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21.10.20// organized ish with my @mindelevator planner! I’ve got plenty of deadlines coming up so I’m trying to get all my ideas in one place!

I ordered myself some marble sticky notes and some cute little stickers to keep me motivated and organized!

IG: flatneedledistillery

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20th october 2020

note: this was meant to be posted yesterday but it didn’t post for some reason

today i finally finished my philosophy essay after rewriting it 3 pages in because i didn’t like how it sounded but its done now!

i did some spanish my icma is coming up soon and i need to finish unidad 1 by this friday so its definately time for a bit of a grind on my part!

also podcast reccomendation if you are into true crime: my favorite murder is amazing, its funny and really informative and they’re always extremely respectful of the sensitive topics they discuss while still being really entertaining i have been listening almost non stop for MONTHS!!

day 6 : why did you decide to do this challenge and what was your goal?

i really want to make some studyblr friends and this seemed like a great way to get more involved in the community! even though i am a bit behind

day 7: what is your goal for studyblr in the next few months?

to maybe make some friends but also to properly motivate myself and develop good habits by using my studyblr

day 8: what is the best thing about studyblr in your opinion?

definately the sense of community 100% everyone is so kind and motivating and it is so unlike almost every other part of tumblr!!

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한국 kore

도시 şehir

이름 isim

저 ben (resmi)

나 ben (normal)

남자 adam

여자 kadın

그 o (geçmiş)

이 bu

저 şu (uzakta)

것 şey

의자 sandalye

탁자 masa

선생님 öğretmen

이다 olma eki

침대 yatak

집 ev

차 araba

안 olumsuz

사람 insan

책 kitap

컴퓨터 bilgisayar

나무 araba

네 evet

아니 hayır

소파 koltuk

중국 çinst

일본 japonya

문 kapı

의사 doktor

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hello !

I have a super busy week this week with lots of things to tick off before Friday so I can have the weekend to myself. I also have to prepare myself for a job interview I have next week

I have a proposal due next week so that’s on the top of my to do list

hope you are all well ☺️✨

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A short post today, as the previous few lessons were quite long. Today’s lessons are about 그러면 and five ways to say “let’s”.

Lesson 15

In level 2 lesson 23 we learned about 만약 and (으)면. Today we’ll learn about 그러면 = in that case, if so, then. 

  • Often 그러면 is shortened to 그럼.
  • Especially if you watch Kdramas you’ll recognize this word because 그럼 also means “Of course”


  • 그러면 이거는 뭐여요? = then what is this?
  • 그럼 이기는 어때요? = then what about this one?

Lesson 16

There are five ways to say “let’s”:

  1. -아/어/여요 -> most used, plain/polite
  2. -(으)시죠 -> formal
  3. -자 -> informal
  4. -(으)ㄹ래요 -> means “shall…”, polite
  5. -(으)실래요 -> means “shall…”, informal


  • 시작하다 = to start
  1. 시작해요 = let’s start
  2. 시작하시죠 = let’s start
  3. 시작하자 = let’s start
  4. 시작할래요 = shall we start
  5. 시작하실래요 = shall we start
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Wednesday, 21st of October, 2020

“[…] break out, visit a place, read a space, make a pace, leave a trace.” - Jeroen Lutters

Sometimes being productive means turning off your phone, getting rid of distractions and forcing yourself to study. But sometimes being productive means helping a friend by checking their spelling and grammar while they finish their portfolio, taking away some of their stress. And sometimes being productive means writing down how you can take away some of your own stress.

I don’t think we should beat ourselves up over things like the amount of pages read in an hour, or the amount of boxes ticked by the end of the day.

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21.10.2020 // studyblr community challenge

Today is just beginning, had invertebrata lab work and ecology lab work. We dissected snails! I’m sorry these animals had to die but it was for studying and hopefuly nature understands that 💚

Day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met

Hmmm I don’t know this one, I haven’t really met anyone. I’ve chated with @jackabeann a little and she is so sweet!

Day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

Oh it has to be @study-van and @jeonchemstudy again 🙈🙈 their posts are just so beautiful and amazing!

Day 21 - Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation

I’m not gonna tag anyone here (sorry @myhoneststudyblr ) just because I think every one of us works the very best we can and we all deserve appreciation for out work!

Love yourselves and stay safe! ✨

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I started taking Polish language 🇵🇱

I had to choose a second slavic language and i decided to take Polish since it is a little similar to Russian.

Also i am eating peach yogurt.

How cute is my notebook?

Have a lovely day!

Song for today:

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📸 low quality picture for a high quality person

(I’m joking)

Anyways, it’s been so long since I’ve last posted.. and it’s because I didn’t really feel like taking any pictures because I suck at taking pictures lol… I also thought that I’d just drop this blog all together but then one of my mutuals sent me a message and I decided not to ( so thank you💐)

It’s been a week since uni started and my stress levels are already at an all time peak,, I’m keeping up with my classes but it’s getting harder and harder…

So these are the classes I’m taking for this semester and my unnecessary opinion about them :)

General Biology, at first I registered this class with a professor who’s one of the best professors in the biology department and I was really excited abt it since I wanted to learn from him… but then he dropped my section and now I’m with a professor from mls so that was rude. It’s also quite hard to keep up with biology because we take so much in just one lecture. And I can’t even focus during the lecture because there’s so many distractions.

General Chemistry, so far I’m liking it… it’s like a breeze of fresh air or smth idk… I don’t like professor because he low key gives me misogynistic vibes so

Principles of statistics, until now everything is going good with this course but I’m worried that in the future it’s going to be harder

Learning and research skills, this is a mandatory uni class… so it’s easy,, but we need to do a research and papers always stress me out

Ethics and human values, this course is also mandatory… it’s a new course and it’s very annoying tbh… we get graded for participating and I’m very shy… but I’ve been participating because I need to get that A, also we need to do a self evaluation… I don’t know how that’s going to work when I have an inferiority complex.. like srsly how?

And that’s it! Hopefully I’ll post smth more original (?) idk in the next days… I need to go study byeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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