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Gif credit to @luvinchris, @weheartchrisevans , @ransomflanagan (last three gifs are mine)
Chris Evans: highly relatable.
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Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 (2022)
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Cee insisted on the stickers, Ezra not so much
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Gifsets of Lee Felix ↳ fond lix for @yonglixx ☀️ | DO NOT REPOST
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Anyways I'm so excited for the second cour because the BESTEST BOY IS COMING
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Character belongs to @/goat-tautology !!!! 💖💖
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puppy dog eyes
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Monty has his own cartoon ad!?!?
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Can we talk about Ivan being the Grumpiest Gay to ever
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Birthday Wishes | Xiao x Traveller! Reader | Genshin Impact
[Xiao spends his birthday with you for the first time. Based on his first birthday letter.]
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Genre: Fluff. A bit of angst? Majority Fluff
Characters: Xiao
Perspective: 2nd Person for reader.
Word Count: 2702 (actually shocked me, but then again he deserves nothing less)
Tumblr media
Xiao never expected a semblance of peace in his long life. He had long since came to terms with his fate so Xiao simply bared and moved on. However, on this day, he waited. He waited for you - the one who became his peace.
There was a strange sort of adrenaline in his blood. He was not in battle, yet his heartbeat was loud in his ear and he could feel himself sweating. He wasn't someone to pace around, but every hour or so, he would walk to the end of the Wangshu Inn balcony to gaze over at Mondstat, where you have had commissions over the day. Xiao couldn't stop thrumming his fingers against his arm either.
Those crystalflies he had sent you... would you like them? He did not lie in the letter when he wrote that he ended up collecting more than he intended.
While finding the crystalflies, the thought of you was like clouds in his head. It was distracting, but it wasn't unpleasant as it made him feel lighter.
Thinking of you was also akin to the sea. Every memory he had of you, from conversations to your rare smiles, they just kept coming and coming. It was strange, but wasn't unwelcomed.
You brought an abundance of goodness where ever you went, he figured gifting you with a surplus amount of cyrstalflies would be a drop in the ocean of things you deserved. He also caught the crystalflies with the intention to give it to you, so he refused to go back on his words.
He had given you the letter personally, while your commission lead you to the Mondstat-Liyue boarder. You had been surprised for a moment, but recovered quickly. You thanked him with a small smile and was about to open it then and there. But he stopped he you.
"Do not open it now. Open it later, when you are free, and when I'm not around."
You were perceptive, scarily perceptive at that. The moment you began opening the letter, the strange adrenaline had began to flood him again, but as soon as he stopped you it stopped. Perhaps you understood what the adrenaline was, and knew that listening to his request would help. It did.
It had been hours since then, and he had felt your presence in Liyue about five hours ago. You were yet to call him, or approach him. He said to himself he would always wait for you, but even he was beginning to grow uneasy.
Xiao walked to the other end of balcony, to the side that faced Liyue harbour.
He was beginning to long for you. Perhaps more than that. Just when would you call him? When would you-
Before you could finish his name, Xiao appeared before you.
You were sat on a blanket on the grass, a large bowl of almond tofu in front of you. This part of Liyue was a beautiful, with the curled grass rocking with the wind, and the sunlight wasn't so harsh here. For some reason though, this particular spot with you being present seemed breath-taking today.
The letter he wrote to you was cradled in your hands. The sight made his heart thump, and it only thumped more when you gave him a small smile to greet him.
"Happy Birthday, Xiao." For some reason, when you said it, it made his heart clench. "You said you had nothing to really do today, so I thought we could have a little picnic. Though, almond tofu is the only thing on the menu." You trailed off, thrumming your finger against your cheek. Should you have made more?
"There was no need to go through the effort of doing this for me. What you have already troubled yourself with is enough." Xiao spoke up, breaking you from your thoughts.
Xiao felt relief when your frown vanished. "I'm glad you like it. Please sit with me, and enjoy."
He perched himself opposite you, taking the chopsticks and gazing over at the meal. Just looking at it was enough to fill him, the glistening herbal liquid and the soft and white tofu certainly wasn't the same he had at Wangshu Inn, but it was more than enough. "Did you make this yourself?" You nodded, explaining you used Xiangling's kitchen before he hummed. "I thank you for the food." He added, before digging in.
Xiao ate, and you watched on. He was half way through the dish before he paused and looked up at you.  "Do you have nothing to eat?"
"I don't." You shook your head, but quickly spoke again to assure him. "I did eat in Mondstat, so I'm not hungry."
"That was hours ago. You must be at least somewhat hungry."
"I'm not that hungry- wait, how did you know?"
Xiao ignored your question. "You brought another pair of chopsticks, didn't you?" He pushed the bowl closer to you. "Eat with me." Sensing your protest, he added. "This is a request."
You fell quiet for a moment, before murmuring a quiet 'as you wish' and taking out your chopsticks. Though you were initially very reluctant to eat your gift to Xiao, as soon as you had one bite, you were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. "It's good." You didn't actually taste it yourself, after all. You relied on Xiangling's approval.
"You should enjoy the fruits of your labour, after all." He said, taking another bite.
That comment made you gaze over at Xiao with a soft expression. "You've also worked hard over the past year. You deserve to enjoy your birthday as well."
Xiao immediately looked down, the tips of his ears turning red. He said nothing as he continued eating the almond tofu.
After you both finished, you set aside the empty cutlery, and brought up the letter. "The crystalflies - thank you. I appreciate them."
Xiao suddenly felt a giant weight lifted off his shoulders. So you had liked them after all.
"Though," You continued, and Xiao immediately tensed again. Did you not like them after all? "There are too many for them all to go in my hair. Please let me share them with you."
"No." Xiao replied in an instant. "There are for you, not for me."
You nodded in agreement. "And since they are mine, I get to choose what to do with them, right?" Xiao huffed at your reasoning, but you only clasped your hands together as you pled. "Please, Xiao?"
Xiao looked away. "Do as you please."
You immediately moved closer to him until you were sat by each other. You asked him to look over at you so you could see his face and better arrange the crystalflies. You didn't expect to met with a red face but you refrained from teasing him.
After choosing the best places to put them, you started with the first one. "Stay still for me," you asked, taking one of the crystalflies from the letter.
Xiao watched you, expecting it to be put straight into his hair. He never expected to watch you bring the crystalfly to your lips, kissing it before murmuring something against them and then try to put it in his hair as though it was nothing.
The yaksha became a spluttering mess, grabbing your wrist before you could place them in his hair. "You- Why- why would you kiss it?"
"Oh, it was a blessing." You explained. "Pouring all my love into the crystalfly, before giving it to you so you can wear it on your person and carry my feelings with you." You paused. "...I'm guessing it's not a tradition in this world?"
Your words somehow flustered the Yaksha even more. He let go of your wrist, hiding the lower half of this face with his fist. "... It is not." He muttered.
You also looked away, staring down at the crystalfly. "Oh. I apologise for my ignorance."
He watched you bite your lip, twiddle with the crystalfly in your hand before sighing.  He leaned his head forward, giving you more access to his hair. "You should finish what you started. Put it in my hair."
Xiao didn't raise his head again, not even as you edged closer to him. He held his breath when your fingers threaded through his hair. The touch was so gentle, so much different from the agony he always experienced. Every time you moved a strand, he shuddered as he felt it on his scalp. You must have noticed, moving in to gently scratch his scalp. He leaned against the touch, a sound akin to a purr quietly leaving his lips. He let out a sigh of relief, cut short when you finally pulled away.
"It looks so pretty in your hair." You smiled as you admired him. He couldn't understand why you seemed happy, but he was glad.
"I shall put yours in your hair as well."
 He took a crystalfly from the letter, face red as he scanned your head for the right place. As soon as he found the place, he mimicked your previous action. He pressed his lips against the crystalfly, being met with a cold, yet firm and smooth crystal. He let out a puff of breath, warming up the crystalfly before muttering some words against them. He uttered prayers to Rex Lapis to protect you, before slotting them in your hair
Xiao hoped you didn't notice the way his hand shook as he went to slot the crystal fly in your hair. Your hair felt wrong to be against his fingers. How could it not? He was a monster, and you were a being of light. He shouldn't be touching you.
Yet, this once, he ignored his thoughts, and fitted the crystalfly in your hair. When he sat back to observe your reaction, he stopped breathing.
He was right to give you crystalflies. You looked stunning. The crystalfly seemed to have existed solely for the purpose to be in your hair. It complimented every part of you perfectly. You, were perfect.
"You look even more divine with the crystal fly in your hair." He spoke without realising, but seeing your face light up made him continue. "Though, it only accentuates your natural beauty."
It was your turn to be completely flustered. You remained silent for a few moments, before letting out a breathy chuckle, and a thank you as your cheeks burned.
The two of you remained silent as you filled each other’s hair, save for the prayers and out pour of emotions into the crystal fly.
It was only when there were two left, did things change.
You pressed your lips against the final crystalfly, a tighter grip on it as you wished for Xiao's happiness and more. When you pulled away, you gave him a smile. It was a little weak, since you knew how he would have reacted had he heard you.
Regardless, you asked him for the final time to bow his head. However, he gently took you hand and brought it in front of him.
"Xiao?" You breathed out, but didn't resist.
He uncurled your hands, gazing at the crystalfly that laid on your palms. You watched as he leaned down towards your hand, which he cradles in his own. He pressed his own lips against the crystalfly you kissed, his lips lingering long enough for your heart to race.
He pulled away, eyes lingering on the crystalfly before he bent his head down. "You may put them in my hair now."
You let out the breath you had apparently been holding in as you went to fasten in his last crystal fly. You couldn’t help but press a kiss against his forehead as you announced you was done.
Xiao lifted his head, and made the mistake to lock eyes with you. His breath was caught in his throat when he gazed into your eyes, the eyes he has grown to love. His heart pounded in his head, all his thoughts seeming to only be heard by his heart.
He (regrettably) pulled away from your gaze, taking the final crystalfly into his palms. He whispered against the crystalfly, a blessing of his own wishes for you. Happiness, health, and more importantly, inner and outer peace. "I'm a being closely acquainted karma." He started, looking down at the crystal fly. "But, I hope I can bless you as well, even if it be just a little."
You took his hand, brushing your lips against the crystalfly and his palms. "You can." You whispered, looking up at his topaz eyes. "I know you can, Xiao."
With your words, Xiao found himself rising to his knees as he placed the final crystalfly in your hair. Five of them were now in your hair, five of them in his.
He bent down, the crystalflies moving with his hair as he kissed your forehead. Your hair smelt sweet, the same scent you left behind after you once fell asleep on his shoulder.
You looked up to him, with an almost awestruck expression. He also blinked in surprise, when the anemo crystal flies gradually glowed green and flickered a little. It had gotten dark since the beginning of this meeting between the two of you, and the crystal flies were making up for the loss of light.
The glow of the crystal flies outlines the shape of your face perfectly, as well as every strand of hair on your head. You were so bright, he wondered if you would be the embodiment of light like this had you had your true power.
You then rested your hand over his. "Xiao," you whispered, as though scared to ruin the fragile atmosphere. "What is your birthday wish?"
The yaksha blinked, replying immediately. "I have no right to make my own wishes."
You shook your head, pressing a finger against his lips to silence him before he could protest. "I am a star. Even if I am not at my full strength, it is our job to make the wishes of the people on Earth to come true." You leaned forward, your voice becoming quieter. "I'm your star, Xiao. Make a wish, and I'll do my best to grant it. No matter how grand, or impossible if may seem." You squeezed his hand. "Please."
The yaksha's lips quivered at your words. He closed his eyes, resting his forehead against yours. Your skin was warm, and his was cold. Your eyes were still open, so was your mouth in shock. Xiao kept his eyes closed, scared he wouldn't be able to hold his tears in.
He thought his wish, over and over again. So many times that some of the words leaked out of his mouth. You didn't catch much of it, as you stroked the back of his head.
As he finished his wish, and he opened his eye to look at you, he gasped.
For the first time, as the crystal fly brushed his ear, he heard quiet. No screams, no curses, nothing. He only heard both of your breathing, the rustling of grass and the movement of your hair.
But the cries came back a minute later, but it was still much quieter.
“Xiao? Did your wish come true?” He gazed at you, and as you searched his eyes for an answer, you smiled sadly. “Sorry, I have barely any power as I am right now. But I promise, as soon as I have my powers back, I’ll make sure you have it easier.
Xiao only stared at you. He hadn’t expected his long and selfish wish to come true, not even part of it. But perhaps blessings really did hold merit. Perhaps…
Xiao, suddenly possessed with the urge to kiss you, submitted to his cravings. He pressed his lips against you, mouthing his wishes against his lips between each kiss.
With the shock of a kiss and silence of his words, you couldn't catch a word of it. But judging by his reaction, one of them must have come true. You simply melted against the kiss, whispering Xiao's name as he captured your lips again and again and again.
It was selfish, he knew it, and beyond anything he deserved, but he hoped the last part of his wish - he hoped you would let it come true.
Tumblr media
I know xiao's birthday has passed, but his previous birthday letter really tug my heart strings when I first read it. It only deserved something like this.
Thank you for taking the time to read x
Comment replies:
@viexenne Aww your too sweet. Sincerely, thank you for reading. Sending digital tissues you way, too!
@jylcie naww have some digital tissues as well, fellow xiaolumi shipper. I'm glad you liked it <3
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fandomfairyuniverse · 8 hours ago
Ji woo is the type of character where you would smack him for being an idiot but then hug him and tell him that he is very much loved and that he deserves all of the good things and you just hold on until he believes you
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Seeing Bible cry in the “behind the scenes” clip is hurting my heart, bless him, he’s so emotionally invested in playing Vegas and giving us the best scenes khajdhajshdjaksh he’s just so amazing gah!
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I’ve never picked the option that leads to this dialogue before and by god, there is no heterosexual explanation for this
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best scene.
Tumblr media
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i love bam and his fingerless gloves and his small scarves and his silly sunglasses and his fluffy hair and his tattoos and how HIM is his fav band and his smile and and and
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i love how beckett just doesn't take lacroix's authority that seriously. he literally said "fortunately for — Sebastian, is it?" IN SUCH TONE LIKE 'WHAT'S HIS NAME? I FORGOT' HDJSJSJSJAJSHAJAKAK
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B Dylan Hollis greatest one liners warning NFSW
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from table to screen
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