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#she ra and the princesses of power
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One more reason why I hate Shadow Weaver is how she managed to abuse and manipulate both Catra and Adora in different ways.

Shadow Weaver made Catra feel like she was useless and made clear how unwanted she was. SW tries to tell her, how she saw herself in Catra, how she saw the parts she disliked about herself in Catra. She tried to take away the only person she cared about, by telling Adora “what a distraction Catra was”. Not only that she manipulated and used Catra for her own good constantly, but also she used her power to torture her when she was only a kid. At obe point, when Catra started to trust her, she abandon her again. Yet, Shadow Weaver was the only “parental” figure she ever had, of which SW took advantage of. She ruined her

Adora was like a puppet for Shadow Weaver. Adora was her weapon. She manipulated her (and practically everyone everyone in the Horde if you see it like this) how princesses are evil and the Horde are the good ones even tho it was the complete opposite. She constantly used her to seek power, even if it meant to hurt people Adora cared about. Yet, SW was the only “parental” figure Adora ever had. She ruined her, too.

Shadow Weaver ruined them. She was horrible to them, especially to Catra. Yet, she was their only parental figure they‘ve ever had

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Me: I’m not really into cosplay. I just don’t get it.

*sees catradora cosplay all over my tik tok fyp*

Me: on second thought

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A design for Hordak and Entrapta’s daughter, Batlynda.

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Catra: everybody I have an announcement to make

Catra: I am a lesbian

Glimmer: no suprise. Cats love boxes

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So I had this idea for a story which  I’m probably never gonna write

Involves Korrasami and Catradora

  • In this AU or if you can even call it that Adora and Korra win a ticket to stay at a lavish hotel for idk two weeks maybe.
  • Adora is reluctant to go at first but Catra convinces her with the help of Glimmah and Bow because they need a break from being Shera and all those other duties.
  • Korra on the other hand is ecstatic, she’s been dying to go on another vacation with Asami. Asami agrees and they start packing.
  • Basically this hotel is like a fandom hotel with various ships from different fandoms like idk Klance, Hiccstrid, Ladynoir, Bubbline, Rayllum, Lumity you get my point 
  • Anyways they get there and go to their rooms to settle in and then they hear an announcement ‘’Will the owners of Naga and Melog please report to the pets section. I repeat will the owners of Naga and Melog please report to the pets section’’
  • Catra’s like ah shit and Korra is panicking because she thinks they’ll get kicked out. Asami just tells her to go check it out and then to meet back at the lounge
  • She gets there and finds Naga chasing around something cause you know Melog can turn invisible and shit
  • There’s an attendant or whatever hotels have, and he’s like ‘’Is this your polar bear dog miss’’
  • Catra walks in and Melog runs to her and tackles her and then Naga is like running full speed at her cause she can finally see Melog and Korra tries to stop her but it ends in disaster and they end up colliding they laugh it off and Catra asks if their pets can just stay in their rooms for duration of the stay.
  • The attendant is like sure whatever cause he’s just done with life.
  • They end up talking and Catra is like ‘’I like you we should hang out, where you headed?’’ ‘’I’m going to the lounge my girlfriend is waiting for me there’’ Catra smiles ‘’Me too, see you in five’’ they go their separate ways.
  • They go to the lounge and they see Adora and Asami talking and they end up hitting it off.
  • They hang out together for almost the entire trip just doing stupid stuff like Adora and Korra arm wrestling, having a race between Naga and Melog to see who’s fastest, Asami and Catra watching their buff girlfriends working out, talking about their lives and showing off cause why not.
  • The vacation is sadly over but it’s not the last time they see each other, they end up visiting each others homes and also I would like to see Bolin’s  reaction to Catra sneezing.
  • So just like that, they end being the best of friends for a long time

I don’t know if it’s a good idea but it was nagging me so here it is

Hope you like it

Peace out:)

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Bow: sees Adora and Catra interact during Princess Prom

Bow, internally: enemies to lovers, 40k words, slow burn

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they said i could post it so i did because i love it



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• One Direction

• Louis Tomlinson Protection Club <3

• IT

• Hannibal

• Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated

• Harry Potter

• Kurtis Town

• Bojack Horseman

• Identity V

• Little Nightmares

• Stranger Things

• The Queen’s Gambit

• She-Ra

• Kill Your Darlings

• Atypical

• The Umbrella Academy

• BuzzFeed Unsolved

• Webtoon > Castle Swimmer & The Croaking

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: Frosta charging her Headbutt.

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Entrapta & Wrong Hordak

Alternative caption: Entrapta feels responsiblity over every lost spacebat she comes across

I always found the way Entrapta took Wrong Hordak in to be very sweet but also low-key heartbreaking

I mean


She isn’t wrong.

The thing is, Entrapta knows what happens to Prime’s defective clones. She knows that very well. She saw the extent of Prime’s abuse on Hordak.

I don’t think she could leave Wrong Hordak knowing she actively caused another clone to be defective, or alternatively, was the reason another clone would have to experience what Hordak went through with Prime. She would never wish that upon anyone.

Even though I know the line “We broke him! we’re responsible for him now!” was kind of played off for the laughs, I can’t help but to find the fact that Entrapta felt genuine responsibility over his safety very endearing.


And from that point forward, she did contiue to make sure he was okay and that he knew he was safe with them, by creating a safe and supportive environment for him to be able to thrive.

Basically, Entrapta was doing her best to spare another clone from having to go through more trauma like Hordak’s and I commend her for that. Thank you Entrapta for taking care of the spacebats for us :)

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