time. any response at this point was quite literally a default as he was too focused on how well you could take him whole. the noises and lack of responses on his end falling on deaf ears.
“alright well, i’ll let ya go,” osamus words were music to his ears as he waved to the camera, “say bye to yn for us!”
it was perfect timing as you roughened your grasp, feeling his hips twitch up at the feeling. the pleasure and climax reaching as the call ends, his phone slipping immediately out of his hand as it goes to your mouth, aggressively picking up your pace.
the end was near as your eyes didn’t leave his, the intensity of his needs bringing tears to your eyes as you felt his fat cock hit the back of your throat multiple times. he let out a godly growl, one he had been holding back the entire time. grabbing fistfuls of your hair as his brain went completely empty.
spilling his load entirely with a final thrust into your mouth, his head fell back onto the pillow with a defeated groan. his juices dripping onto your chin as you swallowed on him, causing him to flinch at the sensitivity. you were admiring his chest as it huffed up and down, watching as sweat ran down his neck.
his eyes found yours once again as you sat prettily between his legs, nothing but pure lust left in them. he was not done. “was that revenge?”
correcting his posture, he ducked his head ever so slightly before grabbing your chin, looking up in your eyes. “we’re quiet now, huh? lay down.”
he didn’t have to repeat himself as you obediently found yourself laying under him, waiting for him to make you atone for your sins. the maximum punishment for embarrassing him in front of his old teammates. and after waiting 4 days, 27 minutes and 6 seconds for this moment, you win.
“He definitely was-“
“Yeah,” osamu shook his head, “He definitely was.”
Tumblr media
TAGS; @hoperenae @butterscotch-ripple-icecream @crescentkaze @therealpussybangs @skomiomi
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arroelin · 18 days ago
— spending time with their daughter
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: kuroo, suna, atsumu
genre: fluff
wc: 650+
<I’ve been super busy so I haven’t posted on this blog in so long ahhhh but I found this in my drafts so I thought I would share it! I’m also hoping to start writing again, but probably very sporadically.>
Tumblr media
It’s an ordinary saturday, and KUROO’s standing in the middle of the living room wearing a sleek black suit and holding a humorously small bouquet of flowers.
You stifle a laugh when you walk in to see him standing on the other side of the room, and he playfully scoffs at your pajamas in response.
You looked quite out of place, especially since the only other person in the room was a small girl sporting a puffy baby-pink dress and shiny black flats clutching to the fabric of your pants.
“Daddy!!” the small girl exclaims as she lets go of you and stumbles across the room.
Kuroo lowers himself down on one knee before holding out the small bouquet, stopping his daughter in her tracks.
“For my princess,” he says graciously, chuckling when the small child takes the flowers delicately into her arms, eyes twinkling with wonder.
She swivels around to face you and almost trips over her dress, but she steadies herself before holding the flowers out in front of her, “mommy, look what daddy got me!”
“Very pretty,” you smile, leaning against the wall, and she nods excitedly.
“Princess, are you ready to go on our date?” Kuroo asks, and the small girl runs back to him, crashing into his open arms.
You walk up to them, placing a kiss on your daughter's cheek before looking up at your husband.
“I don’t think you try this hard for our dates,” you joke.
He quirks an eyebrow at you and gestures to the small girl in his arms, “well, this one’s a lot harder to impress.”
Tumblr media
Clumsy fingers comb roughly through his hair, scratching relentlessly at his scalp, and SUNA’s face is twisted into one of distress.
But he doesn’t have the heart to complain, not when his daughter is so focused on her work.
You walk in and his eyes snap to you, the words help me evidently written all over his face.
You giggle as you lean on the doorway, watching your daughter mess with your husband. Suna suppresses a smile when he sees you laugh, instead choosing to send you a cold glare, to which you throw back a teasing smirk in response.
You watch as she takes a clip before grabbing a large strand of his hair and lets it snap into place, making your husband’s face contort in discomfort.
“Mommy come help!!” Your daughter exclaims excitedly while waving another clip in her hands.
Suna narrows his eyes and lifts his daughter off of him in a flash, setting her down on his lap before attacking her weak spot with unforgiving tickles.
The small girl shrieks in laughter and he’s certain he could hear the sound of your laugh as well.
Suna feels a smile tugging harshly on his lips and this time, he doesn’t try to hide it.
Tumblr media
“Can I have some more tea?” ATSUMU asks seriously, holding out a small teacup in front of him.
He was trying hard to balance himself on the small chair in front of his daughter’s play table.
His daughter nods, before picking up a plastic purple tea kettle, tipping it over the cup to let the imaginary tea fill the small teacup.
Atsumu brings it up to his lips, pinky sticking out stiffly, and he takes a convincing sip.
“What’s going on here?” You ask when you stroll into the room to see your daughter and the large man sitting at the hilariously small table.
“Mommy!! Tea party!!” The small girl exclaims excitedly.
“Yeah, it’s a tea party, how d’ya not know that,” your husband scolds playfully, and the little girl beside him nods in agreement.
You shake you head and laugh, “can I also get an invitation to this party?”
Atsumu looks at your daughter and she looks back at him, “hmm, I think we needa discuss.” They turn away, and you roll your eyes, a smile still playing on your lips.
“Yes mommy, you can join the tea party!!”
You sit down, and Atsumu sets down a small teacup set in front of you before turning to you with a content smile.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hoesoflamentation · a month ago
oh, baby. | kenma x afab!reader | 18+
Tumblr media
pairing: timeskip!kenma x afab!reader*
warnings: breeding, baby trapping, mating press, unprotected vaginal s3x, oral s3x, fingering, established relationship, lite dubcon, lite degradation (calling y/n a 'little b*tch'), dacryphilia, strong language (minimal), jealousy
a/n: streamer!kenma mating press. i fear i have peaked.
*i don't think there is any gendered language / use of pronouns to refer to the reader in this fic, but please let me know if i am wrong so i can update my warnings. i do refer to afab body parts by name & reader wears a dress.
Tumblr media
Any minute now...
You exhaled shakily as you straightened the hem of your sundress. Any minute now, your boyfriend would heave his suitcases through the door -- hair in his signature topknot, blowing the loose strands out of his reddened face.
Kenma had been invited to an international awards ceremony for internet personalities. The event was extremely exclusive, meaning you weren't allowed to attend. And with all of the press conferences and collabs and what have you, it had been weeks since you'd last held him in your arms.
In the two years you had been together, these past three weeks were the longest you had ever spent apart. Much as you hated to admit it, you missed Kenma. You ached to feel his lips latch onto your neck, just as much as you missed your weekly boba dates and sitting on his lap while you gamed together
Both of you had voracious appetites; you learned after your first date that Kenma was not as shy as he looked. The two of you were addicted to each other -- and ever since he had gone away for work, you were suffering from a major withdrawal.
One of the worst symptoms of this withdrawal was the jealousy. It didn't take long for that little green monster to set up camp in Kenma's absence. All you had to do was follow him on Instagram to see that he had been surrounded by a posse of stunning e-girls wherever he went.
42 hours...
Exactly 42 hours into his trip, Kenma posted his first photo. It was a selfie, taken with a group of faces you (mostly) recognized. But the face that lingered in your memory was the one you didn't know; the one of the girl with the jet black hair, the violet-colored contacts, and the chunky pink streaks. The one who, in that photo, was standing a little too close to your boyfriend for comfort.
Kenma was loyal. Deep down, you knew that. Under normal circumstances, you never would have doubted him. But this trip had awakened an ugly side of you, a raging monster of jealousy who would listen to neither rhyme nor reason.
It was that night you had your first panic attack since Kenma was away... the first in two years that he hadn't been there to help you through.
It was also the night you threw this month's pack of birth control pills in the trash, tears streaming down your face as you thought, in your anxious desperation, of ways to make him stay.
You had just gotten off your period when Kenma left, and you didn't see the point of taking them while he was gone. Until that moment, you had figured you'd start taking them as soon as he got back; that they would probably take a while to leave your system anyways.
Three weeks later...
Now, it was three weeks later -- and while you were nervous, you didn't regret your decision to chuck the packet of pills. It seemed like a crazy step, especially when you weren't married or even engaged. However, once you calmed down a little, you realized you would never have done something so drastic out of a pure fit of jealousy. If you stopped taking them over such a small trigger, it had to be a sign that secretly, this was what you wanted: a baby, with Kenma.
The two of you had talked about trying for one of your own -- mostly daydreams; never anything serious. Although the conversation had been entirely hypothetical, your heart had swelled with the way his eyes lit up at the sheer thought of holding a baby -- your baby -- in his arms.
Married or not, you knew, down to your bones, that Kenma would make the world's best father to your children. You just hoped that he felt the same.
You jumped as the door creaked suddenly, Kenma's round face peeking through the crack. He beamed, breaking out in the widest grin you had ever seen on him, as you flushed red-hot with excitement.
You ran to him, arms already flung around his neck before he could even get his bags through the door. Chuckling fondly, Kenma returned the hug, burying his face in your shoulder as his arms snaked around your waist.
"Did you miss me?"
You tightened your grip, whining wordlessly as you hid your blushing face in his chest. Playfully, Kenma ruffled your hair before pulling away long enough to lug his suitcases inside.
"I'm going to take that as a yes."
After crossing the threshold, Kenma dropped his bags with an unceremonious thud. His eyes widened as he scanned the room, taking in the handmade decorations you'd hung in anticipation of his arrival.
"What is all this?"
Smugly, you noticed the way the corners of Kenma's mouth turned up as his gaze fixed on the banner reading 'Welcome Home, Baby.' The meticulous bubble lettering had taken you hours to perfect.
"Consider it a 'welcome home' present," you said, your voice a mixture of cheer and nerves. "Do you... like it?"
Smirking, Kenma turned to you. He fished his hands out of his sweatshirt sleeves, enough to place them on either side of your waist.
Drawing you in close and resting his forehead against yours, he murmured, "Let me show you how much I like it."
Teasingly, he bumped his nose against yours. Your heart raced in anticipation as your lips parted slightly, practically begging for his kiss.
Kenma's breath was warm on your tongue as your mouths collided. After weeks without contact, kissing him felt like air to a drowning man. Hungrily, your lips moved in a partnered dance, skillfully tracing the steps you'd practiced hundreds of times before.
Kenma brought his hands up to cup your face, pulling you flush against his lanky frame. Sighing softly, you melted into his touch, your bodies effortlessly remembering each other's shape. Through the thin fabric of the athletic pants he'd worn on the plane, you could easily feel him hardening against your thigh.
A single string of spit connected you as your mouths reluctantly parted. Innocently peering up at your boyfriend from under your lashes, you slid your hand up his leg to trace the outline of his cock. He gasped aloud as your single finger followed the line of the vein that ran down its length -- the one you hadn't been able to stop thinking about since he left.
"Aw, did you miss me?" you taunted, echoing his teasing from earlier.
Kenma hummed contentedly as you gently ran your hand across the bulge in his pants. "Every second of every damn day."
Your stomach flip-flopped nervously. You averted your gaze as you whispered, "Even when you were with other girls?"
Kenma looked down at you, his expression laced with confusion. Placing his hand beneath your chin, he tipped your head up, forcing you to look into his golden eyes. "Especially then."
He said it so earnestly, so full of love, that you had no choice but to believe him. Your eyes watered slightly as Kenma pulled you in for another sloppy kiss.
Every brush of his lips tested your patience. It had already been so long, and you couldn't wait any longer: you grazed his bottom lip with your teeth, already unbuckling his belt as you pulled away.
"Baby, what are you-"
But you were already on your knees, yanking Kenma's sweatpants down to his ankles as you slathered his cock with your spit. Legs shaking, Kenma leaned against the nearest countertop, gripping it so tightly his knuckles were turning white.
With one long, flat stroke of your tongue, you dragged the saliva up his shaft before finally taking Kenma's head between your lips. Kenma let out a loud, uncharacteristic moan, firmly gripping the nape of your neck as he forced himself deeper into your throat.
"Fuck, baby, I missed you so much," Kenma babbled breathlessly, thrusting past your tonsils. "I missed how good you work my cock with your mouth."
While you flicked his head delicately with the tip of your tongue, Kenma shrugged out of his practice jacket and the shirt underneath. He ran his hands over your shoulders affectionately, sliding the straps of your dress down to your upper arms as his dick sprung free from your lips with a pop.
You rose to your feet. Kenma kissed you quickly but passionately, hands tangling in your hair. Urgently, he asked, "Do you want me to get a condom?"
Gingerly, you shook your head 'no.' Your stomach somersaulted with the consequences of your answer as Kenma furrowed his brow, clearly torn.
"Okay, but... you're still on the pill, right?"
For the briefest of moments, you considered lying to him. Anything to fill the growing need between your aching thighs. But deep down, you knew you had to tell him the truth. You had made your decision; now, you had to live with the consequences.
You wondered if Kenma would be mad at you for what you had done. Though you couldn't imagine Kenma getting angry enough to yell, or even swear, his quiet rage was often even more frightening than that of those who shamelessly put their emotions on full display.
Choosing your words carefully, you answered, "I stopped taking it while you were gone."
Kenma's expression was unreadable as you nervously continued: "I... I threw them out when I saw those pictures of you standing next to another girl. I guess I thought... well, I don't know what I thought."
After a moment of pointed silence, you worked up the courage to speak: "Are you... are you mad at me?"
Snapping out of his blank trance, Kenma pecked you on the forehead "No. No, I'm not mad at you. I'm just... confused. Are you saying... you want me to pull out?"
Kenma watched your face expectantly for your reply. Shyly, you shook your head 'no' again. A look of realization slowly crossed his features, though it was impossible to tell how he felt.
Distractedly, Kenma started to finger the straps of your dress, leaving a trail of goosebumps running down your arm. "Then... tell me what you do want."
You blinked at him dryly. "I thought it would be obvious."
Hand snaking around your lower back, Kenma took a deliberate step closer. You could feel your chest rising and falling against him with every uncertain breath. While your boyfriend's ears were flushed pink with embarrassment, he stood with uncharacteristic self-assurance, something you rarely saw in him when he wasn't streaming.
"Please. I just want to hear you say it."
Gazing down at you affectionately, Kenma gently stroked your cheek with the back of his hand. You covered his hand with your own, interlacing your fingers as you leaned into his ear to whisper:
"Put a baby in me, Kozume."
An expression you had never seen before crossed Kenma's face. It was like your words flipped a secret switch that had previously been hidden from view.
"...you have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that."
Your heart pounded wildly as he scooped you into his arms, reaching under your dress to firmly grab your ass. Effortlessly, Kenma perched you on the edge of the countertop, crushing his lips against yours.
A whine of frustration escaped your lips as you struggled to get traction. You reached to pull Kenma's hair, but he was already gone, greedily sucking the side of your neck as he slid his hands up your skirt to yank down your panties.
The delicate white lace tore audibly with the force of his movements, but Kenma didn't even seem to notice, groaning into your clammy skin as he plunged two fingers into your dripping cunt.
"Ohmygod Kenma-" you gasped as he nipped at your collarbone, fingers curling to stroke your spongy walls just the way you liked. "What has gotten into you?"
Kenma merely smirked. Instantly, you lost your train of thought as he replaced his fingers with the tip of his cock. He allowed it to rest without pushing inside yet, so you could feel his swollen head throb against your entrance.
The gentle contact alone was enough to overwhelm you, making you moan into Kenma's shoulder. While you'd obviously slept with your boyfriend before, this was the first time you'd felt him without any barriers between you. His warmth left you gushing, soaking his head with your slick.
Kenma flashed a teasing grin. "Hmm, did you want something?"
Playfully, he resisted as you tried to pull him closer, your needy walls threatening to envelop his length.
Kenma chuckled. "Come on, baby, use your words."
You groaned, fingernails raking down his back. "Fuck, Kozume, I can't wait any longer! Need you inside me right now..."
"I know, baby. I know how badly you want to be bred." Sweetly, Kenma stroked your hair. "You've waited so long for this. I won't make you wait any longer."
Tears rolled down your cheeks against your will as Kenma painstakingly slid inside. As he inserted himself in slow-motion, you could feel every pulsing vein, every slight curve, connect with your walls in exactly the right way.
Your legs trembled with the effort of maintaining control as your boyfriend gradually bottomed out inside of you. Rolling his hips against you like a crashing wave, Kenma slid his hands up the backs of your thighs, pressing them into the cool marble countertop as he eased you into a deep mating press.
The sound of skin slapping skin reverberated through the kitchen while Kenma thrust into your cunt, his vicelike grip leaving indents all over your thighs. He leaned in, forcing your legs down with his forearms to thrust deeper inside of you, until the tip of his cock barely kissed your cervix.
Enthralled, Kenma watched the way your walls swallowed and spit out his length over and over again. Permanently looking down, he stayed lost in this trance, sweat-dampened strands of hair framing his face, until you could feel his cock straining with the effort of holding back his climax.
Kenma bent to collect one last desperate kiss before muttering, "Mm, I can't wait to fuck my cum into you... gonna breed you like the little bitch you are..."
You squeaked helplessly as your boyfriend used you as his own personal fucktoy, growling primally while he urged himself across the finish line.
"Fuck, baby, you feel so good," he babbled. "Get ready, I'm going to cum."
You watched Kenma's face contort as spurts of his hot seed shot inside you. Overcome by the sensitivity induced by his unrelenting pace, tears washed over you again as you simultaneously reached your peak.
"Fuck, Kozume, I'm cumming!"
Kenma groaned in frustration as you crumpled beneath him, his features darkening. His strong arms held you firmly in place as he fucked his cum into you, ignoring the way you wriggled beneath his grasp despite his admonitions:
"Baby, stop squirming," he chided harshly. "I gotta make sure none of this goes to waste... If you want me to get you pregnant, I can't waste a single drop. Do you hear me?"
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theglitterypages · 6 months ago
Accidental Confessions of Haikyuu Boys!
Feauturing Kuro Tetsuro, Oikawa Toru, Kageyama Tobio, Miya Osamu, Bokuto Koutaro Iwaizumi Hajims
x fem! Reader
Kuro Tetsuro
Tumblr media
Oikawa Toru
Tumblr media
Kageyama Tobio
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu
Tumblr media
Bokuto Koutaro
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime
Tumblr media
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nadiejuicy · 9 months ago
lily desire
Tumblr media
pairings: wolf! alpha! daichi x rabbit! omega! f! reader
genre: smut
word count: 3,3k
synopsis: in a society where hybrids are influenced to meet their similar partners, you and daichi instinctively react to each other. but rabbits and wolves are incompatible, right?
warnings: abo universe; omegaverse; hybrids; daichi x f! reader; feminine body; finger; unprotected sex; oral (f! receiving), squirt; heat; rut; reader described as small for being omega; reader with reddish body parts from the omega heat; knot; dub-con ending?
a/n: this was written for @daichidaichidaichi's in heat collab. i really really hope y'all can like it 🥺
Tumblr media
Working as a police officer was quite common for wolf hybrids, they were strong, resilient, had an accurate flair and good hearing, in addition to hunting instinct, so they used to adapt well and Daichi was excellent. So his instinct should focus on finding a good omega, to form his own pack, to have puppies, in the traditional way.
In a big family like the one he grew up with, with four siblings, Daichi was the first born. Dark fur that turned ebony black, yellowish eyes that grew darker, he was an alpha, unique and special. Despite the wolves' negative reputation, he was kind and protective.
“You are an alpha, you must find a good wolf, it will be easy for you” his parents said.
His keen sense of smell should focus on who would be his wife, his omega, his wolf.
But he realized there was something wrong when his inner wolf began to focus on a specific scent in the police station, it was omega, he knew, but definitely not a wolf hybrid, let alone any other canid.
Such was the surprise when he bumped into you, the administrative rabbit.
Daichi has always been responsible and controlled, but the moment he saw you and heavily inhaled your omega scent that had plagued him for days, he was so screwed. In the midst of the chaos of work, phones ringing, police officers talking back and forth, he felt like he was in a field of lilies. Its restless wolf, its long, furry tail, normally quiet, threatened to wobble no matter how hard he tried to control it.
You were small and sweet, your ears long and rounded, erect and alert, arms around you, clutching your briefcase greedily, eyes large, with pupils dilated to the point where he couldn't make out the color, your fluffy nose wiggled slightly towards him, responding to the scent. He awoke from his trance when he noticed your racing heartbeat and another scent invading his nostrils, mingling with your sweet, mellow scent.
You smelled like a lost and frightened rabbit.
"I'm sorry" your voice sounded low, your body bowed and you left his direction so fast that he didn't even have time to apologize, after all, he was the one who bumped into you.
"Uh, rabbits are really fast, aren't they?" one of his colleagues spoke.
Daichi just nodded, too stunned by the mixture of feelings that invaded his chest, watching your body disappear down the hallway.
He wondered why an omega like you was in a place like that.
And from that moment on he knew he didn't want you to feel that way anymore. Afraid. Afraid of him.
Of course, fear was part of your instincts.
Working in a police station wasn't what you wanted, but the pay was good, close to home and in the end you were just an intern. You figured you'd be safer, even if most cops were alphas and there weren't any other bunnies but you. But their relationship with hybrids of other species was pleasant.
Until you met him, police officer Sawamura Daichi. Alpha and wolf hybrid.
You've known wolf hybrids before, but he was different.
His hair and tail were black, his eyes were dark brown and he was so big and tall, you've never met a wolf hybrid like him. And his scent… It was strong and woody, making you feel dizzy. Your instincts screamed in alarm, adrenaline coursing through your body, exhaling the scent of fear.
Wolves are often seen as aggressive and dangerous animals. Even though you knew this wasn't true, unfortunately many used to look at wolf hybrids that way. And as much as many things have changed over the years, everyone was still encouraged to socialize and meet their similar partners.
However, even though Daichi tried to focus on anything else, he couldn't. He remembered your smell, your eyes and ears, how sweet you were. Honestly, every thought he had about you made him dizzy and agitated, he wanted more and he couldn't, he could smell you from floors away.
The meetings became more and more frequent, coincidentally, you had some files to pass on to him, but unlike the first time, you were calmer, the heartbeat rhythmic, the smell of lily growing sweeter and the first time he heard your voice… It wasn't right for him to feel that way about you, was it?
Any physical contact, even the slightest, made your ears and nose red at the tips, and he found it just adorable.
And you could see his ears down and its long black tail wagging frantically as you approached.
He was a good alpha for sure. Daichi was the most honest cop you'd ever met at the police station. And so, so handsome, you couldn't stop admiring him. Could you see yourself with him? Sure. It was ridiculous how your body reacted to his, but understandable since they were alpha and omega. But rabbits and wolves are incompatible, right? Well, at least that's what you two insisted on believing, even with all the flush and desire that ran through both of your bodies, silently pleading for each other.
Until january.
The month of january marked the beginning of a very important season for Daichi. It was a month of mating.
Alpha hybrids like Daichi usually took vacations during this period, so they wouldn't leave omegas dizzy, bewildered and excited by his scent, he didn't have a partner, and inhibitors didn't work on them, as they were stronger than the others. So he should take a vacation soon.
To Daichi's surprise, for the past few days the scent of lily had hit him long before he could make it to the police station. Perhaps his sense of smell was sharper due to rut.
“For the love of God, the station is impregnated with your scent, omega” your alpha female colleague said, and you noticed how strong your scent was this morning.
Unlike most other hybrids, rabbits were in heat more often, one to three times a month, but it took a partner to incite heat, otherwise it would be three to five a year. And you definitely shouldn't be in heat, not now.
Maybe I'm sick. You thought. The aroma tends to increase when the omegas are sick, so they can get alphas' attention and be cared for. Yeah, maybe that's it.
“Sorry” you said lamely. “I think I'm sick. I will try to camouflage”.
It was the first time you had been in a situation like this out of heat, it was not common, but it could still happen.
“Yeah, you look like a fever,” the alpha said, bringing her hand to your forehead, making you shiver at the touch, the smell affecting you.
"Excuse me" you request right away, running to the storeroom in search of a camouflage.
Your legs gave out as you entered the room, dropping to your knees in front of the shelves, your body trembling, your breathing quickened, your ears and extremities red and hot. And mostly, your pussy was starting to throb.
“No, no, no” you said, wrapping your arms around your body “It can't be”.
It shouldn't be like this, it wasn't time yet, you didn't have a partner.
Your panties were sticky, your womb ached, the smell of the police station alphas made you dizzy, and you tried at all costs not to rub your crotch. You started drool as the woody scent invaded your nostrils and finally understood why your heat started out of season.
It didn't take long for Daichi to understand why he was so affected, as soon as he arrived at the police station, he could smell your scent much stronger, his alpha colleagues bristling, controlling himself not to react to the pheromones that affected all those without partners, nauseous omegas with the scent of lily.
Daichi didn't notice his own mouth salivate, his eyes change from yellow to gray, his blood boiling and his cock hardening between his pants. God, he could smell your wet pussy.
He knew, it was his omega that was in heat.
He chased you, the locked storeroom door he didn't mind breaking in order to get in, finding you shaking and sweating, lying in a fetal position on the floor.
"Don't worry, bunny. I got you” was all you heard before you passed out.
You felt like you were in a forest.
Your sense of smell woke up before the rest of body. Your nose began chasing the scent of pillowcases that weren't yours, on a bed that wasn't yours. Startled, your eyes fluttered open trying to recognize the spot, entire body trembling with the scent of the one you recognized as your alpha.
"An omega in heat couldn't stay at the police station" Daichi's voice made you focus on him, sitting in a chair in the corner of the room "I don't know where you live either".
He smiled with his eyes closed, but you noticed how his nails made claws that marked the wood, scratching the chair. Those few minutes in a closed room with you were being excruciating for him, especially since your scent would make him slip into his rut early.
You squeaked and whimpered "It hurts" hands squeezing your pelvis.
"I can take you home before it gets worse."
Your breathing was deep and fast, you could feel heart so strong against your rib cage. Your pussy throbbed so much, clit so painful. Unconsciously you started to rub yourself against the mattress, your skirt riding up your hips, making your soaked panties brush against the quilt, leaving your scent on his bed.
Daichi could hear your pussy rubbing against the bed and worse than that, he could smell your scent, so strong and heady, longing for him. It was torture, his cock hurt so much in pants, nails were pulling wood chips off the chair, trying to keep sane for you.
"I-" your sweet voice came out as a moan "My body... Wants you, Daichi" you whimpered, biting your lip.
His scent permeated the entire bed, but it wasn't enough.
“It's your heat speaking for you,” he said, approaching the end of the bed.
Which he certainly shouldn't do.
"No it's not" you cried harder, the heat bothering you "Touch me please."
He caressed your ears and you leaned into the touch, whimpering and licking his pulse, getting drunk on the taste of him, your saliva making him throb.
"I went into heat because of you, because my body wants you as Alpha, Daichi" you took off your clothes in a hurry, was suffocating.
It was too much, your scent intensifying through the room, your breasts exposed to him, the reddened nipples, so beautiful and bristly, just the panties and socks that went up to your thigh covering you. Your small hands sent shivers through his big body when you touched him, awkwardly trying to unbutton his shirt.
Daichi had been through the rut before and he certainly knew that the way your body called him, it wasn't just heat. His wolf had recognized you as his, hours ago.
"Do you understand it's mine from now on?" he growled, but you didn't flinch, nodding in acknowledgment.
"Please alpha" you pleaded, your little tongue licking his toned belly as you tried to unbuckle the belt, the taste of him on your tongue making your pussy drip and your clit throbbing "It hurts, it hurts so bad."
Daichi's pants fell off, the obvious bulk in his underwear, which you quickly lowered, making him gasp for release, throwing his head back. You admired him for a moment, you've never been with a wolf hybrid before, the balls big and heavy, the dick so much bigger than you were used to rabbits, red and thick, heavy, leaking a massive amount of pre-cum. Daichi grabbed your hair when he felt the little licks you gave his glans head, making his balls twitch. He stared at you, your eyes dilated and teary, your ears drooping to the side of face, your hips rocking back and forth, dammit, your scent was going to linger there for weeks.
“You are so beautiful, little bunny” he said and you cried as he pulled you away from his cock. With his big hands, he pulled you onto his lap, sitting down on the bed, your pussy bumping into his dick.
His tongue licked your bunny ears, making you gasp. He ran all over your neck, nipping lightly, tightening your body against his. His kisses and licks moved up your jaw to mouth, where he left little kisses until you opened it, swallowing your moans as your tongue slid into his. He pulled away, hearing your lamentations, eyes meeting yours, his pupils dilated into gray irises, wishing he had you as an omega.
"Get down on all fours for me, let me see you".
Your legs trembled, threatening to give in, but you did, getting off his lap and burying your face in the pillows, your ass in the air. You screamed when you felt Daichi's tongue touch your covered clit, wetness seeping through your panties, his nose sniffing at your entrance.
"Fuck, you're so delicious" he said before tearing your panties with his teeth, without difficulty, your pussy was so swollen and red "It's painful, isn't it?" he asked sliding the thumb through your slit, opening your lips, noticing how small she was but still so receptive, your juices falling and leaving everything glistening and messy, your holes opening and closing, crying to be stretched "I'll take care of you ”.
“Ahn-Alpha” you moaned, biting your lip hard, he was sucking you, sucking your arousal into his mouth and you were rubbing yourself more and more against his face.
You smelled so good, but he needed to bury, his cock hurt more and more. He smoothed your back, his hand gripping your plump, fuzzy tail, which made your body jump forward and ass wobble. So sensitive.
“I want you to feel good,” he said, sliding the tip of his cock into your tiny cunt. “Your pussy is so small, bunny. Let's go slowly, let me know if it hurts”.
You moaned, you couldn't think straight anymore, he was too much and you were dizzy, no pain was greater than what you were feeling in your womb.
"I want you inside me, alpha."
Daichi let out a moan of lamentation, fuck, you made his wolf so agitated, he wanted to fuck you, dominate you, mark you. It was hard to control, but he needed it. He started to push, stretching your pussy as much as possible to get his size, he wasn't even all in and you were already drooling, your sticky walls squeezing him.
“Just a little longer, omega,” he said, thrusting in at once, making them both moan.
"Daichi-Ah!" you whimpered babbling "Your cock- it's so big, filling me inside" it throbbed inside you, the long tail waving, initiating the movements, eliciting more and more of your moans "So deep-" .
“So tight, bunny. So soft” His voice came out as a growl, stunning you.
He picked up the pace and it didn't take long for you to cream his cock, oh would it be that easy to make you cum? And it really would be, your moans filling the room, your scent getting stronger, your walls so tight he couldn't move right, the heat at the bottom of belly and pussy tingling. Bunnies are fast, but he was taking you to another level, making your pussy squirt all over his dick when you came. Daichi bent over your body, panting and biting your big fuzzy ear, big sweaty body sliding in yours, whimpering like a puppy, suffering from your scent, cock kissing your womb and balls so heavy hitting your clit.
"I...I-" you gasped, biting the pillow, it was too much, his calloused hands entwined with yours, your pussy milking his cock, dripping more and more around him "I want more" you purred against his hand and he found it so adorable.
He smiled, of course you wanted more, you would beg for him all week. His cock throbbed thinking about how you two were going to fuck nonstop in that bedroom.
“I'll give you more, my little” he spoke into your ear, falling sideways with you, lifting one of your legs and sliding his skillful fingers across your aching clit.
It felt good, you squeezing around him, yours sticky hips, the obscene sounds of his cock hitting you, the creaking of the bed, the moans and whimpers. One of your hands held his, while the other squeezed his hips, trying miserably to pull him closer to you. He was buried to the balls and you still wanted more, it was insane.
"Mnfh- Alpha I'm cumming ha-!" you yelled, squeezing your eyes shut as you felt him widen you even more, the pain in your belly building to the point of exploding.
"Yes you are, bunny".
He increased the speed of his hips and his fingers, making you arch your back and your pussy squirt again, milking him hard, leaving you sensitive and red, sore from being too much and wanting even more. Only one thing would make you calm down, at least for a moment, and both you and Daichi knew what it was.
"Alpha" you called, voice sweet and low, trying to roll on his cock but without strength "Hnnf- your knot, I need", your cheeks caressing his, the tears in the corners of eyes, whimpering because only your alpha could make the pain go away.
Oh fuck. Could Daichi hear a request like that and deny it? All he wanted was to fucking knot in you and fill your womb, he could feel like you were ready to receive him, your uterus wanting to accommodate his glans with every hit.
"My knot?" he took a deep breath against your neck, the lily scent that made him feel so good, his cock throbbed more than you thought was possible. "Okay, little bunny, I'll fill you full and knot"
The thrusts increased, so deep and fast, you were coming so much, moaning so loud from overstimulation, your furry little tail swinging in his belly. Daichi placed one of his hands on the lower part of your stomach, squeezing, you two could feel the pressure his cock was making on your insides, so fucking good.
You guys fucked like animals, that's what heat did to you two.
"Fuck," his voice was deeper than usual, his wolf wanting to dominate you at all costs "I'm gonna cum, get it all okay?"
And that's how Daichi slowed his movements, his hands squeezing your thighs, destroying your socks completely, spilling his seed into you, invading your womb as you both moaned at how good it felt, the cock swelling inside you, the pressure preventing them from moving. You squeaked when you moved unintentionally, the knot was painful and would have to spend a time like that, until it returned to normal.
“I'm here… I'm not going anywhere” he said trying to calm you down.
Your body was throbbing, Daichi's hot, thick cum oozed out of you, an absurd amount, impossible to fully stay in your cunt, you two weren't completely compatible after all. He was rubbing your clit slowly so your pussy could dilate to take the knot, smelling your nape and leaving loving licks on your neck, you purred and moaned because it felt good.
He thought he could get through all the heat with you, but the first knot was enough for him to do the last thing he was supposed to do.
You jumped when felt his fangs go through the skin of your shoulder deep, the pain of the knot hitting you both hard, whines and yelps ripping from yours throats.
Daichi was marking you.
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naturallykenma · a month ago
types of touches (hq various)
a/n: hello hello i am alive, i have just been super busy!! but this is the last category of these prompts and i’m v excited about them!! apologies for them being on the shorter side, im still v busy but i wanted to get them out! also atsumu’s inspired by me n my bf hehe
warnings: mentions of nerves/anxiety in kuroo’s, mentions of nudity/showering together in sakusa’s 
featuring: timeskip suna, kuroo, sakusa, atsumu <3
Tumblr media
☼whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin: suna
suna watched from the kitchen as you talked with atsumu on the couch. he was talking with osamu, but was more focused on you. you were smiling and laughing and suna thought it should be him talking with you. 
 he couldn't help but want to go home, though the two of you haven't even been at the gathering long. he just wanted to be in bed with you wrapped up in his arms and not deal with people. 
“hello? earth to suna?” osamu waved his hand in front of suna’s face, snapping him out of his daze. 
“hm?” suna asked, turning his attention back to osamu, who chuckled.
“go back to your s/o.” he chuckled, patting suna on the back. “we can catch up later.”
suna placed his empty cup in the trash before going over to the couch and flopping down next you.
“wanna go home, baby?” he whispered in your ear, the movement of his lips against the side of your head making you giggle. 
“rin we haven't even been here for that long.” you smiled, pressing a soft kiss to his head. “and i’m talking to ‘tsumu.” 
“hmmph.” he pouted, putting his head on your shoulder. 
suna started playing with your fingers and poking at your cheek while you were talking to atsumu, occasionally making you giggle.
“babyyyyy,” suna whined in your ear, his lips once again tickling the side of your head. 
“rin,” you finally turned to him, “let’s go you big baby.” 
suna smiled triumphantly as you said goodbye to atsumu, telling him you’d catch up with him later. 
he gripped your hand tightly, eager to go home and have you all to himself.
☼pushing a strand of hair behind their ear: kuroo
kuroo watched adoringly as you got ready for your presentation, humming softly to yourself. he knew you were likely getting nervous but he couldn’t help but think you looked as beautiful as ever. 
“stop staring.” you mumbled, a smile forming on your face. 
“sorry baby.” kuroo sighed. “you’re too pretty.” 
“tetsu i don’t look much different than normal.” you laughed. 
“you’re pretty all the time, my love.” he told you. 
you just smiled and rolled your eyes, continuing to get ready before putting on the final touches and getting your stuff together. kuroo followed you to the door, giving you a final hug and a kiss. “i’ll see you there in a bit, baby.” he whispered, making you smile. 
when kuroo arrived, he found you instantly, giving you a smile. what surprised him though is when you approached him. 
“what’s up, baby?” he asked. “everything okay?” 
“how do i look? do i look okay?” you asked quietly and quickly. it was apparent that your nerves were setting in. 
kuroo smiled, pushing a piece of hair behind your ear. 
“you look beautiful, my love. you’re going to do great.” 
☼ nudging the other one: sakusa
you cheered as MSBY won their last set, heading down to congratulate sakusa. you waited off to the side as the members of the team got swarmed with reporters who wanted to interview them. you didn’t mind waiting for sakusa, but the crowds were a little overwhelming for you. 
you stayed quietly off to the side, scrolling on your phone. 
“hey,” sakusa nudged you softly with his arm. “you alright?” 
“oh there you are,” you smiled. “i’m okay, just don’t want to be in the crowd.” 
“let’s go, then.” he told you. “i wanna shower before everyone else anyway.”
the two of you made your way to the locker room, sakusa convincing you to shower with him since you had been sitting down surrounded by other people. once you were done, sakusa wrapped you in a fluffy towel, pressing a soft kiss to your head. 
“love you, thank you for coming.” he whispered. 
“love you too and love watching you play. let’s go home.”  
☼putting their head on the other’s chest: atsumu 
the tv was soft as your eyes drifted to atsumu, who was concentrating on the show the two of you were watching. his arm was resting softly on the couch, his elbow right near your head. 
the two of you had been close friends for about a year, but recently decided to try out being more than friends. as a result of it being rainy out and not wanting to do anything, you invited atsumu over to hang out and watch some tv.
you slowly rested your head on atsumu’s elbow, who made no movement at all. he remained focused on the tv until the two of you started talking about what was happening. 
“‘m using your elbow as a head rest.” you smiled, making atsumu laugh. 
“i noticed.” he teased, nudging your head up gently. “would this help?” 
he extended his arm out to rest on the cushions behind you, effectively putting his arm around your shoulders and making you blush. you hummed, resting your head on his chest, right over his heart. this time it was his turn to blush. 
“this okay?” you asked, looking up at him. 
“yeah.” he whispered. “‘s perfect.”
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antihajime · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi’s hand hurts.
if he’s honest, he doesn’t remember exactly what happened, it’s not much more than a blur of you—the color of your hair, the sound of your voice, your shaky fingers raising around his arm. he got angry, he wanted to punch the guy, he did punch the guy, and then he was being pulled away from the party and into his own apartment, just a few doors down.
you’d stumbled for his keys, reaching a hand into his back pocket where you knew he kept them, and he’d watched—a little pathetically holding his hand while he waited—and let you unlock the door for him.
and then you’d tugged him inside, told him to sit on his kitchen counter, and went rooting around in his freezer.
and now, his mind is still a little blurry, but you’re standing in front of him and cradling his hand in a bag of frozen peas, and you’re shaking your head at him and mumbling something that sounds an awful lot like a scolding.
and he hates that you look so pretty right now, that, when you’re being drenched in the yellow light of his apartment, when the moonlight can’t even reach you from his blinds, when your brows are creased together and you’re biting at your lip like you’re holding back things that are much worse than what you’ve already been saying (and unfortunately for him, he hasn’t really been listening to those things, so he knows he isn't making it better for himself).
but you look pretty. despite everything, despite the way you sigh when you look at him, despite the fact that you’re his best friend.
“iwa,” you say, tone a little sharp. he snaps back then, gaze finding yours, and he realizes that the way you were biting your lip before wasn’t to stop yourself from saying something worse, but to hold back a smile.
and oh, you’re awful at that.
“are you even listening to me?” you ask, and you sound upset, but then you’re smiling up at him and he isn’t ignorant to the way your fingers twine around his. if he asked, he’s sure you’d say you’re just testing to make sure they don’t hurt. he’s not sure he’d believe you now.
“no,” he replies, “no, i wasn’t.”
you roll your eyes and sigh at him, but you also bow your head towards him until your hair just barely brushes his hand, and he realizes something awful as his fingers curl towards you, as they bend to your will and as he bends to your beck and call—as he wishes to curl his fingers around the curve of your jaw and rise of your cheeks.
he likes you, in the worst, most inconvenient way, he likes you.
and at the time, he hadn’t known why he punched the guy, had only known that the way he was looking at you and the way he kept pushing you to come with him had made iwaizumi angry.
and maybe he should’ve known when you looked so pretty, should’ve known when you smiled at him and he felt the way his own lips tugged upwards in an automatic reply, should’ve known when he texted you first thing when he was out of his classes and should’ve known when he couldn’t be with someone else without thinking of you.
he’s stupid, irredeemably so, but he likes you.
“i don’t know why i try with you,” you say with another little sigh as you bring your head back up, hands still never leaving his.
(he knows it’s for the damn frozen peas, he chooses to think otherwise).
“you know,” you begin, turning his hand in your palm, watching the way bruises bloom over his knuckles. “i could’ve handled it.”
he doesn’t speak, but he raises a brow at you, a little amused smirk pressing creases into his cheeks. you meet his gaze with a little roll of your eyes.
“okay, okay, no. i wouldn’t have handled it. stop looking at me like that.” he laughs at that one, and he doesn’t miss the way you smile at him. “but you didn’t have to do it.”
“and i did it anyway.”
“but you didn’t have to.”
and iwaizumi, irredeemably stupid, irredeemably head over heels for you, knows he didn’t have to punch the guy. he knows well enough that he could’ve just told him to back off, that he’s done it before, that he could’ve dragged you away and thrown some choice words back at him.
so he shrugs, a terrible blush collecting at the tips of his ears that makes him want to press the frozen peas there instead of his throbbing hand, and just looks at you.
“i didn’t like the way he was talking to you. that’s all.”
there’s a little silence that follows his breath, and, for a moment, he’s sure that there’s something you want to say, something on the tip of your tongue that you can’t quite let escape your lips. instead of saying anything though, you look down towards his hand, trace your finger over the knuckles and drag with it the cold water that’s melted onto his hand. you press one of your fingers into the bruises and he winces, hissing a little at the pressure.
“stupid,” you mumble.
“the other guy’s worse than me,” he says, and you laugh again, a weak little thing—hardly more than a rush of breath past your lips.
“i don’t think the other guy is holding peas to his hand right now.”
“good thing i’m not either. that’s what i have you for.” you narrow your eyes at him, leaning forward to swat his arm with the back your hand, but he catches it with his left hand before you ever make contact. “and i’m pretty sure i broke his nose.”
“you definitely did,” you say, a little lighter, a little laughter mixing with the syllables.
and then there’s another bit of silence that chases after your laughter, another moment of your fingers tracing patterns against his skin, of your eyes flitting over his face like you’re looking for something that even he couldn’t find.
he likes you—too much, so much that right now, he can only think about kissing you, can only think about bringing his hand to your jaw and guiding your lips to his. he wants to kiss you as badly as he wants to breathe, wants to kiss you as badly as he wants the throbbing in his hand to stop, wants to kiss you as badly as he wants to listen to your laugh and watch the curve of your smile.
he doesn’t finish the sentence, because next thing he knows you’re leaning up to him, abandoning the frozen peas to instead cradle his face in your hands. they’re cold against his skin, but they’re you and you’re sweet and gentle and suddenly your lips are on his and you’re kissing him for the first time.
and he’s being surrounded by everything that’s you, the smell of your citrus shampoo and your honey perfume, the taste of your mint chapstick on his lips, the feeling of your fingertips across his cheekbones and his along his jaw.
you go to pull away and he raises his left hand to your cheek, pulling you back into him because hell if he’s going to let this end early. he feels the way you laugh into him, feels the pull of your smile against his lips and god he’s going to fall for you.
when you do pull away, when he moves so his forehead is leaned against yours, so he can feel the fanning of your breath against his skin, he hears you whisper.
“you didn’t have to punch him,” you say, and when he goes to protest, you kiss him again, just for a moment to shut him up, “but thank you anyway.”
and then you kiss him for a third time, and iwaizumi decides he’d punch as many guys as needed just to feel this again.
(he doesn’t have to, you’ll kiss him as many times as he allows).
Tumblr media
reblogs and interaction are super appreciated ❤︎
Tumblr media
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osamusriceballs · a month ago
(No) Strings Attached
Sakusa x fem Reader
Warnings: NSFW (18+)
Words: 1,8k
About: A friends with benefits relationship with Sakusa.
"Fuck, Kiyoomi-"
The sound of bare skin slapping against each other fills the room, one of your hands tightly gripping his bare back and leaving a trail of desperate red marks while your legs are tightly wrapped around his hips, urging him to go faster and deeper. His head is buried in the crook of your neck, his deep and heavy breaths right next to your ear making you feel like you could explode any second. It's hot, so hot, the way he fucks you slowly, making sure you feel every single thrust, every single inch of his cock inside of you, while his lips press against your neck ever so softly-
A moan gets stuck in your throat when his hand suddenly finds yours, his fingers quickly intervening with yours and squeezing your hand firmly- a sudden intimate gesture, that makes you widen your eyes in surprise. You don't have time to question his action, your mind too distracted when Sakusa keeps on rolling his hips, moving faster just a little bit, still thrusting smoothly inside of you again and again. A groan leaves his lips when he pulls back and you feel heat raise to your cheeks when he looks down on your naked bodies and watches how his cock disappears between your folds, his movements even slowing down to have a proper look. He gaze moves to your face, his dark eyes intently staring at yours, and he suddenly leans down, connecting his sweaty forehead to yours. His face reveals none of his thoughts while he silently stays in that position, his hips barely moving at this point, his weight on top of you almost crushing you. Your wet lips part, your breath comes hitched out of your mouth when he slowly leans down to kiss you deeply.
The moment feels so painfully intimate, your bodies connected in the closest way possible, his lips move against yours in a loving and delicate way- that's unusual for Sakusa, and you both know that.
Your whole relationship started when both of you drunkenly met in a club a few months ago- the very first time you both ever met outside of your workspace. You barely remember anything that happened in the club, just that you were out with your friends and that you were deeply surprised when you met Sakusa there too. He's usually not the type to go drinking, hell, to actually go out on a Friday night- but there he was with a dark button up shirt that perfectly fit his build body, the sleeves rolled up and showed his toned arms- he was definitely the center of attention that night. You were mildy surprised when HE actually came to greet you, your hazy mind never considering the possibility that he could remeber your name, leave alone feeling the urge to talk to you, even though you technically see each other everyday at work.
The rest is a blur, some faint memories of your friends elbowing you and telling you to catch "that snack, who keeps eye-fucking you", you being flustered when you realize that he heard them but tactfully chose not to react to their comments and then how the two of you find yourself at a bar, having one shot after another, the distance between the two of you basically gone by the end of the night when you somehow sit on his lap.
Everything gets crystal clear the second you entered Sakusa's apartment though. How you thought it was nice and clean, how you both stood in the bathroom, giggling while he helped you wash your hands and removing your makeup. How he laughed, a rare but extremely pleasant sound with his deep baritone, when you smeared soap on his shirt- and how you were almost melting at how carefully he held your hand and guided you to the guest room to sleep. He was just as drunk as you, continuosly stating that he barely drinks due to his profession, but he had still been drinking probably twice the amount you had. He made an attempt to leave the room but you grabbed his hand when he turned around and told him to stay.
Then how you suddenly sat on his lap once again- this time on the bed, his strong hands guiding you to straddle him on his muscular thighs- hesitation on both of your sides for a second but when your eyes locked, you were certain about one thing. That you want this.
He fucked you all night, dragging countless orgasms from your sensitive body with his thick cock, you could barely feel your legs when he mercilessly pounded into you, encouraged by your constant moans and pleas. You're pretty sure that his neighbors heard you scream his name like a prayer, your throat was pretty sore the next day, but being drunk and high on Sakusa, you don't really care. You had been pleasantly surprised when he wrapped his hand around your throat while he thrusts into you, the sight of the naked volleyball pro on top of you, holding you firmly under him and fucking you mercilessly forever engraved in your memory. That night showed you that having sex with Sakusa Kiyoomi is addictive. You could never get enough of him, mentally cursing him for setting your standards so high.
You were again surprised when you saw a message on your phone two days later, just a short "hey" from an unknown number, but you quickly figured it was Sakusa. He hadn't left your mind the past few days, your body secretly craving for his attention again, thinking about how he shamelessly ate you out, or how he fucked you with his ever so flexible fingers, curling them at angles that should be impossible, yet brought you pleasure that you never thought was possible. He ruined you for everyone else in just a single night. Did you have the same effect on him?
You were on cloud seven when he proposed to meet again, stating that he enjoyed the night and was hoping you did so too. From then on you started to meet frequently, you found yourself under the mysterious dark-haired male at least twice a week, sometimes on top of him, but no matter where, you were always satisfied deeply.
Sakusa is like a drug for you. He knows how to touch you, how to make your knees weak, how to control his body no matter how needy his actually is, to hold back until you reach your high first- sometimes also second or third time before he even considers to chase his own. The sexual tension between the two of you is undeniable- and the little touches and stolen kisses in the locker room are always a promise for a wild night.
He refused to get emotionally closer to you though, even keeping his distance at work and strictly talking about volleyball when you had to interact, and you fully respect that, being happy with the silent agreement you had. Just sex, no strings attached.
That's why your eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he grabbed your hand and fucked you- like you actually mean something to him. He's moaning your name between kisses, your body on fire now with your hips arching to meet his thrusts. "Faster, please-" you whine, your eyes shutting close and you barely manage to reciprocate the kiss when he speeds up, the tip of his cock now hitting your most sensitive spot again and again.
"You feel so good-" he rasps, and you moan as response, your legs involuntarily tighten around his hips as pleasure runs through your body, little jolts of electricity going from between your legs right through your body. You feel his cock throbbing inside of you, the veins on his arms popping out from the force it takes him to hold back. "Fuck- you're so hot. So fucking hot- how- dare you-" He groans through gritted teeth, almost angrily when you moan his name as response in a desperate and breathless way. "What?" you manage to voice out, taken aback by his sudden emotional outburst. His pace speeds up and you can barely focus on his words, just feeling him inside of you, overwhelmed by pleasure-
"You- I can't stop thinking about you. How I want to ruin that pretty little cunt every time I see you, how I want to spank your bratty ass when you flirt with that disgusting Miya guy and show you that-" he stops and his thrusts slow down, but quickly get harder, each word fueling his emotions, his hand tightly gripping yours as he keeps on fucking you. Your walls clench when you feel him twitch inside of you- he is close too.
"Show me what?" You move your hand to his hair and pull his head back, forcing him to look at you, not caring about the fact that he will definitively give you a good spanking session for that later- you'd enjoy that anyways.
His eyes are captivating, his expression filled with lust but also a softness that you have never seen on him before- it makes you even more breathless. "Show you that only I can make you feel this good. Show you that you should be mine, and only mine to ruin and touch."
You cry out when he suddenly reaches down between your bodies and presses on your clit, rubbing it with two of his fingers- and that's when you lose it. The orgasm that rushes over your body is one of the most intense you ever had, your legs caging his body tightly while he trusts into you, filling you up so good while your cunt is spasming and tightening around his cock. You barely realize how his hips stutter when he chases his own high, his body eventually stilling when he cums inside of you, filling you up with hot ropes of cum while grabbing your hand tightly. Your name leaves his lips, you faintly hear his voice over your loud moans, your heart almost exploding in your chest while you're on your high, holding tightly onto his hand too with your other hand around his broad shoulders to keep him close.
Sakusa finally collapses on top of you, his cock twitching a few times in your oversensitive pussy before your legs release him and let go of his body. You feel the soreness in your thighs, your body protesting when you relax and lean back into the mattress, desperately trying to catch your breath.
Sakusa doesn't move for a while, your hand now coming up to play with his dark hair, making a satisfied grunt leave his lips. His words replay in your mind again and again, a sudden warm feeling rising from your chest when you recalled how he called you his, and his only-
Maybe there are strings attached.
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angelplummie · 4 months ago
warnings: cheating, swearing, phone sex??? they bang and girly hears it, questionable writing, hysterical kinda lolz, drk what this is tbh just wrote it cuz i’m deranged
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
“Hi Tetsu! I’m glad you picked up, i was just wondering-“
You were interrupted by tinny giggles on the other side of the phone. You stood blinking in the sauce isle, trying to process what you were hearing.
“Shhh! just keep going baby. Hi Y/N, what’s up?”
What was that?
No, because what the fuck was that?
What did he say? You weren’t one hundred percent sure, but a sinking feeling tugged at your gut. You stared down hard at the garlic and tomato purée in your hands as you swallowed.
“I-I was just in at the shops, and I wondered if pasta was ok for tea?” your voice was quiet and quivering.
“Oh sorry babe, I,” he laughed breathily away from the receiver, but you can still hear him, “I’m not gonna be able to make it. Deadlines and shit you know?”
Oh my fucking god.
“Really?” you said dryly, heart racing. You placed the purée down and took a deep breath.
“Yeah I’m gonnna be, hah, haha, kasumi slow down, gonna be late babe.”
Fucking Kasumi?
You were going to throw up. All over everything. This couldn’t be real, it could not be real.
“Are you kidding me?” You breathed dryly.
“What? ohhh yea-“
His voice broke off as you hung up and jerkily put your phone back into your bag.
What was that.
He was cheating on you.
And he answered your call, while cheating on you.
And kept going with her?
With fucking Kasumi?
With fucking Kasai “She’s just a colleage” Kasumi?
What the fuck.
“Pasta for one then,” you muttered dryly. There’s a small pause, the only sounds in the shop the clatter of shopping trolleys and the beep of the cash register, before you snort out a laugh, and then start sobbing profusely in the the fucking supermarket.
Your hands grip the white metal overhang of the shelf and you hang your head forward. You inhale deeply, and the shelves spin around you. Your face screws up like a paper bag, and you hope to god thag no one walks into the isle.
Hot misery thrummed in your mind, gave you an unbearable stomach ache. Your brains burned, and your eyes.
After everything, after all the talks, after he made you trust him.
You remember once when things were really bad.
You had told him that if things couldn’t change, if he couldn’t change, you were going to have to leave him.
It was after he had kissed that girl when he was drunk, when he swore down that he thought it was you. But of course you didn’t believe him. Because it wasn’t just that, it was all those other times, those little throw away fights. He could never reel it back, stop laying it on so incredibly thick with every woman he set eyes on. He said it was just his nature, but this was getting insane.
You had told him you couldn’t live in constant fear anymore. You couldn’t keep having your friends coming up to you gravely and telling you about what he did, who he was flirting with this week. You couldn’t keep worrying every time he left the fucking house, you couldn’t do it anymore.
You were leaving, ok? Unless he wanted to change, if he could, if he cared enough to, you were gone.
And he did.
And he did it overnight.
Suddenly, he wouldn’t even look twice when girls entered the room. He wouldn’t flirt with anyone, he certainly didn’t kiss anyone, he brought you home gifts everyday, Always kind, always thoughtful, always affectionate. He was the perfect boyfriend. Really, he was. Everything was gone in a second, and it was heaven.
Guess he didn’t fucking mean it.
There were times when you’d tell him, ‘why don’t you go out and fuck someone for real so i can stop worrying about it.’
You didn’t fucking mean it.
Sobs wracked your body, and you had to bite your lip to stop them being any louder than they were.
You heard the squeak of shoes as someone entered the isle and then left, because when you looked up no one was there.
This was embarrassing. Maybe it was time to leave.
The ache in your stomach throbbed as you dragged yourself back out to your car. You didn’t end up buying anything. It didn’t matter, it wasn’t like you were actually going to cook tonight.
You sighed messily as you slid into your car, shut the door behind you with a clunk and started the engine. Your mind whirred with the motor, and you began to drive.
You didn’t know what you were going to do tonight now that you thought of it.
There wasn’t much to do than to wait for him to come home, and see what he says. You’re breaking up with him, obviously. You just weren’t sure what to do with yourself before then, when he came through the door and begged for your forgiveness. Like he wasn’t giggling on the other side of the line. Like he wasn’t having fun sneaking around behind your back, lying to you, after he promised, promised he loved you.
Fucking dirty liar.
Fucking ratty fuck face worthless piece of shit liar.
Without even realising, you had gotten home. You made your way out the car, into your house, and onto the sofa.
You clutched your scalp as you lay on your back, staring emptily at the ceiling. Fucking ugly ceiling. You hate this house, why did you ever agree to live here? Stupid fucking ugly house.
Your sobs come back, chest jerking to accommodate. You make horrible noises and snot nearly goes in your mouth, but you wipe it away with the back of your wrist a bit too hard. It hurt when you did it, the flesh of your upper lip crushed between the bone of your arm and your teeth.
You feel disgusting, like a little kid throwing a tantrum. You just don’t know what to do with yourself.
You feel out of control, like you’re spiralling and you don’t know what’s going on. Your throat hurts, you should try and calm down.
Another trickle of snot tries to run down your face but you wipe it away again, before clutching your chest and taking a slow, deep breath.
Eyes now closed, you try to focus on the silence in the house rather than the loud of your head. You breathe, and breathe, and breathe, until you can think again. You sit up, movement making you dizzy. God, you’re exhausted.
You rub your temples and think about the immediately pressing issue. What were you gonna eat? You were, admittedly, starving.
Alright. Fuck pasta. What did you want to eat today?
Chinese food sounded amazing, and tetsu hates chow mein. Chinese it is.
Your hands were still shaking as you called for delivery, trying to keep the quiver out of your voice.
“Alright, thank you very much!” your voice broke as you finished the call, and you hung up. A sudden wave of fury hits as you remember, and you chuck your phone across the room. Cringing as you hear the sharp thud against the carpet, you cover your face with your hands and make a huffy little whimper.
You want to scream and scream and scream and break things and smash glass until someone calls the police or you pass from lack of oxygen. Somehow you also want to curl up into a ball in your bed and be silent forever and never speak to anyone ever again. You’re in a bit of a funny mood, not that anyone would blame you.
He really did it. He did what you always thought he would do, and somehow you’re still shocked.
But that’s because he changed!
He changed, and he was perfect and for once in your life you were happy, for once in your life you didn’t have to worry about being alone forever and being unloved forever. He gave you everything you wanted, you were so happy.
You thought he meant it when he said he couldn’t lose you.
Your hands were still covering your face, and you sighed. Sniffling, you wiped your face, it was quite damp and puffy now, your eyes hardly open. You blink into your living room, hands cupping the sides of your face. Breathe.
So, you just sat there, in a warm kind of misery. Tears plopped down your face .
Then the doorbell rang. Sniffing, you jumped up and jogged to the door. You must look awful, but it’s whatever.
You drew in a breath and opened the door, heart heavy in your chest.
“H-Hiya.” you gave the delivery guy a watery smile as he drew his arm out to give you the heavyish bag.
“Here, got any plans for tonight?” he said, eyes still down on the food.
“Y-yeah, well, no. Just a qu-quiet night in.”
You chest hurt as you kept in the surges of sobs thag came every now and then.
He glanced up and you saw the shock as he figured out something was wrong.
He wasn’t sure what to do, and you couldn’t blame him so you took pity on him and gave him another watery smile before thanking him and closing the door.
Poor guy, it’s not his fault you got cheated on.
You plonk the bags on the table and sigh. You had settled into a fuzzy sort of numbness, a blanket of tired overwhelming all else as you settled down in the kitchen to eat your food.
You had no time for plates or cutlery, simply using the containers and disposable chopsticks. You started on the choi mein. It was really good. For some reason that made you want to cry again.
Your nose was blocked, so you couldn’t really chew with your mouth closed. Head throbbing away, you ate with your mouth open, gasping and hiccuping and sighing at the fucking amazing egg fried rice.
You were relatively calm, if not completely miserable, until a worrying thought troubled you. Kuroo would be back soon. It was 6:50, he gets home at 7:10. That’s twenty minutes.
Twenty minutes.
That’s not enough time is it? He can’t see you like this, what are you even going to say to him?
Panic welled up inside you, bubbling and churning in your stomach.
What if he tried to make you stay? What would you do?
Surely, you think, you would never stay with him. But Kuroo is very smart, and you’re very tired.
No, come on now. You’ll remember, you’ll not be fooled. You are breaking up with him, you are. You won’t be hoodwinked, there are no more lies that could possibly fool you.
Still, a part of you longs to trust him. You want him to hold you and tell you it was all a huge misunderstanding and he would never, not in a million years. You know it’s over, but you need him right now. He is your one source of comfort, but he’s also the source of your pain. You can’t be with him anymore, no matter how much you want it.
You come back from your thoughts when the container is empty and there is no longer food going into your mouth. You sigh a great big back relaxing sigh, and chuck the packaging into the rubbish bin. A trudge along the hallway and youre back on your trusty sofa.
You ache, your brain aches, you legs ache, everything ows and you just want to curl up but it’s not long before he’s home. You will be strong, you will be. You trust yourself.
Your stomach twists as you force yourself to remember what he did. The thought of him walking towards you with the body that touched someone else. You think of him touching you, putting his dirtied hands on you and trying to be soft and loving and gentle and trying to make you feel special, it makes you sick. He was with someone else. He touched her how you touched him and how he touched you, only last night. And when you were done, he held you and kissed your cheek. He acted like he loved you, and he did it so well.
Don’t forgive him.
You’re sure now. You will never forgive him.
The door shut quietly as he stepped in, keys clinking in his hand. He was home.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading!!! reblogs appreciated!! masterlist
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bokut6 · 2 months ago
spring cleaning
synopsis: After finally convincing your boyfriend to spend the weekend cleaning up your shared apartment, you find yourself snooping a little too far into your shared closet, and discover the ultimate keeper of secrets: a dirty old shoebox.
pairing: atsumu miya x reader word count: 1.06k tags: fluff, marriage talk, use of profanity
author’s note: hi! here’s my first haikyuu oneshot, just to try my hand at things. i had some fun writing this short little thing so, i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
The beginning of March brings along many joys—like the slightly warmer weather and the lovely March break, amongst other things.
But yet, when it comes to Atsumu? He absolutely dreads it, and it’s all due to the idea of spring-cleaning.
You grumble your entire journey from the laundry room all the way back to your kitchen, narrowing your eyes at Atsumu when you arrive. “Listen, is it that hard to flip your socks inside out before putting them in the laundry?”
“C’mon, it ain’t that bad!” he hollers back, “I flip mine out after all the time.”
“Cool. So do it on your chore day, then, not mine. They’re actually gross.”
Atsumu rounds the corner from the living room, broom in hand and a bright, boyish grin written all over his face. It feels like you’re falling in love with him all over again, but you know it’s just the effect he’s got over you after all these years of knowing him. Little shit.
He slings a toned arm around your shoulders. “Y’know it’s all a part of the athlete lifestyle, right?”
“All athletes make their roommates dip their bare goddamn hands into their sweaty socks? No way,” you scoff.
“Did you just call yourself my roommate?”
“Maybe,” you grin, “Osamu wouldn’t treat me like this, you know.”
Your boyfriend looks as if he’s seen a ghost. “Don’t even joke about gettin’ with my brother. Y’hear?”
“No promises.”
He sulks and you let him, laughing as he exaggeratedly drags himself down the hallway, latex gloves in tow. The bottle of bleach in his other hand tells you he’s reluctantly tackling the bathroom, and you make your way towards the bedroom.
“I’m gonna go clean out the closet, ‘kay?”
“Sure,” says Atsumu, completely forgetting about all of the surprises he’s got tucked away in there. “Knock yourself out, bub.”
Opening the double doors, you’re faced with every type of clothing article imaginable. Suits, tracksuits, button-downs, jeans, sweatshirts, leggings—all in no particular organized fashion. More interestingly is the top shelf, which is full of moving boxes from too long ago and out-of-season shoes.
You’re in the closet for not even five minutes before you’ve already found some of the most ridiculous items you and him own. This apartment is only yours and Atsumu’s, so you’re honestly wondering why you’ve accumulated so much junk just between the two of you; but it’s entertaining, nonetheless.
Hell, you even think some of his nicer plaids he’s been recently loving are Kita’s.
Coming across a dingy and really faded shoebox, you pull it out from the top shelf that he didn’t exactly anticipate you to reach for. It’s covered in elephant print washi tape and black marker, and his name is written once on each side.
ATSUMU’S ROOM is what it reads, in nice big over-lined print. It makes you smile, the nostalgia of it all, and piques your interest enough to plop it on the bed and sit down with it. You open the box, pulling out a few useless trinkets.
“‘Tsumu,” you call out, to which you hear a loud yell of questioning in return to. “I found one of your old moving boxes from high school!”
He continues scrubbing the siding of the bathtub, chuckling. “Oh, did’ja now? That’s cute.”
“Yeah! I mean, can you believe we live here together now? This is just a little old shoebox from when you were eighteen, and now we’re—“
Atsumu stops scrubbing: Did you just say shoebox?
“Holy shit, Atsumu! What the fuck?”
You definitely said shoebox. He knows it, now.
He dashes through the hallway, running almost in place on the freshly polished floors until he reaches the master bedroom—where you sit in shock, staring at a small, open velvet box.
A very, very distinct small, open velvet box.
He swallows. “I can explain.”
“You don’t need to explain this, Atsumu, I’m not a goddamn moron.” You blink, the ring shimmering politely in the sunlight. “But what the heck?”
“I’ll be taking questions now.”
“Okay, great. When?”
“Listen, I wasn’t gonna ask for a little while longer until I actually brought it up—“
“Good plan,” you nod, still processing the impressive and absolutely beautiful engagement ring.
“—but I just saw this when I was out of the city with the team. I mean, it looks just like you, don’t it? And I couldn’t stop talkin’ about how it kept reminding me of ya.”
“So you bought it?”
“I knew I’d ask ya someday and I had to do it with that ring.”
You have to give it to him, it’s everything you had imagined in a dream ring. He knows you like he knows the back of his hand, and it makes your chest tighten to fight back tears.
Atsumu sees you tremble, rushing to kneel in front of you, hands resting on your upper legs. “Aw, baby don’t cry! You’re good, whatcha cryin’ for?”
“Do you want to marry me?” You say, in just about a whisper.
“If I could marry ya tomorrow, I would.”
When he says this, you know he means it. He says it with his eyes, with his chest, with his beating heart and the hands that gently crawl up your waist.
Your entire body warms from head to toe, and you suddenly feel lighter than paper.
“Well, since you’re down on one knee,” you joke. “Does that mean you’re asking me to marry you, ‘Tsumu?”
His lip curls at one corner, slowly taking the box from your hands and reopening it, as if you’d never found it first. “If you’re plannin’ on saying yes, then I guess I am.”
“Ask me and you’ll find out.”
He rolls his eyes playfully, but when they rest back on you; his entire face softens again.
“To the love of my life, and maybe the greatest damn detective I’ve ever seen,” he says, making you laugh amidst your tears. “Will ya make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?”
“Oh, hell yes.”
He slips the glimmering ring onto your finger, placing a loving kiss on the back of your hand before pulling you into a giggling, tight hug. You can feel the thrumming of his chest as he laughs into your neck, and his joy seeps through his skin and into yours.
“I love you, my dear fiancée.”
“And I love you,” you chuckle. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll find your drafted vows one day, too.”
“Ugh, don’t even joke about that.”
(He’s not that stupid—when he writes his vows, he’ll be keeping them at Osamu’s place.)
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tsukina · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Suna Rintarou has had his eye on new student, Y/N, for a while. His best friends, the Miya twins, start to notice. To save himself from humiliation, he lies about his interest in her. That is, until the Miyas start a game of who can get with her first. Suna knowingly joins the bidding to capture her heart, but what happens when she finds out the truth?
Tumblr media
➤ CHAPTER 18: AREA 51.5
Tumblr media
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