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chewedcorn · a day ago
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You’ve had a rough day. Pop into my garden and jump on my trampoline…
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cottaboo · 2 days ago
damn someone who likes minecraft youtubers interacted with my post about minecraft wonder why
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fxckedupweirdo · 2 days ago
Sweetness overload, my heart is full 😍🥰
Daddy He tian doing his duties 👍💓
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The twins
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My heart:
Little mo's bruises: i hurt you reader!!!
Little mo get well soon please 😭😢
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jaubaius · 21 days ago
This is just nuts!!
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deep-dark-fears · 10 months ago
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LOL MOM. An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!
You can pick up signed copies of my two Deep Dark Fears books in my Etsy store!
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lifeinpoetry · 8 months ago
Are women labeled / crazy when you feel / like their rage / outweighs the evidence / of their pain?
— Jasmine Mans, "Crazy,” Black Girl, Call Home
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chirmartir · 3 months ago
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mikefrawley · 6 months ago
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