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I’m about half an hour away from the last final of my first semester of college. All of my classes were pass-fail so I’m ending with a 4.0!

It’s been really hard to juggle full-time work and pre-med studying and had to cut my volunteer hours. So we’re talking about my husband going from part-time to full-time work so I can volunteer more or try to find a research job.

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Ordered a new laptop today, it was the most money I’ve ever spent on a single thing. It was very hard for me to agree was necessary but my husband helped me agree since my current space bar is going out.

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200512 | 122 days before boards 🌻day 22

Currently studying: Cardiac Physiology

Motivation has been very hard to come by. Short attention span, please cooperate. :( The Forest app has been very useful though! 

New study corner for more natural light ✨Also, our nearby Starbucks has re-opened for pick-ups! That’s definitely a new addition to my routine. I really missed the cafe atmosphere for studying.

Day6′s album coincided with my sad girl hours and I loved the album!! Zombie really resonated with me given everything that’s been going lately. I hope the boys feel better after some R&R. I’m excited for their promotions but health, whether physical or mental, comes first!! Will be listening to Nu’est’s comeback next 🌙Is it just me or I need to listen to kpop comebacks or else I’ll just keep on thinking about it and get absolutely zero work done so I might as well just isten to it then feel all the feelings then move on?

…just me? okay back to stuDYING

Currently listening to: Zombie - Day6 

“I walk on, drifting aimlessly / tomorrow will be no different” UGH THIS HIT ME SO HARD

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200508 | 126 days before boards 🌻day 18

Currently studying: ➾ on to Physiology!

I finally finished Microbiology! Very, very late, but I’m choosing to move forward and take studying more seriously. Hence, the planner. :) I’m scared that I didn’t retain as much information as I should have regarding Micro, so I’m planning to Anki every 2 days or so while studying Physiology.

I also haven’t been studying everyday. So many things are happening in my country - and our government’s response to the pandemic has been infuriating. It’s difficult to study when I feel like everything around me is so unstable. I’m even more easily distractable than usual.

I’m also an intern again! We’ll be having weekly case discussions online, fingers crossed that they’re high yield and I get inspired to study more!

Currently, I’m very distracted by all the K-Pop news 👉👈. Wonho joining an American label, IU’s new song with Suga (which was gorgeous - I wish I could go on a roadtrip and play the song), THE8′s new song (PLEDIS PLS BRING ALL OF MINGHAO’S SONGS TO SPOTIFY I BEG), BOL4 x Baekhyun collab (ugh so fresh), NATTY’S DEBUT OMG, June comebacks for BP and Twice…SO MANY THINGS HAPPENING!!

Wooh. But I gotta focus. Especially with Physiology, which I need 110% concentration for. Wish me luck! ✨

Ft. S’MORES BROWNIES. Fudgy, chocolatey goodness with pillowy marshmallows and graham crunch 💖(Promise to eat just one per day so that I still fit into my pants post-quarantine).

Currently listening to: Second Life - Seventeen

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I forgot to do last week’s challenge so I’ll be doing both this week. I hope you’ve all been having nice days :)

Week 6: 

  • Mon - Take a picture of your pet (if you don’t have one share a picture of your favourite animal)

From left to right, these are Penny, Bonnie and Bianca aka my babies:


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200426 | 138 days before boards 🌻day 6

Currently studying: Microbiology

As someone who is perpetually running late, I realized how many small things I took for granted as I made my way to the hospital. Today I went out early, decided to forgo my earphones, and just listen and look. The smizes of the security guards (because everyone is wearing masks), the sound of the rustling leaves, the wind in your face…

On the study front, I was only able to review using Anki as I was on duty. But I’m happy I did, because I realized I’ve forgotten so many concepts. Started studying fungi, and I’m planning to make Anki a bigger part of my review. It’s frustrating to get wrong answers to questions you should know the answers to, but I realized I’d rather make the mistake now than on the board exams (or while taking care of my future patients).

P.S. Pandesal (a type of bread) with ube (purple yam) and cheese filling has been popular lately. I’ve always liked this combo, so I was excited to get to try it. It was so gooood huhu I love carbs

Currently listening to: Flower Cafe (feat. Sam Ock, I.M.) - JooHeon (Monsta X) (can’t believe I only found out about this song now! what a gem 🌸)

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200425 | 139 days before boards 🌻day 5

Currently studying: Microbiology

Today was all about celebrating small wins. Made it out of bed (eventually), ate somewhat healthily, and finally finished my first run through of bacteria. Sketchy Micro, you are a godsend! Spent most of the day lazing around and looking up plants I can buy for my room. 🌱

I’m excited about going on duty tomorrow. It’s not frontliner work, but we get to help out at a telecommunications center answering questions about COVID-19 and other health concerns. Looking forward to being able to go out tomorrow!

Currently listening to: Let’s not fall in love - BIGBANG

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200424 | 140 days before boards 🌻day 4

Currently studying: Microbiology

The ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) was extended for Manila. Still not over the fact that we won’t be going back to the hospital for the rest of our internship. I’m supposed to be rotating in Internal Medicine - a specialty that puts a prime on developing our “clinical eye.” Instead of seeing patients with a variety of conditions daily, we’ll be having online classes instead. I learn best when I’m able to associate illnesses and their clinical presentations with my patients, and I’m devastated that I’ll be missing out on that because we won’t be having direct patient care :( 

I missed hunting for good study places (aka hole in the wall coffee shops) a little extra today.

Currently listening to: Palette (ft. G-DRAGON) - IU

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Hi y’all! I hope staying home hasn’t gotten to you too much during this time. I know it can be hard to stay productive, and it’s totally okay to have moments without any productivity at all! Here’s tips I’ve been doing while I’m studying from home and trying to stay productive, and I hope some of them might help you out too!

Go to classes on zoom when they are scheduled (even if there is an option to watch lectures later).

I know it’s not super fun to attend a 9am ochem lecture four times a week when I could just stay in bed but it gives me some sense of routine since I was used to going to that class when school was still in-person. Today is my one day of the week where I don’t have 9am lecture so I slept in and boy let me tell you.. today was extremely unproductive lol.

Create somewhat of a weekly schedule on Google Calendar.

When classes were still on campus I had them down pat in my calendar with times and such for my meetings and extracurriculars. Now things are a little different because I only attend one class (out of four) at its designated time because the professor does lecture during that time. My other classes I put on google calendar based off what I know I should get done that day. For example, I usually have 3 to 4 modules for psychology so I put in blocks of about an hour every other day labeled “PSY 202- mod 1″ or something similar. This then brings me to my next point which you know is my favorite..

Make a daily to-do list!

When I’m not feeling too productive I put my to-do list on a post-it note and stick it to my laptop but usually I make my weekly schedule on Google Calendar and then switch over my tasks to my bullet journal. I put about 3-5 things to do every day within the week, leaving out Saturdays because I learned this year in college that I should always take off at least a day from classwork entirely for self-care. I put due dates, zoom calls, calls I need to make, etc. on there so I know what’s up.

Work during productive times (and don’t continue working all day).

Even though I really dislike waking up early (or at any time for that matter), I know that my most productive hours are between 9am and 12pm with another lil spark of productivity from 6pm to 8pm. So I’ve developed a routine where I work on schoolwork from about 9am to 2pm when my mom gets home from work (shoutout healthcare workers!!). Anything I didn’t get done during that time either moves to the 6pm time slot if it’s something I can do from my room easily (since I do work in my dad’s office in the morning time) or to the next day if it’s not due too soon.

Set timers and take breaks.

If you saw my last post you know I’m currently in love with the Focus To-Do app because it’s the only thing I’ve found that keeps me truly productive. Forest also works well as a pomodoro timer, but I like to be able to pause without my tree dying in case I really need to take a break or something. So set your timer for a decent time (25 minutes seems to work the best for people), do your work during that time, and then take a break (5 minutes). I only really work through my breaks when I’m super close to finishing something otherwise I take my break. On these breaks, I walk around my house, maybe go outside for some sun, grab a snack, look at my social media, etc. Then it begins again! This really helps me not feel so burnt out by classwork.


Y’all already know how important self-care is (it’s so important I dedicate my whole Saturday to doing only things that make me feel good, accomplished, relaxed, or happy lol!) and I don’t need to repeat it but here’s some self-care things I enjoy!

Go outside and sit in the sun.

Read a book.

Watch favorite youtubers.

Watch favorite shows (mine is currently Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu).

Bake something (bonus points if its with the fam!).

Water your plants!

Do a mini-workout.

Journal/bullet journal.

I hope this helps and I know we’ll get through this! Happy studying!

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