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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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First day of school is officially over! I already have a chemistry assignment that’s due in a week, so I’m already on the grind hahah. All my new teachers seem incredibly nice so that’s lovely. Now I’ve written down all the homework for the week, read a bit of Ovid and I’m going to spend the rest of the evening watching The Office. Relaxing at its finest haha

🎧 - Teenage Blues (Vistas)

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  • Brainstorm first: 
    • This might sound like a lot of extra work, but brainstorming helps the decision. One way to do this is to make a mind map. In the middle, write the topic for the entire course. Then, write bubbles for every subcategory in that topic that you can think of. For every subcategory bubble, think of smaller categories that relate, until you have a web of topics that range from narrow to wide. 
  • Be original: 
    • Don’t pick something that has already been used as an example or a case study in class. If your teacher gives you a list of themes, then choose from there, but make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re just taking their ideas from class and regurgitating them on paper. 
  • Narrow it down by expanding further: 
    • The less generic your topic is, the better your paper will be. Try to find a deeper issue in the topic you want to do
  • Do some research before you settle: 
    • Sometimes you’ll find that you want to completely change your topic once you start doing some research. Often, writers do not end up writing the same paper they began writing. This could be because you realize that there are more scholarly sources out there for another topic, or because you’ve simply lost interest in the original one. Any of these reasons are valid and prove that doing some research right off the bat will help you.
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I haven’t really put much thought into it, but it mostly goes like this:

  1. I get my notes from class and my textbook for a certain topic, then I compare to see what is still missing.
  2. Usually, I have enough time to write a more summarized/organized version of the material I need to know (although I don’t really put much effort into making them look pretty).
  3. Afterwards, I look through my new notes and write questions for every subtopic on a seperate piece of paper.
  4. I try to write down the answers to all of these questions from memory and then compare them to my notes.
  5. If I missed anything, I add it in a different colour so I remember it better.
  6. Basically, I then repeat step 4 until I remember all of the answers.

This is what I do for most of my subjects (with slight variations)!

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this autumn will be the first time in many years that I won’t be going back to school.

academia has always been a big part of my identity and I’m honestly not sure how long will I last without studying anything. I might start learning a new language soon, or perhaps do some online courses. after all, education does not have to stop with leaving uni!

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Week 2 of Uni ✨🧚🏻

Wednesday - 08/11/2020

So today I only have one tutorial class in the afternoon so I had the whole morning to myself.


• made beef stew for my family

made mini cheesecakes to bring to uni (despite being lactose intolerant hahaha)

• printed study performa, criminal law lectures, penal code and alquran lecture book

after class, I went to the printing shop to get my papers binded and my brother took us out to get pizza! and now I have diarrhea caused by all the cheeses i ate today 😫

p/s: im finally gonna track my studies using #suffastudies, tag yourself w me! help a small studyblr out ❤️

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📸 I took this picture on the 12th of August in 2018 so that’s 724 days ago.. I was entering my senior year of high school that’s so long ago 💓💓


9th of August 2020 // 44/100 days of productivity

I had my third geology exam… I think I did well but I still don’t know my exact grade :/ I also went babysitting so that’s good…

10th of August 2020 // 45/100 days of productivity

I studied calculus since I had a calculus exam the next day :)

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