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fanonical · an hour ago
tumblr is an avatar of the dark - this site is where information goes to die
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fanonical · 2 hours ago
loki: i'm slacker loki
loki: and i am burdened with glorious purpose
loki: specifically to bingewatch the entirety of breaking bad in one week
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fanonical · 4 hours ago
when nobody was looking, count olaf stole forty orphans that's as many as four tens and that's terrible
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fanonical · 5 hours ago
morticia: pugsley! get out of that electric chair at once!
morticia: it's your sister's turn!
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fanonical · 7 hours ago
honestly disney should be fucking arrested for their assassination of finn's character in the last two sequel movies
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fanonical · 9 hours ago
one thing i love about over the garden wall is that greg is such a credible child. kids often get written as more adult than they should be or too childish or otherwise unrealistically, but here's this little weirdo who's off in his own world most of the time, puts a teapot on his head to pretend he's an elephant, doesn't really care for authority, but is still brave and strong and kind and trying to help in his own way.
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fanonical · 10 hours ago
only nikola orsinov could make the idea of a clown that wants to steal your skin both hilarious and terrifying
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fanonical · 12 hours ago
katara: so, i can bend ice, which is a solid
katara: water, a liquid
katara: and steam, a gas
katara: i need to find a way to bend plasma and then i'll be the avatar
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fanonical · 13 hours ago
recommending specific classic who stories like a sci-fi sommelier
earth-based stories are your interest, as well as spy stories? perhaps sir would like to try this early third doctor serial, it’s an excellent vintage with a fruity aftertaste
prefer your doctor who to be basically a hammer horror film? madame will certainly enjoy this fourth doctor story - written by robert holmes, an excellent year.
want your narratives to be obscure and complicated? this seventh doctor story will certainly delight the tastebuds! pairs well with a garnish of wilderness years novels
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fanonical · 15 hours ago
deltarune would be a perfect game if, after you finished it, you got a walking dead pop-up telling you how many players chose to get the banana
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fanonical · 18 hours ago
My father died unexpectedly on Thursday. He was the only member of our family left working and now finances are tighter than ever
Two days ago, on Thursday October 7th, 2021, my father died in his sleep. He had been unwell, but was seeing a doctor and we thought he would recover. EMTs believe that it was an ulcer of some kind.
We're all taking it... really hard, and frankly the last year has been incredibly hard for my family. Almost a year ago now, my mother was let go from her job. Since then, my family got evicted in May, and had to spend several months draining our reserve funds at a hotel while we worked on new housing.
Since we moved in, we have also had to move my grandmother in, who's memory is... tenuous, at best, and requires people to care for her.
With her moving in, we had hoped to become financially stable again, but with my father having died, the costs associated with even the least expensive funerary services, not to mention the loss of his income... money is even tighter than before.
If anyone has anything they can donate, I'm linking my Paypal here. Things are really tough right now but... anything will help. Thank you so much, even just for reading this.
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fanonical · 18 hours ago
dipper: i didn't actually change my name because i was embarrassed or anything
dipper: i changed it 'cos i didn't want anyone to connect me to the freemasons
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fanonical · 20 hours ago
when kris removed the player heart from themself and disappeared out of the bathroom window, they were gone a while - long enough for susie and toriel to make a whole pie. if they were just slashing toriel's tyres, that doesn't take too long. what else were they doing?
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fanonical · 21 hours ago
graham: who is the doctor?
yaz: i'll do you one better. when is the doctor?
ryan: i'll do you one better. why is the doctor?
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fanonical · 22 hours ago
Help Me Visit My Girlfriend
Hey there friends, enemies, and those who reject that binary. It’s me, tumblr user zagreus. you probably know me from Various Silly Voice Posts on here and just generally being a Sapphic Trans Disaster.
Unfortunately, you see, I am Not A Wealthy Gal and live a very long way from the love of my life. If you would like to help me be able to afford a flight to visit her, I really appreciate any help you can offer.
Even if you can’t donate, please feel free to share this post if you want ❤
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fanonical · 23 hours ago
over the garden wall: you will cry at a small child singing a latin translation of a song about pouring molasses over your mash
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fanonical · a day ago
hi u guys should check out the humble bundles on right now, like this cookbook one, or this witchcraft & spirituality one, and this digital art one (where u can pick up $1,438 worth of digital art software for less than $50!!!) and basically just click around the site for a while bc they sell lots of other bundles & videogames, and it helps support both me AND charity!!! thanks 😘😘
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