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#pharmacy student

Hi! I am admittedly very behind in messages, but happy to answer any and all questions related to pharmacy school. This is a very vague question, so i’ll try to summarize in two parts:

  1. Types of programs and program breakdowns
  2. My experience

1. Programs

There are two traditional routes into pharmacy

A. 0-6 Program: programs where you are admitted into pharmacy school straight out of high school. These programs are 6-years. 

  • Year 0-2: “pre-professional” years where you complete pre-requisites (ex: writing, biology, chemistry, etc
  • Year 3-5: “professional” years where you complete clinical courses (ex: infectious disease, microbiology, pharmacokinetics, endocrinology, pharmacy law).
  • Year 6: clinicals. These vary by school. My program required eight 5-week courses for completion of the program

B. 4-Year Programs: May need to take PCAT. Similar application process as graduate school. 

  • Same breakdown as above, except years 0-2 are completed in your undergraduate years.

2. My Experience

As all doctorate programs, its not a walk in the park. I loved the program, the profession, my peers, mentors, and all the relationships i’ve made. But I would not be doing you justice if I didn’t tell you the dangers of entering this profession. Jobs are currently very scarce in the field, and salaries in community pharmacy are being cut. When I first started pharmacy school, the expectation was a ~$60/hr salary out of school. Currently, it is $40-50/hr depending on (1) geographical location, company, and experience. 

Residency, fellowships, and other nontraditional routes offer great experience. I highly recommend them, but they are extremely competitive given the amount of students graduating every year (and increasing)! If you choose to pursue pharmacy, please go the extra mile in having quality connections, joining extracurriculars, and experience all areas before confining yourself to a niche. I truly believe pharmacists can do great things. But we can do it only with appropriate training and placing ourselves in the right place to be seen, respected, and heard as healthcare professionals in an interdisciplinary team. Choose an accredited school that will provide you the training, teaching, and experience that you would want post-graduation. I have been feeling extremely bitter and cynical with the trajectory of pharmacy as of late.

If you have any additional questions, let me know!

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concept: sitting in a busy coffee shop, overcast skies, sipping at your bittersweet double shot iced coffee, searching up entries and articles about drug development and pharmaceutical related products, scratching excerpts from articles into your notes, compiling the information gathered into a brief paper that you will later share with whoever is willing to listen.

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#How to survive 10h in university

My essentials

  • laptop/notebooks and pencil case
  • lip balm and cushion foundation
  • wet wipes and sanitary gel
  • mini hand soap and spray deodorant
  • my fav mini size perfume
  • phone charger and earphones
  • mint chewing gum
  • a water bottle and my wallet
  • a mini comb and one hair tie
  • some snacks
  • A LOT of patience
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