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Someone might have already asked this, but why does Luffy call Law "Torao"?

I’ve talked about it here! Basically Law’s name is pronounced/written as トラファルガー/torafarugaa in Japanese, and Luffy tries to pronounce that one (1) time before giving up and shortening it to the first two syllables (トラ/tora) plus 男/o which is the kanji for like ‘dude/guy’, so put together you get トラ男/torao

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One day just happened

They had been actively running away from the villagers again, who wanted to hurt them, make them feel the horrible pain, agony, things they hated to feel, things the two ones never thought it was possible to feel until they proved otherwise to the blond brothers.

Scared and holding hands, the older man with short hair and glasses was pulling the younger one, running without stopping, fear, another of the things they hated to feel, being afraid of commoners like those who had become pathetic.

They had only been hungry

They had only tried to go get some food, her mother needed her, and her father could hardly bring some fresh water to survive.

They ran away, until their muscles burned until their legs felt like they were going to pass out from exhaustion, until their lungs screamed desperately for air, until they were sure they had lost the enraged townspeople.

They fell to the ground on their knees, exhausted, as they hated this.

Hate, that was another of the things that the oldest could feel, much more than before, day by day with each attack feeding more and more.

Only one thing brought him out of his thoughts…

That was…?

-Do you smell that?! - asked his little brother, almost excited at the idea of having something to eat, a splendid smell of freshly cooked meat filled the place, the older one nodded and the two advanced, attracted by the smell …

They never thought to see a commoner there, sitting, ahead in front of what seemed to be a bonfire and a lot of meat roasted on the fire of some large animal in the forest … Were there such large animals in that forest ?! It was gigantic!

They hid behind a bush, looking at the meat hungry and hopeful… maybe could they take something from it? After all there was a lot there, would you notice if some of meat was gone?

Why was this commoner here in the forest eating?

The older blond decided to analyze that guy.

The truth, at first glance, was very scary, only his aura could infuse him, his clothes were dark and somewhat torn, as if something had attacked him, surely the animal that was eating had given a fight, he had strange drawings in his hands and fingers, a small beard and black hair, his gaze was hidden under his white fur cap with black spots, and his clothes had yellow details, so…

Isn’t that the weird drawings pirates use?

Was he a pirate?

Well pirate or not, he had food, and they were hungry so they would have to rob him but … but if he could with this animal, what would he be able to do to them?

He stared in fear at the sword with fluff behind him, certainly not that didn’t was a good thing.

What they did not know is that the man had noticed them a while ago, they were not very discreet, and the bush had sounded a little while the younger one turned looking at his older brother. The pirate looked at them with boredom, noting that they had apparently been drawn there to his food.

Well, he had eaten enough; he was not interested if those children took it away.

So he just got up, left that gigantic piece of leftover meat and left from there. He had to go to shore to wait for his crew anyway, he didn’t know what the hell had happened, but he was sure of one thing, they would always come, and he would have to wait for them no matter how much time passed.

The heart pirates were the only thing he trusted, and loved most, within his already destroyed psyche due to so many tragedies and pain.

The children saw him amazed, as he just retired leaving the food…

He was giving that meat to them?

They didn’t care, they jump into that piece of meat almost like hyenas, eating until the two ones couldn’t take it anymore, and they almost felt themselves crying with joy, for days that they didn’t eat a bite.

They took the leftovers to home, for their mom and dad.

What a Lucky day

/jaja sorry for my bad english i just wanted to submit this fragment of a little story that will never get continued(?/

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So I have to confess…

The first time I watched One Piece I did not ship ZoSan, I think it was only a funny ship. (I was 14 years ?). I did not hate it or anything, but I really did not get it XD. 🙈

But now, everytime I re-watch OP (this is my third time) I get why people ship it. ❤️

I do not think ZoSan as my OTP, and I do not think it will become canon, but they are cute and I love the fanarts.

Zoro and Sanji care so much about each other. I do not think that all first watchers could appreciate the level of friendship and respect they have for other.

Like there are a lot of moments of these two.

And, I really love how Oda writes their relationship.


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b, f, g, v, & y for lucci pls my queen 🥺


Originally posted by kin-sama

Lucci: B F G V Y

Beauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?

He adores his S/O’s hair and shoulders, scattering kisses on their neck and nipping at their shoulders and absentmindedly running his hands through their hair when he can’t seem to sleep at night are the main reasons he adores these features.

The other reason being Hattori, he adores the sight of the little bird curled up on their shoulder as they go throughout their day. Sometimes he’s curled up in their hair sleeping and other times he finds his S/O humming away while Hattori coos along from his resting spot on their shoulder. The bird means a lot to him and seeing him get along so fondly with his S/O gives him a sense of peace he never realized existed before.

Fight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?

Lucci would never get into a shouting match with his S/O, but that doesn’t mean he won’t sternly bring up things they’ve done. It’s very rare for them to have done something to upset him, but it’s not impossible, however he will always bring it up with them and talk it out. If his S/O gets upset at his tone or lack of empathy and storms off he won’t chase them, he’ll give them time to calm down and let them approach him.

In reverse, if his S/O brings up something he’s done he’ll calmly listen to them as they explain it to him, he can’t promise to fix certain things since it’s quite hard to change things that he’s been trained to do since he was young. However if it’s something small, for example Hattori’s feathers being scattered around their home, he’ll likely chuckle a bit at his S/O but agree to clean them up.

Gratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?

Lucci doesn’t express his gratitude in words very often, he prefers to express it with actions. Soft kisses to his S/O’s forehead when he’s woken up to them cooking breakfast in the soft light of the rising sun, holding them close and relaxing for a cat nap on the lounge chair when they’ve had a busy day, or just simply helping them do small things around the house. No matter what it is they’ve done for him, he’s always aware of it and appreciates it in his own way.

Value - How important is the relationship to them? What is it worth in comparison to other things in their life?

Lucci highly values his work, it comes before everything in his life, even his relationship. However that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value his relationship, he wouldn’t leave his S/O for his work unless he thought they were in danger or didn’t trust them anymore.

Lucci doesn’t trust many people and having earned his trust is proof of how much he values his S/O and their relationship. It would be very hard for his S/O to break his trust because he would speak to them about the small things he found alarming, but if they did something on a large scale to betray him all value and trust he had for them would vanish immediately.

Yearning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?

Lucci copes by occupying himself with work, after all long missions away from his S/O is when he yearns for them most. He won’t admit these feelings because to him they’re a distraction from the mission, this is why he dives head first into his missions and tends to neglect his own feelings. However at night, once he’s come home, he’ll relax in bed next to them as they sleep, brushing any stray hairs out of their face as he whispers softly that he loves them.

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The more I think about it in a way I have always wanted to try One Piece but there was a slight few problems of getting started. First it came out in the late 90s which I was only like seven? Second it was so long by the time I started to actually wanting to try it (both anime & manga) that it seemed tedious. Third I was mostly into demons (Inuyasha) ninjas (🍥) vampires (Vampire Knight) along with others at the time when I was getting into anime/manga world.

But I’m glad I gave it a chance cause now I can’t get enough of it 😁❤

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5 for law for the chara hc thing I have to ask you that legally, he’s like one of your brand characters of your blog

CALLING ME OUT >:((( but for real I can’t believe I’ve branded myself as a Law Stan 

I just answered all of them for Law for @whirlybirdwhat but I can do another headcanon for him! 

- This dude has a hard time sleeping above the water and he also specifically made his ship a submarine to make sure Doflamingo couldn’t get to him without him knowing (and also because Doffy can’t swim bc of the devil fruit powers, it’s infinitely safer to be under the water). He has to know someone he trusts is also there before he can sleep above water whether on a ship or in an inn on land 

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for the character headcanons!! my boy luffy!! or law if you want!!

Why not both? 

1: sexuality headcanon 

Luffy: Aroace full stop 

Law: Gay/Bi Aromantic, probably just Queer and Aro too 

2: otp 

Luffy: Nothing romantically? I don’t see him as being in a romantic relationship at all

Law: Actually the same as above, can’t really see it (it’s the aro) 

3: brotp 

Luffy: ZoLu, UsoLu, SanLu, etc etc. His friends of course will all go here but I don’t want this post to go on forever

Law: Uhhhhhhh his crew obviously, and KiddLaw? As alloaro buddies? Yeah

4: notp 

Luffy & Law: LawLu full stop. I think their interactions are fun but I don’t like this ship 

5: first headcanon that pops into my head 

Luffy: He’s always the first person all the Straw Hats go to talk to because he’s actually a really good listener! He says what he thinks and sometimes that’s what you need to hear 

Law: He actually loves hugs, but only from people he trusts, so like his inner circle on his own crew and select Straw Hats have Hugging Permission

6: one way in which I relate to this character 

Luffy: Being aro babeyyyyy. In all seriousness, I love my friends and would do anything for them, including fighting the government 

Law: Not giving two fucks about anything. JK uh, in a lot of ways as a kid I can see myself in him in his flashback that I don’t want to go into detail on but yeah. Little Law is #SuperRelatable for me 

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character 

Luffy: Unashamedly asking about poop to everyone he meets 

Law: God Damn That’s EDGY

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? 

Luffy: Yes 

Law: Problematic fave all the way 😎😎

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