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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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tenillearts: It’s official: I’ll see you in Nashville for #CMAfest in June 🙌 Come celebrate country music and summertime in the heart of Music City, all while supporting the @CMAFoundation’s mission to shape the next generation through music education. Find all ticket info at 💛

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So, for those of you who don’t know what I do for a living, I am in e-commerce. That started with dropshipping but now more focused on brands. I have a ton of stores and am constantly testing new products every day. For example; tonight I’m setting up 3 websites for 3 different products.

I gained my experience because before I was doing brand development. I started with social media marketing clients, then building websites, then building brands for people when I decided to venture out on my own because almost all my clients became 7 figure companies, with only my help. No advertising or PR. Just me.

I learned how to build websites when I was 15 on my own, never went to college for it. I picked up a css and html book and sat infront of the computer and learned how to code.

I’ve also done a few real estate flips and for the last few months I’ve been a little obsessed with trading stocks.

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Confessions of the Unrequited

I was always your sure thing

Hoping you’d realize i was your true thing

But nothing could fix that bitter taste you’d get when “i love you” rolled off your tongue

How you could no longer look me in my eyes

Touching me made you regurgitate every feeling you ever had for me..

you held nothing down for me

So i reached for my affections

Telling you to “drink this”

But this medicine would never help

Thinking something was wrong

But you were never sick

So then i realized

there is no cure for “unloving you”

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#lashtrainer #nala #eyelashextensions #lashtribe I bet a number of you lovely Lash Tribers will be excited for this week’s The Lash Tribe Show episode! We frequently receive emails and messages about this and Julia is glad that she will be able to share her experiences and knowledge about ….. “How to Become a Successful Lash Trainer” Julia shares her humble beginnings (how she started and how she got students into the door) and the importance of continuing education. Join the Lash Tribe Community : Do you have any questions on becoming a Lash Trainer? Email us at and take the Trainers Prerequisite Test here: ___________________________________________ To check out the podcast, click here: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: ⁣Visit to find all the Lash Tribe links and a FREEBIE! by Julia Mann

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By WinteRey


“Let’s just start!” Hinata shouted loudly, blocking the snickering. He glared at the phone screen in his hands. “First question! Where and when did you first meet?”

“The toilet,” came Kageyama’s deadpan response, completely serious and somewhat resigned.

Sequel to ‘No Retakes!’, in which Kagehina does the Boyfriend Q&A tag to answer everyone’s questions about their relationship … and proceeds to argue on every single one of them.

Fandom: Haikyuu!! | Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 7,530 | Published: Oct 19, 2020 | Status: Complete

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tenillearts: #TBT to last year’s @TNSteeplechase! I absolutely can’t wait to perform again this year on Saturday, 5/11, all to benefit @TeenCancerAmerica. Dust off your hats & get your tickets to join us for a day of live music & horse racing now: link in story. 🐎👒

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