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wastelesscrafts · 2 days ago
Planting trees with Ecosia
Reforestation (where appropriate) is an important tactic to battle climate change, but reforestation projects are costly. This is where Ecosia comes into play.
Ecosia is a search engine that donates about 80% of its profits to tree planting initiatives around the world. If that sounds too good to be true, note that Ecosia is recognised as a B-Corporation and generally receives good reviews. It's legit!
Much like other search engines, Ecosia generates revenue through advertising. This means that if you're an avid adblock user and want to try out this search engine, you'll have to make an exception for Ecosia.
(No shade whatsoever to adblock users: I am one myself. Online advertising has a surprisingly large carbon footprint.)
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In keeping with the Communalist concept of social freedom, the distribution of goods in an ecological society should be made not according to one's productive contribution, but according to their needs. Within the capacity of the local assembly or confederation, each person's material requests should be fulfilled according to their own determination of needs. Hoarding and conspicuous consumption would cease to exist, because anyone could have the same goods as anyone else. More significantly, people would be free from the psychological manipulation of advertisers and would live immersed in a culture oriented toward communal cooperation, solidarity, and creative expression. Each person would be the embodiment of a rounded, developed self – in control of his or her own life, knowledgeable of the technologies that provide for his or her needs, acutely aware of the importance of biodiversity, and a known member of a caring community. Because this economy would be controlled democratically, based on a voluntary labor system, and would provide for people according to need it should be considered deeply ethical.
Marcus Amargi and Stephanie Amargi, Communalism: a liberatory alternative
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go-bwah · 8 months ago
Yahoo losing millions by buying Tumblr vs stockbrokers losing millions becuase of Redditors
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simp-3369 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
yea idek whats happening now and im too lazy to find out i just know its good... probably
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philbatrax · 8 months ago
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heartofmotherearth · a year ago
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Tumblr media
This is very important, please do not ignore this.
Watch the video till the very end please (the end is when the explosion goes off.)
I live in Lebanon and the fiercest explosion went off in the midst of Beirut today, killing off an ungodly amount of human beings (more and more people are dying as I write this) and injuring up to 5000 people whose cases are immensely critical. Today,, at approximately 6 pm, hospitals were completely torn to shreds, people have been buried underneath fallen buildings, fires have been ignited almost everywhere, blood staining the streets in an excruciating manner, in addition to people that flew and fell to the sea due to the impact of the explosion. And it is certainly worth mentioning the millions upon millions' worth of damages what with buildings and cars and stores. Plenty of people are missing, it's an overall mess that is quite frankly very traumatizing.
What Lebanese people have been undergoing in recent times:
Lebanon has been going through a major economical decline that grows worse and worse by the day. The prices have heightened and the salaries remain the same, scarcely anyone has the capacity of affording basic needs anymore. There has been an unfolding revolution the past year, and the lebanese society has been protesting against the humiliation thrust upon our lives due to our miserable excuse for a government, and though the streets bled with thrashing, screaming citizens fighting for their utmost basic human rights, that caused mere to no change in the way things go around here, in fact, it only made it worse. We're being provided with, metaphorically, a droplet's worth of water and nearly no electricity, a pregnant woman has even passed away recently due to a heat stroke (as there were no means of cooling off)
What caused the setting off of this explosion?
The ignorance, heartlessness, and overall brutality of the government and the people in control.
A critical amount of chemicals (2700 tons of ammonium and other nitrates) were left inside a ship along the port of Beirut, and though the people in charge of this transaction were warned that heat and perspiration have the capability of destroying the whole of Lebanon in ode to a massive explosion, they refused to do anything about it and left the chemicals in there for years on end.
Up until, surprise surprise, the explosion went off and devestated Lebanon almost entirely.
I don't have much followers, and I know that this post isn't going to magically heal what is unfolding in this, priorly gorgeous, magnificent country, but I truly hope with all my heart that you find it within yours to spread awareness on this topic so that it would be more widespread,, so that Lebanon gets the aiding it deserves and the people from outer places slap the 'big bosses' awake, or at least pressure them into resigning, whatever it takes to make this place sufferable, tolerable, somewhere you can picture yourself residing in.
Lebanon is a place of infinite traditions, diversity, creativity, joy, and love. Most of the people here are open-hearted and wholesome. We all deserve far better.
My heart aches for the people that have passed away today, and I shall pray for the ones stuck in hellish suffering.
This is important.
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