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#taylor swift

I was watching Rep Stadium Tour with my mom and at one point she said “She really owns that stage”. and man does she.

Taylor always had “very spectacle-type live shows” like she says in Miss Americana but now? she’s grown so much as an artist and in confidence and in vocals/movements that she can just stand still with a guitar and own the stage like very few artists can do.

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funny how “how can a person know everything at 18” and “will you still want me when i’m nothin new”parallels “cause i knew everything when i was young” and “when i felt like i was an old cardigan under someone’s bed, you put me on and said i was your favorite”

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“i’m a fire and i’ll keep your brittle heart warm,

if your cascade ocean-wave blues come.

all these people think love’s for show,

but i would die for you in secret.

the devil’s in the details,

but you got a friend in me.

would it be enough, if i could never give you peace?”

peace- Taylor Swift,

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