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Study comparison of my self-insert OC Visenya and her mother, Alysanne of Vologda, at the same age 🌹✨

Visenya is shipped w/ William T. Spears from Black Butler 🖤

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January study challenge!

28. do you like the cold? what are your favourite winter activities?

I don’t like it. We don’t really have big winters (we don’t have snow more than 2 days if we have any). But my favourite winter activities are building snowman, drinking hot drinks.

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Management College in Hooghly

The world has become immensely competitive at these early years of twenty-first century. The explosion of information and knowledge has made our job even more difficult. Large population growth and limited resources has compelled us to utilize modern tools and techniques of management and production.

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Olha só quem chegou, pessoal!

Bora conferir mais um vídeo top?

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Exam season is over so I force myself to rest a bit and not think about the new semester for a couple of days. Currently I’m reading Emma from Jane Austen. 📖

🎧 Twice - Cry for me

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Papyrus: oh, you know. hard work. studying magic, physics and math.

*glances at Chara, subtly

Papyrus: practice.

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01.27.21 | 19/100 days of productivity

as the days move on, i can feel a lot of my stress going away. tomorrow is the last day for three of my classes and then i start two new ones on monday! the plus side to the new quarter starting is that i have a study hall this quarter which means more time to do schoolwork and one less class to worry about! the downside is that i start the second level of french and another college level math class. but it will all be worth it in the end when (fingers crossed) i can save money on college tuition since a lot of my credits should already be covered!

QOTD: do you like ice in your drinks?

it depends on the type of drink but for the most part no! the only exceptions are iced tea, iced coffee and water (but even then i rarely have ice in those drinks either).

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1/27/2021 | 10/100 Days of Productivity 

✨Double Digits ✨

How do you avoid burnout at the beginning of the semester? I just realized that I’ve been using every ounce of free time to get ahead when I should be taking breaks once in a while, even though there aren’t too many assignments as of yet. I think it’s easy to experience burnout at the beginning of the semester because you have new expectations and standards for yourself, and the new year motivation helps you sustain those standards for a time; however, it’s not sustainable for when assignments start piling up. It’s just something I need to be mindful of. 

Today it snowed a little bit while I was working at the student commons! It didn’t stick, but it was oh so lovely to watch. 

Today I…

  • Wrote my analysis essay
  • Prepared for my presentation (which went well)
  • Did my half hour of reading 
  • Practiced my aria 
  • Made a yummy chicken dinner :)

Have a happy Thursday, everyone. 

~ MacKenna

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ah delta, ne kadar da esnek bir meydan okuma! irade bir batarya gibidir, unuttun mu? uykuyla tekrar dolan bir batarya… irade gücünü gereksiz savaşlarda harcama.

insanın en tutsak olduğu an, en özgür olduğunu sandığı andır. yanlış karar verme özgürlüğünden vazgeç, delta. böylece gerçek özgürlüğe kavuşabilesin.

21 günlük meydan okumanın bazı kurallı olmalı elbette.

  • ilk pomodorodan son pomodoroya kadar asla 15 dakikadan uzun bir ara verme.
  • meydan okumanın sürdüğü günlerde sosyal medyayı ancak saat 22.00'den sonra, 1 saat süreyle kullan.
  • yoksunluk mu çekiyorsun? kurgu kitap oku.
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a little tip I use when drawing shades from imagination.
The idea is very simple:
1. Imagine what the light source sees
2. Make a sketch of the light POV
3. In this sketch:
 - form overlap translates to a cast shadow
 - form turning away translates to a shadow terminator

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Painting this reminded me of doing Graphics in high school. 😗 I guess I wasn’t never really too keen on painting inorganic objects which is why I like to paint portraits alot 😅 but this painting has taught me that architecture can be fun too as a subject, when you apply a nice sunlight and frame it with some nice plants 👌

Paint along piece with Nathan Fowkes’s Digital Landscape Painting workout series.

#digitalpainting #architecture #procreateart #procreateillustration #study #schoolism #paintalong #ipadart

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‘COVID Tongue’ Could Be One of The Signs of Infection, Doctors Warn

‘COVID Tongue’ Could Be One of The Signs of Infection, Doctors Warn

A swollen or patchy tongue may be a sign of coronavirus infection, according to new research.
Researchers found that one in four coronavirus patients noticed changes to their tongue, including swelling, sores, raised bumps on the surface of the tongue, indentations, and/or discolored patches. A small percentage of patients also reported a burning sensation in their mouth. 
These findings were…


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