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Protector~ You’re my song in the night!

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yes, I have 7055 liked songs on spotify.

no, I am not accepting questions.

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📚listening to some classics…

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Yumihisu Playlist

slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer

cloud 9 - beach bunny

turning page - sleeping at last

dancing with our hands tied - taylor swift

mr loverman - ricky montgomery

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“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 28 February

1. Phil Martin - Sweet & Mellow (Ben Djah Vocal Mix)
2. The Soul Motivators - Throw The Bones
3. Ruby Turner - Love Was Here
4. DJ Food - Dark Lady
5. Sly Stone - High On You
6. Brother Mister & Christian McBride - Inside Straight
7. Terry Callier - Speak Your Peace
8. Mo Horizons - Foto Viva
9. Weekend Sun - You’re Good To Me
10. Mike Theodore Orchestra - Moon Trek (Dj “S” Remix)
11. The Police - Voices Inside My Head (Slayd5000)
12. Lou Bond - To The Establishment (Seegweed Edit)
13. Carolyn Franklin - Deal With It (Karim Stealth Intro Edit)
14. Push - Scarper
15. Akasaka - Water Ways

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

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A playlist of songs I think describe Gwyn and Crielle’s relationship

Baby, I’m Yours // Arctic Monkeys

  • Basically Gwyn pissing off Crielle by saying I’ll always be tied to you whether you like it or not.

No Children // The Mountain Goats

  • “You are coming down with me, hand in unloveable hand” Crielle accepting that she’s going to die but she will ruin Gwyn along with her death.

Too Late To Say Goodbye // Cage the Elephant

  • “Oh my precious ember burning, my sweet glowing light” Crielle not realizing the truth of Gwyn’s powers and still has adoration for him in the womb, but then shit happens and she hates him now so yeah.

There Isn’t Any God // Rusty Cage

  • “Then I close my eyes and just remember this song” (song = existence of Gwyn) I feel like she’d sing this as a lullaby in a human AU just to scare Gwyn. Or she just doesn’t believe there is a god who is looking out for her because she had Gwyn.

Rather Die // Barns Courtney

  • Gwyn perservering through the abuse and times of war he was forced to go through due to his parents.

Curses // The Crane Wives

  • “Lay my curses all to rest, make a mercy out of me” Crielle planting the seeds that lead up to that One Betrayal™️ with the mind reader (I’m trying not spoil y’all if you haven’t read it yet but it’s a doozy lmao). She thinks Gwyn’s death will be a mercy to herself and to others.

Tongues and Teeth // The Crane Waves

  • “And I know that you mean so well, But I am not a vessel for your good intents” Crielle understanding that Gwyn just wants her love and approval, but completely ignores it for her own sake.

If y’all have any other songs that you think would be good to add to the playlist, please add them in the replies or tags and I’ll give them a listen!!! This is on Spotify under “Mothersbane”.(also I have more fae tales playlists I haven’t published, this is just the most recent one I have worked on)

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Watch the bend of my wandering

Of hunting with the lightning gun

Tremor on my heaven son

Tares above my kingdom come

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idol horror: a playlist for a variety show as performed by the stars of the horror renaissance

1. eyes open - taylor swift (grace le domas, ready or not) 2. listen - beyonce (veronica henley, antebellum) 3. set it all free - scarlett johansson (dani ardor, midsommar) 4. your song - ewan mcgregor (danny torrance, doctor sleep) 5. rewrite the stars - zac efron & zendaya (thomas sharpe & edith cushing, crimson peak) 6. towards the sun - rihanna (adelaide wilson, us) 7. where is my mind? - yoav & emily browning (briar lockhart & hannah von reichmerl, a cure for wellness) 8. my immortal - evanescence (thomasin woods, the vvitch) 9. happier (stripped) - marshmello & bastille (peter graham, hereditary) 10. which witch - florence + the machine (susie bannion, suspiria) 11. rockstar sea shanty - nickelback & the lottery winners (ephraim winslow & thomas wake, the lighthouse) 12. my way - andy black (maud, saint maud) 13. wrapped up - natalie portman (nina sayers, black swan) 14. devils don’t fly - natalia kills (grace marshall, the lodge) 15. we will rock you - in this moment ft. maria brink, lzzy hale, and taylor momsen (tree gelbman, happy death day; allyson nelson, halloween; millie kessler, freaky)


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Alex Siegel - Sangsuree

Alice Phoebe Lou - Dirty Mouth

Astronauts, etc. - Cherry Plum

Cherry Glazerr - Big Bang

Cory Handon -  Angeles, Pale Horse Rider

Cut Worms - Veteran’s Day

Do Nothing - Uber Alles, Glueland

Dorvin Borman - Pressure Valve

Freddie Gibbs, ScHoolboy Q - Gang Signs

Glitterer - Life Is Not A Lesson

Half Waif - Orange Blossoms 

Horse & Wells - Halloween

Iceage - The Holding Hand



King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - O.N.E.

Kings of Leon - Echoing

Moontype - FerryAbout You

Niall Summerton - Going Under

Pretty Sick - Superstar

Puma Blue - Opiate 

Saintseneca - All You’ve Got Is Everyone

Sonoda - Point of View

Squid, Martha Skye Murphy - Narrator

Stray Fossa - How Come?

Tkay Maidza, Yung Baby Tate - Kim

The Undercover Dream Lovers - Maybe It’s Just Rare

Winter - Violet Blue


Buzzy Lee - Spoiled Love (Strange Town, Circles)

Cool Sounds - Bystander (Bystander, Church Bells)

slowthai - TYRON (CANCELLED ft Skepta, WOT)

Sun June - Somewhere (Once in a while, Real thing)


Lauren Auder - 5 Songs For The Dysphoric (Heathen)

VanJess - Homegrown (High & Dry)

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