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justlgbtthings · 2 days ago
gay shit ive done that i thought was 100% straight before i realized: a biography
tried to explain to my straight friends that girls are just objectively more attractive than guys. like objectively.
and being convinced that they were lying to me when they disagreed and said they were attracted to men
didn’t understand why breakups were such a big deal. “if he doesn’t give you enough attention just leave him.” “well at least now you have more time for yourself!” “well you still have me :)”
avoided watching lingerie or swimsuit commercials and had my eyes glued to the floor in locker rooms because obviously i’m not gay. like look at how not gay i am
“yeah sometimes i want people to look at me and wonder wtf i am”
got happy chemicals when people thought i was with my female friend
thought that bi girls and lesbians were the coolest fuckin people ever
female characters who didn’t want a relationship with a man and had their own independent storylines were my favorites
stopped watching shows if the characters randomly got paired up in het relationships
got super excited “for no reason” whenever i read a book with gay rep
“i want to look goth and lethal and have a sword but i also want to be a fairy and look like the embodiment of a claire’s store”
“i wish i was a boy because girls are so pretty and i don’t want to have to be with a boy”
never wanted to get married or have kids
felt super uncomfortable whenever a man would show any interest in me
“obviously ⏳ is more attractive than🚪”
but all sizes and shapes of girls are cute
sweaters, flannels, boots and beanies are not seasonal, they are year-long clothing items for all weather. even if it’s 108 degrees and humid
handpicked boys to have a crush on
“these are the men i’m attracted to” (insert queer-coded fictional character with feminine characteristics)
“who do you have a crush on?” “no one” “aw are you embarrassed to tell us?” 😐
any man who has ever been nice to me i must have a crush on now. that’s the rules.
i think i like him but i have to convince myself really hard that i do and the second he reciprocates fondness i no longer like him. i’m probably just picky
“he’s sweet, he’s funny, his face is symmetrical, and he’s smart but not in a show-off way… why don’t i like him?”
“look at all these other girls being boy-crazy. SOO GLAD i’m not like that :P”
other gays/queer people feel free to add on (although this is primarily for sapphics (and aspecs))
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asexualawarenessweek · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A graphic in various shades of purple. At the top, there is the Ace Week logo consisting of an ace flag shaped as a speech bubble and a purple square with the text "Ace Week" inside of it. In the middle, there are the words "Beyond Awareness" in large font. In smaller font at the bottom, "October 24th - 30th, 2021"]
The theme for Ace Week 2021 is "Beyond Awareness"
While educating people about asexuality is always going to be a part of the work we do every Ace Week, we've come a long way since Ace Week was founded as Asexual Awareness Week in 2010. There are so many other goals for us to pursue during Ace Week in addition to awareness!
Reblog this post with ace activism goals (other than awareness) that are important to you! Alternatively, send us an ask :)
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asexual-musings · 2 days ago
just wanted to remind everyone that sex is not a required part of life. like. you can never have sex ever and still be happy and have fulfilling relationships. you don’t ever have to have sex if you don’t want to.
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aroacecultureis · a day ago
Having to deal with people accusing you of homophobia and being either closeted or repressed when you show zero interest in anyone. People just can't wrap their heads around that it's because you really aren't interested in anyone. There has to be someone you're into, right? Wrong.
aroace culture
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platanchorsociety · 2 days ago
I have it! Conclusive proof that Ace and Joe Hardy are one in the same (sorry about picture quality)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginaryfern · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This one is for all aces in the closet: You are just as cool and valid as those who are out.
To ALL lovely a-spec folks out there, I wish you a wonderful Ace Week 💜
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justlgbtthings · 2 days ago
i love aspec men, especially aspec trans men. you guys are awesome <3
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waywardmasquerade · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ace Pride Dragon Bagons are wise and slow to anger, but underestimating them would be a grave error. They particularly like to hoard dice, amethysts, and high quality steel
Live now on Kickstarter
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bigenderr · a day ago
If you’re not mlm, please for the love of god stop throwing around twink and fruity like they’re funny new buzzwords.
Twink is not a word to describe every single skinny white man you somehow find attractive. Twink is not a word to be used to mock or belittle men’s bodies. Twink is not a word to be used in any joking manner unless you yourself are a man who identifies as a twink. All this, goes for bear, cub, otter, wolf, ect. They are SELF IDENTIFIERS for specific subcultures that exist in the gay community, and not every skinny white gay man identifies with them, and on top of that, it always, always, erases fat and non-white people when you boil twink down to “any skinny white men (gay or not) I find attractive.
And fruity. Stop. Calling. People. Fruity. Tag it, at least, please. For me, it’s extremely upsetting to see, especially by people who spew “queer is a slur” say it. Can we please stop introducing an old derogatory word into queer lingo? Because that’s what fruity is, a derogatory word. I’ve been called it before, it’s never in good faith. Nowhere in my life has someone ever called me “fruity” in a nice way, and hearing a bunch of young, straight (and non-mlm kids) call everything that moves a fruit is upsetting. Queer has been reclaimed for decades, queer is been identified with for decades. Queer is that our ancestors called themselves in the face of oppression. Fruity is a derogatory word for gay men, that’s never had a movement to reclaim it, that you all decided was fun and hip to use.
TLDR: Stop using twink and fruity like slang words, one is an important self identifier and actually identity, the other is literally made to mock mlm.
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asexual-musings · a day ago
being repulsed or averse to sex does not make you childish! it does not make you immature! it does not make you broken! you are enough of an adult without wanting sex!
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aroacecultureis · a day ago
Aroace culture is the pain and horror of when your platonic crush has a non-platonic crush on you and you have to watch their heart break, knowing you can never feel what they need you to feel for them and it's killing you both
aroace culture
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procrastinatingnerd · 2 days ago
I don't have a pride flag to hang out of my window for Ace Week this year so I'm compensating by making memes while surrounded by my smaller flags and ace merch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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platanchorsociety · a day ago
Ace: If I die, Nancy can have all my worldly possessions apart from Florence.
Nancy: Why? Who gets Florence?
Ace: Bess gets Florence because Bess knows how to treat a lady.
Bess: That I do.
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