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rouge-the-bat · 2 days ago
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♠️♥️ Aspec Symbol ♦️♣️
had the idea for this a while ago, and just now finally put it together! the card suits are common symbolism amongst the aspec community, so this design of combining all the suits together popped in my head one day, and i think itd be a perfect symbol to represent all aspecs and the various aspec identities!
and here is the symbol colored with the ace and aro flags, with two aro varients:
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(see the layer components here)
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mangekyuou · 2 days ago
hello!! ₍₍ ◝( ゚∀ ゚ )◟ ⁾⁾
How are you writer-sama?? (or do you prefer chan?)
I have a request for u! (ノ0)ノ💌 (but idk if you are comfortable doing these characters..😅)
How do you think this introverts: Zoro, Law and Ace (kinda introv?) Would act with their s/o once they're "comfortable enough" with them? cuz I feel like their s/o would have some kind of "privileges" (?) and a somehow "different treatment"?? if you know what I mean (◕દ◕)
bc i think that at a certain point of the relationship they will already know and have already seen all of their different sides and aspects and so they accept them wholely (is that a word?) 😔 so they naturally feel more at ease and kind of lower more their defensive side with them.. 🥺 i hope it's clear 😭 and of course if you want to do it love! It can be a headcanon maybe?and preferably a fem!reader?
Sending love~💚
BYE BYE !! ⋋✿ ⁰ 0 ⁰ ✿⋌
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✸  headcanons  %  being comfortable with their s/o.
Tumblr media
✸    characters! . . .  law, zoro & ace.
✸    cw(s)! . . .  no pronouns used. slight angst in all three. mentions of bathing in ace’s. ( just physical intimacy ) not proofread.
✸    notes! . . .  ofc i’m comfortable with these characters. i can never shut up about them lmaoo. it gives me the opportunity to keep talking about these clowns my loves. thank you for requesting !!
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law will not get into a relationship unless he builds that trust and is comfortable enough with you first
it takes him a lot of time. and i mean a long time. and he doesn’t want you to just sit around and wait for him to be ready because you deserve better
however if you do stay and are willing to wait for him, he can’t pretend that he’s not thankful you will wait
when he finally feels that he is ready, when he is comfortable enough to start a relationship with you, it’s the little things he does. things such as:
him waiting for you at the door of his office, asking if you’re coming in or not. when you know he’s only asking is because he enjoys it when you’re in his office
making sure you eat before he does
relying on you to complete his toughest orders but always making sure to say a quick ‘good luck’ before you go
or even when he smirks when you call him captain
one night in his office, completely out of the blue he tells you the story of corazon. he appreciates how attentive you listen to him, how you rush to his side when he becomes emotional, how you don’t judge him, and how you ask if he needs a hug
he never thought he’d be saying yes to one. but here he was, head in the croak of your neck as you allowed him finally be able to let it out
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zoro, like law, is likely not going to get into a relationship without building up the trust first. however, it doesn’t take him as long to finally give the relationship a shot
he wants to lay everything out on the table before he enters a relationship with you. he wants you to know exactly the kind of man he is
he’s very honest about how he’s never been in a committed relationship before and how he probably couldn’t even try to be the textbook definition of romantic if he tried. but the most important he says is, that he wants to change that, for you
he loves when you take naps with him, while he falls asleep to the rhythm of your breathing. because he can’t sleep unless he knows you are okay
when he’s training he enjoys your company. you don’t even have to be saying anything or doing anything. he just enjoys your company
the way to know if he trusts you or not is if he trusts you with his swords. if you are not a swords-person already, he will definitely try to teach you a trick or two in case you need it in the future
the ultimate test of knowing he trusts you is when he hands you one of his own swords to train you
if you bring it up, he’ll brush off your concerns by admitting that he would trust no one else with his blades
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i may be alone in this BUT at the beginning of your relationship with him, ace is not all that keen on physical affection
he’ll wrestle somebody. but the sheer act of someone wrapping their arms around him in a romantic sense made him a bit uncomfortable
overtime when he finds himself more comfortable and confident in himself and your relationship, he’ll definitely give physical affection a second shot
but in true ace fashion, he’ll probably ask for it in the most nonsensical way possible because nothing is very simple with him
get ready for a lot of cuddling with little spoon ace
ace’s favorite form of physical intimacy is bathing with you. he prefers having his back pressed against your chest while you wash his hair. he feels safe and loved in your arms
it is in one of your baths together that he tells you the truth about his heritage, which he was holding off on because he was worried you’d see him differently
when you express that you don’t care who his parents were and where he came from, he couldn’t be more thankful that he found someone like you
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akamavarii · 23 hours ago
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aces + 2d with Hatsune Miku
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marvosa-yroz · a day ago
Petition to make Maleficent the AAA icon she is.
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Oh and there’s more...
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aroaceconfessions · 15 hours ago
I joked about not having kids in the future to my mom and she was like "no you'll have kids I feel it"
One-i am ace and do not like the idea of having sex.
Two- I don't like kids
Three- I do not feel like I would be a good parent
Four- I don't want to adopt either
Five- I just wanna live in a little cottage on the edge of a little town with my cats and husky(s) ok no children allowed
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willandmichael · 2 days ago
the way byler has the asexuals by the neck
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cleowho · a day ago
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“What are we hanging about for?”
Survival - season 26 - 1989
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thesevenumbrellas · 10 hours ago
My fellow aroaces, aros, and aces are all amazing actually great job guys 💙
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gorillaz-girl · 12 hours ago
Noodle copying the boys’ hairstyles
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itsnotokai · 2 days ago
*starts reading and loving Virginia Woolf*: oh I’m going to look for some info about her life *founds out she ended her own life* Oh shit
*starts reading Alejandra Pizarnik and identifies with her writings*: wow what if I look for how her life was… *founds out she suicided* oh my fucking god
*starts reading Sylvia Plath’s journals*: shit, she has so many good ideas and a good vision of things, let’s see some of her biography *founds out she suicided as well* well I guess it’s time to proceed to say: what the hell
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kweenkatsuki · a day ago
Elaborate pls.
I gotcha babe.
Listen You and Sero have been fucking around for way too long. And by fucking around, I mean playing this cat and mouse chase where he slips you a little tongue and you grind up against his cock through his jeans.
But the day you become fed up, the day you look him in the eye and say “Stop playing around and fuck me like I know you want to,” he thinks it’s his lucky day. He gives you “the nod” the “So what you wanna do” nod and it is so irritating how effortlessly sexy he is when he does it.
He knows he’s got you wrapped around his finger, the same way you’re wrapped around his, but that glint in your eye, the almost palpable sexual tension between the two of you has you feeling a little more forward than you usually are.
Sero has the blunt rolled and like always he tilts it toward your mouth for you to lick and seal it. And when he lights it up and let’s you take the first drag, you feel the smoke fill your lungs and move through your limbs relaxing them. You tilt your head back, let the smoke wisp out of your nose and out your plump lips toward the ceiling before you quickly mount him on the couch and push your tits against his chest.
You’ve trapped him and it’s not like he’s going to complain. Instead he smirks a perfect dazzling smile as you grind against his cock. You’re wearing a skirt, a bit short but enough to leave his imagination racing about what’s underneath. He thinks your panties are sticking to your dripping folds because he’s sure you’re just as wet as he is hard.
But as you grind back and forth over his cock, he realizes, your panties must be super thin, because he can feel your pussy lips dragging against the fabric of his sweats. He tries to hold in the groan caught in his throat and as you lick your lips and kiss him, he tastes your strawberry chapstick, the lingering grape flavor still on your tongue from the blunt.
You kiss him like a starved beast, though he feels you might be holding back still…just a little. His fingers drop down to your hips to guide you, put more pressure, cause more friction and you slap his hands away.
“I’m in charge,” you whisper before nipping at his bottom lip.
You bring the blunt to his lips and let him take a hit and as he inhales and let’s the smoke resonate, you reach into his pants and grab him, stiff and warm in your palm. He chokes and you smile as he sputters and groans.
He’s not able to catch his breath before you’ve shimmied his pants down just enough to let his cock pop free, oozing glistening pre. Very quickly you lick it from your fingers and smirk at him again.
Sero thinks that view alone could make him cum right here in your palm.
But its not even the main course. You lift your hips and hover over him, putting the blunt back to your lips to take a long deep drag. It’s only then that he notices.
You aren’t wearing panties.
Holding the smoke in, you line him up with your cunt, slowly rub the head through your folds and sink down onto him. You’re not all the way in, and he’s already moaning and whimpering. It’s a good thing you know how to hold your breath. You squeeze his cheeks between your fingers tight enough for his mouth to open, jerk his head back toward you, and blow the smoke you were holding into his mouth as you split yourself on his cock.
He takes what you give him, like the good boy he is and when he’s finally sunk completely inside you, you kiss him and swallow all his gracious sounds of pleasure with a sweet sensual kiss. 💖
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Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou is aroace!!
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aroaceconfessions · a day ago
im a sex-repulsed ace with sexual intrusive thoughts, and i want to remind everyone similarly that you are still valid in your identity, that you cannot control them, and that if the thoughts aren't wanted, they aren't your "true desire" or something like that
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rouge-the-bat · 2 days ago
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♠️♥️ Aspec4Aspec Flags ♦️♣️
from left to right, the flags are Aro4Aro, Ace4Ace, and Aroace4Aroace. these can be used to represent current relationships or ones desired by any aspec people these fit! and by "relationship" i mean anything from romantic, sexual, queerplatonic, a mix, or anything in between or otherwise!
including variants of my aspec symbols!
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greenteaandtattoos · 2 days ago
I’m gonna be an elder aroace one day and that’s such a wild concept to me because I don’t know any elder aros/aces and I’m sure having one in my life would have made it much easier to come to terms and accept my identity as aroace. 
I hope that one day I can be the elder aroace that aspec (and any lgbtqia+) young’uns look up to for advice and comfort and support when exploring their identity. 
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thegyusorcerer · 13 hours ago
shoutout to demisexuals! all my homies love demisexuals 💜
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