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#jonathan sims

okay, guys, imagine jon reading statements for 36 hours, y’know, as usual, and he notices that his vision’s kinda blurry and his eyes hurt. so he rubs them and says “guess i need reading glasses” and then martin is kneeling near him and smoothly sliding his own glasses on jon and maybe while he’s at it tucks away a stray hair too and says, in his sweet, caring voice “so, how is it?” and that’s the statement of how jonathan sims dies from overloaded gay feelings

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So I’m reading a fic where Not-Tea essentially become Jon and Martin’s new pet and now I’m just imagining all the avatars getting what essentially boils down to eldritch familiars

Jon and Martin have Not-Tea

Maybe Jude Perry had something from the Buried because when she goes full arsonist it turns into a shambling pile of magma or whatever and that’s dope

Georgie and Melanie have been trying to keep the Admiral from the Unknown thing hiding behind their fridge but he is cat and cat do what cat want

You know that text post that’s like ‘massive eye that floats menacingly in my kitchen: [eye emoji]’? Yeah that one belongs to a Lukas because fuck them in particular

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US tma au where an election is taking place and the following are true:

• Everyone is human.

• Nobody dies (except maybe of embarrassment).

• The incumbent president is Jurgen Leitner, and his vp is Mary Keay. Leitner lost the public’s favor because his “relaxed” (nonexistent) rules about access to the national library had…consequences. Mary very much wants to be president & is secretly trying to figure out a way to poison Leitner/pin the blame in on someone else.

• Daisy is the head of the Secret Service. She is constantly watching Mary, and every week she has to thwart at least 10 other attempts at assassinating Leitner.

• Gertrude Robinson is the Democratic nominee, and she’s chosen Eric Delano as her potential vp. She appeals to people who are tired of the government not taking action, promising to get shit done and make the world better at any cost.

• Elias Bouchard is the Republican nominee, and he’s chosen Peter Lukas as his potential VP. They’re constantly involved in a very obvious power struggle. Martin is Elias’ (long-suffering) assistant/campaign manager.

• Jon is a reporter assigned to covering Elias’ campaign. Sasha, who works for the same news station, is assigned to covering Gertrude’s campaign.

• Gertrude’s assistants are Michael and Gerry (*cue awkward flirting on the campaign trail*). Her campaign manager is Basira.

• The public absolutely adores Michael, who is usually the member of the campaign to speak to the press.

• Gerry HATES politics. Michael is very idealistic. Through their conversations, Gerry is able to find some positivity in the situation he’s found himself in, and Michael in turn develops a healthy level of skepticism.

• A photograph of one of Gertrude’s rallies (taken by Tim Stoker, a talented photographer and notable member of the paparazzi) shows Michael kissing Gerry on the cheek in the background. It makes the national news. Elias is incensed.

• Simon Fairchild is running as the candidate for the Libertarian party, and Mike Crew is his campaign manager. He’s talked Nathaniel Lukas into running as his potential vp. At one point, Gertrude and Elias actually get concerned about the amount of support he seems to be getting.

• Melanie King and Georgie Barker are news anchors.

• Helen is a reporter tasked with covering events at the White House.

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this was originally going to be part of a bigger thing that i ended up scrapping, but jon looked too good with a beret so i had to keep him!! in my mind this is the outfit he wore on his way to ny-ålesund

[ID: Two identical drawings of Jon Sims against two different backgrounds.  Jon is a thin, Brown man with straight hair reaching down to his middle back.  It is dark with streaks of gray.  He has a thin mustache and beard, pockmarked worm scars, a slash across the neck, and pierced ears.  He’s wearing a maroon turtleneck and matching beret.  He looks towards the viewer with a solemn expression.  The first image features a dark green background with lighter green slashed across the top, slanting down to the right.  The second is a burnt orange with the lighter shade on the bottom, slanting up and to the right.]

ID by the wonderful @milesnsmiles!!

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chapter six: high and dry

Chapters: 6/8
Words: 9.8k
Warnings: Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, severe dissociation
Characters: Gerard Keay, Jonathan Sims, Jon’s Nana
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Childhood Friends

Chapter Summary:

“Okay, so something else.” Jon sounds remarkably calm for a moment, even speaking through his own tears. “Run away again, but better this time. Pack more than three sandwiches, and warmer clothes. I have a big luggage bag from our last trip to Israel, I’ll—”

“Don’t,” Gerry interrupts. “It won’t work.”

“—I’ll come, too, and that way I don’t have to go to school and you don’t have to go home. We could find—”


“—with no monsters, a-and it won’t matter that we don’t have parents because—”



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Chapters: 1/1
Rating: M
Words: 7k

Warnings: Canon-typical violence/injury/unreality, severe dissociation, identity issues

Characters: Tim Stoker, Jonathan Sims, Martin Blackwood, Georgie Barker, Melanie King, Basira Hussain, Alice “Daisy” Tonner (mentioned), Elias Bouchard (mentioned)

Additional Tags: End!Tim, Ghost!Tim, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canonical Character Death, Non-Canonical Character Undeath, Angst, Fluff, for a bit at the beginning anyway, RtD-Typical Abstract Bullshit, Post-MAG160

Part 11/11 of the Road to Damascus series 


Basira paused in the middle of some thousandth email she was replying to. “Do you think you could tell where Magnus is now?”

Chin in hand, Tim took a moment to think. “I might be able to, but I wasn’t really around him enough after all this happened to get a proper lock on what he feels like. Even then, it depends on how far he is — the only ones I can hold onto across long distances are Jon, Martin and you.”

Or, in which when becomes soon becomes now, and the End is here.

 Read it here!

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I got to ep152 (A Gravedigger’s Envy) in my relisten last night, and at the end when Jon is talking to Helen in the tunnels, he says, “How much of our willpower is just safety? Comfort, by another name.”

Tying that to the s5 trailer and the statement of, “We can’t trust comfort,” what he’s saying is that they can’t trust their own willpower. That something made Martin forget there was no tea left in the house. That the certainty of knowing a decision is yours and yours alone is… gone.

He feels that he has no willpower left over himself— and whatever he does still have, he cannot trust. He is a conduit for the Beholding’s sight, and that is all he is, now. It shouldn’t feel right; he wouldn’t choose for it to feel right. He wishes it felt horrible. But there are no more choices to makes. It’s over, and there is no such thing as comfort in the aftermath.

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