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#one piece

Yoooo today is Kata’s birthday! And to think I drew a whole piece of him in one setting for an event!!! I was originally gonna split the process into two days but got excited and continued it! It was destined to be done by his birthday~~~

ANYWAY, I have nothing planed to post about my mochi boi. All I have to say though is, bless Oda for creating such a soft, gentle giant, teddy bear 🥺🤍🤍🤍🤍

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You » Part Two


Originally posted by schneekuchen

Fuck Tumblr and it’s stupid maximum word count .-. Here’s PART TWO to that special fic idea, hope you enjoy it! :D

Can you tell me what you think of this? 🥺

Summary : Arriving at an island you’ve been longing for, Law discovers some truth about you and himself. not good with summaries

Part One Here!

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it looks like zoro is straining himself to train even harder—and he is. but later on in the arc, it reveals that zoro still hasn’t recovered from his encounter with kuma, which all leads up to his body, eventually, essentially failing him and leaves him unable to move

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