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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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“This new AccuOmeter will parse and analyse anything and give an exact numerical indication of just how accurate it is! Because, as we know, the true meaning and value of a thing is wholly dependent on how it can be measured and what that measurement is. In numbers!”

“Please come home. The children miss you.”

“See, and if we feed that statement into the AccuOmeter we can put a number on it, then I can start caring!”

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I can’t watch umbrella academy bc of the incest. Same reason I stopped watching flash and the fosters. Adopted siblings ARE STILL SIBLINGS! I want to watch it! But it makes me feel physically ill

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Trudging along to work one morning he noticed up ahead a car peel off from the road he was walking beside, mount the pavement and come to a halt. Up ahead, another pedestrian hustled up, jumped in, and the car sped off.

Mundane stuff. People got lifts in the morning sometimes. Not really that interesting.

But no more than three seconds (exactly three) when another car pulled over and the exact same thing repeated with another member of the commuting public, just like that.

Unusual and coincidental but nothing amazing. He carried on trudging.

And it kept happening. Up ahead it happened again, and across the street on the other side of the road as well - cars stopped, people got in. Now it was getting odd.

In moments every single other person in sight had bundled themselves into a car and been driven off. This left him entirely on his own. He stopped trudging.

Another car - a car he most certainly did not recognise - came to a stop perhaps fifteen feet away from him. A perfect combination of the dirtiness of its windows, the glare of the early-morning sun and his angle relative to the vehicle meant that whoever was in it was entirely hidden from view.

One of the car’s doors opened. For him.

This was his ride.

Swallowing, he took a different route to work, walking fast, looking back.

The car kept its distance, and watched him.

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