alfredtalia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Fire Lord and Chief of the Southern Water Tribe
I did a little redraw of these two from that picture of the older gaang.
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aangarchy · 15 hours ago
Every atla AU is like "aang was found later" or "aang was found earlier" or "aang died and someone else became the next avatar" or "aang never got encased in ice and died 100yrs later and yue became the next avatar" but what about an AU where Aang never got found at all and remained encased in ice forever?
The world would have to accept that the avatar will never be reborn. No one knows what happened to the cycle. Even spiritual experts are absolutely baffled bc by all measures, the cycle shouldn't have stopped at all. People assume the young airbender would have been killed during the fire nation raids, while in the avatar state. But there would have been reports of that. People couldn't have missed a glowing kid? And if the cycle is supposedly gone, why do we still feel Raava's presence?
All contact with the spirit world eventually ceased. Even spiritual elders like Iroh eventually aren't able to meditate into the spirit world anymore. The Fire Nation's drill plan would have succeeded. They would have conquered the Earth Kingdom fully. The only true free nation remaining would be the Northern Watertribe, who remain in their ice fortress locked away from the rest of the world forever. Airbenders remain extinct.
Zuko gives up on his search for the Avatar after 4 years. At this point the 17yr old realizes he was sent on a fool's errand. It was his father's intention for him to never return. Him and Iroh abandon the ship, and make it to Ba Sing Se, where they settle and become Earth Kingdom citizens. Sokka and Katara leave the Southern tribe around the same time, in search of Hakoda. With Katara's limited waterbending skills they make it to Whale Tale island and catch a boat from there. Then they travel the Earth Kingdom with the limited information they have to find their dad. Toph eventually runs away from home to go to Earth Rumble competitions all over the Earth Kingdom. Her goal is to become the world champion. Suki's ambition to help refugees and fight in the war would cause her to take a troop of Kyoshi warriors and leave Kyoshi Island.
These people were destined to meet, with or without Aang. Their paths would cross one way or the other. A banished prince, the son and daughter of the Southern Watertribe chief, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors, and the only heir to the Bei Fong estate, they would make a team and devise a plan to stop the war. But they would always feel like something is missing. And that something is beneath the ice, in a deep eternal slumber. Would they even succeed?
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correct-gaang · 2 days ago
Sokka: We're so in sync! We finish eachother's…
Sokka: ...ssssss...
Suki: sssssssomebody once told me-
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jaanii · a day ago
he added a rainbow….. he added A FUCKING RAINBOW
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gafield-milk · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
fellas is it gay to stare into your homies eyes while thinking that he’s the most beautiful thing in the world even though you are in the presence of THE most beautiful sunset ever (by your sister’s words)
(she’s right)
(but you’re gay)
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sokkas-therapist · 2 days ago
No because what if sokka and Zuko were oblivious idiots about each other for the longest time, but the Gaang was already convinced that they were together behind their back - or at least had feelings for each other (that they continued to deny) - because they’re always so close. They’re always finishing each other’s sentences, and have some sort of unspoken connection, and find reasons to be together and work together on stuff even when it really isn’t necessary, and find excuses to touch even though everyone knows how much Zuko hates touch from everyone else. And then they do finally have some brains and get together; which the Gaang is estatic about and got forever “I told you so” rights over. But what the gaang is most confused about is… nothing changes? Well obviously a few things change like throwing in a couple forehead kisses and extra hugs along with their normal touch, but for the most part, the nature of their relationship stays the same. But I guess that’s the best part about them: their relationship is built on a basis of deep friendship and trust. So even if the rest of their friends don’t fully understand it (not to say they haven’t tried), it doesn’t matter, because they don’t have to! The two of them understand it, and they love each other, and that’s all that matters. <3
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zukodragonfire · 2 days ago
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Current mood right now of the boys in liab. @ssreeder you’re to blame.
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a-todd-illustration · 2 days ago
Uncolored version. Will color later
Tumblr media
Tricking the firelord into your guest chambers and having a fun night!
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[id: clips of sokka set to “repress it”, a parody of the ghostbusters theme by comedy musician tom cardy]
sokka needs therapy huh
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fixationsbigandsmall · 16 hours ago
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My friend Rose found an excellent t-shirt slogan: cisn't
I was inspired and I drew a few ppl wearing variations of it.
[ID: a digital painting of Sokka, Yue, Toph, Aang, and Katara posing in tops with "cisn't" written on them. Sokka is wearing a short skirt with a slit in light blue color, crocs and a dark blue muscle tee. Yue is wearing purple sandals with a matching maxi dress. Toph is wearing bell-bottom trousers in light green and a darker t-shirt. Katara is wearing dark blue sandals and a matching crop top with a light blue skirt with a ruffle at the bottom. Aang is wearing orange sandals with a matching skirt and a yellow croptop with a trans-flag-colored mandala. The prints on their tops are all trans-flag-cloredin different fonts. End Id]
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schwarzfee · 18 hours ago
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ellakomskaikru · 2 days ago
I rarely get emotional, but going back after months of absence just to see someone new rocking the aspect of defending Azula with merit, it almost brings a tear to my eye... Almost, because I am unable to cry from emotions, so just pretend that I do.
"We will watch your career with great interesting".
On another note, to be on par with the actual purpose of asks:
Do you believe redeemed/healed Azula could make friends with members of the Gaang? And if so, how do you think her relationships with them would look like?
Aw I just really love Azula and I feel that she is so misunderstood within the general fandom and I love clearing up misconceptions about her.
I think a healed and redeemed Azula could make friends with the gaang, but only after she was completely redeemed. I think the hardest part of Azula’s redemption would be to get her to stop believing in Fire Nation supremacy, because she really was a true believer and was extremely loyal to her country. After she does stop believing it however, I absolutely think she could be friends with the Gaang.
I think a redeemed Azula would have the strongest relationships with Katara, Sokka, and Toph. I think that Azula would greatly admire Katara and be able to relate to her as they are both very skilled benders. I think she would respect her. I think Azula would admire Sokka’s strategic intelligence, as Azula and Sokka are both very intelligent, and she would also find him funny and therefore fun to be around.
I think that Azula would develop a sibling-like relationship with Toph. I think she would also admire Toph’s extremely skilled earthbending and also enjoy her bluntness and straightforward nature since Azula grew up with so much deception and manipulation in her family.
So that’s why I think she would be able to be friends with the Gaang and that’s how I think her relationship with certain members would look like.
Thanks for the ask!
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fireflyonfire · a day ago
Tumblr media
I know i'm not the right person to talk about this, but has anyone noticed the colorism regarding the casting of the Water Tribe? So far none of the actors cast have nearly as dark skin as the original characters and the worst of them is Hakoda. No offence to any of them but what the hell is this particular casting? Everyone else is pretty much perfect, how did the Water Tribe turn out so....not perfect?
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northerngoshawk · 2 days ago
see the sky and sea (and remember me)
VII. ice (冰)
Story Summary: Sixteen-year-old Katara was about to partake in the most important ceremony of her life: a rite of passage through the human world as a dolphin. But then everything goes horribly wrong, and a boy sacrifices himself to save her. She brings him back to life with magic, but at costs not even she could've imagined. AU based upon the movie 大鱼海棠. Multi-chapter.
Chapter Summary:
He scrambled to his feet, his fingers automatically twitching towards his boomerang on his back. “Who are you?” he demanded, wishing he could hide that tiny quiver of fear in his voice. The dog clucked at him, which was a strange noise to hear from a dog. “Come now, are you really so forgetful?” Its eyes shone, and Sokka got the distinct feeling it was enjoying his uneasiness. “If you remember, I was the one who helped you and your sister find your precious human.” Oh yeah. Sokka remembered now— and he immediately wished he could forget again. He didn’t trust the spirit who “helped” them, much less the dog who was claiming to be said spirit. His fingers touched the sheath of his boomerang. “I don’t remember you having a dog minion last time.” The dog gave a strange growling sound. A moment later, Sokka realized he was laughing. “There are a great many things you do not know, boy,” the spirit said disdainfully. “But we do not have time for this little spat. If you wish to protect your sister, listen to what I have to say.” - A spirit, a soul, a boy who wanted to protect his sister, and a girl who made a promise—all brought together by an icy river.
Katara sat on the roof of the tulou, blankly watching as the snow swirled around her, the wind ruffling the hood of her parka.
It’s been months—months since she was gone, months since Sokka had been bitten by the serpent, months since she had rescued Adlartok from the clutches of the underworld, months since she had even laid eyes upon him for the first time.
It’s only been months.
But it might as well have been years. Centuries. Eons.
First it had been the hot tears that came—as they often did—and they came for so long that she thought they would never stop; anytime she thought she had no tears left to cry, she would be proven wrong just hours later. She almost started believing that they wouldn’t run out.
But, eventually, they did.
And that’s when the numbness began.
It wasn’t always so bad; some days were more bearable than others. Those were the days when her father seemed just a little less bereaved, when Sokka seemed just a little less cold, when the sun seemed to dawn a little brighter, when she thought that maybe, just maybe, there was still beauty left in the world.
Other days brought an iciness in her chest so sharp it physically ached, a weariness deep in her bones that left her unwilling to even get up from her bed. On those days she would shut herself in her room and lay sprawled on her bed, staring listlessly up at the ceiling with a burning in eyes that remained dry.
(who knew that feeling nothing could hurt so much?)
read more on ao3 or ffn
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focusas · 2 days ago
Is this a Sokkla Saturday?
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charlesoberonn · 26 days ago
Avatar AU where Aang stays in the iceberg and Katara is mistakenly believed to be the Avatar after she “earthbends” a rock by moving the ice inside it.
Instead of telling the truth and letting everyone down, she and Sokka pull on an elaborate charade and go on a journey to convince the world that the Avatar is back.
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sabertoothwalrus · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hakoda borrowed it and forgot to give it back <3
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