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Am I the only one who thinks Zukka has big Sterek energy? Especially if Zuko had joined the Gaang earlier.

I’d really like to see an animation of Zukka over a Sterek dialogue. I think it would fit super well!

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While Zukka (Zuko/Sokka) is a g ship, no one ever talks about the chaotic relationship that Zuko had with Jet. Like those two were definitely a fling and didn’t work out for obvious reasons but….Jet/Zuko was totally a thing

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stop drawing sokka in cool clothes. he would wear these stupid fuckboy pants

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avatar characters ranked by if they know math:

  1. toph (10/10) - she is rich which means she knows alll the math
  2. azula (9/10) - she thinks math is boring but she thinks being better than zuko is fun
  3. mai (7/10) - she would rather die than learn math but her parents made her
  4. ty lee (6/10) - she ran away to join the circus but she still knows more math than zuko
  5. katara (5/10) - katara was homeschooled so she only knows as much math as gran gran knows
  6. zuko (4/10) - zuko is too dumb and angry to learn anything ever and also he is gay
  7. appa (4/10) - appa can do multiplication but it takes him a while
  8. sokka (2/10) - same as katara but hes stupid
  9. momo (1/10) - momo can count but he cannot add
  10. aang (0/10) - not only is aang a stupid twink who does not know anything, he also spent 100 years in an iceburg so he has forgotten any math he did learn with the monks
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The Sokka/Suki/Zuko scene from the Katara revenge episode where Suki is trying to see Sokka in his tent, and Zuko comes by and ruined the moment, except this time:

Callum, Rayla, and Ezran instead of Sokka, Suki, and Zuko respectively.

Callum is waiting for Rayla, and Ezran comes by to ask about their mom to get advice on how to be a king as good as the king and queen before him. He catches Rayla also heading for his tent and she awkwardly gets out of the situation and goes to hide.

Hilarity ensues.

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This Azula is literally me when I try any new hairstyle. I still have no idea how to curl my hair properly, and the only thing I can do with it is a bun, ponytail, or straighten it! (Also look she has bags under her eyes…. that’s also me!) I might try and do a schizophrenic synopsis on Azula… she shows signs… but idk! ( ◠‿◠ )


Originally posted by twotheleft

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More Avatar Headcanons I thought of

The war hurt a lot of the kids even though they won. I think some would suffer from ptsd, anxiety…etc

Zuko still suffers from nightmares bc of his father even as an adult.

He wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night always at 2am. He gets up makes a pot of tea and stand on the balcony of his room to calm himself. He reminds himself his father is in prison and he can no longer hurt him.

I also feel like zuko is very touch sensitive? He only was every given comfort by his mom, and Iroh. So at least in teen years he’s very uncomfortable about being held, hugged, touched etc… as in adult it’s gotten easier but it’ll never fully go away.

Also this one kind of sucks but sokka won’t sit in a room with his back towards exits.

He will scan a room find possible entry and exists to make sure he or his friends can fight off intruders or escape. Being on the run and being ambushed at random moments as a teenager has made him a very analytical person. This falls into a little paranoia.

I think Aanga suffers from huge survivors guilt. He’s literally the last airbender Alive. He would also have nightmares and possibley depression. He’s such a bright characters but sometimes he has to fake so no one worries.

Katara has trust issues anyone who isn’t team avatar she doesn’t fully trust. She’s over protective and a bit paranoid like Sokka. She’s very nice and accepting of people but she doesn’t truly drop her guard until she knows your intentions. Katara really is like a mama bear (I also believe she’s the most ruthless out of the bunch) bc she’s had family taken from her once and she’ll never let that happen again.

Toph is a p easy going character but it’s much harder for her to talk about her feelings bc she’s doesn’t want to be belittled or babied. But I think toph would deal with claustrophobia, abandonment issues ( team avatar are the only friends she’s ever had.) and self esteem (bc she can’t see herself) over all though team avatar helps her with not worrying about these things.

If anything I see her as someone all team avatar can talk to. She a very blunt character and would never lie to you. Even though she’s their friend she’d offer advice with full honesty. With her earthbending she can pick up the smallest movement from someone. So I feel like she can tell when something is wrong with someone based on their movement and breathing.

So she’d p much be like “ugh I can hear you sighing all the way from my room, Whats wrong?” But she’s genuinely concerned. She just won’t admit it. It’s nice having someone that can always pick up on these things so toph for me is a foundation for Team Avatar.

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