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iwaizumis-bitch · a day ago
Tumblr media
‘dress slutty, i can fight’
notes: thank u for the idea anon! i love this cliche hehe
content warnings: insecurities, mentions of previous harassment/catcalling, pet names (baby, my sweet, etc), protective boyfriends, suggestive in ushijima’s, kinda angsty
featuring: iwaizumi, atsumu, bokuto, and ushijima
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for reading!! likes, reblogs, follows, and general feedback are all appreciated💗
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shoulmate · a day ago
Curse Oikawa Tōru.
You do not care that this is the final game for volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics. You wish you ignored every text he sent you and denied ever meeting him in person.
You're stuck in the seats he chose with malicious precision right behind the Argentinian bench so if you get up, the entire world will see you. If you shrink into your seat you're going to stick out among the cheering fans like a black rose among daisies.
You have to match the crowd's energy and pray to whatever volleyball ball Olympic gods still live on mount Olympus that you blend in.
You're not even paying attention to the game or the score, only hyper aware of the slowest scoreboard in the universe as the teams go all out.
The moment the game ends and half the crowd errupts you're on your feet. Your heart is pounding, flight instinct activated.
The closest stairs are toward Team Japan and you just go but your dashing is frantic and out of place enough that it draws his eye only for a split second but it's enough and he freezes among the frenetic activity of the end of the game and his lips are parting, emerald eyes widening in a surge of surprise as he realizes it really is you and
You bolt.
You're desperate to be alone before you drown in all these feelings but there's too many people why are there so many people.
From the corner of your eye you see Iwaizumi weaving around athletes laser-focused on you.
No, no, no, he hops the stadium railing with an ease that would be intoxicatingly attractive if he wasn't racing after you.
You're at the stairs now and he calls your name.
The image of the last time you saw him breaks your heart all over again as you're taking the stairs two at a time. People are clearing the way for the dramatic chase by the time you reach the top.
Iwa's still calling you but you don't stop. You can't. The tears are forming and the years are catching up. The pain and loneliness and hurt.
You run through the atrium, you can see the doors of the stadium
But you're not fast enough.
A firm, warm, heart-wrenchingly familiar hand wraps around your wrist.
The momentum of your run works against you as you whirl around and slam into his chest and he's warm and still smells good like the hint of cologne under a scent that's so unmistakably him and he instinctively wraps his arms around you.
"You're here," he says, incredulous, and you reflexively look up at him.
You wish you hadn't.
You remember the last time he was this close like it was yesterday and don't bother holding back your tears.
You spit out the words "I didn't know you would be here."
"Why?" He asks, his perfectly muscular chest having the decency to breathe heavily. "How?"
"It doesn't matter." You push against his stupidly hard body but he doesn't let go of your wrist.
"Please don't leave."
"Like you did?" You ask tearfully, angrily. Hurt weighs on his expression.
"I didn't want to," he says. When your face crumples in disbelief he insists "I didn't. I didn't want you to have to choose between coming with me and going home to your dad!"
You freeze, air locked in your lungs as the words spill out of Iwaizumi like he's afraid this will be his only chance.
"I knew how much we loved each other and I knew you wanted me to ask you to come with me, to come back here, but I also knew how much your dad meant to you. He was sick and neither of you knew how much longer he had." His own eyes are getting glassy now. "I didn't want to take any of your time away from him."
Iwaizumi glances around at the slow-moving crowd clearly spectating. "Please...can we just...talk? Somewhere else?"
There's a gentle nudge on your back though no one's near you and you nod, crying.
Iwaizumi slips his hand from your wrist into yours lacing your fingers together. He leads you away from the atrium and all you can focus on is the worn, faded bracelet against his skin.
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is2usopp · 2 days ago
msby4 + love languages
Tumblr media
sakusa + acts of services
he loves to do things for you and help you out with anything you need. he isn’t one to often verbally express his love for you but through these acts, he can definitely show you. he isn’t much of a morning person but when he wakes up before you he likes to make you breakfast in bed. and he loves to clean but he especially loves it when he can help you with your chores too. this could double as quality time as well, but when he sees you doing any task of the sort, he’ll shuffle toward you with a shy little ‘can i help you with that?’ after a long day, once both of you have dinner and take your individual showers, he runs a bath for you two to share. he’ll add bath salts or bath bombs, set up candles, and apply your face masks to help you relax. when you’re out of the house he’ll organize your desk or bookshelves, and fold your clothes so that you don’t have to do it later. even when he’d rather stay at home, he always goes out with you to help run errands without complaint. 
bokuto + gift giving
of all the things bokuto is he is not forgetful, especially when it comes to you. he remembers all the anniversaries and special occasions. every time he gifts you something for these occasions it’s always super meaningful. even though he puts a lot of thought behind it, giving you gifts always comes easy to him. he pays a lot of attention to you, and every time you say you really like something or put it in your cart for later, he'll remember that you want it. and when you mention to him that you’ve achieved something or even when you’re having a hard time, he’ll come home with pretty bouquets of flowers or little cakes and other treats for you. even on the days when there’s nothing special going on, he’ll bring you things that ‘reminded him of you’ or things he thinks you’ll enjoy. he’ll bring you random mugs, candles, pens, hair clips, books, or candy from the store with a “i just thought you’d like it” and a cute little shrug. and he always folds his gum wrappers into hearts for you.
hinata + words of affirmation
one thing about hinata is that he will always know exactly what to say no matter the situation. whether you’ve had a bad day and need some encouragement or he’s just being annoyingly romantic, it’s always just right. like when you’re going out and aren’t feeling too good about your outfit. you ask him how you look and he reminds you of how beautiful you are almost instantly. it isn’t just a thoughtless ramble either, you know that he means every single word he’s saying. he never fails to get you all flustered with that adoring look in his eyes and a ‘you’re the most stunning person i have ever seen’. or when you go to his games, he always shows his appreciation of you being there. he greets you and kisses your knuckles sweetly, calling you his ‘lucky charm’. even when it’s an away game, he’ll message you constantly about how much he misses you and reminds you of how many days are left until you get to see each other again. every time he accomplishes or wins something he’ll always mention you in his posts or speeches saying how grateful he is to have you and how he could’ve never done it without you.
atsumu + physical touch 
there isn’t a moment that atsumu doesn’t have his hands on you, whether it’s on purpose or subconsciously. (also i’d like to mention that he is still very respectful of your boundaries and whether you want him to be touching you or not.) he’ll hold your hand everywhere you go, like on dates or in the airport or just any public place (a bit of a possessive trait if you ask me but he’s cute so). he loves cuddling too, especially in the mornings when he definitely has somewhere to be, he can just never bring himself to detach himself from you. he never leaves you without a hug and kiss from you, he’ll stand there with his arms extended for as long as it takes you to notice. when you’re busy with something and he can’t hold your hands he’ll just wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder. whenever you two are just hanging out at home like getting work done or watching a movie, he traces shapes on your palms or thighs subconsciously. and at night before you go to bed he really likes combing your hair and even braiding it sometimes. he literally cannot go to sleep if he’s not playing with your hands or running his hand along your back.
Tumblr media
note: this is specifically how they show their love but i might write one of what they like to receive too if anyone is interested!! also if you want me to write one of a specific character with your own love language i would be so happy to do so ^_^ dm me or leave me requests loves <3
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fortheharbingers · 2 days ago
his favorite look
♤ characters: suna rintaro/gn!reader (or so i tried...)
♤ notes: unprotected sex, creampie, sex at a semi-public space (if i have to tag anything else, please remind me) (minors dni)
Tumblr media
changing room of inarizaki is empty by now, the boys' volleyball team practice having ended a while ago– save for the muffled noises coming from the back, the volume increasing with time.
suna rintarou has you pinned against the wall, your legs lifted and wrapped around him, squeezing him inside and out.
when suna invited you over to drop by their practice, he knew the two of you would end like that. with the way you've been looking at him, the eyes you've been giving him lately, it was as clear as day.
yet when you do come, and sit by the benches, eyes glued onto his sweaty form, veins popping out on his muscles, enough to see from your position, all you can do is to stare at him, mouth fallen with an expression suna would've described as 'drooling'.
you'd probably lightly punch him for it, but not after right now, no. not when you have your mouth slack open again, drool coming from one side, incohorent mumblings leaving your lips every once in a while.
suna loves the way you look at him on a daily basis but perhaps this is his favorite one yet. the absolutely fucked out expression painted on your face, eyes blank and hazy from pleasure, from the pleasure he is providing you with how deep he is inside you. hips at a constant work, building you up at a pace not quite slow but has you begging 'faster' and 'more'.
the cold, hard surface of the wall is lost to your senses by now. everything is lost, except for the way rin has you hoisted up, pressing against you until there is not even the smallest of space left, his lenght dragging in and out of you– if it wasn't for snapping his hips back into you, he'd not pull out, not even in the slightest at all.
with each snap of his hips, you feel warmer, a fire in the pit of your stomach slowly growing, and rin managing to hit just the right spot every single time, all you can muster is him.
with what's left of a willpower inside of you, you try to lean into him for a kiss, only to miss his lips by an inch. smirking at your flushed form, not even able to kiss him right, he crashes his lips to yours. rin kisses you hard, biting at your lips again and again; yet you don't even have it in you to kiss him back with the same fervor anymore, too out of it to respond back.
noticing this, he lets out a chuckle. oh how lovely you look for him, so fucked out you cannot even match his kisses anymore, though it is you who wanted it in the first place.
tightening his hold on you, he picks up his pace.
to which you can only react with your face falling onto his shoulder, with all the energy left inside of you, you start nibbling at his his skin, gently biting with your teeth. the salty taste of sweat mixed with your saliva, soon your nibbling reaches its end as well.
soon suna can feel your breathing hitching, your nails digging into his skin and you tightening around him, as if you don't want him to leave just yet. he loves how even your body wants more and more of him, never satisfied, always begging for more, a little harder, a little faster, for a little longer.
your whimpers and moans, though muffled by his shoulder, still feel heavenly to his ears. and the way you say his name like a plea, like a prayer, like he is your everything, your god in that moment– he soon finds himself reaching his high.
slamming with his entire weight back into you, his movements start to get erratic. your body desperately clingling to his, his name still spilled out of your lips like honey: 'rin, rin, rin...' he can feel your body contracting and your muscles spasming. he loves how you start to shake from pleasure for him– at his hands, with his dick inside of you, his mouth all over you; so intoxicating, really, if it was up to him, he would fuck you all day long, over and over again, your whines and filthy pleas music to his ears, tasting you until you cannot cum anymore, filling you up until his cum leaking out of you...
his face finds itself by the crook of your neck, biting down at your flushed skin.
'rin... please...' your words come out barely.
with another thrust, he brings his lips to your ear, 'go on baby, come for me.'
gripping onto his form, you let go, feeling yourself reach your orgasm, squeezing your eyes shut and tightening your legs around him. a second or so later, you hear him let out a grunt by your ear, whispering a '...fuck' and feeling him come inside you; yet contunuing to thrust, though his movements have gotten sloppy by now, prolonging his orgasm.
as the two of you slowly catch your breath, he still has you held by the wall. raising his head to meet your eyes, he leans in for another kiss, his tongue quickly entering your mouth.
by the time you can feel your breath returning to normal, he rests his forehead against yours with a small smile tugging at his bruised lips.
'you should join our practices more often.'
you let out a laugh at his words. 'yeah and not be able to walk back home? no, thank you.'
eyeing on the hickeys he left on your body, he raises a brow at your words, humming as if considering his options. 'guess i'll just have to carry you starting from now.' 'rin, no!' you're quick to respond, but the grin on your face exposes you.
'well then, should we get going?' he offers after a moment and a pout appears on your face quickly. eyes cast low, you murmur a 'don't pull out just yet.'
and who is he to deny when you request so sweetly like that?
leaning once again to your neck and the spot right under your ear, he starts biting at your skin slowly: 'don't come crying and blaming me when you can't walk tomorrow.'
Tumblr media
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antihajime · a day ago
Tumblr media
your boyfriend has never been a particularly good cook.
kuroo, despite all that he is—intelligent, a chemistry-lover at heart, a great baker, and kind—has always been quite the disaster in the kitchen. even in high school, when you’d come over after practices and his father and grandparents were out, he’d always be sure to order something or pick something up before the question of what do you want for dinner? could even make its way past either of your mouths.
but now, years past and on the final horizons of college, kuroo’s found his way into the kitchen of your little apartment. he’s been fussing over a little pan of meat sauce for the past few moments, furrowing his brows at your little encouragements to add whatever feels right.
every time you say it, he turns back to where you’re sitting, your cheeks resting in your hands, feet dangling off of the stool you’re sitting on, and narrows his eyes.
“you’re no help,” he says, and then turns back to the stove, eyeing the garlic powder before putting more into the sauce. (to be honest, you’re a little concerned about that being too much, but it’s sauce, what could go wrong?).
“oh c’mon, tetsu,” you begin, and then hop off of your spot on the stool to walk over to him, “you can figure it out. you’re smart, aren’t you?”
he huffs out a bit of laughter, and then shrugs.
he’s still focused on the stove when you come up behind him. your fingers reach out, chasing after the wrinkles that have made their home in his shirt. you follow them up until you reach the middle of his back, and then lean forward, wrapping your hands around his waist and leaning your head between his shoulder blades.
“you shouldn’t say maybe to that,” you whisper, and kuroo stays quiet. you can feel his arm moving as he mixes the sauce around—it’s stiff in that inexperienced kind of way, like he knows the movement but not the feeling to it all. “tetsu?”
he hums, sparing you a glance backwards before he stirs the pasta that’s been boiling.
“you plan on responding to me?” you ask. there’s a teasing lilt to your voice that makes a bit of laughter bloom somewhere in kuroo’s lungs, and it’s enough for you to feel the rush of breath through him.
“yeah, yeah sure,” he says, and then you watch as he examines a singular noodle that he’s pulled out of the water. he turns, pasta balancing on the spoon. “this look done to you?”
you hold back the laughter that threatens your voice and pluck the pasta away from kuroo before popping it into your mouth. you nod at him, choosing to ignore that the pasta’s probably just a moment or two past done.
he moves away from you to empty the pasta into a strainer, and you lean against the island counter, eyeing him.
“what’s got you all quiet tonight?” you ask, and he still doesn’t respond for another moment or two. he’s too busy tossing the pasta in the strainer and grabbing bowls from the cabinet, apparently, but then he does:
“i promise i’m just concentrated,” he starts, and then grabs some pasta and puts it into the bowl. he continues over to the stove, pouring some sauce on top of them as he continues. “i just-” he turns, and then offers the bowl to you—full of pasta and sauce and even a little bit of parmesan on top, “i wanted to do something nice for you.”
and looking at the bowl of spaghetti and sauce that you have in your hands, the way it’s warm and probably a little too garlicky and a little too done, you could cry. but the good way—the way with a smile pulling at your face and the way that makes you want to hug your boyfriend for all he’s worth. because, as you’ve seen for the past 20 minutes, this little dinner is full of bits of kuroo, and you’re pretty sure that it could taste terrible and you’d still love it.
but instead of crying, you look up at him, and you smile.
“well, you did it,” you say, and then reach up, pinching his cheek between your thumb and forefinger, and you watch the blush spread across his nose. “i’m proud of you, y’know?”
and he laughs, “for making spaghetti?”
(it’s more, much more than making spaghetti, and you think that you could make a list of all the things you’re proud of him for if you wanted to. maybe one day you will, but for now, you’re pretty sure that loving you is right at the top).
“sure,” you reply, “for making spaghetti.”
Tumblr media
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tonaken · 2 days ago
18+ headcanons_ HAIBA LEV
Tumblr media
FIA'S NOTE_ sooo this was requested by my beloved @highlev for her one and only Lev 😌 I tried to keep it as realistic as possible but if it’s not, feel free to consider him an ooc!Lev. Please forgive me if it took ages, life and tumblr were trying to have my head on a platter 😭, but I hope that you all enjoy I went a bit overboard hehehe
WARNINGS_ LEV HAIBA x fem!reader, smut, needless to say that he is aged up, male masturbation, porn viewing, descriptions of porn, graphic descriptions of male genitalia, mentions of light impact play (spanking, nipple slapping, cock slapping), dom/sub dynamics, switch!Lev, graphic description of male receiving oral sex, mentions of fem receiving oral sex, size kink go brrr, praise kink, a dash of toxic masculinity that melts off when he meets you
W_C_ 1.6k words
Tumblr media Tumblr media
★soooo….LEV HAIBA, the model
★Tall, fine and playful
★Very playful, but more on that later 😉
★He’s a very successful model though, always on the road: walking down a runway, posing for some fashion magazine cover or going to castings 
★And when he’s not working, he’s traveling or he’s working out 
★His life gets hectic very easily, so I imagine he has limited time for himself, relationships or sex
★When he’s stranded alone in some hotel room he likes to destress by whipping out his twitter bookmarks iykyk 👀
★He takes a warm shower and throws himself on the bed, slipping a hand under his bathrobe as he scrolls and looks for something that appeals him
★Sooo Lev is tall, meaning that it’s only obvious that he has a heavy size kink, which means that you can bet that most of his bookmarks are girls being split in half on big dicks, pussy dripping and eyes watering my clit jumped 🫣
★His big hand palms at his cock, fingers dragging along his warm shaft
★I see Lev having a really pretty dick. Long and smooth, with one greenish vein that twists to the top on the underside
★I feel like it’s also on the thinner side, but it curvessss so you know he will be hitting that sweet spot 🥴
★His thumb toys with the pink head, smearing the clear droplet of precum that buds when the girl in the video starts sucking on that huge cock she’s presented with, lips slippery and stretched out
★He starts stroking himself properly when she starts riding the lucky man, hips flicking and dropping as she moans and whines
★I feel like he wouldn't wear earphones, probably out of laziness, mostly because he doesn’t care; the volume is not that high anyways
★I also think he likes videos where the woman is rather noisy; not porn level screaming, but audible. He likes sex to sound like…sex he’s noisy too, but I will speak on that later
★But the thing he loves the most are those POV videos, where it looks like he’s doing the fucking
★He likes the ones where there’s some light manhandling, like a bit of tit or ass grabbing, a bit of hair pulling, maybe a few spanks my twin fr 🤞🏾
★And you bet that he cums instantly when she scrambles on her knees, tongue sticking out to drink all the cum she’s given
★She looks so little compared to him, and he loves the submission of the act yes he’s a dom …kinda
★He cums in his hand, a few spurts ending on his washboard abs; but if he gets too carried away, he cums on his phone screen, too lost in the moment to realize that that hot, wet mouth isn’t real, but just a bunch of pixels :(
★I see him as one of those guys who suffers from post-nut clarity, like, as soon as he wipes his screen and himself, it hits him and he feels a bit silly that he came all over himself like that
★He’s still a horndog, though, so you know he’ll be looking for another video to bust a nut to if one is not enough
★He’s generally kinda satisfied with jacking off, even if feeling some good pussy grip on him more often would probably solve all his problems that pussy got power
★Now, when he meets you, pretty little thing, he’s bricked up 🧱
★He acts like a player, trying to flirt with you with stupid pickup lines and dumb shit that just makes you giggle 
★mans thinks he’s a jokester, but you laugh just because he looks more silly than anything 🤭
★He has this little boyish smile that wins your heart over
★And he is a tree, a fine one of that bro’s gorgeous ong 😳
★It doesn’t take much for you to hit it off, and I assure you that this man’s mind is a damn swamp the whoooooole time you’re together
★You lick your lips and now he’s thinking about you sucking him off
★You touch your hair and he’s thinking about pulling on it
★You bend over and he imagines smacking that ass
★Brotha’s starving 😬
★But you’re pretty af 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾
★And when you do drop the coochie on him (whether immediately or a bit later it doesn’t matter, you do you 🥰) man’s in heaven
★Pussy tight, pussy clean, pussy fresh 💁🏾‍♀️
★I’m sure he’s a cheeky pleasure dom
★Like, he’ll make you cum nonstop, but he teases you at the same time for it he’s doing his best to not fall into a pussy-induced coma cause that pussy’s life changing 
★He’ll talk your ear off, just to stop himself from making the cutest noises ever
★He’s an ALpHa mALe 🙄  yes he listens to those podcasts, but he stops once he meets you
★He has a sweet side to him too
★You can tell when he sucks on your nipples, or when he kisses you, and even when he eats you out
★He’s so gentle with his mouth, you’d never guess that he taunts you during the whole thing 😳
★But that is usually quick-lived, because then he’s back with his usual self
★He’ll have you ride his abs, to hen tease about how desperate you are or he'll finger you with those looong digits of his before having you lose your shit on his cock <3
★He loves pushing your legs up to your ears, unable to stop plunging into you
★He didn’t know he went swimming 🤔 under the sea 🎶🧜🏻‍♀️🦞🐠🐙
★You just keep taking him in and smearing him with your cream, the same cream he will have you lick off him later 🫣
★And when you do, his knees risk to give out
★Your pink tongue looks delicious as it collects your own essence from the milky skin of his cock
★The way you suckle on the tip has his head spin
★And when you line up the seam of his ball sack he’s borderline shouting i told you he was loud
★He groans deeply when you pop one testicle in your mouth, swishing it around and drooling all over it, as your hand tugs on his dick
★His balls are a bit small, round and tucked right under the base of his cock, whether it's hot or cold wrinkly ballz 4L 🤪
★Needless to say, but you’re slobbering all over that shit 😌
★And that’s where the power dynamics switch and he’s all putty in your hands 
★There, I said it, Lev Haiba is a switch and I'LL DIE ON THIS HILL 😤
★He tries to fight it off in the beginning and I assure you that he looks so pathetic while doing so
★His face is all scrunched up and red, like if he were fighting for his LIFE
★Like broooo RELAXXXX 😂😂😂
★Tomato lookin ass 😒
★God FORBID this man makes any sus sounding noise, or else he’ll be stripped of his aLpHA status 🙄
★But once he gets comfortable, the whines that flow out of his mouth???
★They’re so soft and needy 😩
★And when he’s about to cum, he’ll be all breathy and he’ll be choking on his moans, unable to finish his sentences whewww 🫦
★And when you ride him, titties all in his face, he’s so gone that maybe a small “ma’am” could slip out BUT IDK, you didn’t hear that from me 🤷🏾‍♀️🤫🤐
★He also develops a sort of inverted size kink??
★He likes that you’re smaller than him and that he lets you have control over him 😏
★He likes it when your smaller hands grab onto his arms and pin them against his chest while you ride him
★He could push you off, but he wouldn’t dare challenge you, not with that look in your eyes 
★A good boy indeed 😌
★And remember how I said he likes a lil spank here and there?? Watch him go CRAZY over a little slap on his nipples or the head of his hard cock 🤭
★Maybe as a punishment hehe BUT WHO AM I TO SPEAK these are just SPECULATIONS, your honor 😅
★And DO NOT be afraid to tease him back 
★Sometimes Lev likes to take back his control, by being all high and mighty
★But say that you’re not having it this one time, do not hesitate to put him back in his place by giving him a taste of his medicine 😏
★And even if he looks bitter that you’re trolling him, he loves the back and forth, and, besides, he’ll forget this whole power play thing when he’ll be drooling all over your pussy, hips humping the mattress in desperation 😌
★I see him having a praise kink too
★According to canon, he proclaimed himself as Nekoma’s ace
★And then he becomes a model, getting literally PAID for looking good
★So it’s not far fetched to consider him a bit full of himself 🤷🏾‍♀️
★So why wouldn’t he want you to tell him how amazing he is when he’s balls deep inside you? 🤔
★Bonus points if you’re babying him and rewarding him for following your instructions 
★You have him cum on your tongue, but instead of being all submissive, you are giving him permission to do so, eyes low and mischievous
★You look sinful with your tongue painted in white, looking up at him as if he were the one using you
★Truth is, whether he’s in control or not, he loves how you’re always his little cumdump <3
★And best believe that you do too
Tumblr media
Reblogs and comments are appreciated!
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Tumblr media
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ushisrever · 2 days ago
Pair: Miya Osamu x chubbyfm!reader
Genre: fluff
Summary: Osamu wears tight shirt or suit as atsumu advised…to seduce you (his roommate)
A/n: it’s been so long since I posted something. Simnce its break time, I’ll post more hopefully. It took me awhile to finish this. I didn’t even realize this will be lomg so here it is lol. Just a new self indulgemt lol
Taglist: @sunarent @sunarinnie @crystal-lilac @moontxz @kenmakozumeswifey @bakugossanity
Tumblr media
“This is not going to work, Atsumu,” Osamu growls at his brother. Though, his brother literally is not having it.
“The fact that you already asked me for advice on how to get their attention, you are left with no choice,” Atsumu chuckles. He just watches his brother repeatedly fixing his white polo that is practically one size smaller that he always wears in front of a mirror. The twins have been staying in the backroom where the cafe staff usually settle. A cafe Osamu opened as another business of his. While the staff are outside handling the orders and all that, Atsumu is in help-mode for his brother who practically has fallen over heels to one of the regular customers.
“Trust me. It’ll work,” Atsmu sighed.
“But does the polo have to be this fit?” Osamu turns to his brother.
Atsumu chuckles. “Well, that’s practically the point,”
“Isn’t the point to look oh-so mature?” Osamu fixes his sleeves.
“My goodness. Be glad that my girlfriend knows them well to pass on these pointers,” Atsumu comes closer to his brother and gives him a pat on the shoulder. “If it’s really just the polo then I should have let you wear that brown polo uniform you usually wear. The point is to actually look good in the outfit and show off a little bit of….muscle. Especially the chest muscles” he added. Atsumu can’t help but just laugh at the frown and little bit of seriousness on Osamu’s side.
Osamu doesn’t answer anymore. Here’s the thing. He would have done it himself the moment he found himself liking a certain regular customer in the coffee shop. Though, his little advances such as the little notes and the small talks are not taking him anymore. Therefore, when he found out that Atsumu actually knows this person, he swallowed his pride and asked his brother for help.
“What time is she arriving anyway?” Atsumu asked.
At that, it only occurred to Osamu that you are arriving anytime soon. He then quickly wraps his apron around his waist and heads out without minding his brother at all. He heads over behind the counter. Just in time, you arrive at the coffee shop. As cliche as it sounds. Whenever you enter the coffee shop, everything seems to stop around Osamu (well not literally). His heart always pounds against his chest. Everyone else but him notices the blush that appears on his cheeks whenever you stand in front of the counter with a smile.
"Hi, Osamu," you finally said. He takes a while before he finally speaks.
"Good day, y/n. The usual?" He asked.
You smiled and nodded. He always loves your bright expression. He then places your usual order of iced chocolate and eclair. It doesn't take long before one of his staff makes your order. With this, he takes his time to have a small chat with you.
"So, how's work so far?" Osamu asked.
"Not that interesting. Though, since we are working on an anniversary project, we'll soon be busy," you said. Then from there, you and Osamu start to have a quick conversation about anything else. You always love the short conversation with Osamu. It feels natural and just easing (probably one reason why you kept going back to the coffee shop). Being new in the city, it sure sometimes feels lonely. It was probably the little conversation with this barista owner you met that made things much better.
Though, you always knew that this man has a handsome look. However, you don't seem to mind it at all. You always thought you don't have a chance or most likely he's already dating someone. So, if anything, you just let him be your very handsome barista friend you know. Although, now, the more you spend time talking, the more you just notice something…different in his usual look. It took awhile before you managed to notice it.
"If…you don't mind me asking," you suddenly blurted out. It's not exactly you who just say whatever you want, but the words just came out.
"Yes?" Osamu asked.
"I…well…I mean…I don't mean to sound rude or anything just well I just noticed something different. Have you been working out?" You asked. You seriously just blushed that you actually asked that. Well, you already dug your own grave.
"You know what just ignore the question. That was a weird question," you said and just in time oje of the staff serves your drink. It's really good timing. You have no idea where the conversation will go. You sure wouldn't want the conversation to lead to you admitting that the fact that his fit polo shows off more of his big chest just makes you think things. You don't want to label yourself as a pervert. You will not think more than just that he looks fine in that fit polo. That's it.
"I mean I do work out from time to time," Osamu cuts you off from your thoughts. You look up at him to see a smile and a blush.
"Oh…uh…well…um-" you have no idea what to say.
And that saves the bell. Your phone rings.
"Oh sorry, I have to take that. I…uh…see you tomorrow," you said with a forced smile. You immediately answer the call and leave the cafe which then leaves Osamu hanging.
When silence settles in, it is broken with Atsumu's laugh. He cackles at how the supposed flirting ended up.
"Shut up!" Osamu growls.
"Uh…I mean I do work out from time to time," Atsumu imitates his brother's failed flirting attempt. "If only I've got that on video. Is that how you flirt even with other women?" He laughs again.
Osamu groans and goes back to the backroom to change into his usual uniform. Atsumu follows inside.
"Why are you changing back?" Atsumu said with an amused smile.
"I'm not asking you for advice again," Osamu unbottons his polo.
Atsumu laughs. "Don't be so dramatic. The polo tactic worked,"
Osamu stops and he turns to his twin brother. "Didn't you just see what happened back there?"
Atsumu then sighs from his brother's drama. "Why the heck do you think she asked if you worked out? She noticed that something was different. Just add a little flirting to say you're interested at her then it'll be better than today's awful attempt,"
Atsumu pulls out his phone and does some typing. In a second, Osamu's phone notification turned on. Osamu takes out his phone and reads a message from his brother.
"What's this?" Osamu asked.
"We're having a drink today. My girlfriend and y/n will be there. Redeem yourself," Atsumu said and turned to the door. "Oh…and make sure to wear something semi-formal. Use that polo, then just add on a slacks and blazer then you're good,"
At that, Atsumu left, leaving Osamu in his own thoughts. Well, instead of nervousness or whatnot, he sure felt a strong determination to make sure that this time it works.
Tumblr media
On second thought…this is not going as he planned.
It's not him to be late to any parties, but this sure changed things when he remembered that coffee beans and ingredient orders were to arrive. It means he has to help with sorting them.
Now, when he arrives at the hotel bar to where he is told to go, he is already an hour late. Why does the hotel have to be forty five minutes away? He thought.
Though, when he got to the place, he didn't realize that it was a party. It was a sort of office celebration of sorts. There are banners and balloons here and there and many who are in their work clothes. He walks around trying to find Atsumu, and it doesn't take long before he finds his brother with his girlfriend.
"Hey," He calls. Atsumu turns to his brother.
"Eyy, you made it," Atsumu takes a look at his outfit.
"You followed my advice," Atsumu smiled. Osamu simply rolls his eyes.
"Have you seen y/n?" Osamu looks around.
"Um…I'm not actually sure," Atsumu turns to his girlfriend.
"She usually just stays in one place. I last saw her…there she is," Atsumu's girlfriend points out. Osamu looks at where she's pointing and finds you to have come out from the restroom. He notices that you've changed into a semi-formal attire. For a moment, he admired the simple dark blue slit dress that shapes your plush curves. You then have a simple black coat that covers a bit of the dress and your exposed skin.
He doesn't waste anymore time and follows you. Though, he then notices that you are already leaving the hotel bar. He suddenly felt the defeat creeping up from behind him. He hurries his pace and follows you out. For a moment, he loses sight of you and immediately finds you in front of the lobby desk.
He waits for a moment before you finally turn and you see him.
"Osamu?" Your eyes filled with surprise.
"Hi," Osamu said with a smile.
"Wh-what are you doing here?" You asked.
"Um, Atsumu invited me to the work party. I kind of arrived late," Osamu rubs the back of his neck. Though, his eyes travel down to your hand that is holding a hotel card key.
"You've checked in?" He asked.
You look at the key you're holding. "Oh..um…yeah. I'm feeling a little tipsy and I don't feel like going home," you said with a smile. However, he definitely notices that there's something bothering you. He feels like behind that smile is someone who's feeling down.
Silence blankets between the two of you. Your mind is practically everywhere. Parties are never really your thing. You really don't like how you feel like it's a pit of negative thoughts. Whenever you are in a party, no matter how much you dress, there is always this lingering feeling of insecurity. You repeatedly tell yourself that people aren't judging you, but whenever people glance at you in parties, you always feel so small. Now, it is just the same in the party. You don't want to just sit there and let yourself drown in those thoughts. So..here you are with a hotel card key.
"I'm guessing then that you'll be going up to rest?" Osamu asked. He tries not to show the disappointed and defeated feeling that is enveloping his feelings. Though, you sure did notice a little bicker of hope in his eyes. You don't know if it's hope but it just made you not want to deny him away. Besides, seeing him here suddenly even made you feel better than how you usually are in other parties.
"Well…not really rest. I don't think I'm that sleepy yet," you see his eyes glint. "Do you perhaps want to come up with me? We can just hang out and talk," you said.
Osamu knows there's no hidden motive behind those words but he can't help but just blush. Snap out of it…it's not that. He kept repeating himself.
"Of course, I would love to. I could get us some pastries and coffee from nearby and take it to the hotel room," he said.
"That'll be lovely. Thank you. I'll be in room 2105," you said.
"Got it," Osamu refrained himself from dashing out to do the task so that he could hurry back to meet with you again. “You go ahead,” He added.
You simply smiled and turned to head over to the elevator. Osamu then turns to go to the nearest cafe. However, as he turns he finds his brother smirking at him.
“The heck. How long have you been there?” Osamu frowns.
“Just in time for me to hear her invite you to her hotel room,” Atsumu smirks.
Osamu can’t help but sigh. “It’s not what you think. We’ll just have a chat,”
“Then why does it have to be in a hotel room,” Atsumu chuckles.
“You pervert. I’m not like you,” Osamu growls. He then walks away.
“Make sure to use protection!” Out of all the places, Atsumu had to say that outloud.
“You jerk!” Osamu mumbles. His cheeks blushing by the idea, but he is sure that that would not be what is happening. He is already content and happy with just being able to spend more time with you.
Osamu hurries to the nearest cafe and buys your usual favorite of iced chocolate and sweet pastries. It doesn’t take long for him to get back to the hotel and head up to your room. He knocks on the door and you immediately open it.
“That was quite quick,” you step aside and let him in.
“It was just nearby and there weren’t many people,” He entered only to notice that you actually got a suite room. He then finds himself standing in a small living room with one door leading to the bedroom itself.
“You got yourself a suite?” He asked as he put down the drinks and pastries on the center table.
“Yeah. I’m thinking of staying here over the weekend. This will be a little nice treat to myself, I guess,” you chuckled and settled on the couch.
“That’s a nice treat,” Osamu takes out the drinks and gives you the ice chocolate.
“Thanks,” You mumbled.
"So…tell me…what's the reason for you to go to my work party?" You asked. In all honesty, the question took Osamu off guard to the point you noticed him tense up. You can't help but simply chuckle at the sudden reaction.
He settles a few spaces beside you and gives an awkward smile. "Uh…well, can't I simply go to a party?"
You smirk and tilt your head to the side. "That is the most obvious lie I've ever heard,"
"What makes you think it is a lie?" Osamu's cheeks are turning red.
"If you must know…I'm an observant person myself. There have been few instances in the coffee shop where you do the exact same thing when you try to lie," You take a sip of your drink.
Osamu doesn't answer.
"So, I'm assuming there's a specific reason why you went to my work party? I get why Atsumu is there. How about you? Perhaps…someone catching your eye?" You asked. Though, you are too oblivious for your own good to even realize that the question you're asking is making him dig his own grave. He didn't even think it through as to make up an excuse for it.
"Perhaps," he said with a calm expression.
You smile and chuckle. "Look at you single and ready to mingle. You should have gone back to go back to the party then rather than staying here with me," you casually take a look at your phone just to check for any messages or notifications. Though, at this time, Osamu's gaze shifts differently as he notices that you have no idea as to why he is here instead of at the party.
"..would you believe me if I say that I was there because of you?" Osamu takes a sip of his drink.
"Hm? Me?" You look at him with no actual clue.
Osamu nods.
"Did I forget to pay or something?" You chuckle.
Osamu takes a deep breath and takes a leap of faith by scooting closer to you. His eyes gazing into yours with admiration.
"No. I just wanted to see you," his voice low and smooth but you can feel the sincerity in his voice. The moment he sees the blush on your cheeks, he knew that you understood what it meant.
You chuckle nervously and look away. "Don't kid around, Osamu,"
Osamu tilts his head to get your gaze. "Look at me, y/n," he said. You are hesitant at first, but you turn your gaze back at him.
"I hope that what I'm about to say doesn't ruin what we have now," Osamu takes a deep breath. "I…like you and I hope to take you out on a date if you allow it,"
Your eyes widen as you process the words. Though, you have to be honest that you did have a little crush on him, but you always counter yourself that it will be a far fetched dream. Therefore, the more you process the words the more you are in disbelief.
You stand up from the couch. "I…uh…I'm sure you're mistaken," you chuckle nervously. You put your drink on the desk nearby.
"Mistaken? I'm pretty sure that the person I like is you. No one is as beautiful as you," you blush at his words. You could feel your heart thundering against your chest. At the moment, you have no idea where to put your hands.
"Then…um…maybe you're bewitched or something?" You honestly have no idea how to go about this conversation. Though, with the way Osamu is looking at you, he seems like he is not backing out now.
Osamu stands up and slowly walks over to you. You try to look everywhere else other than him, but you hear him speak once more. "If I were bewitched…then I'm glad I was bewitched by you," he stops with only a step away from you.
He grabs your hand. When you turn to look at him, he places a kiss on your knuckles. As much as you find yourself not breathing anymore, you have no idea how much Osamu wants to do this. He's taking his chances. He wants to break the wall of obliviousness that stops him from asking you out.
"You…you're crazy," you mumble.
Osamu smiles at the sudden shyness. He pushes a strand of hair away from your face. "Crazy for you," he chuckles.
You then look up at him, trying to find any lie in them, but you couldn't find anything. "Are you sure you like me? I mean…look at me "
"I look at you and all I could think about is seeing your smile, hugging your plush form, caressing your cheeks…kissing your lips," At the last part, his eyes look down on your lips. Your breath hitch at the implication of it. However, as much as Osamu wants to do that, he doesn't want to force you. He'll give you the space.
"As much as I don't want you to hear you say no…but don't be pressured. If you say no, then we'll just go back to how we are before," he said and smiled. He takes a step back.
Before silence seeos in, you hear your phone ring.
"I…I think I have to take that," you said. You grab your phone, but you look at Osamu and you slowly see the nervousness in his face. Therefore, before you answer the call and go to the room, you give him an assuring smile.
"This will take awhile. Please…don't leave," you said.
Osamu nods. You enter the bedroom and answer your call. You then take a call which is apparently from your co-worker. The conversation is not as important but it did take awhile.
Therefore, the moment you finish the call, you immediately open the door. However, you stop midway when you hear Osamu talking to someone. You take a peek to find him sitting on the couch and on the phone.
"No I will not open two buttons of my shirt, you dumbass," You hear him mutter.
"It's not attractive, it's being a complete pervert. She might think that I'm just after her just to sleep with her," You hear him take a deep breath. "I just…I'm serious, 'tsumu. I don't want to screw this over. Well, I think I'm already screwing it over," he lets out a bitter laugh.
"Confess? Sure did, dumbass," then silence lingers in. Then, he lets out a soft chuckle.
"Wow, that's the first time I ever heard you try to cheer me up," you heard him say. "Well, I'll hold you to that. I guess all I could do is hope. Oh gosh, if I actually get rejected, I will never ask you for advice again. You and your tight polo tactic…" Osamu goes on bickering with his brother. Though, as he goes on and speaks your mind wanders to the things he said.
I like you and I hope to take you out on a date if you allow it.
You've always wanted to experience a kind of date that is not forced. A date wherein there is no awkwardness and there are actual mutual feelings for each other. Though, it seems too good to be true. Even if you see yourself wanting to say yes to him, it all feels too good to be true. It's as if someone is playing a joke on you and making a fool out of you. As much as you know true worth in every accomplishment you've had in life, when it comes to this aspect of life - dating - you don't exactly have as much confidence with it. You know your type (as to admit that Osamu is your exact type), but sometimes there are instances in life where life makes it look like you are aiming too high. So, in this kind of situation…what are you supposed to do?
You grab the door knob but you don't turn it. Though, with all that you've been through, you've learned that you get the happiness you deserve as long as you take the first hard step. Perhaps, this is the first step. It's just much scarier since it involves your heart and another person. If this goes south, it'll be difficult to move on (yet still be able to move on). Though, it's a matter of taking the first step.
You grip harder on the door knob and before you even turn it, you hear a knock on the door.
"Um…uh…hey, it's me," Osamu said. "Listen…um…I won't take it against you if you reject me. If you don't feel the same way, I'll completely understand. I am more than willing to be your friend you can talk to…if you're still comfortable with that. I just thought I need to-" you don't let him finish at all and immediately open the door.
"Stop right there," you said.
His voice falters. Your eyes do not look at him, but you can feel his anticipated look on you.
"Listen…um…it's not that I don't like you or that I'm avoiding you because of it," you take a deep breath. "It's just that…I just feel like you deserve so much better. If I say yes, I feel like I'm being selfish or that I'm aiming too-" It's Osamu's turn to cut you off. However, he does this by crashing his lips into yours. It wasn't soft. Rather it was claiming and possessive. Before you could even think of responding properly to the kiss he pulls away.
"Slap me if that was too forward for me," he mumbles. His eyes looked down with guilt. "But I just can't bear to hear those words coming from those lips. I hate to see you lower yourself when in truth that you are everything I asked for. I don't think I can let those derogatory thoughts get in the way of you being with me," he explained.
Silence looms over between the two of you. When the silence was taking too long, Osamu slowly raised his gaze to yours. His heart sank as he finds tears falling across your cheeks.
"Y/n?" His voice soft as he tries to reach for you. Before he could do so, you take a step forward and wrap your arms around him. Your face buried on his chest.
"Did…did I say something to hurt you?" He asked. You shake your head. Your grip tightens around him. He then takes this time to wrap his arms around you.
"Yes," you said against his chest. "I'll go out with you,"
With those words, you hear his heart beating faster than usual. You smile as you even feel his arms wrapping tight around you.
"So I'm dating the handsome Miya Osamu," you pull away from him and give him one of those soft sincere smiles. Though, there is a playful tone to your voice which made him chuckle.
"You make it sound like a demigod or something," he chuckles.
"Demigod? Oh please…you're an angel fallen from the sky with that outfit of yo-" your voice falters as you find yourself slipping the words that's been running in your head since this morning you saw him in that new outfit.
"Who said that?" You awkwardly smile and look around the place as if trying to find the person who talked. You try to pull away but Osamu has you by the waist. His lips turn into a smirk and his eyes gazes at you causing you to feel a bit too hot for your own good.
"So, it did work," he smirked.
"What do you mean it worked?" You take a quick glance at him.
"Oh nothing, just a little thing my brother helped me too. I should thank him later because my girlfriend is absolutely loving this outfit," he leans forwars by your ear. At that moment, your breathe hitched.
"Tell me. What do you like about the outfit?" His voice lower than it usually is.
"Uh…um…it makes you look handsome, of course," you try to get away from the questiom by throwing in a chuckle and a smile.
He puts on a playful pout. "I took some effort to look good, won't you at least give your dear boyfriend some specific of what you liked about it,"
You laugh nervously. You take a deep breathe. "Well…I'll tell you in another…lifetime," you finally get to pull away. He chuckles and nods in defeat.
Silence hits in between the two of you, but it was a comfortable one. You have no idea how much Osamu is over the moon just by the idea of finally being with you. He takes a step forward and gives you a sweet kiss on the forehead.
"I promise you, I'll give you the love that you deserve," he said with a sweet smile.
You mirror his expression and replied.
"I will too,"
And you two ends the night with a sweet passionate kiss.
"So…how was the weekend?" Atsumu visits his brother in the cafe. Osamu rolls his eyes as he sees his brother giving a smirk and knowing look.
Osamu doesn't answer and simply walks to the used table to clean it. Atsumu follows from behind.
"Were there some spicy actions involved?" Atsumu teased.
"None of your business," Osamu bickers back.
"So something did happen," Atsumu smirks once more. Osamu didn't answer anymore. Though, as he turns he finds you entering the cafe.
"Y/n?" You walk over to him.
"Hi," you smiled. You glance at Atsumu for a while and give him a quick greeting before looking back at Osamu. "I was just passing by before my break was finished," you added.
"Oh, do you want to have lunch then?" Osamu asked, ignoring Atsumu's watchful eye.
"Oh, I already ate. Perhaps, dinner later if you like," Osamu nods.
"I came here to give you this," you hand over a paper bag. Osamu then takes it.
"What's this?" He looks at what's inside and sees the polo he wore last weekend.
"I managed to fix the missing buttons, but I also bought a new one if the sewing didn't work. I felt really bad for ruining your polo," you chuckle nervously. Though, those words are honestly innocent. It was just that Saturday night when you two lead the sweet kiss into some passionate makeout, you accidentally pulled his polo too hard for it to rip open. It's not that you meant to rip it open. Accidents really do just happen.
"It's totally fine. It was an accident, you didn't have to, but thank you," Osamu blushed. Atsumu kept looking at them back and forth.
"Anyway, see you later?" You asked. Osamu nods. At that, you leave the cafe. When you're out of sight, Atsumu lets a smirk slip on his lips.
"Ohh, so something did happen,"
Osamu just glares at him, but the blush is noticeable on his cheeks.
Though…as much as you found it embarrassing to accidentally rip your boyfriend's poko on the first day, something sparked inside Osamu. Well, that's for another story.
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omiiya · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
the captains' love languages (giving)
Tumblr media
[ BOKUTO ]: physical touch
bokuto is a very physical person. he loves having his hands on you and doesn't really know any other way to show love for you. in public, he may not be as physical since pda is looked down upon in japan. he'll try to touch you in sbutle ways like putting a hand on your shoulder, but nothing extremely obvious like kissing. in private, however, he'll try to cuddle you all the time, play with your hair, play with your hands, kiss you all over, etc.
[ DAICHI ]: quality time
daichi shows his love for you by wanting to be around you and spend time with you. he sets aside time to spend with you. even if it's a day that he's busy, he still makes time for you. whenever you spend time together, he gives you his full, undivided attention. when he asks you how your day was, he listens genuinely and cares about what you have to say. he rarely ever cancels plans that you or him make to be with each other.
[ KITA ]: 60% acts of service + 40% giving gifts
kita is someone who gets his happiness from serving others. he will do anything for you if you ask him too. he does the chores that you don't like to do, and he does the shopping when you're just to tired. when you're sick, he'll wait on you hand and foot. kita is also thoughtful and attentive. if he's walking around and sees something that reminds you of him, 100% of the time he will buy it for you. if he sees something that you've you mentioned you've always wanted, he'll buy it for you. if he sees something that he knows will cheer you up when you've had a rough day, guess what. that's right. he'll buy it for you.
[ KUROO ]: physical touch
kuroo is just like bokuto—extremely touchy in private, very tame in public. he oftentimes finds himself touching you subconsciously. not every touch is inherently sexual. when you are sitting next to each other, he'll pull your legs over his lap. when he holds your hand, he rubs circles over the back of it with his thumb. he likes kissing your hands, your wrists, the place where your jaw meets your neck. he's not great at emotional support, but he tries. when you need to vent, he listens and hugs or cuddles you to comfort you.
[ OIKAWA ]: 95% words of affirmation + 5% giving gifts
oikawa loves hyping you up. it pains him to go a few minutes without saying how beautiful you are or how much he loves you. if you make a subtle change to your appearance, he notices immediately and compliments you on it. he always attributes his successes to you by saying, "if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be able to..." or "i couldn't have done this without you." he tells you how much he appreciates you and how proud of you he is when you have your successes. though, it doesn't happen often, he also will buy you gifts he think you'll like. if you see an outfit that you like while windowshopping, he'll buy it for you. most of his gifts are pretty extravagant, though, bc he's extra.
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated!
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ashthemadwriter · a day ago
Things that Haikyuu men would cheat on you with!
Tumblr media
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairings:Various Characters X reader Genre:Angst (Lmao sure) Warnings:Heart breaking content ahead! A/n:this came to my mind while i was in the shower lmao.also,this post is just for fun,nothing serious or offending.i love all these boys!
Tumblr media
↬Tobio Kageyama ⇝ Milk
↬Osamu Miya ⇝ Food,specially Onigiri
↬Rintarou Suna ⇝ His bed
↬Kenma Kozume ⇝ Video Games
↬Ryuunosuke Tanaka ⇝ Kyoko Shimizu (i mean...)
↬Kei Tsukishima ⇝ Dinosaurs (lol nooooo)
↬Koutaro Bokuto ⇝ VolleyBall
↬Atsumu Miya ⇝ VolleyBall
↬Keiji Akaashi ⇝ Hentai Mangas
↬Tooru Oikawa ⇝ Himself (Narcissist lol)
↬Hajime Iwaizumi ⇝ He wont cheat Hes a loyal man
↬Shinsuke Kita ⇝ Farms
↬Shoyo Hinata ⇝ Also VolleyBall
↬Wakatishi Ushijima ⇝ The idea wouldn't even cross his mind
Yeah...just wanted to give ya all a heads up lmao goodbye
Reblogs are appreciated :>
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kiribakuswife · 12 hours ago
What about Kuroo finding out that you never gave a blowjob?
Pairing: Kuroo x fem!reader x Kenma
Warnings: oral (m. reciving), penetrative sex, cuckold(?), slight cum play, 3some mmf with slight mlm
A/N: I started writing this in class sjjsks. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and let me know if I missed any warnings.
He finds out after a few times you had sex when you ask if you can give him head, because your first times are all about pleasuring you and mapping your body. But when you try he immediately understands that you are inexperienced and the fact that your gag reflex kicks in immediately when you put a little more than just the tip in your mouth confirms his thoughts.
So as the good boyfriend he is, Kuroo decides to train your throat. But of course he understands that he's too big, so he asks Kenma to help, because he is more average and on the thinner side (and he knows that before meeting him you had a crush on Kenma).
And that's how you found yourself in this position: on your knees with Kuroo's hands in your hair moving your head while you suck Kenma, who is sat on your boyfriend's lap.
Pretty breathy moans leave the lips of the boy, that has his head thrown back over his friend's shoulder. He would have never guessed it was your first time with the way you were moving thanks to the indications of Kuroo and your will to be good. Plus, the fact that he was taking you mouth virginity and that you were his best friend's girlfriend stimulated his corruption kink.
But he wasn't the only one who was fulfilling a fantasy. Kuroo always dreamed about sharing his girlfriend with Kenma, so the sight of you giving him a blow job and the music that came from him made him probably the hardest he has ever been.
Without anyone paying attention to it, he started rutting his hips against Kenma, making him shove more of his dick down your throat, which resulted in both of you to moan. The vibrations of yours sending shivers of pleasure through the boy's body.
After some practise, and a lot of edging Kenma, you were finally able to take him all to the base in your mouth and to pleasure him without needing Kuroo's indications. At that point you gave Kenma a real blow job, alternating between sucking his dick and his balls, giving more attention to his most sensitive spots and deep throating him.
With all the stimulation he already got from you practicing, it didn't take long for the boy to get close. So, with permission from your boyfriend, who made you move, he came on your cute tongue while you stroked him, making the prettiest sounds.
Kuroo made you shallow it and fortunately it was sweet (Kenma definitely didn't eat fruits to make it taste better for the occasion, yeah, definitely not). Then he commanded you around, positioning you on all fours with Kenma behind you and him before your face.
He said that to thank Kenma for his disponibility to help you practice, you would have let him have your pussy,and at the same time you had to start exploring his dick.
When Kenma penetrated you you didn't feel the usual stretch that you got from Kuroo. Not like you didn't feel nothing, it was more than pleasurable, especially with the way his tip, a little curved, hitted perfectly your g-spot, like it was made for it. He finally sheeted all his dick inside you and both moaned at the same time.
"F-fuck, she's so thight"
"Mhh, she's still thigh after 3 orgasms, can't imagine without prep"
Kuroo took your chin between his fingers to make you look at him. "Say pretty baby, does Kenma make you feel good like you to him?"
"Yes, feel so good" "Good thing. Then, why don't you try sucking me again, you can do that now, right?" You nodded and took his cock in your hand, giving kitten licks, while Kenma started moving.
After little he was thrusting into you at a high speed, arms around your waist and his head in the crook of your neck, whispering in your ear how much you made him feel good. At the same time you were outlining all the veins on Kuroo's dick in between moans from getting fucked. Then, decided that it was easier, your lips attached to his balls while you stroked him. The vibrations of your moans and the sight of you and his best friend quickened his orgasm.
"Open your pretty mouth princess"
With the tip in your mouth he cummed, but told you not to shallow. Instead Kenma turned your head and kissed you. A mess of saliva and sperm escaping your mouth as your tongues twirled one with the other in the attempt to share your boyfriend's cum. As you cummed together you moaned in the kiss and Kuroo swore he could have had another orgasm at the heavenly sight before his eyes.
From now on whenever you and Kuroo had to try something new you'll definitely ask Kenma to help you.
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bbysamu · a day ago
Tumblr media
PICK A DATE - HQ ver. 
Tumblr media
ʚɞ synopsis: pick the description of your choosing and read below the cut to reveal who you’re going out with and a sneak peek of your date!
heavily inspired by: this tiktok series 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shykidsblog · a day ago
“It sucks to be me.”
The day just sucked. Work sucks, college sucks. A cat scratched your hand, and hissed at you. You missed the train on your way back home and had to wait for an hour and half for the next one. Your headache was an acting up for you hadn't had breakfast this morning, and when you decided to eat something, they misspelled your name. Everything just sucks.
So, here you are, laying your head on the kitchen table and banging your head repeatedly on the hard wood.
A warm hand prevented your reddened forehead from meeting the flat surface again. It was your sweet boyfriend, Kenma's hand. A sweet smile was placed on his pink, thin lips.
“I don't know about being you, but being with you doesn't suck, at all.”
His voice was soft, and his tone were delicate enough to bring tears tou your eyes.
“No.. I suck both ways.” you said, turning your head to the other. Kenma sat on the chair next to yours. Placed his hand softly on your upper back and caressed calmly, sending some warmness to your shivering bones.
“Don't you trust me?” Kenma asked. To which you nodded without looking at him. Then he said smiling, and you could see it from the way his words sounded so happily “then when I say you don't suck, that means you don't.. maybe at Mario kart but that's another thi-” you smacked his arm lightly, laughing quietly along with his cute little giggles.
Kenma's hands approached your cold cheeks softly, looking deeply, and lovingly into your sad eyes. “even if you do suck, I wouldn't have asked for a different lover.”
It was times like these where you appreciate taking the first step and confessing to Kenma. Having him in your life would never suck.
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shoulmate · 2 days ago
You always thought you'd visit Japan for the first time with Hajime.
That is...until he ended things. The night before graduating from UC Irvine you gave him a scrapbook of your time together, including the bracelet you made at the freshmen social where you met. He gave himself a clean break, you a broken heart, and left the next day.
You haven't spoken since.
Landing in Tokyo brings mixed feelings but there's so much to do for your team as they prepare for their event at the Olympics. You don't have time to linger on what could have been! Until the call of your name makes you pause. It's familiar but strange...one you've never heard in person.
"Oikawa?" you say in surprise as the brunette strides up to you.
"Well, well, well," he replies with a suave smile. "What are you doing here?"
You gesture to your nation's jacket with a proud grin. "Haven't you heard? I'm an athletic trainer now. What are you doing here?"
His eyes flash with something as he smirks. "Just come to collect my gold medal."
You laugh. "Confident as ever."
You're both avoiding the obvious.
Oikawa gives you a soft look as he asks "how's your dad?"
"Oh...he passed away a few years ago." You struggle to lift your gaze to the sky. "I wish he was here to see this." Oikawa nods and you mentally kick yourself for being a downer. Trying to lighten the mood you say "it was great to see you though! I'm so glad I finally got to meet you in person!"
Your throat tightens with what goes unsaid. It's been a while since you graduated but there's unresolved hurt there.
Your team calls for you. "Sorry, 'Kawa. I've got to go...but I'm so glad to bump into you here!"
"Hey, listen," Oikawa calls your name. "If you're free, would you like to come meet my team?"
You frown. "Your team? Why?"
"You know." He grins with his usual self-assuredness. "So I can show off about knowing an athletic trainer for another country."
With a snort you agree. "Sure. Do you still have my number?" When he nods you say "just text me when and I'll stop by if I can."
His teammates are nice enough though there's not much to be said over the language barrier. You think you're done with these emotionally charged interactions but Oikawa's pushing for more. He convinces you to come watch one of their games.
"Oikawa!" you admonish him as he drags you into the stadium. "This is the finals. Are you insane?!"
He clicks his tongue. "Now, now. It's the only time our schedules lined up. Are you saying you won't cheer for me?"
"Of course I will..." Though it makes your heart ache. "But don't you have an entire cheering section just for yourself?"
"Nonsense," he insists as he parades you up to a seat right behind their bench. "None of them are you."
You're weirdly self-conscious after he leaves to rejoin his team for the official entrance and the stadium fills up around you. Argentina comes out to an obnoxious round of applause and Oikawa hams it up, making you roll your eyes.
It's when Team Japan comes out that your heart stops and you wonder, no. You know Oikawa's done this on purpose...because the Team Japan athletic trainer comes out with his team
Wearing your bracelet.
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ophelia0357 · 11 hours ago
Hcs about Kenma with a S/O who is a gamer and a Vtuber, nobody knows the great gaming youtubers are dating though
Tumblr media
Kenma X Vtuber! Reader
Tumblr media
Kenma often get asked if he has an S/O, but his answer is always no and he knows that he is lying, but he can’t help it.
Kenma is someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in his hands since being famous and all and editing his videos and scheduling his streams, so someone who is also a gamer and a Vtuber at that does help him, because he doesn’t feel as bad if he doesn’t spend time with you because you also don’t have a lot of time in your hands.
You both often get told off by Kuroo to spend some time away from your electronics and get some sunlight and get some physical activity.
Doing all-nighters playing games, watching movies and spending time with each other.
Teaching each other games or helping each-other pass a level you can’t pass is a regular pass time. Another pass time is fighting each other to death, in video games and seeing who the superior gamer is.
Whoever loses need to go grocery shopping for two months and do the dishes and the laundry for three weeks.
Being friends with Hinata, Kuroo, Lev and Yaku who are surprised as to how Kenma got someone who is as sweet as you are.
You both only having indoor dates, cause Kenma is known and has a huge following while you’re anonymous, so it’s hard to go on an outdoor date, but since you both a literal vampires you both are cool with it.
If you both ever reveal your relationship to the media, people are gonna go crazy over you both with many fanarts, interviews, etc.
Basically you both can break the internet, but you both decided not to.
Tumblr media
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belamoursuna · a day ago
[ ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʜᴄ ]: ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴꜱʜɪᴘ
Tumblr media
𝗨𝗻𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗩𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 ✔️
ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʙᴏʏꜱ: ꜱᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ, ᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ, ᴏꜱᴀᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ
ᴀɢᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀꜱ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴꜱ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
ꜱʏɴᴏᴘꜱɪꜱ: ʏᴏᴜ ꜰɪɴᴀʟʟʏ ɢᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴꜱʜɪᴘ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴄᴀɴ ᴇɴʜᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ᴊᴏʙ. ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴇᴡꜱ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ, ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ꜰɪʟʟ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ (ᴏʀ ʜᴏʟᴇꜱ, ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅʀɪꜰᴛ)
Tumblr media
Suna Rintaro
 He is definitely fucking you on the spot
 but no, seriously, he is so overjoyed at your accomplishments in life. He understands just how much this internship means for your life and career. He is the proudest boyfriend ever
 Praises, Praises, and nothing but praises slipping his mouth while he peppered kisses all over your face and body
 Will brag about it to Atsumu and Osamu, saying he has the best girlfriend in the world
He is most definitely asking you to let him be a house-husband in the future
he's such a man slut for you (not that you're complaining)
 okay, it's been a week now and he is still bragging about your internship
it's been a month, suna. Give the reader a break from the praises! he doesn't give a shit though.
 "Such a good girl. So obedient."
 "Look at my baby being so intelligent" he would coo whenever he watched you work from home every once In a while
"Suna...Please, I can't take it anymore" You pleaded quietly, your legs trembling under his gentle touch. He only chuckled in response, his slim fingers sliding along your leg as he watched the vibrator work it's magic to bring you to another high. "Oh my love, how can I stop when you've done so good?" He mumbled, his lustful eyes glancing up at yours with a sly smirk. Your heart fluttered at his words, hands wanting to touch his face and kiss him with so much love, but of course he still wanted control over you. The little clings of the handcuff rang in your ear every time you moved to touch him, a small pout playing on your lips like a dangerous game. "Rin~" You would moan out, your legs trembling more with every second passing. This was enough to drive him insane, his body moving in between your legs. His lips came crashing down onto yours, moving together in rhythm that made everything else in the world a blur. "Such a good girl, accomplishing everything she wants in life" He spoke ever so softly, his hand now wrapping around your neck as his lips found their way down your jaw. "W-Wait!" You pleaded loudly at the sudden change of pace from the vibrator against your clit, eyes shutting tightly. He was too damn skillful with ropes that it amazed you just how quickly a vibrator could be tied to your body, especially against your pulsing clit. Blissful moans filled the room, his lips kissing every park of your jaw and face until he reached your neck. Your mind was clouded by the thought of getting fucked, tired of his game.
"Just fuck me already."
"As you wish, my princess."
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya 
OKAY BUT NO, he would be so fucking excited for your new life opportunity
a little possessiveness would come out though, wondering who you would most of your time with
“Keep going love, it’s only the start.”
He would bring you roses for weeks, love notes in each bouquet stating just how proud he is of your accomplishments 
His social media would be filled of pictures of you while working, captions filled with so much praise but hints of threat if anyone dared to hate on you
He would babble about you in his interviews, a stupid grin on his face (but still say he can do better and that he won’t lose against you)
You laughed loudly at how quickly your boyfriend lifted you from the ground, tears of joy streaming down your face. Your arms found their way around his neck, holding his head closely to your chest. He listened intently at your beating heart, swearing that his own heart was beating faster than your from the good news. “Holy shit pumpkin, look at you go” His hands holding your legs around his waist, brown eyes finding your own beautiful eyes with a huge smile on his dork face. Blonde locks everywhere, but you didn’t care. You felt so much joy from this, all you cared about was how your boyfriend reacted to positively to these news.
 “I won’t lose” 
You giggled at his childish manner, knowing deep down that he means that. His lips found yours, capturing them in a gentle kiss that spoke thousands of words. 
Tumblr media
Osamu Miya 
Damn, did you really do that? 
“I always knew you could do it.” No, this fucker had his doubts but he is glad you pulled it off. 
“Who told you to stop there?” 
He would definitely tell his brother right away about how proud he is of you 
“Guys look, isn’t she so beautiful working?”
He would visit you during your breaks to give you snacks that you love, but his aroma would be protective after noticing the amount of guys that you worked with.
His new favorite hobby is fucking you at your internship location during your breaks, not caring if the guys could hear your pleads 
Of course it’s not always that way! He also left a lot of love notes on the kitchen counter beside your lunch box 
He loves the way you would talk about your day, what you dream of doing in life and how the internship impacted you
“I’m so proud of you my love, you need to keep working hard. Keep having these dreams, these goals, never stop. Always do better, better than anyone else. 
If you come back home early, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. I am yours to control for the night, my love. Just tell me what your next steps in life are.
I love you, my darling.” 
You couldn’t hide it. The blush on your cheeks was too bright to miss, but you were so grateful that your boyfriend had already left the apartment to practice. It made your heart feel so full, the way these notes were beautifully hand written at the early hours of the day. He truly does care about your accomplishments, even if he is too selfish to admit it out loud. You pulled your phone out, scrolling through your contact list before finding his name. With a soft touch to your screen, you brought the phone to your ear. The ringing echoed in your mind, foot lightly tapping the hardwood floor until you heard him pick up. 
“God, I love you.”
“I love you, my darling. Do your best today.” He mumbled softly into the phone, a lazy smile on his face. His teammates glanced over at him from the court. shouting that he needs to come back sooner than later. He chuckled lightly at them, knowing he really doesn’t give a damn about volleyball when the love of his life calls. Though, Atsumu did push his buttons when he grumbled out, “Lazy asshole” to his brother when he didn’t hang up the phone right away to continue practicing. 
“No fighting, okay?”
“Only for you, my darling.” 
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melody-ofstars · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
~ 𝚕𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚏𝚘𝚛 @ushisrever 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚄𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚓𝚒𝚖𝚊 𝚆𝚊𝚔𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 ~
Tumblr media
Ushijima sat in the locker room, a pen in hand, and Tendou along with Goshiki peering over his shoulder while Shirabu was leaning against one of the lockers. In any other circumstance, Ushijima would have been bothered by the proximity but right now he was managing since he was helping him carry out something of great importance.
"No, no Ushijima san, that looks so formal. You are writing a love note, not a letter to the principal." Goshiki said. It was a pain to write a letter that contained one's feelings, but it was either this or an in-person confession... Which Ushijima was too shy to do, so here he was.
In a moment of weakness, he accidentally had approached Tendo for help, which led to Goshiki and Shirabu joining in as well and now the letter was... well... something.
"You gotta be poetic dude, girls love that!" Tendo suggested while Goshiki nodded in agreement.
"No, don't do that. Just be yourself Ushijima-san, don't listen to these idiots." Shirabu interrupted, he was the only mature one whose advice Ushijima would really consider but right now, every piece of suggestion was welcome.
The letter ended up becoming a work of art and was delivered to you by Ushijima who was a blushing mess the whole time.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Event || click for better quality
Tumblr media
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strawberryfrooggoo · 22 hours ago
Kiss & Make-up♡ (series)
—Wakatoshi Ushijima [2:10pm]
genre : fluff!
warning : none!
Tumblr media
"Are you sure it's a good idea? I mean I bought these FOR YOU, darling, not me" The volleyball captain asked repeatedly as you pulled them in the shared room " 'Toshi love, just because you bought these for me meaning, you no longer can't use or borrow it"
Smiling at them then giving him a peck on your lips, you then settled Wakatoshi down on the chair in front of your vanity filled with makeup. Asking if they're okay with you doing his makeup and with you being cute he simply can't say no to this.
Started off with putting primer onto the face and while busy checking for the foundation shade he especially bought for you, busy looking at the bunny headband you put on him"And I've found your shade and this might take a while so sit back and let me do your makeup" sitting up straight and there he could see you smile as she's plotting something
Didn't take you long enough to finish the makeup though he could be playful and teasing you that it might go wrong but being patient with him even though they would even pinch you in the process "And we're done- wait need to finish it off and do close your eyes" obeying your instruction and to feel mist being sprayed then fanned "And now look!" fluttering their eyes open to check the mirror clearly he saw how their lover turned their face into a canvas
The cheeks were tinted pink and for the eyeshadow, she turned into a pastel galaxy up to the cheekbones and also added mini stars as for his lips it was your favorite pink lip gloss "Woah, this looks amazing..." busy adoring the makeup while you smiled in victory "Just doing my job as your wonderful lover~ Now come on, we gotta take pics for Insta!"
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gudetamastan · 2 days ago
First Date HC’s With Oikawa ・:*+.\(( °v° ))/.:+
(Gender Neutral Reader)
Tumblr media
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Toruu Oikawa ♥
This man tries his best to play it off as if he’s cocky and confident about it, BUT HE’S SO NERVOUS LIKE OMGG
He thought about taking you to a nice fancy restaurant but he really didn’t want to be generic like a lot of other guys you dated
So when he heard about this tiny theme park that had recently opened, HE WAS PREPARED
He ordered tickets and made sure that it would be a pleasant suprise
On the day before the date, He was sweating like crazy and was messing up his sets more than usual
The date was on Saturday so he didn’t have to worry about classes and practice
He even did his homework beforehand
When he went to go pick you up, HE WAS STUNNED
You’ve always looked so __ (any compliment about the appearance) to him
But he doesn’t know why today you look more stunning than usual
He walks you to his car like the gentleman HE IS (and you deserve)
When he drove you to the theme park, he had one hand on your thigh for the whole time
You guys finally arrive and…
Let’s just say you were pleasantly shocked with all of his efforts that he made to make this memorable
He shows the guy his ticket he had ordered for the both of you and gets in
He’s SUPER EXITED for the (rigged) games (to seem cool and strong to you)
However, there was a roller coaster that you saw and really wanted to go on
Sadly, he was embarrassed to tell you
However, you got the hint when he was complaining about getting on
You tried your best to comfort him and saying that the two of you can go on other rides if he was scared.
He said that he wanted you to have the most fun that you can
In the end, both you were in line for the ride (after a long ass walk to the line)
Whenever a big drop or loop came in, Oikawa would scream at the top of his lungs (this made for a HILARIOUS coaster photo)
At the end of the ride, you were excited as hell but quite fatigued
So you went to get some food and water while Oikawa went to go retrieve the photos
You guys ate and spent the rest of the date playing the games that he wanted to play and going on some SMALLER rides.
At the end of the date, he dropped you off at your house and left you with a small teddy bear and a peck on the lips right before you went back to your house.
Pls lemme know if you like it and want me to continue
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jxbsbokuto · a month ago
Tumblr media
“I just saw the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my entire life.”
Iwaizumi's face scrunches in confusion and indignation on the other side of the call.
"Princess, with all due respect, what the fuck are you talking about?" He asks, looking around subtly to see if people around were hearing his half-harsh words.
"Not only he's gorgeous, but he's super pretty too. Ugh, his eyes! I could stare at them forever."
"Y/n, I swear to God, if you're talking about an anime character again..."
"No, Haji, he's a real man, he's like three meters away from me right now- Oh God, he just flexed his jaw, I think I might die from his hotness."
Hajime’s blood was boiling inside. Why the hell would you call your boyfriend to talk about some other guy’s looks?! Was he not attractive enough? Was he lacking something?
“Sheesh, this man has muscles, I mean, his arm? Maybe I should take a picture of his biceps.”
“Y/n, can you sto-”
“He’s wearing a tight polo shirt and sweats, maybe he just got out of the gym?”
Wait a minute.
“What did you say about his eyes?”
“Oh, his eyes.” You sigh dreamily. “So green and so pretty. Oh, he’s smiling now. Haji, he has the most beautiful smile ever.”
“Is that so?”
“Yep. He could be a model if he wanted to. Do you think I should get his number? Though I doubt he’s single, it might be worth a try.”
“What about me?”
“Sorry, Haji, but this man is so freaking pretty, I just can’t help it.”
“Do whatever you want, Y/n. I wish you and the pretty boy all the happiness in the world.”
“Thank you, Hajime. Farewell.”
Iwaizumi ends the call and slips his phone in his pocket. After a few seconds he feels someone tapping his shoulder.
“Can I help you?”
“Sorry, I was standing there and I just could help but notice how handsome you are.” You smile smugly at him.
“Oh, thank you, you don’t look that bad either.”
You pout at his words and he has to hold himself back not to kiss the tiny space between your furrowed eyebrows. You slap his chest but he doesn’t budge, instead a light chuckle escapes his lips.
“You’re no fun, Haji.”
Your boyfriend wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer, giving you a kiss on your forehead while you make yourself comfortable against his chest.
“You need to stop these pranks, I never fall.”
“You almost fell, I could hear your anger in your voice.” He looks to the side, annoyed.
“You called me and started talking about some other guy of course I would be angry.”
“No need to worry, Haji, like I said, you’re the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my entire life.” Your arms lock around his neck to bring him down, you pamper his lips with quick pecks, causing him to chuckle. “My Pretty Boy.”
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are more than appreciated!<3
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darkmegs · 2 months ago
THEIR “FANGIRL” ACTUALLY LIKES YOU, NOT HIM!! (oikawa, atsumu, and suna)
warning: gn!reader, crack, some pouty boyos!. a random idea i thought of~
[ part 2 (sugawara and iwaizumi) ]
Tumblr media
“i swear if they don’t leave in 60 seconds, i’m going to serve a ball towards them.”
leaning against the bus with crossed arms, you watched the herd of squealing girls surrounding your boyfriend. iwaizumi is right by your side, glaring at the sight of his best friend being showered with affection and treats.
he scoffed, “yeah? well i’m waiting for 15 seconds.”
you popped your head into the bus, “mattsun! toss me a ball! a warning sign is needed for this.”
hanamaki leaned forward from his seat, “don’t you think hitting the girls with a volleyball is a tad bit excessive?” he asked.
you caught the ball matsukawa threw your way, “who said i was aiming for the girls?”
hanamaki laughed, “that’s our manager.” he remarked, before settling back into his seat.
“iwa, those 15 seconds up yet?” you asked, moving the ball from hand to hand.
“2 meat buns if i hit his back.” you voiced, adjusting your stance.
“5 if you get his head. it’ll help shrink his big ass ego.” iwaizumi offered.
you chuckled, “you’re on.”
then, in the blink of an eye, the ball hurled towards oikawa. a loud thud! when it met the back of his head. the crowd gasped loudly, taking a step back.
“what the actual hell, iwa?” oikawa called out, rubbing the painful spot as he turned around.
“it was me, shittykawa.”
oikawa felt chills run down his spine. there was only one thing he feared more than failure, and that’s you.
specifically, angry you.
he gulped nervously, before cracking a nervous chuckle, “haha…g-good shot, y/n-chan...have you been practicing?”
“…get in the bus.”
“yes, y/n-chan.”
he sheepishly bid his fangirls goodbye, “sorry to cut this short, ladies. wish us luck on our game.”
high-pitched whines of protest began to erupt as oikawa trudged towards the bus with his head hanging low.
he peeked up once he neared closer to you, only to be met with your hellish gaze. he quickly ducked back down, choosing to walk past you without a word.
iwaizumi followed right after, kicking the setter’s butt as he stepped onto the bus, making him stagger with a whimper.
the three of you turned around and see a girl —most likely a first year— with pigtails and a maroon bow in her hair. she looked incredibly skittish, fiddling with the hem of her skirt as her legs shook in place.
“sorry, but we have to go now.” iwazumi told her, forcibly shoving oikawa to get inside the bus.
oikawa waved to the girl, “sorry, i can’t stay any lon—“
startled, you all froze and stared at her with wide eyes. you stood there, confused as to why she wanted to speak to you.
“uhh…yes?” you asked.
“i-i-i…i love you!!”
before you could even fully digest her confession, you felt her arms thrown around you in a clinging hug. she buried the side of her face in your chest, her grip tightening.
“hey! y/n’s mine!!” oikawa attempted to go at the first year, but iwaizumi kept him back; like a vexed chihuahua being held by his owner.
“y/n-senpai, if you will, please be with me! oikawa-san doesn’t deserve you!” the girl wailed against you.
“you little brat! y/n-chan loves me! y/n, tell her!” he fought back, a deep pout hanging on lips.
“umm…i’m sorry but, i’m currently dating crappykawa.” you said.
“currently?!” oikawa screamed.
“so you have no problem with y/n calling you crappykawa, loserkawa?” hanamaki snickered. oikawa grew red and huffed.
“b-but…” tears began to well in the girl’s eyes. she sniffled and her sleeve quickly came up to wipe her nose.
“what’s your name?”
the girl cowered at your voice, letting out an anxious squeak! when she finally registered your words.
“hashimoto…s-sakura…” she murmured, quietly.
“may i call you sakura-chan?”
the thunderstruck expression she wore can only compete with the one adorning oikawa’s baffled face.
“you don’t even know her!” he gasped.
you ignored the pattering nonsense that left oikawa’s mouth and put your hands over sakura’s trembling fists.
“i can’t date you, but i’ll tell you what. if stupidkawa ever makes me angry, i’ll let you serve a volleyball at his head.”
you heard the roaring laughter bellow from hanamaki and matsukawa’s chests at your words. from the corner of your eye, you saw a sullen oikawa.
“so violent…” he mumbled, shivering in place.
“y-you’ll teach me how to serve?” sakura repeated, her mouth parted in awe.
you nodded, “but not right now; we’ve got a game to catch. so if you’ll excuse us…”
you patted the top of her head and stepped around a slack-jawed oikawa to enter the bus.
“move your ass, we don’t have time.” iwaizumi aggressively kneed him in the back to walk forward, before turning to sakura with a slightly softer attitude.
“we’ll catch you later, future mrs. l/n.”
Tumblr media
“atsumu, have ya recently done anything notable?”
atsumu tapped his chin at kita’s odd question, “besides my killer serves this game, i can’t think of anythin’.”
“or at all.” osamu muttered as he took a sip of water. atsumu threw a spiteful glare his way.
“why do ya ask?” the blond questioned.
“a girl in the stands has been staring at ya from the very start of the game.” kita voiced his keen observation to the setter.
the two turned their heads towards the crowd, and surely enough, there was indeed a girl staring down at them.
suna, who just so happened to be passing by the pair, stopped in his tracks and squinted his eyes to catch what was so interesting.
“is she…is she holding a megaphone?” he noted.
atsumu hummed at suna’s comment, before sighing. “oh, i see what’s happening.”
“ya do?” kita asked him.
“of course! she’s gonna confess to me. trust me, it happens all the time.” he confidently replied with a smirk. his eyes suddenly darkened and his voice dropped an octave, “…as long as they don’ do it while i’m servin’.”
suna snorted through his nose at the ridiculous conclusion atsumu came to, before walking away just as easily as he had walked in.
“is y/n-san alright with that?” kita wondered.
you stood nearby and were able to hear their conversation. you spoke up without taking your eyes off the clipboard you were writing on. “i really don’t care.”
the inarizaki team members flopped onto the benches with heavy sighs.
“you guys played great,” you said, scribbling their points down in the first set. “one more set and you’ll have the win.”
lowering his water bottle, suna elbowed atsumu, who was wiping the sweat off his neck with a towel, and gestured towards the stands.
“’bout to happen~” atsumu mentioned.
“the confession?” aran asked. word spreads around quick, huh?
atsumu nodded, his eyes closed in arrogance. they watched just as the girl took a deep breath and raised the megaphone to her lips.
“can i have your attention?”
the booming voice made the crowd quiet down, a few murmurs and whispers being traded among them. aran and suna glanced at each other, a bit shocked.
“what did i say?” atsumu remarked.
“atsumu-kun!!” the girl shouts.
“here it comes…”
“i’m in love… with your s/o!!!”
“see? i told ya— WAIT WHAT?!?!”
the entire gymnasium turned to you at the surprising revelation. the pen you were holding falls from your fingers, the sound of it hitting the floor echoed off the silent walls.
“atsumu, close yer mouth before the flies get in.” kita nonchalantly told him, as suna filmed the setter’s more than entertaining reaction.
“well, y/n-san? what do you say?” the girl asked, the sharp static from her megaphone made you wince.
“uhhh…”, you met osamu’s eyes, he hands you a megaphone he took from one of the crowd members. you accepted it, whispering a small mention of gratitude to the grey-haired boy. you turned it on, the piercing noise making everyone cover their ears for a moment.
“…i’m not interested, sorry!!”
the crowd erupted in gasps, loud exchanges of whispers flooding the gym. the girl lowered her megaphone in defeat, she was about to walk away when she heard sounds of struggling.
“h-hey little girl! if ya try makin’ moves on y/n aga—“
“atsumu-kun, cut it out!”
“’m just protecting what’s mine!”
the bold girl spoke into the megaphone again, “y/n doesn’t belong to anyone! you might’ve won this round, miya atsumu—“
atsumu lowered the megaphone and incredulously whispered, “this round?!”
“—but y/n will reciprocate my feelings! one day! you just wait!!”
and with that, the girl marched off. her head held high and her face expressing nothing but determination. when the doors closed behind her, the team turned to you.
“…that was something, huh?” you laughed, nervously.
the referee blew the whistle, signaling the start of the second set. the team hurriedly jogged back to center court, a pouting atsumu plodding right behind them. you rolled your eyes and rubbed his back reassuringly when he walked by you.
“remind me to send you the video.” suna told you with a wink before sauntering away.
“ya better delete that, suna! ‘else i’m not settin’ to ya anymore!!”
Tumblr media
“there’s a ‘‘sunarin’’ fan club?”
your boyfriend had intended to mention it as a throwaway comment, something to briefly make fun of. but it seemed like your interest had been piqued.
“uhh yeah…” suna answered, “why? you jealous?”
you scoffed, “i’m just curious as to how the school approved it.”
he shrugged his shoulder, “dunno. i don’t even think the school looks into most clubs, they’re mostly interested in the sports teams.”
you hummed, not thinking much of it. you handed suna the drink you got him from the vending machine, leaning back against his chest as you two laid sprawled out under a tree near the gym.
he took a sip and rested his chin on your shoulder. you closed your eyes in content, satisfied with how comfortable it was being engulfed in his warmth.
then, you heard the sound of unified footsteps, almost like a marching army. you looked up and saw rows of girls, all wearing matching t-shirts, with signs and gifts at hand.
“shit,” suna muttered.
“those girls—” he paused to let out a heavy sigh, “—that’s the fan club.”
you sat up, deeply engaged now. “no way, they have your name and face on the back of their t-shirts.” you observed, with a laugh.
suna groaned, dragging the hood of his jacket over his face in order to conceal himself from their prying eyes. when he had first heard about the fan club from the miya twins, he was mildly amused. he often passed by their club room, dropping in a few times; pretending he was lost or asking about someone, just to entertain the whole charade.
but the whole thing ended up backfiring, as the girls grew even more obsessed with him. they would show up at practice just to watch him, or stagger into his classroom in packs to bombard him with sweets and love letters.
“one of them is coming over!”
suna groaned, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
he looked up at the girl with boring eyes, his hood falling off. her breath hitched and she averted her gaze.
deciding to speak to her instead of your boyfriend, who can often come off as cold and dry, you smiled warmly, “hi there, do you need anything?”
her head snapped up at your voice. the heat flooded her cheeks and she turned red. with trembling breaths, she began to stutter something out.
she suddenly bowed at an exaggeratedly deep angle, her face practically meeting her knees.
“i-ishida mei! from class 1-3, nice to meet you!!”
the pair of you were startled at her introduction. it went quiet for a moment, before you cleared your throat.
“nice to meet you…ishida-chan…” you slowly said, unsure of how to respond. you nudged suna in the torso, forcing him to say the same.
“delighted.” he answered, curtly.
upon hearing his voice, mei raised her head, a solemn look on her features. “suna rintarou, from class 2-1. we finally meet.”
suna quirked his eyebrows at the serious tone she had. you glanced between them, incredibly confused as to what was happening.
“can i help you, kid?”
“rin…” you scolded, lowly.
“look, if you’re gonna confess your love to me or something, just do it now. i’m trying to enjoy my lunch break.” he told her, bluntly.
but what shocked you both, was when she started laughing. her head thrown back as the menacing, almost belittling chuckles left her lips.
“confess? to you? don’t be ridiculous, silly volleyball player.” she mocked.
her eyes shifted to you, and you gulped nervously. she smiled and her features softened, “i’m here to proclaim my love for you, y/n-sama.”
with eyes as wide as saucers, you stared at her in complete disbelief. suna scoffed, letting go of you and standing up. the sight was nothing less than comedic. a 185.7 cm middle blocker, towering over a nearly 153 cm first year, the two glaring daggers at each other.
“i’m afraid “y/n-sama” is not available.” he stated.
“that can be easily fixed.”
he tilted his head, “are you threatening me?”
she snickered, “oh don’t flatter yourself, you’re eons behind the worth of indulging my wrath.”
she grew bored exchanging meaningless words with suna, so she looked back at you. crouching, she gently took a hold of your hand.
“y/n-sama, you’re nothing less than a dream. therefore, you deserve nothing less than a romantic love story. i can provide that and make you change your mind about this unfavorable boy.”
you blinked, “i’m really sorry—“
“you’re not, but go on.” suna cut in. mei shot him a dirty look for interrupting.
“i can’t be with you, ishida-chan…” you told her with a grimace.
she retracted her hand and nodded, “i see…”
“seems like you’ve got your answer, bye now.” suna addressed.
“suna rintarou, from class 2-1,” she turned to him, “you might feel victorious now, but you’ll be hearing more from me in due time.”
after bowing one last time to you, she twirled on her heels and marched away. now that her back was visible, you noticed the t-shirt she was wearing. It was the same as the one suna’s fangirls wore, but hers had a big red ‘X’ etched over his face.
suna scoffed, “nice shirt!” he called out, sarcastically.
“i’ll make one for y/n-sama!”
he rolled his eyes and muttered, “brat.”
Tumblr media
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