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Feet studies. Been having a hard time with them as of late, so I decided to brush up on it.

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[Winter studying challenge]

3rd December - What is your least favourite thing about winter?
I think my least favourite thing is that at 5 p.m. it’s already dark outside. It feels like the day is gone when actually it’s not and you can still manage to get a lot of stuff done🧾
4th December - What is an unpopular opinion that you have about winter? 
The fact that I love the cold weather maybe (is it unpopolar?). You know If the temperature it’s hot there’s not really much that you can do, but when it’s cold you can wear sweaters and wrap yourself in blankets like a burrito 🌯
  • Today’s study session wasn’t really productive but I still managed to organize some of my notes, which is better than nothing I guess. Then I trained with my kickboxing pals (on zoom ofc) and honestly now I feel soo much better✨✨
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Hand Studies
01-02 Dec 2020

Hands are probably the most expressive feature in the human body so to stop sucking at drawing and painting them, I do a lot of studies. Here’s something I’m proud of and definitely made me feel like I’m improving. Though for most of my studies I most likely won’t be posting them, just the ones that I’m really happy with.  

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Some animal studies! More specifically, dogs! And even more specifically, the cane corso. This dog is so shiny and black that it almost looks like living art. I love fluffy dogs the most but I can’t deny that this one is majestic!

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since I’m having a little break from the SA marathon, I thought I could upload some small study sketches I made recently for practice and which turned into sa characters :D 
refences here are German tennis player Alexander Zverev for Adolin, an old photo of an Native American chief for Dalinar and Persian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo (in the role of Chrisjen Avasarala from the Expanse), whom I want to cast as Navani basically as she appears in the the Expanse… outfits, voice and all. Now pls.

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So semester hit me like a tsunami of mercury. And this is only the beginning.

Guys. I’m not even kidding. Online classes are stressful, not that productive, hella confusing and extremely inconvenient. Add to that the fact that winter is here and I feel like sleeping all day, everyday. Uggh.

It’s light this sem (i feel for the people for whom it isn’t the case). It’s just a calc course, a chem course, a cs course and auxiliary courses that don’t mean as much. I need like a week or so to get into the rhythm again (you know, studying 12 hours a day like I intend to).

On the plus side, I somehow feel that I can do this. This is ok. This is within my reach, totally doable. Nothing out of my league. I have experienced much harder situations; the only thing stressful here is the enormous strength of the class; how boring the lectures are; and how irritating the online class system is. fml. Gotta turn in an assignment by Saturday. The tutor said it was optional, but there’s no way that I’m taking any chances this year. No way. Plus the chem prof is super strict so she might flip out.

To be honest, even I feel like flipping out right now. Hadn’t found any time whatsoever to come here in the past three days. I really like writing out my thoughts here; helps me calm down (i get really fidgety otherwise). I can’t explain it to you guys but this blog is very important to me. Keeps me sane.

I’m a bit sad to see my viewership dip drastically. It doesn’t really matter, but I kinda liked how some of my earlier posts from mid-November have 4-5 likes. My follower count has stagnated and my second blog fell flat on its face. I will still continue writing here every few days (as I mentioned earlier, it benefits me a lot). Just that no one will be reading it. But then again, the blog is anonymous; doesn’t really matter that much.

Also, i thought about it long and hard, and came to the conclusion that around 400 words would be the ideal length for each of my posts. Not really long and not very short as well; a perfect 7-8 minute read (if you guys are patient, that is). Also note that I do not put much thought beforehand while writing these posts; so this whole post was basically me expressing myself freely - took me 12 minutes to write it all. I do this as it brings a certain unpredictability in my content (otherwise I tend to stick to a particular format and end up writing pages of uninteresting material). Also : I’m lazy :)

To the random person who might be reading this: have a nice day and stay safe. leave some feedback if time permits; and feel free to drop some feedback/shoot and ask. Love you!

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My life has changed a lot these month and I don’t think it makes sense for me to continue the 100 day challenge. However, I am glad that I’ve come so far. I got an internship, good grades and learned more about myself. And for that I say that is not productivity the thing I need to keep reminding me to be for now, since I have external motivators, but to be present, and grateful and have compassion for myself.

This has been a ride I really enjoyed.

And I’m ready for the next one.

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