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Day four of Blackinnon Week 2020!

Story Update! FFN and AO3

July 16th Prompt: Their first time telling someone about each other.


She shouldn’t be nervous. Marlene took a deep breath and squared her shoulders as the train pulled into the station.

Marlene hadn’t originally intended to come home over the Easter hols, but when she realized that there were kids who might tell their parents who then might then tell her parents about her and Sirius and make it out to be something she was ashamed of, something that she’d be persuaded away from, Marlene determined that she needed to make sure that her family knew exactly where she stood with Sirius. So, she wrote to her parents and said she’d changed her mind and that she’d be home for the few days they had off.

She hadn’t told Sirius this was what she was doing. She’d told him that her parents begged her to come home and that she felt like for their sake she should. He’d been supportive of it, told her she should go home, that she should be with her parents and sister.

That had been the end of it, at least their discussion of it.

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Author: coldplay

Length: Chaptered 

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: slice of life, romance, humor, FLUFF, exo ensemble, smut, angst, drama

Summary: it’s a year in the lives of Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol, where they hear their laughter, taste their tears, and learn about loved ones and leaving.

this fic is a MONSTER (300k!!) but it’s honestly so beautiful ;_; it really is just about chanbaek navigating their lives with each other at their sides it’s everything it’s so ;____; - admin N~


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  • Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance ☁
  • Word Count: 962 ☁
  • Pairing: Reader x Ulquiorra ☁
  • World: Bleach ☁


Tears pooled in your eyes, clouding your vision. It was beginning to sting, but you didn’t care. That small amount of pain was nothing compared to what Ulquiorra must be feeling. You clenched his hand tighter, tears cascading down your red cheeks.

‘Why did this have to happen? Why?!’

You shook your head roughly, looking into his yellow eyes. Your free hand brushed his black bangs out of his face before resting on his cold cheek. Your mind was reeling, trying to think of some way to save his life, but you knew that there was nothing you could do. You were powerless, and it was far too late.

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“Because they look cute on you. Thankfully ve have only one meeting left for the day since I don’t have to attend the others. If you vant I’ll have someone carry you the rest of the way.”

Before you could anything Xavier snapped his fingers and you were swooped up by a guard in a bridal carry.

“No, throne.”

You were quickly put down before you swooped up again by a few other men but this time they were in a throne like position.


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July 15th 2020 PT 2

As i think about you all day i send a text, saying I’m thinking about you and i love you. You read it but don’t respond and that’s ok. I didn’t expect you to i just wanted you to know i was thinking about you. That my day has been revolveing around loving you and thinking of you! I get goosebumps thinking about us and what we have become. Thinking about how i know our love is real, how i know this is us and we’ve just had a very rough ride. Thinking about the mistakes and pain I’ve caused! Thinking about how i could make this better! How i could show the man i love that I’m sorry and that I’ll never lie, mislead or be dishonest ever in my life. Not only to keep him safe but to keep me safe and to keep our relationship safe and strong. Mr. Right! The only right men I’ve met in my life, the men that has the key to my heart. The men that continues to love me through this all and continues to guide me through my flaws. I have caused pain and for the first time in my life i can’t fix this. This is all up to you to decide. My sorrys or tears won’t fix this my word isn’t to be trusted and i can’t be mad about that. I can’t be angry with you for not loving me anymore. I can’t be mad if you no longer want anything to do with me. But i could say one thing I’m trying to focus on the good we had because when you focus on the good, the good gets better. We had a bond that was growing and was becoming stronger everyday. We had a connection that nobody else ever gave either one of us. Our love is much stronger than what we think. I mean who else can make me feel their soul as i hug them? Who else can make me smile even when they are the one who hurt me? Who else can love me like you? NOBODY! Nobody can make me feel any of that. An orgasm can be caused by anybody but it’s no longer needed when you’re not with the only person you want to be with. I can be 100% honest with you when i say i will never love again, i will never touch another body, and i will never let another body touch me. If it’s not yours i don’t want it. Never will want it. That’s that on that! I hope you continue to be the beautiful person you are now and forever! You’re my best friend, my lover, my peace and my happiness. I’ve probably said it so many times before but i can’t help loving you this much. My heart feels as if the world is ending and i have no where to run. As if we’re the last people on earth but i can’t find you. Sitting here trying to understand why i did all this? What did i gain from this other then pain and sorrow. What did i think would come from this? And yet not one answer has come to mind because i just know i was dead wrong… I love you Mr. Right. Now and forever. Love Baby Girl.

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