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babyheart3d · 9 hours ago
💋 ♡ kiss me ♡ 💋
💋 ♡ kiss me ♡ ♡ kiss me ♡ 💋
💋 ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ 💋 ♡kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me♡
💋 ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ 💋
💋 ♡ kiss me ♡ kiss me ♡ 💋
💋 ♡ kiss me ♡ 💋
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cuteness--overload · 16 hours ago
@haloush_hl.hd:They were having their moment 🥺
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a--z--u--l · an hour ago
Ya díganme a qué santo le rezan para enamorarse de alguien que sí siente lo mismo.
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excen-tricos · 2 hours ago
No te importa la responsabilidad afectiva y solo me lastimas.
—Tehimely Marrufo
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caostalgia · 58 minutes ago
Amarte a fuego lento, a ritmo de vals.
Besarte sin prisas, memorizarme la textura de tus labios.
Cogerte de la mano, caminar contigo por las calles de Saturno.
Alexander Alay - Ghost.
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a--z--u--l · 22 hours ago
Sé valiente para marcharte de donde duele, pero también para quedarte donde te hacen feliz.
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definegodliness · 13 hours ago
Roller coaster rides
Imagine the rollercoaster ride The 30 minute queuing All the while, tension rises As you chat each other up Reading the signs
Summing up all kinds of people Who would straight up fucking die Taking the ride
You nudge each other Wondering If you didn’t develop a heart disease In the last five minutes Or got pregnant
And laugh at each other’s Burgeoning nervousness
There’s the lock up and You pump each other up Waiting...
Then, a 30 second Speed induced Shot of adrenaline Screaming through your body
The aftermath has you both Jumping, giddy
Wild for a while in
Smiling wide
But I feel Too many people these days Are blinded, aspiring To be the roller coaster ride Wanting to be
‘The experience’
Instead of being part Of the experiencing Togetherness
I haven’t thought about the ride One bit, writing this
All I see is her excited smile And her flustered face
And I think
You Love the one You imagined yourself Queuing with
--- 4-8-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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nabara · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
to say the least, this is love (2021–?) by fuji momo
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vesprynna · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
My amazing friend @fallnskye ‘s birthday was last week and I had to draw her something to celebrate, and I promptly forgot to upload it here.... So happy birthday again, Prysma!
I drew our OCs for the occassion; her gorgeous minotaur Nakoa with my fabulous witchling Maradeima ^^
The two grew up together as children, and Nakoa loved his friend Deima more than anything, and Deima loved him just as much. Deima taught him the virtues of being kind, helpful, caring and brave - lessons learned from Deima’s witch mother, passed on to little Nakoa. The two are separated when Nakoa’s herd moves on to a new home. Their formative years were vastly different in many aspects, but both suffers bruises and wounds that won’t heal so easily.
Fate brings the two friends back together again, and Nakoa has to face the fact that Deima is not the same knightly presence he remembers from their gleaming childhood. Despite the hardships he’d been through, the naive, kindhearted minotaur held onto the light that Deima had given him as a child however, and in time... he helps Deima back to the light as well, and the two fall in love.
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a--z--u--l · 23 minutes ago
Me pillas en un momento de mi vida que solo quiero besitos tirados en una hamaca, y vinito, mucho vino.
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kewkcommissions · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
A page of doodles for @celestieblackheart of their OC, Ian, and Travis sharing some choice romantic moments (featuring myself and Sally giving them a little push in the right direction 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨)
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jilyarchive · 8 hours ago
A Little Risk
Title: A Little Risk Author: YouBlitheringIdiot Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Chapters: 6 [WIP] Word Count: 46,748 Summary: Early the next morning, he awoke to the shrill sounds of his telephone. “Call for you, Sir, Chief Inspector Moody on the line from Police Headquarters.” “Sir?” his hoarse voice full of sleep. “Lupin, have some tea before I get there, or you’ll be in a foul mood. Duke of Grimmauld found murdered. Dagger sticking into his heart. I’ll be over in ten. I’m bringing Evans, from that Mulciber mess last year. Head Office is going barmy. Too many high-profile cases. Not enough men on the ground. Want me to focus on the recent spate of bank robberies. Bad publicity for the force. They’ve sanctioned her to join us. I'm putting you both on the case, best minds I know.”
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a--z--u--l · 17 minutes ago
No se por que la gente se fija tanto en el físico, a mi me sonríes, me haces reír, me dedicas una canción y me depositas 5 mil dólares y ya me enamoré.
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