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shout out to all my arospec boys and men and shout out to all my aspec boys and men and shout out to all my aroace boys and men and shout out to all my boys and men in queerplatonic relationships, especially those of y’all who are trans, poc, neurodivergent, and/or disabled!!!
you are valid, you are loved, and you are not wrong or broken, no matter what anyone tells you!!!
your local femme gentleman arospec sibling
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All my friends are dating or going out with someone rn and for the very first time I don't feel bad for not doing the same or for not wanting to.
I'm so fucking happy with myself and the fact that I'm aroace. I just feel so complete, comfortable, idk everything is nice and the fact that I don't wish things were different is so amazing, I-
There's nothing better than this feeling <3
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aroacecultureis · 2 days ago
Aroace culture is seeing people get angry when a character gets an ace headcanon because "they need to be shipped" and you think "uh, guys, romantic attraction is a thing. Also, what's wrong with being aro?"
aroace culture
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
I remember one time I came out to one of my friends as aroace and after explaining what it was, the first she says to me was that she couldn’t relate to me and that she loves romantic love. I wanted to be like whoop dee doo, you’re not like me, do you want a cookie????? It felt like she didn’t quite understand what I was trying to say and what it meant to be aroace because it’s not like I dislike romantic love, I just didn’t experience the attraction. Her response made me feel more alienated??? I appreciated the fact that she didn’t try to force herself to relate to me or brush it off as a joke, but to flat out tell me she wasn’t able to understand me kind of made me feel worse about myself because I already knew that I was different from most people, I didn’t need to hear someone say it too
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mogai-sunflowers · 2 days ago
🌻new a-spec suffixes!🌻
a suffix which can be added onto any orientation which involves being greysexual (or any more specific identity under the greysexual umbrella)
a suffix which can be added onto any orientation which involves being greyromantic (or any more specific identity under the greyromantic umbrella)
a suffix which can be added onto any orientation which involves being lithosexual
a suffix which can be added onto any orientation which involves being lithromantic
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neurodivergerent, disabled, nonbinary aroace culture is wondering how neurotypical, able bodied, cis, allo people function in society and wondering if the ease would be worth it if you could be the default :(
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magpiegot7dads · 2 days ago
Rank the mercs most to least homophobic
Rank the mercs most to least gay
It’s for science
Tumblr media
PLEASE NOTE how it says LEAST homophobic and LEAST gay. None of them are fully straight or homophobic, don't worry.
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aromantic-aurea · 3 hours ago
The 2020 Aro Census results are finally here! Take a look at our most recent community data, as well as other AUREA community projects!
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taruchi-s · 2 days ago
Omi looks at the sad smile his reflection in the teacup wears. “I guess...I guess it’s a little different,” he admits quietly.
Azuma nods, understanding in the way that only Azuma can be. “Mhmm,” he says, and Omi can tell it’s an invitation to elaborate, but he’s just...not sure what to say.
“I mean,” he manages to get out, fumbling over his words, “it’s nice, seeing the others fit so well with each other and everything, and I’m really happy for them. I’m not jealous or anything, but...”
Azuma sips his tea, before meeting Omi’s eyes. “But you feel left out?”
“A little... yeah,” Omi sighs. “It’s not that...not that I’m interested in having a relationship, but, well...I guess it’s just that I don’t get the feeling, and it’s something that seems to make them all so happy.” He sighs again, taking another sip of his tea.
“I see,” Azuma just says, gentle as ever. “And it’s okay to feel like that, you know.”
Omi knows that. He knows that. There’s nothing wrong with him, and he is happy for the others. He knows that love comes in many forms, and that romantic love just isn’t for him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t experience just as strong love in other ways.
He just wonders if there’s something he’s missing out on and just doesn’t know it.
“You know,” Azuma says, gentle voice bringing Omi out of his thoughts, “the media glorifies romance a lot.”
Omi pauses and looks at him.
“All types of love are equal.” Azuma sips his tea again. “And everyone experiences it differently, even when you categorise it into the four categories they’re grouped into.”
Omi nods slowly. “Eros, Storge, Agape, and Philia,” he says, recalling the names from a discussion with Tsuzuru.
“Each represents a type of love, but even then, there’s more to it. Experiences are individual, after all.” Azuma traces the rim of his cup. “It took me a while to figure out myself, too. I thought it was just too hard to open my heart. Turns out, I just experience love differently.”
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afab trans/enby aro-ace culture is not knowing whether you dislike your boobs because they make you look more feminine or because they feel too sexual
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aroacecultureis · a day ago
Aroace culture is when your friends never forget that you're aroace, but also never leave you out of the "hey LOOK at this picture of a pretty person!!" bc they remember that you get strong aesthetic attraction 🥰
aroace culture
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aroaceconfessions · 11 hours ago
I have been so starved for asexual/Aromantic representation in my day to day life that I have ended up crying just because I saw that the results for a survey included asexual individuals in its polling data. I’m so tired of not seeing representation for aces or aros in day to day life. It hurts sometimes
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aroace agender ADHD, Anxiety and (suspected) Autism is joking you’re going to collect every A you can until you remember your given name starts with an A and your chosen name doesn’t….so maybe not ALL of them (and that’s fine)
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5-jorjas-in-the-fence · 3 months ago
Happy pride month to those who are scared
Happy pride month to those who are proud
Happy pride month to those who are out
Happy pride month to those who are closeted
Happy pride month if you’re trying to figure yourself out
Happy pride month if you’ve known for years
Happy pride month to those who it’s their first
Happy pride month to those who have celebrated for years
Happy pride month to those who are afraid to celebrate
Happy pride month to those who will scream it from the rooftops
Happy pride month to you.
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aceandarothingies · 4 months ago
Stick it to Rainbow Capitalism!
Since rainbow capitalism sucks, here are some small queer shops to support this coming pride month instead of giving all your money to Disney and Walmart!
Pride bows!
All the buttons you could ever need or want!
Dice and dominoes!
Bottle charms!
Armour-inspired jewelry!
Stickers, stickers, and more stickers!
Black queer art prints!
Cross stitch!
Earrings, earrings, and more earrings!
Bat dolls!
Bracelets 1 and Bracelets 2
Dragon dolls!
Queer Goats!
Abrosexual pride!
Do no harm, take no shit!
Pride moths!
Misc. Identity merch!
Pride shrimp!
And finally, it's not specifically queer, but these shops do custom flags!
If you have a shop or know a shop you want to promote, please reblog with a link!
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squeeb100 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
this entered my head and i felt it deep in my soul
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