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ikeslittlesussybaka · a minute ago
Did you know I am getting a fixation on A//ssassination Classroom.
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dilfachu-wright · 4 minutes ago
Yknow what?
I'm okay with Naruhodou's objection. It's polite. It's different. Let his great grandson scream his lungs off all he wants cuz Ryuu knows how to have professionalism in court.
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deadlysequence · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
For @the-fatherof-understanding
Happy (belated) birthday my good friend! *hugs*
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clowned-prince-selfship · 7 minutes ago
I’m going out. Do you need anything?
“Hmm... could do with some rope, chloroform... ooh, maybe a new knife!”
J, I’m going to the grocery store, not Murderers ‘R’ Us.
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cashbackshopping · 19 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
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ace-culture-is · 20 minutes ago
Realizing your ace culture is seeing a friend post horny stuff on their blog and being confused and distanced as to how people find it attractive
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tsunderedoctor · 27 minutes ago
Hi!! I hope you are having a good day! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
well, i'm brazilian, but i love and follow your work! and since I'm not fluent in English, you probably don't understand my request (if it's open, I don't know how things work around here)
if you understand me, and if the orders are open! would love to ask for a mini scenario where the female o/s of Kid, law, katakuri and if you can of Ace too, suffer from sleep paralysis?
I've been suffering from it for over a year, and almost every night I'm afraid to sleep and I ended up getting sick recently...
I really wanted to read something about it to calm me down, and I really want to see your views on the subject!
thanks for reading! and if you can't write I will understand! (≧▽≦)
Hi Love! Don't you ever worry about sending me anything! As long as it sticks to my rules, I will post any request 💖💖
And your English is perfectly fine; you’re doing great!! 🤗
I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with sleep paralysis! It can definitely be a struggle; I wish you all the best and great sleep with dreams of our lovely OP boys! Also let someone know too so they can help you in your time of need if you can 😊
Boys down below~!
Eustass “Captain” Kid
Tumblr media
Turning in his sleep, the redhead felt a sudden urge to wake up; almost a demanding need to. Opening his eyes, he was greeted with seeing you wide awake. Furrowing his brows in confusion he shook you lightly to see if you were possibly sleeping with your eyes open.
“Oi, you awake?” 
His voice was hoarse from still waking up, but it was still coherent enough to understand. Trying to find your voice as you stared at the ceiling, no words came out of you. Feeling tears prick the corner of your eyes, you tried your best to let the man know what was happening to your body.
Seeing the tears glisten in the dark made the man on guard. Did something happen? Did you hear or see an intruder? Feeling frustration along with worry enter his bloodstream the redhead spoke up again.
“What the hell happened? Talk to me, will ya?” 
After some heartbeats later, your voice finally came out. “I was scared.” 
Hearing your voice; almost a whisper; tell him what had happened led the man to what to know why you were scared. Slowly gaining movement in your body, you shook your head at his question. “I couldn’t move Kid, it was like I was stuck and lost control of everything.” 
He seemed even more confused now, but could tell it bothered you. Staying quiet, the man turned your body to face his as he placed your head in his chest. “Well it’s over now, right? So just go to sleep, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” 
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Tumblr media
Law likes to think he’s a good doctor and knows what to do when a unexpected situation occurs. However hearing your soft voice as he worked late at night full of fear and concern, put the man in a situation he didn’t know how to handle. 
Turning towards you from his desk in the room, he saw you sitting up and curled in a tight ball facing the wall. Standing up and walking over to your shared bed, he sat down and moved some hair out of your face. 
“What’s wrong?”
Biting your lip, you gripped the blanket tightly, almost afraid to admit what you saw when you opened your eyes; but knowing Law was logical maybe he could find an answer to what you witnessed.
“I saw something, or someone, a figure. It was watching me...” You drifted off, almost afraid the figure would come back just from talking about it as Law’s brain began to come up with solutions to your problem.
“No one is there y/n-ya. I swear I’ve been up the entire time and the door or the window has been shut.” He could see you began to panic slightly at the idea of you losing your mind. He sighed and pushed you over so he could lay between you and the wall, breaking your hard stare on it. 
“Go back to sleep, I promise I won’t let that figure get to you.” He gave you a soft kiss on your hand as he pulled you to him. He didn’t plan on sleeping tonight, but at least now he has a reason to stay up. 
Charlotte Katakuri
Tumblr media
Hearing a gasp of air, Katakuri quickly opened his eyes, feeling completely awake now he turns to face you. He wasn’t expecting to see you look out of breath, as if someone was or had choked you. Sitting up right away, the man woke you up with a gentle but firm shake. 
Once you woke up, you gasped and felt air finally reach your lungs again as you sat up to catch your breath. Sweat was covering your face and you clenched your shirt near your chest in a desperate attempt to breathe normally again.
“Are you okay? What did I do?” 
He was scared he might have laid his arm or even his body on you without knowing it, however seeing you shake your head led him to look more concerned and worried. 
“A dream...” Finally catching your breath, you continued. “I had a dream about something choking me, I guess my body thought it was happening in real life too.” 
Katakuri looked worried, but you assured him it happened once in a while and that you would be fine. He reluctantly nodded; but held you as he felt your body slide against his. “Can I help?”
Shaking your head you sighed and smile slightly at his caring words. “You already are, just hold me for a bit more.”
Katakuri held you for the rest of the night and even in the morning, it became difficult to get the man to let you go.
Portgas D. Ace
Tumblr media
Ace gets sleep can be a tough time for everyone. He, himself struggles with narcolepsy and knows what it’s like not having control over your body. So when you expressed one night to him about not wanting to sleep, he honestly understood where you were coming from. 
He decided he wouldn’t fight you on it, but was semi-curious as to what made you decide to want to stay up. As you two talked about your condition, the brunet nodded, finally deciding you were scared to sleep rather than not wanting to sleep.
He decided to take this time to help you get comfortable and played with your hair while he held you close to his warm body. He listened as you spoke about your fears and concerns without giving you any advice he knew you didn’t need. 
Continuing to play with your hair and run circles on your arm, you could almost feel your body beginning the stages of shutting down. In one last attempt to fight your bodily need, you spoke up in desperation. 
“I’m scared Ace.” 
The brunet only kissed your head as he continued his touches. “I’m here for you no matter what, go to sleep, I promise as long as I’m here, nothing will happen to you.”
Finally falling asleep from his gentle touches, Ace smiled and did his best the entire night to make sure you felt safe in his arms.
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bevioletskies · 32 minutes ago
the first time (ever i saw your face)
summary: On their six-month anniversary, Apollo and Klavier decide to pose a seemingly harmless question: what did they think of each other when they first met? As it turns out, the topic is a little more complicated than they originally thought.
word count: 4.9k | read on ao3
a/n: For @klapollo-week, day one of seven (prompt: "firsts"). All seven of my fics take place in the same continuity! However, each can be read as a stand-alone, with the exception of day seven being a sequel to day five.
This fic takes place at some distant point in time after Spirit of Justice where Apollo and Trucy have learned that they’re siblings. Mild spoiler warning for the end of Apollo Justice; warning for brief mentions of alcohol. Fic title is from the song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack.
“...why does this look like something out of a direct-to-streaming movie adaptation of a YA novel that has a three-star average rating on Goodreads?”
“If you’re trying to say you don’t like it, baby, you could just say so.”
“No, no, I - I’m actually kinda into it. It’s like we’ve walked onto the set of a staged proposal, though if you ask me to marry you right now, I will start laughing.”
Klavier sighed. “I’m starting to think the phrase ‘romance is dead’ was invented specifically for you.” Nevertheless, he tugged gently on Apollo’s hand. “Come on, liebe, I got our favorite snacks, I queued our favorite movies...and before you ask, nein, there is no engagement ring, so stop looking at me like that.”
“I’m not...totally opposed to getting married, you know,” Apollo added as he followed Klavier. “It’s’s a little early for me. This is only our six-month anniversary, after all.”
“Fair enough,” Klavier hummed, the two of them settling down in their spots. He’d learned long ago that Apollo wasn’t one for flashy, photo op-worthy dates, that he preferred more intimate, low-key settings. And so, for their six-month anniversary, Klavier had taken them to his family estate. He had cleared out the conservatory overlooking the garden of all its furniture, filling it with blankets and pillows, drapes and string lights, and a projector whose screen covered the entire back wall. It reminded Apollo of what he himself had done for their three-month anniversary - because apparently, he was that kind of person now - when he’d planned a weekend’s stay in a cozy lakeside cabin. “A conversation for another time, ja?”
“Yeah, definitely.” Apollo draped one of the blankets over his and Klavier’s laps, then lowered his head to rest on Klavier’s shoulder. Smiling, Klavier turned to briefly kiss Apollo’s temples, then reached for his laptop so he could start the movie. They spent the first fifteen or so minutes in companionable silence, sharing a bag of popcorn and a bottle of wine while they watched, until Apollo eventually spoke again. “...weird, isn’t it?”
“The movie? Not particularly,” Klavier shrugged. “If anything, I’d say the plot twist is a bit predictable.”
“No, not the movie. I mean...this.” Apollo gestured aimlessly. “You and me. Us.”
Klavier’s expression darkened somewhat. “Are you...having doubts about our relationship, Apollo?”
“Wh - no, no, not at all!” Apollo protested, sitting up. “It’s just...I guess it’s mostly weird for me. Like, if someone told me, say, a couple years ago, that I was gonna be in a relationship with you, of all people...hell, can you imagine if someone told me that on the day we met? I-I wouldn’t believe it!”
“You weren’t shy about your distaste for me, true,” Klavier agreed, his slight frown relaxing into an amused smile.
“I don’t think that’s an...entirely accurate assessment of, uh, of how I felt,” Apollo said carefully.
Now it was Klavier’s turn to straighten up, looking at him curiously. “Really?” he asked. “Then what did you think of me when we first met?”
“You first,” Apollo retorted, seemingly on instinct. He then softened. “I mean, only if you want to. I’m kinda curious.”
“I don’t mind,” Klavier reassured him, setting down his wine glass so he could squeeze Apollo’s hand. He hesitated, thinking it over. “...I expected to hate you from the very beginning, to be perfectly honest. And, for a moment there...I did.”
Apollo’s eyes widened. “Wh...what?”
“‘Disgraced Defense Attorney Dismantled By His Disciple’, I believe the headline was,” Klavier continued. He then smiled wryly. “A bit dramatic, if you ask me. But then again, I’m not a big fan of alliteration, so I might just be biased.”
“Did you really hate me?” Apollo’s shout had dropped to a mere whisper. “Because...because you didn’t wanna believe it, did you? About…what had happened. What he’d done.”
“It wasn’t all bad memories, all the time, you know.” Klavier gently released Apollo’s hand so he could brush his hair out of his eyes, though he kept his head ducked low. “We had our moments, him and I. We weren’t close, but...we weren’t estranged, either. In fact, I...I first heard your name from him, not from the papers.”
“He told you about me.” It wasn’t a question. “I guess I should’ve suspected, but I never really knew what your relationship was like...before. I mean, he never once mentioned having a brother, so I kinda assumed…”
“As everyone does,” Klavier shrugged, far too casually for Apollo’s liking. “Anyway, your question was about you and me, not me and him, ja? He told me all the usual things people have to say about you - loud, eager to please, a little bit sensitive. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than the fact you had a strange name.”
Apollo rolled his eyes, sinking back into the cushions. “Wonderful. Fantastic. Glad to know I made a great first impression.”
“And then when the headlines came along...and Mama and Papa called…” Klavier’s face darkened once more; he cleared his throat. “I looked you up. I hadn’t bothered when I first heard your name, but I had to know. Still, I...I found almost nothing. No photos, no social accounts...nichts. Just a single line on a college graduate roster and the same articles I’d been reading before.”
“...I see.” Apollo fiddled with the ends of his blanket, just so he would have something to do with his hands. “So, when we finally met in person…”
The first thing Klavier noticed was Apollo’s eyes - large, round, expressive to a fault. The color of melted chocolate, though in the sunlight, more akin to the color of honey. Those eyes of Apollo’s, curious and maybe a little bit accusatory, narrowed right at him as he arrived at the entrance of People Park. He internally winced at the sight of Apollo’s companion, who was arguing with the police officer standing guard at the scene. Despite the time that had passed since he last saw her, he could never forget Trucy Enigmar-now-Wright.
Are you working for Phoenix Wright now? Klavier wanted to ask as he approached them. Why? Don’t you know what he’s done? Don’t you see what he’s become?
“I must say I'm used to being inspected by the ladies...but this is the first time I've felt this way with a man,” he said instead, leaning forward to smile somewhat condescendingly at them. Klavier was momentarily struck by how similar they were - how their hair was the exact same shade of brown, how the dusting of freckles across their identically shaped noses matched too perfectly, how their furrowed brows and perplexed frowns were one and the same. The only difference was their eyes, hers more the color of a stormy sea. Perhaps there’s a song lyric there? Klavier mused to himself. Ach, now is not the time.
“Mr...Gavin?” Apollo said disbelievingly, his eyes now widening. His arms, previously crossed tightly against his chest, fell to his sides. The motion caught Klavier’s eye, drawing his attention to the glint of the golden bracelet sitting on Apollo’s left wrist. He wondered if there was some sort of significance to it, what with the way Apollo clutched it tightly with his right hand.
“Ah, fräulein,” Klavier continued, his eyes flickering back upwards. He wondered if she knew him, if she recognized him at all. Clearly, Apollo had no idea who he was; he wasn’t sure how to feel about that just yet. “What is a sweet morsel like you doing in such a dismal place? Can I help?”
“Yes! The police man officer fellow here won't let us in!” Trucy complained, huffing. She brandished an envelope in Klavier’s face, nearly swatting him on the nose as she did. He flinched slightly, surprised by how brazen she was. “We even have a letter of request!”
Klavier’s smile softened into one that was a little more genuine. He couldn’t help but be instantly charmed by her. “You must be exhausted, standing out here. I will take you to the scene of the crime.”
“Ooh! Really?” Trucy exclaimed, brightening. Apollo looked skeptical in comparison, his intense gaze traversing the length of Klavier’s body. Usually, he would have preened at the attention, been flattered by the obvious interest and maybe made a show of looking back, but he knew that wasn’t what Apollo was looking for. I am not him, Klavier thought fiercely. I am not the one you trusted, the one who taught you everything you know. I could never -
“By your leave, officer,” Klavier said with a nod and a wink. He barely heard the officer’s affirmation over his own thoughts. Then, he turned back to Trucy and tilted his head towards the park. “Very well. This way, fräulein.”
Trucy’s giggle was sweet, melodic, as she happily followed him through the entrance. He made a show of lifting the police tape for her to duck under, which she seemed easily amused by. Apollo, meanwhile, was left standing on the street, staring at them incredulously, before he finally seemed to register what was happening. “Hey! What about me?!” he cried. His voice gets raspier the louder he gets, Klavier couldn’t help but observe. Interesting.
Once Apollo had caught up, Klavier turned to grin at them both, teeth clenched beneath his lips. Trucy was rocking back and forth on her heels, beaming back, while Apollo had braced his hands on his hips indignantly, like he had something he wanted to say and was just waiting for the opportune moment to say it. Ach, those eyes, those hands, those freckles, Klavier thought rather stupidly. Wait - you’re not supposed to think he’s cute, Klavier, hör auf!
“On that note, enjoy your investigation,” he remarked. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the flash of a white lab coat further into the park that told him he needed to leave if he didn’t want to be reprimanded - or worse, Snackoo-ed.
“Thank you! Will we see you again?” Trucy asked, hopeful.
Klavier hesitated. Apollo still hadn’t said a thing about the obvious elephant in the room, still staring at Klavier like he was a ghost. He wanted Apollo to say something, anything, to ask questions, to start the conversation that he himself admittedly didn’t want to take responsibility for. But Apollo was clearly stunned into silence, and any courage Klavier had had when he first walked up to them moments ago was long gone.
“Ask the wind, fräulein. I'll be riding on it,” he said, shooting them one last saccharine smile. He could hear the click-click of Ema’s shoes against the cobblestone as she approached. With that, he turned and left, his chest aching in confusion.
The silence was heavy, heavier than Apollo expected. Klavier had turned the movie volume down long ago, leaving them with nothing but the sound of their own quiet breaths. “Makes sense,” Apollo finally said, shooting Klavier a sympathetic smile. “To you, I...I jumped ship from one corrupt defense attorney to another. At least, that’s what it seemed like at the time, right?”
“Part of me wanted to confront you right then and there, but I didn’t want to do it. Not in front of everyone, especially not in front of her. But the other part of me...I just wanted to learn more about you. To get to know you before I decided whether it was a battle worth fighting. Whether he was worth defending.” Klavier then smiled back; now it was his turn to drop his head onto Apollo’s shoulder. “Besides, you were cute, and I’m weak.”
“‘Were’, huh?” Apollo teased, nudging him. “Well, I’m glad Trucy’s presence, your curiosity, and my cuteness apparently deterred you enough to walk away. To think, what would you have done if you didn’t think I was cute - ”
“Achtung, you’re such an arschgeige sometimes,” Klavier groaned, laughing. “Anyway...I got my answer in court soon enough. I could trust you, and he...he wasn’t worth defending. Not one bit.”
“No, not at all,” Apollo agreed. “Still, I’m...I’m sorry, Klav. Not for what I did, I mean, I-I had to, but it all played out. How messy things got. Whenever we, y’know, come here to see your parents, I still see that look in their eyes. It’s that face that you make when you think no one’s looking.” He swallowed. “Mr. Wright says Trucy does that, too. Less now that she’s got me and Mom, but…well.”
“It wasn’t you, Apollo, it was me. It all started with me believing he wouldn’t lie to me.” Klavier’s laughter was bitter now. “Anyway, I’m starting to think we’re all a little too observant for our own good. None of us can ever let things go, nein?”
“We’d be horrible lawyers if we could,” Apollo chuckled, rubbing Klavier’s arm reassuringly. “But fine, fine, I’ll stop psychoanalyzing you now. It’s my turn, anyway.”
“I want to hear this,” Klavier said, snuggling closer. “Lay it on me, baby. Tell me how you fell for me in two seconds flat.”
“I’m gonna lay into you in two seconds flat if you don’t let me talk,” Apollo said dryly, elbowing him again. “I, uh, I don’t think I remember it as clearly as you do, but…”
“Excuse me, coming through.”
It was a voice, a smooth, musical voice, polite but firm, that caught Apollo’s attention first. He turned in its direction, confused by how familiar it felt, how similar it sounded to another voice he knew, but with a light, lilting cadence and a strangely affected accent whose origins he couldn’t quite place.
“Ah! It’s you! Mr. Gavin!”
Apollo’s eyes widened, his heart pounding wildly in his chest, then narrowed at the sight before him. Striding towards them with a swagger in his step was a man who, as far as Apollo could tell, was supposed to be behind bars. Only, his skin was a few shades darker, his hair a shade or two lighter, and he was wearing, for reasons Apollo couldn’t fathom, eyeliner and leather and chains instead of a neatly-pressed suit and wire-rimmed glasses. Who’s THIS guy? Apollo thought, his stomach turning.
“I must say I'm used to being inspected by the ladies...but this is the first time I've felt this way with a man,” the man said, leaning in close; his smile was a little wider than Apollo would have liked. Apollo also didn’t want to think about how pretty he was, how long his eyelashes were or how smooth his skin seemed to be. This can’t be him, Apollo decided, though he was still frozen in place. He could only vaguely feel Trucy’s fingers tugging gently on his shirt sleeve. No, it can’t be - it’s not - but who -
“Mr...Gavin?” Apollo said stupidly. He felt a phantom pinch on his left wrist; he released his arms from where they were crossed so he could rub the spot where it hurt, though the moment he touched it, he realized he hadn’t been in pain at all. The man’s eyes flickered down, following his fingers in curiosity, before moving back up to continue smiling beatifically at Trucy.
“Ah, fräulein,” he said; he was practically simpering now. “What is a sweet morsel like you doing in such a dismal place? Can I help?” Apollo barely managed to refrain from rolling his eyes. Of course, he internally sighed, he’s one of those guys.
“Yes! The police man officer fellow here won't let us in!” Trucy whined, shoving the envelope in the man’s face. Apollo had to bite back a laugh at his startled expression, a contrast to his otherwise indifferent smile. “We even have a letter of request!”
“You must be exhausted, standing out here,” the man murmured sympathetically, eyes sparkling. He seemed intrigued, though Apollo couldn't blame him. He supposed he and Trucy looked like a completely mismatched pair. “I will take you to the scene of the crime.”
“Ooh! Really?” Trucy exclaimed, her entire face lighting up. Apollo tried not to smile himself; her energy was infectious. Then, the man’s words finally clicked in his mind. Wait - really?! But why would he - how can he - who is he?
“By your leave, officer,” the man ordered, winking. A pleasant shiver went down Apollo’s spine, one that he was trying his best to ignore. No good was going to come out of that train of thought, not when this man was clearly someone he needed to worry about - though in what way, he wasn’t sure yet. He seemed too generous, too open. Whether he was a police officer, a detective, or, god forbid, a prosecutor, Apollo didn’t trust him not to lead them astray, not one bit. “Very well. This way, fräulein.”
Before Apollo knew it, the man was walking away with Trucy in tow, leaving him behind. “Hey! What about me?!” he shouted, jogging after them. By the time he caught up, both of them were grinning at him amusedly, as if watching him trip over his own feet was some hysterical inside joke. Huffing, he braced his hands on his hips, ready to open his mouth and protest. The man’s gaze briefly travelled down to his hands once more. What’s that all about? Apollo wondered, confused. What’s he looking at? Is it my bracelet? It’s not that weird, is it? Wait, or can he tell that it’s -
“On that note, enjoy your investigation,” the man said, speaking a little quicker than he did before. He suddenly seemed distracted, like he couldn’t wait to get away from them.
“Thank you!” Trucy chirped, bouncing up and down on her toes. “Will we see you again?”
“Ask the wind, fräulein,” the man said, recovering. He seemed almost too focused on Trucy, like something about Apollo bothered him. Maybe he already knew who Apollo was, what Apollo had done. Was he angry? Resentful? Waiting for the right moment to strike? A shiver of a different kind tingled throughout Apollo’s body at the very thought; the phrase “kill them with kindness” was coming to mind. “I'll be riding on it.” He then left without another word, leaving Apollo to stare stupidly after him, his heartbeat in his throat.
“...who was that?” Apollo exclaimed, stunned, as if he wasn’t confused enough by everything else that was going on. His mind was racing with possibility, with anxiety that he really, really didn’t need. Before he could get into it, however, his jumbled thoughts were quickly cut off by Trucy’s surprised cry.
“Eek! Apollo, look - a c-corpse!”
“...interesting,” Klavier said after a moment’s silence. “Did she really think the mannequin was a dead body?”
“Seriously, Klav?” Apollo groaned. “Surprised you didn’t fixate on the part where I thought you were pretty.”
“‘Were’?” Klavier echoed mockingly, grinning. His expression then sobered. “So...mixed feelings all around, it seems. I suppose it shouldn’t be all that shocking, though. We weren’ strangers, after all.”
“You practically were to me,” Apollo murmured, tangling his fingers in Klavier’s hair. Klavier leaned into his touch, his eyes fluttering closed in contentment. “At least you knew I existed, while I...he never…” He then shook his head. “Y’know, I-I’m not sure if I really wanna think about this anymore. Not if it makes us think about him.”
“It’s not one of our happiest memories, nein,” Klavier agreed, humming. “I like where we are now...where we can trust each other. There’s little I hate more than ambiguity. And not knowing how I was supposed to feel about you…”
“Sucks, right?” Apollo let out a hollow laugh. “But at least we were on the same page, in a, uh, weird way. I guess that’s always been our thing. Even when you’re driving me up the wall in court - which is all the time, so don’t even question me, I see that look on your face - we’re, y’know, generally working towards the same goal.”
Klavier’s fingers danced along the length of Apollo’s forearm, tapping out a rhythm that Apollo couldn’t quite pick out. “I’d like to think so. I was never really sure until...ach, well. You remember.”
Apollo was still trembling as he exited the courtroom with Trucy by his side. She was putting on a brave face for them both, but he had a feeling that she was more torn up about what had happened than he was. He wanted to comfort her, to reassure her somehow after they’d learned the truth behind her biological father’s death, but for once, he was completely speechless.
“Polly?” Trucy’s voice was tentative. “I’m...kinda hungry.”
“I...oh.” Apollo looked at her curiously. Out of all the things he’d expected her to say, that hadn’t been one of them. “Do you wanna get something to eat? We could go to Eldoon’s if you want.”
“No, that’s okay,” Trucy reassured him. Her face then lit up. “I was actually thinking about the courthouse café! We can get cake and drinks and stuff. A little sugar goes a long way!”
Apollo smiled softly. “Sure, Trucy. Whatever you’d like.”
And so, they found themselves a small table at the courthouse café - and maybe calling it that was rather generous on Trucy’s part - with two thick slices of Swiss rolls and tall glasses of milk tea. Admittedly, Apollo still felt numb, but Trucy’s running commentary of her thoughts on the trial kept him going. “Now all we need is for Vera to wake up,” Trucy said, gripping her fork with determination. “I’m still so worried about her! What if she doesn’t - ”
“We can’t think like that, okay?” Apollo said, reaching across the table to squeeze her hand. “We gotta have hope. That’s all we can do, you know?”
“I guess,” Trucy murmured, chewing her bottom lip fretfully. She went quiet for a minute or so, poking at the last bits of her drink’s half-melted ice with her straw. “Hey, um...Daddy says he’s meeting up with a friend later today, and he wants to have dinner. And when he says ‘friend’, he usually means Mr. Edgeworth. You know, the prosecutor?”
“Yeah, I’ve definitely heard of him.” Apollo sat up a little straighter at the word ‘prosecutor’. In his stupor over the whole ordeal, he’d barely spared a thought for Klavier; he could only vaguely guess how he was doing. “What about him?”
“I was just wondering if, maybe, you’d wanna...join us?” Trucy suggested. He’d never seen her so hesitant before. “For dinner, I mean.”
“...oh.” Apollo paused. “No, uh - not today, sorry. I should really go home and sleep all of this - ” he gestured aimlessly “ - off. I feel like I need to sleep for, like, three days straight.”
“Sure, of course,” Trucy nodded, smiling faintly. “But….you’re still coming back to the agency, right? Maybe not tomorrow, but a few days?”
“Yeah. Yeah, definitely,” Apollo promised, surprised by how quickly he’d responded. In all his hesitation, his doubts about law and what it was meant to be, what it could be, he was finally starting to feel like the Wright Anything Agency was where he belonged.
After they finished eating, he and Trucy parted ways after a long, much-needed hug on the courthouse steps. Apollo then went to fetch his bike from the rack adjacent to the courthouse parking lot, only to spot a familiar face lingering nearby, seemingly in no rush to leave.
“...Gavin?” Apollo said carefully.
Klavier turned sharply at the sound of Apollo’s voice. His smile was a touch too wide, his eyes suspiciously glossy. “Ah, Herr Forehead,” he greeted, ducking his head; his voice sounded trapped in his own throat. “Good show in there, as always. You never fail to impress.”
“Thanks. Hey, um - I’m surprised to see you’re still here,” Apollo commented, taking a few tentative steps closer. “Don’t you have somewhere...better to be?”
“Not really, nein.” Klavier let out a short, forced laugh. “I have paperwork to do, I’m sure. But it can wait.”
“...right.” Apollo cleared his throat awkwardly. “Thanks, by the way.”
Klavier blinked. “Entschuldigung? What for?”
“For agreeing to summon your brother, and...y’know, everything after that.” Apollo found himself oddly fascinated with a few stray pebbles on the ground, nudging them around with the toes of his loafers so he wouldn’t have to look at Klavier’s face. “Look, I-I’m not gonna pretend like I know what you, or Trucy, or Mr. Wright are going through. I’m mostly on the outside looking in, so. All I really know, if I know anything at all, is that, uh...we did the right thing. Yeah?”
“Ja.” When Apollo looked up, Klavier was also deliberately looking elsewhere, staring off into the distance at nothing in particular. He’d displayed a whirlwind of emotions back in the courtroom, but none of them were quite the same as the bitter expression he was wearing right now. “...Apollo?”
Now it was Apollo’s turn to do double-take. “Huh? Wh-what is it?”
“Danke schön. For...everything. I honestly don’t think I could’ve done...any of that on my own,” Klavier confessed, his voice thick with emotion. “And I think I...I think I’m going to take a little time away from the prosecutor’s office. Not for long, mind you. Just...I need some time off. A week, maybe two. Some distance, some would make a world of difference, achtung.” He then turned to face Apollo directly for the first time since they started talking. He looked tired, defeated, even. His posture, his expression - Apollo felt as if he was seeing an entirely different person standing before him.
Without thinking, Apollo took the last few steps forward and closed the gap between them, wrapping his arms around Klavier and pulling him close. Klavier let out a startled noise; then, he hugged Apollo back, sinking his weight against Apollo’s, his forehead dropping to Apollo’s shoulder. His exhale was long, unsteady. “Take care of yourself, okay?” Apollo said, fingers digging into Klavier’s back, his face buried against Klavier’s bicep. “And if you ever wanna talk about it...I-I mean, I’m sure I’m not your first choice, but still. I’m, uh, I’m around.”
“Danke,” Klavier murmured, barely above a whisper. They stayed like that for a moment, maybe a moment too long, just holding each other in the middle of the courthouse parking lot for anyone and everyone to see. Klavier’s breath trembled against Apollo’s ear; Apollo half-expected his knees to give out from underneath him. Then, he slowly detached himself from Apollo’s grasp, carefully schooling his expression into something more Klavier-like, something brighter and blander, his teeth blindingly white in the mid-afternoon sun. “Anyway, I should really get going. That paperwork isn’t going to take care of itself, ja?”
“Oh, uh. Yeah, don’t I know it,” Apollo said, letting out another strained chuckle.
“Until next time, then,” Klavier said smoothly, winking. “Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Forehead.” He didn’t wait for Apollo’s send-off, instead turning and heading over to his motorcycle, humming and twirling his keychain expertly between his practiced fingers. Apollo watched him peel out of the parking lot, silently wondering if he’d said all he wanted - no, needed - to say.
“Of course I remember.” Apollo held Klavier just a little bit tighter. “But, y’know, again - not our best moment. Not by a long shot.”
Klavier lifted his head from Apollo’s shoulder so he could kiss him briefly, gently. Apollo smiled against Klavier’s lips, cupping his jaw so he could bring him closer. “But I’d still say our first kiss is more of a memory worth reminiscing over. Wouldn’t you agree, liebe?”
“It was a little dramatic for my taste,” Apollo teased, pulling back so he could affectionately nudge his nose against Klavier’s cheek, his fingers lightly pressed into Klavier’s sides. “But you’re into that sort of thing, so I’ll give it a pass. Still, let’s just agree not to cry all over each other ever again, okay? It was honestly kinda gross. And wet. And not in a fun way.”
“You’re saying you won’t cry when I propose?” Klavier asked, pouting exaggeratedly. “Because ach, I know I will.”
“Who says you’re proposing?” Apollo retorted, grinning as he prodded Klavier in the chest. “What if I get there first? What if, while you’re getting down on one knee, I just whip a ring box out of my pocket - ”
“Then I really will lose my scheisse,” Klavier murmured, his lips ghosting across Apollo’s skin. “I’m going to hold you to it, baby.”
“Can’t guarantee it’ll happen, but I’m definitely gonna try,” Apollo said, turning his head to capture Klavier’s lips once more. The two of them exchanged slow, lazy kisses for a few minutes, fingers loosely tangled in each other’s hair. In the background, the movie continued on, long forgotten; not that it mattered, seeing as they’d watched it together many times before.
Eventually, Klavier carefully detangled himself from Apollo. He passed him his wine glass, still half-full, then reached for his own and lifted it above his head. “To making new memories, ja?”
“Are we really cheers-ing ourselves? That’s pretty self-serving, literally,” Apollo said dubiously, though he still raised his glass all the same, amused by Klavier’s dramatics. “But hell, why not? To new memories that don’t involve us crying, sneezing, yelling - ”
“You make us sound like absolute disasters, achtung,” Klavier protested, chuckling. “We’re not that bad, are we?”
Apollo took a sip of his drink, then leaned in close, so close that his nose brushed against Klavier’s, his wine-stained, kiss-bitten lips stretched into a fond grin. “Nah. I think we’re doing just fine.”
a/n: Welcome to my first entry for Klapollo Week 2021! I've never participated in any fandom challenges/events before, so I'm super excited to see how this goes. My plan is a little overambitious, with all seven fics set in the same continuity, but in a different order. For example, this fic is actually the last, chronologically speaking, while day seven's fic is set in the middle. If you're wondering why they were crying during their first kiss, you'll have to wait until then 😉
Don't worry about any of that, though, you don't need to read the others to follow along! Day seven is technically a sequel to day five, but it can be read as a stand-alone, though I think it packs more punch if you read it after day five. They're also the longest; every other fic averages out to about four to five thousand words, whereas five and seven are over ten thousand words each. Brevity is the soul of wit? Not in my Google Docs, I am wordy as hell.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Likes and reblogs would be much appreciated. Hoping you're all safe and healthy and doing well ❤️
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captmickey · 32 minutes ago
Two months after making Von Karma cry like a punk, we’re now dealing with a new case where our defendant is the Chief Prosecutor, a sheriff is a detective, the lunch lady is threatening us, and for some reason Edgeworth is involved. Again.
Come on in!
Tumblr media
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whyamiattractedtomozustrein · 33 minutes ago
Ace attorney sexuality, pronoun, and ethnicity headcanons, Only I'm lazy and not doing all the characters
Don't read if you don't support neopronouns, ig
Kathrine Hall- Bi Male lean, Polyamorous, She/her, and French
Lotta Hart- Lesbian, He/She/They, African American (albino)
Dahlia Hawthorne- Lesbian, Polyamorous, She/her, Italian and Japanese
Athena Cykes- Polysexual, She/they, German and Japanese
Geiru Toneido- Lesbian, She/her (trans woman), Japanese
Franziska Von Karma- Lesbian, She/her, German
Jeffery Masters- Gay, He/Him, African American
Kay Faraday- Bi fem lean, Polyamorous, They/She/It/He (Nonbinary), I don't know what ethnicity it is
Juniper Woods- Omnisexual, She/her, Polish and American
Luke Atmey- Bisexual male lean, He/him, British
Paul Atishon-Wimperson- Gay in denial and homophobic, He/him, Russian and Japanese
Regina Berry- Pansexual, She/they, Danish and whatever people fron liechtenstien are called
Aura Blackquill- Lesbian, Polyamorous, She/they (demigirl), British and Japanese
Justine Courtney- Lesbian, She/her, French and Chinese
Betty De Famme- Pansexual, Polyamorous, She/they/it/xe, Half Korean, Quarter Romanian, and Quarter French
Bonny De Famme- Lesbian, They/Bun/She, Half Korean, Quarter Romanian, and Quarter French
Sebastian Debeste- Unlabeled, He/They/Xe, American
Desiree Delite- Omnisexual Male lean, She/they/He, Taiwanese and French
Ron Delite- Polysexual, He/She (Bigender), Italian
Mia Fey- Bisexual female lean, She/her, Japanese and American
Klavier Gavin- Polysexual, He/xe, German
Kristoph Gavin- Pansexual, He/ they, German
Simon Keyes- Pansexual, They/It/Lem/he, italian
Amara Sigatar Khura'in- Pansexual, She/Her, Khura'inese
Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in- Bi male lean in denial and homophobic, she/her, Khura'inese
April May- Lesbian, polyamorous, Che/Cherryself, Lem/Lemonself, She/her, Polish
Ini Miney- Lesbian, They/It (nonbinary), Italian and Greek
Mimi Miney- Pansexual, She/Her, Italian and Greek
Vera Misham- Bisexual no lean, They/Them (nonbinary), Irish
Robin Newman- Unlabeled, Polyamorous, She/her, Spanish
Hugh O'Conner- Penultisexual, He/Him (trans male), Japanese
Olga Orly- Asexual Panromantic, She/Her, German And British
Ema Skye- Bisexual Female lean, She/they, Austrian and British
Jinxie Tenma- Lesbian, She/It, Japanese
Uendo Toneido- Gay, He/Him, Japanese
Patches- Omnisexual, They/Them, It/itself, Fuzz/Fuzzself, Jest/Jesterself, Japanese
Kisegawa- Pansexual Homoromantic, She/her, Japanese
Owen- They don't know, He/ they, Japanese
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Asexual Epel Felmier Icons
Bc my son is also an asexual king
Look at how happy my boy is
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(RB=❤️) Hey! I'm really going through some tough times in which means I been spending A LOT as of late, so I'm opening some commissions! If you want to help me quite literally survive please consider!!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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