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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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omg fun fact i am a beta for this fic and i absolutely love it with my whole heart!!! the plot is so intriguing, the characters are written so well, and if you enjoy post war ambassador sokka fics, you will LOVE this.

@volkswagonblues is a genius and just posted a new chapter!!! read it now because it absolutely deserves all the recognition in the world

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part of my, i dont know if this has been done before but fuck it, series

okay, you know the headcanon or maybe the canon canon that sokka’s memory of his mom is hazy?

so i think its because of a couple things–

1: its been known sokka feels like he needs to be a warrior and the protector, and so he feels super guilty about not being there to protect his mom, so he blocks it out, moves on, puts distance between the memory because he feels such such guilt for failing her

2. he also didnt get much time to mourn because after she was gone, his need to be a warrior was reinforced and so he tried harder and harder, and put more space between him and his mother which resulted in a hazy memory of her

3. Its easier to mourn for someone if you dont have many memories of them than if you have a bunch of sweet memories attached to said person

and it breaks my heart because sokka didnt deserve any of this

and then katara goes ahead and tells him he didnt love her as much as she did, when in fact, sokka did, sokka loved her so so much that he had to block her out for his own benefit and for the benefit of others.

what do you wanna bet that after katara said that his guilt tripled?

what do you wanna bet?

my take on katara–link

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I tried to make some mini air nomad fruit pies (ironically there’s no fruit involved). My friends and I had a social distance avatar watch party where we all brought food! There were also water bottles with cactus juice labels slapped on 😂

The fruit pies are just upside down cupcakes with graham cracker crust and whipped icing on top!

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A:TLA Hamilton AU:

(Part 1/?)

  • Sokka, Zuko, Katara, Aang, Toph, Suki, Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee all went to highschool together, and then became actors.
  • Sokka, Katara, Aang, Toph, and Suki all live together, because rent in NYC is a bitch.
  • Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee do the same.
  • In hs, Sokka had a maybe-sorta-tiny-possible-kinda-crush on Zuko, but he was still a tiny bit unsure in his sexuality, so he never really acted on or talked about it.
  • He’s out as bi and proud now, happy to be a queer figure in the theatre world.
  • Katara and Aang have had crushes on each other since hs, but didn’t act upon them until Sokka, Suki, and Toph locked them into the storage closet in their apartment and didn’t let them out until they confessed.
  • (Sokka didn’t regret anything until after the fact, when he realized that he was going to have to live with his sister and her boyfriend. Oogie.)
  • Zuko, very gay, also had a crush on Sokka in hs. He never really got over it, but instead just ignored it because hey, when was he going to see that super cute guy from highschool ever again?
  • On his first day of rehersal for his biggest show yet, that’s when!
  • Zuko plays Burr, Aang is Hamilton, Sokka is Laurens, Toph plays Mullegan (we genderbending, keep scrolling), Suki is Laffayette, Katara is Eliza, Mai is Angelica, Azula is Peggy, and Ty Lee is The Bullet.
  • Just to add in a bit more fun, Piandao is the director, Jeong Jeong does choreography, Bumi is the lead of the set design crew, and Pakku conducts the ochestra. White Lotus theatre crew, anybody?
  • Sokka sees Zuko across the room and is like Oh shit, he got hotter after highschool.
  • Zuko sees Sokka and has the same exact thought.
  • Mai sees the look on Zuko’s face and sighs, because really? Boomerang jokes guy from highschool?

To be continued, because I don’t have enough stamina to put all of my ideas in one post!

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Sokka jumps down, keeping an eye on the others to make sure they’re all in position, but really his attention is on Suki.

She stares right back at him, eyes wide, upper body still not quite back up from the position she held a moment ago. Time stops for a second, as Sokka looks at her – alive, alive – takes in her bound hands, the weaponless executioner by her side, the female guard nearby, the guy a little farther behind, and Suki – Suki, hair wild, tired, maybe a little thinner than last time he saw her but alive

She starts shouting then. Sokka is running to her – are you an idiot !? – and Dai Li agents slide down the walls – it was obviously a trap ! – and Suki struggles to get back on her feet while the guard nearest to her regains her bearings and presses on Suki’s shoulder – I never wanted – and no, no, this isn’t the face she should be making, why does she look so sadI never wanted any of you to risk your lives for me – her foot locks around the guard’s ankle and she uses her weight to press on the other leg and they both tumble on the floor, Suki on top, the guard’s knee letting out the disgusting sound of burning wood cracking as Suki lands on it and the guard screams

On his left, Sokka catches a glimpse of Aang dodging some stones. Toph’s wall explodes in a flash of light and the rumble of thunder, before growing back again almost immediately. Keeping the Princess unable to fight is one of the most essential parts of the plan, one they all agreed Toph would focus on, along with freeing Zuko’s uncle from his expected bindings.

Suki is standing again as Sokka grows closer to the stage. Their eyes meet for an instant – thank you for coming for me, she says in a strangled voice, barely loud enough for Sokka to hear her. Then she ducks under a flame, shot by the guard who was at the back – Sokka can’t see the executioner anymore, guesses they must be trying to retrieve their sword – closes in on the guy, dodges a few more blows, and then her foot whips the air, sole hitting the guard’s chin – he stumbles backwards, tries to regain his balance, but Suki rams her shoulder into his chest, then, taking advantage of the guard’s lowered head, slams her forehead in his face.

The two stand still for a time, slightly unsteady. Suki breathes heavily, the guard’s blood on her head dripping down her nose, and Sokka missed her so much, it feels like she’s never been more beautiful.

A viper-lizard’s tales, chapter 130 “Bloodied altar

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In Season 2, Sokka and Katara’s clothes begin to drastically diverge from each other in appearance and cultural origin.


Looking at their outfits side by side, Sokka looks ready for summer while Katara is more autumn-appropriate. Weird.


Despite the lack of sleeves and slits, I feel that Sokka’s top is based off a happi (Japanese festival coat) due to the length of the hem, thin sash, and relaxed fit. Plus, Suki is the first person to point out Sokka’s shirt is sleeveless, so maybe he modified a happi she gave him?

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This is the sequel to my first Zuko X F! Reader pairing smau.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of car accident. Revenge. Also mature. If you are sensitive to that kind of thing, you’re warned ahead of time. Read at your own risk…

After the car accident and problems she had with her friends, Y/n, gets to experience what it’s like to be a mother and have a family of her own. And finally live of life she’s always wanted, but is it really all fun and games?

End Part 19

Special Edition Part 20 Coming soon…

















If you want to be apart of the taglist message me or reply. I’d be happy to add you

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