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What goes through the mind of people who go out of their way to invalidate and dictate people’s identities when they know full well that 1. They’re being bully and 2. Their bullying isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about their identity.

It’s just weird to me people are like this for no reason, other than to fuel their hate boner and get off on picking on folks who already have it hard enough.

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“You can’t be queer and Muslim! Choose one!”
“You’re queer AND religious? I’m sorry but you can’t stay in this community.”

You can’t tell me how to live, control freak :))

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When I see the lgbt audience flock towards a half assed sub par tv show that obviously advertised the fuck out of their token lgbt character (who are usually white and played by straight actors) in order to gain a cult following so they can get away with bullshitting the audience and still get high viewership I want to vomit.

Then they don’t even give the character a good plot, they either die, they stand in the back doing nothing, or they are just there so the actors can offer fan service in exchange of actual representation consisting of a story and context for the character.

And then when the show runners or the writers get a whiff of their audience becoming self aware about the bullshit they stomach, what do they do? They throw in a non dimensional love interest and a graphic sex scene for one or two episodes and that is enough for people to hop back on the show’s dick.

It’s obvious people would much rather get dragged around by these type of shows as long as the characters are white rather than support shows that have actual story and actual dialogue and actual representation but with poc as the canon non straight character.

Fuck this.

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as a closeted bi 17 year old male, I will listen to rap with my mates but you already know ima be listening to Cyndi Lauper when I’m home all by myself

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Okay, fuck the donations that donate to streamers expecting them to say hi or happy birthday or whatever. You know what I want more of? Queer people coming out in donos (i.e., trans masc people getting welcomed to the boys). That shit gives me so much serotonin

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The fact that mlm (amabs included sorry for shitty wording) cannot have sex til they’re 18 but wlw (again, afabs included) can before 18 just prove how powerful sapphics are

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single, queer womxn age 23+, where ya at???


Originally posted by nbaoracle

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I can’t help but let my mind fill with you

thoughts and memories echo throughout my empty skull

becoming a familiar sound

that makes me become even more enthralled with you

I am homesick for your arms

I ache to see you again

to drown in your eyes like deep pools

hear your sweet laugh

listen to your voice

feel your electric touch

have my senses be overtaken by you

and let you breath life into the shell that I am without you

I am gloomy and gray

but everything about you

gives me color

gives me meaning

and fills me up with life

I yearn so deeply to be close to you

because you are wonderful

and I am so happy I’m yours

and you’re mine

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Me and my friend were talking about top surgery (as we both intend to get it just in the reverse direction) and I brought up the blursed concept of titties being like a coat that you can put on and off. And She blessed me with this:


being mugged for your titties

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“What do you think is the reason the higher-ups didn’t want to give Wander Over Yonder one more season?”

I believe that the show would have ended with Wander and Hater being together. It’s obviously that Craig ships these two OCs of his. Marriage was hinted three times between them (it’s foreshadowing) in the following episodes: The date, The brainstorm, The big day. The higher-ups weren’t pleased with this because it would mean the show would get banned in some countries and censored in others (this happened to Onward for having the first openly gay character and it wasn’t the main character ).

Years passed and they started to add more lgbtq characters because the viewers demanded it and also the creators fought for this. I think there is a chance for Wander over yonder to come back.

This is just a theory

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Rep. Angie Craig: The Equality Act Is Personal for Me

Rep. Angie Craig: The Equality Act Is Personal for Me

Author: Rep. Angie Craig
I couldn’t be prouder to support the Equality Act, a groundbreaking piece of legislation which will grant equal protection under the law to our LGBTQ friends, family and neighbors — as well as me and my family. As the first lesbian mother and wife to serve in the U.S. Congress, and the first LGBTQ member from Minnesota, this legislation is the culmination of a lifetime of…


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35 Photos of Muscle, Leather, and Body Hair by Emitt More

35 Photos of Muscle, Leather, and Body Hair by Emitt More

Author: Emitt More Photography
“Men are stifled by society’s ideas on masculinity and many times are unable to explore and show the many facets that make them who they are. The male body is usually captured to show muscles, strength, power, and virility. And let’s not forget the “most important” thing -big dicks. But there is so much more to be seen: vulnerability, grace, beauty, sensuality,…


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New Anti-LGBTQ+ Coalition Calls Equality Act a Threat to Children

New Anti-LGBTQ+ Coalition Calls Equality Act a Threat to Children

Author: Trudy Ring
A new right-wing coalition has formed to oppose the Equality Act, which the U.S. House of Representatives passed Thursday and sent on to the Senate.
The group, called Promise to America’s Children, “is a national movement of parents and lawmakers to oppose legislation that harms children, like the Equality Act, and to create and support laws that will protect children’s health,…


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Congress Honors Trans Politician Andrea Jenkins, Other Black Leaders

Congress Honors Trans Politician Andrea Jenkins, Other Black Leaders

Author: Mey Rude
A resolution passed today by the U.S. Congress honors the contributions and achievements of Black LGBTQ+ people to American history.
One of those being honored is Andrea Jenkins, a Minneapolis city councilmember representing Ward 8. According to the resolution, Jenkins “is the first openly transgender woman to be elected to public office in the state of Minnesota and the first…

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