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Getting lost in creation (balancing a creative and regular life)

Getting balance in anything is what we end up spending most our lives doing. We are usually working towards getting control over our lives in order experience more good then bad. It’s different for everyone but when you’re making a kind of art it’s easy to forget your day to day life and got lost in the art.

Getting lost in your creativity is not a bad thing, you never need to switch off the ideas part of your mind. You do need to switch off the part where you constantly act on your creative urge.

It got to a point where I was putting more time into my music then I was putting time into my own health and care along with not really socialising and ignoring my relationship. Not too good and my music began suffering.

I was under the impression if I am constantly working then nothing could go wrong, I was being productive right? Nah. I was wrong.

I found myself waking up at 8/9am and working on tunes for 12+ hours, sitting with headphones and only interacting with others when I had produced something.

If the only connection people were going to have with me was my music, then they weren’t going to be interested because I had no “human” side, I was just any other producer.

You need to live to create good art. No matter how good your skill and knowledge is, it means nothing if there is no connection between you and your people.

I’ve began taking regular breaks when I create, every hour or two. I’m not so good with food, but I find my music is better when my brain is fueled up and ready, so I’m trying to sort the diet shit out instead of skipping meals to spend more time working on stuff.

I’m not so good at connecting with people or feeling much empathy :/ it kinda sucks sometimes but it makes it hard for me to understand some things about socialising and interacting with people.

I’m working on spending more personal time with my partner and when I talk to my friends I’m trying to ask more about their lives then talking about my own. Just simply hanging out with people and spending time away from art and music gives me more experiences, if I switch off my music brain for a few hours and spend time with friends, I find that when I come back to create I will have a bunch of fresh ideas and new stories to tell in my songs.

You need to live experiences along with really feeling your emotions in order to give yourself inspiration to create. Otherwise you will just be an art robot doing the same as everyone else out there.

I feel my song “When I look in the mirror” is worse in production quality but I consider it a better song then “Better when I’m numb” due to the story and emotion behind it. When I made Mirror it was from the heart, Numb was more of an attempt at something catchy and fictional.

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Um… 👉🏻👈🏻

I need guidance please. Like, I am very much needing the guidance of lesbians. Please help me. So like… How did you figure out you ONLY liked girls?????

I know I like girls I just don’t know if I like guys and I think hearing some stories from experience would help😅


Originally posted by swiftssapphic

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Do I look young in glasses?

Please reblog it I am looking for like minded people to chat with, this quarantine is killing me, am bored and horny all the time lol 🤣

Girls DM me!

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We talk a lot about Bi-erasure in the + community, and while I wholeheartedly agree that it’s an issue, I also think it’s important to realize something. While we talk about our struggles as Bi folk, lots of others whose identities are not widely known outside of the community tend to fall by the wayside. I have seen multiple movies and tv shows with Bi folk in them, and even though by multiple I mean like four tops, that’s more than I’ve seen featuring people who are Ace, Aro, Demi, Pan, Intersex, Trans, Genderfluid, Non-binary, and every other identity on this wonderfully long list of humans. From what I have seen and experienced, it’s hard to find representation in media for anyone in this community who isn’t a gay white cis male. I’m not hating you gay white cis males, in fact I love you, I just want to male sure that in the process of raising awareness for the plights of one group we don’t bury those of another.

So if you are a member of the + community please reblog, or comment on this with media properly representing, or real life role models who are part of the lesser known identities in this community. And heck even if you aren’t and you have a favorite movie, show, book, play, fic, etc. That has a real (as in not the stereotypical Gay who barfs rainbows and calls everyone sister) + person in it please share!

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Simple definition of terminology I found on twitter.

Having said that, gender, sexuality and biology all lie in spectrums. Gender expression is a spectrum too. There is no ideal example for each category.

Since gender is a social construct so called masculine and feminine features that the society expects to fulfil varies from time to time and across cultures.

This is especially important for transgender individuals as they are asked to meet social demands.

Being trans doesn’t mean that you have to hate everything related to your birth gender and need to accept everything of the opposite.

You might have done it as a little rebellion/ gone with the flow but it only makes you feel uncomfortable with your own self.

Never let others have a say about who you are.

Always listen to your heart

Embrace everything you love

Be brave to give up everything you hate.

Everyone is fucking valid.

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Since times are hard since George Floyd’s death and the deaths of more innocent poc, here’s my pov on these things/what I’m supporting:

  • Black lives matter
  • The BLM protests
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • ACAB/ 1312
  • Riots are started by the police
  • Protect and support black owned businesses!
  • And “rubber bullets” are fucking harmful and should be removed and along with the tear gas!!!!!
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