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Straw Hats Beach Episode馃彎
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shopping for undergarments w/ monster trio
content: fem!reader, as sfw as headcanons about bras & panties can be, suggestive
notes: came up with this while bra & underwear shopping against my will. always the worst experience, but monster trio daydreams kept me sane.
Tumblr media
monkey d. luffy -
hates it. he鈥檚 bored out of his mind and doesn鈥檛 understand why it has to take so long.
might complain and ask if you really need new stuff; you could just not wear a bra... and wear his boxers... :)
will play with the bras like a little kid, touching all of them, poking them, squishing the ones with padding, might try one on for shits and giggles.
if you take him in the fitting room with you he鈥檒l definitely stare at you while you change. respectfully. and unapologetically.
don't try to ask him for his opinion; he'll say they're all the same to him, but he will slightly prefer anything softer and/or objectively prettier. will be unamused by anything bland (i.e., nude colors without any decor)
any opinion he does give will be mainly based on how comfy it鈥檇 feel when he rests his head on your tits, his favorite pillow.
he鈥檒l go nuts over something red and lacy, pretty and his favorite color? you have to buy it.
and he likes the panties with little bows in the front. thinks they're extra cute; and the way his eyes widen at the pink, frilly panties with bows hanging on the side... you add them to your pile without him seeing; he deserves a treat, after all.
roronoa zoro -
loathes it. definitely one of those boyfriends who will sit in that chair in the corner and doze off.
if you bring him in the fitting room with you he鈥檒l have enough sense to turn around or shut his eyes, but he鈥檒l be stealing a glimpse either way
like luffy, he might play with the bras like a child but only when you鈥檙e not looking
but if you ask him to help you, giving him those doe eyes, a sweet smile or a little pout, he can't say no. as strong as he is, you have him wrapped around your finger.
surprisingly opinionated? and brutally honest about what he thinks, but doesn鈥檛 care if you get something he doesn鈥檛 like; if you like it, it's good enough for him. prefers to see it all on the floor anyway.
acts like he has zero preference, but he loves black lingerie and it shows.
and the more he gets to see of your bum the better.
pretends he couldn鈥檛 care less what you buy, but will stick something he finds really sexy in your pile without saying a word.
sees crotchless panties and he鈥檚 a little confused by them cause they look odd, but once you explain to him what they are, his eyes widen and then darken and he gets this look that makes you feel small in front of him and immediately has you looking for a pair in your size.
vinsmoke sanji -
nosebleeds aside,
he would be really helpful. knows his stuff. considers comfort, sizing, style, etc., in his critique, the whole nine.
can definitely see him being all serious, acting like a whole expert. when you try them on, he鈥檚 meticulous; closely examining the quality, the fit, getting handsy.
in the fitting room, he鈥檚 respectful enough to try not to look, until you tell him it鈥檚 okay.
he can give be helpful, yes, but ask him for his opinion? what he thinks looks better on you? he can鈥檛 answer. in his eyes, you look like a goddess in anything.
lace, bows, nude colors, see-throughs, flowery decor, all of it. worships you in all of it.
will be left wondering what you鈥檙e wearing for days after. and he鈥檒l absolutely take it upon himself to find out.
taglist:聽@maaarshieee @zorobraun聽@lyriczhou聽@idiotlittleme @tinkywinky27 @zoros-4th-sword
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One Piece Characters And How They Propose
[For the anon who asked and I accidentally premature posted]
You are very welcome <3 and did you mean the large headcanon lists I do or more detail? I will do a big one for now but let me know <3
Tumblr media
You've been dating a month before they pop the question. Sanji, Roger, Thatch, Oden, Yamato, Corazon You've been dating ten years and they still haven't asked. Nami, Robin, Shanks, Buggy, Izou, Mihawk, Boa, Crocodile, Smoker, Law, Kid Honestly thought you guys were already married. Franky, Brook, Rayleigh, Marco, Whitebeard, Killer Wants to propose but is crippled by self-doubt Usopp, Ace, Barto Is waiting for YOU to ask THEM. Nami, Buggy, Izou, Mihawk, Boa, Perona, Crocodile, Doffy, Law Never wants to get married. Nami [Just wants to be asked] Luffy, Zoro, Shanks, Buggy, Mihawk, Whitebeard [the cost!], Crocodile, Doffy, Law, Kid, Sabo Thinks about marriage all the time. Sanji, Thatch, Boa, Corazon Never wanted to get married until they met you. Robin, Franky, Jinbei, Oden, Yamato, Boa, Smoker, Killer
Wants to spend their entire life with you but still doesn't wanna get married. Nami, Robin, Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Jinbei, Izou, Ace, Marco, Whitebeard, Crocodile, Sabo
They hide the ring inside food/drink like cheesy movies. Sanji, Brook, Thatch, Corazon, Killer "The three of us should totally get married!" Robin, Franky, Roger, Rayleigh, Ace, Marco, Kid, Killer Pretends to bend down to tie their shoes that don't even have laces. Usopp, Buggy, Oden, Yamato, Corazon,
Comes up with some wild and crazy way to purpose. Franky, Roger, Oden, Yamato
Proposing in a fast food restaurant bathroom. Luffy, Zoro, Shanks, Ace, Kid, Sabo
Proposes drunk. Zoro, Shanks, Whitebeard, Doffy Proposes in front of all your friends. Luffy, Roger, Thatch, Ace, Marco That asshole who proposes at someone else's wedding. Sanji, Shanks, Boa, Perona, Doffy, Law, Sabo Simple but heartfelt. Robin, Jinbei, Rayleigh, Izou, Marco, Whitebeard, Smoker, Killer
The ring is a one of a kind they found on their travels and it spoke to them. Robin, Jinbei, Roger, Rayleigh, Marco, Ace
Stolen from a deadman. Nami, Zoro, Brook [is the deadman yohohoho] Roger, Doffy, Law, Sabo
Just found it, I dunno, nice though right? Luffy, Shanks, Ace, Whitebeard, Oden, Yamato, Smoker
Store bought. Sanji, Thatch, Perona, Crocodile, Corazon, Killer
Passed down by family. Usopp, Izou, Mihawk, Boa Made it. Franky [it also fires rockets] Kid, Buggy [cheap or resourceful?]
Tumblr media
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Part 1 for my angst Zoro x reader request! Everyone, even Luffy, knows about S/O鈥檚 love for Zoro, given how she does support and take care of him a lot. Zoro does appreciate her efforts but doesn鈥檛 know how to reject her properly. With the Grand Line getting more dangerous, Zoro trains more and is stressed. In private, when S/O tries to get him to rest, he rejects her in the worst way possible. Taking all his stress out on her, he tells her never to bother him again. S/O quietly agrees.
(part 1) (part 2) (SFW)
Warning: possible Thriller Bark spoilers, aggression, fighting, yelling
Summary: Joining the Strawhat crew came with an unintentional consequence; falling for the swordsman. Over time, the course of the treacherous seas forced an unbearable weight to push on your relationship with Zoro, until one fateful day in Sabaody.
Word Count: 1,200
Tumblr media
聽聽 You had joined the Strawhat crew shortly after Usopp, enthusiastically invited aboard by your captain. The moment you became a Strawhat you slotted in almost perfectly; except for the looming bubble over your head. From the moment you met your crew you sparked a particular interest in the swordsman, fascinated by his craftsmanship and loyalty. There was something so captivating by him it was hard for you to keep away from him, constantly drawn to his every move.聽
聽聽 Although you weren鈥檛 that well with fighting, you tried your best to supply what you could to the crew; caring and assisting your crew in whatever you could. Your skills weren鈥檛 overly helpful in the battle field - your chosen profession more domestic based - but you tried to help where you could. Taking the opportunity you turned to Zoro for help, knowing he would be the best person to spar against to strengthen your abilities. You wished to be greater on the field, not only to help your crew, but to impress the swordsman you were madly in love with.聽
聽聽 The two of you would go around in circles. The more treacherous the sea became, the more protective and love-struck you were with him; while he battled to not only protect his crew but juggle training and sparing against you. It soon became clear to everyone on board of the love you showed for Zoro; even to those who were usually oblivious to everything. However nobody said a word to you. It was clear that he made you happy, and although your presence seemed to aggravate the stresses already building on him, you could also provide a source of comfort for Zoro he deeply needed.聽
Zoro was aware of your feelings, however, was too inverted to let you down gently. He did enjoy having you around as nobody else in the crew was willing to participate with training in the crows nest. But he also couldn't focus on his dream; the things he desired so deeply. Having you around felt like a wall he couldn't barge through, your overbearingly love-sick manners mimicking that of Sanji around Nami. He would do anything in his power to protect the crew, including yourself, but he knew where his intentions lied; and he couldn't voice his rejection for you. By the time the crew had reached its limit of nine, Zoro felt his body on the verge of breaking; momentarily on the verge of snapping at any second. He was drained. Physically and mentally he felt weak - as if he was the weakest member of the crew - and he needed to train. He needed to concentrate on what was at stake; his dreams, his crew, his ambition. He couldn't have any distractions to take him away from his prime focus.
And that included having you around.
聽聽 After the events of Thriller Bark, your worries for Zoro grew sickly; pining after him at any chance you had. You didn鈥檛 want to lose him. You couldn't lose him. Not again. You pressed Sanji for details on what happened that day, unaware of the amount of pain he physically and emotionally endured; although met with a dead end of dismissal. You could pick up on the growing annoyance in Zoro, mumbling how weak he was as he only wished to train harder. The wounds on his body grew tired, opening through even strain as he tried to push through training. He grew more willing to spar alongside you, much to his constant dismissal of your concerns for him. He found your activity as a source for him to let out his stress, growing more harsh with his sessions. He ignored your concerns for him to rest, each dismissal piling over an already tilted wave of stress; willing to snap at any moment.聽
That was until you reached Sabaody.聽
鈥淶oro鈥 you stood over him, ignoring the bar blocking your view 鈥測ou need to rest!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fine, just piss of will ya鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not鈥 you argued, placing a hand on the bar to stop him from lifting it over his head once again 鈥測ou鈥檙e body is still recovering鈥
鈥淚 said I鈥檓 fine!鈥 He snapped, furiously tossing the bar back on the hook above him. Sighing he sat up, ignoring the painful ache in his body as he walked away from you; picking up one of his dumbbells on the other side of the room.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not what I meant!鈥 You scurried after him 鈥渏ust please rest for a bit; it doesn鈥檛 have to be long. I worry about you sometimes and I really do think it would be beneficial for you to not train so much. You鈥檙e ignoring Chopper鈥檚 advice the least you can do is listen to -鈥
鈥淥h my god, (y/n)! Can鈥檛 you just leave me alone?鈥 He snapped, turning down to look at you. His voice rumbled through the crows nest, each word spitting like poisonous venom. His whole body shook with adrenaline, an overwhelming mixture of fear and overstimulation forcing him to snap.聽
鈥淛ust stop this crap! You have been nothing but an annoyance to me ever since you joined the crew! You never leave me alone and all you want to do is do things for me or talk to me and its distracting! Can鈥檛 you go mope around someone else for a change, huh? What about that stupid ero-cook? Anyone else, I really don鈥檛 care! I don鈥檛 care what you do, (y/n), as long as it is as far away from me as possible! I wish you never joined us to begin with! My life would be so much easier if you weren鈥檛 here!鈥
鈥淥h鈥 you mumbled, looking away from him. You shook your head to fight against the strain of tears that brimmed at your eyes, your lip wavering as you spoke. 鈥淥kay, Zoro. I鈥檓 sorry I bothered you鈥 I won鈥檛 let it happen again鈥
聽聽 Spinning on your heels you made your way to the door, quickly getting away from Zoro. The sinking feeling in your stomach tied you up in knots, the cruel sting of each word hitting you so deeply. You didn鈥檛 mean for him to feel overwhelmed with your support. You cared so deeply for him that you would do anything to make sure he was okay; and that wasn鈥檛 enough for him to care back for you. It was obvious what his true intentions were and he didn鈥檛 want you around.聽
And because you loved him you would do anything to make him happy.
Even if it meant you had to stay away from him.聽
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"pirate hunter" zoro
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people died
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Cr茅ditos: Kaku9Rui
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ONE PIECE x ep 91
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Pt 2 of angst request! After 2 years, S/O has become much stronger and more ruthless/merciless in battle. She鈥檚 still nice and helpful and a lot more versatile. It seems she has no more interest in Zoro but still spars and talks to him. Zoro starts falling in love with her and has never apologized to her before Kuma teleported everyone. When he confesses, S/O doesn鈥檛 know what to do and tells him to focus on his dream. Both decide to remain friends, unaware of their growing love for each other.
Unreciprocated - Part 2
(part 1) (part 2)
Warning: possible time skip spoilers
Summary: After reuniting with your crew, there was a lingering change that the crew picked up on. Both you and Zoro had changed dramatically, but nothing more than the way you felt for each other.聽
Word Count: 1,900
Tumblr media
聽聽 Reuniting with the Strawhats felt like a second chance.聽
聽聽 Over the course of your separation you were able to clear your head and focus on your goals. You captain had given a simple order; 2 years. 2 years to better yourself for your crew. 2 years to become what you always desired.聽
聽聽 Coming back to your friends it was clear that everyone had changed; growing so differently to become their own person. However some familiarise remained. You came across to each member the same as you did before, soft and caring as ever.聽
Except for Zoro.聽
聽聽 Seeing him for the first time brought a sense of peace in you than was alien to your usual feelings towards him. There was no rush of anxiety, fearful of harm to him. There was no sense of lust like before. You were aware of your feelings. You still loved him. But this time you were at peace with it; you knew his intentions now.聽
聽聽 The crew quickly picked up on your emotions. They could tell there was something different in your actions; much more than anyone else. You had a new sense of purpose. Physically and mentally you were stronger than before, performing much more consistent and powerful on the battle field, shocking everyone. The way you carried yourself on and off the battlefield was fiercer, however, there was still an underlying warmth and kindness to you. Your crew was still your friends - your family - and how you acted never wavered. However there was a newfound sense of well-being; no longer attached to Zoro鈥檚 side.聽
聽聽 It was almost unrecognisable how you acted around him, everyone so used to the way you cared deeply for him openly; looking towards him with only love. But now that wasn鈥檛 the case. There was still love for Zoro but not the same as before. You were much careful with the way you acted around him, only giving into small talk and an occasional spar if you were both present in the crows nest. They also noticed a difference in the way Zoro acted towards you. There was no hidden resentment or anger in the way he carried himself around you. He was softer almost, kinder in the way he approached and spoke to you.聽
聽聽 Everyone was aware of the argument that happened in Sabaody, linking his behaviour back to how he treated you. However, they were blind to his new experience with feelings; and falling in love with you. He was stoic around the crew, leading them to believe his feelings for you hadn鈥檛 changed but they had.聽
聽聽 Since your return he could see you in a much different light, viewing your for an angle he couldn鈥檛 see before; so direct with your constant love for him. Now, he saw your strengths and actions to those around you, admiring how you became someone he barely recognised. Like he was falling in love with a whole new person. 聽 聽
聽聽 Although this person was still you. You still cared deeply for him, the way you cared for everyone else. Your same occupation still domestic, but the added work over the time skip enhancing your physical strength. Every aspect about you had stayed the same - all that except for your presentation of love for Zoro. You couldn鈥檛 fall back on smothering him anymore. You could tell he has grown, and whilst you still loved him, you could rest easier knowing he would be safe away from you; those years of separation reassuring your anxieties about his safety.聽
聽聽 The both of you carried on, working through each day with a calm and friendly approach, only acknowledging one another in desperate times. Though there was still a lingering weight that carried over Zoro that you could sense it every time he was around you. He was kinder, but there was a fear in his voice, his eyes darting to look anywhere that wasn鈥檛 at you. He couldn鈥檛. When he saw you he only saw the pain on your face that day. Each day he would familiars himself with the lines of your face - watching how they smiled for others on the crew wishing to have the same gentle laugh brought out by himself. He was tired of wasting his time being stubborn. He needed to tell you he was sorry.聽
聽聽 Knowing your routine, Zoro sluggishly made his way up to the crows nest, each step towards you making him more nauseous. He had never felt like this - the way you made him feel. It was rare that someone like you actually made him feel safe and complete; now understanding how you were before you split up. He needed you to know of his own feelings but there was something he needed to do before that. He needed to apologise.聽
聽聽 Quietly entering he watched you spar around for a bit, using the practice sword to poke around the large boxing bag in the corner of the room. He watched your form and how much you had grown from before everybody split; knowing you were much stronger than before. He could see it in everything you did, except the way you treated him. He could tell it was different than before but he didn鈥檛 blame you for that; he knew why. That was why he was here. He hoped it would change the way you both acted around each other. He hoped you felt the same as before. He wanted things to work out differently.聽
He wanted you.聽
聽聽 Clearing his throat he caught your attention, your head spinning around to look over at him. You gave him a cautious smile, letting him slowly make his way over; not yet fully looking at you.聽
鈥淚 thought you might be up here鈥
鈥淣ot many other places I would be鈥 you admitted, setting down the practice sword.聽
聽聽 He approached your gingerly, like he wished to run away from what he wanted to say; but he knew he had to say it. He had sat on his feelings for far too long, feeling the ache any time he saw you, knowing he needed to apologise. It weighed heavily on his mind, thinking about you and the look on your face when he snapped. He didn鈥檛 wish to do that to you again. It was different this time. He felt different.聽
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know if you would come back鈥︹
鈥淣either did I, honestly鈥
聽聽 He stepped close to you, letting the heat from his body radiate with an uncomfortable warmth you both basked in. There was a twitch in his eye as he looked at anything but you, not wishing for him to come off as vulnerable; as if seeing you would make him collapse.聽
鈥淟ook, (y/n), I鈥檓 sorry for what happened back at Saboady鈥 he mumbled, pausing to take a deep breath.聽
鈥淎pology accepted鈥 you smiled weakly, misreading his pause as you began to walk off.聽
聽聽 He gripped right into your arm, stopping you from walking away; finally meeting your eye.
鈥淚 was stressed and overwhelmed and I should have never taken out my anger on you; you never deserved that. I鈥檝e been thinking about it all these years, about how horrible I was to you, and I want to apologise for my behaviour. Nothing I said that day was true; I will always want you around鈥. He took in another deep breath before continuing 鈥淚 think what I鈥檓 trying to say here is that I genuinely care for you and I hope you continue to feel the same way about me as you used to鈥︹
聽聽 He looked away, embarrassed with his final words 鈥渂ecause I think I鈥檓 starting to fall in love with you鈥
聽聽 The last part made you gasp, not expecting those words. He was so stoic towards you, even after you reunited, it didn鈥檛 seem plausible that those were his true intentions. It didn鈥檛 seem like he would ever have feelings for you after what he said.聽
聽聽 Turning towards him fully you stepped close, letting his hand drop next to him. You leaned up, resting your hand on his cheek, studying the wave of hurt in his eye. You had a choice to make; one that should feel harder to conclude. But you knew what you had to do. Your head was no longer clouded by Zoro the way it used to. Back then you would have done anything to have him tell you this, to admit his feelings for you so you two could be together. But now, your path was different. You had dreams. He had dreams. You both couldn鈥檛 possibly fit into each other the way you both hoped to. It wasn鈥檛 what either of you needed right now.聽
鈥淶oro, I think you should just worry about your dream for now鈥 you鈥檙e so close to beating Mihawk鈥 you鈥檙e so close to becoming the greatest swordsman鈥
聽聽 The crease in his brows deepened, saddened at your dismissal of feelings. He knew it was too late for the both of you to be anything more than what you were now but a part of him hoped there was still a spark in you that wanted to love him just as fiercely as you did before.
鈥淚 will always be here in your corner but I can鈥檛 reciprocate these feelings for you right now鈥
聽聽 The words stung as you spoke, the deep rooted love you still shared for him lodged deep inside of you buried under a thick layer of hurt. The way he rejected you before, the way he yelled at you, still carried through your mind as if it happened yesterday. You couldn鈥檛 shake off what he said to you, how he said it to you, being so vulnerable to him in return was something you felt uncomfortable with. You weren鈥檛 ready to tell him.聽
鈥淚 adore you with everything I have; but we should just remain friends鈥
聽聽 He hummed, looking away from you, the pull of his head ushering your hand away from him. He stepped back, unable to stand so close to you; feeling his stomach sink.聽
聽聽 A bitter tone hung in his words, unsatisfied of your response. He was aware that there was a chance you would say no but he was hopefully; knowing how deeply you loved him before.聽
聽聽 He didn鈥檛 wish to make your relationship any more complex, agreeing to keep the peace. He didn鈥檛 see a need to fight you on this, to fight to love you. He knew if you felt the same you would fight to be with him; but you didn鈥檛.聽
You couldn鈥檛.聽
聽聽 And even though you both loved each other, being friends had to be enough for the both of you. It was the only way for this to continue with complication. The only way you both could complete your dream.聽
聽聽 And maybe then there would be a chance for you to love freely, but for now, there was no other way to love each other but support one another.聽
聽 The two of you would have to continue this persistence dance of avoidance to hope one day you both would come clean.聽
聽聽 For you did love Roronoa Zoro, and he loved you. And one day maybe that would be enough.聽
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Happy pride 馃挄馃寛
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Who said zoro was bad with animals?! Look at the octopus clinging to him and him carrying it without any problem 馃槶馃敧
(Really wants to be an octopus 馃ゲ)
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This man surely goes in child section and tries to open all the sword and will break them with his brute strength鉁嬸煆
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Sometimes you don鈥檛 need swords 馃
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obsessed with this generator
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Cr茅ditos: prapon0904
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Translation below the cut
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