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#haikyuu atsumu
shoyotime · 2 days ago
note : a birthday gift for @miyamartina <3 sobs queen, i love ur art sm it's so pretty pls hand over some talent. anyway, i hope you have an amazing day, happiest birthday to you !! ( posted at 12 am in my time zone since idk urs bye )
Tumblr media
"happy birthday, sweetheart."
you sigh. "tsumu, it's the fifteenth— no— sixteenth time that you're wishing me today."
a chuckle reaches your ears from the other side of the phone. you can imagine him smiling sappily. "and i wouldn't mind doing it a hundred times."
"cheesy," you scoff before plopping down on the bed, silence embracing as a smile adorns your lips. it's been great, honestly. drinks and dinner, followed by karaoke; not a moment was spent alone since you made sure to occupy each and every second of your birthday with your friends and co-workers, partially for fun and partially to restrain your mind from thinking about atsumu and falling into despair.
your plan failed majestically. through the cracks within, you find yourself thinking about him, what song he would pick, or the way you'd complain about him being the worst singer yet still, you'd listen to him with stars in your eyes. if not that then probably the way he'd book a fancy five star restaurant as a birthday gift, and then giving you even a more expensive gift as the birthday surprise.
atsumu has always been dramatic with nearly everything. so having him in another city for a match following your birthday, you couldn't help but think about the possibilities of the 'dramatic' things he would've done if you both were together.
"you should be sleeping," you whisper into the phone after a long drawn silence.
"so should be you." he replies.
"it's my birthday, idiot," you chortle, flipping over to crawl a little further on the bed. "i was at the party so it's bound to get late."
another trail of silence. you wonder what he's thinking.
"some kind of wife you are for celebrating your birthday without me."
"and some kind of husband you are for not giving me gift on my birthday."
he pauses. "gift, you say," another pause. "open the left drawer of the night stand." your brows furrow when you reach the drawer, coming across a post it note saying 'go to the kitchen, lovely' with a poorly drawn winking face of himself. the catch being, it was his best after taking thirty seven minutes long art lesson from you. ( which, he states, still feel like 37 years of his life )
he directs you to do as stated and you swear, it feels like a murder mystery you watched a week ago, which is funny considering how atsumu was way to scared to even talk about that show for days. either way, you walk to the kitchen, mind paying more attention to his sappy words and corny jokes than whatever he had planned. that was until you noticed his sketchers, the one he wore when you went to see him off at the airport two days ago. at that moment, the questions about why his shoes were in the kitchen seemed to disappear among the thousands of other things flooding your head.
your voice cracks, a sour feeling creeping up your throat as you step out of the kitchen. "tsumu, you better not be kidding."
"i'm not," and this time, the voice didn't come from your phone and instead, you feel his arms snake around your waist as he whispers in your ear, "happy birthday, sweetheart."
you wouldn't mind listening to him saying that a hundred times, now that it's not over the phone.
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yourstarvic · 2 days ago
The wedding was in full swing. The flowers, the decorations, the cake, the music, the food were more than perfect. Given you planned the who event for your wedding day, but it was your dream wedding to have since Rieko made sure to make you second guess your decision at the time.
The reception of the wedding was booming with guests congratulating the newlyweds and enjoying the wondering appetizers the waiters hold onto their trays. You and Atsumu sat at your assigned seats, watching as Rieko enjoyed the praises she was getting will Haru, had a far off distance in his looks, occasionally glancing in your direction.
“He keeps lookin’ at ya,” Atsumu whispered in your ear. “It’s annoyin’.”
“I know,” You sighed, rubbing small circles with your thumb on your belly to help ease your nerves.
“Ya good, doll?”
Looking at you with a nervous expression, you nodded, “Yeah, just nervous.”
“What if I mess up?” You gulped, “Or trip, or embarrass myself?”
“Aw,” Atsumu comes as he lightly pinched the side of your cheek. “Is my baby doll nervous? My beautiful, pregnant doll thinks she’s gonna mess up? Ya so cute.”
Narrowing your eyes into disgust, you swapped his hand away and looked the other way. “I should have brought Sakusa,” You muttered, “he wouldn’t act like this.”
“Huh?” Atsumu's mouth dropped as he scoffed. “Sakusa? Really? Him?”
“Aw,” You smiled at his distaste, now cooing at him as you pinched his cheeks. “Is my Tsumu mad? My poor cute Tsumu not like this? Ya so cute.”
Atsumu's eyes twitch with annoyance, not liking how you were teasing him the same way he did. But an idea popped in his head, snaking his hands up to your cheeks, he hold your head in place. Leaning his lips down to yours, he kissed your lips passionately, making you gasp and eyes widen at the surprising kiss. You tried to reel your head back, feeling the stares of the guest on you. But Atsumu hold your face in place, kissing you harder as he sneaky pushed his tongue past your lips.
Slowly losing yourself to the bliss of his lips, your hand moved down his cheek and to his shirt, balling into a fist. Slowly closing your eyes, you tried to kiss him back but he was already pulling away. Your blonde boyfriend smirked at you, seeing you tried to keep his lips on yours. Opening your eyes, you felt your fave heated up at his smirk, as he whispered, “Ya so cute.”
Slowly pushing him away, you looked down on your lap, rambling nonsense, trying to find the words to tell him. While Atsumu around with a cocky smile, enjoying how most of the guests saw the passionate kiss the two of you shared. But his eyes stopped when he saw Haru was looking at the two of you. With his cocky smile widen, Atsumu sent him a smirking wink, the groom clench his jaw and looking away.
Looking back at you, Atsumu's face softens, tucking a small piece behind your ear, “Ya good, doll?”
“You can’t-,” You placed two fingers on your lips, still feeling the kiss on your lips. “You can’t just do that…”
“Buy ya promised,” Atsumu chuckled, leaning down to kiss your cheek gently. “And ya look so cute all flustered.”
“S-Shut up,” You mumbled, gently pushing his arm.
Chucking at you with a loving smile, Atsumu placed one hand on your belly and whispered husky your ear, “‘M sorry for embarrassing ya, how about I make up to ya tonight?”
You felt your face heated up more, picturing what he meant. Letting a small whine escape your throat, you turned your head in the other direction, “S-Stop saying embarrassing things.”
“I was thinking’ taking ya out for dinner,” Atsumu snickered, enjoying your bashful state. “What were ya thinking’ about pervert?”
“Shut up.”
Snickering at you, Atsumu leaned back in his chair, his eyes never leaving your figure. Amused at how your lips formed a pout and glaring at the table in embarrassment. The guest around you both could see the love in not only his eyes but his whole demeanor as well. One guest went to the two of you, congratulating you on your pregnancy and how happy the two of you are. You shyly thanked them as Atsumu boosted about you and how happy the two of you are. He then proceeded to talk about the future he pictured in his head. Hoping on how the kids will be, their names, and other topics you and Atsumu haven’t talked about yet. But your heart warmed hearing him talked, feeling overjoyed as you heard the excitement in his voice.
“You must really love her,” you heard a deep voice behind you.
“(L/n)-San,” The guest bowed in their head in greeting. “It seems he does.”
Atsumu audible gulped, his body becomes rigid when he heard your father's voice. You sweatdropped with a nervous chuckle when you noticed your boyfriend’s tension. Looking behind you, you smiled at your father who gave you a nod in return before glaring at Atsumu, who refused to look at him. “Well,” Your father leaned down, making Atsumu look at him. “Do you love her?”
Knowing that your father was trying to scare Atsumu, you sighed in a disappointed manner, “We haven’t said we loved each other yet.”
“But the two of you are having a child,” The guest exclaimed with confusion. “And haven’t said I love you?”
“Do you not love her, Miya?” Your father frowned at Atsumu, eyes narrowed into a frighting glare.
Atsumu gulped, trying to break eye contact with your father. He did want to tell you how he loves you but not like this. Not with your father, who has been planning his death since the moment he slapped your bottom in front of him, standing there and of course not with a stranger who is judging them. But did you love him back? Atsumu hoped you did. God, did he hope you love him just as much as he loves you.
“Well,” Your father interrupts his thoughts. “Did you not love her when you got her pregnant?”
“I mean,” Atsumu chuckled nervously, “I did love how she tightened around my-”
“Dinner is about to start,” You smiled nervously, cutting off your baby daddy by covering his mouth with your hand. “You two should go find your seats…”
The guest awkwardly laughed, sending you a smile before walking away. While your father scowled at Atsumu, slowly walking away to his table. You shooked your head at your lover, who was breathing freely now that your father was no longer near him. “Did you really have to say that?” You scold him, moving your hand away from his mouth.
“He asked,” Atsumu shrugged. “Besides, I ain’t scared of him.”
“You were shaking,” You sighed, “and you were pale.”
“I was shakin’ and pale cause…” Atsumu thought of a reason, “Cause ya say I’m like a golden retriever so imma act like one for ya.” Smiling at his proud response, he reached for your hand and laid it on top of his head. “So give me attention.”
“You’re an idiot,” You giggled, running your hand through his hair.
“Are we interrupting something?” You heard a familiar voice in front of you.
Turning your head to look at the voice, you saw Rieko’s parents and sister, smiling happily at you. “Not at all,” You smiled kindly at her, taking your hands away from Atsumu. “Tsumu this is Rieko’s parents, and her sister, Yui.”
“Nice to meet you,” Atsumu eyed them carefully as they sat down.
“Calm down bro,” Yui sat next to you, seeing the cation written on his face. “I’m not like my sister.”
Creasing his eyebrows together, Atsumu looked at you in confusion. Leaning your head closer to his, you whispered, “Yui was one of the people who told me about the affair… But I refused to believe it… Her parents on the other hand…”
Looking at Rieko’s parents, they began to open their mouths to speak. “(Y/n) you are so sweet to break things off with Haru and let them be together!”
“You know I also tell her I wouldn’t let anyone have her until they are a good man, and if he was with you, then I know for sure he is. You don’t let anyone just date you.”
“And don’t forget someone who has money! Did you know Haru is rich?”
“He bought her a car! A really nice car!”
“He spoils her too much! I’m so happy for her! I’m so glad she’s with him.”
“I always knew she loved him but didn’t want to be in your way (Y/n)!”
“I see what ya talkin’ ‘bout,” Atsumu hummed as you and Yui nodded.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @girlyluke @reina-de-tay @bloody-bella @gothkaoru@freaksnque @kayleighbeccaa @itoshibaby @missalienqueen@90s-belladonna @ntimacy @persyhange @loser-keiji@lilith412426 @fandomatakeover18@bbdaydreams @sillyanimedream @noya-kinnie @itzlally@fayeimara @izmeaweeboo @zukoslosthishonor @camcam1617@karlitaburrito @sakusaakiyoomii @strcwberrieswine @sunavf@tanakasimpcorner @sakusasimpbot @random-fandom-girl-24@rintarovibes @matsunshine @moon-esque @marifujioka @meri-soni-meri-tamanna @criesinpisces​ @pluviophilefangirl​ @jojowantstocry​ @vintagexparker @tropicsoda @erinoikawa@namyari @encrytpta @art-junkie-13 @regina-com @wixlch @anime-meme-sanctuary @seijohoe @osakisrose@bakugouswh0r3 @sumebreaks
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rubyamethyst05 · 23 hours ago
When they find out you have a tattoo/piercing  on your body/face.
Genre : fluff , crackhead . [ go with the flow please?] curse words. Mentions of NSFW. 
Characters : Atsumu miya .  Iwaizumi Hajime ,  Hirugami Sachiro.
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya :
Finds it extremely hot that you have a lip piercing.
Now that he knows he’ll probably beg you to wear it everywhere.
Love it when you wear it and use red lipstick. 
If the members of the college volleyball boys team knew you , they most likely knew you as the sweet and soft manager. Well of course that was the truth , but among your friends , you were quite different. Well at least appearance had a lip piercing on your lip which was an end result of accidentally getting drunk back in your high school. You usually never wore it when you went out with him choosing to remove it when they were around . If they didn't let you know they were coming to your house they would have caught you with your lip piercing. 
So tonight you were out with your friend when you stumbled upon them. Forgetting you had a lip piercing you went to kiss him. When Atsumu did not respond , you pulled away and frowned , slightly confused on why he didn't kiss you back. “ Baby...when the fuck did yer get a lip piercing?”. He asks, shocked as you cover your lips , completely forgetting the fcat he didn't know. You chuckle nervously and say “ surprise i guess…” . He laughed as he pulled you in closer to see it. A big grin on his face as he pressed his lips on yours.
“ Looks Good on you babe.”
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime
Confused af 
Can't help but you look at your tattoos instead of your face.
Traces it alot . LIKE A LOT , can't get his hands off you.
“ Hajime you okay?”. You snap your fingers in front of the blank male who tried looking everywhere except your body. This was the first time you guys went to the beach and obviously you were in a bikini that itself made it hard for him to look away and now that tattoos?! It took on his mental will power now to stare at the small butterfly tattoo on your chest. 
Oikawa snickered , it wasn't everyday to see his best friend completely lost for friends and a flustered mess. His cheeks and ears were red as you panicked “ HAJIME , ARE YOU OKAY? IS THE SUN TOO MUCH?”. Iwaizumi immediately shook his head and defended himself “ No , I'm perfectly fine , it's just that you are distracting ….me.” his voice faltering towards the end as he gestured to your body.
You stared at him guilty before snickering and playfully flicked his biceps . those big biceps- you smiled innocently and said “ you could have just told me that my body looked good right?”. 
Tumblr media
Hirugami Sachiro : Everyone knew it except him. :/ don't even ask why . 
Once he finds out , he malfunctions and screams at Hoshiumi over the phone.
Tries to assert some dominance and make you flustered by walking around shirtless. 
Hirugami was nervous this was the first time you were going to stay over at his place , emphasis on the Alone which meant he could do anything and no one would know anything. He had cleaned his apartment like his life depended on it. The doorbell rang as Hirugami grinned welcoming you as you smiled sweetly and kissed him. 
“ You look so excited.” you stated as Hirugami carried your stuff to his room. He grinned as he replied“ I am! .” as you chuckled at his enthusiasm, you made your way to his bathroom to change into something comfortable. As you choose a crop top and shorts. You walked out scrolling down on your phone and plopped down on the bed. 
Hirugami walked in with snacks in his head and was about to say something when he froze. Hirugami the immovable was moved to a state of being a flustered mess and stuttering.
“ Princess...when did you have that navel piercing and tattoo…?”. He asked slowly as you blinked before laughing “ Haven't you even noticed this?”. You stated it as the most obvious thing in the world as Hirugami tried defending himself. “ HELL NO.” and he pulled off his shirt and grumbled something to himself before lying down next to you. Also making it hard for you to not look at his chiseled abdomen. 
“ You are so spiteful”. You murmured as he smirked in victory. It was silent for a few minutes before he asked “ can we like i don't know make out and hopefully more?”.
“ thought you would never ask.”
Tumblr media
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moonlightmiya · 4 hours ago
[ Kinktober; Day 12 - Spanking - Haikyuu! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Atsumu x F!Reader
Includes; Spanking, daddy kink, bratty reader, fingering, groping, hair pulling, degrading, orgasm denial
>Kinktober Masterlist<
Tumblr media
A/N - Atsumu my beloved. Hey lol I’m not dead
Tumblr media
“You think for a fucking second I’m gonna let you off that easy. Embarrassing me like that in front of your friends like a little brat hm, you think that’s cute?” Your shake your head, gripping onto Atsumu’s thighs as he delivers another spank to your ass
“I seen the way you looked at those boys passing, you want to go out and act like a little slut now, am I not good enough for you?” You gasp, tears welling up in your eyes
“No, no! I just wanted you to pay attention to me” you whine, feeling the next spank across your ass soften, Atsumu’s hand rubbing over the red skin
“Well you’ve got my full attention now” he gropes your ass, pulling at your hair as he forces you to talk,
“I- I just wanted you to notice me, you’ve been away for ages and- and your always at work and” your speech stops as Atsumu pulls your pants down in one go, leaning down to kiss your cheek lightly,
“Then you’ll be glad to hear I’m gonna be taking less hours on” you feel him smile against your cheek, your heart fluttering at his soft actions
“Now what do you want me to do to ya sweetheart, go on, daddy’s here for you” he coos, letting go of your hair as he runs his fingers through the folds of your soft cunt
“Wan’ you to finger me…” Atsumu hums, turning your head slowly to face him,
“And?” His spare hand holds your jaw, his slender fingers rubbing circles onto your cheeks
You lean into the touch, “and I want you to, fuck me..” your voice goes quiet, averting your eyes from his
“Say please baby, and look at me” his voice echos through your ears, slowly turning your head at him
“Please.. I want you to fuck me Atsum-“ he shuts you up by spanking you again, glaring into your eyes,
“I mean daddy! Please, just want your cock inside me!” You yell out, choking on your spit as Atsumu immediately shoved two fingers into you, pumping them in and out of your drenched hole
“So wet for me already, you really wanted this huh sweetheart” your eyes roll to the back of your head as he fingers you sweet spot,
“Yes! Yes daddy, hmm fuck please, keep going ah” you whine, loving the way his palm grinds against your clit as he bottoms his fingers out in you, crossing them as he stretches you out
“That’s my good girl, gonna take me so good aren’t ya?” You nod, tightening your fist on Atsumu’s jeans as he nudges you closer to your orgasm,
His fingers graze the spongey spots inside your cunt, the stimulation of his palm and fingers inside of you making your eyes roll to the back of your head, “Daddy.. feels funny..” your chest heaves, eyesight going blurry as his fingers batter you to your soon orgasm
“Daddy!!” You moan out loudly, feeling your orgasm hit you, but then, it’s gone, the ecstatic feeling is gone. You look up at Atsumu, tears welling into your eyes as frustration takes over you
“B-but you said! I never got to cum.. Daddy..” you whine, throwing a tantrum and ‘stepping out of line’ as Atsumu calls it,
“Don’t. Get. Fucking. Bratty. With. Me” Atsumu delivers a spank to your ass after each word, making you nod in submission,
“I thought you were going to be a good girl for daddy, guess I was wrong hm. Get up to the bedroom and if I feel like it I might let you cum then” he growls, watching as you scramble off his lap and quickly walking to the bedroom,
He smirks as he gets up from his seat on the sofa, following your bouncing excited form to the bedroom, gritting his teeth as he watches you remove your soaked panties on the floor, ignoring the throbbing of his cock, for now.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @simpingfortoast @on3ey3dk1ng @-miiss-orihara- @courtneypaigemartin @cosmosassassin @kurooslove
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kiyodii · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
all works belong to @kiyodii do not repost without permission | reference
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kiyoo-omi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
when atsumu catches the camera on him
all works belong to @kiyoo-omi do not repost without permission
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kurosukii · a month ago
𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
a/n : i get so hoeknee when i think about atsumu. also the pawrn link is one of my favorite ways of how atsumu eats my pussy <3.
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — filming a sex tape, oral (f receiving), fingering, spitting, praise, kind of exhibitionism. you and atsumu are scandalous ! 1012 words.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu, for lack of a better term, is an absolute nightmare to the PR team of the msby black jackals.
blurry photos that are allegedly him lounging in sex dungeons, standing outside of a sex shop holding two large bags, and other scandalous ‘accusations’ not fitting for a star athlete.
they’ve held one or two press conferences where he apologizes, but they know it’s futile because he’s going to have another ‘issue’ in a few weeks.
atsumu claims that he’s not hurting anyone (which is technically true) and something as arbitrary as his public image is stupid to him, and it makes them want to wring his neck but unfortunately, he’s right and how is he any different?
other athletes actually have scandals that could end their careers and not to mention, he brings great revenue for the team so what’s a few rumors about how he spends his time off the court?
so imagine the relief they felt when he met you and became less wild and wayward. no more incriminating photos and anecdotes because he’s now acting like a mature adult.
they honestly feel like a miracle has occurred in osaka until one sunny afternoon where they caught wind of a video on the internet that is apparently him eating your pussy.
his phone is pointed towards the plush couch of your shared apartment, where you’re sitting, naked and legs spread wide. you’re holding the back of your trembling thighs, keeping them open while atsumu messily devours your cunt.
the lighting is sensual, soft yellow hues and r&b playing in the background (no to white lights because atsumu wants it homemade and intimate).
he’s got a thing for attention. he wants people to know how well he eats your pussy and the pretty noises that come from your mouth while doing so.
“hnng, too sensitive!”
“can’t help it, baby. your pussy tastes so good,” atsumu groans softly, careful not to let his phone catch his voice.
his tongue is licking up and down your glistening folds, chin dripping with your juices. and as if it’s not already messy enough, he spits on your pussy, making you jerk and squeeze your thighs as you throw your head back and moan.
he chuckles at your reaction and you’re reminded that atsumu is as good in playing volleyball as he is in eating your cunt, and you feel like it’s been hours since he kneeled between your legs and latched on to your poor swollen clit.
you don’t even mind that he’s filming this, knowing that this is probably the hundredth sex tape you’ve filmed with your cheeky boyfriend, but you know this time is different.
it’s different because this is the first video of the two of you that he’ll be posting on the internet. you can’t help but admit that there’s a certain thrill in doing something so risqué and it bleeds into the way atsumu’s vigorously bobbing his head on your pussy while he’s harshly sucking your clit into his mouth.
“m’gonna, g-gonna cum!” you whine loudly, biting your lip so hard that it almost draws blood, but it doesn’t matter because you have to stop yourself from screaming your boyfriend’s name.
it’s one thing for the internet to see your pussy and the signature two-toned hair of your boyfriend. as long as your faces aren’t seen—it’s fine. but to scream his name? you’re practically begging to have a scandal.
atsumu moans into your cunt, his tongue licking every patch of wet skin he sees while his two fingers slip inside your pussy with no friction whatsoever. you cry out and your hands let go of your thighs as your fingers tug on his hair, pushing his face further between your legs.
his hooded caramel eyes make contact with your teary ones, his cock twitching in his shorts at the sight of a thin string of saliva falling from your lips as they form the perfect ‘o’ shape.
he groans loudly, and coupled with the vibrations of his mouth on your clit as he curls his two thick and long fingers towards your sweet spot, you find yourself moaning loudly as you push his head, your legs shaking and body convulsing around his pretty face.
he softly hums while licking and slurping your juices for a few moments before he pulls away and stops the recording on his phone. he rests his head on your trembling thighs, softly kissing the glistening skin as he goes to his dummy account in twitter and uploads the video, throwing his phone to the side when it’s already there for the whole internet to see.
“you’re such a good girl for me, lettin’ me film you and postin’ it on twitter. your cunt definitely deserves some fuckin’, sweetheart.”
he groans as he joins you on the couch, pulling down his shorts to his thighs and his cock springs free, hitting his abs as he wraps your legs around his waist. he rubs the head of his dick on your clit, smearing his pre-cum before sinking into your pussy, causing the both of you to moan as his cock nudges the deepest part of your tight walls.
atsumu leans over your body, your chests rubbing together as he starts thrusting into your drooling cunt, the sounds of sloppy kissing and skins slapping filling the apartment as your cries of pleasure drown out the music.
a few hours later, while atsumu is in the middle of fucking you on the kitchen counter, his phone starts blowing up with pings and notifications, and his groans turn into half chuckles because he knows what it’s about.
but he doesn’t pay it any mind because the sound of your cries and stuttered whimpers of his name while he wrecks your pussy is so much better than dealing with angry and uptight higher ups (and a few jealous teammates).
and hey, if the volleyball thing doesn’t work out, you’re one hundred percent sure that atsumu can make it as a pornstar. he’s a natural born entertainer after all.
Tumblr media
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flycloudddd · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
atsumu makes me so happy for no reason and yes thighs
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cahrilean · 26 days ago
Asking Them To Hookup
~ when you ask your guy bsf to hook up
ft. Atsumu, Suna, Bokuto, Iwaizumi, & Kuroo
warnings - nsfw (not really, pretty sfw but obviously centered around sex)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
General Haikyuu Taglist : @elianetsantana @succulentmom @jessie9008 @tooru--o @joyhdh @dark-dragonn @borpcorp @halfpintwriter @theworthlessqueen @hello0i @dabibruntnugget
Taglist Form
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ryoccoon · a month ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; the twins, suna & sakusa
upcoming ;
x oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
x kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Miya Twins: love Adidas, jogging shorts and joggers, block colored shirts (usually long and oversized), no patterns, big hoodies, very much airport vibes, Vans, Atsumu likes wearing his hood up, Osamu likes caps, 'Tsumu always wears lighter colors and has a collection of obnoxiously bright sweaters, 'Samu wears darker clothes, puffer jackets, is the more stylish twin ('Tsumu low-key got his fashion sense from him)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suna: always in black, sometimes grey and even rarer in red, wears anthing comfy, easy to slip on, big but never so oversized it drowns him, never picks "outfits" in a store and never willingly goes out shopping, simply picks out an item when it catches his eye or wears stuff his friends or family buy him, is surprisingly good at matching clothings items and making outfits out of what he's got in his closet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sakusa: one of the most stylish HQ boys, smart, expensive, always in black, only has like 2 colorful shirts at most, dress shoes, turtle necks, belts, long coats, straight legged pants, never in jeans, never wears sweats in public
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kotarotea · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: when you break up with someone, you’re not exactly supposed to hold onto the other person’s belongings, right? you know it’s the case for most situations. so why is it that you can’t let go of something of your ex, miya atsumu’s? it’s just a stupid hoodie, isn’t it?
pairing: miya atsumu x fem!reader
genre: exes!au, college!au, exes to lovers, fluff, some angst
word count: 6.3k
a/n: inspired by the song ‘hoodie’ by heyviolet! <3 hope you enjoy!!
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Tumblr media
you know it’s wrong. even though the thought is pushed to the back of your mind, you still know. yet, you still manage to draw yourself back to that same stupid sweatshirt and you couldn’t place your finger on why.
it’s like compulsion; before you can even think, you’re reaching for the piece of clothing and letting it swallow your figure, bringing you a shameful sense of comfort. maybe it’s the sense of welcomeness, the fact that it’s always there, just waiting to be worn. or maybe it’s the sense of home, or rather, hiraeth; the desire and longing for a home that doesn’t exist or no longer exists.
at first, it was just a lazy piece of fabric to put on when there wasn’t anything better to wear. the sweatshirt was for times like when you woke up late for class or had to make a quick grocery store run and you needed something convenient and easy to wear.
the sweatshirt was thrown around your room and found in different places each time. sometimes it hung behind your desk chair, making it easy for you to slip your arms through the sleeves during an especially cold day where your school’s heating system did nothing beneficial against it. other times, it was hung in your closet, dead-center, as if knowing it’s purpose was being a go-to resort. 
on a particularly chilly day, you’re hunched over your desk, typing away on your laptop, probably resembling a zombie by the lack of rest you’ve gotten in the past weeks. everything school related seems to pile up on you at the most inconvenient of times and with two projects and three exams to study for, your sleep schedule was taking a beating.
reading your typed response, you shake your head, opening your mouth to yawn, before aggressively tapping the backspace button. nothing sounds right.
how much is this worth in your final grade? you debate on winging the paper, taking the blow for your final average but the small inner-overachiever voice in you cheers for you to push forward, knowing you’re in the homestretch.
your warm-toned plaster walls feel more cool-toned in the frigid weather. what normally was a sticky bedroom during the summer felt dry and cold and you can’t decide which one you hate more. 
you turn your head to glance over at your unkempt–although welcoming–bed and frown at the soft pillows and that plush blankets just calling your name to return.
setting up classes later in the day was a curse disguised as a blessing. facing your prior semesters with waking up early, you were absolutely stoked at the chances of being able to sleep in and have more time getting ready for class. but alas, things aren’t what they seem. with late class, that just meant you were given homework assignments later in the day. in other words, you’d be found doing your homework well into the early morning or sacrificing your day time, more specifically, social hour. 
you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen your friends. granted, your schedule wasn’t the sole reason you hadn’t spoke with them, but at least it’s an excuse you don’t feel exactly guilty for.
coffee, you think, attempting to blink yourself awake. coffee might help.
stretching your arms up, you let out another yawn. using your palm against the top of your desk to support your body, you push yourself up off your desk chair, slightly fumbling with your keys and id card hung on a hook.
although the foggy, dreary air gave your university a somber aura, you enjoy the weather nonetheless; as you simply put, it’s an excuse to wear the comfiest of clothes, like hoodies and sweatpants, without being judged too harshly for it.
you spin on your heel, eyes scanning the room in search of the something to cover you up for your trip. and, as they always do, your eyes halt at the familiar gray sweatshirt hanging on the back of your dorm room’s door.
you shuffle closer to it, gripping the thick fabric between your fingers, and pull it off the hook. you stare down at it for a moment and you suck the inside of your cheek. it was just a university sweatshirt. the logo was slightly worn, obvious from the use it received and the aglets from the strings had since fell off, leaving them unbraided and slightly frayed at the ends.
with a sigh, you pull the larger sweatshirt over your body, refusing to accept the pounding of your heart at the familiar scent that engulfs your nostrils. yet, just as quickly as your heart races, it also calms down as if it was a simple adrenaline rush. carrying on, you flip over your scattered shoes, slipping them on.
shoving your hands into the hoodie’s pockets, you shiver as a cold wind brushes past you, making the hairs on your neck stick up. the walk to the coffee shop is a relatively short one, with just some other buildings to walk past. including the dreaded recreation center aka gym.
you aren’t against fitness, that’s not it at all.
but when a certain someone probably spent more of his time there than his own room, that was a run-in you had to constantly be cautious about.
miya atsumu was accepted to your university with a full athletic scholarship where he’d play the setter position for the volleyball team. 
if you had told yourself on your first day of freshman year that you’d end up dating an athlete, much less a starting line athlete, you’d probably double over in a laugh. but hey, fate has a funny way of twisting events to its will.
had you not gotten drunk at that one party and ended up barfing in the rented house’s bathroom with the faux blonde standing behind you, holding your hair back, you’re sure none of the future events would’ve happened.
at the time, you were far too wasted to feel any embarrassment and only felt the way your stomach contents were practically punching themselves from your body. but the day after? phew, you still cringe about it sometimes. 
the first weekend parties of the university semester are always a mess for some people; freshman don’t know their limit and end up going too far near or to the point of blacking out. you were lucky you hadn’t shown up in the hospital like some other students you heard about.
regardless of the night’s events, miya atsumu met you. and that meeting would drastically change your expected university routine for the semesters to come.
your steps falter when you notice you’re walking alongside the recreation center. most of the gym has glass windows lining the walls, making it great for natural sunlight and well, as you used to put it, scouting. you lightly scoff at the memory of seeing girls giggle amongst themselves, observing the men workout and pointing out which ones they found the most attractive.
your eyes dart along the glass panels, observing the weight lifting gym equipment scattered along the first floor. men and women were found doing their bench presses and pull ups and for a second, you almost miss the environment.
a year ago...
“you are not making me workout with you.”
“awh, come on, y/n! i’ll spot you and everythin’! like a couple thing,” atsumu grins, slinging an arm over your shoulder as he guides you through the intimidating equipment. 
“we aren’t a couple,” you deadpan, turning your head so he can’t see the flush of your cheeks.
“yet,” atsumu chirps, and you can just imagine the dumb smirk on his face. “we aren’t a couple yet, doll.”
your scanning eyes freeze at a familiar head of blond hair and even though you shouldn’t, you squint your eyes and crane your neck forward to make sure you aren’t imagining things. and, as if feeling like someone’s staring holes at the back of his head, like you are, the man turns around.
your body jolts in surprise at your own actions, quickly turning your head to face the ground and you scurry past the building in hopes he hadn’t caught your face.
your pace never falters as you take quick strides down the pavement in the direction of the coffee shop. your steps do slow when you see the view of the cafe in your line of sight and and releasing the nerves tingling throughout your back from the prior event, your shoulders slouch in relief.
you order your coffee with no hassle and, surprisingly, without a long line, a perk that managed to brighten your hazy day ever so slightly. that source of light is something you’re going to clutch onto as you spend the rest of your early afternoon until class came around.
what should i attempt to complete once i get back? that damn essay?
you shudder with a frown at the thought of the nearly blank word document saved on your desktop.
i could start studying for those exams coming in a few weeks, you ponder.
before you could even make a choice, your phone buzzes in your pocket. using the free hand that’s not holding your coffee, you pull out your phone, casually unlocking the device. your brows raise at the numerous texts you’re being sent, one after another. 
reading over the texts, your lips twitch upwards at the long string of sad emojis being spammed by your best friend. you quickly walk back to your dorm and grab the necessary belongings for a day of studying at the library.
“i swear, this school’s heating system is crazy,” you grumble, turning in your seat to reach for the hoodie you took off when you walked into the semi-crowded library.
your close friend, hinata, watches you skeptically as you tug on the sleeves of the familiar piece of clothing. then, his eyes widen in recognition. “y/n?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows. his tone is in between one of concern and confusion and by the look on his face, you’re assuming he’s feeling both at the moment.
“yeah?” you ask, tilting your head slightly at his expression. “everything alright?”
“isn’t that,” hinata trails off, pointing to the hoodie. he looks around him a few times, as if searching for anyone who could be listening in on your conversation. leaning in, he cups a hand beside his mouth and whispers, “atsumu’s sweatshirt?”
furrowing your brows, you look down at the hoodie. “yeah, so?” you shrug.
hinata’s mouth parts at your nonchalance and blinks rapidly. “did you get back together and not tell me?”
you shake your head. “no, why?”
“it’s just,” hinata mumbles, leaning back in his seat to scratch his temple. “when you’re broken up, don’t you give back all the belongings that belong to your ex?”
you’d think it’d be strange having your closest friend at university also be one of atsumu’s closest friends. granted, they are athletes on the same team so it makes sense for them. atsumu was the reason you even met the orange haired sophomore in the first place.
while together, you often tagged along, following atsumu to practice and built proper friendships with the rest of his teammates. hinata, and some other players, would also attend the same classes as you in addition to that so it only made sense that you hung out with them, too.
even following your break up, since you were technically a part of the friend group, no player ended their friendship with you.
hinata, who bonded with you during classes and study sessions, not to mention his adamant trips to the bubble tea shop on campus, also took the sly role of being the middle man. while neither of you asked him directly, hinata would hint at you and atsumu’s wellbeing’s to each other. it was a simple gesture really, something he started to just observe the residual feelings either of you had, if there were any.
you ponder over his question for a few seconds before nodding haphazardly. “i guess? i forgot to give this one back and i found it about a month after we ended things. ‘didn’t think he wanted to see me anyway.”
“ you’re choosing to wear it around instead?” hinata’s face crumples into disbelief and you’re sure if you look closely enough, there’d be smoke coming out of his ears by how the cogs are swirling in his head.
“i guess?” your voice lilts as you repeat what you said previously and hinata’s face only shows more concern. “why are you looking at me like that?”
“you can’t just be so casual about it!”
“y/n,” hinata deadpans, dropping his chin into his chest. “you are wearing your ex boyfriend’s sweatshirt around, claiming you’re not together and you’re acting this normal? are you feeling okay?”
you snort at your friend’s questions. “sho, it’s literally fine. not a big deal.”
“oh, so you’re just in denial then,” hinata huffs, leaning back in his seat. never did he think he’d so blatantly see an obvious show of your feelings for your ex boyfriend. why the hell was he trying to be sly by slipping atsumu into conversations briefly just to catch any reaction from you?
“denial? what am i in denial about?” your brows furrow at his accusatory tone.
“obviously there’s some deep buried feelings for him if you’re keeping it, right? y’can be honest with me, i’m your best friend!” hinata nods his head vigorously, showing off a reassuring grin; reassuring, but a little mischievous, too.
“fee-feelings?” you scoff incredulously before leaning forward to flick your friend’s forehead. “are you feeling okay?”
“yes, feelings.”
“i do not have feelings for him anymore, sho.” you look away from his knowing glance and shrink on your seat. “we broke up a while ago...”
“so?” he raises an eyebrow. “y’all were the poster couple for right person, wrong time. feelings like those sometimes don’t go away.”
right person, wrong time.
your friend had a point...
although the universe conjured your love story in a less than smooth way, starting with the two of you meeting by chance at a party and then more times in random places, the timing of it all was awful. atsumu is an athlete at your school, pressure about going pro heavily placed on his shoulders.
while you were dating, you understood just how busy his schedule was but with your workload in your major in addition, your schedule was busy, too. after months of relishing those small moments you were able to share, the toil of looking forward to only an hour a day if you were lucky was bearing less satisfaction than usual.
“i’m just saying,” hinata says when you stay silent. “if you still have feelings for atsumu, that’s understandable. but if you really want to be over him or you’re claiming you’re a hundred percent over him, i suggest maybe not wearing that thing around?” he finishes off with a wince.
did the sweatshirt really represent your feelings for your ex? sure, you hadn’t gotten rid of it because you’re sure it’d be an awkward exchange anyway.
with a sympathetic look in his eyes, hinata pulls one side of his lips up in a side smile. “sorry for bringing it up. we can go back to our work.”
hours pass with you and hinata typing away on your laptops, finishing up your study outlines and comparing notes. it’s comforting to share a class with someone you know well enough to share notes and admit worries regarding exams and projects. 
but even as you did your work together, the nagging thought of hinata’s question picked at your brain, making the entire experience more difficult than it should’ve been.
“so uh,” hinata mumbles, adjusting the trap of his backpack as he reaches to tug on the hood of his jacket. “about the sweatshirt...”at your silence, hinata continues. “i’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, please, that’s the last thing i want nor need to do for you.” hinata chuckles, shaking his head. “i just think it means something.”
his words echo in your head as you part ways, him going off to his own dorm building and you to yours. was this piece of fabric really meaningless for you to wear? did you actually disassociate your previous relationship with it and pretend it had no ties to it?
of course not.
i miss him.
you frown at the revelation, feeling a tightness in your chest. you’d missed him this whole time but you were far to stubborn to admit that to yourself. you were adamant on the fact that the breakup was mutual, leaving the two of you on relatively decent terms really wasn’t mutual.
and you hated admitting that.
for the next few days, you star at the sweatshirt as it hangs on the corner of your bedpost. you really don’t know what to do with it. 
trash it?
burn it?
return it?
you figure you should do something since wearing it around won’t exactly erase the feelings you begrudgingly still have for your ex. if you want to heal, you should rid yourself of the thing. right?
burning it feels like too much of an extreme and it’d be something you’d do if you held a certain grudge over atsumu, which you don’t.
regarding returning it, you simply couldn’t do that. you can just imagine facing him after so many months with a, ‘hey! here’s the sweatshirt i’ve had for months after we broke up! i decided to give it back in hopes of actually getting over you.’ yeah, that sounds promising...
so, you decide to go with your first thought. grabbing the hoodie by the sleeves, you hold it up to take a final look at it. a guilty feeling rises from the pit of your stomach at the mere thought of dumping the thing.
i’ve worn it this more time won’t hurt.
you pull the hoodie over your head and this time, you don’t ignore the sinking feeling in your stomach or the way your heart skips a beat. absentmindedly, you smile softly at the familiar scent blended into the fabric; even after so many months, the familiar cologne lingered in the material. what made your smile slightly watery were the fleeting memories flashing in your mind.
several months ago...
“you know,” you begin, smile playing on your lips as you play with the drawstrings of the sweatshirt. 
“hm?” atsumu hums in a slight daze, laying beside you and blinking slowly as his eyes adjust to being open after napping for the past hour. 
these kinds of days were probably your favorite. the two of you didn’t share the same major and many classes so seeing each other was only possible when you were both free. you spend your time together, swinging your intertwined hands as you walk throughout the campus, meeting up with friends, or, like now, lounging around in each other’s dorm rooms without a single bad thought in either of your heads.
“i’m keeping this.”
“doll,” atsumu says pointedly, raising an amused eyebrow. “you can’t just claim my hoodie as yours.”
you let out a hum of consideration and after a few seconds, you shake your head. “uh, yes i can, and that’s what i’m doing.”
atsumu observes you as you shift your body further into him and bury your head into the neck of his sweatshirt you were currently wearing. a grin finds its way on his face and before he could even think about making some cocky comment, he instead decides to be wholesome:
“i would say no and see if you attempt to steal it from me, but,” he trails off when you look up at him through those oh-so adorable eyes. “you’re too damn cute.”
atsumu coughs in surprise at your blatant remark, quickly glaring at the smirk on your face. “i’m trying to be roma-”
“i’m always going to have this though,” you murmur quietly, eyes shifting away from his as your tone grows more serious. “‘makes me feel closer to you when you’re not around.”
atsumu sighs, tightening his grip on your waist. “you better.” and when fatigue washes over him again, both from the workload of the week and the mushy energy in the room, he pecks your forehead twice and closes his eyes shut.
you sigh at the memory, feeling your heart clench in your chest. looking down at the slightly faded material, you realize a few darker spots from tears. when had you started crying? you rub at your eyes, quickly bushing away the effects from the negative feeling sitting in your chest.
i can’t get rid of this now...
no matter how much you should, you can’t find it in yourself to discard of the sweatshirt. it’s going to be tied to you, whether you liked it or not and truthfully, you didn’t mind that. the sweatshirt’s sense of comfort was enough to blemish the harsh reality of what happened between the original owner and you in the first place.
in fact, against hinata’s judgment, you find yourself wearing the hoodie wherever you could. it was like his questions about it ripped the veil off of whatever desire you had for it that you’d long repressed. 
you’ll get rid of the hoodie...eventually. just not today...or tomorrow.
it’s hard at first, of course, knowing the owner of that sweatshirt isn’t yours anymore and if you’re being honest, he probably doesn’t even know you still own the damn thing.
well, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him, right?
you wore the hoodie to class, walking to the coffee shop, just as you normally would have and did for the past few months. only now, you’re hyper aware of the fact that you’re wearing it. you’re not wearing it out of pure convenience anymore. no, you’re wearing it because you want to. truth be told, maybe you always did want to and you simply never registered it before.
and about that comment about what atsumu doesn’t know won’t kill him?
on a dreary friday afternoon, as atsumu finishes up his usual upper body routine and walks over to the water fountain to fill his water bottle, he’s given a clear sight of you walking past the recreation center, most likely on your way to the coffee shop just as you normally did. atsumu isn’t totally aware of your schedule since you’d broken up at the end of the last block, but he knows that you need your fair share of caffeine to function as he recalls the numerous times you’d asked him to pick some up before he came to see you.
he focuses less on your coffee habit and more on the dark piece of clothing swallowing your figure in a familiar way. then, when taking a closer look by walking toward the window and slightly squinting his eyes, atsumu realizes: that’s his hoodie.
returning back from a late class, you kick your shoes off with a relieved sigh. class wasn’t too harsh on you but with the weight of finals on your back, it was more tiring than anything.
allowing yourself to fall back on your bed, you sprawl out, closing your eyes. you rotate between checking your phone and taking power naps to fill in the rest of your night’s time. you’re well aware as soon as you wake up in the morning, it’s straight back to studying so you tried your best to relax the best you could for the time being.
at around the eleven p.m. time, there’s a knock at your door. you sit up, furrowing your brows. it can’t be an RA when you sound like you might as well be dead, and it certainly isn’t a cleaner since it’s too late into the evening.
rolling your eyes, you remember a specific occurrence when you had a knock closer to midnight than you’d have liked. i swear to god if it’s that girl in physics who asks for the homework, you think with a frown, approaching the door. swinging open the door, you’re ready to threaten whoever it was, but you freeze in place.
“uh-” atsumu’s eyes widen as if he himself is shocked at the fact that you were the one who answered the door. he mentally smacks himself with the thought, who else would’ve answered HER door, idiot?
“atsumu, what...” you trail off, raising your eyebrows in disbelief.
it’d been at least three months since the two of you had faced each other so close in person. following your breakup, the two of you remained in each other’s presence since you both shared mutual friends but after a while, you realize that when one of you confirm about being present during a get together, the other doesn’t show up. you used to be relieved when hinata believed your excuse about an exam or project.
your real reason was easy: it took everything not to stare at him and reach out for him like you casually would when the two of you were still dating. 
his reason? you’re not so sure.
“what are you doing here?” you finally find your words and force a welcoming smile on your face because, even if the two of you had broken up, it didn’t mean you couldn’t be civil.
“i uh- you have night classes - sho told me - and i wasn’t sure when to stop by,” he stammers, staring down at his shuffling feet, “i saw y’walk past the gym earlier...and i um noticed the...the sweatshirt.” atsumu’s eyes gaze down toward the familiar piece of clothing that you’re still wearing. 
“oh!” you face grows flushed in embarrassment. you’ve become so focused on speeding past the gym in fear of making eye contact with your ex, you hadn’t even realized he could’ve easily spotted you anyway! “do you want it back? i’m so sorry-”
atsumu cuts you off when you grip the bottom of the sweatshirt and move to lift it. “no, no!” his cheeks tint with a reddish hue. “you promised you’d always have it. i’m just surprised you kept it.” atsumu rubs the back of his neck.
“well, if i’m being honest, it was stuffed in the back of my closet,” you chuckle, lifting a hand to scratch your temple, “and i was far, to give it back.” before atsumu has a chance to ask what you meant by ‘sensitive,’ you clap your hands, “but! i don’t break a promise either so maybe it was fate.”
“fate,” atsumu repeats, eyes softening, “sure.”
feeling the environment become heavy all of a sudden, you try to lighten the situation. “bokuto told me you were in mr. kim’s business class. never thought you’d just ignore a warning from me.” you murmur quietly, humor lacing your tone as you cross your arms over your chest.
small talk? really, y/n?
atsumu quickly blurts, lifting his hands in exasperation, “it was the only section left! ‘wasn’t my fault!”
“hm, was it the only section left because you waited ‘till the last minute to make your schedule?” 
atsumu huffs, looking away briefly. “’s hard, ok? i’ve got to make sure nothing clashes with volleyball practice and meetings and the advisors are never helpful it’s just-”
“damn, maybe you should’ve paid me for making your schedule those few times i did, hm?”
atsumu’s grin mirrors yours and he shakes his head in amusement.
this is nice. although it’s awkward seeing your ex face to face after such a long time apart, conversing with atsumu felt so natural still. the ache in your heart began to grow, though.
“so,” you trail off, “if you aren’t here about the sweatshirt, what are you here for?” your head tilts to the side in slight question. you hate to ruin whatever moment you’re having but your curiosity gets the best of you. 
“you,” he answers bluntly, without skipping a beat. his cheeks are crimson at this point and after he says the word, he looks back down at his feet. “i needed to see you.”
“you did?” you blink.
“i’ll be honest, i didn’t even realize i was walking to your dorm until i reached the front of your building...” he slowly cranes his neck back up and winces, as if fearing your reaction. “i’ve missed you.”
your breath shallows and it nearly feels like your lungs might collapse in on themselves. you certainly weren’t expecting something so bold from him. still, your heart warms, the ache subsiding for a moment. “i’ve missed you, too,” you answer softly, hands clutching your sleeve tightly.
“i mean,” atsumu chuckles lowly, “shoyo does let me know about your wellbeing but it’s been a while since i’ve seen you in person.”
“yeah, we really cut ties, huh?” you nod in agreement and gnaw the inside of your lower lip, shifting from foot to foot.
“yeah.” atsumu swallows before swallowing the lump in his throat. “how have you been?” you wonder if his chest feels as heavy as yours does.
“meh,” you gesture with a flail of your hand toward your desk in the corner of your room. “papers and studying, mostly.”
“you’re takin’ care of yourself, right?” it’s purely instinctual for atsumu to ask that he can’t stop himself. relief washes over his face at the way you don’t seem very fazed.
you nod, a smile reappearing on your face. “i’m trying my best. and you?”
atsumu wracks his head for the right answer. should he mention volleyball? class? midterms? he’s sure anything specific he might say will just remind you of your breakup.
a few months ago...
“how about thursday? you don’t have class time around then,” you say, looking over at your boyfriend who’s busy tapping away on his phone.
he gives a long sigh, shaking his head. “coach, he’s planning meetings nearly everyday now.”
“so, you’re unavailable mornings and evenings now?” you frown. “gee, that sucks.”
atsumu frowns at the pout on your face. he’s been flaking far too often than a boyfriend should and you’ve been nothing but supportive.
“but i guess we’ll have to wait until your schedule clears then!”
the optimism in your voice makes atsumu’s frown deepen. “it’s not going to clear up anytime soon, at least, not ‘til the season’s over. then again, i have year round training so i’m not sure how much time i’ll actually-”
“hey,” you cut him off from his ramble. “well figure it out.”
atsumu hates that you’re still smiling.
“no?” you raise an eyebrow, surprised laugh escaping your lips. “never thought i’d hear miya atsumu say no. what’s gotten into you?”
“you don’t deserve this.” atsumu’s words are curt and cold, a side of him you never really get to see. he’s being serious. “i just,” he doesn’t know what’s he saying. “all this time away from each other. i get that you may be okay with it, but i hate that you’re okay with it. plus, m’not okay with it.”
“oh.” you blink. “what are you saying then?”
atsumu sighs and rakes his head through his golden locks. “i think maybe i shouldn’t’ve gotten into a relationship in college. it’s tough.”
your eyes widen a fraction at his words. you know by now that he’s blunt by nature but hearing him basically say he regrets getting in a relationship (with you) still hurt.
“do you mean that?”
atsumu looks back over at you and the hope he once saw in your eyes, a look that used to shine easily, was flickering now. he didn’t mean it. had he not have gotten in a relationship with you, something that grounded him and allowed him to be more comfortable with himself, he probably would’ve been an asshole. but believing this was a better outcome, he answers:
“so...” you trail off, nibbling on your lip and averting your eyes. you play with the bottom of his sweatshirt, “are you saying we should...break up?”
“i don’t want you to keep waiting for me... maybe in the future, when my life isn’t so busy...? but, until then, i should really focus on my career, too.” 
but i want to wait for you, you want to answer, but the tiredness in atsumu’s eyes keeps you quiet. “i see...” 
you’ve always been understanding of his career wishes, even going as far as pushing him to put more of his attention on it and less on you. but god, in this situation, it just hurts.
“well,” you break a moment of silence and nod. “i certainly don’t want to put more pressure on your plate as it is, and i have been missing you-” (not enough to break up with him) “so, if it’s best, maybe you’re right.”
atsumu visibly sighs at your answer, as if believing you might’ve gotten angry or been more offended. but it was you, so of course you wouldn’t. atsumu smiles apprehensively at you. when you exchange goodbyes, your hug lasts longer than usual and you have to be the first to pull away, ducking your head low and you swiftly leave his dorm room. there’s no way you wanted him to see the tears streaming down your face when he was smiling at you.
his words that day have to be one of his biggest regrets.
atsumu frowns at the memory and clenching his fists, he remembered the first thought that appeared in his head when he started making his way to your dorm. “not very well.”
at that, you tilt your head in concern. “why not? are you alright?”
“no,” he says firmly, shaking his head. “the love of my life isn’t with me anymore and since she’s been gone, i’ve been a cavity of a man.” a voice in the back of atsumu’s mind laughs at his theatrics. cavity of a man? where the hell did he learn that from?
“atsumu,” you gasp, blinking. 
“i mean it,” he huffs. “god, i’m still so consumingly in love with you and i’ve been trying so damn hard to respect the decision we,” he pauses to look at you. he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t see that flash of hurt cross your face when he brought up breaking up all those months ago. you agreed to it, but that was just the selfless part of you that cared more about him that yourself. “the decision i made to grow apart and wait for a possible future but i just can’t.”
your lips purse and your chin drops slightly – a sure sign of your shyness – as you watch the stern look in atsumu’s eyes. he’s only ever had that look while he was on the court, immersed in his deepest concentration. 
“and then i saw you walk by wearing that?” his eyes soften as he points at his sweatshirt. “i knew i had to see you and tell you.”
“but atsumu–”
“tsum,” he corrects.
“–our schedules are always clashing and there’s never time for us. besides, you still have your priorities and volleyball and-”
“do you still love me?”
your face falls when he takes a step closer to you. you gulp at the knowing look in his eye.
he knows it isn’t a fair question but he asks it anyway. reaching over, atsumu lifts your chin with his hand, quirking an eyebrow. “y/n?”
you look away from him, avoiding eye contact as you nibble on your lip.
atsumu doesn’t give you a moment to say anything else because he’s taking your jaw in between both his palms and presses his lips to yours. the kiss sucks the air out of you, nearly making your knees buckle in on themselves but one of his hands trails down to your waist to support you.
when he pulls away, he sighs and presses his forehead to yours. “i don’t care about the scheduling. i’ll make time for you, for us. i don’t care what i have to change but i can’t not be with you.”
you pull him away so you’re at arms length, even with the racing of your heartbeat, you find yourself lightly smirking. “you’re always the dramatic, aren’t you?”
atsumu grins, nodding a few times. “i think i remember someone tell me it was charming.”
you roll your eyes in amusement at that. “maybe i did.”
“so?” he asks, this time more seriously. “can we try again? i just know, i really do, it’ll be different.”
“and if it’s not?” your voice softens and it’s laced with the concern of facing the fate of your previous relationship.
atsumu frowns at the way your lip wobbles. he really deserves a punch in the face for putting you through the break up; he won’t be surprised if you chose yourself for once, instead of another relationship with him. “i won’t be a coward like i was before,” he mumbles, sure of himself. “i promise.”
he sucks in a breath as you think hard. after a moment, your hard stare finally breaks as you slouch in his arms.
“well, who am i to not accept one of miya atsumu’s promises,” you sigh longingly, eyes twinkling with warmth. 
“god, i love ya.” a long smile stretches across atsumu’s face, a smile that lifts his cheeks and crinkles his usually hooded eyes. bringing your face closer once more, he closes the gap between you, murmuring something about making up for lost time.
atsumu hates apologizing but that night, you think you heard it at least ten times. it wasn’t the apologies that made your heart swell, though. it was probably the thank you’s that you allowed him to be yours again.
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mattsunbae · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ft — suna rintarō, atsumu miya, sakusa kiyoomi, kageyama tobio
warnings — y/n lowkey being a b word
marcie’s note — new layout 😁🤝 + thank u gia 4 the idea <33
Tumblr media
sported a deep scowl on his face as he pulled into the parking lot, still upset over the fight that occurred a few nights ago. the car was silent as you both stared straight ahead, not saying a word. "hey." suna laced his fingers with yours, still not looking over to you. "don't get me wrong, i'm still mad at you but i love you 'nd stay safe." he grumbled, planting a short kiss on your cheek before unlocking the car door. "how affectionate." you teased as you picked up your purse before stepping out of the car. you shot him a sweet smile, turning one last time to see him lazily waving you off.
wore an upset look, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the song. "so," kiyoomi stated as he put the car in park. "i hope you know i'm still mad at you or whatever." he spoke, deepening the glower on your face. "if that's all, i'd like to get to work." you passive aggressively said, opening the car door. "i'm not done." omi softly spoke, grabbing your wrist to stop you from leaving. "be safe at work." he pressed his lips into a thin line. "i love you." omi said, just above a whisper as he rolled his eyes. "love you too." you harshly spoke, opening the door again. "hey, where's my kiss?" he frowned. you sighed before pressing your lips against his forehead, quickly leaving after, leaving kiyoomi a grinning mess.
slumped down in the driver's seat, occasionally glancing over to you. as he pulled into the parking lot, his frown grew deeper. "believe me, i'm extremely mad at ya, but be safe. love ya." atsumu nonchalantly said, acting as if it didn't take up all his pride to say those words. he took your chin in between his thumb and index finger, turning you to face him. "i mean it, come home in one piece." atsumu grumbled before sweetly taking your lips on his. "love you, tsumu. 'nd believe me, i'm extremely mad at you too." you exaggerated, causing your boyfriend to frown and unlock the car. "ya can leave now."
lightly tapped his foot as you looked at him with confusion. "tobi, unlock the car." you said, your annoyance growing by the second. "no." he simply replied. "why? you have something to say to me?" "if you're expecting an apology, it's not happening." tobio crossed his arms. "so why am i still here?" you pressed your lips into a thin line, angrily fiddling with your fingers. "because." "because what, tobio? i don't have all day." your patience was wearing thin and his antics weren't helping. "'cause i'm gonna miss you or whatever." he sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "you better be safe." kageyama rolled his eyes before unlocking the car. "you're unbelievable." you lightly chuckled, pressing a light kiss to his cheek before stepping out of the car.
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated <33
© mattsunbae 2021.
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tetsuukuroo · 6 days ago
When he sees another player send you a jersey through the mail
In which: you've got mail! But it seems your boyfriend isn't as excited about your package as you are
Warning: none :)
Pairing: Atsumu x reader
Tag list: open
Requests: open
Navi | Hq m.list
Tumblr media
I'm sorry but this is amazing
It just so happened that you received this little gift on your anniversary with your boyfriend
He felt it was appropriate that you both spoil each other
So in other words
He's being a big baby today
Yeah, rip your sanity today when he sees the jersey
Tbf you had Hinata to blame 10000%
"baaaabyyyy," Atsumu whined with a teasing smile, he could already see you rolling your eyes as you continued to ignore him while taking your shower.
He was laying on your bed, his head dangling off the side of it as he scrolled through his phone restlessly.
"It's been another seven years! Ya've been in there so long that our anniversary doubled in years," he called out as he held onto a plush of himself, the gift that he oh so kindly gave you for your birthday when his MSBY merch was first sold.
"'tsumu, if you don't stop whining I'll start to think I'm your babysitter instead of your girlfriend," you call back, rinsing your hair from the shampoo. "If that's the case then I guess I'm back on the dating marke-"
You get cut off as you jumped five feet in the air when he suddenly burst through the bathroom door and flung the shower curtain back.
"YA DON'T MEAN THAT, RIGHT BABY? PLEASE SAY YA DON'T," Atsumu cried hysterically as you yelled at him, covering your body before throwing the sponge at his face.
He ignores the sponge falling to the floor, soaking his face and shirt as he continued to stare at you.
"Atsumu, if you don't close this curtain and leave the bathroom, I swear on your mother, I. Will. Call. Kita," you threaten him.
He blinked, once, twice, before grinning at you, "while yer in the shower?"
"Atsumu Miya," you warn him and he nods his head frantically, kissing your cheek as you let out an indignant reply ("you just showered before me") before shutting the shower curtains and door as he went to sit on your bed patiently after being scolded at.
When you imagined him sitting on the bed waiting for you, you couldn't help but smile at your childish boyfriend.
"He's such a dork."
Meanwhile, Atsumu let out a huff as he looked at plush-'tsumu sitting on your bed.
"She loves me more than you."
His staring contest against the plush was cut off by the sound of the doorbell ringing.
"This isn't over," he tells the plush before heading to your door to see who was there, the shower still clearly running.
A few minutes later, he walked back to your room with a package given by the postman. Normally, he wouldn't think much of what you're ordering but the giant Adlers sticker keeping the box sealed made him curious.
"Hey, baby," he called out, knocking on the bathroom door.
"'tsumu, the more you knock on the door, the longer I'll stay in here," you tell him.
"Can I open-"
"Yes, just do whatever you want. Just please, let me get ready," you practically beg him as you hop out of the shower, wrapping the towel around yourself and beginning to moisturise yourself.
Atsumu lets out a small hum, focusing on the package as he uses his keys to tear the tape off.
You know how he reacted when Kita gave him that 'get well soon' pack?
Let's just say the reaction was similar to this
He didn't cry
But he was pouting
A lot
You let out a sigh of relief as you finally exited the bathroom only to find your boyfriend crouched on the floor beside your bed staring at a box.
"'tsumu? Did you find something to keep you busy?" you asked as you went to your closet to find the clothes you prepared for the anniversary date.
"(F/n)," Atsumu asked you quietly.
His voice was suddenly so quiet that you wouldn't have heard him if he hadn't walked towards you.
You could tell he wasn't in a joking mood based on the tone of his voice and you turned to him worriedly at his sudden mood change.
"What's wrong, baby?" you asked him as you hung back the hanger in your closet. The towel still wrapped around you, hair wet as you concentrated on your boyfriend.
This only caused Atsumu to pout more.
"Why're ya collecting Kageyama-kun's merch? Ya said I was yer only setter," Atsumu asked as he showed you the new jersey design for Kageyama's merch line.
You stared at him in surprise, trying to process what he was saying. The silence on your end led to Atsumu letting out a huff as he crossed his arms.
"Ya traitor!"
"What?" you finally let out.
"I caught ya red handed! This just came in while ya were in the shower, I know ya ordered this," he tells you in an exaggerated manner and you sweatdropped.
"I'm gonna get dressed," you say causing his jaw to drop.
You continued to ignore him as you got ready for your date while your baby of a boyfriend rang his twin brother to complain about the situation.
"For the last time, Hinata told me to that he's gonna send me Kageyama's new merch design to give feedback on it."
"What's that noise?" Suna asks Osamu as he sits on the counter stool in Onigiri Miya, hearing a faint shouting.
"Just ignore it," Osamu tells him as he continues on with his work, his phone left on the table with the ongoing call in the background.
Tumblr media
Tag list (send an ask if you want to be added):
@atsubaka @kenmaslov3r @chloee0x0 @criesinpisces @fluffieveggie @berry-kazoo @lilacshouko @limelightdreams
Reblogs are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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jarigui · 4 months ago
haikyuu boys as different tropes !
includes iwaizumi, atsumu, and ushijima
Tumblr media
genre/s: fluff and crack
pairings: iwaizumi hajime x reader, atsumu miya x reader, ushijima wakatoshi x reader
contains: fanfic tropes, only one bed trope, fake dating, “ooh you wanna kiss me so bad” trope, one pride and prejudice reference
note: this is my first scenario/drabble for haikyuu or for this blog so im a bit nervous. but i hope you enjoy <3 also, sorry if any of the characters are a bit ooc, im still trying to improve my writing, i hope you’ll be patient with me.
Tumblr media
THERE’S ONLY ONE BED TROPE — iwaizumi hajime
iwaizumi almost felt his soul leave his body when he saw that there’s only one bed.
“there’s supposed to be two,” he muttered. he fished his phone out of his pockets, “wait, i’ll call the team. there must be some mistake.”
“i don’t mind.”
he freezed at what he heard. “what?”
you were walking around the room, then you turned to him and smiled. “i don’t mind, plus the bed is big enough for the two of us.”
you pointed at the bed and iwaizumi followed your hand with his eyes. he can feel the heat rushing to his cheeks. it’s bad already that he has to spend the night with you as his roomate but now he has to be in the same bed as you?
now, he doesn’t mean it as bad bad. he likes you. he thinks you’re cute, cool, calm, smart, beautiful, and friendly — and did he mention that you’re pretty? he just thinks that he’ll make a mistake out of nervousness and embarrass himself. he’s the ace of sejioh. you said that you think he’s cool and that you look up to him in volleyball. he doesn’t want to ruin that reputation. he just loses his cool when he’s with you. you turn him into this nervous mess so he has to be more careful not to slip up.
“hey, iwa?” your voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “we don’t have to share if you don’t want to. i can sleep on the floor, or i can find another room to sleep in.”
you rubbed the back of your neck and looked down. “and i was the one who tagged along to this away game so i should’ve figured that rooms were already booked beforehand.”
iwaizumi raised his hands. “no! no! it’s okay, we can share the bed. i don’t mind.”
that’s what lead to him and his crush being on the same bed. iwaizumi kept on staring at the ceiling for half an hour now. his body felt stiff because he can feel you beside him.
he turned to his side to get more comfortable and to finally get some sleep. but he stopped when he saw that you were facing him while sleeping.
he smiled warmly. you look cute while sleeping. you were bundled up in a blanket that you stole from oikawa’s room. the light from outside the window gave iwaizumi the right amount of light to admire you. iwaizumi brushed aside the hair that was falling onto your face. he froze when you moved at bit.
“cold,” you mumbled in your sleep. you moved closer to iwaizumi’s space and stopped when your face almost touches his chest.
iwaizumi felt his heart pounding loudly in his chest. he was worried that it’s loud enough to wake you up. he can feel the heat rush to his cheeks again.
you moved closer to him again, unconsiouly trying to look for warmth. you’re cuddled up against him now. iwaizumi swore that he can hear his heart beating in his ears.
he relaxes his body and puts an arm around your waist, ready to provide you warmth for the night. he smiles, maybe this is a good kind of bad.
he was awoken by your sudden movement. he peered his eyes open to see you sat up on the bed, still with bedhead hair, sleepy eyes, and a hand on your mouth.
“iwa, im so sorry. i must’ve cuddled up to you while alseep.” your voice was a bit husky.
however, iwaizumi had no complaints. it was one of the best sleep of his life. although he stayed up late at night trying to get comfortable and sleep, he doesn’t feel exhausted at all. he feels energized, light even.
he remembers that the two of you cuddled all night and smiled to himself. “i don’t mind.”
“you don’t mind?”
he propped his elbows on the bed. “yeah, you were cold. also my sleep was great so i don’t really mind.”
“oh. okay.”
he laid back down and opened up his arms. your brows furrowed. maybe it’s his brain still processing his words, or the idea of you cuddling all night got to his head but he felt confident this morning. his words just seem to slip out of his mouth. and honestly he couldn’t care less. all he wanted now is to wrap his arms around you again.
“i provided warmth for you last night, it’s only fair that you give me one more hour of sleep.”
your eyes widened a bit at his statement. you didn’t know what to say. “um, uh,”
“come back to bed. please?”
iwaizumi’s normal voice was deep but his morning voice is huskier. and if you hear iwaizumi’s morning voice, how can you say no?
“okay,” you lay back down and iwaizumi wraps his arms around your waist.
“you’re warm. let’s stay like this for one more hour, okay?”
you hid your face in his chest, and you can feel iwaizumi chuckling.
for the next hour, iwaizumi didn’t sleep. he didn’t feel sleepy at all. he just wanted to savour the feeling of you close to him. your face was pressed to his chest, his arms were wrapped around your waist, and your legs were tangled. he pretended to sleep though, but it was obvious to you that he was pretending. i mean, who smiles while sleeping?
miya atsumu was a menace, always going out of his way to annoy you everyday. it feels like his day isn’t complete without seeing that scowl on your face.
“you’ll get wrinkles by frowning all the time,”
he’s leaning by the lockers next to yours with that smug grin of his. it’s already part of his everyday routine to make your day miserable.
you turned to him and glared. “i think the frown is only present when you’re around, miya.”
atsumu pouted dramatically. “miya? i thought we’re on first name basis already?”
“and why would be on first name basis?” your brows furrowed.
“because you like me.”
you rolled your eyes. “you wish.”
“ah, but it’s true! i mean, why else would you flirt with me everyday if you don’t like me. hm?”
you turned to ignore him, trying to get your things before class starts. “it’s you who keeps on bothering me everyday.”
even from the corner of your eye, you can still see that annoying smirk of his that you want to wipe off so bad.
it would always be the same routine. every morning, he would catch you by the lockers and pester you. then during lunch, he would try to sit with you and your friends. and before their practice, he would annoy you and try to convince you to watch their practice.
to watch me be awesome and maybe you’d fall in love with me, he would say.
you still don’t know how and why it started. you were in the middle before you knew you had begun.
“are you insinuating that it’s me who’s flirting with you everyday?”
you paused, getting caught off guard by atsumu’s statement. you’re sure it’s just him trying to get you riled up even more. i mean, that’s what he’s doing, right?
“isn’t that what you’re doing?” you smiled teasingly at him.
you hate how atsumu always makes you play his stupid little games.
he shifted his weight and placed his arm on the top of your locker. “you just noticed it now?”
your eyes widened. yes, he’s blunt but you haven’t heard this before. atsumu can see you getting flustered by his statement and (if it’s possible) his smirk just grew bigger.
hee likes seeing you getting riled up. he likes seeing your reaction towards his teasing and taunting. he likes seeing your expressions whenever he says something flirty. he likes seeing that teasing smile of yours.
he likes seeing you everyday.
“w-what are you on?” you stuttered.
he leaned closer, trying to see your face better. “did you just get flustered?”
“no.” you scoffed.
“then why can’t you look at me in the eye?”
you closed your locker. already had enough of atsumu’s flirting and teasing at the same time. “go to hell, miya.”
“ooh, just admit that you wanna kiss me so bad.”
“what?” you faced atsumu with your brows furrowed.
“well here they are, all ready for you to smooch.” he pouted his lips and started making kissy faces.
you rolled your eyes. “you’re annoying.”
you turned your back on him and started walking away. you can already feel your cheeks heating up. curse atsumu and his stupid flirting, teasing, and taunting. curse his stupid smirk on his stupid handsome face.
“i’ll claim that kiss someday!”
you heard him call after you. curse miya atsumu for making you flustered.
FAKE DATING TROPE — ushijima wakatoshi
ushijima never had a girlfriend before. being the star player of shiratorizawa, his schedule didn’t allow him to find a girlfriend for himself. but that doesn’t stop girls from crushing on him. they would give him gifts, food, and love letters. although ushijima is flattered. he always wanted to reject their gifts for him. i mean, he doesn’t get the reason behind it.
he just shrugged it off for the past few months but it has become worse these past few weeks. since his last year in shiratorizawa is about to end, many girls from different year levels have been following and giving him gifts nonstop.
he wanted to tell them to stop but he doesn’t know how to. so he went to the only person he thought could help him, which is tendou. but ushijima probably forgot the fact that tendou comes up with the craziest randomest ideas sometimes.
“just tell them you have a girlfriend.” tendou smirked as he glanced at ushijima.
ushijima’s brows creased. “but i don’t have a girlfriend.”
tendou shrugged. “i don’t know. make up a fake girlfriend or find a fake girlfriend.”
ushijima hates how tendou’s words can stick with him sometimes. he hates how he always takes tendou’s words into consideration, no matter how random or crazy it is. he lists down all the things he hates about tendou’s crazy ideas as he walks up to you.
you turn around and a smile immediately made its way to your lips. “hi wakatoshi,”
you’re ushijima’s only girl friend. although many girls have a crush on him, none of them actually made a move to befriend him. you’re the only one who was friendly to him with no ulterior motives.
is he really ready to risk this friendship over something trivial?
“do you need anything? you seem distracted.”
he snapped his gaze towards you again and shook his head. “no, no. i just, uh,”
his mouth felt dry and he couldn’t find the right words to say. ushijima scratched the back of his head and looked up to you. “i need to ask you a huge favor,”
you nodded. “sure, what is it?”
“it’s a really big favor.”
you chuckled. “it’s okay, i’ll do whatever i can to help you.”
“canyoubemyfakegirlfriendsothegirlswouldstopbotheringme,” he said all in one breath.
he didn’t think that you’d be able to understand it but felt the air in his lungs come to a stop when he saw you with wide eyes. both of his hands came up to his chest to take back everything he said. ushijima can feel his cheeks burning. shit.
“you want me to be your fake girlfriend?”
he slowly nodded.
there was minute of silence between the two of you. you were still trying to process ushijima’s words. you couldn’t even believe that those words came out of his mouth.
meanwhile, time seemed to drag on for ushijima. he felt more uneasy and nervous as each second passes. he seemed to look at everything except your eyes.
that made him look at you.
“sure, i’ll help you out.”
you can feel the heat rising to your cheeks. saying that ushijima is handsome is an understatement. there’s a reason why he’s so popular with the girls. he’s tall, athletic, handsome, and a gentleman. you aren’t immuned to his attractiveness.
he smiled geniunely. seeing him smile is a rare sight, and it puts a smile on your face instantly.
“thank you.”
and so you two acted like a couple for weeks. he would walk you to your class, and would help you carrying your stuff (even though you told him that it’s okay). he would also walk you home.
i want to make sure that you get home safe, he would say.
the two of you being together all the time made people think that you’re together. word spreaded like fire and the girls that flocked ushijima lessened.
you both aren’t that big on pda since he’s not used to it, but ushijima would always show his affection through simple gestures. he would pat your head, guide you while walking by touching your elbow and arms, and on the rarest occasions, he would give you a hug.
that went on for weeks and the two of you became more comfortable around each other.
he would invite you to watch his practice, and soon you became close with the rest of the shiratorizawa volleyball team.
ushijima and you would spend more time together outside school by stopping by a bakery, cafe or convinience store to grab something to eat.
it was a big game for shiratorizawa and he invited you. honestly, ushijima felt more at ease when you watch his games. he’s always at the top of his game and would get even more motivated when he sees you at the stands.
you hugged his jacket tighter around you. it already became a tradition for him to give you his jacket whenever you would watch his games.
he says that you should wear it so you won’t feel cold. secretly, he would want you to wear it so everyone will know that you’re with him — that you’re his girl. he likes showing you off in the most subtle ways.
it was an intense game and even you can see that ushijima is struggling to outplay the opposing team.
but still, they pulled through and won at the end.
you went down the stands and walked up to him. he was talking with tendou but turned around when semi nudged him.
a smile immediately came to his face when he saw you.
“congrats!” you beamed at him.
to everybody’s your surprise, he engulfed you in a hug. you froze for a second but started to relax, wrapping your arms around him.
he pulled away. “thank you for coming,”
“of course, i wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
for a second ushijima was just admiring your features, his hands still placed on both of your arms. “hey,”
“go out with me.”
your froze again. go out? with him? what does he mean by that?
“but we’re already going out, aren’t we?” you whispered, because it seems like the entire crowd has their eyes on you.
his brows furrowed. “no, for real this time. i like you.”
“okay,” you nodded with a huge smile on your face. “and i like you too, wakatoshi.”
he pressed his lips against yours. the whole crowd seemed to gasp at the sudden affection that ushijima showed. even tendou let out a low whistle.
after you both pulled away, he engulfed you in a hug again. according to tendou, this was the day he saw ushijima smile the most. it was honestly creepy to him (in a good way).
Tumblr media
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bokusof · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
𝚋𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙼𝚂𝙱𝚈’𝚜 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚙𝚎𝚝!! 𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚕𝚞𝚍𝚎𝚜 𝚋𝚘𝚔𝚞𝚝𝚘, 𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚝𝚊, 𝚊𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚞, 𝚘𝚖𝚒, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚎𝚒𝚊𝚗! <𝟹
𝚌𝚠: 𝚙𝚘𝚕𝚢𝚍𝚢𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚜, 𝚕𝚘𝚝𝚜𝚊 𝚌𝚘𝚌𝚔 𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚔, 𝚜𝚞𝚋 𝚍𝚘𝚖 𝚍𝚢𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚜, 𝚌𝚘𝚌𝚔𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚔, 𝚙𝚎𝚝𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚢, 𝚖𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚕 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚔!
Tumblr media
he would cherish you the most!! even though he’s a big possessive puppy sometimes he’s learned to share. however he’s very needy, always trying to get you to cockwarm him, touch him. hell sometimes he even begs to touch you. whining and grinding against your thigh in bed until omi gets fed up and demands you help him! in terms of sex he would love to breed you and announce it to his teammates as he does so. PETPLAY!! this man loves it!! he loves his little puppy and will do the best he can to prove it…by pumping 5 or so loads into you, “hh-i’m gunna fill ‘em u-up, real good! l-look at that..agh fuck i’m gunna cum-!”
surprisingly he would be one of the horniest out of the bunch! he couldn’t necessarily help it with how pretty you are to him. along with bokuto he’s very handsy though he doesn’t necessarily ask most of the time and that’s fine by you. watching this tiny little tangerine head drill into you with the force of man is actually rather addicting to you. hinata always makes sure by the end of your session with him you’re cock drunk, sometimes having to tap your face to make sure you’re even still conscious. that gives him a sense of pride and you a good night :) lotsa praise!! “aaah look, mm, so cute! do you l-like it? do you like my cock?”
is the horniest out of the group. the amount of times he’s walked in on you and another member of his team, just casually tugging his pants down and shoving his semi hard into your mouth is at least twice a week. to be fair atsumu is one of the greatest fucks you’ve ever had. confidence goes an extremely long way! he’s so confident in the fact he can give you a toe curling orgasm that it’s exactly what he does without fail. he’d also be very heavily into subdom dynamics! making you submit to him is his favourite, watching you breakdown slowly on his cock. he could bask in that. “aww..there it is..ready to submit on my cock? hm? or does daddy got to fuck you even harder?”
would have to be the first and last person to take you during the week. he refuses to do sloppy seconds. he definitely has a medical kink. one time you wore a nurse costume to a halloween party with the boys and he actually fucked you hard in that bathroom you couldn’t walk for a day. he had to carry you home! so everytime you straddle his waist, a bottle of lube in your hands as well as latex gloves and a mask? he nearly loses all control of every sense he’s ever had. he tries to say he doesn’t like it but his dick is telling the truth <3 “c-can you uh..wear the thing..? please? i promise to fuck you nice and good!”
meian <3 ugh. that man..woo. he would rearrange your guts in the best way possible. he would put you into a mating press and talk you through every feeling you have. he’d make his boys watch. every single one of them. he’d pull enough chairs in the room. he promises to teach them what a real captain looks like, what a real captain can do. so it’s no surprise when you’re screaming from pleasure, tears in your eyes while he holds your face tight in his hand delivering harsh smacks to your face? there’s not a soft dick in sight. at the end of the day you adore it, each of them demonstrating to their captain what they learned <3 “good..see now they’re understanding aren’t they baby? they’re visual learners aren’t they? watching you lose your mind on my cock? they live for it.”
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