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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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✏️ Fun Quick Sketch of Aang from Last Airbender ✨🌀✍️
Sometimes I get asked why I draw small - my answer is, I draw in all sizes, but drawing small is a lot faster and saves on paper real estate 😂

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So with the Older!Aang AU idea running around in my head, with him being a teen, the news of him being avatar hit him better than how it went when he was 12. At first, however.

Because of his age I do see him being more… aware (if that’s the right word) of what was going on in the world. Such as the war that has just arupted. This brought a toll on Aang. Because it was expected of him to confront Sozin. It was expected of him to bring back balance and peace to the elements. How could they expect to 16 year old to be able to do that and master the elements at the same time! And they were suggesting that he’d be separated from Gyatso!

Aang was afraid. Plain and simple. A insecure 15 year old with so much on his plate then what should have been. I mean, Sozin had let his own friend to suffocate and die alone. With seemingly no remorse whatsoever. How could it be expect for Aang to take on that.

He was afraid of dying, of watching his people die, of failing, and many more fears going around his mind.

So, simply, he fled in the middle of the night with Appa during a storm.

A few months later the Genocide was enacted upon.

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thinking about how the atla finale would have been just as if not more powerful if katara and aang had just… hugged… and THAT had been the moment when the music swelled, and we/the camera soared off into the sunset, instead of their hug being downplayed (because a powerful friendship/the implication of romance just isnt enough, apparently) in favour of an entirely too-long kiss between a 12 and 14 year old. because everything Must be romantic and it’s not enough to have a wonderful story about the power of friendship, morality, and compassion prevailing over evil. really just thinking about that.

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Is there an au where Aang is the age that was he was suppose to be when told that he was the the avatar (15-16?) or do I have to talk about it myself cause I will, because there’s an big difference between development with a child and a teenagers and it could be explored on how they react to this heavy responsibility

Yes I am rewatching the series on Netflix why do you ask

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avatar characters ranked by if they know math:

  1. toph (10/10) - she is rich which means she knows alll the math
  2. azula (9/10) - she thinks math is boring but she thinks being better than zuko is fun
  3. mai (7/10) - she would rather die than learn math but her parents made her
  4. ty lee (6/10) - she ran away to join the circus but she still knows more math than zuko
  5. katara (5/10) - katara was homeschooled so she only knows as much math as gran gran knows
  6. zuko (4/10) - zuko is too dumb and angry to learn anything ever and also he is gay
  7. appa (4/10) - appa can do multiplication but it takes him a while
  8. sokka (2/10) - same as katara but hes stupid
  9. momo (1/10) - momo can count but he cannot add
  10. aang (0/10) - not only is aang a stupid twink who does not know anything, he also spent 100 years in an iceburg so he has forgotten any math he did learn with the monks
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This Azula is literally me when I try any new hairstyle. I still have no idea how to curl my hair properly, and the only thing I can do with it is a bun, ponytail, or straighten it! (Also look she has bags under her eyes…. that’s also me!) I might try and do a schizophrenic synopsis on Azula… she shows signs… but idk! ( ◠‿◠ )


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