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#batman and robin

Hi guys, new fanart.
I wanted to redraw Dick’s Robin costume doing a mix with Nightwing. I like the result. I’ll post the colored one later. What do you think?

I want Dick Grayson as Robin/Batman’s Partner again.
They where better together. At least they had personalities.
They definetly didn’t had a father-son relationship, they where equals, they where partners like Cap and Bucky.
And I think that Tim should be Red Robin again, because it’s his personal identity. Not a recycled one like Robin or Nightwing (Tim’s the third Robin while Dick is the third Nightwing… wouldn’t be more sensate if Tim was the first Red Robin and Dick the first Robin?).

Hope you like it, bye! :)

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Bruce sitting on the couch, looking awkward:

Alfred: Master Bruce are you quite alright? Oh no, did you and Clark Kent watch porn together again? You know it makes you uncomfortable.

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someone on discord mentioned that the new version of firealpaca lets you export things as .gifs and obviously I had to try it, ft. my fave batman and robin. i’m not the best at animation, but here we are :’) 

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