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If somebody makes a lgbt+ positivity post and it doesnt specifically mention your sexuality/gendet/ect. Its not a direct attack on you and its not inherently discriminatinatory (exception being if the person is know to be an exclusionist).

Sometimes the person maybe just forgot or maybe theyre not knowledgable about that specific identity label or maybe the post wasnt fucking intended for you.

If i made a lesbian positivity post I dont want i dont want straights/gays/bi/ace/ or any other sexuality being like “WHAT ABOUT MEEEE”

in the same way ig I make a bisexual positivity post I wouldnt want lesbians/straights/gays/ace/or any other sexualiry being like “WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEE”

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day 4!

fraysexuality is yet another identity on the asexual spectrum. like demisexuality, it requires specific conditions for sexual attraction to occur, but the two are vary distinct. while demisexuality requires emotional closeness for attraction to occur, fraysexuality means that you may feel sexual attraction, but that attraction fades as you get to know the person. in other words, there can only be sexual attraction with an absence of emotional closeness. this may result in attraction to celebrities or people that you only know in passing.

fraysexual flag:


i could not find any fraysexual-run blogs, but here are some aspec blogs: @aspecsupport @aspecpplarebeautiful @aspecsafespace

if you know of any fraysexual blogs, send me a message and i’ll edit the post!

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If this post is offensive in any way please tell me, im genuinely trying to educate myself and i would like to know if anything i say isn’t okay.

from my experience it’s hard to find fics that don’t involve smut of some kind so i’m VERY curious:

Ace peeps who like fanfic, what kind of fanfic do you read? do you not mind smut in fanfic or do you search for fics without smut? is it different for every person? i don’t know very much abt asexuality and im rlly trying to educate myself as much as possible and as a fic writer i would like to appeal to a larger audience with my fics :)

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one of the most refreshing things as an ace person who has spent more time questioning than being sure of their sexuality, was finding someone else with the same sexuality with me. not just someone else who was ace or someone else who was bi, I mean the exact same sexuality and even very similar journeys to discovering our sexualities.

after spending the majority of my life feeling isolated by my sexuality because no one seemed to understand it exactly, just bits and pieces, you have no idea how great it felt to finally have someone who just got it. the big experiences and the little ones.

it’s so weird thinkin about how for most people knowing someone with the same sexuality as you isn’t some huge deal because it’s pretty likely (at least by comparison).

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