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prokopetz · 9 hours ago
"Tumblr is a bad platform for content creators” frankly, content around here isn’t so much created as perpetrated. We commit content.
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hldailyupdate · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love On Tour: New York City, Night 3. (16 October 2021)
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sinnabonka · 23 hours ago
Just a reminder that unfollowing people is self care. Same as blocking them. Plus filtering the triggering content.
It’s okay to have an opinion, it’s not okay to force other people into adopting or even accepting it. We are free to disagree.
Angry? Do something beautiful out of spite: donate, create, spread some good vibes.
You chose what you multiply.
Just remember to make your dash a safer place first.
If not you, who’s gonna take care of you? Definitely not a random person you follow for reasons you don’t even remember anymore, and definitely not the big popular blog with thousands of notes on every post.
Take care of you. And if you have any juice left, share your kindness.
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tomhollandfics · 2 days ago
Social Media Fics
In The Dark (Series) - @venomsilk
life is good—the hit netflix show you star in has been picked up for one final season right after its third’s aired and you’ve made friends for life in your cast-mates - when a certain beloved spider-man actor mentions your name in an interview, you’re certain your luck couldn’t get any better - until he starts dating one of your best friends
Revenge Is Sweet (Series) - @t-lostinworlds
to put things not so simply, if your boyfriend cheated on you with his girlfriend, who cheated on him with your boyfriend, would that make you friends? or maybe…something more?
Posts - @cherrycheridarling
a little something where it just shows tom's posts on instagram about you
I'm Doing Good, I'm On Some New Shit (Series) - @holland24-7
one where y/n and tom dated but broke up and she’s finally moving on after months of suffering
Crush - @holland24-7
you have a huge crush with your favourite actor tom holland and decide to make it public, what’s the worst that could happen?
Reckless - @isimpoveryou
tom is with zendaya and y/n makes a new single “reckless”
Honeymoon - @isimpoveryou
it’s like their honeymoon or maybe going public and they post cute pics
When World's Collide (Series) - @ptersmj
you’re on tour, he’s a fan with connections
Bad Ones (Series) - @spideymix
why do you always fall for the bad ones? the ones who always make you sad? well that’s what you did, and it ended up with heartbreak - the person you thought was the one, didn’t think the same - what happens when you write an album about your experience? could it lead to even more of a problem or maybe a happy ending?
Happier (Series) - @bradtomlovesya
frat!tom is in love with his best friend's girlfriend but he tries to hide it and bite his tongue every time he cheats on you - tom wish that he could tell you the truth, that you would be happier with him
"And Action" (Series) - @perspectiive
in which y/n hadid is in a romcom with her cheating ex boyfriend
Show Some Love - @spacebarnes
an insight into tom's posts about you
Sold To The Devil (Series) - @housepartyprotocol
when your friend makes a deal with the devil for his own means - what will happen when he pays you in return, what will uncover about your true nature?
Screenshots Of Love (Series) - @housepartyprotocol
you are a famous actress and tom holland’s massive crush - what happens when his brothers get sick of it and take it in their owns hands
Instagram Posts - @housepartyprotocol
a little compilation of instagram posts shows tom holland’s love for you
Secret Fashion Show - @housepartyprotocol
tom flaunting his girlfriend as she opens the victoria secret fashion show
Driver's License - @petersasteria
based on this fic
You Know You Love Me - @hollandsvogue
gossip girl social media au that will follow the lives of tom holland and co. and the life of you as you travel through ups and downs of high school and deal with the scandals and rumours being spread by an anonymous blogger and will you grow to love or hate the one and only tom holland
Announcing Your Relationship - @uhholiveish
you and tom announce your relationship to the world
Social Media Masterlists
@farfromtommy - here
@fandomtrashwhore - here
@tom-softie - here
@parkersharthook - here
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notneverunless · 2 days ago
The philistinism of social media platforms is shamelessly killing culture and free expression. I dread this extending to our galleries, our books, libraries, histories, art, our minds.
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wetookanoath · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
wearewatcher: This is a sign to go watch the latest episode of Are You Scared?
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fruitcoops · 11 hours ago
Hey Eve! Here's an example for the fic I mentioned!
What a chaotic trio oh my goodness. This fic was definitely a reminder of why I don't stop and start fics, because it remained in my 'unfinished' folder for a month! Yikes! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove, and I hope you enjoy!
“Are you sure you want us to do this?” James asked as the video began.
Marlene quirked an eyebrow. “Have you got something to hide?”
He turned to the camera with a bright smile instead of answering. “Hey, everyone, I’m James Potter and I’m here with some of my teammates to show all of you the last things on our phones.”
“Teammates,” Sirius muttered.
“We play for the same team! Team-mate! It explains itself!”
“I’m the fucking godfather of your child!”
“Moving on!” Leo interrupted. “Any volunteers for who’s going first?”
Dead silence followed before Talker shook his head. “Guess that’s me.”
#1: What’s the Last Picture on Your Camera Roll?
“The last picture in my camera roll…” He chewed his upper lip for a moment while he opened his phone, then snorted and turned it around. In the photo, Finn and Remus were leaning over a model volcano with identical expressions of confusion. “This is the second-to-last one.”
“There’s another one?” James asked eagerly.
Talker swiped sideways with a grin. Finn and Remus stayed in the same position, though their faces were hardly visible through the mess of foam lava; all four men burst out laughing. “Look at these idiots.”
“Aren’t they the ones who built that?” Sirius asked incredulously.
“Yeah, and it wasn’t working at first because the baking soda was old.” Leo wiped the heel of his hand under his eye to dry his tears of mirth. “Then they added double the stuff and it worked way too well. Jesus Christ, Finn was convinced he blinded himself on accident.”
Talker shook his head. “Alright, Pots, you’re up.”
“This is going to shock you guys,” James warned. “But I actually have a child that you might not have heard about. His name is Harry, he’s just over a year old—”
“Here we go,” Talker murmured.
“—and he’s fucking adorable.” All three men looked away while James presented the photo. Harry was cradled in Lily’s arms, reaching out toward the cameraman with a gaptoothed smile. “Isn’t he cute? Love that kid.”
Sirius kneaded the bridge of his nose. “If you had to give a rough estimate of how many pictures you have of that baby…”
“Easily into the thousands,” James answered immediately. “Easily. And you have no ground to stand on because I bet every dollar in my wallet the last picture on your camera roll is your fiancé.”
“First of all, I hate you,” Sirius said. “Second of all, you’re correct.”
“Called it,” Leo snorted.
“It’s not a flattering picture, though.”
“Your point?”
Sirius held out his phone, pressing his lips together to conceal his laughter as the other three broke down. Remus was passed out cold on the couch—one side of his face was squished against the armrest and his mouth was mostly open, with one arm dangling onto the floor. “The post-game crash knocked him the fuck out.”
“We’ve all been there,” Leo said through his snickering. “We’ve all—shit, was he even breathing?”
“Loudly,” Sirius confirmed. “Very, very loudly. Batter up, rookie.”
“I think mine’s pretty boring,” he said as he opened his phone and swiped through. “The last one on my camera roll…yeah, it’s just a screenshot of a meme from Instagram.”
“Wait, wait, let me see that,” Talker said; he reached over and Leo leaned away, only for his phone to be plucked away by James, who immediately dissolved into cackling. “Does that say what I thought it said?”
“Yeah,” James wheezed. “Knutty, c’mon, you’ve gotta read it out loud.”
Leo snatched his phone back and narrowed his eyes. “None of you are allowed to laugh.”
“Way too late for that, bud.”
He heaved a deep sigh before looking down at the screen. “How to Eat Pain au Chocolat without Thinking About Getting—censored—by a French Canadian.”
The entire studio erupted into laughter and his face went beet red; Sirius hid his face in the crook of his elbow as James and Talker clutched their stomachs. “Please—” Sirius paused for a moment, breathless. “Please send that to Remus—mon dieu.”
“I did!” Leo defended. “That’s the whole reason I screenshotted it!”
#2: What’s the Last Thing You Searched?
“The last thing I searched was ‘123movies’,” Leo said when the title card disappeared in a pop of confetti. All four men were quite a bit calmer than before. “There are too many different streaming services and none of them have The Corpse Bride, which is a criminal offense.”
“Are there a lot more hot singles in your area than you previously believed?” James asked sympathetically.
“No, because I use ad blockers like a normal person.”
“Okay, goody two shoes,” he scoffed. Leo gave him a look of disbelief, but he paid it no mind. “My last search was ‘is veal pig’. Turns out, the answer is no.”
Sirius stared at him for a long moment. “Pig is pork, Jamie.”
“But it’s also bacon. Meat has weird names.”
“How are you still alive?”
“Hell if I know,” James laughed. “Okay, Talkie, spill the beans.”
“I’m so boring,” Talker complained. “‘Distance Gryff stadium to airport’.”
“You didn’t use Google maps?” Leo asked at the same time Sirius said, “you don’t know the way?”
“It was five am!” he protested. “Give me a break! And come on, Cap, there’s no way yours is more exciting than that.”
Sirius rolled his eyes, though his cheeks turned a light pink as he read. “‘Engagement ring Gryffindor’.”
“Awww,” the other three cooed, far louder than necessary.
“Shut up.”
#3: What was your last text?
“The lovely Lily Potter sent me a very sweet and romantic message when I got here,” James said with a proud smile. “It says ‘please don’t share any sexts on camera’. Love you, honey!”
“Aw, she has so much faith in you,” Leo laughed. “Uh, mine is from Finn and it says ‘his little legs aren’t built for distance’, in reference to a video of a pallas cat that reminded us of Logan. We’re in the process of constructing a Tremzy moodboard for the groupchat.”
Talker shook his head. “My youngest sister sent me sixteen tiktoks in a 45-minute period, so the text I sent in return was ‘did you sleep’. I should probably add that those 45 minutes were between one and two am.”
“Ye olde days of staying up past midnight,” Sirius sighed. “My last text was to my father-in-law, Lyall Lupin, because he sent the family groupchat a video of a preying mantis he found while was at work. I responded ‘very cool!’ and got a heart emoji from Hope.”
James crossed his legs and leaned around Leo to look at him. “You have a family groupchat with Loops’ parents?”
“To be honest, I didn’t have much of a choice.”
“That is so domestic,” Leo snorted.
“Okay, making a moodboard of a random cat for my boyfriend.”
“At least I don’t text his dad!”
#4: How many alarms do you have set?
“Three,” Sirius said. “One at 7:30 am, one at 8 am, and one at 8:30 am.”
James frowned. “Don’t you nap, like, all the time?”
“If I make a nap timer I delete it when I’m done.”
“Well, I have 45,” Talker said, tilting his phone toward the camera. “Because I take naps all the time and don’t delete them because I’m not a neat freak.”
Leo held his phone out as well with slight embarrassment. “I have seven, and they’re all two minutes apart because I always hit the snooze button when it’s time to get up and both my boys are terrible about remembering to set their alarms. 7:30 am, 7:32, 7:34, etcetera etcetera.”
“I have ten alarms for before 8:30 am, and then one at 2 pm and one at 4 pm,” James said with half a laugh. “The struggles of being a parent.”
Sirius bit back a grin and rested his chin on his hand. “You’re a parent? Really?”
“I never would have guessed,” Leo agreed.
Talker gasped; his eyes widened in comical disbelief. “Pots, you have a child?”
#5: What’s your most frequently used emoji?
“That would be…” James trailed off and narrowed his eyes at the screen. “It’s the little double heart because that’s Lily’s favorite, but the last one I used was the sunshine.”
“Mine is a heart, too,” Sirius said. “Just the basic red one, though.”
“You two are horribly in love,” Leo said drily, though a smile ticked at the corners of his mouth. “Mine’s the sparkles.”
“Why not? Sometimes words need jazz hands, Pots.”
Talker looked between them and raised his eyebrows. “You are all so basic. Mine is the mouse emoji.”
They turned to him with identical expressions of bewilderment. “Dare I ask why?” Sirius ventured.
“Oh, please, like I’d tell you.” Talker winked once before turning his phone off and sliding it into his pocket with a self-satisfied smile. “Some secrets just aren’t meant to be shared.”
“Mouse infestation,” Leo guessed.
“Disney obsession?” Sirius tried.
“Not even close.”
James bit his lip. “Inside joke with Noelle.”
Talker held up a hand for a high-five and James enthusiastically responded with a whoop of triumph. “I’m not telling you what it is, though.”
“Yeah, I figured.”
“Thanks for joining us today, Lions, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more content,” Sirius said with a smile to the camera. “If anyone has guesses on what the inside joke between Thomas Walker and his girlfriend might be, feel free to drop them into the comments or email Lion Pride.”
“Still not telling you,” Talker laughed.
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allelitewrestlings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
credit: monstercustom_figz on Instagram
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mysharona1987 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hldailyupdate · a day ago
Tumblr media
Louis talking to a fan recently! (16 October 2021)
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insomniac-arrest · 6 months ago
Tumblr truly is the town square where peasants gather to celebrate when bad things happen to the nobility
the Suez Canal gets blocked and loses billionaires thousands in trade money?
Tumblr media
the (British) queen’s evil boytoy finally dies at the age of 99?
Tumblr media
Reddit users make hedge fund managers lose tons of money through Gamestop Stonks? 
Tumblr media
say what you will about this place but I almost never see anyone posting about “how you shouldn’t celebrate anyone’s death, ever.” Like, did you meet Margaret Thatcher? lmao
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simonsnowsfreckles · 10 months ago
unpopular opinion: sometimes... fandom isn't that important. sometimes fandom isn't "that deep" to someone. sometimes people don't interact within the fandom and like to watch from afar. sometimes people just want to look at cool art or read cool fanfics, and that's it.
let's normalize fandom being a hobby or an interest and not a lifestyle. normalize taking a step back, taking time off and disconnecting from fandom without feeling bad. it's okay and healthy to prioritize yourself over media instead of consuming it 24/7. it's okay to set boundaries and enjoy something the way you need.
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fixyourwritinghabits · 3 months ago
I know it’s late, but like... people know 99% of authors don’t have social media handlers, right? That most small time creators, artists, Youtubers, and TikTokers are both obligated to stay on social media for their livelihoods and also don’t have any barrier between them and people being shitty just for the hell of it?
And I feel like we all know that, or at least should know that, and that what happened to Tess Sharpe is an outlier, but I also see authors get tagged in negative reviews all the time. I see YouTubers get pulled into drama that had nothing to do with them, because someone parasocially decided they had to be involved.
And there are consequences. People leave social media, they shut down access to their work. Tess Sharpe is no longer going to have anything to do with a book she wrote, a book a lot of people liked, because a small group of people refused to admit what they were doing was wrong.
And man, I don’t know how to convey that a conversation or a debate stops being so once you start deliberating triggering someone. You can’t reason with an organized internet harassment campaign, so what do you do?
I don’t know the answer to this. I don’t think anyone does. But if someone’s being shitty to you and they’ve crossed that line, you gotta get out of that situation. Lock your stuff down, reach out to others for help if you need it, block what you can and have a friend take over if you must. Don’t sit there and suffer, you don’t deserve it.
And stay off twitter, probably.
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