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Oct. 21st - I definitely have been seeing an upsurge in Uno card usage this year, especially the Reverse card. Take one or several characters, maybe all from the same series, or different characters from different series, and depict them on Uno cards that best reflect their personalities! Make a super cool Uno deck or just one cool Uno card!

Avatar as Uno cards. I had fun with Aang’s and Katara’s cards.

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absolutely! (this is also going to be craftbending) 

  • Pema’s a trans woman (she/her) and she definitely notices Tenzin when she’s with the Air Acolytes but she doesn’t say anything because they’re with Lin and she doesn’t want to be that girl
  • (although, sometimes, she notices Tenzin staring at her a beat too long, but it’s nothing overly improper and she’s not one to make assumptions)
  • but she starts noticing that Tenzin is growing apart from Lin, and she decides to tell them how she feels, because the worst thing they can say is that they don’t feel the same, right? 
  • so she tells them, and surprise! they feel the same way about her <3
  • for their first date, Tenzin makes her a super detailed bracelet, and she’s really impressed. She knows that the kataang family crafts, but she doesn’t really know the extent of it or how talented Tenzin is at it. 
  • Tenzin sees how happy the bracelet makes her and makes her even more, along with some necklaces and headbands
  • Pema feels so comfy around Tenzin and Tenzin’s family, in part because they’re all really nice, wonderful people, but also because they’re all trans and she feels like it’s an environment she can thrive in.
  • She bonds a lot with Katara in particular, and Katara talks at length about how much she loves sewing and being able to make the kind of clothes that she wants to wear, and to be able to make sure they fit her. 
  • Pema is a little enchanted by the way Katara talks about sewing, and asks Katara to teach her. In a couple of months, Pema’s a really excellent sewer and makes all of her own clothes. 
  • Once they’ve been together a while, Pema asks Tenzin to teach her how to crochet. She doesn’t pick up crocheting as quickly as she does sewing, and sometimes gets frustrated by the complexity of some of the patterns, but Tenzin is incredibly patient with her, and eventually, she really gets the hang of it. 
  • There’s this idea in knitting/crocheting circles of the “sweater curse”, which basically amounts to that if you start making your partner a sweater, they’ll break up with you before it’s finished. Pema, not having run in knitting/crocheting circles before meeting Tenzin’s family, decides to start making Tenzin a sweater.
  • As soon as Kya finds out, she begs Pema to abandon the project, because she really likes her and Tenzin together. 
  • Pema’s super confused and doesn’t understand why Kya’s getting so worked up over a supposed “curse”, but Kya tells her that they ignored the sweater curse with their past two girlfriends and both times, the girlfriend left before Kya was even halfway done. 
  • Pema’s very no nonsense about the whole thing, and she insists that her and Tenzin’s relationship is strong enough to withstand a curse, and continues planning the sweater. 
  • She goes to Bumi to ask if she can use some of the yarn they’ve spun, as she thinks it will be more special if she uses handspun yarn, especially handspun yarn coming from Tenzin’s sibling, and Bumi also begs her to abandon the project, saying it’s bad luck and it’s not even worth it to try. 
  • At this point, Pema’s kind of annoyed, and she says if Bumi won’t give her any yarn to use, she’ll ask Aang, but she’s finishing the sweater regardless of whatever “curse” Bumi and Kya are going on about. 
  • So she goes to Aang to ask them for yarn, and when she tells them that she’s making Tenzin a sweater, Aang’s silent for a long time. 
  • And then, very quietly, he’s like “Are you sure?” 
  • And Pema is 2000% sure. She’s sure about Tenzin, she’s sure that the curse isn’t going to interfere with their relationship, and she’s sure she wants to dedicate the time and effort necessary to make this sweater. 
  • She tells Aang this, and Aang sees that they’re not going to be able to stop her, and gives her the yarn. 
  • And Pema spends hours on this. She’s constantly having to pick out some sections because she’s trying to make the stitches detailed and fancy, the way Tenzin does it, but it’s still hard for her to manage the detailed stitching with the sizing.
  • Whenever Tenzin asks her what she’s making she insists it’s a surprise. 
  • Finally, she’s finished, and she presents Tenzin with this gorgeous sweater, and they’re a little shocked by it. 
  • “Don’t you know about the sweater curse?” 
  • And at this point Pema’s well and truly pissed, and she goes off on them, telling them all about how Kya and then Bumi tried to get her to stop making this sweater because of the “curse”, and how worried Aang was about her making the sweater, and she’s tired of hearing about how some silly “curse” is going to break apart their relationship, and Tenzin’s her boyfriend and they should have more faith in their relationship than that when she made them an entire sweater just because she loved them
  • And when she’s finished with her rant, Tenzin’s just kind of staring at her, and the first thing they say is “uh….maybe I’m not your boyfriend?” 
  • And after all this Pema’s like “nope you are not breaking up with me you are not doing it I refuse to accept”
  • Tenzin very quickly clarifies that they love Pema and they want to marry her, it’s just that they’ve been thinking and they may not be a man after all, and they’d appreciate it if Pema stopped calling them her boyfriend
  • Pema breathes a huge sigh of relief and is like “sure that’s totally cool with me does significant other sound good to you?” 
  • And that’s how Tenzin proposes and also comes out, and how Pema triumphs over the sweater curse
  • (the kataang family is absolutely floored at her power) 
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The fact that there are actual people that think that Aang (a prepubescent survivor of a genocide, who woke up one day to find out that everyone he knew, the things he didn’t appreciate, or didn’t get to learn will never be known, and are lost forever) was selfish and “should go to hell” for not being willing to murder a man straight on? Like people lack empathy and need to step back and stop attacking others, sit down and chill out

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In case you’re finding this post just by browsing the tags I’ve used for this post, this is the Watchathon, a blog where I’m hoping to watch an episode of a TV show every weekday, with a short blog post where I write down my thoughts as I watch. Each new thought starts with a hyphen and a bolded first word.

- Like so. Now that the introductions are over with, here’s my thoughts on The Western Air Temple:


- I forgot that all the people who escaped from the Fire Nation along with the Gaang joined them when they went to the Western Air Temple. I guess I just sort of assumed after last episode that they’d get dropped off somewhere, or something like that.

- I like that we’re getting a flashback to Zuko and Iroh just a week after the former’s banishment. And once we go back to the present, it seems like Zuko really regrets treating his uncle the way he did back then.

- Toph has just totally given up on being in the loop when it comes to the Gaang’s adventures before they met her, and I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

- I like this scene of Zuko rehearsing what he’s gonna say to the Gaang. It’s both cute and hilarious, especially when he demands an answer from the frog he’s giving this speech to.

- Another funny part of this scene is Zuko impersonating Iroh and Azula to figure out what they’d do, especially when he can’t even understand what his own Iroh impersonation means. Also kinda sweet that his first thought when he’s lost about what to do is to ask himself “what would Uncle do?”

- “Hello, Zuko here.” We’re all in agreement that if Zuko was a YouTuber, that would be his intro, right?

- This is so hard to watch. We, the audience, know that Zuko’s sincerely changed and he wants to help the Gaang defeat his father the Fire Lord. But the Gaang isn’t buying it, and it’s completely understandable why. He chased them all around the globe, and now he’s suddenly (from their perspective) saying he’s on their side now.

- I can get why Zuko thinks he should’ve pinned Combustion Man on Azula, but what he’s unaware of is how one of the Gaang is a living lie detector, so it really would’ve just hurt his case.

- It makes sense that Toph is much more willing to forgive Zuko than the others. By the time she joined, Azula had taken over as the Fire Nation royal who was hunting them down.

- And just when we thought that Zuko had one member of the Gaang on his side, he burns Toph when she comes up to his camp to talk with him. It really does seem like Zuko can’t catch a break this episode, doesn’t it?

- Not like things are so hunky dory for the Gaang either, when Combustion Man tracks them down to the Western Air Temple. And it just occurred to me that after Azula came back to the Fire Nation, he took over the position of hunting down the Avatar. I guess there’s just always a Firebender(?) hunting down the Gaang. Until this episode, at least.

- I’ve got to wonder what Combustion Man’s motive is. Clearly it’s not money, since the revocation of pay if he keeps going doesn’t stop him, nor does the offer of double pay if he stops. Is he just really stubborn…? Does he have a vehement unexplainable hatred for Aang…? 

- I like that we’re seeing Sokka use his boomerang as a projectile, since for whatever reason he doesn’t usually do that.

- I don’t quite get how Zuko took down Combustion Man, but I’m glad he did, since it helps him earn the Gaang’s trust.

- I like how Aang asks his friends for their input before fully committing to the idea of Zuko joining them as his Firebending teacher.

- Between Zuko and Jet, it seems like Katara has (understandably) little patience for those who she trusted and then was betrayed by.

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You’re right and you should say it. Also I’m going to incorporate this into my craftbending au if you don’t mind:

  • so Aang and his family are all major crafters–they can all treat bison wool, spin and dye yarn, and knit and crochet.
  • however, Aang prefers spinning and knitting, Kya’s really into the dyeing process, Bumi really loves treating the wool and spinning it, and Tenzin’s a crocheter through and through.
  • Katara’s not really into yarn, and prefers sewing and making jewelry. 
  • Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi start craftbending when they’re really young, and Aang sees it as an opportunity to connect to both his kids and his culture, so he teaches them to make jewelry and they all make jewelry for each other.
  • Aang’s a transmasc he/they enby (who uses them pretty interchangeably, as I will do throughout this reply). They really vibe with jewelry as a concept, but they don’t like wearing a ton of it. Their go to is necklaces, and they receive a lot of necklaces of varying levels of quality as birthday presents from their kids
  • Bumi is agender (they/them) and doesn’t vibe with jewelry a ton? The only thing they will really consider is headpieces and that’s only bc they’re a Kyoshi Warrior and they really look up to Kyoshi, and thus they really love the idea of having a gold headpiece for themselves. 
  • Aang works really hard for like a month making them one for their birthday (he gets Sokka to help him with the blacksmithing aspects because that’s a little out of his range) and Bumi absolutely loves it and wears it with their uniform
  • Kya is a transfem she/they enby. For a while she doesn’t vibe with jewelry either, but once she realizes she’s a nonbinary woman (as opposed to a binary woman) they start wearing jewelry a little more. They especially like really odd looking rings and funky looking earrings, though they absolutely treasure their necklace because Katara made it for them. 
  • Bumi finds two funny looking rocks on the ground and makes them into earrings for Kya, and she wears them all the time, especially on dates with Lin. 
  • Tenzin is nonbinary and takes a while to figure out their identity, unlike their siblings, and jewelry is initially something that they don’t love wearing at all, but they know that both of their parents really love making jewelry, so they get really good at making jewelry. 
  • They make Pema some absolutely gorgeous bracelets when they first start dating, it’s beautiful <3
  • Tenzin is the one who has the most patience for longer, more complicated designs, so often they and Aang will spend time just cranking out some overly complex jewelry, sometimes talking, sometimes just sitting in peaceful silence with one another as they do their work. 
  • When Aang starts training Tenzin in Airbending, Tenzin gets frustrated with them a lot, and on days when it gets really bad, Aang will stop training early, meditate with Tenzin for a bit, and then they’ll go work on some crafts together, either Aang knitting and Tenzin crocheting, or both of them making jewelry. 
  • They end up working out a lot of their issues while crafting together, and it helps Tenzin to focus when they go back to Airbending
  • After Tenzin realizes their identity and comes out, they start wearing jewelry more often, specifically necklaces, and it makes them feel closer to their parent. 
  • All the kataang kids + Aang make Katara bracelets all the time because she absolutely adores them, but it gets to be so many that she tells them to stop because she practically has a different bracelet for every day of the year
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a long time ago the four nations lived together in harmony….

Inkober day 10-hope (i am officially a loser…i’m ten days behind lol)

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