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Choosing greens - a curse or a joy

Choosing greens – a curse or a joy

Choosing greens: for some artists, dealing with the ‘nasty greens’ is a nightmare – and I’m not talking about vegetables. But using green paint in your art doesn’t need to be a nightmare of indecision. With good judgment, it is possible to use green paint successfully.

Given that our planet is clothed in green, if you’re a landscape artist, avoiding the use of green seems impractical.  Perhaps…


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Her beauty is just like the moon. It can only be admired with the eyes but not captured with a camera of a phone.

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It’s the shadowboi!

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yeah! hdhfhd i don’t know why i find it so ridiculously amusing maybe because gintama is so underrated i freakin love it

i mean its good right? u just change it once every year

but also the banner of hijikata in gin’s clothes jfhdhfhfhd i really had to do a double take HAHAH

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Colour In the Winter Woods

Colour In the Winter Woods

At a glance, the winter landscape in New Hampshire may seem somewhat monochromatic. Right now, there’s a vastness of white snow, a multitude of tree trunks in shades of brown and grey, and a smattering of conifer green. Even the sky has been shadowy, pewter, slate, or ashen most days since November.

But if you look more closely, you’ll see colour here and there, in leaves still on trees, in tree…


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Sketch for Bast on Twitter for being a real cool dood! Sometimes just gotta get out of your element from time-to-time!

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Mood boards


I created these mood boards to try and work out my concept better. I’m looking at my life in lockdown and the lack of movement, primarily the ups and downs. I think I might be over complicating way more than I should be but I’m just trying to work through an extreme lack of motivation.

So I chose the colours blue and orange: blue to symbolise sadness and depression, orange to symbolise the warmth and peace. It’s so hard as every day is a rollercoaster right now. I just scrolled through Pinterest for inspiration and screenshotted some images that appealed to me then put them into a collage app I got on my phone.

I looked through the colours that cropped up in each then tried to combine them into the third mood board to try and work out the exact colour scheme for my graphic design patterns.

Very soothing process and really enjoyed it.

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Would anyone be interested if I made some of my Danganronpa Art available on Redbubble?

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The clear bottles

Created a gorgeous, magnificent rainbow

Right before my very eyes.

I feel the intensity of each colour

Draw my eyes in as I imagine that everything was a rainbow.

The clear bottles are charming.

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