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Ghost Hunting (October 22) (Ghost Hunting with the Batfam HC)

  • You all are really freaking bored one night and decide that it’s a great idea to go ghost hunting 
  • Tim brings all of the supplies 
  • Damian thinks that it’s stupid but is kind of freaked out
  • Dick doesn’t know what’s going on
  • Jason is a total Shane from Buzzfeed Unsolved 
  • No question about it 
  • His first question or statement is saying hello to old friends 
  • He’s just like “HEY GUYS LOOK WHO’S ALIVE!”
  • Chaos
  • You and Tim start up the spirit box which Damian hates
  • He’s hissing to turn it off until you start getting responses 
  • Some are just random as crap and some of them are kinda personal 
  • Things come out like bats, are you - famous, hello son (Dick’s parents) (He cried), and a few other things involving the batfam
  • Damian wanted to nope out of there 
  • You and Tim were just vibin
  • It was pretty cool
  • You wanted to play a few games but Damian and Dick weren’t cool with that 
  • Jason was now just dancing around screaming that he wants to be murdered right there 
  • you were videoing the entire thing 
  • Totally went viral 
  • and then you got to collaborate with Shane and Ryan 
  • It was a miracle 
  • Jason and Shane got along terribly well as Damian and Tim with him 
  • Dick was convinced that they ghosts were real
  • you guys knew that they kind of were since working with Batman and all of that 
  • You basically just ran around these supposedly haunted places all night screeching 
  • Sometimes you’ll pull the spirit box out on patrol
  • or it’ll be an app on your phones
  • Either way it kills time and boredom 
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*Jason Todd as YJ season 1 Robin & Talon Dick Grayson*

Artemis: What was that?!

Jason: What was what?

Artemis: That dark shadow thing near the ceiling!

Wally: Oh that’s just Nightwing.

Artemis: Who?

Jason: My undead assassin brother, don’t worry about it.

Artemis: WHAT?!

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Summary: You and Jason were walking home when he thought of a shortcut to get you both home quicker. There’s nothing more romantic than a cemetery right?

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Word Count: 1108

Tag list: @idkmanicantenglish@kishony-the-geek

Warnings: Angst, language, mentions of death and depression and trauma. 

A/N: This one got a little dark, sorry about that! To the anon that requested this, it was a really great idea and I hope that you liked it!


Originally posted by misterfahrenheitt

It was a cold autumn night in Gotham City, the wind was crisp as it blew past and chilled you to the bone. Your knees were shaking as you pulled your jacket tighter around yourself. Jason was at your side and wrapped an arm around your waist, keeping you close to him as you walked.

Sure there was no one around, but it was Gotham City. Anything could happen in the blink of an eye before you could try and stop it. But it was home.

“It’s cold as shit out here Jay.” you muttered.

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Or what happens when all the brutalia kids meet each other.

Crazy shenanigans obviously

By the wonderful @randumbteahouse

Lol all I did was ask if they ever thought about drawing athanasia with her brothers(not saying which ones) and I get this a day later 😆 😂 🤣 guys omg best decision ever lol I wasn’t even expecting anything to come from my question but I absolutely loved the outcome lol. Like can yall imagine the pure craziness!

Yes the heretic aka Damians clone is called Harry lol and yes athanasia is having the time of her life on Harry’s shoulders while poor Damian looks so resigned.

The two slow pokes in the background are ibn al xu'ffasch and tallant Wayne two brutalia sons that came before Damian. Obviously tallant is all concerned for his precious younger multiversal siblings obviously because of Damian history with harry which Damian probably told him all nonchalant lol poor tallant is probably still wtfing over that….

newsflash dude you cloned your own Damn mom or atleast asked someone else to do that when she died sooooo lol tallant had the most normal upbringing out of all of them even if it was during a pandemic caused by Ras al ghul and he was raised only by his mom because everyone else besides oracle died.. His mama!talia is the one the others wished they had probably.

ibn is just probably wondering secretly exactly how fucked up similar his siblings lives were to his own and then obviously he calls mar'i to handle harry. Also alternative take: harry wanted to play keep away lol.

Go check @randumbteahouse out yall seriously lol they ARE AWESOME

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Im so excited everyone!

Jared Leto is gonna play the Joker again!!!!

I some people didn’t like it cause they liked the old Joker better but I loved the way he portrayed him amd I love how they wrote and designed him. If Joker was real then he would have been a gangster. Its the logical way he would have everything that he had in the comics. I also love that they took into account the comics like example with the metal teeth. I loved it and I can not wait to see him reprise his role.


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Batman: you think your life is hard?

Batman: my children went to Walmart in full gear, just so they did not have to wait in line.

Batman: now everyone is questioning why nightwing was buying groceries,

Batman: why robin was sitting in the cart and playing cheese Vikings on his gauntlet,

Batman: why red hood and red robin were chasing each other around,

Batman: why spoiler was eating frozen waffles

Batman: why black bat just calmly followed them,

Batman: why signal was pretending not to know them,

Batman: and why catwoman was monitoring them while even helping them with getting groceries.

Green arrow: I mean.. they are kinda on to something there.. waiting in line sucks.

Batman: don’t you dare encourage them.

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