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100% Discount || Digishock 2.0: Learn Machine Learning in 2021 (No Coding)

100% Discount || Digishock 2.0: Learn Machine Learning in 2021 (No Coding)

Digishock 1.0 course from Udemy is a must in order to understand the tools better.
No other experience or technical knowledge is necessary.
A few cloud-based machine learning tools are taught in the course. Some may be free. Some may be paid. You can leverage whichever one you need according to your requirement.
We all know that Machine learning is the actual application…


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I’ve started planning My Hero website (I’ve chosen my family!) and in my website planning document I’ve said that the website will be responsive. But what does that even mean?


Well, straight off the bat, responsive design means that the website in question will work on any device and browser. The website responds to the device or browser accordingly. It knows that full screen on my laptop looks different to full screen on my phone.


Now that you know what responsive design is, let’s looks at how it’s created.

  • Use relative units (%, em) 
  • Define media queries 
  • Define breakpoints 


Alright, so we now know what responsive design is and we know how to do it, but why bother? Responsive web design is so important, and here’s why:

  1. It makes your website mobile-friendly, improves how it looks on big and small screen screens
  2. It increases how much time people are spending on your website
  3. It also helps in improving SEO


This YouTube video explain 10 top tips for responsive design very clearly.

This article from CatsWhoCode gives a more detailed breakdown on responsive design. Meow.

This handy interactive course on will make sure you become a pro. 

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Lessons I learnt from this week:

1. I can do a lot when I set my mind to.

2. My time-management has improved immensely. I value my time so much because its so precious and its a valuable commodity.  Hence this week I bought a 2021 year planner to assist with scheduling my work.

3. I’m disciplined and my work ethic has strengthened more.

4. Taking short regular breaks during long hours of studying its good for you. 

5. Sleep. Staying up being a Zombie won’t help, so listen to your body and get that beauty sleep.

6. Writing notes, revise.

7. Read booking, listening to Podcasts on this subject helped get a different perspective. 

8.  When I get stuck I simply asked questions. Just ask

9.  Persistence:  I had 7 Zoom meetings across this week, being persistent and focussing on studying while having a busy week - I can’t believe I made it.

10. Last but not least be compassionate with yourself. 


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Italian watchdog tells TikTok to block users whose ages can’t be verified

Italian watchdog tells TikTok to block users whose ages can’t be verified

Italy’s data privacy authority has ordered video sharing app TikTok to temporarily block the accounts of any users whose ages can’t be confirmed, Reuters reported. The order comes after the death of a 10-year-old girl in Palermo, whose parents told authorities their daughter was participating in a “blackout challenge” she saw on the app. The child died of asphyxiation, and authorities are…


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updated: roses smell like a bitch | lesson
so uh i altered it a little bit, made sure everything sticks and doesn’t just stay in one place so all windows should be gucchi
i only remember this vaguely
tryit editor | pastebin

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Facebook says ‘configuration change’ caused some users to be logged out unexpectedly

Facebook says ‘configuration change’ caused some users to be logged out unexpectedly

Facebook says some users were logged out of their accounts unexpectedly Friday due to a “configuration change,” and the issue has been fixed as of Saturday morning.
“On January 22, a configuration change caused some people to be logged out of their Facebook accounts. We investigated the issue and fixed it for everyone earlier today. We’re sorry for the inconvenience,” a Facebook company…


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Review: Tiger and the need to complicate the world we grew up in

Review: Tiger and the need to complicate the world we grew up in

The year is kicking off with what’s becoming a loose tradition: a documentary about a renowned ‘90s athlete that aims to shade in a more complete picture. This time around, it’s Tiger, a two-part HBO Sports documentary about golf superstar Tiger Woods. Like The Last Dance, which chronicled Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls while reflecting on his entire career, Tiger attempts…


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