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“This is so exciting.” You say as Klaus drives and Hayley is in the passenger seat.

“I’m glad you’re excited (Y/N).” Hayley says to you.

“There it is.” Klaus says and you see Rebekah and Elijah at the safe house.

“Elijah looks so uncomfortable. Almost constipated.” You say as the three of you laugh.

Klaus pulls into the driveway as Hayley unbuckes her seatbelt and gets out of the car then runs over to Rebekah and Elijah. You and Klaus get out of the car and walk over.

“She’s so cute.” You say to Klaus as Elijah hands Hope to Hayley.

“Hi.” Hayley holds Hope then turns to Klaus and walks up to him. You go over to Rebekah and Elijah as Hayley hands Hope to Klaus.

“This is the most beautiful thing ever.” You say as the three of you watch Klaus and Hayley.

“It’s good to see you again, (Y/N). I missed you” Rebekah says and you look at her.

“It’s good to see you again too Rebekah and I missed you too.” You hug her.

A/N: I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing. I hope you all are doing okay and you’re being safe ❤. I’m such a shitty writer lmao

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Summary: Athena Dumont has finally found a place to call home after many years of foster homes and traveling. She had finally tamed her supernatural side and just wanted to live a normal teenage life. She quickly discovers that there is nothing normal about her hometown, Mystic Falls and gets sucked right back into the supernatural world.

Post Date: 03.31.20

Word count: 4.1k

Based off: 02x09 “Katerina”, 02x10 “The Sacrifice”, 02x11 “By Light of the Moon”

00. | 01. | 02. | 03. 

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Imagine being mad at Elijah


“….. How do you even–” you put your arms down, pausing when you notice his reaction.

“You think this is funny, don’t you?” you huff, trying to keep a straight face.

He stands there with amused smile on his face, watching your rant,as if he is enjoying it.

“I’m sorry, dear. You are too cute when you are mad” he purses his lips together, hiding his laugh.

Handsome jerk.

You focus on being mad, ignoring his handsome face and stupid cute smile.

“Oh really? I’m about to get real cute now, Elijah–”

He cuts you off with a kiss,making you blink.

“Hey!You can’t just do that” you stare at him, glancing between his eyes and his lips.

Oh fuck it.

Pulling him by his tie, you smash your lips against his.

He lifts you up with a chuckle,taking you to your bedroom.

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Request from Anon: One shot for This Is The First Thing from Sinners Never Sleep

Hey guys! Just a quick little bit of self-promotion here, but I’ve recently created a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina blog, where requests are open! So if that interests you at all, please head on over to @scorlettimagines​ and have a little explore! Hope this is okay for you lovely, and enjoy x


Come a little closer
As the night gets older

It was easy to lose track of time, easy to let the world waste away while you were wrapped up in your own version of reality. It was easy to let the clock tick by, easy to drown out the sound of everything on the edge of that bubble you were in.

Everything was easy when you were in love.

Kol’s hands rested on your waist, his forehead pressed against your own as you swayed to music that neither of you were really listening to. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, fingers fiddling with hair on the back of his neck, light kisses pressed to lips every so often.

Eyes flitted open and closed at each one, smiles threatening to remain permanent.

He pulled you closer with every step, a true dancer at heart, the light outside fading with every beat of the music. Night arrived, people leaving the bar, making their way home to bedrooms and hours filled with passion.

But you two remained, caught up in each other, time growing older as you stayed. Never to age, forever the same.

Kol kissed you again, the beating of your heart suffocating the sounds of doors shutting as the starved streets of New Orleans filled with people.

Of you I grow fonder
Just let my hands wander

There were only a few people left, the absence of noise becoming noticeable. Too wrapped up in each other, not wanting to let go, wishing to stay in this single moment. Kol’s lips on yours, your hands on his neck as passion enveloped you, breath mingling, hands wandering, moving from their spot on your waist.

Three words. The first that had been spoken in what felt like forever. His voice hoarse, throat dry, but full of emotion.

“I love you.”

You repeated the words, a smile appearing on his face. It was the first time either of you had said it, declared it, made it real. The words hung in the air, like the stars that lit up the world outside of the bar, that shone onto the lovers that walked the streets.

You broke apart, his hand taking yours, fingers intertwining as you joined the outsiders, feeling like running and jumping with joy, instead taking a stroll, bumping into each other and laughing like school children. Young for eternity.

Neither of you had been drinking, your only toxin sourced from the depths of your hearts. It spread in kisses, in touches, overwhelming everything as you stumbled back to his house.

This is the first thing I thought
This is the last thing that I want

You looked at him lying there, his chest rising and falling as he breathed in the after effects of his words back in the bar. Kol’s eyelashes lay flat against his cheeks, black curves painted with a finesse that didn’t seem possible. Hair was tousled, windswept by the hurricane that was your hands. Lips slightly parted, so kissable.

You placed a hand on his chest, listening to the rhythm of his undead heart, one with a pace that matched your own. He woke at the feeling of your skin on his, a small greeting escaping his mouth, picking up your hand and kissing your palm.

“What are you thinking about?”

Nothing. Everything. How catastrophically this could end up. How perfect it was, how it could continue to be so. How you were afraid of it all. How you loved every second. How you didn’t want to lose him. How you were scared of keeping him.

“You won’t leave me, will you?”

He kissed your palm again, the other hand reaching up to cup your cheek. Thumb stroked flushed skin, joining other fingers to trail down the column of your throat, your collarbone, drawing a line that had no end.


You were the first one I loved
You were the first love I lost

It all seemed so long ago now. It was no longer easy to let time fly by, to let the clocks tick on. It was no longer easy to let the world waste away, not when you were so aware of it.

First loves had made it easy.

First heartbreaks made it that much more difficult.

Fifteen years had felt like thirty, time that should have passed in the blink of an eye. The move had been the hardest part, leaving New Orleans, the city you loved where the outsiders had become your friends, its quirks your familiarities.

It had all been so perfect. And yet, it had all gone so wrong.

He was married now, you’d heard that through the supernatural grapevine in a crappy downtown bar, one that was so different from the one you had found love in all those nights ago. The stars that shone outside were hidden behind clouds that engulfed any light, any joy, any love that one ever had the chance of feeling. 

Your drug was just that; alcohol, hot and burning, sour and sweet, dampening the pain of an aching heart that was formed of broken shards, cracked and out of place. It allowed misjudgement to take place, bad decisions to be made.

Which was why you were now standing outside Kol’s house.

Never say never say never again
I’ll never say never say never again 

Never. That’s what he had said when you’d asked him. He’d said never.

It was a word that had echoed in your head for all these years, bouncing around, forcing you to take another sip of whisky, another shot of vodka, enabling another tear to roll down cheeks he had touched with such tenderness, cries to escape lips he had kissed with a fiery passion.

You saw him with her. His new wife. She was small, pretty, just his type. Her fingers were intertwined with his just like yours had been, and he pressed a kiss to her temple as they walked. There was a familiar flush to her cheeks, red blooming on skin, telling a story that had once been yours.

You’d had it planned out. What you were going to say. Of course, it was the ramblings of a drunk woman, and naturally, it all disintegrated the moment you laid eyes on him. On his smile. It was a bigger smile than one he had ever shown you, and it shone with more brightness than those stars outside ever had. It was a light that reached the core of your soul, the broken shards that now made up your heart. You felt them begin to melt, to mould into the shape that had previously resided in your chest.

You couldn’t ruin everything for him. Not when he was happy. Not when you loved him like you did.

And so you turned away. You wouldn’t say that you would never see him again.

Never was just a word, and when did words ever mean anything?


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Baby,I’m right here.

You and Klaus have a long history together. When things go down, you are the one always there for him.


Your surprise immediately vanished as he pulled you in, snaking his arms around you, burying his face into your chest.

Baby,I’m right here” you place one hand on his head,bending down bringing him closer to you,another hand on his back.

He didn’t say a word.To you,he doesn’t have to.

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Due to the coronavirus, my work schedule has been busy. Therefore haven’t had time to write anything. I’ve been helping patients get better, I’ve been doing lab work, paper work, anything the hospital needs at this point. It’s a scary but very serious time but things will get better in time. Not a lot of people are taking things seriously and it irritates me. But anyways:

Stay safe and healthy❤️


Originally posted by siirimaria

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Imagine seeing Klaus after long time


“Nik!” You grin widely, sprinting faster towards him and tackling him in a jump hug.

“oof” if wasn’t a vampire he definitely would have toppled over.

“Someone surely missed me” he teases you, not able to control the smile on his face. God,how much you missed that voice and accent.

“Oh, shut up” you bury your head in the crook of his neck, laughing and tightening your grip on him.

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Request from Anon: Please do Heartlines for Ceremonials :)

Hey guys! Just a quick little bit of self-promotion here, but I’ve recently created a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina blog, where requests are open! So if that interests you at all, please head on over to @scorlettimagines​ and have a little explore! Hope this is okay for you lovely, and enjoy x 


Oh the river, oh the river, it’s running free
And oh the joy, oh the joy it brings to me
But I know it’ll have to drown me
Before it can breathe easy

If there was one thing you had promised yourself as a teenager, it was that you would never ever use your magic for personal use. That included finding out just who you were destined to spend your life with.

You would find out through a series of bad dates and brutal break-ups just like everyone else, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, the last break-up and too much alcohol had led you to now. To sitting by the Bayeux, watching the river flow up to the streets of New Orleans. It may have been the vodka talking, but you thought how funny it was that something so peaceful, so beautiful, could be so deadly. That it was probably waiting for someone to fall in, for someone to drown.

You sighed, your breath mingling with the woodland air. You stared down at the objects in front of you, everything you needed in order to see into the future. It was a simple operation really, and tonight, it would show everything you had sworn never to find out.

Tonight, you had realised that you were tired of being normal.

Tonight, you were going to find out just who your soulmate was.

And I’ve seen it in the flights of birds
I’ve seen it in you the entrails of the animals
The blood running through, but in order to get to the heart
I think sometimes you’ll have to cut through, but you can’t

You saw his eyes first. They were blue, just like the river before you. They were stunning, intoxicating, a hint of mystery about them that you were sure only belonged to love interests in teen novels.

Those eyes were followed by golden curls, soft, angelic. Whoever he was, he seemed like something out of a dream, and you already felt desperate to meet him.

It was rather amazing what magic could show you, and you wondered why you hadn’t done this sooner. At least, that was until you saw the blood.

It dripped from his fingers, leaked from the corner of his mouth. The vision of your soulmate solidified, previously blurry edges sharpening. Your heart sunk when you saw him, and as much as you wanted to believe that something had gone wrong, that you’d made a mistake when casting the spell, you knew that nothing of the sort had happened.

Klaus Mikaelson, Original, Hybrid, Enemy To All, was standing before your eyes, his image in your head. This being, this monster, this King who ruled New Orleans under tyranny, was to be the one you spent your life with.

You couldn’t imagine falling in love with him.

We will carry
We will carry you there

Klaus could feel someone’s eyes on him, a presence that he couldn’t quite place. Whoever it was, they certainly weren’t a friend. He could feel their anger, their disappointment, their heartache.

So maybe not a spy then?

There was definitely magic involved, there always was. If only he knew who it belonged to.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it as he walked back to the Mikaelson compound, expecting for someone to jump out at him, for a curse to be thrown his way at every turn in the street. Normally he would have killed the person who threatened him, would have already begun plotting his revenge for whatever they were yet to do. But this was different.

Klaus couldn’t quite explain it, but he wanted to help whoever was looking at him. He felt this bond, this invisible string wrapped around his heart, that seemed to get looser with every step he took. Like he was getting closer to whoever this person was.

He wasn’t quite sure what he would do when he met them.

There was only one way to find out.

He let his feet carry him.

Just keep following
The heartlines on your hand
Just keep following
The heartlines on your hand

You left the Bayeux, walking back through the streets of New Orleans, back home. You were ready to drown your sorrows in more alcohol, ready to try and figure out just how you had ended up with Klaus Mikaelson as the supposed love of your life. You weren’t looking where you were going, too busy staring at your hands.

Palmistry was one of the few magical methods that you had little faith in. But here you were, staring at the lines on your hands. Heartline. That was the one that told you things about love.

Yours ended between your middle and forefinger, old studies reminding you that this indicated true love. With Klaus Mikaelson? Yeah, right.

You continued to stare at your hands, trying desperately to remember something, anything, about what the lines on your palm meant. You were hoping to find answers, some sort of explanation for all of this. You used your hands as a map, tracing different routes only to end up in the same place.

Confusion and bewilderment.

You didn’t look up until you hit something, no, someone, solid. You felt hands on your shoulders, half of an apology escaping lips until whoever it was stopped, staring at you.

It was him. It was Klaus.

Keep it up, I know you can
Just keep following
The heartlines on your hand ‘cause I am

Klaus looked at the woman in front of him, that invisible string untying itself and falling into the pit of his stomach. It was in that instant that he knew. He knew that she was that presence he’d been feeling, the person that had been following him.

What was strange was that she looked more surprised to see him than he did her. It was like she had no idea what she had been doing to him.

He had never expected her to look so beautiful, so afraid but so intrigued all at the same time. Klaus studied her as her eyes flitted from him back to her hands, trying to not laugh as he watched her adorably funny behaviour.

“You alright there, love?”

“Um, yeah. Sorry,” she wrung her hands together now, and Klaus noticed as she traced a single line on her palm, “I’ve got to get going. Sorry again.”

Klaus watched her as she dashed off. He looked at his own hands, at the curve of the lines on his palms. She had been touching the top one, and Klaus looked at the corresponding line on his palm. It was long and curved, and he wasn’t entirely sure what it meant.

Not that he cared.

The only thing he cared about what was seeing her again. His mystery girl. He was sure that she was the start of something special.


Ceremonials Masterlist

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Summary: Athena Dumont has finally found a place to call home after many years of foster homes and traveling. She had finally tamed her supernatural side and just wanted to live a normal teenage life. She quickly discovers that there is nothing normal about her hometown, Mystic Falls and gets sucked right back into the supernatural world.

Post Date: 03.29.20

Word count: 4.1k

Based off: 02x08 “Rose”

00. | 01. | 02. 

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I’m sorryyy but I suck at writing at the moment  
Also this was a request from the lovely @wolfiepheanix

Fandom: The Originals, The Vampire Diaries (Elijah Mikaelson) 

Summary: You’ve lost your last family member to death and the person that should have been on your side to help you through it wasn’t there.

Words: +1k 

Warnings: death, grief, emotional pain, swearing, bad writing (i suck at the moment)


Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

I’m sorry to tell you this, but your aunt passed away in an terrible car acciedent.

Those words repeated itself in my head like a bad song that was stuck. That couldn’t be true. I visted her just last week. She was fine. She was healthy. She was happy. How could she be dead? How? 

When I got to her house, nobody was there. Her car was not in the driveway as usual and Molly, her cat, jumped into my arms when I entered her house with the key that she gave me a couple of years ago. 

On the sink was her coffee cup that she left there every morning before she went to work. Everything looked like she was just going to work.
After I gave Molly something to eat, more than double the portion, I let my hands wander over my aunt’s furniture. Everything was in it’s place, everything was clean.
In the basement freshly laundered clothes hung on the line. In the washing machine there were even clothes waiting to be taken out. Knowing my aunt, she probably would have done that after work. But she would never return from work because she never got there in the first place. 

I packed a few things that I wanted to keep. Some pictures, clothes and other little pieces. I packed Mollys stuff and put her in her little basket. A last time I went through the house of my aunt and looked at everything. I closed the windows, locked the doors and then I left. With Molly on the passenger seat I made my way back to my flat in New Orleans. 

There I unpacked the stuff from my aunt. I put her stuff into a box which I put into my cabinet. Sadly I looked at the other boxes. Mum’s, Dad’s,…  I had noone left. I was the last one. Everyone died and left me behind.

The whole time I was strong. I didn’t cried, I didn’t broke down, nothing. But seeing the boxes and feeling Molly rub against my leg made me tear up. I started sobbing and picked Molly up to hug her. She started purring and rubbed her face against mine. With Molly in my arms I walked over to my couch and let myself fall carefully on it. I grabbed my phone and dialed the number of the only person who could lift my mood. 

„Please pick up.“, I whispered. Molly freed herself from my arms only to curl up on my legs.

It rang and rang but noone answered. I tried again. 

„Elijah please. I need you.“

Nothing. I tried again and finally he picked up.

„Love I don’t have time right now so please stop calling. It’s annoying.“

„E-”, I tried.

„Call you tomorrow.“, he quickly said and then he hung up.

Disbelieved I looked at my phone. Did he really just hung up on me?
And then I broke down. I started to cry. Loudly and ugly, but I didn’t cared. The pain of losing my aunt, my last relative, was just to much. I was all alone on this planet. There was noone left. And Elijah left me alone as well. Why? Why was I alone on this damn planet? What have I done wrong to deserve this?

I laid down on my couch. Molly curled up next to me and let me pet her. She purred and rubbed her head against my stomach. At least I had her. She, a little cat, tried to cheer me up. She must be so confused. At first her beloved owner didn’t came back, then she had to leave her home to stay with me and I am just a complete mess.

„I’m so sorry Molly. You poor thing.“, I said softly. 

She meowed as if she tried to answer me.

„You and me against everyone else, right little one?“, I smiled sadly.

She meowed again. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and turned the TV on. Slowly I fell asleep.
When I woke up sat Molly infront of me and stared at me.

„Are you hungry Molly?“, I asked and she meowed, which I took as a yes.

I unpacked her bowls, put fresh water in one and in the other one some food for her. I made myself something to eat as well.
After that I changed into something more comfortable and went back to my couch. I put my favorite Netflix show on and tried to use it to think about something else.

But after a couple of episodes my phone started to buzz. I quickly looked at the screen and decided to ignore Elijah. Just like he did yesterday. For a moment it stopped ringing, but not for long. He called again and again, but I ignored it. I was now the one who didn’t wanted to speak with him. After the 10th call I turned my phone off. I made myself comfortable again with Molly in my lap and looked at my TV again.

„Why aren’t you picking up? I was worried.“, Elijah stood suddenly in front of me and blocked the view to my TV. I got scared which made Molly jump and hide under the next closet.

„Great! Now you’ve scared the cat!“, I said angry.

„Since when do you have a cat anyway?“, he asked.

„Yesterday. Which you would know if you woud have listend to me.“

„I was busy.“

„And I needed you yesterday Elijah! You should’ve been here yesterday!“

„I had to sort some things out. It was important.“

„More important than your crying girlfriend?“

Confused he looked at me. His face got soft and he went around my little couch table. He wrapped his arms around me.  

„What happend?“, he asked softly.

Tears came into my eyes. I looked at his chest and took a deep breath.

„She died. She died Elijah. My aunt passed away.“, I cried.

„I’m sorry my love. I’m so sorry.“, he hugged me thightly.

And then I cried again. For a little while and he hold me.

„I’m sorry Darling. The next time I’ll listen more carefully.“

I nodded. Elijah sat us on the couch. I cuddled myself into him and closed my eyes.

„I have noone left Elijah. I’m all by myself now.“

„That’s not true love. You’re not alone.“

Molly came back out from under the closet. She jumped next to me and rubbed her head against my arm. I started to pet her.

„Look you have your little friend here, me, my family and your friends. You’re not alone my love. Don’t think that.“

I nodded again, wiped the tears away and took a deep breath.

„You’ll be fine love. You’ll get through it and I’ll be with you the whole time.“

„Thank you.“

He kissed the top of my head. I’ll be fine. He’s right.

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Imagine Elijah checking on you after your breakup


“What do you want?” You ask seeing him in your kitchen.

“You haven’t left your house in days” he speaks, his voice gravelly calm.

You walk back to your room without saying a word.

Of course he follows you there.

“What are you actually doing here, Elijah?” you pull your covers up getting comfortable in your bed.

“You don’t return my calls or messages” he strides closer, standing by your bed.

“I wonder why”

He shakes his head.

“I worry about you,Y/n” he admits honestly,he fixes his gaze on your messy form, his eyes filled with concern.

“How noble of you” you huff. “Well, I’m alive and breathing,so you can leave now” you add,turning away from him.

He lets out a sigh.

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Imagine Elijah breaking your heart


“No matter what I do, I’m never going be enough for you, am I?” you blink away the tears glistening in your eyes.

Is that sadness in his eyes? “Y/n, I care about yo–”

“Don’t” you raise your hand, stopping him“Just, don’t lie to me, again. I know it’s her” you try to not break down in front of him at the thought of them together.

He fails to meet your eyes.

“What we had…. does it mean anything to you at all?” I deserve to know it, you think.

“Y/n, listen to me, I truly care about you. What we had was special”

“Not enough,wasn’t it?” you laugh dryly.

“I’m not a second choice, Elijah” you shake your head, turning from him.

Worst part is he didn’t even try to stop you from walking away, thus proving it.

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wc | 6k (i’m sorry i got carried away)

warnings | violence, blood, death. but also fluff. it’s all in there.


The cool morning air licked her bare, exposed shoulder, enticing a hiss from her as she slowly stepped into the waking world. Pulling the duvet closer to her chin, she reveled in the warmth that it provided, turning just slightly to reach out and place a soft palm on the opposite side of the bed. Her fingers came in contact with something just as warm as the covers, a chuckle hitting her ears moments later.

Reluctantly, but happily, she opened her eyes and gave him a lazy smile over her shoulder, turning fully to lay on her side and stare up at him. It was obvious enough to her that he’d been up already, likely trapped in his own world of thought. The smile he offered her in return told her that those thoughts were vacating his mind, though, and for that, she took solace.

Her hand found his on the top of the duvet, her bare chest meeting the brisk air he had already been sitting in, but she ignored it. Their fingers tangled together, her eyes tracing each and every scar, line, and knuckle. She adored his hands, adored what they could do, adored what they could hold, adored that, no matter what activity he’d previously participated in, they were always soft in the center. When she looked back up to his face, she saw that his eyes were locked on her own hand, that lazy smirk having made a home upon his lips.

“How’d you sleep?” She asked in a low whisper, shifting in her spot so that she could lean against him, her free hand resting on his bare chest.

“As well as could be expected,” he sighed, eyebrows furrowing for a moment before he looked at her with adoration painted across his irises. “You?”

“Well,” she laughed, her eyebrows twitching upward, “I had this crazy dream where,” she took in a breath, “it was crazy, Elijah.” Her joking smile had relieved him of any worry the moment her sentence began, and he was already beginning to laugh with her as she giggled through her next few words, “I had this dream where you,” she poked his chest, “made me a cup of my favorite tea, and then you made me your signature breakfast─ I know, it sounds crazy!”

He was laughing with her then, bringing her hand up to his lips and placing a soft kiss on her knuckles, “That does sound quite… ludicrous, darling.” 

The two of them chuckled quietly, staring at one another. Her eyes danced across his face, much like they had his hand, and she took in each part, each dimple, freckle, scar. She had never in her life loved a man such as she did Elijah, with so much passion, so much fervor it was hard for her to contain it all. How long it had been, at this point she wasn’t sure, nor was she sure of the exact moment she’d fallen in love with the man, but she was sure in saying that she’d never regret a day of it. 

Leaning forward, her hand cupped Elijah’s face and she pulled him down to her level, their lips meeting in a soft kiss. His palm ran along her arm, fingertips pressing into her skin whenever she didn’t pull away and the kiss lasted a moment too long to be considered just a good-morning-kiss. He pushed forward, pressing into the kiss as much as he could.

She pulled herself down so that she rested on her back, head against the mess of pillows they slept on. A moment spared between their kisses, and then Elijah was meeting her again, on top of her and hands traveling anywhere they could reach. Her fingers tangled into the hair on the nape of his neck, tugging lightly whenever he’d touch a sweet spot on her bare skin. He pulled away from her with a sigh, hot breathing leaving a tingling path down her neck as he pressed open-mouthed kisses to every inch he possibly could. His teeth grazed against her skin, empty threats to pierce it hanging in the air between them. 

“Elijah,” her voice was breathless, her neck tipped back and ever so exposed. She was taunting him, could feel his eyes focused on the vein that echoed with her heartbeat, knew just what she was doing. Usually, she would do this until she knew he couldn’t deny it anymore, couldn’t hold himself back, and then she would take the permission from him, to tease, to take pleasure in the denial of such pleasures to an Original vampire. But, now, as his fingers worked her skin, and his breath cascaded over her sensitive collarbone, she found that she couldn’t deny him this. “Don’t hold back.” 

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Imagine being the only one to make fun of Klaus and gets away with it

(Paring : Klaus Mikaelson x teen! platonic reader )


Elijah chuckled at your snide comment about Klaus.

Another vampire snickered,trying to hide it. Big mistake, buddy.

If only looks could kill, he would be crumpled under Klaus’ glare right now. He shrinks under Klaus’ gaze, shuffling to his feet.

But instead of glaring at you,he shoots you an amused glance.

Klaus actually rescued you from creeps who tried to kidnap you, couple weeks back. You didn’t know who your birth parents where. You changed from foster home to another one, the lack of constant home frustrated you. Fed up with it, you decided to be on your own, resulting in that situation.

If it wasn’t for Klaus that night,you don’t know where you would have ended up.

You stood your ground on not wanting to go back. You being only fifteen years old, Rebekah suggested you could stay with them until they find you a permanent place for you to stay.


“She is growing on you, brother” Elijah stated as a matter of fact. Which Klaus pretended to ignore, but he knew that’s the truth.

Who knew he had a soft spot for children.

Rebekah and Elijah were glad that their brother still has humanity left.

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You are the youngest Mikaelson sister, you fall in love with a human but your brother finds out

“I had a great time,Y/n. How about let’s meet up again this Wednesday?” he was gentle, respectful. This date was amazing.

“Yeah, I would like that ” you couldn’t stop the smile beaming your face.

Nate was so sweet to you. He didn’t know about your family’s reputation or any supernatural beings. He was just a regular guy, a very cute one at that. He deeply cared about you.

You’ve been seeing each other for the past six months now.It was hard for you to keep up with, to not let any of your siblings about him. Especially your blood thirsty, hybrid brother,Klaus.

You witnessed the tragic fate of the guys Rebekah loved for centuries, you did not need yet another heart breaking reminder.

The bar was less crowded than the usual today.

You inched closer to him, reducing the distance between you. With a sweet smile, he leant down to kiss you. You tilted your head slightly. You felt his soft lips against yours.Your hands found a way over his neck, deepening the kiss. You did not want this moment to stop.

Sure, you had your fair share of kisses in the past but nothing felt like this. With Nate.

“Well, hello Y/n” you heard a familiar voice.

Startled,you pulled away from Nate.



There he was,waving and smiling innocently. None other than your brother, Klaus.

“Nik” Your breath hitched as your gripped Nate’s hand protectively.

“Hey, you okay?” Nate’s concerned eyes meet yours.

Klaus beckoned for you both to join him.

“You must be young Nathaniel Y/n keeps telling me about” he smiles cheerfully at Nate.

You couldn’t speak a word. Of course he found out. He is Niklaus Mikaelson.

“I’m sorry, have me met before?” Nate smiles,confused.

“What?Y/n,you didn’t tell your boyfriend about your brother?” he taunts you, jokingly.

You know very well the meaning behind his fake smile.

“Oh…I’m pleased to meet you,Mr. Mikaelson” Nate responds immediately,“ I can see the resemblance” he adds, holding his hand out for Klaus to shake.

You swallow, anticipating for Klaus’ reaction.

To your surprise, he smirks, shaking his hand in return,“I like him”

“ I’m going to get us drinks” he gets up.

“It’s alright, Nate was just leaving” you stop him abruptly, plastering your best fake smile.

“No, I insist” there it is. That dangerous tone of his implied not to dare.

“Nik, please” you quickly follow him up near bar counter.

“I knew my little sister was up to something. You are not great with sneaking, love” his voice was playful. He was always the over protective one.

“Yes, I was sneaking out” you grit your teeth. “But, please don’t hurt hi–”

“Shh” he silenced you. “You know he is not good enough for you,Y/n”

Your heart sinks at his words.

Your lips quiver, the fate of your boyfriend dawning.

“Please,brother, don’t hurt him” your eyes begged him.

“I’ll compel him to forget me... ” You plead “I will….I will never see him again, I promise”


“All these years you asked me if there is anything I desired. I never asked anything for me,Nik. I’m asking you to let him live” your voice cracks, you plead holding on to tiniest flick of hope.

He seems unfazed at your words. You fear the worst, your gut twist in agony at the thought of Klaus snapping Nate’s neck.

Was he truly heartless as everyone says?

“I trust you will keep your promise tonight, little sister” he whispers,looking directly at Nate across. kissing your head, he leaves.

You didn’t know what changed his mind. Maybe it was seeing his baby sister pleading to him. You didn’t dare to question it.

You shiver at the consequences of breaking the promise.


You walk back to your boyfriend.

Seeing your heart broken form,he quickly approaches you,“Hey, hey, are you alright? what happened?”

You place your hand in his, hugging him tight.Inhaling his cologne for the last time, you gaze his eyes, which you’re fallen love with.With one final kiss to his lips, you pull away.

“Y/n, you are scaring me…” his concerned eyes meet yours.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Nate…. ” You didn’t wipe the tears pooling your eyes.


You kept your heartbreaking promise to your brother.

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Here is my Masterlist. I have other stories that I have written (i.e. The 100, Divergent, AOS) but I am too nervous to upload. But I may in the future (possibly near future). I will update as much as possible! I hope you guys enjoy!!! 


Caught In Between

Summary: Athena Dumont has finally found a place to call home after many years of foster homes and traveling. She had finally tamed her supernatural side and just wanted to live a normal teenage life. She quickly discovers that there is nothing normal about her hometown, Mystic Falls and gets sucked right back into the supernatural world.

Question || 00.

01. New Beginnings |  02x06 “Plan B”

02. New Wolf, Same Problems | 02x07 “Masquerade”

03.  Hello…Goodbye | 2x08 “Rose” 

04. The Sun and Moon Curse | 02x09 “Katerina”, 02x10 “The Sacrifice”, 02x11 “By Light of the Moon” 

05.  (In progress) 

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