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ashberrrry · 20 hours ago
You know the melancholic feeling when you listen to an old song and it brings everything from the past back, the friendships, inside jokes, memories, events.
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rabdoidal · a day ago
OK whats everyones spotify top 5 this year AND if those songs were on a movie soundtrack, what do you think the genre/plot of the movie would be?
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lexxnova · a day ago
Tumblr media
Newest playlist I put together on Spotify called
GYM FLO . Click the link & check it out .💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 for all my people who like to workout .
Est Gee - Lick Back feat. Future & Young Thug
Meek Mill - Flamerz Flow
Young Nudy - EA feat. 21 Savage
Future - Too Comfortable
Gunna - Too Easy
Baby Keem - Family Ties feat. Kendrick Lamar
Bizzy Banks - City Hot feat. Leeky G Bando
Key Glock - Russian Crème
Meek Mill - Going Bad feat. Drake
NAV - Tap feat. Meek Mill
DDG - Moonwalking In Calabasas feat. Blueface
Lil Baby - Freestyle
Meek Mill - Litty - Feat. Tory Lanez
22Gz - Twirlanta
Roddy Ricch - Every Season
Yeat - Get Busy
Ken Car$on - Rock & Roll
Pooh Shiesty - Switch it up feat. G Herbo
Young Thug - Hercules
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gabslynter · 2 days ago
A raylla playlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"And then you were you; and I fell for you."
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venomficprompts · a day ago
Venom Playlists:
movie Venom playlist
Symbrock playlist
Twisted Symbrock playlist
Carnage hype playlist
Carnage x Shriek playlist
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ladykin · 22 hours ago
Nandor as Mitski lyrics:
„I always knew the world moves on, I just didn’t know it would go without me” - „Working for the Knife”
„It’s not that I don’t want you, sorry I can’t take your touch, its just that I fell in love with a war” - „A Pearl”
„I don't know what to do without you, I don't know where to put my hands, I’ve been trying to lay my head down but I'm writing this at three AM” - „Francis Forever”
„My God, I'm so lonely, so I open the window, to hear sounds of people” - „Nobody”
„I steal a few breaths from the world for a minute, and then I'll be nothing forever, and all of my memories, and all of the things I have seen will be gone, with my eyes with my body with me” - „Me and My Husband”
„I wouldn't know how to be alive, I should move to a brand new city and teach myself how to die” - „Brand New City”
„Glory, glory, glory to the night, it shows me what I am, I’m not happy or sad, just up or down and always bad” - „Thursday Girl”
„Will you keep it secret, won't let them have it” - „Once More to See You”
„And you're an all-American boy, I guess I couldn't help trying to be your best American girl” - „Your Best American Girl”
„My body's made of crushed little stars snd I'm not doing anything, I wanna see the whole world” - „My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars”
„I know that I ended it, but why won't you chase after me? You know me better than I do, so why didn't you stop me?” - „Why Didn't You Stop Me?”
„But I've been anywhere and it's not what I want and I wanna be still with you” - „Texas Reznikoff”
„So please hurry leave me, I can't breathe, please don't say you love me” - „First Love/Last Spring”
Also please check out the playlist:
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aroaceconfessions · 2 hours ago
If you haven't added it to the playlist already, "It's Hard to Say 'I Do' When I don't" by Fall Out Boy might be a good suggestion. See the lines "The only rings I want buried with me are the ones around my eyes" and "You're appealing to emotions I simply do not have". Thanks!
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bibuckleydiaz · 17 hours ago
welcome to the family by watsky for buddie thanks for coming to my ted talk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crazyfeak · a day ago
Heyo Peeps ❤❤👀👀👀!!!
How you guys are doing ! I am posting this after ........ i don't remember 😂
Let's get this straight..... yeah so
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2 Dec
Today's Goals are :
Attend my lectures
Do my physics homework
Make notes
Self study for biology
I am actually done with few of my classes so I will do the rest of my tasks , I will try to complete my tasks so that I can reward myself with something ( this is the best part of everyday )
Song recommendations
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fruitcoops · a day ago
Theres a coops wedding playlist??? How have i managed to miss this?!!
Here it is for anyone interested! Made it in February while I was writing the series :)
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badger-stream · 2 days ago
A B I G, L A R G E post for all of my CP playlists at Spotify
AnimalPasta - an AU where every Creep is a feral animal in the woods.
Observer of TribeTwelve - I don't support Adam
My first playlist for Liu and Sully
And the second one
General Marble Hornets playlist
A fan playlist for Awkward_Smol_Cosplayers at YouTube - inspirational figure playlist 1
General Creepypasta Cosplayers playlist
Bloody Painter
Ticci Toby
Ben Drowned
General EverymanHYBRID playlist
Jeff The Killer
A fan playlist for A Weird Cosplayer at YouTube - inspirational figure playlist 2
Brian of Marble Hornets
A fan playlist for Phantom.Pinetree at the TikTok and YouTube - inspirational figure playlist 3
A fan playlist for Just Face at the YouTube - inspirational figure playlist 4
Jay of Marble Hornets
Laughing Jack
General TribeTwelve playlist
Nina The Killer
Eyeless Jack and his pet creature
Alex Kralie of Marble Hornets
A playlist for Liu AND Jeff because why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
General Creepypasta playlist
Jane The Killer
HABIT and Evan of EverymanHYBRID
A random AU that I made years ago-
Smile Dog/Grinny Cat
Liu but ghost
Milo Asher of TribeTwe
Tim of Marble Hornets
Noah Maxwell, Firebrand and Prebrand of TribeTwelve
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tauremornalome · 2 days ago
hey, psst. we've got this *gives u my zoscar playlist*
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catchymemes · a year ago
Tumblr media
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virgomoon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
a playlist of black rock artists from various alternative subgenres including: pop punk, metal / hard rock, psychedelic rock, post hardcore, and more. (listen)
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