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#one piece
opbackgrounds · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Water 7 does a really fantastic job at making the world of One Piece feel bigger than the Straw Hats, and Oda actually uses the carnival town of San Faldo as an excuse for half the cast to be wearing masks during Water 7, but you can tell he’s signaling out the special government island because the information is physically separated from the rest of the list by its own speech bubble. 
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thecatatonic · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can finally share my favorite artwork from the Onigashima zine
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swirlymarimo · 17 hours ago
Zoro: *has done something stupid again*
Sanji: Remind me why I'm married to you again.
Zoro: Cook, you’re the one who proposed
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opbackgrounds · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is a top tier Kokoro face
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Ace: My dad was a horrible person who did horrible things and being his son means that I am a horrible person and that just existing is a horrible thing for me to do
Sabo: My parents are assholes and I’m ashamed of being their son
Ace: Lmao why?
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daily-zoro · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
the reason why zoro lifts weights a lot now is so if he was ever lazily crucified ever again, he could just use his big strong muscles and break out
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as-i-watch · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes its really easy to love Sanji
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thousandsunnyhoe · 18 hours ago
Yours, Always.
A/N: Hey guyssss this is just something I wrote to get rid of my writers block hehehe I promise I’ll be back to finish all of your requests and matchups after Christmas exams! Warning: this is slightly suggestive! And not proof read :( oh welllll enjoy love you all loads muah x also listen to ‘Have yourself a Merry little Christmas’ by Frank Sinatra if you want when you’re reading it’s the song I imagined is playing in the back as this happens :)
Tumblr media
Vaguely, drowsily, you wondered what time it was. The sliver of sky that was visible was a pale, colourless white-grey, which explained the blanket of snow obscuring most of the frosted porthole. Through bleary eyes you watched snowflakes flurry past outside, dancing in the same fierce wind that urged the gunmetal grey waves to haul the Polar Tang in whichever direction they fancied. Usually the turbulence made you feel a little uneasy - it had taken you quite a while to grow accustomed to being tossed around on the open sea - but now, wrapped in your captains capable arms, with his solid abdomen pressed against your back, you couldn’t have felt safer. It was like being trapped against a wall, he was as unmovable as stone - if stone could feel smooth yet sinewy all at once.
You knew Law must be awake too, or awake as one could be when you were curled up in a nest of blankets as a blizzard brewed outside. The two of you were bare beneath the thick comforter, but you had long since forgotten what it was like to be insecure of your nakedness around your captain. Every night he would enter your cabin, seeking the comfort of your embrace, the feel of your nails engraving his back, or your gasping breath against his throat; and every morning he caressed your hips, your thighs, your cheek, with a tenderness that perhaps had been lacking during your night time endeavours.
His body fit perfectly against yours, every curve matching up perfectly as he pressed against your back, his uncovered skin radiating warmth. Before you met Law, you had thought when people said that their significant other was ‘made for them’ it was cliche, and would respond with a shake of the head and a generous eye roll. Now, you understood completely.
You shifted slightly, and his fingers that were entwined with yours gave you a slight squeeze, his morning greeting. Your lover was not a man of many words.
“Morning,” you sighed with a wan smile, sinking into your pillows.
He answered with a lingering kiss, at the back of your neck. Heat flared through your body like an electric current as he dragged his lips south, brushing them lightly down your spine and decorating you with feather light kisses. Your body always viscerally reacted to his touch, the places where he adorned you tingling long after he had made contact with them.
“That tickles!” You laughed breathily as he pulled you tighter against him. It would never be tight enough, you thought. You wanted to be closer to him, to be connected so totally that you were one in the same. You wondered if your captain was as enamoured with you as you were with him. Somehow, you doubted it.
Shaking these destructive thoughts out of your head, you tried to focus on the music that was drifting into your room from another place on the ship. No doubt the crew was preparing for the long day of festivities ahead - Christmas Day was never a quiet one with the Heart Pirates. You did wish it wasn’t snowing though.
You had the feeling that while the snow was beautiful to the crew and others, it represented something totally else for Law. Past memories of loss and blood, and the pain of losing his somewhat adopted father were dragged to the forefront of his mind whenever the weather was like this. Law hid things very well, but you could always read the anguish in his eyes - you wondered if anybody else could.
Was he thinking about it now, as the two of you stared out at the vast blanket of white that stretched across the sky? It had taken a lot of rum to coax that story out of him a few months ago, and sometimes you wish he almost hadn’t told you. Your heart broke for him everytime you saw that brief flash of pain behind his eyes, or when you noticed the pure rage he exhibited at the mention of Doflamingos name. You wondered if someday, you might be able to fill the gap that losing Corazon had left in him. Maybe not. Did he love you, or even like you? He came to you every night, sure, but sometimes sex was just sex, and not a promise of love or a future, or even just something more. Maybe that’s all you would ever be to him, you thought, wishing tears to not well up in your eyes, maybe —
“I have something for you.” Law blurted out, gruffly.
You turned, curiously, to face him, as he reached down beside your bed to fumble in the pockets of his discarded jeans. When he twisted back around to face you, you almost missed the way his eyes drank in the sight of you, but then it was gone, replaced by a look of apprehension.
“For me?” You inquired dumbly, glancing from his face to the velvet box he clutched in his hand back to his face again.
“Obviously. It’s a day for gifts, no? Unless I’ve forgotten the date.” He stated with a raised eyebrow, his expression impassive.
You snorted in response. Law never forgot what date it was.
“But I haven’t gotten you anything!” You gasped, horror dawning on you.
The corner of his mouth twitched in response.
“You’ve given me enough.”
The words were deceptively simple, even though they made your heart rate quicken and your cheeks flood with heat. You hoped he couldn’t see your pulse hammering in your throat.
Without further ado, he pulled back the top half of the navy box, revealing a sparkling band of brilliant diamonds shimmering up at you. Your breath hitched.
“Before you panic,” Law started, looking as uneasy as you’d ever seen him, “I’m not asking you to be married or anything.”
He slipped the ring onto your finger in a simple, fluid movement. The metal was cold, a steel kiss below your knuckle.
“It’s a promise ring.” Law finished, looking at you for a response. You felt slow, and sluggish, your astonishment overriding every other sensation. Was this real, or still a dream?
“What are you promising?” You whispered, searching his eyes for an answer.
“I know I’m not a great guy, and I’ll never be the kind of man who can give his love easily or freely,” His hand lingered on yours - he spoke as if he was in discomfort, measuring the weight behind every word, “And I’m not asking you to make any promises. But I promise that I am yours, always, if you’ll have me.” His gaze was intense as he finished his speech, his eyes full of doubt, as if anticipating your response would be a bad one.
Instead, you launched yourself at him, meeting his lips in a ferocious kiss as your arms clung around his neck. He matched your energy, kissing you hungrily as he fell back against the pillows, his large, calloused hands roaming your body as they had a thousand times before, as they would a thousand times more.
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stjarnskrik · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Decided I wanted to draw a long-haired vampire Mihawk today.
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