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poisonousquinzel · a day ago
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pretty gal 💕💕
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fantastic-nonsense · 2 days ago
..............y'all, anyone cast to play Poison Ivy needs to LOOK like she kills men & eats them for breakfast, why am I seeing fancasts like Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, & Gugu Mbatha-Raw??? If you're not going to fancast Natalie Dormer at least go for someone like Rihanna or Ana De Armas
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klmurr · 23 hours ago
Starting November 1, I’ll be publishing an Army Brat spin-off series titled THE FLAG AFFAIR.
Tumblr media
The Flag Affair
Rick Flag x Brat!Reader
Summary: The Flag Affair picks up where Army Brat left off—in the elevator. What follows is an intense relationship that the two of you are forced to keep secret for the sake of Rick’s reputation and your father’s wrath.
The series is ten chapters long and includes HEAVY SMUT, fluff, and angst.
Warnings: SMUT, fluff, angst; age gap, vaginal sex, rough sex, wall sex, car sex, elevator sex, public sex, semi-public sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), semi-public oral sex (male receiving), vaginal fingering, public vaginal fingering, hand job, finger sucking, masturbation (female and male), exhibitionism/voyeurism, somnophilia, choking, overstimulation, orgasm delay/denial, dirty talk, sexting, bratty reader, praise kink, ma'am kink (is that a thing? if it is, I have it), daddy kink, soft dom!Rick, Rick is a simp
Chapter 1: Brunch
Chapter 2: The Apartment on the Hill
Chapter 3: Congrats, Grad
Chapter 4: Moving Out
Chapter 5: Family Dinner
Chapter 6: Welcome Home
Chapter 7: Thanksgiving I
Chapter 8: Thanksgiving II
Chapter 9: Confessions
Chapter 10: The End
My goal is to publish two chapters per week throughout the month of November, with the last dropping on December 1.
Special shout out to DEZI, my hypomania, a drunken brainstorming sesh with my beta readers, and this sexy little snake ring I’ve been wearing lately for being the only reasons I was horny enough, inspired enough, and focused enough to write this series. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you all enjoy it. See you on November 1!
Army Brat | Masterlist | Smut Masterlist
@justanotherblonde23​ @lisas-stuff-and-junk​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @weallhaveadestiny @lacontroller1991 @rexorangecouny @torchbearerkyle @kingtwhiddleston @phelan-jaeger @riddikulus-obsessions
Want to join the taglist? Drop an ask, message me, or comment on the post.
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c-nstantine · 2 days ago
Hello! Would u like to write a j todd x reader where rose wilson breaks into their apartment and Jason’s not there but Rose just tells the reader that they would never know Jason like rose knows him and Jason and rose are so alike and perfect for each other. When jason gets home the reader is crying a bit and said rose broke into the apartment and the reader tells him what she said and how rose clearly still loves him, and they ask “do you still love her?” angstt but HAPPY ENDINGAAAAAA ❤️
A/N: OOOOOO I did it. I'm a sucker for a happy ending
Word Count: 700+
Warnings: Angst, but happy ending
Hearing a loud thump in your living room wasn't uncommon when dating a vigilante. It's even less uncommon when the vigilante insists on using the fire escape to enter your apartment. This is something that Y/N had gotten used to. So when she went to check it out she was expecting her 6'2 boyfriend, not another woman whose costume resembled that of Slade Wilson.
"You're not Jason," Y/N said backing up slowly from the intruder. She grabbed the emergency baseball bat that was stashed in the corner of the living room.
"I could say the same about you but you're in his apartment. I'm Rose Wilson." Rose didn't falter at the threat of being hit with a bat. She'd endured worse injuries.
"That's nice. How do you know Jason?" In Gotham, it wasn't uncommon for people in spandex suits to come looking for Jason Todd or the Red Hood. It's best to decide if the person looking is a friend or a foe.
"Take a guess." Rose walked around the cheap apartment looking at domestic pictures of the happy couple. She yearned for the relationship that Y/N and Jason had.
"Old friends?"Y/N knew this was a long shot before she opened her mouth. Jason wasn't the type of man that a girl could just stay friends with.
"Oh, we were more than friends. I'm more shocked he didn't tell you about me."
"Why would he?" In Y/N's mind, Jason's past rarely mattered. The person Jason became is who Y/N fell in love with.
"I rocked his world. He loved me and I loved him. He must still love me if you're the rebound."
"Excuse me," Y/N raised the bat higher than before ready to swing.
"I mean look at yourself and look at me. Do yourself a favor and let him know I dropped by" And with that Rose disappeared out the fire escape.
"Y/N, I found those weird not-sugar cookies you like." Jason walked into his apartment with a small paper bag in his hand. He almost knocked over some luggage sat by the front door.
"Hey, are you taking a trip for work?" Jason loudly asked as he made his way to their bedroom. The room was in shambles between the clothes splayed everywhere. Y/N walked back and forth between making sure she gathered everything that was hers.
"Hey, hey. Where's the fire?" Jason lightly placed his hands on Y/N's shoulders before Y/N swatted them away.
"Where you ever gonna tell me about Rose?" As words fell out of Y/N's mouth so did tears from her eyes.
"Rose? She was here?" Jason's eyes were panicked and wide. He lost his cool composure.
"Yeah, she said some interesting things. You two seem like you'd be great for each other. I'm glad I was a great placeholder. I'll be getting out of your way now," Y/N grabbed the nearest jacket and tried to leave.
"Y/N wait. Let's talk about this." Turns out leaving is hard to do when there's a 6'2 man who is built like a tank standing in your way.
"She still loves you."Jason paused in thought which allowed Y/N to escape the bedroom.
"Not surprising, she's a bit obsessive. Where are you going?"
"Do you still love her?" Y/N's voice was breathy but strong. There was another pause. This one was tense and quiet as Jason and Y/N stared at each other. Y/N with tears running down her face while Jason looked soft.
"Of course not. Why would you think that?"
"Because she's the badass daughter of Slade Wilson. Or maybe because she has only one eye and really cool hair. She's probably closer to your profession than I'll ever be. " Y/N knew that a list comparing her to Rose Wilson would find Rose to be the better companion. Rose was everything Y/N couldn't be. Y/N understood why Jason loved her.
"Yeah, but you're you. You're good for me. You know what makes me happy and how to bring me from some very dark places. You know my favorite books. I'd rather you be safe than join my line of work." Jason spoke looking Y/N directly in the eye.
"I believe you but that was corny as hell."
"Yeah, yeah. We have to unpack everything now. Wait, how'd you pack up so quickly?"
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gabbiehoran7 · 2 days ago
My one qualm about this episode is I felt Bruce and Jason's moment should've definitely been longer and more emotional. I get they were going for Jason needs his space and to figure stuff out. But I felt like when he asked Bruce about killing the Joker, I feel like that should've ended with more than just that simple 'thank you' (i know with Covid a hug wouldn't be possible but I can wish). Jason's whole arc this season was about wanting to be accepted as a son by Bruce, a brother by Dick and I just think knowing that Bruce killed the Joker for Jason after Jason died and was ready to kill himself because Bruce felt like a failure as a parent even though he loved both of his sons so much should've definitely been a little more than what seemed like small talk.
Also Iain Glen's version of Bruce is such a dream. 😫 Like, he's so understanding, kind, emotionally intuitive, like yeah my dude checked the fuck out after losing Jason and Alfred but you can tell this Bruce definitely TRIES to keep his family together. He goes to therapy so he recognizes some of his unhealthy coping patterns and actively tried to NOT push those on his sons, recognized his sons were struggling and tried to give them breaks and space knowing full well they would come home when they were ready. Like??? I need more Dad!Bruce being a cheerleader to his kids, making sure they get therapy and helping them from afar because he's a helicopter Dad but he doesnt need them knowing 😭.
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Actually, Alex doesn't know I'm Supergirl anymore. She had her mind wiped to protect her. But I can't let that stop me from helping the people that need my help. And doing the good that I can do. And you could do a lot of good too. You're part of my family now. And all heroes are welcome.
         --- Kara Danvers, Season 4
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fxckin-polkadots · 19 hours ago
so i listened to calendar man’s voice from long halloween, and i cannot breathe david’s voice is literally so attractive i’m crying
plus??? the way they drew calendar man made him??? so hot???
and this is twice that david has played a evil bald headed bastard with no eyebrows
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prioryofthebirds · 13 days ago
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marobbie · 2 months ago
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Margot Robbie’s Evolution as Harley Quinn
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