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Tagged by @theevening-sun to put my liked songs on shuffle and post the first ten, thank you! :) 

  1. Dance Yrself Clean // LCD Soundsystem
  2. Depreston // Courtney Barnett
  3. Look Out Sunshine! // The Fratellis
  4. Alicia Quays // Jamie T
  5. We’ll Be Back for More // Nina Nesbitt
  6. The View // Modest Mouse
  7. Harder Harmonies // La Dispute
  8. The Other Half of the Sky // Whyte Horses
  9. Dangerous Animals // Arctic Monkeys
  10. Honeybear // Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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just something short because I’m not feeling so good and need fluff (alex turner x reader)

((watch me try to write Alex’s accent and failing))

(((also uuuhh I did not proofread this at all. Enjoy)))


You were sitting a little isolated from the New Year’s party. The beach chair wasn’t comfortable at all and the beer mixed with honey you were drinking was weird as hell, but you weren’t really paying attention to that.

About ten minutes ago you were talking to a small group of people. Well, it’d been a while since you talked, now you just listened to them talking about the old school days and what not, your boyfriend Alex nowhere to be seen. You started thinking more and more about your life right now.

You had moved here about a year ago for a scolarship, feeling this was the perfect opportunity to leave everything behind. Everyone that didn’t appreciate you, the “friends” that would never be there when you needed them, always with a “I need to take care of myself first” mindset. All the people who let you rot. You decided to change your number, create new social medias, just vanish and start a new life.

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Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
The Beatles - Let It Be - Remastered 2009
Sam Fender - Leave Fast
Sleeping At Last - Young Folks
Sam Fender - Call Me Lover
The Beatles - Yesterday - Remastered 2009
The Beatles - Hey Jude - Remastered 2015
Hozier - Shrike
Hozier - Sunlight
Hozier - Talk
Hozier - As It Was
The Wombats - Moving to New York
The Wombats - Turn
Madison Beer - Stained Glass
Hozier - Work Song
The Lumineers - Ophelia

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