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This had to be the first uni “final” that I actually… kinda enjoyed doing. Once I picked a topic to write about and stopped panicking, that was. It was actually like getting to bitch about education inequities but having to mask it as academic work and that was surprisingly fun. I am a bit weirded out by that but still happy about it. And I’m done a day before the deadline. Wow, now that is an accomplishment on my part since I always get everything finished in the literal last second.

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L'università mi ha dato e mi dà tanto, anche e soprattutto in fatto di persone, una in particolare. E stasera mi sento estremamente grata dell'ambiente meraviglioso che ho trovato. Sono davvero felice, qui. Mi sento diversa, mi sento adulta. Ricorderò per sempre l'università come una delle esperienze più belle della mia vita e spero di poterla vivere presto come si deve e ritornare alla normalità.

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31.05.20 // 16:01 // Quarantine Challenge days 61 & 62

Sat - Is your glass half full or half empty?

I put a lot of effort into maintaining an optimistic mindset, but I think naturally I tend to worry and overthink everything!

Sun - Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

I don’t really care about what’s “in fashion”, I just wear stuff that I like. I’ll always have a place in my heart for corduroy though! 

I only tend to use the forest app when I have to force myself to do work, so I did actually get work done every day this week! But it’s nice to watch my virtual plants grow nonetheless 😊🌻

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spending a lot of time on walks thinking these days about privilege and what we can do. check yourselves and do the inner work. it’s so so important.
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2 june 2020 / 11:02 am

orgo exam is in exactly 1 week; stress level is over the roof
but that’s okay 🤠 i have my trusty fruit tea by my side

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Take a bunch of college kids and put them into a huge dorm where they get to live for free but at the end of every week they have tribal council where they get to vote out one roommate. Everything about their college experience is the same. 

The voted out roommate also gets kicked out of school. 

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there’s usually an anime / manga club on campus + i would definitely suggest checking out new clubs with activities that you might be interested in, even if you’ve never tried them before. that’s what i did for the fencing and archery clubs that i joined. i would also suggest making friends with the people you’re in class with because then, you’ll see them regularly and you have the opportunity to deepen the friendship by organizing study groups and sessions together + getting to know them better during those times. also, you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone by being the one to ask people to eat lunch or dinner with you first, asking to hang out first, and really working on 1. getting to know people and 2. remembering those pertinent details about them. it is much easier said than done, but hope that helps and good luck!

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31.05.20 I 7/100 days of productivity

In the morning I went out side to read for a little bit… Then did some cleaning and chores around the house…. my afternoon was spent solving math problems and trying to understand what the heck was going on..

🎶 Winter song - Isyana Sarasvati

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01.06.2020 ~ download here your digital bullet journal 💕 It has 100 double pages and I use them on goodnotes, but you can also use notability. Hope you like them ✨

Don’t forget to reblog or like this post if you download the bujos and to visit my studygram where I am a bit more active ☺️

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