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© Anika Hofschen

At this point I went back to folding with paper because I wasnt sure my original foldings would be complex enough. 

What you see here is multiple pieces of paper ( size 10,50 x 29,50 cm) folded in different manners and then attached into one big structure - kind of like a dome.

The foldings were supposed to create depth by varying in direction and type of fold.

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Goldsmiths Design Department.

Welcome Lecture and Induction to 2019/20. #ThrowbackThrusday #TBT

Pre Covid. 

Already miss the classroom learning - I mean proper interaction. I miss the little throwaway comments and the chat. I miss the seeing the learning sinking in and interactive Q&As.

I miss the hubbub of the University. Being at my flat-share with others is noisy and crazy in its own way, but I’ve miss walking through the open areas and immersing myself with sounds that’s familiar to us all.

We have all done our best to find our own structure that suits our own needs. And these past couple of months have worked well as it could have been given the situation: I have tired to focus on doing the best I can. Personally, though, I’m looking forward to getting back to how things as best as before the pandemic.

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Kim Jong-un ‘given experimental coronavirus vaccine from China’, claims US analyst - World News

Kim Jong-un ‘given experimental coronavirus vaccine from China’, claims US analyst – World News

China has given North Korean leader Kim Jong-un an experimental coronavirus vaccine, a US analyst has claimed, citing two unidentified Japanese intelligence sources.
Harry Kazianis, a North Korea expert at the Center for the National Interest think tank in Washington, said members of the Kim family and several senior North Korean officials had also been vaccinated.
It was unclear which company…


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