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#haikyuu x you
inarizahki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: atsumu, bokuto, daichi, kuroo, tendou, terushima, oikawa, iwaizumi, sakusa, kita, f!reader warnings: alcohol, lots of temporary amnesia lmao a/n: drink responsibly kids
Tumblr media
absolute mess. like everything he does, he goes all out, so by the end of the night, he’s swaying all over the place and grinning madly, cheeks flushed red. when he sees you, he lights up and pushes off of his exasperated teammates so he can stumble towards you, arms outstretched for you to step into.
“this,” atsumu’s chest puffs up proudly, “is my wife.”
“tsumu...” you sigh.
“isn’t she amazin’? bet you’ve never seen someone so gorgeous before in your lives.”
meian, hinata, sakusa, and bokuto just snigger as you grimace when your husband continues, “you guys are just so jealous, aren’t you? princess, introduce yourself. tell ‘em how great you are.”
“tsumu, they were at our wedding.”
“that’s right, she married me, can you believe?”
“tsumu, they were your groomsmen.”
keeps glancing at you the closer you come, his eyebrows furrowing a little in confusion. he’s leaning so heavily on akaashi that the poor man is bent sideways trying to support him. when you come up to him, you laugh a little at the sight of this big man drooping over his friend. you lift your hand to push some hair out of his eyes, but he shies away from your touch, the visceral reaction nearly taking both men down with the force of it.
“kou? what’s wrong?”
he frowns and avoids your gaze, staring off into the distance resolutely. “i can’t go home with you.”
“and why can’t you go home with me?”
“look, i’m sure you really sweet but,” he holds up both hands, squinting to try and discern both before jiggling the left one and pointing to his ring finger. “i’m married.”
“you’re married to me, dummy.”
looks all stiff because he’s trying to convince himself he’s not drunk; he’s a model citizen and good cop, of course. but his eyes are a little glazed and it’s clear that his words are slurred when he starts flirting with you incessantly.
“looks like i’m a lucky man tonight.” your husband gives you a slow once-over, sliding his arm around your waist, “do you have a name? or can i call you mine?”
“we’re married, daichi.” you fail to suppress an amused grin, “i’m already yours. you don’t need to flirt like that.”
daichi shakes his head slowly, struggling to find the words. “that’s where you’re wrong. i still- still gotta make sure you feel wooed.”
“awww, baby...”
“gotta keep you around somehow.”
pda to the max, he becomes so clingy and touchy. sticks to you like a barnacle, long limbs draped all over you as you try to drag him away, his lips in your hair. tries to cop a feel every once in a while, thinks he’s being discreet about it but iwaizumi’s disgusted face says otherwise.
“i’m so glad you like me.” he looks at you with stars in his eyes, like he’s seeing you for the first time.
“i’m your wife, tooru.”
“you’re the best girlfriend i’ve ever had.”
“tooru, i’m your wife.”
such a sulky drunk, will sit in a corner, mask pulled up and arms folded, waiting for you to arrive. glares at anyone who looks at you when you walk into the bar. for some reason, thinks you’re always mad at him when you have to come pick him up and drive him home even though you really don’t mind. gets grumpy thinking about your hypothetical anger.
“omi...what’s wrong?”
sakusa glances at you out of the corner of his eye, tugging his mask down, “’re upset. i don’t like it when you’re upset.”
“i’m no- okay...what am i upset about?”
a disgruntled frown. “i don’t know, you’re the one who’s upset, you tell me.”
ushijima calls you because tendou is all but incoherent apart from his drunken complaints of missing you so much his heart hurts. and what does he get for his trouble? tendou shoving him aside so hard upon spotting you that the big man actually stumbles. your husband jogs toward you to give you a flailing hug.
“i didn’t think you’d actually come.”
“of course i would, when i hear my husband misses me.”
tendou sticks out his lip in a pleased pout. “wanna get out of here? i can be your next big mistake~”
“...satori, you’d never be a mistake for me.”
“’re gonna make me cry, sweet cheeks.”
“from what toshi said, looks like you already were.”
tries to be coherent but everyone can tell he’s lost it. swaggers toward you but ends up tripping and falling all over you when your blurry figure comes closer to support his unsteady body. squints at you to try and make out who you are, grinning toothily when your features become clearer to him.
“why’re you on top of me?” he slurs, “d’you like me or smthng?”
“don’t be stupid. also you’re literally the one on top of me.”
“ooh, so dooo.” his voice and face are both irritatingly smug. “you do like me. you wanna kiss me so bad.”
“we’re married, tetsu.”
checks you out when you appear in front of him, giving you a loud whistle. tries to look sexy by leaning against a wall or something but ends up missing the mark and nearly ends up braining himself on the sidewalk. catches himself and straightens, trying to look like the smoothest man alive by slicking back his disheveled hair.
“hey lil mama.”
“yuuji.” you purse your lips in disapproval.
“wow, you know, you look exactly like my girl. it’s a little creepy.”
“that’s probably because i am your girl.”
“oh shit,” your husband lights up and pats down his rumpled clothes in a ridiculous attempt to make himself look more presentable, “really?”
“wanna go on a date?? right now, let’s go. i’ll drive.”
“yuu, you’ve had eight beers.”
angry lil drunk, thinks everyone is trying to steal you from him. snaps at all his friends—cough oikawa cough—to keep their grubby hands off of you. takes off his coat to cover you with even if you’re all bundled up. he’s been drinking alcohol but he’s also been drinking his respect women you juice. gets angry thinking about all the distasteful behavior from other men he’s witnessed throughout the night.
tells you in an impassioned tone, words slurred, “listen to me. don’t ever take any shit from any man, not even me. beat the shit out of them if they treat you bad ok?”
“show me how you make a fist.” he grabs your hand. “you gotta- you gotta make sure to keep your thumb on the outside when you punch ok? here try it, throw one at me.”
“i’m not going to punch you, hajime.”
“but if i’m ever a dick to you-”
normally very good at controlling his drinking but not if the twins have anything to say about it. by the time they’re done with him, sometimes he ends up barely even knowing his name anymore. sleepy drunk, is half dead on his feet when you arrive. tries to look sober by blinking slowly, but his movements are a little uncoordinated. becomes ridiculously affectionate when he registers that it’s you in front of him, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder.
“i should...i should bring you home with me...” he murmurs.
“shin, we live together.”
“my grandmother would love you.”
“shin, she knows who i am, we visit her every week.”
“she wants me to get should marry me.”
“shinsuke. we’ve been married for three years.”
Tumblr media
m.list // tip jar 
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · a month ago
hi ainsss can i req hq boys (atsumu, suna, bokuto, and oikawa) doing a little q&a live then someone asks “is y/n single?” or “is your girlfriend single?” sksjsjjw thank uuuu
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, suna rintarō, bokuto kōtarō, oikawa tōru, sakusa kiyoomi
a/n — warning ⚠️ maybe a little suggestive? hope you enjoy bby !!!! <33
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU was doing a q&a with his breakfast as you busied yourself in the background. the viewers only really noticed you when you’d came into frame to set down his breakfast, causing atsumu’s attention to focus on you when he leaned up to give you a little kiss as a thank you, rubbing his hand over your own. “is your s/o single?” he really lifts his ass up out of his chair so he can read it again before he scoffs “HUH? angel! cmeer a sec?” literally pulls you down to straddle his thigh so fast, has no shame in tilting your head towards his to pull you in for another more passionate kiss, you end up having to push him off before scurrying away, noticing the smirk on his now slightly swollen lips when he leans back into the camera with a teasing grin “what d’ya think? ya lost yer chance buddy, theyre mine. i ain’t lettin’ em go anytime soon either.”
☾ SUNA got roped into doing a live with hinata and atsumu, but he was maybe half out of frame because hinata and atsumu were doing most of the talking. people seen him soften a little when you appeared in the background though, his hand reaching for yours over the back of the couch. “ay, suna! look one of yer viewers are askin’ if y/n is single?” you notice a little hint of teasing in atsumu’s eyes when he smirks back at your boyfriend, his own face remaining stoic until he’s guiding you around the couch and pulling you into his lap. he pushes your face into his chest to make sure your privacy is still respected though, before leaning closer to the camera to mutter a blunt “no.” tsking and running his hands soothingly over your body. may have uploaded one or two sexy selfies with you onto his story after captioned “mine.”
☾ BOKUTO was on live with hinata, answering a few fan questions as they both giggled at the comments. hinata leaning in to repeat one when he sees it at the bottom of the screen “bokuto, is your s/o single?” he gushed about you constantly on social media so his fans knew a lot about you, which is why he was more confused than anything else because why would you even ask that? “huh? what do you mean? they’re my s/o they can’t be single if they’re going out with me! plus i plan on marrying them one day you know, they’re the best!” he’s puffing out his chest and nodding with the proudest smile on his face, even hinata is telling him how cool he seems right now. is all cuddly when he’s home and tells you about it, suggesting maybe he should gush MORE.
☾ OIKAWA loved doing some morning q&a’s when he drank his coffee, his hair still a little messy and he looks really good in the morning sun. he sat on the balcony, propping up his phone as he read out and answered a few questions, giggling at a few thirsty comments before mentioning you. “is your s/o single?” he literally snatches his phone into his hand so quick, like the camera can only see his eyes and the top of his head he’s so close, making sure he read that correctly. “excuse me? ofcourse my y/n-chan isnt single they have their amazing pretty boyfriend! if you’re planning to steal them from me, i’m telling you it won’t. work.” he even crosses his arms and pouts away from the camera for a bit. is so quick to crawl back into bed with you after, whisper ranting about how “people have some nerve, don’t they know you love me so much.” you get loads of cuddles and kisses tho.
☾ SAKUSA had been roped into doing a q&a with atsumu for the fans, both of them answering a few questions on the couch as atsumu picked them out. “omiomi this ones for ya heh, is yer s/o single?” his eyes widen a little before they turn into a frown, scoffing before he takes the phone from atsumu’s hand to make sure he wasn’t just making stuff up, mumbling about “what’s that supposed to mean.” under his breath. once he sees the question he shoves the phone back to atsumu before leaning back, still pouty as he continues to speak “no. obviously they’re not single. they’re mine.” he’s a little blushy cos he always is when talking about you (the chat + atsumu unfortunately notice) he even feels a little bad that maybe it’s because he doesn’t post you as much as he should or something wah, he’s a little clingy when he gets home.
Tumblr media
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mattsukai · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring: atsumu, suna, bokuto, kuroo, terushima, oikawa, tendou
warning(s): suggestive content
author’s note: this came outta nowhere and i don’t apologize for a single thing, pt. 2 maybe??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist; send in an ask if you want to be added or removed
@tsukiijiima @dvlskn
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atsymu · a month ago
hiii hottie idk if this has been asked before butttt .. what do u think ur fav haikyuu boys favourite sex positions are 😼 ??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
;ft — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō
warnings — nsfw 18+ f! reader, breeding, degradation, praise, a little choking in suna's, "puppy" in bokutos, spanking, overstimulation, mention of multiple orgasms, hair pulling, let me know if ive missed any.
a/n — aaaaaaa pls i screamed when i got this, especially with my best boys *drooool*
Tumblr media
— reverse cowgirl. he loves watching your ass jiggle as he fucks up into you, grabbing at the skin while slamming you down onto his cock, his palm coming down heavy against the skin before he grabs at the reddening flesh, shaking it with a groan. especially if you're positioned infront of a mirror so he can see your facial expressions when you're completely drunk on his cock, pretty tits bouncing as you meet his thrusts.
you yelp when he brings a strong, calloused hand down heavy against your ass, hearing him grown as it jiggles under his palm, gripping the searing flesh after as he continues to fuck up into you, his hips slapping against your ass as his other hand grips your hips, pulling you down to meet his thrusts. your thighs are burning as you bounce on his cock, catching your own fucked out expression in the mirror infront of you, a light sheen of sweat on your skin as your tits bounce with the rise and fall of your hips, trying to keep up with his punishing pace, as atsumu's cock hammers against the sweet spot inside you that has your walls tightening around his length. "fuuuuck—just like that baby, ya look s-so fuckin' pretty, fuckin' desperate for ma cock." his eyes meet yours in the mirror, a cocky smirk on his lips before he thrusts deeper, lips parting as he groans lowly, thick, heavy cock dragging against your sensitive walls, pressing effortlessly against your g-spot, your spasming walls making him hiss through his teeth. "nghhh—shit, squeezin' down real fuckin' tight, princess. y-yer gonna make me cum, ya want that dont ya? al fuckin' give it to ya, baby."
— mating press. he loves folding you up all pretty for him, your knees pressed close to your chest, his huge body basically crushing yours, but when you're so full of his cock you can only whine and shake below him, being able to watch his face scrunch up as he looms over you. its also perfect for him being able to admire how pretty you look when you cum.
your mind feels hazy, the stretch of your hamstrings burning as bokuto presses them deeper against his chest, but you cant focus on anything else except the loud squelching noise that only gets louder when with every needy thrust, fucking a mixture of both of your previous orgasms back into your swollen, sensitive walls. you're so fucked out but he doesn't look too good either, incoherently babbling as he lets out a broken moan, leaning down to almost drool in the crook of your neck as he continues to rut into you, the head of his cock probably purple with how many times loads hes fucked into you. "p-puppy, feels s-so good, gonna—nghhh—give you more okay, fuck—one more." it doesn't take long until your walls are tightening around him again, his pelvis brushing against your puffy clit being enough to have you creaming around him for the nth time, your lips parting in a silent scream. your convulsing walls triggering his own orgasm "shit, p-puppy 'm cumming, fuck cumminggg—" his own eyes rolling back into his head as he almost collapses on top of you "s-so good for me, such a good girl."
— missionary. its not that hes vanilla when it comes to positions, he just loves being able to watch your facial expressions when he makes you cream on his fat cock. sometimes he'll pull your legs onto his shoulders to hit deeper, knowing exactly what spots have you gushing around him. he just thinks you look so pretty below him, his fingers digging into your hips as he drags you along his length.
the grip he has on your hips is almost painful, leaving crescent moon marks in your skin as he drags you along the expanse of his cock, his forehead resting against your own. his hips smacking against yours, the power of his thrusts leave you gasping for air, knocking the breath out of your lungs, the bedframe thumping against the wall as your nails dig into his back, trying to ground yourself while leaving bright red scratch marks on his tanned skin, hearing him hiss above you at the slight pain before its cut off by a deep groan, but the feeling only makes his pace become even more ruthless, the speed of his thrusts making you hazy. "good fucking girl. shittt—taking me s-so fucking well, doll." watching him pull back to hover over you with a handsome smirk, eyes almost swallowed black with lust as his hand snakes between your bodies, drawing lazy circles in your clit as your heels dig into his lower back, driving him deeper, until hes hammering your g-spot. "thats it—uhhhh—s-so pretty. fucking cum for me, thats my girl."
— doggy style. loves fucking into you from behind, watching your ass bounce with each thrust as he holds both of hands in one of his own, pinning them to your lower back, using them to slam your hips back against his. loves feeling in control, always using your body as he pleases. if hes not restraining your hands hes pulling your hair, just anything that makes you so easy to drag along his length.
your mind feels hazy, his hips slam against your ass as your face is pushed into the bed below you. turning your head slightly to get an eyeful of him as he fucks into you from behind, pretty raven curls hanging over his eyes, flushed cheeks and parted lips. one of his hands gripping both of yours, pinning them against your back while his other hand grabs your hips, dragging them back to meet his own. "thats it, s-slutty little cunt feels so good, sweetheart. ohhhh—fuck." your entire body shakes with each of his thrusts, hearing his moans become more needy with each snap of his hips, feeling his cock brush against your sweet spot effortlessly with how well he's filling you up. the hand previously on your hip drawing back before it comes down heavy on your ass cheek, the sensation causing you to almost jolt forward if it wasn't for the vice grip he had on your wrists, keeping you in place. the pain quickly turns to pleasure when his balls slap against your clit, your walls spasming around him before his hand draws back again. "nghh—shit, such a pretty whore, s-so fucking filthy."
— cowgirl. he loves when you ride him, he may be a little lazy but dont let that fool you, he'll still wreck you even when hes below you. his feet resting on the bed as he immediately begins a merciless pace, pulling you close to him his body so he can watch your lips part when you gush around his cock, his own eyes half lidded as he lets out a low growl.
your palms press against his chest as you bounce on his cock, his gaze locked on yours as his hands grab at your thighs, deliberately not making any effort until you're babbling, tears pricking at your waterline while you beg him to finally fuck you. thats all it takes for him to snap. you shriek when he thrusts up into you, sending you toppling forward into his chest before he immediately starts a punishing pace, hips bucking up to slam against your own as the lewd sounds of skin slapping grow louder, feeling his long digits travel up your body before they're tightening around your neck, pulling your face close to his so he can watch your facial expressions contort, especially when hes hammering that spot inside of you that always has you creaming around him, the lack of air somehow making you more sensitive as your walls clamp down on his cock, his own moans growing louder as his hips continue to ram into yours until hes groaning below you, allowing your cunt to milk his cock. "thats it, ughhh—thats it pretty girl. feels fucking good, s-so tight, baby."
Tumblr media
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introloves · 29 days ago
anon: country boy wakatoshi drives a big ugly old truck that he is perpetually “fixing up” but he opens the door for you and holds your hand to help you get in and out. and he drives you guys out to a field in the middle of nowhere to fuck you in the backseat where no one can hear
country boy! ushijima + dominant! ushijima + mutual pinning + tension + awkward flirting + fluff + fuckin in the backseat + creampie + size difference + size kink + mouth stuffing (fingers) + oral fixation (f! receiving) + squirting + summer vibes + f! reader
— word count; approx 3.5k
— lots of characterization and dialogue attributed to my ushijima anon. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘gentle, be gentle.’
its repeated over and over again in wakatoshis head, eyes pinned to the roads he's taken over and over within the last couple of summer nights- a spot that after hours of grueling work brings him the most comfort. he doesn't really know why those words are like a singular loop in his head. it's not like he expects anything to happen, but when wakatoshi sees the gleam of your thighs underneath the dress you're wearing, he can all but hope.
he needs that reminder while you sway only a couple inches next to him, hands gripping the steering wheel until his knuckles are white- you look beautiful, even more so than usual.
the singular thought seems to overtake any and all other feelings and wants for the night. he thinks it might be a mistake, dangerous to have you seated in the dusty and… cracked seats of his truck, but you only smile and look at him with a soft gaze. he can't help but think that there’s ways this night could progress and to have you like he wants- like he wants you.
the roads are bumpy and by the time you two get there and wakatoshi thinks that he needs to check the suspension in his truck, still thinking as he parks. he realizes how shabby the spot is when you're here with him and that has a hot blush crawl up his neck.
it’s a space overrun by tall grass- a creek somewhere in the distance- usually the superficial things don’t really bother him, but now with you sitting there and he thinks that compared to how pretty you are, it overshadows any and all places he could possibly think to bring you.
he’s scared to turn and look at you, leaning forward to turn off his truck, unaware of a lingering and wanting gaze pinned to the muscled stretching over his arms- biceps curling, veins running up and down, all the way to his hands.
thick hands scarred and calloused from the work he does. they've turned rough and heavy- everything about him looked proportional to his height, but his hands stood out just a bit more and you couldn't really get enough of the sight.
you stare, and keep staring, even when he finally turns to look at you, face unmoving except for a hint of blush painting his cheeks. from the heat or just the situation that seems to grow more and more heavy may be the cause of it, you're not too sure.
either way, there seems to be a weight to the already muggy air you breathe, it takes what feels like minutes before he even says anything- clearing his throat with a grumble.
he apologises, of course he does. he's always been the gentleman; words just a tiny bit quieter- voice rolling deep with bass and something a little rougher. you know he says something about the scenery being too ugly, but you can’t really focus on his words.
it's easy to respond to a man so kind, so big but gentle and respectful with an almost instinctual lean towards him. hand placed over his bicep to let him know it's okay-
you weren't playing coy, anything but that, but the touch makes him go rigid. wakatoshi wants to ask you to not be so casual, but he doesn't want to come off creepy and he wouldn’t know where to start.
wondering what you would think if he told you the singular touch of your arm against him had him sweating, swallowing back the slowly bubbling lust threatening to tip over with each passing second. all he can do is lay back, legs spreading out to make himself comfortable; in his mind, shifting to lessen the tension- limbs still achy from the day, hazel eyes tracing the dirty spots on the roof of his truck before finally peering back at you.
ushijima knows his strength and stature is daunting- built for hard labor, honed to do dirty work all day, so he tries to make himself as welcoming as his imposing personality can, nothing more than the painted picture of a gentleman while he looks at you.
you had the decency to act shy, flustered at the scene unfolding before you. the reality weighing in at having such a big man sitting next to you so casually, and you nearly felt ill for responding to him with a twisting heat between your legs. trying to speak up, wanting to start conversation but not finding any thoughts, not ones that you could say out loud anyways.
“it’s hot.” he mumbles, sighing heavily through his nose before passing a rough hand up to push hair from his forehead- undercut on complete display in this angle.
“it is, but it’s nice- at least there’s a breeze.” you respond, worrying at your lower lip, nibbling on it to keep you from embarrassing yourself.
“yeah, at least there’s a breeze.”
wakatoshi doesn’t mean to be so curt and short, it’s just that you make him nervous- warmth always settling right under his navel when you come around to his house, full of bright smiles and food for him, knowing he works all day long. using this act of kindness under the guise of being a friendly neighbor- but really…
you just loved seeing him when he was all sweaty, and on lucky days- you’d even caught him shirtless, shoving whatever food you’d made for him in his general direction and hightailing it out of the vicinity to go back home and touch yourself to the image.
he sighs heavily, and it makes you feel a little guilty. he should be at home and resting- farm work is extensive and always needed and now you’ve pulled him away from precious time that could be spent recuperating that fatigue, not that he minds- but you wouldn’t know that.
“are you tired?” you question sweetly, still looking over at him with a smile. he catches the way you bite down onto your lip, wondering just how improper it’d be of him to ask you straight up if him fucking you would be a bad idea, but he holds back- swallows down any complex about being too forward, because he needs to know if you want this just as bad as he does.
“no- not with you here, it’s the opposite… the opposite.” he finalizes his words by turning towards you. lumbering form slowly straightening up in the worn seat he’s sat on, leather crackling beneath thick thighs.
there’s something insinuated between his words. you can actually catch up on it, and it brings forth an almost nervous smile, cheeks warm and neck nearly on fire with the way he says it.
“it’s the opposite for me too…” you reply, soft and still so kind. in another world maybe you’d act just a bit more coy and shy, but it’s nearly too much and you ache beneath the pretty summer dress you’ve thrown on.
“mm, is it?” wakatoshi questions, eyes finally letting themselves look at you- eyebrows furrowed, wondering if this is a game you’re playing. that somehow you’ve read his mind and are hinting at all the naughty things he wants so desperately to do to you.
but there’s no way that’s the case, and instead he lets himself long for you openly.
“what does that mean?” his voice is just a tinge heavier- once more adjusting himself in his seat to let himself get comfortable, eyebrow quirked up as a smile plays on his lips.
he’s straightforward and calculating for the most part, now he just wants to hear it come straight from your pretty lips.
if what he saw from your swaying form was correct, you were also feeling the pulsating heat of pure lust curling between your legs, just like him.
the question sends you into a babbling mess, once more going shy, but pulling through for the need to know if he’s also as desperate as you.
“well, it-it's a little improper… i’m not sure if i should say what i'm thinking.”
you confess, hands wandering down to lay against your thighs, playing with the edges of your dress to keep yourself from looking at him.
he didn’t know how he could stop himself now that the singular thought of you being needy like he is has made a home in his mind.
wakatoshi is usually so calculating and perfected in everything that he does, but this once, with the prospect of having something so sweet like you all to himself so within reach- he grabs at you.
the first touch of his warm palm against the exposed skin you’ve presented him with thanks to your fidgeting hands makes you look at him, and you know that there’s nothing but heavy lust behind his eyes.
“tell me.” ushijima near growls, no room for questioning or self doubt.
“i want you.”
it’s all he needs.
finally. finally with the confirmation that his horniness isn’t alone in the beat up truck he’s brought you here in, he lets his other hand wander up to your neck, so small compared to him- slowly sliding up until he’s pressing an index finger and thumb to either side of your face, not knowing how to treat something so soft with gentleness.
“tell me more.” he whispers before giving you the chance, statement completely rhetorical because his mouth is on yours in mere seconds.
he’s all you’ve wanted and hoped for. rough hands moving you into his lap without a care for anything in his vicinity, fitting you like you belong against him like this with each pass of his tongue against yours- growling at the warmth pulsating right over his own heavy cock.
gentle hands find purchase against his shirt when things get too heavy, holding you around the waist and slowly starting to push and pull your mass to grind tightly over his jeans. only grounded back to reality because you’ve started to mewl so nice and high- airy and shaky with each pull.
this was never going to end in just kissing and heavy grinding, so once more- wakatoshi silently apologizes to your integrity, deadset on fucking you right here and now.
“pretty girl.” ushijima speaks, equally breathless when you pull away and he’s met with the textbook definition of desperate.
eyes wide and wet, lips swollen, a singular string of spit still connecting the two of you, watching when you respond with a shake at the compliment, thighs squeezing around him.
“i need you.”
words spoken with such ease have you dizzy once more and you simply nod, unable to do anything else but nod.
his hand reaches for the door handle of his truck- the other splayed over your back when he swings a leg out, keeping you pressed sweetly, protectively, to his towering form, cradling you while he moves the both of you to his back seat.
its criminal- he thinks very quickly, that he’s going to fuck such a pretty little thing in the back of his old, dirtied, beat up truck.
but there doesn’t seem to be any complaint coming from you, watching intently at the skin slowly being revealed to him when he sets you down and your dress starts rising up, bunching at your waist like a present slowly unraveling itself all for him.
he can't begin to describe the feeling that overcomes him the second your panties peek from between thighs that have not left his hands. you're glistening- his breathing catches immediately in his throat while looking down at the patch of wetness clinging onto your panties, hands gripping your thighs with enthusiasm and little self restraint at the sight.
he grunts, it's all he can do because his cock is now straining so hard against his jeans- and he knows that if he isn’t buried to the hilt inside of you within the next couple of minutes, he’d break you in a flurry of pent up energy to try and get to your undeniably pretty pussy.
ushijima can’t bring his eyes up farther than the swell of your cunt, fingers precise in their movements, come down to hook against the hem of your soaked underwear, pulling it to the side- temptation itself crawling up his neck to lean down and have a taste, but the incessant throbbing he feels is what drives him now.
with no words uttered, wakatoshi thumbs up your cunt, an intense glare pinning your body into the seats- it feels suffocating, thighs so tempted to just squeeze around his arm twitch at the first touch, but with the way he looks like an animal starved- you know that wouldn't go down well.
“are you going to give this to me?” he asks out of nowhere, still feeling your slit up, no pressure behind his ministrations, thumb caressing everything revealed to him. he waits for the simple nod- or whisper, or even slow and desperate swirl of hips- detonating you want this as much as he does, and the second you whine out a pretty little,
“yes- yes, please.”
he swears he can see stars.
there’s no time that comes between the two of you once those words tumble out of your pouting mouth- finally letting his hands move to grasp at your hips. crowding you, leaning his big body to loom over as he lets your thighs settle on either side of him.
grasping down between the two of you to quickly unclasp his belt. the sound of metal hitting metal only further accentuating your need- body squirming beneath him in the most tempting wiggle, fumbling with the buttons of his bottoms and finally, finally pushing his underwear down.
you can't see him, but you can feel the weight of his cock finally land onto your pussy and it's nearly criminal how dizzy feeling him like this makes you. hands coming up to grab at his arms- open mouth sobbing. patience waning with the need that strikes you right in the middle of your chest. now it's your turn to act frenzied.
you want him, wanted him from the second your eyes laid on him and now his dicks drooling over your cunt.
it's so easy to fit your arms up and over his shoulders, clinging and grasping at him with fervor- pulling him onto your mass even closer, almost like you want to drown in his everything.
it draws a chuckle from deep in his chest, short lived because he wants you like you want him, letting himself sink down to press his face to your heated cheek- breathing in your scent, occupying himself while he moves his hips in a fluid motion to find your hole- not leaving any space between the two of you, and sinking inside so tight every centimeter he breeches tugs on the skin of his dick.
teeth gnash against one another when he’s stretching you out, knuckles pressed on either side of your head sink down further, crackling leather seats protesting as he brings himself down to his forearms.
“fuck- pretty little pussy.” he groans, coughed out as he bottoms out- unable to compare this moment to anything he’s ever experienced.
your keens bring him down lower, sweet and whiny just like he knew they would be, taking every little second his cock slides out of you to leave a sloppy, near opened mouth kiss to your lips- seconds away from drooling down onto your open mouth, panting out syllables that vaguely sound like his name, too twisted in pure pleasure to be really sure that its whats uttered.
“u-ushijima.” you cry, plead with him to do something about the burn encompassing your cunt, stretched full, knowing this was the outcome for this whole ordeal- but you still blink away the tears and dig your nails into his shoulders.
there’s an overwhelming need to ruin you and he can't place the want or where it comes from, only follow it head first with the first brutalizing thrust- echoing out in the backseats of his truck, squelching from such a tight cunt sticky and wet as it receives him, and seconds too late he recalls the way his name sounds, another need to hear it properly takes place and once more wakatoshi follows it like a lead.
rising to ease the pressure of his form off your chest, a strong, tanned hand settles so easily on the delicate skin of your neck- finally finding rhythm to each heavy push inside.
“say my name- properly.” he grits out, fighting the very clench of you.
there’s little resistance when he says something with such conviction- push behind every consonant, growled lowly right to your face. hand squeezing just right, thighs jumping- clamping down on his hips in response.
a sharp thrill passes through him at how well you respond- he’s not well versed in all this, didn’t know that squeezing such a pretty little thing like you between his body and the cracked seats of his beat up truck would feel this good, and now he knows it’s not something he’s ever going to give up.
he watches your back come up and off the seats- chest pressing up against him, just barely able to move and squirm with the way his cock drags in and out of your walls, it’s nearly too much, suffocating and heavy inside, you know you’re going to cum too quick.
“please- please!”
you clung to him so easy, hands gripping at the muscles in his shoulders and biceps- burying your face into his neck in a desperate attempt to quiet embarrassing mewls.
you just couldn’t help it with how good he fucked you, listening to every squelch his big cock brings out, panting helplessly against his thick neck- it’s too much, he’s too big- but you only want more and more.
the simple action of you whining like that has ushijima realize very quickly that he can’t take not seeing you.
“no hiding.”
it’s a harsh statement- grunted out, wanting to let you know that he wants to see you come undone.
hand searching for your neck once again to press you down, unceremoniously shoving two thick fingers into your mouth, pressing down to watch you drool and pant over them. eyes glazed over and so very pliant for him, pinning you right where he wants you.
the simple act is what brings you to a teary orgasm, wailing sharply against his digits- whole body shuddering, twisting under a man that’s kept you down so good, eyes rolling back while every ridge and vein passes past the tight clutch of the pussy he’s still fucking into the shape of his massive cock.
huffing breaths leave him while your thighs twist and squeeze, while you squirt and messy his thighs, cock already gleaming with arousal slickened now in the prettiest mess he’s ever seen-
there’s no time wasted before frantic thrusts reach their crescendo- swinging down onto you, balls heavy with so much cum, swollen and pained in need to find release inside your tight cunt only further accentuate the mess you’ve made with messy slaps down onto your ass, pretty dress thoroughly wet at the hem.
groans sound nearly pained, hips lose their tempo and ushijima stills inside with a final heavy thrust that sends you skirting up the seats, enunciated with sharp wails that come from you while pump after pump of cum floods your cunt- eyes wide and teary while you look up at him, lips wobbling around his fingers still knuckle deep inside your pretty mouth.
his body trembles, slow thrusts ensure that every inch his cock is stuffed inside rubs that heavy cum into your puffy walls, gaze still pinned with lidded eyes down onto your own watery ones.
it’s funny how backwards things have become- wakatoshi smiles in realization that he’s just dumped a heavy load into your tight pussy- not even tried to woo you, falling for him as easily as he did with you.
“it’s hot.” is all he mumbles, words still shaky, vision still blurry at the edges while he looks down at you, slowly retreating thick fingers from your lips to let you gasp and speak.
“yeah- it’s hot.” is all that tumbles past a swollen mouth, giggling and starstruck. humming- listening to the mid summer bugs chirping, sweat pooling against your back, dress sticking to you every which way, but you’re comfortable and so fucked out you couldn’t do anything to lessen the heat of his own body even if you wanted to.
he leans down, tongue licking up a stray string of drool from your chin before licking into your open mouth, not able to curve the need to have you all- wanting so badly to consume your whole body in his very being, but he knows you need to rest even a little.
“you’re mine now, yes?” ushijima questions- and all you can do is nod, clench around his softening cock and squirm once more.
“yeah- ‘m yours wakatoshi.” you respond back in earnest, clipped words coming from him feel comforting, knowing he only speaks with truth and honesty, silently smiling while he pushes kisses down against your jaw-
excited to finally have something soft and pretty and so so cute to love and protect.
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hvnlydmn · 29 days ago
oooh do you think you can do a headcanon where we put a pillow inbetween us before we go to sleep. just as a prank, i wanna know how they'd react- it's okay if you cant tho and you can ignore this whenever😅
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō
a/n — pls i love this request sm aaaaaaaa, hope you enjoy my looove <3
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU the bed dipped slightly under his weight as he leaned over you, peppering your face with a few kisses before you playfully slapped him away, a lazy smirk on his face as he flops down on his side, opening his arms for you to crawl into “cmeer angel.” his grin drops when you pull the pillow out from under your head, putting it inbetween you both “wha? what’re ya doin? how ma meant ta sleep if ya ain’t pressed against me, baby come onnnnn” you stifle a giggle as you turn away from him, hearing him whine before dramatically falling back on the bed with a sigh, mumbling a “fine, guess ya don’t want cuddles then.” followed by a few minutes of silence before you feel his warm hand against your waist, turning to see him laying ontop of the pillow with a pout and a sleepy gaze, cheek smooshed against the fabric as his fingers trace the skin on your waist gently “let me hold ya, please. don’t like sleepin’ without ya in ma arms.” you give in.
☾ BOKUTO basically jumped into the bed beside you, arms immediately wrapping around you as he gave you a few goodnight kisses with a sleepy grin, hair flat against his head. his eyebrows raise when you push him away gently, slotting a pillow inbetween you both while the pout on his lips grows when you turn away from him. “baby? are you okay? are you too warm? i swear i’ll try and be colder tonight, can we cuddle please~” his voice is whinier, spoken through pouted lips but you smile when you hear him shuffle behind you when you don’t reply. his arms loop around your waist as he inches closer, smooshing the pillow against your back with his chest, still determined to hold you in his arms even if you can’t be against him as he whispers again “baby, is this okay?” you end up feeling bad and removing the pillow, he holds you even closer than normal and passes out instantly with you against him.
☾ IWAIZUMI shot you a lazy smirk as he took off his shirt, climbing into bed beside you before leaning over and placing a soft kiss against your forehead, fingers finding their place around your waist as he goes to pull you close to him. his eyebrows pull into a frown when you nudge his hands off, slotting a pillow in the space between you both before turning around with a huff. “doll? everything okay?” you hear him groan and mumble something under his breath before he moves behind you, turning to see him leaning over your figure as he tucks the blanket in around your body “just making sure you don’t get cold, dumbass.” the pout still visible on his lips because it was always his job to keep you warm against him. calls you a brat when you throw the pillow away with a giggle but he’s still quick to gather you into his arms with a tsk and a roll of his eyes “now go to sleep, doll. i’ve got you.”
☾ SAKUSA sat up in bed waiting for you before you climbed in, sending you a soft smile as he places the blanket over top of you, followed by a gentle kiss against your cheek then your lips. “goodnight, sweetheart.” his thumb grazes your cheek slightly as he leans back, expecting you to curl into his side but his lips part and brows furrow when you slot a pillow in the space instead. “what’re you doing?” you turn away from him, hearing him shuffle slightly before he clears his throat again. “are you upset? w-with me, i mean?” his voice is soft, causing you to turn around as he gazes at you, eyes a little cloudy with how tired he is but he looks worried. his hand reaching across the pillow to graze your own “i had a shower after practice. uh, i used that body wash you like too, love.” he gets a little grumpy if you laugh at him though, he’s just embarrassed “i just didn’t want you getting cold and sick, brat.” he’s blushing though.
☾ SUNA lazily blinked up at you as you climbed into bed, smoothing a hand through his hair before he immediately grabbed your waist, pulling you back against him. mumbling out a raspy “pretty baby.” before placing a kiss onto the back of your shoulder. he leans back when you shake out of his grip, face deadpan as you shove a pillow between you both, the silence seems so loud when you turn away, apart from a quiet tsk from his side. a few minutes pass and you’re pretty sure he’s fell asleep until you feel the pillow being yanked from behind you with a mumbled curse under his breath, hearing it land on the floor before you’re pulled back against his chest immediately. his arms circling your waist while he sighs above you when you giggle in his hold, nuzzling against his chest “shutup, just let me be clingy.”
Tumblr media
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riintarro · a month ago
Tumblr media
⤷    pairings : suna rintaro, atsumu miya, osamu miya, iwaizumi hajime, koutarou bokuto, sugawara koushi
⤷    warnings : nsfw 18+, characters are post time skip, suggestive themes but nothing too explicit, somnophillia for suga
⤷    author’s note : waHooo i did it! also all terms are gender neutral :9
⤷    part 2?
Tumblr media
𝐇.𝐈𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐈 — iwaizumi sharply exhaled and you could feel his arm relax around your body. he’s had a long day and stress was written all over his face. when you opened your arms and invited him for cuddles, he was more than happy to oblige. he pressed his chest against your back as you glanced over your shoulder. with his lips slightly ajar, his once furrowed brows were relaxed. perhaps you could alleviate more of that stress? shuffling to get closer to him, your ass “accidentally” brushed against his dick. 20 times. by the 21st time, his arms were gripping your sides and pulling your ass flushed against his cock. slightly digging his fingers into your waist, he placed his face into the back of your head, feeling his hot breath against your nape. “keep doing that sweetheart and you’ll see what happens”.
𝐊.𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 — watching the tv was the least of your concerns. you were all too aware of your boyfriend’s hand resting, playing with your thighs. there wasn’t any intention but you had other thoughts. adjusting yourself on bokuto’s lap, claiming that his rock hard thighs were uncomfortable, your lower back happened to rub against his dick. he cleared his throat and you could hear him inhale sharply. even though you made the same lame excuse of trying to make yourself comfortable, he hadn’t noticed what you were doing, until he wrapped his arms around your abdomen. hugging you close, he placed his forehead against the base of your neck. his cock twitched and his breathing became uneven. “b-baby… you think you could help me here?” maybe you went a bit too far.
𝐌.𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 — it’s friday night and what better way to spend it by snuggling up against your boyfriend. just to have a bit of fun, you started shifting and backing up further into him, ass making contact with dick. he could feel you down there and smirked. “you tryna tell me something, pretty girl?” he snaked his arms around your chest and pulled you closer. you didn’t have to continue rubbing yourself against him because his dirty mind did the work for you. shoving two fingers into your mouth, he slung a leg around yours. “if you’re that eager, you could have just told me.”
𝐌.𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 — you wanted to see how much you could affect your boyfriend. while pressing your chest up against his, you pretended to play a game on your phone, while your legs encased his. you shuffled your hips closer to his and it took you all your strength from moaning out his name when your clit rubbed a little too hard. taking a quick glance at the side of your head, he knew exactly what you were doing. he grabbed you by the waist and held you in place. it took you by surprise and you gasped when his fingers tightened. he was amused even though he was half hard. taking this as a challenge, you started to rock your hips against his thighs. with a sultry face and a bite to the lip, you felt yourself up trying to rile him up. and it worked. say goodbye to your pussy.
𝐑.𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 — oh how you waited for a moment like this. after all of those times of him sending you lewd images, touching you and never giving more, saying suggestive words in public, it was time to pay him back for all of those frustrating moments. rubbing your knee against his cock, you buried your face into his chest. he looked unbothered, sleeping soundly but his body said otherwise. no reaction, no change in breathing, even when his dick throbbed painfully. lazily opening one eye, he noticed what you were doing and grabs your knee, stopping your actions. swallowing, you looked up at him and before you knew it, he had you pinned and spreading your legs.
𝐊.𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐀 — you kinda felt bad for him. assuming you were already asleep and were just moving around in your sleep, he cussed when your ass repeatedly grazed his cock. you could feel him tense against your back, and just by the way he cursed, you knew he didn’t know what to do with his pent up frustration. he doesn’t want to wake you up, so with a bite to the lip, he thrusted into your thighs. stifling a moan, he rammed and rocked himself, using you to reach his high. his breath felt warm against your nape and he softly chanted your name into your ear. he instinctively reached for your clit when he came. his sinful moan was able to mask your quiet whine.
Tumblr media
© riintarro 2021. do not repost/copy, alter, or share any of my works onto any other platforms.
Tumblr media
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mattsukai · 15 days ago
𝗡𝗢𝗪 𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗚: how they react to you saying ‘it’s too big’
Tumblr media
ft. akaashi keiji, tendō satori, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsūrō
warning(s): dacryphilia + daddy kink + tummy bulge + slight sadism + size kink + unedited work!
author’s note: my own brainrot cause haikyuu doms make my heart go <333
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “fuckk-”
his chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “you can take it, princess. i know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- i wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
you think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
he basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “look at you, bunny. taking my cock so well, hm. cumming jus’ from that? didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “too much? ‘s too much for ya already, doll?”
it doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
and there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? so why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. he watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“you begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” his rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
you know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat. “good girl.” he grunts out.
“now, shut up and fucking take it. i don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
taglist; send an ask to be added or removed
@tsukiijiima @dvlskn @rinsangel @a-very-bored-blogger @creepsona @iiishaa @ebiharachan
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · 10 days ago
HEY!!! can i get haikyuu boys when their kid comes to cuddle with them and their s/o in the morning? (pls include kuroo—)
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō, kuroo tetsurō
a/n — hope you enjoy my love <333 also i got this request before my character changes,, altho i did mention i don’t mind writing for kuroo anyways !
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU groans a little when he feels a tap on his shoulder, his arms around you tightening as he pulls your figure closer to his chest, placing a soft kiss against your temple. he only opens his eyes when he feels a nudge against his bicep, his daughter pouting down at him as she tries to crawl under him. the imagine has his chest rumbling with a deep laugh, lifting his arm for her to crawl in between you both. “ya alright, princess? make sure ya don’t steal all the cuddles, daddy needs em too” your daughter giggles softly, nuzzling against your chest and he finds himself smiling at your still sleeping figure, his arm returning to its place around your waist as he pulls you both closer and he smiles, a little wobblier this time because he’d stay here forever if he could. “how d’ya expect me ta get up now, angel? don’t need anythin’ else when av got ya both here with me already.”
☾ IWAIZUMI felt himself blinking awake when he felt a weight at his feet, opening his eyes to notice his daughter curled up at the bottom of the bed, nuzzling into his leg. he’s quick but gentle as he sits up, trying not to wake you as he reaches for his daughter, his smile a little sleepy and eyes a little dark, voice deep when he speaks “come on, princess. you’re gonna get cold down there, cmeer.” his features are softer than normal despite the sleep lacing them, guiding his daughter onto his chest before he’s reaching to pull you close against his side, placing a chaste kiss against your forehead as his lips linger on the skin, and even though he’s the only one awake right now, he can’t help but smile when he breathes out an i love you because he knows even if you can’t hear him, it’s felt and maybe love was best felt just like this.
☾ SAKUSA had always been a light sleeper, so he was quick to wake when he felt a tug at his shirt, opening his eyes to see a familiar head of messy black curls blinking up at him from the side of the bed, a pout on his daughter lips. “what’s wrong sweetheart? did you have a nightmare?” his voice is raspy when he speaks, but it’s gentle - his hand moving to brush the hair from his daughters face as he smiles softly, leaning over to help her onto the bed but careful enough to make sure you’re not nudged awake as you lay against his side. he shifts you slightly, allowing your child to lay under his other arm before he’s pulling you closer, his cheek resting against the crown of your head as he breathes a content type of sigh, a ghost of a smile on his lips when his eyes close, because he knows this kind of love is true, always.
☾ SUNA mumbled under his breath when he felt a tug at his hair, batting at the sudden pain before he was met with a childish groan in return, the sound causing his eyes to peek open as he pulls you closer against his chest. “what’re you pouting for, pretty girl?” his daughter pouts up at him from where she’s trying to crawl under his arm, letting out a small whine when he mimics that same pout, smirking slightly when she huffs and folds her arms, but it turns a little lovesick because she’s just like you. “cmeer then, pretty.” his arm eventually outstretches as she crawls under it, nuzzling herself between you both as his arm circles your waist again, squeezing lightly as the corners of his lips upturn slightly, sleepily drawling out his words under his breath “my clingy babies.”
☾ KUROO his head shot up from its place between the pillows when he felt a weight on his back, his hand reaching immediately for your figure, pulling you close to make sure you were okay. his brows furrow when he feels a poke inbetween his shoulders, turning to see two pools of amber that although look like his, they glimmer like yours as his daughter crawls towards you both, cuddling into your sleeping figure. “what’re you doing awake, huh kitten? cmeer, get under but no kicking or you’re out!” his lips stretch into a lazy smirk as she giggles and he finds himself turning onto his back, pulling you both against his chest just so he can start his morning like this, feeling like he owns the world just because he was holding his.
Tumblr media
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mattsukai · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring: ushijima, yamaguchi, atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, iwaizumi, suna, sakusa, nishinoya
genre: fluff | sfw
author’s note: this was extremely self-indulgent, take my offering loves <3
Tumblr media
he likes to keep a picture of you in his wallet, it’s probably old and worn out but he treats it like a good luck charm.
before every game he’ll just give himself a pep talk and smile down at your photo for a moment, reminding himself that someone was watching him so absolutely he had to do his best.
but it was also a gentle reminder that no matter what the results of the game were, he’d always have someone to come home to.
this man has a picture of you as his wallpaper, part of it because he just takes every opportunity to brag about you and make his teammates jealous.
and it also just brightens up his mood, he could be a nervous wreck right before a big game.
but seeing your smiling face along with that notification that reads ‘good luck, tsumu. i know you’ll do amazing, i love you.’ he feels like there isn’t anything he can’t do.
his entire gallery is filled with you, what’s the catch, you ask? they’re all terrible photos.
literally has the worst camera quality and are so blurry not to mention you look like a mess in every single one.
but he always tells you about how they’re his favourites, and no matter how many times you beg him to delete them that’s never happening.
he has a whole corner of his room dedicated to pictures of you.
yamaguchi likes to hang up little printed out photos of the both of you and make them look nice and pretty.
he’ll even go the extra mile and add some fairy lights or little doodles to make them more unique and special for him.
nishinoya keeps a photo of you on the back on his phone, through a clear case like a basic bitch.
he likes it because he’ll purposely put his phone face down just so people will ask about you which gets them stuck in a 4-hour ramble about his amazing girlfriend.
also, he definitely kisses that photo and he does not care how many people tell him it’s dirty, he’s still going to do it.
your pictures are plastered all over this mans social media; instagram, twitter, snapchat, everything.
there is literally not one fan of his that doesn’t know who you are because he will take every chance he gets to show you off.
bokuto just feels so proud to have someone like you in his life which is why he’s not ashamed to let everyone see how much he loves you.
he doesn’t want to admit it because he’s ‘not a simp’ but on his phone, there’s an entire album dedicated to just pictures of you.
they’re a mix of different things, mostly ones he took of you when he thought you weren’t looking to pictures of you guys on all the dates you’ve been on.
sometimes he just likes to look through them and reminisce, especially when he’s on a trip and missing you.
sakusa isn’t the type to take photos of you, but what usually happens is he gets his phone stolen by you and atsumu.
and you both fill and spam his gallery with terrible photos of the two of you, every time sakusa gets his phone back he’ll give you an annoyed sigh knowing exactly what you did
yet he can’t find himself getting mad when you look so cute in them, he also only deletes the ones with atsumu’s face on them and keeps yours.
most of your photos are on his snapchat memories but what suna really likes taking are videos of the two of you.
it literally eats up all of his phone’s storage but he just can’t delete any of them because he’s horribly attached to them
they’re full of fun memories with you, so, how could he possibly just get rid of them.?
Tumblr media
taglist; send an ask to be added or removed
@tsukiijiima @dvlskn @rinsangel @a-very-bored-blogger
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · a month ago
Heeeey, I have a request. So whatcha think about the hq boys telling their wife they want a baby (pls, put osamu, this man owns me)
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, bokuto kōtarō, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu
a/n — warning ⚠️ a bit suggestive ig? but pls this is so cute omg !!!
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you were sitting on his lap, his hands smoothing up your thighs as you scrolled through your phone, his face hidden in the crook of your neck after a long practice. you nudged him slightly, turning your phone to show him a tiktok of a cute baby as he peaked through his eyes slightly, grinning before placing a few kisses up your jawline “ours would be prettier baby, ya know that right?” “yeah, because of me.” his sleepy eyes widen slightly at words before one of his more handsome smirks stretch his lips, his hands patting at your thighs “yer kiddin’? ya really wanna test that theory? if yer ready that is, angel.” his hands are back to rubbing soothingly up your thighs as he gazes at you, his touch letting you know that he’ll be love no matter what your answer, but you nod and grin, causing him to grab you into his arms with a giggle before sprinting to the bedroom “fuck, yer really serious? then a hope yer ready baby, god a love ya so much, ya know that?”
☾ IWAIZUMI youd noticed how he softened at the grocery store when the baby infront reached for him from over their parents shoulder, a chuckle rumbling from his throat as he smiled back at the infant who only giggled in response. but you were still surprised when he approached you in the kitchen, an arm wrapping around your waist as he fiddled with the hem of your shirt, eyes focusing on his fingers as he did so, just so he didn’t have to look at you, feeling his cheeks already flush. “you alright, haji?” “i’m fine, doll. but uh—“ he runs a hand through his hair before clearing his throat “have you ever thought about kids? s-shit, i mean, with me uh—like us, having them.” he rambles only to relax when your palm rests against his cheek, eyes finally meeting yours just as your lips press against his own, causing him to grunt before he deepens the kiss, it already saying enough as he grabs you into his arms “fuck, doll. i can’t wait to give you a family.”
☾ BOKUTO you were picking up a few groceries when you noticed him waving and smiling at one of the babies in the trolley across from you both. the giddy child’s giggles sounding so natural mixed with his own, a bright grin on his face before the child is pushed away, his arm returning to its place around you. “baby?” “yes kou?” “can we have one? like only if you want to, it’s just i love you so much and i’d love our baby too, i promise i’d be a good dad.” you turn when you feel his fingers tracing up your waist, his features soft as he looks at you, lips slightly parted although he looks uncharacteristically nervous while he waits for your answer, but the look in his eyes tells you that he’d wait if he had to. “i know you’d be a good dad kou.” “is that a yes?” your grin telling him enough as he silently pumps a fist into the air, grabbing your hand to quickly grab the last of the things so he can rush you home and tend to some urgent matters asap.
☾ SAKUSA you’d returned from your friends house after visiting their newborn, currently cleaning the kitchen before you felt kiyoomi’s arms wrap around your waist from behind. “everything okay, omi?” “everything’s perfect, sweetheart.” you wait a few moments, knowing him well enough to know that something was bothering him. “u-uhm, the baby was cute today.” you smile when you realise where it’s going, feeling kiyoomi’s hands fiddling with themselves as they rest on your stomach “yeah it was cute.” “would you u-uh ever, have you ever thought about it?” you turn in his hold at his words, finally being able to see the blush on his cheeks and ears as he gazes at you, clearing his throat before he speaks again “have you ever thought about our family, love?” “i have.” his eyebrows raise slightly “if you’re not ready i’ll wai—“ “just kiss me omi.” his lips press against yours gently, his words muffled by the kiss “i promise, ill be everything you need, ill take care of you.”
☾ OSAMU you set the table for dinner, your eyes meeting his when he stopped, clearing his throat before looking around and setting down his plate on one side of the table. “ya know, a was thinkin’ about maybe gettin’ a bigger table..” “okay?” “like a table for three or somethin’ have ya ever thought about it?” there’s a beat of silence after except for the creak of the floorboard when he walks towards you, wrapping you in his arms “a mean, the table a two is perfect, but a was just thinkin’ about it ya know, so ya can say what ya think and we can eat dinner like we always do and al still love ya.” “a new table would look nice i think.” he smiles at you, one that shows the soft dimple on his cheek before he places a kiss against your hairline, bringing you in for a tight hug. “yer ma everythin’ sweetheart, we can start lookin’ at tables after dinner, ya’ll need the energy.”
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · a month ago
Hi!! I know you've already expanded on the toxic exes drabble, but I would love if you included Bokuto, Atsumu, & Sakusa too!! I really like your writing and characterizations and I'm looking forward to what else you come up with in the future!!
kuroo's part
tsukishima and suna's part
iwaizumi, oikawa, and kageyama's part
hinata, matsukawa, and osamu’s part
character/s: bokuto koutaro x f reader, miya atsumu x f reader, sakusa kiyoomi x f reader
genre/s: fluff
warning/s: toxic exes, jabs on reader’s weight and hinted physical abuse on bokuto’s part, suggestive on atsumu’s part bc he’s a smug little shit
gwen's notes 🤍: damb u hit the spot these three are literally my faves. ngl writing for the same prompt is kinda difficult because i feel like i’m being repetitive, sorry if that’s the case. i end up forgetting what i wrote right after lmao.
Tumblr media
bokuto koutaro
you loved coming to bokuto's games to cheer him up, this time was no different. he'd wear an entirely different smile and put on a grander show whenever he spot you among the crowd.
you waited by the entrance after the game concluded. spectators passed you by as they take their leave, talking about the plays and highlights of the game.
you kept yourself busy on your phone as you waited for your boyfriend to finish getting dressed in their locker rooms, excited to run up to his arms and tell him he did so well.
there was a tap on your shoulder. you turned around, the grin on your lips faltering when you realized it wasn't your boyfriend but someone you hoped you'd never see.
he scoffed at your reaction before leaning his face level with yours. "watched the game with your new boyfriend? didn't peg you as someone interested in sports, not when we were together at least," he snorted.
yes and no. yes, you watched the game not with but of your boyfriend. no, you were never athletic or that interested in sports but it's different when your boyfriend played the sport himself–with so much joy and passion at that. how could you not indulge him when he excitedly explains the game to you and entertains all your questions eagerly despite having to repeat himself a few times. when he turns to you with bright eyes whenever he scores a point as if he's just as impressed and surprised as you are. when he runs to hug you after, "did you see that, did you see what i did?" as he bounced on his feet like a little kid. similarly, he listens intently as you rant about the shows your watching and chimes in his own theories and opinions. he adoringly watches you doing your own hobbies and is utterly amazed. he supports your dreams and ambitions and wholeheartedly believes in you. a stark contrast to the person in front of you who always made you feel... invalid. in all aspects.
bile rose up your throat, but you managed to put on a fake smile, scrunching your nose. "hm i'm actually waiting for him, so if you excuse me." you swiftly turned on your heel but he caught your wrist and pulled you back, causing your heart to stop.
"hey where do you think you're going," he cooed, his tone more menacing and dark than before. "we could wait for your boyfriend right here, while we catch up."
you dropped the facade and straight up glared at him, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. he didn't get the chance to hit you before when you were together, but he was always aggressive–slamming doors, throwing stuff across the room, punching walls, death grip on your shoulders and wrists. if you hadn't left him sooner, he would have eventually gotten a lot more physical with you. that thought alone scared you even when you weren't together anymore. he still acted as if he had every right.
"i have nothing to say to you. quite frankly i don't give a shit about you or what's going on in your life."
he let out a bitter chuckle, refusing to let go of you. "shame, it's just because i think you've put on a bit of weight. you seemed to have let go of yourself hm?"
taken aback, your mouth hung open. you tried to find the words to bark back at him but your mind went blank. you scolded yourself for allowing him to have such an effect but most of all you couldn't fathom how highly he must have thought of himself to talk and act like that.
satisfied with the way you stopped struggling as he hit a nerve, he continued provoking you. "how do you expect anyone to love you-no at least just like you when you look like that, come on," he clicked his tongue.
tears welled up in your eyes out of pure anger and hatred, but you weren't going to let him see that. you swallowed thickly at the lump in your throat. your voice was shaky but you managed to tell him off with finality. "that's fucking rich coming from you and your inexistent hygiene. you have no right to treat me like shit again, not when we were together and most certainly not when we are not."
you could tell he was always so used to having his way and having the final say on things as you saw his jaw clench and eyes twitch. he was fuming and his grip impossibly becoming tighter.
a breath of relief huffed out of your mouth as you heard a group of people approaching, that must be bokuto and the team. your heart swelled as you spot him in the crowd, tall and brooding as usual.
"you guys go on ahead," he called after his teammates as he jogged over to you. his smile was quickly wiped off when his eyes trailed to where your ex had his unwelcome grip on you. you took the opportunity to finally yank your hand away and rub the spot he had grasped.
"hey, babe what's going on?" he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you flush against his side out of instinct. he stared the man down with a scowl you were pretty sure you'd never seen before.
"nothing," your ex was all too quick to answer, teeth clenched in annoyance. you felt like you narrowly missed him getting physical with you again and you shuddered at the thought. "i was just leaving anyway."
it was bokuto's turn to put a death grip on him and you noticed how your ex winced in the slightest. you kept your grin to yourself. your boyfriend turned to look at you, eyes gentle and voice soft. "is everything alright, princess? did he do something?"
your heart fluttered at that. you glanced up at your ex, he had a look of panic in his eyes yet he tried to mask it with annoyance. as satisfying as it was to watch him be put in his place, you didn't want to give him the luxury of your care. you would have paid good money to watch him get smacked in the face, by your beefcake of a boyfriend no less, but you deemed him unworthy of you and bokuto's time and energy.
you wrapped your arms around bokuto's waist, snuggling to his chest as you provokingly smile up at your ex. "forget about it, kou. we have so many better things to do. let's not waste our time with him." bokuto melted into your touch, hesitantly freeing him.
he placed a kiss on your temple as you skipped your way to his car. you could feel he was still uneasy about the encounter but you didn't wanna ruin both of your moods over something as useless as that.
"what was that even about, what did he tell you?"
you playfully pouted at him. "hm a lot of nasty things i would not care to repeat. anyway do you think i gained weight?" you let go of his hand to raise your arms on either side and do a little spin for bokuto. as nonchalant and playful as you tried to put it, you can't help but feel bothered.
he stopped in his tracks, the expression on his face was unreadable. he didn't answer but grabbed your hand instead and led you to his car.
hand on the steering wheel and eyes trailed forward, he finally spoke. "first of all i don't know what he said exactly. in hindsight i might have done something pretty bad if i found out."
you offered a tight lipped cheeky smile as he turned to you.
"second of all you should have at least let me hit him one time."
"hm no, jerks who use a singular bar of soap for the entirety of their hygiene do not deserve rights. you're too good to give him the time of day."
you both broke out to a hearty chuckle, touching his arm and leaning your head against his shoulder. you opened your mouth to speak but bokuto beat you to it.
"and yes i think you did gain weight."
you stared at him confused, eyebrows raised and mouth agape.
"because i take good care of you. you look so much happier and healthier as opposed to when you lost weight because you were always stressed and miserable because of him." you searched his eyes for a hint of insincerity, but they were almost sparkling with adoration and love. "i think you look perfect. i love you, every part of you."
he reached over to hold your cheek, your face heating up at the gesture. you leaned against his touch, eyes glossed over.
"i love you, kou. literally how did i get so lucky."
he placed a quick peck on the tip of your nose, starting the engine to distract you from the blush appearing on his face.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
dating the miya atsumu has been everything but boring. you knew he had a lot of dedicated fan girls, so to speak. though rest assured atsumu only had eyes for you, you still loved to look your best whenever you went out together.
especially since this was your first fancy dinner date and night out with him in a while, you went all out—the dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes and accessories. atsumu couldn’t help but feel as though he won the lottery.
he couldn’t keep his hands to himself all night, always an arm around your waist or a hand resting on your thigh. he kept checking you out, too like he was trying to gather the courage to shoot his shot with you. he was being an adorable little dork and your biggest hypeman.
you both weren’t sure where to go after you’ve indulged in a fancy dinner at some high end restaurant and your boyfriend was dead set on showing you off. he argued that you spent so much time and effort to look this good and he didn’t want to waste that. luckily though his teammates were out drinking on this lovely saturday evening and you both decided to crash in.
the loud music buzzed through the walls and floor, the lights were dim and colorful and just as intoxicating, bodies clashed and melted into each other on the dance floor.
you were left alone in your booth as atsumu went to get more drinks, the rest of the guys were just scattered around the club and making the most out of their well deserved break.
“if it isn’t y/n,” a voice you immediately recognized, despite being tipsy from the alcohol, half-shouted from behind you.
you spared him an uninterested eyes, bringing your glass to your lips as you rolled your eyes. “what the hell do you want from me?”
he claimed a seat across from you, propping his elbows up. “have you no shame?” he clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “dressed like a slut surrounded by all those men what would your new little boyfriend think of this behavior?”
you put your glass down with a bit more force than intended, spilling some of the drink on the table. “that’s none of your business. get lost.”
“it is if you’re acting like a whore right after we broke up, don’t you have a little bit of respect left for me or yourself?” he continued to taunt, leaning back on his seat.
you narrowed your eyes, rage bubbling up from the utter bullshit he was spewing. “you have always acted like a whore when we were together. i say this again, whatever i choose to do with my life is none of your fucking business. leave,” you gritted through your teeth.
a laugh resounded from behind you followed by a chaste kiss on the crook of your neck. atsumu claimed his seat beside you as he set your drinks down. you and your ex both looked at him surprised and confused. he draped an arm over your thighs and crossed his leg over the other obnoxiously. “oh by the way i think she looks fucking hot.”
you blinked back at him, confused.
“you were wondering what would your new little boyfriend think of this behavior,” he mocked in a whiny voice, making you snicker. “i think she looks hot and i’m glad she’s having fun.” he glared at him through his lashes as he took a long sip from his drink.
after a beat of awkward silence in your booth, your ex finally scoffed. “you should keep your girlfriend on a short leash. she’s known to mess around with other guys when we were still together.”
you rolled your eyes but before you could open your mouth to deny his entirely wrong claim, atsumu leaned over, setting his glass down. he looked almost amused with his bored eyes and slight smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. “is she known for that really or did you just spread those rumors when your ego couldn’t handle being dumped, rightly so i might add.”
annoyed and humiliated, your ex struggled to find a response but refused to back down. he looked at you instead, sneering. “oh i see, i get it now. you just really love the attention don’t you? you love having men gawk at you and your boyfriend thinks you’re all that.”
“oh get over yourself,” you scoffed folding your arms over your chest. “your head must be so far up your ass to think i look like this for you or anyone else for that matter.”
atsumu chuckled, shaking his head. “mhm, trust me you’re the farthest thing on her mind especially when i get to fuck her senseless when we get home.”
you snapped your head at your boyfriend, eyes wide and cheeks burning with embarrassment. “tsumu!” you half-whispered half-shouted, pinching his side.
“oops sorry, guess i wasn’t supposed to say that,” he laughed as he gathered your things in his hands. “just thought you should know, since you act like your opinion still matters.”
you were silent the whole way home, unsure of how to feel. you were furious that your ex had the nerve to say such degrading words at you to the point where you wondered if he was right. although atsumu defended you, being the cocky bastard he was, you wondered how he felt about other people checking you out.
your ex used to scold you for dressing up, accusing you of seeing someone else behind his back. he used to be annoyed at you whenever you got catcalled or checked out in public, saying it could have been avoided if you dressed modestly.
“tsum, do you think…” you couldn’t bring yourself to finish the words, suddenly being conflicted and hating yourself. an involuntary sob escaped your lips as atsumu pulled up to the driveway.
he pulled you into his chest wordlessly and stroked your hair. “what we’re not going to do is let that idiot’s words get to you, okay? i’m sorry he ruined your night, angel. i’m here, it’s okay.”
“but i- it’s my fault. i shouldn’t have-“
“i don’t care,” he announced, making you stare up at him with teary eyes. “dress however you want, i can fight,” he grinned, flexing his arms in an attempt to make you smile.
it worked.
he placed a kiss on your forehead before thumbing your tears away. “we both know he was just trying to get in your head. i won’t let him fuck with your mind like that anymore okay? i love you, angel.”
you sniffled a small “i love you too”, making him smile to himself.
“let’s go inside, i’ll make sure we end this night on a nice note,” he whispered, giving you a playful wink. you chuckled but felt your face heat up once more, recalling he was going to fulfill the promise he made back at the club.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
you and sakusa were quite the opposites but that’s exactly why you worked—you balanced each other out nicely. he was quiet and reserved, you were chatty and cheerful. you rambled about the million different things going on in your pretty little head, and he listened intently.
likewise, sakusa was often busy with training. days like these, when you got to go out with him doing all sorts of fun stuff, didn’t come often so you wanted to make the most out of it. your boyfriend was surprisingly willing to indulge you in a full day of going around town, sightseeing and shopping, trying out different food you saw along the way.
you were both pretty spent by sunset. your last stop happened to be a quaint cafe with homey and aesthetic interior. you thought nothing could possibly ruin the wonderful day you had just spent with your boyfriend.
as always, you were doing most of the talking while sakusa gave you curt replies, simple head nods and shakes. it didn’t mean he was any less interested or happy though. he felt at ease despite having been around people all day because you were around. you held his hand, gave him reassuring smiles, and made sure he was alright. whenever he felt uncomfortable, you would always put him first and his heart swelled every time because he always felt how much you cared about him.
though you felt you were talking his ears off, he made sure you knew he was enjoying your company through little gestures. he would give your hand a gentle squeeze, recall the story you were telling to see if he got the details of the gossip right, he would occasionally give his opinions on the things you thought of buying, and pose shyly for your spontaneous picture taking.
“omi you look like a pinterest boy,” you squealed, fishing your phone out of your pocket to snap a quick photo. you could barely tell, but he was smiling under his mask.
“is that supposed to be a compliment,” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
you bite back a grin, reaching over to brush his curls away from his face. “a huge one.” he was startled at first, but a blush quickly crept up his face to where his mask couldn’t hide it. you giggled, making him playfully swat your hand away.
you excused yourself to order for the both of you.
“still overbearing as ever i see,” a voice whispered from behind you.
you quickly turned around to see your ex sneering down at you. “excuse me?” you huffed, taking a cautious step back. the cafe was slightly crowded but he was the last person you ever expected to see, especially after the lovely day you just had.
“it’s just that you haven’t changed at all. you are still so unbearably annoying,” he enunciated with spite as he motioned to where sakusa was sat, busy scrolling through his phone.
“you have no idea what you’re talking about. i just wanna get coffee, so excuse me,” you dismissed him quickly, not wanting him to notice how your heart clenched at his words.
you recalled the absolute torture you went through with him when he would push and pull you away whenever he pleased, until eventually dumping you because you were “too much”—too clingy, affectionate, talkative, that you didn’t leave him space to breathe because you were always hovering over him.
he clicked his tongue, stopping you mid step. you should have just went to the counter, you took note. “can’t believe you never learned your lesson. i feel so bad for your new guy, he looks so fed up with you already.”
there was a satisfied smirk on his face when you turned to look at him. what were you even supposed to say to him? you knew he was purposely riling you up, and it worked.
“i’m not sure what you want me to say to that,” you spat glaring at him, balling your fists.
“exactly, nothing because you know i’m right. i was right all along that you wouldn’t find anybody who would want to put up with your bullshit,” he snickered humorlessly.
“speak for yourself,” sakusa’s cold tone cut through the conversation abruptly. he towered above your ex as he stood his full height and looked down at him, almost in disgust.
“what’s taking so long?” he jerked his head towards you.
you stammered for an answer, so your boyfriend grabbed your hand instead and pulled you to his side. he was never big on pda and so were you, but your heart danced around in your chest giddily nonetheless.
“you must be so awfully miserable with your life that you feel the need to drill those thoughts into her head,” he retorted, eyes narrowing at your stunned ex. “quite frankly you’re the intolerable one so you have to gaslight and manipulate the shit out of someone into staying with you,” he snickered, pulling his mask down to flaunt his vicious grin.
he turned to you with a soft smile, kissing your temple before hauling you away. “let’s go, love. this place suddenly became filthy and disgusting for some reason. it reeks.”
“i don’t find you annoying or anything,” sakusa awkwardly blurted out as you quietly sipped your iced coffee in an entirely different cafe, one with an open rooftop and a breathtaking view. “i’m not very good with words… or actions for that matter but i really love you and your clinginess and affection.”
you stared at him with the drink still your hand as you struggled to find the words to say. he looked away and rubbed the back of his neck shyly, which only made you want to smother him more. you hopped off your seat and nuzzled to his side. he was glad you were too busy teasing him to notice how much he was blushing.
“awww omi i love you too,” you cooed. “i knew you loved my teasing all along!” you repeatedly poked his sides, making him jerk away.
when he seized your hand and looked you in the eyes, bringing his face a few inches from yours, you faltered. “you’re trying to brush it off, but i know he messed you up badly. just because i suck at showing it, doesn’t mean i love you any less.”
the sudden vulnerabilty, in a public place no less, tugged at your emotions. the tears rolled down your cheeks on their own.
chuckling, sakusa ruffled your hair and pulled you into a quick hug. “finish that already, i can’t wait to go home and shower,” he muttered, changing the subject.
you snuck a quick kiss over his mask, grinning. “i love you, omi.” you giggled at how he blinked a few times before stuttering out an awkward “i love you too, idiot.”
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mattsukai · a month ago
Tumblr media
featuring: various characters—all aged up!
genre: sfw | fluff
warning(s): none—gender neutral reader!
author’s note: felt soft tonight so i did the hq version, don’t perceive me.
Tumblr media
if he goes to bed before you, as soon as you climb in he’ll reach for you. even if he's deeply asleep, snoring away, he'll roll over and stretch toward your side of the bed until a hand or a foot makes contact, then sort of sigh and relax back into his dreams.
sometimes, you getting up early wakes him a little bit which then results in him just hugging and cuddling into you. softly mumbling ‘no, baby’ and ‘stay’ as he refuses to let you go.
he outright denies it every time you ask him, but he has conversations with your pets. you’ve caught him mumbling to them a few times, mostly just telling them to quiet down, ‘shh, you’ll wake them up, damn cat.’
he doesn't think you’re awake when he gets into bed most nights. but every single night when he lays down, he kisses your shoulder lightly and tucks the covers around you, whispering out a soft ‘good night, baby.”
when you’re trying to concentrate on something, your glasses do the whole thing where they end up on the tip of your nose. you always look adorable when it happens and he acts like he hates it but pushes it up for you anyways, ‘fix your glasses, idiot.’
he talks to your plants because he heard somewhere that it helps them grow, he also plays favorites between them. he’ll move them around the house to put them in spots where the sun hits them so they stay healthy. sometimes he’ll even keep them near him while he works—it’s adorable.
he’s a really good dancer and sometimes he'll randomly come up just to dip you really low and literally sweep you off your feet. sometimes you’ll ask for him to do it and the smile on his face is priceless, it’s just a mixture of love and absolute cockiness.
if one of you says ‘I love you’, the other replies with ‘I love you’ but much faster. it quickly turns into a competition, which turns the words into ‘ahluhyu’ and then complete gibberish.
if you have a stuffed animal. he makes up absolutely adorable stories and scenarios about what he thinks they’re up to during the day, and what kind of shenanigans the plushie is getting themselves into and tells them to you while you’re cuddling.
if you’re in a separate room for too long, he'll come find you before giving you a few kisses, and asking if he can quietly sit next to you and watch you work or whatever it is you’re doing.
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · 19 days ago
Waking hq boys up in the middle of the night for kisses !? With your usual boys please 💖💖🥺🥺
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō
a/n — hope you enjoy this baby,, this is the cutest request ever i swear sobsob i love it :((
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU his arms tightened around you each time you jabbed at his chest until he almost jolts awake when you slap at the muscle. blinking down at you before he’s groaning and scrambling to nuzzle into your figure, voice raspy as he pulls you close “whats wrong, angel? ‘ts not time ta get up yet ‘s it? not cuddled ya enough.” “tsumu, just want a kiss.” you feel one of his hands rest against your cheek, legs tangling with yours when he lies back against his pillow, as if he’s checking to make sure you’re serious before shooting you a lazy smirk followed by a hum “think a gotta start givin’ ya extra goodnight kisses, ma needy baby.” he moves to lean over you slightly, leaning on his forearm as he finally captures your lips with his own, feeling him sigh into the kiss as his lips move softly alongside your own, tongue swiping along your own for a moment before he’s pulling away again, falling back and pulling you against his chest, peppering your face with a few more kisses “even gave ya extra, angel. give ya more in the mornin’ don’ wanna miss out on ma cuddles.”
☾ BOKUTO you nudged at his arm that lay across your waist as he slept next to you, half of his body already over your side as he begins to blink awake, immediately reaching to bring you closer with a few sleepy mumbles, his cheek resting against your forehead. “kou?” “‘s it time to get up, baby? i don’t wanna leave yet hmph.” his voice is deep but you still notice the whine at the end as his hold on you tightens even more “can i get a kiss?” you hear him gasp quietly before his head turns, placing a few kisses to your forehead, his lips travelling down your skin, leaving a few gentle ones on your cheeks before finally landing on your lips as he pulls you in for a lazy kiss, his movement slow and a little messy, feeling him melt into your touch before he pulls away, eyes still closed when he falls back against the pillow, hands grabbing for you with a slight whimper “baby, your kisses are so good. we don’t gotta get up yet, right?”
☾ IWAIZUMI your back was pressed against his chest as you turned in his hold, smiling at how pretty he looks when he’s asleep, features a little softer than normal. “haji?” it didn’t take long for him to wake, just a few shuffles in his hold until his hands tightened around your waist, pulling you against his chest once more - he grunts, voice still laced with sleep when he speaks “what? i know it’s too early for your ass to be awake right now.” you pull away from him, watching his usual frown return to his face as he blinks down at you, a little pouty he was now missing your warmth. “can i get a kiss?” his head falls down against his pillow again with a deep sigh, eyes closing again for a few moments “i’m sorry i—“ your words are cut off when you feel his finger rest under your chin, lifting it just enough so that his lips can meet your own, kissing you slowly as his tongue slides against yours until he pulls away, tugging lightly at your bottom lip before tugging you into him again once again “you know i’d never say no to you, doll. you’re a spoiled brat, now go to sleep.”
☾ SAKUSA it didn’t take much to wake him, just a little nudge on his arm before his eyes are fluttering open, his body turning onto its side as he blinks down at you - gaze still a little clouded with sleep but his hands still rest on your waist, drawing comforting circles - assuming you’ve woken him up because you were upset. “are you okay, love?” “mhm, just want a kiss omi.” his ministrations on your skin stop as he gazes down at you, a smile teasing the corners of his lips as his hands move to cup your cheeks, pulling you close before he’s placing a gentle kiss to your forehead, leaning down to leave another chaste one against your lips with a low hum, and you swear you see him smile to himself. “now go back to sleep, you could get sick.” his voice is soft, one of his hands resting over your own under the covers when he lies back in his previous position, thumb smoothing over your fingers before you fall asleep with them loosely intertwined.
☾ SUNA lay against your chest as you grinned down at his cheek smooshed against you, his hair messy from your hands as he breathed softly. “pssst, rin?” he shuffles on top of you, arms circling your waist as he squeezes you tighter, mumbling something unintelligible under his breath before he gets comfortable again, melting into your figure once more. “rin?” your words followed by a nudge this time as he peeks open one eye, frowning up at you “what?” “can i get a kiss?” “no.” you huff at his words, crossing your arms when he stills once again on top of you - but it only takes a few seconds until you hear a sigh from him, feeling him shuffle up your figure before his lips are on yours, softly moving against your own before he’s flopping back down, face hiding in your neck with another groan “couldnt just wait till tomorrow, pretty baby? hmph, cute.”
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 2 months ago
iwaizumi's part
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x gn reader ; miya atsumu x gn reader
genre/s: angst/fluff, hurt/comfort
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: this blog was orginally intended to be my hurt/comfort brainrot because i exhaust the haikyuu angst tag literally every night. when i ran out of things to read i was like, fine i'll do it myself.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
he's literally my favorite idk why i keep hurting myself with these. maybe it's because subconsciously i feel like i don't deserve love and i- yk what nvm.
the recurring theme i see in kuroo angst is him not having enough time for you because of his career;
he's young, well accomplished, charismatic. he had his whole life ahead of him and he could have anything – anyone he wanted. that frightened you, especially when you felt like he was slipping through your grasp and there was nothing you could do.
"i'm trying to understand kuroo, i really am. but you've been so dodgy with me lately!" you flung your arms in the air exasperated.
"are you really though? all i see is you trying to make everything about you!" his back was facing you, his tall figure hunched over the kitchen counter, yet you didn't miss the harsh glance he threw your way.
"i'm not making this about me, i just- i was just asking for a little bit of time. this is our relationship after all," your voice strained to get the words out. tears threatened to spill as you hastily take a step forward, trying to reach out for him.
"nari never nagged me this much and i was just the same to her," he mumbled under his breath, the words slipped before his mind could process them.
you stumbled back, quickly retracting your hand and clutching it to your chest. you stared at his back with wide tear-filled eyes in disbelief. you breathed a small "what?" at a loss for words.
kuroo's eyes widened in realization as he quickly turned to you. it was your turn to hide your face away, not wanting him to see the fresh warm tears that stained your cheeks.
he opened his mouth to say something that could mend the situation but he came up with nothing. mentally, he was cussing himself for even bringing that up just so that he could justify his actions, or in this case lack thereof.
"your ex never asked for attention because she was getting that from other people behind your back," you mumbled monotonously, fists clenched. your voice wavered but words cut through just as sharp. "if you'd rather have that than deal with me, you're free to go."
of course you didn't want him to leave, but he was out of line for even comparing you to someone you both knew hurt him terribly.
he tried to take a step closer to you. his heart sunk at the way you ever so slightly shuffled away from him.
"hey, i know i'm sorry. i just- i said it to make myself feel better. i was wrong," he pleaded, voice now softer.
you let out a tired sigh, quietly making your way into your bedroom. he trailed behind you like a lost puppy. he was praying for you to say something– cuss him out, shout in frustration, anything. the silence was unbearable.
"i'm really sorry. i... i didn't mean it," he tried again.
"i know. i'm just tired and really hurt."
you quickly washed up but he could hear your quiet sniffles through the door. he sat by the edge of the bed, chewing on his bottom lip nervously as he racked his brain on how he could make up for what he said. though when you finally walked out of the bathroom with such empty eyes, he's at a loss for words once more.
you couldn't even spare him a glance as you wordlessly crawled under the sheets, nearly falling off the bed as you tried to scoot away from him as far as your bed allowed.
you tensed up as you felt him hastily wrap his arms around you and rest his head against your back. tears started to stain your pillow even after you thought you've cried your eyes out enough earlier.
"i'm sorry, love. please let me make it up to you." you could hear the trembling in his voice and your heart ached for him too, despite the situation.
"do you... still think of her? am i overbearing?" you choked back a sob.
he tightened his grip, shaking his head vigorously. "no, no, not at all! i know i was being lazy and i wasn't putting in enough effort but i was too much of a coward to admit it."
you turned to face him. "so the next best thing was to compare me to your ex?" you scoffed bitterly.
he was stricken with guilt as his eyes brimmed with tears, suddenly feeling small under your gaze. "i know, i was so wrong for that but please let me make it up to you. i'll do better. i love you so much."
he buried his face into your hair and only sobbed harder when you finally wrap your arms around his shaking figure.
"i love you too, tetsu but i'm still upset. let's just talk about this in the morning okay?"
he nodded, whispering a chorus of thank yous and i'm sorrys.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
idk why atsumu is always portrayed as a womanizer in fics. i don't think he's all that interested in a lot of girls as he's preoccupied with volleyball.
which is why it came as a surprise when atsumu started dating. who knew he could commit to something other than his favorite sport? he still wasn't fond of overbearing fan girls though. sometimes you wondered if he saw you on the same level as them– a nuisance to him.
"i thought you said you'd understood the demands of my job before we started dating," he spat, arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed.
"i do! but extended training hours and weekend practices aren't your job's demands, atsumu. that's just you wanting to spend every waking moment playing but you have a life outside of volleyball," you argued back, nearly pulling your hair out of frustration.
you've been at it for hours and it felt like talking to a wall. it wasn't like you wanted him to quit, you just asked him not to spend so much of his free time training when he was barely spending time with you.
"by life you mean you, right? what you want my world to revolve around you, is that it?" he scoffed in annoyance.
you let out a groan. it was almost as if he was purposely pissing you off. he kept cherry picking at your words only to use it against you.
"are you even listening or do you just hear the words you want to hear? that's not what i was asking for. at all!"
he stubbornly turned his head to the side to avoid looking at you. without thinking, he grumbled, "this is why i hated dating. no wonder akira's the only relationship i had that lasted."
there was a deafening silence that followed as you stood there, mouth hanging open.
"what did you just say?"
as he slowly turned to look at you, the weight of his words started sinking in. anger and annoyance was quickly overcome with guilt, especially when he saw your tear-stricken face.
"i didn't–"
"if you hate dating so much go ahead and break up with me already you asshole! i'm tired of being the only one in this relationship." you stomped out the living room and into your bedroom. you snatched the nearest bag you could and started stuffing it with clothes.
"what are you doing?" he asked, panicking even as he tried to steady his voice. "hey, slow down. let's talk about this okay?" atsumu tried to seize your hands to stop you from leaving.
you yanked your hands back and shoved your overnight bag onto the floor. "i have been trying to talk to you for the past hour, atsumu! why is it you only wanna listen now?" you sobbed, unable to keep your tears at bay any longer.
he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, mumbling, "i didn't mean what i said back there. i'm sorry."
you sat to bury your face into your palms as the exhaustion of the night caught up to you. you were tired, emotionally and physically. "i try so hard not to be a bother to you," you whispered, voice small and strained.
atsumu's heart sunk at your state. he hated himself for being the one to cause it. he bent down and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you flush against his chest. you were still mad but didn't have it in you to fight him for it.
"you're not a bother, angel. i was being a dick. i wasn't trying to understand you. i'm sorry." he stroked your hair gently, nervously waiting for a reply.
after several minutes of silence, you finally croaked out, "if you think this relationship isn't going anywhere then what even is the point?" your eyes were dull and lifeless as you pushed yourself off him.
panicked at your words, tears started to prick his eyes. he shook his head vigorously. "n-no i don't want to break up! i just- i said it to piss you off. i didn't mean it, baby please..."
he stared at your eyes intently for some kind of sign that you haven't completely given up on him, but you were too tired and hurt to sympathize with him at the moment. the panic in his chest grew larger by the second.
"i'll take a leave. i'll spend more time with you, i promise. please give me another chance. i really didn't mean it like that. i love you, only you. i... really don't want to break up," he rambled.
sighing, you finally gave in– not that you forgave him that instant. he did promise to make it better after all. "fine, i just- i need time to think, okay? i'm spending the night at my friend's house."
he gently grabbed your hand, stopping you from grabbing your bag again. "you don't have to go. i can sleep on the couch if you want, or stay at bokuto's," he mumbled in between little sniffles.
after giving it some thought, you let out another sigh and quickly stood up. "never mind, let's just sleep on the bed," you deadpanned, making your way to the bathroom. meanwhile atsumu's eyes glimmered with hope as he listed the things he wanted to do to make up for his mistakes.
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jinkicake · 16 days ago
That Boy Is A Real Pussy Pleaser
Matsukawa, Atsumu, Tendou, Tsukishima, Ushijima when their s/o sits on their face. 
Matsukawa Issei x Reader
Miya Atsumu x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
A/N: This is all I have to offer today,,, I was just in a silly goofy mood and thought hmmm hmmm! Face-sitting with the besties!!! This is sooo much crack bc I wrote this during a thunderstorm while being scared shitless so.... muah, pls try to enjoy! 
WC-3,339 (I cannot believe how long I made this)
Matsukawa Issei
Now,,, I had already written for other four earlier but as I was staring at my wall I thought to myself… why the fuck don’t I add my favorite pussy eater of all time, the hottest man on this planet and in this universe: Matsukawa Issei. Thank you, genius idea, I know. 
He was born, placed in this world, to eat pussy…. You can’t tell me this boy isn’t a real pussy pleaser?
Matsukawa would treasure his s/o, treat them with such care and be the softest sweetest boyfriend and then fuck them like he hates them! This man is nasty
He’ll eat you out any time that you need like you want a good distraction? Sit on his face. You’re anxious about something? Sit on his face. You feel like shit? Sit on his fucking face!
Facesitting is one of his favorite things ever because he gets to watch you, he can stare up at you as he eats your sore cunt out, and watch how you shake for him
I just think that he would love to see you cry too, he’d be super into that so literally overstimulating you or edging you would be his go-to things
Getting his poor baby so fucked out to the point of tears would be his everyday mission,,, his goal if you will~ He knows you enjoy it and he enjoys it,,, he’s giving more head than receiving and tbh he wants it to be that way!!!
I just like the whole big man who would treat you properly then fuck you like he doesn’t respect you at all….. bitches got issues!! 
Anyway,,, I put massive daddy kink in this so enjoy, I love Matsukawa and he is a daddy and I want to be his cheese-filled hamburger steak!!!
“Let daddy see that pretty pussy, baby.” Matsukawa’s thumb gently brushes against the inside of your thigh, coaxing you into crawling up even further on his chest. 
“I’m not going to ask again.” And you know that to be the end of it. The knee-high stockings on your thighs pair so nicely with the short skirt you have on, the white material just barely brushes over the curve of your ass. 
The skirt with no panties is Matsukawa’s favorite combination. 
The large man audibly groans when he sees your bare cunt glistening from his previous teasing, he can’t help but sit up and gently kiss your clit. 
One small kiss then turns into a small lick, once Matsukawa has had the slightest taste he isn’t finished until he’s completely full. His kisses and licks turn passionate, it’s as if he is making out with your cunt the same way he does with your lips. 
The feeling of his two fingers gently stretching your hole causes you to instantly clamp down on them, squeezing your thighs around his head. 
“Relax, be a good girl for daddy,” Matsukawa coos into your thigh, biting gently on your skin when he is finally able to stuff his fingers knuckle-deep inside of you. He quickly busies himself with sucking on your clit, lapping at the bundle of nerves as he curls his fingers and caresses your walls. 
Your hands tightly grip onto the sheets beneath you, pulling and tugging as you try to keep yourself stable. Each rock of your hips against his face causes your knees to grow weaker and weaker. 
Matsukawa’s fingers curl just behind your clit, finding that spongey spot that always has you gushing over him. That, with his tongue lapping and drooling all over your cunt, turns you into his perfect little cry baby. 
Tears pool in your eyes and you bitterly try to push them away but, to no avail, the sob that leaves your throat causes Matsukawa to start fucking you with vigor. His fingers scissor inside your cunt while he teasingly bites down on your clit. 
“I’m gonna cum, daddy,” You whine and Matsukawa doesn’t let up his intense pace once. 
“Let daddy have it.”
Miya Atsumu
He is an avid pussy eater like literally his twitter handle is @/pussyeater69, he told me himself!!! I follow him on twitter, okay! 
Atsumu will never shy away from oral or anything about it, he adores it. All he does all day is think about having his head between your thighs so honestly, he will never turn you down if you ask~
Having you sit on his face will probably be the hottest thing that has ever happened in his life and he might just cry! Once he gets you to do it once it will become a regular thing because he becomes soooo obsessed
He just loves using his tongue on you and he knows how much you love having his tongue in you so it’s like…. </333 ya know? Perfect compromise!!! 
Atsumu will hold you so tightly against his face, so closely that he gets the best position to satisfy the both of you. If he can’t get his tongue deep in your cunt, like his whole nose pressed against your clit then you aren’t close enough for him, babe~
As much as I hate to admit it, Atsumu is just so skilled. Like this man might be a mega dork virgin but he knows exactly what he is doing all the time. He prides himself in listening to your reactions and figures out how to give you exactly what you need so like… 
He doesn’t need the pussy eating practice! Atsumu is simply the master! 
However, you know he will always want it. Please sit on his face at least every other day, his lifeline will deplete if you refuse to do so! We can’t have Atsumu desiccating on us!
Didn’t you know? Miya Atsumu runs on pussy! 
“You’re so fucking hot, come on, babe.” Atsumu grins underneath you as his hands run along the curve of your spine, gently pausing just above your behind before grabbing a handful of your ass. 
Needless to say, your boyfriend is excited. 
“I’m gonna fuck you stupid with my tongue, you ready?” It’d be a lie if you said that you didn’t know just exactly what Miya Atsumu’s tongue could do. If anything, you would have to blame your dirty thoughts on whatever genius thought it would be a good idea to have your boyfriend pose with his tongue out in an official photo. Maybe Atsumu already knew what he was doing, he knows you like the back of his hand. 
“Just eat me out, ‘Tsumu.” You groan and finally lower your core to his face, impatiently waiting for your boyfriend to meet your cunt in blind pleasure. Much to your surprise, none of that happens and, you’re met with nothing. 
“Is that any way to ask?” You can see his lips curled up into a shit-eating grin, his eyes light from his teasing and all you can think of is how you could suffocate him right here and now with your thighs. 
“I’ll just go get my vibrator then-”
You had never seen Atsumu move so fast, shove his tongue so quickly up your folds to then swirl around your clit. 
“Stupid fucking vibrator,” He murmurs into your skin, flattening his strong muscle before flicking the tip of it against your clit. His hands dig into your thighs, lowering you even further onto his face. Atsumu truly cannot get enough, not as he runs his tongue through your slit and sucks on your folds. If there was one way to describe Atsumu and his need for eating you out, it would be messy and intense. 
But, damn, does it feel so fucking good. 
He truly eats you out like a man starved, groaning into your cunt whenever your thighs tighten around his face. His tongue begs and begs for you to cum so he can finally get a taste of all that you have to offer him. 
Knowing Atsumu, he’ll get exactly what he wants much quicker than you would ever expect. 
Tendou Satori
Omg, Tendou, my baby….. This man is literally a chocolatier, he loves sweet things, and his favorite sweet to eat is right between your thighs
He has been dreaming about this one for AGES, all of his wet dreams include you sitting on his face…. It’s just that neither of you are bold enough to say anything about it
You have to voice your desires, ya know!! Neither of you are mind readers!!! 
So when you finally show interest, Tendou has to literally hold himself back like grip onto the sheets to refrain from throwing you on top of him
He tries to act all cool and collected like it’s no big deal, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!!! It is a big deal, he’s just as nervous as you are but tbh he’s hornier so the horny has victory over the nerves!!!
Oh! Tendou loves when you tug on his hair so don’t be afraid to do that!! Kinda dumb that he shaved it but whateverrrrr,,,, the feeling of your nails against his scalp will have his eyes rolling to the back of his head
He likes to take his time with you, tease you slightly until his cock practically bursts from nothing, and then he will completely devour you,, like tongue-fuck you until your legs start to shake!!!!
This is just my mind dump Tendou thirst post, please…. bear with me….. I will get this man some coochie okay! 
Oh also,,, his pretty ass nose- omg that skinny bitch will literally be the best for grinding against when you’re riding his tongue like literally…. 
Tendou simply has the best face for sitting on,, it is scientifically proven and I have the research and the labs done right here in my brain,,, cover sheet done and all
“Don’t be shy,” Tendou coos as his hands gently tug on your hips, he’s so close to finally getting to live his ultimate wet dream. “sit on my face, pretty girl.” 
He’s so determined for this, you can see it in the way his red eyes have glossed over and how his wet tongue hungrily runs over his bottom lip. Desire swirls in the pit of your stomach as you impatiently squirm on his lap. His cock twitches against your thigh and you’ve decided that you’re done torturing the both of you. With your heart in your hand, you timidly crawl up his body, gasping lightly as his large palms run up the sides of your thighs. You bunch up his shirt that you have on, gathering the material so that it rests just below your stomach and gives you the perfect view of your playful boyfriend. 
The grip you have on the material is all but lost when his tongue makes its way along the inside of your thighs. A soft moan is ripped out of your throat at the heat of his smooth muscle tracing random shapes and patterns until he meets your lower lips. 
The first stroke of his tongue through your folds catches you off guard, it throws you into a new sense of pleasure. The new angle provides all the opportunity to feel his tongue in a new light. Your hands tightly grip his red hair, pulling on the strands as your stomach lurches at each euphoric turn. 
However, nothing compares to the bridge of his strong nose. It grinds against your clit the deeper his tongue explores your folds, licking and sucking to gather every drop you have for him. His tongue is not nearly as big as his fingers, or his cock, but he still fucks you roughly. He pumps the muscle in and out of your core, purposely rubbing his nose intensely against your swollen bundle of nerves. There is nothing that your boyfriend doesn’t do on purpose, each of his movements is meaningful. 
Tendou’s fiery passion can be felt in each stroke of his tongue and you know better than to believe that this is all he is going to do with you tonight. 
Tsukishima Kei 
Tsukishima is a bitch, so naturally, he is going to be good at pussy eating LMFAO 
Like you can’t tell me this man who banters with everyone and has insults that can cut someone’s confidence in half wouldn’t have the skill to back it up
He’s another one who lives for eating his s/o out,,,, tbh it’s mostly because it’s the easiest way to get them to shut up!!! Like all he has to do is one little kiss, one little flick of his tongue and you’re putty in his hands
Why wouldn’t he enjoy all the little moans and gasps that leave your cute lips, it’s better than when you’re talking his ear off!!!!
Okay, I’m kidding… sorta…. Tsukishima loves hearing his s/o talk he just likes eating them out better!
Anyway,,, he’s a natural. During his first time, he’ll literally be eating pussy like a pro! Tsukishima hates being wrong, he’s a big nerd so of course, he is going to know just exactly what to do and how to make a bitch purr!!!
It’s his pride, really! You’re trying to tell me this libra bitch doesn’t spend his nights looking up how to eat pussy, because he has! Especially if he knows how much you enjoy it, wow!
I just really think he would like the position of having his s/o on his face, it gives him more of an opportunity to fuck them senseless with his tongue, ya know?
He’d love to do shit like suck on your clit gently and kiss it with his pretty ass lips and then fucking bite on it and pull it between his teeth because he is an asshole!
You cannot tell me Tsukishima wouldn’t be the absolute worse when it comes to teasing, he’d laugh into your fucking cunt like, he sucks!
“If you break my glasses-”
“Then take them off you fucking dork.” Your sneer causes Tsukishima’s eye to twitch, how the hell he got underneath you is beneath him. He’ll never complain about it though. It’s always worth seeing a bratty bitch like you melt under his touch, his fingers, his cock. 
He takes off the thick-rimmed accessory and tosses them onto one of the other chairs in his living room, focusing on yanking you up from above his chest so he can finally -forcefully- shut you up. 
“Awe, are you sure you’re even going to be able to see now?” You tease him, grinning down at his irritated eyes. The bright color of his iris nearly makes your heart skip a beat but you easily squash the feeling with hostility. “Oh, now you definitely won’t be able to find my clit. Shit,”
Tsukishima finally gets what he wants, silence. Your mouth falls open in a silent moan as his tongue traces your clit, softly circling the nerves before gently pressing his lips to it in a kiss. 
Serves you right to get fucked speechless, you never shut up. 
His teeth gently nibble on your clit and provide a hint of pain after such a sweet amount of pleasure. It’s enough for your thighs to slightly shake as they tighten on either side of his head. 
Tsukishima slowly glances at you as he runs the pad of his tongue over the same area, he has to hide his grin as your brace yourself against the armrest of his couch. You’re holding on for dear life and he hasn’t even started with you yet, you’re a fool to think this is all Tsukishima has to offer.
Who knew that the smart-ass from your environmental science class could be this delectable? 
Truthfully, you did. It wasn’t hard for either of you to get tangled up in one another after being at each other’s throats for all but three classes. 
“You’re so fucking good at this, baby,” You praise and nearly sing as he starts to suck on your clit. If either of you noticed the nickname, no one said a thing. “you’re now as good as mine~”
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Okay,,,, my favorite m*n ever like omg, does he ruin my ‘I cannot stand men agenda’ but fictional men don’t count,,, Ushijima Wakatoshi!!! Pussy eater #1!!!! 
In this corner, coming in at 197cm (6’3 *blushes*) and 90kg (199lbs *faints*).. my favorite pussy eater…. Miracle boy Wakatoshi!!!!!
He would literally eat ass heheheh okay anyway
Ushijima is not a patient man…. We see the Leo characteristics, he will not be able to remain still if you’re hovering above him literally ready to be devoured. Ushijima will sit up with no remorse and bring you down with him so he can eat you out
Does Ushijima know what he is doing? Yes! He is not dense, he knows exactly what you like and don’t like but,,,, he was trained…. You gotta train him to become the best pussy eater ever!!!! No pressure though~
I 100% believe that Ushijima could and would cum from eating you out, hips bucking into the air as his poor cock begs for any kind of stimulation,,,, and he will keep eating you out until he is shooting blanks
THAT is how much this man loves pussy eating,, he becomes the nosiest he has ever been when his head in-between your thighs 
If you’re not riding his cock or his thigh, chances are you’re gonna be on his face and grinding down onto his tongue and his beautiful ass nose until you lose feeling in the lower half of your body!!!
I’m sorry I just went light-headed thinking about his big ass fingers…. anyway…..
Ushijima could make a bitch cum in less than three minutes I am certain of this, I know it to be true because my brain is smart. His entire presence just screams panty-dropper, sorry!!! Like yes, even blunt canon Wakatoshi,,, he knows what he is doing! 
Large hands run along your sides, caressing and squeezing your skin which only adds to your pile of nerves. Having such a large man underneath you always sets ablaze to your belly, want and desire swirling around until you can no longer think straight. 
You have a sneaking suspicion that Ushijima doesn’t have a single clue of what he is doing to you. 
His eyes had darkened the moment you hovered above him, his gaze is now serious and intense as he memorizes every inch of your bare skin. Your boyfriend does not know patience when you’re dangled in front of him like this, it can be seen in the way he roughly tugs on your hips and pulls you toward his face. 
He just looks so big beneath you, splayed out with his cock aching against the confines of his boxers, chest rising and falling with each one of his breaths. 
For Ushijima Wakatoshi, his patience had just run out. 
A sharp slap to your ass has the impact of your body lurching toward the headboard and, just as your hands grab out to hold it, your boyfriend’s tongue finally meets its sweet release. 
Ushijima groans loudly at the first swipe of his tongue, letting out a messy ‘ah’ as he slowly gathers your wetness before swallowing it whole. He’s soft with your cunt, treating it as kindly as he does with you, by absolutely fucking devouring it. 
His jaw doesn’t let up once, continuing to work generously to swipe his tongue along your slit before thrusting the muscle inside of your cunt. 
Each powerful stroke along your walls causes your stomach to contract in pleasure, you’re completely and utterly weak for Ushijima’s touch. You’ve never been able to last long with it either. 
You grind down on his face, rolling your hips, tossing your head back when the bridge of his nose deliciously stimulates your clit. The bundle of nerves grows swollen under his rough care, you’re going to cum no doubt before the minute is up. 
It’s all too easy with a view like a focused Ushijima underneath you, eyes closed in concentration and a completely blissful look plastered on his face, your orgasm always comes quickly. 
Your boyfriend never leaves you unsatisfied. 
@atsushii-tora​ @xhanjisungiex @chaosamu @angeltsumu @augustdearly @kunimwuah  @chuuyasbunny @osamuonigiri @pearzuko @darksxder @macaronnv @nerdygremlin @buzzybeebee @miyaxs @badboysdoitbetter2 @blossoms-nursery @bibliophile221b @curiouslilbeast @eunxhi @apollochjld @jojoforthesoul @kiyoojima @kit-tea @my3ammadness @miamiya @tnu-ree @yatogamisenpai @lollyzen @differentballooncollection @ynjimenez @therainroguefanfiction @cutiekawa @ohbyunhunn @i-will-eat-your-trousers @virqgo @thelilyflowersworld @wompwomphq @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @answer-the-sirens @jeshicore @kurooloves @itsmeaudrieee @noisyalmonddreamer @peteunderoos @dai-tsukki-desu @sakusasimpbot @wisepandaslimeland @sushijimawakatoshi @whorefornoodles @crystal-lilac
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hvnlydmn · 27 days ago
lately you've been writing about the boys being a dad hahahaha i'm not saying i didn't enjoy them because i really do love reading your works!! can i request for the boys' reaction on their child asking for a baby brother/sister? with sakusa and iwaizumi please ty bb!!!!
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō
a/n — warning ⚠️ a few suggestive parts and use of mommy. aaaaaa haikyuu dad stuff yay, hope u enjoy <33
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you were both doing laundry while your daughter played around your feet, rolling your eyes when atsumu whistled at every pair of your underwear he happened to grab with one of his more handsome smirks. “daddy? can i hab a sister?” atsumu’s mouth drops open as he drops the underwear in his hands, eyes wide as he looks from you to his daughter “u-uh princess, ya can’t just be askin’ for sisters, yer already a handful.” he giggles at her pout before leaning down to give her a few kisses on her puffy cheeks, ruffling her hair when she swats him away before returning to playing with her toys with a huff and a drawled out “okayyyy.” you almost jump when you feel atsumu’s arms wrap around you from behind, lips placing featherlight kisses up his neck before he stops just shy of your ear, hands resting on your stomach “hear that? ya know id kill for another one of us runnin’ around angel, yer so good ta me, so how about ya let me spoil ya, yeah?”
☾ BOKUTO was playing with his son on the floor while you sat on the couch. both of them giggling as your son beat bokuto’s action figure in a fight for the nth time, causing bokuto to groan about how he was cheating even though he let him win. “daddy? can i get another baby to play with?” your eyes snaps to the two on the floor when you hear his words, watching your husbands eyes widen and glance at your own before a bright grin appears on his lips. “i don’t know buddy, you’ll have to ask mommy.” you pout at him when your son fumbles to his feet, watching bokuto crawl to his knees and follow behind him while the younger boy crawls into your lap “mommy, can we have another baby please?” you try to suppress your smile when you see bokuto kneeling at your feet, a pout similar to the one your son wears as his hands traces circles into your knee, silently hoping for a yes himself before he jumps up to pull you into a giggly kiss when you finally do.
☾ IWAIZUMI was shaking up a protein shake in the kitchen, his daughter clinging to his leg. “princess, what did i say? if you want up you just ask alright?” he groans as he bends over, gathering his daughter into his arms before securing her with one “daddy? can i get a baby?” he freezes at her words, a curse almost slipping out as he hisses, trying to avoid the obvious look of amusement on your face with a huff “yeah? as if you aren’t already hard enough to handle, babygirl.” his eyes glance towards yours, clearing his throat when your gaze is already on him. “how about you go play in your room, angel. me and mommy gotta talk about grown up stuff.” he sets her down, watching her pad down the hallway as he rounds the island towards you, eyes still avoiding yours. his hands grab your hips as he places himself between your thighs, placing a few kisses to your jawline “a baby, huh? what do you think, doll? think we can handle it?” a ghost of a hopeful smile on his lips before they finally meet yours.
☾ SAKUSA smiled softly as he tucked his daughter into bed, placing a gentle kiss onto her forehead. “goodnight, princess.” “daddy? can i get a sister?” he freezes immediately causing his daughter to pull on the hem of his t shirt to jostle him back. “daddy?” “y-yes, i mean—u-uh, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. get some sleep.” he backs out the doorway, releasing the breath he didn’t even realise he was holding before he quickly walks back to your shared bedroom, crawling in beside you completely silent, causing you to nudge him. “omi? are you okay?” “i-i may have promised our daughter.. a sister.” “huh?” “you know i can’t say no to her, love. she looks at me the same way you do.” you hear him tsk at the thought before he melts when your hand grazes under his shirt, tracing the muscles on his abdomen “well omi.. you promised, right?” you hear him groan before turning onto his side, lips ghosting yours “so perfect but you need to keep that pretty mouth quiet, sweetheart.”
☾ SUNA his eyes narrowed as he concentrated on braiding his daughters hair, holding her steady on his lap. “daddy?” “stay still, pretty girl.” “can we get another baby?” his fingers fumble slightly as he huffs, tightening the hair in his hands but his expressions remains unfazed except from the slight widening of his eyes. “you’ll need to ask mommy, princess. she gets grumpy whenever i ask.” the last part is mumbled, laughing to himself as he thinks back to the way you’d normally roll your eyes and slap him away with a huff “i already deal with two of you, rin.” so when you walk into the living room, you can almost feel his smirk when you’re asked the same question by his daughter, both of them rising from the couch before you’re pulled flush against a very smug looking rintarou’s chest. his hands gripping your hips while he nibbles at the skin under your ear “think about it, another one means more time for us, pretty baby. plus, we make cute kids.”
Tumblr media
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sunaluvs · 10 days ago
PLS I BEG OF YOU “i fucking love you” “hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober” WITH KING SUNA
prompt: "i fucking love you" / "hang up, and tell me this when you're sober" ft. suna rintarō.
wc: 1.2k+
tags: fluff, yearning, gn!reader, fwb to lovers !!, nsfw mention, he calls you "whore" but it's lighthearted || ultimately sfw.
A/N: ....i really need to learn self control 😰 also i tweaked the prompt a little hehe but i hope u enjoy !! <3
Tumblr media
suna’s got a weird feeling in his gut.
it started with the text you’d sent him earlier in the night, a simple “hey, i’m going out drinking with the others tonight, so keep your phone on <33.” when he’d asked you why, all you’d said was “just in case!” before promptly ignoring the rest of his messages, leaving him with raised eyebrows and multiple questions. eventually, he’d sighed, tossed his phone away and gone back to his game, pushing away the strange twist in his stomach.
you’d never specifically asked him to keep his phone on before (not that you ever really needed to; he has a special ringtone for you, but he’d sooner insult his coach to his face before telling you that). he also didn’t know who these “others” were, and obviously, he knows you don’t owe him the information, but that doesn’t erase the nagging curiosity in the corner of his mind.
it’s frustrating, makes him feel a little stupid and irritated with himself. he wants you to text him whenever you’re going out (or better yet, give him a kiss before leaving). he wants you to talk to him about your other friends, wants to hear you spill all the gossip you know and laugh when he tells you the things he’s heard.
he wants to be more than someone you call when you need some stress relief or just want a good old orgasm. he wants to give you the sex and the aftercare and the company but under a different context. he wants to call you over to his place just to cuddle, and treat you to a night out, and be able to tell everyone that you’re his—his to kiss and hold and joke around with and love.
and just as much, he wants to be yours. wants you to call him sickeningly sweet pet names and buy matching outfits for the both of you and hear you call him your boyfriend. the desire for you to be each other’s burns brightly in his chest, and he feels it ignite every time you say his name or laugh at a stupid joke he told or moan so prettily into his ears.
sometimes, it feels like if he doesn’t do anything about it, the fire might end up consuming him inside out.
but then he’ll think about losing the familiarity of your touch, and no longer hearing your sweet voice calling him rin, and he thinks he’d rather be burned to ashes.
it's only hours later, when he can feel his eyelids getting heavy and the yawns leaving his mouth increase in number, that he gets the call that’d finally douse water on the flames.
the special ringtone blares throughout his room, and instantly, he’s awake and reaching for his phone, swiping at the screen and lips curving at the sound of your voice.
“rin!” you exclaim, “why’d you take so long to answer!”
he can’t help the small chuckle that leaves him, knowing from the slight slurring in your tone that you’re probably a lot more than tipsy.
“sorry, i was busy doing something important,” no he wasn’t, “what’s up?”
“something important?” you ask, and he can picture the exaggerated widening of your eyes and o-shape of your mouth, “what’s something important?”
“mm, don’t wanna tell you,” he hums, smirking when he hears you whine.
“that’s not fair!” you complain, a pout evident in your tone, “i deserve to know!”
“do you now?” he teases, “and why would that be?”
“because.” you pause, and he’s smiling like a fool, “uh—i’ll suck your dick?”
he snorts, closing his eyes in amusement, “you’d do that anyway. you’re too much of a whore not to.”
“hey!” you cry out petulantly, and he huffs a laugh, “i mean—you’re right, but you don’t have to say it!”
“what, bunny can’t take the truth?” he sounds a touch too fond, and he knows, but for the life of him, he can’t help it. already, he can hear the crackle of embers lighting up in his chest, and he lets out a silent sigh.
“so mean,” you mumble, before huffing a short breath, “can’t believe i love you.”
his heart stops.
minutes pass, and you continue to ramble on, not noticing the complete halt his world has come to. all he can do is sit there, with blood rushing through his ears and a heart engulfed in red, orange, and yellow. he sits and sits until you’re calling his name, a confused “rin? rinnie?” leaving your lips; until the heat licking at his ribs snap him out of it and his heartbeat kickstarts all over again.
he takes in a sharp breath, and his voice is shaky when he speaks.
“say it again.”
“wh—huh?” you’re out of the loop, and he curses the long time he took to react properly.
clearing his throat, he forces stability and calm into his tone, “what you said—a few minutes ago,” he squeezes his eyes shut, “that you—you couldn’t believe you—”
he cuts himself off, but it seems you’ve gotten the gist of what he’s trying to say, because you make noise of understanding.
“ah—you mean when i said i can’t believe i love you?”
a harsh breath leaves him, and he swallows with difficulty.
“mhm, what about it?” you sound—so innocent, so honest, like you don’t realize how you just simultaneously destroyed and rebuilt suna’s entire world with that one sentence.
it’s so you, and it’s all he’s ever wanted.
“did you—did you mean it?”
moments pass, and it seems that the reality of the situation has finally gotten past the haze of liquor and exhaustion, because your next words are quiet, embarrassed, but not hesitant or deceptive.
“yeah,” you whisper, soft and honest, “i did.”
a breathless laugh leaves him, and his hand comes up to cover his mouth, an uncontrollable, foolish, unbelievably happy grin pulling at his lips.
“bunny.” he says, and there’s definitely too much fondness in his tone.
“hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober.”
“uh,” you sound puzzled, but you agree anyway, “o-okay. yeah—alright.”
“good,” he replies, biting at his smile. suddenly, a thought strikes him, and he does a quick check at the time, raising his eyebrows when he sees the numbers 2:15 am, “hey, do you have anyone to drive you home?”
“hm?” you must have zoned out, as you take a moment to answer, but then you’re replying, “oh! oh, yeah, i do! yeah, they’re um—i think they’re in the bathroom with one of the girls.”
he chuckles, nodding even though you can’t see, “good. don’t stay out too late, yeah? text me when you’re back home.”
“uh-huh, will do! actually, y’know, i was just thinking abou—huh? what?” your voice is muffled, probably talking to someone off the phone, but then you’re back and your voice is a little hurried, “sorry rin, i got to go! i’ll talk to you later!”
“alright. bye, bunny.”
“bye-bye!” you sing cheerily, before you hang up, leaving him in the silence of his room.
he sighs contently, staring at your contact photo, when he suddenly feels air bubbling up through his chest, and before he knows it, he’s falling back into his bed in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. it’s embarrassing, and he’d rather quit volleyball than get caught, but he can’t stop the laughter shaking through him, and he buries his face in his pillow in a helpless attempt to stop, but the scrunch of his nose and curve of his grin don't leave him—not for a while.
he feels so unbelievably light, like he could start floating through the atmosphere at any given moment. his chest is warm, but it’s not the sweltering heat of a burning fire—it’s the heat of skin against skin, of the sun hitting your frame just right and your bright smiles directed at him. it’s the warmth he’s been daydreaming about and seeking for so long, it doesn’t quite feel real yet.
sleep is a far-away notion, leaving him lying awake in what he thinks has to be some amazing fucking dream, but the sound of a notification from a message—your message—jolts him out of the state, and he scrambles to grab his phone and swipe to see your text.
im home nnow!1
m very tiredt
gonna gosleep
nightnight. :0
a soft chuckle leaves him, and he quickly types back a reply.
goodnight, bunny. sweet dreams.
he exhales a light breath, and flops back onto his pillow.
he can’t wait for tomorrow.
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inarizahki · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Atsumu can’t breed you right so he brings in back-up. Cast: Atsumu, Osamu, Suna, Aran, Kita, f!Reader Word Count: 3k Warnings: 18+, minors dni, cucking, poly, breeding, dubcon, all holes being used, general filth A/N: pea was h word n wanted a baby so i wrote this. happy birthday @atsupup <3
Tumblr media
You feel so full.
You’re not sure how long they’ve been having their way with you, but it had to be at least a couple hours minimum. There are cocks stuffed in your pussy and ass, one sliding in and out of your throat too. The position you’re in would be uncomfortable if you were able to feel anything anymore, but that isn’t the case. Your body is numb, limp, only moving when you’re being manhandled into the positions they want you in. 
When Atsumu had told you this morning while you were sucking him off, that tonight would be the night, tonight’s when he would finally get you pregnant and on your birthday at that, this isn’t what you had envisioned. The two of you have been trying for months, taken all sorts of measures, even made visits to the doctor to determine why it wasn’t working. 
Even after all that though, nothing. In a fit of madness, you’d muttered something—not seriously, of course—about how weak his sperm was, how all his tall, good-looking friends and brother could do better than him. 
And all Atsumu had to say to that?
So now here you are, having gotten over your shock of finding all four of his former teammates waiting for you in the bedroom you share with Atsumu, being fucked by them to the point of unconsciousness. Seriously. You think you might have drifted off a few times before waking again to the feeling of the men switching positions, using a new hole when they’ve emptied themselves in the old one. Your body is drenched, as are the sheets, cum and sweat and slick staining your skin and the mattress below you. 
Your pussy’s lips are puffy, every stroke of Suna’s cock making your back arch. His dark eyebrows are furrowed; in your haze of pleasure, you can make out the blurry image of his face moving above yours, up and down in time with his thrusts. His gaze is locked on your face, drinking in every twist of your expression, every moan and broken whimper that slips past your swollen lips, occasionally leaning in to swallow them by slipping his tongue into your mouth and pressing it against yours in a wet kiss when your mouth isn’t stuffed full with cock.
“Fuck, ‘Tsumu,” Osamu pants in your ear from behind, bucking his hips up and sheathing his dick into your other hole, “she’s still so fuckin’ tight, how’s that even possible ah- fuck, been keepin’ her to yourself all this time, huh?”
“Shut up, ‘Samu,” Atsumu’s voice comes from off to the side, strained as he jerks off furiously, watching the three men have at you. “Just focus on fillin’ her up.”
“The fuck does it look like I’m doin’, you scrub? I’ve stuffed all of her holes at least once today. The kid that comes outta her is gonna be mine.”
“In your dreams.”
“Well,” Osamu says, and you feel him shrug behind you. He nips at your earlobe, probably smirking at Atsumu across the room. “Not like you could spot the difference. Even if it’s not, I can just pretend s’my kid.”
Atsumu shouts a furious reply at that but you don’t hear it because your eyes are rolling into the back of your head; you’re not sure how much longer you can keep awake, the sensations you’re drowning in are making it so easy for you to want to just succumb to the exhaustion and rest. 
Aran, who’s kneeling next to your head, pulls out of your mouth soon enough though, gripping the base of his cock with one hand and slapping it against your cheek. “Not so fast, beautiful. I got one more for you here, you can take it, can’t you? ‘Tsumu spoke so highly of you, wouldn’t want to let us down now, would you?”
He bullies his cock past your damp lips again, fucking into your mouth roughly. A hot hand closes around your neck; Aran lets out a shaky sigh when he tightens his fingers, feeling the bulge of his length down your throat. He thrusts shallowly, grunting when your throat convulses around him, before pulling out halfway. A jerk of his hips is the only warning before he’s cumming with a groan, thick ropes of his seed shooting onto your tongue. 
Aran’s fingers tighten ever so slightly, a silent gesture for you to not let a single drop spill. You do your best, swallowing around the intrusion in your mouth, choking and gagging on the viscous texture and how thick he simply is. It’s not being made any easier with Suna and Osamu pounding away inside you, rocking you into Aran’s pelvis with every thrust.
You’re grateful for when Aran finally withdraws from your mouth and you can gasp loudly, coughing, desperately sucking in oxygen to fill your lungs. There’s not much reprieve though, because the two still inside you take it as a cue to go even harder, now that there’s no risk of you suffocating on cock. 
Osamu plants his feet on the mattress, thrusting his hips up as your head falls back onto his shoulder, a litany of strangled and keening noises escaping your sore throat. Suna drops down onto his elbows, hissing as your walls flutter weakly around his girth, “Fuck, just like that, yeah take it just like that- you’re doing so good, doll, such a fucking slut aren’t you-”
They’re in sync, drawing out and slamming back in at the same pace, splitting you open so wide you feel like you’re breaking. The room is filled with nothing else but the sound of your whimpers, their grunts, the slap of sweaty skin on skin, the squelch of two massive cocks burying inside your wet heat. You’re sobbing, one hand scrabbling in the sheets next to you, your other hand digging into Suna’s ass as he thrusts into you sharply. 
You can hear Aran chatting with Atsumu off to the side, saying something about what a good fuck you are, how your mouth feels like heaven, whether Atsumu would be up for passing you around like this again in the future. You’re not sure you could take this again, not when Osamu and Suna seem intent on destroying all of your walls, cocks stabbing so deep inside you you swear that they’ll pierce your organs. 
When Osamu finally reaches a hand around and presses down on your stomach hard, you cry out, hips bucking and thighs quivering as you cum all over Suna’s cock, walls clamping down around both men and pushing them over the edge. Suna snaps his hips once, twice before stilling, pressing his hips flush against yours as he cums deep inside you with a snarl. Osamu follows right after, painting your other walls white as he groans loudly in your ear, arms tightening around you. Their loads feel somewhat soothing, a welcome relief against your walls as the two cocks inside you soften and finally pull out after a few moments. 
Osamu kisses your cheek, smiling into it as he tells you how good you’ve been, how he’ll want to go again soon enough, how if you’re satisfied with his dick, you should consider choosing the better twin. Atsumu throws something at his brother’s head when he hears that, though it’s dodged easily enough. Osamu’s at least gentle when he slips out from under you, carefully settling your head onto a pillow before rising from the bed to go snag a bottle of water to drink greedily from.
“So sloppy,” Suna murmurs, sliding down your body so he can push your legs apart to watch both his and Osamu’s loads drip out of you, pooling onto the mattress below. He flicks a finger up, collecting Osamu’s cum from where it was trickling out of you before bringing it to your entrance and pushing it into you, huffing a little when your hips try to jerk away at the overstimulation. He splays his other hand over your abdomen, pinning you down in place as his finger shoves deeper into you, twisting and sliding roughly against your walls. “Bear with it, doll. You and ‘Tsumu are trying, aren’t you? Gotta let us help, then. We’re just trying to be good friends, after all.”
Suna finally lets up after rotating his finger a few more times, withdrawing his hand and shifting off the bed, eyes fixated on the sight of you. You probably look a mess, strands of hair plastered to your sweaty skin, dried cum sticking to the corners of your mouth, your breasts, belly, inner thighs. You can barely move, just lolling your head to the side to see blurry figures standing next to the bed chuckling affectionately at your helplessness.
“Cap’n,” Aran’s voice sounds distant to your ears as you try to recover, chest heaving, thighs trembling with the aftershocks of your...fifth? sixth?...orgasm that night. There’s a small grin on his face. “All yours.”
You’d forgotten about the fifth man, the one who’s barely had a turn yet because he’d allowed the others to go first in favor of sitting at the edge of the bed, watching you get ruined. He’s not even unclothed, pants only unbuttoned so he can fist his cock in one hand.
Kita’s smaller in stature than the others, but for some reason, you’re shaking even more at the thought of him inside you. His cock looks intimidating even after you’ve taken in Atsumu’s and three different ones already; it’s long and thick, a bulging vein running along the dorsal surface. You whimper when the man rises from his place, peeling off his t-shirt and stepping out of his pants and briefs.
His body is hot to the touch when he crawls on top of you, dark eyes tracing every one of your features, committing the debauched image of you to memory. 
“S-Shin…” you choke out, hoping that he would take pity on you. He seems like the gentlest of them all, the most understanding. Surely he would put an end to this all, to this mess that you got yourself into? It has to have already worked, what with how many times the others have bred you, you have to be knocked up by now.
Kita just smiles, smoothing a hand over your cheek comfortingly, pushing strands of your hair out of the way so he can lean down and press his lips against yours, kissing you slowly with a tenderness that you haven’t felt much this entire evening. His words though, are in stark contrast to the soft gesture. 
“You opened your legs for all the others like a common whore, surely you can take one more, can’t you?” Kita sits up and grips your ankles, pulling them up to rest them on his broad shoulders as he positions the tip of his fat cock at your entrance, rubbing it up and down, watching you jolt weakly, “You want me, don’t you? I’ve seen the way you look at me, sweetheart.”
It’s true, you have had fantasies about him in the past when you and Atsumu paid visits to his farm, Atsumu had even teased you about it before. You could appreciate a hard worker, especially one who sometimes worked without a shirt on. But right now, you’re not sure if you could take him, not when your walls feel so raw and tender. You don’t know how many orgasms have been ripped from you at this point, and the man currently on top of you is sure to pull another, you can just tell.
“Yes,” Kita asks, turning his head to press a kiss against your ankle, still looking at you with those intense, brown eyes of his, “or no?”
You whimper, walls clenching down uncomfortably on nothing; you want it, you want a taste of him. “Y-Yes.”
“Good girl.”
At that, he bends you in half, burying his entire cock inside you in one smooth motion. His hands sink down into the mattress on either side of you, muscled body pressing your legs down to your chest mercilessly. The stretch burns, even after you’ve been spread open for the entire night, and you shudder, gasping out, “S-Shinsuke, pl- please s’too much, you’re too big-”
A scoff comes from off to the side and you just realize that at some point, Atsumu had moved onto the bed and is now kneeling right next to you, watching Kita fuck into you with a heated interest. “Bigger than me?”
You shut your mouth at that. Because while Atsumu’s dick is certainly longer, always reaching into your depths so perfectly, there’s no denying that Kita’s cock is fatter, you can just tell by the way your pussy struggles to accommodate his thick girth. 
Kita’s lips quirk up at your silence and at Atsumu’s irritated “why aren’t you answering me” before he finally pulls back and thrusts forward again ruthlessly. You throw your head back, squealing loudly as he really starts to fuck you, driving into you with powerful thrusts. Your cunt is gushing around him, wet slaps of skin on skin filling the silence. Kita’s eyelids flutter shut; he’s savoring the feeling of your wet heat engulfing his cock so well, like you were made to take him.
Kita’s not even out of breath yet, just panting slightly, gray and black hair sticking to his forehead as he leans down, pressing your thighs even closer to your chest so he can ask you in that low and soothing voice of his, “Who do you think will knock you up tonight, sweetheart?”
There’s only one answer, even if your boyfriend is right next to you, staring at the way his former captain has you pinned underneath him.
“Y-You,” you garble, eyes tearing up at the feeling of the tip of Kita’s cock hitting your cervix. His hips slam against yours with a brutally precise and steady rhythm, fast but controlled.
“You’ll need to speak up.” Kita turns his head to look at your boyfriend, his junior, smirking slightly and asking again, “Who?”
“You, Shinsuke, you!” you sob, throwing an arm over your eyes so you don’t have to see the blonde hair in the corner of your eye. “I want yours, I want your baby!”
You hear Atsumu swear, but if anything, the betrayal gets him going even more; you can hear the sounds of him jerking off increase in speed.
Kita lowers his head, breath stuttering in your ear as he chuckles, “Who am I then, to deny such a pretty girl what she wants?”
Heat floods your cheeks as he pulls back so he can kiss you, crushing his lips against yours, catching your lower lip between his teeth and giving it a tug before letting go. His upper arms muscles ripple with the effort of holding himself above you; your head flops to the side to see a hand planted next to your head. You grip one of his biceps tightly like it’s an anchor, your other arm slung around his neck, clinging to him for dear life as he plows into you. 
The coil in your stomach snaps all at once without warning, and you let out a soundless cry, creaming all over Kita’s cock as he fucks you through your climax, rhythm growing unsteadier as he nears his own release. Your spine arches, tears escaping from the corners of your eyes as yet another orgasm is forced from you and splintering pleasure overtakes you. 
Kita cums with a low groan, jaw dropping open and eyes squeezing shut as he empties himself inside you, shallow thrusts dragging against your walls. The muscles in your thighs scream when he drops down onto his elbows, pressing your legs down by either side of your head. He takes pity on you soon enough though, rising to push your ankles off his shoulder before slumping down onto you again, tired and spent, soft breaths tickling your ear. One of his calloused hands trails lazily over your body, squeezing your breast, sliding down your sides, caressing any skin it can find.
You let him do what he wants for a while until you finally have enough energy to turn your head, still dizzy but trying to find Kita’s face nonetheless. He lifts his head at your movement, looking at you curiously, smiling a little at the soft whine that escapes you. He knows just what you want, and dips his head to brush your lips together, suckling on your tongue when you grant him access. 
It doesn’t last for long though.
The heavy weight on top of you suddenly disappears when Atsumu pulls Kita back by the shoulder, looking a little grumpy at the intimacy between you and his former captain. Kita lifts his hands in a gesture of surrender, chuckling at the way Atsumu impatiently nudges his way on top of you, pushing your legs apart, stiff and swollen cock grasped in one hand.
“Damn, Atsumu,” Aran lets out a surprised laugh, “you’ve got a keeper right there. Don’t know many girls who can take all of us in one night like this.”
“I-I can’t,” you slur weakly, holding up a shaky hand, “‘Tsumu, I can’t.”
“You can,” Atsumu grasps your wrists in one large hand, easily pinning them above your head. “I’ve only cum inside you once tonight, gotta make sure I do my part, princess.” 
All you can do is whimper, already twitching in expectation from how well he’s going to fill you. 
“Don’t worry,” Atsumu hovers over you, nudging the head of his cock against your messy folds, rubbing it in small, circular motions, coating it with Kita’s cum and the remnants of the countless other loads that belong to his friends and brother. He pushes into your entrance with a sigh, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of your sopping walls sucking him in without resistance. 
Atsumu’s hands sink down into the mattress next to your head, gaze dark and hungry as he leans over you.
“No matter whose baby it is, this pussy will always belong to me.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · a month ago
kuroo's part
character/s: suna rintaro x gn reader
genre/s: angst if u squint to fluff
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: i keep making these things longer than i intend but oh well
Tumblr media
being the manager of inarizaki boys’ vbc has been all but boring. you had originally intended to manage the girls’ team for much needed extra credit and being pulled out of school hours for club duties, but the posts were full and the boys’ team were apparently short staffed. as if you couldn’t imagine why. they might as well put in “baby sitting” in the job description.
inarizaki was a force to be reckoned with–the force mainly from the twins chaos and the mischievous instigator, suna. kita did an outstanding job at managing them but he could only do so much between his student and captain and personal duties, so when you arrived they were left to your care.
as if that was a good idea.
in between atsumu being swarmed by fangirls at every single chance they get, getting caught in the crossfire of balls being thrown across the court by the twins, breaking up their stupid cat fights and getting smacked in the process, falling victim to suna’s compilation of embarrassing photos, staying behind late at the gym to clean up the extra mess they’ve made, you were always caught in the middle of it all.
you hadn’t minded the weird turn of events though as you gained three unlikely best friends, well two and a half because suna was honestly on thin ice.
suna and his cool and composed demeanor yet chaotic energy. his tendency to not give a fuck if it does not concern him directly, but you often found him caring about you and the scolding you got because of their mess. suna and his most prized playlists which he sent you at 3 in the morning when you were so, so tired but ultimately couldn’t fall asleep. suna and his pretty emerald eyes which lingered on you too long for you could handle. suna and his goddamn memes without context. suna and–
a light shove finally broke your trance. you tuned out the world as you were having lunch with the boys and didn’t even notice as thoughts of him plagued your mind when he was right there in front of you. you glanced up to see him eyeing you with an eyebrow raised, but he continued to eat wordlessly.
“can i have this,” you grinned, snatching a box of meiji strawberry chocolate, a fat stack sat in the middle of the table that wasn’t there before you got so lost in your thoughts. “where’d this come from? these are my favorite.” you turned to atsumu, popping a few pieces into your mouth.
“finish your food first, idiot,” suna called out, reaching over to snatch the box in your hands, earning him a glare from you.
“did you miss an entire season?” it was osamu’s turn to scold you. “were you that out of it that you didn’t notice a couple girls handing those over?”
“guess so,” you shrugged, turning to the blonde twin who was apparently busy gulfing down the rest of his lunch, you grimaced. “who is it this time, tsumu?”
he halted, bringing his eyes up slowly. “they’re not for me,” he mumbled, mouth stuffed. he proceeded to tilt his head in suna’s direction.
"our sunarin is a big boy now," osamu teased, smacking suna's back. you winced but suna smacked osamu right back, this time you laughed.
out of curiosity, you sneaked a peak at suna's reaction to the twins' teasing and to the gesture in general (since you were too busy daydreaming about him that you never noticed it happen).
“shut up, i don’t have time for any of that anyway,” he deadpanned. “relationships are nothing but a chore. all the clinginess and the constant demands,” he shuddered at the thought.
somehow, your heart sunk. selfishly so, it wasn’t your sympathy for the girl who tried to make a move on suna, but for yourself. you wondered if he felt the same way towards your “clinginess and constant demands”—the way you cared and looked after not only him, but the twins too and the rest of the boys. “eat slowly before you choke, dumbasses.”, “rin, change your shirt already you’re all sweaty and you’re gonna catch a cold.”, “you barely drank any water, finish the whole thing!”, “stop fucking fighting before i tell kita! rin- help me you idiot!”, “tsumu learn how to rest before i smash your kneecaps and put you to rest myself. and you need to take practice a bit more seriously.”, “you still need good grades if you wanna keep playing, i’ll help you study. that’s non negotiable.”
the sun had begin to set as you walked out of the gym with the twins, stretching your arms tiredly.
“where’s rin?” you asked, glancing around.
atsumu grinned, arms behind his head. “he went to talk to the strawberry chocolate girl.”
“he probably likes her too, or at least finds her attractive,” osamu commented as he paced backwards so he could face you and his twin.
“right! he was so defensive at lunch,” atsumu cackled. “he was just shy,” he cooed in a high-pitched voice, batting his eyelashes and clasping his hands together to make a show of a lovestruck girl. you rolled your eyes as osamu joined him, pretending to fawn and over their other friend.
“oh, there they are,” osamu announced, coming to a sudden halt causing you to bump into him. your eyes trailed where he pointed. suna’s back was turned to you, but you could make out of the girl’s pretty features and blushing expression. despite how suna made it seem like he was strongly against the idea of dating, their conversation seemed to show otherwise. the girl wasn’t in tears nor did she have a pained expression, not even apathy in her features. she was… flattered, smiling—giggling even. and suna wasn’t closed off. he didn’t shy away and didn’t seem like that was the last place he would have wanted to be.
atsumu hauled you away, talking about giving them a bit of privacy which was rich coming from him. the image had already ingrained in your mind and it wasn’t until you were alone in your room did you finally feel something. you felt as if your heart was doing multiple somersaults into the pit of your stomach. knowing suna, he was probably in denial and being defensive, mostly because the same two people who suggested that in the first place.
days have passed and you were still unable to shake suna’s words off. you often found yourself holding back from scolding and nagging him like you used to, like you still do with the twins, afraid that he found you overbearing and annoying which was the last thing you wanted. as cool and laidback suna was, he was still incredibly intimidating. knowing he would never reciprocate your feelings was one thing, but you didn’t want him to be repulsed by you even if you were only doing things out of care.
suna found himself causing you more trouble than usual, doing things he knew you hated so you could scold him, smack his arm, and chase him around the empty gym as he provoked you, but you never did. today he was particularly determined to get a reaction out of you.
it was early in the morning, the groupchat the four of you shared was blaring with notifications already but suna decided to put his phone on silent, waiting for you to spam him messages and missed calls in case he had slept in again. as much as you wanted to do just that, you kept to the gc.
rin’s not replying or reading the gc.
atsumu started flooding his phone instead. he decided to doze off in class next to you. surely, you would smack him awake, right? wrong, he woke up with scribbles and doodles on his hands and his hair tied up with hellokitty clips. he only glared at the twins, but said nothing. at lunch, he only ate about three chuppet ice pops—where exactly he got them from you weren’t sure. but you wouldn’t let him eat ice pops for lunch right? he was almost excited to see you narrowing your eyes at him, but you only muttered “gross” under your breath, to his disappointment.
the whistle rang through the gym, signaling a break. you handed each of the boys their water bottle and made your way to where your three friends were sat. atsumu lifted his shirt. you reached for his towel and wiped the sweat off his back. suna’s eyes widened in the slightest and looked away, lips pursed in annoyance. he couldn’t keep his stare away for too long though, not when you were wrestling him to the ground, laughing and generally messing around.
without thinking, suna pushed himself off the floor, wraped an arm around your waist and basically plucked you off of atsumu. the four of you stared at each other in surprise. it was unbearably quiet and awkward.
“…rin? why are you acting weird?”
he only then freed you from his grasp. “you’re being weird.”
the twins exchanged looks with one another. thankfully practice resumed before it got anymore awkward, if that was even possible.
he tossed the nth box of strawberry chocolates to you which you barely managed to catch as you walked side by side out of the gym. he never seemed to run out of them. you eyed him confused, but he kept his eyes straight ahed with no particular emotion on his pretty face. you remembered the incident early and felt heat creep up your cheeks.
“hey! i want one too,” atsumu yelled after both of you, waving as he ran to catch up.
neither you or the twins mentioned anything about what you saw the other day, and any conversation about the strawberry chocolate girl, as atsumu called her, was quickly shut down by suna.
“rin what would your little girlfriend feel if she knew you were giving her gifts away,” osamu taunted as he seemed to appear out of thin air. unconsciously, your heart clenched out of guilt.
“the hell are you talking about, i don’t have a girlfriend,” suna grumbled before turning to you. “and i buy those. for you.” he placed his hand on your head gently until you saw hints of red on his cheeks. he mustered up a blank expression as he pulled his hand away. you stared up at him dumbfounded. osamu fell silent as he grasped the situation. his brother didn’t get the memo though.
“we weren’t gonna say anything but we definitely saw you being all lovey dovey with the strawberry ch—mfph!” osamu had him in a headlock, his hand over his mouth as he hauled him away muttering a bunch of excuses.
suna raised an eyebrow at you as you kept your eyes glued to the twins, your heart already hammering in your chest. you refused to glance at him though you could feel him staring at you. “so that’s why you’ve been avoiding me,” he mused.
“that doesn’t explain why you’ve been acting weird,” you replied, finally turning to face him with a scowl.
he laughed it off. “i don’t know what exactly you saw but i turned that girl down that day.”
“she seemed a little too happy for someone who just got rejected,” you snarked, looking down at where your hands fidgeted with the box of candy he gave you.
“i might have told her she was pretty or something,” he deadpanned, a hand combing through his parted hair.
you hated the way his words made you feel. “she is,” you mumbled despite the dull pain in your chest.
“she’s not my type though. so you can stop avoiding me now.”
“that’s not why i was avoiding you.” you looked up at him through your lashes, carefully trying to find the right words to say. “i didn’t want to be clingy or annoying, even though we’re just friends.”
realization dawned on him, thinking back to what he said before. “i don’t… i don’t think you’re annoying.” his hand moved on its own to cup your cheek which startled both of you.
“but you said-”
“i know what i said and i mean it. but i never thought of you like that. i just saw it as you being caring.”
your breath caught in your throat. you could only softly gaze at him, eyes glossed over and a smile aching to show on your lips.
“so if it’s not much to ask i want you to keep nagging me, preferably more than you nag the twins. preferably not just as a friend.” his voice was barely above a whisper.
your face broke into the brightest he’d ever seen you smile before you jumped to wrap your arms around his neck. chuckling, he swiftly wrapped his arms around your waist and spun you around, burying his face in the crook of your neck and gently set you down.
“what the fuck just happened,” atsumu’s head popped from behind a wall nearby followed by osamu.
“i told you so, you owe me five onigiris now.”
you untangled yourself from suna to shoot them a glare. he reached over to grab your hand and place a chaste kiss before you walked over to the twins and start heading home.
“you did not just place a bet on my love life you idiots!”
“it was samu’s idea!”
“only because i knew for a fact in that moment, i was gonna win.”
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