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My favorite Triple Threat dynamic is that one of them will get into shenanigans and the other two will have to bail them out, but the one who causes the trouble changes.

When Henry starts shit, it’s usually petty and dumb, but not always illegal. He’ll do things like write swear words on the cafeteria white board on base, or pour chili powder into someone’s mild sauce. Sometimes he decides to do something illegal at the last second just to watch the other two gasp in shock. He once stirred a bit of toothpaste into a glass of orange juice, but Ellie dumped it out before anyone could drink it (thank god).

When Ellie starts shit, it’s reckless and often illegal, ranging from open mockery to crude graffiti to minor arson. She’s the type of person who loves to teach bad words to kids, and she always leaves a fake ticket on her car so she can park in red zones without punishment. She once tried to steal a car, but Charles got her out of that at the last second.

When Charles starts shit, it’s not illegal, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever a good idea. He’ll do things like make a smoothie with coffee and doritos, or make fake spiders and cover the floor with soapy water just to see what will happen. One time, he poured salt instead of sugar into his coffee out of sheer curiosity, which, sure, isn’t illegal…but what the hell? Very much innocent “boys will be boys” energy.

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wow…okay this is a lot to unpack

uh well for one…I have ADHD

and this isn’t about people with DID? people with DID are fully welcome on this blog. but if they’re terrible people they aren’t. full stop (terrible people also means adult children who ducking DDOS people online for NOt bEinG niCE)

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My favourite thing is when I make a shitpost that’s transparently riffing on some specific bit of literature or folklore, and a bunch of folks pop up in the notes going “wow, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of [that exact bit of literature or folklore]”.

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“Fear not, for neither man nor woman, neither–”

“Okay, let me stop you right there. Nobody ever lists the things that aren’t going to kill you unless they’re trying to hide a loophole.”

“I’m not sure I understand.“

“Bullshit. You’ve totally foreseen what’s going to kill me.“

“… not necessarily.”

“You haven’t necessarily seen what’s going to kill me, or what you’ve seen isn’t necessarily going to kill me?“

“You know, you are just sucking all the fun out of this.“

“Truly, I weep for you.“

“Okay, fine. A duck. You die because of a duck. Happy?“

“You’re serious.”

“I literally can’t lie. Why do you think I do the ‘neither man nor woman’ routine in the first place?”

“Well, of all the undignified– wait. Noun or verb?“

“Oh, you’re good.”

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tip of the day: to exorcise someone or something from your head you need to do irrational things…do not mind tho..just do them…scream at the top of your lungs, curse, curse from the bottom of your soul even if u don’t really mean it , run, drive fast, get out of your comfort zone , curse again , love yourself , laugh your head off. These will help you be relived, calm, cool and eventually exorcise what’s been haunting you.

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Originally posted by jarpadandjensens

*Not My GIF* 

Paring: Jensen Ackles x Reader 

Pov: Jensen Ackles  

Rating: Adult Mature 

Warnings: Sexy Jensen, Green eyes addiction. Swearing, self-image problems, 

Summary: Jensen had never really liked his bright green eyes, but that ended after he met his new personal assistant on the Supernatural Set. Her green eyes grabbing his attention immediately, maybe he did like his green eyes afterall.  

Word Count : 1,653

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It’s kinda getting my goat whenever I bring up 1990s urban fantasy and everybody’s like “oh, you mean Charles de Lint”.

No, I don’t mean Charles de Lint. de Lint’s a fine author, but it kills me how a lot of people act like he was the only notable voice in the genre.

Like, what about Margaret Ball? Holly Lisle? Jody Lynn Nye? Elizabeth Scarborough? Carole Nelson Douglas? Tanya Huff? Hell, Mercedes fucking Lackey?

Are we just giving de Lint all the credit because he’s like the one dude who managed to make a name for himself in the genre, or what?

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