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The November issue of Comic Yuri Hime announced that tMnR’s Yuri drama If I Could Reach You (Tatoe Todokanu Ito da toshitemo) would concluded in December issue of the magazine, releasing on October 17. The manga is published in English by Kodansha Comics.


If I Could Reach You follows high school student Uta, who is in love with her brother’s wife, Kaoru. Uta struggles to overcome her feelings, but turmoil in Kaoru and her brother’s marriage drive the two women closer together.

The manga has been serialzied in Comic Yuri Hime since 2016. Ichijinsha publishes six volumes in Japanese. The fifth volume will be released in English on September 29. Volume six will follow in Q1 2021.


I reviewed the first three volumes of the series and praised it for its artwork and powerful, emotional story. Before creating If I Could Reach You, tMnR was known for her Love Live Yuri doujinshi.


(Tsumuide Yuku Hibi e - 2016)


Purchase If I Could Reach You digitally and in print today:

Legally purchasing manga helps support publishers and creator. YuriMother makes a small commission to help fund future coverage.

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sunrises, cold hands, tired eyes, slow dancing in the living room, stolen kisses, empty coffee cups, notebooks spread out on the floor, study dates, autumn leaves, that sonorous silence before day breaks, fingers intertwined, cuddles, dust on top of forgotten memories, longing stares, quiet love

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A stunningly profound, entertaining, and queer title that eclipses other isekai and Yuri series


There are few titles the general public seems to be as excited about as Inori and Hanagata’s I’m in Love with the Villainess, as it has been sitting at or near the top of Amazon’s LGBT Manga list for months and Twitter is consistently abuzz with the latest news on this isekai Yuri series. I was somewhat more skeptical, as I have had relatively poor experiences with isekai and fantasy Yuri. Still, my excitement went through the room, and I eagerly boarded the “hype train” upon the cover reveal for the third volume. Yuri families, where two women raise children together, are one of my greatest desires and something I rarely see portrayed in the genre. However, I still had mostly low expectations for the series going into the first volume. I looked forward to some light meandering comedy and typical boring trope-filled isekai shenanigans. However, I’m in Love with the Villainess more than exceeded my expectations. No, even this statement is far too moderate to describe how utterly stunned and blown away I was by Inori’s creation. I’m in Love with the Villainess is completely shattering and easily one of the greatest light novels I have ever read. Thus, I have no choice to award a perfect 10/10 score, my first ever for a light novel.


After waking up in the world of her favorite otome game, Revolution, protagonist Rae is ecstatic to be faced to face with Claire Francois, the game’s villainous rival. However, Rae never played Revolution for the thrill of romancing any of the three attractive young princes. She was always in love with Claire. She attends the academy and studies magic in the fantasy world alongside Claire, the princes, and various other supporting characters. Using her skills from the modern world and her encyclopedic knowledge of Revolution, Rae manipulates the situation to be close to Claire, becoming her maid, and garnering status and money along the way. As an inevitable conflict looms closer, Rea begins to enact plans to protect herself and Claire, many of which are not fully understood or explained until the finale fantastically reveals the reasons for her actions. There is a natural and steady pace to the narrative that awards readers’  predictions and attention to detail.

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Slavoj Žižek
Yeah, because I’m extremely romantic here. You know what is my fear? This postmodern, permissive, pragmatic etiquette towards sex. It’s horrible. They claim sex is healthy; it’s good for the heart, for blood circulation, it relaxes you. They even go into how kissing is also good because it develops the muscles here – this is horrible, my God! It’s no longer that absolute passion. I like this idea of sex as part of love, you know: ‘I’m ready to sell my mother into slavery just to fuck you for ever.’ There is something nice, transcendent, about it. I remain incurably romantic.
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Induced dreams

When we meet eyes again
and discover that for me
You are the most immense that anyone has ever seen.
When the certainty of the encounter undresses you
(no beginning or end in my life),
you will envelop the coldest days with your aroma.
And by then
there will be no soul that dares
to tell me that it is sin.
That day, you will immerse yourself in me,
until I find myself lost in the impatience of your fingers.

Joaquin Lourido


Sueños inducidos

Cuando crucemos las miradas nuevamente,
y descubras que para mi
eres lo más inmenso que jamás nadie haya visto.
Cuando la certeza del encuentro te desnude
(sin principio ni final en mi vida),
envolverás con tu aroma los días más fríos.
Y para entonces,
no habrá alma que se atreva
a decirme que es pecado.
Ese día, te sumergirás en mí,
hasta encontrarme perdido en la impaciencia de tus dedos.

Joaquín Lourido

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