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I need help. Why am I asking tumblr? Cause I’ve been on hold for 2 hours and my anxiety is fuckin hurting me.

I went to the bank and accidentally put my check in the machine without signing like the fuckin idiot I am. The machine said error. I got a receipt that had a phone number. I asked the bank people. They said to call the number. I just want to know if I’ll have my money eventually. I need to pay rent. Im stressed out worried that my money wont deposit. The check and checking accout is in my name. Someone please help me. Any information you know. Anything.

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Queerantine is a project to foster a feeling of support and community for queer folk during quarantine by giving them a chance to collaborate and share their artwork and voices!

We’ll be publishing digital zines throughout quarantine featuring art, writing, comics,  resources, queer activism, diy and how to’s, recommendations for queer media to pass the time, and more!

If you would like to contribute, have any ideas, want to read the zine, or just want to hangout and meet more queer people join our discord!!!

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People are always telling asexuals that we aren’t “oppressed enough” to be part of the LGBTQIA+. They then proceed to tell us these things, which disgusts me to the core. We may not have as much stress coming out or be murdered as often, but we still face discrimination. People have sexually assaulted us and sent us to conversion therapy just for not being sexually attracted to anybody. The community that is supposed to accept us because we’re different has turned the cold shoulder on us. We aren’t represented in the media, unless it’s as an emotionless being. We need to stand up and raise awareness about this, because it isn’t right. We are just as valid as any other sexuality.

I strive for a world where straights, gays, bis, pans, aces, aros, etc can stand together without discrimination or prejudice. Step by step, we can create a better world. We can remove the bigotry surrounding all of us. As a Christian myself, I deeply apologize for the discrimination that ‘members’ of my religious group have imposed on you. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive my family as well.

To close off, we should all be treated equally. We need to fight for this, because it won’t just come freely. Keep being yourselves. Thank you.

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Now I hate frollo as much as the next girl but isn’t hellfire kind of a lesbian mood?

Think about it

“I feel her, I see her

The sun caught in her raven hair

Is blazing in me

Out of all control”

“This burning


Is turning me to sin”

“Then tell me, Maria

Why I see her dancing there

Why her smold'ring eyes

Still scorch my soul”

Idk man kinda gay

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