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justlgbtthings · 2 days ago
LGBTQ simple flag wallpapers
part 2
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lesbian | gay | bi
trans | lgbtq | pan
ace | aro | nonbinary
please reblog if saving! accepting requests in the notes
here’s my p.aypal if you’d like to donate :)
plain versions here
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lgballt · 2 days ago
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just-an-aspec-duck · a day ago
aromantic and asexual flags wallpaper I did for myself
sharing just in case someone else wanna use it idk
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celepom · 2 days ago
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Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, not a lack of libido. If you would like to support the artist on other platforms, check out their Carrd
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 2 days ago
You can change your labels as often as you want and for any reason.
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whywoulditho · 2 days ago
what people dont understand about asexuality is that asexuals can get horny. we can. we do. maybe not all of us but we do. and that doesn’t make us any less asexual because asexuality isn't about sex drive, it's about sexual attraction. imagine you're kinda thirsty and there's a mud puddle in front of you. do you wanna drink it? yeah, it's like that
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asexual-musings · a day ago
your life will get 1000% better once you start looking at relationships & sex as optional things instead of a required part of being human
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i-love-you-very-much · 22 hours ago
Hey if you're "neutral" on ace and/or aro discourse, i'm "neutral" on people swinging a chainsaw wildly and violently in your direction. Neutrality sides with the oppressor
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ahhh, absolutely do not be sorry my lovely @halinski! here's another version for you! and for any other ace!stiles fans out there 🖤🤍💜
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acespec-ed · a day ago
I’ve seen a good amount of posts about how we shouldn’t be saying stuff like “even though we’re ace, we can still feel romantic love” and “even though we’re aro, we can still love our friends” and “aces can still have sex” and “aros can still be in relationships.” Because it ignores aspecs who don't, and makes it look like we have to make up for our lack of attraction. And those posts are right. We need to cut that out.
But it’s absolute bullshit people felt a need to say it to begin with.
The whole “but we can still looovveeee” line some of us have been using is often said out of defense. Because alloallos look down on us with pity, or think there’s something seriously wrong with us. And we feel like we have to prove ourselves to them.
When you’ve got people saying stuff like, “that’s a shame,” “you’re missing out,” “something’s wrong with you,” “so you’re incapable of love?” to aces and aros, the ace and/or aro in question is going to defend themselves out of instinct. We don’t want to be pitied for our identity. We don’t want people thinking something is wrong with us. So we go with the first line of defense, not thinking about how the words affect the aces and aros who don’t feel romantic/sexual/platonic attraction. Who don’t do sex/relationships.
We should obviously stop with the “but we can still ___!!!” crap. But that’s just... that one picture of a bandaid stuck over a large crack in the ground. It’s good to stop saying that, but there’s an underlying problem that made it such a common thing to say. One I’ve yet to see any posts about.
That problem lies with alloallos being so stuck in allonormativity and amatonormativity, their brains break when they learn about our existence. They literally cannot understand how anyone can happily go without sex and/or romance. There is so much emphasis on sex and romance, that an alloallo’s entire worldview is challenged by our existence. And some of them don’t like that. Some of them can’t comprehend us. They think something is seriously wrong with us. They see us as inferior, or childish. All because some of us have no interest in sex and/or romance. It makes some of us feel like we have to prove ourselves “normal.” And we shouldn’t have to! 
We all need representation. We all need awareness. We all need understanding. Alloro aces, aro allos, aroaces, apl aroaces, loveless aros, etc. All of us need that. Unfortunately, we’re not getting that. Instead, we get pity for “missing out,” or be advised to see a therapist, or have to respond to misconceptions. If we had that representation, awareness, and understanding, we wouldn’t have to justify ourselves to alloallos. We wouldn’t be saying, “we're not that different from you we can still ____!!!” Instead, alloallos would know some people aren’t into sex and/or romance. They’d react as though we said we don’t like videogames. They’d see nothing wrong with us. We wouldn’t have to jump to defense. No aspec would be thrown under the bus. Everyone is happy.
But apparently that’s too much to ask for. So what should we do instead?
I say, dump defending ourselves. Dump trying to prove ourselves “normal” to alloallos. If an alloallo can’t wrap their head around an adult being happy without sex and/or romance, then that’s their problem. And we're not required to fix it.
(Or, if the alloallo is actually making effort to understand, we can explain the concept of apl aroaces/loveless aros alongside the fact that some aces can feel romantic attraction, and some aros can feel platonic attraction. That some aces/aros are open to sex/relationships, and some aren’t. It’ll validate all of us and the alloallo would have learned something new. That would be the ideal but the real world isn’t always ideal so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
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justlgbtthings · a day ago
Please help a queer, disabled and lower class family afford our dog’s medical expenses
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Tumblr media
So I never thought I’d have to do this, but my family and I really need help. My sister’s dog, Rex, recently got very sick, and so we took him to the emergency vet to get checked out, but the total expenses for the first trip including medication, special diet, labs, and scans, was about $570 USD. if that wasn’t enough, he started to have new health issues today, so we took him back and had to have more testing done with more medication. This has put the cost well over $1,000, and has spent up practically the entirety of my dad’s last paycheck. With the holidays coming up and the bank loans we’ve already taken out on our house, we simply can’t afford both this and our regular bills, since this must be paid out of pocket.
So I’m asking anyone here to spread this and, if possible, donate to our GoFundMe. Im not asking for 1,000 dollars, just a portion of the total. But please, help us.
I make digital art if you’d like to compensate me for that as well. (you can find this by searching “lgbt art” in the upper right corner of my blog.)
this is my paypal if you’d like to donate this way
If you can’t donate, I completely understand, we’re all strapped for cash. But if nothing else, please give this a reblog. If you don’t want to reblog this, please don’t like it. It’s better to gauge this post’s notes by how many shares it has.
Please, don’t scroll away.
If you don’t want to donate or think I’m lying, please just move on. Don’t spread negativity here, I’m already stressed enough as is.
GFM: $395
paypal: $25
thank you K.W. for your donation and sweet note! it’s very much appreciated <3
Some more information about me and my family:
I’m an autistic, ADHD, mentally ill 18 year old doing full-time college with no time for a job. I’m already in debt due to student loans, and I’m a queer, asexual lesbian with a muscle and joint disability.
My sister is an ADHD nonbinary asexual aro-spec lesbian who is also physically disabled (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), and is in high school.
I have a younger brother who is 15 and has possible ADHD and who is too young to work, my mom is a stay-at-home mother who dedicates all of her time to making sure we’re happy and healthy, and my father is a disabled mechanic (hand amputee) and is our sole source of income.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
I thought some people could use a positive story, so here is one for you. I never actually came out to my family, because I don't feel the need to tell them about anything regarding sexual attraction and I don't feel like explaining the difference between sexual and romantic. But I think my mom understood without me telling her explicitely. I think she knew before me, actually. After my last break-up, last year, the first thing she told me was "I knew something was off" (she never met the guy fyi so she was clearly talking about my side of the relationship), "I don't think you're ever fallen in love with anyone". Just that. No "yet", like so many others would have. I was starting to question at the time so I just said "maybe I can't" and her only answer was "Yeah, maybe". She didn't try to make me believe it was just post-breakup feelings, or that I hadn't found the right person. She just accepted what I said. Now I've always wanted children, ever since I was little, she even has a quote of me saying "I want children but apparently I'll need a boyfriend for that because hens lay eggs but need a rooster sleeping besides them" (which is the most aromantic child quote I've even seen tbh). So when I said I didn't want to date anyone anymore, she immediately thought of that. She had a few times when she told me that it would maybe be hard on me to be alone, that it's good to have someone, but I didn't feel it. I don't know if it's linked, if she knew the flag, if she looked it up or if it's just a coincidence but a few weeks ago, I went to see her and I had the ace flag as nail polish. She didn't comment on it though, but the week after that, we were talking about children and she told me "If you want to have children by yourself you can do this" and started listing options. I listened for a little while, and then it hit me. She had just understood, no more questions asked, that I was not into romantic relationships, that I didn't want a second parent to have children with. And she moved on to the way I could still be who I wanted, still have kids, without having to force myself into something that was not for me. And I love her so much for it.
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 14 hours ago
A QPR can be whatever you and the person/people you're in a QPR with want it to be.
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hearing my fellow queer peers in the hallways yell about how proud they are to be trans
hearing a guy scream outside to the buses, "Queer!" and 'nother dude turn around and yell back, "I heard you called my name!?"
hearing kids say in class, openly, how gay there are
hearing beautiful disaster bis talking with beautiful disaster pans talking with beautiful disaster lesbians
hearing those few teachers that I wished there were more of use they/them pronouns, neopronouns, asking for preferred names, and then zipping their mouth shut when the non-supportive parents conference with them
hearing those few, and amazing Ally cishets calling out homophobia, transphobia when it's prevalent
hearing snatches and whispers of open discussion about gender and hearing one of the people in the conversation say, "wait.. that's what that means? that's what that feels like?.. I... I.. woah."
hearing people ramble about this set of pronouns, and that gender neutral, or feminine, or masculine name and saying, "I just find them neat."
hearing aces at lunch talk about what relationships mean to them, hearing people talking about their complex romantic attraction, hearing about polyamory in a fascinated way
always when the hallways are bustling where you can yell about how happy you are with being queer and you can slip away. always in the shouting, bedlam of the cafeteria where you're with friends with people that are queer like you, and those sitting by that aren't don't really care to tune in
seeing rainbow pins on shirts or backpacks. seeing "Human Rights" masks in rainbow or trans flag colors
seeing drawings and paintings from art club on the wall colored and shaded with identity flags
seeing rings that symbolize different identities from where it's placed on your hand
brave peers giving hope to random strangers who are queer or questioning, that they're not alone.
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