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12.07.20 // 19:49 // Quarantine Challenge days 103 & 104

I haven’t got as much work done as I wanted to this week (story of my life) but I’ve been productive in other ways! I have an online lab placement starting tomorrow, so I’m a little anxious about how I’m gonna fit that in with revision, but it looks super fun! 🌻

Sat - What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?

I guess romantic comedy for both? I love comedy films, and romcoms are always a blast. I like to think I read all kinds of books, but my favourites are all romance/comedy blends.

Sun - When was the last time you climbed a tree just for fun?

The summer before I went to uni. There’s an oak tree outside my old house that I always used to climb as a kid, and I was feeling really nostalgic about my home town before I left, so I climbed back up and watched the traffic for a while.

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85/100 || 8/7/20

86/100 || 9/7/20

87/100 ||10/7/20

88/100 ||11/7/20

90/100 ||12/7/20

91/100 ||13/7/20

92/100 ||14/7/20

93/100 || 15/7/20

94/100 || 16/7/20

Okay so I studied Math

Have been doing the July writing challenge with sincerity

It has been raining here

Have been updating my book which BTW crossed 500 reads!!

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Okay so I failed 3 out of 5 exams, just like last semester, BUT this time my scores were better overall so there was definitely progress. I’m happy with how much I’ve improved, even if it isn’t clear from the amount of exams I passed. I’m already studying again as I have to redo a total of 6 exams during August and September, which sounds scary, but I’m motivated and I’m gonna do my best again. I have a feeling I can end my first year on a good note.

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15.07.20 I 52/100 days of productivity

I spent the day sorting through my books of the semester and all my electronic files. I did movie night and watched “Emma (2020)”, “Pride and prejudice (2005)”, “Jane Eyre (2011)” and “Little women (2019)” and it was awesome!!!

Hope you are safe and healthy!!!! <3

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4:44 AM

7.5h of work today. 8h tomorrow.

Turns out I can drive in the UK after more than 12 months. I kept reading resident as citizen like you need to be a British citizen and shit like that. I just need to live there for 12 months and then exchange my license in like 5 years or so.

Have to pay like £43.

So that means I can drive with no restrictions. That’s good.

Got in touch with the accommodation and guarantor. They need to sort some things out but other than that everything is good. All I need to do is pay the installments.

Also started a bank account. They asked for salaries and tax and everything. I’m not paying taxes right now and have different salaries every month so I just gave an estimate.

Have to go and confirm everything in person in the next 90 days.

The first IKEA order is ready. Has all the stuff for the bed like pillows and everything.

Idk if I’m going to put the kitchen stuff with it as well. But would be good to have everything ready so I can just place the order a few days before I go.

Same with the SIM card. Gonna use this one for now and just change once I arrive.

Things are slowly coming together.

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Week 13- Questions

Mon - Are you usually early or late?

I’m always late. I don’t like being late but for some reason even when I’m trying to be early something happens and then I’m late.

Tue - How often do you people watch?

Hard to do this in quarantine but I think I do it often without making it weird of course. I’m always worried people are going to notice so I do it carefully. Now I sound creepy…

Wed - What’s your favorite drink?

I like coke and orange juice but my favourite study drink is cinnamon and apple tea.

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I love being invited to shit and my uni sending me emails like “d’you want to participate in this forum? are you a fucking commie? join us! Listen in on our professional-level bashing of our bullshit economic system!” caters to both my emotions and interests in a way nothing ever has and probably never will

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Diary Entry:

I am officially a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in English Language. My entire studying experience from the day I started school to now has been a rollercoaster ride. But I made it and I am very proud of myself for it. When I had a stroke at 7 years old, no one even knew if I would be able to continue with school the same as before. When I quit my A-Levels when I first took them, I thought that I had really messed up but in all honesty I just wasn’t ready. It wasn’t my time. When I went to do them the second time and a member of staff told me that they didn’t think I should study A-Levels because I ‘wasn’t good enough’ and that I wouldn’t be right for university. And being really burnt out in my final university year. It has been a hard journey but here I am. A Bachelor of Arts. 

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summer studying challenge - wednesday, july 15;

do you have a lot of work to do for school or university or your job this summer?

not really! everything i’m doing is for my own benefit haha. trying to land an internship or job this fall for credit since i’m not going back to school and it’s required for my major! i’ve applied to over 30 places, but the best part about virtual work is that i can do interviews in my comfy pajamas

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  • Being quiet is not a bad thing.
  • You don’t talk too much.
  • You’re not stupid for asking questions.
  • It is okay if you need a bit longer than others.
  • Other people are unorganized too.
  • Other people are also planning way too much.
  • Learning new things takes time.
  • You don’t have to be good at everything you do.
  • It is okay to be emotional.
  • And it is okay if you can’t seem to care.

Take a breath, or two. Take a minute, or five. Life can be scary, you can be brave! Do what brings you joy.

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About the Pictures: notes - then vs now. i really like the feeling of taking notes on paper. being rushed during class to get everything written down and then making it into something nice works well with handwritten notes either way, whether they’re on paper or digital. The pic of my history notes is four years old, so I’m incredibly sorry for the bad quality and lighting. it still hasn’t quite reached my brain that I’ve finished school so long ago.

Wednesday, 15th July -  Do you have a specific goal for this summer?

There are a few expectations I have for this summer, but no really specific goals. I would like to be able to hold a (very) easy conversation with someone in Norwegian and I hope for a good start into my master’s degree.

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