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Welcome to @hogwarts365! We hope you’ll share some awesome words with us!

Prompt # 357 — There are three prompts provided. Pick any, pick all, mix them up, keep it slashy!

Keep it 365 words! ♥   

1. Yield

2. Youth

3. Yellow

Any rating, any genre. SLASH or Femmeslash. Mix it with other prompts from other communities if you have to!

WHAT IS @hogwarts365? Click here for the RULES. Tag us if you make an entry based on the prompt(s) and your fic is EXACTLY 365 words. Email us: with QUESTIONS. If you send an ASK, I might not see it.

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Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
And even though I felt it was a beautiful thing, I also felt it was a weight. Not that she meant it to be a weight. But love was always something heavy for me. Something I had to carry.
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some POSSUM for my fellow GAYS
(opossum? possum? i’m not american. I know other possums exist in australia. those are called possums and i like them too.)

i really like them. i just love them. i love them s omuch i awnt to hold them 

do the gay like opossum? i feel like us alt gays specifically like them but it might just be all gays. and yes, i am alt gay, i am a violently goth/emo lesbian (it’s a mix of both)

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> gOD i love how often ppl in history were like

“a SUPERNATURAL EVENT has occurred and my BODY HAS BEEN TRANSFIGURED into the OPPOSITE SEX, AGAINST MY WILL!!! no you may not remove my clothes yes you have to call me a jonathan now”

> i also love how at certain points in certain cultures clothing was so heavily gendered that it was just like   

“oh what, jones? mr. jones of the navy? yes, he’s got a rather squishy body for a man, but we all have our little foibles, haven’t we?
"bit odd, with the breasts and all, but he’s a fine sailor”

> my favorite is when there’s a historical note of

“we accused so-and-so of being a woman on account of he didn’t have a penis but he said it fell off due to syphilis and really, we’ve seen so many things fall off bc of syphilis that it seemed legit to us. shame about his penis, poor fellow.

"his wife says she’s very satisfied in the marital bed on account of his clever tongue – we’re not sure what his quick wit has to do with anything, but god be with them.”

> my roommate was just reading me an account of this kind of thing from a book theyre reading where the dude was like 

“im not taking my pants off BUT you are allowed to feel up my clothed groin. feels like theres a dick in there right? ok bye im going to go join the army”

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