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#haikyuu x you

hickey on your forehead

pairing: oikawa x reader

request: can i request for a fluff scenario with oikawa or kuroo and they’re having a playful banter with the reader and making each other “jealous” but they’re losing lmao so they say “take it back or ill put a hickey on your forehead >:(”

wc: 0.8k 


“Y/n-chan! Didn’t see you there!” 

He totally did. 

Entertaining his fans, taking pictures with them with a hand on one of their shoulders, and from the corner of his eye, he knew that you’d see. 

You approach him with a smile, fully aware he was purposely trying to make you jealous because you never are. “Huh, you done with fan service, mr. popular?” 

He smirks down at you cockily, putting his hands on his hips, “oh, you saw that? Well, what can I say, a lot of girls like me, there’s really no need to be jealous though.” 

You scoff-laugh at him, his face falling at your reaction. “Me? Jealous over something as simple as that?

“Didn’t you see? I put an arm around her should-

“I do that with Iwaizumi all the time, no big deal.” 

His eyes widen, “you do?” You nod. 

“Well, not that you saw but one time this girl from my class sat close to me and I smiled at her.”

Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

“I smile at Makki all the time Tohru, even sat on his lap once.” 

A special occasion, it was an accident too. No need to tell him that though. He scowls at you, wondering just how much he doesn’t know what you’ve done with other guys. 

A bitter wave of jealousy and pettiness has him rampaging on the inside while he flashes you his ever so casual seemingly sincere smile. 

“Y/n,” he places a hand on your shoulder, making you raise a brow at him. “You know how I’m your first kiss? Well… I never told you this before but I had tons of kisses from other girls before you.” 

“That’s not surprising at all, I don’t mind, you won’t be my last kiss anyway.” 

His jaw, along with his hand on your shoulder drops. “Well, you’re not my last kiss either!” 

“Good. I’ve always wanted to taste Iwa-chan’s lips, that’s okay right?” You taunt, the smile on his lips long gone as he narrows his eyes at you. 

“Sure, so I could kiss anyone in this gymnasium too, right? Right now?” 

“Go ahead,” you muse, turning around to walk away but in alarm, he tightly grips your wrist. 

“Where are you going?” 

You widely smile, confident that he had lost in the very jealousy game he started. “To ask out my favorite setter in this court, gosh my eyes had been on him since your game started.”

He chuckles, unaware that you were capable of saying something so ridiculous. “Y/n-chan we’re already going ou…” just then, over your head, his eyes land on Kageyama a few feet behind you.

An exaggeratedly loud gasp leaves his lips, his jaw hanging open as he looks back at you. “Take that back or I’ll put a hickey on your forehead! Don’t you think about going anywhere near Kageyama.” 

You sweetly smile at him when the betrayal in his eyes signified his realization of what you had just said. “See ‘ya,” you break your hand free from his grasp before walking towards Kageyama’s direction.

Suddenly, you’re lifted off the ground, his arms around your waist as he drags you outside the court, flashing Iwaizumi a glare when you both pass by him as he recalls what you had said about the ace’s lips. 

Finally putting you down, he locks you in place with both hands tightly gripping your sides.

“What?” You innocently ask, having a tad bit too much fun with the most exasperated and at the same time annoyed look you had seen on him. 

“Take it back first, y/n-chan!” 

“Which part?”

“Everything! I’m your favorite setter! You only want to kiss me and no one else!” He rambles on, making you laugh at him. 

“Take it all back!” Threat was behind his tone, but you shake your head. 

“Fine, I’ll make it really noticeable,” he dips down his head but you put a hand on his chest, staring him down as a challenge. 

“You know I’ll most definitely do it.”

He forcibly leans in making you struggle to push at his chest, but he only holds your arms away. 

“I take it back!” 

Just when you thought he’d really suck on your forehead, a soft kiss lingers against your skin instead. You look up at him cautiously, not letting your guard down. He clicks his tongue, backing off before holding out his hand. 

“Come on, let’s go ahead, I’ll take you out.”

“Why? At least say it without a scowl.” 

“I’m still mad at you,” he shortly says, refusing to look anywhere in your direction as you walk out of the building with your hand in his. “You started it first Tohru and I did take it back,” you chuckle. 

“Didn’t know you sit on other guys’ laps, fantasize about my best friend’s lips, and think so highly about that little devil prodigy.” 

He sneaks a peek at you when you let out yet another laugh, irked that you found joy in his suffering. 

“Awee, is Tohru Oikawa jealous?” 

“You really want a hickey on your forehead, y/n-chan?” 

And that is how he ended up chasing you along the sidewalk like little children. 


General Taglist [Open]: @noyasbitchh @dinablossom @haru-the-secret @strayczennies @lalisbitch @tinymidgetsstuff @animebs @astrealia @kittykitkatstrawberry @hajimesbbygrl @kellesvt @24hr7dysdizzy @arnxldss @elianetsantana @vicassa @floraraine @beanst0ck @leinnah @kageyamasgirl @deafeningart @minibobabottle   @franko-pop @moonlightaangel @throughtheinterstices @micasaessakusa @dixonsbugaboo @thevillagehiddenintheinternet @ultzuko @yappychan @dipsydoo542 @devilgirlcrybabiey

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hi everyone. i’ve decided to come up with an event for valentines day called, “14 different ways to say ‘i love you’” which will be a series of haikyuu boys x reader shorts fics, going for 14 days in a row. all fics for the 14 days will be straight fluff. since it’s fluff, it is open to everyone who is interested in reading. no nsfw will be involved. 

here is the list of characters that will be participating in the event:

  • aone takanobu
  • daichi sawamura
  • kuroo tetsurō
  • osamu miya
  • akaashi keiji
  • kita shinsuke
  • asahi azumane
  • iwaizumi hajime
  • bokuto kōtarō
  • tendou satori
  • oikawa tōru
  • yamaguchi tadashi
  • sugawara kōshi
  • aran ojiro

fics will be starting up from february 1st. more announcements will be coming out soon. i hope you all enjoy.

if you have any questions, please come let me know.

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Kuroo’s charming words and convincing touches always land you in some sort of trouble. 

Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader

Requested: For Anon~ This is kindaaa smutty, it takes everything in me to write long smutty works. I love writing about the dynamics between characters so sometimes I end up going too much off of that BUT, you will still enjoy it!!!!!


WC- 1,393


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Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Sugawara’s reactions to when their s/o makes the ‘ahegao’ face. 

Akaashi Keiji x Reader

Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader

Oikawa Tooru x Reader

Sugawara Koushi x Reader

Requested: Here you are, Anon~ Honestly this started out very innocent, as innocent as smut can be, but then I went a little off. I got sidetracked hehe,,, therefore it’s a tiny… tiny…. bit yandere BUT only on like Oikawa’s and Sugawara’s drabbles,, I think? Yeah and there is also some breeding kink with Iwaizumi,, his makes me shiver…. Either way, I hope it is alright~


WC- 1,901


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chasing waterfalls


falling in love with kenjirou shirabu is like a freshly-broken waterfall.


pairing: kenjirou shirabu x reader
genre; fluff
warnings: none!

  • it starts slowly at first. so slowly you don’t feel it. the way you speak about him starts to change. the way his name sounds coming out of your mouth is different. softer.
  • then it starts to get faster, where you start to notice the way your heart skips a beat at the sound of his name. the way there’s an extra pep in your step when you know you’re going to see him. the way your shoulders noticeably slump when you find out he can’t make it to your weekly library meetups.. and it becomes all the more noticeable that you can’t focus as much on your research on your own anymore.
  • then the final blow, is when the water is flowing so fast you can’t stop it, not that you really want to anyway.

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(11:13p - Kuroo)

  The door opens and shuts, his jacket left in the closet and a scowl set heavily on his face. He drags his feet only a little, scouring the ground for small rocks to kick under the streetlights. The fronts of his shoes catch the hard gravel and he stumbles, he straightens as an impatient frustration bubbles more and more, until slowly he finds himself in front of your complex, in front of your stairs, in front of your door with a fist at his side and a fist in front of him - all he has to do is knock. Just a single knock, just one, pleasejustknockwhycan’tyouknock?

  He thinks about your hair, it’s a passing pang of a thought, the way it smelled was always so…sweet. He loved scratching his fingers over your scalp while you’d lay on your side on the couch in your living room, facing him and complaining about your day, legs thrown over his and arms tucked to your chest. You always looked so small like that, kind of broken. All you did was complain about your parents, your boss, whatever. His mind brought him to you in the summer, standing in his kitchen in his t-shirt and a pair of small shorts, your small hand in his as you’d drunkenly walk with him down his streets, swinging them so slightly as you laughed and teased under the soft glow of the streetlights until you two would wander to the park – our park, he’d always say feeling sentimental and sappy. You’d slide through the gate and stare at him in turn, waiting before you’d stumble to the picnic table that was almost always sort-of-damp. 

  He remembers the first time you two broke up and visibly cringes. The small light above your door flickers while his mind wanders to the two of you awkwardly talking around each other, you’d texted and asked to see him, and of course he’d said yes. How the fuck could he ever say no to you - to being with you again… He remembers the way you looked at him through stuck-together lashes while you talked with him and he regrets it. He regrets letting you cry to him about things he’s sure you’d never told anyone else. He wishes briefly he’d been worth telling those secrets. He knows he’s not. He sees you, raw and frayed next to him and wishes, just begs this image of himself to put an arm around you, to pull you into his side, to kiss your head and tell you that it’s okay. You’re okay. You’ll be okay. 

  He finally comes to the image of your last text to him, lengthy and rambling, as you were apt to do. He could tell you’d been drinking, the way it was phrased, the lack of punctuation, what you’d said. It killed him. You’d reached into his chest and plucked out his heart with a paragraph of words you’d never said to him, not once in your relationship. You’d blocked his number as soon as he read it, you’d said you were going to, but it still hurt. He read it again and again for days, almost memorizing the words you used, trying to imagine how you looked typing it out.

  He missed you. He didn’t really miss you until he saw you one day in passing, purely bad timing, in all honesty, but it was enough to really, really miss you again. He doesn’t think you even noticed but he saw you. He saw how long you’d let your hair get, how tired you looked, how happy you seemed. He got drunk the first chance he had, he got absolutely wrecked and all he thought about was that brief image of you, the text, how you felt under him, next to him, with him. How he felt with you. He knew you had him blocked but his hands caught his phone in his pocket and pulled up your contact, still hanging on that text. He typed oh so carefully in spinning hands, 


  He’d hit send and immediately tried to sleep it off. 

  He woke up to a text from you, something about not knowing what to say to him anymore, he sent some half-assed reply, and he assumed you went back about your day. 

  His hand falls to his side, what did he expect? You’d open the door and let him in, you’d understand and forgive him - again - and this would all be water under the bridge? He missed you, but how could you even spare him the time of day after everything that had happened, it had been months since your lengthy text and faux-blocking, if you’d missed him you would have reached out like you always did. 

  He feels the weight in his chest as his hand travels up to grip the shirt that had soaked through in the summer humidity. His feet move before his brain and he’s walking away from your door, away from your stairs, away from your complex and back around the corner to the streetlamps that threw nothing but a lonesome shadow in front of him as his head hung. What did he expect, really? That he’d be able to swallow his pride and ask you for another chance that he’d mess up? To put you through that again, he figured, would be the last chance he’d ever get to see you. He didn’t want to ruin it before the time was right. 

  He’d get the timing right, he promised himself. He just needed a little more time. 


  You cooed at him in a quiet sort of way with brows tight together and worry etched deeply on your pretty face, his head was thrown into your midsection, his body between your legs on the couch, and his arms wrapped perfectly around your waist. He had you pinned, and you’d only looked at him with a sad sort of understanding as you set your phone down and let him get settled. You had one hand rubbing circles on his back, and another resting on the back of his head. Your shirt smelled like sleep as his day sat behind his eyes. Squeezing them tight, trying to fend off some of the tension, he sighed into you again. You didn’t say a word as his head began to spin, he’d held it together just long enough to get home and fall into you, a soft ‘ohTetsu’ whispered as you opened your arms to him. He thought that he could stay in this exact moment for the rest of his life. He thought about you and only you. He wanted this feeling, this domestic warmth that seeped from you and into his tired and sore bones to be something he could get whenever he wanted, and you assured him that you’d always be able to do so, if he just asked.

a/n: oh to be held tightly to the chest of a comfort character and feeling nothing but that sweet relief and contentment as they rub soothing leetle circles on your back,

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okay but imagine getting back together with your division 1 volleyball player ex kageyama after three months apart. you’re trying hard to convince yourself that he’s not the one because you’re beyond scared of hurting again, but he’s changed for real this time. kageyama who’s still the same person you remember from before, but there’s a sort of seriousness to him now because he lost you once, and he decided never again. kageyama who tries to woo you all over again since he wants to do it right this time. kageyama who flashes you proudly to the crowd and gushes about you in interviews now. he’s enamored by you, and he can’t quite remember why he wanted to hide it before. kageyama who gives you a kiss unexpectedly. you’re irresistable, why wouldn’t he? and when you’re flushed from all the affection, he just smiles.

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part of the intimacy drabbles series

word count: 0.5k

content: gender-neutral reader (no anatomical description, no pronouns), SUGGESTIVE CONTENT, making out, 

(HEY OKAY i’m alright now,,,,,my headache is still there n i’m still the slightest bit lightheaded BUT i’m good now!! here’s the third drabble xoxo i’m very happy about this one i think?? 

tell me what you liked! or what you didn’t like! either way i appreciate any comments you have to offer. love u guys <3) 


oikawa tooru is beautiful. everybody knows it, but you know it best. 

you relish in that fact. people look through television screens and phone screens and magazines and look at your lover and think, “wow, he’s gorgeous.” but you get to see firsthand how beautiful this man can be. not one of his old high school fangirls, not his current fans, not those overly flirtatious interviewers, not his teammates. nobody but you. 

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characters - kuroo tetsurō, oikawa tōru, bokuto kōtarō

a/n - angst -> fluff ⚠️ hi bb! i love writing angst to fluff so hopefully you enjoy this, have a great day my love <3


KUROO could be mean when it came to arguments, you had both been screaming for what felt like days now - both your throats hoarse but any other words he had in mind died on his tongue when you said it “i hate you kuroo” his eyes widened suddenly, what happened to tetsu?you don’t mean that” he spat through gritted teeth, still trying to remain unphased, you didn’t mean it right? your gaze still remained cold as it stared through him “you, you don’t mean that” quieter this time, missing the feigned confidence he had a moment ago - this had a vulnerability to it that made you tense as his gaze suddenly avoided yours, broken. maybe his family had always been doomed by love, but he had so much to give, doesn’t he deserve some too - why?why?why?tetsu!?” your voice snapped him out of his manic thoughts as his heart seized at the familiar nickname, his gaze met yours again - glassier this time “please y/n, i love you” and you knew, kuroo loved you and he never gave you any reason to doubt “i know, i love you too” embracing each other as you both cried, tears communicating your feelings better than words ever could - the ice that had ingulfed the room seemed to melt at your shared warmth. kuroo tetsurō loved you and all he ever wanted was to be loved in return, it was that moment kuroo realised that wrapped in your embrace, maybe love favoured him after all.

OIKAWA passive aggressive comments had filled the room majority of the day “you’re never home anyway” “well maybe there’s a reason for that” his eyes widened, as if surprised by his own words - he shouldn’t have said it, he gulped and tensed, waiting for the way you were going to lash back at his comment, he shouldn’t have said that. silence, he never imagined he’d prefer a screaming match over this, hesitantly bringing his eyes up to finally meet your face he flinched - your bottom lip caught between your teeth as your body fought the sobs bubbling from your throat, your eyes met his “i hate you” silence. you were both still, eyes wide and trembling hands, you wanted to apologise but it’d already came out of your mouth, you felt your heart twist because was this really it? “no, you don’t” your tears finally fell, but also seemed to mimic the silent ones across from you. “tor-“ you tried to reach out before he spoke again “no, no you don’t, you don’t hate me, say you don’t” as if trying to convince himself, his vision met the carpet before it became blurry, he felt his ears ring not noticing your approaching figure as you immediately wrapped yourself around him, his body relaxed almost by instinct when it felt yours - strong arms coming up to wrap around you tightly, squeezing you as if you’d disappear if he let go. the silence ingulfed the room again, this time though, he found the same comfort he’d grown to love in it. he cups your damp cheek as he brings his face to meet yours, flushed cheeks and red staining his usual bright eyes, but he kisses you - it’s salty with tears and a little messy but you both weren’t ready for words yet - just a little longer, in this moment, loving you like this, telling you that you’d both be okay.

BOKUTO hated arguing with you but he had a hard day at practice and he accidentally took it out on you “kou, i’m just trying to help you” as you sat dinner infront of him “i don’t want it, i don’t need you” he wasn’t intentionally shouting he was just always loud, but you still found yourself flinching at the volume “dammit y/n leave me alone” you tried to blink the tears in your eyes away as you clenched your fists “fine, i hate you!” his gaze snapped up to yours as he tried to grab for your retreating figure, stumbling over his own feet as he ran for you “baby, please you don’t mean that right? i love you so much, please don’t hate me take it back please!” you froze as the tears fell from his eyes, sniffling as he begged - “i love you so much, please i’ll be better” roughly wiping his eyes with the arms of his sweater as you tried to calm him down, holding his hands to stop him from irritating the skin around his eyes even more. “kou, calm down we’re okay” feeling the tears spill from your own eyes at his vulnerability as he pulled you impossibly close to him, letting you ground him as his sobs died down, replaced with quiet sniffles and shallow breathes “promise?” pulling his head from your shoulder with his eyes still a little glassy but the grip his hands had on your waist told you he needed this, you. “i promise.” he smiled, a relieved smile as a trembling hand moved to wipe your tears “i’m sorry, for everything” a wobbly smile as he placed a kiss on your forehead “i know” bokuto only ever wanted to see you smile and he wanted nothing more than to be the reason behind it.

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I’m so glad you liked the first one bae! I wasn’t sure if I did a good job 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 I hope you like this one!


[11:00pm] the flashing lights and smoky atmosphere of the club have your head a bit dizzy…or maybe that’s just the overindulgence of vodka a bit earlier. Either way, you’re now on top of a shaky table in nothing but a tiny, pink, mini-dress, dancing precariously on the edge of it. Daichi’s grip on his glass is tight, a little too tight, as he watches you. Dark eyes glittering dangerously. He sees another man making his way towards you and stops him in his tracks with just one look. “Come on y/n,” Daichi says firmly, catching you just as you tumble off the tiny table. You whine in his arms, trying to wriggle away, “Let gooo, I want to dance!” His hold around your waist loosens but slides down to your hips and grips on to them. “You’re drunk,” he states, matter-of-factly in your ear. “No I’m not!” you protest, still trying to escape. You giggle and wink at another guy across the room that’s been eyeing you for awhile. This doesn’t go unnoticed by the man holding you, and it only serves to rile him up even more. Before you know what’s happening, he’s dragging you out of the club. When you get into his car, he buckles you in before getting in himself, his jaw is set, and eyes hard. His demeanor has you rubbing your thighs together, trying to quell the heat blooming between them. You bite your lip and lean over to his side, “daddy…” you whisper, eyes glassy as you look up at him. “What?” he snaps, a bit harshly. You pout, “‘m sorry…lemme make you feel good,” your hand ghosts over the growing bulge in his pants, and you bite back a smirk when you hear him suck in a breath of air. Daichi glares at you but unbuckles and unzips his pants, “You want it? Come get it yourself.” Before he could even finish his sentence, you’ve already unbuckled your own seatbelt and yanked his boxers down, freeing his cock. You’re practically drooling when you see the head already wet with precum. You waste no time taking him into your mouth. Daichi moans at the feel of your hot, wet mouth on him, he’s still tightly wound, he needs the release. His hand goes to your hair, gripping the silky strands none too gently. “Come on baby, suck daddy like the good whore you are,” he growls, pulling on your hair making you move at the pace he wants. You moan around his cock and the vibration from your throat has Daichi’s eyes almost rolling back in his head.

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Breaking a Habit

Komori leaves his socks lying around

genre: angst warnings: major character death :(


It’s funny how it’s the little things, that can hurt the most when they’re gone.

“Really, Motoya?” you groan at your boyfriend, who is currently standing at the bathroom sink, brushing his teeth. He’s wearing green boxers with puppies on them.

“Whah?” he tilts his head at you, like the puppies on his underwear, mouthful of toothpaste.

“The hamper is literally right there. You can’t manage to get your socks in it? I’m always getting them.” you whine, picking up the said garment on your big toe. He spits, rinses, and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Aww, sorry angel. I always forget.” he replies sheepishly, reaching down to toss them into the proper place. He grabs the hem of your tank top, dragging you to him (you act reluctant about it, but you both know you’re not). He boops your nose, which you scrunch at him.

“It’s a bad habit, ‘Toya. Someday I’m going to just quit picking up your socks and then there’s gonna be a big pile of dirty socks on the floor.” you tease, a dopey smile on your lips.

He rubs his hands over your hips and laughs, “when you put it like that, I suppose I’ll work on that, yeah? Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” you reassure him with a lightning quick peck on his lips.

You go to bed. He holds you. You rest well.

A week later, you arrive home from work later than your boyfriend. You wander into the bathroom, where he’s taking a shower. Your gaze wanders down to the floor and sure enough. Socks. A foot away from the hamper. You roll your eyes and pick them up, tossing them in the bin.

“Hey! I didn’t hear you get in!” he grins from behind the glass door.

“Yeah I just got home. I’m going to make dinner.” you smile and he makes a kissy face at you.

As you’re cooking at the stove, strong arms wraps around your waist, and Komori rests his head on your shoulder. You inhale the scent of his damp hair, he smells like sandalwood and vanilla.

“I forgot about my socks again.” he mumbles. You laugh and reach up to pat his head with a free hand.

“It’s okay.”

“It’s not, I’m sorry I’m so forgetful about it. You’re not my maid.” he presses a kiss to the crook of your neck before he turns to help you prep dinner.

You hum, “no really, Motoya, it’s not a huge deal. They’re just socks. I don’t wanna sound like a nag.”

He stops what he’s doing, “You’re not a nag! You could never be a nag! I’ll be better!” he declares, chest puffed out.

You laugh and glance at him, his cute little eyebrows furrowed.

“Fine, fine.”

“You’re perfect.” he mutters under his breath.

You eat dinner together. It’s delicious.

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Hinata with a friend/SO who got hurt


Originally posted by omg-haikyuu

Do you think you could do Head-canons for Hinata taking care/comforting ether his partner or friend after they get a sports related injury and can’t play for a while ?

Hinata was very popular after my last hinata req!! But here you go nonnie! It can be read as a s/o or friend I think,, hope you liked it!!

✎…Type… fluff, sfw, romantic or platonic, comfort(?), request, haikyuu

✎…Words… 400

✎…Warnings… mention of injury, fractured bone, nothing in detail!!

✎…Pairing… Hinata x reader


➪ Hinata dragged (some) of the team to one of you big game, he thought you’d win

➪ at least until you were running and fell, your leg bent behind you upon impact

➪ He was instantly worried. You slid with your leg behind you there was no way in hell you’d get back up..

➪ and you didn’t, the coach had to call a time out while meds were called

➪ what happened? You fractured your leg, pretty close to a break

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volleyball idiots

-> chapter 09: hypothetically!!

previous // next (c.10) // masterlist

author’s notes:

✧ once again i am apologizing for the late chapter 🤠 i was gonna add more of the convo y/n has w noya in this chapter but that would probably take me another whole day so i just cut it off <3

✧ comments and reblogs with comments are very appreciated pls and ty 👍🏾



previous // next (c.10) // masterlist

fun facts:

✧ y/n has 35 unread messages from suga lol

✧ i actually made this chapter at 3 AM the time stamp is correct ✨🧚‍♀️🌈💫

taglist in rb (taglist is open! send an ask please!)

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characters - tsukishima kei, yamaguchi tadashi, kuroo tetsurō, sugawara kōshi

a/n - tw ⚠️ family issues? hi my love! ty for trusting me with your request, i hope it brings you a little comfort but i’m super proud of you for being brave enough to be yourself <3


TSUKISHIMA when you had opened up to him, he had just looked at you for a bit - processing the information you told him, he wasn’t super good with words but you could always count on the weight his words carried, he was honest. “i know i’m not your parents, but i just want you to know that i’ll love you regardless, aslong as you’re happy, i’ll love you” as he pulled you into his chest gently, allowing you to cry because that’s all you ever wanted, to be loved for you.

YAMAGUCHI when he seen how upset you were he was quick to come by your side “hey y/n, what’s wrong you can tell me you know” he was scared but he always tried to calm himself down because he didn’t want you getting more upset, hand intertwining with yours as he waited until you were ready to tell him, speaking through broken sobs as you watched his own eyes turn glassy before his arms wrapped tightly around you “im sorry, i’m not great with words but i’ll never leave you, i promise

KUROOkitten, look at me come on - what’s wrong?” gentle hands tilting your head until you were met with amber that always made you feel warm, the kind of warmth you wished you found at home - you found it in him. just his presence calmed you enough to be able to tell him what was wrong, listening intently as his arms never left your trembling figure, making sure that you were never felt like you had to be ashamed of anything, he’d tell you everyday how proud of you he was for just having the courage to be you, he’d tell you everyday how worthy you were of love.

SUGAWARA you had been crying in his arms for a while now, his grip never relaxing as he held you close - whispering reassurances in your ear about how much you deserved, everything - maybe it was this moment he decided he’d try his best to give you that. placing soft kisses to your hairline as he let your emotions take over you, you needed this and you needed him - he knew that, the patience and love that always sparkled in his eyes when you told him about the you that you’d came to accept, truly - he smiled because he’d always accept you, it was a blessing that he now got to love you aswell, he’d give you the love he knew you deserved.

ATSUMU “ya don’t need anyone else baby, i’ve got ya, always” he rocked you as you broke on his chest, sobs racking your body but he refused to let you go, he’d protect you with his everything - even as the anger pumped through his veins at the way youd been treated by your own family, but as his steady heartbeat calmed your sobs as his warmth surrounded you, he always seemed to calm you - it’d always surprised you how he seemed to flip a switch whenever it came to you, always displaying a certain softenness that only you had the pleasure of seeing. it was only you and him, but as you lay in his arms you finally smiled - because that’s all you need.

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a/n: mo🥰💓 sorry to hear about your bad periods bby, hope this bring you some comfort! also i told y’all i got stuff ready to post before AND during my exam retreat so don’t come @ me 🙄

ft. atsumu, suna, sakusa, iwa


ATSUMU -> he actually asks a lot of questions to understand your pain better! imagine tsumu sitting in front of you with a lil notepad and his glasses on, taking notes of the symptoms you tell him so he can actually help you. also looks up stuff on the internet that can make you feel better, and tries to follow the right steps to do it. kisses your lower belly a lot and rubs it while telling you a soft made up story about you two, trying to distract you from the pain. will also cancel plans to stay at home and take care of his baby properly!

SUNA -> he remembers when you’re supposed to get your period and becomes extra loving around that time of the month, texting to check how you’re doing more often and randomly bringing you sweets and little gifts. offers to go to the store to buy pads or tampons every time, demanding you get some rest and trying to get some weight off your shoulders. puts on your favourite comfort movie and grabs a blanket to cover you both, his hands rubbing your belly and soothing the pain. “i can’t believe you have to go through this every month. your strength is amazing.”

SAKUSA -> like tsumu, he likes to be informed about it, mostly because he’s afraid he might accidentally make it worse. omi goes to the pharmacy to ask for remedies for period pain, because he just hates that you’re going through that, and not being prepared enought to help, so he asks for a professional’s opinion. always makes you some herbal tea, the one he was told was beneficial. makes enough tea for a whole army istg. “sorry if i’m overbearing, i just want to help you, but i may be bothering you even more.” you say he’s been amazing, and ask him to lie down next to you. cuddles you for hours and eventually falls asleep hugging you close.

IWAIZUMI -> every time you are in the slightest bit of pain or trouble, this man worries so much he could get a heart attack istg. always tries to make you happy and healthy, and hates when he can’t do anything to make you feel better; he does try hard though! “i asked my mom. she said this is good for you.” he says while handing you a cup of some warm beverage you are not familiar with. did he really go and ask his mom? “don’t look at me like that, i figured she’d be a better help for this type of thing. when you’re done with that, i’ll give you a massage. back pain only makes periods worse, apparently.”

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characters - iwaizumi hajime, oikawa tōru, kuroo tetsurō, tsukishima kei, akaashi keiji

a/n - tysm for requesting bb, i hope you enjoy this <3 you can read secretly dating inarizaki here


IWAIZUMI it’s not that he wanted to hide your relationship he just knew that oikawa would never leave you both alone. the rest of the third years had always noticed that he had a major soft spot for you, which oikawa whined about but they just assumed it was because he had a crush on you. oikawa tried flirting with you one day in the hopes it would make iwaizumi confess but he swear he saw the ending credits of his life begin to roll when iwa stomped towards him “stop flirting with my s/o shittykawa you dumbass!” he’s chasing oikawa around the gym whilst he’s screaming “S/O? IWA-CHAN WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?” makki and mattsun are cackling in the corner as iwaizumi kicks oikawas ass with a blush painting his cheeks.

OIKAWA you both decided that you would keep your relationship private right now because he didn’t want you getting harassed off his fan girls, he always managed to pull you aside at lunch so he could make out with you though - you had both ended up in the team club room early before practice as he pulled you into his lap, but you lost track of time so the rest of the team ended up falling in the door “shittykawa WHAT THE HELL” kindaichi is covering his eyes and mattsun is whistling behind iwaizumi. oikawa is screaming like he’s just been caught doing something he shouldnt be when he was literally just kissing you, he’s trying to hide your face in his chest, he’s blushing but trying to play it off that he’s totally not embarrassed as he smoothes his hair. iwa yells at him for putting you in that position and embarrassing you respectful king, the team promise not to tell though and now whenever you come watch practice kindaichi still blushed a little and mattsun and makki always smirk at you.

KUROO you were the manager for the team so he didn’t want you to lose your position if they found out about your relationship, so you both decided to keep it private. he was a huge tease though and always flirted with you like he was being discreet, kenma always narrowed his eyes at him when he noticed the way his hand always lingered on your figure a little longer than necessary - he may have pulled you into the storage closet one day before practice, but yaku and yamamoto ended up walking in “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR INNOCENT MANAGER ROOSTERHEAD?” man flinched so hard but still had that smirk on his face, tried to hide you behind his figure to save you the onslaught and play it off that you were just helping him but his lips were swollen, hair messier than usual and his cheeks were so flushed, yamamoto was screaming and yaku almost killed him but atleast it saved you having to tell them, when he tried to tell kenma he just said “i already knew, you were so obvious” you got to stay manager though.

TSUKISHIMA he was just a pretty private person so it wasn’t that you were hiding it you just never mentioned it, you were both studying together at lunch one day as he helped you with some notes - your hair kept falling infront of your face and he noticed the way you always got frustrated and tucked it behind your ear, ended up patting his lap so he could tie it up for you - he started carrying a hair tie when you started dating - hinata, kageyama and yamaguchi just happened to be walking up and seen the whole interaction though, hinata was screaming “wow tsukishima you can tie hair???? COOL” where as kageyama is just super confused and yamaguchi is blushing, tsukishima is like “you guys are so stupid, they’re my s/o go away you’re too loud” he may be slightly blushing though and just looks away in the hopes you don’t notice, hinata ends up telling tanaka and noya and they annoy him for the rest of the week at practice because “how did you get a s/o and we can’t?!

AKAASHI like tsukishima he just wasn’t very open about himself anyway so your relationship was kinda private, he had been feeling a little down at practice and you had met up with him to walk home after - you were one of the only people he was able to open up to so when he told you his thoughts you took his hands and placed a small kiss on them before telling him how proud you were - unknowingly bokuto and konoha had just came out the changing room and seen the whole thing, naturally bokuto SCREAMED “AKAASHI YOU HAVE A S/O? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?” he’s pouting so hard and konoha is rolling his eyes so hard like why but akaashi just bows “sorry, you never asked” bokuto is so sad because he thought they were besties but he perks up quickly and ends up patting him on the back like “good job akaashi you’re so cool with your s/o and all i’m so jealous

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