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zackisontumblr · 16 hours ago
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Carrie is a champion for all, you HAVE to see her excellent work and check these tattoos out! (X)
Carrie’s Instagram
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allthecanadianpolitics · 13 hours ago
Canada's appearance in the gold-medal match in Japan won't be the only first for the women's soccer team when it takes to the pitch Friday (10 p.m. ET on Thursday in Canada).
Quinn, a 25-year-old midfielder from Toronto, will also become the first openly transgender and non-binary athlete to win an Olympic medal, as the team is assured of a gold or silver.
Quinn came out publicly as transgender in a social media post last fall, changed their pronouns to they/them and now goes by one name.
Since Canada's 1-0 semifinal victory over the United States on Monday at Kashima Stadium, setting up the final against Sweden, Quinn said they've been "getting messages from young people saying they've never seen a trans person in sports before."
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shoujoaisource · 18 hours ago
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I thought I didn't have any regrets when I died. But the reason I ended up taking this assignment and coming back is because I do have one regret- that I left you behind.
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lgballt · 6 hours ago
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I got this idea while I was on a walk, I'm not much of an artist but I wanted to make this :)                          lgballt
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raavenb2619 · 18 hours ago
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[ID: At the top, text reads “How I sleep after I experiment with my gender presentation and find something new I like”. Below is an image of Homer Simpson sleeping happily in his bed. End ID]
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the-modern-typewriter · 23 hours ago
I love like when I’m in the shower and have nothing better to do than to think of scenes or concepts that I believe would make for a really great movie or TV show. But is it weird that I often now think of in what ways I could portray an LGBTQ love story and do it justice? Like I imagine LGBTQ scenes in my mind that I think would make for a better movie than what’s out there. I’m straight and I personally also feel that LGBTQ stories should be left for LGBTQ people to tell and I don’t wanna talk over those who’ve actually experienced it cause I feel like it’s not my place. Idk hopefully I made some sense. I do the same thing with like straight couples too, tbh I just like seeing the different ways in which love can be portrayed.
1 - I think telling stories of any sort in your head is normal. It’s like the exact opposite of weird. I do it in the shower, or lying in bed, or walking or basically as a default if my brain is not actively doing something else. Stories are how we make sense of the world, entertain ourselves, escape, figure out what we want.
2 - You didn’t ask for me to go into ‘and in this essay I will’ mode, but...
I strongly don’t believe that only LGBTQ people can or should tell LGBTQ stories.
I think own voice stories are incredibly important, and LGBTQ people can talk about their specific experiences and struggles with more nuance and lived experience than someone heterosexual can. But, imagine if we told LGBTQ people that they’re only allowed to write LGBTQ stories. There’s something squicky and very censorship-y about it that I don’t like. 
As a very basic example, which I hope highlights the absurdity of the premise, does that mean because I’m a biromantic asexual that I should just stay in my lane and never write any stories which involve sexual attraction, sexual activities, or that I should only write a story in which a character is asexual? 
There are differences in how LGBTQ people experience our contemporary or historical world, but to suggest that only LGBTQ people can write LGBTQ stories perpetuates the myth of LGBTQ people as somehow inherently other, as if there is no cross-over or universal feelings between straight people and LGBTQ people and that is both a) not true and b) a potentially harmful an idea to perpetuate. It is harmful because to portray LGBTQ people as other, as people straight people cannot possibly understand, helps foster an ‘us versus them’ mentality. I.e., it once again centres the straight narrative as the default that everyone can understand, versus the LGBTQ narrative that is therefore not for everyone. It discourages empathy and upholds heteronormativity.
Writing a story with LGBTQ characters when you are not LGBTQ is not inherently talking over LGBTQ people, or inherently taking away story-telling opportunities away from LGBTQ authors. I know we love to check the diversity credentials of authors at this moment in time, but whether you are an own voices author or not doesn’t magically decide if your story is good or not, or whether it fits a nebulous gold standard of ‘good representation’, as if its a one size fits all when it’s just doesn’t.
The larger issue, to my mind, is a structural one. It’s to do with things like:
Well, are we only telling LGBTQ stories that primarily cater to straight audiences?
Are we only showing one specific kind of queer identity or presenting one specific way of living as the authentic queer experience?
Who are we giving authority to when we tell LGBTQ stories? Who gets listened to? Who knows queer history in the story? What is this saying?  
How are we portraying the LGBTQ characters we do use compared to how we are portraying straight characters?
Own voices are important, and should be boosted, but at least some of the context behind own voices currently being prioritised is that historically they haven’t been, because historically if you were openly LGBTQ you were censored and own voices is trying to fill in the huge representation gap. 
In the long term, what we need is more LGBTQ stories, period, because then there is not as much of an issue with ‘oh but this one story doesn’t reflect me’ or ‘this one character has to represent everything’. An LGBTQ villain on their own, for example, might contribute to a history of queercoded villainy which can be argued to contribute to the demonising of LGBTQ characters/attributes/culture by associating them with the evil characters...but similarly, to only be allowed to write LGBTQ characters as perfect little angels limits the humanity and variety of LGBTQ characters, and by extension our understanding of LGBTQ people. 
So to sum up: go forth, do your best, and write LGBTQ stories. Not every story about straight white people is a literary, nuanced masterpiece, and that’s okay. LGBTQ stories shouldn’t have to be that either to be worth writing or reading.
Wanting to explore different ways that love can be portrayed is one of the many reasons to write about love.
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kaleidoscope-vol2 · 20 hours ago
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They should be ashamed of themselves. Kate Herron, Michael Waldron, and Tom Hiddleston all bragged about representing Loki as genderfluid and then erased it completely in the show.
Erased it so they could make a sexist comment & erased it so the only person Loki would want to fuck was a female version of himself. Everyday they open their mouths & say something completely ignorant to justify the bad writing of the show & complete disregard for the character.
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yourdailyqueer · 18 hours ago
If anyone tells you that sport isn’t for someone who is queer, show them a list of how many LGBTQ+ people are at the Tokyo Olympics this year. There are about 180 according to Out Sports. So many i’m having to take a break from adding people to drafts.
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justlgbtthings · 6 hours ago
can I use the label of queer as a sexuality? If so whats the difference between queer and pansexual?
absolutely! plenty of queer people use queer as their only label. and the difference between pansexual and queer is that all pan people are/have the liberty of calling themselves queer, but not all queer people are pan. lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, pansexuals, enbies, aces, aros, and trans ppl are all queer, but ID-ing as queer doesn't necessarily automatically put you in any one specific category. queer is an umbrella term for anyone who is lgbtq and can be your only label. hope that makes sense :)
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polyamorouscultureis · 20 hours ago
Polyamorous culture is being confused whenever there's a love triangle in media
And laughing when a character says something like "you cant love two people! You have to choose!"
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ashleyrguillory · 22 hours ago
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All the queer content from the Rainbow X-Wing kickstarter finally has a home on Etsy if anyone missed it and would like a change to grab a pin or sticker!
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inkedbbg · 22 hours ago
hi, idk what i’m doing.
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yourdailyqueer · 6 hours ago
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Mitski Miyawaki
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Queer
DOB: 27 September 1990
Ethnicity: Japanese, white
Nationality: American
Occupation: Singer, songwriter
Note: Has talked about being in love irrespective of gender at least once
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tooaceforthisspace · 21 hours ago
Cis het people are never told “That may be how you feel now but you never know.” when it comes to their gender identity and/or sexuality. As an Ace person I hear this all the time. I am so sick and tiered of coming out to my loved ones and getting my hopes up, only for them to come out with this shit. It is absolutely heartbreaking every single time.
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6eros · 22 hours ago
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this looks like a normal day in the life of a normal teenager with his pillow
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rdlesbiantrash · 10 hours ago
not to be gay or anything but im in love with cindy berman
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imconfusedallthetimehelp · 11 hours ago
The Owl House and every single show with LGBTQ representation no matter how small is important. -long post but worth the read-
Since I have seen all the cartoons it has been my job to recommend shows to my siblings. Especially my little brother who is 7 years younger than me. Of course we watched all the pbs shows, avatar and Trollhunters. But I also had him watch Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Kipo, Legend of Korra, and now The Owl House.
And at first, with Gravity Falls, with the police couple, he was a little weirded out. So we're my siblings. Then he got to Steven Universe and we got to the wedding episode and he asked "wait, how does that work? They are both girls? -long pause and then sudden realization- they're gay" He was unphased by Benson being gay. I didn't hear any comments from him at all. He just kinda accepted it and moved on. Then came Korra and he understood the ending. And now to The Owl House. At this point he knows I'm a lesbian. He knows what gay people are and what it means. He watched a couple episodes, but with how is brain works, a new update to Destiny came out and he played that for a while and never came back to the show. Until one day he wanted to play chess with me. So I told him "I'll play chess with you. And afterwards, you promise to watch The Owl House" he protested of course but he really wanted to play chess, so he gave in. We finished our chess game that I embarrassingly lost and I set him up with The Owl House were he left off. And he watched it for 2 hours. And the next day, he used his precious limited screen time to watch more. And the next day. And the next.
He came up to my room and asked "when's the next season"
"did you finish season 1?"
"and the part of season 2?"
"well, I will set you up with a website ( later to watch 3 more until more come out"
-a couple of seconds later-
"how did Luz not know?"
"know what?"
"you know, at the end" (episode 5 I believe)
"oh that Amity had a crush on her too?"
"I think she was preoccupied with being in a world that isn't her own"
"oh that makes sense"
Absolutely was not weirded out at all. Nothing. The only awkwardness coming from him was about the crush itself. He's made small jokes about me being gay. But he's never made fun of it. He's pretty normalized to it. And I'm so happy. I'm so happy we have shows like these that I can help teach my brother that all of it is okay.
I'm happy, because he won't have to grow up like me and think that it's not.
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