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chewedcorn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"Man caught impersonating a Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim priest who had been conducting service in all three religions"
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markets · 24 days ago
to this day nothing beats the dash after c!tommy died for ten minutes straight it was all “WHAT” “???73$:)/???????“ and my hands were shaking the whole time then it switched to “theres no way that actually just happened.” and i got to watch the mutuals go through the first couple stages of grief in real time
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rocksalts · 23 days ago
because dean never DID actually say he forgave cas in 8x17. oh the meta of "i forgive you. of course i forgive you. i'm sorry it took me until now to say it"
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floralflowerpower · 16 days ago
A bolt from the Green
This is the blood blob Au fic I have been promising
 @mokulule and @i-go-by-faith @kii0mi
Chapter one 
Danny groaned.
His head was spinning.
He was so tired, and his body hurt so much.
His brain felt like it had been stuffed full of cotton. It was hard to think.
He felt like he was supposed to be doing something, but what was it?
His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of quiet chirping.
Confused, Danny opened his eyes to see 3 little green blobs shivering in a pool of his own ectoplasm.
He suddenly felt a jolt from his core. It was a nice feeling that only got stronger when he pulled the 3 blobs closer to him.
Cradling them against his still wounded chest, wrapping his ghostly tail around them for added measure.
They started purring, and Danny got hit with such an intense amount of dopamine that it entirely made him forget about the extreme pain he was in.
He pulled them even closer so he could nuzzle them slightly and tucked them under his chin.
These were his.
He felt his body give out, and soon he was human again.
He hated that.
He wanted to keep them wrapped in his tail, but he couldn't do it in this form.
He wanted to cry.
He hugged them tighter.
At least they hadn't stopped purring.
They were still alright.
Danny felt lightheaded.
The green around him was starting to mix with red.
He couldn't remember if that was bad or not.
Maybe if he just slept, he'd feel better...
Danny woke to the feeling of cold metal against his back, his eyes were assaulted with a bright overhead light, and the blurred vision of people huddled over him in masks and hairnets.
He could barely pick up the word. His ears sounded like they were full of bees. Every other sound was drowned out by their loud buzzing.
One of the people was saying something. Their mask was pulled down. He could see their lips moving but couldn't hear or process the words.
His head hurt so bad. He closed his eyes again and allowed himself to drift into unconsciousness.
The bed was soft, and he was warm the next time he woke up.
His head was still throbbing.
But even still, he forced his eyes open.
Was he in a hospital bed?
He sat up and instantly winced.
His chest, it felt like it was on fire.
The pain knocked the breath out of him, and he had to gasp to get his lungs working again.
He placed a hand against his chest, icing it over to help with the burning as he got a hold of himself again.
He was panicked.
He didn't know what was going on or how he got here.
Something wet touched his hand.
He looked down to see his palm was covered in blood...
Green, there was green before...
His heart stopped when he realized who was missing.
His little ones.
He needed to find them.
Danny forced himself out of bed.
He had to grip onto the IV pole for support as a loud buzzing tone assaulted his ears, and his vision swam.
Oh, it did not feel good.
He took a deep breath and blinked a few times, hoping the moment would pass.
It did.
He called on his ghost half, the IV needle that was in his arm clattered to the ground during the transformation.
Danny barely had time to adjust to his ghost half when he was suddenly slammed with an absolute feeling of petrifying fear and pain.
It took his over-exhausted mind a few seconds to realize it wasn't his.
Danny didn't even think. He let his instincts take over. He felt his fangs come in as he blacked out again.
It sounded like someone was trying to call his name while underwater.
The growl died in his throat.
He gasped for breath, and his vision came into focus.
"Danny!" His mother yelled; she was trembling behind a cracked and flickering ghost shield. Her suit was torn in a few places, and his father was cradling her.
They both looked terrified.
Did a ghost attack?
He heard a quiet purr.
He looked down to see he was cradling his 3 little ones in the crook of his left arm. They were such small things. Tiny perfect green circles.
He sighed. They were okay.
And whatever ghost that was attacking was gone too.
Danny sighed as he felt his instincts take over again, a purr vibrating in his chest as he lovingly cradled his little ones.
Sleep would be good.
Maddie had never been so grateful to see her boy's eyes turn green again.
His terrifying growl stopped. His teeth looked normal.
She could tell he was back in control, though he looked confused and tired.
She watched as her son's clawed right hand slowly returned to normal.
His lips parted slightly as he took in a deep gasp.
His eyes suddenly became wide, like he was just seeing her and Jack for the first time.
She could tell that he was trying to figure out what was going on.
Suddenly the 3 blobs that he had taken from their containment cell started purring.
Danny's eyes shifted colors again, but this time to light pink, and he started mimicking the same purr as the blobs in his arms.
She watched as her son shifted in the air so they could rest on his chest.
He nuzzled each one with his nose, which earned some of what only Maddie could assume to be happy chirping.
Her son yawned, his head bobbed slightly.
He was tired.
That was the only thing that made sense out of this entire situation.
He had been hospitalized for three days now and had been in critical condition.
One part of her was delighted to see he was okay, Even if he just almost killed them.
She shivered as the memory replayed itself in her mind.
The image of her son's solid white eyes, bared fangs, and pitch-black aura that seemed to consume all the light around it was going to haunt her nightmares.
At least with the new pink color, she could still see his pupils.
She watched as Danny took another deep yawn and closed his eyes.
His legs went slack and slowly morphed into a tail, and his head lulled back as well.
Did he fall asleep?
Maddie shared a look with Jack, but before she could even say anything, the room was suddenly cast in the familiar blue light of her son's transformation.
Without a beat, she watched as her husband launched forward to catch their 25-year-old son before he could hit the floor.
The jolt of Danny getting caught bridal style made the three blobs on his chest start keening.
Danny's eyes fluttered open slightly as he lifted a shaky hand to comfort them.
From his now reopen wound on his chest, blood ran down his right side and fell to the floor in slow drops.
"Shush, it's okay." Danny croaked. His voice was strained and barely above a whisper as he pulled the 3 blobs in for a weak one-armed hug. Their keening settling into quiet whimpers.
"Danny?" Jack said cautiously.
He was relieved when his son's tired but very blue eyes met his.
Danny smiled up at him weakly before turning his attention back to the blobs on his chest.
"It's okay," Danny's eyes were slowly starting to slip closed again. "Your grandpa Jack's got us and....."
Danny's slurred and weak voice died out as he fell asleep in his father's arms.
Maddie's heart hammered in her chest.
Jack looked up at her with wide eyes.
"Did he just say, Grandpa Jack?"
Maddie nodded, and her eyes fell on the 3 blobs that were still whimpering slightly on her son's chest.
The scene reminded her of how Danny was first found 3 Days ago, bleeding out on the forest floor surrounded by the crater from his initial impact.
He had slammed back into the earth from what had to be a 3,000-foot drop.
A drop that he almost didn't survive.
It took them 2 days to find him.
The blobs had been on his chest just like they were now.
Danny's arm had been littered in minor red prick marks from where she had assumed they had bitten him. It was the only thing that made sense.
She and Jack had never seen ghosts like them before.
They had thought they were some type of parasite.
But now...
Maddie felt her stomach twist. She and Jack had run experiments on them...
Small ones, but still...
"There's no way those are our Grandkids." She shook her head, her voice wavering. She didn't want to believe it. "They could still be parasites, maybe brood parasites?"
Jack clutched onto Danny tighter as tears came to his eyes.
"What if they're not?" His voice wavered. "We hurt them, Madds. We've seen ghosts go feral before when they get desperate, and they're acting on instinct. Like a caged animal. Their eyes typically turn into a solid color like Danno's were."
"Jack, they can't --." Maddie began only to be cut off by her husband.
"He attacked us when we were in the middle of testing their molecular bond. They were screaming. He was protecting them." Tears slipped past Jack's eyes. "He was being a good Dad."
"None of this makes any sense; they look nothing like him. Danny hasn't even been seeing anyone." Maddie argued pitifully.
"We don't know if he hasn't been seeing anyone. He's an adult, and he's half-ghost. What if these are what baby ghosts look like at first? What if he met someone special in the zone? We don't know for sure." Jack said sternly, his voice still wet with emotion.
"Then why were they on his chest in the forest? Why was he alone with them?" Maddie seethed, anger biting into her voice
"I-" Jack paused, his mind trying to supply him with a good counter-argument. "I don't know!"
"I do."
Maddie and Jack both jumped at the sound of the new voice and spun around to see a blue-skinned ghost with red eyes and a purple cloak floating calmly in front of their closed ghost portal.
Maddie readily charged up the nearest gun she could grab and fired before Jack even had a second to think.
"Time out."
Jack blinked as Maddie froze, and so did the green blast from her gun.
"Don't worry; I'll release her after I talk to you." The mystery ghost said. His voice was flat and monotone.
"You're doing this?" Jack breathed out in shock as he glanced around; even the clock was frozen.
"How?" Jack blanched before his voice suddenly turned dark. "Why?"
He eyed the ghost with caution.
"How is...complicated," The ghost seemed to be picking his words carefully. Like he was waiting to see what would happen if he said them.
"Then make it uncomplicated." Jack bit out. Trying his best to make it sound like he wasn't scared.
The ghost chuckled.  
"My name is Clockwork. I can answer your second question much more simply if you'd let me start with that one first."
"Okay," Jack said, grateful to at least know the ghost's name now.
"Daniel and I are close. In the tongue you call ghost speak, he'd call me --," The ghost said a word that Jack couldn't understand at all. "The closest translation in English to that word would be spirit father-or guardian father might be closer- I suppose. I view him as family."
Jack didn't like the sound of that at all.
"I am his Dad, not you." Jack bit out.
"Yes, you are. You very much are. I'm not saying you aren't Jack." Clockwork soothed.
The hair on the back of Jack's neck stood on end, and a dull shiver ran down his spine.
"How do you know my name?"
"I know everything. It's hard to explain." Clockwork sighed and waved his hand.
Jack watched in horror as the green blast from the ectogun flew back to where it came from, and his wife returned to how she was before she picked up the gun.
It was like he watched a home video get rewound but in real-time.
"I am the master of time. Your son is one of the most important beings to be born in centuries. Well, until a few days ago." The ghost's red eyes landed on the three small blobs. "They're going to be just as influential as their Dad."
Jack felt the air leave his lungs for a second.
"So, so, they are--." Jack couldn't finish the sentence. He was in shock.
Clockwork nodded.
Jack felt like he was going to fall apart.
"I-I hurt my grandbabies." He felt like he was going to throw up. Tears ran freely down his face now. "I hurt them."
"You didn't know." Clockwork said, sympathy clear in his voice.
"But you did." Jack bit out, his hurt boiling over into anger. "You said you know everything. Where were you?"
"I couldn't--."
"Don't give me that. I saw what you just did. Where were you when my boy was bleeding out in a crater a few days ago." Jack seethed, his voice rising in anger. "Where were you when Maddie and I--."
The 3 blobs- no Danny's kids- started keening again. Jack watched as they tried to hide in the crook of Danny's neck. Trying to press themselves in the small space created by the way he was cradling his unconscious son against his torso.
"You're scaring them."
Jack looked back up at the time ghost.
Tears were running freely from his red eyes now too.
"I don't know how to help them." Jack's voice was broken.
"I do." The time ghost's voice sounded just as pained as Jack's did. "I couldn't be there before, but I am now. I want to help."
"You want to help?" Jack laughed, "for all I know, you could be plotting to kill them and Danny."
That seemed to push Clockwork over the edge. Jack nearly pissed himself as the ghost's eyes flared an even brighter red and reality seemed to blip out around them. Like a person was flipping through tv channels riddled with static, but instead, it was various stages of their lives.
The ghost got in his face, an inch from his nose.
Jack's heart stopped, and the room froze again.
"Heavy accusations from the man who actually did kill him. His accident never would have happened if you had installed that damn switch properly." Clockwork growled.
In his shock, Jack lost his grip as his knees gave out.
Clockwork was quick enough to catch Danny and his kids, who had bit into their Dad's shirt, so they didn't roll off him.
Clockwork cradled Danny, wrapping him in his tail and using it to keep the unconscious boy supported.
Jack watched from the floor as the time ghost scooped up Danny's kids and started singing to them in ghost speak.
Soon their cries stopped, and they started purring again.
He set them back down on Danny's chest and placed a hand over his wound.
Jack watched as the slow trickle of blood stopped.
He wondered if the ghost sped up time around the injury so it would heal faster.
He then wondered how many times the older ghost had done that for Danny.
His mouth now tasted bitter as he thought of the words that had left it only a few moments ago.
"I am going to take them to the couch upstairs. Please take some time to collect yourself. For their sake." Clockwork said softly.
Jack nodded but didn't move from where he was crumpled on the floor.  
"Come upstairs when you are good. I'll unfreeze Maddie when you are okay enough to talk sense into her." the ghost continued.
Jack nodded again, and soon he was left alone with his thoughts.
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chewedcorn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
someone in toronto put this up
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zodiacsomething · 8 days ago
ayyy got around to doing your art challenge @thecrowslullaby :DD
Tumblr media
✨the sides wearing my stuff✨
it took me way longer than it should have simply because i had to empty out my entire wardrobe to find any coloured clothes lmao,, but it was fun
imma add logan and remus soon too
here they are individually because why not
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also i realized i do not possess a single green or purple anything and that is a crime
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rainbow820 · 2 months ago
I think Big Barda, Grace Choi, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Booster Gold, and Starfire should all start their own superhero team of tall people.
Minimum height requirement is 6’4 sorry Superman.
Their villains will be other tall villains like Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, and King Shark.
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chewedcorn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wikipedia throwing shade at Texas
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dyke-yoonji · a month ago
loki: oh, believe me, you can smell the cologne of two Tony Starks
the frostiron fandom, finally getting the second interaction ever from these two fucks: 
Tumblr media
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goingstrongsue · a month ago
no one:
this fandom on every 28th: *glued to their phone because we can't trust Louis*
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chewedcorn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Let's Keep Jeff Bezos Out There
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nerviovago · 23 days ago
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