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When I get sick/don’t feel to well I sometimes shake and get chills so I wanted to write about how the Haikyuu fam would react (cause Haikyuu mood recently) I’m not doing all of them, but I might do a part 2 if the people want it~

post time skip [Daichi, Sugawara, Nishinoya]

Gender neutral


  • When he comes home and sees you laying on the bed with no blanks and shivering like the room was 10 degrees (F) he knew something was wrong
  • At first he would ask if you were cold
  • But when you replied no and would turn over with your hand on your stomach
  • Or you would lightly shake your head
  • Then he would know that you weren’t feeling well and that your body was trying to get better… by making you miserable in the current moment
  • Honestly he would tell you to cover yourself up
  • But if you are feeling hot and cold then you would have to compromise some how
  • Maybe a leg out or arm uncovered, or just being stubborn and not cover up and somewhat suffer
  • But he would try to comfort you, even if there isn’t much that he can’t do


  • He had to deal with Tanaka, Noya, Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukishima- you can’t get away from his bearing nature
  • He would also probably discover you laying somewhere in the house in a ball when he comes home from work ready to tell you about everything that the kids did
  • But seeing you like that- he instantly knew you weren’t feeling good
  • Would offer to make you some food
  • Of course tell you to cover up
  • But if you weren’t up for food, he would still make sure you had something once you were feeling better
  • And making sure you’re staying hydrated which you should be to, person reading this!
  • He would stay by your side until your feeling better
  • And even after he would still stay and cuddle with you


  • MY BABY (I’m also a simp for his va so)
  • He would definitely be overbearing-
  • Comes home and sees you
  • INSTANTLY asking what’s wrong, can he help, what do you need, etc.
  • He asking so much that you can’t get a word in XD
  • But of course he means well and will back off a bit if you ask, he just wants the best for you
  • Honestly, I’ve seen others say that Noya would be bad at cooking because of how rambunctious he is. But I see him as being an average cook. 
  • Like he knows how to cook basic things and not burn it or the house down. Anyway he would probably make you some soup.
  • and despite you telling him to stay away from you so he doesn’t get sick- 
  • like he would listen and not get cuddles- so he would basically turn into a koala.
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as soon as i finish bridgerton u best bet i will be writing fics about lord bridgerton he is so sexy

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Fandom: Stray Kids

Sickie: Jisung

Caregiver: 2racha + Felix

Jisung’s POV.:

I was just brushing my teeth, when I suddenly felt really sick. Quickly dropping my toothbrush, I gripped the sink and gagged harshly over it but nothing came up. My stomach was in knots and my mouth watered. I decided my teeth were clean enough, put the toothbrush away and rinsed my mouth. Along with the nausea, a dull pain settled around my navel. Thinking I probably just had to go, I sat on the toilet for a while but nothing would happen. I realized that I had occupied the bathroom for quite a while now, so I quickly finished up and walked to my room, so the others could get ready for the day. We’d first have dance practice and then a fansign afterwards, so I put on loose sweatpants, hoping to minimize the pressure around my middle. The pain wasn’t too bad but the nausea certainly was a nuisance. It’s not like I wasn’t used to it though, my anxiety often times messing with my stomach. Today was different though, I could tell. I hung out on my bed with the trash can pulled close just in case, while waiting for my friends, so we could head out. Way too soon, Chan called us to leave and I sighed following them to practice. I certainly didn’t feel like dancing right now but I really needed to improve, besides I didn’t want to speak up because they would probably be annoyed at me for always complaining. Sure, anxiety wasn’t fun but I felt like I complained way too much when my stomach bothered me from stress, so I wanted it to be different today.

Practice went well, despite the ache in my abdomen. At this point, I was sure I’d throw up eventually but nothing had happened so far. I had mapped out my emergency plan, visualized the route to the closest bathroom down the hallway and memorized the location of the room’s trashcan, in case I wouldn’t be able to make it. With the pain grew the anxiety, or was it the other way around? My gut told me that something wasn’t right but I pushed the feeling back down, it was probably just nerves due to the fansign later. “Jisung-ah, you need to focus, you’re constantly missing the beat”, Chan startled me from my thoughts. I sighed and got back to my starting position, preparing for another run through: “Sorry hyung, I’ll do better.” Giving it my all, I managed to stay on beat the next time, although my head was spinning afterwards and all the jumping around had turned the dull pain in my stomach into a sharp stabbing. Apparently, Chan and Minho were finally satisfied with our dancing and told us to go wash up before we’d be picked up to go to the fansign event. I suppressed a wince when another cramp twisted my intestines and hid my face by pretending to wipe away the sweat. Walking had started to become a bit difficult, so I was lagging behind a bit. Felix slowed down a bit to let me catch up before starting to ramble about how excited he was to meet Stay again. I gave him a tired smile, though I wasn’t entirely sure it really reached my eyes. The Aussie trailed off mid-sentence and frowned at me: “Are you ok? Nervous?” – “Kinda”, I admitted, glancing at the ground. “Does your stomach hurt again?”, he asked, pointing at the arm I had subconsciously wrapped around my middle. ‘Damn, I really am awesome at hiding stuff. Why do they always have to notice how weak I am?’ I nodded ashamed, still avoiding his eyes: “Sorry, I know I’m to much of a baby. I don’t want to hold y’all back.” – “Hey, you’re not a baby. I’ll make you some tea while you shower, yeah? You’ll be fine”, my dongsaeng promised and I gave him a grateful smile.

Felix really kept his promise and as soon as we were back at the dorm, he set about making a cup of chamomile tea while I went to the bathroom. My shower turned out rather short, since I spent more time on the toilet, still hoping the pain would get better once I go. The nausea was ever-present at the back of my throat but I couldn’t throw up. Quickly drying off, I met Felix in my room. He had placed my favorite cup onto my desk before leaving to take a shower himself. I thanked him quietly and he hugged me on his way out. Changing into my outfit for the fansign, I let the tea cool down and searched my drawers for some anti-emetics because if there was something I did not want to happen, it was throwing up in front of a crowd of people. I used the warm tea to rinse down the pill and settled back on my bed till we’d have to leave. Scrolling through my phone, I slowly sipped the tea and waited for either the tea or the medicine to sooth my upset stomach. The pain had shifted from where it had lingered around my navel. I felt like there was a knife stuck in my lower right side. Still dwelling on my misery, I was startled by a knock on my door. “Yeah?” In walked Chan, taking a seat next to me. “Hey, you ok? Lix told me you weren’t feeling your best”, the leader asked, “is it nerves?” I shrugged, slightly annoyed at myself for not being able to keep my problems to myself: “Probably, Lixxie made me some tea, it’ll be fine.” It was a lie but I didn’t want to worry my leader by saying it felt wrong, really wrong. “Alright, don’t you want to sit with us in the living room? Maybe we can distract you a bit”, my hyung offered and I let him walk me to the living room. For a while, I sat between Changbin and Hyunjin, smiling along with their bickering but trying to avoid laughing, as it hurt to bad.

When we got settled in the car that would take us to the venue, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out to find a text from Felix.

Koala J

Hey, do you feel better now?


Yeah, thanks again, the tea really helped

And thanks for not asking out loud

Not everyone needs to know how annoyingly weak I am

Koala J

There is no weakness in it

But it’s ok not to want everyone’s eyes on you the entire time

As long as you at least talk to one of us

I put my phone away and made eye-contact with the younger. We exchanged a quick smile before the Aussie turned to annoy Seungmin. I was glad he believed me because I was a really bad liar, texting made it easier for me though. The pain had only increased and I turned to look out the window, so the others wouldn’t be able to see the grimace on my face. A soft whimper escaped my lips, causing Hyunjin to eye me worriedly. I pretended to be confused as to why he was looking at me till he seemed confused himself whether he had actually heard anything. We neared our destination way too soon and I dreaded having to get up, or move at all for that matter. I highly doubted I’d be able to walk but forced myself out of my seat and onto shaky legs. Aware of the cameras around, I tried to cover up the limp I had developed over the last few hours. I just couldn’t pull my right leg forward. Once again, I was lagging behind, when I was suddenly lifted from my feet. Gritting my teeth, as the movement tore at my side, I turned to look at who had scooped me up. It was Changbin, who pretended to be fooling around with me but for a short moment he leaned closer to my ear whispering: “I know you’re not fine. Just pretend we’re having fun and that you could walk by yourself, which I know you can’t.” – “Yah! Put me down hyung!”, I yelled, flailing my arms around while trying to keep my middle as still as possible. The older laughed at me and carried me to our dressing room out of the public’s sight.

Changbin’s smile immediately faltered, as soon as we were alone. He gently lowered me onto the couch in the dressing room and crouched down on eye-level. “What’s going on Sungie?”, he hummed as I curled up hugging my stomach. Soon Chan and Felix had gathered around me too, the younger scrunching up his nose: “Hyung, you told me you felt better.” The leader clicked his tongue, obviously disappointed though I couldn’t tell whether he was mad at me for lying or for holding them back again. “I’m sorry. It’s just a stomachache and I already took some medicine before we left, plus, Felix made me tea. It’ll go away soon”, I admitted guiltily. My hyungs exchanged a look before Changbin tucked my hair behind my ears: “Are you sure you can do this? It has to hurt really bad for you to take medicine.” I nodded, freezing when there was a hand on my forehead. “Chan-hyung, he does feel a bit warm to me. It’s unlikely to be nerves”, the rapper stated, ignoring my complaints. Chan sighed: “You really want to do this, Sung?”, I nodded, “Alright but tell us if it gets too bad or you need to leave.” I agreed before getting my makeup done and heading out with everyone else to take my seat at the long table.

Putting on my best acting skills, I smiled and joked with fans while one hand was constantly pressed into my side, hidden by the table. Sure, there were a few people who noticed something was off but lying came easier now. I simply told them we had had a bet, Minho telling me I wouldn’t be able to eat an entire cheesecake and I tried to prove him wrong. It was easily believed and often earned a laugh from the person in front of me.

The fansign seemed to drag on endlessly and I didn’t even notice the space getting empty till Chan stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders, telling me we were done. I didn’t even bother removing my makeup. “Hey, do you need anything?”, Changbin appeared next to me. I shook my head, not able to keep up my smile: “Can we just go home?” He agreed and took me to the waiting car, where we waited for the others to join us. My hyung rubbed my back soothingly, as I hunched over in my seat, whimpering. The others soon got into the car, watching me worriedly. I kept squirming in my seat, unable to find a position that would make the pain more bearable. Felix and Changbin were on either side of me, trying to calm me down but I struggled to focus on their voices while the knife in my side kept twisting. When we arrived at the dorm, Changbin carried me to my room, so I could curl up on my bed. He promised he’d be back with a heating pad soon and left me alone. That’s when the urge to throw up returned with full vengeance. Fearing to make a mess, I tried to get up and go to the bathroom or at least get to the trash can but collapsed right next to my bed, crying out in pain.

Alerted by my loud cry, Chan walked in just in time to pull my hair out of my face, while I retched up the tiny amount of food I had forced myself to eat that day. Felix soon appeared behind him, looking terrified. I didn’t even bother assuring him I was fine because if there was something I was not, it was fine. The older Aussie carefully propped me up a bit more, as I retched between my sobs. I was in my own world, screaming from pain, barely realizing how Chan called a driver. Without any warning, I was lifted into the air again and Chan carried me downstairs to the waiting car. Changbin and Felix followed, explaining that they were taking me to the hospital. “Jisung, can you show us exactly where it hurts?”, the leader pleaded and I pressed my hand into my lower right side, unable to reply verbally. Changbin remembered, anxiously playing with his sleeve: “I think it’s his appendix. One of my schoolfriends had appendicitis once and it looks really similar to me.”

I kept crying into Chan’s shoulder while he carried me into the ER. Changbin had rushed in first to sign me in while Felix stayed close to Chan and me. We were immediately guided to an examination room where we were told the doctor would be there shortly. Laying me down on the examination table, Chan and Felix stood on either side of my, holding my hands as I withered in pain. Changbin rushed in after finishing up with the paperwork and all of a sudden, the pain was gone. I loosened my grip on my friends’ hands, blinking in confusion before sitting up. “Wow, I feel fine suddenly”, I hummed uncertainly, “Sorry for making you worry.” The trio looked at me in disbelieve, the leader being the first to find his words: “So you’re telling me one second you’re unable to either move or talk and then by some form of miracle healing nothing’s wrong anymore?” I cringed lightly at the way he put it, averting his eyes when I answered: “I don’t understand it either but can we just go home?”

Right then the doctor came in and I apologized for wasting his time, explaining what symptoms I had had and how we had thought I had appendicitis. I gave him a smile, promising I felt fine now, when I noticed the doctor had paled halfway through our conversation. “Most patients with appendicitis feel relieve when the inflamed organ ruptures and the pressure is gone. I’d like too do a quick check up to see what is really going on there. If it is a ruptured appendix, the pain will come back much more severe and the chances of it leading to a fatal infection without treatment is high”, he explained, easing me back on the table. My friends were shocked by the doctor’s words, Felix chewing on his lip while clutching Chan’s arm. Then came the shocking revelation: “Mr. Han, I am afraid your appendix has ruptured, we will have to perform a surgery on that right away.” Before I even came to terms with what was happening, I was saying goodbye to my friends and got wheeled away on a stretcher.

When I came to, I felt floaty experiencing the aftereffects of the anesthetics. My entire group was there, having piled onto each other in the few seats in the hospital room. “Hey, you’re awake” Seungmin exclaimed, rushing over to give me a hug. Felix walked over too but his face was the exact opposite of Seungmin’s: “Yah! How could you scare us like this? You idiot, I thought you were going to die.” I chuckled awkwardly. I got hugs from everyone, not even Felix was able to stay mad at me. We talked for a while, Chan asking if I needed anything. I replied: “Can we just go home?” Sadly, we couldn’t or at least, I couldn’t. They told me I had to stay for at least a day or two. I’d also have to take antibiotics for a while to heal the infection from the appendix rupture but none of it seemed so bad when my friends brought me my favorite hoodie, plushie and headphones, promising they’d take me out for cheesecake the day I’d be discharged.

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Day 16 - Sick


That morning, V woke up with such an indescribably awful feeling. His eyelids still felt heavy and his eyeballs felt,… unusually hot.

V dismissed this uncomfortable feeling and tried to sit up on his bed, only to fall right back in. Letting out a frustrated groan, he tried to move his arms and legs, only to find them as heavy as dumbbells.

Still refusing to give in, he tried one last time to get up, only to fail as his eyesight began spinning quite badly.

Closing his eyes, he let out a distressed sigh as his right hand flew to his forehead.

He felt too hot.

“Hey, V,” Griffon, who just materialized from his tattoos, carefully asked, his voice laced with utter concern. “ … I think you should just stay in bed for today. I’m sure the others will understand.”

“I know but,” V answered, feeling his voice getting lower and lower than usual. “ … I promised Kyrie I would come.”

“Can’t ya just, ya know? Call her or somethin’?”

V slightly opened his eyes. “I probably should.” He picked up his brand new cellphone from the bed side table, and dialed Kyrie’s number. Putting the sleek screen against his right ear, he waited for her to answer.

A few moments later, she finally picked up.

Hello, V!

“Good morning,… Kyrie.”

Oh, my, you don’t sound too good. Are you doing okay?

“As a matter of fact, no, I’m - ” V abruptly stopped as he fought the urge to cough. Only to fail miserably.

Oh, dear, V. You must take a rest! We can take care of ourselves here.

“But, the surprise - !”

It can wait, V. What matters the most right now  is your health. So, go take a rest, and focus on getting better. We can just prepare the surprise tomorrow, or the next day. Just make sure you’ll get better!

Hey, is that V over there? Hey, V!

Nico,… ”

Oh, eww! Did you, uhh, just ate a gallon of ice cream?



Ignore Nico, V. Just relax for today and we can all do this again tomorrow. Okay?

Yeah! And we promise Nero and Vergil won’t know a single thing!

“Very well. Then I’ll just take a rest,… for today.”

Get well soon, V!

See ya, Romeo!

V took down his cellphone, sighed, and slumped back to his pillows. He definitely learned a new lesson here: ice cream must be eaten moderately, no matter how damn good it tastes.


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A/N: yes bby! carsick yoonie feat; namgi and 2seok!!! enjoy!!

TW ::: emeto


Yoongi didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.

The bumpiness of the car, the back and forth swaying as Seokjin switches lanes, Yoongi can’t take it anymore.

Suddenly, his hand has a mind of its own, tapping anxiously at Hoseok’s shoulder with the other hand clamped to his lips in warning.

Hoseok gasps.

“Uh… hyung? Hyung pull over.” Hoseok grits with clenched teeth, anxiety simmering beneath his clammy skin as Yoongi starts giving weak gags into the palm of his hand.

Seokjin quickly glances to the back row of seats before aiming his eyes back to the road ahead.

“‘Seok, love I’m on the highway. Crossing over into the other three lanes will only make it worse. Joon-ah, give Yoongi a bag.”

Namjoon, a man with a relatively strong stomach, jumps into action, grabbing for the latch to the glove compartment that hides a plethora of plastic bags. It’s not as if they haven’t prepared for this. Yoongi made sure to take his dramamine before the long ride, but an accident at the far end of the road had propelled them into the throes of traffic. There was no way to anticipate the hold up, nor the inevitable carsickness.

Namjoon hands a queasy Yoongi the bag, the older man’s pale hands shivering as he locks it into his grip. His stomach lurches, a throaty heave sending a glob of saliva and bile dripping into the confines of the plastic. Namjoon whispers words of comfort to his boyfriend, knowing very well that Yoongi’s insecurities of his weak stomach are bound to shine through the cracks.

Hoseok starts to lose it at just the mere sound.

“Hyung please I’m gonna puke.” He whimpers, unable to pity Yoongi in this moment. Right now, it’s every man for himself, and his emetophobia is beginning to rear its ugly head.

Seokjin is a strong man, one that can handle the many pressures of life, but this?

This is a lot.

“Babe, I’m really sorry, but right now I can’t—”

Yoongi’s spine rolls forward, as a gut wrenching sound is forced from his throat, the plastic in his hands crinkling as it holds up against a thick, brown wave of sick. Hoseok gives an involuntary squeal, one that morphs into a strong gag of its own as he slaps his hands to his mouth. Yoongi’s cheeks are feverish and red, tears pooling at the corners of his eyes as his wet lips quiver.

“H-Hoseok… I’m sorry…” He manages to apologize before vomiting again, the bag growing heavy in his hands as he gurgles up another round. Namjoon is turned now, petting his hair softly as he holds out another bag for Hoseok in the other hand. The look he wears is sympathetic, one that says ‘it’s going to happen Hoseok. You might as well get it over with.’

And it seems that Hoseok doesn’t have much of a choice.

The next time that Yoongi gags, is the same time that Hoseok’s nausea wins out, his head dipping into the bag as he mercilessly heaves, nothing but spit and fear-induced nausea spilling out, echoing back at him through the plastic. Seokjin whines, feeling utterly useless at the wheel as he finally crosses over into three lanes of traffic, ignoring the obnoxious slamming of horns aimed his way. They’ve finally made it to the dorms, the car pulling to a stop while Hoseok’s stomach does the complete and total opposite.

Hoseok is heaving uselessly in the bag, small bouts of bile coming up with not much else to spare. He is more scared than anything, and his stomach is worked up because of it, not to mention the smell of vomit that has now soaked into the seats.

Seokjin and Namjoon release their seatbelts before rounding the back of the vehicle, Namjoon heading to Yoongi, while Seokjin makes his way to Hoseok. Yoongi is panting softly, his eyes wet as he watches Hoseok with a pout. He feels bad, that much is obvious, but there is nothing more that anyone can do. Hoseok’s nausea must run its course.

“Come on babe, let’s get you cleaned up.” Namjoon says to Yoongi, disposing of the vomit bag and helping his hyung to his feet. Seokjin and Hoseok are left in the driveway to the company building, the younger man nearly hyperventilating into the plastic.

“Baby, you’ve gotta calm down. It’s your fear that’s making you feel like this, okay baby? Breathe with me.” Seokjin is rubbing his hands up and down Hoseok’s spine, trying to coax the younger man into breathing at an even pace, but it’s not working. Hoseok has already spiraled so far, so fast.

“H-Hyung… can you… can you take me to the b-bathroom please?” Hoseok cries, weakly gagging into the bag as he tries to stand. Seokjin helps him, complying with a nod as he leads Hoseok inside.

It is quite difficult to ignore the maknae line, Jungkook’s concerned doe eyes, Jimin and Taehyung’s combined questioning of “what happened? what’s going on?”, but Seokjin hushes them with a wave of his hand.

“Hoseokie just needs some space, he’ll be okay.” He affirms, gently guiding Hoseok to the toilet bowl before locking the door.

Hoseok is already throwing open the lid, each painful gag sending up thin streams of his lunch. Each heave is almost a wheeze of sorts, a pained cry for help as Hoseok expels the contents of his stomach. His hands grip at the bowl, Seokjin deeply massaging back the clenching of his shoulders.

“It’s okay baby, it’s okay.” He whispers, rubbing Hoseok’s back with kind, gentle shushes. Hoseok is groaning, his gags growing weaker and weaker as his stomach offers nothing more to bring up. He falls back into Seokjin’s chest with a deep exhale, struggling to regain the normal speed of his breathing back. Seokjin combs at his hair, dabbing away his sweat with wet towelette.

“You’re okay babe. I’m here with you.” He says, cooling Hoseok’s wet forehead with the towel. Hoseok’s stomach now aches, but the nausea he once felt ebbs away, replaced with the reckless pain of his useless heaves.

“My… my stomach… hurts.” He whimpers, rubbing a hand in circles against his swollen belly. Seokjin kindly hushes him.

“I know, let’s get you to bed, okay? I don’t think you’re really sick love, I think it was just Yoongi that made you feel like this.”

Ah, Yoongi, Hoseok remembers. The sorrowful and guilty look in his cat-like eyes.

“I’m… I’m not mad at hyung… and I don’t blame him for this. Does he know that?” Hoseok asks, rasping for air.

Seokjin smiles softly. “Of course he knows babe. He knows your heart.”

Despite knowing this to be true, Hoseok can’t depend on assumptions. He has to know for sure.

“Can you tell him hyung?” Hoseok asks with a pout.

Seokjin chuckles softly, helping Hoseok shakily to his feet as he nods.

“Of course I’ll tell him baby.”

Hoseok’s pain is replaced with fatigue, his body giving into its previous exertions as he practically passes out into bed. Seokjin finds Namjoon and Yoongi, cuddled up on the couch with a hot water bottle pressed to the older man’s stomach. Upon noticing his presence, Yoongi jumps in his place on Namjoon’s lap.

“Is Hoseok okay? Is he mad?”

Seokjin can’t help but to giggle.

“No… not even a little bit.”


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let’s make a zine… art stories and EVERYTHING. who’s with me!!???


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Hold Me Tight - Chapters 84, 85, and 86

Felix feels dizzy after taking a shower. The next morning, he wakes up with a cold~

Hold Me Tight is a manhwa with beautiful artwork and smut scenes! It has a fair amount of (hospital) whump and the story is interesting.

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Rose McGowan Blasts Trump Impeachment As ‘Cult Propaganda…Mass Distraction’ – Elites Ignoring ‘Country’s Starving, Sick, And Poor’

Rose McGowan Blasts Trump Impeachment As ‘Cult Propaganda…Mass Distraction’ – Elites Ignoring ‘Country’s Starving, Sick, And Poor’

The actress Rose McGowan is defying the liberal world of Hollywood to blast the left’s impeachment effort against President Donald Trump.
McGowan Slams Impeachment Effort
“This impeachment is Cult propaganda,” McGowan tweeted on Thursday. “A theater of mass distraction. US cult members on the left will cheer, those on the right will be in a fury. And the country’s starving, sick & poor will sink…

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Please ruin me, I’m already damaged beyond repair please just ruin me and do what you want to do so I can finally be of use to you please use me please make me feel wanted

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