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52/100 days of productivity

Blessed Samhain to everyone! Today I was very productive. I wrote down notes for a whole very long chapter of the book I’m studying in the morning, as well as some preparations for my celebrations of today. In the afternnon I baked these pumpking muffins and I begun reading a new chapter of the book. Then I did some divination and the rituals I had programmed for the day. Today’s also the last day of inktober, and for the first year I can say I did it all! I’m very proud of myself,and I like how I mostly kept one consistent style for all illustrations. I also really like how today’s illustration thrned out. I went for a spider since the theme was crawl but I still wanted to keep a spooky theme for the day. This week my current bullet journal is coming to its end, some spreads on my new one are still a work in progress but these days I’ll post about them since I think they turned out pretty well.

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37/100 days of productivity

27 - 10 - 2020

  • Chemistry hw
  • Studied history
  • Spanish notes

38/100 days of productivity

28 - 10 - 2020

  • Spanish notes
  • Studied Spanish

39/100 days of productivity

29 - 10 - 2020

  • Philosophy essay 1
  • Philosophy essay 2

40/100 days of productivity

30 - 10 - 2020

I’m taking today off, I seriously needed a mental break, I’ve been pretty busy at school lately…
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51/100 days of productivity

Today in the morning I went to see my therapist, then after that I went with my father to buy a new desk and organizer for my stuff which I had to construct in the afternoon. Then I finally finished the the chapter I had begun these past days. I also want to take some time to organize some stuff to do for tomorrow’s celebrations.

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65/100 days of productivity

today i

~did 3 japanese recordings

~meditated and did a response about kindness

these are the things i bought at the pumpkin patch yesterday !! the caramel apple was soooo yummy. i also love how the green gourd looks like a bird hehe i still need to name them, any ideas?

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days 31-36/100 of productivity


day 31/100 of productivity - thursday, october 22, 2020

  • worked on ideas for mentorship
  • worked on style guide for internship
  • dinner w cousin

day 32/100 of productivity - friday, october 23, 2020

  • calc recitation, quiz, and hw
  • gym

day 33/100 of productivity - saturday, october 24, 2020

  • major room cleaning 

day 34/100 of productivity - sunday, october 25, 2020

  • practiced guitar
  • calc hw

day 35/100 of productivity - monday, october 26, 2020

  • calc lecture
  • linguistics lecture

day 36/100 of productivity - tuesday, october 27, 2020

  • worked on style guide
  • met with mentor
  • practiced guitar
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Day 24/100 days of productivity:

  • studied for biogeochemistry exam
  • emailed study counsellor
  • walked with housemate’s dog

I was allowed to attend one hour of lecture on campus today! It made me so happy to be back and see my professor irl for the first time. My focus was also so much better here, can’t wait until this COVID mess is over. I really really miss going to uni..

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10.26.20 - 57/100 days of productivity

did more gmm landmarking. set up another possible project meeting to make sure i have the landmark locations correct.

sci-comm projects website is almost ready to launch. one show should launch this week, hopefully two if possible.

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