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In the pool, something monstrous was stirring.

Beside the pool at least one person was observing this with some level of concern.

“Uh, should we do something about that?” They asked.

One of their peers cast an eye over, briefly, before turning away again with a shrug.

“Nah, it’s fine. It’s within the limits.”

The limits being the lines on the side of the pool, connected to the rules also written near to the pool - the rules stating what to do when the limits were reached. Simple stuff. Indeed, the monstrous thing in the pool was not near any limits, but that was only because it was deliberately avoiding them.

“But it’s avoiding the limits,” pointed out the first person, rightly. Even as they watched the monstrous thing opened one monstrous eye, spied out the limits, and again moved around them expertly. It knew exactly what it was doing.

Another shrugging.

“Rules don’t say anything about that,” said their peer, unconcerned.

In the pool, there came bubbles.

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Volume: 1 #3

War of the Worlds

Writers: Grant Morrison

Pencils: Howard Porter

Inks: John Dell

Colours: Pat Garrahy, Heroic Age

Covers: Howard Porter, John Dell

Featuring: Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Martian Manhunter, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hyperclan


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green arrow: this seems like a nightmare. seven batmen here.. surrounding us.

flash: we’re gonna die.

dick, jason, tim, stephanie, damian, cassandra, and duke dressed up as Batman: trick or treat!

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“I’m sorry it simply can’t be done, it’s impossible,” they said.

Moments later, panting in the doorway, there appeared a messenger.

“I bring news!” The messenger cried. “The rules have changed! The way we’ve done things is presently outlawed owing to exceptional circumstances! We have to find a new way!”

And with their message delivered the messenger sloped off.

Those that remained considered this news.

“Okay. It can be done after all, it turns out. We’re just as surprised as you are,” they said.

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