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#incorrect avatar the last airbender quotes

Aang: Hey watch it! You’re sitting on my pillow!

Sokka: Well whats your pillow doing out here?

Aang: Long story short I’m sleeping on the couch, Momo and I are fighting

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“Looks Just Like Her To Me”

Gladiolus: Good news! We printed the posters! *holds up a poster of The Regalia*

Prompto: But I thought the posters were my job! I’ve been working on my Regalia all day! *holds up a badly drawn picture of their car*

Noctis: *laughing*

Gladiolus: Why is the mirror in the back?

Prompto: Thats the trunk!

Noctis: Why’re the seats all funky?

Prompto: Those are the wheels! *grabs the poster back* I haven’t seen her in awhile, okay?

Ignis: It looks just like her to me

Prompto: Why, thank you! I worked really hard on- *realization* Why do you feel the need to do that?

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Aang: Admit it! You love Katara!
Zuko: Oh, come on! I mean, am I attracted to Katara? Sure. Do my days feel better when I’m around her? Yeah. Does she get me in ways no one else ever has? Indubitably. Do I fantasize about her? Yes, but only in six positions. But am I in love with her? The answer is no.
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Aang, recovering in the hospital after he fell off his air scooter: You all call it a near death experience, I call it a vibe check from god.

Katara: I love you but- [smacks him upside the head]

Zuko:[frantically going through google to find out what a ‘vibe check’ is lol]

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Suki: Okay, question! Would you let your best friend kill your greatest enemy for you, or would you rather do it yourself?

Aang: Neither! Not to be mean, gang, but like, my neck is getting a strain from telling you shitheads murder is wrong

Katara: It depends on how I’ve had my coffee. If it’s decaf, have at them, if not, well, hopefully their cardio is good

Toph: I would do it myself because I’m not a weak bitch

Sokka: I would rather kill them myself because if they come back as a ghost, maybe my friend would be haunted instead of me and I always wanted to be haunted by a ghost!

Zuko: I’m a perfectionist, so I wouldn’t let my best friend kill my enemy because they wouldn’t follow the exact scenario I have rehearsed a 100 times in my head

Mai: I wouldn’t object to my best friend killing my enemy, but I wouldn’t encourage it? like, that’s between you and God tbh

Ty Lee: I’d love to do it myself if I’m dressed for the occasion!

Azula: Define “Greatest enemy” because the list of people I have problems with is more like a phonebook

Uncle Iroh: My dear children, out of my heart, as the parent of this group… I’m taking you motherfuckers to a counselor.

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Azula: I am princess Azula,greatest firebender in the world, master of lightning bending, and youngest general the fire nation army has ever had the pleasure of being led by!

Ty Lee: Ooh, Ooh my turn, my turn! I am Ty Lee greatest contortionist, master chi- blocker, Princess Azula’s BFF and pretty in pink!

Mai:*sighs, mumbling about how pointless this is* I’m Mai.

Ty Lee: How was that?

Azula: *scowling*…Quite good actually.

These introductions will do nicely when we confront our enemies and reveal to them who exactly they were defeated by!

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