chaoswitchsstuff a day ago
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饾柆饾柡饾棈饾柤饾梺饾梻饾棁饾梹 饾枿饾柤饾棃饾棁饾棇
饾柀饾棃饾梺饾棁饾柟饾柧饾柧 , 饾柀饾棃饾梺饾棁 饾枹饾棃饾棁饾棇饾棈饾柡饾棁饾棈饾梻饾棁饾柧 饾棏 饾柟饾柡饾棈饾柡饾棁饾棁饾柡
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hawkofkrypton a day ago
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Might be wrong, idk
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konront 2 days ago
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Henry Cavill as Superman Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) dir. Zack Snyder Like or reblog if u use
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lovetimdrake 2 days ago
Someone: So, what are you allergic to?
Jason: Your opinion
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batshitferalquotes 2 hours ago
Steph: *during a game* Quick, name a yellow fruit!
Tim, panicking: Orange?!
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glitter-and-gasoline a day ago
Bruce Wayne comforting an Anxious S/O (The Batman Headcanons)
Tumblr media
TW: anxiety, panic attacks, etc.
Don't worry, he gets it.
Being 'The Batman' does nothing to help his fraying nerves. Bruce understands than most partners don't experience.
When he isn't acting as Gotham's unofficial vigilante, he'll sit with you when a panic attack occurs.
Sitting cross legged apart from the other, he'll search your face for any signs that you're having a difficult time. Are your eyes dilated? Are fingernails being chewed? Hair being twirled? He's on the lookout.
King of deep breathing. Meditates and practices yoga when not training, crime fighting, or working on economical endeavors. He'll guide you through it.
Quietly reading classic literature in Wayne Manor's library, snuggled up together on an antique sofa. Will read aloud if you aren't reading yourself, any book of your choice.
Freshly steeped tea.
Is truly fanciful and crosses all his 't's and assures 'i's are dotted when it comes to you. There's a lot of little things he does with a chic riche spin. Like a cashmere blanket and tea tins from London.
Is a little clingy...when he has time. Wants to make sure you're comfortable.
Sometimes use's Alfred as an emotional support proxy. The man has surrogate father vibes and will gladly extend them to Y/N if needed.
Serene walks through the manor's expansive gardens. It's all gothic and slightly off putting. However, it's easy to take solace in the gargoyles when Bruce is there.
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nightmareinfloral a day ago
Tumblr media
*weezers your robins*
idk if this has been done before but if someone wants to draw it properly pls do
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petermaxximof 2 days ago
battinson and tim!robin would be a fucking disaster because they would constantly be locked in a battle of 鈥減lease for the love of god perform this very basic and necessary act of self care鈥 鈥測ou first鈥 鈥溾︹. like battinson begs tim to put the coffee down and drink some water and tim is like only if you eat something other than a protein bar and it would end in a stare off and then both of them sulking away to notably not do what was asked of them.
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theartistbella 2 days ago
Tumblr media
May or may not be entering a black and white phase so savor this last bit of color 馃槀
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msanonships a day ago
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claudia1829things a day ago
Recently, I read Joshua M. Patton's article聽from the CBR website聽that compared Tyler Hoechlin's portrayal of Superman to Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman. 聽As much as I like Hoechlin's portrayal in 鈥淪uperman & Lois鈥, the idea that he can "rehabilitate" Cavill's portrayal is the biggest load of shit I have ever read. 聽There was nothing wrong with Cavill's portrayal as far as I'm concerned. 聽If anything, I found it to be a great breath of fresh air. 聽And I'm getting sick and tired of fans like Mr. Patton who keep demanding that Superman be some one-dimensional Boy Scout or close to being one. 聽And when they get this portrayal, they complain that Superman is not complex enough. 聽Fans like Mr. Patton are so damn fickle. 聽Zack Snyder was right to show how fickle human beings can be in both "Man of Steel" and "Batman v. Superman". 聽As for Mr. Patton, he can take his article and shove it up his ass. 聽If I'm being rather hostile, it's because after six to eight years since the releases of Snyder鈥檚 movies, I've just had about enough of this shit.
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iconsfinder a day ago
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hoolay-boobs 2 days ago
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I put the wives next to each other in the DVD aisle 馃槍
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kram6496 2 days ago
Last Resort
Batgirl x Reader
Request by @batgirlspain
Tumblr media
You were what would be called the person in the chair for the Bat family. You鈥檇 track crimes across Gotham and give the details to Bruce, Dick, Tim, and Babs.
Babs, your best friend and confidant. You didn鈥檛 know she was Batgirl until she snuck back into her room one night, forgetting that you were there for a hangout with her.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e the Batgirl?!鈥 You tried to whisper shout.
鈥淯h鈥 came back from a costume party?鈥 She said with a shrug. You were not convinced.
It was from that day on that you became part of the Bat family. You鈥檙e not agile like Dick or Tim but you can hack any computer or security system. So you operate as the person in the chair.
Babs had that job while she was recovering so she gave you the run down.
So that brings you to tonight. Babs was patrolling the docks. You heard murmurs of Scarface and Ventriloquist in the area. And then it all went dark. Babs was off radar.
鈥淏atgirl?鈥 You whisper over your headset. 鈥淏ats! Speak to me!鈥
鈥淭hat bat dame can鈥檛 come to the phone right now,鈥 the Frank Sinatra like voice of Scarface comes through, 鈥測ou want her alive, or at least mostly, the entire Bat posse will stay clear of the docks from now on.鈥
You鈥檙e speechless. Babs鈥 cowl camera shows the warehouse interior and the Ventriloquist with her comm.
鈥淵ou have till midnight to respond,鈥 the last thing that鈥檚 heard over the headset. 锟
You shutter. Bruce trained you in the basics of stealth and combat but you鈥檙e not an expert. But Babs needs you. You run to the armory and gear up.
The clock was ticking. It was five minutes to midnight and the Ventriloquist heard nothing. His men were growing restless.
Babs hung chained on the nearby wall. The guards were playing cards rather than watching the hostage.
鈥淲here are you,Bats?鈥 The ventriloquist wonders when鈥
Boom!锟 the ceiling above illuminates and explodes.
Tumblr media
You crash through the ceiling and smack the first guard clean across the face with one of Dick鈥檚 Bo staffs. You throw another batarang which cuts Babs off the wall.
She lands in a classic superhero landing. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?!鈥
鈥淣ot the first thing I鈥檇 thought I鈥檇 hear you say. Maybe thanks.鈥 You smirk.
鈥淲here鈥檚 the锟 others?鈥 Babs asks as she plants a goon like a tree.
Blam! Blam! Scarface opens fire. The dummy has surprisingly good aim.
You and Babs narrowly dodge the hail of bullets. Another batarang nails the ventriloquist in the face. The villain falls to the ground, out cold.
Damian Wayne leaps into the fray. 鈥淵ou see this why I always carry a sword. Less chances of getting captured.鈥
鈥淣ot now Robin鈥 Babs says as she kicks another goon across the room.
You fire off a stun round from your gauntlet, incapacitating the last goon.
The three of you walk out the front door right as the Batmobile pulls up and out steps Batman.
鈥淵ou all okay?鈥 Is all he says. Babs nods. Bruce responds with a nod and then drives off into the night.
鈥淵ou did pretty good,鈥 Babs compliments you.
鈥淭hanks but I鈥檒l stick to being a last resort. Back to the computer screen for me.鈥 You say but Babs grabs you
鈥淗ow about a burger first?鈥
How could you say no? A good burger and some good company. Nothing better.
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imposterogers 2 months ago
actually obsessed w the fact that bruce the hyena was an actual dog that was CGI鈥檇 to look more like a hyena instead of a green cgi man
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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unexpected-battinson-simp 2 months ago
Bruce Wayne: *in the checkout line because Alfred forced him to go to the store to be seen in public for once and has literally only grabbed a bag of shredded cheese and a juice*
Cashier: Next please, hello Bruce how are you today?
Bruce: *staring intently at a pack of gum to avoid eye contact while he puts his items on the counter* im fantastic thanks
Cashier: That鈥檒l be 6.84. Got yourself a snack, honey?
Bruce: *vibrating as he hands her 7 ones* yes here you go
Cashier: *hands him change*
Bruce: *drops the change on the counter, is visibly mortified and about to astral project*
Cashier: Oh sorry, my fault!
Bruce: *moments from collapse* noitwasminekeepthechange *speed walks out of the store gripping the bag of cheese so hard it almost pops*
Alfred: *returns home to see Bruce in the fetal position on the couch with an empty bag of shredded cheese* 鈥淎nd how was the trip to the store, Master Bruce?鈥
Bruce: dontlookatme
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814519 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the batman brainrot. idk if this has been (drawn) done before but another hc they def do this at some point of their life (maybe a routine before going around gotham)
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multi-muse-transect 2 months ago
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peacesmovingcabaret 25 days ago
Warner Bros. is really reaping what they鈥檝e sowed.
First they fired Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts and replaced him. Only for it to bomb hard in the theaters.
They kept Amber Heard in Aqua Man 2, only for people to boycott. And we all know it鈥檚 gonna bomb too.
They fired Ray Fisher for speaking out against Joss Whedon and against the racist treatment. Now they鈥檙e stuck with Ezra Miller, who鈥檚 been arrested twice already for literally assaulting people. Now the Flash movie has been postponed and I doubt anyone has an urge to see it.
They鈥檙e gonna go down as a studio who punished and fired two victims, while supporting a literal abuser and a violent felon.
They鈥檝e got no one to blame but themselves.
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helluva-daddy 3 months ago
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the True sibling dynamic
Tumblr media
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