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nerviovago · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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writing-fanics · 15 hours ago
• ( Camilo x Fem!Reader ) • PT.I
Tumblr media
(Power): voice manipulation
(So I was gonna do the fic where Camilo saves the reader from Tiago but this one is better.. he still saves her from Tiago but I think this works a lot better)
(Y/n) stood on the stage nervously. She didn’t know she had stage fright, for someone who wanted to be a singer that’s a shock. Everyone staring at her, judging her every move. She tried to open her mouth to speak but it only came out in tiny squeaks.
She couldn’t breathe, her lungs felt like they were being crushed. Her eyes widened and her legs felt like jelly. Her breathing quickened, “Psst, Y/n.” Camilo whispered, giving her and encouraging thumbs up.
His entire family was here watching the girl. Camilo spoke so highly of, in the crowd everyone in the village. As well her mother and baby brother. She was still nervous bitting her lip as the music began to play.
“You got this!” He whisper shouted, she smiled softly looking towards him mouthing a simple ‘Thank you.’ Tiago of course was also in the the audience, holding a bouquet of flowers that (Y/n) would gladly set on fire. She took a deep breath in and relaxed, and opened her eyes.
‘Qué bonitos ojos tienes.’
‘Debajo de esas dos cejas’
‘Debajo de esas dos cejas’
‘Qué bonitos ojos tienes’
‘Ellos me quieren mirar’
She looked nervously at the crowd, for some reason she couldn’t continue. Despite the fact that everyone was listening and was absolutely in love with her voice.
Camilo stood out of his seat, ‘Pero si tu no los dejas, Pero si tu no los dejas.Ni si quiera parpadear.’ He sang, she smiled as he walked onto stage with her.
‘Malaguena salerosa’ She sang, looking into his eyes. Tiago clenched his fist trying to keep his composure. Watching his rival on stage dancing with the girl he liked.
Camilo was definitely helping her right now being on stage, and seeing with her.’ Besar tus labios quisiera Besar tus labios quisiera.’ He sang, she smiled as they both danced.
‘Como el candor de una rosa.’
‘Y decirte nina hermosa,Qu'eres linda y hechicera.Qu'eres linda y hechicera.’ She sang.
‘Malaguena salerosa.’ She sang.
They entire village was into it and his family were both in shock and cheering for Camilo and (Y/n). Tiago on the other hand wanted Camilo to slip up, and ruin her performance. So he’d be the one to comfort her not Camilo.
‘Si por pobre me desprecias.’
‘Yo te concedo razon.’
‘Yo te concedo razon.’
‘Si por pobre me desprecias.’
They both sang, having the time of their lives singing together. ‘Yo no te ofrezco riquezas.’
‘Te ofrezco mi corazon. Te ofrezco mi corazon. En cambio de mi pobreza.’
‘Malaguena salerosa,’ she sang.
‘Besar tus labios quisiera. Besar tus labios quisiera.’
‘Como el candor de una rosa. Y decirte nina hermosa. Qu'eres linda y hechizera.’
‘Qu'eres linda y hechizera.’
‘Malaguena salerosa.’
When the song ended he dipped her and both of them were out of breath, staring into each other’s eyes blushing. While the audience cheered. They stood up, Isabella tossed the bouquet of the wild flowers at Camilo. “For you,” He said, she blushed taking the bouquet of flowers.
“They’re beautiful.” She said, smiling at him. Camilo blushed sheepishly, Tiago then walked onto stage pushing Camilo out of the way. Shoving the bouquet of flowers into her face, “Wow, achoo, Roses, achoo.” She fake sniffled, her face bright red.
“I’m allergic t-to roses. Achoo.” She sneezed, sending all the petals onto Tiago. Who frowned pursing his lips then took the ruined bouquet of dead roses and walked off stage, she walked towards Camilo pulling him up.
“I was lying I’m not allergic.” She giggled, gently elbowing him. She looked down sheepishly at the ground, “Thanks for helping me, I was so nervous.” She whispered, to him.
He blushed scratching the back of his neck, “You looked nervous.” He said, she smiled. She looked down then turned towards her mother, then bites her lower lip. Then kissed Camilo on the cheek and scurries towards her mother embarrassed. Camilo was left on stage his mouth a-gap,.
Tiago clutched the new bouquet of flowers in his hands, and fitfully threw them on the ground stomping on them in anger. “Ugh! Why him he’s isn’t anything special all he has is some stupid shape shifting power!” He shouted, throwing an absolute tantrum.
(Y/n) walking home with her mother, “You like that boy don’t you?” Abigail asked her daughter, who looked up at her and shook her head. “Not the rude one. The other one. The one who sang with you.” She said, and her daughters face went bright red.
“I knew it. Your father would be so proud of his pequeña finding love.” She said, opening the door for her daughter. “I do mamá, I really do. H-he’s the first one I’ve ever felt this way about.” (Y/n) sighed, longingly.
“He actually cares about me mamá, not like the others who only care about my beauty. But he actually gets me and listens to me!” She exclaimed, as she placed the flowers in a vase and filled it with water. Carrying it towards her room, “I-I love him.” She confessed, blushing.
“Hm, I can tell there’s a strong bond between you too.” Abigail expressed, placing her hand on her daughters hand.
“I hope your right.” (Y/n) said, looking at her.
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rosyy-coosy · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
📸 emitaz
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writing-fanics · 22 hours ago
Sad imagine.. I just thought of a fic
where the reader’s going into labor just when Bruno hid behind the walls. And I could just imagine him wanting to run over to his wife, hold her hand and kiss them. But he couldn’t bring himself too
So he’s just continuously knocking on wood. And throwing salt behind him. She didn’t even know he left until Julieta told her he was no where to be found, after (Y/n) continuously called out for him.
Both the heartbreak of him disappearing and the pain of giving birth. She blacks out.. they ended up having to bring in a doctor Julieta luckily had some food she made just in case she wakes up, they ended up having to do a c-section.
She’s fine after the birth wakes up and eats Julietas food. And holds her baby for the first time. But she’s angry at Bruno for leaving like that and when she sees him again Fem years later she slaps him across the face.
He’s like what did I do and she’s shouts at him while crying letting out all the pent up anger she’s felt for years. Then kissed him apologizing for what she said.
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thefanficmonster · 23 hours ago
Friend of a Friend
Karl Jacobs x Reader (Female)
Warnings: Swearing
Genre: FLUFF, Humor, RPF (Real Person Fic)
Summary: After a lot of back and forth with her best friend Bretman, Y/N is talked into joining an Among Us stream with him and members of, what she later learns is the Dream SMP - one member in particular stands out to her.
Requested by Anon. Hi lovely! Thank you so much for being the first person to request for Karl and one of the first people to request for any of the members in the Dream SMP. Sorry for the long wait on the fic but here it is and I hope you enjoy it! Love, Vy ❤
“Bitch, where have you been?“ 
To be fair, Y/N shouldn’t have expected anything else. Knowing Bretman for as long as she has, she should’ve known this would be his reaction to her calling him back after a double digit missed calls from him.
Dead week has been hitting her hard to the point her phone was left uncharged and dead somewhere in her dorm a couple of times. On other occasions it was left on either airplane mode or on silent so it’s safe to say Bretman isn’t the only person who’s been left in the dark about her and her wellbeing. However, he’s gonna give her the hardest time about it.
“Hi! Hey, sorry for vanishing for a week or two. Exams were kicking my ass left and right and now burnout is kicking in so...consider this an SOS to get me out of this looping hell.“
“If you want an SOS from me you better listen to what I tell you, got it? Imma be your mom for the next couple of days till you pull yourself together, copy?“ He huffs, his voice getting somewhat lost in the background noise of the loud traffic, suggesting he’s out and about at the moment.
Thinking she’s got nothing to lose if she asks for help during these difficult times, she agrees although somewhat reluctantly, “Ugh fine, but you better not throw me some crap out of left field, ok?”
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were in any place to be giving orders.“ He barks back, causing her to roll her eyes.
Turns out she’s got a lot to lose after all - a ton of patience as he bosses her around.
“This is gonna be interesting...“, She mumbles to herself before flopping down on her bed, “Ok mom, I’m listening.“
*   *  *   *   *
"No! Absolutely no!" Y/N almost yells, but being in a park, she doesn't want to disturb anyone around her. Also would most definitely not want them to think she's crazy or something. "What does that have to do with me pulling myself together?"
So far, she's followed Bretman's very reasonable instructions: took a shower, brushed her hair, did her makeup and left the dorm to meet up with him as to get some fresh air.
And then this bombshell of nonsense onto her, leading her to believe the whole thing was a setup.
"You haven't had a human interaction outside of college since the semester started! It'll be good for you to meet new people and have some fun!" He argues, standing by his very valid point.
Y/N also stands by hers, "That's not it, Bret! I've never met these people before! I don't know what they're like! Who knows if they're gonna like me! What if I end up being annoying to them? Or-"
Luckily, Bretman doesn't allow her to continue, "You can never know, Y/N, not unless you meet them. Come on give them a chance, they are some of the nicest people I've met. "
“That doesn’t change anything! I’d still much rather just play video games alone!“ She complains, crossing her arms over her chest like a child.
“Bitch, we need to get you some friends and unfortunately I cannot duplicate myself so if you have any better ideas please, the floor is all fucking yours.“ Y/N rolls her eyes at Bretman’s sass but she’d be lying if she told herself he wasn’t right.
“I have friends! The fact that you don’t like them is entirely your fault!“ She barks back, eyes glinting with annoyance bordering into anger.
“If I, as your best friend, don’t like them, doesn’t that tell you anything?“ He gives her a curious look, one she can not look at without bursting into laughter which is why she quickly turns her head to stare ahead at the passerbys.
“Yeah, it tells me that you’re incredibly judgmental.“
“And you not wanting to meet my friends tells me you don’t trust me!“
Furrowing her brows she leans forward and turns to look at her friend who looks smug as ever.
“That’s messed up! That’s manipulation 101 you can’t do that to me!“ She retorts, eyebrows twisting into a semi faux frown of hurt.
He, however, is not at all bothered, “Sure I can when it’s for your own good.”
“You don’t know if it will be!“
“Neither do you!“
And that’s how he caught her on technicality and practically won the argument.
*  *  *  *  *
The way Bretman phrased it: “Just a harmless Among Us stream” - definitely didn’t sit right with Y/N. She’s still, even now as she sits down in front of her computer and puts on her headset, rather unsure, a half of her adamant on her deserting the scene although she could never do that. Not so much because of Bretman as for the other players. She doesn’t wanna leave them hanging by any means and leave a bad impression on them without even meeting them first. Considering it’ll do more harm than good to leave now that she’s already got herself a spot in the lobby - one her friend got for her and was hoping he’d forget - she decides that there’s probably gonna be little to no harm in staying.
Obviously, the anxious and shy half of her doesn’t agree with that claim but she’s already made up her mind when she joins the VC where there’s already breezing chatter.
“Y/N is that you?“ Bretman’s voice comes through.
“Yup, definitely is.“ She tries to mold her voice into a gleeful one to hide the nervousness although no one can probably notice other than her best friend.
Luckily, he doesn’t comment on it, “Heyy! Was kinda worried you’d chicken out at the last second.”
Damn, he knows me well, She thinks to herself, half bitterly, half fondly.
“Well I didn’t, as it’s pretty obvious.“ She shrugs her shoulders, taking a sip of her stress-reducing soda which doesn’t even manage to get the job done - as expected - but it’s still a good way to trick her mind into taking the metaphorical chill pill.
“And we’re very glad you didn’t. I’m Dream by the way.“ Says a male voice who she hears for the first time, on she didn’t even manage to catch up on when she interrupted the chatter with her entrance into the call.
“Nice to meet you, Dream! I’m Y/N as you probably heard. It’s a pleasure to be here today and I have Bretman to thank for granting me the opportunity.“ Y/N plays off confidence very well, as evidenced here, she might be shaking in her boots, which she kinda is, but she’d never show it, not unless she’s ‘confessing‘ it to someone she trusts.
Soon, one by one, each and every person present in the call introduces themselves to Y/N with her hardly managing to remember which voice belongs to who but she’s so far managed to add Dream, Sapnap, George and Wilbur to her mind’s memory directory which is by no means easy when you don’t have an appearance to relate it to.
“That’s about all of us, just one dick running....“ Dream starts saying before he’s cut off by the noise cuing that someone has joined the VC, followed by a very boyish voice:
“Hello everybody! Sorry I’m late. What’ve I missed?“’
“Thank you for gracing our stream today with your presence Mr. Jacobs. Please, no apologies needed, we’re sorry to have started too on time for you.“ The sarcasm in Georges tone almost makes Y/N laugh. She manages to suppress the majority of it but a giggle still escapes her. Her hand immediately flies to cover her mouth as a result, never mind how not effective of a gesture it is.
“Oh, we have a guest? Hello, I’m Karl.“ He too, like the rest before him, introduces himself, tone almost apologetic as he does so, “Sorry to have kept you waiting.“
“Not a problem at all, Karl. Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N, Bretman’s friend.“ The girl replies timidly, cheeks flushing a faint pink she’s glad no one can see.
The members of the VC explain to her the mechanics of playing Among Us with the use of proximity chat which Y/N’s quick to pick up on, allowing the game to finally start and put an end to the agonizing wait the viewers have been put through.
She let’s out a sigh of relief at the sight of her being declared as a crewmate, knowing being an impostor would cause her too much pressure - more than she’s already put herself under. So, satisfied, she goes on to take on her list of tasks and eliminate them one by one.
Meanwhile, Bretman, who’s an Impostor has taken it upon himself to always be a few steps behind Y/N to make sure she’s doing well and is alive. Hey, if she’s to get killed, he’ll at least make sure to be the one to kill her. Just what friends do for each other, you know.
But then he notices that Y/N is not alone in O2 and is instead in the company of Karl who’s holding something between a small talk and and interview with her since they apparently both got the same task.
“Oh, I’m an ECON major and I hate it, all in all.“ The girl admits with a giggle.
“Why’d you choose it then?“ He asks, audibly cringing before correcting the ‘mistake‘ that Y/N didn’t even notice, “What made you choose it?“
“My parents are both accountants and both of them hate their job which would make you think they’d tell me to stay away from it, but no! Quite the opposite actually.“ She huffs, showing the sheer frustration the topic provokes in her.
“Their excuse?“ Karl nudges her playfully, earning him a slight laugh from Y/N.
“I’ve been told it pays well so...“ This gets them both to laugh, “So they made it seem as though it’d all be worth it in the end. Spoiler alert: I doubt it.“
Although suspicious of the situation, he knows Karl isn’t an impostor so, believing his friend is in safe hands he goes about his way, looking for people he could slaughter.
“Bretman! Come ‘ere!“ He’s startled by the disembodied voice that soon gets its body to follow in frame - it’s Karl’s avatar insinuating he’s left Y/N on her own.
“What’s up?” Bretman asks, mostly uninterested and expecting for it to be a troll attempt.
“Well, um, just wanted to say your friend’s super nice and sweet and do you know each other?”
Bretman’s eyebrows rise at the question, “Well, if you must know, we met at a convention where she was an assistant part time. What’s it to you?“
Feeling like he needs to defend his intentions behind the question, Karl quickly replies, “Just wanna get to know her better, you know. Who knows, she might appear in more streams and...I gotta know who I’m playing alongside with. You get me, right?”
“Oh I get you, hun, I get you, but let me ask you this: would you want her to join in on other streams?“ Before the poor guy could even reply, Bretman gasps dramatically, “You like her don’t you?!“
“NO!“ Karl exclaims in distress, hoping Y/N has moved onto a different task. “It’s just that you’re my friend, which makes her, um....a friend of a friend! And I wanna make sure she’s....a reliable friend like you deserve.“
Oh boy, he thinks to himself, now I’ve got myself in a deep pile of shit
And he couldn’t be more right. His claims wouldn’t have flown with anyone and especially not Bretman who he can just see smirking right now.
“Awww,“ he gushes, “You so like her! But don’t be embarrassed! You know what they say: enemy of my enemy is a friend, friend of my friend can be my partner!“
“That’s not how the saying go-!“
“You guys talking about me?“ Y/N’s voice cuts Karl off, causing his heart to drop and face go pale as a canvas.
“Yeah, he likes you.“ Bretman casully drops the bomb and waddles away, leaving the two blushing messes alone in the hallway, knowing better than to cut either of their losses by killing one of them.
Meanwhile, the chat is going wild and while Y/N is spared the chaos, Karl is making a LOT of effort not to look down at it, mostly cause he already knows what he’ll see.
I mean, after all, every love story has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?
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sapphicmess93 · 4 hours ago
Honestly I want the clip to be isi getting there once everything is over and trying to explain to Sascha what happened and Sascha just being done. First quietly saying how disappointed he is and then getting louder till he snaps and tells his feelings to isi. Then isi whispers a quiet flabbergasted „what?“ and then sascha will be like „forget it“ and leave and isi stands there completely empty with the knowledge of hurting their best friend and thinking omg he’s in love with me. And the next days we’ll see them trying to figure out how to get into Saschas good graces again and if they might feel the same way.
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e-m-christina · 22 hours ago
Spending Christmas With LOTR/Hobbit Characters:
Tumblr media
Summary: How you spend Christmas with Lord of The Rings/Hobbit characters.
I might turn each one of these into full-length fics, comment if you would be interested in that.
Part 2 with other characters is coming soon.
Warnings: Fluff
Requests are open!
Find more info HERE.
Do you want to request something for the Christmas writing challenge? CLICK HERE.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Should we use the green or red acorns?” Legolas asked, holding up two huge glittery acorns. 
“Um…” Y/n peered around at the trees that had already been decorated and noticed an abundance of red acorns hanging from the frosty branches of snow beaten trees. “I think we should use green to balance it out.”
Y/n and Legolas had gotten up at the crack of dawn to decorate the trees around Mirkwood. Everyone had been so busy for the last few months, so the pair thought it would be nice to surprise everyone (especially the children) for Christmas. There had been so little time to enjoy anything lately: most guards were away fighting off the spiders, the women were busy in the gardens to get the crops ready for winter, kids were getting sick and the king was tightening rules on who was allowed to enter or leave his kingdom. 
“I think we are almost done,” Legolas wrapped his arms around Y/n from behind. “My love, you are frozen!”
“I know,” Y/n’s teeth chattered and her cheeks were stinging from the cold. “But it’s worth it. Look how pretty everything looks.” 
And she was right - the ground and trees twinkled with snow, looking like a million diamonds in the golden morning light and the trees were decorated with greens, reds and golds. Just when Y/n was going to say something, she heard the shouts of children. Four little elflings came kicking up white glittering powder as they tore through the forest with pink faces, crying with glee at the decorated trees. 
“I think they like the trees,” Said Y/n giggled as one of the kids fell face-first into a pile of snow.
“Yeah, I think they do,” Legolas smiled as he watched the kids play in the snow and admire the trees. “We should do this again next year.”
“Yeah, we should.” Y/n turned in his arms and stood up on her tip-toes to give Legolas a quick kiss on the lips. “But next time you can fight the squirrels for the acorns.”
Tumblr media
Wake up, my Amrâlimê! Come on!” Y/n was woken by Kili shaking her awake. “Finally, you were sleeping like a troll!”
“Kili? What time is it?” Y/n groaned and rubbed her sleepy face. It must have been the middle of the night - the window showed a black sky that was littered with twinkling stars and the fireplace that was usually roaring hot was nothing but a pile of black ash. 
“Three in the morning.”
“Three?” Y/n sat up with a huff. “Why in the name of the Valar did you wake me up at this ungodly hour?”
“It’s Christmas, you grouch!” Kili had a grin plastered to his face as he dumped a pile of shrewdly wrapped gifts next to Y/n. The gifts were wrapped in green sparkling paper that was torn at the edges and they were topped with red lopsided bows.
“I thought we were waiting for the others to wake up before we did presents,” Y/n yawned, but Kili waved his hand.
“Already taken care of. Woke them up before I woke you up.” Kili said as he began rummaging through the presents and Y/n’s mouth fell open. Kili woke Thorin and Dwalin at three in the morning? 
“Thorin and Dwalin are going to kill you.”
“They tried,” Kili handed Y/n a present. “This one is for you.”
Y/n tore away the paper, revealing a necklace. It was a white gem in the shape of a heart and it glittered in the dim light. The chain was brilliant silver and was cool to the touch.
“This is beautiful, Kili!” Y/n grinned, pulling the excited dwarf into a soft kiss. “Thank you!”
“Anything for you, my Amrâlimê.”
Tumblr media
Y/n and Aragorn had been on the move for weeks - trudging through bogs, clambering through brush, climbing mountains and wading across rivers. The trees had now lost their leaves and land was blanketed in white.
The pair were now making their way through the Old Forest, near Bree. They had bumped into Tom Bombadil a few days prior, when they got into a patch of trouble when attempting to cross the frozen Withywindle river. Tom helped them across and even gave them a basket of fresh berries, bread and water to help them along on their journey.
A few days passed, the food had depleted and they still had a long trek ahead of them. Christmas was almost upon them, but Y/n didn’t expect that they would be celebrating it this year - there were much more important things to be taken care of.
“We should take shelter here.” Aragorn said, coming to a stop in front of an alcove in the hill. “If there are any more snowstorms, we should be sheltered enough. I will try to find something to eat.”
The morning sun began to peek above the hilltops, casting pink brushstrokes across the sky.  Y/n was sleeping soundly beside the fire, wrapped up in furs with her head on Argorns lap. A light smile stretched across Aragorn’s lips as he watched Y/n’s peaceful face. He noticed that she had been so stressed in the last few days, so it was nice to see her so relaxed. A few moments later, Y/n began to stir, and her eyes fluttered open.
“Morning, my love,” Aragorn whispered, tucking a lock of Y/n’s hair behind her ear.
“G-good morning,” Y/n yawned, rubbing her bleary eyes.
“I have something for you.” 
“You do?” Y/n sat up with a stretch and watched as Aragorn pulled something out of his pocket. 
“Merry Christmas,” Aragorn said, placing something heavy in her hands. It was a little heart carved out of wood, with your initial cut into the centre of it.
“Oh Aragorn, this is lovely!” Y/n has a grin plastered to her face as she beamed down at the little heart. 
“It isn’t much, and I’m not sure if this is actually Christmas. I lost track of the days, but it must be close.” 
“Well, I think it is wonderful!” Y/n kissed Aragorn on the cheek, before snuggling into his chest.
Tumblr media
Part 2 with other characters will be posted soon. If there are any of these which you would like to see as a longer/full-length fic, just comment.
Requests are always open and have a Merry Christmas!
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