yardsards · a day ago
alloros already have such a hard time understanding aromantic people. but when it comes to nonamorous/non-partering aros, their heads fuckin explode
you'll say like "the idea of soulmates excludes people like me"
and they'll say "it's okay! your soulmate can be queerplatonic" (y'know, if they're at least semi accepting of aros and our relationships; a lot of them don't even get to this point)
and you'll say "no, i don't want a partner like that either. i don't want any kind of partner" and they just fuckin bluescreen. or look at you with pity (if they weren't *already* lookin at you with pity for being aro)
and hell! that kind of thing is insulting to aros in qprs too! because it treats a queerplatonic relationship as a REPLACEMENT for a romantic relationship— just tries to shove it into the alleged "void" that they think we have that romance "should" fill otherwise. treats em like off-brand substitutes instead of their own special and unique type of thing
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martin-is-a-real-person · 2 days ago
You're welcome
Feel free to use these however you want :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(more coming, check reblogs)
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frazelforever · a day ago
Y’all. It’s 2022. I don’t need ace and aro discourse on my dash. Asexual can be used as an umbrella term for those on the spectrum. Same goes for aromantic. If you are questioning, identify as such if you want! Oh you’re demi? Of course you can use the flag! You’re some other label? Yeah, I’d love for you to use our flag! Don’t gatekeep our own community. Aromantic/asexual can define anyone who doesn’t experience romance/sex the same way allos do.
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local-aro-cryptid · a day ago
Friendly reminder that anyone can be involved in a QPR if they want to!!
AlloAllos AlloAros AlloAces AroAces Aplatonics Aqueerplatonics Analterous Anyone on the aromantic spectrum Anyone on the asexual spectrum Anyone on the aplatonic spectrum Anyone on the aqueerplatonic spectrum Anyone on the analterous spectrum Anyone can be in a QPR!!
They are not reserved for aromantics or aspecs in general!! And aqueerplatonics, analterous, and aplatonics can all engage in them even if they don't feel an attraction associated with QPRs
There is no requirement to engage with a QPR other than those involved want to be in one
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
Family lunch today with a few relatives, and since my sister is getting married, I got a "What about you?" from one of my uncles. So I said I didn't want to get married and my sister's boyfriend just naturally answered with "and you're right : you do not have to, do what you want." It felt good, especially since no one really knows I'm aroace. I even added that I did not intend to "bury my single life" (that's what we call bachelor/ette parties in France) and no one tried to convince me otherwise. I'm so happy right now
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fox-croquis · 3 days ago
Allos will be all “But JUST friends- MERE friends- don’t act like THIS! They're clearly in love with each other. Ha! Gotcha!” and then show you a picture of two people making eye contact.
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trans-aroace-culture-is · 2 days ago
Agender aroace culture is looking at the world and saying yikes
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lordchickooon · 2 days ago
listen I do not care if a character has no reason/canon backing to prove that they’re ace/arospec, the rule is that if I like them and they have the right vibes, they just are. I will project onto my blorbos all I want 
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marmeow · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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dumbass-extraordinaire · a day ago
Tumblr media
c’mon everybody let’s do the happy flappies!
(do not repost w/ out permission)
[Image ID: a traditional pen and ink drawing of jade harley from homestuck stimming.  End ID.]
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yagikidd57 · a day ago
My sexuality is not up for debate. I don’t care if you disagree or accept me for who I am but you’re not going to stand there and try to invalidate my entire existence.
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yardsards · 2 days ago
thinking about how the boiling isles canonically doesn't have homophobia or transphobia but it seems to at least have SOME form of amatonormativity, judging by lilith's letter
not as bad as in real life- she doesn't seem to feel broken or upset with herself
but. it seems like she doesn't know that being completely uninterested in that kind of thing is just how some people are. she considers her feelings to be unusual and she's still coming to terms with them. and her mother and coworkers seem to think that she needs a relationship to be happy
i wonder if it's due to the fact that because there's no homophobia, sexual orientations probably just aren't discussed that often. and like, you can see people in same-gender relationships out on the streets, but it's not like you can *see* a lack of a relationship. so you can't really tell that a person is uninterested in romance unless it comes up in conversation.
and i'm sure lilith's whole thing with the emperor's coven definitely held her back from figuring stuff like that out about herself. she barely had time to think about what hobbies and interests she was into; thinking about romantic relationships (or, in her case, the lack thereof) was pretty much off the table
and her not knowing that about herself would make it impossible to really tell her mother or coworkers or whoever that she's not interested in dating
but the fact that all of them, including lilith herself, seem to see wanting a relationship as the default, and NOT wanting a relationship to be something you have to figure out and come out as. it's just,,, y'know?
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confused-aesthete · a day ago
hot take
the "back in my days there wasn't such a thing as [insert LGBTQ label]" is the exact same logic as "if oxygen was discovered in 1774, how did people breathe in 1773?"
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plutonium-triestodraw · 2 days ago
Do any other aroaces wish there were more platonic friendship fics? Like ship fics are great! I just like platonic fics every once in a while. For both characters and myself. More room for the chaotic best friend content.
I have decided to write platonic fics. Gimme prompts if you wish (chaos is welcome and encouraged)
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apostateseraphim · 2 days ago
the best thing about aspec ppls understanding of love is that i can just hurl "i love you" around at mach 5 all the damm time at my friends, and they know im platonic about it, but that doesnt make it any less valid or meaningfull
@tisdonuts @hahaha-darn-it <3
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aroaceconfessions · 21 hours ago
Today during my tutoring I brought a book that I was reading (it's called Loveless by Alice Oseman, pls read it, it's so good :)). One of my tutors saw it and asked what it was about. I was kinda nervous because this person is allo and the book is about an aro/ace girl (I'm aro/ace too) and I didn't really want to explain the whole thing, because a lot of people don't know what it and/or don't understand it.
So I just gave them the book and let them read the back of it. When they finished reading it, they got all excited and said that they wanted to read it too, because there is not a lot of representation of it. When I heard that I said that I was aro/ace and we ended up talking about asexuality for like half an hour.
It was such a good and comfortable conversation. They asked me questions and thoughts about being aro/ace and also shared their own thoughts on it. I loved how they were so understanding and willing to listen to my experiences. I've never felt so comfortable talking about my sexuality before.
But anyways, pls read Loveless lol.
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spiderfaith · a day ago
Isaac Appreciation Post
Heartstopper is amazing, adorable, and heartwarming. The characters and cast are incredible but, I want to spread love and appreciation for this underrated aroace icon!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look at him! I can't wait to see him and his growth in the next season. Couldn't ask for a better aroace character.
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blondeaceofspades · 2 days ago
The aroace sunset flag is the absolute prettiest flag of them all. I just love it so much.
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trailmixtime · 17 hours ago
very aro opinion but: i genuinely hope they don't make leela/narvin canon.
don't get me wrong, i really enjoy shipping leela and narvin (and other combinations of core teams), but. i think a big part of my enjoyment of the ship is the fact that it's not canon. i like the fact that gallifrey in canon revolves around "closer-than-usual friendships" (in quotes bc there is no rules defining how close friends can be before it becomes 'something more'). i like the dynamic it gives the core four, and the breadth of different types of ships it produces in the fandom (ot4, ot3, otp, brotp, etc.).
and idk. i just like their relationship where it's at. i don't want that to go away. but, if it has to """"progress"""", i'd want it to become an undefined relationship - not a friendship, not a romantic relationship, not a queerplatonic relationship, not any relationship that can have a label stuck on it. i don't want a kiss when they're reunited. a hug, absolutely. give me a huge, bear hug, and maybe leela crying a bit bc she thought he was dead, but i don't want any kissing. i don't want romance among the core four. i'm happy with what we have in canon right now, and i want the shipping to remain a fandom thing.
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lithyena · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
I made a dulled down version of the aroace flag with Frenchies cat on it, posting it in case anyone would like to use it as their banner or whatever ☺️
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