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wakeupthewublins · 6 minutes ago
“I am not aware I am doing that. I’ll try, but I am literally unaware until I have done it”
I’d understand if this was abt toxic behaviors and shit but like. for context this is abt my inability to control my body’s strength. Aka physically sitting in chairs too hard, pulling or pushing things too hard. Etc. things I try everyday to not do, but end up doing because I Cannot Tell My Own Strength.
then I work on being gentler and get yelled at for not closing doors fully
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blue-autistic · 16 minutes ago
Carbs, aka the ultimate safe food known to man
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meqxee · 23 minutes ago
Yes, autism comes with a ton of struggles and deficits but let’s for a change focus on the positive traits autistic people generally have in one way or another:
Unconventional, unique thinking
Inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge
Enthusiasm and passion
Logical, analytical and autodidactic abilities
Attention to and obsession with details
Determination and resilience
Creativity and imagination
Honesty and loyalty
Impartiality and a strong sense of justice
These are all things you can be immensely proud of and which should be celebrated and I’m all here for autistic pride!!!
Fellow autistics, feel free to add onto the list!
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casinokitten · 23 minutes ago
HEADCANON: Telephone is Autistic
Let me explain.
You know how when he was sitting down, he was rocking and making a humming noise? I'm aware it could be because he was antsy, hoping he'd get chosen, but still, I like to think of it as him stimming.
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anoverlyemotionalautist · 47 minutes ago
Neurodivergence and Art
I've had Thoughts™️ on this for a while, so here goes.
I am deeply neurodivergent. I am deeply depressed. And I can't make art. And it makes me feel worthless.
Let me back up a bit. Our culture has certain expectations built into it for neurodivergent folks, especially sad ones like me. I'm Gifted, Special, "High-Functioning". I should be Good At Something, because that's how I Turn Pain Into Beauty and thereby fulfill the purpose of sad neurodivergent people.
But I don't. I can't. I can't write beyond maybe a grad school level, certainly nothing special, and my poetry is only "good... for a math major".
I can't sing, I can't play an instrument, I can't even read music, and before you ask, yes, I have tried to learn a hundred times. It won't stick in my head. Music is beyond me, despite the fact that I constantly compose songs and pieces in my head. They will never be heard, and that's just how it is.
I can't draw. I've tried to learn that, too, but I do everything step-by-step like you're supposed to but it always comes out wrong. I don't know if it's my eyes or my hands, but whenever I draw without significant guidance (graph paper and drafting tools) it just looks... wrong.
I'm worthless, and my pain is worthless, because I can't turn that pain into something beautiful that says something profound about the human experience.
Yet another reason I suspect I'm not really human. Not a real person. I have no insights into "the human experience" because I don't experience things in a human way. I experience them in a Me way, and that's too far removed from anyone else's frame of reference to make something relatable. I have no spiritual sense, no connection to anything deeper, nothing.
My sadness isn't beautiful. It's just sad, and after a while it gets old and it's just pitiful and annoying and you want me to go away and bother somebody else.
My pain isn't profound or insightful or relatable, it's just pain. It's old and it's new, it's big and it's small, it's the agony I carry every day and sometimes it pops out and drags be back into the pit and that's all it does. It doesn't give me a drive to create anything, or do anything, it just gives me a drive to escape, to run away as fast and as far as I can.
I am sad, and I am neurodivergent, and I am queer, and I am not an artist of any kind. I'm just me, and when I die I'll be forgotten and leave nothing behind.
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robotboyrat · 49 minutes ago
Hey everyone, so guess who recently lost there job?? It’s me. I recently moved and I wanted to ask the tumblr realm for donations or whatever you can give to help cover bills in the meantime of me looking for a job. Finding a job is usually easy but I just want to make sure I have all of my bills in order since I live in shared living. Anything helps and know your donations are going towards a POC household and as well as helping me, an autistic POC queer who is hoping to get on disability soon if the system lets me. Thank you guys for your time and I hope you have a nice day. Venmo is : darloser
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likeitloveitblogit · an hour ago
Not sure what is was, but something (binging House Hunters and Property Brothers) triggered a hyperfixation on redecorating my room. The problem is that my room is an absolute disaster, and requires a lot of cleaning before I could rearrange anything. I finally over came my executive function issues and started working away at it.
It's going to take a long time to finish but I was excited because I got a big chunk of the cleaning done. But when I mentioned some of my plans, my mother's response was *pat pat* good luck with that. It just made me feel so deflated. I had been so excited because I was finally able to make real progress and fight back against my executive function/ depression room, and then she just turns it around that I haven't done enough.
It just really hurt.
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Blade in my hand
I drag it across my skin
Pushing deep into my flesh.
Blood wells up
I push deeper
Until I can't take it.
I beg the razor to help me.
Why should it?
The razor has a name
She's someone I love
One of several
Partners, friends, in betweens.
All razors
When I want them to be.
I know all her buttons
And I push them, one by one.
Her self-control gives way
She lashes out
To protect herself,
Her anger hurts
And I deserve it.
Tears well up
I push deeper
Until I can't take it.
I beg her to help me.
Why should she?
Bottle in my hand
Pour a glass
Shake out the pills
Fill the syringe.
Drink it,
Swallow them,
Push it into my veins.
I sink into the fog
And I am high.
The bottle, too, has a name,
But I don't know it.
She doesn't know mine.
It doesn't matter.
Strip down together
See her shape
Smell her scent
Feel her skin
Know her
And be known in return.
Take her into my mouth
Drink deep
Taste her
Hear her moan.
Her fingers in my hair
She sinks into the fog
And I am high.
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nep-toon · an hour ago
I’m multi-classing in autism and adhd
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boys-r-cool · an hour ago
besties i dont have any safe foods in the house and im so stressed and upset. i cant eat anything else??? idk what to do
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brickrocksock · 2 hours ago
I thought a really mind blowing thought then I immediately forgot it and I think that sums up my existence pretty nicely
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watfcrd · 2 hours ago
my autistic headcanons!!
no, i will not be taking criticism :) /j
gansey from the raven cycle
connor from detroit: become human
hermione granger from harry potter
kaz brekker from six of crows
merlin from bbc merlin
sherlock from bbc sherlock
simon snow from the simon snow trilogy
lazlo strange from strange the dreamer
aziraphale from good omens
chiyo sakura from monthly girls nozaki kun
hanji zoe from attack on titan
jess day from new girl
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kingwuko · 2 hours ago
ADHD Wu and Korra and autistic Bolin because I'm sad and feel like projecting. Also stimming by bending would be cool
I'm sorry you are sad 😥 I hope you are able to feel better.
I've never been diagnosed with adhd but my partner thinks I have it so I can project right along with you, and I have a brother who has autism and both he and Bolin are so sweet and loving and fun to be around! I can totally get on board with these.
Stimming with bending is a cool idea and I'd never even thought about it before!! I'd imagine little movements with enough element to fit in one hand, like bending a few pebbles repetitively in circles or something?
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aautisticmako · 2 hours ago
autism doesnt look like emotionaless apathetic masterminds autism looks like whatever character im projecting on this week
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fuwungi · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
piece i did 4 autism acceptance month!! just a funky lil piece based around my special interest, all things fungi!! :>
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