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your-royal-momoness · a day ago
Zuko, writing a strongly worded letter: Dear Destiny, when I asked if my day could get any worse - it was a rhetorical question, not a fucking challenge
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fanonical · 2 days ago
sokka: my boomerang's better than your stupid bending anyway
katara: can your boomerang give us a shower?
toph: or make us a shelter?
zuko: or heat up a cup of tea?
sokka: ...i hate all of you
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Tumblr media
18. Family
Sometimes family is a bunch of guys you met one summer
[ID: a digital painting of the gaang holding hands, walking dow a grassy field. They are wearing their canon clothing. Suki is wearing a green and gold dress. End IId]
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hellozucchinihere · a day ago
Katara: On the count of three, what is your favorite cake? One, two, three-
Sokka and Toph, in unison: Chocolate cake peanut butter frosting with chocolate chunks!
Aang: Our turn, Zuko! One, two, three- vanilla!
Zuko, deadpan: I’ve never had cake, what is cake?
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Aang: Just be yourself.
Zuko: 'Be myself'? Person A, I have one day to win Mai over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
Sokka: Couple weeks.
Toph: Six months.
Katara: Jury’s still out.
Zuko: See, Aang?
Zuko: 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?
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Toph Beifong
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My favorite ATLA character
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lofistudygirl · 8 hours ago
Part 1 of my arguments for Zutara & Taang and against Kataang & Maiko
The main premise of Avatar: The Last Airbender is restoring balance to a war torn world and balance itself is a big theme as well being a part of Asian culture in general. So since so much of the show is centered around balance and the concept of dualism naturally you would expect it to be woven throughout and it is for the most part. But there is one important aspect that would have tied perfectly into the themes of the show and yet they chose not to take such an opportunity. I’m of course talking about the romance.
Kataang is not a relationship of equals and is highly imbalanced in many many ways. Katara and Aang are opposites but not in a way that has their strengths and weaknesses complimentary to each other. In fact they don’t even really understand one another. Katara coddles Aang and never pushes him to be better as a person, rather she lets a lot of his problematic behavior slide. We see this when Toph starts teaching Aang earthbending, both girls have very different ways of dealing with Aang. Katara is gentle and relenting with Aang which quite frankly is not at all what he needs in this situation. Aang has what one might call Peter Pan syndrome. Yes it’s true he’s only twelve but he unfortunately lives in a world and has a role to play that requires him to grow up quickly, something he refuses time and time again to do. He willingly maintains his innocence throughout and it both stunts and blinds him as a person. Thus we see his character regress instead of develop. And Katara lets him. She never pushes him to change while Toph does. Aang has shown many times he doesn’t respect Katara, one example being him not calling her sifu. Katara is hurt by this but doesn’t do anything about. Toph on the other hand demands respect and Aang easily gives it. She challenges his worldview and forces him to break out of his comfort level. She gives Aang exactly what he needs to become a good avatar, what no one else had previously given him, something call tough love. Part 2 to come soon!
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stitch1830 · a day ago
soft mama toph with her kids? The gentle moments she had with her babies are just so lovely I cannot. Maybe someone from the gaang witnessed her speaking softly to baby Lin/Suyin. Even pregnant I can see her having quiet convos with her baby bump, and how she's so sorry that the father didn't want her, so she's going to try her best to give her double the love. I'll prob send more mom!toph asks in the future, so I hope you don't mind!
Hi Anon, thank you for the ask! And OF COURSE you can stop by with Mama Toph feels any time, any day. :D Happy to chat about Mama Toph whenever, wherever ;)
I am a firm believer that Toph is a great Mama, especially when the kids are babies, I'm a sucker for those cute moments too haha.
She loves keeping them close to her chest and feeling them breathe, she can always tell when something is up when they're close to her like that. I can see her just trying to keep herself awake as she rocks her babies asleep by quietly talking into their hair. Just saying silly things or talking about her day, maybe even giving random facts about things.
Toph also seems like the person to just talk to the baby even though she's talking to herself. Like, "Gotta add the vegetables after the meat in the pan, otherwise they'll overcook." Or "Gonna need more rice with this meal, this isn't enough." Or "Spirits, those noodles are spicy! But not spicy enough." Lin and/or Suyin just makes a noise in response, and it never ceases to make Toph smile. She tries to think of more nonsensical things to chat about with her girls just to hear them make silly noises.
Toph loves their laughs. When Lin laughed for the first time, it was so cute she nearly cried (She did cry). And she can't really catch facial expressions as they happen, but the laugh... the laugh she caught in a nanosecond, and she remembers her girls' first laughs vividly. After that, she tries to say and do silly things (often in the privacy of her own home, she's not about to make a fool out of herself in front of anyone except her girls) to get them to laugh.
Calming down her babies can be a challenge, but she finds that kissing their temple, whispering soothing on the top of their heads, and swaying really helps calm them down.
A lot of people (including myself) HC that Toph is a great singer, so I can see her singing to her babies when they're upset or scared! I can also see her humming and singing to them while she's pregnant. That's when you can tell she's very happy and lost in thought, when she hums to the baby.
Toph is definitely a quiet but extremely loving Mama to her girls. She tries not to be too outlandish, but she knows what calms her babies and what makes them happy and what makes them laugh, and sometimes her friends catch her in an intimate moment with them and their hearts are so full. Sometimes they can't believe how fast time has moved and how they're all parents now... crazy!
As for giving her kids double the love, that's a guarantee! In any AU I think of for Toph, I see her as a nervous mother to start, but as time goes on and she finds her confidence and footing, she will do anything for her baby girls. There is no limit to her love for them.
Ahhh the Mama Toph feels are so good! Thank you again for the ask, Anon, this is just what the doctor ordered! I look forward to seeing and answering more of your asks soon, and I hope you have a great day!
Send me asks about ATLA, or anything, really! :D
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playedcrowd5610 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
HTTYD ATLA Crossover! Part 1. Toph.
Toph’s parents have always wanted to protect her. So why not get one of the best guards their is to stay with her 24/7? The sentinel dragon is known for it’s very protective nature and how it is found guarding certain islands from intruders.
Toph and the dragon both being blind, bond instantly! She is always hanging around him. And they often spend the time in the gardens of he parents large house. She would talk to him about her problems and how she feels about being cooped up and trapped.
The dragon is kind and calm. But will always be ready to protect his girl even when she can do it herself. They are always together and never want to leave each other. The dragon is one of the best trackers of any dragon spices. He can track her for miles. They are best friends and will always stick together.
What do you think?
And who should I do next?
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Toph and Damian would be friends. They'd probably not get along well with each other to begin with, of course. But They'd be friends
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everycloudinatla · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Season 2, Episode 17, 22:52 and 22:57
Toph going to find her mom
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amor-clarice · a day ago
ok hc but imagine toph and zuko start smoking. aang and katara wouldn't because they're not into it and because the kids and sokka & suki strike me as healthy people who exercise and shit BUT zuko is a young fire lord who is trying to fix the whole world the whOLE WORLD AANG i'm stressed and sleep deprived and I have 32 political leaders after me with complains and shit to deal with so yes I will go smoke in the bathroom window when nobody's watching and toph would see and be like 'hum why not' because something not being a good idea never stopped her before, but now they're addicted and smoking every day and aang is losing his shit because YOU TWO ARE GOING TO DIE IN TEN YEARS and zuko is like 'next monday I will stop' but toph just look aang and go 'well I survived the war, the fire lord, katara complaining, not much gonna kill me'
anyway they eventually stop tho (very easy for toph. zuko wants to die)
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mmaeveric · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how toph picks clothes
i have a fun headcanon that the gaang describes colours of clothes to toph (not that she cares much to begin with lol, only if she asks) as expiriences!
(ID Description: Four Panel comic
Panel 1: The comic is in greyscale. Toph and Katara, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, are walking in a market. Katara has her hair down, wearing her mother’s necklace, and Toph is wearing a sleeveless vest because shes cool like that. Toph is trudging along unhappily, when Katara pulls on her arm and exclaims “Ohh! You should try this on, it’s beautiful!”. We can’t see what Katara is referring to, but she is pointing to an item off screen.
Panel 2: They stand next to a clothing rack at one of the market’s pop-up stalls. Katara and Toph are touching one of the dresses hung up. The dress is bunched up into clothing folds like a curtain, so not a lot of detail can be seen. Katara looks happily convinced at her good spotting, but Toph is unsure, saying: “I dunno. Fabric’s nice, what’s the colour?”.
Panel 3: They are still standing at the rack. Katara is looking at Toph, one finger raised matter-of-factly, and says “You remember that time Iroh made us apple tea on the beach?”. Katara is smiling at Toph as she says this, and Toph gives a small “oh yeah!” of understanding.
Panel 4: The market background has faded out, and become an artificial grid wallpaper. Toph and Katara and walking, with Katara looking down at Toph happily, shopping bags in the crook of her elbows. We can see Katara is wearing pants (yes girl). Toph is to her right, bare feet planted firmly in the ground and knees bent slightly, looking like she’s about to jump. Toph’s hands are raised in celebratory fists above her head, and yellow exclamation beams surround her ecstatic expression. Toph is wearing the new dress which, unlike the greyscale comic, is a dynamic mixture of warm red, orange, brown and green. There are sparkles covering the dress, which goes down to her ankles. She looks extremely happy, in a dress the colour of a perfect afternoon.
End description ID).
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Toph: Rules are made to be broken.
Katara: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Sokka: Uh, piñatas.
Azula: Glow sticks.
Suki: Karate boards.
Mai: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Toph: Rules.
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waterbenderkat · 5 months ago
Avatar: Goth Style
Series from @artbycarooliveira on Instagram.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Head over to Caro Oliveira’s Instagram to check out the captions and see more art! Each character is designed in a certain style of goth that fits their personality.
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babydotcom · 5 months ago
imagine you are fifteen years old taking your little sister to the grocery store because your dad is busy and your grandmother is old and you need food. as you turn a corner you accidentally ram your shopping cart into God with a capital G and he promises to show you the world you’ve never seen from inside the ten square miles of your hometown in exchange for your company. you hate the risk but your demigod sister has untapped potential and an unrelenting determination to get ghost, so you follow God with a capital G through heaven and hell and back. God with a capital G is twelve and wiser than even your grandmother and treats everything like a game and he’s your brother now and suddenly you would (and have and will) kill and die for him. your first love becomes a different god and you add her name to the list of things (your childhood, your vulnerability, your parents, your safety) you don’t have the time to grieve right now (or ever) and you become a man on foreign soil and your dad isn’t there to see it. you are fifteen and God with a capital G’s best friend and your little sister-- sisters, now-- are the most powerful demigods on the planet and you are the only one keeping three divine tweens focused on saving the world and you are still not allowed to say fuck.
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stitch1830 · 2 days ago
Daddy-Daughter Date Night
This was sitting in my WIPs, and I thought I'd finish the Kantoph word vomit. Hope you enjoy it still, haha!
“Hold still while I do your hair, Lin.”
The three-year-old tried to comply with her mother’s request, but she was simply too excited. She had been looking forward to this day for far too long, and she was ready for the night to begin. A whole night spent with her father was everything Lin wanted and more, especially since there was the promise of dancing.
Toph could tell Lin was antsy with excitement by the way she quietly squirmed in her seat. Still, her daughter’s hair wasn’t going to do itself. “You know, if you keep wiggling around in your spot, your hair will be all lopsided,” she teased.
“But I’m excited Mama!”
The earthbender laughed, “Yes, I know. It’s all you’ve talked about for the past month!”
Lin turned her head to Toph, ignoring the cries of annoyance. “Mama, is Baba ready?”
“Yeah, baby girl. He’s getting ready, like you should be, but you said you can only get dressed when your hair is done.”
“Mama, I want my dress to be a surprise! You have to do my hair first.”
Toph playfully scoffed at Lin’s logic as she straightened Lin’s head and prompted it to still. “Well, don’t mess up my awesome handiwork when you get dressed, got it?”
“Never,” she promised.
Toph gave a small nod to Lin and got back to work. She focused on the feel and approximate thickness of each strand of hair she held, and carefully checked and rechecked the straightness of Lin’s hairdo and she put it up. Normally, this wasn’t a task Toph would find herself doing for Lin, but her daughter insisted that she do it. And Toph wasn’t one to say no to her Little Badgermole. Luckily, there wasn’t more that needed to be done, and before long, Lin’s hairdo was complete.
“There,” Toph said, wiping her hands together. “How’s that?”
By the way Lin’s heart rate increased even more, Toph took that as a sign of approval and grinned. That, and the platypus bear hug Lin gave her not a second later.
“I love it Mama, thank you!”
“Anytime, kiddo,” Toph replied with a quiet chuckle. “Now, do you need Baba to help you with your dress?”
“No, no, Nai Nai showed me how!”
Before Toph could ask any more questions, Lin bolted out of the bathroom and went to her room to change. Spirits, that kid had energy for days.
Toph gently stretched out her back and arms, letting out a relieved sigh when she was done, then went back to the bedroom. She didn’t bother knocking, either. If he wasn’t ready yet then he was going to be in some deep shit with their kid.
She opened her bedroom door to the sounds of Kanto cooing to their baby like a weirdo.
“Are you Baba’s buddy? Yeah? Yeah? Say it with me, bud. Baba’s buddy.”
“You’re a dork,” Toph replied for him.
Kanto turned to Toph. “Says the woman that married me. What happened to you being single forever?”
“You knocked me up. Twice.” Toph smirked at Kanto and made her way to his side. She reached out and ran her hand down his arm. “You’re all dressed, right? Lin’s gonna throw a fit if—”
“I’ve got it covered, Chief,” he interrupted, placing a quick kiss on her forehead. “Jian and I have just been chatting. You know. Man to man.”
Toph raised an eyebrow. “Oh really? What kind of manly things?”
“Just how he’s gotta be the man of the house and take care of you when I’m gone. You know, the usual stuff.”
“Good idea, I’ll let our infant take care of any gangsters that threaten us.”
“Our kid’s tough. He can handle it.”
Despite her intention to playfully scold him, Toph smiled and placed her hand in his. He rubbed soothing circles on the back of her hand as he asked, “You going to be okay here alone?”
“I thought Jian was gonna take care of me,” she teased.
“He is, but still. I just hate leaving—”
“Hey,” she interrupted, wrapping her arm around his waist. Toph pointed her face up to him and said, “It’s only a few hours, go have fun with Lin! She’s been dying to spend some quality time with you. We’ll be fine.”
The reassuring words seemed to work, because Kanto’s heart calmed and his hand lightly rubbed Toph’s back in gratitude. Toph cut the sweet moment short by saying, “Alright, you better hand me the spit monster before he messes up your robes.”
Kanto chuckled. “Aye aye, Chief. Do you want the carrier?”
She nodded, and the two worked together to get the baby settled comfortably on Toph’s chest. Once Jian was secure and content in the carrier, Kanto gently rubbed his head and kissed the top of it. “We should put his hat on.”
“Why? This kid is like a furnace, and it’s the middle of summer! Jian’s gonna be fine.”
“I just don’t want him to be cold you know?”
His concerned voice made Toph’s heart skip a beat. The way he cared so much about the children and Toph… she didn’t know how she ended up so lucky.
To placate his worries, Toph offered, “How about I keep it with me, and if he gets fussy and cold, I’ll put it on.” When she felt him calm down again, she smiled.
Toph put her hand out so he could give her the hat, and when she tucked it into her pocket, she reached out for Kanto again and found the collar of his robes, getting a feel for the fabric. There were many layers to a formal outfit, and she could imagine that it was very toasty in them, but also that he probably looked rather handsome. They were a gift from her parents, and she knew they were made of the finest materials. “So, how hot do you look in your getup?” she asked with a smirk.
“Hot enough for it to be taken off,” he replied immediately.
“Okay, settle down, Hotshot,” she laughed as she pushed his chest away from her. He grabbed her hand before she could escape and teased, “Hey! You asked!” Kanto pulled in Toph for a kiss before he let her go. “Okay, I’m going to check on the little lady, you two wait here.”
Kanto left the room before she could give a retort, so Toph and Jian waited. She kissed the top of his little head, and he calmly squirmed against her chest. “Well, buddy, it’s gonna be you and me, tonight. Any suggestions on what we should do?”
The baby said nothing like she expected. Jian was a baby of few exclamations at the moment, which was a nice change of pace compared to Lin. So, Toph silently rubbed his back and paced the bedroom floor, waiting for the 'okay' to come out of the room.
After another minute, she heard Kanto call out for them, and Toph wasted no time to exit the room.
“Mama, come look at my dress!” Lin yelled.
Toph quietly chuckled as she approached the duo and slowly crouched down to Lin’s level. She set out her free hand and asked, “Can you show me?”
Lin placed the hem of the dress in Toph’s hand. She rolled the fabric between her fingers, marveling at the texture as Kanto had Lin explain the design.
“Lin, tell Mama what’s on your dress.”
Toph playfully gasped, and Lin continued, “It has marigolds on it. And a Nai Nai flower.”
“Of course Nai Nai picked a dress with poppies on it,” Toph teased. When she finished feeling the texture of the fabric, Toph moved her hand to Lin’s face and gently rubbed her cheek. “I bet you look beautiful, Little Badgermole.”
“She does,” Kanto replied. “And she’s gonna have the best dance moves while she dances with Baba.”
“Should we show Mama some moves before we go?”
Lin hopped to her feet and raised her hands so Kanto could grab them. The two danced to their own beat and swayed and made up a melody while they danced for Toph. The whole family began to laugh when Kanto lifted Lin up so her feet were on top of Kanto’s, and she giggled as they jumped around the hall together.
And as much as Toph wanted to keep observing their antics, if Lin and Kanto didn’t leave soon, they’d be late. “Alright, you better save some dancing for the actual event. You can show me all your dance moves when you get back.”
The suggestion seemed acceptable to the three-year-old, for she cheered and got off her father’s feet and went to hug Toph before leaving.
“Bye, Mama! Love you.”
“Love you too, baby girl, and say bye to your brother.” Toph turned so Lin could see Jian, and the little girl left a tiny kiss on his head.
With a helping hand from Kanto, Toph stood up and kissed him. Afterwards, Kanto smiled into Toph's cheek, then said, “Have fun with the little man, and there’s steak in the kitchen for you.”
And after a handful more goodbyes, Kanto and Lin were out the door. Toph observed their figures as they made their way to the venue, smiling when Lin started to skip to keep up. Finally, though, she let out a sigh of relief and turned her attention to the baby still snug against her chest. “Well, kid. It’s finally quiet. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving!”
Jian made a little whine and moved slightly, and Toph teased him as she rubbed his back. “Yeah, I know. Too little to have steak right now. Soon enough, my little carnivore. But for now, enjoy the quiet time.” She kissed the top of his head, then made their way to the kitchen, fully ready for some quality mother/son time doing absolutely nothing.
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Iroh: so Toph, what are your goals in life?
Toph: I’ve been banned from every major city’s transportation system except Omashu
Toph: I don’t know what their limit is but I will fucking find it 
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