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#wonder woman

It’s already midnight here, in France, and I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to this man, Pedro Pascal 🥰

For at least 4-5 months, thanks to The Mandalorian, I’m proud to support this chaotic man, but also handsome, sexy, gentle…. there’s not enough words to describe him 🥺🎂🎉💕💕💕

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WonderWolf + 2, 68

Rules: Send me two (2) tropes from this list + a ship and I’ll describe how I’d combine them in the same story. 

I have been having sooo many Wonderwolf feels lately. I miss them </3 They are perfect.

2. Royalty AU and 68. Heroic sacrifice.

Honestly I think these two can be combined XD 

I’m going to borrow elements from the Wonder Woman movie. Diana is a princess in an isolated kingdom: everyone adores and respects her and while she’s happy she feels the pull from the wider world. She isn’t sure why as she’s never been beyond the kingdom’s boundaries but something tells her there is more awaiting her life. Cue a disheveled and battle-damaged stranger who stumbles into their land. He’s disoriented and angry and has to be subdued by several soldiers before he finally passes out. The stranger is captured and kept in a holding cell (which is actually quite clean in Themyscira) until he awakens.

While the kingdom is run by women there are men among the common people so Diana has seen them before. She’s just never seen one like this. To everyone’s surprise, the stranger’s wounds heal overnight. When questioned about this as he awakens he’s immediately on his guard and surprises everyone again - revealing what look like bone claws coming from his hands.

The man’s name is Logan and through a series of aggressive growling and accusations reveals that this “precious little kingdom” is sitting on the outskirts of a wider war. Logan was a soldier-turned-rebel and scout when his home turned on people like him. He belonged to a group for quite a while, protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves and bringing supplies when he had a chance. However recently this underground society was discovered and sent running. Some made it out, some did not. It made it all the worse when he discovered his own brother may have had a hand in this.  Racked with anger and guilt, Logan left the small group he was able to save, entrusting them to a friend (and his partner) who possessed psychic abilities. He argued with said partner before he left, insisting there was a place *somewhere* people with “powers” (that probably have a different name in this story) might be safe. 

*Logan is older than he lets on and this is why he knows this. His memories are war-torn but his instincts hold firm.

Logan’s prickly aggression turns off many of Diana’s friends and her mother’s council. However, Diana can see the pain in his eyes and tries to lobby for him. While she nearly sways her mother, she can see Hippolyta’s hesitation. Taking matters into her own hands, Diana decides she will talk to Logan herself. 

*I’m sure her mother is aware of the broader world, although people with powers were thought to have died out a long time ago. Perhaps they did for a while…

Long story short the two of them manage to reach something of a civil ground. Diana starts to see that honest side she suspected - still gruff of course but as they get to know each other the weight Logan’s situation has on him becomes clear. They don’t trust each other completely but it’s a start. It’s also the start of a spark between them, although they won’t acknowledge it.

Much like the movie, Diana and Logan eventually sneak out of the kingdom together. They are given chase by her mother’s soldiers and there is a scuffle – Diana even holds Logan back from attacking them. 

The journey is long and they’re left with a lot of time to talk. Logan is reluctant to talk but Diana learns how to communicate with him. He’s the sort that lets out his feelings/information through bursts of frustration and what sounds like self-loathing. Diana definitely starts to sympathize with him more–until he tries to belittle her kingdom and her people. She doesn’t agree with all of their decisions but knows there’s a reason for them. It’s very possible she and Logan get into a brief fight because of it. He probably starts it. You know it ends with her pinning him to either the ground or a tree or something. The sparks return and they’re harder to ignore. Logan is impressed by her and Diana’s heart bleeds a little more. 

At some point Logan lets on that he’s older than he appears although he won’t elaborate. 

I’m not entirely sure what happens in detail after this. They definitely learn to trust each other a lot more than especially Logan intended. They also learn to work as a team. 

Logan’s home looks abandoned when they finally arrive although there are signs of recent life. Logan reaches out with his thoughts and connects with his contact (Charles.) He brings Diana to him and - after being confronted and questioned by Charles’ partner (Erik) - are filled in about what’s happened since Logan left. Diana agrees to help, although she is still personally opposed to war.  During preparations, Diana and Logan finally act on that spark <3

I want to say at some point this hiding place is discovered, leading to a messy fight that ends in injury and in some cases capture. Logan’s brother is a part of it. Maybe Charles is one of the captured mutants which immediately turns Erik against Logan and Diana. The group divides - some survivors side with Erik and a scant few side with Logan and Diana. Erik leaves with plans to rescue Charles himself. It’s possible this also leads to a grief and fear- fueled argument between Logan and Diana. It may even lead to a “break up.” This is instigated by Logan. 

If the two do go their separate ways then it’s possible a handful of people side with Diana over Logan. Those who do she promises to bring to Themyscira where, as princess, she’ll assure their safety. It’s actually possible Logan leaves all those people with Diana as he just can’t deal with what’s happened and blames himself for unintentionally leaving a trail his brother could follow. He of course projects this onto her even though they’re both aware of what he’s doing. 

Diana will make plans to bring the people with her back…but in the moment her heart is broken. They regroup and figure out what their first next step should be. 

I’m not sure how they reunite but they definitely do - maybe Logan ends up trying and failing to break into the prison side of the castle, ending in his capture. Maybe Diana tries to and she ends up in a similar position (which is difficult given how strong and trained she is but not impossible.) Or maybe she sends these people off and decides to rescue the captured herself. It’s possible after calming down that Logan has a similar idea and they cross paths again by chance. It would actually be pretty cool if Logan uses some of the training he’s had with Diana to avoid being captured. Ooh if Diana crosses paths with him during a fight she might step in and that would be a great way to bring them back together. They’re already riding an adrenaline high which would dampen the risk of argument. The two of them then team up to save Logan’s friends. 

There is a huge and messy battle that mimics Logan’s escape from Stryker’s Island in Origins. I’m not totally sure how it ends other than at some point there’s a fight between Logan and Victor. Diana definitely steps in with a surprise-attack and it’s kind of a symbol of their united front (as opposed to Logan’s previous outlook that his brother is his responsibility.) 

I think Logan is the one who sacrifices himself here although I’m not sure how. I don’t think it’s intentional. Probably something about staying behind while she leads the forefront although it might unfold with them starting out in the reverse position. Logan trusts Charles and another close friend of his (Ororo?) and doubles back to help Diana. I’m not sure where Erik is in all this. Maybe he was captured or comes in with backup at the end allowing Logan and Diana to stay behind; they trust Charles and Erik to help the others. 

I don’t know exactly where the sacrifice comes in but I think it would be really sweet and heartbreaking if he cupped her cheek in a brief last moment of intimacy and said something similar to what Steve did in the movie. Ohey’re going to need Diana’s protection on the way to Thymiscera: there’s no way Hippolyta will welcome this group in without her. Logan will stay behind and try to clear out the rest of the soldiers. He promises he’ll be okay even though his eyes say otherwise. They kiss - because they must kiss - then they hug and as they do Logan whispers his real name to Diana, kind of passing the secret on to her. 

Maybe in an epilogue the group is seen finally reaching Diana’s home. They’re welcomed with skepticism and hesitation but when Diana steps forward with the image of a full “Wonder Woman” (albeit altered slightly to fit the style of this AU) there’s little question as to whether or not this group is trustworthy. Integration is a very slow process but they’re given a plot of land to start building a new life. 

Diana and her mother reunite although I’m not totally sure how that conversation goes down. Diana is grieving Logan of course but she wants to honor his memory. Maybe her mother comforts her saying that a woman can be strong and still mourn. 

I kind of want to say that as time goes on and the super-powered survivors begin to thrive again Diana, Charles and Erik - and maybe Ororo too - start talking about looking for and rescuing more people like them. Maybe one day as she’s making these plans there’s a commotion within her earshot. Everyone stiffens and Diana excuses herself to investigate (Erik tries to as well but there is a strict ‘no Erik acting on aggression’ policy XD)

Lo and behold, it’s Logan. He looks a little older now, greying at the temples and with a few scars on his face and shoulders, despite only a year at most passing. As soon as he sees her he withdraws his claws. They share a moment of silence, taking each other in. Diana has come into her own and for Logan it’s breathtaking. She calls his name, his real name and the two embrace and share a kiss <3

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I’m up for commission work! You can see some of stuff @tseventyonetattoo on Insta! 

Also getting pretty fed up of people offering next to nothing for work so be realistic🖕😂 prices start from £10 depending on what it is. I’m up for a few things but mostly tattoo based and if you live near to me then the price paid for the piece can work as a deposit to get it tattooed (if it’s a tattooable design) 

much love😊

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Lacky for Henry Cobb Armbuster the publically known rich guy who was secretly deeply involved in the criminal underworld. Choi was in charge of Henrys more criminal enterprises. Seemingly the boss of the organization with few aware that Henry Cobb Armbuster was the one truly pulling the strings.

Diana having finally captured the Silver Swan, had been in the process of making her see the error of her ways. Unaware that Silver Swan had implants which allowed her actions to be monitored, so that Armbuster would know everything she said or did.

Thus while Diana was attempting to reason with Valerie Beaudry, an armed mercenary group ambushed them and took Maxine Sterenbach, and Etta Candy hostage. Holding their lives hostage, Diana would be forced to cooperate least they be killed.

Thus they would be taking to a secret high tech facility owned by Armbuster who noting Silver Swans powers were greatly diminished, had her placed in a chemical solution to be bombarded with radiation in order to enhance her further.

Meanwhile Etta Candy and Maxine Sterenbach were placed within an electrified cage, with Wonder Woman confined in a room of solid steel. Choi over an intercom would inform Wonder Woman that he knew she could get out if she wanted to, but showing live footage of Etta and Maxines predicament,   Choi declared that the two women would die should Diana attempt to break out.

Choi would then proceed to gloat, revealing that once Silver Swan was repowered, she would be commanded to kill Wonder Woman, bringing an end to the Amazons life. Hearing this, Etta declared that she would not let that happen and threw herself onto the wall of the cage, causing it to spark and short out, seemingly killing them!

In response, Wonder Woman burst through the wall and sought to arrive to aid Etta. With Choi and Armbuster in a panic that Wonder Woman was loose and that they had no way to stop her.

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