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Etsy Store is open!!

Hey guys!

I forgot to mention on here but I have opened my Etsy store! Here are a few prints that I have to sell, there is more designs but I wanted to start small, and not overwhelm myself! <3 

Also thank you so much for all the support on my BBRae comic! It means so much to me!! <3 <3 

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Huh, I mean…objectively this is not a fair match-up. She’s Wonder Woman. And he is not.

Fiction being what it is she’s lost to plenty of people and I could certainly construct a narrative to give Obi-Wan the win, but reasonably he is so completely outclassed.

If he pulled out Vader-level large-object telekinesis and flicked a gorram spaceship at her, she’d get the fuck up again. How’s he supposed to put her down? A lightsaber to the heart would finish her, admittedly, but he’d have to be persuaded she deserved it and manage to put it there. Which would not be easy even if his sword could cut her wristbands, which I frankly doubt. He’s not the kind of space wizard who can get around generalized magical defenses, and these are divinely empowered by a religious framework he isn’t even aware of.

Meanwhile all she has to get around to put him down is the laser sword, which wouldn’t be easy especially since he switched to Soresu after Qui-Gon died, but is certainly doable, and then he’s not much tougher than any other human.

He’s not going to win this without the great good luck of her screwing up, or other narrative contrivance.

I’d like to see them duel tho, strictly swords. Diana could overpower Obi-Wan, of course, but if she eschewed flying they could have a pretty good bout.

They’d be a fun team-up because they’re both specced into deflecting ranged attacks. I’d send them into multiple hails of blaster-fire and maybe some slug-throwers so Diana can cover Obi-Wan from something that would otherwise give him trouble, and they’d just be chatting while working their way steadily across the field of death or through the kill-box, untouched. 👌

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