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Honestly sometimes when I see aspec pride post and they’re all like “it doesn’t matter what exclusionists day!!! You’re valid!!!” it’s like…. all it does is remind me that exclusionists exist. I know I’m valid and I know that a lot of aspec people don’t know that and need to know, but it’s just…. on everything? Can’t I see a joke about aspec people made by a non aspec person that doesn’t have “you’re so valid!!” littered all over it? It increases the feeling of separation to me. I don’t want jokes covered in life lessons. I just want to laugh.

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then here’s a quick polar Jazz for your troubles! there’s already a lot of parallels between her and Herb im kinda surprised i never thought to draw this


they’d probably be the Ace in different universes but the idea they’re friends is very good. they’d shittalk Herbert together.

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its funny bc im watching this show (for the like fifth time bc i will finish the last season this time. ive seen the rest like four times but never the end. smh) and it talks about like true love and all that which is fine whatever (for a guy who calls himself aromantic i ship way too many people).

but like (ofc this show exaggerates it all but) everyones always talking abt like fireworks and “oh my god” and like refalling in love everytime you see the person. and like bro what is that. bc i only have that for like harry potter and animals. 

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Somewhat old art during my non-tumblr days, but I wanna keep the momentum going for all of the characters I hold near and dear and headcanon as asexual. This particular one most of all.

Diana may come from a video game that I have a very very immense hatred for that I ran away from years ago. That being due to personal and traumatic experiences with the gaming company that makes this game (still have PTSD from it), but she’ll always mean more to me than anyone can realize. She’s why my tumblr name is what it is. That and I’ve always been a huge sucker for the moon even long before her existence.

Plus she’s inspired by the Roman goddess of the moon, Diana (Greek Artemis) who is a hardcore ace goddess. So why wouldn’t this Diana be?

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Hi!! Thank you so much for the suggestion!! So I’m really sorry… I’m only really comfortable with drawing the original designs and in terms of Frontier, the original vivosaurs unique to that game… I really don’t want to go into why I dislike Frontier since this is supposed to be a happy fun positivity post though

So I hope you don’t mind OG Zino also saying “ace rights yo” with some rad nail polish! I also apologize for the awkward sizing of the image. I couldn’t crop it unless I wanted to risk it losing the transparent background. I want to edit this post tomorrow with a fixed crop through the actual program! (I also want to improve the shine on the nails)

And PS… my dad mentioned how these looked like good images for stickers and how I should print them. maaaaybe a redbubble shop may be coming in the near (or far) future…?

I also just looked up FFF Zino and while I’m not keen on most of the redesigns of the originals damn you right it sure did say ace rights

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June 3

So last year, this councilman from my town wrote something hateful on a declaration of Pride Month instead of signing it. I was LIVID. I went to a protest about it, and later sat in on a council meeting. There were a lot of people there to speak to the council (as the Pride Month declaration wasn’t the only thing he wrote something hateful on) and I hadn’t signed up to speak. I had absolutely nothing planned, and had little to no idea how the meeting worked until I was sitting, watching the meeting happen. I wanted to say something so badly, so when everyone who was signed up to speak had, and they asked if there was anyone else, I shot my hand up. I went up, and just poured my heart out. I had nothing planned, and I was terrified. My knees and hands were shaking, and I honestly thought my legs might give out. My parents knew, my friends knew, but these were strangers. There were even people from my church there. But I did it; I said what I needed to say, and I stared down that councilman. I got a lot of love and praise from the people who supported me and my views, but there was also a lot of hate (some of which came from people I had considered my friend). But honestly, I don’t regret it. I came out to what felt like the world, and I tried to make where I live a better place.

Submitted by anonymous.

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